How do I abolish the random rule in Dollet?!?

  1. im on Disc 2. I just finished the missile base mission and I won the selphie card and watched the orphanage scene. Im now trying to take on the CC members but its alot harder since I have the randon rule. All the game rules I currently have are Open, Sudden Death, Randon, and Trade one. How do abolish the Random rule. (if I need the queen of cards I dont know where she is. I cant find her). Please Help!!!!

    User Info: stacey04

    stacey04 - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. "Alternative instructions if Queen is NOT in Dollet:

    1. Carry Galbadian rules (go to Timber, challenge left gate guard until he stops
    asking to mix).
    2. Go to Dollet. Save in the hotel (adjacent to the town square with fountain).
    3. Do a hard reset. Reload your save in the hotel.
    4. Challenge the girl in the hotel 4 times, decline everytime.
    5. Challenge the girl for a fifth time and accept the challenge. As soon as the
    game starts, quit the game. This should do the trick."


    User Info: SpecialOthers

    SpecialOthers - 7 years ago 7   4

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