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Translation Guide (JP) by harmony7

Final Fantasy 8 - Japanese Demo Script Translation
From beyond obsession
Translated By harmony7 (harmony7@cyberdude.com)
This script may be distributed freely as long as the above credit remains 
intact. The script itself may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.

Squall:  Seifer.
Seifer:  We'll be meeting up with Squad B to secure the Central Plaza.
Zell:    How many enemies?
Seifer:  Huh?  Lots.  Think about it!
Seifer:  I'd die of boredom if there weren't very many!
Squall:  ... Secure the Central Plaza.  Anything else?
Seifer:  I heard that enemy reinforcements were on their way.  We can fight 
         as much as we want!
Seifer:  ... unless you're scared...
Zell:    Who's that?
Seifer:  Guess.
Seifer:  Now, the Plaza is...
Seifer:  We're moving out.

TRAVEL: to "Stairs/Dollet Wall"

Seifer:  Enemies could be around in this area...
Squall:  ... Who are the enemy?
Zell:    Huh?  The Garvadian Army!  What's wrong with you?
Seifer:  Don't worry about it, Squall.  If it comes at us, it's an enemy.

BATTLE:  Garvadian Soldier x2
    Zell:    Squall!
    Zell:    Press R1 the instant your attack hits!
    Zell:    If you do it right, you'll deal more damage!

TRAVEL:  to "Road to Plaza"

Road to Plaza

BATTLE:  Garvadian Soldier x2

             These are their special units?  SeeD or whatever?
             More like boys and girls!
             But they're the elites from Garden right?

Seifer:  Up ahead is the Central Plaza.
Seifer:  Hey, Garvadian cowards!!
Seifer:  Stop being sneaky and show yourselves!!  Stop boring me!
Zell:    ... ... Is he serious?

TRAVEL:  to "Central Plaza"

Central Plaza

Seifer:  Enemies around.  I can feel it.
  (Me too)     ... to A
  (I can't)    ... to B

(If left alone, a dog will approach Seifer.  Seifer will drive the dog away.)
(This will repeat infinitely.)


Seifer:  You're awake, huh, Squall?
Seifer:  Can you go see if there are any enemies around?
... to Before Battle


Seifer:  Squall, don't disappoint me...
Seifer:  Stop being so absentminded, and go see if there are any enemies 
... to Before Battle

Before Battle:

(If you talk to Seifer)
Seifer:  Stop being so absentminded, and go see if there are any enemies 

(If you try to go somewhere else)
Seifer:  Hey, I didn't give you permission to leave!

BATTLE:  Garvadian Soldier x1

Squall:  Can't feel anymore enemies around.
Seifer:  I guess not...
Seifer:  On standby until they arrive.
Seifer:  Standby... what a boring word.

... (Some time elapses)

Squall:  It looks like it's started.
Zell:    Looks like it's take 1...
Seifer:  Let's welcome them!
(Seifer kicks a dog to try to drive it away)
Zell:    Hey, Squall, look at Seifer!
Seifer:  Go away!
Seifer:  Down!
Seifer:  Hey!  Garvadian Soldier!
Seifer:  What's the problem?  Hurry over here!

TRAVEL:  to "Inside the Central Plaza"

Inside the Central Plaza

(Seifer is irritable)

Squall:  They're... not coming...

(Talk to Zell)
Zell:    What's this?
Zell:    This really is boring!
Zell:    Something needs to be done about this!

(Talk to Rinoa)
Rinoa:   ... ...

(Talk to Seifer)
Seifer:  ... ... !!!
Seifer:  ... ... ... ... !!! !!! !!! !!!
Seifer:  What are they waiting for... ...?
Seifer:  I can't stand this!  Do they think they're training dogs!?

(Dog howls in distance)
(6 Enemies go towards the mountain)

Squall:  Hey... ... it's the enemy!
Zell:    Where are they going?
Seifer:  We're following!
Zell:    That's against orders!
Seifer:  You said you were bored a second ago.
Zell:    Squall!
Squall:  I'll follow the squad leader's decision.
Seifer:  Squad Leader?
Seifer:  Don't you want to storm them?
Squall:  It's a chance to test my skills from your training.
Squall:  Because of you, I don't think I'll lose to anyone, no matter how 
         much of a coward.
Seifer:  When that happens, you can thank me.
Zell:    ... What?
Zell:    You guys get along.
Zell:    Look, this isn't any normal battle.
Zell:    It's an important trial.  Self-willed actions won't do good.
Seifer:  You can stay then.  We don't want you if you don't want to go.

(Dog cries)

Seifer:  Hmm?  You want to go?
Seifer:  You'll be more useful than you-know-who?
Zell:    Shut up!
Squall:  Don't take it personally, Zell.
Squall:  Seifer, if we're going, let's hurry!
Seifer:  Target location has been identified as a structure on the mountain 
         peak.  We, Squad B, will travel to secure the mountain peak.
Seifer:  We're moving out immediately!
Squall:  Roger.
Zell:    Hmph... ... Acknowledged.

TRAVEL:  to "Halfway up the Mountain" 

Halfway up the Mountain

Soldier of Dollet:  "... ... What's going on?  EM Tower now?"

Soldier of Dollet:  "I... when I was a kid... played... at that EM Tower 
Soldier of Dollet:  "By then... it had already been shut down..."
Soldier of Dollet:  "... I'd been careless... ..."

Soldier of Dollet:  "!  Who are you?"
Squall:  We were dispatched by Garden.  Candidates for SeeD.
Seifer:  Hey, how's the peak look?
Soldier of Dollet:  "Garvadian Soldiers have entered the EM Tower facility."
Soldier of Dollet:  "Also... that place is a monster nest."
Soldier of Dollet:  "If you guys're going, I'd be on my toes..."
Soldier of Dollet:  "Whoa!"

BATTLE:  Horned Snake

Squall:  There're monsters too?
Zell:    How convenient...
Seifer:  Just more fun.  Let's go!
Zell:    ... Fun?  What's with him?

Soldier of Dollet:  "... Ouch..."

TRAVEL:  to "Near EM Tower"

Near EM Tower

Garvadian Soldier:  "Power generation structure, functionality confirmed!"
Garvadian Soldier:  "Cable disconnection locations confirmed!  Starting 
                    exchange operation!"
Garvadian Soldier:  "Boosters ok!"
Seifer:  They're up to something...
Squall:  Repair...?
Seifer:  Well, who cares?
Seifer:  You've never been in real battle right?  Are you scared?
Squall:  No time to be scared.
Seifer:  I love battle.  It's not scary at all.
Seifer:  When one battle ends, we definitely get closer to our goal, don't we?
Squall:  ... Goal?
Seifer:  The moment our dreams come true.
Squall:  Huh?  Dreams?
Squall:  ... sorry.  If it's that type of matter, I'll pass on it.
Zell:    Pass?  On what?  If you're discussing strategy, let me in!
Seifer:  ... ... you were here?
Seifer:  I'll tell you about them someday, my Ro-man-tic dreams!
Zell:    Hey, what were you guys talking about?
Squall:  Something I don't like talking about.
Squall:  Let's go.

Travel:  to "EM Tower"

EM Tower

Garvadian Soldier:  Ugh!
Seifer:  Such cowards...
Squall:  ... Did they go up?
Squall:  It looks like this elevator will take us up...

  Go up?                  ... EM Tower, Upper Level
  Don't use elevator

EM Tower, Upper Level

Wedge:   Major Biggs!
Wedge:   There has been a report of a beast-like shadow on the Upper 
         Level of the EM Tower.
Wedge:   Major Biggs!
Biggs:   Be quiet!  Can't you see?  I'm busy!
Biggs:   ... ok, this goes here... puff, puff... Why fix this piece of 
Biggs:   ... why... me?
Wedge:   I shall go patrol, since it appears as though the repair will 
         take some time.
Biggs:   Umm... Ok... ... This... and then...
Biggs:   This goes here... ... and...
Biggs:   Phew, it's finally complete...

EM Tower activation MOVIE

Squall:  What are you doing?
Biggs:   ?  What are YOU doing here?
Biggs:   Hey?  What's going on with the Soldiers downstairs?
Biggs:   Wedge!  Take care of these kids right away!!
Biggs:   W... Wedge?
Biggs:   ???
Biggs:   I... no longer have business at this EM Tower, so...
Biggs:   I'm going home.  Outta the way!
Seifer:  Too bad.

(Seifer picks up Biggs's computer with his sword and throws it away)

Biggs:   ... What are you doing?  How dare you do such a thing?
Seifer:  Shut up!

BATTLE:  Biggs, Wedge, Elviole (Boss?)

    Biggs:   Be ready for it, kids!

    (Wedge appears)
    Wedge:   Major!
    Wedge:   Have you finished adjusting the antenna, sir?
    Wedge:   Hey, enemies in a place like this?
    Biggs:   Where've you been?
    Biggs:   I'm taking away your pay for this month!
    Wedge:   !!! I shouldn't have come!

    Biggs:   Huh?   What?
    Wedge:   Wh, whooooaaa!
    (Biggs and Wedge are blown away by the wind)

    (Elviole appears)
    Zell:    What the heck is this?

Wedge Joins:

Soldier of Dollet:  You are from Squad B?
Squall:  I am Squall of Squad B.
Soldier of Dollet:  Where is the Squad Leader?
Soldier of Dollet:  Orders for SeeD and SeeD candidates are to withdraw 
                    at 1900 hours and meet at the coast.
Seifer:  Withdrawl?
Soldier of Dollet:  I was sent here to relay the message.
Soldier of Dollet:  But you know that withdrawal is the highest priority 
Seifer:  ...
Seifer:  What time must we meet?
Soldier of Dollet:  Like I said!  Orders for SeeD and SeeD candidates 
                    are to withdraw at 1900 hours and meet at the coast.
Seifer:  1900 hours... only 15 minutes left...
Seifer:  At the coast in 15 minutes.  Let's go!
Zell:    Wait!
Zell:    Acting on his own again!
Zell:    He... he's so selfish!  I don't like it!

(15-minute limit)

Biggs: ... ...

  Go down?   ... to "EM Tower, Lower Level"
  Don't use elevator

EM Tower, Lower Level

(Biggs does a few things with the computer)
Biggs:  Those fools are the target!!!
Biggs:  Go, go, go!
(Biggs falls)

(Immediately after exiting EM Tower, X-ATM092 falls from above)

(Number of times to fight changes depending on speed of running, at least 
three times for sure)

MOVIE of escape from X-ATM092 and leaving on high-speed craft.

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