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    Walkthrough (JP) by ChaRle5

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    Final Fantasy 8 Spoiler 
    from members.xoom.com/hkcomic_net
    written by ChaRle5!
    (yes I know my english sucks!)
    Hello there, my fellow gamers.
    I will cut the nonsense and get you to the spoiler directly...
    Yes, this webpage is the spoiler of Final Fanatsy 8. 
    Another Role Playing masterpiece released by our favorite Squaresoft.
    Yeah, it sucks that this game haven't release in English, so it blocked the door 
    to many US RPG players. 
    This spoiler will only feature the necessary information for finishing the game, 
    like you need to do what, what you should do, etc. 
    If you having interest at understanding every details of the game, I suggest you 
    check GameFAQs
    or RPGamer. They have detail information at GF, item, and gameplay basics.
    And if you can understand Chinese, I also suggest you check Bahamut, an 
    outstanding Gaming BBS.
    Or Starzine 's tvgame newgroup. Most information I post here are gain from them.
    And yeah, I know my English sucks.
    Finally I want to giving credits to Madman's Cafe, for the name's translate.
    OK. Sure you have seen a Contents down there which lead to the different 
    sections of this spoiler.
    Disc1: Disc1 Walkthrough
    Disc2: Disc2 Walkthrough
    Disc3: Disc3 Walkthrough
    Disc4: Disc4 Walkthrough
    GF: Guardian Forces gain method, cross-reference with Disc walkthrough.
    Hidden Stuffs: Other hidden Stuffs
    Maps: Maps means ....maps.. but those maps are only available at my site. 
    Disc 1 Walkthrough:
    Squall Leonhart , our Hero in FF8, awaken after his very "personal" training 
    between him and his "friendly" classmate, Seifer Almasy. Quistis Trepe, Squall's 
    class tutor, visit him and bring him back to his class. In their way we see 
    Balamb Garden, a place that training young people to be a mercenary.
    Back to the Classroom Quistis remind the student about the final test of 
    entering SeeD team. Since Squall had missed some part of the studies, he need to 
    doing a field test before entering the SeeD test. Remember to get Quetzalcoat 
    and Shiva from your desktop computer before leaving the classroom. At the croner 
    Squall encounter Selphie Tilmitt, a transfer student from Trabia Garden. You can 
    be her tour to the Garden ( just leading her to the elevator). Now you are free 
    to go everywhere inside the Garden. You can level up yourself(which is 
    pointless; see the reviews for why), meet Seifer and his fellows at Canteen, 
    Cardgame playing with other people. Meet Quistis at the main door of Garden, and 
    heading to the cave SE of Garden. The teachers that guarding the cave will ask 
    you how many time you need for this task. The answer you gave them will somehow 
    affect your score and doesn''t matter since you must complete the job. The 
    monster around are pretty weak and you may counter no problem for reaching 
    Ifrit. Old FF player should now Ifrit represent Fire and he is weak against 
    Cold. So call GF to do her job. After the battle he will become your valuable 
    GF. ( that's pretty truth since the first 3 GF are the most reliable and 
    skillful GF to the end).
    After the task Squall are available to SeeD's entering test.( remember to change 
    to your uniform first)Cid Kramer, the headmaster of Garden will appear and tell 
    you about the details: to help Dollet, a weak country against the invasion of 
    Galbadia, a strong military country. And Cid call Squall to form a team along 
    with Zell Dincht, a well-training tactical fighter. And the team leader is 
    Then get to Seifer's car from the carpark, and heading to Balamb, a small 
    village West from Garden, also is the hometown of Zell. You can visit Zell's mom 
    and upgrading weapons, buying necessary potions and items as well. Then head to 
    the pier, and get on the ship towards Dollet.
    Seifer's unpleasant words annoying Squall, and pissed off Zell as well. When 
    they reach Dollet's bay area, they had been attacked by Galbadia's fleet and 
    landed. Finally they reach the square of Dollet, and waiting for further orders. 
    The long and boring waiting make the inpatience Seifer angry. After spotting a 
    Galbadia soldier's march, they follow the soldier and heading to Dollet's 
    abandon Radio tower. 
    They overheard Galbadia's target : the abandon Radio tower. The inpatience 
    Seifer ignore the order and rush to the tower alone. When Squall is wondering 
    what he should do next Selphie appear, and she bring a order to Seifer. Since 
    Seifer had get away, the decide to follow him. 
    At the roof of the tower we see Liehaunt Bacues & Vice are busy at repairing the 
    radio boradcast. You have just arrive in time to see that he complete his task. 
    He don't wants trouble but you can just don't let him go. The battle are too 
    easy so don't worry about him. Vice will join hime shortly. Suddendly the battle 
    been cut since a air-breathing monster appear. Remember to draw Siren from it.
    When you have finish the job, Selphie will hand over the order to Seifer: to 
    reach the bay within 30 mins. And that retreat become complicate when Bacues 
    activate "Black Widow" yo chasing you. After a series of attack it will be down 
    for awhile and you 'd better use these chances to escape. Escape will somehow 
    decrease your SeeD graduating points but it is meaningless since YOU MUST GET in 
    the SeeD. With the help of Quistis you three are finally sucess in your mission 
    and heading back to Garden. 
    What is welcoming them in Balamb are Fujjin and Raijin, the faithful fellowers 
    of Seifer. They get away with their car, so you have to walk/rent a car for 
    going back to Garden. Cid welcome you all at the main hall and reviews your 
    works. Cid is pretty annoyed by Seifer's ignorance to order. When Squall enter 
    the classroom a teacher will tell Squall that Cid is waiting for him inside 
    Headmaster's room. In Headmaster's room Cid declare that Squall, Zell and 
    Selphie and another guy(well, insignificant) had fulfilled the requirement and 
    becoming a SeeD members. Seifer, caused by his behaviour and ignorance, cannot 
    make it. Then meet your classmates at the alley fo 2nd floor. It was pretty 
    strange that the "friendly" Seifer will lead the cheer...
    After change to the SeeD uniform Squall attending to their SeeD party, which our 
    wanna-be-alone hero never enjoy. At this moment Riona Heartilly, Our heroine 
    appear and ask for a dance. Squall refuse but Riona force him to do so. After 
    the beautiful FMV Riona get away, leaving our somehow-changed hero there alone. 
    Quistis approach Squall and told Squall since squall had become a SeeD, their 
    relationship had changed from teacher-student to co-workers. She ask Squall to 
    join her to meet up at the "Secret place". Change back to your casual wear and 
    head to the training centre. 
    Quistis just so shy to speak any word and keeping silent. Squall can't stand the 
    atmosphere and want to leave. Then Quistis talk about her worries of "am I a 
    good teacher" blah blah blah blah. Unfortunately Squall cannot understand and 
    leave. At the way they overhear a scream and saw a young lady being attacked by 
    some monsters. And squall is having a strange familiar feeling to that lady. 
    After the battle some soldier guard the lady away and Squall wasn't able to ask 
    any queations. 
    After the sleep from his new SeeD member room, Squall receive his first order as 
    the SeeD: to help a underground organization of Timber to overthrow the Galbadia 
    government. The team consist of Selphie, Zell and Squall with Squall as the 
    field leader. Cid will give you a Magic Lamp and say that will help you. Caught 
    the train form Balamb, by paying a 3000 dollars fee.(don't buy too much; you 
    can't walk to Timber) And they fell unconsicous within the jounery...
    ......Laguna Loire, a Galbadia soldier, travelling inside the forest with his 
    teammate Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac. They had been ordered to retreat after a 
    great battle and they are looking for the way out. After getting back to Dealing 
    City, Kiros suggest Laguna to found his love. Laguna had planned to say "I love 
    U" to the girl performing piano at Galbadia Hotel for months. When he approach 
    the piano he just get too excited and trembling. He become scare and get back to 
    his seat. Miraclely Julia, that piano artist approach Laguna and ask Laguna to 
    meet her in her room. After the converstaion Julia promised to wait for Laguna 
    since duties calls.....
    Awaken from the dream, the team are mazed since they are having a same dream. At 
    this momnet the train had reached Timber.The contact persn is that guy with the 
    yellow shirt. After exchanging the code(the 3rd one) they are invited to another 
    train, which is the moving base of the underground organization "Forest's Owl". 
    Inside the train Squall found Riona, the girl that dance with him last night is 
    this organization's leader. 
    Forest's Owl 's aim is to liberate Timber from the control of Galbadia, which 
    had been the strongest nation all over the planet. Riona's plan is to kidnap the 
    travelling president of galbadia,and use him as the hostage of letting Timber 
    free. Riona will explain the plan and you must notice the movement of the guards 
    each time you put the switches. Riona's plan works and they have successfully 
    kidnapped the president. When they try to approach the president they found that 
    "president" is just a shadow of the president, and that president change to a 
    undead monster and fight you. Use a Phoenix Down on him to finish him off. 
    So the plan change. Riona decide to attack the Radio channel since the real 
    President is there. They found the only way to getin the Radio Channel is 
    through the Bar which is being guarded by some Galbadia Soldiers. Beat the 
    soldiers and head to the bar. give a card/ wine to the drunk man to gain an 
    access. At the way they witness the boardcast of president's speech, which had 
    been cut-short since Seifer and Quistis suddendly appear and kidnapping the 
    president. When Squall rushing to the channel Edea the witch appear and persuade 
    Seifer to join her. Seifer did and disappear with Edea. Squall found Quistis and 
    begin their escape since they had been known to public by TV boardcast. With the 
    help of the Forest's Fox(another organization), they hidden within their 
    headquarter for awhile(the house next to Tmber Maniac). Finally they come to a 
    decision : escape to their sister school, Galbadia Garden. Take the train and 
    heading to Galbadia. Exit at the first stop, and pass through the forest, 
    ... Laguna and his pals are on a search at a ruins and end up lost. just keep 
    heading North to the exit. At last they reach the exit but being attack by a 
    bunch of soldiers. And the soldiers cast a spell at Kiros and Ward before death, 
    which hurt Kiros and Ward pretty bad. They end up at a cliff, and decide to jump 
    ... Squall found the Galbadia Garden before his eye after passing through the 
    forest. And they found RaiJin and FujJin there also. then a boardcast invite 
    them to wait at the waiting room at 2nd floor. The headmaster of galbadia Garden 
    gave them a new order: kill Edea. And Irvine Kinneas, the best shooter of 
    Galbadia Garden will join them. Form a lineup, and get the train to Dealing 
    In Galbadia, talk to the when the bus arrive for entering the bus, exit from the 
    first stop, and head right to the mansion of Major Carlway... The doorman want 
    to test Squall's skill, so he ask Squall to found a code that marked at a weapon 
    left at the "Unknown King's Tomb".
    After exchanging the code you are allowed to enter Major Carlway's house, and 
    that Major is really Riona's father. He told you that all these invasion, all 
    these bad things of Galbadia are because of Edea, and he is the person who hire 
    SeeD to kill her. Then he explain the plan: This evening Edea will attending her 
    Galbadia representative Ceremony, he plan to trap her car and kill her by 
    Irvine's shoot. So they spit up to two party, Squall+ Irvine as one team and 
    Quistis, Selphie, Zell as one team. After Squall left, Rion appear and say she 
    founs a device that she "thought" can drain Edea 's power. Quistis become 
    furious and scold Riona that this mission is not a child play for a run away 
    girl and leave.
    After everybody left Riona decide whatever they say, she must try this alone. so 
    she goes off and walk to president's house. Since there is crowded from the 
    front door, she snesk to the back, with the help of the car and a bunch of boxes 
    she was able to climb up to Edea's room.... 
    Quistis is quite regret about her words to Riona nd want to say sorry about 
    that. Unfortunealy when they enter the room Carlway mistaken them as his trouble 
    daughter and locked them inside the room. After checking the painting and the 
    sculpture Quistis found the Scuplture missed a cup . After handover a Cup to the 
    Scuplture's hand a hidden passage open and they get down...
    Riona reached Edea's room but her attack failed. Edea lead Riona outside and 
    begin her speech. Irvine spot Riona. Edea kill the president and becoming the 
    ruler of Galbadia. Then she transform a statue Lizman to a Lizardman and attack 
    Riona. Irvine and Squall rush to the escape, with founding Seifer guarding Edea 
    by her side. Climb to Edea 's room as Riona did, and fight those two Lizardmans. 
    And remember to draw Carbunkle GF from them.After the battle scared Riona force 
    Squall to accompany her. Then they head to the clock tower by the secret passage 
    besides the red carpet, and waiting for the chance to shoot Edea.
    Quistis found themselves inside the sewer and it was pretty trouble to get back 
    to the surface. Remember to use water wheel if you found no road. Luckily they 
    just get to the gate in time. They close the gate and trapped Edea inside. 
    Irvine shoot Edea but Edea just use her magic to shield from it. Then squall 
    switch to plan B and fight Edea directly. He was welcomed by Seifer and ask for 
    a 1 vs 1 duel. After defeating him, Your partners will appear and you will fight 
    Edea.. If you keep using Carbunkle, she will focus on breaking your shield. A 
    Fat chance of attacking her.
    After the battle, Edea shoot some Ice to Squall.....
    Disc 2 Walkthrough:
    .....After the escape from the ruin Laguna had been living inside WinHill 
    village, a small and peaceful town. This morning, Elona, a little girl from the 
    neighborhood visit Laguna and told Laguna that some strange-looking-man had been 
    asking about Laguna inside her mother's pub. Laguna found that man is actually 
    his friend Kiros. They share the event after the last battle and Laguna know 
    that Julia persumed him dead, and she had been married to Major Carlway as 
    well.(wait a minute, that means...!) Kiros is curious why Laguna stay at this 
    little village, and Laguna told him he love this small and quite village, and 
    these people are nice to him after he injury. Now he is acting like a guardian 
    to this village since most men have joined the army. Kiros accompany Laguna's 
    jounery around the village and reporting the result to Raine, Elona's mother. 
    Then he head back to his house for a sleep.....
    Quistis, Zell, Selphie and Riona had been prisoned after their failure to kill 
    Edea. Some Galbadia soldiers appear and take away Riona. And Squall had been 
    trapped alone at a remote cell. Seifer torture Squall and keep asking Squall 
    about the true meaning of SeeD. Later he left and let a soldier ask Squall 
    questions. The choose of answer will affect the progress of resuce but that's 
    not important. The Camera switch back to Zell and we see a poor Moomba had been 
    slaved. One poor Moomba had made a mistake , and it result at a brutal abouse of 
    a Galbadia Soldier, help the Moomba, and gain an access to the doors. Zell agree 
    to get back the teamate's weapons first. The cell they currently at is located 
    at 6th floor, and the weapons are being kept at 7th Floor. beat the guards and 
    get the weapons back to the teamates. Then Bacues and Vice from Dollet appear. 
    These poor pair had been degraded after their failure to stop Squall back in 
    Dollet. They fight again, and lost again. 
    After the battles they reached the 13th floor, the place that Squall had been 
    prisoned. They agree let Zell ride the ARM to the 1st floor. After heard Zell 
    being attack Riona will appear again, accompany by Irvine. Then the Irvine, 
    Riona , Zell team will go from 8/F to 3/F, and Squall team will seek escape from 
    8/F to 13/F. Then the Squall team will meet the Galbadia guards at the bridge of 
    15/F, after clear the bridge the bridge will begin to draw and you must climb to 
    right asap. 
    After escaping from the prison, they learn that Galbadia plan to bomb Balamb and 
    Trabia Garden by launching missiles. So Selphie will lead a team to stop the 
    launch, and Squall will lead a team to inform Cid.Then squall steal a train for 
    going back to Balamb Garden.
    Selphie team heading to Galbadia's missle base, which is not far away from the 
    Desert Prison. They have disguised and gain an access. In side the missile base, 
    talk to the everone first, then a galbadia soldier will ask you to bring a 
    message to another soldier. And found that soldier at the deep end, who is 
    pushing the missile heads. Then report back, and that Galbadia soldier will ask 
    you to enter the control room in his place. when enter the control room, Selphie 
    have a chance to do her best-wreck the place! After leaving the room, some 
    galbadia soldier will ask you a question. you can keep the disguise or straight 
    to the battle instead. disguise will avoid the other encounters. but if fighting 
    is your interest, let it be. When yoiu have chance remember to wreck the 
    computer besides the door, which direct the directions of the missiles. Then 
    head to upstair to the main room. If you still on disguise, your disguise will 
    be removed, and force to a battle. After the battle you can activate the self-
    destruct sequel of the missile base, and choose a countdown time to leave. the 
    sidedoor only available when the countdown is below 20 minutes. 
    The self-destruct alarm had make everyone escape, but when you reach the surface 
    and going to leave, a big machine BGH251F2 appear and stand at your path. Tough 
    battle. After the fight the BGH251F2's body had blocked the exit, and selphine 
    is helpless to see the missile launch and the base destruct...
    Balamb Garden had been acting strange when Squall back. A teacher stop Squall 
    and asking if Squall is following Master or Headmaster. answer Master will avoid 
    a lot of battle and won't affect the storyline. After running around the Garden 
    Squall found a familair figure had enter the elevator. That figure is the girl 
    who brief Squall back in their Dollet mission. She told Squall that Headmaster 
    had be kept safe inside his room. Then you will see Cid in his room. When he 
    know of the missile attack he gave Squall a key to get dwon to Garden's MD 
    level. Squall found an exit form the floor after the elevator stop. Keep going, 
    until reaching a underground base with a lever. By push the lever it open a gate 
    across the bridge. Two monster that weak at fire will. block the bridge. Get 
    over and turn on the machine. Suddendly the ground trembles and you found your 
    have been risen to Headmaster's room! And you found the Balamb Garden had fly 
    off, just in time to avoid the missiles attack. 
    The conflict between Master and Cid seems to be calm down after the missile 
    attacks. At the schoolyard a teacher will call you to see Master by elevator. 
    You reached master Room and see Cid is arguing with someone. You overheard that 
    "master" say Cid and Edea was a couple? Cid leave and you are summoned by the 
    Master. Finally you have a chance to see the Master, the person behind the whole 
    Garden. He was pissed off by the kill Edea order and attack you. Remember, don't 
    let the light change to Red. when it change to yellow, attack it. And remember 
    to draw Leviathan GF from Master. 
    With a bunch of questions unanswered Squall visit Cid. And the dialogue cut 
    short when a mystery white SeeD ship approach Garden. Cid ask Squall to help 
    locate Elona, the lady that they are here for. Squall found her in the Library, 
    and found that she is the same Elona in his dream of Laguna. With more question 
    Squall can only let the white SeeD's crew take her away. 
    Cid is not good at driving the Garden, and it end up with crashing into FH, in 
    short of Fishermen's Horizon. Cid assign Squall to apolgize and check the place. 
    When Squall see the maintainer of FH the Maintainer scold SeeD is nothing but a 
    violence group, when Squall had give up and heading back to Garden, they 
    overheard that some Galbadia army had been arrived FH. follow the Maintainer and 
    see he had been punched by the Galbadia soldiers. Help him and lead to a battle. 
    Then BGH251F2 appear and fight. After the battle you found the Selphie team had 
    been come back alive.
    It was pretty hard for Selphie to see her hard-working stage had been wrecked 
    during the thread conflict. Reasure her with Irvine, and then Squall are being 
    summon by Cid. Cid decided to declare war to Edea, and assigning Squall as the 
    Director. When the friends know of that they are happy and want to held a party 
    for this. Then Riona invite Squall to the party. At the party they exchange 
    their heart and lessen Squall's burden.
    In this time you are free to go everywhere(that Garden can go....) including 
    getting some GF like Odin.
    Balamb had been under galbadia's control when Squall arrive. So Squall can only 
    be allowed to rest on Zell's house, and before the commander's orders nobody can 
    leave the town. Form the dialogue with th esoldiers Squall know the commander 
    had been fishing recently, and cooked the fish at Zell's house. Ask Zell's 
    adopted mother about this and she will tell Squall that there is true that a man 
    had come and use their kitchen, and making some unpleasant smell. When the dog 
    at the pier sense the smell from Squall, it get away and lead you to the 
    Commander. At the Commander you found that RaiJinm is that Commander. Follow him 
    to the hotel, and see him being kicked away by someone inside the hotel. 
    Raijin found you and attack. After the battle you found the person inside the 
    hotel is FujJin, and they launch another attacks. Remember to draw GF 
    Pandarnonium from Fujjin. After the battle they told you that they are fllowing 
    Seifer, not following Edea or galbadia. Then they refuse Squall's invitation of 
    going back to Garden and leave.
    After the request of Selphie Squall head the Garden to Trabia Garden, which 
    located at the area of North. Seems like Trabia Garden cannot escape in time and 
    it had being damaged heavily by Galbadia's missile attacks. Selphie cannot wait 
    and rush to see if her friend still there. walk sround and found some students 
    are depressed, and some of them are planned to get the Garden back online. Then 
    Squall found Selphie in Graveyard, telling her pass-way friends that she had 
    finally success in leading a school band. Later, when all people gather at the 
    playground, they are angry for Galbadia's doing and make a decision to strike 
    back. Then Irvine share his childhood that living inside a Orphanage. Strange 
    but everyone(expect Riona) have a similar memory about that, and they think it 
    was GF's side effect that they forgot their childhood. Then they make a dscision 
    to visit Orphanage.
    The Orphanage located at the Southern, can found easily by the lighthouse. 
    Inside theOrphanage they remember their childhood that share together, and they 
    remember all of them had been take care by a Lady called Edea(!). They found it 
    is pretty strange and want to investigate for more. When they leave the 
    Orphanage they found Galbadia Garden, now the Fortress of Edea the witch, 
    awaiting them outside.
    After giving orders Squall squad around. Zell is leading a team at the backdoor. 
    Without reason Zell ask Squall to lend him a ring. Then Squall gave him. Then a 
    boradcast summon Squall and Squall leave. At the meantime Galbadia Garden begin 
    their attack and many flying cycle landing at Balamb Garden. Zell will lead a 
    team to face them. When the battle goes on, Riona had fallen into a gap when two 
    Garden crash.
    Zell rush to front door and inform Squall of Riona' s situation. At the same 
    time Squall receive a report of some junior class had been attacked at the 2nd 
    floor. Go back to your Classroom and fight those people. Then the teacher of 
    Medical Room summon you from headmaster's room. They dicuss about the situation 
    and decide to strike back. After the speech everyone get back on their feet and 
    ready to strike back. When Squall arrive at 2/F a student will ask Squall to 
    help her locate a missing child called Mack. Found Mack at the end of alley. 
    Suddend;y a Galbadia soldier appear and hit Squall. Squall stand by the 
    emergency exit and get away with that Galbadia soldier. Keep Kick+Defence while 
    doing this air combat. After the battle Squall rescue Riona.
    Across the battlefield and rush to Galbadia Garden's backdoor. Riona will ask 
    the name of the ring that supposeingly-lend-to Zell. Then gather with the others 
    inside. most doors had been blocked so you must visit every classroom to found 
    the students that have the correspounding keycard. When you have access to 
    everyroom, remember to check Cerebus at main hall of 1/F. It was a tough battle, 
    and the most important thing when fihting him is remember to dispell it's 
    Triple. After the battle you can gain Cerebus GF. 
    Seifer and Edea are expecting you at the Master Room at the 2nd floor. He will 
    perform a killing move call ghousr slash after his hp is below 50%. So battle 
    him carefully. After defeating him Edea will disappear. Then rush to the Lecture 
    Theatre at the same floor, at the other end. Edea is there. Seifer appear again 
    and guarding Edea. Keep attack Seifer, when he fell down Edea will attack you. 
    Remember to draw Alexander GF away from Edea. After the series of attacks 
    finally Edea fell down, and you see Riona going to help Seifer..??
    Disc 3 Walkthrough:
    After the battle between two Gardens Squall go back to his room, but he cannot 
    understand Riona' s action and it get worse since Riona had fallen into a coma 
    since then. Suddendly Squall heard that "MaMa teacher" summon him. 
    "Ma Ma teacher" is the name they call Lady Edea in their time at Orphanage. Then 
    Squall found Cid and Edea at the beach of the Orphanage. Then they began to 
    explain that indeed all those bad thing Edea had done was because of a Witch 
    from the future called Aru. Aru's goal is to caught Elona, the lady with the 
    power of time travel and Relaese Adreu, the witch before Edea. 
    When Squall know Elona's power he think of if he can use Elona's help to make 
    Riona back.....
    ......Laguna had become a actor after his life at Winhill village. Kiros 
    accompany him also. Today he will play a prince part for rescuing a princess 
    from a terrible red dragon. Kiros had mistaken and bring a real dragon to them. 
    The dragon running loose and attack Laguna. Laguna was able to hold the Dragon 
    back but cannot get rid of it. Later Kiros appear and bring their weapons along. 
    Then lead to a battle .....
    ....Squall ask Edea about Elona's location and she tell Squall that the white 
    SeeD ship that taken Elona away are now landing North of Orphanage(now called 
    Edea's home). Found the white SeeD ship and reunion with some members of 
    Forest's Owl. When squall ask about Elona the crew th\ell Squall that some 
    Esthar soldiers come and taken Elona away. 
    After consideration they agree heading to Esthar. Since Garden cannot fly too 
    high, the only possible seems to be the long bridge of FH. Then squall will 
    bring Riona to Esthar by walking through the bridge slowly. What a romantic 
    scene. At the end of the bridge they meet up with other people, including Edea. 
    Edea want to help and she also have a bunch of question that want to ask 
    Esthar's scholars. But the way of entering Esthar had been blocked by a Bone 
    Monster. Keep attack it by Cure it . They found the dead end after the battle. 
    Suddendly the space change and a door open. Indeed there is a High-tech city 
    that hidden inside there, with the perfect disguise. ...
    ......Laguna had been caught by the Esthar soldiers and had been slaved at a 
    laboratory. After a series of torture(just no lunch time everyday) Laguna think 
    of strike back. After the battle Kiros and Ward appear and help Laguna. They 
    take the elevator to exit and heard that the doctor had holding Elona for 
    experienment. Keep bugging the doctor until the doctor confess. Then rush to the 
    labratory, and found little Elona inside the room from the window of the 2/F. 
    Unlock the door by pushing the switch of the right, and get back to the 1/F, 
    rescue little Elona....
    ... Squall found the doctor inside president's mansion. the Doctor explain to 
    Squall that Elona had been kept safety at Esthar's space station. The only way 
    to the station is through the rocket launching from Esthar's rocket station. 
    Then goto the rocket station, at this moment Edea will stay at Esthar since she 
    still have question about her identity, and Squall will fly off with Riona and 
    one partner. 
    The people left on Earth heard of a strange object appear near Esthar, so they 
    rush back to Esthar. Doctor tell them that this tsrange object called Luna Pick 
    Pandora, which is the fortress of Adreu thw witch, the witch that had been 
    enslaved the world 17 years ago. And Esthar's president is the person who 
    defeated Adreu. The fortess's desination is Tear's Point. The pandora will pass 
    away fom the surface of Esthar at three time, so your team can use these chances 
    to investigate the pandora. Rush to the meeting pont at right time, and gain an 
    access. The exploration end up by kicking away by some strange alien. 
    Squall arrive the space station successfully, and left Riona resting at Medical 
    Room. Then Squall goto found Elona. Elona had Laguna's card so you'd better win 
    her card in the card game(since Laguna's card can transform to 100 Hero medience 
    which will make your character invinicible during battle, and trust me, you will 
    need it). Elona understand the situation and agree to see Riona. (and you will 
    understand that all those Laguna/Squall switch are Elona's doing, and the reason 
    that she was familiar is because she was stay at Edea's home once.) At the way 
    they saw the sealed Adreu floating in space. 
    When Squall are lookning for the strange thing happens at the Moon. The 
    emergency alarm rings. Riona awake and walking like a living corpse. Squall 
    order his teamte to guard Elona and rush to Riona alone. Riona walking like a 
    Corps with some energy field around her. Squall want to caught her but no avail. 
    All people are helpless to see Riona unlock the 1st seal of adreu, and they ask 
    Squall to stop Riona from unlocking the 2nd seal in space. when squall arrive to 
    the airlock Riona had already changed and walk away, Squall try to chase her but 
    the gate close before he can reach. Then Squall watch as Riona unlock the 2nd 
    Seal to awaken Adreu. At the same time, the monsters that gather at Moon rush to 
    earth. The space station cannot stand anymore and will be bomb within seconds. 
    Meet up with Elona in the control room, and head to the escape pods. 
    When escaping Squall get know of something about Riona like why she come back to 
    Squall when he is prisoned at Desrt Prsion, and the moment that she receive 
    Squall's ring... Squall decide he cannot just let Riona die alone in space. And 
    he understand that after expelling the Aru control from Edea, Aru choose Riona 
    as the nest victim. That explain the strange the way she look like after the 
    battle with Edea. 
    Riona floating alone in space, waiting to die. The life support had been stop. 
    Riona can do nothing but waiting to die. Squall found Riona finally. Remember to 
    keep her inside your sight . They float to Ragnakok, a Esthar spaceship floating 
    around. They found this spaceship had been invadedby some aliens. The correct 
    methos of killing these Alien are kill by pair. (it means after u get ri dof a 
    purplealien, kill the other purple. if you kill a red after kill a purple, the 
    purple will revive.)after finish off totally 8 aliens, goto the controls and 
    head back to Esthar. In that moment Squall exchange his heart wth Riona.
    After arriving Earth some Esthar soldier escort Riona away since they know 
    Riona's doing at space and her identity of"witch's heir". Squall dunno whatto do 
    and just stand. When he told his friends about this Selhie is furious that why 
    Squall didn't protect the one he love. When Squall decide to resuce Riona the 
    Ragnakok tremble, they found that Selphie know how to ride this spaceship! Now 
    you are free to go to everywhere you might think of, like obtaining Bahamut GF, 
    Eden GF... etc
    Ragnakok rush to Witch Museum and use force to get back Riona. Squall cut off 
    the power and release his princess. After the rescue Riona ask about flying to 
    Edea's home since she want to ask Edea something. After landing at Edea's home, 
    follow the dog's lead to the beach and wait for Riona. When Squall talks with 
    Riona Zell come and told Squall that they have recieve a news that Esthar had 
    been under attack.
    Finally Squall have a chance to meet with Esthar's president. It was probably 
    expected but still surprise to see that Laguna is the President fo Esthar. He 
    told squall thatElona had been aducted by the monsters of the Pandora and wish 
    you can help him.They planned to attack the Pandora and finish Adreu off before 
    she can be recover from the seal, and then use "Time Compress" to bring Squall 
    to future,and fight the one who behind all these-Aru.
    Ride Ragnakok and attack the Pandora. What welcoming your arrival was our 
    friendly RaiJin and FujJin. Defeat them. Found Bacues and Vice. But since they 
    had been degraded(again) after the last battle with u, they are sick of fight 
    and ignore you. Ride the 01 elevator and found RaiJin & FujJin. They will 
    actiavte the alien to attack you. After the battle Squall found Seifer behind. 
    (If you have Odin he will appear and make his last shot...) Finally Seifer had 
    been defeated. But he is just pretending dead and kidnapped Riona.....
    Disc 4 Walkthrough:
    Squall chase Seifer up to the top floor of the Pandora, only to see how Seifer 
    using Riona as the prey to Adreu. When Squall arrive, Adreu had been merge with 
    Riona, and remember never use GF attack since you will kill Riona also. After a 
    series of attack Adreu die and Elona appear with laguna. Then the Time Compress 
    begin the effect and bring the team to the timestream. Since Aru want to absorb 
    the power of each era's witch Squall will have to duel with different era's 
    Witch first. Easy battles expect the last one, the Original Witch. After the 
    battles they found they are located at Edea's home. When they head to the beach 
    they found the time change and they saw Aru's Castle, along with a dozen od dead 
    body of white SeeD's crew. 
    At the moment they step into the castle 8 powers of them had been sealed. For 
    recovering these powers they must defeat the 8 hidden beast inside the castle. 
    and they agrre to spit up to 2 teams to achieve this. The green magic spt is for 
    switch control over differnt teams:(no special orders expect the first one)
    1 - the one at the stair at main hall, about 35000 hp
    2 - after get rid of 1, you can goto the gallery by the right door of 2/F, look 
    at every painting, and then wlak to the biggest painting opposite the stair and 
    enter Vividarium > Intervigilium > Viator . Then a monster will appear. hp about 
    3 - go forward, into the basement, and enter the room at left, which shut the 
    door after u enter. get the key from the corpse and a giant red monster will 
    appear hp about 30000 but strong guard, you can only damage him about 10% of 
    your strength. Call Diablos to get rid of it.
    4 - Another team can get to the another basement by passing thrugh the left door 
    of main hall>alley>banquet room>check the floor . A flying unicorn awaits. every 
    attack will make it cast a thunder spell at you. so make sure evry attack are 
    fatal,.hp 22400
    5 - after the unicorn go back to banquet hall and wlk straight to the door, pass 
    the mid-garden and enter piano room. ignore that purple flame and walk upstair 
    to see a bridge. something is floating at the edge of bridge and drop before you 
    can reach it. It fall to the basement that (3) exists. get that tem(which is the 
    key) and open the door next to it. Another monste awaits there. it will merge 
    fight again after u finish it off. hp:22000 (each part), 16000(2nd battle)
    6 - Now goto the oppsite side of the Gallery and enter a 45 degree alley. enter 
    the door in middle and you will found 4 tombs. open them all and a blood ox will 
    appear. hp:60000
    7 - have another team go back to the banquet room and stand at the switch inside 
    the green magic spot, and the other team walk straight from the door that(1) had 
    been guarding. goto the oppsite side and fight the crystal monster. hp16000 but 
    strong guard. will attack all when you attack it. tough.
    8 - back to the bridge at the piano room, and walk straight on till reached a 
    clock tower. when you see a bell ring just jump to the ring and get to the other 
    side. A fake Bahamut awaits(hp 90000)
    with every monsters down you gain all your sealed powers back. exit from the top 
    of clock tower and you will found Aru's room across the bridge. remember to save 
    before entering her room. at her door you can still decide to eneter or not.
    Aru is furious about you people and begin her attack, she had 5 morphs and each 
    of them are about 100000 hp. the last one is about 150000~200000 hp:
    1.Aru herself 
    2.Aru will call &&&(which is the name of Squall's ring), the most powerful GF. 
    when the earth trembles, remember to use hero's Medience or Holy War Medience at 
    your slef. since &&& will launch a fatal attack to all of you(about 6000+ damage 
    to whole team at one move) 
    3.&&& defeated and Aru merge with it . Also ahve a Trembling killer move. 
    4.alike to 3, but most body parts are lost. 
    5.after the battle it seems to be dead. but the spirit of Witch appear and 
    Finally Squall defeat Aru. Since they are trapped inside the compressed time, 
    they are looking for the exit. Squall found he and Aru had transported to Edea's 
    home 13 years ago and saw how Aru transfer her mind and power to Edea, and how 
    Aru die. Then he tell Edea about SeeD and inspired Edea and her husband to make 
    a school called Garden...
    Squall was lose in timestream and keep seeing illusions He saw the moments he 
    had share with Riona, and saw the nightmare of Riona die. Squall cannot stand it 
    and fall.
    Riona found Squall which barely breathing. When she cry out the timestream had 
    get back in order, and everything becomes fine. 
    In this moment I won't spoil more. please enjoy the longest ending of Final 
    Last words: don't turn off your playstation unless you saw "The End"
    Guardian Force Obtain
    Quetzalcoatl : in the beginning, from the desktop computer of Squall.  
    Shiva:in the beginning, from the desktop computer of Squall.  
    Ifrit:from it's cave, can be obtain from the test.  
    Siren:Draw from the boss of the Radio Tower of Dolllet.  
    Brothers:Defeat them in the Unknown King's Tomb. You can found the younger 
    brother from the far Right, fight him, he will get away. Then head North, Open 
    the water gate, and open the door at Far Left also. Then you are available to 
    enter the tomb at the centre. The Brothers are waiting inside, after the battle 
    they will become a GF.  
    Carbunkle:Draw from the Lizardman(check disc1)  
    Diablos:It was sealed within the Magic lamp Cid gave to u at your first SeeD 
    mission. When you use the Lamp Diablos will appear and fight you. After the 
    battle he will become one of your GF. It is tough but really useful in later 
    battle. Sure you are skilled before fight him.   
    Pandarnonium:Draw from FujJin when battling her in Balamb, disc2.  
    Leviatian:Draw from Master when battling him in disc2.  
    Cerebus:Defeat it in the main hall of Galbadia Garden, during the war between 
    two Gardens  
    Alexander:Draw from Edea at the battle of 2nd Disc End.  
    Bahumat:After having Ragnakok, Fly to the most SW of the map and found a remote 
    labartory. Inside you will see a light column. Don't walk when the light is on. 
    Then talk to the Column, answer (1), (2) to fight 2 red dragons, then answer (3) 
    and bahamut will appear and fight you.  
    Grasharaboras:First of all get the Solomon's Ring from Tear's Point first, then 
    get 6 x Iron pipe(can obtain by defeating a green headless monsters that around 
    hills of galbadia which like to toss you like baseketball), 6 x tentecles(obtain 
    from the big plant monster with long tentecle living in "island most near 
    heaven/hell") and 6 x Remedy Plus( use the GF ability medience level up of 
    Alexander to upgrade Remedy, a medience which cure any status like Darkness, 
    silent etc), then use the ring will call the Grasharaboras become your GF.  
    Sabotendar:Found a small remote desert island by Ragnakok, and chase the giant 
    green spot . It is tough and can do many great hits. Weak point is water. so 
    Levitian works fine with it. Defeat it and gain another GF.  
    Tonberi:After gain the help of Odin enter the ruins again, and fight those 
    little monster that holding the lamp. steal/gain their item, (that one with 5 
    japanese characters), and kill them off. After about 20 battle, their king will 
    appear, and he is not a nice guy. Defeat him and gain a new GF Tonberi.  
    Eden:After defeating Bahumat, go back to Ragnakok and talk to everyone again, 
    when entering the again you will found a save point there. Walk down and open 
    the steam machine. let each flooe have 1 block of steam and let Zell to handle 
    the machine after 9/F. Then walk down, fight 3 battles each floor to the 
    basement. You will found Ultimate Weapon(a monster) there. Draw Eden from it.  
    Odin GF:go to the sentona ruins, and you will see a countdown from 19:59. you 
    must rush to the tower top, activate the machine, and activvate the 2nd machine 
    at the ground, then a stair will appear, at the middle, get the red gem from the 
    eye of a gargoyle statue, put that on the space of anothet gargoyle statue at 
    the tower top. a series of number will appear. Write it down and get two gems 
    away from the statue, and rush back to the first statue. put both gems into it's 
    eyes and a fire column will ask for the password. Enter the numbers as the 
    password and the door below will open. inside you will found Odin awaits. After 
    a series of attack he will agree to join your force but he will not be shown in 
    yoyr GF list. He will just randomly appear at the beginning of some battles. By 
    the way, if you plan to get him in the third disc, remember never press"retry" 
    if you have failed. That is a offical bug that will hang your machine.   
    Phoenix:From the village at the North(more North than Trabia Garden) you will 
    see Master's tribe. Their leader will welcome you and ask you for a favor: help 
    the artist to finish the Laguna statue. found the blue Rock, (just behind the 
    statue), wind rock(the orck between the 1st and the 2nd house), Life Rock(the 
    rock under the root beside Leader's house), Shadow rock(under the shadow at the 
    top floor before the elevator.) and the water rock (inside the kitchen of the 
    house next to the artist's house)one by one(get one, report to artist, then get 
    the second). After the help report to Leader. When you leave the room he will 
    give u the item "Phoenix's feather", which will summon Phoenix once. Or you can 
    use Medience upgarde ability of Alexander to transform 150 Phoenix Down>3 
    Phoenix X >1 Phoenix Feather.  
    Gilgamesh:Our funny crowd of FF5 still alive(I though he was dead along with 
    Necrophobia in the Cleft of Dimensions.. well, he is cloaked, maybe he still 
    lurks the wounds from that battle. After Odin was slash by Seifer's True Edge 
    reverse, Odin's Zantetsu fly off and receive by Gilgamesh. He will appear 
    randomly inside the battle and choose one of the 4 swords he own to attack the 
    enemy. Myabe he will use that Excalipur to attack.... 
    Not-your GF:
    Grivera:Aru's GF. 
    Moomba, Choboco and Moogle are only available if you have Pocketstation which is 
    unknown to me.( since I dun have a POS with me)
    Hidden Stuffs:
    Omega Weapon:
    Yes, the nightmare called Omega is back. If you have played FF5, you should know 
    how tough that it is. Now it is back for good! 
    At your adventure inside Aru's castle Artemisia, you have 2 teams, right? one 
    team goto the room before the gallery, and you will see a clock there. ring the 
    bell and you will see a countdown of 1 minute. then switch to other team and 
    goto the piano room asap. Omega Weapon is there.
    Since Magaznes holds the key of upgrading weapons, they are really important to 
    Weapons Magazine:
    #1 - floor of doctor labratory(Laguna, disc3)
    #Mar - beginning of game, Squall's Garden room's desk.
    #Apr - Squall's SeeD room's desk.
    #May - inside the sewer of Dealing City
    #Jun - from BGH521F2 after battle it
    #Jul - Training area of Garden after disc2
    #Aug - near the statue of Trabia Garden
    Fighter Magazine:
    001 - 1/F of desert prison
    002 - beat RaiJin
    003 - know Zell like ponytail girl > let Zell back to home and know ponytail 
    visit once>rest at inn> another mother ponytail girl will appear and head it to 
    004 - Esthar soldier when 20:00
    005 - inside luna tick Pandora, on the floor by elevator 3
    Pet Magazine:
    1 - floor of the train to Timber
    2 - Riona's desk at Forest Owl HQ.
    3 - sale in Timber's pet shop
    4 - as above
    5 - sale in Esthar Pet shop
    6 - as above
    indeed most magazine can be bought later in Esthar.
    Choboco Card:
    first make Choboco appear(not by money)at each choboco forest(3 in Northern 
    Point, 1 in Odin Island , 1 near Edea's home and 1 near the desert of South), 
    then press X to let the Choboco to dig a rock called "Certicate of Dear" to you, 
    After u got all 6 Certificate goto the Choboco Shrine to get Choboco Card.
    UFO sighting incident:
    you will see UFO appear at 4 area:(check the map)
    afterseen 4 goto the cliff north of Choboco Shrine and fight the UFO. it will be 
    lose eaasily. Then you will found that cute alien of the UFO around Balamb area. 
    It will ask you to use Elixir at it. You can kill it if you are that violence... 
    but if u help it it will gave u the alien card.
    The island that Closet to Heaven/Hell:
    Looking for strong Magic like Metro, Flare and Holy? There are two island in 
    this World can satisfly you. In this two Island there are bunch of Drawing point 
    that await you to draw, and these drawing point are fast-recover. But the 
    monsters lurking around these island are also the strongest. No pain no gain.
    Go back to Surface at Disc4:
    there is a big chain that connected Edea's home and Artemisia right? at the 
    middle you will see 3 doors. each of them will lead u to different place ofthe 
    world. you can enter the top door to enter a forest, and found Choboco Shrine 
    nearby. Then you can ride the Choboco to get back to Ragnakok.
    You cannot enter any town, and monsters are still lose. If you want a supply or 
    upgrading weapons you can ask the man inside Ragnakok.
    Unsolved Mystery:
    What is the usage of collecting the stones from Timber Lake?
    Rumors say by some ring Seifer will join your conquest at Aru, is it true?
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    http://welcome.to/PaoPaoCafe (SNK Neogeo games related)
    http://members.xoom.xom/hkcomic_net (FF8 spoiler page)

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