PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File03/11/01TrAnCe_KuJa14131K
All characters and GF at Lv100. Have Zell's team ring the bell, switch to Squall, and go into the Chapel to fight Omega Weapon.
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
Best parts of the game! In Outer Space you will not believe the cinemas, maybe the best ever!
Save Game File04/07/06SailorCallie131K
Disc 4, last save before Ultimecia
Save Game File03/09/04rojotrece131K
First half of "No Draw" game; saves are at various scenes from first half of game
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
Go across into the Auditorium on the second floor to fight the End of Disk 2 battle
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
Hop in your GARDEN and fly into the Red Ship and prepare for Awesome battles
Save Game File07/20/01carlde21131K
Last Dungeon, level 100, last save point before last boss
Save Game File06/20/02CocaColaCat19K
Last save point, best equips, all Guardian Forces, level 99
Save Game File12/14/08Dimebag6sic6128K
Save @ very beginning of game right after intro videos w/ Squall, Quistis, Irvine @ lv. 99 + perfect stats for all chars + all GFs + all cards + huge gil + 100 of all items
Save Game File05/21/06Fallen Wings131K
Save at the beginning of the game with all GF, all items, all cards, best weapons and best magic
Save Game File10/28/00Odin131K
Saved in the Debug Room
Save Game File02/13/03jayschevy80131K
Saved just before going to Lunitic Pandora in disc 3. Rinoa(Tina) has 96 Apocalypse in her inventory.
Save Game File05/24/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various parts in disc 1
Save Game File05/24/04ChandooG131K
saves from various parts in disc2 with good stats
Save Game File05/24/04ChandooG131K
saves from various parts in disc3 with good stats
Save Game File03/09/04rojotrece131K
Second half of "No Draw" game; saves are at various scenes from second half of game
Save Game File01/20/03Kouli131K
Squall with Seifer and Edea in party, all three have maximum stats, saved by the door of Ultimecia's Castle, All bosses defeated except Ultimecia and Omega Weapon.
Save Game File10/08/01hIdEy0ShI131K
Start Of The Game. All GFs Enabled. Squall & Quists @ Lv 100. All Abilities Learned. (except Ammo-RF)
Save Game File09/29/01aloha88131K
Start of the game. Saved at Bamlamb's Front Gate. Squall & Quists at Lv 100. ALL stats Maxed. Squall has 8 pages worth of Ultima.
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
The Final Stand for disk 3, there is no going back from here
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
The Finale of the Parade Sequence and end of Disk 1 battle with Edea.
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
The Ultimate FF 8 Save! 100 Hero drinks, all cards, Ragnarock with C C card players, all limit breaks, all G.F abilities, all ultimate weapons, all characters level 100 + all 6 characters fully junctioned for battle with Omega Weapon and Ultimecia.
Save Game File03/18/03Johnny Nouel131K
Two saves. All characters Full Power. One save before fighting Omega Weapon and the other ready to fight Ultimecia. Al sidequests completed and Card Game completed. All abilities unlocked.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/17/07Asch The Hated5K
1-Start at Ultimecia Castle - Master Room with all characters at exp. level 100 and ready to face Ultimecia. 2-Start at Ragnarok - Air Room and proceed to the bridge to witness dialogue scenes and the theme song "Eyes On Me'.
Save Game File06/26/10Ojie2K
Disc 1 Debug Room Save
Save Game File01/04/10WilHiteWarrior1K
Game saved at earliest point, all characters will be max level, have all items and cards
Save Game File04/17/17Maddog1004K
Save 1 - Debug Room Disk 4 and Save 2 - Debug Room Disk 1
Save Game File04/28/08dided212K
Saved right before final boss, all characters and GFs have max stats with ultimate weapons
Save Game File01/29/09blade391942K
Squall at the earliest save with max money
Save Game File03/22/10prophecy612342K
Start at first mission with -all magic-items-cards-ultimate weapons-limit breaks-characters-gfs-with odin-squall maxed out-other party members need special junction 4 max stats see quistis 4 example
Save Game File06/29/10Ojie1K
Start of the game with max of every item, max of every card, full magic stock for every character, but at starting levels with beginning GFs to play a legitimate game with a great edge.
Save Game File12/31/09namethatno1uses1K
Starting save with 100 of pocketstation items and the otherwise unobtainable Apocalypse spell for every character
Save Game File02/11/10namethatno1uses2K
Ultima(te) save! Contains playable Seifer and Edea, max items/stats, lots of cards, Apocalypse and Limit magic, powered up Boko, complete Tutorial database. End of Disc 3. Every sidequest finished.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File12/07/01Duo Maxwell131K
End of the game

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File08/01/06Animaeon131K
2 datas--A Save of FFVIII, cd3 before entering to the lunatic pandora, all characters level 100, all summons level 100 except eden (level 71) all limits, only 5 card that not have....the second is in the ragnarok, on cd4...
Save Game File03/14/06lennykano131K
All Characters/GFs level 100, Seifer and Edea playable, all stats maxed, 100 of all items, 300 of all magic, 100 of all lvl1-7 cards, all lvl 8-10 card, chocobuckle/minimog enabled, saved on world map, end of disc 4.
Save Game File03/04/09darkzero2835128K
Start at Ultimecia Castle - Master Room with all characters at exp. level 100 and ready to face Ultimecia. 2-Start at Ragnarok.3.- all 666 object.
Save Game File01/05/01Vlados131K
UK Game Save. This save in the last disc has LOTS of goodies, and all characters maxed out, Seifer is playable, you can't use Edea.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File04/25/10Crystal_Command1K
Debug Room save, Disc 1. Warning using the debug room could mess up this save so keep an extra file handy.
Save Game File04/23/10Crystal_Command2K
Disc 1- Fire Cavern. This save has all items x99 and all GF's. use items and refine abilty's to give your prefered setup. Useful for a no/little exp game or just restrating without losing everything
Save Game File10/04/10Ortew2K
Spanish version. CD4. Ultimecia Castle. All characters and GF at level 100. Max stats and ultimate weapons. MiniMog and Chocobuckle are enabled.

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