Saving a two player game on one memory card?

  1. Can it be done, or will we need two memory cards to save? I noticed that it saves the character, and not the actual game itself ( or so that is what I could make of it). Would it be possible to save both characters on the same memory card? And just switch the card between the two slots each time we save?

    User Info: skyzzyrd01

    skyzzyrd01 - 5 years ago


  1. Yes, this is how you save multiple characters. I've used a similar method to "cheat" new characters to level 100: take a single player save game with a fully leveled character and access to the temple, bring a player 2 new character in, and let Player 1 die. Then have player 2 complete the level. That player's special attacks will do surprising damage to the enemies in this level, and you can run the player past level 50 on your first try; I just switch the card to slot 2 to save the character.

    User Info: VARidley

    VARidley - 4 years ago 0   0

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