What determines which magic Selphie SLOTS generate?

  1. Not trying to get ultimate abilities just want to get access to break so I can beat the forced encounters at level 1. But she barely generates -ra level spells and I have yet to see a -ga level spell or break after multiple hours of resets. Is it determined by her stats or her level? Help? I don’t want to go back and farm cards and AP to refine break.

    User Info: DanRockit

    DanRockit - 1 week ago


  1. What determines the magics appearing in Slots is the Crisis Level. And works the same for every character.

    You can find an in deep mechanics explanation of crisis level by searching it in the wiki page.
    You can find an in deep mechanics explanation of Slots by searching it in the wiki page.

    But, if I am not incorrect, what you want is to beat the forced battles that give XP, so you dont level up. Carding enemies would work wonders for that.

    User Info: sano83

    sano83 - 1 week ago 5   6
  2. Spell sets selected are based on Selphie's level, Crisis Level and a random factor that the game throws in. Since you are doing a lv1 play through a lot of spells will be hard if not outright impossible to get as the chances of getting higher slots sets is hampered by her level and crisis lv cannot make up that deficit even at lv 4.

    User Info: Snake2083

    Snake2083 - 1 week ago 1   2
  3. Having aura and lower HP improves the level of magic Selphie can cast.

    User Info: HeartBlade89

    HeartBlade89 - 1 week ago 3   4

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