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Translation Guide (JP) by HJerng

Updated: 07/28/98

Translation by Henry H. Jerng
on July 28, 1998
Copyright 1998 by Squaresoft

	FINAL FANTASY VIII IS ALMOST HERE!  Until then, for those of us 
privilaged enough, we will have to settle with the wonder FFVIII demo.  
I have produced this translation to help everyone enjoy the demo (and 
get a sense of what may be coming with FFVIII), and I certainly hope 
that you will enjoy this work.  Well, I am looking forward to FFVIII and 
maybe the opportunity again to help you understand what exactly is going 
on in the game.  Until then, game on.


	In the middle of a war with the Galbadian forces, the Dole Dukedom 
requested a dispatch of  SeeD from Garden.  SeeD from Garden is a 
special unit famous around the world.
	A high-speed ship carrying them will soon arrive at the Dole 

(A beautiful FMV sequence showing Squall leading SeeD's landing......)

Squall:  "Cipher, our instructions."
Cipher:  "We, group B, is to secure the central public square."
Zell:  "The number of enemies?"
Cipher:  "Huh?  There will by plenty, of course!"
	"I will certainly die of boredom if there are only a few enemies!"
Squall:  "....... Securing the central public square.  Is that it?"
Cipher:  "The enemy's reinforcement seems to be approaching.  I'm 
looking forward to the battle."
	"It'll just be a disaster for those puny weaklings, I tell you."
Zell:  "and who is that now?"
Cipher:  "Oh"
	"Well, the public square is......"
	"Let's go!"

(Climbing up some stairs...)
Squall:  "There's enemy around here......"
	"......I wonder which company they're from?"
Zell:  "Hey, are you serious?"
	"That's up to the Galbadia army!"
Cipher:  "Don't mind him, Squall."
	"Anyone that approaches us is the enemy."

(During Fight 1)
Zell:  "Squall!"
	"Press the R1 button the moment your attack hits!"

(Running down a street leading to the central public square...)
Cipher:  "Are you enjoying yourself, Squall?"

(During Fight 2)
Enemy Soldier:  "Are they the special unit called SeeD?"
	"That looks like a teenage girl."
	"But, is she very powerful, like someone from Garden?"

Cipher:  "The public square is ahead"
	"Hey, Galbadian cowards!"
	"Don't keep quiet!  Come out!"
	"Don't get me bored!"

Cipher:  "Can you sense the enemy's presence?"
	(Choose "Yes" or "No".  I chose "Yes".)
	"Your skill is improving, Squall."
	"Well, won't you check out if there's enemy around?"
(Checking out the road on the upper left hand corner...)
	"Don't proceed on your own!"

(Fight 3, in the entrance at the upper right hand corner...)

Squall:  "I don't think there's any enemy around now."
Cipher:  "It...... seems like it."
	"Well, we'll just watch and wait for the enemy's arrival."
	"Watch and wait......  such boring words."

(Sounds of gunfire and shelling are heard...)
Squall:  "It sounds like it started."
Zell:  "It feels like the real start."
Cipher:  "Let's welcome them."
Zell:  "Look, Squall.  Look at Cipher."
(The dog is bugging Cipher.)
Cipher:  "Don't interfere with my work!"
	"Get lost!"
	"Hey!  Galbadian soldiers!"
	"What's keeping you?!"
	"Come to me quickly!"

Squall:  "...... They aren't coming."
Zell:  "What's going on!"
	"...... This, is truly boredom."
	"Isn't this just great!"
Noria:  "......"
Cipher:  "......!"
	"I am still waiting......"
	"This is about as much as I can take!!  I can't stand this any 
	"Isn't this a dog's training, just waiting!?"

(Dog barks, and enemies pass.)
Squall:  "Hey...... the enemy."
	"Where are they going?"
Cipher:  "Let's follow them."
Zell:  "This is against the orders!"
Cipher:  Didn't I tell you awhile ago, when we had all that free time?"
Zell:  "Squall!"
Squall:  "I am following the group leader's decision."
Cipher:  "What's the group leader's decision?"
	"Are you throwing a fit?"
Squall:  "I am follwing because it is a chance to test the results of my 
training under you."
	"Thanks to you, I don't feel I can lose to some coward enemies."
Cipher:  "At that time, you will thank me."
Zell:  ".....What's going on?"
	"Well, aren't you guys just buddies."
	"You guys are just the same type of person."
	"This isn't just a simple combat."
	"It's some kind of important test."
	"But isn't it a minus that it's a unpermitted operation?"
Cipher:  "You can just stay here."
	"We don't need anyone who doesn't feel like doing it."

(Dog barks.)
Cipher:  "Huh?  You want to go too?"
	"It seems like this dog wants to help more than someone we know."
Zell:  "What!"
Squall:  "Don't take it so seriously, Zell."
	"Anyways, Cipher.  If we're going, let's hurry."
Cipher:  "It's clear that the enemy's target is the facility on the 
mountain top."
	"We, group B, will move to secure the mountain top."
	"Mobilize immediately!"
Squall:  "Understood."
Zell:  "Humph......  Understood."

(On  the hill, you see some soldiers laying on the stairs...)
A Soldier of the Dole Dukedom:  "...... I don't know why at all......"
	"What do they want with the radio tower now......?"
Another Soldier of the Dole Dukedom:  "I......  When I was a kid......"
	"I played...... at that, radio tower installation."
	"At that time...... it was already"
	"Uhh...... and under neglect......"
A Third Soldier of the Dole Dukedom:  "Wow!  You guys!?"
Squall:  "We were sent from Garden.  I am a SeeD cadet."
Cipher:  "Hey, what's the situation on the mountain top?"
Third soldier of Dole Dukedom:  "Galbadian soldiers are storming the 
radio tower installation."
	"Then......  That place is just a den of monsters to begin with."

(A monster attacks!)
Squall:  "I guess there are monsters here."
Zell:  "This really complicates things."
Cipher:  "No, it just increases the fun."
	"Well, let's go."
Zell:  "...... Yeah, fun.  So the man says."

(Meet up with Cipher)
Galbarian soldiers:  "Confirming that the electrical generator is 
completely operational!"
	"Confirming the location where the cable broke!"
	"The exchange order is entered!"
	"Nothing unusual about the booster!"

(Overlooking the entrance to the radio tower and the Galbarian 
Cipher:  "What are they doing......"
Squall:  "Repairs......?"
Cipher:  "Well, whatever."
	"Is this your first actual fighting experience?  Scared?"
Squall:  "......There is no time to feel scared or anything ."
Cipher:  "I love battles."
	"I am not scared of anything."
	"When a fight ends, I am certainly closer to my goal."
Squall:  "Goal?"
Cipher:  "It's the moment that I realize my dream."
Squall:  "Oh!?  A dream?"
	".....That's no good."
	"If you're going to talk about that, I pass."
(Zell jumps in the conversation...)
Zell:  "What are you passing!?"
	"If it's some operational conference, let me hear it!"
Cipher:  ".....There you are."
	"I'll let you hear about my romantic dream, someday!"
Zell:  "Oh?  What is he saying!"
Squall:  ".....It's the kind of talk I am worst at."
	"Well, let's go."

(Arrive at the radio tower)
Galbarian soldiers:  "Wow------!"  (They rush out)
Cipher:  "These cowards!"

Squall:  "......Going up?"
	(You can choose to "Go up on the lift" or "stop".  Choose the top 

(Major Biggs is making repairs to the radio tower, with Wedge standing 
beside him.)
Wedge:  "Major Biggs!"
	"I am here to report that some monster has been seen on the upper 
levels of the radio tower."
	"Major Biggs!"
Biggs:  "Be quiet!  I am busy right now!"
	"......This goes this way......"
	"Ha......  Something like this.  Why is this"
	"in this raggy thing......"
	"This......  Why am I"
	"being made to do repairs?...... Humph"
Wedge:  "......Since you seem to need time to do the repairs, I am going 
to look around."
Biggs:  "Humm......  Ah......"
	"That......  and that way......"
	"That...... and that way......"
	"Well then, this......  Oh, completed."

(The second FMV sequence of the demo, showing the radio tower becoming 

(Squall, Zell, and Noria arrives on the scene.)
Squall:  "What are you doing!"
Biggs:  "What's going on?"
	"What the hell are you guys doing here!"
	"He, Hey!  What happened to my soldiers down there?!"
	"Wedge!  Dispose of these guys quickly!!"
	"We...... Wedge?"
	"Since I am no longer needed on this radio tower......"
	"so.....  so...... I will be going back now."
	"Excuse me!  Excuse me!"
(Cipher shows up)
Cipher:  "Too bad."
Biggs:  "Ah......Ah, ah...... AAAAAAAAA----------!"
	"What are you doing------!"
Cipher:  "Shut up!"

(The fight starts......)
Biggs:  "Get ready for these guys!"
Wedge:  "Major"
	"Are you done with your repairs?"
	"Oh!  The enemy is here?!"
Biggs:  "Hey, Wedge!  Where are you going?!"
	"You, your salary this month will be zero!"
Wedge:  "Huh, that's fine with me."
(When Wedge is in trouble....)
Wedge:  "Major, I am no good anymore."
Biggs:  "Don't say such a thing!"

(At some point in the battle...)
Biggs:  "What!?"
Wedge:  "Waaaaaaaa!"
(The two are taken away by the monster.)
Zell:  "What is this?"

(After defeating the monster, a soldier of the Dole Dukedom shows up, 
saluting to the group.)
A Solder of the Dole Dukedom:  "Are you from group B?"
Squall:  "I...... am Squall of group B."
Soldier of Dole:  "Who is the group leader?" 
	(Squall points to Cipher.)
	"SeeD and SeeD cadets are to withdraw at 1900 hour and gather at 
the beach."
Cipher:  "Withdraw?"
Soldier of Dole:  "Yes.  I am just here to deliver this simple 
	"However, isn't withdraw the most important order for survival?"
Cipher:  "Humph......"
	"When do we gather?"
Soldier of Dole:  "Yes!  SeeD and SeeD cadets are to withdraw at 1900 
hours.  Gather at the beach!"
Cipher:  "1900 hours......  That's just 15 minutes from now."
	"15 minutes to get to the beach.  Let's go!"
(Cipher rushes away and down the lift......)
Zell:  "Wait!"
	"He's moving by himself again!"
	"That guy...... just does what he pleases!"
	"I just can't take it!"

(The countdown begins.  Proceed down the lift.)
(Biggs stays on the tower and......)
Biggs:  "Aim for those stupid idiots!"
	"Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!!"
	(Biggs collapses.)

(A mechanical crab pursues the group and attacks at every opportunity.)
(During every fight, when the crab goes down....)
Zell:  "Hey, let's escape right now!"
	"We can escape if you keep pressing L2 and R2 buttons at the same 

(Eventually the game ends and......)

Their story bagan that morning, but the real story is continuing from 
the beginning of the world.

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