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FAQ/Walkthrough by J

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/08/99


                                 G   -   P   O   L   I   C   E
                                       F        A        Q     

                by J <bobtheirategerbil@yahoo.com>

Version 1.0    Feb.8, 1999

I.The Faq
 2.Revision History
 1.General Hints
 2.Mission Objectives
 3.About the Author
I.The Faq

   This Faq is being written because, well, no one else seemed to.
I just bought this game at EB for 15 bucks, and since no one else seems to have written 
anything about it, I suppose I will. This game is a really rocking futuristic helicopter 
fighter. So, without further ado...
  2. Revision 1.0 You're lookin' at her. The A #1 G-police FAQ IMHO.
II. Overview


   In the future, namely 2089, The Governing council established the Government Police,
or G-Police, to maintain order on Earth and its   protectorates. The natural resources on Earth
were tapped, so man had turned to the stars. In doing so, they created colonies that then 
turned to chaos. After a series of debilitating wars, only the corporations were left. 
They formed the Governing Council.
   You are Paul Slater, ex-military and general badass. Your sister was a G-Police on Callisto.
After cracking a big case, she committed suicide. You don't buy it. Travelling out to Callisto 
on the cruiser Hermes, you join Elaine's old unit and begin active duty...


Henschel AAG-53E 25mm
 A rapid-fire vulacan cannon-style machine gun. Can be doubled up on the Venom funship. Smaller
 shells with less firepower. Has Infinite ammo, but will overheat.

Lavochkin GSh45-80 30mm
 Standard issue on all Havoc gunships. Fires at a high rate, similar to the Henschel, but cannot
 be double-mounted. Has Infinite ammo, but may (and will) overheat.

IR Seeking Air-to-Air missiles
 Air missiles that lock on to target using R1. Can be fired as a "dumb" missile if no object is
 currently locked on. Fire in groups to make them effective.

Hyper-Velocity Missile
 Dumb missiles with no lock-on capability. Travel fairly quickly, very effective on a slow
 moving target. Can be fired rapidly to achieve best results.

Henschel HS38 Firestreak Missile
 Less powerful than its IR counterpart, this is a better tracker. A Faster, 
more manuverable missile that can really chase those baddies.

MATRA 973 Unguided Rocket
 Dumb rocket, with the neato-cool capability of firing 3 rockets for every ammo pack.
 Pretty nifty for finishing off that last guy.

Henschel Starburst Dispersion Missiles
 Fires in a pack of eight missiles, which can be overkill in certain

Cluster Bombs
 Wow, a weapon that is EXACTLY what the name says. This is a cluster bomb. It falls, in a
 cluster, then bombs. Wow. Use with the prediction targeting device.

500kg Bomb
 Heavy bomb that causes heavy damage. Must be used in conjunction with that groovy HUD bomb
 predictor targeting device thingy.

1000kg Bomb
 Now THIS is THA BOMB. Massive damage. Massivemassivemassive. Use this bad boy with the
 prediction device.

Rothbart Optics BW26M 80GW Military Laser
 Nasty pinpoint weapon that will whoop on whatever it's pointed at. Note: Will cause Havoc to
 Souffle if used incorrectly. Will overheat.

Villenuve Industrie Plasma Launcher
 Charged weapon that will, once again, do severe damage to the poor sap on the other end. Hold
 X to charge, then let go to let loose.

Rothbart Optics Electronic Pulse Paralyzer
 The EEP is used to freeze the vehicle's onboard computer. Necessary in some missions to catch
 criminals. Will blow up civilians.

Ground Deployment Beacon
 Used to direct ground units to the location the beacon is currently burning. Those chode
 ground units will roll up eventually, but don't hold your breath.

 On many missions, you'll have a wingman to help you. Selecting the wingman is like other
 weapons. Really handy against those stupid robots in Mission 5.


 The only Vehicle I have discovered so far is the DASA-Kamov Havoc gunship. The "Venom" is  
 mentioned in the description of the Henschel 25mm, but I haven't hit it, mission-wise, yet.
 The Havoc is an air-support gunship that is currently being used by the G-police to suppress
 urban disturbances. It functions something like an Apache gunship, famed in the 20th century
 for its capabilities. Though outdated, the Havoc continues to be the prime weapon in the
 G-Police arsenal.


Down-Dip the Nose of the Havoc
Up-Raise the Nose of the Havoc
Left-Swing Left
Right-Swing Right
Triangle-Go forward Note:Need not hold to continue acceleration. Double
         tap and hold to use after burn.
Square-Go backwards. Use same as Triangle.
Circle-Switch weapons. Use up and Down in conjunction with Circle to switch.
X-Fire weapon. Plain and simple.
L1-Increase Altitude straight up.
L2-Decrease Altitude straight down.
R1-Lock on. Also used to scan objects.
R2-Air Brake. Used with directional buttons.
Select-Cycle through the Viewpoints.
Start-Confirm choice.


  1.General Hints

   Every time you climb into your Havoc, remeber this: YOUR CANNON IS YOUR NUMBER ONE FRIEND.
 Especailly in the early missions, if you can line up an enemy in your crosshairs and let
 loose. The cannon does not overheat quickly at all, and cools down relatively quickly, so
 that isn't much of a pain in the butt. There is something REALLY satisfying in bringing down a
 bogey with nothing but skill.
   Don't fire guided missiles at close range, the enemy tends to turn a trifle too quick for
 them to catch up. When firing dumb missiles, fire in groups of two or three and they will take
 a hunk out of their armor.
   Use your altitude increase to quickly get out of trouble. They won't be able to aim too well
 if you're 300 feet in the air.
   Keep the sound up. You'll constantly be recieving updates from HQ and wingmen, so it's
 worthy to listen. Besides, the music is pretty decent.
   That's it for now, I'll be adding more as soon as I get farther.

  2.The Missions

Mission 1-
 Primary Objectives-
  *Scan Crates for Illegal Arms
  *Seek out and Destroy Smugglers
 Secondary Objectives-
  *Protect Ground Team Epsilon
  *30mm Cannon
  *10 IR Missiles
  *20 Matra Rockets
  *No Wingman
  *Ground Team Delta
 Notes: Fairly Straightforward mission. Scan the crates using R1 and follow the trucks. The last
 one you scan will be the one you have to destroy. There are various flying enemies about, but
 you should be able to shut 'em down without much trouble.  

Mission 2-
 Primary Objectives-
  *Escort Ground Team Delta
  *EPP Escaping Suspects
  *Protect disabled Vehicle
 Secondary Objectives-
  *Destroy all Gang Units
  *30mm Cannon
  *10 IR Missiles
  *20 Matra Rockets
  *No Wingman
  *Ground Team Epsilon
 Notes: Escort mission. Exactly the kind I hate. Try and keep eveyone alive while you progress
 through the domes. There are 3 ambushes, one after another in the first dome. Don't listen to
 the Ground Team, just pursue and kill without mercy. Hunt down all the units as fast as
 possibile. You'll be facing some turrets in dome 2, so bust out the heavy janx. EPP and defend
 the criminals, but try to catch them before they get into the next dome.

Mission 3-
 Primary Objectives
  *Follow Rogan
  *Eliminate Gang Fighters
  *Protect Ground Team Gamma
  *Eliminate Rogan Edwards
 Secondary Objectives
  *Destroy all gang units
  *30mm Cannin
  *10 IR missiles
  *20 Matra Rockets
  *5 Beacon
  *No Wingman
  *Ground Team Gamma
 Notes: Just keep Rogan in sight. As you go through the second dome, you'll be ambushed by
 two fighters. Skirmish a bit, but keep after Rogan. In the 3rd dome, Rogan will set down
 at a factory-type building, after a minute or so, that weenie back at headquarters will tell
 you to set down a beacon. After Gamma gets there, they will be attacked. Follow Rogan to his
 next destination, where he'll sit until you go off to defend ground team. As soon as you
 eliminate the threat to ground team, go back to where Rogan sat down. You'll have to drop
 another beacon. Then follow Rogan to the warehouse. Eliminate Rogan after the barrels explode
 and the fighter pop out. Beware: these guys are quite a bit faster and can turn on a dime. 
 Kill everyone and mission complete.

Mission 4-
 Primary Objectives
  *Rendez-vous with Tachikawa
  *Protect Presidental Shuttle
  *Seek out and destroy vehicles attacking shuttle
 Secondary Objectives
  *Destroy all gang untis (sense a theme? :)
  *30mm Cannons
  *15 IR Missiles
  *20 Matra Rockets
  *No Ground Team
 Notes: Another one of those tedious escort missions. Destroy as much as fast as possible. Nuke
 those trucks REALLY fast. They can put a damper on your day if you aren't watching you radar.
 The Prez climbs into her limo after wandering around the dome for a while (sightseeing?) and
 the mission is over.

Mission 5-
 Primary Objectives
  *Escort President's limo to Krakov HQ
 Secondary Objectives
  *Rendez-vous with President's limo
  *Destroy Roadblock
  *Destroy Roadblock 2
  *30mm Cannon
  *15 IR Missiles 
  *20 Matra Rockets
  *No Ground Team
 Notes: Woo-hoo. Love those escort missions. This time, your ground support is pretty good, so 
 you really shouldn't have to worry a whole lot about severe damage to the limo. If you see a
 big white line of enemies on the ground, that's one of the roadblocks. Try to get to the 
turrets first as to prevent the most damage. You have some heavy fire from the air, but you can 
 probably handle that now, can't you?

Mission 6-
 Primary Objectives
  *Destroy Robots attacking civilians in Nar Dome
  *Destroy Robot In Loni Dome
  *Destroy Robots outside GPHQ
 Secondary Objectives
  *Minimal Civilain casualties in Nar Dome
  *Minimal damage to Nanosoft compund
  *All GP fighters survive
  *30mm Cannon
  *6 IR missiles
  *40 Matra missiles
  *6 Firestreak missiles
  *Ground Team:None
 Notes: Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about. Seek and destroy! Wait a sec, that's a pretty 
 powerful laser...Those robots can be a serious headache, so here's how I do it. Lock on 
 using R1. Now get high enough and far enough away that you can just pick up the crosshairs.
 Now go to town, and pick off as much armor as possible. They may fire back, and their aim is 
 relatively good, and those lasers can hurt!!! You'll encounter a few air units in the Nanosoft
 compound, but nothing to get excited about.

Mission 7
 Primary Objectives
  *Disable Krakov Shuttles in Tinor Dome
  *Protect shuttles in Tinor Dome
  *Disable Krakov Shuttles in Nar Dome
  *Protect shuttles in Nar Dome
 Secondary Objectives
  *All shuttles survive
  *30mm Cannon
  *8 IR missiles
  *40 Matra rockets
  *8 Firestreak Missiles
  *12 EPPs
  *Ground Team:None
 Notes: This is where a nice large arsenal begins to develop. This is a fairly simple mission,
 I got through it this first time. You have to get to those shuttles fast. Make gratuitous use
 of you afterburners. Once captured, the shuttles will be attacked by evil, evil men. Three
 and four ships will be coming at you at once, so remember your wingman and just destroy as fast
 as possible.

Mission 8
 Primary Objectives
  *Destroy Gang bikes laying Explosives
  *Protect the yard from continued attack
  *Destroy Gang Base
  *All buildings must survive
  *30mm Cannon 
  *10 IR missiles
  *40 Matra Rockets
  *10 Firestreak Missiles
  *5 500kg bombs
  *Ground Team:None
 Notes:This one is pretty cool. The only problem I had was constantly scraping my belly on the
 ground as I chased those stupid bikes. Kill everything on the ground first. There'll be a lot
 of Air-to-Air going on, but take out those ground units first. There's gonna be a lot of planes
 flying around, but just take them out, one at a time. The gang base is NOT well-hidden (or well
 defended for that matter.) Drop a few bombs and BAM!, you're done.
Author's Note: I realize there are more missions, and I'll be writing them up as I go on,
 but here's the first part anyway.


  None yet


 3.About the Author
   I'm just a guy who had too much time on his hands on a Sunday night. I attend high school,
   get more sleep there than I do at home, and generally live a normal life. When not plotting
   the death of his spoiled step-sister, the author enjoys soccer, reading, computers, writing,
   and just chillin'.

Copyright info-
 This Document Copyright 1999 Jeff Brust. This is for personal and private use only. 
 This document MAY be reproduced on the World Wide Web, as long as it is reproduced in its 
 entirety. This MAY NOT be used  on a CD-ROM, in a magazine, or in any other format
 without the express permission and consent of the author. 

Footnote: If you decide to do something stupid, like put your name on this, remeber, my friend
 Guido can make some nice conversaiton pieces out of your kneecaps.

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