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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) Part 1/2 by SOng

    Version: 1.16 | Updated: 10/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                    F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   V I I I
                         Final Fantasy VIII (Japanese/Import)
                                 Version 1.16 (Final)
                                    Part I
                             For Sony Playstation
                                By Scott Ong
       E-Mail:              vaynard_x11x@yahoo.com
       Online version:      http://www.risland.org
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    This FAQ is meant for personal usage only. It cannot be altered and
    it can only be reproduced in electronic form only. It cannot be
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    This FAQ is made by me, Scott Ong (vaynard_x11x@yahoo.com) This is an
    unpublished work of Scott Ong 1999-2000. If you want to use this FAQ for
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    to my site. You are allowed to print the FAQ out, but make sure that
    you did not sell it for cash! All my FAQs are not meant for sale!
    This is Part I of Final Fantasy VIII FAQ for the Japanese version. Final
    Fantasy VIII Logo, characters are copyright of Squaresoft. If you want
    to find information regarding item list, weapon list, monster list or
    any other besitary data, please look up at Final Fantasy VIII FAQ Part
    II which is available at GameFAQs. This is meant for the Japanese
    <<< References >>>
    Official Final Fantasy VIII Website - http://www.ff8.com
    Official Squaresoft Website         - http://www.squaresoft.com
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    If you want to use this FAQ for your site, make sure that you keep on
    checking GameFAQs for latest revisions. Otherwise, I will have to answer
    questions that already answered in the latest editions.
    / I \___________________________________________________________________
    <<< Demo >>>
    That's right, the eagerly-awaited FF8 finally hits the stores. The game
    is much better and more realistic. You will take the role of the super
    cool Squall whom is led by Seifer, his rival to recapture the city of
    Dollet. The city has fallen into the hands of the evil President
    Deling, the dictator of the warlike nation, Galbadia....
    <<< Final Fantasy VIII >>>
    The hero Squall, trained as a mercenary at a military academy, meets a
    girl named Rinoa at a party. Gradually influenced by her bohemian
    lifestyle, Squall rejects family and friends for people as yet...
    strangers. Meanwhile, at that while, the continent of Galbadia
    suddenly turns against the whole world and declares...war. Standing
    beside the President as he delivers this speech, is the figure of a
    witch who disappears from the memories of the people...
    / II \__________________________________________________________________
    Revision History
    Version 1.0
    Contains the main document.
    Version 1.1
    I have finished Disc 1 Walkthrough. I have make the Disc 1 walkthrough
    more detailed and correct some errors. Completed the Controls section.
    Version 1.2
    Added a partial Disc 2 walkthrough. Also added the BOSS Diablos'
    Version 1.3
    Completed Disc 2 walkthrough and make some corrections. Start working on
    Part II. Added information on Chocobo Riding. Make more corrections on
    Disc 1 walkthrough.
    Version 1.4
    Added Disc 3 walkthrough [partial] and make more corrections. Make some
    spelling corrections on the Leviathan, Quezacotl and Cerberus. I have
    added information on getting Phoenix and Odin.
    Version 1.5
    Completed Disc 3 walkthrough including information on GFs Tonberry,
    Bahamut and Cactuar, plus the last GF Eden, thanks to Steven Bruck!
    Add more corrections in spelling and errors.
    Version 1.6
    Added and complete Disc 4 walkthrough except for the ending FMV, don't
    want to spoil the fun ^_^; Added corrections/logo to the FAQ. Complete
    the list of gameshark codes.
    Version 1.7
    Make mystical corrections. Miscellaneous information on Omega Weapon
    and the draw list from Tonberry, thanks to Hahaha Hahaha. I have added
    more information getting fragments of the pot and attaining full marks
    for the Dollet's SeeD examinations. Thanks to ChaRle5! I have added
    more information on getting GF Doomtrain. I have added information on
    Ward and Kiros. Correct most gramatical errors.
    Version 1.8
    Edit some of the data and correct more errors. Added the correct way to
    get the Phoenix Pinion from Shumi Village's Subquest, thanks to Jerry
    Version 1.9
    I have correct some of the previous errors. I had added ways to get the
    Pet Pals and Combat King Issues, with the courtesy of Lynn Tse. More
    information on the D-District Prison have been added, including a move
    that could save your life! Thanks to Markweb Jimenez. The list of items
    that can been obtained in Balamb Garden during Disc 2. The basic
    controls section have been expanded and ASCII maps have been added on
    it. More information regarding the Pocketstation have been added, thanks
    to Zane Merritt. Thanks to Crystal Power for that outstanding
    strategies to fight against the Ruby Dragons and the Bahamut. Thanks to
    Ciovo for telling me the usefulness of the Tonberry's Level Down. Draw
    an ASCII image of the Pocketstation! Thanks to Crystal Power for the
    correction on the lyrics "Eyes on me".
    Version 1.10
    Some corrections have been made for the Esthar Shopping List. I have
    made corrections to lyrics "Eyes on Me", thanks to Hahaha Hahaha/Yee
    Seng Fu/ Franksiskus Febrainto ^0^. More information has been added
    regarding the Chocobo Mini-Game, thanks to Zane Merritt. I have made
    some magic spell corrections between Flare and Aero. I have made more
    corrections at certain areas. I have expanded the methods on getting
    GFs. I have been trying to correct gramatic errors and sentence
    structures. I have also find a way to get back lost cards. I have added
    more battle strategies against BOSS: Brothers, Jumbo Cactuar, Diablos
    and the final battle. A new strategy against the Omega Weapon have been
    Version 1.11
    I have added the lyrics for the opening song. Thanks to Marco "vegeta"
    Colombo for the lyrics. Changes have been made to most parts of the FAQ.
    I had also added more information on the Controls section. I had added
    the list of items which can be won from BOSS fights [partially]. I had
    also added more miscellaneous information such as getting Occult Fan
    Part I, Pet Pals Vol. 2nd Issue and much more. Battle Tips are included
    to most parts of the walkthrough. I have added the type of spells, which
    you can draw from the Draw Points. [partially complete]
    Version 1.12
    The remaining of Draw Points have been added (until Disc 3). I had also
    added list of items that you can won from BOSS fights, applies until
    Disc 3. (partially) I have added more battle tips until Disc 3
    (partially). I made some corrections to the Basics section. I had also
    added informatiom about solving the Clock Puzzle. Thanks to Stephanus
    Rudiyanto Natari for his solutions. I have also added information about
    trading the Girl Next Door with Zone in the White SeeD Ship. Thanks to
    Marbweb Jimenez for the valuable information. I have added more
    information on hacking gameshark codes.
    Version 1.13
    I have added information about the Chocobuckle. I have also added the
    remainding Draw Points (excluding those that are found at the World Map)
    [until fighting the Ultima Weapon.] I have also added more battle tips.
    [until Disc 3] I have also added the list of items which can be won from
    BOSS fights. [until Disc 3]. The list of monsters that are found at Deep
    Sea Research Center have been added, including how to tackle them. I
    have found another secret FMV, refer to Section 5.10 for more details.
    It's regarding Adel.
    Version 1.14
    I have added the remainding Draw Points and BOSS stats thanks to Markweb
    Jimenez. The Japanese FF8 Debug Code has been added, thanks to Alex M.
    I have also added some strategies about the BOSSES in the final dungeon.
    I have also make some changes to the Magic translations according to
    Final Fantasy VII magic.
    .  Heal (restore HP) -> Cure
    .  Cure (fixed status ailments) -> Esuna
    .  Life 2 (restore life and HP to full) -> Raise
    I have also correct some errors regarding the spelling with Cactuar
    and Pandemona. I have change all "Magic Stones" to "Draw Points".
    Version 1.15
    I have managed to correct some of faulty errors such as translation
    problems and game errors. I have also ammend the layout and make it
    similar to the North American Version. I have also added the Sub-Quests
    that are excluded previously. A translation list has been added to
    provide help if you haven't gotten the FAQ.
    Version 1.16
    For this update, I replay the Japanese version of FF8. [well, can't let
    the game to collect dust ^_^;]. I have made some corrections to the
    errors and adding stuff, which I have previously left out. Plus a mini-
    guide on clearing the area before I begin the walkthrough [i.e. which
    areas need to focus on]. I had also included an exclusive junctioning
    guide in the FAQ! (refer to Junction section for more information). The
    Areas-To-Focus-On section has been added to highlight key points for
    section. [It is been completed!]
    This FAQ can be found at the following addresses:
    GameFAQs                 http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    * Check the above sites for latest revisions of this FAQ.
    / III \_________________________________________________________________
    Author's Note
    After receiving a lot of e-mails regarding translation errors.. Hey!
    I thought I have also added another walkthrough! It is labelled with a
    NA [North Amercian Version] and that's meant for the English version.
    Err.. Japanese users stick to this one as it has provided descriptions
    about the places compared to NA version. If you want to use this
    walkthrough for the NA version, make sure you refer to the "Changes"
    Section found at the bottom of the FAQ. I have added the list of
    translations. BTW, please note that both FAQs can be found at GameFAQs.
    Version 1.16
    For this update, I had made an attempt from a point of view for someone
    who completely do not know Japanese. I have make some errors to the
    gramatical corrections [of course, spelling errors]. I have added a new
    section to the walkthrough called ATFO [it means "Areas to Focus On"],
    which will highlight some of key events. Hopefully, this could really
    help those who trouble in playing the Japanese version of FF8. Check out
    the Junction guide found in the Junction Section. I have also expanded
    the characters bestiary portion. Plus, a lot of corrections have been
    made. [well, it was like a moment of hell for me ^_^;]
    / IV \__________________________________________________________________
    Table of Contents
    1.  Characters Bestiary
    2.  Controls and Basic Tutorial
    3.  Walkthrough for Disc 1
    4.  Walkthrough for Disc 2
    5.  Walkthrough for Disc 3
    6.  Walkthrough for Disc 4
    7.  Gameshark codes
    8.  Translations Differences
    9.  Credits
    Begin with the show!
    / 1.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Characters Bestiary
    In this section, I would give you a brief preview of the game's crew,
    including the limit breaks they own and the general method in gaining
    them. For certain characters, I had even briefly describes what the
    Limit Break does. If you want to know more about weapon upgrading and
    limit breaks, please refer to Part II, which is a separate FAQ from this
    * those marked with asterik are initially gain limit breaks.
    These are the characters who will depart on your strange adventure...
    The Main Crew
    In FF8, you will get the chance to use this crew of people and of
    course, you are entitled to play as the bonus characters. These
    characters will join Squall [the main character], through the course of
    this epic RPG.
    Name:        Squall Leonhart
    Age:         17
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      5'10" [177 cm]
    Birthdate:   August 23
    Blood Type:  AB
    Weapon:      Gunblade
    Description: The story's hero unsociable and expressionless. The hero
                 of the game, a cadet in the SeeD special forces attached
                 to Balamb Garden. Antisocial and stone-faced. Besides his
                 aloof personality, he is very self centered and a person
                 who hates influenced deeply by strangers.
    List of Limit Breaks:
    Name              Type
    Rough Divide*     Single
    Fated Circle      Area
    Blasting Zone     Area
    Lion Heart        Single
    Note: Typically, Squall's Limit Breaks are attacking Limit Breaks and
          carries no elemental.
    How to gain Limit Breaks/ Notes:
    You need to upgrade Squall's gunblade through gaining items requirements
    for his gunblade. The better the gunblade, more of the new limit breaks
    will be gained. To tune up his gunblade, refer to weapon upgrading guide
    in my Part II FAQ.
    In FF7, you can control the type of Limit Breaks that you want by
    selecting the Limit level. But for Squall, his limit breaks occur
    randomnly based on his statistics opposed his enemy. The more HP of
    enemy to his HP ratio is the higher chances that he will execute the
    advanced Limit Breaks. It may not worked as it is based on my
    assumption. In other words, you can execute the Lion Heart Limit Break
    with his Lion Heart gunblade every time. For more details regarding
    Limit Break execution, please refer to Part II for more details.
    . Tune up his gunblade to the Lion Heart.
    . How to execute his Limit Breaks
    Name:        Rinoa Heartilly
    Age:         17
    Sex:         Female
    Height:      5'4" [163 cm]
    Birthdate:   March 3rd [thanks to Rinoa Heartilly's Shrine]
    Weapon:      Blaster Edge
    Description: A beautiful and enigmatic woman, kind-hearted and driven
                 to succeed. A cheerful girl who possesses a "mood-making"
                 liveliness and gentleness that touches people without
                 discrimination. She's honest about her feelings and
                 readily speaks what she thinks. However, in time, she ends
                 up becoming warped... By the way, Rinoa has a pet dog
                 called Angelo.
    Limit Breaks:
    Name              Type         What it does?
    Angelo Rush*      Single       Min. Damage
    Angelo Search     n/a          Search for items
    Angelo Recover*   n/a          Restore lost HP
    Angelo Reverse    n/a          Revives one dead ally
    Invisible Moon    Allies       Cast "Invinsible" on all allies
    Angelo Cannon*    Area         Max. Damage against all enemies
    Angelo Strike     Single       Max. Damage against one enemy
    Wishing Star      Area         Max. Damage against all enemies
    Angel Wing        'depends'    Cast a random spell**
    ** This Limit Break is special. But there are several tradeoffs. Rinoa
       can cast a spell once when she get to her turn. The spell is not
       necessary from her inventory. She can even cast Apocalypse except for
       the remaining six hidden spells: The End, Catastrophe, Prasento,
       Wall, Rapture and Full-Cure. But you will lose control of Rinoa,
       until she was killed/ KO'd in the battle.
    How to gain her Limit Breaks/ Notes:
    To gain her Limit Breaks, you need to obtain a book item called "Pet
    Pals" series. Upgrading her weapon does not give her the chance to learn
    new Limit Breaks, instead it increase her hit rate and attack power [but
    in FF8, you depends on Junctioning for those two factors]. These item
    can be gotten via your quests while playing FF8 or you can buy them from
    But that's not all! You can only officially use them if the guage is
    full. Rinoa needs to take Angelo for a walk. I.e. walking on the field.
    To do this on the world, equipped Enc-None [an ability from GF Diablos].
    Once the gauge is full, Angelo learnt the Limit Breaks.
    A special Limit Break called Angel Wing, can only be obtained in Disc 3.
    [You don't need to do any extra stuff to get that.]
    Once again, her Limit Breaks execution is based on luck and chance. Her
    Limit Breaks occur very randomnly. It is more hard to predict compared
    to Squall's Limit Breaks.
    . Getting her Pet Pals Volume to learn Limit Breaks.
    . How to build up Angelo's learning gauge?
    Name:        Zell Dincht
    Age:         17
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      5'6" [167cm]
    Birthdate:   March 17th
    Blood Type:  B
    Weapon:      Glove
    Description: A master of comprehensive wrestling skills whom was
                 admitted to the Garden. He has entered the Garden when he
                 was only 13 years old out of admiration of his grandfather,
                 who was an excellent soldier. He is the type who does
                 everything with enthusiasm, but the reason is his weak
                 point. However, at heart he is gentle and has a serious
    Limit Breaks:
    Name               Type     What it does?
    Punch Rush*        Single   Minimum damage
    Booya*             Single   Minimum damage
    Heel Drop*         Single   Minimum damage
    Mach Kick*         Single   Medium damage
    Dolphin Blow       Single   Medium damage
    Meteor Strike      Single   Medium damage, gravity effect
    Burning Rave*      Area     Medium damage
    Meteor Barret      Single   Maximum damage
    Different Beat     Single   Maximum damage
    My Final Heaven    Area     Maximum damage
    How to gain Limit Breaks?
    The method of gaining Zell's Limit Breaks is similar to Rinoa's except
    you need to get Combat King instead of Pet Pals. Combat King will only
    make its first appearance in Disc 2. You can execute them by keying in
    the button configurations while executing his Limit Breaks. They can
    chain during the given time [the length of time depends on Zell's crisis
    level, the more HP that enemy against Zell's HP.]. For more about his
    Limit Breaks, please refer to Part II.
    Armageddon Fist is not a Limit Break, in fact it is named by someone,
    who has start off with this combo. [heck, it is just a switch between
    Rush Punch and Booya.]. This move is invented by Kaze Yagami.
    . Getting his Limit Breaks, i.e. location of Combat Kings
    . Executing his Deathblow Limit Breaks
    . What's Armageddon Fist?
    Name:        Selphie Tilmitt
    Age:         17
    Sex:         Female
    Height:      5'1" [157cm]
    Birthdate:   July 16
    Blood Type:  B
    Weapon:      Nunchaku
    Description: A naive girl with flightily nature and capable character.
                 A girl with skilled personality to the extent that you
                 can't believe that she's a student at the military academy.
                 Usually she has a carefree way of speaking and is
                 frequently disturbed by the pace of her surroundings.
    Limit Breaks
    Name           Effect      What it does?
    Full-cure      All         Fully restores all HP for all allies
    Wall           All         Cast Protect and Shell on all allies
    Rapture        Single      Cast Float on one foe and remove it from
                               battlefield [may not work all times]
    The End        Single      Instantly kill the enemy. Works on any
                               enemies, BOSSES [even Omega Weapon] except
                               for undeads.
    How to gain her Limit Breaks/Notes
    Selphie has typically the ability to cast any spells that the game has,
    except for those two spells that are locked [Prasento and Catastrophe,
    only available if you unlock using gameshark.] The four spells are the
    spells that only she can use it.
    To gain them, you need to get into her Slots Limit Break. Keep on
    chosing the top option [Do over] until you had find the spell. Next
    choose Use [2nd option] and Selphie will automatically learn the
    spell! But remember that these spells occur randomnly and it is based
    on luck and critical status [the more endanger Selphie is, the higher
    the rate of getting these spells.].
    The End is the most damaging spell that you can find in the game.
    AFTO: Getting her Limit Breaks.
    Name:        Irvine Kinneas
    Age:         18
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      6'0" [185cm]
    Birthdate:   November 24th
    Blood Type:  O
    Weapon:      Shotgun
    Description: A young man, well-liked by women whose strongest point is
                 his marksmanship. A cadet at the Galbadia Garden, he self-
                 styles himself as the "No. 1 gunslinger in the Garden" His
                 shooting arm seems sure and he is the girls' favorite
                 because he is full of confidence. He seems callous to
                 simple men, but in truth, he is unexpectedly sensitive and
                 seems to have a serious personality.
    Limit Breaks
    Name            Effect
    Normal Shot     Single, requires Normal Ammo
    Scattered Shot  All, requires Shotgun Ammo
    Dark Shot       Single, requires Dark Ammo, causes Blind/Sleep/Poison
    Fire Shot       All, requires Fire Ammo, causes Fire elemental damage
    Canister Shot   Single, requires Demolition Ammo
    Quick Shot      Single, requires Fast Ammo
    Armor Shot      Single, requires AP Ammo
    Hyper Shot      Single, requires Pulse Ammo
    How to get his Limit Breaks/ Notes
    Irvine's Limit Breaks is relatively easy to get. To get them, you need
    to get the Ammo. [refer to the list above]. Different Ammo gives Irvine
    different types of attacks. Ammo is relatively easy to get as you can
    buy most of them from item shops. But please remember that you need to
    get Ammo-RF before you can refine items into ammo. That ability is a
    menu ability. To get it, refer to the GF section in Part II.
    ATFO: How to use the Ammo-RF to refine into Ammo
          Getting Pulse Ammo
    Name:        Quistis Trepe
    Age:         18
    Sex:         Female
    Height:      5'6" [172cm]
    Birthdate:   October 4
    Blood Type:  A
    Weapon:      Chain Whip
    Description: An Elite who serves as Squall's advisor. She has joined
                 SeeD at the age of 15 and is now the guidance instructor
                 of Squall and his friends. In opposition to her cool
                 spirit and strong facade, she gets depressed easily about
                 trivial matters since she is unused to setbacks.
    Limit Breaks
    Name             Effect  What it does?                 Item
    Laser Eye*       Single  Minimum damage                n/a
    Ultra Waves      All     Minimum damage, causes Slow   Spider Web
    Electrocoute     All     Average electric damage       Corel Fragment
    LV? Death        All     Causes instant Death          Curse Spike
    Degenerator      Single  Removes foe from battlefield  Black Hole
    Aqua Breath      All     Average water damage          Water Crystal
    Micro Missile    All     Average damage + gravity      Missile
    Acid             Single  Average damage + Meltdown     Mystery Liquid
    Gatling Gun      Single  Strong damage                 Running Fire
    Fire Breath      All     Strong Fire damage            Inferno Fang
    Bad Breath       All     Causes status ailments        Malboro Tentacle
    Mighty Guard     All     Support magic on allies       Barrier
    White Wind       All     Restores HP based Quistis' HP Whisper
    Homing Laser     Single  Strong damage                 Laser Cannon
    Shockwave Pulsar All     Devastating damage            Dark Matter
    Ray-Bomb         All     Strong damage                 Power Generator
    How to gain her Limit Breaks/ Notes
    As you observed from the above list, most of Quistis' Limit Breaks are
    locked. You can unlocked them by using the items [they are known as
    Blue Magic items] through the item menu. But remember that these items
    are pretty hard to get [most of them can be obtained through your course
    of playing the game, but some of them requires a harder process.] Her
    Limit Breaks works actually like the Enemy Skills system in FF7. But the
    method of gaining is different. To gain them, refer to Limit Breaks
    section in Part II for more information.
    ATFO: Getting Dark Matter
          Getting Power Generator
          Getting Malboro Tentacle
          Getting Laser Cannon
    In this game, you will get a switch sequence between the past and
    present. In the past, you will get to control of an ex-Galbadia Soldier
    called Laguna Loire and his friends [Kiros and Ward.] They appears only
    in certain parts of game. They have only one Limit Breaks each. BTW,
    they are pretty strong as they have same statistics as the current
    Name:        Laguna Loire
    Age:         27
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      5'11" [181 cm]
    Birthdate:   January 3rd
    Blood Type:  B
    Weapon:      Machine Gun
    Description: A hot-blooded man who fights with a pen instead a sword.
                 Kind out of compassion for humanity, he's a man full of
                 courage who helps the faint-hearted and crushes the
                 arrogant. A journalist of military origins, he swapped
                 his sword for a pen and fights boldly against the evils of
                 the world. Laguna has rather a sad story, as he lost
                 his wife in saving the world and has become the President
                 of Esthar. By the way the mystery has been solved, it was
                 actually Ellone whom causes Squall to meet Laguna in his
                 dream. His intelligence and leadership were unmatched.
    ATFO: n/a
    Name:        Ward Zaback
    Age:         25
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      217 cm
    Birthdate:   February 25th
    Blood Type:  A
    Weapon:      Harpoon
    Description: Ex-Galbadian 08 soldier. He is one of Laguna's best pals.
                 You can only use him in battles during Laguna's Scenario.
                 Don't look down on him, as he looks huge and scary. Ward
                 is actually one of the most strongest guys in FF8, have
                 high strength stats. Now Ward has become a minister for
                 the President of Esthar.
    Name:        Kiros Seagul
    Age:         23
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      191 cm
    Birthdate:   July 6th
    Blood Type:  O
    Weapons:     Daggers
    Description: Ex-Galbadian 08 soldier. He is one of Laguna's best pals.
                 You can only use him in battles during Laguna's Scenario.
                 He is rather a helpful lad in Laguna's friend. He is
                 rather agile and swift in his movement. He has very cool
                 weapons. Kiros had also became one of Laguna's right hand
    Other Characters
    Here, you will find the list of other characters that are in the game
    and possess great importance to the game.
    Name:        Seifer Almasy
    Age:         18
    Sex:         Male
    Height:      6'1" (188 cm)
    Birthdate:   December 22nd
    Blood Type:  A
    Weapon:      Gunblade
    Description: A troublemaker who views Squall as his rival. A SeeD cadet
                 who is treated as a problem child because he lacks
                 composure and the ability to follow orders, even though he
                 has the disposition to excel. On the other hand, he
                 appreciates Squall's abilities highly and adamantly
                 considers him a rival.
    Seifer is only usable for a short period of them and you can only use
    the first edition of his Cross Sword Limit Breaks: No Mercy. This Limit
    Break does damage to all enemies and can be executed once Seifer's HP
    is low or received consecutive hits. He has only one limit break.
    . The secret R1 Trigger
    There are a lot more characters in the game, but I decided not to add
    them as it may lead to serious spoilers.
    / 2.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Controls and Basic Tutorial
    This section is created for begineers for FF8 and those who have
    experienced problems with the Junction System. The game system is pretty
    hard to understand and it may takes a while before you fully understand
    the meaning of it. Therefore, please:
    *Read this section before you proceed to the main walkthrough.*
    / 2.1 \_________________________________________________________________
    Stuff That You Should Know....
    This is the stuff that you should know when playing FF8. These can also
    be found in your manual.
    * Playing the Game from the Beginning
      Point the cursor at the first Option [NEW GAME] and enter your
      decision with the Circle button.
    * Continue from Save Data
      When you want to play using SAVE DATA to continue from the previous
      point, select the 2nd option and press Circle and you can now select
      the slot with the Circle Button. BTW, you can save up to the
      maximum data of 15 game saves.
    * Changing Disc Warnings
      As you proceed through the adventure. Do NOT turn off your
      Playstation Console. Just open the Playstation Lid and pop in the next
      disc and the game will automatically resumes itself.
    / 2.2 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Main Menu
    The Main Menu is a very important section as it allows you to use
    items, view stats of your characters and GFs, thus saving your game,
    adjust game settings, etc. Remember to read this if you have any
    enquires/doubts about the gameplay.
    NOTE: All the settings are use in default settings.
    Junction:      Allows you to set up your Guardian Forces and abilities
    Item:          Allows you to use items or rearranged your items
    Magic:         Allows you to use and trade magic with other characters
    Status:        Allows you to view the stats of your characters.
    GF:            Allows you to view the Guardian Force levels, and to
                   develop your GFs' abilities.
    Ability:       Allows you to use the abilities learned by the GF
    Switch:        Allows you to change your party at the World Map or at
                   the Save Point.
    Cards:         Allows you to view the cards that you have.
    Config:        Allows you to adjust your game settings.
    Tutorial:      A very precise learning guide on how to play FF8.
                   However, it is in Japanese ^_^;
    Save:          Allows you to save your game. This option will only be
                   selectable if you have approached a Save Point and at
                   the World Map.
    Here is an ASCII art of the Main Menu [for those whom does not know
    A brief Diagram of Menu Screen
    |Help                                              |                 |
    |__________________________________________________| Junction        |
    |STATUS                                            |                 |
    | Zell       LV 22    HP: 2411 / 1922              | Item            |
    |--------------------------------------------------|                 |
    |STATUS                                            | Magic           |
    | Squall     LV 31    HP: 2415 / 2551              |                 |
    |--------------------------------------------------| Status          |
    |STATUS                                            |                 |
    | Rinoa      LV 20    HP: 1100 / 1930              | GF              |
    |--------------------------------------------------|                 |
    |  Irvine                 Quistis                  | Ability         |
    | LV 20 HP 977         LV 22 HP 1059               |                 |
    |       ---------            ---------             | Switch          |
    |                                                  |                 |
    |  Selphie                                         | Cards           |
    | LV 17 HP 824                                     |                 |
    |       ---------                                  | Config          |
    |                                                  |                 |
    |                                                  | Tutorial        |
    |                                                  |                 |
    |                                                  | Save            |
     _________________________________________________ | PLAY 24:15      |
    |                                                 || S.LV   30       |
    |  B-Garden - Training Center                     ||    446470 G     |
    / 2.2.1 \_______________________________________________________________
    Junction Menu
    Therefore, after you had activated the menu, select [Junction] sub-
    heading and you will see the following menu.
       |  [Junction]   [Remove]   [Auto]       [Ability]  |   Junction |
     _________                                               __________
    | Photo   |     Squall                                  |  COMMAND |
    |  OF     |                                             |  Attack  |
    | SQUALL  |     Lv 31 |^|                               |  Magic   |
    |         |                                             |  GF      |
    |_________|     HP 2415 / 2551                          |  Item    |
    | [   HP   ] Blizzaga      2551 [ST ATK] [ST DEF]  [E ATK] [E DEF] |
    | [  STR   ] -------------  78  [ SPD  ] ---------------   25      |
    | [  VIT   ] -------------  20  [ EVA  ] ---------------   2 %     |
    | [  MAG   ] -------------  45  [ HIT  ] ---------------   225     |
    | [  SPR   ] -------------  35  [ LUCK ] ---------------   17      |
    Squaresoft has used a lot of abbreviations in the game and below is
    the list of abbreviations. [BTW, these are the abbreviations used for
    the English version of FF8]
    |        |                     |        |                         |
    | STR    |   Strength          | Hit    | Hit %                   |
    | VIT    |   Vitality          | LUCK   | Luck                    |
    | MAG    |   Magic             | ST ATK | Status Attack           |
    | SPR    |   Spirit            | ST DEF | Status Defense          |
    | SPD    |   Speed             | E ATK  | Elemental Attack        |
    | EVA    |   Evade             | E DEF  | Elemental Defense       |
    What is their purpose?
    ** Strength **
    This factor affects the attacking power of your character. The higher
    the stats, the more damage your character will inflict with the Attack
    ** Vitality **
    This factor effects the defensive power of your character. The higher
    the defensive stats, the lesser the amount of damage inflicted by your
    ** Magic **
    This factor effects the magic attacking power of your character. The
    higher the stats, the more damage your character will inflict when
    using magic.
    ** Spirit **
    This factor effects the magic defensive power of your character. The
    higher the stats, the lesser the amount of damage inflicted by your
    opponent when it uses magic.
    ** Speed **
    This factor effect the speed of your time bar or ATB (also known
    Active Time Bar]. The higher the stats, the faster the ATB is.
    ** Evade **
    This factor effect the rate whether your character will escape from an
    enemy's attack [causing a MISS in the opponent's attack]. The higher
    the stats, the more chance your character will dodge from an attack.
    ** Hit **
    This factor effect the rate whether your character will hit your
    opponent with the Attack Command. The higher the stats, the lesser
    chance that your character will miss an attack [great against
    ** Luck **
    For this one, I'm not quite sure. But I think that it will effect the
    rate whether the Odin will appear. It also effect the rate whether your
    character could escape from status ailments such as Death. If you have
    the luck stats of 100+, you will be able to see the Gilgamesh in
    between battles! It also affects the rate of criticals while using the
    Attack Command. [Critcials are high damaging normal attacks.]
    ** Status Attack **
    This is similar to FF7's Elemental combo on your character's weapon
    Your character will inflict damage and also causes status ailments
    on your opponent. For example if you want to cause sleep with your
    character by attacking, junctioned Sleep to your Status Attack.
    ** Status Defense **
    I myself prefered this than status attack. This works like FF7's
    Elemental combo on your character's armor. Your character will
    receive protection against the elemental that you have junctioned.
    For example if you want your character to be protected against
    Confusion, junction Confuse to your status defense. It would be better
    if you have acquired the Ribbon [prevents any status disorder, it's
    a secret GF ability which only available through the Pocketstation.]
    ** Elemental Attack **
    This will cause more harm if you misuse it.. If you want to do more
    damage against Fire-based monsters such as the Bomb, junction Blizzard
    to your junction as Blizzard works well against Fire. However,
    ice-based monsters will absorbs the attack, thus you are helping them to
    restore lost HP!
    ** Elemental Defense **
    This is much preferred against Elemental Attack. As you can recieved no
    damage from elementals or absorbs it and hence restores HP. This ability
    could make your life easier. If you junction Ultima to your Elemental
    defense, you will be able to nullify any kind of magic. For example, if
    you want your character to protect well against Fire, junction Fire to
    the character's Elemental defense.
    Once you have chosen Junction, you will have this menu. Press Circle and
    choose the "JUNCTION" tap. The top tool bar will have the following
    |             |
    | JUNCTION    |  <  GF  >      <  Magic >
    < GF >
    This allows you to set the GF monsters that you would like the
    character to use and this will lead to the Optimize and Ability Menu.
    After selecting this command you will have the following screen:
    I think perhaps due to space constraint, the name for the following GFs
    were shortened for the English version:
    Quezacotl - Quezalcoatl
    Pandemona - Pandemonium
                                                  | Well, let's get started.
    G.F Page No. 1       G.F Page No. 2           | Here is the layout of
     _________________    __________________      | all the GFs. []
    |Quezacotl     [] |  |Brothers          |     | represents a character
    |Shiva            |  |Diablos           |     | has already picked the
    |Ifrit         [] |  |Carbuncle         |     | GF. If you point the
    |Siren            |  |Leviathan         |     | cursor next to it, you
    |_________________|  |__________________|     | will see the name of
                                                  | the character that the
    G.F Page No. 3       G.F Page No. 4           | GF is currently
     _________________    __________________      | equipped with. Press
    |Pandemona        |  |Bahamut           |     | D-Pad right or left
    |Cerberus         |  |Cactuar           |     | to change pages.
    |Alexander        |  |Tonberry          |     | Press Circle to select
    |Doomtrain        |  |Eden              |     | the GF. Press X after
    |_________________|  |__________________|     | you have finished
                                                  | equipping your GFs.
    ______________________________________________| --> Optimize Menu.
    < Magic >
    If you have acquired junction abilities [icons with "J"], you will
    find out that you can junction magic to bolster your character's stats.
    This is rather difficult and here is a part of it. Press Circle and
    you will see the Magic Page on the right of character's photo
     ________    __________________
    |        |  |MAGIC P1     NUM  |  I have "cut" the screen to a small
    |  PHOTO |  |Fire         100  |  part as what I am saying will be
    |   OF   |  |Blizzard     100  |  focusing on within this area. For
    | SQUALL |  |Thunder      100  |  example if you want to junction 100x
    |________|  |Blizzaga     100  |  Fire to your Strength [provided that
        ________|__________________|  you have acquired Str-J]. Select
       | <-- A ATK/DEF             |  [ STR ]and select the magic from the
       |___________________________|  character's magic pages [1~8]. Press
                                      Left and you will see the following
                                      screen [below]
        ___________________________    Tip: Press Right to change back to
       |<-- ST ATK/DEF    ABILITY >|        Status chart.
                      |  Fire    --- 30%    Poison --- 0 % |
        E  ATK -----  |  Ice     --- 0 %    Wind   --- 0 % |
      |>E  DEF Fire   |  Thunder --- 0 %    Water  --- 0 % |
        E  DEF -----  |  Earth   --- 0 %    Holy   --- 0%  |
        ___________________________     Tip: Press Right to change back to
       |              AT ATK/DEF-->|         Elemental chart.
                      | Death         --- 0%     Zombie     --- 0%    |
       ST ATK -----   | Poison        --- 0%     Sleep      --- 0%    |
       ST DEF -----   | Petrify       --- 0%     Slow       --- 0%    |
       ST DEF -----   | Darkness      --- 0%     Stop       --- 0%    |
                      | Silence       --- 0%     Confuse    --- 0%    |
                      | Berserk       --- 0%     Absorption --- 0%    |
    I have missed out one of them and I am rather tired in redrawing the
    table. That one is Curse [I could counter that 100% when I junctioned
    Aura to it]. That applies to Status Defense only.
    Ocassionally, if you junction 100x of a spell to the characters'
    elemental defense, you will see a green-colour star. This marks that
    the spell being cast on the equipped character will be absorbed. A green
    star marks 100% protection against the spell [which means it does 0 HP
    damage.] Over 100% will instantly absorbs the spell.
    * Thanks to fuuie for his precise guide on magic junctioning. If you
      need more help on junctioning, refer to his FAQ for more details.
    Removes all the spells are set using the Junction Menu. Your character
    stats will change back to it's original. The numbers of the stats also
    decreases. You will be given a message box, if you have junctioned
    magic to the character's maximum HP through HP-J [HP Junction].
    Removes all equipped Commands [GF command, Magic command, Item command,
    Draw command, GFs command such as Recover that is by junctioned through
    Junction Option. And of course the magic spells that are junction to
    your character's stats. It removes the equipped GF. This option works
    well when you want to transport all GFs to another character.
    Optimizes the spells by configuring according to the attacking power.
    The character's attacking stats are the highest.
    Optimizes spells for the highest magic attack and defense. Junction
    better magic [also giving you better results] to the magic.
    Optimizes spells for highest defensive power. Junction the better magic
    [also giving you better results] to the character's Vitality.
    This option is the only way to configure what other actions, that your
    character could perform besides the normal attacks and special attacks.
    Once you have equipped a GF, you will have 4 four commands being set.
    Here is the list of "BASIC" commands [all GFs have it!]. For information
    regarding the remainding commands, refer to Part II [JP]
    < Magic >
    Allows your characters to cast the spells that you have drawn from
    opponents or Draw Points. Must have the draw command in order to
    draw magic!
    < GF >
    Allows you to summon the GF monsters. There you will see the HP of
    the GF replacing the HP of the commanding character. There is a time
    bar in blue. The monster will automatically being summoned as all the
    blue bar has been used up. This can be cancel if the monster's HP
    reaches zero, being cast a Confuse spell or Silence spell.
    |One of the most important commands used in the game. With this command,
    |you can "draw" magic such as Fire, Thunder and much more from enemies.
    |NOTE: You must have this command in order to draw magic from the Draw
    |      Points [purple translucent bubbles].
    |Saves the magic for later use. Up to the maximum number of 9 spells
    |that can be drawn, this will depend on the level of your opponent, the
    |level of your character and your luck and not forgeting the Magic
    |attributes of the character.
    |One charge can be drawn in this way, but the spell will immediately
    |expelled. The spell is being used at half of the damage. But this
    |situation is good for if you want to cast a spell that you have not
    |drawn before. There is a high possibility for you to draw question
    |marks from enemies. [as the spell haven't been uncovered.]
    Allows you to use items such as Potions, Phoenix Downs when engaged in
    combat. This are pretty handy when your character is unable to use
    magic [e.g. being silenced]. Also allows you to summon some special
    monsters such as the Phoenix.
    You can remove Magic by choosing the spell that you wished to remove
    by pressing Square instead of Circle to use it. Note that you will
    remove the entire pile of magic.
    For the usage of other commands, refer to Part II for more details.
    Getting Started on Junctioning
    Oh boy... I had missed this importance section of explaining on how
    to use the Junction system. Here is a step-by-step mini guide on how
    to enfuse magic into the statistics through Junction. But there may be
    some questions in your mind... IMO, the Junction is pretty hard to
    Why there is a need to junction?
    Depending on the character's growth (in other words, levelling up),
    the attributes bonus aren't that great. In fact, only a bonus of +1 ~
    +3 as compared to other FF series. That explains why the attacking
    power does not does that much damage as compared to other characters
    in other FF series. The only way to boost up the statistics is by
    What is needed for junctioning?
    First of all, you need to have the following requirements before you
    can start a junction:
    1. GF
    Without them, the Junction screen will be unaccessible. If you don't
    believe me, try to activate the menu before you start to claim GF
    Quezacotl and Shiva. The menu will be greyed out. Therefore, it is
    necessary to assign a GF to each battling character. [i.e. party
    members that are currently available in that the party that is
    currently used.]
    2. Junction Abilities
    Almost every GFs, starts off with at least one Junction abilities.
    These words are marked with "-J" and a J icon. But before you can use
    them, you need to have them mastered by going into battles. Once it
    is mastered, then they are usable. You can modify your GFs by using GF
    items that gives Junction ability. More of these will be discussed in
    Part II.
    3. Magic
    Yep. Without them, there will be no "junction" effect on the character.
    You need to get magic by drawing from enemies, draw points or through
    magic refinement menus. You can only do these if you have already start
    junctioning ^_^;
    Magic boost up statistics differently. [see junctioning chart in Part
    II for some interesting statistics]. Some magic can only work for
    certain junctions. For example, Fire can be used for Elem Def-J but
    can't be used for ST Def-J. The effect of junction is based on the
    following factors:
    Number - the more spells you have, the better the junction will be.
    Type - the stronger the type of spell, the better the junction will be.
    Now I guessed you should have a brief idea about junction. Now here are
    steps to get a quick junction.
    --- A Quick Junction Walkthrough --- (by Scott Ong)
    After you have gotten GF Quezacotl and Shiva from the Balamb Garden
    Student Network, do the following:
    Starting a Junction
    Step 1:  Activate the Menu [press Triangle]
    Step 2:  Select the Junction header and then select Squall
    Step 3:  Select Junction command in the Junction Menu.
    Step 4:  Select GF(s) to junction with Squall. Press X after you are
             done with the selection. Note that you can have up to 16
             GFs junctioned to one character. Junction both Quezacotl and
    Step 5:  Now you will be brought to Optimize Menu [if you have magic] or
             Ability Menu. Next select the empty slots in the Command box
             and choose the command abilities from the Ability List. Make
             sure Draw is in the Command list. If you move down the cursor,
             you can add any character/party abilities to the characters.
             Press X once you are done.
    Step 6:  Exit from Junction Menu [press X] and press X again to exit
             from the main menu.
    Now you will have other command besides the Attack command. Proceed to
    1F and move towards south past the Save Point in the main area. Go out
    the gates and proceed to the fountain. Press Circle at the Draw Point
    and choose Squall to draw Cure for Squall. Now you have the magic and
    it's time to enfuse magic to Squall's statistics via junctioning.
    * Assumption: Assume that you have only gotten 1x quantity of spell
      from the draw point.
    Enfuse Magic using Junction
    Step 7:  Activate the menu [press Triangle] and select [Junction]
    Step 8:  First of all, please note that some of the attributes [Spd-J]
             are being greyed out as there is no Junction Abilities for that
             catergory. Therefore, select a junction ability [HP-J] by
             pressing Circle button
    Step 9:  Select "Cure" from the magic menu. Next you will find out that
             Squall's HP has been raised by +2. [Let's says that Squall's HP
             stats is 102 (after junction)]
    Step 10: Exit from the menus.
    Now you should have understand that the effect of Junction. Okay, let's
    go for another example. Proceed back inside Balamb Garden and proceed
    to the Library. Next move between the shelves until you get a camera
    change. You should find a draw point. You can draw Esuna magic from it.
    Replace Magic on an ability through Junction
    Step 11: Activate the main menu and select [Junction]
    Step 12: Select HP-J which is currently junctioned with Cure.
    Step 13: Select Esuna from the magic menu and you will find out that
             Squall's HP-J has been raised by +5 instead of +2. [Now
             the strength stats should be 105]
    Step 14: Exit from the menu.
    See the effect of stronger magic? The more powerful the magic, leads
    to the better effect of the junction.
    Well, there is nothing much for you do besides going out to the
    battlefield and start drawing magic like crazy. Keep on stocking up
    magic, Cure from Caterchipillar [caterpillar that you can find in the
    forests] until you have 100x Cure in Squall's magic inventory.
    Next, try to doing the following:
    Effect having more Magic
    Step 15: Activate the menu and select [Junction]
    Step 16: Select HP-J which is currently junctioned with Esuna.
    Step 17: Select Cure from the magic menu and use it to replace it
             with Esuna. Note that Squall's HP has been raised by +200
             instead of +5]
    Step 18: Exit from the menu.
    This time, the examples illustrates on the effect of having more quanity
    of magic. In short, this phrase comes handy "the more, the better".
    Now go and start drawing 100x Fire from Bite Bugs (blue flies found at
    the grasslands of Balamb continent.) or 100x Thunder from
    Now, the basics of normal junctions have been taught. But do you want to
    repeated the above steps to junction Fire into another ability? But is
    this a bit too tiring for repeating the steps for other attributes such
    as Str-J and Mag-J?
    Function of Auto
    Here comes the function of the Auto Command in Junction Menu. If you
    select Auto, it will junction better magic to the category you will
    prefered most [there are three categories and they are Attack, Magic
    and Defense]. But in this way, the computer will do it for you. It will
    only works if you have at least one magic spells.
    Okay folks, that's the end of the mini-Junction walkthrough.
    --- End of Quick Junction Walkthrough ---
    For more information about elemental/status junction effects, please
    refer to the sections above.
    More Stuff that you need to know about Junctions
    *Gasps* That's a lot more for me to cover!
    Here I have added the catergories of Junctions, including on how to use
    them [generally].
    --- Character (C) Abilties Information Guide ---
    A short introduction to...
    Character Abilities: These abilities are abilities that boosts up the
    character's attributes by percentages [differently as compared to
    Junction, which boost up statistics by quantity of magic, e.g. gain
    20% more strength stats by equipping Str +20%] or give characters
    special bonuses [eg 1: Auto Potion - ability that allows the character
    to use Potion when he/she is being attacked, eg 2: Mug - ability which
    allows the character to steal an item while attacking a character.]
    How to equip them?
    Here are the steps:
    Step 1:  Activate the menu Command. [press Triangle]
    Step 2:  Select [Junction], choose character, then to proceed to
             Junction Menu
    Step 3:  Select the Junction command in the Junction Menu.
    Step 4:  Select a GF(s) to junction, press X once you are done.
    Step 5:  If you have magic, you will be brought to the Auto menu, pick
             any one that you preferred and press X and you will be brought
             to the Ability menu [i.e. if you don't have any magic, you will
             be brought automatically to Ability menu]
    Step 6:  At the Ability menu, select the type of commands that you want
             to equipped for the character.
    Step 7:  Next the cursor will point to the ability slots [the number
             of slots differ based on the GF. (i.e. certain GFs have Ability
             x3 and Ability x4, whereas a default GF allows you to equip
             2 abilities.). Choose the ability you want to use and you will
             can enjoyed the effect!
    Step 8:  Exit the menu.
    For more information about Character Abilities, please kindly refer to
    the GF Ability List: Character Abilities found in Part II FAQ.
    --- Party (P) Abilities Information Guide ---
    A short introduction to...
    Party Abilities are abilities that have the effect on the field. [i.e.
    the effect takes on the World Map, field terrain (the cities, the
    houses, etc are considered as field terrains). There are only a few
    abilties. Abilities like Enc-Half are pretty useful as it reduces
    enemy encounter rate by 50%.
    The steps to equip a Party Ability is similar to Character Ability.
    For more information about Party Abilities, please kindly refer to GF
    Ability List: Party Abilities in Part II FAQ.
    --- Guardian Force (GF) Abilities Information Guide ---
    A short introduction to...
    GF Abilities are abilities that gives bonus attributes such as more
    hit points and more damage done by their Summon Attack. These abilities
    does not needed to be equipped in order to take effect. Once they are
    mastered, they take immediate effect for that GF that owns the ability.
    There is a special ability called "Boost" that takes effect during
    For more information about GF Abilities, please kindly refer to GF
    Ability List: GF Abilities in Part II FAQ.
    --- Menu (M) Abilities Information Guide ---
    A short introduction to...
    Menu Abilities are abilities that allows you to refine items [or cards]
    into magic and other items. All menu abilities end with a "-RF" are
    refinement menus. There are four menu abilities that gives you special
    bonuses for shopping [yup! that's right] It allows you to access to
    shops, even you are not in town!
    You don't need to equip these abilities for it to take effect. Once a
    menu ability is learnt/mastered, it will be added to the Ability Menu
    in the main menu. Below are the steps to use a menu ability:
    Step 1:  Activate the main menu and select [Ability]
    Step 2:  Select the menu that you want to use.
    Step 3:  You will be brought to three different paths [based on the
             type of menu ability]
             - Items inventory
               if it refines items into magic or better items. You can
               even refine items to magic.
             - Magic inventory
               Menu abilities [Hi Mag-RF and Mid Mag-RF] will direct you
               to the magic inventory. But you need to select the character
               who you want to upgrade the menu.]
             - Cards inventory
               Use the cards that you have won from other card players to
               be refined into items inventory.
    Step 4:  Select the item/magic/card and you will be able to refine it
             into the item/magic that is being listed in the refinement
    Step 5:  Press X to exit from menu and again to exit from the menu.
    Please to refer to the Menu refinement list found in Part II FAQ for the
    list of conversion rates.
    --- End of Junction Section ---
    / 2.2.2 \_______________________________________________________________
    Item Menu
    Items apparently are one of the most important factors in Final
    Fantasies. They will help you to restore HP, cure status disorder and
    helps in battles. I have classified them in six key groups/categories:
    --- Catergories of Items ---
    MEDICINE : Restorative items such as Potions, Phoenix Downs and Elixirs.
               Also includes status-effect restorative items such as Remedy.
    JUNK     : Items such as M-Stone Piece, Magic Stone and Screws
               These items can not be use through the item command, however
               some of them provides some special desperation moves for
               Quistis and Weapon Upgrading. They can also be converted in
               materials for making Magic through Abilities Menu
    GF       : Item used in restoring GF's lost HP or Life and allows GFs
               to learn new abilities. Provide that you have enough slots...
    BATTLE   : Items that are only useable through the item command. One
               good example is the Phoenix Pinion. However, there are some
    FIELD    : Items that are group-based type, and only useable at Save
               Points, examples are Tents, Pet Houses and Cottages.
    MAGAZINE : Useful booklets which tells you requirements on Weapon
               Upgrading, new moves for Rinoa and new moves for Zell.
    BULLETS  : This item are battle-type items and are used through
               Irvine's Limit Breaks.
    Drawing a full ASCII Art of the Item menu requires, time so I only draw
    out the Tool Bar.
     |  < Use >   < CUSTOMIZE>    <AUTO ARRANGE>   <COMMAND> | ITEM     |
    This will enable you to use the items directly from the item menu.
    Only healing items such as Potions can be used from here. You can also
    view books, activate the item to fight the Diablos from here! To summon
    GF Doomtrain, use the Solomon's Ring through this command. [make
    sure you have met the requirements. You can also use items to let
    Quistis to learn special moves, improve GF affection by using GF
    affections items, upgrade character's stats with sources and allows
    you to read magazines.
    Allows you to arrange the items in your preferred way. Doing this
    will be much easier while in searching for the items that you
    wished to use. You can arranged the items by switching places and
    placing them in a blank space. There are about 25 item pages.
    <Auto Arrange>
    This will cause the computer to arrange the items. Useable and
    important ones will be the top at the menu, while those unusable ones
    will be arranged at the lower section. Practically it is arranged in
    this order:
    < Command >
    This section allows you to arrange what you want to appear at the
    item pages [through item commands] Allows you to arrange the items
    in your own peference. Well look something like this:
    |ITEM P1            NUM. |   To change it's position, just simply
    |Potion             100  |   the item on the top left screen and select
    |Phoenix Down       20   |   another item [the spot where you want to
    |Remedy             6    |   place the first item] There are about 10
    |Gyshal Greens      1    |   pages for items. You can use stones such
    |________________________|   as Holy Stone as you are casting Holy!
    Refer to Part II FAQ for items bestiary. I have also included their
    translations and what they does.
    / 2.2.3 \_______________________________________________________________
    Magic Menu
    Magic apparently is an important factor in battles. Magic does decent
    amount of damage and some does massive amount of damage to a group of
    enemies, e.g. the Ultima Magic. Well here is the ASCII Toolbar of the
    Magic Menu.
    |  < Use >   <Exchange>  <Receive Everything>   <Arrange>   | MAGIC    |
    Allows you to use magic from the menu directly. NOTE: You can't use
    attacking magic such as Thunder, Fire, Blizzard, etc. You can only use
    all healing magic except for Regen. Usable magic will have white-color
    Japanese fonts.
    |Allows you to trade magic even a particular member is not currently in
    |your present party. There are a total of 3 commands from this section
    |----[Hand over all]
    |Gives all the amount of a particular magic from an existing character
    |to the selected character in the lower row. Firstly select your
    |character and then select the magic spell you want to trade and then
    |select the character you want to give to and select the space where
    |you want to put the magic [All the amount of the current magic will be
    |given to the other character, e.g. If Squall has 3 Cure magic and you
    |trade Cure with Quistis, Quistis will have all the 3 Cure magic]
    |----[Receive All]
    |Gives the top character to receive the amount of a particular spell
    |from the character at the bottom row. E.g. Squall is the top character,
    |and Quistis is the lower character. Select Quistis and the spell you
    |want to trade to Squall. Squall will have all the selected spell that
    |Quistis originally has.
     A better command. This option allows you to specify the number of magic
     that each of the character will recieve. The character must already
     has that spell in his/her own inventory.
    <Receive Everything>
    Allows the above character to receive all the magic from the bottom
    character. Very useful if you want to transfer all the spells from a
    character whom isn't in your party to the other character.
    A very common command used in arranging placing your magic in order for
    easy access during combat. Each character has 8 magic pages for Magic.
    To remove magic, just select the chunk of spells and press Square.
    |MAGIC P1      NUM  |
    |Ultima        45   | The ASCII art diagram on the left illustrates how
    |Thundaga      100  | the magic inventory box looks like.
    |Aura          100  |
    |Triple        100  |
    / 2.2.5 \_______________________________________________________________
    Characters' Status Window
    This menu allows you to view the various abilities of your characters.
    Press the Circle button to open the Status Window. You can switch your
    characters with L1 or R1 buttons. Press Square to skip between status
    --- Status 1st Window ---
    This allows you to get to know your character's basic abilities points
    like your character's name, level, current HP vs. its Maximum HP, the
    amount of EXP your character has gained, the experience points needed
    to reach the next level, attributes, the weapon that they are
    currently equipped with and the ability that they have acquired.
    --- Status 2nd Window ---
    This allows you to view the character's resistance against elements
    such as Poison and Fire. It also allows you to view their resistance
    against magic that causes status disorder such as Sleep and Darkness.
    Occasionally you will see a star at your character's attributes
    defense stats and status defense stats. That means that your character
    can absorbs that kind of elemental damage or protect from the status
    ailment 100%!
    Elemental Chart
    Elemental Resistence
    This tells how well the character is able to guard against the enemies'
    attack based on elemental. The higher the percentage, the lower the
    damage that the character will receive from the enemy.
    |                      |                       |
    |       FIRE           |       POISON          |
    |       BLIZZARD       |       WIND            |
    |       THUNDER        |       WATER           |
    |       EARTH          |       HOLY            |
    Here is a breakdown of the eight key elements..
    FIRE          :   Fire magic is weak against Fire-based monsters,
                      but is good against Cold/Ice/Water-based monsters.
    BLIZZARD      :   Blizzard magic is weak against Cold/Ice/Water-based
                      monsters, but is pretty good against Fire-based
    THUNDER       :   Thunder elemental is weak against Thunder-based
                      monsters, but great against mechnical beasts.
    EARTH         :   Earth elemental is useless against flying creatures
                      but great against standing opponents except for
                      Earth-based monsters.
    POISON        :   Poison elemental is useless against mechnical beast
                      but great against humans except for Poison-based
    WIND          :   Wind elemental is great against flying creatures,
                      but weak against wind-based monsters. Sometimes,
                      Wind does not work well against flying creatures.
    WATER         :   Water elemental is great against monsters located
                      at desert and mechnical beasts. Water works well
                      against Fire-based monster.
    HOLY          :   Holy elemental works well against the undead ["false
                      HP"]. Heal is an example of Life/Holy Magic. If you
                      junction this to your character's Elemental attack..
                      you will make full use of it!
    Status Disorder Chart
    Status Disorder Resistence: If it is 100%, the character will be
                                completely guarded against the status
                                effect (i.e. the status disorder has no
    |                        |       ZOMBIE          |
    |       SUDDEN DEATH     |       SLEEP           |
    |       POISON           |       SLOW            |
    |       PETRIFY          |       CURSE           |
    |       DARKNESS         |       STOP            |
    |       SILENCE          |       CONFUSION       |
    |       BERSERK          |       ABSORPTION      |
    Here is a breakdown of the status disorder (It should be quite familiar
    for those who have played Final Fantasies before. Unfortunately, they
    have remove the minature and frog status from FF7)
    SUDDEN DEATH:  Your character will be killed instantly, HP drops to
                   zero. This is very damaging and it's advisible to guard
                   against it.
    POISON:        A green cloud appears on head of your character. HP
                   drops in chunks as the character reaches his turn. This
                   status aliment WILL remain even while on the field.
    PETRIFY:       The character becomes a solid stone and ATB stops [which
                   means that you can't used that character.
    DARKNESS:      A black cloud surrounds the forehead of your character.
                   Your character will misses his/her attacks frequently.
    SILENCE:       A tiny bubble speech that says "..." Your character can
                   only use Attack Command and the GF's Abilities Command.
    BERSERK:       Steam rushes out from the red-hot character. You will
                   lost the control of the effected character as the
                   character just attacked with the ATTACK COMMAND.
    ZOMBIE:        The character becomes dull green in colour. Becomes an
                   undead where vulunerable against Cure* and Life*.
    SLEEP:         The character's ATB will stop and "zzzz" appears from
                   the character. The character will only awake when under
                   attack or a Remedy or Cure is used on him/her.
    CURSE:         The colour of the character darkens and thus ATB bar
                   slows down. [There isn't any magic that you can junction
                   to your Elemental attack, that's reason why this status
                   is being left out initially. Cast Aura to remove the
                   status ailment. It also prevents your character from
                   using his/her Limit Breaks.
    SLOW:          The ATB guage [or known as the Active Time Bar] moves
                   slower, thus changes to purple in color.
    STOP:          The ATB guage freezes as the effected character stopped
                   moving [even the super hyperactive Zell stops shaking!]
    CONFUSE:       Your character turns around in circles and will attack
                   your party on himself/herself!
    ABSORPTION:    Finally found the usage. This depends on character's
                   defense against life drain attacks, such as Drain.
    --- Status 3rd Window ---
    Allows you to glance through the GF that the characters have currently
    possessed. Also allows you to view the GF's affection towards the
    equipped character. The GF affection ratings can be improved by using GF
    affection items such as Dynamo Stone, refer to Part II for more details.
    GF affection could also be improved by summonining a couple of times.
    Regular summoning of a particular GF will improves affection with the
    --- Status 4th Window ---
    This allows you to view/set the characters' Limit Breaks to auto-
    1. Limit Break [specials]
       For the case of Squall, you have trigger into the box, you will
       receive the amount of hits from 0 to perfect. If Squall has more
       than one hit, he will then perform his special move. For Zell, you
       have to input keys to inflict more damage to your enemy. If you
       want the input to be done automatically, move the cursor to ON,
       and decide with the Circle button. Refer to Part II for more
    / 2.2.5 \_______________________________________________________________
    GF Menu
    GF. stands for Guardian Forces. Guardians are just the summoned monsters
    from FF7 and FFT [Final Fantasy Tactics]. They possesses very powerful
    strength and devastating magic. Use them wisely. There is a difference
    between FF7 and FF8. That's the number of times you can summon a GF.
    Summoning a guardian will requires time and you will find the blue ATB
    bar will overleap the character's ATB and the HP of the Guardian will be
    covering the character's HP. Last of all, summoning a monster does not
    required to use MP anymore! However, the GF menu has other functions.
    GFs can learn new skills which are similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or
    AP learning system of FF7's Materia System. Skills includes Str +20%,
    SumMag +20%, etc.
    |As you battles, you will gain AP which is mentioned in Part II. AP is
    |similar to FFT's job points which allows you gain when the job is
    |being completed. Guardians also gain EXP to level up and AP to gain
    |new abilities. In this screen, you will be given a list, which
    |includes the list of skills and how much AP is required.
    |--- [Junction]{J}
    |    Allows spells to be selected through the Junction and Magic menu.
    |    This will increases you character's statistics. The more amount of
    |    magic you have, the greater your character's stats will increase.
    |    Note: NOT all characters can be boosted by the same spell. Auto
    |    effect when a GF is being junctioned to the character.
    |    E.g. HP-J and Str-J
    |    This can be selected through the Junction and Abilities sub-menu
    |    for the use in combat. More commands in other words. A character
    |    can have up the maximum 4 commands [including Attack command]
    |    E.g. Draw and Mug
    |    This can be selected through the Junction and Abilities mainly
    |    but these are selected on the bottoms abilities window. Your
    |    character's ability will automatically in effect when selected.
    |    You can get better results, such as equip Str +40% and Str +20%.
    |    This will result that the character's strength increases by 60%.
    |    E.g. Mag +20%, Spr +20%
    |----[Guardian Force]{GF}
    |    No need to be equipped. In fact, it will take effect once they
    |    were learnt. GF skills takes effect immediately. Once you have
    |    learnt SumMag +10%, the GF's summon attack does 10% more damage.
    |    E.g. Boost and GF HP +10%
    |----[Menu] {M}
    |    Menu abilities can be selected directly from the main menu.
    |    Different Guardian Forces will serve different functions. Menu
    |    Abilities are being classified two types and they are:
    |    Select-to-Use: Examples includes refinement abilities such as
    |    GF Siren's Tool-RF and Alexander's Med LV Up. It also includes
    |    Call Item Shop and Call Junk Shop which will bring up the
    |    shopping menu. Select these through the Ability menu.
    |    Auto-Effect: Examples includes Discount, Sell High, Familiar.
    |    Discount allows you to buy items at a discount of 25% and Familiar
    |    allows you to buy rare items from shops.
    |    For the previous update, it seems to me that I forget to add this.
    |    Party ability brings effect to the current party. If you have a
    |    character equipped a party-type ability, you will have the effect
    |    while on the field.
    * To put these into effect, they needed to be equipped and each
      character can equipped 2 to 4 abilities, whether the GF has
      Ability x3 [equipped 3] or Ability x4 [equipped 4]
    The symbols will be seen in the icon next to the ability. Details
    about these abilities will be described in detail in FF8 FAQ Part II.
    / 2.2.6 \_______________________________________________________________
    Ability Menu
    During the begining of the game, the option is being greyed out. To
    use this menu, learn GF's Menu abilities and you will be able to use
    it. This menu allows you to make items such as ammo for Irvine and
    magic and item refinement. It also allows you to change card into items.
    Refer to Part II for more details. Once you have mastered a menu
    ability, you will see the option to be selectable.
    Card Mod-RF - This ability allows you to modify the card into the item.
                  RF stands for refinement.
    So how do the ability works?
    Typically in the game, there are six categories of abilities and they
    are the following:
    Type 1 (Equip to Character's command/ability)
    . Command (!) --> These abilities takes effect if you have equipped them
      to the command list [but it is quite bad as you can have only a max.
      of 4 commands which include the attack command.]. These commands take
      effect once they are being used in battle. Examples include Devour,
      Draw, Doom and Card.
    . Character (C) --> These abilities are rather easy to get and they take
      effect for that equipped character after they have equipped. They can
      be easily classified into few groups/and here are some of abilities to
      take note of:
      . In-battle effect abilities - For example, Mug causes the Attack
        command to be changed to Mug. i.e the character can steal an item
        from an enemy once he/she uses an attack command. Counter allows the
        character to counter with Attack command when attacked. Others
        include Damage Return, Ribbon, Med Data, etc.
      . Auto- x (replace x with either Reflect/Protect/Shell/Haste/Potion)
        - these abilities take effect once the battle starts.
      . x + 20%/40%/60% - these abilities enhance the character's statistics
        by boosting through percentages unlike magic which boost statistics
        based on the quantity and power of magic.
      . Field-effect abilities - these abilities take effect on the field [
        Heck, there is only one ability that have this effect (that's Walk
        and Recover)] for the equipped character.
      . Ability slots - there are character abilities that give your
        characters bonuses ability slots and they are Ability x3 and Ability
      Character abilities work like Accessories in previous Final Fantasies
      and they give terrific bonuses.
    . Party (P) - Equipping them gives the party a field effect. For
      example, if you equipped Enc-None for Squall, the entire party [as
      long Squall is in the party] will experience no random battles.
      Examples also included Rare Item menu ability.
    Type 2 (Equip GF to take effect)
    . Junction (J) --> enables your character to junction magic for that
      catergory. These abilities allows you to boost up character
      statistiscs. Example includes HP-J,
    Type 3 (No need equip to have effect)
    . These abilities generally refer to the GF abilities. They will
      automatically take effect once the GF learns that GF ability. It
      only applies to the GF that own the skill.
    Type 4 (Activate from the Ability Menu)
    . These abilities are also known as Menu abilities. Once they are
      mastered, they will be placed with the Ability list. Most of them are
      ended with "-RF" which stands for refinement. These abilities are
      really useful. Others [those that does not end with "-RF"] includes
      Med LV Up, Item Shop, Junk Shop, Haggle, Discount, Familiar, etc.
    That's all you need to know about Abilities.
    / 2.2.7 \_______________________________________________________________
    Switch Menu
    Exchanging of party members can only be done at a Save Point or at the
    World Map. This option is available after Rinoa has joined you. Just
    select a party member at the stock and choose the character that you
    want to replace with. Sometimes the character are compulsory, the
    picture of the character will grey out [which means that you can't have
    that character's misplaced.]
    There are special sequences called Laguna Dream Sequence, where you
    will be transported to the past and you will sometime sees an arrow like
    which present character [part of Squall's team] is replacing who's in
    the past [part of Laguna's team, Kiros and Ward]
    Use the Junction Exchange effectively. It allows you to transfer the GFs
    and magic to another character.
    / 2.2.8 \_______________________________________________________________
    Cards Menu
    This section allows you to view the cards that you have in your hand.
    Cards can be won by defeating BOSS, draw from monsters or by defeating
    other card players. There is more information included in Part II of
    the FAQ. For help in completing your collection, refer to Steven
    Bruck's Card FAQ [of course do not missed out his awesome Guardian
    Force FAQ]. Refer to Eugene See's Rare Card FAQ on getting the rare
    cards. [they provide useful and "hard-to-get" items when you have
    convert them through the Quezacotl's Card Mod-RF]
    More information about cards:
    - There are also rare cards found in FF8 [i.e. cards of your GFs,
      characters and even BOSSES] and they certainly requires a harder time
      to get them otherwise they will have no practical value ^_^;) Below
      is a short summary of Character cards and GF cards. The BOSS cards
      are not quite rare as you can obtained by using the Card command.
      For the rare cards, you can get additional copies of them until
      Disc 4 but not during your gameplay in Disc 1 to 3. Refer to the
      walkthrough for more details. Of course, there are exceptions. BTW,
      all cards listed here are RECOVERABLE at Disc 4. Watch for it in Disc
      4 walkthrough.
      Cards of Guardian Forces
      Name of Card      Where to Get it?                      Notes
      MiniMog           Defeat boy in Balamb Garden           Disc 1 onwards
      Chicobo           Solve Chocobo Forests Puzzle          Disc 2 onwards
      Angelo            Defeat Watts at Train/ SeeD ship      Disc 1 & 3
      Chubby Chocobo    Card Queen Quest (1)                  Disc 2 onwards
      Gilgamesh         Defeat CC Group King*                 Disc 2 onwards
      Quezacotl         Defeat Mayor Dobe at Station          Disc 2 onwards
      Shiva             Exchange Girl Next Door with Zone     Disc 3
      Ifrit             Won during battle against Ifrit       Disc 1
      Siren             Defeat Card Master at Dollet          Disc 2 onwards
      Sacred            Won during battle against Brothers    Any disc
      Minotaur          After battle, receive from dead king  Any disc
      Carbuncle         Defeat CC Group Heart [Xu]*           Disc 2 onwards
      Leviathan         Defeat CC Group Joker*                Disc 2 onwards
      Pandemona         Defeat man outside Balamb Hotel       Disc 2 onwards
      Cerberus          Won during battle against Cerberus    Disc 2
      Odin              Won during battle against Odin        Disc 2
      Alexander         Defeat Piet at Lunar Base/Crash Site  Disc 3 onwards
      Doomtrain         Card Queen Quest (1)                  Disc 2 onwards
      Phoenix           Card Queen Quest (1)                  Disc 2 onwards
      Bahamut           Won during battle against Bahamut     Disc 3 onwards
      Eden              Won during battle against U. Weapon   Disc 3 onwards
      Cards of Characters
      Name of Card      Where to get it?                      Notes
      Ward              Defeat Odine in Esthar City           Disc 3 onwards
      Kiros             Card Queen Quest (1)                  Disc 2 onwards
      Laguna            Defeat Ellone at Lunar Base           Disc 3
      Quistis           Defeat Trepe Groupie #2 in B-Garden   Disc 1 onwards
      Selphie           Defeat friend @ fountain in T-Garden  Disc 2 onwards
      Irvine            Card Queen Quest (1)                  Disc 2 onwards
      Zell              Defeat Ma Dincht in Balamb            Disc 1 onwards
      Rinoa             Defeat Caraway at Deling City* (2)    Disc 2 onwards
      Seifer            Defeat Cid at Balamb Garden (3)       Disc 2 /Disc 3
      Edea              Defeat Edea at Edea's House           Disc 3
      Squall            Defeat Laguna at Esthar City          Disc 3
    *   The CC Group is not associated with the Card Queen! You can find
        them once you got at least 5 rare cards. You can find all of them at
        Balamb Garden. For information about the CC Group, please refer to
        Part II.
    (1) The Card Queen Quest is very tiring and tough. (*recommended for FF8
        expert card players*) You need to chase and run after the Card Queen
        all over the continent and even space! Refer to Part II FAQ for more
        information about the quest.
    (2) You need to deliberately loses the Ifrit's Card, so Caraway can uses
        his Rinoa's Card. Defeat him again to get that. To retrieve the
        Ifrit's Card, proceed to FH station and go right from the door, you
        should find Martine fishing at the bay. Defeat him to get Ifrit's
    (3) You can get this card at two point of time. One is during the first
        Fisherman's Horizon visit, i.e. before Squall talks to the Mayor.
        The one is at Disc 3 while at Edea's House.
     Points to Note about Cards:
     - To gain cards, you can do the following (does not apply to rare cards)
       : by using the Card Command on the monster in battle
       : by defeating other card players
       : by defeat monsters [rarely]
       : by questing [does not applies to all quests]
     - To convert/refine the cards into items, make sure you have the cards
       and Card Mod-RF [requires prequesite Card Command to appear]
       Go to Main Menu -> Abilities -> Card Mod-RF
     - The cards have four status:
       White - represents that you have it currently on hand.
       Grey  - represents that you haven't gotten any one on hand / (never
               meet the card in card game before and this applies to rare
               cards only.]
       Blue  - Indicates current rare card is not in hand.
       Yellow - Indicates that you have gotten the rare card once, but lost
                it during a card game.
    / 2.2.9 \_______________________________________________________________
    Config Menu
    You can now change your settings during the game, but NOT during
    battles, except for ON/OFF the vibration if you have a Dual Shock
    controller. Here is the section down the list:
    1.  SOUND :         You can switch between Stereo or Monaural.
    2.  CONTROLLER:     You can set the settings on Normal [default] or
                        Customize [assign the buttons by yourself]
    3.  CURSOR:         Cursor will automatically being placed at the last
    4.  ATB:            Switch between [ACTIVE] where they flows normally
                        or [WAIT] where the time stops automatically while
                        selecting a command.
    5.  LABELER:        Choosing the second option, the labeler will
                        appear for those monsters/enemies that have been
                        labeled once.
    6.  CAMERA:         Allows you to regulate from 0 % to 100 %. Higher
                        percentage, the better the camera view is.
    7.  BATTLE SPEED:   Regulates the speed of the battle.
    8.  BATTLE MESSAGE: Regulates the speed of messages during battle.
    9.  FIELD MESSAGE:  Regulates the speed of messages during on the field.
    10. ANALOG INPUT:   Regulates the reaction speed of the stick input
    11. VIBRATION:      Turns the vibration ON/OFF (applies to only Dual
                        Shock controllers.) The controllers vibrates when
                        you are summon GFs.
    / 2.2.10 \______________________________________________________________
    Tutorial Menu
    A precise guide in playing FF8. Teaches you to play FF8, explain on
    how play the card games. The TEST will only be selectable after you
    have received the first progress sheet [the time when Squall is
    officially an SeeD member.] Unfortunately, it is Japanese ^_^;) The test
    answers are listed below for your reference:
    There is a SeeD test at the TEST menu and here are the answers:
    (contributed by Qingxiong and Benedict)
    Level 1:    Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N    HOW TO DO THE TESTS?
    Level 2:    Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N
    Level 3:    N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N    Just select "TEST after
    Level 4:    N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N    Squall has become a SeeD
    Level 5:    N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y    member [completed the Dollet
    Level 6:    Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y    mission] from the TUTORIAL
    Level 7:    Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N    menu. There you will be
    Level 8:    N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N    receiving a question whether
    Level 9:    N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y    you are doing the test or
    Level 10:   Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N    not? Pick the option on the
    Level 11:   Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y    left and you will be able
    Level 12:   N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N    to take the test.
    Level 13:   Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N     __________________________
    Level 14:   Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N    |SeeD Test No. 4           |
    Level 15:   Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y    | Q.2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  |
    Level 16:   Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N    |     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
    Level 17:   Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N    |                          |
    Level 18:   Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N    |     [YES]     [NO]       |
    Level 19:   Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y    |__________________________|
    Level 20:   Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N
    Level 21:   Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N    Above is an ASCII art on how
    Level 22:   N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, Y, Y, N    the screen should look like.
    Level 23:   Y, N, N, N, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
    Level 24:   Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y    NOTES:
    Level 25:   Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N    Once you input the wrong
    Level 26:   Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, N    answers, you will not be
    Level 27:   N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y, N    able to enter the answers
    Level 28:   Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N    for that question. You have
    Level 29:   N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y, N    to reset the test again.
    Level 30:   N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N
    KEY: Y stands for Yes, and N stands for No.
    [This is taken from the site Final Fantasy 8 Source. Level 6 to 30 are
    taken from Benedict's and Qingxiong's FAQ.] For any enquires on
    getting the answers, mail them at narsh@letterbox.com Without them,
    this section will not be possible!
    These answers will help to promote Squall's SeeD Level by 1. Once
    Squall is an officially SeeD member, you will be able to receive
    money through walking around the field. The highest SeeD Level that
    the test can give Squall is Level 30. To get SeeD Level 31 or A, you
    can get this by defeating more monsters or proceed in completing the
    game. The TEST option is only accessible after Squall has finished the
    Dollet Mission.
    <> You can only do tests if you have acquired the certain levels [this
       depends on Squall's level.] For example, to do Test No. 19, Squall
       must acquired Level 19 and above.
    <> The higher the SeeD ranking, the more money Squall will receive.
       SeeD Level 30 allows you to earn 20,000 gil each time. While SeeD
       Level A allows you to earn 30,000 gil each time. You will hear a
       ring each time, Squall recieves his salary.
    <> The levels of the SeeD ranking is unstable. The level will
       automatically dropped if Squall wanders too much on the field. So
       it is better to do some than wandering around! To get back the
       level, get into battles and you will get back that level sooner or
    / 2.2.11 \______________________________________________________________
    Save Option
    Saves your game in a Memory Card or Pocket Station. Could only save your
    game while on the WORLD MAP or at a SAVE POINT [a message will appear,
    saying that you must select the last option to save your game]. The
    Pocketstation option will be avalible after you will catch a Chocobo in
    any of the Chocobo Forests. You have two slots and overwrite the
    existing saved files, however it does not allow you to delete or manage
    your memory card.
    Below is based on my own assumption coz, I don't own the PC version.
    For the PC version, to excess the Pocketstation doing the following:
    (applies after you have gotten the Mother Chocobo in the Chocobo Forest
     Puzzle from Disc 2 onwards)
    - Locate yourself at the Save Point or World Map and activate menu.
    - Access the Save menu
    - Choose Pocketstation and you can played the game in the Pockestation!
    / 2.3 \_________________________________________________________________
    Default Button Configuration
    Before I begin with the default button configuration, please note that
    all button configurations used in this FAQ are used in default settings.
    BTW, the settings are meant for the Playstation (c) version.
    **** Direction Pad ****
    Field Screen    1) Moves your character in the Field Screen or in the
                       World Map screen.
                    2) Select your options / messages
                    3) Select items while in a shop
    Menu Screen:    1) Moves the cursor. It is used to switch attack,
                       defense status and Junction attribute attacks /
                       Defense menus when Junction Magic is present from
                       the Junction Menu
    Battle Screen:  1) Use to move your cursor to select your commands
                       during combat.
    **** Start button ****
    Field Screen    1) Use to pause the game and provides the Help Function
                       and use to turn on/off the vibration
    Menu Screen     1) N/A
    Battle Screen   1) Use to pause the game and provides the Help Function
                       and use to turn on/off the vibration
    **** Select Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Turns on the World Map when you have a vehicle.
    Menu Screen     1) N/A
    Battle Screen   1) Turn off the command menu display when being
                       pressed only.
    **** Circle Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Use to talk to people
                    2) Use to attempt to draw magic from Magic Stones
                    3) Selecting your commands.
                    4) Use to examine items, examine a ladder, press Up to
                       climb up the ladder and Down to climb down the
                    5) Confirms the selection of the items that you want to
                       sell or buy in the shops.
                    6) Allows your character to board the elevator.
    Menu Screen     1) Use to confirmed selected command
    Battle Screen   1) Use to confirmed selected command
    **** X Button ****
    Field Screen    1) When holding X, it will cause Squall and party to
                       walk slowly, in a serious manner! [Walk]
    Menu Screen     1) Cancels your commands
    Battle Screen   1) Cancels your battle commands
    **** Square Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Use to challenge opponents to play the Card Game
                       [available after receiving the cards from the man
                       near the elevator of 2nd Floor of Garden Academy.]
    Menu Screen     1) Remove magic in stocks, not by single magic.
                    2) Jumps to next option avaliable.
    Battle Screen   1) Use to raise the GF's attacking strength when
                       pressed with a good timing, available after learnt
                       GF ability's "Boost" command
    **** Triangle Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Activates the Menu Screen
    Menu Screen     1) N/A
    Battle Screen   1) Change to the character who is still be able to
                       accept commands.
    **** L1 Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Rotates the camera view
    Menu Screen     1) Switches target character/GF [right direction]
                    2) Switches language from Katakana, Hiragana, English
                       during input your character's name. [towards left]
    Battle Screen   1) Uses to turn on/off the Target window.
    **** R1 Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Rotates the camera view
    Menu Screen     1) Switches target character/GF [left direction]
                    2) Switches language from Katakana, Hiragana, English
                       during input your character's name [right direction]
    Battle Screen   1) Trigger [in Squall's special move]
    **** L2 Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Rotates the camera view
    Menu Screen     1) N/A
    Battle Screen   1) Escape from battles [hold together with R2 button]
    **** R2 Button ****
    Field Screen    1) Rotates the camera view.
    Menu Screen     1) N/A
    Battle Screen   1) Escape from battles [hold together with L2 button]
    An additional bonus for PC gamers and here is list of controls [extract
    Now you are ready, let's begin with the walkthrough!
    / 3.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Walkthrough for Disc 1
    I have added information on what kind of magic that you have drawn from
    the Draw Point and the kind of items, which you can obtained by
    defeating the BOSS. However, please note that the list of items obtained
    from the battle will ONLY be available if you did not use the Mug
    command. The statistics of the BOSS' HP and what kind of magic you will
    be drawing is variable depends on the statistics of Squall's level. In
    other words, it means if Squall had attained higher levels, the stats
    of the BOSS will generally be much stronger.
    Personally, I did not know much about Japanese. All the translations
    are taken from a website [mentioned in credits section]. Thanks a lot
    or this FAQ will not be possible. The CGI/FMVs are SPOILERS, don't read
    too much about them. Thanks to Macro "Vegeta" Colombo for the lyrics:
    (They are added for those who don't understand what's going on in the
                      ******  Liberi Fatali ******
                    Excitate vos e somno, liberi mei.
                            Cunae non sunt.
                   Excitate vos e somno, liberi fatali.
                            Somnus non eat.
                       Invenite hortum veritatis.
                            Ardente veritate
                            Urite mala mundi.
                            Ardente veritate
                        Incendite tenebras mundi.
                            Valetem, liberi,
                            Diebus fatalibus
    For the english translation of the song, head for the following website
    This song is the song behind the opening duel...
    ** Starting FMV Sequence **
    Squall's lover, Rinoa waiting eagerly for him, is surrounded by a
    beautiful haze of cherry blossoms and followed by some cut scenes of
    the battle between Squall and Seifer. Unfortunately, Squall got injured
    by the powerful Seifer in the process [Seifer has used magic! which is
    not being allowed during the battle], thus leaving a scar on his
    forehead. Squall return fires...
    / 3.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Familizing with Balamb Garden
    --- ATFO #1 ---
    Well, here comes the first ever Area-to-Focus On section. In this
    section, there is nothing much to do besides collecting items or save
    your game. You can find three save points here, one is at the Dormitory,
    the second one is at the main hall and the third one is found at the
    Training Center. There are a total of three draw points and they are:
    . Cure - located in front of the fountain before you reach the main
    . Esuna - located in between the shelves at the library, it can only be
      drawn once btw.
    . Blizzard - located in the Training Center, beware of the danger there.
    You can get 2 GFs [Quezacotl and Shiva] from the Balamb Garden Student
    Network [which is located at Squall's desk]. You can get seven cards
    from the man in the alleyway before the elevator. Don't bother to play
    cards now as they are pretty weak cards. You can get an Occult Fan I in
    the bookshelve [before the study area.]. Please follow the Junction
    Walkthrough under the basic tutorial to get a headstart, otherwise you
    will have only one command [that's the Attack command]. To save your
    game, just approach the save point.
    BTW, don't proceed to the Training Center as there is a fierce monster
    that's too hard for Squall to handle. You can have a short scene of a
    girl talking about the guy who she admires at the library study area.
    To have better mobility, make use of the Directory.
    Just exit the main hall and proceed to main gate where you will meet
    Quistis. Exit the area and you will be at the World Map. Cross the
    forest at the left side and you should find a cave, that's the Fire
    Before proceeding there, make some general preparations and stock up
    magic from the monsters in the region, using the Draw command.
    Squall will be lying unconscious at the Infirmary when he was inspected
    by the doctor of Balamb Garden [Dr Kadowaki]. Dr Kadowaki will be
    asking Squall whether he is alright or not, pick any one for Squall's
    reply and you will be given a chance to name your character [SQUALL].
    After a short conversation, Dr Kadowaki will phone Squall's instructor,
    and you will have another FMV sequence..
    ** FMV **
    Squall sighs and will be lying back on the bed. A girl dressed in blue,
    peeped into the Infirmary through the window and leaves as soon as
    Squall turns his head. This followed a lady wearing a pair of
    spectacles, dressed in the SeeD uniform, who is entering the Infirmary.
    That person is actually Quistis. Next she instructs Squall to follow
    her to the classroom. Along the walkway, you will be able to talk to her
    by pressing the Circle button. Next you will have another FMV sequence
    about the students at Balamb Garden. Just followed her down the path.
    Next, Squall will be entering the classroom. BTW, noticed how sloppy
    Squall was! At the back row of the classroom, you will see Squall along
    with his rival, Seifer. Quistis will talk to the class that they will
    begin the SeeD final examinations. [The SeeD examinations is cruical
    for those whom want to be fully-pledged SeeD mercenaries] After the
    briefing, you will be regaining control of Squall. For this time, you
    will be able to view your menu [pressing Triangle button] for the first
    time. Now talk to Quistis who is surrounded by a group of students [they
    are known as Trepe Groupies]. She will tell you go to the Fire Cavern
    for the Field Test where you will battle against a Fire GF, Ifrit.
    [GF stands for Guardian Force]. You can now go back to your seat and
    watch the tutorial, and tried to get a slight idea on how to use the
    Junction system. [Balamb Garden Network, Tutorial Menu]. Pay attention
    to it or you can referred to the basic tutorial [section 2.0] for more
    / 3.0i \________________________________________________________________
    Balamb Garden Network
    The network is user-friendly and easy to use. Just simply get back to
    Squall's desk, pressing Circle on the study panel and you will be able
    access the student's network. Next pick the first option [Tutorial],
    and you will be able to take your first two Guardian Forces: GF
    Quezacotl and GF Shiva. You will be asked to name the GF and thus being
    brought to the screen where you name your characters. Next you can spend
    your time browsing the other options. Here is an ASCII art of the
    | Balamb Garden Network         main index  |  NOTICE:
    | ==========================================|
    |                                           |  The School Festival
    |    [   Tutorial    ]                      |  Commitee is only
    |       [   The Basics   ]                  |  available after you
    |          [   About Garden   ]             |  have gotten the first
    |            [ A Message from Garden   ]    |  copy of the Timber
    |  _____          [    Garden Square     ]  |  Magazines as soon as you
    | |SeeD | _______________________________   |  have recruited Selphie
    | |Logo | \ School Festival Commitee     \  |  Tilmitt. It got some
    | |_____|  \------------------------------\ |  good stuffs! Applies to
    |___________________________________________|  Disc 2 onwards.
    After collecting the first two GFs, it is time to equip them. You must
    equipped GFs before you can equip any of the basics commands besides
    To equip a GF:
    1) First of all, select the character.
    2) Select the Junction Menu.
    3) Select GF Sub-menu
    4) Select the GF that you will want to equip
    5) Press X twice after you have finished junctioning the GFs. Note that
       you must junction at least one GF otherwise, you can't have other
       commands beside Attack.
    6) Next you can equip command and abilities. GFs has acquired some of
       abilities at the beginning of the game. Hence, utilize it.
    To exit the tutorial, simply press X and then choose the first option.
    Now exit the classroom. At the walkway, head south [towards the screen]
    a bit... Squall will eventually knocked into a girl and you will given
    two options. Pick the 1st one and after some chit-chat, you will given
    another 2 options, pick the 1st one if you are not familiar with the
    structure layout of Balamb Garden OR the 2nd option will result the
    girl leaving you.
    For those who have picked the 1st option:
    Squall will show the girl around the school and thus head for left
    where you can get to the elevator. There is a man dressed in yellow,
    talk to him and you will given 7 cards and instructions. Now you can
    play cards with your classmates, by going up to them and press the
    Square button.
    Now head inside the elevator. The elevator will take you to the 1st
    floor of the building and there is a short sequence where Squall will
    explain to the girl about the locations and their purpose. If you don't
    understand what they are talking about, read the following:
                  SeeD Academy: 1st Floor of Balamb Garden
    This is the layout of the 1st floor of the school. It is arranged in a
    hexagon-shaped structure with passages leading to different areas. There
    are a couple of card players found in this main hall and their
    appearance is random. Note that you can go to the Training Center [but
    it will be a bit too risky..]. Those colour encoding marked in brackets
    is actually the colour coding on the ground.
    Here is the Legend:
    KEY         MEANING
    E           Stands for the elevator.
    L           Stands for the lobby.
    [n]         Stands for the Areas
    /           Stands for paths
    Okay, let's get started. Starting in clockwise direction:
    1. Dormitory:          You can changed your clothes here or sleep
                           [to recover lost HP] when needed. There are
                           three players there after you have completed
                           the fight against the Ifrit [Grey]. There is a
                           Save Point in this area.
    2. Parking Lot:        The place where you parked the vehicles [Yellow]
                           No significant purpose in the game.
    3. Training Center:    It's a huge jungle with huge rocks and pipes.
                           The first time that you have entered, you will
                           find two doors. There is a Save Point found here.
                           [Green]. There is also a Draw Point found here.
                           (Blizzard), it is somewhere near the ledge.
    4. Library:            The place for bookworms. There is a female
                           player whom has very powerful cards. There is
                           a Draw Point located in between the bookshelves
                           You have to examine the bookshelf to find the
                           Draw Point, the man looking at the bookshelf
                           is also another card player. [Blue]. There is
                           a note about the Draw Point, it will not be
                           useable after you have draw from it. This is
                           also the place, where you will find the person
                           whom Zell loves with secretly. You can get the
                           Occult Fan I from the second shelf, search the
                           shelf [no camera change!]. (Esuna) Check here if
                           you want to meet a girl whom secretly loves Zell.
    5. Central Gate:       The entrance of SeeD school. It does not lead
                           to World Map directly! There is another player
                           at the main gate. A Draw Point is found near
                           the fountain. Found another player, standing
                           near the entrance. [Dark Blue]. (Cure)
    6. Infirmary:          The place, where you will find the doctor and
                           the room where sick/injured people were
                           attended by Dr. Kadowaki. [Purple]
    7. Quad:               The School Stage. You can play cards with
                           the girl near the stage [Pink].
    8. Cafeteria:          The canteen of Garden. There is another player
                           sitting on the left of the table on the extreme
                           right [Red]. You will meet Seifer and his pals.
                           [Fujin and Raijin], the first time you have
                           been to there.
    9. Elevator:           This will allow Squall to head for the second
                           floor, where you will find the classroom. You
                           can also access the Tutorial menu.
    10. Lobby:             The place where you can find a map of Garden
                           1st Floor. There is a Save point near it. Press
                           Circle to view the map. L stands for Lobby.
    Tip:      Finding more around Garden is very tiring? Here's a way.
              Examine the map and pick the place that you want to go. Press
              Circle and your character will be on the path heading for the
              site that you want to go. This only works during early in the
              game. [for the entire of Disc 1.]
                           [8]    |    [2]
                               \  |  /
                         [7]- - - E - - -[3]
                               /  L  \
                           [6]    |   [4]
    Familiarize yourself with the layout of the school. Here is a frequently
    asked question about imported/japanese games.
     |                          Question No. 1                            |
     | Q: How do I save my game ?                                         |
     | A: Get to a Save Point and choose the bottom most option from your |
     |    menu. You can only save your game at a Save Point or at the     |
     |    World Map. At changing Disc intervals, you will be also         |
     |    prompted to save your game.                                     |
    There is a Save Point at the lobby, that's located in front of the
    elevator [Please note that the design of the Save Point is different
    from those in FF7]. Now just head for the Central Gate and just simply
    hold forward at the red gate and Squall will knocked open the gate.
    Now you will reach the garden that's located in front of the school.
    There is another player somewhere around here. Now head outside the
    school gate and you will meet a girl dressed in orange, that's Quistis
    and she will join you. Now you exit out of Garden and now at the World
    Map. Now at the World Map, there is a very obvious difference between
    FF8 and FF7, that's the structures appeared much bigger that the marker
    [Squall]. Make your way towards right, not following the path. Just cut
    through the forest and you will find a cave located at the southeast
    from Balamb Garden. Below is a map of Balamb Continent:
    FC    Fire Cavern [Cave of Fire]
    BG    Balamb Garden
    ==    Train tracks
    ..    Road tracks
    ++    Mountains
    XX    Forests
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _________
      _________________________________________|         |_____________
     /                                         | Balamb  |          ___\
    |  FC                 . . . . . . . . . . .|_________|============ |
    |      XXXXXXXXX   ___.__                         ================_|
    |    XXXXXXXXXXX  /      \         XXXXXXXXXXX                   +
    |  XXXXXXXX      |   BG   |     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                 +
    |                 \______/        XXXXXXXXXXXX                +++
     \                                                   ++++++++++
     |                            Question No. 2                          |
     | Q: How do I use Draw Points ?                                      |
     | A: This is really simple. Firstly you must have equipped GF and    |
     |    the command "Draw". Next approach a Draw Point, press Circle    |
     |    and you will given two to four options [the number depends on   |
     |    the number of members you have in the current party]. The first |
     |    option does not drain the Draw Point. Other options are the     |
     |    names of your characters. Simply select the person whom you want|
     |    and if you check at the Magic sub-menu, you will find the gained|
     |    spells there. Certain Draw Points can only be drawn once [one   |
     |    good example is the one at the Library]. Draw Points can        |
     |    regenerate, they will turn to purple translucent clouds. Note   |
     |    that you can't stock any type of magic more than 100 stock.     |
     | I m p o r t a n t |________________________________________________
     |                                                                    |
     | For those whom have not played FF7, here is some information about |
     | the World Map [BTW, do you missed the Begineer's Hall of FF7?]     |
     |                                                                    |
     | 1. You WILL encounter random battles whether in forests or         |
     |    grasslands. Exceptions are while walking on the road and train  |
     |    tracks or within towns/cities.                                  |
     |                                                                    |
     | 2. You can enter structures such as caves, building by moving      |
     |    towards them. There are certain cases which allows you to enter |
     |    a structure in a vehicle.                                       |
     |                                                                    |
     | 3. You can save anywhere while on the World Map.                   |
     |                                                                    |
     | 4. You can find hidden draw points on the World Map.               |
     | Tutorial for Battles/Combat |______________________________________
     | 10 Battle Tips from Scott Ong (kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg)      |
     | 1. Always stock up your spells to its maximum [100 spells] as it   |
     |    could help in bolstering up your HP and stats through junction. |
     |    However, never ever doing this when you are given a time limit. |
     |                                                                    |
     | 2. Keep your eyes open on the surroundings. Make full use of       |
     |    elementals. You can stock up Thunder from the Caterchipillar,   |
     |    Fire from the Bite Bug and Blizzard from the Fastitocalon-F     |
     |    [refer to Part II of the FAQ for the descriptions.] You also    |
     |    stock up Cure from the Caterchipillar in the forests. Hope that |
     |    this section helps you to get basic elementals. It will be      |
     |    better you can find Glaccid Eye [found near the mountains of    |
     |    Balamb] as it has spells such as Blizzard and Cure.             |
     |                                                                    |
     | 3. Always check the stats of the monster when you first encountered|
     |    them. As this will benefit you from battles. Make full use of FF|
     |    elemental rules [stated in the Basics section above]            |
     |                                                                    |
     | 4. Always get important abilities first such as Boost, these       |
     |    abilities comes handy during BOSS fights. Get SumMag +10% and   |
     |    followed by Junction ability and then switches back to SumMag   |
     |    +20%.                                                           |
     |                                                                    |
     | 5. As you gained higher levels, monsters have DIFFERENT draw spells|
     |    and BOSSES has new spells. So stock them if there is no time    |
     |    refrain.                                                        |
     |                                                                    |
     | 6. Silenced monsters that uses magic! [you can get Silence from the|
     |    Grat at the Training Center.] For convinence, I have added the  |
     |    list of monsters that you can found in that particular area.    |
     |    [Part II only ^_^;]                                             |
     |                                                                    |
     | 7. Get Quezacotl's Mid Mag-RF to lend you a hand early in the game.|
     |    You can get better magic such as Cura, Fira and Blizzara.       |
     |                                                                    |
     | 8. This may sounds mad, but it is rather important. Draw special   |
     |    spells such as Double [from the Elvoret] and stock up to 100x of|
     |    them. They are good magic to boast up your character's stats    |
     |                                                                    |
     | 9. To gain more AP at the begining, fight Fastitocalon-F [found at |
     |    the shores of Balamb] as each will give 3 AP! Take this         |
     |    opporunity to master up menus such as Mid Magic-RF and Boost    |
     |                                                                    |
     |10. Last of all, good luck....                                      |
    / 3.1 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Fire Cavern
     | Get Blizzard from the Glaccid Eye  |
     | found in the snowfields of Balamb  |  Battle Tip
     | Garden. The monsters in the Fire   |      #1
     | Cavern are weak against Blizzard.  |
     | You can also draw Blizzard from the|
     | Fokaru Feiku. (shore fish found in |
     | the shores of Balamb Garden).      |
    --- ATFO #2 ---
    This section is pretty straightforward section. Just take of the
    . The Bombs get enlarged once they are hit hard. If they become too big,
      they will explode [kamikaze will be a better word.] and dies off with
      either Quistis or Squall.
    . The Buel are weak against physical attacks but strong against magic,
      hence take note.
    . Conserve your limited supply of Potions as make use of Draw and Cast
      technique on the Caterchipillar (caterpillars that found in the
      forests of Balamb, outside the Fire Cavern.)
    The Ifrit BOSS is pretty weak against Blizzard/Ice magic. Summon Shiva
    and you can easily defeat the Ifrit. Take note of the time limit.
    About Limit Breaks:
    To execute your limit breaks, you need to get your characters into
    critical status (i.e their HP must be low until the colouring of words
    turned yellow or red). Once they are in that condition, tap Triangle
    button repeatedly until you see a small arrow pointing on the right
    side of the Attack Command. Then press right and you will see an
    additional box along with the name of general Limit Break. Limit Breaks
    are killer technique that does more damage compared to normal attacks.
    Hence it is advisible to use them wisely. Once your character can
    execute the Limit Break, he/she can execute infinite amount of times,
    until he/she is dead or he/she has passed the critical status (you must
    have cast a restorative magic or use an item to restore HP.)
    Quistis - Get a Spider Web by defeating the Caterchipillar and use it
    on Quistis to learn her Limit Breaks.
    Last of all, beware of the time limit once you start rampage at the
    Fire Cavern.
    As you reached the cave, Quistis will ask you a question, choose the 1st
    option to avoid repeating it. [actually that question is telling
    you whether you have gotten the GFs from the Balamb Garden Network]
    At the entrance of the cave, you will meet 2 guards wearing yellow caps
    [Garden Faculty]. Talk to them and you will be given two options, pick
    the 1st option if you are ready. Now they will give you a time limit
    10 minutes
    20 minutes
    30 minutes
    40 minutes
    Squall and Quistis will be able to enter the cave. Inside the cave, you
    find Squall's instructor Quistis, rather a nuisance. She keeps on
    bragging about her ability. The cave has rather a straight-forward
    layout. Just walk along the path and exit to the next screen. Simply
    walk up until the path started to split into three. Take the right
    path and absorb some Magic from the Draw Point. {Fire} Now take the
    middle path and there you find a fire pit. After some chit-chat, you
    will have to fight the first BOSS, Ifrit.
    NOTE: The time goes on whether you are talking or during battles. The
          time will only stops when you have returned back to the entrance.
          You must defeat the Ifrit and head back to the entrance within
          the time that you have chosen. In fact, the layout of the cave,
          is a straightforward one.
    / BOSS 1 \______________________________________________________________
    Fire Cavern: Ifrit
    Name:       Ifrit       LEVEL: 6    HP:  1,068
    Facts:      Weak against Ice. Absorbs Fire attacks.
    Attacks:    Fire, Jump Swap
    Draw:       Fire*, Cure*, Scan
    AP gained:  20
    Win:        3~5x G-Returner, 1x Ifrit's Card
    Attributes Chart
               |||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||
                  ||||| STR    DEF |||||
                     || INT    SPI ||||||||||
                      | DEX    EVA
    Make full use of your GF, [Quezacotl and Shiva] to fight the BOSS and
    the battle should be pretty easy. Use Potions to restore lost HP and
    use Phoenix Down to resurrect dead members. Note that the time still
    goes on as you fight in battles. Defeat the Ifrit and you will be able
    to summon it for battles! Ifrit is weak against Shiva and Blizzard
    magic. Time still goes on during the battle. Make full use of your
    elemental art. Try your best to stock up as a pile of Blizzard* Magic
    beforehand. Shiva can does about 300+ damage to the BOSS! It will be
    better if you have acquired "Boost". This battle isn't that tough as
    you can draw Cure from the BOSS!
    Using Limit Breaks
    If either Quistis or Squall is low on HP, tap Triangle repeatedly
    and the character will unleash his/her Limit Breaks on the BOSS.
    Remember to press R1 during Squall using his Renzoukuken.
    NOTE:   The Ifrit will have higher HP if Squall has attained more
            levels. There is also a probability of a list of upgraded draw
            list, such as Fire being promoted to Fira and Cure to Cura.
    Note 2: During the battle, the time limit is still on. Hence try to
            finish off the Ifrit ASAP as this allows some time for your
            party to escape from The Fire Cavern.
    After defeating the BOSS, head for the exit and the time limit will stop.
    The guards at the entrance will praise you for doing a great job in
    defeating the Ifrit. Now head back to Garden. With the field test
    completed, you need to battle the final examinations which will be held
    at Dollet.
    PS: From now onwards, you can back to the Fire Cavern anytime as you
        wished. There will be no more time limit. Remember to get back
        there as you can more goodies such as Bomb Fragment after you have
        accquired GF Diablos' Mug. I suggest that you better let both
        Quistis and Squall acquired more levels and gained abilities such
        as SumMag +10%, Mid Mag-RF and Boost. The Ifrit needs some training
    / 3.2 \_________________________________________________________________
    Final SeeD Examinations at Dollet
    --- ATFO #3 ---
    You will have two new members joining your party. At Dollet, avoid
    talking to everyone. Next make use of the junctioning and stock up to
    100x spells of each for every character. Make sure you HAVE the Draw
    command for every character [i.e. don't bother to equiped the item
    command as there is no need to use the Phoenix Down.]. Separate the GF
    evenly. Give each of them a GF each, otherwise they won't be able to
    equip commands.
    At Dollet, remember that you need to go for a drawing craze that's to
    stock up every magic 100x. [i.e. 100x for Cure, Fire, Thunder, Blizzard
    for each and every character, so to enhance the effect of Junction.]
    Seifer has a high tendency to use his Limit Breaks, therefore you should
    have a much easier time of using his Limit Breaks. Zell, on the hand,
    requires you to chain up combos. I would recommend you to switch between
    Booya and Punch Rush for the maximum effect. Zell is a pretty weak magic
    user [his draw power is pretty weak], but Mag-J will solve that problem.
    The BOSS Elynole is a pretty tough cookie, but remember to stock up
    Double from it and draw Siren [or it will be lost forever!]. Make use
    of GF summons and Limit Breaks. Have Selphie use her Limit Break -
    Full-cure for effective healing. Don't depend too much on Limit Breaks,
    as it will increase the risk of having an early defeat.
    After you have defeated the Elynole, remember that you make use of the
    Save Point and use a Tent on it.
    During the battle against the X-ATM092, just keep on attack with Thunder
    magic and GF Quezacotl. You can't really knock it out. [It will just
    return back to its feet on. But you can knock its HP down to zero and
    gain 50 AP]
    Return back to the Garden. At the gate, Quistis will leave your party.
    Next she will tell Squall to meet her in the lobby. She will tell you
    to change into your Garden uniform. So head for the Dormitory. At the
    Dormitory, head for the bed and positioned Squall next to the bed and
    press the Circle Button, choose the 2nd option. At the Lobby, you will
    recruit a new partner, Zell Dincht.
    ** FMV **
    Zell will come here and displays some of his fists and doing a couple of
    somersaults and he will approach towards both of you and Quistis.
    Noticed Squall is rather cold-blooded as he just simply give Zell a cold
    shoulder. Zell also rather dislike Seifer and comments to Squall about
    their mutual hate for Seifer. However, Quistis gives him a piece of
    surprising news, that is the leader for this mission is no other than
    Seifer Almasy! Seifer comes along with his pals, Fujin and Raijin.
    Seifer is rather unfriendly and rude person, for he has been classified
    as a "problem" child. Just as Zell wants to fight Seifer for calling him
    a "chicken punk". Now the principal of Balamb Garden will eventually
    shows up and his name is Cid Kramer [not that goofy pilot from FF7!].
    Cid will briefly tell them about their mission. [not really, as he was
    just bragging..] After the little chit-chat, Seifer and his company plus
    Zell leave the lobby. Squall will head for the Parking Lot and you will
    get into a vehicle.
    Inside the vehicle, enjoy some funny conversation between the three.
    Zell will keep on talking non-stop, rather irritating. [he wants to view
    the weapon, Gunblade..] Squall does not responded to Zell's wishes,
    making Zell feel rather bored and gets up doing some punches. [this guy
    never sit still!] Seifer tells him to sit down and shut up. Now the
    screen will switch to the World Map and you will be able to control the
    vehicle. Well, here are the controls of the vehicle.
    Controls of Vehicles in Final Fantasy VIII
    Square:   Moves your vehicle forwards.
    X:        Moves your vehicle backwards.
    Circle:   Get in/ Get Out of vehicle.
    R2:       Changes the camera view.
    Select:   World Map [Spot view, Side map, enlarged World Map]
    Note:     There is no encounter rate for any monsters while in a
              vehicle. At this moment of time, you can't get off from the
              vehicle. Just followed the road and make contact with the
              structure [there are only three structures in this continent.]
    About Vehicles.
    They are the basic transport in FF8, allows you to head for forests
    and around the world safety. Note: Cars have a limited amount of
    Petrol! Use a Fuel to replenish it. You will see a textbox appearing
    and a Fuel will be used automatically.
    Just simply drive your vehicle to the Balamb Town. You will have to
    enter the submarine-like boat. Just as everyone have moved off, head up
    the stairs and enter the sub-boat [that's what I would call it..].
    Inside the boat, you will given a talk by a lady named Xu who will
    brief you about your mission.
    For the past 72 hours, Dollet City has been under-attacked by the
    Galbadian army. After 49 hours from outbreak of the war, the city of
    Dollet has been evacuated. At present, the people are hurrying to take
    refuge at the outlying of mountainous areas. The troop will disembark
    from Kubutan Beach. Ask to eliminate any enemy soldiers. Asked to
    penetrate through the city and eliminate any enemy troops. To wipe out
    any remaining enemy soldiers.
    After the briefing, Xu leaves. Squall decide to do something, that's
    is talk to who ? You will be given 4 options:
    Talk to Quistis
    Talk to Seifer
    Talk to Zell
    After this, enjoyed some humorous jokes in the conversation between
    Zell and Seifer. After another short chit-chat, head outside and you
    will enjoy an FMV feast.
    ** FMV **
    A globe with several sub boats following through the south-eastern
    terrain. Squall is looking at the map and look at the island. Now time
    for some gun-firing scenes and your party will landed at the Kubutan
    Once arrived on the beach, just follow Seifer. You will be able to
    control Squall and Zell will follow you. There is a Save Point here.
    |                                                        |
    | Equip GFs to other members. Note that both Zell and    |  BATTLE TIP
    | Seifer does not have any magic spells. Equip DRAW, so  |      #2
    | that they can stock Cure and other magic spells from   |
    | the G-Soldiers.                                        |
    You will fight 2 G-Soldiers, each of them being armed with a sword.
    They are quite simple not that tough, just simply throw in what you got.
    Draw magic from them and stock it up for later use. There is rather a
    high probability, you will encounter random battles, so be always on
    your guard. Continue following Seifer and you will be ambushed another
    2 G-Soldiers. Continue in following Seifer until you have reached the
    town square. There you will be attacked by another G-Soldier.
    Now Seifer will tell Squall and Zell to scout for another other
    soldiers.. At the upper right hand corner, you will meet another
    G-Soldier [it's somewhere near the car].
    Next talk to Seifer, wait until Seifer start to comment on the mission
    started to get bored. Just wait there for a while, where you will find
    the dog irritating Seifer. To prevent the dog from being hurt, talk to
    the dog! Getting rather frustrated, Seifer chases the dog away and
    causes the dog to bark. Six Galbadian soldiers started to march towards
    left. Seifer will tell both Zell and Squall to chase them. Zell did not
    wished to do that but surprisingly, Squall agrees with Seifer. So chase
    after them, and keep on following Seifer. Next you will be crossing a
    bridge and keep on heading left. You will encounter random battles
    there rather frequently. Whew! You have finally caught up with Seifer.
    Go up the stairs and you will be see the wounded Dollet soldiers being
    eaten up by the hungry huge snake, an Anacondour..
    / BOSS 2 \______________________________________________________________
    Path to Dollet Communication Tower: Anacondour
    Name:       Anacondour      Level 7     HP: 1,178
    Attacks:    (Bite), (Grab and Twist), Mist Breath
    Facts:      Absorbs Poison based attacks. Weak against Cold
    Draw:       Fire*, Cure*, [Bio]
    AP gained:  4
    Win:        6x M-Stone Piece or 1x Venom Fang
    Attributes Information
               |||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||
                  ||||| STR   DEF ||
                      | INT   SPI |
                      | DEX   EVA
    This BOSS isn't really tough. You can draw healing magic from this guy.
    Just use your GFs to toast the BOSS. Beware of the Mist Breath as it
    does a massive amount of damage. Do not use Bio on the BOSS. [err.. do
    we have that spell?] Use GF Shiva with the "Boost" ability for more
    damage. Refer to Part II for more details. There is also a probability
    on Seifer unleashing his Limit Breaks... Seifer indeed as an R1 Trigger.
    While he is forming the energy ball, tap R1 repeatedly just like the
    Boost support and Seifer will inflict more damage. Junction 100x magic
    to booast the characters strength. The BOSS can cause a lot of mischief
    with its Mist Breath, use a Remedy/Antidote to fix that status ailment.
    Continue up the stairs and head for the Communications Tower. There, you
    will see your teammates hiding and stay undercover at the cliff found
    in front of the tower. Next, you will watch a short conversation between
    the two guards. So soon as Seifer leaves, you enjoy another FMV sequence:
    ** FMV **
    A girl dressed in the SeeD uniform, comes forward and start to fall
    down from the steep slope. The girl also winks at both Squall and Zell.
    The girl's name is Selphie. She is formerly a member of Squad A. While
    Squall, Zell and Seifer are in Squad B. She will start to jump off from
    the cliff  start jumping and smiling. Note that Selphie will have the
    spells drawn by Seifer.
    "Follow" her suit proceed near the cliff and choose the first option.
    Now she will join your party. Next the scene was transferred to the
    conversation between Wedge and Biggs. Now head inside the tower, equip
    Guardian Forces for each of them. Draw from the Draw Point found on
    the left of the elevator. [Blind] There is also a Save Point located on
    the right of the elevator. Proceed towards the elevator and use the
    elevator by choosing the 1st Option. At the top of tower, you will have
    another FMV feast:
    ** FMV **
    The ground starts to tremble and a screwdriver started to fall down
    from the trap door. The ground has shaken so greatly that Squall could
    stand still. There you will see the operations of the Radio Tower. Oh
    no! they have activated the communications.
    You will have a short talk with Biggs. After a while, Seifer will enter
    the area. Prepare for the tough BOSS Fight!
    |                                                        |
    |  Equip everyone with the "DRAW" Command. You can draw  |  BATTLE TIP
    |  in good spells such as Esuna [remove status ailments] |     # 3
    |  and Double. Note that Zell is quite weak in drawing   |
    |  magic, so have him as the person for healing lost HP  |
    |  REMEMBER to draw Siren from the BOSS Elvoret! Do not  |
    |  forgot to equip Siren after the battle.               |
    / BOSS 3 \______________________________________________________________
    Dollet Communication Tower: Elvoret
    Name:      Biggs             Level 7     HP: 610
               Wedge             Level 9     HP: 608
               Elvoret           Level 7     HP: 2,667
    Attacks:   Biggs:            Thunder, (gun attack), (charge), Cure,
               Wedge:            Fire, (sword swipe)
               Elvoret:          Thunder, (claw swipe), Flood Breath [All],
    Facts:     Elvoret:          Weak against Wind, Absorb Poison
               Wedge:            Poison does not work!
    Draw:      Elvoret:          Thunder*, Cure*, Double, Siren
               Biggs:            Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Esuna
               Wedge:            Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Cure*
    AP gained: 18
    Win:       2x Elixir, [2x Cottage], 3x G-Returner, Weapon Mon Mar
    Biggs' Attributes Information
                 |||||||| < HP > ||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF ||||||
                    |||| INT  SPI ||||||||
                       | DEX  EVA ||
    Wedge's Attributes Information
                 |||||||| < HP > ||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF ||||||
                      || INT  SPI ||||||||
                       | DEX  EVA ||
    Elovret's Attributes Information
               |||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF |
                    |||| INT  SPI ||||||||||
                       | DEX  EVA |
    - Fighting Biggs and Wedge
    You firstly face Biggs and just simply attack him with attacks and
    magic. As he was seriously wounded in the process, he will call for
    Wedge. Just keep on focus your attacks on one of them. After defeating
    one of them and you will eventually meet up with the main BOSS of
    Dollet Mission. Biggs have the probability of casting Cure/Protect on
    Wedge if both of them is seriously injured.
    - Fighting Elvoret
    It will cause both of them being attacked by the Elvoret. This BOSS
    could be an headache. Uses your GF monsters and magic to deal out
    massive punishment. Draw some magic from the BOSS and use in your own
    advantage. Use your Limit Breaks when needed. Use Potions /Cure to
    restore lost HP and Phoenix Down to revive dead members. If you draw
    from the Elvoret, you can summon the GF, Siren. [that will be the fourth
    option and could only be drawn once]. There is a easier way in defeating
    BOSS, that is by drawing Double and cast magic twice on the BOSS!
    Remember to stock up Double Magic for aleast one character as there will
    be another much tougher BOSS fight. For easy drawing of magic, junction
    100x magic spells to the character's Magic stats.
    As you are done with the BOSS, you will have a short conversation.
    Seifer will leave and inform Squall and his friends that they have 30
    minutes to head back to the sub-boat. So hurry! Examine the elevator
    and pick the first option.
    As Squall and his members were heading to the ground floor, you will
    have a scene of Biggs activating the controls, thus summoning the
    robotic beast to attack your party. Back at the ground floor of the
    tower, save your game and use Potions /Cure to restore lost HP. Head
    for the entrance and you will encounter a giant robotic crab! It will
    be more advisible to use a Tent at the Save Point. Note that the time
    limit continues during the battles with the BOSS. Do worry, there is
    no random battles during this battles.
    / BOSS 4 \______________________________________________________________
    Path to Dollet Harbour: X-ATM092 ["The Black Widow"]
    Name:       X-ATM092    Level 7     HP: 5,492
    Attacks:    (Desperate Charge), Claw attack, Leg swipe, Ray Bomb
    Facts:      Weak against Lightning. Poison has no effect on the BOSS.
    Draw:       Fire*, Blizzard*, Cure*, Protect.
    AP Gained:  50 [defeat the BOSS' HP to zero]
    Win:        n/a
    Attributes Information
               |||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF |||||||
                      || INT  SPI ||
                       | DEX  EVA |
    The BOSS' greatest weakness is Lightning. Use Quezacotl and Thunder
    Magic to dish out damage. Once the BOSS is down, press R2 and L2 to
    escape. You may have to fight this BOSS about five times. Hopefully
    that you have enough Double Magic on your inventory. It is possible
    to fight the BOSS only once. This BOSS can also be quite an headache.
    If you have already acquired Quezacotl's Mid Mag-RF, refine some
    Thunders to Thundara as it does more damage.
    This required your character to level up. Have GF Quezacotl with the
    Boost Ability and Summon Magic +20% [it will better if you have
    accquired Summon Magic +30%]. Just summoned the GF and it will
    inflicit about 2,000+ HP! Even Thunder can does an average damage of
    400+ HP. So make use of Lightning elemental art. For better damage, use
    a Turbo controller if you have acquired GF Quezacotl's Boost Ability.
    Simply make your way back to the beach, where the sub-boat has landed
    at. You have only 30 minutes to make your way back to the beach, so try
    to avoid as many battles against the X-ATM092 as much as possible. Just
    run every time you have defeat the BOSS. There is also an FMV sequence
    of the BOSS squashing the car as you have reach the town. Remember to
    save the dog at the main compound of the Dollet Town! [by press Circle
    at it] Just make your way out, until you saw this FMV:
    ** FMV **
    X-ATM092 scramble down the streets of Dollet. It has knocked apart a
    building. Squall fall down on the ground and quickly gets up. Squall
    then head for the sub-boat as fast as he could thus making an attempt
    to jump across to reach the sub-boat. At this moment, Quistis pumped
    the BOSS with the gun. Whew! The sub-boat was safe and the BOSS
    had been reduced to a heap of waste metal ! **End of Demo**
    Now your party are back safe and sound. Back at the harbour, Seifer
    returns back to his normal self. His pals will come to the harbour and
    praises him for the victory. Quistis will congratulate Squall and the
    rest for doing a great job. However, the unfriendly Seifer and his
    company just simply uses your only transport, thus leaving your party
    back at the harbour. Now you have to walk back to Balamb Garden.....
    Exit the area and you will be at a winding path and there is a Hotel.
    Pay 100 gil to stay in the Hotel [as resting at the inn, will help to
    recover all your lost HP, but it also does provide help to your G.Fs].
    If you want to save your game, use the Save Point found at the corner
    of the room. [There is also a copy of the Timber Magazine.] Rest as
    you must be tired and has lost quite a lot of HP [pick the first option
    and pay 100 gil]. Head left and you will enter the main compound of
    Balamb Town. There is a Draw Point here, draw some magic. You can draw
    Bolt from the Draw Point. If you talk to the man sitting on the bench,
    you will find out that he seems rather familiar to Zell. Actually, this
    is Zell's hometown! There are three houses found within the main
    1st House> Weapon Upgrading Shop. [on the left of the main compound]
    2nd House> Zell's house. You cannot enter his bedroom! You can get
               another copy of the Timber Magazine at the kitchen of his
               house! It is a fake one! [on the right, closer to screen]
    3rd House> Zell's neighbour's house. Zell's family seems to be on good
               relationship with the neigbours. Zell's younger brother goes
               there rather often [on the right, beside Zell's House]
    After you have done with browsing the town, proceed to the Gas Station.
    There you can rent a vehicle for 3,500 gil ! Pick first or second option
    to rent a vehicle OR pick the third to quit. The first option will
    result renting a blue-green vehicle while the second option will result
    renting a brown-black vehicle.
    In your "vehicle", head back to Balamb Garden. If you have a vehicle,
    press Circle to get off and entered the Garden. At the front gate, your
    teammates will leave. For those who doesn't want to waste your money,
    try to walk on the path as this will reduce the encounter rate! It will
    more advisible to stock more magic and convert them to Medium Class
    Magic. Note that there is Draw Point at the tunnel found behind Balamb
    Town [Esuna]
    / 3.4 \_________________________________________________________________
    Falling in Love...
    --- ATFO 4 ---
    There is few points to note here.
    - You can get a Battle Meter if you talk to Cid Kramer. The results of
      SeeD tests effect based on the actions that you have did earlier on.
    - You will officially become a SeeD member and start to gain money based
      on the number of steps that you walk. After walk on the field for a
      while (btw, the "field" is general term which also includes cities and
      the world map) and you will gain the salary. The salary given is based
      your SeeD level. To improve your SeeD level, refer below for more
    - At the Training Center, beware of the T-Rexaur, which is extremely
      deadly and much difficult than the BOSS. To defeat it, use Doom. Or if
      you have acquired Elem-Atk-J, junction 100x Blizzard to that attribute
      for better effect. Sleep works pretty well against all the enemies
      found here except for the Grat. (plant-like monsters) Use this to your
    - The room for lovers is a hard to locate [I have missed it on my first
      try], it is somewhere near the save point in the Training Center.
    Now proceed towards the Lobby. You will meet Quistis, Cid and Xu near
    directory where you find a map of Balamb Garden. Now, here is a piece
    of good news. Selphie had passed the SeeD test! Talk to Cid and he will
    speak to Squall for a short while. Now proceed right from here and you
    will meet Seifer at the entrance of the path that is leading towards
    the library. Talk to him. It seems that Seifer is feeling rather upset
    and fed up. You want to know why?
    Here comes the answer.. Cid will enter this area and talk to Seifer,
    the reason why he has failed the SeeD test mainly because he like to
    do things on his own. Seifer's hatred is being stirred and stays at
    within that area. Now head for the elevator and you will hear the
    announcement as all Garden cadets are asked to head outside the
    classroom located on the 2nd floor. Now talk to everyone whom is within
    the area outside the classroom. Noticed that Zell is walking back and
    forth? He is rather nervous about his results. After a while, a Garden
    Faculty will come up and announce the results to the group of anxious
    Announcing those whom has passed the SeeD test.... Zell of Squad B!
    and Squall of Squad B! Surprisingly, only Squall and Zell have passed
    the test, watch the expressions of those whom have failed the tests.
    Now the screen switches to the Cid's office where you have the Awards
    Ceremony. Only four Garden Cadets have passed the SeeD test. Before you
    left the area, talk to Cid. He will give you an item [it is something
    associated with your SeeD ranking, which is accessible through the
    Balamb Garden Network/Tutorial menu, it is the Battle Meter..] Next you
    will be shown the results of your performance at the Dollet Mission.
    [How to get full marks, read on..]
     / 3.4a \______________________________________________________________
     | Miscellaneous information on "Battle Meter"                         |
     | This is the item given to you by Cid. Just go to the Tutorial and   |
     | a new option will be accessible and you will be able to the reports |
     | of your battle data [how many monsters have you defeated, how many  |
     | battles have you undergone, how many times your character has die,  |
     | etc.] Thanks to Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari for this valuable        |
     | information.                                                        |
    From this moment onwards ,you can finally do the test at any moment of
    the game. Squall is now an official SeeD member. You will receive money,
    based on the number of steps on that you walk on the field. The higher
    the SeeD ranking it is, the more money that you will earn. To gain
    higher ranks for SeeD levels, do the SeeD tests [refer to Basic Tutorial
    for the answers]. You will be promoted by 1 level each time after
    gaining full marks for each test.
    Before you had received money, you will hear a ring and find those stats
    at the lower part of the screen. If you walk for too long without doing
    anything related to the story, your SeeD level will decrease! So avoid
    that as much as you can. If you have SeeD level A, you will received
    30,000 gil each time!
      / 3.4b \_____________________________________________________________
     |                                                                     |
     | "Full Marks for Dollet Mission" contributed by ChaRle5!             |
     | The Dollet Mission is also a SeeD test. The test results depends    |
     | solemnly on your actions in the game from Section 3.2 to Section 3.3|
     | The results are being marked based on the 5 categories below:       |
     |  Category    |   Description                                        |
     |  Agility     |  This rather hard. As soon as Seifer says that you   |
     |              |  return back to the bay within 30 minutes. If you    |
     |              |  managed to do that in 5 minutes and only encounter  |
     |              |  X-ATM092 only once, you will get 100 points for it! |
     |  Decision    |  In the Cave of Fire, has Squall only reach the      |
     |  Making      |  maximium levels of 8 to 9, and finish that section  |
     |              |  within 30 minutes.                                  |
     |  Attacking   |  Have Squall and his party defeated 60 enemies from  |
     |  Power       |  Section 3.2 to Section 3.3. Well it counts and make |
     |              |  Squall alone has killed 60 enemies.                 |
     |  Dignity     |  Never, ever ran away from battles. Each run will    |
     |              |  cause a deduction of 20 points! An exception is the |
     |              |  BOSS fight against X-ATM092.                        |
     |  Attitude    |  Never ever talk to members of Squad A and C [Squall |
     |              |  in Squad B, Selphie is an exception.] Do not jump   |
     |              |  off from the cliff, instead walk around it. Follow  |
     |              |  your leader, Seifer. Always protect the dog from    |
     |              |  Seifer and save it during the chase with X-ATM092   |
     |              |  To protect the dog, simply walk up front and examine|
     |              |  it with the Circle Button.                          |
    If you have followed the above guide-lines, you will receive a SeeD
    level 9.
    After getting the item, exit from that area. Now you should be back at
    the walkway in front of classroom. Proceed to the alleyway outside the
    classroom. You will meet Seifer, along with his pals, Fujin and Raijin.
    To your surprise, they have clapped for those who have passed the SeeD
    Next Squall will be back at the Dormitory. Selphie is there too,
    dressed in her brand new SeeD Graduation suit. Proceed to the room near
    the Save Point and examine the bed. Pick the 2nd option and Squall will
    change his clothes into his SeeD graduation suit. You can save your game
    by using the Save Point. Just simply walk away from the Dormitory or
    talk to Selphie. Squall will be leaning against the wall of the
    ballroom. What a loner... Next Zell [whom is also dressed in his
    graduation outfit] will approach Squall and have a short chit. You will
    be given two options, pick any one of them. Next Selphie will enter the
    screen and talk to Squall. Pick any option adn Selphie will eventually
    leaves. This is followed by an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    Squall looks at the transparent ceiling. A shooting star passed through
    the night sky. Squall will then meet Rinoa [dressed in yellow]. Fall in
    love at the first sight... Next Rinoa will approach Squall and have a
    short chit-chat. Squall was invited to dance with her. There you will
    see the personality of Squall, he doesn't quite like dancing as shown
    in the FMV. The dance will stop after the area has become darker and
    the beautiful clouds of fireworks appears.. Next Rinoa notices her
    friend, bid farewell and leave Squall alone....
    Now the scene switches to the balcony, where Squall will have a short
    conversation with Quistis. Quistis will tell you to change back to your
    leisure clothes and meet her at the hall of the Training Center. Exit
    from the balcony and Squall will be on his thoughts "Why Quistis wants
    me to do at this moment of time?" Examine the bed and pick the first
    option, equip GFs on both Squall and Quistis only. Exit from the
    Dormitory. Note that the walkways leading to other places of Balamb
    Garden are being sealed off, except for walkways leading to the
    Dormitory and the Training Center. Procceed to the Training Center and
    you will eventually meet up with Quistis at the walkway.
    At the Training Center....
    Most of the time, you will encounter the Grat [plant-type monsters].
    Occassionally, you will battle the T-Rexaur. If you encounter one, I
    will suggest that you ran away [Press R2 + L2]. The T-Rex has about
    10,000+ HP at Level 8! It is definately too tough for your characters
    at this moment of time. In the first area, you will find two doors,
    take the one located on the left.
    | Have a hard time defeating the T-Rexaur? Here is a great|
    | method. First you must acquired Shiva's Death Sentence  |
    | Next stock a couple of Blind magic from the Grat [      | BATTLE TIP
    | you should have no problem in recongise this...]. Cast  |    #4
    | Blind on the T-Rexaur and then cast Doom. Wait for      |
    | 24 seconds and it will be another flawless victory.     |
    | Credits: Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart.                   |
    |                                                         |
    | If you don't use Doom, casting Blizzard/Shiva as the    |
    | T-Rexaur is pretty weak against it. Beating up the      |
    | T-Rexaur nabs you 10 AP and a chunk of EXP!             |
    From that area, you will find red pipes and raw substances used as
    building materials. Just proceed forward. Now you will find a Save
    Point found with the rocks. Walk up and go through the brighten
    gateway. [Do you know? This is actually a secret place for student
    lovers of Balamb, why Quistis had brought Squall here??]
    There will be a short chit-chat between the two. From that spot, they
    will be able to view the building of Balamb Garden. It seems that
    Quistis is talking about her past on how she has joined SeeD. After the
    conversation has ended, head right and absorb some magic from the Draw
    Point located near the edge of the land [Blizzard]. Head right and cross
    the bridge. Walk towards south and you see a girl being held captive by
    a huge dragonfly! [remember the girl whom has peeped into Infirmary at
    the beginning?]. Squall draws his sword and started to attack on the
    monster... It's another BOSS fight!
    / BOSS 5 \______________________________________________________________
    Training Center: Granaldo and Raldo
    Name:       Granaldo          Level 8     HP: 1,456
                Raldo [3x]        Level 8     HP: 223
    Attacks:    Granaldo:         <Kick the Raldo>, <Fire Throw>, Fire,
                                  <Claw Swipe>
                Raldo:            <Claw Swipe>
    Facts:      Granaldo:         Weak against Wind
    Draw:       Granaldo:         Sleep, Blind, Shell, [Pain]
                Raid:             Fire*, Thunder*, Protect
    AP gained:  14
    Win:        16x Wizard Stone
    Granaldo's Attributes Information
               |||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||
                     || STR   DEF |||||
                    ||| INT   SPI ||||
                      | DEX   EVA
    Raldo's Attributes Information
                   |||||| < HP > ||||||
                     || STR   DEF ||||||||
                   |||| INT   SPI ||||||||||
                 |||||| DEX   EVA
    - Strategy No.1
    This BOSS fight isn't that tough as those Raldos will not attack your
    characters when the main BOSS is around. The BOSS is pretty weak in
    physical attacks. Just use the magic that you have already drawn from
    the monsters. Note that the BOSS can make of the Raldo and use as it's
    weapon. Make full use of the GF and Magic to deal the BOSS a deadly
    blow. Cast Cure* or use Potions to restore lost HP.
    You will get 14 AP when you defeat all three. The battle will only end
    when all of them were killed. To reduce damage, draw Protect [reduce
    physical damage] and Shell [reduces damage done by magic]. Shell
    works well against Magic attacks, but also reduce the rate of healing,
    so take note.
    You can draw Sleep from the BOSS and use it it on the BOSS. While
    BOSS is under the sleep status, summon your GFs and you will be
    able get rid of the Raldos at one time! If the main BOSS is under the
    Sleep status, take this opportunity to stock up Protect and Shell,
    they works well!
    After the battle, the girl is accompanied by two White SeeD cadets [How
    do they get there?] Now exit from the area. Quistis will tell Squall to
    meet the Headmaster and others at the Central Gate during the next
    morning. Hey! do you know that, know it is night time? Head back to the
    Dormitory and you will find Zell along the way. Back at the Dormitory,
    you will find the layout of Squall's Dormitory has also changed. Now,
    Squall will have a good night sleep, still can't get over the dance
    with Rinoa....
    / 3.5 \_________________________________________________________________
    The First SeeD Mission
    --- ATFO 5 ---
    - Get the Weapon Mon Mar as it gives you a list of ingredients to tune
      for the character's current weapon. (Well, you may missed Squall's
    - If you don't have sufficient cash, try to wander around or do some
      levelling up to gain some cash. BTW, don't hesitate to return to the
      Fire Cavern and nab some items. Refinement of magic is quite helpful
      here. BTW, try to unlock Selphie's Wall and Rapture Limit Breaks as it
      will come very handy in the future.
    - You will get a Magical Lamp which allows you to summon GF Diablos [of
      course, you need to defeat it.] Don't sell that item!
    - Stock up some Phoenix Downs for future use. [it will come really
    - You will get a Pet Pals Vol. 1 which is an item for later use. Don't
      sell it.
    At the morning, you will hear a voice booming over the headphones
    calling Squall to rush to the Central Gate. Once you can control Squall,
    remember to get Weapon Mon Mar located on the right desk [where you will
    see a gunblade box.]
    Now make your way to the Central Gate, save your game if necessary. At
    the Central Gate, push open the red panel and you will see Cid along
    with a Garden Faculty and Selphie. Talk to Cid. Notice that everyone
    has changed into their own personal/casual clothes.
    Then Cid will simply brief your mission. Now again you will be
    accompanied by both Selphie and Zell, but where is Zell?. Speaking of
    devil, here comes Zell in his cool air-board, however skating in
    main compound is not allow in Garden. Zell's air-board is confiscated
    in the process. Now once you control Squall, try to exit the area. Cid
    will give you the Magical Lamp [DO NOT SELL THIS ITEM!] as it summons
    the GF Monster, the Diablos. You need to defeat it so that you can have
    a new GF. This BOSS is rather tough. Wait until you get two more GFs,
    before try to attempt to get it.
    Exit from Garden and you are back on the World Map. You had rent a
    vehicle, you will find your vehicle at the spot, where you have parked.
    You can enter the Dock using the car too. If you don't have, walk
    towards the Balamb Town. As you arrived at the town, head south from
    the Gas Station. Now walk down and make a left turn, there you will
    meet Zell's close friend. Next, walk left and you will reach the train
    station. There is a shop situated at the right side of the station,
    which sells items. [Refer to Part II for more details, I have included
    the shopping list.] Purchase some Phoenix Downs, it will help you in
    the later part of the game..
    After this, talk to the man at the station and pay him 3,000 gil to
    enter the train. What happended if you have insufficent gil..., just
    head back to the World Map and level up for about 15 minutes and you
    will receive some cash ^_^;
    Inside The Train.....
    There is a Save Point inside the train. Next Zell will talk to both
    Squall and Selphie. They will leave the room. Follow their suit. Talk
    to Zell and he will enter the room on the left. Selphie will remain at
    the walkway of the train, happily singing. Now head inside the room and
    talk to Zell whom is sitting on the crouch. Move towards Zell and pick
    any option. Then Selphie will enter the room, looking unwell. Suddenly,
    Selphie passes out, so is Zell. Squall tries to approach them, but
    suddenly fall unconscious, lying on the ground and the screen fades....
    No no! this isn't the headaches which, Cloud of FF7 has regularly has!
    BTW, You will receive a Pet Pals Vol. 1 from Zell once you start to
    enter the train.
    / 3.6 \_________________________________________________________________
    Laguna Dream Sequence No. 1: Meeting the Singer
    --- ATFO #6 ---
    A few points to note...
    - There is nothing much of interest besides drawing magic from the Draw
      Points found here.
    - You will get to use Laguna Loire and his friends in some part of the
      game. BTW, each of them has only one Limit Break.
    - You can choose to battle Diablos at this point of time.
    - There is no way you can get lost until you reached Deling City. Talk
      to the girl dressed in blue velvet near the piano and go to the
      counter after Laguna has met his dream girl.
    The screen will now switch to the "other party" and it's focusing on
    Laguna Loire and his company. The guy with long hair is Laguna Loire.
    The massive one is Ward Zaback. He is armed with a powerful Harpoon.
    Kiros Seagul is the other guy. He carries two long swords. Pretty cool
    | Notes on Laguna Dream Sequences |_________________________________
    | At this moment of time, they will be able to access your GFs,     |
    | Cards, Monsters and Magic. Laguna will have all Squall's          |
    | commands that you have equipped. Ward will have all Zell's        |
    | commands that you have equipped. Kiros will have all the          |
    | commands that you have equipped on Selphie. They will also be     |
    | able to fight the Diablos that has been trapped inside the        |
    | Magicial Lamp, given by Cid. In this section, you will encounter  |
    | random battles in the grasslands, similar to those at Galbadian   |
    | Area. There is one common factor for all Laguna's Dream Sequence, |
    | that the maximum amount of gil they have is 3,000 gil.            |
    The path for this area is rather straight-forward. Just simply walk/
    run along the track and head northeast. The path is surrounded by high
    grasslands. There is a Draw Point found along the path.{Cure} Now
    proceed north and you will see a lot of speech bubbles at a time. Make
    an anti-clockwise turn and you will find a Draw Point. {Water} In front
    lies a truck, enter it. Next the truck will transport you to the Capital
    of Galbadia, Deling City [which is named after the President]. At the
    city, once you have exit from the truck, head south. You will find a
    hotel called Galbadia Hotel. At the main hall you will find a Save
    Point. Next you can choose to sleep in the hotel, it cost 100 gil.
    After the "goodnight sleep", walk down the stairs found on the right of
    the main hall. Next talk to the waitress whom is wearing a blue velvet,
    and she is found in front of the piano. Next a lady dressed in red
    [Julia] will come out and play the piano. You will see Laguna talking
    to his pals. Head and talk to Julia and Laguna will fake injury on his
    foot, ^_^. Next Julia will approach Laguna and have a short chit-chat.
    Julia will move upstairs and thus leaving Laguna in his thoughts. Now
    head back to the man at the counter and pick the first option. There you
    will see a brief talk between Laguna and the Julia. Again, the screen
    will then fade again......
    The girl's name was Julia [taken from Heero Yuy's FF8 FAQ.]
    / 3.7 \_________________________________________________________________
    Meet Once Again...
    --- AFTO #7 ---
    Once you are at Timber, proceed down the entrance and you will meet a
    person, talk to him and pick any option. The sequences occured
    afterwards depend on your options.
    There is a Save Point in the next cabin. It is rather wisely to use it
    as it will be going to be a long time before you get your next chance to
    save. Point of Advice: Save your game at regular intervals.
    After you have met with the lady dressed in blue, proceed back to the
    main hall where everyone is. After the meeting is over, proceed back to
    the room where you meet "the lady" and pick up the Pet Pals Vol 2 issue.
    Talk to the guy with a blue cap [btw, if you play a card game with him,
    you can get Angelo's Card] and pick the 2nd option.
    The BOSS is an easy one, refer to strategies for more details.
    Both Zell and Selphie had already been awake up from that strange dream,
    But Squall is lying on the ground. Once again, you have regain control
    of your former party. You will eventually get off the train at the
    small train station. [I think it says "Timber Station", the wording is
    a bit too tough to read!] There is a booth, which will tell you
    something about Timber Town [it includes a map, information on Owl's
    Tears and Timber Manaics Magazines]
    In front of the pet shop, there is a guy blocking the entrance. Now walk
    down the steps and you will meet up with one person and he will prompt
    you a question, pick any one of them. After a series of sequences, you
    get to board on a mini-train.
    At the Train...
    Your party will stay there for a while. There are two other guys. One
    of them dressed in blue [Zone] while the other is wearing a yellow cap.
    [Watts] The punky guy in blue shirt will usually have a stomachache and
    puke at a corner ^_^;. Go up the stairs on the extreme right. There is
    a Save Point at the left-hand side of the train. I suggest that you use
    it. Zone will tell Squall to go and meet their "Princess".
    Now exit from the area and continue to head up, until you reached a
    highly-polished cabin. Inside the room, is the person who had danced
    with Squall at the Graduation Party. The moment she notices Squall, She
    hugs Squall and will have a brief chat [it's about... Seifer...]. She
    will tell her name, Rinoa. Her dog will enter the cabin later and you
    can name her dog [Angelo]. Once she had left the room, head back to the
    main cabin where your party was. Everyone will have a short chit-chat.
    Next you will be led to a room, which has the model of the tunnel.
    You're planning to attack the President, who is on board on the other
    train. There you will have a sequence of the process showing how the
    trains are connected. Here is a brief description of the sequence:
    NOTE: Remember to take Pet Pals Vol. 2 from Rinoa's bed [which been
          converted into a sofa after the mission briefing.]. Thanks to
          Lynn Tse for the valuable information.
     | Mission Briefing |__________________________________________________
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     | ========================                                            |
     | =========Legend=========   B R I E F I N G                          |
     | ========================                                            |
     | [ ]     Train carriage     There will a be a strong sequence showing|
     | #       Train tracks       the connections of the trains. You are   |
     | B       Blue               in the blue train carriage and your      |
     | R       Red                aim is misplaced the president carriage. |
     | Y       Yellow             After that long process, you will see    |
     | G       Green              the connection [below the original one]  |
     |                            Next you will given a try to test        |
     |                            entering the codes. 4 numbers for each   |
     |                            codes.                                   |
     | Here is the diagram                                                 |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |   O R I G I N A L     L A Y O U T                                   |
     |                                                                     |
     |   ################################# [BBBB][YYYY]#########           |
     |                                           ###                       |
     |   #######################[GGGG][GGGG][RRRR][GGGG]########           |
     |                                                                     |
     |   A F T E R.....                                                    |
     |                                                                     |
     |   ########### [GGGG][GGGG][BBBB][GGGG]########                      |
     |                                 ###                                 |
     |      ################# [RRRR][YYYY]#############                    |
    Once you're ready, talk to the Zone and pick the first option. [Don't
    forget to get the magazine (Pet Pals Vol. 2) Exit from this area and
    talk to Watts and pick the 2nd option and the screen will fade...
    Now, your party will be at the top of the train and your characters will
    jump across to reach the other train [pressing Circle]. Next Rinoa will
    talk to Squall and the scene will switches to the President, who you are
    chasing after. There you will have to the sub-game section and followed
    by a short FMV, showing the unlocking of train carriages. Now you will
    be on the other green train carriage and doing the sub-game sequence
    and followed by another FMV of the unlocking of trains and the
    replacement of the train carriage.
      | Sub-Game |_________________________________________________________
      |                                                                    |
      |  Your aim:                                                         |
      |                                                                    |
      |  Enter the codes to unhook the train without being discovered by   |
      |  Galbadian soldiers. Your aim is to replace the President's        |
      |  carriage with the empty one.                                      |
      |                                                                    |
      |                                                                    |
      |    ==================              Triangle [1]                    |
      |    -----CONTROLS-----     Square [3]          Circle [2]           |
      |    ==================                  X [4]                       |
      |                                                                    |
      |                   L1:  Look left        R1: Look Right             |
      |                   Up:  Getting Up      Down: Move down             |
      | My Briefing:                                                       |
      |   Squall will set up the device vertically on the top of the       |
      | train. Rinoa will tell you the code. The code panel is shown on the|
      | top right-hand corner. You have to enter the number shown on the   |
      | panel. For example: Let's says if the code to input is 1333, press |
      | Triangle, Square, Square, Square. You will be forced to stop if you|
      | was caught by the patrolling Galbadian soldiers. For the first     |
      | train carriage, you have to input 3 codes within the given time    |
      | limit. The codes need not to be input continuously. Note that you  |
      | can't move while inputting codes on the panel. If a soldier is     |
      | moving forward, press Up and Squall will be back at the top of the |
      | train. For the first mission, press L1 to look left to see the     |
      | Galbadian soldiers are approaching you. For second time, you will  |
      | have to input 5 codes with the same time limit. Press R2 to view   |
      | right if Galbadian soldiers are moving towards you. If you have    |
      | failed, you will given an extended time [note that this will       |
      | decrease your SeeD ranking] If you managed to do this within the   |
      | given time limit for the first time, your SeeD ranking will be     |
      | promoted by one.                                                   |
    Now you will back at the place where you firstly enter this train. Zone
    will have another stomachache. Once gain control of Squall, head back
    to the place where you find the Save Point and save your game. Return
    and talk to the man wearing a cap [Watts] and pick the 2nd Option and
    the screen will fade once again...
    Now you were in the carriage where the President is currently located
    at. Rinoa approaches the President but it's kind of a strange feeling...
    As you might have guessed, it is another BOSS fight!
    / BOSS 6 \______________________________________________________________
    Fake President
    Name:       Fake President:         Level 8     HP: 458
                Gerogero:               Level 8     HP: 2,450
    Attacks:    Fake President:         Charge and Life Drain
                Gerogero:               Claw Swipe, Fire, Thunder, Flood
                                        Breath, Blind, Berserk, Zombie
    Facts:      Gerogero:               Weak against Fire, Earth and Holy.
                                        Poison has no effect on the BOSS
    Draw:       Fake President:         Cure*
                Gerogero:               Esuna, Double, Berserk, Zombie
    AP gained:  20.
    Win:        8x Zombie Powder
    Strategy No. 1
    Just dealt 400+ HP on Deling and it will changed to a huge ugly and
    dirty monster. Just use fire-based attacks and your GF. Use Cure or
    items such as Hi-Potions and Potion to restore lost HP. Next add
    more fire. The flood breath occasionally will cause Zombie, use Esuna
    to remove this status aliments. Do use Potions and Cure as your
    character becomes an undead or it will decrease your character's HP!
    Seize the opporunity to stock up Double Magic.
    Strategy No.1 (contributed by Patrick Han /Koo Yee Hui)
    The President is undead, use Cure on the BOSS and use Double to
    increase the damage by half (about 500+ HP, it's two spells at a time).
    This was sent by Patrick Han. There is also an alternate way to defeat
    the BOSS: Gerogero, it can be killed instantly by a Phoenix Down! This
    method is sent by Koo Yee Hui.
    As you have defeat the BOSS, you will back at the place where you will
    shown the train diagram. Zone will squat down and puke. [Can't he stop
    this?] Now talk to Rinoa whom is squatting along with the other two.
    Squall will follow Rinoa's suit and receive 2 pieces of paper. The
    papers are actually a massage meant for Squall and his pals. The
    messages are sent from Cid. Zone will have another stomachache [Is
    there something wrong with his stomach?] and you will talk to head for
    the Timber TV station. Rinoa will join you and you will have to form a
    new party of three. Next exit from the area, through south. Head up the
    stairs and use that Save Point. Play a card game with Watts as you can
    get Angelo's Card from him!
    Now talk to Watts and choose Option 2. The train will now return back
    to the Timber Station.
    / 3.8 \_________________________________________________________________
    Chaos at the TV Station
    --- ATFO 8 ---
    Buy Pet Pals Vol 3 and Vol 4 from the Pet Shop near the entrance where
    you had entered Timber. Note that you will encounter G-Soldiers and
    Elite Soldiers [which is rarer], stock up the basic spells for Rinoa, or
    you make use of the Junction Exchange Menu.
    Move down and exit from the screen. The Save Point is found inside the
    Hotel and you can also choose to remodel your weapon if you managed to
    get the ingredients for them. For information on remodeling, please
    refer to Part II.
    After you have defeat the soldiers near the entrance, back-track and
    move right from the small train booth. [it is quite hard to locate for
    a first time FF8 player, therefore keep your eyes wide open...] Inside
    the majestic building, you can find a lot of items and draw points
    there. The Girl Next Door, a naughty magazine is found near the counter.
    You can also find a Timber Maniacs Magazine in the general office. BTW,
    you can't view the Girl Next Door item as it is a junk item and
    therefore, no picture. BTW, don't sell it as it can fetch something
    later in the game.
    Right from the building and you can find a pub. Inside the pub, talk to
    drunken fellow by picking 2nd option twice. Once he allows you to past,
    you will find another Save Point.
    Move up the stairs to the cinema. After the disruption, back track and
    proceed to the house on right, and move upstairs. Once you are ready to
    exit, proceed to the train station on the right side of the road.
    If you don't pick 500 gil in the cabinet, you can have a pool of water
    [Owl's Tears] that helps to recover HP and restore status disorder.
    Unboard after your first stop or you ended up Dollet Train Station.
    If you missed the train spot, retrace your path by following the
    railways. From the station, move north and proceed to the forest that
    is found in between the cliffs. Please note that a lot of people are
    trapped often here... so watch out!
    For this moment of time, you will encounter G-Soldiers during this
    period of time. Hence, just stay on your guard.
    Once you have reached the station, get off from the train and received
    a cutscene from Elite Soldier and three G-Soldiers looking over a
    bridge. Head up and you can buy some items from the Pet Shop. Pet Shops
    provided items for GF [the list of items can be found at Part II of
    this FAQ]. You can also buy Pet Pals Vol. 3 and Vol. 4.
    Now head down and exit from the screen. There is a Junk Shop on the
    extreme top-left hand corner and the Timber Hotel is the building on
    the right of it. Inside the Timber Hotel. There is a room that's
    simply out of bounds. Actually you can only enter it by paying 100 gil
    at the counter [It allows you to get another copy of Timber Magazine in
    this way, But for the time being, you can't]. There is another card
    player [the little girl near the signboard] found here. Walk southeast
    to exit from this area.
    In this area, you find 2x Elite Soldiers threatening the guards at the
    gate, walk south and confront with them. You will have to fight them.
    Now return back to the Train station and this time, take the path
    facing right [it is somewhere in between the 2 platforms]. Now there is
    a huge building that's says "Timber Maniacs" Enter the building. You
    find several decks of documents. Search the documents on the right and
    get the Girl Next Door [which can be used to exchange for the Shiva Card
    later in the game]. The room, located on the left, has a hidden Draw
    Point [Blizzaga]. Head up the room located in the north. Inside the
    room, there are 3 people. There is a shiny item [a Timber Magazine],
    which you can collect from the deck of documents located at the right.
    If you talk to the man found at the north, you have another short
    sequence. The building next to the Maniacs is the house, which you will
    visit it later. Head right. Now you will be on a street.
    Notice! there is a girl, walking up to the shelter, actually that's the
    staircase which leads from the Pub. There is another card player [girl
    on the bench]. You will meet 2 G-Soldiers Soldiers and you will have to
    defeat them. There is another Item Shop located on the left of the Pub.
    There is another Draw Point [Cure] located at the right of the Pub. Head
    up and enter the Pub after you have done with your shopping. At the Pub,
    there's a drunken man sitting there at the door that's leads to the back
    alleyway of the Pub. Talk to the man dressed in a purple suit and choose
    the following [BTW, you have also gotten a Buel Card after the battle.]:
    1st Question:   2nd Option
    2nd Question:   2nd Option. The first option will allows you to buy
                    drinks from the pub. Each drink costs 100 gil. In
                    return, the man also gives you a Card. [Tonberry.]
    Now the owner will tell the drunken man to make way for you. Now head
    up and you will find a Save Point. There is another card player, whom
    is sitting on the bench. Now head left. There you will find a huge
    gate that leads to the TV Station. [if you head back it will reveal
    another Draw Point {Scan}]. Head up, forced the gate to open and went
    up the winding stairs. Now make a right turn and you will see a huge TV
    Street Monitor. There you will have a conversation and pick any option.
    Squall will eventually quarrels with Rinoa. Rinoa will then ran away and
    followed the entrance of Selphie/Zell will come and rejoins your party.
    Now watch the monitor. There you will have a sequence of the minister
    talking about Galbadia followed by entrance of the real President
    Deling. There you will see Zell talking about the President and more
    surprises will come... Seifer will enter the screen and threaten to
    kill the President. Quistis is also there and she will tell everyone
    to head for the TV Station. Now head left and walk up the path, you
    find Seifer there, holding the President as the hostage. After a short
    conversation, he will then pull the President to a corner. At that
    corner, Quistis will come in, trying to stop Seifer from killing the
    President. Suddenly, a mysterious lady appeared from thin air, it's
    Edea [the person whom frequently appears in the opening FMV]. She
    will talk out with Seifer, causing him to drop the President and leave
    with her. Quistis was injured in the process by her strong magic.
    Squall and his party will enter the place and was stopped in the
    process. Next Rinoa will be back at the area too. Now you have to
    follow both Quistis and Rinoa. Remember the house next to Timber
    Maniacs? So head there and you will find both of them. A short
    sequence will happen at the house. Firstly talk to Quistis and tried
    to exit. And you will talk out, and you will be given the chance to
    re-organize your party. On your way out, the woman will give you a
    Phoenix Down, Potion, Soft, Antidote and a Remedy. Now you will
    see a Galbadian Soldier outside the house. You can ignore the soldier
    by keep going right. There you will see Zone (in disguise), who will be
    distributing tickets to Quistis, Rinoa and Squall. Now enter the
    walkway, which is enclosed by a shelter. Now you will be on the other
    side of the Train Station. There is a house on the left and a
    mysterious furnace. Now cross over the bridge and head south, you will
    meet Quistis or Rinoa there. Pick Option 1 to enter the train. Your
    company will now be boarding on the train to Galbadia Garden, where
    Squall and company decide to visit. The train will now start to move.
      / _____ \            XXX    ____  XXXX     __|__   G   G-Garden
     | (_____) |          XXXX   |D   |   XXXX__|     |  D   Dollet
      \___G___/         XXXXXX    .           __ Dol  |] XX  Hilltops
                mmmmmmmmmXXXXX    .XX     XXXX  |_____|  ffff  forests
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXfffffffffXXX     .XX    XXXX      |     EA   East Academy
    XXXXXXXXXXXXfffffffffffXXXX   . XX   XXXX            D    Dollet Station
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXfffffffffffXXXXhh.hXXXhhXXXX            Dol  Dollet
    _______________   ____________.________/        v    Vaulny Canyon
                   / /            .                 m    Monterosa Plateau
                  / /_____        .                 h    Hasberry Plains
    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv |EA   |vvvvvv .                 .    Train Route
    Proceed to the area marked "ffff". If you have missed the first stop,
    just follow the train track back to the front or you can have fun at
    Inside the train, talk to everyone and Zell last, picking the first
    option. Now you will be brought back to the World Map. There is a small
    platform there, and you will given two options. Pick the first option
    to get off the train. [if you did not get off you will be brought to
    the train station outside Dollet!] Next walk up the road and cross the
    bridge located at the north of the platform. You will find a forest
    surrounded by mountainous regions. Enter the forest, you will have a
    short sequence. Next Squall, Quistis and Selphie will suddenly fall
    unconsicious, could it be another Cloud's mishap?
    / 3.9 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Centra Evacuation Site
    --- ATFO #9 ---
    This is pretty strange forward battlefield. Just eliminate anyone here.
    To avoid gameovers easily, try to make use of stock Cure* and cast Cure
    strategy. [This is definitely better the Materia or magic which requires
    In this areas, examine all the traps and tampered with them. If you
    don't, you can get some of rarest items later in the game [that will be
    in Disc 3!]
    There is nothing besides proceeding north. Trigger the denotators with
    all options and tampered every trap door, included the hidden boulder.
    Save your game in a new slot just in case you have miss out anything.
    The ending point is near the Save Point. Just enter the entrance from
    the north.
    BTW, watch for Gespers [Big Head metallic Goblins with telekinetic
    powers!] and mug Black Hole, which allows Quistis to learn Degenerator!
    If you encounter the Elastoid [iron pillar with 4 legs that's floating
    in air], there is about 5% chances that you will get Laser Cannon,
    which allows Quistis to learn Homing Laser.
    As you fall unconsicious, the screen switches back to Laguna and his
    company. They are talking about something, associated with the words
    "Lunatic Pandora"... Now you need to head for the building or mine-like
    structure located on the west of this area. Just pick any option
    during the conversation. As you head up, you need to fight some Esthar
    Soldiers, don't worry as they are not quite tough [just like the
    G-Soldiers, in fact they have the same stats as the Galbadian Soldiers
    and similar draw spells. Absorb some magic from the Draw Point. {Sleep}
    Now take the straight path and quite head right until the path splits
    into three. Take the one leading right and absorb some more magic from
    the Draw Point.{Confuse} Now head back to the entrance, where you have
    firstly fought the soldiers. Take the other path and press down when
    you reached the ladder.
    Next you will have a sequence and Laguna seems hurt. Continue to walk
    forward. Make a left turn and exit. Now your characters will be coming
    out from a huge pipe. If you examine the junk located near the entrance,
    Laguna will get an item, however he loses it afterwards! Notice that,
    there is a path leading northwest. Take that path and proceed forward
    until you have found a huge boulder and a torpedo-shaped like structure.
    Press Circle on the structure and choose both options [one at a time...]
    The boulder will start to roll down and thus blocking off the previous
    exit. Now walk up the path [there is another hidden Draw Point {Cure}
    trapped under the boulder on the left side of the pathway.] Go up the
    stairs and continue to move forward and make a left turn when your
    characters have reached a junction. Proceed left until you reach a
    small opening. There is a Save Point located in that area. Now make
    sure that your party is fully healed. Save your game and head up, you
    find a cliff facing the sea. Now you will be interupted by a couple of
    Esthar Soldiers and you have to fight them CONTINOUSLY. You will fight
    in this sequence: 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 [After you defeated the last Esthar
    Soldier, it will does a life-threatening damage to Ward and Kiros,
    reducing their HP to only one point]. The amount of battles will be
    reduced based on the number of traps you have ignited.
    After the battle, you will have a saddening sequence between the trio.
    Laguna will start to throw off his injured bundies over the cliff.
    After the exhausting sequence [throwing a big guy like Ward required
    some energy], Laguna will then tries to get down but he accidentally
    trips over!.. End of Laguna's 2nd Scenario. [How careless of Laguna
    Loire ^_^;]
    / 3.10 \________________________________________________________________
    The Cowboy at Galbadia Garden.
    --- ATFO #10 ---
    Gather all draw points that you can found here. BTW, there is a hidden
    draw point under the golden light.
    Proceed to the room on 2nd floor and exit Galbadia Garden. Meet everyone
    and you will recurit a new member, Irvine Kinneas!
    While at the world map, proceed southwest from the Garden and moves to
    the next station. (It is small green box, btw). Note: This section also
    causes a lot of people to miss it.
    Squall, Selphie and Quistis will now be awaken from the mysterious
    dream. If you check Selphie's and Quistis' stats, you will notice that
    their HP have been reduced to 1! Equip Guardian Forces to the main
    party, if Quistis and Selphie is not at your party. Squall and his
    members will exit from the forest. Now you will be led to an opening
    desert. You will find the Galbadia Garden northwest from the forest.
    Below is a map to aid your navigation
    The Galbadia Garden's Surrounding Areas
                        Sea                              /     Legend
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |      ...   train
                       ______________                   |            tracks
                      /    _______   \                   \     ffff  forest
                     /    /       \   \                   \    - -   beach
    ...........     |    |Galbadia |   |                  |    ---   cliffs
       _______       \    \_______/   /                   |
      |Station|       \______________/                    |
      |_______|                                           |
    Enter that building and this will be followed by an FMV.
    * FMV **
    Garden young cadets riding on robot-walkers flying around the the
    building and a close up view of the Far East Garden.
    As you enter the building, there are a couple of players. One of them
    is a girl walking towards you and the other is a guy resting on his
    robot-walker. At the right side of the atrium, you will find another
    player. Now head up and you will reach the Central Gate of the
    Galbadia Garden. Your members will assemble at the entrance. If Quistis
    is in your party, she will leave and you will be asked to re-form your
    party. Next you will be at the main compound of Galbadia Garden. There
    is a Save Point on the left and there are four paths leading from the
    main compound. There is a hidden Draw Point found here under the
    yellow light. {Haste}
    -----1ST Floor-----
    THE SOUTH PATH: Leads to the Central Gate of the Galbadia Garden.
    The LEFT PATH:  Leads to the Authorium and there is guard on the left.
    The RIGHT PATH: There are total of 2 doors here. The room on the right
                    has three players. While the room on the left is the
                    hockey field / skating compound. Presently you can't
                    get the Draw Point that's within the skating compound.
                    Head up the left door at the north, you find a card
                    player plus another Draw Point. {Life}
    The NORTH PATH: There is a guard guarding the door. Head up and you
                    will find an instructor guiding some cadets doing
                    push-ups. Head up stairs located at the right.
    -----2ND Floor-----
    The LEFT PATH:  Leads to the elevator, nothing else is found here. It
                    is only accessible if you have the KeyCard No. 3
    The RIGHT PATH: Leads to the circular path that's located directly
                    above the main hall. There is another school hall
                    within this area. You will find another Draw Point near
                    the stand {Double}
    The ROOM:       There is a guard guarding the room. ENTER this room!
    You have a sequence between your party. Talk to Zell, attempts to exit
    and you will meet up with Quistis. After seeing this, talk to Rinoa
    whom is at the lower end of the room. After a short talk, converse
    with Selphie and you have some more conversation between the party.
    Next Squall will exit from the room, looks pretty angry and jealous.
    [Rinoa is concerned about Seifer....]
    Head down the stairs. Did you noticed that Zell is training along with
    the cadets, doing push-ups? Next exit from the area and you will meet
    up with Seifer's pals, Fujin and Raijin. They questioned Squall about
    something and why Seifer is not here. After that short chat, head for
    the Central Gate. At the gate, you will meet Quistis and exit from the
    area, talk to her and your members will head for the walkway at the
    entrance of the Galbadia Garden. Talk to Rinoa, whom is sitting on the
    edge. Next you will meet Martine, who will be approaching your party in
    a vehicle. Notice that Rinoa isn't quite familiar with the SeeD way of
    addressing fellow SeeD members. Next the Martine will introduce you a
    new member, Irvine Kinneas in a cool FMV:
    ** FMV **
    A butterfly flews onto Irvine's finger. Irvine is lying on the
    grass patch and look at Squall and company, then he will approaches
    and talk to your party.
    There, your members will try to know Irvine better. Talk to Selphie and
    you will have a sequence of her and Rinoa holding onto Irvine and leave.
    Squall looks a bit gloomy about this. ^_^; Now you will back at the
    World Map with Zell and Quistis or customized if you have do the trick
    below. Now enter the train station that's located northwest from the
    Garden. Next proceed towards the train attendant and pay 3,000 gil for
    the fee. You party will assemble at the main cabin of the train. Next
    Rinoa and Selphie will enter together with Irvine. As usual, the
    cheerful Selphie will enter the door and sang her song. Irvine will
    follow her. Proceed there and you will have another sequence. Next
    talk to Selphie and exit. Next you have another short talk and the
    screen will switch to the World Map and the train will take you to
    Deling City where Laguna's first scenario has occured.
    PS: I have found the trick to prevent the girls from hugging Irvine.
        Just talk to Zell and choose the second option and you have
        to re-organize your party! The storylines also changes too. ^_^;
    / 3.11 \________________________________________________________________
    Meeting up with General Caraway in Deling City
    --- ATFO #11 ---
    - Just watch out for bus stops! Talk to attendents to board the bus.
    - Just alight after the first stop. Remember to buy some ammo for
    - Get Steel Pipes from the Wendigos found outside the city which
      appears for random battles in the red desert. It is no harm getting
      more than 7. You can get screws from Geezard, those red-grey
    - Draw and stock up Float along with Aero from the Thrustaveis. [it is
      found in grassy areas and it often appear in pairs.] Junction Aero to
    - It is more advisible to rent a car for it is long journey for you to
      reach the tomb. BTW, the tomb is located on the opposite of the train
      tunnel. [I have made changes for the map.]
    - Just get out of the car and enter the tomb
    You will now reached the city of Galbadia. There is a card player in the
    middle of the platform. Now head down the escalator. Now you should
    have a sequence between your party. Next head north and exit. There you
    will see the compound, where Laguna's Truck has stopped before. In the
    city, there are buses which transports your character from one location
    to another. To get on the bus, you need to find a bus stop [there is
    a bus attendant dressed in green for every bus stops]. Wait for the bus
    to come and pick the first option. Now talk to the bus attendent
    located south of the fountain.[you will see it immediately as you enter
    the area.] Now talk to the attendant and pick the first option to board
    the bus. Take the bus and choose to alight during the next stop. The
    moment that the bus has reach the next stop [the road is marked by 09]
    Press X to alight. Now talk to the Galbadia Solider on the extreme
    right.(he is rather diffcult to find) Talk to him and he asked for a
    three digit password. Next he will talk about the Tomb of the Unknown
    King, which located northwest from the city. Next he will give you the
    map. Next you will be given the following options:
    1. Tell the password
    2. Pay 3,000 gil to repeat
    3. Pay 5,000 gil to give some hints [like where to find the password]
       (The walkthrough covers this.. Hence saves you 5000 gil ^_^;)
    4. Head for the "Rent A Car" Shop
    Pick the fourth one and you will be brought to the area where you find
    the "Rent A Car" Shop. I suggest that you better rent a car as it is
    safer and the tomb is quite far from the city [it is on the grasslands,
    not the deserts!]. Just board and head northwest and you will find the
    tomb where the Galbadia Soldier has told you to head for. Below is a map
    to aid you. BTW, you can find Wendigo in random battles by walking around
    the deserts area.
    Great Plains of Galbadia
    ----------------------------------------------------------------Area Map
       N                      _________              ..... Grasslands
     W-|-E                   /......../             XXXXXX Mountains
       S                    /.[Tomb]./              [    ] Deserts
                           /......../                ____| Cliffs in Deserts
                          /......../                 TT    Train Tunnel
            ____________|.........|  ___   \
    XXXXXXX .......................     \   \
    XXXXX .........[Deling].........     \___\
    XXXXXX............TT.............            --> G-Garden
          ...........................            Strangely enough, I have
                                                 been receiving mails about
        Galbadia                                 getting to the Tomb.. Well
        Missile               D-District         I guess you guys should
         Base                   Prison           know why ^_^;
    For those whom has problems in moving around in this huge city, here is
    some miscellaneous information on Deling City.
    1.  Deling Fountain Area
        The first area where Laguna and his party has landed at. There
        are two bus attendents within this area.
    2.  Park Lane
        The area where you will find the attendent in front of the
        General's Mansion. The Left path leads to the clock tower/gateway of
        Deling. There you will find another Draw Point. {Thundara} There
        are two bus attendants in this area.
    3.  Galbadia Parade Street
        Basically a busy street. This road is infested with vehicles and
        there are a huge group of people. On the right, you will find the
        weapon shop [yellow signboard] and the item shop [orange signboard]
    4.  Galbadia's Clock Tower [Gateway of Deling]
        The most significant sight is the huge brown tower. There is a
        4-way junction which leads to the other parts of the town.
    5.  In front of the President's Mansion
        You will find 2 bus attendants here and south is the President's
        mansion. There is a huge compound area, where the General will
        brief you about your mansion.
    6.  Galbadia's Hotel street
        Head northeast and cross the flags and you will end up at this
        street. Inside the Hotel, there is a Save Point. Hotel fees: 100
    7.  General Caraway's Mansion
        In front of the Mansion, there is a Save Point. To get there, just
        head east of the Park Lane. You must get the three digit password
        which is found on the Gunblade and he will lead you to the Mansion.
    / 3.12 \________________________________________________________________
    The Tomb of Unknown King - Finding the Password
    --- ATFO 12 ---
    - It is not compulsory to get the Brothers at this point of time.
      However, it saves you a trip from coming back later in the game.
    - Your motive is to get a 3 digit code [well you may wondeirng why I
      don't tell you the code directly? It is because the code changes every
      time you replay the game. It is typically random based on your
      performance for the game.]
    - The code is found on a gunblade, hence keep your eyes wide open for
      that gunblade. Just make contact with it and press Circle to view the
      code. Jot it down on a piece of paper or you may need to return back
      to the tomb again.
    - GF Brother's regeneration ability can be removed by "moving them off
      the ground". To do that cast Float on them and the regeneration will
      cut off. GFs works quite well in this battle and you can get the first
      revive spell, Life. Try to stock them from Sacred or you have to spend
      time in the later section. Refer to the strategy section for more
    As you have arrived at the tomb, you find two girls [looking like
    Balamb Garden cadets] running away from the tomb. Is there ghosts in
    the tomb? Just kidding..^_^; You can find a Save Point on the right and
    a Draw Point on the left. {Protect}. Cross the bridge and enter the
    The Tomb has a very complex layout. To view the map that the attendant
    has previously given to you, press SELECT to view it while you are at
    the Tomb. If you are lost, hold down the SELECT button and press X and
    you will be given a message and pick the 1st option to exit from the
    Tomb. [But, this method will decrease your SeeD Ranking!]
    Here is the map [hope that it isn't very difficult to read ^_^]:
                   ** M A P   O F   T H E   T O M B **
                             L E G E N D
    - -          Path
    X X          Bridge
    [G.F]        GF Brothers hideout
    Right        The right section where you will meet Sacred of the
    North        The northen section where you find a Draw Point and a
                 chain locking a wall. {Cura}
    Left         The left section where you find a lever activating gears.
                 You will also find another Draw Point at the right
                 corner {Floats}
                              __ | __
                             |   |   |
                          __ |__ | __| __
                         |   |       |   |
                  Left __|__ | [G.F] | __|__ Right
                         |   |   X   |   |
                         |__ |___X __| __|
                             |   |   |
                          Entrance /Exit
      SELECT: To activate the map      X:  To exit from the tomb.
    Be on your guard at all times while at the tomb. The monsters found
    here are quite tough and have good protection spells such as Protect
    and Shell. [Stock them up as you need for it later in the game, for
    providing defensive purposes. As you enter the tomb for the first time,
    you will be on a straight forward path. Straight paths are important
    as they will lead to special areas [providing me with help on how to
    proceed onwards.] Proceed forward and you will be at a junction with
    a gunblade on the ground. Examine the gunblade and you will get a
    number [I got the no. 016 and the number changes everytime you replayed
    the game]. Next take the right path of the junction. NOTE: ALWAYS turn
    right whenever you have came to junction, so that you will NEVER get
    lost. This section isn't compulsory but you can get GF Brothers from
    this section. Keep on turning right until you ended up on a straight
    path. There you will see Sacred of the Brothers. Yikes! It moved! There
    you will have to battle against Sacred of the Brothers..another BOSS
    / BOSS 7 \______________________________________________________________
    The East Wing of The Tomb: Sacred
    Name:      Sacred        Level 11     HP: 1,778
    Attacks:   (Regenration of HP), (Pole swing)
    Facts:     Weak against Poison and Wind. Absorb Earth-based attacks.
    Draw:      Shell, Protect, Berserk, Life
    AP gained: 0 AP
    Win:       8x G-Hi-Potion
    Attributes Information
             |||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF |||||
                   ||||| INT  SPI ||||
                      || DEX  EVA |
    This guy can be an headache if you are at low levels. The BOSS has
    high attacking power and will regenarate his HP everytime it reaches
    his turn. So how to do it? First of all, you need to stock up some Float
    spells from those Thrustaveis found in grasslands before you reach the
    tomb.(They are purple periodic birds.]. Cast Float on Sacred. Remember
    that they are Earth-powered monsters! That will stop its regenaration
    of Sacred! Thanks to Stephanus Rudiyanto for this. Now the problem has
    removed, cast your GFs to finish it off or use your Limit Breaks!
    Now the Sacred will ran away from the area and head for the hideout
    [marked at the center of the map]. Return back to the junction and keep
    on turning right and you will end up at the North area of the Tomb.
    There you will see a river and it has been blocked off by a ledge.
    Examine the right side of the chain using the Circle button and water
    will flow out from the barrier.
    Next head north and keep turning right at the junctions and you will
    lead to another straight but broken path. There you find a lever on
    the left and some gears. Now press Circle to activate the gears and
    water will flow in. Now you have activate the bridge leading to their
    hideout. Now press Select and press X to return to the exit. Re-enter
    the cave and proceed north all the way. You show reach an area which
    can only be reached by crossing the bridge. Now you will meet Sacred
    and he will call for his brother, Minotaur and prepared to fight.
    / BOSS 8 \______________________________________________________________
    Guardians of the Tomb:   Sacred
    Name:      Sacred        Level 11    HP: 1,778
               Minotaur      Level 15    HP: 3,375
    Attacks:   Sacred:       (Attack), (Regen)
               Minotaur:     (Attack), (Swap All), (Regen)
               Combined:     (Earthquake)
    Facts:     Both:         Weak against Wind and Poison, absorb Earth
                             based attacks.
    Draw:      Sacred:       Shell, Protect, Berserk, Life
               Minotaur:     Shell, Berserk, Protect, Double
    AP gained: 40 AP.
    Win:       8x G-Returner, 8x G-Hi-Potion, Sacred's Card
    Sacred's Attributes Information
              ||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||
                    |||| STR  DEF |||||
                   ||||| INT  SPI ||||
                      || DEX  EVA |
    Minotaur's Attributes Information
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
              ||||||||| STR   DEF ||||||||||
               |||||||| INT   SPI ||||||
                    ||| DEX   EVA ||
    There are two of them and use GFs will be good idea [GFs attacks both
    of them at one turn, make sure your GFs has high HP!]. First of all,
    draw and cast Double on a character, who has float and the magic
    command. Once the character reaches its turn, cast Float on the
    Brothers. Now focus all your attacks on Minotaur, the more dangerous
    one. Minotaur's Swap All does about 100+ to all your party members. [
    Make use of Protect to reduce damage.] Their attacks also does about
    120+ to each member. Cast Cure to regenrate lost HP. Use your Limit
    Breaks when needed. Beware of their most devastating trademark, the
    Earthquake, as it does damage to all characters. Use any healing items
    when needed when you are low on HP. Draw Double Magic from Minotaur and
    produce effective offense and healing. Cast Protect to reduce damage [
    it would be better if everyone is protected by Protect]. Acquired the
    Make Magic Menus early in game as you can make advance magic such as
    Blizzara and Fira [this will inflict more damage.] This battle could be
    an easy one. If one of your characters is dead, draw Life to ressurrect
    dead members.
    After you have defeated the Brothers, you will meet the dead king's
    spirit and he will give you the Brother's card and you will be able to
    summon them for battles. Press SELECT and then press X to exit.
    Re-organize your party when needed. Now head back to Deling City and
    talk to the attendant about your password. By the way, your SeeD ranking
    will decrease by 1 if you go out by that way! So it's better to figure
    your way out. Just walk south from the screen [you will see a light
    source over the ceilings]
    / 3.13 \________________________________________________________________
    Mission Briefing - An Assassination Plan!
    --- ATFO #13 ---
    - No point of interest besides entering the code that you have just
      gotten from the tomb. Enter the code backwards i.e. if the code is 016
      you should enter as 6, 1, 0.
    - Buy some Softs before proceeding into the mansion.
    - Oh.. for those for who don't pay attention to the story, please look
      for Caraway. After your party has reached the gateway. Exit from the
      screen and look out for Caraway! If you are observant enough, you
      should find left side of crowd is empty. Just walk southwest from the
    Head back to Deling City. Now you will know the importance of having a
    vehicle. You will be back at the "Rent-A- Car" Shop. Head northeast and
    you will be at a lane. Head right and you will be back at the Galbadia
    fountain section. Board the same bus and proceed to the street where
    you find the attendant. Now you will be able to submit the password,
    but you may wish to draw magic from the street on the left of the Park
    Lane. [Refer to 3.11 for more information]. Talk to the guy and enter
    the pin backwards. [let's says if the pin is 016, press 6, 1, 0 in this
    order]. If you have entered the pin correctly, you will be able to head
    for the mansion. There is a Save Point here. Save your game.
    Enter the mansion. Once at the mansion, talk to Rinoa. She will talk
    to Squall for a while. Shortly, General Caraway will enter the main
    hall and greet you and brief you about your mission. If Rinoa is in
    your party, she will leave your party and you will have to re-organize.
    The General is actually Rinoa's father and he will take you out and
    browse the places of interests of Deling City. Talk to him, while your
    party are at the Gateway. Next follow him and back to the mansion. A
    short sequence will occur and your party is going to divide into two.
    Squall and Irvine will form a party while Quistis, Selphie and Zell
    will form the second party. Now you will take control of Quistis and
    company. Now head for the door and you will meet Rinoa. A short event
    occurs and everyone leaves, leaving Rinoa in the mansion alone...
    [she is actually on her thoughts.]
    The screen will changes back to Squall, noticed that the streets has
    becoming crowded of sudden. They are going to welcome Edea, the person
    whom you are looking for. Simply follow Caraway and you will end up
    at the President's mansion. Now the screen will now switches back to
    Quistis and her party. Now head back to the mansion through the right
    path. Next you will have a sequence between Rinoa and her father.
    Rinoa will leave the mansion and head on her own... Quistis and her
    party comes back and found that the door was locked !
    / 3.14 \________________________________________________________________
    The Confrontation with the Sorceress
    --- ATFO #14 ---
    - Do a junction exchange and assign all GFs to Squall and Irvine.
    - Before moving up the crates, proceed to the manhole. For those who
      watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I guess you should know what it
      is... The manhole is located on the right of the truck. Once you get
      down, move left and you should find it.
    - The BOSS has another GF for you to draw. If you don't draw it at this
      point of time, you will lose that GF forever. Beware of the petrifying
      status as if both Squall and Irvine are petrified [i.e. they turn into
      stone], it is as good as both of them are KO'ed. Use the Soft or cast
      Esuna (for your relief, you can draw Esuna from the BOSSES]. Draw
      Carbuncle once you start the battle.
    You will now gain control of Rinoa. There is a Save Point on the left.
    Before going up the crates, note that there is manhole near the right
    corner of the screen. Move Rinoa there and press the Circle button and
    you can go down to the sewers. Just move about three screens left, you
    can find a Weapon Mon May there. Now you will have to do some climbing.
    Head to the crates and press Circle button. Climb up until you reach
    the ledge. Head left.
    In this area, head for the ladder located on the left extreme side
    of the building. Now head up to the ceiling and Rinoa will reach the
    building. There is a chair in front of you. Proceed and examine it ...
    KA-Boom ! Rinoa was injured by Edea and Rinoa is then risen into
    mid-air... followed by this FMV.
    ** FMV **
    Edea's hair shortens and uncovered her "beak" mask. Rinoa gets on her
    feet and wings appeared from the round at her back. She then passes
    through the door! And she will deliver her speech to her people.
    Rinoa is coming forward too, looks under the control of Edea.
    Edea talks for a while. Delivering a magic blow on the President,
    causing the President lying dead on the ground . Squall and Irvine
    spotted Rinoa. Squall thinks why Rinoa's up there!? Edea proceed to the
    hall and raises her hand, summoning monsters!
    ** FMV **
    A statue of Lizard-Lion structure suddenly turns alive, forcing its
    way out of the city, causing chaos and thus attack Rinoa whom was
    Squall will talk to Irvine and the screen switches back to Quistis
    and her company. Now you have to find a way to get so that you can
    help Squall and Irvine...
    Look closely on the painting on the right. It's a statue of girl
    holding a glass. On the extreme top-left hand corner is also a statue
    of a girl. So to make it the same, get a glass from the cabinet next
    to the statue and press Circle to place it on the statue. It will then
    reveal a trap door! Enter the trap door and head down to the basement.
    There is a Save Point. To climb onto structures such as ladders, press
    Circle to examine it, press up and down to move.
    Now go down through the ladder and onto the wooden platform next to
    the gear and press Circle, Quistis and her company will be able to
    reach the other side of the basement through crossing over the gear.
    Head up and you will have another FMV sequence...
    ** FMV **
    Squall and Irvine will view the opening of the gate.. there you will
    see dancers performing and crowd watching. Next there will enter a
    huge vehicle with Edea on a chair and Seifer is there too ! Seifer
    has also a scar, same as Squall!
    Now you will be able to move during intervals. Just follow Irvine and
    you will eventually enter the building. Equip Irvine with GFs as
    everything will be reset. Now, climb up the crates, following Rinoa's
    suit. Use the Save Point if needed. Now after you have climb onto the
    celling, try to move Squall towards the edge of the main building. Head
    for the door! You will find the President lying on the ground. In the
    next area, you will find a hatch located on the right of the red
    carpet. Ignore it for the time being and proceed inside the room. There
    you will see the unarmed Rinoa being attacked by those two lizard-lion
    type monsters and you will have to fight them !
    / BOSS 8 \______________________________________________________________
    Inside the President's Mansion - Iguions
    Name:      Iguion [2]    Level 12    HP: 944
    Attacks:   (Bite), (Whip), Acid Breath [may cause Petrify], Double
    Facts:     Weak against Earth/Holy. Fire/Poison does not worked on
               the BOSS.
    Draw:      Cure*, Esuna, Break, Carbuncle
    AP gained: 20 AP
    Mug:       4x G-Returner (each)
    Win:       8x G-Returner (both)
    Iguion's Attributes Information
             |||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||
                  ||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||
                   |||| INT  SPI ||
                      | DEX  EVA
    For this BOSS fight, you can only use Squall and Irvine for your party.
    Use all GFs except for Ifrit. If low on HP, draw some healing spells
    and this should not be tough. Beware of the BOSS' Acid Breath as it
    could turn one of your members into stone. To counter with that status
    disorder, use Esuna which can be drawn from the BOSS. [You can also use
    Softs via the item command.] Remember to draw Carbuncle from them! Note
    that you can only draw once. For the case of Irvine, his Limit Breaks
    are only usable if you have Ammo in your stock [they can be bought in
    shops found in Galbadia and Timber]. Summoning Brothers with the "Boost"
    will be a good idea. Hopefully, that Squall has stocked up enough Double
    magic to provide effective healing.
    After defeating the BOSS, Squall will try to help Rinoa. Rinoa will keep
    on hanging onto Squall's sleeve. Is there something wrong with Rinoa?
    Well, there is nothing wrong with her, except she is just too afraid
    Exit from this area and head for the hatch, examine it and you will
    eventually reached the destination, where the General had told you to
    went to. Now examine the rifle that's on the left of entrance and you
    will have a short event. Now switches back to Quistis and her company...
    / 3.15 \________________________________________________________________
    Gates of Gateway
    --- ATFO 15.1 ---
    - BTW, do an Junction Exchange before you start the quest.
    - IMO, this section is rather complex as it is in the sewers. The
      monsters are pretty strong for those who don't use Selphie, Quistis
      and Zell.
    - Watch for the gears as you need to go over them [to do this, examine
      the gear with Circle button].
    - You can get a Curse Spike from the Creeps [black shadows] which
      allows Quistis to learn a new Limit Break. BTW, you also get a Corel
      Fragment which allows Quistis to learn Electrocoute.
    - Edea is a strong magic user, so watch out. To minimise her damage,
      use Shell [which draw from monsters found in the Tomb, Blobra (those
      blue yucky blobs]
    - If you cast Carbuncle on your party, you will probably find her
      casting Dispel on your characters. But remember do not using
      restorative magic such as Cura, etc as it will be reflect on Edea...
    --- ATFO 15.2 ---
    - This special AFTO focus on Diablos.
    - Note that once you have used the item "Magical Lamp" [which is given
      to you by Cid Kramer before you depart for the station], you will be
      brought to the battle against Diablos automatically.
    - GF Diablos' Demi and Gravija are deadly HP reducing magic, but if you
      will get to critical status very often. But I would recommend you to
      stay with high HP for at least one character.
    - Once the Magical Lamp is sold, it can't be recovered unless you have
      a Pocketstation or Gameshark.
    This section is tough. I had lost my way, quite a few times. Writting
    a precise guide for this section will make you even more confused. So I
    will try to give out the hints to this section:
    1.   Monsters in this section are rather tough and mean. When you
         encounter a huge spider-like creature, run away from it as it will
         take ages to defeat it. Fight Creeps [black shadow] to get an item
         (Coral Fragment) to allow Quistis to learn Electrocoute.
    2.   Note that you can walk across gears, by examining them, pressing
         the Circle button.
    3.   There are only three Draw Points found here. {Esuna},{Zombie},
    4.   You can open some of the doors in this section.
    5.   If you cannot proceed further, then you are on the wrong track.
    6.   The gears are turning in a certain direction either clockwise
         nor anti-clockwise. If you want to cross the gear from left to
         right, find a gear that is moving clockwise.
    7.   It would be better if you have Diablos' Enc-Half or Enc-None.
    | Water-based monsters are weak against Fire. Fire     |
    | magic works best in this area. Stock up Life from    | BATTLE TIP
    | Creeps [also try to get Corel Fragment from them]    |    #5
    | Occasionally you can win Curse Spikes or Dynamo Rock |
    | These provide help such as improving affection with  |
    | Quezacotl and allows Quistis to learn "LV ? Death."  |
    At the beginning of the path, you find that you can only walk along the
    path on the left. Actually the destination is on the RIGHT side. If you
    are trapped, there is no harm in examining any of those gears which
    might lead you to the other area. At the end of the sewers, you will
    find a Save Point. Climb up that ladder. Now you will reach an area
    with a door. Press Circle at the ladder, pick the first option and you
    will reach the area where you will find a small window. Zell will look
    through the hole and followed by a FMV.
    ** FMV **
    Zell will receive a bird's eye view from this section. The numbers has
    hit 20:00:00. Squall and his party whom were be at the elevated
    building. Edea will be looking at it and the vehicle is passing through
    the parade...
    Now push the switch [looks like a telephone] and you will have another
    great FMV.
    ** FMV **
    The circus, which the general has shown to you have been activated.
    Squall and his company is up there. Suddenly the huge gate closed,
    locking up both Seifer and Edea within that huge clock tower...
    Squall will be talking to Irvine whom is aiming at Edea. Bang! Irvine's
    shot is very accurate, but it was deflected by Edea's powerful magic.
    Squall will say a few words and you will be shown the menu. Equip all
    GFs on Squall, Rinoa and Irvine and it will be followed by an FMV....
    ** FMV **
    Squall releases his gunblade and jump off from the top of the building.
    Attacking the G-Soldiers with some fancy swordplay, heading for the
    vehicle. The city will be in chaos of course. Squall will drive the
    vehicle at full speed, rushing the gate where Edea and Seifer were...
    A short talk with Edea, Seifer and Squall. Squall battles on Seifer one
    on one... IT'S REVENGE TIME!
    / BOSS 9 \______________________________________________________________
    At the Gateway - Seifer
    Name:       Seifer        Level 12   HP: 1,250
    Attacks:    (Gunblade), Fira, (Fire swipe)
    Facts:      Nil
    Draw:       Fire*, Cure*, Life
    AP gained:  0
    Win:        n/a
    Mug:        Hero
    This battle, you can only controll Squall, but this would not be
    tough. If you are lack of HP, just draw Cure* from Seifer and use it
    for yourself. You can even dealt a finishing blow with a GF...
    Seifer is pretty weak... Take this opportunity to stock up Life Magic.
    After the battle, Seifer will be wounded and knelt down. Next you will
    have to fight Edea, the final BOSS of Disc 1 ! During the battle, both
    Rinoa and Irvine will come forward to aid you..
    / BOSS 10 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Gateway- Edea
    Name:       Edea       Level 12    HP: 4,600
    Attacks:    Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Dispel
    Facts:      n/a
    Draw:       Cura*, Dispel, Life, Double
    AP gained:  20
    Win:        n/a
    Edea's Attributes Information
             |||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||
                     || STR   DEF |||||||
                 |||||| INT   SPI ||||||||
                    ||| DEX   EVA |
    This BOSS is very tough. She has very damaging magic such as Firaga and
    Blizzaga. Her magic does damage about 300+. Draw some magic from her
    and use it for your own use. Use attack, Limit Breaks, GF to dish out
    damage. Equip one of the party members with the ITEM as
    their fourth command. There is an easy way of defeating her. Make sure
    that your party is being healed to full health and then cast Carbuncle
    on your entire party. Now all the magic spell will be reflect onto her.
    Or she will waste her turns in casting Dispel to break off the Reflect
    status for each party member. If you have the Reflect status, and want
    to heal your HP, use Potions. Cast Double on two members to provide
    effective healing.
    ** FMV **
    Edea is seriously wounded. About to disappear, but she summons three
    icicles and throw it at your party. Rinoa turns around as she saw
    Squall being hit by one of those. Squall lost his grip and fall from
    the top of the building and Rinoa reaches for Squall. Squall closes
    his eyes...
    | SPECIAL BOSS |_______________________________________________________
    | Do you know that you can fight a SPECIAL BOSS as soon as you left for|
    | Balamb Train Station? Just simply select your item menu and select   |
    | the cigarette icon and it will automatically leads you to fight the  |
    | Diablos!                                                             |
    |                                                                      |
    |World of Darkness -  GF Diablos                                       |
    |Name:      Diablos      Level 9     HP: 8,000                         |
    |Attacks:   (Charge), Demi, Gravija, Curaga (counter)                  |
    |Facts:     Weak against Wind                                          |
    |Draw:      Cure*, Demi                                                |
    |AP gained: 20                                                         |
    |Win:       8x G-Returner, Diablos' Card                               |
    |                                                                      |
    |Diablos' Attributes Information                                       |
    |                                                                      |
    |        |||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||                              |
    |            |||||| STR   DEF |||||||                                  |
    |              |||| INT   SPI |||||||||                                |
    |                || DEX   EVA |                                        |
    |                                                                      |
    |Strategy                                                              |
    |                                                                      |
    |1st METHOD                                                            |
    |This BOSS is rather tough if you have low levels. Gain in until you   |
    |have reached double-dights level so that you will be able to fight    |
    |him. The BOSS has a high tendency of using Demi magic before he start |
    |to attack. His attacks are strong which does about 100+. Draw Cure    |
    |to use it to heal lost HP. Use GF to mince the BOSS! For a quick      |
    |victory, use Demi which can be drawn from the BOSS and use it on it.  |
    |                                                                      |
    |2ND METHOD: EASY DEFEATING GF Diablos from John Paulo Marquez         |
    |Firstly you must have obtained the double magic spell (the one that   |
    |lets you to do magic in a turn) and Blind. As you begin the fight,    |
    |cast double magic to your characters and blind magic to the GFs. It   |
    |may requires some luck, which will result the BOSS from missing       |
    |attacking you. Refer to Part II for more details on Blind magic. The  |
    |BOSS' Gravija will never KILL your party even if your HP is at 10. Use|
    |your Limit Breaks and GFs you will be able to fry that guy in no time!|
    |                                                                      |
    |SPECIAL! DIABLO HEALING YOUR HP! contributed by Stephanus Rudiyanto   |
    |This works if you managed to stock up Demi directly from the BOSS.    |
    |If the BOSS has unleashes Demi or attack your character, ignore it.   |
    |Next use your stocked Demi and the Diablos will heal your character's |
    |HP with Curaga!                                                       |
    |                                                                      |
    / 4.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Walkthrough for Disc 2
    Disc 2 is a great time for Quests and you have a lot of exploration to
    do as compared to the first one. BTW, have fun with the Choco World for
    those who owned a Pockestation! Pockestation is additional PSX
    peripheral, which is bought separately from a PSX console. BTW, don't
    bother to ask me about it as I don't own one.
    / 4.1 \_________________________________________________________________
    Isolated in Winhill
    --- ATFO 16 ---
    - The monsters encountered here are similar to the monsters you found
      outside Balamb Garden. Typically there are only two monsters. They are
      Bite Bug and Caterchipillar. If your characters have reached higher
      levels, you can obtained stronger magic such as Curaga. [based on your
      levels. The monsters will only appear here during this sequence.
    - Move to the pub and talk to Ellone. Next head inside the bar and you
      will be joined by Kiros. Remember to junction GFs to him too!
    - Next move down the area, talk to everyone if you wished to and get
      all the draw points here. Once you are at the end of the street, back
      track to second floor of the pub. After the conversation with Raine,
      move back to the old house next to the pub. Go to the bed and rest...
    The screen will now switches back to Laguna talking to a little girl
    called Ellone. Ellone will talk to Laguna for a while and head
    downstairs. There is a Save Point found in the second floor of the
    house. There is a hidden Draw Point in the cupboard found in this room.
    {Curaga} before heading down the stairs. Talk to Ellone and head for
    the Pub that's located on the left of the house. Now talk to the girl
    dressed in yellow [Raine] and she will tell you something about Julia.
    Next Kiros will enter the pub, he's still alive, but there is still no
    sign of Ward... well, actually he is working the D-District Prison as
    a Janitor ^_^;
    Talk to Kiros and pick the fourth option. Now Kiros will re-join your
    party. Head out and walk across the compound of Winhill. You will find
    a Draw Point {Dispel} if you go down the stairs near the river. Now
    head back and cross the bridge. You will have an event here.
    Now head south to exit the area. Now walk down the lane. You will find
    a florist on the left and there is a Draw Point {Drain} near the
    yellow board. Next head right. You will find a truck near the hill
    slope. Press Circle near the truck and it will uncover another Draw
    Point, draw some more magic {Reflect} from it and head down the slope.
    Head left. You will be at the lower end of the town. The house on the
    top-left is just a villager's house. The right side is the hotel and
    the Flower Restaurant. The shop at the south-west is an Item Shop,
    purchase some items. Then you will have another sequence. Now head back
    to the upper part through north. Note that you can't take the winding
    road. Now head up and you will be on a road with the signboard that's
    says "CAUTION" and you will have another sequence.
    Head up and you will be back at the road where you find the florist.
    There will be another sequence. Now Laguna will head back to the upper
    part of the town. Now head for the pub and up the stairs to the second
    floor. You will have another sequence there...
    |                               QUESTION 3                            |
    |Q: What has actually happened to Julia ?                             |
    |A: This is taken from Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart. Julia has waited  |
    |   for Laguna's return. Laguna did not returned due to his "mishap"  |
    |   [you should know this]. Julia sees that Laguna has not come to her|
    |   for a long time and decide to marry General Caraway [Rinoa's      |
    |   father]. Actually Julia's full name is Julia HEARTILLY..          |
    Once you regain control of Laguna, talk to Raine and she will ask you
    to go to a house. Ignore that message. There is another sequence with
    Elone if you talk to her. Next head back to the house where you found
    the Save Point. Save your game. Now head to the bed and choose Option
    No. 1. Laguna will talk to Kiros and you will be transported back to
    Squall's time.
    / 4.2 \_________________________________________________________________
    Being Held Captive...
    --- ATFO 17 ---
    - The Guards [They look like G-Soldiers] have different spells to be
      drawn from them. Most of their magic are status related. Therefore
      also make use of that to your advantage.
    - The areas found below the 5th floor can only be accessed before you
      have rescued Squall.
    - Make use of Junction Switch, so that you don't have to change GFs
      manually ^_^;).
    - Remember to get the Missile item from those purple robots [btw, they
      got Haste, which is an excellent spell for combats!] Missile allows
      Quistis to get a new limit break!
    - As for the remaining, there isn't much to say. Just refer to the
      walkthrough will be fine.
    Now you will be back at the Prison.. where Zell, Selphie, Quistis and
    Rinoa were being held captive. Now you will be able to control Zell.
    Talk to everyone. Now talk to Rinoa and you will have a short talk...
    The screen will now switches back to Squall, who is being held in a
    portable cell, which is brought up to the 13th floor. Squall opened his
    eyes, but still severely injured. Then you will have an FMV.
    ** FMV **
    The carriage suddenly moves. The connection to the path is broken up
    and thus sending the portable cell upstairs...
    Now you will switch back to the 7th floor, where Zell and his friends
    are. Next three guards will come in and they started to beat up Zell.
    Those ruthless guards just keep on kicking Zell. The guards are asking
    for Rinoa [Actually, the General has asked the Galbadia Army to release
    her only]. Eventually, Rinoa will leave with the guards.
    Then the screen fades...
    Now it switches back to the wounded Squall. The door opened and come in
    an angry Seifer. He just keep on beating the injured Squall. After a
    while, 2 orange beasts [Moomba] enter the cell and take Squall away...
    Squall will be then locked up onto a wall and being tortured by his
    rival Seifer. The torture looks scary, charging up Squall with electric
    bolts. Seifer now works for Edea, the evil magician..
    Meanwhile, the screen switches back to Zell whom is being healed by
    Selphie. Next an orange beast similar to those that come to Squall was
    kicked in the process. Next you will be given the option of helping the
    beast, pick the 1st option and Zell will have his revenge. Now you will
    have another short talk..
    Squall still be receiving torture. Just pick 1st option in the process.
    Now you will be back to Zell and company. Talk to Quistis and you have
    another talk. Then the Mumba will talk to Zell. Your aim to snatch back
    the weapons that is located on the eighth floor. So head for the eighth
    floor. Note that you will encounter random enemies. Remember to check
    your junction. Now your party will now fake death, while Zell talk to
    the guard. Zell then punches up the guard. Now Zell will be outside the
    cell, just head up the stairs. You will find two Guards, examining your
    weapons and admiring Squall's precious gunblade. Now approach them and
    you have to fight them. Just use GFs and you will be able to finish them
    easily. The screen will then fade, back the cell. The screen will now
    switches back to Squall, who was been saved the three Moombas. They just
    keep on calling Laguna [Of course, Squall will generally be amazed by
    the fact]
    Now everyone will have their weapons. Watch some fancy moves performed
    by each of them. The guards will enter and followed by Biggs and Wedge
    and you will have to fight them. Use GFs and remember to draw magic
    from them! They have new spells! Remember to draw Regen from Biggs!
    [the fourth spell!].
    | Remember to steal from the GIM52A [using Mug]        |
    | and you can get Missile [an item which allows Quistis|
    | to learn "Micro Missile"]. You will also encounter   |
    | Wendigo, steal from them and you can get Steel Pipes |  BATTLE TIP
    | Haste can be drawn from the GIM52A [which is a good  |      #6
    | spell for junctioning with Speed, a good factor      |
    | against tough bosses later in the game.              |
    After defeating those two punkies, exit the area. Then Biggs will sound
    the alarm ! Now you will see Moomba meeting his pals and start to follow
    them. Head for 13th floor, where Squall is being held captive at.
    There are ledges that blocked at one side of the stairs. This means
    that you have to walk around the contour. Instead of moving upwards,
    try to move in the opposite direction as you can get great goodies
    include Combat King 001! In the D-District Prison, you can find not
    only goodies but also card players where they actually offer a fee to
    play and give you an item when you defeat them. You can get items such
    as Gyshal Greens. [which will summon GF Chocobo, but don't use it now
    when you have gotten it as you haven't unlock the GF Chocobo]. One of
    them allows you to unlock the Battle Meter.
    | Goodies in the Prison Tower |________________________________________
    | 1st Floor:   Get the Combat King 001. [room on the right]            |
    |              A Save Point [room on the left].                        |
    | 2nd Floor:   Get items at the both of rooms. [Cottage and Str Up]    |
    | 3rd Floor:   Get an item on the left room. [Pet House] The right room|
    |              is locked.                                              |
    | 4th Floor:   Get an item [Tent] on the left room. The right room is  |
    |              locked.                                                 |
    | 5th Floor:   Meet a Card Player (1 game~500 gil), gives you an item  |
    |              when you won the card game [the door on the right]      |
    | 6th Floor:   Find a Save Point in this area.                         |
    | 7th Floor:   Where Zell and company have been held captive.          |
    | 8th Floor:   Meet a man selling items at the room on the right       |
    | 9th Floor:   A Draw Point at the room on the right {Berserk}         |
    |10th Floor:   A Save Point at the room on the left. A Card Player at  |
    |              the room on the right [1 game~300 gil]                  |
    |11th Floor:   A hidden Draw Point at the room on the right. Another   |
    |              Card Player at the room on the left [1 game~200 gil]    |
    |              {Thundaga}                                              |
    |12th Floor:   An empty floor ^_^;                                     |
    |                                                                      |
    The layout of the 13th floor is different compared to other floors.
    Now head right where you will find the door being surrounded by beasts
    like Moomba. Enter the door and you will find Squall. Squall will
    receive back his gunblade and now he's back to action!
    Exit from that area. Outside the torture room, you will have another
    talk and exit from the area. Zell will leave the party for the time
    being as he has other things to take care of. Now Squall will head for
    the portable elevator that's located at the center of the D-District
    Prison. Press the keyboard located at the center with the Circle button.
    Once you reach the ground floor, head for the gate and press the Circle
    button. Black coloured sand [Coal] will flow onto the ground. Now
    Squall and his party will know that Zell is in trouble when they hear
    the raging gunshots.
    Now you will be controlling Zell. Note that Zell will be frequently
    chased after by Guards. Make a clockwise run through the right contour
    until you were blocked by a guard, Squall will come to your rescue.
    Quistis and Selphie are here too. Suddenly, gunfires started to attack
    Squall and his party. Just then, a hero dressed yellow cowboy suit,
    fires at them. Irvine and Rinoa are here too! Watch a funny sequence
    when Irvine is being kicked down the stairs. After that mushy stuff,
    you'll have to form a new party consisting of Squall and Rinoa. Irvine
    with the other two will deal with those gunfires. Control Squall, head
    up to the 14th floor. Once you reach the 13th floor, the screen will
    switches back to Irvine and his party. Have his party going in the
    other direction, down the stairs!. At the 6th floor, there is a Save
    Point. The screen will fade when you have reach the 5th floor.
    Now the screen will switch to Squall and company. You will be able to
    control Squall. Talk to your little friends, Moomba and they will give
    you a Rename Card and a Tent. Now head up the stairs located at the
    south of the area. Proceed forward and going up the stairs heading
    north. You will reach the controls room. Exit through the lower right
    side of controls room.
    There you will have a short conversation and now you will have to
    fight the BOSS of this section !
    / BOSS 11 \_____________________________________________________________
    D-District Prison -  Elite Soldier
                         2x GIM-52A
    Name:      Elite Soldier:       Level 16   HP: 2,264
               GIM-52A [2x]:        Level 17   HP: 1,790
    Attacks:   Elite Soldier:       (Machinegun fire), (Charge), Meltdown,
                                    Cure, Aura, Shell
               GIM-52A :            Charge, (Micro Missile).
    Facts:     Elite Soldier:       Weak against Poison
               GIM-52A :            Weak against Lightning/Earth/Water
                                    Poison has no effect.
    Draw:      Elite Soldier:       Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, {Scan ->
               GIM-52A :            Haste, Slow, [Stop]
    AP gained: 8
    Win:       Windmill or Missile
    Mug:       GIM-52A:             Missile
               Elite Solider:       Tent
    Elite Soldier's Attributes Information
                  ||||||| < HP > |||||||
                   |||| STR   DEF ||||||||||||
                   |||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||
                     || DEX   EVA ||
    GIM-52A's Attributes Information
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
                 |||||| STR   DEF ||||
                  ||||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||||
                     || DEX   EVA |
    This battle could be pretty tough, as you need a lot of Potions and
    Cure* spells in your stock. The Elite Soldier has a high tendency of
    casting Aura on the robots. Deal with the Captian first as it could cast
    Meltdown, which could lower your defense. Draw Slow and use it on the
    Elite Soldier so that he will have less chance of restoring his lost
    HP. Beware of the Micro Missile by the robots as it does about 300+ HP
    damage to one member. [it does 3/4 of your character's HP, just like
    Demi] Use GF Quezacotl and Thunder* on the robots. Dealt the Elite
    Soldier with your magic and physical attacks. Use other GFs when
    necessary. I would still recommended that you defeat the Captian first.
    Remember to steal Missile from the BOSS: GIM-52A so that Quistis
    could learn Micro Missile. You can make use of the Reflect spell by
    casting on the BOSSES as any good spells will be reflected on your
    After the battle, Squall and his party will be at the controls room.
    Exit back to open area. Start to cross the bridge...
    ** FMV **
    An awesome viewing of the height of the D-District Prison. It's being
    surrounded by desert areas. Could not imagine the size of those pesky
    Now proceed forward. Rinoa and the other party member will head for
    the door that's says 01. While Squall has trouble on his steps..
    ** FMV **
    The path starts to move apart, thus causing the bridge about to split
    apart. Squall moves backwards and hang onto the ledge... The area is
    then surrounded by thick smoke... Move Squall towards the green orb!
    Now your party will be at the lower ground of the tower. Now the rest
    of the members is there too. The females will enter the car on the
    right, while the males will enter the car on the left. Now they will
    move away from the D-District Prison.
    Your party will end up at a deserted road. Once you gained control of
    Squall, remember to draw some magic from the Draw Point. {Aero} Talk
    to Selphie and you will have a view of missiles being launched away
    from the missile silos from the Galbadia Missile base. They have launch
    the attack at Trabia [Selphie's terribly upset as her original school is
    Trabia Garden] Now that evil Sorceress had planned to destroy the
    Gardens with those deadly missiles. The next target will be Balamb
    Garden. Selphie has a suggestion to Squall that is to split the entire
    members into two groups.
    Now you need to send two groups. One of the groups will be led by Squall,
    as they will be heading for Balamb Garden to warn Cid about this. While
    the other group led Selphie, will head for the Missile Base to stop the
    missiles from firing. Organize your party well and off you go! Can't
    make any suggestions? Here is a group of ideal parties:
       0--- Squall Leonhart       0--- Selphie Tilmitt
       0--- Rinoa Heartily        0--- Irvine Kinneas
       0--- Zell Dincht           0--- Quistis Trepe.
    I suggest that you assign a stronger party for Squall as his mission is
    tougher and longer as compared Selphie's mission.
    | Suicide Anyone? contributed by Markweb Jimenez                       |
    |After defeating the BOSS, Squall will automatically hanging onto the  |
    |ledge, right? If you did NOT move Squall towards the blinking green   |
    |light, it's gonna to be a gameover [this also applies to when you are |
    |moving Squall towards left]                                           |
    / 4.3 \_________________________________________________________________
    Affilating The Galbadia Missile Base
    The screen will now switches to Squall and company. Head down through
    the lower end of the barb wire [Is that the correct word?]. Exit from
    the area by going through the barbwire. Now head left towards the
    controls of the train, and avoid being spotted. Get onto the train and
    you will watch a funny sequence of a Galbadian soldier chasing after
    the train. ^_^;
    | It is quite a good choice to upgrade the members |
    | As it is great time to train up the weaker party |   BATTLE TIP
    | members [such as Quistis and Selphie (as they    |      # 7
    | appear in sub-missions rarely. It would be better|
    | train everyone above Level 30.)]                 |
    Now the screen will switches back to Selphie and her company. Press
    Circle to exit and save your game. Make your way to the Missile Base
    that's located at the other side of the desert. Please note that the
    Galbadia truck has limited fuel! Now enter the base along with the
    truck. Why? Doing this, your character could disguise themselves as
    Galbadian Soldiers. Now head left and you will be in a small room.
    There is a Save Point here. Now examine the blue sensor light. Irvine
    will pass a keycard [which has been found in the truck] and your party
    will be able to open the door. Enter.
    There you will meet a Galbadian Soldier guarding the door, which leads
    to the security system. As you enter, you will be given three options.
    Pick any one of them, hold X and you will find your party walking
    in a serious manner! Exit from the area. Now you will be at the
    junction where you find the machines unloading the missiles to the
    silos. Proceed and exit from the screen.
    In this area you will find:
    1. A guard standing in front of a door. In that room you will find
       missile warheads [dismantled]. There is a hidden Draw Point near
       the warhead that says "03" {Full-life}
    2. A Save Point on the left. Heading south from there leads to the
       soldiers at the ledge. There you will find a Draw Point at the
       steam platform. {Blind}
    3. A computer on the right. This will allow you to prevent the missiles
       from hitting on Balamb Garden. The title says "Galbadian Republic
       Army Dept" plus a map of Galbadia.
    Head to the place where you found the two Galbadian soldiers. Talk to
    them. Proceed back to the place where you found the soldier examining
    the warhead. Next return back those soldiers and you have a sequence.
    Selphie will say the words, "I know."
    Head back to the first area where you find the soldier in front of the
    security system. Talk to him and enter the room. You will find another
    Draw Point. {Blizzara} Now Selphie will examine the keyboard. Choosing
    Option 1 will cause Selphie to smash the keyboard automatically.
    Choosing option 2 will allow you to smash the keyboard yourself by
    press the Square button. Then the screen will fades and you will meet
    two Galbadian soldiers. Pick second option thrice and you have an
    amusing sequence. Now head back to the area where you find the keyboard.
    You will a Galbadian soldier calling some of the soldiers to enter the
    room where the warheads were. Next you will have the choice of running
    away, fighting them or continue your disguise. No matter what has
    happened just simply go up the stairs and you will have to fight two
    Galbadian soldiers and a Captain. They have new spells such as Confuse,
    remember to draw some from them!
    Now Selphie and her company will be trying to destroy the system. Talk
    to the person on the left and you will be able to move to the room in
    the next area. In the next area, exmaine the computers and Selphie
    will set the timer from 10 mins to 40 mins. After you have done with
    the time settings, it's time to evacuate! Proceed to the first area,
    where you have entered the building. You will have a sequence of the
    injured Galbadian soldier leaning onto the panel. RETURN back to the
    place where you find the computer. You will find a wounded guard on
    the ground. Talk to him and he will give you an ID card. Press Circle
    at the computer and enter "EDEA" as your password. Now choose the
    "TARGET" menu and choose "SET ERROR RATIO". Hold Right until you reach
    the maximum status [there will be a bar]. Now choose "DATA UPLOAD" menu
    and select "YES". Exit from the computer and head outside of the Base.
    Note that uploading of data requires time about 30 seconds!
    Next as you head down, the ground will shook for a while... EXIT.
    Cross the road and you will a short FMV of the missiles being launched.
    Continue and you find a huge machine and that's the BOSS of this
    / BOSS 12 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the entrance of Missile Base - BGHZ51F2
                                      1x Elite Soldier
                                      2x Galbadian Soldiers
    Name:      BGHZ51F2       Level 12     HP: 6,400
    Attacks:   (Machinegun attack), (Laser Cannon)
    Facts:     Weak against Thunder/Earth/Ice. Poison does not work on the
    Draw:      Shell, Protect, Stop
    AP gained: 4
    Win:       1x Weapon Mon Jun
    BGHZ51F2's Attributes Information
          |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
              |||||||| STR   DEF ||||||||||
            |||||||||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||||
                     | DEX   EVA ||
    This BOSS is quite tough. Make sure you have GFs such as the Brothers,
    Quezacotl, Shiva. Have tons of Thunder* Magic and use it to punish BOSS.
    Have two of your characters with the "ITEM" command. The laser beam
    packs a punch does about 900+ which will brings low HP characters to
    his/her death. Have a couple of Phoenix Downs. After the BOSS has been
    defeated, you fight a Elite Soldier and 2x G-Soldiers. They are really
    easy as the sum of their total HP did not exceed 1,000 HP! You will also
    received the Weapon Mon Jun!
    After you've defeated the BOSS, head up and examine the missile
    launchers. Your characters will knelt down followed by an awesome FMV
    of the base being blown up. [Remember to check the screen that the door
    is locked before heading there]
    NOTE: If you did NOT turn back to the wounded soldier to the error
          ratio, you will have an FMV of Balamb Garden being hit by the
          missiles and it's game over. You will not be able to fight the
    | Simon Wei)                                                           |
    | Make sure that you have continue your disguise all the way.          |
    | Eventually, you will be able to head up to the missiles and you could|
    | help the Galbadian Soliders to load the missiles! Tap Square as      |
    | Selphie and her pals are helping out to load the missiles. After     |
    | that, exit from the area. Next head back to the computer and you will|
    | be able to setup the ERROR RATIO without using the ID Card!. After   |
    | that, proceed upstairs and following the steps in the walkthrough    |
    | [except you don't have to head back to base to setup the ERROR       |
    | RATIO!]                                                              |
    / 4.4 \_________________________________________________________________
    Chaos at Balamb Garden
    Finally, Squall and his company are back at Balamb Garden. You will see
    that it is currently total chaos, where you see cadets running up and
    down. This is rather fishy huh!? Now head down you can re-absorb some
    magic from the Draw Points [Draw Points take some times to regenerate
    and you will be able to draw magic from it once again. However, certain
    draw points can be only draw once.]
    Now the Garden cadets are fighting the SeeD cadets, what could cause
    the dispute between the two. You will meet a Garden Faculty. Pick 1st
    option to avoid the fight OR option 2 to fight. Note that you will
    encounter random battles at Garden. Your aim to find the headmaster.
    Now head inside Balamb Garden. You will eventually make enemies
    with the Garden Faculties....
    In an anti-clockwise direction:
    1. At the Central Gate...
       You will have to fight a Grat [those met at the Training
       Center] and the Caterchipillar. You can get a Mega Potion by
       talking to the wounded Garden cadet at the gate.
    2. At the Library....
       Talk to the Garden Faculty and pick second option to fight another
       Grat. Talk to the ladies and one of them will give you a Remedy
    3. At the Training Center....
       Find two Garden cadets and a Garden Faculty head north. Follow them.
       They are trying to attack a SeeD Cadet, choose Option 1 to help them
       and you will have to battle the T-Rexaur! [Level 19, HP: 17,923].
       After the battle, remember to talk to the female Cadet and she will
       give you a Remedy.
    4. At the Parking Lot.....
       Meet a Garden Faculty and fight Grendel [an electric lizard]. It
       should be quite easy if you have accquired high levels. Next you
       will find Cid and he will disappear in a split second. Talk to the
       SeeD Cadet and you can get a Tent. (Level 16, HP: 4,464)
    5. At the Dormitory....
       You will find a Garden Faculty and fight a Caterchipillar, which is
       found commonly in the forests outside Balamb Garden].
    6. At the Cafeteria.....
       You will find another Garden Faculty and fight a Bomb [meet at the
       Fire Cavern]. You will find four students in front of the counter.
       Talk to one of them and you will get a Gsyhal Green!
    7. At the Quad....
       No battles here. Head for the stage and three SeeD cadets will
       jump down. Talk to the cadet in the middle and he will give your a
       Hi-Potion. I have actually encounter a battle against Glaccid Eye [
       those that look similar to the Unknowns in FF7] and a Bomb.
    8. At the Infirmary...
       You will saw a scene between Garden cadets and SeeD cadets. Stop
       them and you will have to fight the Granaldo [Level 24, HP: 1,902]
       Next you find Dr. Kadowaki at the Infirmary. Talk to Kadowaki and
       you will get an Elixir!
    Now you are done when you have settled the fights around Garden, you
    will find Sue heading for the elevator. Follow her. At the second
    floor, head north and you will find Xu there. There is a short
    sequence. Now head back to the elevator and you head to the 3th floor.
    Head north and you will find Cid there. Talk to him and he will give
    Squall a key. To save your game, talk to Cid. Now you need to set up
    the MD system [a protection barrier against missiles]. Then you will
    an FMV feast:
    ** FMV **
    The dead-seeking missiles fly past through the sky and pass through
    those thick clouds and the screen will fades...
    |Note that the monsters here are weak against   |
    |Fire. If you have gotten Elemental attack,     |   BATTLE TIP
    |junction Fire* to inflict more damage.         |       #8
    |Make full use of your elemental art            |
    While at the elevator, you will have a blackout. Examine the controls
    and then examine the hatch, that is directly under Squall's feet and
    climb down. As you are going down the ladder, be careful as the
    elevator will start to operate again! Now examine the hatch in front
    of Squall. Now head to the room on the left and examine the huge tap.
    Now you will be asked to tap Square repeatedly for 10 seconds. If
    failed don't worry, your party members will approach to help Squall.
    After you have succeeded, climb down the ladder situated in the upper
    region. In the next area, walk down the stairs. You will find a Draw
    Point {Full-life} near the pillar. Next head upwards and you will have
    a sequence. Controlling Squall, attempt to climb the ladder. Up to a
    certain point, Squall will force the ladder to reach the control room
    that's at the north. Now examine the controls on the right. The ground
    will eventually shake. Now examine the ladder, choose 1st option to go
    down. OBSERVE carefully, you find a door with a blinking green light.
    Examine it and you will be able to climb down the ladder. In the next
    area, you find a handle near the Save Point. Have Squall pushed the
    handle and the metal gate will eventually open. Now save your game,
    it's BOSS time as you cross the bridge.
    / BOSS 13 \_____________________________________________________________
    The MD System of Balamb Garden - 2x Oilboyle
    Name:      Oilboyle (2x)    Level 25     HP: 4,867
    Attacks:   (Grab and Bite), (Light Beam), (Flood Mud), (Water attack)
    Facts:     Weak against Fire. Water has no effect on them
    Draw:      Esuna, Blind, Cura*, Confuse
    AP gained: 20
    Win:       10x Wizard Stone or 2x Fuel
    Mug:       1x Fuel (each)
    Oilboyle's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
             |||||||||| STR   DEF ||||||||||
               |||||||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||
                      | DEX   EVA ||
    This guys are very tough. They does about 200+ HP damage with their
    Flood Mud. Grab and Bite also packs a punch. The best move to attack
    the BOSS: That's is to make use of your GF Ifrit and Fire-Fira-Firaga.
    Use these well on the BOSS. If you are low on HP, draw Cura, which will
    restore about 1,000+. The Flood Mud will causes very high destructive
    damage and sometimes causes Status disorder, counter this with Esuna.
    Junction Fire to your character's Elem-Atk to inflict more damage.
    Now enter the area, and down the ladder. This followed by another FMV
    ** FMV **
    Now the dead seeking missiles are coming fast. You will be able to view
    the warhead of those missiles and these will fly past the sky at a
    tremedous speed.
    Now head left and you will be in front of a gigantic pillar, Now head
    up, examining the right side and you will have a short sequence.
    Suddenly the ground shakes, and electricity started to surround the
    pillar. The pillar will raises, causing Squall and his company to
    reach the 3rd floor where the Headmaster's office is. Next you will
    have this awesome FMV:
    ** FMV **
    That giant yellow hoop starts to cover Garden forming a protective
    barrier. Just then several missiles attacked Garden. Fortunately that
    Garden has already to start to take off and move away from the spot.
    Talk to Cid and choose any option when given. Exit from the area. Now
    take the elevator and go to the door on the north of the classroom. You
    will then received another FMV feast !
    ** FMV **
    You will have a beautiful scenery of Garden flying in air accompanied
    by birds. If Rinoa is in your party, you will be able to view a scene
    of her admiring nature's beauty. That's the special one...
    Exit and head back to the elevator. A girl will come to tell you that
    the principal is looking for you. Now press the controls and you will
    have another FMV feast!
    ** FMV **
    Garden moves slowly passing through the city of Balamb and head for the
    sea. Rising of tides is viewed and Garden will eventually landed on the
    sea. Garden starts to glide past the sea... Conversations are throughout
    during this FMV.
    Squall will be now at his bed. If Rinoa is in your party, she will come
    and wake up Squall, saying that she want to visit Balamb Garden's
    Cafeteria. If Zell is in your party, you will find him waiting for his
    order. Just head for the lobby. A Garden Faculty will come to you and
    tell you to head for the basement. Head for elevator. As you walk down
    the stairs, you will be joined by your party members. There you will
    see Cid being pushed by a rude Garden Faculty. Cid will leave and head
    back the elevator. Now head left. Next the ground will shakes and a
    sequence of a huge monster revealed from that huge "egg". You will have
    a short event of conversation and will eventually have to fight the
    NORG, The Master of Balamb Garden.
    / BOSS 14 \_____________________________________________________________
    Balamb Garden's Basement: NORG
    Name:      Middle Orb          Level 17    HP: 2,000
               Side Orbs           Level 25    HP: 2,541     2x
               NORG                Level 25    HP: 11,600
    Attacks:   Middle Orb: n/a
               Side Orbs:  Thundara, Aero, Fire
               NORG:       Water, Shell, Blizzara, (Mirror Blast)
    Facts:     Middle Orb: Strong against Lightning, Weak against Poison
               Side Orbs:  Fire/Ice/Lightning/Poison/Wind/Water/Holy has
                           no effect on it
               Nogue:      Weak against Wind. Poison does not work on him.
    Draw:      Middle Orb: Cura*
               Side Orbs:  Thunder*, Life
               Nogue:      Shell, Protect, Esuna, Leviathan
    AP gained: 20
    Mug:       4x Mag Up [left orb]
    Win:       8x Wizard Stone
    Middle Orb
         |||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
                     || STR   DEF ||||||||||||||||
                    ||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||||||
               |||||||| DEX   EVA |
    Side Orbs
        ||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
               |||||||| STR    DEF ||||||||||||||
               |||||||| INT    SPI ||||||||||||||
                ||||||| DEX    EVA |
      ||||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
             |||||||||| STR    DEF |
           |||||||||||| INT    SPI ||||
                    ||| DEX    EVA ||
    This battle is rather tough. The Side Orbs can does mischief to your
    party. They will change from Blue --> Yellow --> Red. Once they reached
    the Red stage, they will cast powerful spells such as Ice 2. You change
    them back to blue, by attacking them. Strong attacks will cause the
    orbs to change back to blue directly. Siren works well on the three.
    Before you could fight NORG, you must break the middle orb. Once you
    have destroyed the middle orb, you can now draw Leviathan from NORG.
    NORG is pretty weak against Shiva. Use GF monsters to inflict more
    damage. Siren does damage to all parts of the BOSS. There is a risky
    way of reflect the BOSS' magic and it is by using GF Carbuncle to
    reflect those pesky spells back onto the BOSS. But note that once your
    party are in the Reflect status, you can't use magic to heal yourselves
    as the magic will bounce onto the BOSS. Hence, make full use of Potions,
    Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs to restore lost HP. Use Limit Breaks when
    your characters are low on HP. Note that you can't reflect Aero from the
    two side orbs. Refer to the Magic Section for more details [Part II]
    NOTE: Remember to check the "egg" as it will uncover another Draw Point
    After the battle, head back to the elevator and head for the Dormitory
    to save your game. Next head for the Infirmary and talk to Dr. Kadowaki
    and choose the 2nd option. Now talk to Cid and you will given brief
    information within five options. Actually there are more shocking news,
    that is, Edea, the evil sorceress is actually CID'S WIFE !
    If you head for the Training Center, you will find a man selling items
    there at the wooden planks. After done with your "visit". Head for the
    lobby and you will meet Xu. Next head up to second floor and head to
    the door enfused with a red light [you will find three stairs and a
    red orb at the top of the door.]. Now you will find a huge ship docked
    near Garden. Next you will have a sequence and they are actually also
    SeeD cadets, whom has no intention to fight you. Next Cid will come in
    and have a short talk. Exit and you will have another sequence
    with your friends on the walkway. Now head for the library. Enter the
    area, where you find the desks. There you will meet the girl who you
    have previously saved at the Training Center [it was that young lady
    who has peeped into the Infirmary at the beginning of the game]. By
    the way, her name was Ellone! (is that name of that little girl in
    the dream sequence??)]. Now you will have another short sequence
    between the two. Next the girl will exit and Squall is left alone in
    the library. Now the girl will leave with those 3 SeeD cadets and
    board the ship. There you have another FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The plates behind that huge ship was raised and the ship was set to
    sail, heading towards the evening sun...
    Now Squall will be back at the Dormitory. There Squall will be dreaming
    of a little boy standing outside a building under the huge downpour. If
    Zell/Rinoa is in your party, he/she will come to Squall and pick any
    option. Now exit the Dormitory. Now you will hear Cid's speech through
    the anouncement system. The screen will start switching back to Cid
    who has trouble in the controls.
    Actually the appearance of Laguna's Dream Sequence in Squall's dream is
    actually Ellone's doing. But what is the reason?
    / 4.5 \_________________________________________________________________
    Arrival at Fisherman's Horizon
    * Thanks to Heero Yuy, F.H. stands for Fisherman's Horizon
    Now you should have this sequence: A man is fishing at the sea. Then
    suddenly Cid lost controls of the system and followed by the FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The fishing man saw a gigantic Garden approaching the support of the
    harbour. Tides occured and thus flushing down those short pillars.
    Garden has hit one of those pillars. The man could not leave due to
    fishing rod got stuck in river. As a result, he had let go of his
    fishing rod to get away from the area..
    |Remember to mug from SAM08G which will nab you    |
    |an item [Running Fires] which allows Quistis to   |
    |learn "Gatling Gun". Stock some Life spells and   |  BATTLE TIP
    |Cure from the GIM47N. Basically most of the       |     #9
    |monsters here are mechnical beast, so make use of |
    |Lightning elemental art. Junction Thunder* to your|
    |character's Elem-Atk-J.                           |
    Now Squall should be at the controls room with Cid. Before you go down,
    you can have a card game with Cid to get Seifer's Card. Now exit from
    the control room and you will be re-joined by your party members. Now
    head for the elevator and head for the 2nd floor. Head for the door
    that's enfused with red light and you will find that Balamb Garden
    actually got stuck in between the ledges of the city. There will be a
    sequence with a villager. Now head right, talking to everyone that you
    have met along your way.
    | Master Fisherman's Side Quest |______________________________________
    | This is a section which I have forgetten to include for the Japanese |
    | version of the game. You can get An Occult Fan III, A Full-life draw |
    | point plus a couple of treasures such as Mega Phoenix, etc.          |
    | As you reach the area before you meet the guy at the elevator. Notice|
    | that there is a ladder. Press Circle and hold down.. Squall could    |
    | actually use the ladder. Head left from the screen (of course, you   |
    | need to undergo a series of stairs..) Next you will find the man in  |
    | the CGI. Actually he is also known the Master Fisherman. Talk to him |
    | and you will be given two options. Pick the first one and you will   |
    | Occult Fan III!                                                      |
    Enter the building where you can actually have some fun.. There is a
    actually a machine, which tells about what has happened earlier in FH..
    As you approaches the corner of the stairs you will view an FMV of the
    city. Exit from this area. Now head to the extreme right
    corner and talk to the guy near the elevator and pick the 1st Option
    to enter FH city. To get back to the upper section, talk to the man
    in light blue shirt. Now head down and you will find a windmill being
    surrounded by water. Right from this area is a Save Point and a Draw
    Point {Regen}. Now head to the windmill. Head up to the second floor
    of the windmill and you will have another sequence with the mayor, Dobe
    and his wife, Flo. At the extreme right corner, you will find a hidden
    Draw Point {Ultima}. Now exit from the windmill. There you will have
    another sequence with your party, exit and note that the background
    music has changed. Next you will meet Flo coming up and after a while,
    Dobe comes up too. Now head right and down the track to the city. Head
    up and you will find a dismantled train track. In the middle of the
    compound, you will find Dobe being threatened by an Elite Soldier.
    Pick the first option, Squall and his party will have a battle with
    those Galbadian forces. After the battle, the ground will suddenly
    shakes and you will have to fight a similar BOSS at the enemy's Missile
    / BOSS 16 \_____________________________________________________________
    The main compound of FH! - BGH251F2
    Name:      BGH251F2       Level 26    HP: 7,600
    Attack:    (Gunshot), (Gun Beam)
    Facts:     Weak against Earth/Water/Lightning. Poison does not work on
               the BOSS.
    Draw:      Shell, Reflect, Stop
    AP gained: 20
    Mug:       1x Adamantine
    Win:       8x Running Fires
    BGH251F2's Attributes Information
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
             |||||||||| STR    DEF ||||||||||
              ||||||||| INT    SPI |||||||||||||||
                   |||| DEX    EVA ||
    The BOSS' attacks may be deadly but it is pretty weak against GFs such
    as Quezacotl, Leviathan and Brothers. Just use Thunder* magic to attack
    the BOSS and this battle could be an easy one. Heal your party when
    necessary. Do not use Poison on the BOSS as it is mechnical boss. You
    can get Adamantine by mugging it (it allows you to upgrade Squall's
    gunblade to it's ultimate weapon, Lion Heart!) Make full use the Boost
    support as the GFs can inflict more damage. Leviathan will be a better
    choice as you could pump up to 140! If GF Siren or Brothers have
    attained level 30+, you can easily pump up to 150+ Ouen! For better
    results, make use of a Turbo Controller.
    After defeating the BOSS, you will meet Selphie and her party members.
    Now, you will have a short conversation. Everyone will leave, leaving
    only Rinoa and Squall. Talk to Rinoa and pick any option. Head up to
    the deserted train station and you will find a Draw Point {Haste}.
    There is another hidden Timber Magazine at the house on the left of
    this screen. There is a Moomba statue in that house. The name of the
    owner is called Grease Monkey...
    | Master Fisherman's Side Quest |______________________________________
    | After you have finished up with BOSS Fight, you can have some        |
    | pleasure with the Fisherkid (the kid who is fishing near the area    |
    | where you find the blacksmith), Pick the top option for all his 3    |
    | questions. He will tell you to go and meet the Master Fisherman      |
    | inside the FH's Hotel. Before heading there, proceeded and meet with |
    | Grease Monkey and you should have a sequence down there.. A Elite    |
    | Soldier is there and demands the technicians of FH to fix the        |
    | BGH251F2 [well, I guess that you should know what is this..]. Exit   |
    | from the House and re-enter. Well, the Elite Soldier has ran off..   |
    | In order to express his thanks, the man then gives you a Mega        |
    | Phoenix! Okay back to Master Fisherman.. Now exit and head back to   |
    | the area where you will find the elevators. You will meet Irvine     |
    | along your way and he will join you. Now go down the ladder and meet |
    | Master Fisherman and he will told you to meet him in the inn. [In the|
    | area where you find the main street, you will actually find a        |
    | building on the left. You can get pass there..]. You can enter the   |
    | room as the Master Fisherman has pay your bill. During his talk, he  |
    | will give you a prompt, pick the 2nd option. Uncover the floor for a |
    | Timber Maniacs Magazine. Now you will be able to exit. Converse with |
    | everyone there and Master Fisherman will give you another prompt.    |
    | Pick the top option and he will give you a Spr Up! Talk to him again |
    | and pick the 2nd option to receive the Megalixir! Now there is       |
    | nothing much to do besides getting the Quezacotl's Card by defeating |
    | Dobe in the windmill. Get back to the spot where you meet the Master |
    | Fisherman for the first time and you will be able to find a Full-life|
    | Draw Point.                                                          |
    On the right of the street that you first enter the city, you will
    find a wooden plank, head right and you will find a Junk Shop
    where you could upgrade your weapons and there's a Draw Point next to
    the Blacksmith. [Shell]
    Now exit and head back to Garden. You will meet Irvine along your way
    and he will join you. Now head for the Quad. You will find Selphie
    there. There will be a short sequence between Selphie and Irvine. Now
    Squall will be talk to Cid at the Controls room. Next the screen will
    transferred to other parts of Garden where you find other party
    members. Now Squall will be back his room...
    The screen will now switches to the rest of the party members outside
    the windmill of FH town. The party members are organizing a concert
    to congratulates Squall. Then you will be given eight choices of
    instruments to select. You will proceed in this order: Zell, Irvine,
    Selphie and finally Quistis. After choosing the instrument/performance,
    select 1st option to use that particular instrument while the 2nd option
    to change the instrument. The list of instruments/performance is listed
    Before setting the band, don't talk to Zell, instead exit the screen.
    Just go to the city area where you find the inn and planks, Irvine will
    find out that all people are missing. Proceed to Grease Monkey's house,
    and you will still find that stubborn Elite Soldier. Next the Grease
    Monkey will ask Irvine to exit house for a moment... enter the house
    and you will be amused.. Grease Monkey has bashed up that Galbadia
    Soldier! Talk to Grease Monkey and he will give Irvine a Phoenix Down.
    Next talk to wounded soldier a couple of times and you will get 5x Fast
    Ammo, 5x AP Ammo and 5x Pulse Ammo. After done with this, there isn't
    much left to do.. Proceed back to the place where the remaining members
    and it's time to rock 'n roll!
    | Preparations for Concert |___________________________________________
    |                         List of Instruments                          |
    |           1.  Guitar                       5. Violin                 |
    |           2.  Saxaphone                    6. Flute                  |
    |           3.  Electric Guitar              7. Electric Bass          |
    |           4.  Piano                        8. Tap                    |
    |                                                                      |
    | Songs                                                                |
    | Ballet    : Requires Saxaphone, Electric guitar, Piano and Electric  |
    |             Bass. This song is similar to Rinoa's theme.             |
    | Folk      : Guitar, Violin, Flute and Tap. [better conversation..]   |
    |                                                                      |
    Now after you have set up the instruments, the concert can be done at
    any time. Squall will awake. Next exit and you will have a sequence
    between Irvine, Rinoa [in her ball outfit] and Quistis. Then it will
    leave both Rinoa and Squall alone.. Pick any option during their
    conversation. Now you will be at the area in front of the windmill.
    Talk to Irvine twice and head down the ladder and IT'S CONCERT TIME!
    Press Square and head left. Next examine the opened magazine [Irvine's
    really a dirty....] and you will have a sequence between Squall and
    Rinoa. Squall will be pushed down in the process and you will another
    sequence, which causes this pair of lovers to quarrel again. Now Squall
    will be back on his bed and have the dream of a boy under the huge
    downpour. Now exit and head for the elevator and up to the 3rd floor.
    You will find Quistis, Xu and Nida. You will have a short talk. Now talk
    to Nida and you will be asked to re-organize your party and it will
    switch to the World Map and the directions to control the air-ship.
    NOTE: Selphie will be out on her vacation, so you will not be able to
    have her in party for sub-quests. [except for the mission at Balamb
    Town, she is on vacation..]
    | Controls of Balamb Garden |__________________________________________
    |                                                                      |
    | Here are the controls:                                               |
    |                                                                      |
    | Square:   Moves forward on land/sea                                  |
    | X:        Moves backward on land/sea                                 |
    | Circle:   Board/Unboard on land/shore only                           |
    | Triangle: Inside Garden. You will be able to move about in Garden by |
    |           exiting from here. Talk to the Nida and select first       |
    |           option. You will be asked to re-organize your party. Next  |
    |           you will be back at the World Map.                         |
    | R1:       Changes camera view.                                       |
    | Select:   World Map [changes from a spot view, small map, full map]  |
    |                                                                      |
    | Note: The Balamb Garden has very low mobility, it can't crosses high |
    |       type land and could only move on shores. By the way, it can't  |
    |       go through between cliffs that you have found at Galbadia.     |
    / 4.6 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Great World Tour I
    This section isn't compulsory but it provides you to get more items and
    it allows you to complete special quests. These quests include getting
    Phoenix Pinions (which summons Phoenix), getting GF Odin, unlock Chocobo
    to play Choco World.
    / 4.6a \________________________________________________________________
    Card Quest at Balamb Garden
    I will only start to gather cards once I have gotten sufficient cards.
    You need to get aleast the Minotaur's, Sacred's, Ifit's and Diablos'
    card. They are very important for the card quest as they are your
    ultimate cards for this quest. You can get more cards such as Odin [if
    you decided to head for Centra Ruins first..]. It will be better if you
    have completed the previous card pages before for this quest. The fifth
    card is optional..
    Ultimate Card Strategy!!
    1 2 3    1) Place Sacred's card at spot 3
    4 5 6    2) Place Minotaur's card at spot 9
    7 8 9    3) Place Ifrit's card at spot 8
             4) Place Diablo's card at spot 1
    Card Strategy for Plus/Same.
    It cannot be counted as a strategy but it works for me. Place your
    weakest card in the center. Upon the computer has finished for its turn,
    look out for any applications of Plus/Same. Next, the computer will
    normally try to counter with Plus and Same. Look out for it before
    placing down your card. Good strategy if you needed to protect your
    cards while trying to eliminate the Random rule by keep on playing at
    Balamb Area.
    After getting all the cards [for other pages, note that the Cards page
    5 that there is blank as you can't get that card now.. it is a rare
    card...] Try to get as many as possible.. You should have no problem in
    covering all cards except for the characters, BOSS [page 6 & 7] and
    GFs. In Balamb, there are a lot of players. So try your luck. After you
    have completed page 1 to 5 cards [get at least 3x cards each...], It's
    time to seek a higher challenge.. the Card Group. Note: do all these
    stuff in Balamb Garden, you are not really to challenge the outside
    world.. If you have incurred the random rule from your previous card
    games, continue to play at Balamb Garden and it will eventually switch
    to Balamb Garden's rules.
    The Card Group is considered as the strongest group of card players
    in FF8. All except the Card Master can be found in Balamb Garden. Here
    is the sequence [remember that it is vital to save your game..]:
    Name:  CC Group Jack
    Area:  In front of the elevator. Usually walks from Library...
    He is a Garden Cadet. He will be the first one to introduce to you
    about the CC Group. He will be the first one to challenge you in a
    card game. Remember the guy that ask you whether you have challenged
    the Card Group?
    After Jack has been defeated (guess what? You have become one of the
    best card players!), other members will started to show up.. which also
    marks the beginning of the 4-Suit Quest. Follow in order..
    1-Suit: CC Group Knight Club
    Area: The area where you find the Dormitory, Parking Lot and Cafeteria
    He is also a Garden cadet. He will says "Draw.." once you have
    approached him. Quite easy as he rarely uses Level 7 Cards.
    2-Suit: CC Group Princess Diamond
    Area: The Lobby, where you find the Directory.
    Two female Garden cadets. They are usually in pairs and chit-chat with
    each other. Can only play with them, while they were chit-chatting at
    the Directory. Normally, you will get a lot of Level 7 cards from them.
    3-Suit: CC Group Prince Spade
    Area: The 2F alley, the man standing near the elevator.
    He is the same guy, who have given the 7 cards in Disc 1 if you talk to
    him. (he normally says "so can you finished the game"). Not quite
    strong.. It is quite easy to defeat him.
    4-Suit: CC Group Queen Heart
    Area: Area at the bridge
    She is actually Xu.. Defeat her in order to get the Carbuncle Card. She
    is quite strong in her card tactics.
    Former Card King: Dr. Kadowaki
    Area: Infirmary
    You have seen her so many times in the game.. She is quite strong.. as
    she will have at least one Level 7 card in the game. Even with the above
    ultimate strategy, I also lost... I believe that you need to defeat her
    in order to challenge the present card-master king
    CC Group Leader: Master King
    Area: At the Dormitory after you have defeat all suits and Dr Kadowaki.
          Head to Dormitory and choose to be alone and sleep.. "he" will
          challenge Squall at the middle of the night.
    Believe it or not.. "he" is actually Quistis! She is really strong in
    her card tactics. Defeat her in order to get the Gilgamesh Card. You
    will be able to challenge her at the bridge after the night incident.
    Last CC Group Member: CC Group Magician Joker
    Area: Training Center, where you find the wooden planks.
    He is actually the "Man in Garden" whom sold items.. You will get a
    Battle Meter Upgrade if you defeat him. You can get the Leviathan Card
    from him. The upgrade is actually adding in the GF report...
    * Other Cards at Balamb Garden.
    MiniMog - won from the boy dressed in blue around the Hall.
    Quistis - won from Trepe Groupie #2, found her in the classroom at 2F.
    Well, that's all. You can head back to the bridge and it's time to
    cruise around the world! Anyway, prepare for much tougher card
    challenges... Now for Zell's Love Quest.
    / 4.6b \________________________________________________________________
    Zell's Love Quest [until Disc 3]
    Before heading to the above areas, I recommend you to return back to
    Balamb Garden. Make sure that Zell is in your party so that you can do
    this.. Head inside the Library. BTW, I have to repeat some of
    paragraphs, just to remind you as it last until Disc 3... One of the
    contributors has even given me a detailed sequence about the game and
    also the girl's name. [Shizuka is the name of the ponytail girl's
    Before going to the Fire Cavern. The girl with ponytail will mention
    something about Library regulations for kids then talks about someone
    she likes.
    Before going to Timber, with Zell in party, talk to the girl and Zell
    will talk about his long wait for the book "Goodbye Pupurun". (That
    book was borrowed forever by Raijin! Check out the Study Panel)
    Zell will meet up with the girl with pigtail and was asking whether his
    book "Good Bye- Pupurun" is ready or not. (Well, he has already been
    waiting for several months already.. in fact, it has been borrowed by
    Raijin forever) Now exit and continue with the other quests first [one
    will do..] I am not sure whether this needed to be done before Balamb
    Garden has turned into a mobile ship or not.. I have did this after I
    have defeat NORG. (which means Zell is in the Alpha Team..)
    Now head back and you will find a conceited SeeD passing by the counter
    asking whether the girl with pigtail is around. She will told him that
    the girl is on leave. [complete all quests before your journey to
    Balamb Town]
    Once you have free Balamb Town from Galbadia, remember to head to the
    train station where you will find a girl [dressed in school uniform..
    talk to her.]
    Before heading for Trabia, for Library once again and you will meet the
    friends of girl with pigtail and asking Zell a questionnaire...
    What's Zell's favourite colour?
    Red on my jacket
    Blue on my pants
    I'm embarrassed but pink
    What's Zell's favourite food?
    Hot Dogs..
    Then you will be asked to leave the area. Before meeting up with
    Galbadia Garden (after Trabia incident) and head back to Balamb Garden.
    Head for the area in the Library where you find the Esuna draw point.
    Next you will have a sequence.. Guess what is it?
    At Disc 3, after Squall is being asked to head for Edea's House.. head
    back to the Library and girl at the counter will tell Zell that the girl
    with pigtail is looking for you. Now head back to Balamb Town and you
    will find the girl that you have meet in train station. Talk to her and
    she will tell Zell that she has been here.. Now head to Zell's House
    and you will find Zell's mom telling him that the girl with pigtail was
    here already on... Now head for the hotel, and pay 100 gil. The next
    morning, your party will find Zell missing.. Head downstairs and you
    will find Zell and girl with pigtail. She will hand in the Combat King
    003 to Zell.
    / 4.6c \________________________________________________________________
    DELING: Still as busy as a bee..
    Nothing's new here... But, I would recommend to at least pay a visit to
    Caraway for Rinoa's card [which is quite a powerful card for its double
    As on the left and right..] Now head for the mansion and note that you
    can access to the sewers from the statue.. Now talk to Caraway and he
    will give you three options.
    Ask about the Sorceress
    Ask about Esthar
    Ask about Cards
    They typically gives you enquires... one is very important, that's about
    Rinoa's card! Caraway will only uses his daughter's card if you lost the
    Ifrit's card to him. So you need to play a "lost" game to him. Select
    the Ifrit's Card [you will be able to do this as you have accumulated
    long hours at Balamb..] and a couple of lousy cards, hopefully the card
    rule, get everything is not available.. That's another reason, why I
    want to get at least 3 cards for each card type. Lost the game, even it
    is one card exchange, he will definitely pick the Ifrit card. Now he
    will tell you, he appreciate that and he will tell you that he will use
    his daughter's card to challenge you. Just focus on the lower ends or
    the higher ends of Rinoa's card. [don't straightaway put down your
    powerful cards, use the lousiest on the board first..] After gotten the
    card, talk to Caraway again and he will tell you that he has lost to a
    fellow officer, Martine [this guy is tough for he owns Level 7 Cards,
    you can find him on the right of the windmill]
    Just pilot Balamb Garden back to FH and defeat him in a card game. Focus
    on the lower ends of Ifrit's card, where its weakest point are..] That's
    the end of the Deling's card quest. Now head to Dollet.
    Area Rules [not quite confirmed..]
    Balamb Area
    Additions: Open
    Cities: Balamb Garden, Balamb Town.
    Galbadia Area
    Additions: Sudden Death and Plus, add Balamb Rules
    Cities: Deling City, Timber Town, Winhill
    Dollet Area
    Additions: Plus and Same, add Balamb Rules
    FH Area
    Additions: Elemental Rule and Sudden Death, add Balamb Rules
    Trabia Area (!!!)
    Cities: Trabia Garden, Shumi Village
    Additions: Random, Plus/Same, Sudden Death and add Balamb Rules
    How to remove those add-ons?
    Just simply play at least 8 games for the area that you wished to play
    in. I not sure about this, but it works for me. As you see Trabia is
    indeed a dangerous card playing region. FH and Balamb Area are the best
    choice.. Seek the chance to improve your cards tactics with Plus and
    Same as they kill if you make use of them. The worst is on here yet..
    There are areas with a long series of rules..
    Alternate way in getting Weapon Mon May [after Disc 1]
    Head back to the sewers. Go left after you descend down from the ladder,
    and go all the way up until you can't proceed further, then go to the
    right all the way, then all the way down. Then go right. You should be
    back to the first place, but on the other side. To get the Weapon Mon
    May there, open the gate to the left (forgot which one) then go right to
    get it.
    / 4.6d \________________________________________________________________
    Dollet: It has become a busy city!
    The Bone Quest.
    Well, Dollet is really an area of mystery.. During the trip to Galbadia
    Garden, you can head there and do this side quest. But you can have this
    quest done on Disc 2 onwards. Just simply enter the city, through the
    back path. Next you will reached the Rent-A-Car Shop.. Walk south and
    you will find a restaurant and harbour. Head west and you will be back
    at the place where you first battle the Galbadians [with Seifer in your
    party]. The city has been revamped... Next walk up and you will find the
    dog! Talk it and a cat with the bell will fall onto the ground. Enter
    the house on the left. You will find a man whom is upset over the boy
    for messing up his painting by drawing bones. [you can play cards with
    the boy..] Talk to the boy. Next you will find a painting [observe..
    it's a painting of Dollet!] Now let's begin the quest.
    Painting No.1: Painting of the Fountain in front of Dollet Hotel
    Head there and examine the dog and choose 1st option ["Look"] and you
    will get a Potion!
    Painting No.2: Painting of the Dollet's Pub and the overhead bridge.
    Head there and examine the dog [which is under the bridge.] Pick the
    first option "Look" and you will get 1x Phoenix Down!
    Painting No.3: Painting of the alleyway outside the house.
    Just exit and examine the dog [which is on left], pick the first
    option and you will get 1x Soft!
    This time, you will have a quarrel.. do it yourself! Actually the
    man is also known as the Card Artist. The boy is actually the son of
    the Card Queen!
    After the sub quest, it is time to navigate around the town.. Now head
    for Pub. Head up to the second floor and you can get another copy of the
    Timber Maniacs.. Now talk to the man [dressed like a rich fellow..] and
    he will give the following options. Pick the 2nd option each time and
    you will be able to challenge him. Note that he is tough. After defeat
    him in the first time, he will brought to you to his fighting arena..
    He is the Card Master! Now examine the layer of documents/magazines
    lying on the ground. You will get a lot of items from there and here is
    the list: 2x Potion, 1x Phoenix Down, 1x Antidote and 1x Occult Fan II!
    Talk to the Card Master and he will reward you with the following:
    5x Geezard's Card
    4x Red Bat's Card
    3x Buel's Card
    2x Anacondaur's Card
    1x Cactaur's Card
    Challenge him in the card game and get the Siren's Card! [if I am not
    wrong, the area will add "Same" rule to your card game. Same and Plus
    may seems difficult in the beginning but I can tell you that these rules
    are going to be your most decision wining elements, refer to the section
    above for more information.]
    Head for the Hotel and pay 100 gil. You will be able to find a copy of
    Timber Maniacs at the desk found inside the room. You can get pass the
    Dollet guard stationed along the path towards the Dollet Communications
    Tower. Just talk with the guard twice and he will have..... and charge!
    You will encounter Galbadia Soldiers there.
    / 4.6e \________________________________________________________________
    Timber: An unexpected journey...
    What an unexpected journey! It was really mysterious and I have managed
    to figure it out... Head back to Timber [how to get there? Refer to
    your World Map, press Select.] Now head for the area where you find the
    cupboard with the savings. Now go down the stairs or if you enter
    through the entrance from Hotel, just head to the train tracks and a
    train will come. A little girl is in trouble. Squall approaches
    the girl and the screen will started to fade white. Now Squall will be
    brought to the Timber Hotel. You can get a copy of Timber Maniacs there.
    If you examine the train model found near the bed.. there is a secret
    Actually, the secrets found in Timber are actually listed down in the
    menu found in the Souvenirs Shop. Here is the menu:
    Owl's Tears:      Owl's Tear can be gotten but this applies only if you
                      did not accept the 500 gil that's found in the
                      cupboard. Check the basin. It restores your HP fully
                      as it works like a Tent.
    Map of Timber:    The old lady have draw up a map of Timber [err... it
                      seems that my ASCII art is much better than her's
    Model Trains:     This is actually the train incident that has happened.
    Naughty Magazine: The Girl's Next Door...
    That's all about Timber. If you haven't gotten the Girl's Next Door,
    make sure to get it at the area found near the counter. BTW, the former
    owner of the Hotel is called Aphora... Anyway all members found in
    Timber has their own nicknames such as Forest Fox and Forest Duck (!?)
    / 4.6f \________________________________________________________________
    Winhill:  Still like a quite and peaceful town...
    It's still a peaceful and quiet town.. Just like in the past. Generally,
    there are changes made as the winding path has been concreted and the
    truck is no longer there. Now before heading the Mansion, head for the
    street where you find the caution sign. It's the Chocobo theme!
    Getting 1x Phoenix Pinion and 1x Gysahl Greens.
    There is small, tiny Chocobo walking from right to left. Just press X to
    kick it... Next you will find a green feather item arises from the top.
    Pick it up and it will says Vase Piece [even though that it does not
    add up to your item inventory]. Kick it once more and it will drop a
    Gysahl Greens followed by the Phoenix Pinion (this one is a bit
    special.. when you pick it up from the ground, it says Phoenix Down,
    but when you check the Item inventory, you will find a Phoenix Pinion!
    ... and lastly, try it yourself!
    Now it is time for another key quest. The Vase Piece Quest.
    Just head to the mansion, remember the big building that was formerly
    guarded by Galbadia Soldiers? Enter the mansion and walk up the stairs..
    Talk to the man wearing a grey suit [he was the owner and wants you to
    find him 4x Vase Piece..] You have already found 1 already..
    Vase Piece no. 2
    At:  In the same building
    How: Head for the statue [which is actually a holding pole for armors]
         Examine the statue (can only be done after talking with the owner.]
         Now a crash will occur.. a Chicobo runs out and leaving a Vase
         Piece. Must have Zell or Irvine in your current party.
    Vase Piece no. 3
    At:  Raine's Pub
    How: Head up to the second floor. Squall generally has some
         hallucination... Raine is there, examining the cupboard. Actually,
         this is the new tenant. Talk to her and the cat.. Pay attention to
         this phrase "Smell flower fragrance"
         Now head to the 1st floor, examine the flower [it was in a vase
         found at the lower screen]. Now Squall will again see Raine and
         the cat will be there. Examine and you will find the 3rd Vase
    Vase Piece no. 4
    At:  The Florist's Shop
    How: As you walk down, you will noticed that the owner was always at the
         outside of the shop.. Now talk to her while at the shop. Now
         examine the flower bed (inside the shop, lower right hand corner)
         and you will get the 4th Vase Piece.
    Now head back to the mansion and he will give you the Holy Stone as
    your reward.
    / 4.6g \________________________________________________________________
    Shumi Village
    After finishing the Galbadia Continent (getting bored with the cards?),
    it is time to navigate other parts of the world.. Located at the north
    continent, Trabia, you will find a structure located at the Winter
    Island. Now enter the building.
    Notice the town folks are similar looking to NORG? This actually the
    hometown of the Shumis.. There is a draw point there.. which allows you
    to get Ultima. Be sure your eyes are opened wide when you decided to
    draw magic from it as there is no refund!
    Head for the elevator and you will ended up underground.. which is
    actually a beautifully generated town. Walk towards the left until you
    found a pond. The building found at the northwest is your destination.
    For the first time, Squall was amazed by the statue. It was the
    statue of Laguna.
    In other people's eyes, Laguna is a hero (well for Squall's case, he
    think Laguna is a funny joker..) Talk to the sculptor and he will give
    you the following option:
    OK. <--
    We don't have time
    Remember to draw Firaga from the draw point found at the back. Now head
    back the Elder's House, located a screen right from here. You will find
    the Moomba that is blocking the entrance is finally out of your way..
    Now you can access to the draw point {Blizzaga}. Now enter the room.
    Next you will have a briefing where Squall were told why the statue
    were here. He was also told on where do Moomba's originated from. It
    was actually 17 years ago, Laguna has ended up here and teaches the
    Moomba to talk... Next the Elder will tell Squall that they wished to
    complete the statue and would like Squall to assist them in completing
    the statue. Now head back to the room where you find the sculptor.
    He will tell Squall that he needs to find ingredients to make the
    statue and you will be given the following prompt.
    Forget it
    Alright <--
    Next he will ask you to find the stone, which are already described in
    the table below. Once you have found the stone, talk to sculptor and
    he will tell you to find the next stone. Here is the list, requires to
    run about the village..
    |              |                                                       |
    | Name         |    Where to find it?                                  |
    |Blue Stone    | In the room with the statue. It is on the back wall.  |
    |              | Examine the huge blue coloured rock. The scupulator   |
    |              | has forget to test it ^_^;                            |
    |Wind Stone    | Go to the first screen of the village. Search it and  |
    |              | you will find the Wind Stone. The screen where you    |
    |              | find the Hotel of Shumi Village. It is found near the |
    |              | rocks.                                                |
    |Life Stone    | Go to the second screen where you find the village    |
    |              | chief's house. Go to the middle of the tree and       |
    |              | examine it. If done correctly, Squall will climb up   |
    |              | the branch and get the stone.                         |
    |Shadow Stone  | Back to first screen where you find Ultima. Go to the |
    |              | right side and search behind the pillar that casts a  |
    |              | shadow. This is where you find the elevator. It is    |
    |              | found under the shadow of the container.              |
    |Water Stone   | Go to the house found on the right and search by the  |
    |              | sink and you find last stone. This is the house of    |
    |              | Artisan. It is the left side of the sink.             |
    As the man at the statue tells you to get the Water Stone. Try to the
    search the pond where you found the frog at the pond and you will get a
    fake stone! Now hand the last stone to the man and talk to him. Next
    Squall will be asked to head to the Elder's house. There you will have
    a short sequence and the assistant will give you the Phoenix Pinion!
    After you have exited from the room, you will given the following
    (Ahh, why bother talking about)
    (Explain what it all mean.....)
    Artisan's Experience...
    Well, you can find a Timber Maniacs located near the bed. If you talked
    to him and he will show all the car models..
    Now head for the southern continent and head for the Centra Ruin.
    / 4.6h \________________________________________________________________
    Centra Ruins
    The Centra Ruins is found somewhere in the Centra region (Centra
    Crater), south of the world. It's on one of those islands. The structure
    is a bit kind of strange. It's also called the "Blue Heaven"
    * There is a hidden Draw Point found in the main compound. It is
      somewhere near the fallen pillar on right. {Life}
    Enter it and notice that there is a timer, which last about 20 mins. Make
    sure you have acquired the Diablos' Enc-None Party Ability (equipped
    under the character's section). The monsters here are pretty tough.
    Watch for Tonberries [remember those tough cookies which can be morphed
    into a Ribbon found in the Northern Crater of FF7?]. Now enter the ruins
    and take the stairs leading right. It's possible to GF Tonberry at Disc
    2 but you need to free GF Odin before you could get this GF. So that
    means you must finish this quest within the 20 minute time interval or
    your party will be killed by Odin's Zantesuken...
    Up the stairs and enter the chamber of the Odin. Next examine the stone
    block, it's actually an elevator. Next you have to take the one of the
    two ladders. The right one leads to a Draw Point. {Aero} Take the left
    ladder. Examine the blue orb (let's named it Power Source). Next climb
    down and examine the blue orb on the panel, that's located on the ground,
    it will reveal a series of stairs. Up the stairway, until you reached
    the statue of a monster. Climb up the ladder on the left and examine the
    statue and choose top option to take the Eye Ruby. Now head up the
    stairs, which will lead to the next statue. Climb up the ladder and put
    the eye that you will find a password [the password is random and it
    looks something like this 0-4-8-5-6]. Now remove both eyes and head back
    to the first statue. [There is a hidden draw point found on the right
    of the area. Place the eyes on the statue and the torch on the right
    will be lighted and enter your password. Well the numbers are placed in
    a vertical row. Just simply switch the digits using Left or Right of the
    D-Pad and Down to proceed to the next number. If you entered the
    password correctly, it will reveal a secret chamber and you will be able
    to find the Odin. It's time for BOSS fight!
    / BOSS 17 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside Centra Ruin's Hidden Chamber - Odin
    Name:        Odin       LV 31     HP:  10,300
    Attacks:     n/a, Zantesuken
    Facts:       n/a
    Draw:        Stop, Death, Double, Triple
    AP gained:   20
    Win:         8x G-Mega Potion
    Mug:         1x Luck-J Scroll
    Odin's Attributes Information
              |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
                 |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||
               |||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||
                          | DEX  EVA ||
    This BOSS does NOT attack! Just keep on attacking until he is dead. But
    beware of the time limit. Just use GFs and Magic to dish out damage.
    There are a couple of ways of defeat the Odin in three minutes, just
    simply cast Triple and use a powerful spell and you will be able to
    defeat it in no time! Seize the opportunity to stock Triple which is a
    good spell for junctioning. Note that you can't summon the Odin,
    instead it will appears randomly, based on the characters.... However,
    if you did not defeat it on time, it will use Zantesuken and blah..
    it's game over.
    Well that's all for the Centra Ruins and you will be back here later
    at Disc 3. You must get the Odin before you can get the GF Tonberry.
    You can get GF Tonberry at this moment of time unless your characters
    are really that powerful.
    Official Japanese Bug!
    If you play FF8 (Japanese), you will experience a game crash and that
    occurs in Disc 3 while you are trying get Odin.
    / 4.6i \________________________________________________________________
    The Chocobo Forests Guide
    Do you know that there are six Chocobo forests found at various regions
    of the world map? The seventh one is being surrounded by Grandidi
    Forests and also known as the "Chocobo Holy Region". You could reach
    there by crossing the shallow waters from the Chocobo Forest found at
    Trabia's Bika Snowfields.
    What is needed to done for this sub-quest?
    You needed catch to a "Mother Chocobo" at each forest without needed
    any help from the "Chocoboy". Next you needed to find an item (Ultima
    Stone, Meteor Stone, etc.) These items shows that the Chocobo have some
    affection to Squall it signifies that Squall was 'one of them'.
    Here is the ChocoWhis Menu. You will given a tutorial for 1,000 gil
    from the Chocoboy. He will typically explains on what does the Sonar
    ChocoWhis Menu (Press Square to bring up the menu)
    To detect: [Choco Sonar]  --> explanation (1)
    To catch: [Choco Ziner]   --> explanation (2)
    Help Me --> explanation (3)
    No way, I'm not doing this --> explanation (4)
    (1) Choco Sonar
    This part of whistle allows you to detect the traces of Chicobos. At
    the lower right hand corner, you will find a red bar. That's the sonar.
    It will reacts tremendously to strong signals and you can activate it.
    Press Circle to select Chocobo Sonar and hold down the X button
    and walk around the area... High signals area always produces a high
    (2) Choco Ziner
    This part of the whistle allows you to catch the Chicobo. Just after
    finding the area with the strongest signal... Press Square to activate
    the menu and press Circle to choose Choco Ziner. Press X to whistle..
    A Chicobo will come down. If failed, Squall's ChocoWhis will be stolen.
    [you will find the Chicobo standing on Squall's head.) If it is stolen,
    talk to Chocoboy and pay 700 gil for the replacement.
    (3) Help Me
    This will cause Squall to ask the ChocoBoy to ask for help. You need to
    pay 1200 gil and the Mother Chocobo will appear. However you can't have
    that Mother Chocobo to dig for Stones.
    (4) No way, I'm not doing this
    Quit from the ChocoWhis Menu and do nothing.
    Familiar with the Tutorial? Each Chocobo Forests have different
    requirements and your aim to capture all Chicobos so that the Mother
    Chocobo will appear. For those whom have summon the Mother Chocobo for
    the first time, you will be able to name your Chicobo for the Choco
    World in Pocketstation. How to load data to your Pocketstation, refer to
    your manual. During your detection process, you can talk to the Chocoboy
    and he will give the following options:
    A hint                    600 gil
    Gyashl Greens 5x / 10x    3000 gil / 6000 gil
    Question                  Free, nah 10 gil
    Forget It.
    Here the list of the Chocobo Forest and a Hint:
    X- the spot where you can gather the stones.
    C- denotes where you find the Chocoboy.
    NOTE: Select Choco Ziner and press X to dig for the stone.
    "Catch" means that the Chicobos will disappear from the ground.
    1. Winter Island near Shumi Tribe
    "The Beginner's Forest: Try to find a spot where only 1 falls down."
    Item :    Aura Stone     Buy: 1x Gysahl greens
    Chicobos: 4              Difficulty: Beginners
    |             X     |  1,2 & 3 - Catch 3 Chicobos at same time.
    |      4            |
    |           (2)     |  4  - The last Chicobo, talk to it press 'X'
    |                   |       only if Chicobos positioned 1,2 & 3 are not
    | C       (3) (1)   |       around, the Chicobo will call out 'Mother
    |                   |       Chocobo'
    |____     __________|
        /    /
    2. Sorbald Snowfield northwest from Trabia Garden
    "The Basic Forest: You have to blow the whistle twice."
    Item:     Flare Stone     Buy: 1x Gysahl greens
    Chicobos: 5               Difficulty: Beginners
    |                 | (1&2)- Catch 2 Chicobos at same time first catch
    |   (2)  [4]      | [3&4]- Catch 2 Chicobos at same time in 2nd catch
    |                 |  5   - Last Chicobo, talk to it only after Chicobos
    |        5        |        at position 1,2,3 and 4 are not around, and
    | X               |        only after you found all spots.
    |   (1)  [3]    C |
    |                 |
    |_____________    |
                  \   \
    3. Bika Snowfield east from Trabia Garden
    "The Roaming Forest: Be careful where the (sonar) reacts."
    Item:     Shell, Holy Stone       Buy: 5x Gysahl greens
    Chicobos: 4                       Difficulty: Intermediate
    |      X           |  1    - Catch 1 Chicobo for the 1st catch
    |            (3)   | (2&3) - Catch 2 Chicobos at same time, 2nd catch
    |                  |  4    - catch 1 Chicobo last catch, talk to it
    |          1       |         only, when Chicobos position at 1, 2 and 3
    |  C   (2)         |         are being captured.
    |                  |
    |______    ________|
          /   /
         |   |
         |   |
          \   \
           \ 4 \
    4. Nectar Peninsula north from Centra Ruins
    "The Forest of Solitude: Search carefully were the (sonar) reacts."
    Item:    Protect, Meteor Stone     Buy: 5x Gysahl greens
    Chicobo: 1                         Difficulty: Intermediate
    |                    |  1 - Look at the screen it aligned to the
    |              1     |      head of the Chocoboy walk slowly and
    |                    |      watch at the Sonar for intensive reaction.
    |                    |      talk to it to call for 'Mother Chocobo' and
    |               CX   |      the stone is located at the feet of the
    |                    |      Chocoboy press 'Square' try to play cards
    |_______      _______|      and move him away to the location of the
            \     \             Stone.
    5. Lenown Plains north from Edea's House
    "The Forest of Fun: Chocobowling with 4 bottles, 1 ball."
    Item:     Meteor, Flare and Ultima Stone     Buy: 10x Gysahl greens
    Chicobos: 5                                  Difficulty: Expert
    |             X    | (1&2) - Catch 2 Chicobos at same time first catch
    |                  | [3&4] - Catch 2 Chicobos at same time second catch
    | *d     5         |  5    - Catch 1 Chicobo last time
    |           (1)a   |  *    - After 5 Chicobos are "captured", call for
    |    c   [3]       |         a Chicobo here and then call (2) to release
    |(2)      b [4]    |         the Chicobos behind.
    |___     __________| a, b, c and d - The exact locations to catch the
       /    /                            Chicobo in order
    6. Talle Mountains west from Cactuar Island
    "The Enclosed Forest: Collect on outer side, then go in."
    Item:     Meteor, Holy & Ultima Stone   Buy: 10x Gysahl greens
    Chicobos: 5                             Difficulty: Expert
    |        3    4   | (1&2) - Catch 2 Chicobos in 'a' location 1st catch
    |                 |  3    - Catch 1 Chicobo and Chicobo #2 will leave
    |    (1)  5     X |         then, Catch Chicobo #2 again in 'b'. Be
    |            b    |         careful and did not to catch Chicobo #5
    |         (2)     |  4    - You can only catch him stable if you
    |    C            |         done the step above
    |                 |  5    - catch only if Chicobos 1, 2, 3 & 4 are
    |_a     __________|         already caught, then Chicobo #3 will call
      /    /                    for Chicobo #5, talk to #5 and it will call
                                for the "Mother Chocobo"
                         a, b - specified spots on where to catch the
    Now head to the Chocobo Holy Area and you will be able find all the
    Mother Chocobos and you will be able to view the Chocobo Dance [quite
    similar to "Waltz Moon" (the dancing theme at ball.)]. Check the Chicobo
    and it will give Squall, the Chicobo Card.
    Not enough Gyshal Greens? Here is a method. Talk to the Chicobo and you
    will get a Gyshal Greens and at the same time, it will snatched away
    600 gil! Exit and re-enter the Chocobo Holy Region and you will have the
    same sequence. In this way, you can also replenish your supplies
    regarding the Gyshal Greens
    X:         Unboard from Chocobo. NOTE: the Chocobo will run away
               immediately after you have unboard it.
    D-Pad:     Move the Chocobo. NOTE: Normal Chocobos can't cross oceans
               and mountains unless special type Chocobos, not sure whether
               they exist in the game or not. Chocobo can cross shallow
               rivers, you find pebbles..
    Select:    World Map [Spot View, Small World Map, Main World Map]
    Pocketstation: Choco World
    At last, someone in this world has provided me information on the
    Pocketstation. Here is the list of information on this special PDA. I
    myself do not own a Pocketstation (well, I have a tight budget..), if
    you have any enquires, just contact Zane Merritt (inverse@ignmail.com)
    Here are the list of special items that can only be found in
       Friendship     - summon Moomba into battles...
       Mog's Amulet   - Allows GF to learn the MiniMog Command.
    |      __      __      |  Well here is an ASCII art of the PDA. It is
    |     /  |====|  \     |  white in colour. Looks cute ^_^; It is an egg
    |    |   ______   |    |  shaped structure and has five buttons. XX
    |    |  ||XXXX||  |    |  refers to the screen. Thanks to Zane Merritt
    |    |  ||XXXX||  |    |  whom has sent three good pictures of the PDA!
    |    |  ||XXXX||  |    |  This is an enlarged view of the Pocketstation.
    |    |\----------/|    |  He also sends me a picture of Ko-Mogri with
    |    |  []     _  |    |  the words "STANDBY" and "SLEEP"
    |    |[]  []  [_] |    |  Well hopefully that I can get more help
    |    |  []        |    |  from more contributors on the Pocketstation!
    |    |\          /|    |
    |    | \  SONY  / |    |  If you have any questions on the PDA, e-mail
    |    |__\______/__|    |  to Zane Merritt at inverse@ignmail.com
            [2]            ___
        [1]     [3]       | 5 |
            [4]           |___|
    Button No.1: Moves Boko [the Chicobo that you are playing as] fast to
                 the west and cycles through the menu
    Button No.2: Moves the Chicobo fast to the north and selects the menu
    Button No.3: Moves the Chicobo fast to the east and cycles through the
    Button No.4: Moves the Chicobo fast to the south and selects the menu
    Button No.5: Brings up the menu when being held for a while, allows you
                 to the Chocobo RPG (it also save your game automatically]
    You can get the remaining GF MiniMog and the Moomba from the Choco
    World. To begin the RPG, you must get the Chocobo from the Chocobo
    Forest [where you will be able to name the Chocobo!]. These summons
    cannot be used, unless the Choco World is loaded from the Pocketstation
    (the top command in the Choco World menu must be selectable for them to
    be used)
    When playing the Choco World, level up to Level 50 and you will come to
    an event where Boko [the Chocobo that you are playing] save a female
    Chocobo. Afterward, it will say "Power Up" in FF8. Whenever you use the
    Gyashl Greens, the Chocobo will use Choco Flare instead of Choco Fire
    First of all you need to do this:
    -> You must get to Level 100
    -> One of the first events, you'll run into a female Chocobo [the one
       which you have saved previously] and that Chocobo has been kidnapped
       by a wizard.
    -> Run around a lot and after MANY, MANY battles, you will eventually
       ran into the wizard. Kill the wizard and the female Chocobo will
       thank you and then leave the screen.
    -> Run around a lot more and after many events, you meet up the female
       Chocobo again and Boko will receive a kiss from the female Chocobo
       and "POWER UP"
    -> Same as the Chocobo Meteor. It is just after that you have gotten
       Chocobo Meteor. It does an outstanding of 5-digit damage!
    In order to get the MiniMog summon, you must rescue one of the Mogs in
    the Choco World. Once you do this when you load the Choco World data
    back into FF8, you will find a GF icon-based "Mog's Amulet". Use
    this to a GF and the GF will learn the battle command "MiniMog" Use this
    in battle and you will summon the MiniMog and it will use "Mog's Dance"
    (which heals about 1,500 HP to all GFs that are equipped to the
    battling characters.)
    You need to get an A-class item [Friendship]. For more information,
    contact Steven Bruck (Stevenbruck@bigfoot.com) or Zane Merritt to get
    NOTE: This summon will only works if, when you load the Choco World
          data into FF8 game and also applies if the MiniMog is in the
          standby position instead of sleeping.
    / 4.7 \_________________________________________________________________
    Balamb Town under Galbadia Threat!
    Now head back to Balamb Town/Dock where you have find Zell's family. If
    you are pretty observant enough, you will find that there is a huge
    redship similar to the Garden. Land the Garden somewhere near the beach
    /shore. Enter the town.
    The Town now has been infested by G-Soldiers. You will find them sealing
    off the entrance of the hotel, the train station, the roads of Balamb
    Town and the port. Now talk to the owner and the lady at the entrance
    and then talk to the Galbadian soldier. Now repeat talking them in that
    order and you will be able to allow to enter the Dock. Zell will come
    in if he isn't in your party. You will be asked to reform the party,
    which Zell and Squall as compulsory characters. You can have Selphie
    rejoins your group [well, it was because of the Galbadians, it has
    spoiled her vacation and that's why she's here..]
    Now talk to EVERYONE in the town before talking Zell's family. Next
    head for Zell's house. You will be able to allow to enter the room.
    Zell's room is nicely decorated. He has a great collections of rifles
    which will causes Irvine to touch them. His air-board is next the Save
    Point. Now you have a nap. Before leaving his room, you can punched his
    punching bag, press the Circle button. Now head for the dinning room
    [on the right]. Now you will be able to find Zell's family, which
    comprises of his mother and his two younger siblings. Talk to his mum
    first and then to his brothers, repeating this twice. Then the one that
    is dressed in yellow and jeans will head out of the town. Now you will
    need to find him. Firstly, head for the house next to Zell house and
    you will find the boy there. Next talk to the lady or the boy and he
    will run away. Now head to the Gas Station and you find the boy hiding
    under the tree next the vehicle which seal off the entrance. Wait the
    boy's signal and talk to the guard SLOWLY, until you see the boy has
    talked to the owner... Now head back and you will find him at the
    street outside his house. Tip: you can get Zell's Card by playing a
    card game with his mother, Ma Dincht.
    Before talking to the boy, you will find Zell's mother in the hall.
    Talk to him, the first option allows you to re-organize and leave the
    town. Do this and return back to the town and choose the second option.
    Now head for the guards at the hotel and you will be prompted to answer
    a question. Head for the Train station and you will find the guards has
    fallen asleep. Now head for the Dock, up where you have first board the
    sub-boat. You will find a Draw Point {Cure}, which can be obtained by
    standing in front of the ledge. Next talk to guards and the dog. The
    dog will ran, follow it to the train station. You will find Raijin
    being chased out in the process. Now purchased some Phoenix Downs,
    which will be essential for the next BOSS fight. Head back to Zell's
    house, you will find her at the oven cooking food. Head up to Zell's
    room and save your game. Now head for the hotel and you will have a
    sequence. Prepare for a BOSS fight.
    / BOSS 18 \_____________________________________________________________
    In front of Balamb Hotel - Raijin
                               2x G-Soldiers
    Name:      Raijin:             Level 22   HP: 8,800
               G-Soldier:          Level 22   HP: 271         2x
    Attacks:   Raijin:             (Pole strike), (Spin Pole)
               G-Soldier:          (Sword attack), Fire, Protect
    Facts:     Raijin:             Weak against Poison. Absorbs Lightning
               G-Soldier:          Weak against Poison
    Draw:      Raijin:             Thunder, Thundara, Shell, Protect
               G-Soldier:          Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Cura
    AP gained: 12
    Mug:       Raijin:             4x Str Up
               G-Soldier:          1x Hi-Potion
    Win:       2x Potion, 1x Str Up
    Raijin's Attributes Information
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
              |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||
                    |||| INT  SPI |
                     ||| DEX  EVA ||
    This battle could be an easy one if you know how to make use of the
    drawn spells from the soldier. Kill one of G-Soldiers first. Now draw
    Fira and use it on Raijin. Summon all GFs except for Quezacotl. Draw
    Thundara and use it on the G-Soldier. Well, actually you are using their
    attacks to fight each other. Try to make use of HP-J to keep your HP
    high. GF Quezacotl and Ifrit has that ability. Beware of Raijin's Spin
    Pole attack as it does about 400+. Cast Protect to reduce damage. Or you
    can make use of Squall's Limit Break. If you are lacked of healing
    spells, do some stocking before you proceed to the BOSS fight.
    Next the battle music changes and your characters will head into the
    hotel. You will meet Fujin there and she will be joined by Raijin and
    the bad news is that you have to fight both them. [This is continous!]
    / BOSS 19 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside Balamb Hotel - Fujin
    Name:      Fujin:     Level 26     HP: 7,720
               Raijin     Level 22     HP: 8,800
    Attacks:   Fujin:     (Dart roll)
               Raijin:    (Pole attack), (Spin pole), (Lightning Strike.)
    Facts:     Fujin:     Weak against Poison. Absorbs Wind attacks
               Raijin:    Weak against Poison. Absorbs Lightning attacks.
    Draw:      Fuujin:    Aero, Cura, Life, Pandemona
               Raijin:    Thunder, Thundara, Shell, Protect
    AP gained: 20
    Mug:       Fujin:  1x Megalixir
               Raijin: 2x Str Up
    Win:       1x Str Up, 1x Combat King 002, 1x Megalixir
    Fujin's Attributes Information
            ||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
                |||||||| STR  DEF ||
                 ||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||
                      || DEX  EVA ||||||||
    This battle is going to be a tough one. Concentrates your attacks on
    Raijin. This is due to his extreme high-attacking limit break, does
    about 1,000+ HP damage. Fujin could also does about 300+ damage with
    her Dart Roll. To defeat Raijin, use Aero which can be drawn from
    Fujin. On the other hand, draw and cast Thundara from Raijin and use it
    on Fujin.
    This is apparently making them killing each other. Use all GFs except
    for Quezacotl, due Raijin's Lightning Elem-Def-J. Next remember to draw
    Pandemona from Fujin, or it's is going to be lost forever. You will get
    the Combat King 002 by winning this battle. An alternate method is lower
    their defenses by casting Meltdown [which can be draw Gayla (white with
    black stripes string-rays found in Trabia area]. Use your Limit Breaks
    as it can end the battle at a faster rate. Note that you will be going
    to relie on your Limit Breaks from this time onwards.
    After the battle, you will have a sequence with both Fujin and Raijin.
    In the end, they will leave and you will be back at the bridge of Balamb
    Garden. Selphie will return from her vacation. Now you will be back at
    the World Map. Save your game. Now you need to head for Trabia Garden
    on the continent is north-east of Balamb Area. [View from the huge
    World Map]. Selphie wants to pay her visit at Trabia...
    Now you need to head for Trabia Garden which is located on the north-
    east continent of the World Map. It is marked by a dot on the full
    view of the World Map, somewhere in the snowy regions. Balamb Garden has
    low mobility, hence you may need to squeeze your way through... BTW, you
    can encounter Gayla, which you can win an item called Mysterious Liquid
    which allows Quistis to learn a new Limit Break called Acid.
    / 4.8 \_________________________________________________________________
    Bringing Back Childhood Memories
    As you have reached Trabia Garden, you will find Selphie heading towards
    the damaged wall. She seems rather emotional [she is rather upset
    because she can't stop the launch in time...] Now follow her suit,
    climbing up the green net, pressing the Circle button. Now you will be
    re-joined by your remaining party members. If Selphie is in your party,
    she will leave your party temporarily. Now head up and you will find
    Selphie talking to her friend. (You can get Selphie's Card by winning it
    but beware of the Random rule!). You can get a Weapon Mon Aug somewhere
    within that area.
    Now examine the Draw Point near the Gargoyle {Thundaga}. Talk to Selphie
    and her friend. Now head north-east from here, you will be at the
    cemetery. There is also a hidden Draw Point {Zombie} found at the
    tombstone on the right. There is also a Timber Manaics found within the
    cemetery. Next return back to the area where you find the Gargoyle and
    head north-west from here. Now you will find a couple of people here.
    Next head right. You will find a damaged control room. There is a Save
    Point on the top-left hand corner. Now talk to the men on the right and
    the camera view will changes. You can examined the screen which gives
    you information on former Trabia Garden's cadets. [Actually it's the
    bio-data of Selphie!] Next exit from the area. Now head back to the
    area where you find the men lying on the bed. Now you will find Selphie
    there. Talk to the kids and they will head right. Next Selphie will tell
    you to head for the basketball court, but there is a sequence at the
    cemetery. Now head left from the barracks and you will find a stage and
    a crashed missile [it look quite alike those missiles that attacked
    Balamb Garden]. Now walk up the stage and examine the area for a hidden
    Draw Point {Aura}. Now head left again and you will find everyone at
    the basketball court. Now talk to everyone and attempt to exit and you
    will find a basketball rolling down... It's Selphie. Next you will a
    short event of their pleasant childhood....except for Rinoa.
    Now you should be control a ghostly adult Squall. Head back left and
    you will meet young Squall. Talk to him and that kid will disappear!
    Head up and enter the house on the north and turn right [now you will
    back on the house where Irvine is talking to those young kids]. Now
    head up and you will be in the backyard of the house. Next talk Young
    Squall again and head for the beach.... Now there will be an event
    where everyone thinking of their pleasant childhood memories. They are
    having a campfire at the beach [did you noticed that you can't find
    Young Squall, he's a loner, same as Young Cloud of FF7]. Then the
    screen will start to switch from the beach back to the house. Irvine
    will be talking to the young form and Young Seifer will enter the
    building. Now control the form of ghostly Squall talk to all kids [they
    will disappear one by one] and exit through the door on the right. Now
    you back at the beach with the adult forms of your party. Firstly talk
    to Irvine and Quistis will move. Talk to Quistis and finally talk to
    Selphie and all of you will be back at the house again and a strange
    lady started to walk past and in their words... "Matron". The Sorceress
    is their Matron!!!
    Now you will transported back to your present and there will be
    another conversation between the party at the basketball court and now
    it's snowing. Next everyone will exit, leaving both Squall and Rinoa.
    Talk to Rinoa and the screen will fades and you will be asked to form
    a new party. Now you will be at the World Map inside Garden. Now you
    are search for the Galbadia Garden [that giant red ship that have
    previously docked outside Balamb Town.]
    |Remember in this area, you will find a breakdown computer. As you     |
    |tried to attempt on pressing the following buttons: X, X, X, X. You   |
    |will be able to access the data! But Selphie will turn the computer   |
    |and it will not work again. This works ONLY during this section. I    |
    |have figured out the code when seeing a woman talking about           |
    |multiplications! The code is confirmed correct and you need just to   |
    |press X while a message box with dots appear on the top left hand     |
    |corner. Actually it is the personal data of Selphie!                  |
    / 4.9 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Garden Crash
    The Galbadia Garden is located on a forest at the island on the south.
    There is a lighthouse and a building on left. [It is actually Edea's
    House] If you head south from Trabia Garden, you will find the
    "extremely" long bridge in the middle of the ocean [That's the railway
    that connects Galbadia with another country....]. Because of the railway,
    you can't cross to the southern part of the World Map. Hence, head
    northwest (The world is round, isn't it?). There you will find the
    Galbadia Garden docked on top of the forest. As you found it, make
    contact with it using your Garden.
    The below sequences are automatic once you are approach the Galbadia
    Garden. Now the screen will transport to the Controls room where Squall
    and Nida, currently are situated at. Next you will have a short event.
    Next Squall will view the Galbadia Garden with his scope in the FMV.
    Then you will be given nine options. Pick the 1st one (anyone of them
    will do practically ^_^;). After that, you will be able to control
    Squall. Now take the elevator down. Press Circle, pick the 1st option to
    exit from the Control Room. Now you will meet up the rest of the party,
    except for Zell and Rinoa. Then you will be asked to reform a new party.
    Talk to Quistis and you need to head for the Quad, [first floor, the
    west-wing] and you will have an FMV feast.
    ** FMV **
    A deer is eating the grass and suddenly the gigantic Galbadian Garden
    moves forward, thus scaring it away.
    Note that you will be landed on the 2nd floor, instead heading up,
    return to the elevator and head for the Quad, which is located on the
    1st floor. The Quad has been infested with both Garden and SeeD
    members. Zell is gathering up manpower for the final showdown with
    Galbadia troops. Head for the area, where you previously find the
    stage. You will meet Zell giving instructions to Garden Cadets. Talk to
    Zell and you will have another event. Next Rinoa and the rest will come.
    Now talk to Rinoa and you will be back at the controls room. Next you
    will have an awesome FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The Galbadia Garden is heading towards Balamb Garden. Inside the
    controls center is that wicked Seifer, he did have a killer looking
    face. Seifer will be commanding Galbadian troops. There you will
    see Galbadian Soldiers riding on motorbikes and were launched from
    Galbadia Garden and head for Balamb Garden. There will be total chaos
    in Balamb Garden!
    Now the screen will switch to Zell and his party. Head left from the
    area where you found the stage. Remember to junction GFs for them!
    Then you will have an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    Galbadia Garden crashes into Balamb Garden, causing a portion of
    Garden to reap apart and thus causing Rinoa to hanging on the ledge.
    Rinoa is in trouble!
    Head for the Lobby. On your way you will find a Save Point near the
    entrance of the Infirmary. Entrances to other areas of Balamb Garden
    are being sealed off. Worst of all, you have to fight random battles at
    Balamb Garden with Zell and another party member. You will meet Squall
    and his party on the way from the elevator. Next head for the Central
    Gate and you will have an event and asked to reform your party
    comprises of Squall and....
    1. Selphie and Quistis
    2. Quistis and Irvine
    3. Irvine and Selphie
    Now head for the classroom and you will have another FMV feast!
    ** FMV **
    Green coloured Uniform based Galbadian Soldiers are preparing to launch
    and dressed in rocket packs. Then they were blast off from the ship and
    thus clutch onto the external walls of Balamb Garden and start to head
    down and eventually...
    A battle against 4 Green Galbadian Soldiers. This soldiers could be
    rather tough as they could cast very damaging spells such as Demi and
    Silent. They have Water magic spells, remember to draw from them!
    After the battle, look for the lady along with two kids at the right of
    middle row of the classroom. Talk to the lady and they will leave to
    safety. Next head back to the Controls room...
    At the Controls room, you will meet up with Dr. Kadowaki and there will
    be an event showing the rest of your party at the places except for
    Rinoa and Squall. Now controlling as Squall, head for the 2nd floor.
    You will meet a girl near the elevator. Now talk to her and head for the
    walkway along the classroom area. Head for the door enlosed with red
    light and you will find a boy there. You will be ambushed by a
    Galbadian Soldier in a bodypack whom will charge against Squall the
    moment he started to move.
    | Mini-Game- Duel in the Sky |_________________________________________
    | Your aim is to defeat the flying guard. At the beginning, you will be|
    | forced to take a couple of hits. There you will be shown Squall's    |
    | life bar. Press Circle and choose the third option. Press Circle     |
    | again and pick the 2nd option and the mini-game will start. Here is  |
    | the controls:                                                        |
    |                                                                      |
    |                       D-PAD   : Moves Squall towards and backwards   |
    |==================     Circle  : Causes Squall to punch the guard     |
    |-----CONTROLS-----     X       : Causes Squall to kick the guard      |
    |==================     Square  : Causes Squall to block the guard's   |
    |                                 attacks.                             |
    |                      Triangle : Causes Squall to use the special     |
    |                                 attack.                              |
    |            ================STRATEGY==================                |
    |This battle is a straightforward one... Once Squall is being pushed   |
    |out through that emergency exit, you will find Squall's life bar on   |
    |the south left hand corner and the opponent's life bar at the right   |
    |hand corner. Just simply use punches and kicks. Defend will reduce the|
    |damage. Just kick the guard when he is defending. The battle will take|
    |part in mid-air and it's a difficult one. If you are defeated, pick   |
    |the first option and you will be back talking at the boy. There is    |
    |something new. If Squall has defend for a long time, you will see     |
    |a box that tells you to press Triangle. If you do that Squall will    |
    |unleash the special punch!                                            |
    After defeating the guard, you will have this awesome FMV...
    ** FMV **
    Squall glides around the huge-massive Balamb Garden and find Rinoa.
    Rinoa clings onto the rope and head down on the land. There you will
    see an FMV of Galbadian Cadets/soldiers fighting against Balamb Garden
    /SeeD cadets in a massive war, being armed with magic and swords.
    Head left and you will have another sequence at the entrance of the
    landed Galbadia Garden. It's actually the place, where you have met
    Irvine. Before entering the Garden, examine the tree in the north and it
    will reveal a hidden Draw Point! {Aura} Now enter the Garden.
    By the way, you get a chance to name the GF Giever, who is found with
    someone....the final BOSS of FF8!
    / 4.10 \________________________________________________________________
    Final Showdown in Galbadia Garden!
    The layout is rather confusing and it has been occupied with numerous
    doors and walkways. You will be re-joined by your fellow members and be
    asked to re-organize your party. Now there is a Save Point here and this
    is the core of your mission. Note that you will encounter random
    battles here.
    | Getting KeyCard No. 1 |______________________________________________
    | Take the path leading towards right. Next you will be in a walkway   |
    | with 3 doors and only one is opened [on the right]. Actually is the  |
    | staircase. Walk up the stairs and you will find Fujin and Raijin     |
    | there on each side of the stairs. Talk to them and take the left     |
    | path. Now enter the room on the right. You will meet a Garden Cadet, |
    | talk to him and get the KeyCard. Now head for the area where the Save|
    | Point is.                                                            |
    | Getting KeyCard No. 2 |______________________________________________
    | From the area where the Save Point is, take the left path. Enter the |
    | door on the left. It leads to the hockey field. Cross the field [you |
    | will encounter easy hockey players in that area]. There is a Draw    |
    | Point {Protect} under the goal post [the one that you can't get it   |
    | previously.] Now you can get another Draw Point from the room on the |
    | left. {Life} Okay, head for the door on the right. You will be now at|
    | the walkway with three paths, head right and you find a guy in the   |
    | lecture hall, talk to him and you will get KeyCard No. 2. Now return |
    | to the area where you find the Save Point is.                        |
    In this maze, it allows you to get a new Guardian Force, Cerberus. It
    is a great support GF and this is only time that you can get it. Hence,
    play attention to the following steps.
    | Getting GF Cerberus |________________________________________________
    | Now head back the path leading right and up the stairs where you find|
    | both Raijin and Fujin. Up the next floor and you will find a door.   |
    | Now you will be able to excess through the door. Enter it and you    |
    | will be at the stadium. Next jump onto the field, examine the gate   |
    | facing south. You will find another Draw Point here. {Shell} Now head|
    | left. Inside the building again, head south, ignore the stairs for   |
    | the time being and head south to the main hall. You will find the GF |
    | Cerberus at place where you have found the hidden Draw Point. {Haste}|
    | Before fighting him, contour around him instead and use the Save     |
    | Point behind it. Now for the BOSS fight! [Press Circle to approach   |
    | it!]                                                                 |
    / BOSS 20 \____________________________________________________________
    At the Main Hall of Galbadia Garden - Cerberus
    Name:      Cerberus         LEVEL:  28        HP: 9,800
    Attacks:   Berserk, (Tail Whip), Triple, Thundaga, (Earthquake [all])
    Facts:     Wind has no effect on the BOSS. Absorb Lightning.
    Draw:      Quake, Double, Triple
    Win:       8x G-Returner, Cerberus's Card
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gained: 20 AP
    Cerberus' Attributes Information
         |||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
            |||||||||||| STR  DEF |||||
         ||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||
                   ||||| DEX  EVA ||||
    The BOSS has very damaging attacks. It has very powerful spells such
    as Earthquake [does about 600+ HP damage to all members] and Thundaga
    [600+ to one ally]. Use magic such as Firaga and Blizzaga, which can be
    drawn from the enemies in the area where you find the ship. GF is a
    must and make sure none of your members has HP below 1,000+. Use GFs
    except for Quezacotl and Pandemona. After the battle, you will be
    able to summon this GF for battles (provided you have defeat them).
    Make sure your weapons are upgraded as they will do more damage to the
    BOSS. Draw and cast Triple as you will be able to cast a magic three
    times in a turn. You can also junction magic to your attack to inflict
    more damage. [Triple has high junctioning effect for strength, stock
    them up!]
    After the battle, remember to draw some magic from the Draw Point
    {Haste} under the yellow light. Save your game if needed and use a
    | Getting KeyCard No. 3 |______________________________________________
    | Now head west and enter the door on the left side of the walkway,    |
    | talk to the girl and she will give KeyCard No. 3. Now return back to |
    | the main hall. Head to the stairs which lead to the second floor.    |
    Now you have gotten the third KeyCard, which allows you to use the
    elevator. You can proceed to chamber where you will find Seifer and the
    Sorceress there.
    On the second floor, head west and you find the elevator, board it and
    you will be lead to the floor where you met Seifer and Edea. There is
    a Save Point here. Next approaches Seifer and you will have a sequence.
    After that long talk, prepare for another BOSS fight against Seifer.
    Well this time, 3 versus 1 !
    / BOSS 21 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Chamber of Galbadia Garden
    Name:      Seifer       Level 20     HP: 7,000
    Attacks:   (Gunblade swipe), Firaga, Fire, Thundara, Demon Slice, Cura
    Facts:     Weak against Poison
    Draw:      Fira, Thundara, Dispel, Haste
    Mug:       Hero
    Win:       8x Mega Potion
    AP gained: 20
    Seifer's Attributes Information
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
                |||||||| STR  DEF ||||||
                |||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||
                  |||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Seifer finally has made a great improvement. He is much tougher and
    stronger, but still has a weak point.... You can draw Haste from him
    and use it for faster summoning of GF monsters and allows your
    characters have more turns. There is a tendency of him using his
    trademark on Squall, the Demon Slice [about 1000+ HP damage]. So make
    sure other characters have a couple of Life Magic and Phoenix Downs in
    their inventory. Cast Aura and make full use of Squall's Limit Breaks
    and use it on Seifer.
    After Seifer has been defeated, Edea stands up and left the area with
    her disappearing technique.. Now use the Save Point and SAVE your game!
    Next head for the elevator and head for the second floor...
    Now head for the hall which is located on the right side, which you
    have to walk around it. Next examine the stand and you will have
    another event... Edea will appear from the top! Seifer will come in
    later and prepared for a tough fight...
    / BOSS 22 \_____________________________________________________________
    Auditorium - Seifer
    Name:      Seifer        Level 20     HP: 5,000
               Edea          Level 20     HP: 10,000
    Attacks:   Seifer: Gunblade, Fira, Thundara
               Edea:   Maelstorm, Death, Silence, Blizzaga, Dispel, Reflect.
    Facts:     Seifer: Weak against Poison
               Edea:   n/a
    Draw:      Seifer: Fira, Thundara, Dispel, Haste
               Edea:   Blizzara, Demi, Esuna, Alexander
    Mug:       Seifer: 1x Hero
               Edea:   1x Royal Crown
    Win:       1x Force Armlet, 1x Holy War
    AP gained: 50
    Edea's Attributes Information
         |||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
                      || STR  DEF ||||||||
          |||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||
                    |||| DEX  EVA ||||
    This battle is quite tough. First of all, you can only fight against
    Seifer. He is pretty weak, plus his HP has been depleted. Next draw
    some Haste, store a few of them. After defeating Seifer with your GFs,
    you will be able to fight Edea. Edea too has improved tremedously. Her
    Maelstorm does not only causes 500+ HP damage to all members, but also
    causes Curse status. Draw Esuna from the BOSS to restore the status,
    as it prevents your character from using their Limit Breaks!
    Have someone with ITEM as their fourth command, Remedy/Echo Screen
    will be very useful to cure the Silence disorder. Use GFs on the BOSS.
    The BOSS has a tendency on casting Reflect on herself, use Dispel, to
    break this off. Cast Aura and use your Limit Breaks to dish out addition
    damage. Have Life magic in someone's inventory and a couple of Phoenix
    Downs. For a fast win, draw Demi and use it on the BOSS and it reduces
    her present HP to only 3/4! But it doesn't work most of the time. Demi
    can be reflected, hence take note!
    If you have junctioned Triple to Squall's Strength through Str-J, you
    will be able to make the most out of it and the battle is an easy one.
    ST-Atk-J combined with 100x Sleep [drawn from Grat found in the Training
    Center of Balamb Garden] will make this battle even more easier.
    Err.. Do NOT FORGET to draw Alexander from Edea!!!!
    Now you will view the scene of Seifer falling on the ground. Rinoa will
    approach Seifer, showing some concern and suddenly fall onto the ground.
    Next Quistis will come in if she isn't in your party. Edea will regain
    her consicious and she is actually the Matron referred by Squall
    and his party [except for Rinoa]. Worst of there is another huge
    question mark, Edea, during all this while, did not know what she has
    been doing all this while... SAVE your game. Popped in Disc 3 and start
    playing !
    / 5.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Walkthrough for Disc 3
    Well, things will start to get a bit tougher as you proceed on from the
    game. The enemies will be much tougher and difficult. Hence, it is a
    level-up time. At GameFAQs, you can find power-up guide written by Aya
    Brea, which allows your characters to get astonishing statistics. But
    you need to avoid as many battles as possible. But in disc 3, this is
    the right thing to level up. Hence, remember to level up or you will
    experience problems against a BOSS in Disc 4.
    / 5.1 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Effect of Time Compression
    The screen will switches back to Squall, who is lying on his bed in the
    Dormitory. Next he will exit and look at the unconsicious Rinoa and
    Quistis will inform Squall to head for Edea's House, which is the
    building with lighthouse. Near the lighthouse, there is a Draw Point
    {Holy}! BTW, you can get a Weapon Mon Jul at the Training Center, hence
    remember to head there and get it. It is on the floor behind the left
    You can now get to the World Map through the Central Gate or through
    the controls. Either way will result you, forming a new party however
    you can't have Rinoa in your party at this moment of time. To get
    through the Central Gate, make sure that Balamb Garden is situated on
    Now enter the house on the left of that island [it's with the
    lighthouse]. Now you will head up to the building and you will find
    the rest of your party members outside house. The house seems have
    been damaged and been abandoned for a long time. Now head up and enter
    the house.
    You will find an item on the ground [it's the Timber Maniacs Magazine].
    Next enter the room located at the north and draw some magic from the
    Draw Point located there [Curaga]. Now head back and enter the right
    side which will causes you to meet Cid. Now head right and you will
    meet Edea along with her husband....
    Here is some great news. You can win Edea's Card along with Seifer's
    Card by winning a Card game from Cid and Edea. Edea will tell you about
    something and here is the scoop:
    SCOOP:  A witch named Ultimecia from the future always want the power
            to compress time [i.e. allowing people in the past, the present
            and the future to live in the same time] She's searching for
            someone who has ability to transport memories of the past to
            others and that person is Ellone. Edea has been the body for
            her, Edea has tried to retilate but as in a result, was
            controlled by Ultimecia in the process.. Edea thinks the only
            solution is to prevent Ellone from being captured by that evil
            Sorceress. Now the Sorceress has left Edea's body and is
            trapped in Rinoas.
    Just simply talk to Edea about 4 times and then attempt to exit and you
    will be called back by Edea and your party. Next you will be back to
    the Controls of Balamb Garden, 3rd Floor.
    / 5.2 \_________________________________________________________________
    A Journey to the Legendary Esthar
    After regaining control of Squall, have two persons in mind and have
    GFs equipped, especially GF Shiva. Next head for the Infirmary, where
    Rinoa is. Now time will be transported to the past....
    Before that you will have a party change like who is representing
    who in the past. Squall, of course is going to represent as Laguna and
    have those two characters represent as Kiros and Ward. If you have
    visited Shumi Village and have gotten the Timber Maniacs located there,
    Ward will not join your party for this section.
    Now Laguna, along with his bundies, Kiros and (Ward) are doing their
    prepartions for a play. (Ward) and Kiros are asked to dress as the evil
    Dragon and thus make their prepartions....
    Laguna will enter the stage dressed as a Knight armed with a sword.
    You will be able to enjoy some scenes of the play as Laguna move
    towards the princess and the director.
    After some conversation, a gigantic red dragon appears and head down
    the slopes. Laguna thought that the dragon is Kiros and (Ward) in
    disguise but he is mistaken, it is a real Ruby Dragon! Now you have
    another sub-game, a sword fighting game!
    | MINI-GAME : Laguna's a dragon-slayer! |______________________________
    |                                                                      |
    | ==================           Square :   Defend                       |
    | -----Controls-----           X      :   Attack                       |
    | ==================                                                   |
    |                                                                      |
    | NOTE: Laguna's Life Bar will be shown at the low-left corner, while  |
    | the Ruby Dragon's Life Bar is at the low-right corner.               |
    |                                                                      |
    |======================== S T R A T E G Y =============================|
    |Similar to the previous sub game you have at Balamb Garden, you will  |
    |be forced to take some damage. Laguna is not fighting the Dragon with |
    |his machine gun but a gunblade. This sub-game is pretty simple. Just  |
    |simply return fire after the Dragon has attacked. As the Dragon attack|
    |Laguna, hold Square and Laguna will defend thus recieving no damage.  |
    |It's just a piece of cake! Well if you are defeated, choose the 1st   |
    |option to resume the game.                                            |
    After you have completed the mini-game, Laguna will head down but he
    was trapped! Luckily, Kiros and (Ward) came to his rescue, then you
    will have two options. The first one will FIGHT the dragon instantly,
    but note that neither Kiros nor (Ward) were equipped with GFs, so take
    note. Choose 2nd option, which will result Laguna and his party to run.
    Next you will need to head left. In the first screen, you will find a
    Save Point, so head up and until you reach the top of the cliff. Now
    head back down, note that you will encounter random battles and fight
    the sub-boss, he's a bit tough.
    |Never ever look down on the elemental arts. They are  |
    |fantastic! The upcoming BOSS is bit tough. First of   |
    |all, try to get 100x Blizzaga for every character and |   BATTLE TIP
    |junctioned it to the character's Elemental attack and |     #10
    |the characters will inflict twice the damage that     |
    |they will inflict with/without other elementals. It is|
    |just simply destructive, you might like to junction   |
    |Firaga to your character's Elem-Def.                  |
    / BOSS 23 \_____________________________________________________________
    Trabia Canyon - Ruby Dragon
    Name:      Ruby Dragon      Level: 28       HP: 18,468
    Attacks:   (Bite), (Claw Swipe), Breath, Aero, Firaga
    Facts:     Weak vs Cold/Holy, Absorbs wind and fire-based attacks
    Draw:      Aero, Fira
    AP gained: 14 AP
    Win:       1x Inferno Fang or 2x Red Fang
    Mug:       2x Inferno Fang
    This BOSS is much tougher compared to the T-Rexaur. It has pretty high-
    damaging attacks about 500+ HP damage. Next what you draw from the
    BOSS cannot be use to fight AGAINST it. Use Shiva [hopefully you have
    accquired the Boost] and Alexander to dish out damage. Use other GFs
    too except for Pandamonium and Ifrit. Use Cerebrus for fast-casting of
    spells. The BOSS has a move called Breath, which does damage to all
    members. You can get the Inferno Fang by using Mug on it. BTW, just
    refer to the Battle Tip to easy defeat the BOSS.
    After defeating the BOSS, Laguna and his pals will be watching over the
    evening sun, then the screen will fade... Now you should have a dream
    sequence where Laguna is talking Matron Edea? Next you will be back to
    Squall and his party. Now heal your characters to full health and you
    need to search for the SeeD ship which Ellone is on board. SAVE your
    / 5.3 \_________________________________________________________________
    The White SeeD Ship
    After completing Laguna's 4th Dream Sequence, proceed back to Edea's
    House. She will tell you about the White SeeD ship (Or the Sorceress'
    SeeD). Then she will give you a letter [it's an item and you can't use
    it]. Next head northeast a bit and you will be able to locate the ship,
    somewhere in Centra Region. You will find the ship docked at internal
    depth of C-shaped Island, in the middle of islands. Make contact with
    the ship and your characters will be boarding onto the ship.
    NOTE: The ship is located in between the islands north-east from Edea's
          house. It is much smaller compared to Balamb Garden. BTW, the
          ship is actually a ship from Esthar that was sent to get Ellone
          and head for Esthar.
    Aboard the White SeeD Ship....
    |About "Girl's Next Door"                                              |
    |Thanks to Markweb Jimenez for this valuable infromation.              |
    |You can get this item from the Timber Manaics building. It is found at|
    |the deck of documents lying near the counter. You can get this even   |
    |from Disc 2 ~ 3! Just talk to the Zone [who will be at the controls]  |
    |and he will be surprised and thus giving you the following options    |
    |1. Exchange for Shiva's Card, plus Rename Card                        |
    |2. Exchange for 25,500 gil!                                           |
    |3. Nothing                                                            |
    As you entered the ship, you will meet 3 White SeeD cadets. At the
    front of the ship, you will find a female SeeD girl and 2 kids. There
    is nothing. Head for the back cabin. There you will meet two familiar
    faces, that's punky guy [Zone] and the guy wearing a cap [Watts]. The
    stairs will lead to controls of the ship. Next head for the cabin, the
    bottom-most stairs. You will find a SeeD cadet and followed by a
    sequence. There is a Draw Point {Holy} here in this area. Next talk
    to the guy and note the sad music in the background. Now you will have
    a sequence about Ellone leaving with the Esthar Soldiers at the haul of
    the ship. Next you will be back at the Controls of Balamb Garden.
    Remember to grab the last copy of the Timber Magazine on the White SeeD
    ship! The use of them are described in Part II. [It's on another FAQ,
    found in GameFAQs]
    Head for the Dormitory and save your game. Next head for the Infirmary
    where you will find Rinoa. Now you will have another sequence that's
    Squall taking Rinoa to Fisherman's Horizon [FH city]. Head right and
    the screen will fade. Now Squall will be carrying Rinoa on his back,
    walking through that quiet and peaceful street. The moment he stopped
    and he will enjoy the scenery of the evening sun. Once you regained
    control of Squall, examine Rinoa and you will have Squall carrying
    Rinoa forward again. You will meet Quistis and Zell at the train
    station. Next guess who is coming.. it's Edea! Irvine and Selphie will
    come towards you next you need to head for a place. Then you will have
    to reform your party with Edea is in your party [not compulsory
    character]. Now you will be back at the World Map on the south-eastern
    continent of the map. SAVE your game. If you check the hill found on
    the west of the area, it will uncover another Draw Point {Tornado}.
    / 5.4 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Great Salt Lake
    Now head for the snowfield which is on the right. Then you will be
    asked to set a new party with Edea [again she is not a compulsory
    character.] Next head up through that snowfield, with Squall carrying
    Rinoa. Now you should be at the screen with that dinosaur skeleton.
    Instead of walking forward, climb up the skeleton on the right. Just
    simply walk up, no need to press Circle. Next you will be at the
    screen with the dinosaur's bone forming as a bridge. Examine the south
    area for hidden Draw Point. {Meteor} Next head up the "bridge". Next
    you will be at the edge of the cliff and there is another Draw Point.
    {Thundaga}. Next go to the edge and press Circle to jump down. Now the
    rest will follow suit, head up to the next area. You will be on the
    Make a right turn. There is a Save Point in the area. Head left twice
    and you will see a gigantic monster jumping from below, it's a BOSS
    / BOSS 24 \_____________________________________________________________
    Name:      Abadon        Level: 32     HP: 16,010
    Attacks:   (Claw grab), (Claw swipe), Confuse, Blind, Flare
    Facts:     Weak against Holy/Fire. Undead
    Draw:      Curaga, Esuna, Dispel, Flare
    AP gained: 40
    Win:       10x Flare Stone
    Mug:       1x Power Wrist
    Abadon's Attributes Information
      |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
         |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
        ||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
                   |||| DEX  EVA |||||||||
    This BOSS looks very scary and has very powerful attacks which does
    about 800+ damage, bringing low characters to instant death. Draw and
    cast Curaga on the BOSS and it will be dead meat in no time! Your
    attacks are puny useless and pretty weak. Use this method if you have
    not accquired Leviathan's Recover. The BOSS will turn into stone before
    it's death.
    If you have accquired Leviathan's Recover command, you can defeat the
    BOSS with just two hits as one will do 9999 HP damage to the BOSS. It
    will be dead meat in no time. If you want to seize the opporunity to
    stock up spells, cast Regen on the BOSS and it will remove HP, just
    like Poison. It is possible to defeat the BOSS, by casting Life on it.
    After the BOSS fight, head right and you will hear something sound
    associated with electricity. Just face north and examine it. Then it
    will releases a electric force field. Then it will release a hidden
    ladder, next hold up and you will be in a new area.
    Now head northeast, don't worry there is no random battles here. Next
    examine the panel on the left, pick the first option and you can have
    some fun with the screen on the left. Take the northeast path and enter
    the door. Next you will enter the elevator [PS: it has no walls!].
    Talk to your members. Then head up and the elevator will shake. Now
    Squall will put down Rinoa on the ground and there is a short
    conversation with your party. Next a hexagon door will reveal in the
    north. Enter it and you will have an FMV.
    ** FMV **
    Squall and his fellow members will enter the legendary Esthar Captial.
    Then you will view the opening of the gate of the city and Squall and
    his members being transported into the city.
    Then you will see Squall and his party start to collapse and you will
    be shown the screen where you will able to deploy the cast, who will
    be replacing Kiros and Ward in Laguna's last Dream sequence.
    / 5.5 \_________________________________________________________________
    Rescue Mission at Esthar!
    Laguna and his party has been held captive by the Esthar government at
    the Research Center and they have been watched by Esthar Soldiers.
    Next you will find Kiros and Ward moving away from the spot. Now talk
    to the Esthar Soldier on the bottom right hand corner. Next talk to the
    miner at the entrance of the cabin which Kiros and Ward has entered.
    Next talk to the Moomba and talk to man at the panel. Return and talk
    to Moomba again and have a sequence. Next Laguna has to fight an Esthar
    Soldier by himself, one on one. Next you will have an FMV of the
    elevator coming down. Laguna will try to block off the soldier's way
    thus letting Moomba and the man to enter the elevator. Next Kiros and
    Ward will come here, followed by another Esthar Soldier. Now you will
    be given two options:
    | Notes about Laguna's Dream Sequence |_______________________________
    | 1st Option:  Equip GFs. By the way, I forgot to tell you that       |
    |              every time you switches to Laguna, both Kiros and Ward |
    |              will have only the ATTACK command. Choose this option  |
    |              and then choose option 2. Anyway, this is also Laguna's|
    |              last scenario.                                         |
    | 2nd Option:  Fight them instantly.                                  |
    You will fight more enemies [3 of them, 2x Esthar Soldiers and a
    Gesper]. Now head for elevator and you will find two research
    assistants. Head up the stairs on the right QUIETLY (Laguna and his
    party does not want to be discovered!) Next you will meet the man and
    the Moomba. Next, one of the assistants will come up. Now draw some
    magic from the Draw Point {Death} and save your game. Now return to the
    building. There, you can get the Weapon Mon 1st Issue at the south-left
    corner. Next head back to the elevator. Approaches Professor Odine and
    you will have another battle against those guys. (2x Esthar Soldiers
    (cyborgs), 1x Elastoid)
    After defeating them, follow him to the elevator and head right. Now
    you find a pretty cool flying car [maybe in the future?], next Laguna
    and friends will enter the car. Now your aim to save Ellone. You will
    now be at the research center where Ellone is being held captive. Walk
    up and you have to fight Esthar Soldiers. Defeat them and draw some
    magic from the Draw Point {Double} on the top right hand corner. Now
    head check the seat on the middle, it's actually a portable elevator,
    pick the first option and you will reach the second floor. Now examine
    the left side of the door and you will find another Draw Point. {Flare}
    Now enter the door and fight two more Esthar Soldiers. After defeating
    them examine the huge blue screen in front. Now you will find young
    Ellone there. Next examine those panels on the right under a message
    box appears on the top. Now the door should be able to open, head up
    the door and you will find Ellone, following by an event....
    / 5.6 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Legendary Esthar
    The screen will switch back to Squall and his teamates, the rest will be
    there too. Now you will have another short event. Guess who is coming?
    It's Professor Odine and he will invited Squall and his party into a
    flying car. Talking during the journey to the huge city.
    At the high-polished building, you will have a sequence. Talk to
    everyone and head south, next you will be asked to head for the Lunar's
    Gate. Now exit the building and turn right. Board the elevator and you
    will have an FMV of elevator going down, exit from this area.
    Now in this huge city, you surely need a map for entering. How should
    we begin?. Elevators are very important, as walking for such long
    distances can be tiring. The left path leads to the door where you find
    soldiers guarding it. Head right and board the elevator and followed by
    an FMV of the elevator moving into the city. Here is the map of city.
    Map of Esthar Capital [Internal]
    |                            <E>                        |LEGEND       |
    |           _ _ _ _ _         |          _ _ _          |-------------|
    |          |         \        |         /    |          | E   Elevator|
    |          |         [2]--- [ 1 ]--- [10]    |          | []  Area    |
    |          |                           |     |          | --  Path    |
    |          |                           |     |          |             |
    |         [3]-- [4] -- [5] -- [6]_    [9]-- [11]        |             |
    |          |                      \    |     |          |             |
    |          |                       \   |    [12]        |             |
    |         [17]                      \_[7]    |          |             |
    |          |_                          /     |          |             |
    |            \_ [16]-- [15]-- [14] --[8]----[13]        |             |
    |                                     |                 |             |
    |                                    [19]               |             |
    |                                     |                 |             |
    |                                  WORLD MAP            |             |
    [1]  It is the main compound of the city, there is a Draw Point there
    [2]  Left Elevator Junction. Just go to the elevator and pick your
    [3]  The area with the red pipe of the left.
    [4]  Car street and you will be able to view the picture of the main
    [5]  Path above the yellow pipe on the left with the elevator.
    [6]  A busy street with the town folks being dressed in green.
    [7]  A street with yellow pipe on the right and there is a elevator
         and a Draw Point is found here. {Curaga}
    [8]  The central gate of Esthar Captial, exit to the Rent-A-Car
         station. Head here after done with your shopping. Right of it is
         the Esthar Shopping Mall.
    [9]  The path heading upwards with intersecting the path below. On the
         sides were the green pipe and the yellow pipe.
    [10] Right Elevator Junction. Just go to the elevator and pick your
    [11] Screen with the red pipe on the right of the street.
    [12] Red pipe on the right and a trace of the green pipe. There is a
         construction works.
    [13] The Shopping Mall. Refer below for more details.
    [14] The horizontal street with the "LEFT SIDE" and "RIGHT SIDE"
         letterings on the pipe.
    [15] Red pipe Elevator Junction
    [16] Here you will find a stop for the elevator and the Save Point.
    [17] The red pipe on the right with the elevator.
    [18] Entrance of a building. Can't enter it yet. A guard prevent you
         from doing so. There is a Draw Point here. {Quake}
    [19] The Rent-A-Car Platform. To rent a car, examine the panel and pay
         3,500 gil to rent a car. If you want to walk. Stand on the
         platform, and choose first option to exit the town. There will
         be an FMV of the elevator platform moving.
    <E>  E stands for the elevator.
    Well hopefully you should have no problem, by using my map. Now I
    suggested that you do some shopping, so head for the shopping mall!
    Just simply approaches any of the shops and you will be asked to do
    shopping or not [left: YES, right: NO] Next you will be shown this
      |            S H O P P I N G    D I R E C T O R Y         |
      |   _________________              ___________________    |
      |  | Rinnin's Store  |            |  Cloud's Store    |   |
      |  |_________________|            |___________________|   |
      |   _________________              ___________________    |
      |  |  Johnny's Shop  |            |  Don Juan's Shop  |   |
      |  |_________________|            |___________________|   |
      |   _________________              ___________________    |
      |  |  Karen's Shop   |            |  Cheryl's Store   |   |
      |  |_________________|            |___________________|   |
      |                     ____________                        |
      |                    |    EXIT    |                       |
      |                    |____________|                       |
    Just simply choose the shop and pick them to shop by pressing the
    Circle button. Here is the shopping list. Visit all shops and you will
    get a bonus item. Well, you will be quite surprise to find the name,
    Cloud in the Shopping Directory. Anyway, Cloud is not an usable
    character in FF8 as we know.
    Shops in The Capital of Esthar
    For the complete shopping list, refer to Part II for more details.
    | Rinnin's Store |____________________________________________________
    | Name of Item   |  Functions                             | Cost/Sell |
    | G-Potion       |  Restores GF's HP by 200               | 200 / 100 |
    | G-Hi-Potion    |  Restores GF's HP by 1,000             | 600 / 300 |
    | G-Returner     |  Restores GF's Life                    | 500 / 250 |
    | Pet House      |  Restores all GFs' HP. Use at a Save   | 1000/ 500 |
    |                |  Point.                                |           |
    | Amnesia Greens |  Makes one GF forget its selected      | 1000/ 500 |
    |                |  ability.                              |           |
    | HP-J Scroll    |  GF leanrs HP-J ability                | 10000/5000|
    | Str-J Scroll   |  GF learns Str-J ability               | 10000/5000|
    | Vit-J Scroll   |  GF learns Vit-J ability               | 10000/5000|
    | Mag-J Scroll   |  GF learns Mag-J ability               | 10000/5000|
    | Spr-J Scroll   |  GF learns Spr-J ability               | 10000/5000|
    | Pet Pals Vol 5 |  Rinoa's Limit Breaks manual           | 1000/ 500 |
    | Pet Pals Vol 6 |  Rinoa's Limit Breaks manual           | 1000/ 500 |
    | Cloud's Store |_____________________________________________________
    | Name of Item   |  Functions                             | Cost/Sell |
    | Potion         | Restores HP by 200                     | 100 / 50  |
    | Phoenix Down   | Restores Life                          | 500 / 250 |
    | Eye Drop       | Cures Darkness                         | 100 / 50  |
    | Soft           | Cures Petrify                          | 100 / 50  |
    | Remedy         | Cures all status disorder              | 1000/ 500 |
    | Tent           | Restores All HP. Use at Save Point     | 1000/ 500 |
    | Fuel           | Restore lost fuel for rented vehicles  | 3000/1500 |
    | Normal Ammo    | Use in Irvine's Limit Breaks           |   20/10   |
    | Group Ammo     | Use in Irvine's Limit Breaks           |   40/20   |
    | Dark Ammo      | Use in Irvine's Limit Breaks. [status] |  300/150  |
    | Fire Ammo      | Use in Irvine's Limit Breaks. [Fire]   |  500/250  |
    | G-Potion       | Restores GF's HP by 200                |  200/100  |
    | G-Hi-Potion    | Restores GF's HP by 1000               |  600/300  |
    | G-Returner     | Remove KO's status for GF              |  500/250  |
    | Johnny's Shop |_____________________________________________________
    | Name of Item   |  Functions                             | Cost/Sell |
    | Potion         | Restores HP by 200                     | 100 / 50  |
    | Hi-Potion      | Restores HP by 1000                    | 500 / 250 |
    | Phoenix Down   | Restores Life                          | 500 / 250 |
    | Antidote       | Cures Poison                           | 100 / 50  |
    | Soft           | Cures Petrify                          | 100 / 50  |
    | Holy Water     | Cures Zombie/Undead                    | 100 / 50  |
    | Remedy         | Cures all status aliments              | 1000/ 500 |
    | Tent           | Restores all HP. Use at a Save Point   | 1000/ 500 |
    | G-Mega Potion  | Restores fully of one GF               | 1000/ 500 |
    | Don Juan's Shop                                                     |
    | This is a weapon upgrading shop. For more information on weapon     |
    | upgrading, please refer to Part II FAQ.                             |
    | Karen's Shop |______________________________________________________
    | Name of Item         |  Functions                       | Cost/Sell |
    | Weapon Mon Mar       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Weapon Mon Apr       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Weapon Mon May       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Weapon Mon Jun       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Weapon Mon Jul       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Weapon Mon Aug       | Guide in upgrading your weapons  | 1000/ 500 |
    | Combat King 001      | Zell's Limit Breaks manual       | 1000/ 500 |
    | Combat King 002      | Zell's Limit Breaks manual       | 1000/ 500 |
    | Combat King 003      | Zell's Limit Breaks manual       | 1000/ 500 |
    | Pet Pals Vol. 1      | Rinoa's Limit Breaks manual      | 1000/ 500 |
    | Pet Pals Vol. 2      | Rinoa's Limit Breaks manual      | 1000/ 500 |
    | Cheryl's Shop: CLOSED for the time being. You can only access it    |
    |                through Tonberry's Call Item Shop Menu Ability       |
    Now head for the Tear's Point, which is located at the south-east of
    the World Map from the city. Make sure you have accquired the Mug
    ability from the Diablos. If not try to gain some levels. SAVE your
    game. BTW, it is safer to drive a car! [Note that you can't get into
    any random battles through driving a car.]
    Now exit the city and head to the outskirts of the city. Next head
    south-east of the continent of the World Map. It's called the Tears'
    Point. Next examine the Draw Point {Life} along the path and head up.
    Now in front of the statue, examine the Draw Point {Reflect} and pick
    up the Solomon's Ring. Next you need to steal Malboro Tentacle with
    the Diablos Mug ability. After you reach the requirements shown in the
    table below, you will be able to summon the Doomtrain by using the
    Solomon's Ring.
    |                                   | QUANTITY |   Name of ITEM        |
    |                                   |__________|_______________________|
    |===================================|   1x     | Solomon's Ring        |
    |  Requirements for GF Doomtrain    |   6x     | Remedy+               |
    |===================================|   6x     | Steel Pipe            |
    |                                   |   6x     | Malboro Tentacle      |
    Due to many questions regarding the Doomtrain, I have planned to make
    it more detailed.
    | Getting Doomtrain Information |______________________________________
    |                                                                      |
    | Only Remedy can be brought from shops except for Solomon's Ring and  |
    | other items. Here is the information on getting materials.           |
    |                                                                      |
    | Malboro   : A giantic green-monster with huge mouth, a huge plant    |
    | Tentacle    with tentacles & very high HP. It has an attack [Bad     |
    |             Breath] which will cause all types of status disorder    |
    |             like Confuse, Berserk, Poison, Darkness and Blind. So be |
    |             careful about it. This gigantic monster is pretty strong.|
    |             BTW, it has a low occurence rate baout 1/10 chance if you|
    |             ask me. You will not find any more Malboros here after   |
    |             getting Ragnarok.                                        |
    |             It can be found at the Island closest to Hell/ Island    |
    |             closest to Heaven after recieving Ragnarok. So it's      |
    |             critical to meet them at here before you head for the    |
    |             Lunar Gate. The island closest to Heaven is marked on the|
    |             northwest area of the World Map. You can find the world  |
    |             map at my FF8 website <http://risland.virtualave.net>.   |
    |             It's possible to win Malboro Tentacles without stealing  |
    |             from them. For tips on defeating the Malboro, refer to   |
    |             Part II FAQ for more details.                            |
    |                                                                      |
    | Steel     : You can find these green-yellow gorillas found at the    |
    | Pipe        Great Plains of Galbadia, using Mug to steal from it.    |
    |             Sorry about the misleading information, as you will get  |
    |             Steel Orbs by defeating them. [GF] The Great Plains of   |
    |             Galbadia is the red desert surrounding Deling City.      |
    |                                                                      |
    | Remedy +  : Firstly, you must have accquired the Alexander's menu    |
    |             ability of Med LV Up as by upgrading Remedy, you can get |
    |             Remedy+. 1x Remedy+ = 10x Remedy! [need to spend 60,000  |
    |             gil] Remedy used for curing and removing status disorder |
    |             like Poison, Confuse, Berserk. To acquire Med LV Up, you |
    |             must acquire its prequisite, Med Data. If you haven't    |
    |             mastered Med Data, you can't get Med LV Up. But before   |
    |             you master Med Data, make sure that you have additional  |
    |             slot for Med LV Up. Refer to GF Section for more details.|
    Getting Malboro Tentacle easily
    |Malboros are a great headache as they have an attack   |
    |could cause Poison, Berserk, Silence, Confuse and      |
    |Darkness. Have a bunch of Remedies in your inventory to|
    |cure the status disorder after the battle. Equip       |
    |Initial [Pandemona, 160 AP] and Mug [Diablos, 200 AP]  |  BATTLE TIP
    |to that character. Be patient, Malboros have very low  |    # 11
    |encounter rate. As you get into the battle, use the    |
    |Mug Command and than run away from the battle (hold    |
    |down R2 and L2 at the same time.) GF Siren's Treatment |
    |command can remove status disorder, but provided that  |
    |the character is protect against Berserk and Confuse.  |
    | Why Malboros and other monsters disappear after you have gotten     |
    | Ragnarok?                                                           |
    | Esthar will be infested by devils (you encounter monsters such as   |
    | Imp, Behemoths, Tutrapod instead.) from the Hell, due to Rinoa      |
    | releases the trapped Sorceress and the surrounding will turns a bit |
    | slightly red, so that explains why you can't find any Malboros there|
    | any more. You can find them at the forests near the Chocobo Holy    |
    | Region. (at Grandidi Forest) The World Map can also be found at my  |
    | website. Refer to it for more details. BTW, it can also be found at |
    | ChaRle5! FF8 website (http://members.xoom.com/hkcomic_net)          |
    After obtaining this following requirements, just use the Solomon's
    Ring and you will summon GF Doomtrain! This is rather time consuming,
    but it is worth it.
    / 5.7 \_________________________________________________________________
    Lunatic Pandora on Attack!!
    Next head for Lunar Gate, it's north from Tear's point. The most
    distinguise feature is the platform that is used for blasting off
    rockets. Now head there and enter it. Next enter the building. At the
    building, follow the lady, you meet someone, not a person... it's
    Angelo. Next Squall will confront Angelo. Next you will be allowed to
    pass through, so enter! There, you will find the space capsule. Now you
    will find that the rest of your party will be gathered at the place.
    During the conversation and pick the 1st option. Now when Squall talk to
    the assistant, pick the second option. Now pick any option choose the
    person who is going to outer space.. Zell and Edea can't go along with
    Squall and Rinoa. Next enter the capsule, after the selected third party
    member enters that place. Now the screen will switch to the crew who are
    at that controls, and you will have an FMV of the capsule blasting into
    Now the screen switches back to Zell and the rest. You will be able to
    control Zell and exit through the door with the green orb. Next you
    need to head back to the Esthar Captial. This followed by another FMV
    of the Lunatic Pandora approach the city..
    Head back to the captial and head left twice, crossing the street with
    the red pipe that's has been written "LEFT SIDE" and "RIGHT SIDE". Next
    head down when you come to the elevator junction. Draw some magic from
    the Draw Point {Quake} and head for the Research center. Talk to the guy
    at the entrance, picking 1st option and enter the building. Now you
    should be familiar as you are back to the place where Laguna has come to
    during the 5th Dream Sequence. Next board the elevator and enter the
    controls room where you find Prof. Odine. Now talk to Odine and he will
    brief you about the Pandora's attack spots.
    The Pandora will pass through the city and launch three attacks. You
    need to stop them. They will come to the following places:
    ATTACK SPOT NO. 1:   A Street where you will find the bird eye's view
                         of the city. Time: 15:00 ~ 12:00  [4] on the map.
    ATTACK SPOT NO. 2:   The place where you will find the intersection of
                         the streets. Time: 10:00 ~ 05:00 [9] on the map.
    ATTACK SPOT NO. 3:   The place where you will find the construction
                         works. Time: 03:00 ~ 00:00 [12] on the map.
    |The monsters that you encounter here are either    |
    |mechnical beasts or Galbadia troops. So junctioned |
    |Thundaga to your character's Elem-Atk-J. For those |   BATTLE TIP
    |who haven't acquired Missile, this is the last     |     # 13
    |chance that you are getting the item. Edea is quite|
    |quite a good magic user, so have her doing the     |
    |healing. Choose your characters wisely.            |
    Before heading to the Attack Spot 1, head to look for the lone Esthar
    Soldier and he will leave the Combat King 004 after you have finished
    talking to him.
    The screen switches back to Zell and followed by a short sequence. The
    screen fades and switches to Squall and his party... Remember the crater
    that surrounds Centra Ruins, this is something related to the Lunar Cry.
    These spots are where the place where you will find the Lunatic
    Pandora. So head back to the city. Now you need to head for Attack Spot
    No.1. You will find a time-bar which will tell you the time. So head
    right until you reach the central gate. Next take the path heading
    north from here, OBSERVE carefully. Now head up and draw Magic from the
    Draw Point {Curaga} located on the platform. Next head left. Press
    Square and you will find the picture of clip under the time bar. Now
    wait there until the time hits 15:00. NOTE: You will encounter random
    battles at the city. Press Square to view clips of the locations, this
    also means that you can't play any card game.
    As soon you found the Lunatic Pandora, you fight some G-Soldiers, so
    kick them out of your way. Now Zell and his party will enter the
    Pandora. Now draw magic from the Draw Point {Meteor} on the right.
    Next head up and you find another Draw Point {Curaga} near the
    elevators. BTW, There are couple of Draw Points found here. So it's
    your concern to find them all.
    Board the 02 elevator. Now head down and turn left once you reach the
    junction and proceed until you found that you are on the other side of
    the walkway. Once exit from that area, keep on heading down until you
    reach the 03 elevator. [RED] There is a ledge located at south-east and
    climb down the ladder and you will find a Draw Point {Confuse}. On the
    tunnel found on the right, you can get a LuvLuv G. Wait! There is a lot
    more stuff to collect for those who have trigger all traps/detonator in
    Laguna's 2nd Dream Sequence. Hence move left twice and you should find
    3 trap doors. Check them and you will find the following treasures.
    Door 1: Power Generator
    Door 2: Draw Point {Silence}
    Door 3: Phoenix Pinion
    Now keep on head left and you will find a lone path. Search that area
    and you will get the Combat King 005. Before you exit from the area,
    check the generator and you will uncover a hidden draw point {Ultima}
    Climb and board 03 elevator. Once reach the ground floor, entered 01
    elevator. Now head left and you will find a Draw Point {Holy} on the
    lower left corner. Now head up and you noticed a hole in that area,
    which you can actually enter it... Now enter the area and you will be
    able to get a Spd-J Scroll! Head up (a Save Point if you have
    equipped Siren's Move-Find) and until you find a huge robotic monster
    [Mobile Type 8] and approaches it. You will be thrown off from the
    Pandora and this followed by this CGI.
    ** FMV **
    The Pandora approaches the Tear's Point and covered the site. As a
    result, this causes the cracking on the face of the staue. Pandora
    will now be covering it...
    The screen switches back to Zell and followed by a short sequence. The
    screen fades and switches to Squall and his party... Remember the crater
    that surrounds Centra Ruins? that is something related to the Lunar Cry.
    / 5.8 \_________________________________________________________________
    Lunar Base - Seeking Treatment
    ** FMV **
    Launching of the capsule into outer space. There you will see the
    connecting of the space shuttles and some astronauts helping in the
    process. The shuttles are then assembled and brought into an area
    filled with green glowing light.
    Squall and his party will be released from their capsule. The screen
    is being tilted by the way. Now talk to the space crew and examine
    Rinoa who is just behind the guard near the south-left corner. Then
    Squall will carry Rinoa on his back. Now followed everyone to the
    Infirmary on left of the walkway, Enter the room and you will see Squall
    placed Rinoa inside an oxygen chamber. The guard is a card player by the
    way, exit and followed the man dressed in white, Piet. [If you play a
    card game against him, you can get the Alexander's Card!] Now you should
    be on the junction where you found a stairs. Head up and enter the
    controls room. Now check the monitor on the right of main controls. Next
    you will have a FMV about the rocks on the planet. Now talk to Piet and
    leave the room.
    Now head back to the area where you found the stairs. Head up and you
    should be at a tunnel. Talk to the girl and you will have another
    sequence. [there is an FMV of several astrounauts fixing a wall for a
    huge gigantic monster? Looks like Jenova in Mount Nibel of FF7..]
    There is a pathway that leads to the Astronaut's Locker Room and it is
    in the north-east direction of the tunnel. Now walk down the tunnel.
    You will find Ellone in the next area. There is a hidden Draw Point in
    this area. {Meteor} Next talk to Ellone. Now Elone will follow Squall
    after the conversation. Time to check on Rinoa. [Do forgot Laguna's
    Card, which can be obtained from Ellone through the Card Game!]
    Next as you were in the tunnel, and the screen will switches to Rinoa,
    whom is starting to move. And a warning signal was sent to the controls,
    could it be the machine failure. Next your other party member will
    leave along with Ellone. Now head for the Infirmary. As you was at the
    walkway outside the Infirmary, you will find the guard being knocked by
    a ghostly Rinoa. Press Circle at Rinoa and Squall will be rejected off
    from her. Head for the controls room, where she is heading to. Now at
    the control room, bump to her and she will leave. Check the monitor on
    the right and you will be shown the picture of the rocks. Next you will
    have an FMV of a spaceship approaching the planet. Leave the controls
    room and head upstairs and you will have this FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The view from outerspace of the Planet. Then the screen switches to a
    strange planet which looks like an eye, which you will find an entire
    flock of them at the planet. Yucks ! The monsters are heading for the
    planet. Lava starts to pouring out...
    Enter the Astronaut's Locker room and you will find Rinoa [dressed in
    an astronaut suit head for the airlock. Now you need to get an
    astronaut suit, examine the cabin and Squall will change into an
    astronaut! Head for the air lock, through the door on the left in the
    locker room. You can't get Rinoa back to the place... Now head back to
    the control room and you will have an event of Rinoa breaking the
    circuits of that trapped monster... Now the ship has trouble as it is
    heading near the cursed planet. Now talk to everyone and they will head
    for the escape pod. Talk to Ellone and head right from the controls.
    Talk Ellone who was on the elevator and you will find a Save Point
    there. Head right and talk to Ellone. Next examine the unoccupied pod
    and you will view an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The escape pod has removed from the main shuttle and watch the end of
    the shuttle, Ka-Boom!
    Next Ellone will come out and has a flashback...
    Rinoa is on a Galbadian Truck with Irvine, a very funny sequence and
    followed by the talk with Zell at Balamb Garden. Next you will have
    the sequence after you have defeat Edea at the end of Disc 2. Rinoa
    has been possessed by the Sorceress from the future... and you will
    have a long event.
    Here is the summary of the event:
    Rinoa starts to float past through the space. As time passes, Rinoa is
    floating closer and closer. Next you will have a couple of FMVs of
    Rinoa regaining her consicious after her bangle floats up. She starts
    to think of Squall and operate her oxygen tank.. actually this is in
    Squall's mind.
    Squall started to exit from his chamber and help Rinoa and head out of
    the escape pod and reaches for Rinoa. Next you will have a mini-game of
    Squall catching Rinoa, which is about 2 minutes to catch Rinoa.. Just
    simply position her in the middle of the screen and press X to secure
    the position You will be automatically reunited with Rinoa after you
    have secured Rinoa..
    Now Squall will carry his love and carry her forward in space and
    found a giant ship [Ragnarok] shown in a cool FMV. They will then
    enter the ship. Next examine the panel on the left and it will close
    the air-lock. Now head up and you will have some short conversation.
    Now go through the door and you will find out that the ship has been
    infested with gigantic monsters. Head down stairs and you will have to
    fight eight of them. Here are the general stats of these monsters. You
    will win stones such as Holy Stone, Shield Stone, Barrier Stone and the
    Ultima Stone. Stealing from them through the Mug command, will
    result your characters nabbing items such as Wizard Stones instead.
    INFORMATION on Propagators
    |   STATS            |  DRAW    |       STRATEGY              |  AP  |
    | LEVEL: 39 HP:4900  | Thundaga | This guys may have very     |  5   |
    |                    | Curaga   | damaging attacks, but they  |      |
    |                    | Esuna    | do have serious errors. Use |      |
    |                    | Life     | GFs and magic to dealt out  |      |
    | Attacks: Claw Swipe|          | damage. When either Squall  |      |
    |          Silence   |          | or Rinoa is down, draw Life |      |
    |          Blind     |          | and Curaga and you will be  |      |
    |          Thundaga  |          | back to full health !       |      |
    |          BiteBite  |          | Cast Zombie on them and use |      |
    |                    |          | Phoenix Down/Life Magic to  |      |
    |                    |          | kill them.                  |      |
    Here is a map of Ragnarok:
    1ST FLOOR ==============================================================
                                                    | L E G E N D         |
                     Exit   ____________________    | --------------------|
                   __/  \__|DP       |  |    SP |   |  <R> Red Aliens     |
                  |        |   <R>   |  |  <G>  |   |  <P> Purple Aliens  |
                  |        |         |  |       |   |  <G> Green Aliens   |
            To    \  <P>   \         |  |       |   |  <Y> Yellow Aliens  |
           2nd    /        /         |  |       |   |  SP  Save Point     |
         Floor    |________|___/ \___|__|_/\____|   | |--| Stairs         |
                           |                 |--|   |  DP  Draw Point     |
                           |       <P>       |--|   |  /\  Doors          |
                           |                 |--|   |  E   Elevator       |
                           |____________________|   |  C   Controls       |
                                                    |                     |
    2ND FLOOR ==============================================================
                 |   C    |            To
                 |        |         1st Floor
                 |  <Y>   |_______  ___
                 |        | |<G>| \/   |
                 |____/\__| |_E_|      |
                    |                  |
                    |                  |
                    |_______/  \_______|
                    | DP       <R>  |--|
                    |____      _____|--|
                         |     |    |--|
                         |_/ \_|    To 1st Floor
                         |     |
                         | <Y> |
                         |     |
                       To Airlock
    |                             Question No.5                            |
    | Q. How do I defeat those Ailens at the Ragnarok?                     |
    | A. Well, this is quite simple. You will not encounter any random     |
    |    battles here. Firstly you must defeat those ailens with the same  |
    |    colour first. Let's says if you have defeated the Purple          |
    |    Propagator in the main compound, you must then fight the Purple   |
    |    Propagator at the other side [refer to map]. If you did not, they |
    |    will regenrate and you will fight them all over and again. Certain|
    |    Draw Points will appear after you have defeated them. There are 4 |
    |    kinds of aliens and they are different in colours and there are   |
    |    two of the same kind.                                             |
    After defeating all the aliens, head for the elevator where you found
    the green monster and you will have an event. Squall taking control of
    the seat and there you will hear the song below... a lot of mushy stuff.
    Here is the lyrics that are taken from Heero Yuy's FF8 FAQ and thanks to
    Rei Urabe for sending the lyrics.
                       ----- E Y E S   O N    M E -----
                       Whenever sang my songs
                       On the stage, on my own
                       Whenever said my words
                       Wishing they would be heard
                       I saw you smiling at me
                       Was it real or just my fantasy
                       You'd always be there in the corner
                       Of this tiny lttle bar
                       My last night here for you
                       Same old songs, just once more
                       My last night here with you?
                       Maybe yes, maybe no
                       I kind of liked it your way
                       How you shyly placed your eyes on me
                       Oh, did you ever know?
                       That I had mine on you
                       Darling, so there you are
                       With that look on your face
                       As if you're never hurt
                       As if you're never down
                       Shall I be the one for you
                       Who pinches you softly but sure
                       If frown is shown then
                       I will know that you are no dreamer
                       So let me come to you
                       Close as I wanted to be
                       Close enough for me
                       To feel your heart beating fast
                       And stay there as I whisper
                       How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
                       Did you ever know
                       That I had mine on you
                       Darling, so share with me
                       Your love if you have enough
                       Your tears if you're holding back
                       Or pain if that's what it is
                       How can I let you know
                       I'm more than the dress and the voice
                       Just reach me out then
                       You will know that you're not dreaming
    Thanks to Hahaha Hahaha for the missing line in the third paragraph.
    Thanks to Yee Seng Fu for his correction on the lyrics. Thanks to
    Franksiskus Febrainto ^0^ for his correction on the 4th paragraph.
    Thanks to Marcus "vegeta" Colombo for the correction.
    After that wonderful and romantic song, you will be now controlling
    Ragnarok and will be landed on the sandy area. There you will meet the
    people of Esthar including Professor Odain's assistant. Next Rinoa will
    leave [she has been accused of being a Sorceress]. Head back to
    Ragnarok and enter the meeting room [the place where you find the
    controls, marked "C"] There you will find Irvine, and the rest except
    for Edea and Rinoa. After some conversation, you find Selphie and
    Irvine moving out. Once you approaches Quistis, the ground will
    started to shake, because Ragnarok has landed off from the ground!
    Now head for the controls room and you will find Selphie as the pilot!
    Now you will be back at the World Map. Here are the controls of
    BTW, there is a Draw Point {Life} at the junction where you find the
    stairs that led to the main hall of Ragnarok. A hidden draw point
    {Full-life} can be found in the cabin where you find the Save Point.
    |C O N T R O L S    O F     R A G N A R O K                            |
    | Up/Down      : Causes Ragnarok to descend/raises                     |
    | Right/Left   : Allows you to rotate the Ragnarok                     |
    | R2           : Changes camera view.                                  |
    | Square       : Causes Ragnarok to move forwards                      |
    | X            : Causes Ragnarok to move backwards                     |
    | Circle       : Board/ Unboard                                        |
    | Select       : Opens World Map (Spot view, side map, full map)       |
    | Triangle     : Inside Ragnarok                                       |
    | Start        : Pause the game.                                       |
    | Left Analog Stick -   Moving it up and down causes the change in the |
    |                       attitude. Move it left or right can causes the |
    |                       Ragnarok to make a left or right run.          |
    | Right Analog Stick -  Move it up causes the Ragnarok to move forward.|
    |                       Moving it down causes the Ragnarok to travel   |
    |                       backwards.                                     |
    Now the screen will switch to the World Map, where the Ragnarok is
    flying over the Esthar-Khasabald Desert. Just land your air-ship and
    you can save your game after your character has exit from the Ragnarok.
    / 5.9 \_________________________________________________________________
    Rescuing Rinoa from the Sorceress' Memorial Hall!
    After done with all the tour, head for the Sorceress' Memorial Hall. Now
    enter the Memorial Hall. Next walk up the stairs and there is a Draw
    Point {Stop} in this area. Talk to the Esthar Soldiers at the gate and
    they will allow you to enter the Memorial Hall. Next you find Rinoa,
    who is being trapped inside a chamber and the scientists experimenting
    on her. Next your members will try to stop them and thus giving Squall
    a chance to stop them. Next head left and approached the captured Rinoa
    you will have an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    Rinoa is finally being released by her lover, Squall and they will hug
    each other and thus leaving the Memorial Hall. [isn't this similar to
    FMV in the beginning of the game, just as there is some difference in
    the background.]
    Now with Rinoa back in your hands, head to the entrance and you will
    be allowed to leave.. There is some sort of communication between
    Squall and the huge guy...
    Next back at the Ragnarok, your party will be asked by Rinoa to head
    to Edea's house. But before proceeding there, I would suggest that you
    should try to get the remaining GFs, making preparations for the final
    showdown and also unlock the remaining quests. Note that there are a
    lot of stuffs you can get by solving the quests. Plus you will be able
    to experience the toughest competition of FF8!
    / 5.10 \________________________________________________________________
    The Great World Tour Part II
    I have recieved a lot of e-mails regarding whether is it important for
    you guys to level up? The answer is yes! But due to the following
    R: Monsters have lower levels and HP when your character's HP is low.
    A: This is true but remember that if your character's level is low,
       your HP and other attributes will be low. The BOSS are still very
       tough even with low levels and one good example is Fujin and
       Raijin in Balamb Town. You need to level up as that will give you
       all the chances to get all abilities, more items and ease of
       finishing the game. A lot of people has been depending on GFs to win
       a battle, but here is a tip. Your characters can become stronger
       once they have higher levels and you can't always rely on GFs as
       there is a battle where you can't use them.. at that occurs in the
       beginning of Disc 4.
    R: When is the right time to level up?
    A: For me, I have gone under a few stages of levelling up and just
       pass through the quest at ease. In fact, you need to level up before
       you head to the Lunatic Pandora at the end of Disc 3. I have choose
       the following times:
       A Mini Level Up Guide by Scott <kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg>
       Disc 1:
       There is no need to level up for you can make use of GF Cactuar's
       Attributes bonus to make Rinoa and Irvine stronger [they have join
       you quite late in the game]. But there is a need for Squall to
       reach at least level 18~20. [if you don't want struggling battles]
       Disc 2:
       Before heading inside the Missile Base - I choose this time, just
       to give Irvine [which I have put in that team always] levelling up.
       Remember that you need to undergo battles to get items for Quistis
       Limit Breaks and unlock Selphie's hidden spells through her Limit
       Breaks. (it's necessary). But building them up to level 25 will be
       sufficient, so that you can draw Tornado form Thrustaveis [those
       purple birds.] If your characters have higher levels, you can draw
       intermediate spells.
       The Great World Tour Part I - I would spell the time here to get
       GF Odin and at the same time, getting upgrades for Squall's weapon.
       You need to get at least level 40 for all characters to pass
       through the game with ease. You can draw GFs without any problems.
       Disc 3:
       At the beginning of Disc 3 - Actually it is not an upgrade, but to
       get the intermediate spells such as Meltdown [which is important],
       level up Levathian and Diablos to get Recover and Mug respectively.
       You need to have them for the final battle. Also here are the tips
       where you can get major magic:
       - Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga - get them from Jelleyes [they looks
         like a hourglass and their main colours comprises of
       - Esuna, Curaga. Get them from Mesmerize (white horse with a huge
         horn) found in Trabia continent [snowfields], they can give you
         a lot of support spells.
       - Meltdown - get it from Gayla [white colour string-ray] found in
         the snowy Trabia continent.
       - Key status elements - you will definately need them to battle
         a certain monster:
         Sleep, Confuse - get it from Grat [found in Training Center]. You
         need to stock 100x for all characters!
         Berserk - get it from Wendigos found in Great Plains of Galbadia,
         it is just outside Deling City.
         Bio - get it from Anacondour found in Vaunly Canyon [area is just
         outside Timber area]
      Siren's Treatment and Alexander's Revive will be optional but with
      them, your party is not going to lose that easily. You need to have
      GF Cerberus and Diablos match together and junction those four
      magic to ST-Def-J. Stick these for Zell, Squall and Rinoa until they
      have reach level 50.
      The Great World Tour II - You are going to face the Final Showdown
      and this is your second last chance to get level up. You need to get
      all the remaining GFs, especially Bahamut [for it's Str +60%,
      Mag +60%] and Cactaur [for its Attributes Bonus]. Do the following
      in order:
      1. Get Lion Heart weapon - and perhaps everyone's ultimate weapon.
         Get Doomtrain at the same time, while getting the ingredients with
         the first three. Master Med Data and get Med LV Up, then change
         your Remedies into Remedy+. BTW, this is still not the time to use
         Amnesia Greens as it is way too earlier, otherwise, you will lose
         a couple of important abilities.
      2. Get GF Cactuar. Equip Str Bonus, Mag Bonus and Vit Bonus to a
         training character until level 90. You will be amazed by the
         solid stats. Do this for all characters [This is going to take
         a long time, but it will make your characters so strong that
         no one can defeat them]. Ideal places for level up are Island
         closest to Hell and Heaven [refer to the World Map at my FF8
         website]. You can choose to get Tonberry before you level up as
         it is not that tough.
      3. Get the remaining GFs [Bahamut and Eden]. You can make use of
         Deep Sea Research area for getting the remaining ten levels as
         you can get Curse spikes and Dark Matter for Quistis
      4. Complete Quests and get all abilities for all GFs. Re-modify to
         optimize the party!
    Well, do you know that it's high time for capturing the remainding
    GFs. But before you could head for these places, first you can find
    hidden Draw Points at the following places:
    1. Back of Dollet Communication Tower {Pain} (Do this with the
    2. Train Tunnel located in front of Deling City. {Esuna}
    3. Train Tunnel located near Timber Town {Fira}
    4. Train Tunnel located near Balamb Town. {Esuna}
    5. Northen Tip of Long Horn Island {Aura}
    Note you can enter FH by positioning Ragnarok vertically on the top
    so that the shadow will be covering the city and you will find Ragnarok
    landed near the FH's Windmill (You will find Martine there). You can
    also enter a new place called Esthar Airport. Now there are a piece of
    bad news, that is you will encounter very powerful beasts such as
    Behemoths, Iron Giants, etc. at Esthar City Area.
    Places of Interest
    Cactuar's Island
    Also you want fast AP level Up, head for the Cactuar Island marked
    on the southeast corner of the World Map, you find a green Cactuar,
    that's the Jumbo Cactuar! (Defeat it so that you can get a new GF!) But
    there are some great news, you will encounter Cactuars which may give
    you a single digit EXP, but they give 20 AP! But note that your
    characters have low hit rate and they will ran away, thus giving you
    nothing. Squall never misses a shot.
    The Island closest to Hell
    This island is located at the most western area of the World Map
    |                  |  It is located on the western area from Galbadia
    |    iiii          |  continent. It is rather a huge island, without
    |* i iiiii         |  shores for Balamb Garden to reach it. This is
    |    iii           |  typically a great area as it has tons of spells
    |                  |  for you to draw [Ultima, Flare, Triple,
    |                  |  Full-Life, Aura, Meteor, Quake]
    |__________________|  Key: *    Island closest to Hell
          Fig 10.0             iii  Galbadia Continent
    To draw those spells, use Diablos' Enc-None to walk around the border
    to get it and within the area. Press Circle to search...
    The Island closest to Heaven
    This island is situation to the most northeastern area of the World
    Map. You will find it surrounded by the huge Grandid Forest along with
    some islands. It has also no shores.
    |                   * | It is quite easily to read the map [hopefully]
    |             GGGGGGG | Legend:
    |          tttGGGGGGG | *     Island closest to Heaven
    |           mmm   eee | GGG   Grandid Forests
    |           mmmm eeee | mmm   Morded Plains
    |            eeeeeeee | tt    Trabia Continent
    |           cccceeeee | eee   Great Plains of Esthar
    |           ccccceeee | ccc   Esthar City Area
    |            eeeeee aa| aaa   Abadon Plains
    |             eeee aa | mi    Minde Island
    |          mi    aaa  |
    |                     |
           Fig 10.1
    Balamb Garden's Classroom
    For those, whom have missed the opportunity of viewing the Timber
    Magazines that you have collected, here is a chance! You can find
    Balamb Garden being docked at FH. Just simply landed your Ragnarok and
    head for Balamb Garden.
    Now finished up drawing up magic spells as it's high time for you to
    level up, make sure to fight more monsters and gain more GF's
    abilities such as Alexander's Revive and Leviathan's Recover as you are
    going to fight the most toughest guys in Disc 3. It's also high time to
    level up. There are four places where you can find the remaining GFs.
    It would be better to get everyone's most powerful weapons [refer to
    Ultimate Weapon Upgrading Guide which is listed below]
    / 5.1a \_______________________________________________________________
    Utimate Weapon Upgrading Guide
    This really too maddening! I have virtually received over 200 e-mails
    on weapon upgrading... Is it that hard? It also took me a day to
    understand the system [JP version, I don't know much about Japanese!]
    Here you will only find answers to the Ultimate Weapons [final weapons
    for each character] and how to get the ingredients.
    First of all, I need to start off with the following facts [some of
    them are good news and bad news..]
    1. You don't necessary need the Weapon Mon Magazines to get the
       weapons. I have actually play back an old file [which I have
       forgotten to get the magazine, Weapon Mon 1st Issue]. As a result,
       I ended training and gotten numerous amounts of ingredients for the
       Lion Heart. As I was about to tune up Irvine's weapon, Exector,
       which is found Weapon Mon Aug. I found the Lion Heart is
       upgradeable.. as I have gotten the requirements! So it is not
       necessary to get them unless you have gotten the requirements.
    2. Squall's Lion Heart can't be gotten in Disc 1... Why? In Disc 1,
       you are only limited to travelled within the Galbadia Continent
       which makes it impossible to get to the ingredient, "Dragon Fang"
       However, it's possible to get it at Disc 2 onwards. I have found
       another place to encounter Blue Dragons. Plus it applies to almost
       all other characters. You may need to play card intensively.. by
       getting over 20x Elynole's Card [that's mad..] and converts them
       through Card-Mod-RF. Still, I would prefer to get the first few
       weapons before that fight begins.
    3. Rare Items such as Moon Curtains, Med Kit, Doc's Code can't be
       gotten from battles, instead you need to undergone a couple of
       refinement process. This makes me earned for the Accessories to
       come back. This will work much easier if you have gotten a
       Pocketstation. [unfortunately, I don't own one.]. For those whom have
       read my Monsters FAQ (also found in GameFAQs), you should have seen
       the ultimate disaster in getting 1x Holy War..
    4. Certain weapons required items are very hard to get... Examples are
       Adamantine, Energy Crystals etc. [the monsters that own them are
       even more tougher. One good example is the Ruby Dragon, which has
       an awesome HP of 89,100 at Level 100] But it's possible to defeat it.
    Locations of Junk Shops
    -| Balamb Junk Shop - left of the screen of the town centre.
    -| Deling Junk Shop - in the Parade road
    -| Dollet Junk Shop - found within Noutilus
    -| FH Junk Shop     - found on the right of town centre, cross the
     |                    planks
    -| Esthar Junk Shop - it's Don Juan's Shop!
    -| Man at Garden    - it's the Card Magician Joker! You will find him
                          at the Training Center (randomly)
    I hopefully you basically know the menu set-up look like. If not, refer
    to the diagrams below [this diagram looks identical to the Junk Shop
      |                 Title of Junk Shop                |
      |  Squall Leonhart                                  |
      |               |                                   |
      | Steel Pipe    |    Revolver            100        |
      | 1        (3)  | |> Keer Trigger        200        |
      |               |    Cutting Trigger     400        |
      | Screws        |    Flame Saber         600        |
      | 2        (30) |                                   |
      |               |___________________________________|
      |               | Strength 45%  -> 48%^             |
      |               | Accuracy 255% -> 255%             |
    Well, time for some explanations. The numbers in the brackets are
    those that you have in your ITEM inventory. If the numbers on the left
    exceed the numbers in the brackets, then you will be unable to perform
    an upgrade.
    In case, my English is a bit too hard to understand...
          _ _ _ _ _ the name of the ingredient
    | Adamantine       |
    | 1           (0)  |
      |             \_ _ _ _ _ available in your item inventory
      |__ requirements
    In this above case, you can't perform an upgrade. The weapon [as you
    may guess it's the Lion Heart]. Why, you don't have the item produce an
    upgrade. (0) is definitely less than 1. It is pretty easy to understand.
    If that's not clear, there's nothing I can do...
    Note that you can de-graded your weapon back to it's original form, but
    the used materials will be gone forever. If the number 48 is yellow in
    colour, that means there is an increase in attacking power. But if the
    colour of the digits is red, which means that your previous upgraded
    weapon is much better than the weapon you have chosen to upgrade to.
    [For example, Flame Saber is obviously a better weapon compared to the
    Cutting Trigger.]
    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE (regarding combat)
    You can't get an item from a monster by winning IF you had steal from a
    monster during combat. How to equipped Mug? Refer to Basic Tutorial.
    1. You fought 2x Adamantoise and you mug one of them [get an item,
       let's say Whisper for an example.]. You will not get Adamantine
       even though you have defeat the other one. Adamantine can be ONLY
       obtained if you defeat BOTH Adamantoise and do not mug them!
    2. You fought 1x Ruby Dragon and you mug it [get: Inferno Fang] and
       when you defeat it you get nothing.
    3. You fought 1x Ruby Dragon and defeat it. You will mostly get Fury
       Fragment or Inferno Fang [between level 20 ~ 40] or Energy Crystal
       [level 80 and above]
    Okay, time for the requirements..
    Lion Heart                                S q u a l l    L e o n h a r t
    Name:              Adamantine
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
    Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH
                       (Disc 2)
    Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                       area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                       you will find a stretch of land that resembles a
                       horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
    Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
    Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
    Name:              Dragon Fang
    Quantity needed:   4x
    What it does:      Dragon fang with recovery force
    Where to get it:   Defeat 1x Blue Dragon
    Encounter Monster: - Island closest to Hell (about 1/10 chance)
                       - Winter Island (where you find the Shumi Tribe),
                         go near the mountains. (about 3/10 chance)
    Card Mod:          n/a
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Pulse Ammo
    Quantity needed:   12x
    What it does:      Ammo that contains powerful energy
    Where to get it:   Through Ifrit's Ammo-RF [you must gotten F Mag-RF]
                       * 1x Power Generator --> 20x Pulse Ammo
                       * 1x Laser Cannon    -->  5x Pulse Ammo
                       * 1x Energy Crystal  --> 10x Pulse Ammo
    Encounter Monster: I would recommend you to get Energy Crystal as there
                       is a huge variety of monsters that possess it. The
                       rest considered "extremely" rare. To get Energy
                       - Defeat Level 80 and above Ruby Dragons/ Behemoths
                       - Defeat Level 50 and above Elynoles
                       I would go for Elynoles as there is a secret area
                       where you can encounter them to as much as you
                       want! Refer to Section 5.10 for more details.
                       If you have problem doing that, level up to level 80
                       and the commonly found Ruby Dragons. [you can
                       encounter more frequently at hilltops of Esthar.]
    Card Mod:          10x Elynole's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
    Refine:            n/a
    Shooting Star                             R i n o a    H e a r t i l l y
    Name:              Windmill
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      Windmill containing wind energy
    Where to get:      Defeat Abyss Worm/ Thrustaevis
    Encounter Monster: Abyss Worm
                       Galbadia- Dingo Desert (Outside D-District Prison)
                       Esthar- Khaskabald Desert
                       Great Plains of Galbadia
                       Galbadia- Montersou Plateau (hilltops)
    Card Mod:          1x Abyss Worm's Card -> 1x Windmill
                       1x Pandemona's Card -> 100x Windmill
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Regen Ring
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      GF learns HP +20% Ability
    Where to get:      Defeat Torama
                       Defeat Chimera
                       Defeat Mesmerize
    Encounter Monster: Torama: Great Plains of Esthar (after Lunar Cry)
                       Chimera: Island closest to Heaven/ Khaskabald Desert
                       Mesmerize: Trabia-Bika Snowfields/Hawkwind Plains.
    Card Mod:          10x Chimera -> 1x Regen Ring
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Force Armlet
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      GF learns Spr +40% Ability
    Where to get:      Defeat Malboro/Ochu
                       Brought at Esthar Pet Shop with Familiar for
                       20,000 gil.
    Encounter Monster: Malboro/Ochu - Island closest to Heaven
    Card Mod:          n/a
    Refine:            10x Mag-J Scrolls -> 1x Force Armlet [GFAbil Med-Ref]
    Name:              Energy Crystal
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      GF learns SumMag +30% Ability
    Where to get it:   Defeat Behemoth (rare).
                       Defeat Elnoyle.
                       Defeat Ruby Dragon (Level 80 and above)
    Encounter Monster: Behemoth/Elnoyle - Esthar City
                       Ruby Dragon - Esthar- Nortes Mountains /Island
                       closest Hell.
    Card Mod:          10x Elnoyle's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
    Refine:            n/a
    Ehrgeiz                                            Z e l l   D i n c h t
    Name:              Adamantine
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
    Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH
                       (Disc 2)
    Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                       area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                       you will find a stretch of land that resembles a
                       horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
    Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
    Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
    Name:              Dragon Skin
    Quantity needed:   4x
    What it does:      Durable dragon skin
    Where to get it:   Defeat high levels Anacondaur. (rare)
    Encounter Monster: Galbadia- Hasberry Plains [forests and hilltops]
                       Timber- Vaulny Canyon [forests]
    Card Mod:          n/a
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Fury Fragment
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      Stone that contains morale
    Where to get it:   Mug Blue Dragon or Defeat (low levels) Ruby Dragon.
                       Defeat Grendel (rare).
    Encounter Monster: Blue Dragon - Trabia- Winter Island, Island closest
                       to Hell.
                       Ruby Dragon - Island closest to Hell/Esthar- Nortes
                       Mountains/ Centra- Lenown Plains
    Card Mod:          4x Blue Dragon's Card -> 1x Fury Fragment
    Refine:            n/a
    Save the Queen                                 Q u i s t i s   T r e p e
    Name:              Malboro Tentacle
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      Allows Quistis to learn Blue Magic, Bad Breath.
    Where to get it:   Mug/Defeat Malboro
    Encounter Monster: Island closest to Heaven/ Esthar- Grandid Forests
    Card Mod:          4x Malboro's Card -> 1x Malboro Tentacle
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Sharp Spike
    Quantity needed:   4x
    What it does:      Long sharp claw
    Where to get it:   Defeat/Mug Death Claw/Grand Mantis.
    Encouner Monster:  Death Claw - Galbadia Garden (Disc 2), Centra-
                       Lenown Plains (forests)
                       Grand Mantis - Centra- Lenown Plains
    Card Mod:          1x Grand Mantis' Card -> 1x Sharp Spike
                       1x Death Claw's Card -> 1x Sharp Spike
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Energy Crystal
    Quantity needed:   4x
    What it does:      GF learns SumMag +30% Ability
    Where to get it:   Defeat Behemoth (rare).
                       Defeat Elnoyle.
                       Defeat Ruby Dragon (Level 80 and above)
    Encounter Monster: Behemoth/Elnoyle - Esthar City
                       Ruby Dragon - Esthar- Nortes Mountains /Island
                       closest Hell.
    Card Mod:          10x Elnoyle's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
    Refine:            n/a
    Exector                                      I r v i n e   K i n n e a s
    Name:              Dino Bone
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      Large dinosaur bone
    Where to get it:   Defeat T-Rexaur [mug at low-levels]
    Encounter Monster: Balamb- Accauld Plains (forests), Island closest to
                       Hell/ Balamb Garden- Training Center
    Card Mod:          1x Armadodo's Card -> 1x Dino Bone
                       2x T-Rexaur's Card -> 1x Dino Bone
                       1x Sacred's Card -> 100x Dino Bones
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Moon Stone
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      Holy moon stone with monsters living inside
    Where to get it:   Mug Torama / Mug Elnoyle.
    Encounter Monster: Both - Esthar City
                       Torama - Great Plains of Esthar/ Deep Sea Deposit
    Card Mod:          n/a
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Star Fragment
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      GF learns SumMag +20% Ability
    Where to get it:   Mug Iron Giant/ Defeat high levels T-Rexaurs
    Encounter Monster: Iron Giant - Deep Sea Deposit/Lunatic Pandora/
                       Esthar City.
                       T-Rexaur - Balamb Garden- Training Center/ Balamb-
                       Accauld Plains/ Island closest to Hell
    Card Mod:          3x Iron Giant -> 1x Star Fragment
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Screws
    Quantity needed:   18x
    What it does:      Use to remodel weapons
    Where to get it:   Mug or defeat Geezard / Defeat GIM-47N
    Encounter Monster: Geezard - Galbadia- Montersou Plateau/ Dollet-
                       Hasberry Plains/ Great Plains of Galbadia/ Timber-
                       Vaulny Canyon.
    Card Mod:          1x Geezard's Card -> 5x Screws
    Refine:            n/a
    Strange Vision                            S e l p h i e    T i l m i t t
    Name:              Adamantine
    Quantity needed:   1x
    What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
    Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH
                       (Disc 2)
    Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                       area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                       you will find a stretch of land that resembles a
                       horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
    Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
    Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
    Name:              Star Fragment
    Quantity needed:   3x
    What it does:      GF learns SumMag +20% Ability
    Where to get it:   Mug Iron Giant/ Defeat high levels T-Rexaurs
    Encounter Monster: Iron Giant - Deep Sea Deposit/Lunatic Pandora/
                       Esthar City.
                       T-Rexaur - Balamb Garden- Training Center/ Balamb-
                       Accauld Plains/ Island closest to Hell
    Card Mod:          3x Iron Giant -> 1x Star Fragment
    Refine:            n/a
    Name:              Cursed Spike
    Quantity needed:   2x
    What it does:      Allows Quistis to learn Blue Magic, LV? Death
    Where to get it:   Defeat Creeps, Death Claw, Forbidden
                       Mug or defeat Tri-Face.
    Encounter Monster: Creeps - Ultemicia's Castle, Galbadia Garden
                       Death Claw - Centra- Lenown Plains, Galbadia Garden
                       Forbidden - Centra Ruins, Esthar- Nortes Mountains
    Card Mod:          1x Tri-Face Card -> 1x Cursed Spike
    Refine:            n/a
    Well, that's all for weapon upgrading. If it isn't clear, there is
    really nothing else that I can do.
    / 5.10b \_______________________________________________________________
    Get GF Cactuar at Cactuar's Island!
    To Identify The Sabontander Island....
    It is somewhere in south-east area on the World Map, located in
    Centura Area. The place has seem to have a green cactuar icon, moving
    about [that's is the Jumbo Cactuar!]. Make contact with it, by walking
    approaching it but not using Ragnarok! It is a HUGE one, not those tiny
    |The Cactuar is a bit tough. First of all, try to     |
    |get Water spells which can be drawn from Giant Mantis|
    |Fastitocalon-F. Junction 100x Water spells to        |   BATTLE TIP
    |Squall's Elem-Atk-J so that you can inflict the      |       (!)
    |maximum damage on the BOSS. Refer to Part II for     |
    |some more strategies or the Monster FAQ for help!    |
    * Giant Mantis [huge spiders with a pointed tail] are found in forests
      of Lenown Plains [outside Edea's House]. To draw Water from
      Fastitocalon-F found in shores of the world, make sure your characters
      are at least level 30, so that you can draw Water.
    / BOSS 25 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Cactuar's Island - Jumbo Cactaur
    Name:      Jumbo Cactuar   Level: 40     HP: about 60,000+
    Attacks:   10,000 Needles, Ker Plank.
    Facts:     Weak vs. Water, Leviathan
    Draw:      Meltdown, Demi, Tornado
    AP gained: 20
    Mug:       3x Cactus Thorn
    Win:       1x Gaea's Ring
    Jumbo Cactuar's Attributes Information
    |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
           |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||
                 |||| INT  SPI ||||||||
                    | DEX  EVA |
    The Cactuar is very tough [but it is no where as tough as the Ultima
    and Omega Weapons]. Make sure you have accquired the Levitahan with the
    GF Boost and the Recover Ability. The BOSS is weak against Water. Next
    make sure everyone has Life-restoring items or Life magic. And make
    sure you have accquired Regen. Have strong magic junction to Str-J,
    Vit-J and Spr-J.
    To start off the battle:
    You need to get Aura spells [which can refine through Leviathan's
    Supt Mag-RF by using Fury Fragment.] Fury Fragment can be mugged from
    Blue Dragons (you can encounter them by moving around near the hills).
    Beforehand preparations:
    1. Get Lion Heart Gunblade (refer to Weapon Upgrading Guide for more
    1. First of get at least 20x Aura
    2. Junction 100x Water to Elem-Atk-J (for Squall)
    3. Boost your characters' HP to at least 4000+ each by junction magic
       through HP-J. Applies to Str-J and Vit-J too.
    4. Give a character intitative and give him/her Aura spells.
    During battles:
    1. Start off the battle by casting Aura on Squall
    2. Next draw-and-cast Meltdown to lower the Jumbo Cactuar's Vit.
    3. Have Squall use his Limit Breaks. You will get to use other Limit
       Breaks as Lion Heart gets on random. To use Limit Break, keep on
       tap the Triangle button, until it gets to Squall's turn and you
       will see an arrow on the right of Attack.
    4. Revive any dead character with Life [don't bother to waste
       Full-lifes] as it will get the character to critical status.
       However always keep one of the characters with his/her HP to it's
    5. Squall can does 9999 HP damage to the Jumbo Cactuar partly to the
       Elem-Atk-J Combo. Just keep on using Limit Breaks and revive dead
       characters with Life.
    Hmm.. You have finally cross the barrier and it's now time to level up
    your characters. Refer to mini-levelling up guide for more information.
    / 5.10c \______________________________________________________________
    Centura Ruins - King Tonberry
    NOTE: If you are not quite sure about the location of the ruins, you
          can find a good map at Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart
          HTML address:  http://www.ffnet.net
          And of course ChaRle5!'s world map.
          [http://members.xoom.com/hkcomic_net]. This map can also be
          found at my website. [http://risland.virtualave.net]
    * You need to defeat GF Odin in order to do this section. This section
      can also be done in Disc 2 after you have gotten GF Odin.
    Head back to place where you get the Odin. Next head for the compound
    where the stairs and the atrium. Find a hidden Draw Point in front of
    fallen pillar on the right {Life}. Now walk around there and wait
    there for battles against Tonberry. Stay there and do not walk up the
    |This section is rather tough. Get as many Tents and  |
    |Pet Houses as you can. After about three Tonberry    |
    |fights, head back to the World Map and use the Tent  |
    |and Pet House to recover lost HP. Try to keep your   |  BATTLE TIP
    |character's stats at the critical status to conserve |     (!)
    |important spells such as Aura and Ultima. It is also |
    |better if you have gotten every character's ultimate |
    |weapons. After everyone is fully healed, head back   |
    |and fight again.                                     |
    General Tips for fighting Tonberry
    * Before facing the Tonberry, get 100x Death spells junction ST-Def-J.
    |   Status      |    Strategy                             |   AP    |
    | Level: 38     | Tonberrries are very tough as they can  |   1     |
    | HP: 22,600    | cast Death Spells to your party members |         |
    |               | your members. Have one member with the  |         |
    | ATTACKS:      | ITEM command. Use Phoenix Downs or Life |         |
    |.Everyone's    | magic on dead allies. Next use GF       |         |
    | Grudge        | Leviathan Recover to restore lost HP    |         |
    |.Chef's Knife  | The Tonberry wastes most of it's turns  |         |
    |.Death         | by moving forward before excuting the   |         |
    |               | Chef's Knife.                           |         |
    |               | GF Diablos is a great GF for this battle|         |
    |---------------| defeating Tonberries as due to its 3/4  |         |
    | Win:          | Demi damage. The key victory to defeat  |         |
    | Chef's Knife  | Tonberries is by using GFs [with Boost] |         |
    |               | and Limit Breaks. Try to keep one       |         |
    | Mug:          | character in critical HP, so that you   |         |
    | Chef's Knife  | don't Aura to enable Limit Breaks. BTW, |         |
    |               | Degenerator does not work on Tonberries.|         |
    After the 20th Tonberry has been defeated, you will fight the King
    Tonberry and it is the beginning of the BOSS fight!
    / BOSS 27 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Centra Ruins - King Tonberry
    Name:      King Tonberry     Level: 90     HP: 120,000
    Attacks:   Chef's Knife, Earthquake, Everyone's Grudge, Death
    Facts:     n/a
    Draw:      Death, Curaga, Full-Life
    AP gained: 21
    Mug:       n/a
    Win:       1x Royal Crown
    King Tonberry's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
                      || DEX  EVA |
    This cookie is a lot tougher as it's more fast-moving compared to
    ordinary Tonberries. It has very damaging attacks. The Earthquake Stomp
    will cause all allies to be attacked in the process. The BOSS also has
    other quite damaging moves such as The Everyone's Grudge, which dealt
    about 1000+ HP damage to one character. Use Limit Breaks and high
    damaging spells such as Ultima and use it on the BOSS. Use GF Cerberus
    on your party and you will be able to cast three spells in a row. Note
    that this battle is continous from the 20th Tonberry fight, that's why
    you will gain an extra 1 AP ^_^. There is also another way to get great
    spells such as Aura/Meteor/Flare, refer to Part II cheats section. Make
    sure that you have acquired Expendx 1-2, so that you can cast Aura
    twice for the price of one.
    (Thanks to Hahaha Hahaha for the draw list of the Tonberry.)
    Step-by-Step Strategy
    1. Summon GF Cerberus for one character while have one character to cast
       Aura on Squall and other to cast Meltdown on King Tonberry.
    2. Once Cerberus have been summoned, cast Protect and Regen while having
       Squall to use Limit Break on the Tonberry. Have one character as a
       support healer. I would recommend that you have Rinoa or Selphie.
    3. Make use of Limit Breaks to kill off the BOSS. Try to keep one
       character with his/her HP to its maximum. So that the Earthquake
       Stomp does not wiped out the entire party.
    4. Revive dead characters as soon as possible. Equip Auto-Haste,
       junction Triple/Double to boost up Speed through Spd-J.
    5. Just keep on using Limit Breaks and victory will be yours.
    / 5.10d \_______________________________________________________________
    Deep Sea Research Center - Getting King of GFs
    |                  |  The Deep Sea Research Center is located at the
    |                  |  south western of the World Map. Below is the
    |                  |  enlarged version of the section. Just flew west
    |x ---EH           |  from Edea's House to extreme left of the World
    |__________________|  Map. It is kinda hard to find it hence try to
     World Map View       pilot the Ragnarok low and you should see traces
                          of water splashing. Note that Deep Sea Research
                          Center is not located directly west from Edea's
                          House. In fact, it is a bit southwest from Edea's
                          House. Locating it may takes a few tries just like
                          the White SeeD Ship, hence try it. It is somewhere
                          near that spot.
    Enlarged View
    |   _______                                              ________\ xxxx|
    |  |       |                                            /          xxxx|
    |  |  DSRC |--------------------------------------------\EH            |
    |  |_______|                                             \--- --- --   |
    |                                                                  ----|
    |A summary of the monsters here. Here is the list |
    |of monsters: Bombs, Anacondours, Buel and Ruby   |
    |Ruby Dragons. They are mostly weak against Cold  |   BATTLE TIP
    |So junction Blizzaga to your character's Elem-Atk|      (!)
    |-J. Junction Firaga to Elem-Def-J, so that you   |
    |can turn the enemies' attack into a mere bug bite|
    So as you enter the Research Center, you find your members talking to
    each other at the entrance of the left, pick any options during the
    conversation. After a while, your party will enter the Research Center.
    The Research Center has been powered a light secruity system. The
    moment you move in the Research Center while the "light" is on, you will
    fight monsters such as Ancondours, Buels and Bombs.
    The moment the lights went off, move until you have the chance to
    examine the light source. Pick first option for the first question
    and you fight a Ruby Dragon [remember the dragon where Laguna has
    fight as an acting knight?]. Pick the second option for the second
    question and you will fight another Ruby Dragon.
    Ruby Dragon's Fact File
    |     Draw       |                    Strategy                        |
    |                |  The Ruby Dragon has more damaging attacks and     |
    |  Firaga        |  are much tougher. They have Meteor spell and Flare|
    |  Reflect       |  This opponent is very smart as it casts Reflect on|
    |  Flare         |  oneself so that your magic will be reflected back |
    |  Meteor        |  to you. To defeat it, certainly takes a lot of    |
    |________________|  time. It has also a very deadly weapon, Breath    |
    |                |  which does an astonishing damage of 8000 to your  |
    |   Attacks      |  characters whose Vit is below 90. Hence junction  |
    |________________|  magic to Vit-J for all the battling characters and|
    | Claw swipe     |  you should be able to survive the attack.         |
    | Meteor         |                                                    |
    | Demi           |  Step-by-Step Strategy                             |
    | Reflect        |1.Cast Meltdown on the Ruby Dragon to reduce its Vit|
    | Firaga         |2.Cast Aura on Squall to make use of his Lion Heart |
    | Breath         |  Limit Break.                                      |
    |                |3.Make use of GF Cerberus to cast Curaga for quick  |
    |                |  restoring of HP.                                  |
    |                |4.Have Squall keep on attacking and this monster    |
    |                |  will be down in no time.                          |
    |                |                                                    |
    |                |  Alternate Strategy by Crystal Power               |
    |                |  Make use of Quistis' Degenerator as it simply     |
    |                |  dealt an instant death attack against the monster.|
    |                |                                                    |
    |                |  Status Attacking Strategy                         |
    |                |  Give two characters 100x Sleep being junctioned to|
    |                |  their ST-Atk-J while have Squall junction 100x    |
    |                |  Blind to his ST-Atk-J. While the Ruby Dragon is in|
    |                |  sleep, just keep on attacking with your Limit     |
    |                |  Breaks. It will wake up from normal attacks but   |
    |                |  not the Limit Breaks!                             |
    * The second fight is a back-attacked battle. i.e. your characters
      have their back facing the Ruby Dragon. Hold down L2 and R2 to turn
      around so that you can face the monster.
    After defeating the two of these, pick the third option [hidden] for
    the last question, and you fight the Bahamut.
    / BOSS 28 \_____________________________________________________________
    Deep Sea Research Center - Bahamut
    Name:      Bahamut      Level: 40    HP: 42,000
    Attacks:   Claw swipe, Mega Flame, Flare.
    Facts:     Strong vs. Poison. Wind/Thunder has no effect on the BOSS.
    Draw:      Flare, Curaga, Full-life
    AP gained: 40
    Win:       1x Hyper Wrist, Bahamut's Card
    Mug:       1x Hyper Wrist
    Bahamut's Attributes Information
          ||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||
                    |||| DEX  EVA |||||
    Here is a brand new strategy against the Bahamut. Summon GF Cerberus
    and cast Regen on all your characters. Cast Meltdown on the BOSS to
    reduce the BOSS' high defensive stats. This battle is quite tough, but
    you can make speed as a killer weapon. Summoning GFs can be a great
    idea but don't bother to summon GF Quezacotl and Pandemona.
    Make sure that your characters have acquired their ultimate weapons
    so that you will have no problem in defeating the BOSS. The BOSS has
    a killer attack, Mega Flare which does about 3,000+ to all characters,
    so take note of that. Summon Doomtrain may does a small amount of
    damage, but it's negative status that makes the GF a valuable one.
    If your characters are wounded, draw Curaga to heal lost HP and
    Full-life to restore dead characters. Dish out damage with your
    character's Limit Breaks will be much favourable compared to
    summoning GFs. If you haven't gotten Doomtrain, junction 100x Blind for
    Squall's ST-Atk-J and you will be able to defeat the BOSS as it misses
    its attack!
    ALTERNATE METHOD <contributed by Crystal Power [Recommended]>
    Have Irvine in your party and has 100x Ammo of the most powerful
    Ammo, Pusle Ammo. Cast Aura on both Squall and Irvine and have them use
    their Limit Breaks [have their ultimate weapons and junction magic to
    their strength to 255]. If you are lucky enough, you will see Squall
    using his Lion Heart Limit Break to finish the Bahamut in ONE turn.
    After defeating the Bahamut, you will recieved the card and the place
    will be in a mess. Return back to Ragnarok, by walking up back to it.
    / 5.10e \_______________________________________________________________
    Deep Sea Deposit - The Ultima Weapon's Hideout
    |This section is very tough as you need to battle   |
    |against a whole list of tough cookies. The best    |
    |method of defeating them is by using Quistis' Limit|
    |Break, Degenerator. Try to keep at least one of the|   BATTLE TIP
    |characetrs at critcial status whereas the remaining|      (!)
    |two must be have their HP at the maximum. Try to   |
    |seize the opportunity to get a lot of EXP and AP.  |
    |This section is going to be tough and extremely    |
    |difficult for those who have approximately LVl 30  |
    I have quite a lot of trouble in this, thanks to Steven Bruck, who has
    told me the way to get to fight the Ultima Weapon! Thanks a lot! I'm
    really apprectiate it. Without him, I was unable to get the last GF
    Eden. Too bad, that you can't get the Knights of Round in FF8,
    otherwise you can easily defeat the Omega... But GF Eden is also great
    as it does a 5 digit damage with a hit!
    After defeating the Bahamut, head back to the Ragnarok. Press Triangle
    while on the World Map and talk to your pals. Next re-enter the
    Warship Island. Now you will find a Save Point outside the damaged
    light system. Proceed and climb down. There you will find a Draw Point
    {Dispel} and you will disperse, examining the underground research
    facility. Next head for the steam machine and you will have a guide of
    operating the machine. Your aim is to reach the basement of the
    laboratory with steam pressure with the 10x gas blocks.
               |               XXX             |  * KEY LEGEND *
               |____           XXX             |    XX Trunk
               | S  |       DP XXX             |    DP Draw Point
               |____|_____    _XXX_____________|    S  Steam Machine
               |          |_        /      \   |    E  Elevator
               |            |_      \  1   / __|    D  Door
               |              |      \____/ |S |
               |__________    ______________|__| ----:> Use 2 blocks of
               |          |_        /      \   |        RSP.
               |            |_      \  2   / __|
               |              |      \____/ |S |
               |__________    ______________|__| ----:> Use 2 blocks of
               |          |_        /      \   |        RSP.
               |            |_      \  5   / __|
               |              |      \____/ |S |
               |__________    ______________|__| ----:> Use 1 block of
               |          |_        /     \    |        RSP.
               |            |_      \  9  /  __|
               |              |      \___/  |S |
             __|__________EEEE______________|__|__ --:> Use 1 block of
            |                                     |     RSP.
            D                                     |
            D   __________________________        |---:> Have Zell using
            D   |    STEAM MACHINE       |        |      the steam machine
            D___|________________________|________|      (2nd Option)
    | Draw Points and Save Point locations |_______________________________
    |                                                                      |
    | 1. Save Point can be found when you exit from the huge steam machine,|
    |    it's on the left.                                                 |
    | 2. As you reach the next area, you will find another Draw Point near |
    |    the stairs. {Triple}                                              |
    | 3. At the winding path, you will find a Draw Point hidden under a    |
    |    glowing rock. {Ultima}                                            |
    | 4. If you have equipped GF Siren's Move-Find Ability, you will find  |
    |    another Save Point next to the steam machine found at the Deposit |
    1st Area: Fighting the Tri-Face
    Probably the easiest among all the fight in this area. If you have
    problems in this area, I would suggest that you better retreated. Try
    to steal [using Mug] to get 100x Curse Spikes which can be converted
    into Dark Matter and allows Quistis to learn the Shockwave Pulsar. Just
    keep on hitting the monsters with your attack. You will get Poison
    Powder if you defeat the monster. [improves your affection with GF
    Doomtrain]. Junction Firaga to your characters Elem-Atk-J to inflict
    more damage.
    2nd Area: Grendel and Imp
    The Imp is rather tough as it could cast several elementals in a row.
    However it has very low defense. It could cast damaging spells such as
    Flare and Holy (before its death). Just simply junctioned Silence to
    your characters' ST-Def-J.
    The Grendel is weak against Earth/Wind/Holy elements. So use this to
    your advantage. Also junction Thundaga to the characters' Elem-Atk-J
    attributes attack. If you have sufficient Holy spells, junctioned it to
    the character's Elem-Atk-J as the Imp is also weak against it too.
    3rd Area: Behemoth
    A tough cookie but -very- weak against status elementals such as Poison
    and Sleep. Seize the opporunity to get Barrier if Quistis does not have
    Mighty Guard. Here is the method:
    <> Junction 100x Sleep to Squall's ST-Atk-J, junction Ultima to boost
       it up to 255.
    <> Junction 100x Sleep to the second character's ST-Atk-J [second
       highest attacking power.]
    <> Equip GF Diablos and Bahamut for the third character [these GFs
       does 9999 HP to all monsters whose maximum HP exceed 9999!]
    4th Area: Ruby Dragon
    The most dangerous monster in all areas. There are only a few methods,
    just junctioned 100x Blizzaga to the characters' Elem-Atk-J. Give your
    characters as high Vit as possible as that's the only method to reduce
    its damage.
    Step-by-Step Strategy
    <> Junction 100x Sleep to everyone's ST-Atk-J so that you can
       comfortably use your characters' Limit Breaks at ease.
    <> Have Squall use his Limit Breaks or make use of Quistis' Degenerator.
    <> Good spells to boost Vit includes Meteor and Triple.
    5th Area: 2x Iron Giants
    It may seems impossible to defeat them, but nothing is impossible. Just
    apply the below method and you can easily defeat them:
    Strategy Tips:
    - Give everyone 100x Sleep to ST-Atk-J and 100x Thundaga to Elem-Atk-J.
    - While the Iron Giants are asleep, summon GFs (Bahamut, Quezacotl and
      Diablos are good choice!) or use Limit Breaks.
    - You can win Running Fires (allows Quistis to learn Gatling Gun) or
      Star Fragments.
    Now the door will open and enter the door. There is a Save Point there
    and this marks the battle against the monsters listed above. Enc-None or
    Enc-Half does not help in reducing random battles and you can't run away
    from any of the battles. Once you have reached the bottom floor, you
    will see a huge steam machine. If you have equipped Move-Find ability,
    you will find a Save Point. Use it and save your game. Use the remaining
    10 RSP and you will fight the Ultima Weapon!
    / BOSS 29 \_____________________________________________________________
    Ultima Weapon
    Name:      Ultima Weapon    Level 100   HP: ???????? [about 90,000+]
    Attacks:   (Sword Swipe), Gravija, Quake, Meteor, Light Pillar.
    Facts:     n/a
    Draw:      Regen, Dispel, Ultima, Eden
    AP gained: 100
    Win:       100x Ultima Stone, Eden's Card
    Mug:       1x 3 Stars
    Ultima Weapon's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF |||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |||||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    He's one of the most toughest BOSS in FF8. It has very destructive
    spells and high attacking power. It has very damaging spells that could
    effect all members, such as Gravija [3,000+ per member], Quake [1,000+
    per member] and Meteor [2,000+ per member.]. BTW, you WILL get 100x
    Ultima Stones from the fight! It has also a instant killer weapon [
    Light Pillar] that does 9999 damage to a single character.
    Note that the Ultima Weapon has accquired the Ultima Weapon [Cloud's
    FF7's Final Weapon!] How to defeat it? Here is a strategy that I have
    come up with, (it may not works )
    Firstly, draw Regen from the BOSS. Summon GF Cerberus and you will be
    able to cast Regen thrice. Next cast Ultima [3x] on the BOSS and it
    should does about 5000 HP damage each time. Or if you have Aura, cast it
    on a member and keep on switching turns until you see an arrow on the
    right and you will be able to use the characters' Limit Breaks! If you
    have Protect and Shell, cast it on your party as it serves quite well
    for defensive purposes. Make sure that you remember to draw Eden from
    the BOSS before it's death or it will be lost forever! It's possible to
    defeat the BOSS at low levels, provide that you junction magic to the
    character's HP. I have used "Lion Heart" to sent a ticket to the Planet
    Doom for the Ultima Weapon!
    IMPORTANT ABILITIES: Alexander's Revive and Leviathan's Recover.
    It will be better if you have accquired the Mighty Guard, stealing
    Behemoths at the Great plains of Esthar. This was sent by Heero Yuy. Use
    it on Quistis and she will have a new Limit Break, the Mighty Guard.
    Step-by-Step Strategy
    1. Have the first character to cast Aura on Squall and the second
       character to cast Meltdown on the BOSS.
    2. While Squall is using Limit Breaks, have the other characters to draw
       Ultima and have one of them to attack the Ultima weapon with ST-Atk-J
       with 100x Blind.
    3. Once Aura has worn off, cast it again on Squall, revive any dead
       characters with Life.
    4. Have everyone with Elem-Def-J with 100x Quake so that the damage will
       be absorbed. Just use Limit Breaks until the BOSS has been defeated
    / 5.10f \_______________________________________________________________
    Obel Lake Mystery
    At least, I have finally made this section possible. Thanks to a few
    contributors for the answers for this mystery. First of all, you need
    to locate the lake. It is at Galbadia where you will find shallow waters
    [the colour seems a bit lighter.]. Now there is an arc of land that
    edges into the lake. Just press Circle and you will see the message
    It's Obel Lake
     Throw a rock
     Try humming <-- (this does not work in Disc 1 and 2)
    A black shadow rose to the surface
    Throw a rock
    Try humming again <--
    Black Shadow: "...Hello, humans. What a lovely time."
                  "There's something large there...."
    Press Circle again
    Black Shadow: "Hello!"
    Black Shadow: "Can do me a favour please?"
                  (What is it?) <---
                  (I don't want to hear it.)
    Black Shadow: "It's my friend, Mr Monkey, can you find him for me?"
    Black Shadow: "Mr Monkey should be in a forest somewhere. Keep walking
                   around and I'm sure to find him."
    Now you need to find Mr. Monkey... Next examine the lake and choose to
    "throw a rock" and retreat after you have something like the following
    message below..
    The rock skipped 3 times
    You need to get a phrase that says "The rock skipped many many times."
    You will know why later.. Now head to Dollet and you will find a train
    station near it right. On the extreme left, you will find a forest.
    [Dollet- Hasberry Plains] and you will have the following message.
    There is a monkey
       Throw a rock <---
       Sing (very funny.. hahahahaha!)
    You will ALWAYS miss if you picked a stone that skip between 1 ~ 5
    times.. and you will always get this message..
    "Ahh Darn it!" Y-You're just a big loser. I make to skip the rock as
    many times as I want! So there! Ha-ha! Loser! Dork! Idiot! Your mom
    wear combat boots"
    If you use the rock "The rock skipped many many times."... you will
    definitely see this message:
     "... OUCH!
       ... D-Darn it
        ... You're gonna to pay for that!"
    The monkey will then threw a rock at you and upon inspecting the rock,
    you will find some carving on it. "URHAEO"
    Now report back to Black Shadow.
    You need to talk to the Shadow until he has you the corresponding
    1st rock >>>
    Balamb Area <Rinual Shores>
    Phrase: "At the beach in Balamb something special washes a shore all
    Now head to Balamb Town [don't enter it]. Instead search the shore
    way.. There is a special edge-out of sand when the tides are low. Just
    check that area and you will find the second rock "STSLRM"
    2nd rock >>>
    That's the rock that you have obtained from Mr Monkey. Anyway, if you
    can't find him the Shadow will give the following hints:
    "If he's not around, perhaps he took a train towards Dollet."
    --> that's when you can't find Mr. Monkey...
    "Mr. Monkey had a rock like this I think..."
    that's the clue for that rock... "URHAEO"
    3rd rock >>>
    Galbadia Area <Timber- Mandy Beach>
    "You'll find something on an island of east of Timber, too."
    It's an elevated island where you need enter through Ragnarok. Enter
    it through Balamb is possible. But will be very hard... Just search
    along the land and you find the rock, "REAIDR"
    4th rock >>>
    Galbadia Area <Galbadia- Monterosa Plataeu>
    "There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and cavern."
    Just followed the trails of the river and it will lead to a waterfall.
    Now landed Ragnarok on top of the mountain and search the edge where
    you will found the waterfall and you will have the following message:
    A bird is warming an egg.
    Check it up     <--
    Leave it alone
    Check the egg out and you will have a fight against 2x Thrustaevis,
    they are quite simple {Mug: 8x Shear Feathers, 6 AP} and you will found
    the 4th rock "EASNPD"
     Writings on the man-made rock:
      No.   Rock Location    : Carvings on the rock
      1.  Balamb rock        : S T S L R M
      2.  Mr. Monkey rock    : U R H A E O
      3.  Timber rock        : R E A I D R
      4.  Lake Cavern rock   : E A S N P D
    Words Build taken from the 4 Rock: MORDRED PLAINS HAS TREASURE
    Hint: Read from right to left from top to bottom on the carvings.
    Okay time to head for the Morded Plains. It is north from the Great
    Plains of Esthar, behind the mountains. You can find the entrance of
    Trabia Canyon [where Laguna's 4th Dream Sequence occurred there...]
    Next you need to search it thoroughly and here is a small map.
    tttttttttttttt//ttttttttttttttttttt|   |                    |
    tttttttttttttt\\ttttttttttttttttttt|   |  G R A N D I D I   |
    ttttttttt..........tttttttttttttttt|   |                    |
    ..........XXXXXXXXXXXX........... /    |     F O R E S T    |
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX * XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/       \                   |
      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|          \                  |
     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|          |                 |
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\_        |                 |
    ..................................\_______/                 |
            G R E A T   P L A I N S  O F   E S T H A R
    tt  - Trabia- Vienne Mountains
    XX  - Esthar- Morded Plains
    *   - Treasure [Three Stars]
    ee  - Esthar- Norties Mountains
    Clear enough? Actually, the Morded Plains looks more like a hexagon
    compared to a star to me. Just simply press Circle with XXX Area [they
    look a bit more brighter...] and you will have the following message:
    [you can't view them on the world map, instead you will find message
    boxes instead..]
    "There are many multicoloured rocks with faces all over the place.."
    Press "X" again then a rock will spoke:
    The blue-faced rock whispers
    "People call us :The Liars Rocks!"
    "I don't know were the treasure is..."
    It will also gives some hints..
    "Some just talk nonsense."
    "Some just repeat the same thing."
    "Some just say opposite of what we say."
    Next press Circle and you have a couple of speeches from other rocks and
    they are:
    The black-faced rock tell you sternly:
    "The treasure is probably at the direction of the North Star"
    The white-faced rock tells you coldly
    "The treasure is located at the west." or
    "The treasure is located at the east." or
    "The treasure is located at the north." or
    "The treasure is located at the south."
    The red-faced rock tells you angrily
    "The treasure is to the east." or
    "The treasure is to the west." or
    "The treasure is to the north." or
    "The treasure is to the south." or
    "The treasure is not here."
    As you could figure out, that the black-faced rock is the one that keep
    on telling you the same thing. However if you attempt to follow the
    white-faced rock to north and next it will say to the east, to all sort
    of directions!. Therefore the mostly reliable source of information
    comes from the red-faced rock! Just watch for its speech and move a step
    towards it's direction each. Ignore all other messages except for the
    red-faced rock. The treasure, which is a Three Star item is found in the
    center of the star.. But you must have this message box: " The treasure
    is not here.", press Circle again and you will get the treasure. It
    takes time and patient to solve this mystery. Avoid taking long
    distances, that's a tip that I could give.
    There are still two more spots...
    Hint #1
    "Take sometime off at Eldbeak Peninsula. I bet it's a wonderful place."
    [that's located at Trabia, and you will see a small edge out facing
    Dollet if you view the World Map. It is between the vertical distances
    between Shumi Village and Balamb Town.]
    Break the password up and it will give you the following:
    If you take out the words TIME and OFF
    You get: TREASURE AT MINDE ISLE. The black-faced rock kept saying the
    treasure was at the north, but instead the blue rock has mentioned that
    some of the rocks meant opposite of what they mean. At the lower-left
    area of Esthar, you will find: MINDE ISLAND! [Isle is a common short
    found used for "Island"]. Refer to Fig 10.1. Now head there (required the
    Ragnarok] and search the area and you will find another item, Luck-J
    Hint #2:
    "Take a break at the railway road."
    I think the treasure could be a draw point. I have just simply follow
    the train track and search it on the other side where I find a draw point
    {Curaga} on West Coast of Esthar. You will also find a man in the
    Seaside Station. That person also uses Level 7 cards!
    Thanks to a fellow contributor, he manages to find out the reason (which
    is very convincing) but I did made some corrections to suit the
    From Jack Taylor:
    " Firstly, I have found the answer to "take a break at the railroad
    bridge"; "I wonder what it means?" This is a little joke on behalf of
    Squaresoft. They mean you to take the words very literally, and sure
    enough, on the Galbadia continent, there is a bridge with both a
    railway and a road going across it (hence railroad). There is a
    little area of land to the right hand side of the bridge, between
    the cliff and the river that can only be accessed with the Ragnarok.
    Land the Ragnarok on this strip of land then walk to the corner
    nearest the bridge, press Circle button, and there is a draw point
    with.... you guessed it.... "break" spells in it (hence "take a
    break"). This is hardly very valuable, and as far as I know there is
    nothing else there, so it is just Squaresoft wasting our time."
    Hint #4:
    Unexpectedly, there was indeed a fourth hint from Mr Shadow..
    Well, I think that Jack Taylor really deserves a round of applause for
    solving the remainder of secret, which turn out to be another joke...
    Mr Shadow always says "take a break at the railroad bridge" and "take
    some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula" Thanks to Jack, he managed to cover
    something else...
    According to him:
    Mr Shadow says "Back in the day, South of here, there used to be a
    small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived
    a happy life there".
    And here is his solution for the problem.
    "This refers to a spot on the southernmost Centra continent. It is a
    more or less circular clearing surrounded by forest. When you walk up
    to it on the world map and press the Circle button and it says "nothing
    here but rubble" and if you press Circle again it says "absolutely
    / 5.10g \_______________________________________________________________
    UFO Sighting Incident
    Now time for some good looking quests, I would recommend you to do this
    after getting Tonberry GF as it has ability that allows you to buy
    Elixirs [but it will be expensive, so followed the cheat at the end of
    the section.] To make things work it easier, equip Enc-None [GF Diablos'
    ability]. You will be able sight UFOs in battles.
    UFO Sighting Spots [you don't have to do this sequence in this order]
    1. Winhill Bluffs (east from Winhill) (Cow)
    2. Mandy Beach [shores] (south-east from Timber). (head of a Statue)
    3. Esthar-Kashkabald Desert (north-west from Cactuar Island) (Pyramid)
    4. Health Island (east from Trabia Garden) *you needed the Ragnarok
       to accomplished this. (Artifact)
    How pilot Ragnarok and head to the Great Grandidi Forests [err.. there
    is only one huge forest found in Esthar continent.] Just head towards
    north from the Chocobo Holy Region which you done in Disc 2. And land
    Ragnarok on the hilltop north from it. Wonder around and you will
    encounter the UFO!
    | UFO?  Stats                           |
    | HP: 12,100 LV.100   AP: none          |
    | Attack: none        Draw: Demi        |
    | Steal: none         Win: Aegis Amulet |
    It does not attack, just keep on attacking it. Well, the item dropped
    seems to be a good one..
    *Make sure you have the Item Command
    After it fled away with a Big BANG, you can now head towards the area
    where Balamb Garden is formerly located and you will encounter the PuPu,
    (it's the pilot of the UFO and he was ejected before his ship explodes).
    You can choose kill it and receive Accelerator or help him recover by
    giving him (Accelerators are cheap stuff compared to the Hungry Cookpot)
    , it keep on saying "Elixir Please" and "More Elixir please" gave it 5x
    Elixirs, which you have brought then you will receive PuPu card.
    | PuPu   Stats                                                    |
    | HP: 810  LV. 100   AP: none                                     |
    | Attack: none        Draw: Firaga, Blizzarga, Thundaga, Curaga   |
    | Steal:  none        Help: PuPu Card   Defeat: Accelerator       |
    Just help and get that PuPu's Card. In my opinion, 5x Elixirs for a
    Hungry Cookpot and a PuPu card into the collection, is definitely
    better than an Accelerator. [besides the ability learn is also much
    / 5.10h \_______________________________________________________________
    Shumi Village - Laguna's statue completion
    It has been a while since you have been to Shumi... Return and proceed
    to Elder's House. Next proceed to the statue room and you will find that
    the Attendant refuses to work.. Now return back to Elder's House and you
    will find out the reason. Next seek the Moomba outside for help. Next
    you will find Attendant's willing to work! Next talk to Attendant and
    he will say that it will be better if Artisan would help.. Now proceed
    to Artisan's House and you will know the reason why he is so upset..
    Now proceed to Elder's House. Next talk to him. A stubborn... Artisan.
    Well, I was nearly stucked and found out the solution. Recall all the
    Moomba occurrences..
    Moomba at D-District Prison - err.. can't enter it.
    Moomba at FH - well, you can find one at Grease Monkey's House!
    Moomba at Shumi - there are two.. One is at the entrance of Elder's
                      House. The other one is actually a knob that triggers
                      the background music.
    I guess you should know the answer by now. Proceed to Fisherman's
    Horizon! Just have Ragnarok placed vertically on top of FH and press
    Circle to land. Next you will find Ragnarok landed at the place where
    you find Martine. Now proceed to Grease Monkey's House.
    At Grease Monkey's House, Squall will ask him whether the Moomba is
    real or not. Next talk to him again and he will lend you the Moomba.
    Return back to Shumi Village. Meanwhile navigate around the area.
    Now return back and it's time to head towards Artisan's House. At the
    house and repetitive fast-talking Moomba keep on persuade Artisan. Just
    exit [don't press Circle...] and you will find Master Fisherman. He is
    fishing at the pond. Next noticed the background music and Artisan
    finally agrees to work! Proceed to the statue and you will see the
    four of them working hard. [Sculptor, Attendant, Artisan and Moomba].
    Now returned back to Elder's House and you will get Status Guard as
    your gift! Notice the background music too.
    After you have gotten the President boarding on your ship, return back
    to Shumi Village and you will have a sequence at the statue room.. it's
    about the past.
    / 5.10i \_______________________________________________________________
    Lunar Crash Area
    I have make a couple of research and it is finally confirm where to meet
    the Piet and the members of former Lunar Base. It is just situated at
    the Abadon Plains. You need to equip Enc-None and wonder around that
    part of the plains. Remember that the southern tip of Esthar Continent?
    It is just somewhere marked on the ASCII map below: (BTW, I have
    corrected the ASCII map empteen times and this is my best shot.)
                      |      |     \=======\
                    _  \     \      \======/   ===  search this area!
                   | |  \     \_   __\====/         BTW, this area is just
                    \_\   \_____\ /======/          south from the Tears
                   /           \  /                 Point.
              Minde Island      \/
                               Abadon Plains
    Just search the area and you will have the screen started to fade off..
    Next you will find the crashed Lunar Base, along with Piet leaning his
    back against the scrap metal and you will also find an attendant too.
    Remember that it is not always the same spot.. Just walk around the
    area marked "==" and you will find the Crashed Site. Don't try to
    search the edges of the peninsula, just search inner area. It is
    somewhere in the middle and closest to the tip of Esthar. It does not
    matter whether you have gotten the Alexander's Card.
    / 5.11 \________________________________________________________________
    The Meeting with the President of Esthar
    Now your party will be asked by Rinoa to head to Edea's house. As you
    know Edea is already an experienced Sorceress on controlling her powers.
    You will find Angelo in front of the house. Next enter Edea's house and
    to the area where you find the couple. After talking to both of them,
    now you exit.
    At the entrance, there is a small path (anyway that area is already
    accessible upon first time in the game, but I did not mentioned it.)
    You will find Angelo and it will be heading now. Next your party,
    members will leave and Rinoa comes in. [a different situation, when
    Rinoa is in your party.] Rinoa will be asking Squall about certain
    topics like whether she will fight her or not... After a short and
    sweet conversation, Zell will report to you that Esthar's President
    would like to see you. Next exit and you find Edea talking to Squall.
    Head for Esthar City where you will meet the President. Now board
    Ragnarok and head to Ragnarok's Airstation. Just head north until you
    reached the elevator junction and make a turn to the north. Board that
    elevator (hmm.. why is this still working?) and you will be heading to
    Presidential Palace, just head left and you will reach the President's
    BTW, the President of Esthar has defeated Adel the Sorceress [the
    sealed monster], 13 years ago.
    As Squall entered the room, he has found familiar faces
    Ward... and Kiros... Just walked forward and you found out that the
    President is actually Laguna Loire. [In Squall's eyes, Laguna is just
    a crappy Galbadia Soldier.. Can't believed the way, that a President of
    a such huge city will be dressed in such a simple manner.] Next talk to
    Laguna, you will be given the prompts [don't play the card, as you may
    lose due to the rules that have effected while at Lunar Base]:
    Explain the mission to defeat Ultemicia:
    Where's Ellone? -> gives the mission briefing (a bad sense of feeling.)
    Tell me about Raine -> Laguna refused to talk about it!
    What are you doing here -> The past after Dream Sequence #5*
    * Choose this one for those whom are playing the first time.
    Pick the first option once you have known the answers. Next you will
    meet Dr Odine! He has been doing research and on a machine called "
    Junction Machine Ellone" and plus a couple of reasons why Ultemicia
    wants Ellone, that's for Time Compression!
    Next you will be brought to the passenger's area where you will
    experienced a serious face-looking Laguna. After every one have exited,
    head to the hangar and save your game. Return back here and have a card
    game with Laguna and get the last card of the collection area: Squall
    Leonhart! BTW, you may find some hints from Ward and Kiros.
    SPOILERS [In-depth story] from <Tenoh@aol.com>
    The name of that Sorceress [the sealed monster which Rinoa has released
    it from the space chamber] is actually Adel. That Sorceress is actually
    the former leader of Esthar. It was Laguna, who has defeated it and sent
    it to outerspace.
    SECRET FMV! (also a spoiler!)
    Yes there is one which covers more about the past section. It was
    about the section after Laguna has rescued Ellone from the evil hands
    of Esthar [which was controlled by the evil Adel]. Just simply pick
    the fourth option while talking to Laguna and you see an FMV which
    tells about the origin of Ragnarok. Actually, there are three of them..
    It also explains how Laguna has defeated Adel!
    / 5.12 \________________________________________________________________
    The Final Showdown at the Pandora!
    Now Laguna and his pals are at the meeting room of the Ragnarok. After
    a conversation with them, the rest of the members will leave. Lastly
    Squall will leave. Selphie and Zell will be driving the Ragnarok and
    your party will be consisting of Zell, Squall and Rinoa. Attack! BTW,
    you can play a card game with Laguna while at the Ragnarok which nabs
    Squall's Card. There is a Draw Point {Full-life} which can be found at
    the alleyway where you find the Save Point inside the Ragnarok.
    |Here you will find the last tip from Scott. Basically |
    |human characters such as Seifer and his groupies are  |
    |weak against Poison. So the Poison-elemental is most  |  BATTLE TIP
    |lethal against humans but does no damage to mechnical |     (!)
    |beast. Junction 100x Sleep to your Elem-Atk-J and you |
    |will see the damaging effect of it!                   |
    The Lunatic Pandora is located on the top of the Tears' Point where you
    get the Solomon's Ring. Now make contact with it using the Ragnarok and
    the screen will switches to Squall and his friends at the Ragnarok. Then
    you will have an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    The Ragnarok fires it's heat-seeking missiles at the Pandora and
    started charge through breaking the force-field. Next it will grab
    onto the walls with it's claws.
    Talk to Selphie if you want to head back. Now enter the place...through
    back haul, marked by the EXIT on the map of the Ragnarok. You will meet
    Seifer's pals, Raijin and Fujin and prepare for a BOSS fight.
    / BOSS 30 \_____________________________________________________________
    Entrance of Lunatic Pandora - Fujin and Raijin
    Name:        Raijin         Level 43    HP: 22,200
                 Fujin          Level 43    HP: 17,900
    Facts:       Raijin:        Weak against Poison, Absorbs Thunder
                 Fujin:         Weak against Poison, Absorbs Wind
    Draw:        Raijin:        Thundara, Thundaga, Protect, Shell
                 Fujin:         Aero, Curaga, Full-Life, Tornado.
    AP gained:   20
    Mug:         Raijin: 2x Str Up
                 Fujin:  2x Megalixir.
    Win:         2x Str Up, 1x Megalixir
    Both Raijin and Fujin are much stronger compared to the previous fight.
    They have new spells and much powerful. Don't draw and release Tornado
    as Fujin will be healed in the process. Concentrate on attacking Fujin
    as she can cast very devastating magic. Make sure your characters' HP
    are above 3000+ as Fujin can cast Meteor. Summon GF Doomtrain as they
    are weak against Poison. Cast Cerberus and followed by casting Shell
    thrice [reduce magical damage] and Protect 3x [reduce physical damage]
    Do not use GF Quezacotl and Pandemona. Use Leviathan's Recover to
    restore lost health and use your character's Limit Breaks. Their HP does
    not changed even Squall is at Level 100! There is an easy method.
    Junction 100x Sleep to one character's ST-Atk-J and have that character
    attack both Raijin and Fujin. Have the others summoning G.Fs. In this
    way, there is no damage for your GFs to withstand. It will be better
    if you have another character junction 100x Pain to his/her status
    After defeating those two funkies, exit from this area. Head up and
    make a left turn, there you will meet Biggs and Wedge, talking to
    them. Don't worry there are no battles, as they are sick of fighting
    you. Now enter the building [there is a Save Point somewhere near the
    building]. Next you will be on the path which leads to the second
    elevator. Next head for the 02 elevator. Draw some magic and you have
    been here. {Curaga} {Meteor} Next head up. If you have accquired the
    Siren's Move-Find Ability, you will find a Save Point there. Head up and
    you will find Fujin and Raijin. They will not fight you, instead they
    summon the Mobile Type 8 to attack your party!
    / BOSS 31 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside Lunatic Pandora - Mobile Type 8
    Name:        Mobile Type 8   Level: 34    HP: 43,600
                 L/R Probe       Level: 41    HP: 9,100
    Attacks:     Mobile Type 8: (Tentacle whip), Twin Homing Laser, Corona,
                 L/R Probe:     Twin Homing Laser, Corona, (Dash)
    Facts:       Mobile Type 8: Weak vs. Lightning.
                 L/R Probe:     n/a
    Draw:        Mobile Type 8:  Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Flare
                 Left Probe:     Curaga, Esuna
                 Right Probe:    Curaga, Demi
    AP gained:   40
    Mug:         Mobile Type 8:  1x Laser Cannon
                 L/R Probe:      2x Vit Up
    Win:         2x Laser Cannon.
    Mobile Type 8
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||
              |||||||||| DEX  EVA |
    Left/Right Probe
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
              |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
                |||||||| DEX  EVA ||||||||||||||||
    Personally, this boss gets easier as you are at high levels and have
    higher powers. This BOSS typically could attack as a whole or with it's
    Left and Right Probe. You need to watch out for this messages:
    Mobile Weaponary attack mode ON
    Support Weaponary attack mode OFF
    During this, the BOSS will fight as a whole using its tentacle whip
    and you can still do damage to it's probes. It can also use its Twin
    Homing Laser as a counter-attack.
    Mobile Weaponary attack mode OFF
    Support Weaponary attack mode ON
    Now this is simply the reverse. The main body does not attack. But
    instead the left/right probes are attacking. They will counter attack
    your attacks with Twin Homing Laser [if you attack the respective
    probes.] If you stay for too long, the BOSS along with the probes
    will unleashes the Corona, which drops everyone's HP to 1. Just then,
    quickly draw and cast Curaga or the Recover Command.
    In order to win this battle easily, focus your attacks on the Mobile
    Type 8. The left Probe and Right Probe has higher defence. Get 100x
    Thundaga to Elem-Atk-J and you can make the hell out of it. Best of
    all, you can see the Lion Heart Limit Break when everyone's HP drops
    to one.... [but it is a bit risky.]
    Restore all your characters' HP and prepared for Disc 3 final showdown.
    Enter the building and you will find Seifer on the top of the pillar,
    bragging about his dream of being the Sorceress Knight. Ellone is being
    held captive by those two groupies, Fujin and Raijin. But they release
    Ellone and wants Squall to knock Seifer back to his senses. After some
    talk, they will leave and you will fight Seifer.
    / BOSS 32 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside Lunatic Pandora - Seifer Almasy
    Name:        Seifer     Level 45     HP: 34,500
    Attacks:     (Sword swipe), Firaga, Bloodfest, (fire swipe)
    Facts:       Weak vs. Poison.
    Draw:        Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Aura
    AP gained:   40
    Mug:         1x Hero
    Win:         1x Hero
    He is not tough, in fact the lousiest BOSS of all Disc 3. You want to
    why, because you can drawn the Aura spell and use it on Squall and have
    him dealt his Limit Breaks. Use Squall's Limit Breaks and give him a
    ticket to Planet Doom. ^_^; Or make of this opportunity to stock up
    Aura...and wait for the Gilgamesh to finish him off [provided that you
    have Odin]
    BTW, use Leviathan's Recover/Curative Magic restore lost HP. Use Phoenix
    Down or Life to revive dead members. By the way, use GFs such as the
    Doomtrain as he pretty weak against it. Seifer's Limit Break, Bloodfest
    does damage to all members.
    | "Getting GF Gilgamesh" contributed by Steven Bruck |________________
    |                                                                     |
    | If you have accquired Odin, you will see the last of him, being cut |
    | into half by the "powerful" Seifer. There you will see the sword of |
    | the Odin being thrown off and back to the hands of a mysterious GF  |
    | After you have defeated Seifer, GF Gilgamesh will eventually appear |
    | and defeat Seifer!                                                  |
    Well that's is the end of Seifer Almasy.... not really. After the
    battle, Rinoa will start to move away.. Suddenly Seifer awakes and
    kidnapped Rinoa! Seifer hold Rinoa as hostage and head for the chamber
    where the unawaken Sorceress Adel is.... End of Disc 3. If Rinoa is not
    in your party, Seifer will just instantly wake up and kidnapped Rinoa
    hence you will be able to re-organize your party.
    / 6.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Disc 4 Walkthrough
    Well, we have reach the last disc, and proceed for the final showdown!
    BTW, this ENTIRE section is being contributed by Charles5!. Without
    him, I will not be able to finish the game. Thanks a lot ChaRle5!
    / 6.1 \_________________________________________________________________
    Reborn of Sorceress Adel
    Now you will regain control of your party, and form a new party. Next
    head for the top floor of the Pandora. You will find another Draw Point
    {Slow} if you have climb up the stairs. Now walk up that long pipe and
    make a right turn. Next you will reach the place where you will find
    Seifer holding Rinoa and facing the chamber where Adel is. Next you
    will have this FMV:
    ** FMV **
    Seifer will now be holding Rinoa as the gift for Sorceress Adel.
    Rinoa tries her best in breaking off the grip from Seifer, but Seifer
    just pushes her onto the ground. Now the future witch, Adel suddenly
    awakes and thus grab the helpless Rinoa... BOSS Fight!
    / BOSS 33 \_____________________________________________________________
    The Top of Lunatic Pandora - Adel and Rinoa
    Name:        Adel         Level: 46    HP: ???????? [~20,000]
                 Rinoa        Level: 46    HP: 9,030
    Attacks:     Adel: Drain, Meteor, (Swipe), Energy Bomber
                 Rinoa: n/a
    Facts:       Adel: n/a
                 Rinoa: n/a
    Draw:        Adel: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Flare
                 Rinoa: Esuna, Dispel, Regen
    AP gained:   0
    Mug:         Adel: 1x Samantha's Soul
                 Rinoa: 8x Megalixir
    Win:         n/a [no status screen after the fight..]
    Adel's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
              |||||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    This battle is quite an easy one (for those who have level up). Adel
    does not have high HP. Just that she is rather cruel and crafty. She can
    drain HP from Rinoa [about 700+ HP each time.] She has a couple of
    strong spells such as the Meteor. Do not use spells such as Ultima,
    Tornado or Meteor as these spells does not only damages Adel and but it
    also applies to Rinoa too. So it's a good reason not to use GFs.
    It was really frustrating as this BOSS unexpectedly becomes one of most
    difficult BOSSES (applies to those whom don't bother to train)
    To defeat her, you must have a lot of healing magic such as Curaga and
    Before battle preparations
    - Make sure your characters' levels are approximate level 30.
    - Have Selphie, Zell and Squall as your members.
    - Selphie must acquired Full-Cure [learnt by using her limit breaks
      and unlock it by using it while in battle beforehand]
    - For Zell, make use of his Armageddon Fist as it can does the most
      after Squall's Limit Breaks. Squall is pretty useless during this
      fight, hence you need to rely on Zell Dincht. Armageddon fist (which
      is being invented by Kaze Yagami), is actually a switch between Booya
      and Punch Rush.
    Step-by-Step Strategy
    1. Summon Cerberus whereas one of the remaining characters draw Regen
       from Rinoa. The other character draw-and-cast spell on Adel.
    2. Cast Regen, Protect or have Selphie cast the Wall Limit Break.
    3. Cast Aura on Zell and has him do the Armageddon Fist. Have Squall
       as a free character does support magic and he can be quite a good
       magic user. To reduce damage done by magic, junctioning to Spirit
       through Spr-J is must.
    4. Cast Cura once it's Squall's turn. If Adel has used her Energy
       Bomber, cast Curaga on that character. Your aim is keep your
       characters' HP at its maximum. [The remaining characters just
       attack [Zell using Armageddon Fist and Selphie using draw-and-cast
    5. While Zell is attacking, Selphie is quite a good magic attacker,
       even if you don't bother to train her. Has her draw-and-cast magic
       on Adel.
    To add more wood to the fire, cast Meltdown on Adel and Aura on Rinoa.
    I have successfully defeat Adel with the above strategy whether my
    characters are at level 60 or level 20. I heard that you can make Rinoa
    invisible by using Hero on her, so that you can summon GFs to attack
    Adel.. Is there anyone who wants to try? If you have tried the method,
    please inform me whether it works or not.
    After the battle, both Laguna and Ellone will come to you and you will
    have another sequence. Ellone will drove away the spirit of Adel and
    thus bringing back her spirit. After a short chit chat, Laguna and
    Elone will leave and you will have an FMV:
    ** FMV **
    Time started to compress and thus forcing Squall and his party back
    to time... Your party will start to fly in mid-air and just then they
    will pass through the deep ocean. Next you will see a flock of birds
    circling the tunnel of light and Squall will be brought back to time..
    PS: You can't use any of those fake Save Points. But one of them is
        usable [that's the first save point!]
    As you landed on ground, noticed that Rinoa has disappear! There you
    will find a Save Point. Before approaching it, make sure that your
    party are back to full health and touch the Save Point. Next a dozen
    of them will appear. Now walk down the pathway to the door. Next the
    screen will turn white and you find Edea [remember the time in Disc 1
    when Rinoa meet Edea at the Presiden's Mansion.] Next you will find
    Edea-like structures and split into two. It's BOSS fight between the
    witch of different era. Now you need to fight about 11 of them before
    you will fight the BOSS.
    / BOSS 34 \_____________________________________________________________
    Time Compression - Sorceress "A"
                       Sorceress "B"
                       Sorceress "Final"
    Name:       Sorceress A          Level: 45   HP: 3,390    6x
                Sorceress B          Level: 45   HP: 4,496    5x
                Sorceress "Final"    Level: 45   HP: 100,000+
    Attacks:     Sorceress "A":   (Swipe), Fire, Thunder, Thundaga
                 Sorceress "B":   (Flick), Meteor, Double, Haste
                 Sorceress "Final": (Creepy Touch), Ultima, Double, Meteor
    Facts:       Sorceress "A": n/a
                 Sorceress "B": n/a
                 Sorceress "Final": n/a
    Draw:        Sorceress "A": Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
                 Sorceress "B": Haste, Double
                 Sorceress "Final": Flare, Holy
    AP gained:   55
    Win:         5x Ultima Stone, 6x Flare Stone, 5x Meteor Stone
    Mug:         3x Meteor Stone or Ultima Stone
    Sorceress "A" Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
            |||||||||||| STR  DEF ||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI
                |||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Sorceress "B"'s Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI
                    |||| DEX  EVA ||
    Sorceress "Final"'s Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF |||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
                |||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Well as you battles, you will proceed to the next places through time
    compression. The first eleven of them are easy except for the Sorceress
    "Final". The place will change each time, you have defeated a Sorceress.
    They are quite easy, I actually risked my battles in order to find the
    statistics by using the Leviathan's Recover and found the stats.
    Fortunately, (lady luck must be smiling on me...) I managed to defeat
    them by using Cerberus and Meteor.
    You will proceed in this order:
    |                              |                               |
    |   1. President's Mansion     |  6.  Snowfield outside Trabia |
    |   2. Timber Town             |  7.  Outside Balamb Garden    |
    |   3. Beach of Balamb         |  8.  Inside D-District Prison |
    |   4. Esthar City Area        |  9.  Fire Cavern              |
    |   5. Balamb Training Center  |  10. Winhill Town             |
    After eliminating all those disturbances, you will be transported to
    an unkown place where you will meet the Sorceress "Final". The
    Sorceress "Final" is quite tough if your characters have very low HP.
    The BOSS has a creepy touch which does 1,000+ which will bring low HP
    characters to instant death easily (and that is a counter attack).
    After you have injured the BOSS severely, it started to have a countdown
    of 5, similar to the Jenova Sythesis last battle at North Crater and it
    will cast Ultima on your members. Defeat the BOSS and you will be back
    at Edea's house! If you have GF Eden, summon it as it is deadly against
    the BOSS! [hopepfully that you have accquired "Boost" ability.]
    At Edea's House, head for the place where you have meet Edea [just walk
    up and turn right and enter the door on the north]. There you will have
    a sequence and you will have a short FMV of Ultimecia's Castle [the
    place for the final showdown and also the final dungeon of the game.]
    Now the area will switch to a screen with two bodies of dead White SeeD
    cadets. Next head up and make a turn at the stairs, hopefully that you
    still had remembered the path during the childhood [it's has blocked off
    by those "strings"!]. Next you will find more death bodies and a Draw
    Point {Triple} there and you will need to head up that huge chain. There
    were three doors on the left of the path. Press Circle to jump on the
    ledge in front of the doors.
    The Four Doors to the Great World
     | 1 |      The door that is nearest to the Ultimecia's Castle.
    _|___|_     The door leads to the north of Esthar Continent [that's the
                Grandidi Forests] and you will find the Chocobo Holy Region
                there. The Chocobo Holy Region is similar to the Chocobo
                forests you found at the World Map. The Chocobo Holy Region
                is located northwest from the door. Better equipped Enc-None
                or you will have to fight a bunch of meanies...
     | 2 |      The door in the middle of the three doors.
    _|___|_     The door leads to the Centra Continent where you found the
                Centra Ruins. It is located northwest from the Ruins.
     | 3 |      The door nearest to Edea's house.
    _|___|_     The door leads to the Galbadian area where you will find
                the Missile Base. It is located east from the Missile Base.
     | 4 |      I will call this a hidden door as it leads to the place
    _|___|_     where you find the Ragnarok [it's on the right side of the
                chain and will appear after you have enter from that door
                on world map]
    Retrieving the Ragnarok in Disc 4 <contributed by ChaRle5!>
    Just head for the Chocobo Holy region and get that free Chocobo. Ride
    on it and exit the Holy Region. Now return to the door where you have
    enter (don't enter it!) Now walk down the shallow waters of Esthar (
    you will find shallow waters surrounding the easteren side of Esthar
    Continent and head for the Cactuar's Island. There you will find a huge
    desert on the left of it. That's the Great Khashabald Desert! Well, the
    red dot marked on the World Map is the Ragnarok. Near the airship, you
    will also find a door which leads to the right side of that huge chain.
    The cities are now surrounded by barriers, except for the damaged
    Missile base. Places such as the Fire Cavern, Centra Ruins, Deep Sea
    Research Center and Chocobo Forests are not being surrounded by
    barriers. You can't break into those forcefields. [well, finally found
    a better word...]
    Inside the Ragnarok as you go down to the elevator you will find a man
    [CC Joker] whom will give you the following options:
    1. Buy Items
    2. Upgrade your Weapons.
    You can also play cards with him to get the Leviathan's Card
    But there is more!
    Recapture Lost Cards <contributed by Eugene See/Franksiskus Febrainto>
    After getting Ragnarok, press Triangle and hold X. You will be brought
    to the haul of Ragnarok and you will meet Xu! The CC Group members are
    back! There, you will find at all parts of the Ragnarok. Here is the
    CC Group Heart:       Haul of the Ragnarok. She is actually Xu.
    CC Group Spade:       The place where you find the Save Point
    CC Group Diamonds:    You will find two girls [Diamonds] at the main
                          hall of the Ragnarok.
    CC Group Jack:        You will find him at the hallway [the door on
                          right where you find Xu]
    CC Group Club:        You will find him at the second floor [near the
    CC Group Joker:       You will find this guy near the elevator [where
                          you need to board to head for Ragnarok.]
    Thanks to Franksiskus Febrainto for this piece of great news Or I could
    never, ever completed my cards collection. Thanks a lot.
    Getting Lost Cards Guide <contributed by Scott Ong>
    ALL Cards can be obtained from the CC Group members. I have done this
    myself as I am too lazy in playing that maddening Card Queen's Card
    Quest. This has been tested by me. You can get the cards from the CC
    Group members [CC Group Heart and CC Group Diamond (the female cadet on
    the left]. I have gotten the following cards from Sue: Ko-Chocobo and
    DebuChocobo Card. I have also gotten GF cards such as the Shiva,
    Phoenix, Doomtrain and character cards such Irvine and Kiros from the
    CC Group Diamonds. It is possible to get these cards without doing
    any of the maddening card quests. It is possible, but first you must
    gotten all the Page 8 cards before you can get Page 9 cards. [Example
    you can get Phoenix Card if you have missed out any of the Page 8
    cards.] As for the Card Queen Quest, refer to Part II for more
    Refer to my World Map for more details. <http://risland.virtualave.net>
    / 6.2 \_________________________________________________________________
    The Final Battle
    Before entering the castle, there is another hidden Draw Point near the
    Save Point, thanks to Ciovo! {Flare}
    Next head up and you will reach the castle. Next you will find a Save
    Point and Squall will spilt his team into 2 parties. One of the parties
    will follow Squall and they will enter the place of their most horror
    nightmare! Now as you enter you will be forced to seal all your
    abilities except for attacks. Make sure that your characters has gained
    enough HP. Now here are some rules for this area...
    At the entrance, you will find a Save Point on the left, along with a
    hidden draw point at the right. Next Squall will spilt up his team into
    2 parties. One of the parties will follow Squall, whereas the remaining
    three will form the other party. Now they will enter the place of their
    most horror nightmare! Upon entering the castle, you find the area being
    covered with green blinking light, followed the message below:
    The parties' powers have been sealed by Ultimecia.
    [Item]  - sealed the item menu and item command.
    [Magic] - sealed the magic menu and magic command.
    [GF] - sealed GF command
    [Draw] - sealed Draw command
    [Command Ability] - seal Commands and Ability menu
    [Limit Break] - seal Limit Breaks
    [Resurrection] - seal from reviving dead members
    [Save] - seal from saving, using Save Points in the game.
    Now you need to fight the eight monsters found in the Ultimecia Castle.
    To break the seal, you must uncover their traces in the Castle and
    defeat them. At the beginning, you are only to use the Attack Command.
    Now you will find green spots called "Party Switch Point" or in short
    form, I will call "PSP". PSP will allows you to have the following
    options upon entering the area:
    Party Switch Point
      "Switch to other party"
      "Change party members"
    The first option allows you to switch between Alpha and Beta parties.
    The second option allows you to change members of the party. Usable
    when all members of the team [6 members] are at the PSP. The third
    option allows you to do nothing
    Now let's beginning to disperse our units into two teams:
    Alpha Party: Squall, Zell, and Rinoa
    - why this arrangement?
    I like this combination as it has great attacking prospects along
    with great defence. Squall and Zell can do the attacking while Rinoa
    could be a great healer. Squall's Lion Heart is almost unstoppable.
    Zell's Duel can be chained and causes huge amount of damage. Rinoa's
    Angel Wing can cast different magic and Angelo combination is also
    quite massive.
    Beta Party: Irvine, Quistis, and Selphie
    - why this arrangement?
    This combination is ought to be more devastating compared to the
    previous party. Irvine can really knocked out anyone with his Shot
    combo. Quistis can really boost up the team's speed, defence and
    magical defence from her Mighty Guard. Plus her Shockwave Pulsar can
    inflict tremendous damage (over 9999 HP). Selphie, on the other hand,
    has superb Limit Breaks such as Full-cure and Wall. She can really
    become a great support character.
    GFs? There is no need to disperse them ^_^;. You can have all GFs onto
    one party. You can used Switch menu and select through the Junction
    Exchange and the junction of the previous character along with the
    magic in that character will be automatically gives to them. The only
    weakness on this method is that you may need to waste magic in
    restoring HP. But it really saves the trouble.
    Magic requirements (the list is a bit quite long)
    - Status magic does not provide much help against the BOSSES here. But
      for the monsters, they are extremely important.
    - 100x Esuna - for at least 3 characters -> fix status ailments
    - 100x Silence - for at least 3 characters -> ST-Def-J
    - 100x Death - for at least 3 characters -> ST-Def-J
    - 100x Confuse - for at least 3 characters -> ST-Def-J
    - 100x Berserk - for at least 3 characters -> ST-Def-J
    - 100x Meltdown - for at least 3 characters -> Vit-J
    - 100x Curaga - for at least 3 characters -> Spr-J
    - 100x Cura - for at least 1 characters -> curing purposes
    - 100x Meteor - for at least 3 characters -> Mag-J
    - 100x Full-life - for at least 3 characters -> HP-J
    - 100x Life - for at least 3 characters -> restores HP.
    - 100x Tornado - for at least 3 characters -> Eva-J
    - 100x Demi - for at least 3 characters -> important..
    - 100x Regen - for at least 3 characters -> critical
    - 100x Ultima - for at least 3 characters -> Str-J
    - 100x Aura - for at least 3 characters -> Luck-J and other purposes
    - 100x Firaga - for at least 3 characters -> Elem-Def-J
    - 100x Thundaga - for at least 3 characters -> Elem-Def-J
    - 100x Holy - for at least 3 characters -> Elem-Def-J
    - 100x Triple - for at least 3 characters -> Spd-J
    - 100x Haste - for at least 3 characters -> battle...
    - 100x Double - for at least 3 characters -> battle.. / Luck-J
    - 100x Quake - for at least 3 characters -> battle.../ Elem-Def-J
    - 100x Blizzaga - for at least 3 characters -> Elem-Def-J
    You will find the boss at the main stairway. Note, that you can only
    use the attack command as other commands are being sealed off.
    / BOSS 35 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Stairway of Ultimecia's Castle - Sphinxaur
    Name:         Sphinxaur   Level ??  HP: ~20,000+
    Attacks:      Firaga, Magic Summon, Doom, (Charge), Blizzaga
    Facts:        ????
    Draw:         ????
    AP gained:    31 AP [differs based on number of monsters]
    Win:          1x Megalixir
    Mug:          n/a
    Since you have make Squall included in the main party, there is no need
    to change the party's junctions. This BOSS is not even a match against
    the Grendel that you encounter at the Island closest Hell. Just attack
    and you can easily finished it. The only thing to take note is its
    Magic Summon and the BOSS could call for additional monsters such as
    Jelleye, etc. Just go for the BOSS, Squall could do damage up to 5000
    with 255 Str stats. You see the mask breaks as an indication that you
    have does a damage of 10,000 HP to the BOSS.
    Release Seal: Magic / Draw [if you haven't gotten Leviathan]
    This area is called the Hall. After you defeat this BOSS, you find
    the 4-way junction. Just take the right path and go to the door on the
    right. Next you will reach a spiral stairway, where you will find a bell
    along with PSP. Just simply enter the door. [as for the bell, you can
    mess with it later.]
    Junction Preparations: 100x Tornado to Elem-Atk-J for all characters
    Now you will be at the Art Gallery. Here is a little diagram to help
    you out:
                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                         Map of The Art Gallery
                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |                             |                                       |
    |                             |       ___________________             |
    |     ______/    \_________   |      | p11   p6   p12    |            |
    |    |  p1          p2     |  |      |p5                 |            |
    |    |                   p3|  |      ----------------|   |            |
    |    +                   __|  |                      | p7|            |
    |    +                 _||||  |                      |   |______      |
    |    +             ||||||  |  |                      |___  p8   |     |
    |    +                   p4|  |                       ||||||  p9|     |
    |    |                     |  |                        ___|     |     |
    |    |______/    \_________|  |                       |     ____|     |
    |                             |                       |    |          |
    |                             |      _________________|    |          |
    |                             |     | DP                p10|          |
    |                             |     |______________________|          |
    ================    p1:   IGNUS           p6:   XERAMELINAE
    -----LEGEND-----    p2:   IVANDANTIA      p7:   VENUS
    ================    p3:   IUDICIUM        p8:   VIATOR
                        p4:   INTERVIGILIUM   p9:   VIGIL
                        p5:   INAUDAX         p10:  VIVIDARIUM
                        p11:  XYSTUS          p12:  XIPHIS
                        ++:   MAIN PICTURE    ||||: STAIRWAY
                        /\:   DOORS           DP:   DRAW POINT
    NOTE: You can draw Meltdown from the Draw Point found at this area.
    Well with the map, this should be any problem. Take a look at ALL
    paintings. Next head for the main picture [marked + in the map] and
    you will given the list of pictures that you have seen before. Now
    you need to solve the puzzle and here is the way:
    In the Art Gallery, you will see a big clock painted on the floor. The
    three hands show VIII, VI and IIII.
    Look at all the Pictures and pick the following I, V and X
    Title           Found       Status
    IGNUS           I           Fire
    INANDANTIA      II          Flood
    IUDICIUM        III         Judgement
    INTERVIGILIUM   IIII*       Sleep
    VENUS           V           Love
    VIATOR          VI*         Messenger
    VIGIL           VII         Watchman
    VIVIDARIUM      VIVII*      Garden (delete the 2nd V)
    INAUDAX         IX          Cowardice
    XYSTUS          X           Tree-lined Road
    XEPAMPELINAE    XI          Red Clothes
    XIPHIAS         XII         Swordfish
    Now examine the big picture and you should get messages like the one
    The title is...
    It is too faint to read
    The title of this picture is ....
    The hands of the clock show 8 (VIII), 4 (IIII) and 6 (VI)
    Therefore the answer for the puzzle is VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM and
    [In the Garden, sleeps a messenger]
    Now the hidden letters of the painting will be uncovered and the
    second BOSS will appear. Contact with it and you will find the following
    phrase "Face my wrath for seeking thy sealed power." and you might
    guessed it, another BOSS fight!
    / BOSS 36 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Paint Gallery - Trauma
    Attacks:     Trauma: Drain, (Create), Pulse Cannon, (Whip)
                 Droma: (Scuba Dive), Mini Pulse Cannon
    Facts:       Trauma: Weak vs. Wind
                 Droma: Weak vs. Wind
    Draw:        Trauma: Flare
                 Droma: Esuna, Dispel
    AP gained:   30
    Win:         1x Elem Atk
    Mug:         2x Meteor Stone
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
                    |||| DEX  EVA ||
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
            |||||||||||| STR  DEF |
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |
                  |||||| DEX  EVA ||||||||||||||||||
    The Trauma can inflict damage to all characters with its Pulse Cannon.
    And it really packs a punch! Almost all status attacks are pretty
    useless against them. Don't bother to attack the Dromas as they don't
    do much damage. In fact the Trauma can create endless of them to attack
    all your members. Once two Dromas are being killed in a row, the Trauma
    will unleash its deadly Pulse Cannon. Make use of Meltdown -> Tornado
    combo to defeat the BOSS. Tornado is a great spell against this BOSS
    as it increase the amount of damage inflict by 50%. BTW, the Dromas
    can mugged for Meteor Stones. So make sure you have the Mug command.
    Break Seal: Draw/ Magic [based on the choice before]
    * Equip Draw for all characters
    Now behind the door of the Art Gallery, leads to the Flood Gate. There
    you will find an area that looks like the map below:
    |          |   |   ----|   |           Abbreviations
    |1*        |   |   ----|   |           xx  Floodgate [locked]
    |_____ mmmm|   |   ----|   |           *1  Prison Cell Key
     ----------[1] |-------|   |           mm  Cell door
           |_______|    ____\   \          [1] Water Gate Lever
                         ____    MM        MM  Armory Door
                         \---\    \___     *2  Armory Key [wait...]
                          \-2*\_______     --  Water path.
    Enter the door located in the north and you will another PSP and you
    will find two stairways heading up to the other side. Now head down
    to the Flood Gate. [just walk up]. Just proceed to the door "mmm" and
    it will lead to the Prison Cell. Your party will be locked up.. Next you
    will find a corpse and you will find a key marked by *1 [Prison Key] and
    the BOSS will automatically appears and it's another BOSS Fight!
    / BOSS 37 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside the Prison Cell - Red Giant
    Name:        Red Giant    Level 52  HP:    30,000
    Attacks:     (Swipe), Gigantic Sword, (Punch)
    Facts:       n/a
    Draw:        Demi
    AP gained:   30
    Win:         1x Gaea's Ring
    Mug:         n/a
    Have you ever wonder why I pick "Draw" over others? GF Diablos also
    works well against this BOSS as it could does 9999 HP damage, but it
    requires time. Draw, on the other hand, could allow you to save Demi in
    your stock and does an equalvent damage to the Diablos. If you used
    physical attacks [which is reduce by 1/2], the BOSS will say the
    "GWahaHA! PHysical attackS? USeleSS!"
    But if you are smart enough, use Demi and the Red Giant will say,
    "Urgh! N-NO more DEMI, pleaSE...!" ^_^;
    After you defeat damage around 15,000 HP, the BOSS will throw away his
    sword. Just keep on using Demi, you will noticed that the damage drops
    gradually as it inflicts 1/4 of the BOSS current HP. After that, start
    to use attacks and you will be able to finish it easily.
    Sealed Ability: Command Ability [critical important.]
    Okay, now it's time for the other team to do some business. Head for
    the north door of the main hall, where you will find the first BOSS.
    Next in the area, walk onto the unstable chandelier [whole party] and
    you will fall directly onto the Grand Hall. Examine the hatch and you
    will find the following prompt.
    The hatch on the floor is broken. Would you like to open it?
    Yes <--
    Junction 100x Thundaga to Elem-Def-J. Equip Recover and Draw Command
    Next walk down and you find the Wind Cellar. South of that area, you
    will find the 4th BOSS, a flying monster. Just examine the BOSS and you
    will see the familiar phrase.
    / BOSS 38 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside the Wine Cellar - Tri-Point
    Name:        Tri-Point    Level 51  HP: 22,400
    Attacks:     Mega Spark, Scan, Onrush, (Claw swipe).
    Facts:       Absorbs Thunder. Very Weak against Fire.
    Draw:        Haste, Tornado, Bio
    AP gained:   30
    Win:         1x Rocket Engine
    Mug:         n/a
      |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
     |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
       |||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |
               |||||||| DEX  EVA ||
               "WHATEVER I DON'T USE, I DON'T LIKE"
    This battle is quite easy and you can defeat the BOSS within a
    minute time. The BOSS will auto-counter with attacks using Mega Spark
    which carries a Thunder element, which you absorb it through 100x
    Thundaga to Elem-Def-J. That's not the main problem. If the Tri-Point
    ever use Scan on your characters, it was start to use the Onrush, a
    desperate charging attack which is 3 times the power of the attacks.
    Immediately use Recover to restore the HP.
    Sealed Ability: Limit Break / Resurrection
    You will find a hidden draw point {Aura} within the wine barrels found
    in the northeast area. If you have problems in finding them. Now head
    back to the top floor and you will find the Courtyard.
    Map of the Courtyard
              c h a p e l
        ____ ___    ___ _____xxxxx   Legend
      |DP   |   |  |   /     ____|   xx   floodgate
      |__    \  |  |  /     /        []   fountain
         \    \_|  |_/     /         DP   {Slow}
          \      ___      /          *    Treasure Vault Key
           \   *|___|    /           PSP  Party Switch Point
            \           /
             |   PSP   |             Remember to get the Treasure Vault Key
                                     that's required for the next area.
         g r a n d   h a l l
    Head for the chapel and you will find a huge organ and here the
    controls [I guess there is nothing hidden here, unlike in FF7 you can
    get Tifa's Final Heaven through playing the piano.]. You can draw
    {Dispel} from the draw point found in the chapel.
                     Circle    :  Do          L1       :  So
    ==============   X         :  Re          R1       :  La
    -----KEYS-----   Square    :  Mi          L2       :  Ti
    ==============   Triangle  :  Fa          R2       :  Do
                               START    :   Exit
    Now head up the stairs on the right, there you will find the key which
    will fall onto the ground as soon as before you can reached it. [
    actually you can get it, if you walk towards it] Next head back to the
    PSP inside the Grand Hall [note that you will be able to force the lever
    down which prevents the chandelier from falling] and switch to the
    other party, which should be at the front of Flood Gate.
    * Choose the Switch Menu. Junction Exchange allows you to use switch
      between Junction easily. Now have magic command, draw command and
      use Command Ability too.
    Now controlling the other party, head back to the basement and you will
    find a shiny item on the southeast corner of the screen, examine it and
    take the key [Armory Key]. You need to get the Armory into other to
    enter the room. You will find a Vysage... examine it and you will see
    the phrase.
    / BOSS 39 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside the Armory - Vysage
    Name:      Vysage        Level: 62    HP: 10,626
               Lefty         Level: 62    HP: 6,884
               Righty        Level: 62    HP: 6,884
               Gargantua     Level: 50    HP: 15,000
    Attacks:   Vysage - Protect, Haste, Sigh, Stare
               Lefty and Righty- (Grab and squeeze) [both], (Whip), Reflect,
               Flare, Curaga, Meteor, Tornado, etc.
               Gargantua : Counter Twist, Demi, (Smash), Evil-Eye, Demi,
    Facts:     Vysage : Weak against Holy
               Lefty and Righty : Weak against Holy
    Draw:      Vysage : Cure, Haste, Bio
               Righty: Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen
               Lefty: Shell, Protect
               Gargantua : Flare, Bio, Quake
    AP gained: 42
    Mug:       Lefty: Rune Armlet
               Righty: Wizard Stone
               Vysage: Lightweights
    Win:       2x Rune Armlet, 5x Wizard Stone, 1x Magic Armlet
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI
                  |||||| DEX  EVA ||||
    Fighting Vysage, Lefty, Righty
    All of them are typically weak against Blind and Bio status attacks.
    They are quite easy as you can called it off by summoning GF Alexander.
    Just simply knocked out Vysage and Righty first. As they could does
    damage with status ailments and magic such as Meteor. After they have
    been defeated, you will eventually meet up with the BOSS, Gargantua.
    Sigh causes Doom, so remember to cure it as the fight is continuous
    Fighting against Gargantua
    This battle is quite easy... Just get someone equipped with Treatment
    command and protected against Sleep, Berserk, Confuse, Death. If you
    attack the BOSS, the BOSS will counter-attack with the Counter Twist
    (can does a lot of heavy damage). The BOSS's Evil Eye can does a mean
    status ailments of Curse/Slow on your characters. Just simply get
    someone with the Treatment command to call it off. Just having a
    Meltdown-Aura-Limit Break can killed off the BOSS easily.
    Break Seal: Resurrection/ Limit Break
    Search the area [or use Move-Find ability to uncover a hidden draw point
    {Ultima}!] and now exit from the Water Gate. Use the PSP and switch.
    Head back to the Hall where to you encounter the Sphinxuar. Go up the
    stairs and enter the room located on the left. Now walk down and you
    will find a dark corridor, which has windows on the left. [there is a
    room here on the left, where you can accessed it using Treasure Vault
    Key found next to the fountain.] But I would not recommend you to do it
    now. Just head north to the elevator room. [Make sure that this team
    comprises of at least 2 females.] Just imagine the elevator as a
        A              B
         _______________          F stands for female and M stands for
        /\      |      /\         male. Just simply get a heavier party
       /  \     |     /  \        on the right. But first of all, you must
      /FFM \    |    /MMF \       get the lighter party into the elevator.
     -------    |   --------      Side B will go down as the weight is much
        UP            DOWN        heavier compared to Side A. It will
                                  generally works for the following
    |          Side A            |         Side B             | Work / Fail|
    | Quistis, Selphie, Irvine   | Squall, Zell, Rinoa        | Works!     |
    | Quistis, Selphie, Zell     | Squall, Irvine, Rinoa      | Works!     |
    | Quistis, Zell, Irvine      | Squall, Selphie Rinoa      | Fail       |
    | Rinoa, Zell, Irvine        | Squall, Selphie, Quistis   | Fail       |
    | Selphie, Zell, Irvine      | Squall, Quistis, Rinoa     | Fail       |
    | Selphie, Quistis, Rinoa    | Squall, Zell, Irvine       | Works!     |
    Head up the stairs on the left and enter the opening door on the left.
    Now walk across the path, there is a Draw Point {Cura} and a Save Point.
    Now head across and you will reach the screen with the two elevators,
    now enter it and switch to the other party. The other party will go to
    the other ledge. [Perform a "Switch between parties"]
    Now examine the room and you will find a Draw Point {Curaga} plus the
    Water Gate Key. This is essential for Flood Gate Quest. Just take the
    key and head back to the PSP and switch to Alpha
    Once you walk down from the elevator, the other party will automatically
    be brought to the 1st floor. Next it's time for the Flood Gate Quest.
    Just head back to the Water Gate where you will find you find the Prison
    Cell and Armory (it's a long way.) Just simply get across the corridor
    and go up the stairs and you will back at the Hall. Next enter the door
    on the right side [which access to the area where you find the bell].
    Just go north, passing through the Art Gallery and go down to the flood
    gate. Refer to the map before you fight Red Giant. Head towards the
    Prison Cell and push right of your D-Pad and Squall will be able move
    towards to the stick marked [1] on the map. Press Circle and you will
    see a message saying that the Flood Gate Key has been inserted. Press
    Circle another time and you will see Squall pushing the lever. Now head
    back to the Hall. Go towards the room where you find the unstable
    chandelier. Go towards it and you will fall onto the Grand Hall. On
    the right side, you will find a PSP along with a lever. Go there and
    you will see a message "The lever has been depressed". Now perform a
    PSP and switch to Beta.
    * Perform a Junction Exchange between members and restores everyone's
      HP to full. Junction 100x Water or 100x Quake to Elem-Atk-J and
      100x Thundaga to Elem-Def-J.
    Now head south and back to the corridor. Examine the door on the left
    and use it [you will see a message saying "Treasure Vault Key" is used.
    Next you will find four coffins. Here is a diagram. You can draw {Holy}
    from the Draw Point found near the coffins.
                  ____________________________________   =============
    KEY          |   ___      ____   ____     _____   |      A I M
    [] Coffins   |  \ o  \   | c  | | c  |   / o  /   |  =============
    DP Draw      |   \____\  |____| |____|  /____/    |  You need to open
       Point     |                 DP                 |  all four coffins
    /\ Door      |                                    |  and the BOSS will
    c  Closed    |_______________/   \________________|  appear. There is
    o  Opened.                                           no for the steps.
    Upon opening the coffins, you will see the Catoblepas appearing. Just
    examine it and it is another BOSS fight.
    / BOSS 40 \_____________________________________________________________
    Inside the Treasure Vault - Catoblepas
    Name:        Catoblepas    Level: 43     HP: 31,500
    Attacks:     (Swipe), Assault Horn, Thundaga, Meteor
    Facts:       Weak against Earth/Water. Absorb Thunder
    Draw:        Meteor, Alexander
    AP gained:   30
    Mug:         n/a
    Win:         1x Status Atk
           |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||
            |||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
                  |||||| DEX  EVA |
    The BOSS will start off the battle with following speeches:
    " I am Catoblepas."
    " What do you humans plan to do..."
    " Against the likes of me..."
    This BOSS is looks so cool.. and looks quite alike the Behemoth.
    Believe it or not, this guy is pretty easy to defeat. Unlike the
    Behemoth, it has strong defences against status ailments. So that means,
    you must watch for that Assault Horn. It has a pretty weak defence and
    normal attacks can do 7000+ HP damage if your Str stats are 255. The
    BOSS will cast Meteor after its death. Make sure that character's HP
    are all above 2000. The BOSS is weak against Water/Earth element. Have
    that to your advantage.
    Break Seal: It's up to you. I would recommend GF
    Now proceed up back south and head towards the Hall. [at the stairway
    junction, you will find another PSP]. Now head to the north room from
    the spot where you fight the Sphinxaur, Make sure that your characters'
    HP are back full. Now just head across the Chandelier and you will find
    a jewel shaped monster, the 7th BOSS, Krysta!
    / BOSS 41 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the balcony - Krysta
    Name:        Krysta      Level: 35     HP: 12,000
    Attacks:     (Cyber Frost), (Claw swipe), Ultima, Charge
    Facts:       Cold has no effect on it.
    Draw:        Holy
    AP gained:   30
    Win:         1x Elem Guard
    Mug:         n/a
    The BOSS is extremely strong in attacks! The Cyber Frost is a counter-
    attack weapon, which does damage according to your characters' Vit. 200+
    Vit stats could only minimize the damage to 700+. Try to avoid using
    attacks and instead rush out for the magic. Don't bother to use Blizzaga
    or Shiva. Instead draw-cast Holy will be a nice idea, compared to
    attacks. The BOSS may have strong attacks such as Ultima [which does
    2000+ to characters with a Spirit stats of 100+] and it affects all
    characters. Just make sure that you have two great commands such as
    Recover and Revive.
    Break Seal: Item/ Save
    Now walk across the chandelier and head back to the area where you find
    the bell. Use that PSP.
    * Perform a Junction Exchange and cure everyone's HP to full. Junction
      100x Thundaga and 100x Firaga to Elem-Def-J or 100x Flare to
    It's time to complete the unfinished quest. Now head to back to
    courtyard area through the northern door in the Grand Hall. Just take
    the northeast path, which leads to the Water Gate. The water should be
    drained off already. Just walk left and you will find a straight path
    leading towards west. Examine the area and you can pick up a Rosetta
    Stone, which allows your members to learn the Ability x4. The door
    located south from her leads to the Prison Cell. Now head back to the
    Courtyard and take the path towards the chapel. Now walk up the stairs
    on the right. Cross the wooden bridge. The ladder takes to the lower
    section of the clock tower [which is the water gate]. Now walk up the
    winding path [it's a long way..] Now you will find a huge bell swinging
    from right to left. Now head and position yourself near the edge. Wait
    for the bell to come and press Circle. Now your party will be taken to
    the hole.. Next you will find the toughest BOSS among eight BOSSES in
    the castle. It looks quite like the Bahamut... [actually it is also
    formerly a GF!]
    / BOSS 42 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Clock Tower - Tiamat
    Name:        Tiamat    Level: 58   HP: 89,800
    Attacks:     (Claw Swipe), Dark Flare
    Facts:       Strong against Fire/Lightning. Wind has no effect on the
    Draw:        Flare
    AP gained:   30
    Mug:         n/a
    Win:         1x Status Guard
    Tiamat's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
                      || DEX  EVA ||||||
    The eight BOSSES' strongest monster.. battle at the Clock Tower. The
    Tiamat looks extremely cool, and I think it is coolest BOSS in FF8 [
    besides GF BOSSES and Weapons]. To defeat it, you need a couple of great
    Elem-Def-J. It's Dark Flare works like Ruby Dragon's Breath and attack
    based on Vit stats. 100+ Vit characters are bound to suffer ~9600 HP
    damage. There is a way to absorb the damage that's by junctioning Flare
    or Thundaga and Firaga to Elem-Def-J. As the Tiamat starts to elevate
    higher, it is going to use its Dark Flare [D-A-R-K  F-L-A-R-E]. You will
    see a message box to it will starts to use Dark Flare and it affects all
    allies. This is the time where Elem-Def-J comes extremely handy. Just
    go all at the Tiamat. Make use of Limit Breaks [Squall's Renzoukuken has
    a high probability of using Lion Heart].
    Break Seal: Save/ Item
    After the battle, examine and check for another hidden Draw Point
    {Triple} after the battle. Now with all seal broken off, it's time to
    battle Ultimecia or for those whom want an additional Three Stars, you
    can battle the Omega Weapon.
    Just walk back to the bell and climb onto it. Walk up and you should
    enter a room that is full of gears. There you will find another draw
    point {Stop}. Now cross the hands of the clock face and climb down the
    ladder. Eventually, you will find a path leading to the Master Room.
    Use the Save Point there, SAVE your game and its time for the ultimate
    combat against the strongest foe at Ultemicia Castle, The Omega Weapon.
    - Make sure you have no magic junctioned to Elem-Atk-J. The Omega
      absorbs all elements.
    - You need to gather all the rare cards. Card mod all the cards. Now
      head to Ability menu and use Call Item Shop [from the Tonberry], and
      buy at least 50x Amnesia Greens. [Look for Pet Shops] If you have
      insufficient cash, refer to the infinite gil cheat under getting
      Tonberry Section.
    - Card Mod? Yes. If you have gotten all the cards and you will find
      a yellow star next to the cards. Even if you card-mod all the rare
      cards, you will still find the star next to the Card menu.
      [not necessary all.. but best to do so.]
    Rare Cards Card Mod-List
      Name of Card      Great Items         Function                    Qty
      Squall            Three Stars         Expendx3-1 [GF]               3
      Seifer            Diamond Armor       GF HP+40% [GF]                3
      Edea              Royal Crown         Mag +60% [GF]                 3
      Rinoa             Magic Armlet        Spr +60% [GF]                 3
      Zell              Hyper Wrist         Str +60% [GF]                 3
      Irvine            Rocket Engine       Spd +40% [GF]                 3
      Selphie           Elem Guard          Elem-Def-J x4 [GF]            3
      Quistis           Samantha's Souls    SumMag +40% [GF]              3
      Kiros             Accelerator         Auto-Haste [GF]               3
      Ward              Gaea's Ring         HP +80% [GF]                  3
      Laguna            Hero                Invincibility [Combat]      100
      Phoenix           Phoenix Spirit      Revive [GF]                   3
      Doomtrain         Status Guard        ST-Def-J x4 (GF)              3
      Eden              Monk's Code         Counter (GF)                  3
      Bahamut           Megalixir           HP fully (all) [Item]       100
      Alexander         Moon Curtain        Auto-Shell (GF)               3
      Cerberus          Lightweights        [no use]* (Junk)            100
      Odin              Death Spirit        [no use]* (Junk)            100
      Pandemona         Windmills           GF compatibility+3 with     100
                                            Pandemona (Junk)
      Leviathan         Doc's Code          Recover [GF]                  3
      Carbuncle         Glow Curtain        Auto-Reflect (GF)             3
      Diablos           Black Holes         Blue Magic, Degenerator     100
      Minotaur          Adamantine          Vit +60% (GF)                10
      Sacred            Dino Bone           GF Ccompatibility+3 with    100
                                            Brothers (Junk)
      Siren             Status Atk          ST-Atk-J (GF)                 3
      Ifrit             Elem Atk            Elem-Atk-J (GF)               3
      Shiva             North Wind          GF compatibility+3 with     100
                                            Shiva (Junk)
      Quezacotl         Dynamo Stone        GF compatibility+3 with     100
                                            Quezacotl (Junk)
      Gilgamesh         Holy War            Invincibility all [Combat]   10
      MiniMog           Pet House           Restores HP for all GFs [   100
      Chicobo           Gyshal Greens       Summon GF Chicobo (Combat)  100
      Angelo            Elixir              HP fully (one ally) [ITEM]  100
      Chubby Chocobo    LuvLuvG             GF compatibility +20 (GF)   100
      PuPu              Hungry Cookpot      Devour (GF)                   1
    * can be refine to something useful.
    Next I would recommend you to customize your GFs for this final fight.
    Just eliminate those lousy ones with an Amnesia Greens [such as SumMag
    +10%, and replaced with SumMag +40% or other ability]. Generally there
    are some rules:
    - Each GF can have only 1 ability learnt for that kind of skill. Let
      say for SumMag +20%, you can have only 1x SumMag +20%. That means you
      can't use a Star Fragment [SumMag +20%]. GFs can only learn up to
      22 abilities.
    - Make sure that they have mastered all the abilities before starting
      this changing process.
    - Under any circumstances, do not remove great abilities, especially
      menu abilities and Boost. They are critically important.
    - To defeat the Omega, you must have the following:
      - 3x Spd-J - separate the three GFs (Cerberus, Eden, Pandemona) and
        use 100x Triple as the key junction. Make use of items such as
        Jet Engine and Rocket Engine to boost up Spd.
      - 1x Auto-Haste - from GF Cerberus (you can get this by using a
        Accelerator, through Card-Mod Kiros' Card).
      - 3x Vit-J - Shiva, Quezacotl, Carbuncle [if you have insufficient,
        don't hesitate to buy 1x Vit-J Scroll from Timber Pet Shop (must
        have Familiar)] Use Meltdown as the main spell for defence. Make
        use of Turtle Shell, Orichalon and Adamantine to boost up Vit.
      - 3x Str-J - Ifrit, Brothers, Pandemona [if you have insufficient,
        don't hesitate to buy 1x Str-J Scroll from Timber Pet Shop (must
        have Familiar)] Use Ultima as the main spell for offence. Use
        Items such as Strength Love, Power Wrist and Hyper Wrist to boost
        up Strength.
      - 3x Spr-J - Typically to reduce damage done by Meteor and Ultima.
        Crucially important as Omega has 255 Mag Stats. Use Curaga as the
        key boost. Use items such as Rune Armlet, Force Armlet and Magic
        Armlet to boost up Spr.
      - 3x Mag-J - to make healing more effective. Just get Meteor to
        boost up the stats. Use items such as Hypno Crown, Royal Crown
        to boost up magic.
      - 3x HP-J - you need as much as 9999 HP as it could does a 9998 HP
        damage to all characters. Just remember that the Omega is a nuts.
        Use Full-life as the key booster. Use items such as Giant's Ring
        and Gaea's Ring to have better abilities such as HP +80%
      - 100x Life - as many as possible. As the Omega's Light Pillar (
        err, isn't it the same name as Ultima Weapon's trademark?) can
        does 9999 HP irregardless of Vit and Spr.
      - All characters' strength stats must reach 255. If you can't hit
        it, try to use Str +60% through Hyper Wrist.
      - All characters must have protection against Death.
      - 1st: Attack, Magic, Draw, Item [with Auto-Haste]
        2nd: Attack, Magic, Draw, Revive
        3rd: Attack, Magic, Draw, Recover.
      - On the item screen arrange the following into your first page:
      | Name          NUM  | Just spend your money mainly on Mega Phoenix
      | Megalixir     100  | as they are extremely important for this
      | Holy War       10  | combat.
      | Hero          100  |
      | Mega Phoenix  100  |
      - This strategy has higher chances of winning compared to other
        strategies found in part II and the Monsters FAQ.
    Now to summon the Omega..
    First of have the desired party [I would recommend the Guys Team or
    Quistis, Squall and Zell]. Now proceed back to the area where you find
    the courtyard. Just head for PSP and perform a party change.
    Next have Beta party to examine the bell, and you will see the
    following message:
     "Monsters can be heard roaring far away"
    Now head back to PSP at the back and switch Alpha Party.
    Just move north and you will find the Omega in the chapel. Make contact
    with it and its a BOSS Fight!
    / BOSS 43 \_____________________________________________________________
    At the Chapel - Omega Weapon
    Name:        Omega Weapon  Level 100   HP: 1,058,000
    Attacks:     (charge punch), Iron Pillar, Megido Flame, Gravija, LV5
                 Death, Ultima, Meteor, Terra Break.
    Facts:       Absorbs any elements [hidden]
    Draw:        Holy, Flare, Ultima, Meteor
    AP gained:   250
    Win:         1x Three Stars
    Mug:         n/a
    The Omega is nuts... and here is a brief summary of his array of
    attacks (hmm.. seems nearly impossible to defeat it):
    Megido Flame - The Omega rises up in mid-air and followed by a blast at
    the ground and the ground arches up and then a 9998 HP damage to all
    Iron Pillar - A light of intensive energy beam appears from the Omega's
    core and wipe a member of your team, dealing 9999 HP damage.
    Gravija - works like a Demi-All. But it does takes away 3/4 of your
    characters' HP. Extremely dangerous if the next turn is Ultima/Meteor.
    Magic [Ultima, Meteor]: does damage to the entire party with around 2000
    HP to each character.
    LV5 Death - Summons a Devil that rises from the ground and attacks all
    allies causing instant death. It's game over if your characters are at
    levels that are multiple of 5. Just have 100x Death junctioned ST-Def-J.
    Terra Break - Omega leaps into mid-air and fire beams of energy balls [
    like Akuma's Zankouken] and does multiple damage to the party.
    In fact all can be blocked by the aid of Holy Wars. First at the
    beginning of the battle, have Squall cast Aura on himself. Have Zell
    cast Meltdown on the Omega. Irvine/Quistis cast Aura on Zell.
    The Omega should reach its first turn, he will use LV5 Death on the
    entire party. Next have Squall and Zell uses their Limit Breaks whereas
    Irvine/Quistis should start to use a Holy War. Now attack! Next the
    Omega will execute its Megido Flame [no damage...]. Just keep on attack
    and tap Circle to skips Quistis/Irvine's turn. Aura should start to wear
    off after the Omega has used the Iron Pillar and Terra Break. Just have
    Squall stop and have Zell keep on attack. Next Holy War will start to
    wear off. Have Squall cast Aura on himself and Zell keep on using his
    Limit Breaks [or use Aura if the Aura wears off]. The Omega should cast
    either Gravija/Meteor/Ultima. Don't bother to heal your characters.
    Instead use another Holy War and just keep on attack! Zell's HP is be
    in critical status. Don't ever use Irvine/ Quistis to attack. Instead
    they should be waiting their turn and decide whether to use a Megalixir
    or Holy War. Just keep on attack. I have managed to called the Omega
    off with 10x Renzoukuken [2 Lion Hearts as finishing blows] and 7x
    Armageddon Fist [5 times with more than 04!] Just keep on the endurance
    and you will be able to finish it off. It took me about 10 minutes to
    finish it off.
    Beside the prize is a Three Stars, you will also get a Proof of Omega
    found under the Information section under the Tutorial Menu.
    Now head back to the Save Point where you find the Masters Room. There
    you will see the final BOSS of the game. Save your game.
    / 6.3 \_________________________________________________________________
    Battle of Destiny
    As you examine the door, you will see the following prompt:
    (This is it.. Ultimecia is here.)
       (Get it over with.. Fight her now) <--
       (It's too early to face her)
    Next you will finally get the chance to meet her in person.. She will
    then talk a lot of crap before she begins the last battle!
    / BOSS 44 \_____________________________________________________________
    Ultimecia                                      | Level 65  HP:    43,000
    Griever                                        | Level 65  HP:  330,000+
    Ultimecia "Griever"                            | Level 65  HP:  350,000+
    Ultimecia "True"                               | Level 65  HP:  600,000+
    Ultimecia "Generator"                          | Level 65  HP:  179,982+
    Attacks:     Ultimecia : Quake, Dispel, Firaga, Blizzaga, (Whip),
                 (Angel), Thundaga, Tornado, Maelstrom, Stop, Holy
                 Griever : Demi, (Remove magic spell), (Angel), Shockwave
                 Pulsar, Tripe, Pain, (Claw swipe), Gravija
                 Ultimecia "Griever" : (Swipe), Tornado, Meteor,
                 (Remove magic spell), (Angel), Holy, Quake
                 Ultimecia "True": Hell's Judgement, Flare, (Remove magic
                 spell/junction), (Angel), Apocalypse
                 Ultimecia "Generator": n/a
                 Helix: n/a
    Facts:       Ultimecia : Weak against Poison. Holy no effect
                 Griever : Earth has no effect. Absorb Poison
                 Ultimecia "Griever" : n/a
                 Ultimecia "True" : n/a
                 Ultimecia "Generator": n/a
                 Helix: n/a
    Draw:        Ultimecia : Haste, Slow, Reflect, Demi
                 Griever : Bio, Quake, Tornado
                 Ultimecia "Griever" : Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
                 Ultimecia "True" : Flare, Holy
                 Ultimecia "Generator" : Apocalypse
    AP gained:   n/a
    Win:         n/a
    Mug:         n/a
    Ultimecia's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
     ||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Griever's Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
          |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||
        |||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Ultimecia "Griever"'s Attributes Information
       |||||||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |||||||||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA |||||||||||||||||||||
    Ultimecia "True"'s Attributes Information
     |||||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||||||
            |||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||
        |||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||
    Here is it folks, the ultimate battle against the final boss of FF8 [no
    challenge compared to Safer Sephiroth of FF7]. But remember that this
    BOSS can also kick your butt if you don't play well. Ultimecia will pick
    three characters randomly to battle her. No necessary to have Squall in
    the first battle. The best way is to have all GFs junctioned to the best
    three characters. Defeated characters will be taken away from an Angel
    which has a status indicator of "Absorb into time". BTW, you must try
    to keep them alive at all costs.
    An easy battle at the beginning. She is pretty weak against Poison.
    Summon Doomtrain as it does a lot of damage. BTW, Demi works well on
    her. She is quite weak, just caste Haste on the entire party [desired
    party]. Summon GF Cerberus and cast Regen on all characters. As this
    going to be a long fight. She is just like Edea and her Maelstorm can
    does intensive damage to all characters along with Slow/Curse status.
    Just cast Esuna or use the Treatment command to remove it. After you
    have defeated her, she will summon her GF, Griever
     "The most powerful GF..."
     "You.. shall..."
    Despite it called the strongest GF in the game, it is still no
    challenge compared to the Ultima and Omega Weapons. The GF is pretty
    smart, fancy casting Triple and does Triple Magic. He could do a
    couple of strong damage such as Gravija, blown a stock of spells in
    your inventory. Avoid using GF Brothers/Doomtrain as it is useless.
    Just simply use the Meltdown on it and keep on attack. After you have
    does damage approximately about 230,000+ HP damage, you will see these
    "The GF's true power.."
    "Allow me..."
    "To show you...!"
    "Griever! Make them bleed"
    and this followed by the Shockwave Pulsar which will does approximately
    3000+ HP damage to all allies. Fully-cure your members and unleash
    Limit Breaks to finish it off.. and you will eventually see the
    following messages:
     "I shall junction myself..."
     "..Unto Griever!"
    Ultimecia "Griever"
    A combination of Ultimecia and Griever and this battle is also quite
    easy beside the rapid usage of Magic such as Meteor, Ultima. The
    Ultimecia "Griever" can easily does tremendous amount of damage to all
    allies with the spells already... But it can do even more along with
    the Helix. Each Helix is a magic amplifier and they will increase the
    damage dealt by the BOSS by 25%. The BOSS can have only 2x Helix at
    all times. Don't bother on them, instead concentrate on the BOSS. It
    will typically use all the strongest magic such as Holy, Quake and
    Tornado. If you are bother with the status ailments inflicted by the
    BOSS, draw Esuna to fix it. If you have done 75% damage to it, the
    lower portion will start to drop off.. and it will start to use
    physical attacks. The claw swipe could does a massive damage of 1000
    to a character with 100 Vit. Just keep up with the endurance and you
    will be able to defeat it and this will be followed by the following
    There you will see a starlight background... Is it over? No.. and
    there you will find the true form of Ultimecia:
    "I am Ultimecia."
    "Time shall compress..."
    "... All existence denied."
    Ultimecia "True"
    This is the final one.. But the BOSS has about 600,000 HP at the level
    of 65! But it is nowhere as strong as the Omega. Ultimecia has a high
    tendency of "blowing" off the entire stock of magic from a character.
    Plus the BOSS will use two of the strongest magic in the game. One is
    Ultima (as you could guess..) and other one is Apocalypse which could
    does a mean damage of 3000+ to all characters even with 200 Spr stats.
    Another powerful attack is Ultimecia's Hell's Judgement, which causes all
    HP drop to 1, just like Mobile Type 8's Corona. The only weakness of the
    BOSS is it's speed (for my case, I will be able to execute six turns for
    1 turn of hers) and defence. It took me two Lion Hearts to finish it off
    Now make sure that you have Regen being cast on the entire party. Make
    sure that every character's HP are maxed out each time as the Apocalypse
    can be really a killer. Just cast Meltdown and cast Aura on Squall and
    have him released the Renzoukuken and you will definitely get a chance
    to see his Lion Heart. However there are some precautions. Ultimecia
    occasionally will draw Apocalypse from her lower half. But remember
    that you can also draw Apocalypse from her [but she will make sure that
    she uses it in the battle]. That's the only chance that you guys will
    be able to see the Apocalypse. Try to keep Squall's HP within a
    comfortable range of 4000+ and Aura being cast on him immediately upon
    it wears off...
    How do you know that the battle is started to close off? You will see
    Ultimecia saying off for her last words. The first phrase is
    "Reflect on your..." and this followed by the remaining phrases.
    The battle has finally ended and you will eventually get to the ending
    sequence of the game. Just one reminder, don't close off your
    Playstation unless you have saw the word "The End". The FMV is quite
    Japanese Walkthrough Special!
    I have include a portion of the ending FMV and describes for those who
    don't understand it...
    ** FMV **
    Squall was walking past a deserted island, feeling depressed as he
    can't find his love... Depression in his heart. Now the screen
    switches to Rinoa whom is running to search for Squall and was lost
    too. Examining her pendant, wishing Squall is all right. Now Squall
    will started to have illusions about Rinoa at the graduation ball
    and the President's mansion, Rinoa keeping on disappear from Squall's
    eyes. Squall can't stand it and fall onto the ground... Just then
    Rinoa has found Squall whom is barely breathing. She cries out and the
    screen will switch to the rest of the characters... Seifer/Fujin/
    Raijin at Balamb Dock, Laguna visiting the tomb of his wife... followed
    by the ending FMV (can't tell it ^_^;)... close your Playstation
    console until you saw the words "THE END"
    / 7.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Gameshark Codes
    A very special thanks to the Gameshark Code Creator's Club for their
    gameshark codes for FF8. Here is the HTML address of the Gameshark
    Code Creator's Club:
    Note: This list of Gameshark codes isn't complete. The other codes can
          be found from the above webpage.
    Miscelllaneous Codes
    Allows FF8 to Play in a               D009B2B0FFF3
    Mod-Chiped System [Note 1]            8009B2E00046
    Infinite Gil                          80076BA40FFF
    Save Anywhere                         8006F3720000
    Play Time                             80076D68FFFF
    Limit Time Play Fast                  80076D6CFFFF
    Super Chocobo                         8009D4B40000
    In-Battle Codes
    After One Battle, GF Max              D002276C000C
    After One Battle, Memorize All        800229A00001
    Enemy Skill
    When make Magic, Draw Points will     D01E69860066
    regenerate automatically.             801E69860060
    Fast Store Energy to Attack           800775C42EE0
    Infinite HP                           800775B2270F
    1st Character Limit Break             D0081B0E8001
    [Down + L2]                           800774600400
    2nd Character Limit Break             D0081B0E8002
    [Down + R2]                           800776300400
    3rd Character Limit Break             D0081B0E8004
    [Down + L1]                           800778000400
    1st Character Acquisition Attack      D0081B0E1001
    [Up + L2]                             800774540000
    2nd Character Acquisition Attack      D0081B0E1002
    [Up + R2]                             800776240000
    3rd Character Acquisition Attack      D0081B0E1004
    [Up + L1]                             800777F40000
    After 1 battle, Accquisition Level    8002275234A2
    GF Acquisition And Change Shiva       80076140FFFF
    Character Codes
    This section consists of the codes that effects the stats of your
    characters. Maximum HP causes your character's HP to be 9999. Maximum
    Strength causes your character's Strength and Body Strength stats to be
    255 and much more.
    - The case of "EXP For Next Level Up"
      Replace yyyy with FFFF will result the maximum EXP gained.
    - For changing characters, use the "Change Character" Code.
      Replace xx with the following to obtained the desire character.
      00  --- Squall Leonhart
      01  --- Zell Dincht
      02  --- Irvine Kinneas
      03  --- Quistis Trepe
      04  --- Rinoa Heartilly
      05  --- Selphie Tilmitt
      06  --- Seifer Almasy
      07  --- Edea
      08  --- Laguna Loire
      09  --- Kiros Seagul
      0A  --- Ward Zaback
      For "All Magic" Codes.
      With this code, it allows you to decide which magic to be placed at
      which slot of the character's magic inventory.
      80076538                  64                   01 - - Determines the
      |                          |                          type of magic
      |_ _ Determines the slot   |_ _ Allows you to         that specifics
           location where you         determine the         "01" allows you
           decide to add the          amount of magic       to add Fire.
           magic to the               to be stock.
           character's magic          "63" allows 99x
           inventory                  "64" allows 100x
    o List of Magic Modifiers.
      Just simply replace the last two digits of the "All Magic Code" with
      the modified digits.
     |  No.  |   Name of Spell    |   No.  |   Name of Spell     |
     |  01   |   Fire             |   1D   |   Protect           |
     |  02   |   Fira             |   1E   |   Shell             |
     |  03   |   Firaga           |   1F   |   Reflect           |
     |  04   |   Blizzard         |   20   |   Aura              |
     |  05   |   Blizzara         |   21   |   Double            |
     |  06   |   Blizzaga         |   22   |   Triple            |
     |  07   |   Thunder          |   23   |   Haste             |
     |  08   |   Thundara         |   24   |   Slow              |
     |  09   |   Thundaga         |   25   |   Stop              |
     |  0A   |   Water            |   26   |   Blind             |
     |  0B   |   Aero             |   27   |   Confuse           |
     |  0C   |   Bio              |   28   |   Sleep             |
     |  0D   |   Demi             |   29   |   Silence           |
     |  0E   |   Holy             |   2A   |   Break             |
     |  0F   |   Flare            |   2B   |   Death             |
     |  10   |   Meteor           |   2C   |   Drain             |
     |  11   |   Quake            |   2D   |   Pain              |
     |  12   |   Tornado          |   2E   |   Berserk           |
     |  13   |   Ultima           |   2F   |   Float             |
     |  14   |   Apocalypse       |   30   |   Zombie            |
     |  15   |   Cure             |   31   |   Meltdown          |
     |  16   |   Cura             |   32   |   Scan              |
     |  17   |   Curaga           |   33   |   Full-cure         |
     |  18   |   Life             |   34   |   Wall              |
     |  19   |   Full-life        |   35   |   Rapture           |
     |  1A   |   Regen            |   36   |   Prasento          |
     |  1B   |   Esuna            |   37   |   Catastrophe       |
     |  1C   |   Dispel           |   38   |   The End           |
    There is a FAQ about gameshark found at GameFAQs. The author is Avatarr
    (avatarr@pacific.net.sg). That FAQ has Japanese encoding. Some of the
    information about getting 100x of the spells using gameshark are taken
    from his FAQ.
    Main Character Codes              (Squall Leonhart/ Laguna Loire)
    Max HP                                80076528270F
    Infinite HP                           8007652A270F
    Max EXP                               8007652CFFFF
    EXP For Next Level Up                 8007652Eyyyy
    Change Character                      8007653000xx
    Max Strength                          80076532FFFF
    Max Knowledge                         80076534FFFF
    Max Lucky                             80076536FFFF
    All Magic                             800765586411
    Second Character Codes             (Quistis Trepe)
    Max HP                                800766F0270F
    Infinite HP                           800766F2270F
    Max EXP                               800766F4FFFF
    EXP for Next Level Up                 800766F6yyyy
    Change Character                      800766F800xx
    Max Strength                          800766FAFFFF
    Max Knowledge                         800766FCFFFF
    Max Lucky                             800766FEFFFF
    All Magic                             8007671E6320
    Third Character Codes                (Zell Dincht)
    Max HP                                800768B8270F
    Infinite HP                           800768BA270F
    Max EXP                               800768BCFFFF
    EXP for Next Level Up                 800768BE????
    Change Character                      800768C0000?
    Max Strength                          800768C2FFFF
    Max Knowledge                         800768C4FFFF
    Max Lucky                             800768C6FFFF
    All Magic                             800768E86331
    Fourth Character Codes           (Selphie Tilmitt)
    Max HP                                80076A80270F
    Infinite HP                           80076A82270F
    Max EXP                               80076A84FFFF
    EXP for Next Level Up                 80076A86????
    Change Character                      80076A88000?
    Max Strength                          80076A8AFFFF
    Max Knowledge                         80076A8CFFFF
    Max Lucky                             80076A8EFFFF
    All Magic                             80076AA8633D
    Fifth Character Codes             (Irvine Kinneas)
    Max HP                                80076788270F
    Infinite HP                           8007678A270F
    Max EXP                               8007678CFFFF
    EXP for Next Level Up                 8007678E????
    Change Character                      80076790000?
    Max Strength                          80076792FFFF
    Max Knowledge                         80076794FFFF
    Max Lucky                             80076796FFFF
    All Magic                             800767B86311
    Sixth Character Codes                (Edea Kramer)
    Max HP                                80076820270F
    Infinite HP                           80076822270F
    Max EXP                               8007682482B2
    EXP for Next Level Up                 80076826????
    Change Character                      80076828000?
    Max Strength                          8007682AFFFF
    Max Knowledge                         8007682CFFFF
    Max Lucky                             8007682EFFFF
    All Magic                             8007684E6310
    Seventh Character Codes             (Kiros Seagul)
    Max HP                                800768B8270F
    Infinite HP                           800768BA270F
    Max EXP                               800768BC82B2
    EXP for Next Level Up                 800768BE????
    Change Character                      800768C0000?
    Max Strength                          800768C2FFFF
    Max Knowledge                         800768C4FFFF
    Max Lucky                             800768C6FFFF
    Eighth Character Codes               (Ward Zaback)
    Max HP                                80076950270F
    Infinite HP                           80076952270F
    Max EXP                               8007695482B2
    EXP for Next Level Up                 80076956????
    Change Character                      80076958000?
    Max Strength                          8007695AFFFF
    Max Knowledge                         8007695CFFFF
    Max Lucky                             8007695EFFFF
    Guardian Force Codes
    No Random Battles                     80077B18000C
    GF 1                                   (Quezacotl)
    Unlock GF 1                           800760F80100
    Maximum HP                            80077A58270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A5C967F
    Level 99                              30077A600063
    GF 2                                       (Shiva)
    Unlock GF 2                           8007613C0100
    Maximum HP                            80076A64270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A68967F
    Level 99                              30077A6C0063
    GF 3                                       (Ifrit)
    Unlock GF 3                           800761800100
    Maximum HP                            80077A70270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A74967F
    Level 99                              30077A780063
    GF 4                                       (Siren)
    Unlock GF 4                           800761C40100
    Maximum HP                            80077A7C270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A80967F
    Level 99                              30077A840063
    GF 5                                    (Brothers)
    Unlock GF 5                           800762080100
    Maximum HP                            80077A88270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A8C967F
    Level 99                              30077A900063
    GF 6                                     (Diablos)
    Unlock GF 6                           8007624C0100
    Maximum HP                            80077A94270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077A98967F
    Level 99                              30077A9C0063
    GF 7                                   (Carbuncle)
    Unlock GF 7                           800762900100
    Maximum HP                            80077AA0270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AA4967F
    Level 99                              30077AA80063
    GF 8                                   (Leviathan)
    Unlock GF 8                           800762D40100
    Maximum HP                            80077AAC270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AB0967F
    Level 99                              30077AB40063
    GF 9                                   (Pandemona)
    Unlock GF 9                           800763180100
    Maximum HP                            80077AB8270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077ABC967F
    Level 99                              30077AC00063
    GF 10                                   (Cerberus)
    Unlock GF 10                          8007635C0100
    Maximum HP                            80077AC4270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AC8967F
    Level 99                              30077ACC0063
    GF 11                                  (Alexander)
    Unlock GF 11                          800763A00100
    Maximum HP                            80077AD0270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AD4967F
    Level 99                              30077AD80063
    GF 12                                  (Doomtrain)
    Unlock GF 12                          800763E40100
    Maximum HP                            80077ADC270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AE0967F
    Level 99                              30077AE40063
    GF 13                                    (Bahamut)
    Unlock GF 13                          800764280100
    Maximum HP                            80077AE8270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AEC967F
    Level 99                              30077AF00063
    GF 14                                    (Cactuar)
    Unlock GF 14                          8007646C0100
    Maximum HP                            80077AF4270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077AF8967F
    Level 99                              30077AFC0063
    GF 15                                   (Tonberry)
    Unlock GF                             800764B00100
    Maximum HP                            80077B00270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077B04967F
    Level 99                              30077B080063
    GF 16                                       (Eden)
    Unlock GF 16                          800764F40100
    Maximum HP                            80077B0C270F
    Maximum EXP                           80077B10967F
    Level 99                              30077B140063
    This code is found in the Japanese underground/hacking magazine Game
    Labo in April and this code has been translated by Alex M. Only this
    FAQ carries the code, other FAQ writers please consult Alex through the
    following mail:
    Here is the code:
    D006F308 000F
    8006F1C8 0001
    D006F308 000F
    8006F1CA 0049
    Once you have enable the code, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 together once
    you are in the game (it doesn't seem to matter which CD you use), the
    screen will fade and debug mode will begin. Be warned it's *very*
    buggy. If you have a good command of Japanese, you'll be able to work
    out what the submenus all mean, but even so, it seems that the mode was
    written for the programmers to test stuff they found important and so
    only they will know what everthing does! :)
    / 7.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Translations List
    Well, if you are having the English version and has problems with the
    translations. Here is the list of translations. The translations are
    formerly done by me (Scott Ong), Heero Yuy and Steven Bruck.
    Character Names
    Japanese Name      English
    Cid Kramer         Cid Kramer
    Edea The Witch     Sorceress Edea / Edea Kramer
    Squall Leonhart    Squall Leonhart
    Rinoa Heartilly    Rinoa Heartilly
    Quistis Trepe      Quistis Trepe
    Selphie Tilmett    Selphie Tilmitt
    Zell Dincht        Zell Dincht
    Irvine Kinneas     Irvine Kinneas
    Laguna Loire       Laguna Loire
    Kiros Seagul       Kiros Seagul
    Ward Zaback        Ward Zaback
    Seifer Almasy      Seifer Almasy
    Fuujin, Rajin      Fujin, Raijin
    Elone / El         Ellone / Elle
    Raine              Raine Loire
    Sue                Xu
    Biggs (Vicks)      Biggs
    Wedge              Wedge
    Zone               Zone
    Watts              Watts
    Angelo             Angelo
    Colonel Caraway    General Caraway
    President Deling   President Deling
    Prof. Odain        Dr. Odine
    Piett              Piet
    Altemisia          Ultimecia
    Card Queen         Queen
    Guardian Forces                  |  Areas
    Japanese Name      English Name  |  Japanese Name     English Name
    Quezalcoatl        Quezacotl     |  Balamb            Balamb
    Shiva              Shiva         |  SeeD              SeeD
    Ifrit, Efreeti     Ifrit         |  Galbadia          Galbadia
    Siren              Siren         |  Galbadia City     Deling City
    Brothers           Brothers      |  Cave of Fire      Fire Cavern
    Carbunkle          Carbuncle     |  Timber            Timber
    Diablo             Diablos       |  EM Tower          Comm. Tower
    Leviathan          Leviathan     |  Prison Tower      D-District Prison
    Pandemonium        Pandemona     |  Missile Base      Missile Base
    Cerberus           Cerberus      |  FH                FH
    Alexander          Alexander     |  Shumi Tribe       Shumi Village
    Grasharaboras      Doomtrain     |  Sentora Ruins     Centra Ruins
    Bahamut            Bahamut       |  Edea's House      Edea's House
    Sabotander         Cactuar       |  Far East Garden   Galbadia Garden
    Tonberi            Tonberry      |  Winhill           Winhill
    Eden               Eden          |  Witch Memorial    Sorceress Memorial
    Gilgamesh          Gilgamesh     |  Esthar Research   Lunatic Pandora
    Odin               Odin          |  Center            Center
    Mumba              Moomba        |  Tear's Point      Tears' Point
    Chocobo            Chicobo       |  Luna Gate         Lunar Gate
    Boco               Boko          |  Avadon's Hideout  Great Salt Lake
    Ko-Mogri           MiniMog       |  Great Salt Lake   Obel Lake
    Phoenix            Phoenix       |
    Greivera           Griever       |
    Magic Translations
    Japanese Name                 English Name
    Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3          Fire, Fira, Firaga
    Bolt, Bolt 2, Bolt 3          Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga
    Ice, Ice 2, Ice 3             Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga
    Cure, Cure 2, Cure 3          Cure, Cura, Curaga
    Water                         Water
    Wind, Tornado                 Aero, Tornado
    Quake                         Quake
    Holy                          Holy
    Barrier, Shield               Protect, Shell
    Reflect                       Reflect
    Haste, Slow, Stop             Haste, Slow, Stop
    Flight                        Float
    Aura                          Aura
    Ultima, Apocalypse            Ultima, Apocalypse
    Petrify                       Break
    Curse                         Pain
    Blind                         Blind
    Poison                        Bio
    Confu                         Confuse
    Silent                        Silence
    Sleepel                       Sleep
    Metron                        Meltdown
    Double, Triple                Double, Triple
    Life                          Life
    Dispell, Regen, Raise         Dispel, Regen, Full-Life
    Meteor                        Meteor
    Limit Break Translations
    Japanese Name         English Name         Whose?
    Love Divide           Rough Divide         Squall
    Fatal Circle          Fated Circle         Squall
    Blasting Zone         Blasting Zone        Squall
    End of Heart          Lion Heart           Squall
    Rush Punch            Punch Rush           Zell
    Booya                 Heel Drop            Zell
    Different Beat        Different Beat       Zell
    Meteo Strike          Meteor Strike        Zell
    Dolphin Blow          Dolphin Blow         Zell
    Final Heaven          My Final Heaven      Zell
    Ultra Vibration       Ultra Waves          Quistis
    Laser Eye             Laser Eye            Quistis
    Detonator             Degenerator          Quistis
    Boiling Liquid        Acid                 Quistis
    Electrocute           Electrocute          Quistis
    Aqua Breath           Aqua Breath          Quistis
    Fire Breath           Fire Breath          Quistis
    Mighty Guard          Mighty Guard         Quistis
    Wind Whisper          Whisper Wind         Quistis
    Shockwave Phaser      Shockwave Pulsar     Quistis
    Leviator              Rapture              Selphie
    The End               The End              Selphie
    Full Cure             Full-cure            Selphie
    Wall                  Wall                 Selphie
    Massive Anchor        Massive Anchor       Ward
    Bloodfest             Blood Pain           Kiros
    Ice Strike            Ice Strike           Edea
    Desperado             Desperado            Laguna
    As for the items, they are being compared in the item bestiary against
    the current English names. The purpose of this translation list is to
    congratulates/thanks to Heero and Steven for make such close
    / 8.0 \_________________________________________________________________
    Here is list of credits whom have contribute to the FAQ indirectly and
    directly too. Without them, this FAQ will not be possible. Hopefully
    that I will not have to add a list of idiots whom have plagurised my
    FAQs. Unfortunately, it has happened.
    1.  Thanks to Square for producing this fantastic game ! Great Job !
    2.  Thanks to GameFAQs for being supportive for putting my FAQ online.
        Thanks a lot for teaching me on writing a FAQ.
    3.  Thanks to Oronet's Unofficial FF8 Translation Homepage for the
        translactions, allowing me to know the story better.
        HTML address: http://oro.simplenet.com/ff8.html
    4.  Thanks to Final Fantasy 8 Source for the information on
        characters for FF8 and the first five answers to the tests.
        HTML address: http://www.ff8source.com/
    5.  Thanks to Gameshark Code Creators Club for the gameshark codes for
        the game plus the creators of gameshark.
    6.  A VERY special thanks to Benedict and Qingxiong for the Test Guide.
        Refer to their FAQ for more details. Thanks to Brian Petersan whom
        has contribute the answers to the first five tests.
    7.  Thanks to Heero Yuy for his translations on the BOSS' names and
        information on other areas. Given me information on the Mighty
        Guard. Thanks for his valuable translations on the Items.
    8.  Thanks to Kao Megura for his style of writting a disclaimer.
    9.  Thanks to Final Fantasy World Apart for the tips to second disc
        walkthrough and hosting the HTML version of my FAQ.
        HTML address: http://www.ffnet.net/
    10. Thanks to those people whom have e-mail me about the corrections on
        the Level 18 test question. Sorry for replying this late because I
        have some problems with my PC. Thanks to John Paulo Marquez for his
        guide in easy killing the Diablos. Thanks to Patrick Han for his
        guide on defeating Gerogero.
    11. Thanks to Steven Bruck for his help in getting the bonus GFs,
        except for the Chocobo. Thanks to Steven Bruck for providing me
        the information for the list of weapons and getting to fight the
        Ultima Weapon. Thanks a lot for providing help in the Item
    12. Thanks to Sung Kato for helping me, providing information on FF8.
    13. Thanks to ChaRle5! for his information on the last section on the
        game and help in finding the eight BOSSES. Thanks to ChaRle5!for
        the information on defeating the Omega Weapon. Thanks to him for
        allowing to use his cheats on my FAQs.
        HTML address: http://members.xoom.com/hkcomic_net
    14. Those whom have help to contribute some of the information and
        they are the main support behind the FAQ. Thanks a lot. The list
        is found at Part II.
    15. Thanks to Jerry Ng for the information on getting Phoenix.
    16. Thanks to Lynn Tse for his help in getting the Fighter Magazines.
    17. Thanks to Zane Merritt for the help in the Pocketstation.
    18. Thanks to Qiao 2324 for provide tons of information about FF8.
    19. Thanks to Avatarr for his precise guide on gameshark.
    20. Thanks to fuuie for his guide on magic junctioning.
    21. Thanks to everyone who have read the FAQ!
                    T h a n k    Y o u    f o r    R e a d i n g
                   Final Fantasy VIII FAQ (Japanese/Import) Version
                                       Part I
                    Please visit GameFAQs to get its latest updates
                            Copyright of Scott Ong 2000

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