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Seifer/Edea FAQ by Shadow Flare

Version: Final | Updated: 07/28/03

                              Final Fantasy VIII
                               Seifer/Edea FAQ
Version:  Final
Date Written: 9/11/02

Update History:
(Note:  Unless someone E-mails me with some new information, then this is it.  
The final, complete Seifer/Edea hacking guide, available only on GameFAQs)

I:   Intro
II:  Enable Codes & info
III: Places not to use Seifer and Edea
IV:  Places to safely use Seifer and Edea
V:   Seifer and Edea in Ultimecia Castle
VI:  How to fix freezing problems
VII:   Stat Table for Seifer and Edea

I: Intro
I've decided to write this FAQ because I've seen no others like it before, 
and I think it can be helpful to others who wish to use Seifer and Edea. This 
is an exclusive guide on Seifer and Edea when enabled through the means of a 
Gameshark.  I have done this a few times now since I think both of them are 
very cool characters, and it gave me some extra people to mess around with 
and level up. In this FAQ, I have written out the codes to activate them, a 
bit of extra info on the characters, some basic info on the characters 
(weapons, limits, and such), and a table with their basic, unjunctioned 
stats. I also will include places to use them safely, and where to not use 
them. Using them in some parts of the game will cause it to freeze, but this 
has no lasting effects on the game. <Note: You may want to turn the Gameshark 
off until after you load the file, then switch the codes on with a Joker 
Command or the button on your Gameshark (depending on the version). I always 
do this, just to make sure the file loads properly.

II: Enable Codes

<Enable Seifer: 80077C2C 0001>

Seifer has his gunblade, Hyperion, which *Cannot* be upgraded. That's right, 
you cannot remodel his weapon.  Also, the only limit break Seifer can use is 
No Mercy, since that is the only limit break he had on the Dollet raid early 
on in disc 1.  <Note: Seifer, as noted before by others can get his limit 
break a lot easier than the rest of the crew. If you put him in Aura status, 
even with the other characters at full HP, he will never fail to activate the 
limit, even if he is in perfect health. And, if he just takes a nasty hit, he 
can get his limit break up even without Aura, even when he's not in critical 
condition!>  Seifer comes at the level you left him at last in the Dollet 
Field Exam, with the same amount of kills he previously had. 

<Note: Seifer's basic stat growth seems to be much better than the other 
characters. Seifer also always has a perfect 255% for his hit rate.  Strange, 
but Seifer also has low compatibility with GFs. It takes a big number of 
LuvLuv G items to increase the rating for him.>
With Seifer done, I will now move onto Edea

<Enable Edea:  80077CC4 0001>

Edea's weapon is "None", which is what she has when you are able to use her 
normally (it looks a lot like the move "Astral Punch" she can use against you 
when you face her). You cannot remodel her weapon. She does appear in the 
Junk Shop menu when you call up the ability, but like Seifer, you cannot 
select her, as they are temporary characters, therefore they have no extra 
weapons. The only limit break Edea can use is Ice Strike, which is what she 
had during her normal stay in the party.  Edea comes at the level she was 
last at during the Lunatic Pandora raid in Esthar, also with the same amount 
of kills she previously had. 

<Note: Edea has a very high compatibility with GFs. It only takes a few 
LuvLuv G items to raise her compatibility with all of them to 1000.>

<Note!!!: With these codes, Seifer and Edea will always be available on your 
character roster, and will be there even if you save, turn the codes off, and 
load without them.>
Just like before when they were party members for a bit, you can junction 
both of them, and battle with them to your heart's content.  But here is 
something. They won't follow Squall around in towns and and such. They are 
'invisible' unless you're in battle. I know there isn't really any data in 
the game to have Seifer following you in the party, but there is for Edea. 
Strange that she does not walk/run around with you, either.

III: Places that you should not use Seifer and Edea

 -Anyplace where your party is gathered (One example include Lunar Gate on 
disc 3, another is the forest where you have the second Laguna dream. Don't 
have them in your party when you enter the forest). If you have Seifer or 
Edea in these places, some party members might be missing, and the game won't 
like this.  Actually, I tried this in Lunar Gate, and one of my party members 
was missing, and Edea appeared off screen. Nothing really happened because of 
this, except it would have allowed Edea to go out to space, where I am sure 
things would get screwed up, since you're supposed to leave her with Zell. If 
you bring them to important places like this, it's at your own risk, but I 
advise against it. Here is a list of places where your party is gathered that 
it might be risky to bring them.

: Forest where the party goes in the second Laguna dream.
: Timber TV Station.
: Timber, on the way out where you can choose members to board the train 
: Galbadia Garden when you get Irvine. Just don't board the train with them.
: Lunar Gate when you're about to go into space.
: Trabia Garden where the whole flashback scene takes place.

-Don't bring them to outer space. Because the game only reads that Squall is 
there, it could, and probably will freeze because Seifer/Edea would be 

-Balamb Garden in disc 2, when you pick Squall and two members to go back 
with him. The NORG thing may cause a huge glitch (I'll get more details on 
this soon). Don't bring them to the Missle Base, either, since there will be 
no text for them, and other members may disappear (not be at places they 
should be, like FH) as a result of not being with the main parties.

-Balamb Garden during the time when Galbadia Garden is attacking. When you 
have the option to pick whom goes with you, having Seifer or Edea with Squall 
would not be a great idea, since it might make some party members not appear 
where they should, which could cause some freezing. 

-Great Salt Lake in disc 3, where you take the high path and must press X to 
jump off the cliff. I had Seifer with me during this part, and my other party 
member got stuck there, freezing the game (kept walking towards the edge of 
the cliff. Music kept playing, but I couldn't move). 

<Note: You could bring Seifer with you during this part, but just don't take 
the upper path. Just take the lower path to the boss, and switch him out of 
the party before you enter Esthar.

-Never bring them near ladders. Since they are not really there to climb with 
this code, your other party member may end up stuck on the ladder. -<Note: 
Bringing both Seifer and Edea with Squall in places with ladders may remedy 
this, but I'm not sure.>- I once brought Edea and Irvine with me to the 
Centra Ruins, where I climbed a ladder. The game froze up (music kept 
playing, but Irvine got stuck and therefore it made it impossible for me to 
move). My friend tested and told me that it also does the same thing for 

-Never, EVER bring Edea (Or Seifer for that matter) to the Deling City Inn. A 
friend of mine (rebirth flame 2002) did some testing for me, and said if you 
enter the doors of the inn with her, your file could possibly corrupt. It 
seems that it makes Edea appear on the screen where you cannot talk to her, 
and she always is there.  I guess the only way to fix this is to delete that 
file from the memory card.  It also freezes with Seifer if he is in the first 
or third position on the menu screen.

IV: Places you can safely use Seifer and Edea

-The World Map. Fighting random battles with them is alright, and since it 
shows only Squall running around, there is no way it could cause a glitch. I 
think the World Map is one of the best places to use them.

-I once had Seifer in my party in Galbadia Garden at the end of disc 2. He 
fought himself, then himself and Edea. Having two battling Seifers had no 
effect on the game, it just seemed strange. I actually beat Seifer (normal 
and weakened), and Edea using Seifer. >=D

-Balamb Garden training center. Not only is this safe, but it's also quite 
fun. You can get them some kills or play around with their limit breaks and 
whatnot around there.

-Tomb of the Unknown King is perfectly fine if you want to use them. I used 
Seifer to  give the Brothers a whoopin', and I had him throughout the whole 
tomb. But, it's kind of funny to have Seifer (or Edea) in the third position 
when you face both Brothers. Normally, your third member will insult one of 
the brothers, calling them short or something. Seifer or Edea say nothing 
(they are 'invisible'), and they still say "Hey Bro! They're makin' fun of 
us!" Lol.

-Deep Sea Research Center, Bahamut fight. I had Seifer with me for this 
fight. You can also bring him and Edea down lower to challenge Ultima Weapon.

-Any inns except for the Deling City inn.

-Centra Ruins for Tonberry Killing. But don't bring them to the lifter or on 
the stairs near Odin's lair unless *both* are with Squall.

-Towns. As long as you don't stay at the Deling City Inn or have to do some 
climbing. I never bring them to towns, seeing how it's quite boring. You 
don't see them running around, and there are no speech lines for them 
anywhere, either. But, the game shouldn't crash walking around in any towns 
with either of them.

V: Seifer and Edea in Ultimecia Castle

Now, I made this section because there are both good and bad places for 
Seifer and Edea in Ultimecia Castle. Most parts are alright to have them, but 
a few places will freeze the game. I really don't run around much with Seifer 
and Edea, I usually just switch them in and out of the party using the 
'Switch Party Members' feature at the green switch points. It's alright to 
run around with them, but like I said...some places freeze. Anyway, it made 
more sense to me to just make this extra than put it in the "Can and Can't" 

-The chandelier that drops down to the floor. I once had them with Squall, 
and after the fall down to the other room, the game froze with Squall just 
standing there.  Of course, if the other party is holding the lever down, you 
can safely have Seifer and/or Edea cross with Squall or whoever.

-Ladders in the castle... just like other ladders, the game will probably 
freeze if you have either Seifer or Edea and a normal party member with 
Squall. But if you have both Seifer and Edea with Squall, everything should 
work beautifully.

Now, here's the tricky part...The <Switch Points>

-If you have either or both with Squall when you get to a switch point, but 
you want to switch to the other party, <switch Seifer and Edea out first!>. 
The game probably doesn't like it when it thinks that the second party has 
five members.

-I just keep them with Squall when I use them, but you *can* put them in the 
other party. Just switch them out whenever you want to play with the other 
party (just like above).

<Other Ultimecia Castle notes and such>

-You can use them to challenge the bosses in her castle, including Omega 
Weapon (I wouldn't, though. Their limits aren't too useful against him. 
Members with multi-hit limits would make the fight easier and faster). I'm 
not saying you can't beat Omega with Seifer or Edea, though. And, yes, youuuu 
guessed it!  Seifer and Edea can fight Ultimecia! They will randomly pop up 
to replace KO'ed members as they get absorbed into time. They can also be 
absorbed into time themselves if you leave them KO'ed too long. You can fight 
the final bosses with them indeed, but it makes it a bit of a tougher battle, 
since they have only one hit limit breaks. I still do this, though.

VI: How to fix freezing problems

If it does freeze, you probably just didn't follow my advice (or you found 
something I haven't. If so, contact me please). Anyway, here is what to do if 
and when it happens.

Except for the Deling City inn glitch, the way to 'fix' the problem is easy. 

-- Just use the soft reset (hold all L and R buttons and Start and Select), 
or turn the game off and then back on. Of course, don't use them where it 
glitches again. --

VII: Stat Table for Seifer and Edea

|Level   10     20     30     40     50     60     70     80     90     100 |
|Str     22     29     35     41     46     50     53     56     58     60  |
|Vit     8      14     19     24     28     32     34     37     38     39  |
|Mag     9      15     21     26     30     34     38     41     43     45  |
|Spr     10     16     20     25     28     32     34     36     37     38  |
|Spd     18     21     24     27     30     33     36     39     42     45  |
|Luck    13     13     14     15     16     16     17     18     18     19  |
|Hit*    255%   255%   255%   255%   255%   255%   255%   255%   255%   255%|
|Eva*    1%     1%     2%     2%     2%     3%     3%     3%     3%     3%  |
|HP**    812    1400   1980   2553   3117   3674   4223   4765   5298   5823|

|Level   10     20     30     40     50     60     70     80     90     100 |
|Str     26     32     38     43     47     51     54     57     59     61  |
|Vit     2      5      7      10     12     14     16     17     18     20  |
|Mag     18     25     31     36     41     45     48     51     54     55  |
|Spr     14     20     25     30     34     37     40     42     44     45  |
|Spd     18     19     21     22     24     25     27     28     30     31  |
|Luck    11     11     12     12     13     13     14     14     15     15  |
|Hit*    97%    97%    97%    97%    97%    97%    97%    97%    97%    97% |
|Eva*    1%     1%     1%     1%     2%     2%     2%     2%     2%     2%  |
|HP**    566    954    1334   1707   2071   2428   2777   3119   3452   3777|

* Hit and Eva are derived stats.  Hit depends on your character's weapon, and 
Eva depends on your speed stat.
** HP totals vary from game to game.  These values are just approximations.

Places this FAQ can be found:

Contact Info: 
Questions? Comments? Find anything new? Contact me at:

Special Thanks:
-rebirth flame 2002, for doing a bit of testing for me.
-The Admiral, for doing half the work, editing and all the like.
-Bizkit047, for double checking stuff and praising my work.
-Vilurum, for making some suggestions to improve this FAQ.
-Squaresoft, for making Final Fantasy VIII such a sweet game.
-CMGSCCC.com, for the enable codes.
-GameFAQs.com, for letting me waste so many hours on the site and the boards.

Copyright Information:
This document Copyright 2003 of Tom Brant, aka Shadow Flare. Use of this on 
other sites is not allowed, unless you contact me first for approval. 

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