PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File05/05/09PurestProdigy131K
2 game saves. 1 is in the Final Dungeon and 1 is on the world map. Both have all characters level at level 100, best equipment, all MASTER materia, all limit breaks, and all hidden bosses defeated.
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
A rare HoneyBee Inn Save. The membership card for this Bonus Area is in hand so prepare for some weird and even kind of creepy stuff in there.
Save Game File04/04/03nicolae627K
A rare save before the "date" with Barret. Just try to enter the ropeway.
Save Game File07/05/03xenoskater19K
All Limit Breaks for everyone. Everyone's final weapons. All of the Materia(including Knights of the Round). Not max level but, able to defeat final boss.
Save Game File06/11/00Vey131K
Beginning of Disk 2, Aeris is alive.
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
Cloud at level 84, ready for the last dungeon.
Save Game File05/15/03Aether Knight131K
Disc 3 Save near Chocobo Ranch ready for Crater. ALL characters at level 99 with max stats. ALL Master Materia equipped! ALL equipment in game set to 99 including 2 of EVERY materia mastered, max Gil, max Gold, 1 of each Chocobo at ranch & all "weapons"
Save Game File07/01/00Vey131K
Easiest battle against Emerald Weapon. Just cast Omnislash (Limit Break) once, then DO NOTHING. You'll win in under 4 minutes.
Save Game File07/01/00Vey131K
Easiest battle against Ruby Weapon. Just use W-SUMMON to cast KOR, then DO NOTHING.
Save Game File06/20/00Vey131K
Final Battle. Enter the battle, DO NOTHING, and you'll win.
Save Game File09/29/03Mike Truitt131K
Game saved with the highest possible Gil. If you get in one more fight or sell one more thing, your Gil will go back down to zero
Save Game File08/23/02milad2323131K
Go down and into the room to fight Jenovas-Birth.
Save Game File06/20/02CocaColaCat19K
Last save point, best equips, all materia, level 99
Save Game File02/21/03XSolaris131K
On Disk One, Aeris, Cloud, and Tifa at Lvl 99, with everybody else's level around 85. Cloud has Omnislash, Aeris has Great Gospal, Aeris, Cloud, and Tifa each have a Champion Belt. Several materias mastered.
Save Game File02/26/13zecoxao131K
Perfect Save Quest 01 -> From Start until Shinra Building
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
Ready to fight Bonus boss Emerald. Take the sub and ram the big underwater green guy!
Save Game File08/11/02ssj3atrix131K
Ready to watch Clouds Past, with all the best weapons and armor, and a bunch of good materia.
Save Game File08/30/02madhatter256131K
Right before you battle Sephiroth in the final dungeon. Gold Chocobo, Knights of the Round Materia. Ruby and Emrald Weapon haven't been defeated.
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
Ruby Save: Hop in the ship and ram the little red thing nearby. The 2 dead characters is a tactic so Ruby wont send any members out of the fight. Either wait until Red XIII is killed cause he has Phoenix junctioned to Final Attack, or just Revive them.
Save Game File03/23/07den_b7131K
Save slot 02 - Saved at Wall Market, have all key items necessary for Don Corneo to pick Cloud. Proceed to the dressing room in the dress store then go to Don Corneo's mansion.
Save Game File02/07/03FF Master Brazil131K
Save with the limits Great Gospel (Aeris) and Omnislash (Cloud) without Game Shark use, with 40 hours played in the disk 1 and many Materias in Master.
Save Game File01/06/04Mike Truitt131K
Saved at the Maximum Number of Battles - Get in one more and it resets back to 1
Save Game File10/28/00Odin131K
Saved in the Debug Room
Save Game File06/04/00Vey131K
Saved of very beginning of game (starting point) with: All available characters, Max Status for all characters (level, HP, MP, strength, vitality, etc), All limit breaks, Ultimate Weapon, All Materia, Items, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Max money (Gil)
Save Game File08/07/04rojotrece131K
Story saves from Disc One. I didn't pick up unnecessary Materia or treasures
Save Game File08/07/04rojotrece131K
Story saves from Disc Two. I didn't pick up unnecessary Materia or treasures
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
The Final Battle of Disk 1, and one awesome Cinema!!
Save Game File03/04/01RMayfire19K
The rare date with Cloud & Yuffie. Saved right before the scene at the Golden Saucer on disc 1.
Save Game File06/14/00Space Ace131K
TIFA - The Gold Saucer Date Sequence: this time with Tifa, as Aeris is the one most people would get..
Save Game File01/06/04Exdeath123K
Very end of game before crater, all characters 99, 99 of every item, best materia in every slot, all Master Materias
Save Game File03/11/02riosrules131K
You have Aeris and Sephiroth on your team at the north cave in Disc 3, unfortunately Sephiroth still attacks on his own and is also invincible

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/17/07Asch The Hated2K
1-Start at the Crater for the final fight against Jenova-SYNTHESIS, Bizarro-Sephiroth and Safer-Sephiroth.
Save Game File01/29/09blade391941K
Cloud in the first reactor with Max money
Save Game File06/12/09Skopin1K
Disc 1, outside gongaga. cloud, aeris, and tifa in party. cloud, aeris, barret, red13, and yuffie all have limit breaks up to 3/2. around 250K gil. cloud is lvl41. no cheats used.
Save Game File02/15/13urfriendlazy1K
First save point. Low levels (Lvl 6 or so). All materia, items, and GIL.
Save Game File07/14/09CocaColaCat2K
Last save point, best equips, all materia, level 99
Save Game File12/30/11qHidden_Legendp2K
No cheats. 90 hours. All characters level 99. All three master materias for each fighter. Ready to fight either Emerald or Ruby weapon.
Save Game File07/15/09Darkwolf77770K
NTSC Debug Room
Save Game File04/28/08dided212K
Saved before Jenova Synthesis, all characters at lvl 99 with max stast and ultimate weapons with all materia
Save Game File07/19/13SABERLINE2K
Ultimate Chocobo save. Gold, Black, Green, Blue, all S class, 3 have 176/999 stats!!! On Second disc right before Junon and rocket city.
Save Game File03/30/08Steve0071011K
Ultimate Start Save. Same as Vey's previously submitted save on this site but in PSV format.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/16/07ChandooG131K
Save set to make beating emerald and ruby a snap for the player, just start the fight and cast KOTR then keep miming it.
Save Game File01/10/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various locations in disc1 FF7 PAL version.. good stats
Save Game File01/11/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various locations in disc2. PAL version... good stats
Save Game File01/10/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various locations in disc3. PAL version... good stats..
Save Game File08/22/05ChandooG131K
This is an awesome FFVII save to say the least, just finished beating both Emerald and Ruby, all characters at Lv 99 and max STATS. Great leveled up materia and best weaponry plus TONS of Gil to spend.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File06/23/08masamako2K
3rd disk.ruby and emerald weapon have been defeated.Cloud lv.93
Save Game File06/24/09kieryn23K
Debug room. You can teleport to most places in the game see the scenes. Lvl up fast get loads of materia and get 99 of most items in the right rooms. (Try reading the debug room faq)
Save Game File06/10/09BigDeadBob1K
EU-Savefile03-Start of game. Disc one, sector 7 slums. Low level characters. Max gil. Full set mastered materia. Ultimate weapons. Some items and armour.
Save Game File06/12/09Krisb12K
Max Lvl All Characters, Tons of , 99 of all Items weapons and Armour, All Materia Mastered, All limit breaks

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