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Junction Magic Glitch FAQ (JP) by TheGlow

Version: 99.9 | Updated: 08/13/03

		*Insert kool ansi art here*

		Final Fantasy VIII Junction Magic Glitch
		by: TheGlow

		*more kool ansi art*

IMPORTANT UPDATE! 9/12/99            Read or if you mail me, I'll cut you :)
So far this glitch does not work on the english version of Final Fantasy 8. Ive received a 
couple of letters saying they couldnt get it to work. I havent tried it out myself yet, but
another friend of mine who was doing in on the japanese release couldnt get it to work on
the english version either. So far it doesnt work. Maybe its still in there hidden, maybe it
was totally removed. You never know because the Final Fantasy 4(US 2) had the weapon 
duplication glitch that was in the jap hard version, jap easy, american version, and then
even made it to the japanese psx remake. But so far, I have no idea how its doen if its 
possible on the english version. Sorry :(

Update! 8/5/03
No mas! Im being bombarded weekly still in regards to this and Ive finally had the last straw.
Since it only works on the Japanese version, I doubt youll need assistance in getting this to 
work because if your on the Japanese version, I assume your intelligent enough to figure it out.
Sorry guys.


  Ok this is my first FAQ ever and I had to write it due to the fact I see a bunch of slight 
mentions of this glitch, but yet none really describe it well.

  I cant say I found it myself. I was wandering online and saw about a 1 paragraph description 
of it that was very wrong but gave me something to kill time with to experiment with. 

  Email me if it doesnt work of your confused because I havent played the game for a few months
and I might get it messed up some where.

  You CAN Junction the same spell to more than one stat. My Squall has 100 Ultimas junctioned 
to every Elemental Defense slot, Attack, Defense, magic, blah blah except speed which Triple is 
still better for.

  Basically you have to swap magics around to trick the cpu. So you have to use 3 chars if you
want to get one to have a specific spell junctioned to multiple stuff.  So you cant actually
have everyone have Ultima junctioned to everything. Once you see how everything works, youll 
understand... I think. :)

  Ok. Lets say you want Squall to junction Ultima onto a couple things. Lets just say an 
elemental defense, Attack and Magic Attack. Thats a total of 3 stats. So make sure Squall 
has 100 Ultimas so you can benefit the most of it. Now junction Ultima to lets say Attack 
power. Now, because theres 2 more stats you want to junction Ultima to, you have to transfer
2 Ultimas to someone else. Itd be best preferred if they dont have any in stock already. 
So lets say You picked Selphy. Ok. Now, have Selphy give one Ultima to someone else. 
Lets say Irvine. Make sure Irvine has NO ultimas at all. Now what you do is go to swap magic
and swap the elemental defense spell junctioned on Squall that you want to replace with 
Ultima. Then swap it for the ONE Ultima Irvine has. Now whatever spell Squall did have, take 
back from Irvine. Now youve succesfully junctioned Ultima to 2 stats. Now in this case we 
simply used 2 stats, so again have Squall swap his Magic Attack spell with the ONE Ultima  
Selphy has left. Then take back the original magic. You should now have 3 stats with Ultima.

  Now if you touch Squalls ultima spell in any way whatsoever *I dunno about moving it on the
magic list, but I wouldnt screw with it* then it will undo everything and leave it on only 
one stat and leave everything else blank. Thats the key to the glitch. You can only transfer 
stuff to Squall by the 1's. If anything else more, yer screwed. Thats why its good to count 
the stats ahead of time. If your math was off and Squalls sitting there at 98 Ultimas and 
you want 100, no problem. Simply junction 1 Ultima like earlier to one of his elemental 
attack or status attack junction slots. Since ultima cant be junctioned to these, nothing
happens and Squalls stock goes up one more. Repeat if necessary.  

  You can do this for all your guys except 2 due to the fact you need the 2 empty chars to 
swap the single Ultima around and one guy to hold a stock of them to hand back to the  
character whos getting Ultima happy. Its quite amusing looking at your whole screen filled 
with Ultimas and showing your friend who insists you used a gameshark. Hehehe.

  I hope my lil FAQ here helps out. Im just bored right now and decided to finally write this
which I had meant to quite some time ago. Feel free to email me I guess if your still not 
sure on something or whatever.

  Hmm copyright crap. I dunno. Like FF8 isnt mine, so dont sue me oh so kool Squaresoft man.
Copyright TheGlow 1999 or something. Show your friends and say Bill told you all
about it.

Credits: Man, I dont remember. It was some funky looking site I dont know how the hell I came
upon and had some weird paragraph long description of a code written in broken english.
It took me 2 hours to work on it and figure out why Squalls junctions kept being reset.
I give credit to the man who somewhat got me started on it. But I dunno his name :(.

version: 1.0  6/24/99    Main Info
         1.5  9/12/99    Update about english version.
	99.9  8/05/03    Amazing how after all these years no one notices the bit about
                         Japanese version only. Or if so, theres quite a few that dont.
email: NO

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