Where can I find Lionheart Ingredients?

  1. I really need these ingredients. If you guys can I also need the Strange Vision Exeter and the shooting star's ingredients

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    CloudSan - 11 years ago
  2. What point in the game are you? It depends greatly on where you can access.

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    Sekander2 - 11 years ago
  3. Im on my way to the lunar gate disc 3

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    CloudSan - 11 years ago

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  1. Lionhart 1 Adamantine, 4 Dragon Fangs, 12 Pulse Ammo

    Achieve Nearly immediately after you have control of the Garden, Post Fisherman's Horizon

    -Mug BGH251F2 at Fisherman's Horizon
    -Long horn Island (North of Dollet) is also good but it is simpler to steal

    Dragon Fangs:
    -Blue Dragons in Trabia Snow fields, favorite spot hugging the mounains just North of the Shumi Village (can only be done once Garden is mobile)

    Pulse Ammo:
    Getting 20 Elnoyle cards and refining them would work, but takes a long time. I get 10 elnoyle cards which turns into energy crystal which in turn refines to 10 pule ammo with Ammo RF. Easiest people I found were Ma Dincht and Headmaster Cid

    - The remaining 2, After destroying BGH251F2 at FH go to the Junk Shop and have the sequence with the kid fishing, after this head to Grease Monkey's HOuse which is in the same screen as the BGH251F2 fight was, enter and there should be a sequence with a Galbadia Elite Soldier, and you should recieve a mega Phoenix.

    Then when Irvine is picking instruments for the party members to play for Squall's promotion (still at FH) leave the screen and go back to Grease Monkey's house and the Elite Soldier will be back. Grease Monkey will ask you to leave then immediately come back in and talk to the wounded soldier on the ground a few times he will give a few types of Ammo including 5 Pulse Ammo.

    FH is very important, with adamantine and more importanly 5 pulse ammo. THis way you have the Lionhart Middle of Disk 2, this is definitely not the earliest you can get Lionhart but it is still pretty early and not very difficult while still getting it early in the game.

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  1. The easiest way to get the Lionheart is after you get the Ragnorok, which is right after the lunar base. The easiest way to get the adamantine is to refine the Miontaur card which you got for beating him, but if you want to keep the card the beaches near Dollet are home to the Adamantiose which drop adamantine. Sacred's, the other brothers' card can be refined for Dino bones, or you can fight T-rexuars. As for the dragon fangs, they are dropped by blue dragons which can be found near Trabia garden (Selphie's Garden) in the Trabia Snowfield area in the forests. Next you can go to the Deep Sea Research facility which is where you get the GFs Bahamut and Eden. It is located in the bottom left hand corner of the map. After entering the first room it shows a blue glowing thingy. You should only move when it is not glowing or else you get into many random battles. Once you get to the blue thingy you must answer questions. Answer the first option for the first question, "never" for the second and for the third there is a hidden answer below the rest, then you must fight Bahamut which can be tough so be ready. Once you get past Bahamut you must return to the raganorok then come back and then down to the steam rooms (refer to a guide; just make sure you save 10 units of steam power or else you can't get Eden) and eventually you will get to the excivation site. In these areas there are a few strong enemies. The easiest way to fight these strong enemies is to keep Squall's health low and keep using Renzukoken(using meltdown on the enemies first makes the battles go faster). Both the Behemoth and the Enoyle drop energy crystals (Enoyles more often) which are refined into pulse ammo using ammo refine, the hardest ingredient to find. The Enolyes can also be mugged for moon stones which are used for the Exeter. The tri-faces you fight can be mugged for curse spikes. While in this area you also fight iron giants which can be hard to fight but can easily put to sleep. You can mug star fragments from them and they also drop them. I hope this helps.

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  2. I will ignore the gil needed for each upgrade (2000 max) - I assume you have a lot more than this.

    Items needed for the weapons specified are:

    Lionheart: 1 Adamantine, 4 Dragon Fangs, 12 Pulse Ammo
    Strange Vision: 1 Adamantine, 3 Star Fragments, 2 Curse Spikes
    Exeter: 2 Dino Bones, 1 Moon Stone, 2 Star Fragments, 18 Screws
    Shooting Star: 2 Windmills, 1 Regen Ring, 1 Force Armlet, 2 Energy Crystals

    There are numerous ways to get most of these items. I would wait until getting the airship based on where you are, then getting them from the following locations:

    Adamantine: Minotaur card
    Dragon Fangs: Blue Dragon dropped item - found on Island Closest to Hell (westernmost island) or Trabia continent.
    Pulse Ammo/Energy Crystal/Moon Stone - Fixed Elnoyle. There is a man in esthar city that laughs at you then turns into an Elnoyle (after you get the airship). Leave the screen and come back to fight it again. Mug it for Moon stones, energy crystals are a dropped item. Pulse ammo can be refined from energy crystals (1 crystal = 10 pulse ammo).
    Star Fragment - Iron giants are a good source for these, found on the streets of Esthar (world map) or as a fixed encounter in the Deep Sea Research Centre(DSRC) (found in the south western corner of the map).
    Curse Spike - Tri-Face dropped item - found on Island Closest to Heaven (Towards the north east of the map) or as a fixed encounter in the DSRC.
    Dino Bone - T-Rexaur dropped item, found on Island Closest to Hell.
    Screw - Geezaeds drop these, found all over the place on the Galbadia continent.
    Windmill - Thrustaevis(again Galbadian continent) are the enemy to get these from, or from the Pandemona Card for 100.
    Regen Ring - dropped by Chimera, Island Closest to Heaven.
    Force Armlet - buy from Esthar Pet Store, need to have Tonberry GF and the ability "Familiar" learned.

    Hope this helps.

    User Info: Eternal_Debate

    Eternal_Debate (Expert) - 11 years ago 6   6
  3. Lionheart: 1 Adamantine, 4 Dragon Fangs, 12 Pulse Ammo

    I got Lionheart on Disc 1

    Dragon Fang: The T-Rexaurs level 20-29 drop Dragon Fang's, the levels are specific, I found them back on my grade school days when I was randomly hunting for T-rexaur on Training Ground
    Adamantine: Adamantoises are found on the beaches of Dollet (Hasberry Plains) and tend to be quite rare. Or simply wait for until you can reach Long Horn Island (pretty easy to encounter these creatures).
    Pulse Ammo: Just play the card, get those Elnoyle Cards.

    User Info: skyliet

    skyliet - 11 months ago 2   8

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