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    Magic FAQ (JP) by Lungky

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    フ ァ イ ナ ル フ ァ ン タ シ ー  VIII の 魔 法
    Final Fantasy VIII Magic
    Version 1.1
    Author : Lungky (lung_ky@hotmail.com) / Johanes Karim
    Last Updated : April 29 1999
    * Please distribute this FAQ as long as it' still origional              *
    * If you want to use this on your FAQ / Walkthrough ASK ME first         *
    * Plagarism is not only unjust to authors but it is also a serious crime *
    * Please help stop plagerism on the net.                                 *
    Version 1.0 - First publish
    Version 1.1 - Correct The End katana word and have correction of all magic
                  names and add where the magic came from (not much for now)
                  and add which GF Menu ability can make that magic (Sorry Name
                  of GF only this time). WAIT Until the new version.
    Version 1.2 - Final Release. <I think....>
    Read ME
    HI, my name is Johanes Karim / Lung
    and this is my first FAQ i made my self and
    I know my english is SUCK..... so if there is any thing .....
    I wrote had some mistake. PLEASE Tell ME.
    Q : How to use my FAQ ?
    A : Use NJWIN or some thing like that to see the japanese character
        You can download it from www.njstar.com
        OR you can use TwinBridge or UnionBay.
    Q : Why i made this FAQ ?
    A : That the silly question. If you can't read japanese well how you
        know if you want to use spell to CURE your hero but you choose the
        wrong spell. That the PROBLEM
    Q : Why the spell name like ??blablala???
    A : That the spell I can't translate to english or i haven't heard on FF series
        So If you know that, You can tell me and i will give you Credit
    Q : Can you make list of item ?
    A : No.
    Q : How you can find the author ?
    A : Just mail me at lung_ky@hotmail.com or find me at IRC DALNET #lungky
        I usually online at 11:00 PM (GMT +07:00) and my nick is ChangLung
        or DewaCinta
    LIST of Magics
    >=< Mean you have to draw from Enemy
    --- Mean I can't tell you where cause it can't be made and may be draw too
        (I use gameshark to show that magics). I heard from someone Selphie's
        Limit Break (slot magic) sometime can show that magic too but it's rare.
    |  Japanese       |  English    | GF Menu Ability         |
    |フ ァ イ ア      |Fire         | Ifrit                   |
    |フ ァ イ ラ      |Fire2        | Ifrit                   |
    |フ ァ イ ガ      |Fire3        | Ifrit                   |
    |ブ リ ザ ド      |Blizard      | Shiva                   |
    |ブ リ ザ ラ      |Blizard2     | Shiva                   |
    |ブ リ ザ ガ      |Blizard3     | Shiva                   |
    |サ ン ダ ー      |Thunder      | Quetzalcoatl            |
    |サ ン ダ ラ      |Thunder2     | Quetzalcoatl            |
    |サ ン ダ ガ      |Thunder3     | Quetzalcoatl            |
    |ウ ォ ー タ      |Water        | Shiva                   |
    |イ ア ロ         |Aero         | Quetzalcoatl            |
    |パ イ オ         |Bio          | Diablos                 |
    |ゲ ラ ピ デ      |Gravity      | Diablos                 |
    |ホ ー リ ー      |Holy         | Siren                   |
    |フ レ ア         |Flare        | Ifrit                   |
    |メ テ オ         |Meteo        | Bahamut                 |
    |ク エ イ ク      |Quake        | Diablos                 |
    |ト ル ネ ド      |Tornado      | Quetzalcoatl            |
    |ア ル テ マ      |Ultima       | Bahamut                 |
    |ア ボ カ リ プ マ|Apocalypse   | >=< Last boss Final Form|
    |ケ ア ル         |Cure         | Siren                   |
    |ケ ア ル ラ      |Cure 2       | Siren                   |
    |ケ ア ル ガ      |Cure 3       | Siren                   |
    |レ イ ズ         |Raise        | Siren                   |
    |ア レ イ ズ      |Araise       | Siren                   |
    |リ ジ ェ ネ      |Regen        | Siren                   |
    |エ ス ナ         |Esna         | Leviathan               |
    |デ マ ペ ル      |Despell      | Leviathan               |
    |プ ロ テ ス      |Protect      | Leviathan               |
    |シ エ ル         |Shell        | Leviathan               |
    |リ フ レ ク      |Reflect      | Leviathan               |
    |オ ー ラ         |Aura         | Leviathan               |
    |ダ ブ ル         |Double       | Diablos                 |
    |ト リ プ ル      |Triple       | Diablos                 |
    |ヘ イ ス ト      |Haste        | Diablos                 |
    |ス ロ ウ         |Slow         | Diablos                 |
    |ス ト ッ プ      |Stop         | Diablos                 |
    |ブ ラ イ ン      |Blind        | Diablos                 |
    |コ ン フ ュ      |Confuse      | Diablos                 |
    |ス リ プ ル      |Sleep        | Diablos                 |
    |サ イ レ ス      |Silence      | Diablos                 |
    |ブ レ イ ク      |Break        | Diablos                 |
    |デ ス            |Death        | Siren                   |
    |ド レ イ ン      |Drain        | Leviathan               |
    |ペ イ ン         |Pain         | Diabolos                |
    |バ ー サ ク      |Beserk       | Diablos                 |
    |レ ピ テ ト      |Levitate     | >=< Enemy Disc #1,#2    |
    |ゾ ン ビ ー      |Zombie       | Siren                   |
    |メ リ ト ン      |Melton       | Diablos                 |
    |ラ イ ブ ラ      |Libra        | >=< Enemy Disc #1,#2    |
    |フ ラ ケ ア      |Full Cure    | ----------------------- |
    |ウ ォ ー ル      |Wall         | ----------------------- |
    |レ ピ テ ガ      |??repitega???| ----------------------- |
    |パ セ ン ト      |??pasento??? | ----------------------- |
    |カ タ ス ト      |Catastrophy  | ----------------------- |
    |ジ エ ン ド      |The End      | ----------------------- |
    1. Thanks to GAMEFAQS for putting my FAQ online.
    2. Thanks to SQUARESOFT for producing this Great GAME and hope the american
       version is out early.
    3. Thanks to David Johnson <johnsonr@compuserve.com> for joy of making FAQ
       (I help him for TALES OF DESTINY FAQ) and tell Apocalypse (Ultima2)
    4. Thanks to Jimmy Hutasoit <psycho_j_13@hotmail.com> for telling me about
       カ タ ス ト ロ フ ィ(catastrophy) is write カ タ ス ト(shorten word)
    5. Thanks to Peter Hsu <phhsu@UCSD.Edu> for telling me about Full Cure.
                         Thank For Reading my FAQ

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