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Version: 7.0 | Updated: 12/25/99

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      999  999    999     999999  99        9 9        999
      999   99    999     999999  99        999        999
      999    9    999     999 999 99       99 99       999
      999         999     999 999 99      999 999      999
      999999      999     999  99999      99   99      999
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      999  9      999     999   9999     999   999     999
      999         999     999   9999    9999   9999    999      9
      999         999     999    999    9999   9999    999     999
      999        99999   99999   999   999999 999999   99999999999

99999999   9      99999  999 999 999 999    9        9999  9         9
999  999  9 9     999999  99 99  999  99   9 9     999  999 9       9
999       999     999999  99 9   999   9  99999    999  999  99   99
999      99 99    999 999 99             99   99   999    9   99 99
999999  999 999   999 999 99     999     99   99   999   
999 99  99   99   9999 99999            99     99     999      999
999  9  9999999   999  99999     999    999999999      999     999
999    999   999  999   9999     999    999    999  9    999   999
999   9999   9999 999   9999           9999    9999 99    99   999
999   9999   9999 999    999     999   9999    9999 999 999    999
999  999999 99999 999    999     999  999999  999999 99999     999

                     999         99999999999999999999
                       999        999  999  999  999
                       999       999  999  999  999
                        999      999   999  999  999
                         999      999   999  999  999
                          999    999    999  999  999
                           999    999    999  999  999
                            999  999     999  999  999
                           999  999     999  999  999
                           999999      999  999  999
                          999999      999  999  999
                            9999       999  999  999
                             9999    99999999999999999

Presented By SquareSoft
1998 to 1999 CopyRight

The Final Fantasy Logo above was created by ysf@pacific.net.sg.
Copyright Protected. Pls do not use this logo above without the 
author's permission. All right reserved. No part of the Logo can be 
modified, copied or re-edited without the prior's author's permission.
Thank You. The logo was created using number '9', in chinese means
'everlasting'. Let's hope we will see more and more Final Fantasies 
besides Final Fantasy 8.
Final Fantasy VIII Demo Tutorial Guide
Yee Seng Fu(Yu shenfu)
Version 7.0
Please check for the latest update everytime at www.gamefaqs.com.
25th Dec'99
Note:This faq is best viewed using wordpad, wrapped to window. If there
     is any alignment problems, please view it by changing the entire
     font size to 9 and in Courier New.
Hello,welcome to the the Final Fantasy VIII demo basic tutorial.This guide
will have all the basic things you need to know about Final Fantasy 8.I
have also written a Brave Fencer Musashiden FAQ so this should consider
my second FAQ.Be sure to check out my Brave Fencer Musashiden FAQ too.
For those who has purchased Parasite Eve or Brave Fencer Musashi,you are
lucky because you are included a collector CD of the 1999's most
anticipated,greatest RPGs game ever released of the decades,Final Fantasy
VIII demo.Parasite eve only contain a CG-rendered demo of FF8 and is
nonplayable.You will have to buy Brave Fencer Musashi to play the demo.
For those who has bought the Japanese version of Brave Fencer Musashiden,
you are lucky because the demo disc packed with the game contains two
more extra game,one playable fighting game(and surprised one of the
character is Cloud from FF7 and is being developed by Namco and
Squaresoft.You can expect a great 3-D fighting game from Namco and
with Square together,it's gonna be an incredible game.The name of
the Game?Huh!I forget!) and another non-playable game(forgot the
name too) that the demo disc of English Brave Fencer Musashiden
doesn't has.Hope you will support it.This guide will have
got almost all the new things you need to know,including the
new features such as Draw,Guardian Force.Good luck!

For those who bought Brave Fencer Musashi, please take a look at my
Brave Fencer Musashi FAq at gameFAq. Thank you! Feel free to

Warning:As this is only a demo,it might change when the final version 
        arrives in 1999. I won't bear any responsiblities for any 
        changes made to the actual or full version.

Warning:The actual version has finally hit the United States on
        September'1999. There are quite a lot of changes. If you
        want to know more about the differences, be sure to look
        at my US/Japanese/Demo version differences faq.
Version 1.0
-Added new information on tutorial on characters, controls.
-Added new information on the use of Draw and Magic command,
 Guardian Force command.
-Added new information on the special attack ability.
-Added new information on Squall's gunblade and its special ability.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 2.0
-Added new information in the bestiary section.
-Added new information in the item list. 
-Added new information in the spell list.
-Added a walkthrough section.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 3.0
-Added in a content section.
-Added in a review section.
-Will Final Fantasy VIII be the best Final Fantasy in the series?
-Added some general tips that will help you along the way.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 4.0
-Added new information on gameshark codes for Final Fantasy VIII demo.
-Added in my own-made FF8 logo.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 5.0
-Added new information on some Translation.
-Added more information on the Junction system in the
 comparison section.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 6.0
-Added Demo/Full version difference.
-Added confirmed information about Final Fantasy VIII.
-Corrected some spelling mistakes.
-Based on the US demo version.
Version 7.0
-Added a whole new presentation format.
-Added more information in the confirmed informations section.
-Added more information about the differences between the demo game
 and the actual game.
-Added an ASCII arts of the Renzokuken indicator in the actual
 version to show the comparisons.
-Corrected most of the alignment problems.
-Corrected some spelling mistakes.
-Corrected some grammatical errors.
-Based on the US demo version.
Next Update
Basically, all the information you need to conquer this Final Fantasy
VIII demo is already inside. Refer to this faq only when you need it.
You might want to try playing the game once before looking at this faq.
Also, i have included some information about my personal opinion of
the demo and the actual version. Feel free to send in comments. Feedbacks
are really welcomed. So, have you started playing the actual version
yet or completed long ago already? Good luck!

 1.Introduction-Is Final Fantasy VIII too soon? 
-Read what this demo is capable of
 3.Basic Tutorial Guide
  ii)Control(On Field)
 iii)Control(During Battle)
  iv)Active Time Battle
   v)Guardian Force
  vi)Draw and Magic Command
 vii)Secret R1 button
viii)Special Attack:New Limit system
  ix)Squall's Special Attack:Fated Circle
 4.Advanced Tutorial Guide
  i)Item List
 ii)Spell List
iii)Bestiary data
-The mini walkthrough for this demo
-Dialogues & Conversation from the English Demo
-Let the best hackers help you.
 8.The Future of Final Fantasy series
-Will Final Fantasy 8 be the best Fantasy?Being compared to FF7!
 9.General Tips:
-Some basic tips to help you
10.Demo/Full Version Differences(Spoiler Warning!!!)
-What is the difference between the demo/full version?
11.Confirmed Information(Spoiler Warning!!!)
-What is in and out of FF8?
-For those who has contributed to this FAQ
-All the feedback and comment
Author's info
-About him
-All his efforts

Note:This article is written in December'1998.

Is Final Fantasy VIII released too soon? For me, it seem a little too fast.
I expect Final Fantasy VIII to be released somewhere in 2001 but it is
coming much sooner than what i have expected. I was thinking whether
Square would keep Final Fantasy VIII for Playstation 2 or Playstation
Next. Besides, Square's only rival, Enix has not released DragonQuest
VII yet on the Playstation and it seems like it will never. After all,
after Final Fantasy 7 was released on Playstation, i was thinking of
updates of sequel on Squaresoft's 16-bit RPG hit like Chrono Trigger,
Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore. I was hoping for a Secret of
Evermore 2 and Chrono Trigger 2. If Final Fantasy 3 is ranked the #1
RPG, then Chrono Trigger would be the #2 RPG. The awesome team-up
technique, real-time fighting, great storyline with multi ending is
worth more to make a new Chrono trigger 2. After all, Chrono fans
have been waiting patiently for it but...Secret of Evermore is also
another game.Not only are the graphics amazing,the story is incredible
and it fights like Secret of Mana. If Square would do something to
them, I'll sure it would end up as great game, a worthy successor
just like Final Fantasy VII. Please bring over the 16-bits game that
make the SNES so successful.

Final Fantasy VIII features enviroments that are similar to Final
Fantasy VII. You cannot rotate the camera. Cameras are placed overhead
in most enviroments with a 2-D look but coupled with 3-D effects to
feel the 3-D enviroment. The enviroments are said to be prerendered.
The FMVs is very well done, even the introduction music is very well
done and you can expect tons of quality music from Square in Final
Fantasy VIII. The most noticeably thing in battle is the removal of
MP and a limit gauge bar in used in Final Fantasy VII, which believe
will be carried over to Final Fantasy VIII. Even the most successful
system of materia combination is removed. Characters still have an
ATB to determine whose fought first. Instead, you will be able to
draw spells and magic from enemies. The draw command enables you to
stock up spell for later use or cast straight away. If you select the
magic command, you will be shown with a selection of spells and you
will notice a number besides each type of the spell. The number
indicates how many spells you can use for that type of spell. The
summon spell has also been replaced by the guardian force. In this
demo, the only character who can use guardian spell is Rinoa and the
only summoned spell available in this demo is Leviathan, the water
snake. Any diehard Final Fantasy fans will remember it since its
first appearance in Final Fantasy II. The difference is that there
might be a chance that the creature might not make an appearance.
Instead of making the creature appear shortly after it is summoned,
the summoner's HP is being replaced by the summoned creature HP and
the summoner's ATB bar is being replaced by the summoned creature
ATB. Sounds confusing but not actually. You will have to wait until
the summoned creature's ATB is full before the creature would appear
and wreak havoc on the battlefield. During this time, before the
creature's ATB is full, any attack on the summoner will go directly
to the summoned creature. Once the summoned creatured is dead, you
cannot summoned it again until the next battle. It has been said
that in the final version, all Guardian Force will be able to gain
exp and levels, but not in this demo. As you can see, the Leviathan
gets so realistic than the one in Final Fantasy VII. There is a good
news to all duel shock owners.Unlike Final Fantasy VII, you can use
a duel shock controller and you will feel every bit of vibration.
The summoned creature, Leviathan is a good example to feel the
vibration. In the VII series, there is a limit break and a gauge
bar to indicate how close it is a character is to achieve a limit.
However, in Final Fantasy VIII, there isn't any limit bar gauge to
tell you and all special attacks are achieved randomly. Another
sad news is that you cannot carry these special attacks over to the
next battle. As you can see, the graphics during the battle field
has improved over tenfold and no longer has big windows. The spells
like Blizzard, Thunder, Fire and so on is a cool visual and you
swear it is much better than Final Fantasy VII. The spell has
improved significantly. Not only just lightning effects, the
sound effects are really good and keep up to Square's quality.
Perhaps the most innovative feature is Squall's gunblade. You
can inflict extra damage with the R1 button. All in one, Great
graphics, great music and great gameplay; could be the best
RPG games ever made and might have a potential to be the best
Final Fantasy series ever made.

Note:This review was written by me and based on my own opinion, 
     including the rating below. Feel free to give me comment!

Music   :9.0/10.0
Sound   :8.0/10.0
Replay  :8.5/10.0
Overall :8.5/10.0

With the demo rated as 8.5, you can expect it to be a great game
when the final version comes, it's gonna not be this rating but 9.0
and over. Noone can stop us from buying Final Fantasy VIII.

Welcome to the basic tutorial guide. This guide will prepare you with
the basic skills required to master Final Fantasy VIII demo. Of
course, there are more new things to learn, beside these. Prepare
yourself for the greatest game.

3.I)Character:Friend or Foe???
There are basically three characters in this demo. Of course, you
can expect a larger cast of character in the final version of
Final Fantasy VIII. Meanwhile, just enjoy this demo game!

Squall Leonhart

Special Attack:Fated circle
Strength:Powerful gunblade attack
Weakness:Requires skills and timing to master gunblade.

Squall is the main lead of the game and party leader in the game.
His attack power is strong and powerful but you might not be able
to make full use of his attack if you failed to properly use his
gunblade during battle. Refer to the gunblade section. In fact,
he's the most well balanced and rounded character of all three
characters in this demo regarding it's attacks or magic. Having
an introverted personality, much like Cloud in Final Fantasy VII,
he possesses great leadership.

Zell Dincht

Special Attack:Meteo Barret
Strength:Strong attacks and high HP
Weakness:Weak magic attack

Zell is the party's offensive hitter.His high HP enables him to
concentrate on attacking while enabling him to remain well
protected in tougher fights. The best thing is that he can cause
more damage in normal attack with each punch than Rinoa and
Squall. [If you fail to master his gunblade!] However, his weak
magic enabled him to have flaws and weakness. Let him concentrate
on offensive attack rather than using too many magic. Absorb or
draw a few cure spell just in case.

Rinoa Heartilly

Weapon:Blade Ring
Special Attack:None
Strength:Strong Magic and Guardian Force
Weakness:No special attack, low HP, low attack power, no Draw

Rinoa is basically the party's magic user. Although her normal
blade ring attack is fairly average, her true strength is
obvious when she starts casting magic spells. For the same
type of spell, she can cause nearly twice the damage or heals
twice as much. Sadly to say, Rinoa is the only character who
doesn't has a draw command which makes her spell inventory
limited. I don't understand why! keep all her spells until you
fight a boss. Her special ability is to summon a guardian force,
Leviathan, the water snake and the only G.F in this demo. [Refer
to Guardian force section. Besides Squall's Fated circle, summoning
Leviathan is the next strongest attack.

Below shows the default control configurations for the field screen.

Direction button:Moves in the specific directions.
X button        :Press with the Directional button to run.
Circle button   :Activate switches, talk and select choices.
Triangle button :N/A
Square button   :N/A
L1 button       :N/A
R1 button       :N/A
L2 button       :N/A
R2 button       :N/A
Select button   :N/A
Start button    :Bring up the menu that let you chose vibrational

Below shows the default control configurations for the battle screen.

Directional button:Select and move command.
X button          :Cancel and close command.
Circle button     :Confirms the command.
Triangle button   :Switch to another character with a full Active
                   Time Battle.
Square button     :N/A
L1 button         :Turns on/off the help target command.
R1 button         :Do extra gunblade damage for Squall only.
                   [For Trigger]
L2 and R2         :Escape from the battlefield.
Select button     :N/A
Start button      :Pause the game.

3.IV)Active Time Battle(ATB)
Like the past Final Fantasy series, who goes first to attack depends
on this Active Time Bar. The faster the character, the faster the
Active Time Bar moves. People who has played any Final Fantasy
before will be familiar with this. Battles are still fought in
real-time like the past. It seems the concept of Active Time Battle
[ATB] will always remain in every Final Fantasy.

Note:Don't always leave the game when you are in battle because the
     Active Time Bar will continue to move.

Tips:You might not want the fastest character to move. Simply press
     triangle to switch over to the next character with the ATB full.

3.V)Guardian Force(G.F)
In the past,you simply summon a creature and shortly after,it would appear
on the battlefield.There's actually a chance that the creatured might not
appear.Each guardian force has HP and G.F in Final Fantasy 8 is actually
the summoned monsters in other previous Final Fantasy.The difference is
that in the past,the summoned creature would come out within less than 8
seconds,however as in this 8 series,each time,the summoner summons a
creature,the summoner's HP bar will be replaced with the Guardian Force HP
bar.The ATB of the summoner will also be replaced by the G.F ATB.You will
have to wait for the G.F ATB to full,then the creature will come out.
However,during this period of time before the G.F ATB is full,any attacks
on the summoner will be deplete the G.F's HP.When the G.F's HP is zero,you
cannot summon the creature again until the next battle.Meanwhile,the
summoner is protected from any attack.The G.F's HP will be regain fully
during the next battle.This is critical especially in long bosses fights
where you may need to summon a Guardian Force several times.The only
character in this demo who can summon creature is only Rinoa and the only
summon creature in this game is Leviathan.the good news is that G.F like
every other character will be able to gain exp and increases their HP but 
unfortuately,you can't in this demo.It seem that the summon creature,
Leviathan gets more and more realistic each series.Leviathan,the water
god will create a waterfall and drown all the enemies in the battle.The
best way is to have a duel shock controller to feel the vibration when
the water snake create a waterfall.

Note:You can't heal G.F in a battle.if you cast a cure spell on the 
     summoner while waiting for the G.F ATB to full,the spell will heal
     the summoner and not the G.F even though the summoner's HP bar has
     been replaced by G.F's HP bar.Maybe there's a way to cure G.F in the
     final version,but definitely not in this demo.Who knows!

3.VI)Draw and Magic Command
Any one who has played Final Fantasy 7 will remember the innovative,but 
somehow complex Materia combination. Now,SquareSoft has come out with an 
yet more innovative way but much more easy and simple compared to the 
materia combinations.Instead of buying materia and put it into your 
weapon/armor slot,you will be able to 'steal' magic from your enemy.In 
Final Fantasy 8,there is no MP. Each magic is stocked in units. The Draw 
command is used for casting or stocking up on magics that an enemy uses.
Select Draw and the then select an enemy,choose the magic you want to 
draw,select whether you want to cast or stock.Different enemies in 
different levels will have different targeted magics in their list.If 
you choose cast earlier,you will immediately cast the magic straight 
away. but if you choose stock, you will stock up the magic and this 
magic will be return to the magic command.The magic command is used for 
casting stocked up magic.When you select magic command,you will be 
shown with a list of selection magic magics that you have and besides 
each magic,there is a number to indicate how many magics of this type 
you have.For example the number 5 besides the cure magic will indicate
that you can cast only 5 cure magic.Look below for an idea of how the 
Draw magic work.
         Example 1                   |     Example 2
 Attack    Soldier1  Fire    >Stock  |  Attack     Thunder      25
 Magic     Soldier2  Life     Cast   | >Magic     >Cure        100
>Draw     >Soldier3 >Cure            |  Draw       Double       50
 Item                                |  Item       Aura         20

>indicates the choice you choose.

In this case,it indicates that you draw the Cure magic and stock it.
It's always better to stock up as many cure magic as possible.Having
seen a simple illustration of the Draw command,what do you think?Is 
it better, simple than the materia combinations or more difficult?In
Final Fantasy 7,you spent time arranging all your materia whereas in
8,you will have to spend time drawing out the magic, or by making them.

Note:Not all the time you will be able to draw out your enemy's magic 
     successfully.The number of magics you can draw at once depends on 

Summary of Draw Command
1)First select Draw command.
2)Select your enemy.
3)Then,select the spells that you can draw.
4)Choose cast or stock.
5)If you choose cast,select your enemy/ally.

Note:If stock cannot be choosen,this means that your magic inventory for 
     this particular spell is full.For example,if you already have 100 
     cure spell in your inventory and tried to draw cure again,the only 
     option available will be to cast.

Difference Between MAGIC and DRAW->CAST

Using the Magic command to cast a magic will give you a stable result,
where as Draw->Cast will give you a result that be very much higher or
lower (usually lower).If you keep on drawing and casting the same 
spell, you may notice that the results fluctuate from time.Take the 
below comparison for example in the case of Cure 3 for a clearer

          Cast     Magic
 Max    : 8118     5081
 Min    : 321      4500
 Average: 4063     4813
=>The value marks how much HP is healed.

Casting Double/Triple Spell
If you cast double or triple spell,a new battle sub-menu will appear.
It will look something like this.

 COMMAND  MAGIC    TRIPLE P1   NUM       NAME   If L1 extra text is on.
 Attack   Single   Thunder      25   >3  ZELL                    
>Magic    Double   Cure        100       SQUALL     
 Draw    >Triple   Double       50       Rinoa
 Item             >Aura         20       

The number 3 indicates that you can use the spells three times on any 
characters.The advantage over Final Fantasy VII's All materia system is 
that,instead of equipping all to cure,and recover the entire party,with 
the double and triple magics,you can give the same character more than 
one time the same spell in a turn,or even three.

3.VII)Secret R1 Gunblade
Squall's weapon,the Gunblade is unlike any other weapon in any Final 
Fantasy series.It looks like a half sword,half gun weapon.The trick 
about this gunblade is that it takes time to master the gunblade.With 
proper timing, you can get easy criticals that would not just deliver 
more damage, but reels your opponent back so that it takes more time to 

Hit on R1 as Squall is about to strike the enemy. If the critical was
successful you can see an explosion from the firing of the GunBlade.

Normal critical hits for about double the normal damage, while Squall 
and Seifer's hits for 1.5 times the normal damage.In addition,if,in the 
status menu, "Blade Combo Auto-Handling" is set to "on", this R1 trigger
will be activated automatically (but still with a chance of unsuccessful
of 25%).

Note  :Sadly, you can't control Seifer in the demo version.

Note  :The name of limit break for Squall is called Renzokuken in
       the US version.

Credit:Thanks to Seong Whang <lovable_loser@yahoo.com>for telling me the
       Seifer's gunblade.

3.VIII)Special Attack
Many may ask what about the limit break system in Final Fantasy 7?It's
such a good command and devastating moves that should come in every future
Final Fantasy series.I'll have to say indeed there is a limit break but you
will ask,where's the limit bar.I can't seem to find it.All right but they
are not called Limit break anymore and no limit bar.Special Attacks occur
when a character's HP is low but in Final Fantasy 8,there's no gauge bar
to help indicate how close you are to use special attack,instead it appears
randomly at different times.The lower the character's HP,the more likely it
will appear.it appear randomly.However,in this demo,only Squall and Zell can
use special attack but not Rinoa.Special attack can cause damage as heavy as
summoned creature but there are some things you must remember.It's a one
time attack that causes massive damage that can cause over 300HP in this
demo.You will know when a specail attack is available when you see a small
triangle next to the normal attack command.Highlight the Attack command and
push right on the controller and the attack command will be replaced with
the character's special attack.For example,Squall's special attack is
fated circle and Zell's special attack is Meteo Barret in this demo.
Refer to Squall's fated circle.However,it's unknown whether it's like the
limit break system where you can train and gain limit level or learn new
special attack and if in the final version Rinoa will be able to learn
special attack and Draw command.But there is even more important thing to
take note.As this is a one-hit special attack,you can't store it of later
use.If your character is ready to use a special attack and you perform
other commands like spell,draw,your Special Attack will be gone the next
time the character is ready to attack.So,use it when you are ready.The same
also applies when you skip a character's turn with a special attack.That's
the worst thing ever heard in the 8 series.

Below is a brief illustration of when special attacks occur.
Squall                   Zell
Attack>Fated circle      Attack>Meteo Barret
Magic                    Magic
Draw                     Draw 
Item                     Item

Note:In the actual version, Squall's limit break is called Renzokuken and
     Zell's limit break is called Duel.

Note:Rinoa Heartilly also gets a chance to use limit break in the actual
     version, but sadly it's not in the demo version.

Note:In the actual version, there is an internal parameter known as Crisis
     level but it's not found in the demo version. That means in the
     demo version, just tap Triangle several times, and you will get a
     chance to use limit breaks, even at high HP.

3.IX)Squall's Special Attack:Fated Circle
Squall's special attack is again more different from any others.Unlike
Zell's meteo barret,you can actually inflict extra damage for Squall's
special attack just like his normal attack,which is a good thing.When
using Squall's special attack,a small meter appears at the bottom of the
screen.The triangles on the meter indicate the point when Squall's special
weapon will hit the enemy.if you press R1 on this triangle,you can inflict
extra damage.Each time you press closer to the back of a triangle in the
meter,the more damage you will cause,which will turn yellow.This is the
time to press R1.If all blows are timed correctly,Squall will unleash a
finishing combo at the last triangle,however,if you failed to timed
correctly,Squall will automatically unleash a finishing combo straight
away before the meter hits the last triangle.In this case,you cannot make
another special combo again.Practise your timing properly.Each combo will
sent in a powerful fire wave,which is in fact much more powerful than
Leviathan,provided you timed yourself properly.

Here is a brief illustration of how the meter works.

|  /|  /|  /|  /|  /|  /|
| / | / | / | / | / | / |

I apologise since i'll unable to actually draw up this whole meter bar
and with colors to fully illustrate this special attack function but
the meter will look something like this.

Note:The meter is slighly different in the actual version.

Actual Version
In the actual version, it looks something like this:

Press R1 when light hits here.     If Renzokuken Indicator is switched
 _______/_______________________   ON, you should see the meter as
|   |  | |  |   | |   | |   | | |  shown in the left like this. (1),
|   |  |<|  |   |<|   |<|   |<| |  (2) and (3) indicates the various
|_\_|__|_|__|___|_|___|_|___|_|_|  sections. And, |<| indicates the
   \Miss                           the direction flow from right to
|<1>|<--2-->|<--------3-------->|  left.

If the light lands on section 1, this means that you will miss the
attack. Press R1 on the second section to do a critical hit. The
number of such slashes vary from 4 to 8, depending on your crisis
level. Follow that, Squall may or may not execute a finishing blow.
The chances of him using a finishing blow depends on the crisis level
and the finishing blow is selected randomly.

You have just learned the basic skills.It's now the time to move to a more
advanced skill.This section provides you with a item,magic,and bestiary
list,plus a lot of helpful tips to help you when you are fighting against
a particular boss or enemy.
4.I)Item List
|Item               |Description         |
|Potion             |Restores 100HP.     |
|Phoenix Down       |Revives an ally.    |

Unfortuately,in this demo,there are only two items available in use.
Expect more items than this when the actual version arrives.

4.II)Spell List
Here are all the spells found in this demo version. Expect more spells
when the actual version arrives.
|Spell       |Description                                                 |
|Cure        |Restores HP;amount restores depends on which character use. |
|Fire        |Weak Fire magic attack.                                     |
|Fira        |Stronger Fire attack than Fire.                             |
|Thunder     |Weak Lightning magic attack.                                |
|Thundara    |Stronger lightning attack than Thunder.                     |
|Blizzard    |Weak ice magic attack.                                      |
|Blizzara    |Stronger ice attack than Blizzard.                          |
|Double      |Cast two spells at one go.                                  |

4.III)Bestiary Data List
Note:All statistics are based on approximation and may or may not represent
     each enemy in the demo or in the final version.So,don't blame me.

Galbadia Soldier

Magic Def:1
Special attacks:Nil
Items:Potion,Phoenix Down
About:Easy to defeat.One special attack or guardian force will instantly 
      kill the soldier.No worries about that.

Tips:You might want to draw as many cure spells from the soldier since the 
     enemy is pretty weak here.Stock the cure spell for later use.

Snake Horn

Magic Def:2
Special Attacks:Dark,Mist,Wrap Around
Items:Phoenix Down
About:It has high HP and relatively strong attacks like Dark Mist.Be 
      careful.Use one guardian force to cause around 350HP on it and with 
      one to two special attack,you should be able to defeat it. 


Magic Def:4
Special Attacks:Back Kick,Blade shot,Blade cut
Items:Phoenix Down
About:Be careful of its blade attack.One guardian force or special attack 
      will do or you can use normal attacks,especially Squall's gunblade
      and Zell's strong attack.Draw double and cure from it.


Magic Def:7
Special Attacks:Nil
About:Buels are wimpy flying creatures.They have a relatively quite strong 
      attack but have low HP.A few Squall's gunblade attack and Zell attack 
      will defeat it.

Tips:You might consider drawing elemental attacks spell,Blizzard,
     Fire,thundara from it if you are willingly to stock up.


Magic Def:1
Special Attacks:Arm Slash
About:Be careful of his Arm Slash.he has very high HP but two guardian force 
      or special attack will kill him.


Magic Def:4
Special Attacks:Nil
About:Quite easy to defeat but more a bit more tougher than Galbadia soldier
      He has more stronger physical attack than Galbadia soldier but not 
      that devastating to kill you.Don't worry too much.He will come and 
      assist Wedge.


Mag Def:5
Special Attacks:Storm Breath,Dark Mist
Items:Phoenix Down
About:The toughest and the longest boss fights in this demo.High special
      attack like Storm breath that can cause entire party over 50HP and
      Dark Mist a single party for over 70HP.besides,it has very high HP.
      Use Special attack and guardian force.Make sure your party's HP is
      over 100HP.Refer to the walkthough for more strategy.

Magic Def:6
Special Attacks:Claw Crush,Ray Bomb
About:This mechanical spider has a auto self-repair device which fills up 
      his HP.Low HP but has really very strong attack like ray bomb that 
      cause entire party over 100HP.One to two special attack will cause it 
      to collapse.Run and escape now.Refer to the walkthrough for more 

Note:All statistics such as Attack,defend power were based on Galbadia
     soldier being compared as a ratio of 1.Therefore,it may not represent
     accurate statistics but may be as form of comparsion strength and
     weakness.I use spells and attacks on every enemy and record the damage
     and let the enemy attack us and record the damage.if enemy A,take
     Galbadia soldier inflicts 20 damage per normal attack,whereas
     enemy B,inflicts 40 damage,then the ratio of enemy's A to B attack is
     20:40 which is 1:2.Agility were based on estimation.Don't blame me if
     these statistics were wrong. 

Note:Avoid using this walkthrough only when you are stuck.I don't think you
     will stuck in this demo since it's pretty straightforward here but 
     don't rely too much on this walkthrough as it might ruin all your 
     discovery.I try to make the walkthrough as strightforward as possible
     and not reveal any about the game's plot.It's best that you read the 
     the basic tutorial first before attempting to play the game.You may
     wish to view the bestiary but not too much of walkthrough,pls!I really 
     don't want to ruin your game.

The Arrival:The Journey Begins

After the cool Final Fantasy 8 logo,comes a cool FMV.You will see Squall
on a ship.Damm!Even the music in the demo is so cool.You bet you will
expect lots more cool music from Square in the final version.Back to the
main game.Upon the ship hitting the beach,follow seifer up the stairs to
the town's entrance.Zell mentions that squall should hit R1 button when
attacking,which is his special gunbalde ability.Refer to the gunblade

You will enter a battle.After the battle,continue to follow Seifer deep
into the city,actinga s a sort of pointman for the team but will not
fight with you.After the second battle,you will reach a city square.
Check the northeast area to find a Galbadia soldier and speak with Seifer.

Tips:Draw cure spell from those soldiers.

At the city square,Seifer orders the party to kill any remaining guards.
proceed to the northeast area.Finally, Seifer loses his patience and
decides to check things out ahead.Zell ask if this is out of the mission
parameter,but is ignored by Seifer and Squall.After speaking to seifer
twice,the party will hide around the area while waiting it rest of their
troops storm the enemies' headquarters and head toward a structure far
in the distance.Follow them,cross the bridge and prepare for a more
serious,tougher fights. 

At the base of the mountain,you will encounter several soldiers and a
snake horn.Snake horn is pretty powerful so don't take it too lightly.
When fighting the snake horn,it doesn't has a cure spell for you to draw,
you will need to rely on the previous stock up spell.Be careful,it can
cause a lot of damage to your party.Defeat snake horn and continue to
follow Seifer up the mountain.You will see the Antenna Facility's
entrance and several soldiers.

Tips:You will also encounter Buels.They can provide you with three
     powerful attack spells if you are willing to spend time stocking
     up them.Refer to the bestiary section on the types of attack,
     spells that it has.

Continue around the mountain and enter the Antenna facility and take
the elevator up to the top.You will encounter Lieutenant Biggs and
Wedge.Do you remember them in Final Fantasy 7?It's not surprising since
Square has always got a tradition to carrying over some character
names from game to game.Chocobos are a good example.I wonder how much
the chocobo will change in 8 series.Never mind about that.back to the
main game.After the brief CG sequence or FMV,you will fight Wedge.
They die in Final Fantasy 7 but it's time to make them a hero and fight
the party.Ha!Ha!

Biggs and Wedge

You will fight against Wedge first.Shortly after,Biggs will come into
battle and assist Wedge.Both enemies' physical attacks are strong,but
not that devastating to cost your life but watch out for Wedge's Arm
Slash attack.keep your characters' HP up and attack when you get the
chance.look for a bigger surprise.Not telling you yet.

Tips:You can draw Wedge's double spells and stocked up on them which
     can be very useful when you fight a tougher boss later.Also,stock
     up as many cure spell from Wedge as possible.


This is the strongest and the longest boss fight of all in this demo.
Elvoret is much more tougher than when Biggs and Wedge combined up.
Storm breath and dark Mist atatcks are very powerful with Strom breath
about 50HP and Dark Mist 70HP.Furthur more,Elvoret is quick so that
there's not much time for you to think.Keep each character over 90HP
and heal everyone using Squall's and Zell's Draw ability.Draw Elvoret's
cure spell and cast it immediately.if things really that bad,use
Rinoa's Cure spell because it heals twice as many HP due to her
stronger magic ability than Squall and Zell.use Rinoa's Guardian
Force,Leviathan which cause up to over 300HP.Make full use of Squall's
gunblade to cause additional damage per hit.When there is a chance to
use Squall and Zell special attack,use it.Don't hesitate.It's best to
keep the fights as shortas possible and attack Elvoret when there is a
chance rather than curing and making the fights longer.If any one of
your character is dead,use Phoenix Down to revive your ally.Be sure to
have around 3 to 5 of it for later use.And also,if Rinoa's Guardian
Force is dead and cannot be summoned again,concentrate on her magic

After the fight,a Dollet soldier appears and informs the team that
they have 15 minutes to reach their transports on the beach.hop down
the elevator and ride it down.Wedge makes one more attempt to stop
Squall and friends by calling a large mechanical spider.

Remember something!Does it reminds you of Final Fantasy 7 where you
have only 10 minutes to escape before the mako reactor explodes.Now,
to make things more challenging,there is a mechanical spider to stop
you from escaping and you have got only 15 minutes and mind you,it's
more tougher than the one in Final Fantasy 7 cause the robot has a
self-repair system and when it's repair,it will come after you
again and it's strong too.


This is one tough boss.It has a stronger attack than Elverot but
have fewer HP.If you hit it with one or two special attacks and
a few couple of spells,you can finish this fight quickly.Keep your
party's HP over 120 because the ray bomb can cause over 100HP of
damage to your party.if it uses Ray bomb,make sure you heal
everyone quickly.When the battle starts,keep attacking using
Squall's gunblade,special attack and perhaps Rinoa's Leviathan
about once.Rinoa's G.F is useful but requires a lot of time to
summon the creature and waste your precious time.Rely more on
Squall's additional R1 hit gunblade,Zell as a medium attack party
and cure your party and Rinoa as a magic attacker and curing your
party but do save up some Rinoa's attack spell.

Tips:If you have Double spell,use it on cure and cast two cures on
     two of your character after it uses ray bomb and then have
     another character to use cure on the one who has not been
     healed.In this way,you will have one more character to attack. 

After causing enough damage,it will collapse and you are given
the chance to escape by pressing and holding R2 and L2 simultaneously.
Don't hesitate!It has a self-repair device and will be back on its
feet back again to chase after you.The rest of the trip focuses on
your escape from X-ATM0932.Each time you are being forced to battle
with it,you are wasting valuable time and repeat the same stratgeies
over so run and act fast to return to the beach before it catches

The Chase

You will fight the boss two to three times,of course if you are fast.
You can dodge the boss on the first two path.The next one is slighier
tougher and if you managed to shave the boss off,great for you because
the next part of the game for the remaining path is easy,except for
the bridge there.When you reach the third path,before the screen fade
in,continue pushing Left and run,if not,the boss will land to the
right on top of the team.All the fights from here on are avoidable.
When you come to the bridge,it requires a little bit of your
technique to dodge the battle.The Boss will leap over your party to
block your path.Quickly run to the right and you should be able to
clear the bridge to avoid the fight.The rest of the town is easy.
Reach the beach,where the starting point is and you will be shown
for another CG-sequence/FMV.

Congradulations!!! You have completed the demo version.

Think about it.There's only one year more for Final Fantasy VIII to
release.Fortunately,you will have Brave Fencer Musashi,Xenogears,
Parasite Eve,Bushido Blade 2 to keep you busy,maybe Zelda and Metal
Gear Solid too.If you can't wait,then purchase the japanese version
when it comes in the first quarter of 1999.


Note:Avoid Reading unless you have finished at least ONCE!!!Spoiler!!!

(A magnificant FMV showing Squall scaling Dollet City)

Squall:  "Seifer, our instructions."
Seifer:  "We, group B, is to secure the central public square."
Zell  :  "The number of enemies?"
Seifer:  "Huh?  There will by plenty, of course!"
         "I will certainly die of boredom if there are only a few enemies!"
Squall:  "....... Securing the central public square.  Is that it?"
Seifer:  "The enemy's reinforcement seems to be approaching.  I'm 
         looking forward to the battle."
         "It'll just be a disaster for those puny weaklings, I tell you."
Zell  :  "and who is that now?"
Seifer:  "Oh"
         "Well, the public square is......"
         "Let's go!"

(Climbing up some stairs...)
Squall:  "There's enemy around here......"
         "......I wonder which company they're from?"
Zell  :  "Hey, are you serious?"
         "That's up to the Galbadia army!"
Seifer:  "Don't mind him, Squall."
         "Anyone that approaches us is the enemy."

(During 1st Fight)
Zell  :  "Squall!"
         "Press the R1 button the moment your attack hits!"

(Running down a street leading to the central public square...)
Seifer:  "Are you enjoying yourself, Squall?"

(During 2nd Fight)
Enemy :"Are they the special unit called SeeD?"
       "That looks like a teenage girl."
       "But, is she very powerful, like someone from Garden?"

Seifer:"The public square is ahead"
       "Hey, Galbadian cowards!"
       "Don't keep quiet!  Come out!"
       "Don't get me bored!"

Seifer:"Can you sense the enemy's presence?"
       (Choose "Yes" or "No".  I chose "Yes".)
       "Your skill is improving, Squall."
       "Well, won't you check out if there's enemy around?"
       (Checking out the road on the upper left hand corner...)
       "Don't proceed on your own!"

(3rd Fight, in the entrance at the upper right hand corner...)

Squall:"I don't think there's any enemy around now."
Seifer:"It...... seems like it."
       "Well, we'll just watch and wait for the enemy's arrival."
       "Watch and wait......  such boring words."

(Gunshots are heard)
Squall:  "It sounds like it started."
Zell  :  "It feels like the real start."
Seifer:  "Let's welcome them."
Zell  :  "Look, Squall.  Look at Seifer."
(The dog is bugging Seifer.)
Seifer:  "Don't interfere with my work!"
         "Get lost!"
         "Hey!  Galbadian soldiers!"
         "What's keeping you?!"
         "Come to me quickly!"

Squall:  "...... They aren't coming."
Zell  :  "What's going on!"
         "...... This, is truly boredom."
         "Isn't this just great!"
Seifer:  "......!"
         "I am still waiting......"
         "This is about as much as I can take!!  I can't stand this any
         "Isn't this a dog's training, just waiting!?"

(Dog barks, and enemies pass.)
Squall:  "Hey...... the enemy."
         "Where are they going?"
Seifer:  "Let's follow them."
Zell  :  "This is against the orders!"
Seifer:  "Didn't I tell you awhile ago, when we had all that free time?"
Zell  :  "Squall!"
Squall:  "I am following the group leader's decision."
Seifer:  "What's the group leader's decision?"
         "Are you throwing a fit?"
Squall:  "I am follwing because it is a chance to test the results of my 
         training under you."
         "Thanks to you, I don't feel I can lose to some coward enemies."
Seifer:  "At that time, you will thank me."
Zell  :  ".....What's going on?"
         "Well, aren't you guys just buddies."
         "You guys are just the same type of person."
         "This isn't just a simple combat."
         "It's some kind of important test."
         "But isn't it a minus that it's a unpermitted operation?"
Seifer:  "You can just stay here."
         "We don't need anyone who doesn't feel like doing it."

(Dog barks.)
Seifer:  "Huh?  You want to go too?"
         "It seems like this dog wants to help more than someone we know."
Zell  :  "What!"
Squall:  "Don't take it so seriously, Zell."
         "Anyways, Seifer.  If we're going, let's hurry."
Seifer:  "It's clear that the enemy's target is the facility on the 
          mountain top."
         "We, group B, will move to secure the mountain top."
         "Mobilize immediately!"
Squall:  "Understood."
Zell  :  "Humph......  Understood."

(On  the hill, you see some soldiers laying on the stairs...)
Soldier A from Dollet:"...... I don't know why at all......"
                      "What do they want with the radio tower now......?"
Soldier B from Dollet:"I......  When I was a kid......"
                      "I played...... at that, radio tower installation."
                      "At that time...... it was already"
                      "Uhh...... and under neglect......"
Soldier C from Dollet:"Wow!  You guys!?"
Squall               :"We were sent from Garden.  I am a SeeD cadet."
Seifer               :"Hey, what's the situation on the mountain top?"
Soldier C from Dollet:"Galbadian soldiers are storming the radio tower 
                      "Then......  That place is just a den of monsters to 
                      begin with."

(A monster attacks!)
Squall:  "I guess there are monsters here."
Zell  :  "This really complicates things."
Seifer:  "No, it just increases the fun."
         "Well, let's go."
Zell  :  "...... Yeah, fun.  So the man says."

(Meet up with Seifer)
Galbadian soldiers:"Confirming that the electrical generator is 
                   completely operational!"
                   "Confirming the location where the cable broke!"
                   "The exchange order is entered!"
                   "Nothing unusual about the booster!"

(Overlooking the entrance to the radio tower and the Galbadian soldiers.)
Seifer:  "What are they doing......"
Squall:  "Repairs......?"
Seifer:  "Well, whatever."
        "Is this your first actual fighting experience?  Scared?"
Squall:  "......There is no time to feel scared or anything ."
Seifer:  "I love battles."
         "I am not scared of anything."
         "When a fight ends, I am certainly closer to my goal."
Squall:  "Goal?"
Seifer:  "It's the moment that I realize my dream."
Squall:  "Oh!?  A dream?"
         ".....That's no good."
         "If you're going to talk about that, I pass."
(Zell interupts the conversation...)
Zell  :  "What are you passing!?"
         "If it's some operational conference, let me hear it!"
Seifer:  ".....There you are."
         "I'll let you hear about my romantic dream, someday!"
Zell  :  "Oh?  What is he saying!"
Squall:  ".....It's the kind of talk I am worst at."
         "Well, let's go."

(Arrive at the radio tower)
Galbadian soldiers:  "Wow------!"  (They rush out)
Seifer:  "These cowards!"

Squall:  "......Going up?"
        (You can choose to "Go up on the lift" or "stop".  Choose the top 

(Biggs is making repairs to the radio tower,with Wedge standing beside him.)
Wedge:  "Biggs!"
        "I am here to report that some monster has been seen on the upper 
         levels of the radio tower."
Biggs:  "Be quiet!  I am busy right now!"
        "......This goes this way......"
        "Ha......  Something like this.  Why is this"
        "in this raggy thing......"
        "This......  Why am I"
        "being made to do repairs?...... Humph"
Wedge:  "......Since you seem to need time to do the repairs, I am going 
        to look around."
Biggs:  "Humm......  Ah......"
        "That......  and that way......"
        "That...... and that way......"
        "Well then, this......  Oh, completed."

(The FMV sequence of the demo,showing the radio tower becoming operational.)

(Squall, Zell, and Rinoa arrives on the scene.)
Squall:  "What are you doing!"
Biggs :  "What's going on?"
         "What the hell are you guys doing here!"
         "He, Hey!  What happened to my soldiers down there?!"
         "Wedge!  Dispose of these guys quickly!!"
         "We...... Wedge?"
         "Since I am no longer needed on this radio tower......"
         "so.....  so...... I will be going back now."
         "Excuse me!  Excuse me!"
(Seifer shows up)
Seifer:  "Too bad."
Biggs :  "Ah......Ah, ah...... AAAAAAAAA----------!"
         "What are you doing------!"
Seifer:  "Shut up!"

(The fight starts......)
Biggs:  "Get ready for these guys!"
Wedge:  "Major"
        "Are you done with your repairs?"
        "Oh!  The enemy is here?!"
Biggs:  "Hey, Wedge!  Where are you going?!"
        "You, your salary this month will be zero!"
Wedge:  "Huh, that's fine with me."
(When Wedge is in trouble....)
Wedge:  "Major, I am no good anymore."
Biggs:  "Don't say such a thing!"

(At some point in the battle...)
Biggs:  "What!?"
Wedge:  "Waaaaaaaa!"
(The two are taken away by the monster.)
Zell :  "What is this?"

(After defeating the monster, a soldier of the Dole Dukedom shows up, 
saluting to the group.)
A Solder from Dollet:"Are you from group B?"
Squall              :"I...... am Squall of group B."
Soldier of Dollet   :"Who is the group leader?" 
                     (Squall points to Seifer.)
"SeeD and SeeD cadets are to withdraw at 1900 hour and gather at the beach."
Seifer:  "Withdraw?"
Soldier of Dollet:"Yes.  I am just here to deliver this simple 
                  "However, isn't withdraw the most important order for 
Seifer:           "Humph......"
                  "When do we gather?"
Soldier of Dollet:"Yes!  SeeD and SeeD cadets are to withdraw at 1900 
                   hours.  Gather at the beach!"
Seifer:           "1900 hours......  That's just 15 minutes from now."
                  "15 minutes to get to the beach.  Let's go!"
(Seifer rushes away and down the lift......)
Zell  :           "Wait!"
                  "He's moving by himself again!"
                  "That guy...... just does what he pleases!"
                  "I just can't take it!"

(The countdown begins.  Proceed down the lift.)
(Biggs stays on the tower and......)
Biggs:  "Aim for those stupid idiots!"
        "Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!!"
        (Biggs collapses.)

(A mechanical crab pursues the group and attacks at every opportunity.)
(During every fight, when the crab goes down....)
Zell:"Hey, let's escape right now!"
     "We can escape by holding pressing L2 and R2 buttons at the same time."

(Eventually the game ends and......

Here are the gameshark codes to help you in your demo but again it's best
not to use these codes as it might ruin your discovery and lessen your
experience.Avoid using them as much as possible since the demo isn't
that difficult at all to complete.

Quick Attack for Zell                                        800d89d85dc0

Quick Attack for Squall                                      800d8a305dc0

Quick Attack for Rinoa                                       800d8a885dc0

All characters with infinite health                          800d873c0125

Infinite items                                               800d99300601

Unlimited Time to escape at the end of Demo                  800684e00382

All characters keep using Special Attack                     80068ab60454

Max Active Time Battle                                       80068a5c5cd0

Warning!!! Please read below first before reading the comparisons.

I know many diehard fans would call me up and e-mail me saying i'll wrong
or anything after reading below.After all,many diehard RPG fans still
regarded Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger as one of their best RPGs
games.Of course,if you have not played any Final Fantasy 3 or Chrono,forget
about it but at least I'll glad to say that i have played both games.It's
sad to say that modern games cannot offer the rich gameplay by the old,
classic games,except for some.And if you owned a SNES,think about games
like Final Fantasy 3,Chrono Trigger,zelda:A link to the past,the old 2-D
Contra,you will realise how awesome your SNES is.Take Contra for a good
for extra 30 lifes more?I would rather play the old contra rather than 
Contra:legacy of war for Playstation.I bought legacy of war two years
ago and i didn't like it at all.I'll glad i have a SNES with me and
don't argue anymore for FF7.Let's just hope 8 will get better.After
all,if you asked anyone who has been playing Final Fantasy from the
16-bit days to the 32-bit days,they will say they prefer the old Final
Fantasy a little more.Maybe it's because of the change in era and
it's time to move into a modern,futuristic time. I agree with you for
that.I,too loved the materia and the limit break in FF7.But just take
it as a reference of what to expect from 8 and other future Final
Fantasy.I have also make comparsions of Final Fantasy 7 to Final
Fantasy 8,mainly on the changes such as comparing materia to draw,
limit break to special attack.Read on it. 

Note:All these were based on my own opinions.I loved to express my
     view.Don't tell anyone.

Will Final Fantasy 8 be able to take over Final Fantasy 3 and 7 as
the best of the RPG ever made?In my opinion,Final Fantasy 3 rank
first,followed by Chrono Trigger.

For your info,FF3 in America is known as FF6 in Japan,so you guess
it FF7 for the playstation is the sequel to FF3 in America but
unfortunately most agree that FF7 is a classic good game but can't
beat FF3. 

Old Tradition
-Active Time Bar

Any Final Fantasy games without Chocobos and an ATB in the battle
would not be called Final Fantasy.It seems like the tradition of
having ATB and chocobos would remain in every Final Fantasy even
IX, X, XI and so on.Also,Square has a tradition of carrying names
over to the next series even though they are not of the same
character.Example,Biggs and Wedge,Cid and chocobos. And in every
almost RPGs,there is always an world map.It's a feature that will
never change in all RPG.And every new RPG,the world map just gets
more and more realistic with a 3-D feel.


I like the graphics enviroment in Final Fantasy 7 and 8 but in my
mind,it would be better to offer sort of cartoony,brighter color,
like the tradition RPGs and an overhead 2-D enviroment.Sort of
Nintendo-type.FF7 has some really cool lightening effects but in
some area where the camera is viewed very far away and the character
just looks damm small,it's just makes exploring the place difficult.
Final Fantasy 8 seems to have similar type of enviroment like 7.
Let's just hope it will improve.Square has announced that the
characters will no longer be super-deformed like Final Fantasy 7
and will be more towards adult-like form.Looking at the demo,the
characters indeed look more realistic than the characters in Final
Fantasy 7.But the problem is can the 3-D enviroments offer the
same exploration and freedom as the 2-D ones?


In the past,storylines were based on legends and myths like Dragons,
Demons and so on.However,in Final Fantasy 7,the setting was more of
a futuristic,conspiracy storyline and seem more of a less fantasy.
It seems like the Fantasy we once new will knew no longer be exist.
Even Final Fantasy 8 story was placed on a more futuristic,modern
time.I am not saying that the story wasn't great for 7 and 8.
Besides,Square has announced that the theme of the story in 8 is
toward love and not like the already disappointed FF7 that talk
about the end of the world,conspiracy and so on.It seems to be a
good new and could really make up for the dissapointing FF7's
story.That's what i heard from most sources but wouldn't you love
to fight against a storyline with something like saving the world
from the Demon's clutches,defeating Dragons,searching for mystical
objects like Legendary sword etc and not more of those conspiracy
hunting down the shinra that is sucking up Mako from the Earth like
Final Fantasy VII.I still love Final Fantasy VII story,sad to hear
Aeris is dead but it really can't match the feeling like the past
FFs and traditional RPGs.A setting of something like Wild Arms
would be better.Pure,Simple and fantasy.Of course,i would try
something new but it seems the fantasy will no longer be there.
Final Fantasy VII was more of a cinematic game than an RPG but
hopefully,FF8 will be even better than 7.

A distinct pattern?

Besides,have you noticed a distinct pattern for the 32-bit games
like Brave Fencer Musashi,Parasite eve,Final Fantasy 7 and now
Final Fantasy VIII.In Final Fantasy VII,you have only 10 minutes to
escape before the mako reactor blows up but in VIII,,you have 15
minutes to escape before the whole place gets explode and you are
being chased after by a self-repair mechanical spider.And in
games like Parasite eve,you will need to run away to the engine
room before the ultimate being really catches up with you and in
Brave Fencer,the first chapter you are being chased down the
forest by a statue head and in the final chapter,you are being
chased after by Dark Lumina.It seems like Square favours a lot
If this being chasing type game.Is this a good thing or a bad
thing?However,it does tells us a lot about future Square games.
Of course,if you played Brave Fencer and Parasite eve before,you
know what i'll talking about.If not,forget it.

CG-sequence and FMV

It seems that starting from VII,all FF from the future would have
all FMVs and CG-sequence.Sure enough,this could be a good feature
but do you think it is necessary?I do like some FMVs and CG-sequence
which really adds to the gameplay.And you can expect,Final Fantasy
VIII will most probably be a four to five CD.It has been said that
the final version of Final Fantasy VIII will pack in lots more FMVs
than VII and the videos just look really amazing.I saw some
screenshots in some sites and it is really one word,'Stunning'.

Great music

I don't need to explain anymore.Anyone who has played any Squaresoft
RPG wil know that Squaresoft concentrates a lot on music.You will bet
Squaresoft games will always have some cool music.Xenogears is a
good example.The music is damm good.Even the intro of FF8demo music
is that cool,you will expect tons of such good music from the final
version.And Square has signed a deal with Faye Wong,the most popular
female singer in Hong Kong,known as the Heavenly Queen will be
singing a song entitled "Eye On Me" for Final Fantasy VIII.Wow,cool,
isn't it?I hope it gets better.And,don't forget that all the musics
and tunes in all Final Fantasy, were composed by Nobuo Uematsu,
the greatest musician of all time.

Would Final Fantasy 8 be the best?

I have decided to make a comparison between Final Fantasy VII
and Final Fantasy VIII.

Draw command v.s Materia combinations

The Draw command is a good feature that will be used in FF8.The
draw command is sort of a more easy to use and simply to use than
the materia.Think for a while,you have to spent lots and lots of
time arranging your materia,trying out different combinations.Now,
with all this Draw command,everything is arranged properly for
use.There is no need to spent time figuring out what this materia
is used for.Simple,easy to use and easy to understand.The draw
command has disadvantages too.With the draw command,you cannot
experimenting magics,spells by yourself.It may lessen the
exploration and the thrill of discovery.What makes the materia
so successful in 7?Having a mime and a knight of the round or
perform commands like enemy skills,deathblows,Slash all,and
steal etc?Wouldn't it be better to perform two commands at one
go by equipping HP-absorb with deathblow or something else anytime
rather than having forced to stock your spell?In my mind,the draw
command could be something bad and something new.With the draw
command,it's unlikely that you will be able to perform such moves
anymore.Even if there is a mime for you to draw from your enemy,
how many times must you draw?Even if so,you would not certainly
remember which enemies has such spells,would you?And what happens
if you forget to stock up cure spell when all the nearby enemies
doesn't has cure spell?Do you need to waste time travelling to
another place just to stock up that particular spell?I mean it would
be easy to stock up spells in the demo but what about in the Final
version when you reach a world map or in a dungeon or anything
else.Do you have to come out of the dungeon again,stocked out a
particular spell that you are in need of and go in again to restart
everything?In my own opinion,the draw command cannot offer the
varied gameplay used by the materia system.But who knows yet?
Maybe the final version will be...

Special Attack v.s Limit Break

The special attack looks to be able to replace the limit break.
The difference is that special attack appears randomly and there
is now way to detect when a character is close to achieving
special attack unlike having a gauge bar in Final Fantasy VII.
The only way to increase chances of achieving it is to have
low HP.To make matters worse,in 8,you cannot carry this special
attack over to the next turn or next battle which seems like a
bad news.The good news is that the special attacks looks
graphically much better than the 7 series and squall's fated
circle is really innovative by having a meter at the bottom and
pressing R1 at the correct time to inflict greater damage.However,
i'll not sure if you can train your special attacks and learn
new attacks like FF7.If yes,it is sure to be a great hit and
definitely be much better than 7.

Summon Materia v.s Guardian Force

In the demo,only Rinoa is the only character who can summon
creatures.It's not sure whether other members like Squall and 
Zell will ever get a chance to summon.The advantage of the
materia is that each character can perform summons,commands,magic
and there is equal balance.In this demo,a guardian force would
be more preferred over because you get to summon the creature
anytime and addition,there is no MP.I bet if Rinoa is the only
summoner,all the great summoned creatures like Knight of the
Round,Bahamut would go to her when the final version comes out,
then what's the use of having special attacks when you have to
wait.The good news again is that each creature would again be
more graphically impressive than 7.Leviathan is a good
example.The game supports duel shock controller and when the final
version comes out with other powerful summoned creature like
Knight of the round,Bahamut,you will feel the true vibration of
every creature you summoned.

Junction Menu v.s Link-up Materia Combination

Junction Menu resembles the materia system but in this demo,you
can't use it.I will give a brief info of what a Junction menu is.
For example,if you have berserk,junction it to status defense,and
you will be protected from any berserk attack.The more number of
spells you have the better,for example,if you have 100x curaga
spell,junctioned it to HP,and your HP will rise more than if you
just junctioned 50x cure3 spell.The stronger the magic, the
better.Okay,you will know when you play the actual version.But,
is it better than the link-up materia system.Unfortuately,
not at all.That's no Knight of the Round or mime command in
FFVIII,no slash-all or whatever.I still prefer the complex
materia combinations because it offers more fun.

I have finished the actual full version of Japanese Final Fantasy
VIII as well as the US version. If you want more informations on
junction menu,please refer to my Final Fantasy 8 Basic Guide, as
well as my other Final Fantasy VIII faq at www.gameFAQs.com.

Do you think i made a fair comparsions?E-mail me at

Would the Draw command and Special attack be good enough to
replace the highly successful materia and limit break.I love
the materia system and limit system used in final Fantasy VII.
Already,the game has got really cool FMVs,with the improved
graphics,it might even blow Final Fantasy 7 away but i don't
think it will be as good as Final Fantasy 3.Don't get the
wrong idea.I was quite disappointed by Final Fantasy VII's
storyline.The story is good in 7 but can't match the feeling
when i am playing 16-bit Final Fantasy but the materia and
the limit break soon make up for it and don't forget about
breeding chocobos and beating the two weapons.Furthermore,
this time,the story was based on love as a theme and not
conspiracy like FF7,the story could really offers the fantasy
that 7 doesn't has.I am just as excited about Final Fantasy
VIII just as you are.However,if Final Fantasy 8 has to be as
successfull as Final Fantasy 7,then Square has to focus more
on the Draw command and make sure the Draw command is
successfull because it will affect everything in the battle
and every enemies draw spell must be planned very careful.
Am I right?The most critical thing is whether the Draw command
would be as good as the materia system.I am listing out the
only possibilities between what I see in the demo and compared
it to 7.The possibilities might or might not exist when the
final version comes in.It is just an assumption so pls don't
scold me if you have something that you do not agree with.
What do you think?You decide!

-Always keep your character's HP high over 120.
-Do not get distracted during the battle and leave your controller.If   
 so,pause the game.
-Save items like Potion and Phoenix Down for bosses.
-Spent some time drawing cure,double and other strong elemental attacks
-Do not use Rinoa's spells as her spell stock are very limited.Concentrate
 her on guardian force.Save cure spell and other magic spell for bosses.
 Rely more on Squall and Zell's draw ability.
-Spent some time mastering your gunblade ability,perfecting your R1 button
-Study the map and terrain carefully so that you know what to do when that
 mechanical spider chases you.
-Use Zell and Squall as your party offensive hitter.Also,use Zell and  
 Squall's draw command to draw as much cure as possible. 
-Open L1 button to access extra text boxes.This can be a lifesaver.
-Press and hold L2 and R2 to run away from battle.
-Be sure to heal your character before the battle end.So that your
 character will have high HP for the next battle.Why?Because there's no
 menu here in the demo where you can heal your character outside the

I suggest that you don't read this until you buy the actual version or at
least finished the demo.I,myself,one of Final Fantasy Fans,who can't
wait for the English version,has imported the game,and i have already
finished the actual version(Japanese).If you want to know more about Final
Fantasy VIII,you can find my Final Fantasy VIII Basic Guide at
www.gameFAqs.com.But if you have not played the actual version,i suggest
you don't read it because it may be a spoiler.My basic guide contains
informations of the basics tutorial of playing Final Fantasy VIII,for
example,what is junctioning,draw,etc.

Meanwhile,here are the the differences when you are in actually
playing the same scene at Dollet in actual version.

Note:I am not sure about the PC Final Fantasy VIII demo as i have
     not played before. To what i know, Square recently released
     PC version of Final Fantasy VIII demo in the internet. You can
     download it if you want from certain sites, but it's going to
     take a long time to finish unless you have a fast connection.

 1)Rinoa is not in the actual game at this point unlike the demo.
 =>Squall hasn't met Rinoa until at the ball. It thus makes sense
   why Rinoa is not in the actual game.
 2)The party for the demo is Squall, Zell and Rinoa. In the actual
   version, the main party is Squall, Zell, Seifer/Selphie. You
   can control Seifer for the first half of the mission until you
   reach the bottom of the communication tower, and then, it will
   be taken over by Selphie. Just like Squall, Seifer can also
   trigger the R1 button function.
 3)The only Guardian Force in the game is Leviathan whereas in the
   actual game, if you have not missed any Guardian Forces, you
   should have four Guardian Forces at the end of the Dollet Mission,
   naming Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit and Siren. You won't get Leviathan
   during Dollet Mission in the actual version.
 4)You will be given 30 minutes to reach the beach in the actual game,
   instead of 15 minutes in the demo. This is good as it is twice
   the time now.
 5)There is no save point at the entrance of Dollet as well as inside
   the communciation tower for the demo game. Well, like what Matt
   Hobbs say, it does makes sense.
 6)There are no draw points along the way during the demo version.
   Example, there is one draw point in the communication tower,
   at the save point.
 7)There is no menu screen for the demo, meaning you cannot view
   your characters' status screen and so on.
 8)Characters cannot gain exp, AP unlike the actual version. In my
   personal opinion, the characters in demo are weaker as you have
   only one Guardian Force, instead of four at the end. Futhermore,
   you can't gain levels and the quantity of spells you draw seems
   to be very little. 
 9)Rinoa is the only one in the demo who can summon Guardian Forces,
   but cannot use limit breaks and draw. On the other hand, Squall and
   Zell cannot summon but can do limit breaks. In the actual version,
   you can select the commands you want, whether it is Guardian
   Force, Item, Magic, Draw and so on.
10)In the demo version, limit breaks can be used several times for
   Squall and Zell and this can be achieved by pressing the switch
   member button even if your HP are high. However, this has been 
   changed for the actual version as there is now an internal
   parameter called Crisis level which affects your chances of
   using a limit break.
11)Squall's and Zell's limit break are Fated Circle and Meteo Barret
   respectively in the demo game. In the actual version, Squall's
   and Zell's limit breaks are Renzokuken and Duel respectively.
12)The demo is not actually the beginning of the actual game. In the
   actual version, it starts off with a CG starring a fight between
   Squall and Seifer.
13)The uniforms Squall and Zell are wearing are different in the demo
   version. It applies during battle and CG as well.
14)The enemies in the hills have changed as you do not fight
   Anaconduars in the actual game.
15)Enemies leave behind items like Phoenix Downs and Potions only in
   the demo version whereas in the actual version, the items that the
   enemies drop are varied.
16)You can't take a shortcut by jumping down a hill in the demo
   version unlike the actual version.
17)The type of draw spells and the type of enemies you encountered
   show some variations.
18)The dialogues are different since the characters you used are
   different between the demo and the actual version.
19)The demo did not have an option of hiding inside the cafe unlike
   the actual version.
20)The demo version did not show any traces of any Squad members
   present unlike the actual version.
21)The meter for Squall's limit break is different in the actual
   version. Refer to the next section for better illustrations.

 1)The introduction CG music is different from the actual version for
   the demo version. [I prefer the introduction CG music in the demo
   slighly more than the actual version.]
 2)The background music on your way to Dollet seems to be different.

 1)Final Fantasy VIII logo don't appears in the actual version unlike
   the demo version.
 2)The uniforms in the CG are different. This applies to battle scenes
   as well.
 3)Rinoa is not seen in the CG in the actual version unlike the demo
 4)There is no FMV of Selphie at the hill in the demo unlike the
   actual version. This makes sense because Selphie is not included
   in the demo game.
 5)Quistis is seen at the beach firing at X-ATM082 in the actual
   version unlike the demo version. In the demo version, it is replaced
   by a soldier. This is the scene when the group escapes to the beach.

That's all i have found. If you have more, feel free to contact me
at <ysf@pacific.net.sg>. I welcome any contributions.

The Renzokuken indicator is somehow different from the actual version
in the demo version. In the demo version, the indicator is rather
small but in the actual version, it is larger. Below shows an ASCII
arts for comparisions.

Actual Version

 Press R1 when light hits here.    If Renzokuken Indicator is switched
 _______/_______________________   ON, you should see the meter as
|   |  | |  |   | |   | |   | | |  shown in the left like this. (1),
|   |  |<|  |   |<|   |<|   |<| |  (2) and (3) indicates the various
|_\_|__|_|__|___|_|___|_|___|_|_|  sections. And, |<| indicates the
   \Miss                           the direction flow from right to
|<1>|<--2-->|<--------3-------->|  left.

If the light lands on section 1, this means that you will miss the
attack. Press R1 on the second section to do a critical hit. The
number of such slashes vary from 4 to 8, depending on your crisis
level. Follow that, Squall may or may not execute a finishing blow.
The chances of him using a finishing blow depends on the crisis level
and the finishing blow is selected randomly.
Demo Version
|  /|  /|  /|  /|  /|  /| This is the meter shown in the demo
| / | / | / | / | / | / | version.

That's all i have found. If you have more, feel free to contact me
at <ysf@pacific.net.sg>

Again,this is another spoiler section.Read it at your own risk.All these
informations represent what you are going to see and what you are not
going to see in Final Fantasy VIII,actual version.

 1)No gold saucer in Final Fantasy VIII.
 2)No chocobo breeding in Final Fantasy VIII.
 3)Cid is the principal or headmaster of Balamb Garden.
 4)You can catch a chocobo in chocobo forest.But these chocobos
   can only cross shallow water at the most.
 =>You don't need to equip with chocobo lure anymore.
 5)Unlike FF7,there is no submarine or any underwater world.
 6)Eyes On Me,sang in English by Faye Wong is in.
 7)Cloud is one of the shop owner in a city.Can't disclose.
   Minor character.So,don't worry too much about him!
 8)There are a total of 16 Guardian Forces that can earn levels
   and abilities.
 9)A card game is included.Collect cards throughout your journey,
   including pictures card of characters,enemies,boss.
10)Laguna is another male lead of FF8,beside Squall.The party will
   switch to Squall sometimes when Squall is asleep.
 =>Extreme spoiler.
11)Laguna is not a gay.He has another two partners,Ward and Kiros.
12)Cars,buses included as part of the vehicle.
13)Ragnarok is the name of the ultimate red airship.
14)Special arts,or limit is not just learn by gaining levels or
   reading manual.
 =>Unique way of learning(Spoiler)
15)No armour shop in Final Fantasy VIII.You can only upgrade weapons
   only at junk shops or weapon shops,you need to find certain
   type/quantity of items,plus pay a sum of money.
16)You don't need to just draw magic from enemies just to get the
   spell.There are draw points that contain magic scattered around
   in the world map or field,which you can draw to get spells.
17)Junction system is added in.
 =>Allows you to junction certain magics to your characters'
Eg.Junctioning Berserk to Status Defense give you defense against Berserk.
 =>It allows you to use magic spells to customise your
18)Dual Shock controller is compatible with the game.
 =>You can feel very bit of vibration every time you summon a
   Guardian Force, cast magic, or trigger a gunblade.
19)There is a chocobo RPG land,which you can only played using
   a PDA, PocketStation.In this RPG land,chocobo will be able to
   gain levels,rescuing, learn new attacks and so on.
20)Final Fantasy VIII has no story connections with Final Fantasy VII.
21)Parallel Level Feature is incorporated. This feature can be
   found in Square's Romancing Saga and Saga Frontier series.
 =>Characters' level rises,enemy level rises.
 =>Need 1000exp to earn a new level all the time.
 =>Not in the main party,cannot earn exp.
Eg.If Rinoa is not in the main party fighting,then she won't gain any
22)Earn money through ranking
 =>Higher ranking,earn more money each time.
 =>Is determined by the distances you have walked for each time
 =>Sit for tests to advance rankings by answering questions.
23)Only three party members can fight in a combat and it's not
 =>A serious rumor found in most sites,thinking that
   Final Fantasy VIII can have 4 members in a fight.
24)Final Fantasy VIII break sales record of FFVII,selling 3.6
   millions copies in Japan,0.6 million more than FFVII.
25)Confirmed for the English version to be released in 9th
   September'1999, with the European version in October or
   November. The PC version will arrive next year in January
   in 2000.
26)PocketStation,PDA is currently out of stock in japan. The
   PocketStation will only be released in the United States
   after year 2000. Both the japanese and US version of
   Final Fantasy VIII support PocketStation. The PC version,
   as confirmed by Square, will have Chocobo World, a
   mini-game found in the PocketStation.

That's the neccessary information that i think you need to know.
I won't give you any more.
That's all.I don't want to leak out too many informations.Meanwhile,enjoy
your Final Fantasy VIII Demo and Brave Fencer Musashi.If you need to know
more informations on Final Fantasy VIII,feel free to mail me.
-For everything you see here such as the differences between the
 demo and actual version, the walkthrough for the demo game, the
 translation and so on.
Matt Hobbs<YelseyKing@aol.com>
-For his faq on demo and actual version differences. His faq is found
 in www.gamefaqs.com.
-For their US/Japanese differences faq. You can find his faq at
 www.gamefaqs.com. [Together with Musashi.]
-For their US/Japanese differences faq. You can find his faq at
 www.gamefaqs.com. [Together with Yuzu-Chan.]
Chris <Chrisj1616@aol.com>
-For informing me that the demo version does leave Potions and
 Phoenix Downs behind. Sorry for the mistake!
Seong Whang <lovable_loser@yahoo.com>
-For telling me about Seifer's Gunblade.
Jeff "CjayC" Veasey
-The webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com.
-Thanks for hosting all my faqs and reviews.
-Thanks for making me a contributor page.
-For reading this faq.
SquareSoft  <www.SquareSoft.com>
-For making an excellent Final Fantasy game.

Did I missed out any points,errors,spellings mistake or wrong info.
Feel free to contact me through ysf@pacifc.net.sg or ICQ:25076522
Any corrections is welcomed.
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