Where's Selphie?

  1. I am going to sound like such a noob here, but I can't find Selphie and I'm not even really sure if I need to...?
    I started this game ages ago and never completed it. Must have got bored of it one day. Then today I decide to continue the game. But can't remember much about where I am.
    Okay so I'm on disc 2. I completed the missile base and return to Balamb part, defeated NORG etc... Went to Fishermans Horizon where the recently mobile Garden crashed. Did all I had to do there, went to Balamb Town and defeated Fujin and Raijin x2.
    Now every walkthrough I've looked at online tells me to go to Trabia Garden next.
    Fair do's.
    I board my Garden and find Trabia. Go into it and... Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There's a gate. I think it's a gate. With green mesh stuff on the right of it.
    Now, the walkthrough's tell me that at this point, Selphie jumps over and says something dramatic like, 'I'm going in!'. But thing is, Selphie isn't in my party. I have Squall, Zell and Rinoa.
    So I've tried boarding the Garden again and telling the pilot that I'm ready to go, to which the 'switch members' screen appears. But it won't let me use her. In fact it won't let me change anybody apart from swapping Rinoa with Quistis or Irvine.
    Help? Do I even need Selphie to be in my party? Have I missed something?

    User Info: Princessdoodle

    Princessdoodle - 7 years ago
  2. How do i do that!??

    User Info: Princessdoodle

    Princessdoodle - 7 years ago

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  1. Well well, you most likely have to get in Trabia then. You'll probably find Selphie in there. Try climbing that wall as you enter Trabia from the World Map. Just face the wall and perform action. At some point in the middle, over the greens on the door, you should be able to climb. And while in Trabia, don't miss that thing you have to do with the steps in the main field with the fountain. I can't remember right now but you get something quite valuable for that moment of the game. And in the cemetery there is some draw point that is hidden if I remember correctly.

    User Info: Vermesser

    Vermesser (Expert) - 7 years ago 3   0


  1. Selphie is probably already in Trabia Garden. She goes in by herself, you dont need her in the party. You're supposed to climb the green stuff at Trabia to get in.

    User Info: VegetableBoy

    VegetableBoy - 7 years ago 0   0
  2. You're sposed to get the rest of your team at FH... Cuz you find out that Galbadia attacked FH and you hafta fight the robot that was back at the missile base and it should go on from there....

    User Info: BadLemon

    BadLemon - 7 years ago 0   0
  3. @ Vermesser: yeah you talk to one of the graves and you can Draw Death.

    User Info: BadLemon

    BadLemon - 7 years ago 0   0
  4. Selphie should be inside Trabia Garden because originally you were suppose to climb up after her-inside you'll see her talking to one of her old gal friends then she'll tell you too meet her at the basketball court so head that way and she'll follow up soon this is a big part of the story because in this scene there's going to be a lot of questions finally answered so don't miss it.

    User Info: rosemaiden

    rosemaiden - 7 years ago 0   0

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