How do I get selphie's limit break, the end?

  1. Well she has a high level, but she doesn't have it

    User Info: prima23

    prima23 - 7 years ago

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  1. It's very rare. You just have to keep trying again and again until it shows up in her slots. It's VERY rare.

    User Info: RevenantThings

    RevenantThings (Expert) - 7 years ago 3   0


  1. A trick you can do is when you are in Selphie's Slots screen open the disk cover and you should still be able to select Cast and Do over. Keep selecting Do over until it appears. I've heard that the more you use "The End" or any other of her Limit Breaks, the more it appears

    User Info: slink_bot

    slink_bot - 7 years ago 0   1
  2. The different spells Selphie can cast using Slots depends on her Crisis level (This isn't shown) this level depends on her health, the number of dead team mates, status effects and pure luck..
    So if you want to use the end, try and get her on critical (yellow) health with aura cast, and have a coulple of dead team mate lying around.

    Also, if you're against something that only has physical attacks, using defend command makes her invulnerable to them until she's used her next command, so she'll be invincible while rolling through the slots.

    User Info: Xadrasyl

    Xadrasyl - 7 years ago 0   1

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