Difficulty getting Selphie's card at Trabia?

  1. I cannot seem to implement my own Balamb rules, everytime I challenge selphie's friend , I pick up the Random rule which is impossible for me to win with( when her selphie card shows up she usually has other strong cards in her hand. while i get weak cards.) and the Plus rule i cannot understand how that works. but right now how do I abolish the Random rule in the region?

    User Info: Vltg3

    Vltg3 - 10 years ago
  2. Whenever you can go back to Balamb Harbor go to where the assault ships left. In the middle of the screen at the edge of the water is a young guy, maybe a student. It's been years since I played it. Most of the time he's there, if he's not leave the town and return I'd guess he's there 3/4 of the time. Save before you play him. When you beat him he'll change the rules back to the same as the beginning of the game. Even after you've been in space.

    User Info: cmulligan

    cmulligan - 4 hours ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Random is notorious for being one of the worst rules in the game for spreading like wildfire and leaving the card spread eternally in the computer's favor. The only surefire way to abolish it in Trabia is to attempt advancing the Card Queen Quest, which is a frustration in its own right: lose a Level 8+ card to her in front of the Balamb train station, pray she moves to the region whose rules you want to tweak, and pay 30,000 Gil to introduce/abolish a more-or-less randomized rule in whatever region she lands in. (BTW, when Card Queen moves to Trabia, she'll be in the hotel in Shumi Village.)

    As for the Plus rule, I more or less started figuring it out myself a couple nights ago trying for the CC Club Quest: Let's say you have cards on the field like this:


    To invoke Plus, you must place Card D in the middle space such that the edges facing B and C, when added to the numbers on those cards that would face D, both equal the same number. If the south edge of B is 6 and the east edge of C is 5, for example, you could capture them on Plus with a D whose north edge was 1 and west edge was 2 (6 + 1 = 7, 5 + 2 = 7). If either B or C could have flipped A when first played, they will Combo accordingly.

    User Info: Andy_Waltfeld

    Andy_Waltfeld - 10 years ago 0   0

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