Toon TV - Fine Tooning, strange area?

  1. I'm just curious about this, in the second Toon TV level (Fine Tooning)
    in the area gex wear a duck costume behind the plataform with the barrel piles, there's a small climbable area, with a few collectables and TV with a extra life fly, the thing is the climbable surface ends before any of the edges of tha plataform, meaning once you drop there to get that stuff there's no way back, I've tried several times but i was unable to find a way back up, and even trough there's a lower area on the left, you can't jump there beacause when gex is climbing he jumps away form the wall making impossible to jumb in that lower area, so to sum it up, whats is that place for? is that some kind unfinshed stuff the developes forgot or what?

    User Info: Sobelicos

    Sobelicos - 1 year ago


  1. Its an unfinished area the developers forgot about.

    User Info: frisbeeguy49

    frisbeeguy49 - 9 months ago 0   0

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