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  1. I just decided to make lionheart (disc2). Took me about 2 hours to play for 20 Elnoyle cards ; ).
    I went to the world map and test it, and found myself doing about 200 damage. I am new to the game, and I am not very good with junctions, so i decided to auto-junction to attack.
    Should i be using specifical junctions? Or is 200 just the normal damage? (Squall is level 30).

    User Info: ZBounder

    ZBounder - 9 years ago
  2. Tnanks, I decided to learn much more about junctions, so I started to get some Ultimas and Triples : ) I currently do around 2000 damage ( normal attack ), i junctioned Str 20% and 40%+ abilities.

    User Info: ZBounder

    ZBounder - 9 years ago

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  1. The attacks of the Lionheart Gunblade are no different than regular attacks - ie, you need to increase your STR in order to deal more damage. At level 30 (assuming your other characters are at a comparative level), you're also going to have to deal with higher enemy VIT, which means you aren't going to be doing as much damage with a similar STR score than at lower levels. Get 100 Tornado Spells (Tornado is really the minimum you should use for STR, and is rather easy to get on Disc 2, let alone Disc 1) and junction them to your STR. Make sure you trigger, too.

    If you're referring to the Lionheart *Limit Break*, then yes - 200 damage means there's something screwy with your game, as it's nearly impossible for the Lionheart strikes to deal less than 9999.

    User Info: ChaosArbiter

    ChaosArbiter - 9 years ago 1   0

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