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A game I've grown up with; A game I'll grow old with. 11/03/08 Absolute Steve
Final Fantasy VII = Awesome Game 12/01/06 934400
I'm not tagging along, I just think this game rules. 10/30/06 Archmonk Iga
Am I the only one who thinks Cloud is wearing Smurf shoes? 03/09/05 Aussie2B
Final Fantasy VII: Seven Years Later 10/17/04 Bleuet
Unquestionably the greatest game of all. 07/10/06 chelseaboy12
A Detailed Look at Final Fantasy VII's Staying Power 08/25/08 DDJ
Review that took seven years to write 07/30/04 Fein
Unfortunately, another RPG disaster from Square. 04/01/05 grasu
Fails under closer scrutiny 04/14/08 Loopmeister
A review from a perspective you might on have seen before. *SPOILERS* 03/19/07 sinyx
A Review of an Overated "Classic" 07/30/10 TheUgliestMan
Final Fantasy 7 is not overrated. Shut up. 09/27/10 UltimaterializerX
The pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series, and one of the greatest games of all time. 07/09/18 Ryan Harrison
And it continues the airship tradition too! 09/06/05 Adori
People need to play more FF games before they assume that this is the best ever. 05/30/06 Aldrasio
One of the best but not the best 05/27/04 Alucard517
Despite its release in 1997, our files are still incomplete for one of the greatest RPGs ever made 09/13/03 Andy007
The most important RPG of a generation? 07/30/13 Anti_Roxas
A good, solid game with some glaring weaknesses. 04/25/03 Apathetic Aardvark
You are treated to greatness - Grasp it with both hands! 07/18/05 BeserkerX
The world's favorite reactor bombing is only the beginning of Final Fantasy VII's magic 12/08/08 bover_87
Simply the biggest video game achievement the mankind has ever done. 03/12/04 Braben
An era-defining game 04/13/20 buruburu1
That's when do FF4, FF6, FF3, and maybe FF8 get their Advent Children and Compilation Series? 05/29/07 ClessAlvein05
Is This Game Only Hype? 06/09/06 clixpsi
Sure it's overhyped. But that doesn't mean it can't be awesome. 07/28/08 Computerbug8
An amazing overly-hyped masterpiece.. 05/23/00 Cyber-Sushi
Overhyped-Yes. Bad-Not at all. 06/22/03 Cyril
A good game, though the weakest among the PSX FInal Fantasies 12/04/08 Dark Forte
Sony's Triumph Card 01/06/05 Dark115
Believe the hype and experience the best Final Fantasy and one of the greatest games ever made 09/24/07 darthjulian
As long as we try, maybe things change, perhaps it's a fantasy 04/10/03 Denouement
Good RPG and a great historical landmark 02/03/04 dragoon lover
Good, but whats all the fuss about? 01/03/05 dudeoflife17
Final Fantasy VII: Sweeter words can't be spoken 04/23/12 DullahansXMark
Good evening! I suspect you may have heard of this game. 08/04/04 EDDY555
A landmark in videogaming history 10/22/02 EOrizzonte
A poor game redeemed by its sense of charm and atmosphere. Well, somewhat redeemed. 12/22/09 Etrurianmage
An absolutely amazing achievement for Squares first entry into the world of 3D and Final Fantasy. 08/21/12 Exodist
Square going square? Maybe, but not soon. 07/29/03 FFM
My First Real Game, and still the Best Game I ever played 10/07/03 FFX2121
An breathtaking RPG that is simply amazing.... 03/09/03 Fraghappy
One of the best games of all time 04/07/05 Game Reviewer
Overrated? Yes. Bad? No f**king way. The game that defined generic... 05/21/09 Gaminex
In the end, gamers will always return to the world's most breathtaking and most astounding RPG of the series, 'Final Fantasy VII'... 02/09/03 Garbol Shora
They tell me of an uncloudy day... 11/16/03 Gbness
More than 13 years later, Final Fantasy VII is still talked about as one of the best ever. 04/08/10 gmo7897
Perfect 04/08/05 gulliver49
The real mystery in this game is Cloud’s hair. 06/10/02 Halron2
Is this the greatest game ever made?? 04/10/06 Hannayman
Fingerless Heros Save the Day! One of them even has a mental disorder! 06/23/06 hecktic00
A Timeless Classic You Can Love Again And Again 05/16/17 hunnymoney1701
An unbiased Final Fantasy VII review? Preposterous! 11/10/03 I2ico
This game requires MAXIMUM admiration for its supreme and unique RPG excellence!!!!! 10/20/06 ilovesexysophie
If you had one thing to ask for.. wouldn't it be the KOR materia? 11/06/03 IronMan0723
A game that gained its popularity through large expenssive advertisments that just so happens to also be a good game. 06/20/14 Iyamtebist
Forever changing RPG's, Final Fantasy VII. 10/28/04 Ja8oo
Although the most overated game in history, still good 04/30/06 Joshelplex
It'll be fun to vivisect a legend... 11/29/05 Kaiden
Final Fantasy VII is a game that shouldn't be missed. 08/07/13 Kikoman589
A rather good game 07/07/03 KingBroccoli
Final Fantasy VII should have been the RPG to revolutionize all RPGs, but sadly, this game is the Revolution itself. 10/27/04 KnightsoftheRound
A wonderful game, but is it that great? 10/02/08 Kulsprutejojjo_
Good, but has Obvious Flaws 12/05/11 Kwing
Look always to the internal flow of time which is far greater than the span of a human life... 07/09/07 lastfirstborn
Perplexing storyline, engrossing storyline, what more could you ask for? 04/17/08 LeoLion0818
"Probably the greatest game in the world" 12/02/08 lighty691
For my 100th review on gamefaqs I decided to replay a classic 06/22/09 LordShibas
A massive game calls for a massive review, I guess. 10/30/02 Mariner
I'm not a fanboy, but this is the greatest game ever created! 08/23/05 mashpotatoking
At first I was speechless -- a rare emotion for me. Luckily that feeling passed quickly 09/14/02 matt91486
Final Fantasy VII is a really good game that brought bad changes to the series. 09/06/07 Misfit119
Huddle around the fireplace, children. It's time to hear a story. 07/29/02 Myzery_Clown
Square and Sony's lucky 7 or how to kill a console. 08/12/09 NagflarNaglfar
Not quite the "greatest game ever made," but still a fantastic adventure that I will always cherish. 02/26/13 nastynate3118
A Great Game That Deserves All the Hype 07/23/04 NeoTS
There ain't no gettin' offa this train we on! 11/06/09 Ofisil
Despite issues on its graphical quality, Final Fantasy VII is still arguably the best RPG ever. 07/08/04 Oren Murasaki
One of the most thoroughly enjoyable and immersive experiences in video gaming history 07/18/07 Osafune2
When role-playing games changed.... 07/23/04 Overdrive
So THIS is what the hype is about! 04/26/06 Pastulio_
The first Final Fantasy on Playstation is one of the best 02/27/06 plasmabeam
Like my Zelda Review: Good, but not the best game of all time. 06/14/11 PlasmawarriorX
"This is it." 03/15/02 Psycho Penguin
Gaming excellence 07/17/03 RedSox1981
Although a good RPG and Square's third excellent game in a row, Final Fantasy 7 is overrated in some ways. 08/03/04 Renatus
The Best Final Fantasy Ever 09/24/09 rinks361
Not just the greatest Final Fantasy ever, nor the greatest RPG ever, but the best game ever... 10/26/02 RPGOverlord
This is THE game that started it ALL! 01/07/03 Sana chan
As Edge and Christian would say "This game totally reeks of awesomeness!" 08/07/00 SCCAN85
The Highest Edifice, With This It's Most Prized Work 04/30/07 Sephiroth815
Timeless Classic 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
Slightly overrated but definitely fun. 11/16/05 Shivan Reincarnated
Hype, or Horp? What is Horp? I don’t know, but it is better than Hype. This game is Horp. 10/19/02 silverhomer17
The Finest Fantasy? Perhaps Not, But It Comes Damn Close 08/19/13 sirloinestake
The best story ever written for a video game. 07/26/11 Skycutter
It couldn't receive more undeserved hate 07/19/10 SMuffinMan
Theres a Reason There's the Word "Fantasy" in Final Fantasy! 10/19/06 Soro_Gin
The best RPG ever 08/25/04 squire636
Mediocrity in a game several will call "best ever" 01/02/04 Stinger31383
A new era of RPG starts here. 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
Lucky Sevens 02/23/03 The Unheard Z
All this hype for what I see as an dated average RPG? *Final Update* 05/26/15 TheRetroPlayer
Not a bad game. Pretty enjoyable. But clearly overated! 12/18/06 Tricky
The title that set the bar for any future RPGs. 08/08/14 Tronch1
A must have for any gamer! 04/16/10 ulillillia
Gaming's Crowning Achievement 05/21/07 veggiekid
A shaky transition to the PSX proves to be somewhat of a success 07/11/04 White Ninja
The best example of perfection materialized into game form. 11/28/05 ZFS
FINAL FANTASY VII: The greatest RPG of all time. 06/05/04 Zydicore
I'm not sure if it's the best game ever made, but I can't think of any that I would put above it. 01/14/14 Zylo the wolf

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
I'm sick of people saying this is bad... 07/23/08 Taske_Himara
Redefined a genre, shaped an industry. 01/11/10 _Spin_Cycle_
The best RPG ever made? I'd say so! 12/16/02 AChilds
Heralded the modern Japanese-RPG as we now know it 10/09/07 Arkrex
The ground setter for Final Fantasy 8 12/16/02 Behreandto
The best Final Fantasy for the PSX! 02/22/01 BrakZero
A perfect RPG for all gamers! 07/02/00 CChan
Quite possibly one of, if not the greatest game ever made 01/05/09 ChateauNoir
First Final Fantasy for Playstation but it doesn't even come close to its hype 12/13/00 Dranis
Overrated, but not by much 04/27/09 dwffmaster
It is impossible to overhype a game this good 10/29/07 Hurgle77
7 is a lucky number. 03/17/10 KeyBlade999
For Rufus 02/27/20 MFields1978
Masterpiece!! 01/03/08 poloclub
Gaming's Greatest Achievement. 01/03/11 Priss Asagiri
There's a reason why this game holds up well 15 years later 09/20/12 Raidramon0
I hardly feel this game needs more reviews, but I just had to make one! 03/15/10 redbuck
It's not that FFVII outright fails in any department but characters, it's just that it doesn't do anything particularly well. 06/29/09 Spark0
A wondorous blend of inspiring music, astounding graphics, and engrossing story makes Final Fantasy one of the best games on the Playstation! 12/16/02 Wildlight
Final Fantasy 7's Timeless Cultural Relevancy 12/16/19 willm_360
FFVII marks the direction that future Final Fantasy is heading. 12/16/02 YSF
Almost Perfection 01/08/10 zack2544

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Not the worst rpg ever, but a bad one nonetheless. 12/16/02 Ninjak
The Best Final Fantasy to Date 10/06/16 1Tekkaman
This is it. 12/16/02 A Guy
Sweet Jesus what a game!!! 09/17/07 AgentUnderFire
Put an evil company that is sucking the Earth dry out of business and defeat an evil madman 12/16/02 AMorozin
Masterpiece? I think not... 06/20/13 AnalyticalGamer
The Fillet Steak Of Videogaming 12/04/07 Arkturus
A Mediocre Game With A Notorious Legend 07/06/09 AtmaIllumina
Best game ever? Well, it was a decent RPG for the time, but now it's just garbage. 07/08/11 benlyd
One of the best RPGs of all time, it has a few minor quirks, but the great graphics and stroyline will keep you absorbed enough not to notice them. 12/16/02 Benoid_Man
A masterpiece, and truly a game that can stand up even in today's competitive gaming industry 11/20/08 blitzace102
Final Fantasy 7 knows itself 01/04/12 Blue001
How can a game get better than this? 12/16/02 CMEYERS752
Not as good as it once was, but still a great experience. 12/11/08 DanLionheart
A good game but a disappointing RPG 12/16/02 DBehemoth
Final Fantasy VII: Possibly the funnest game ever. 09/04/07 Death_Haiku
Quite possibly the greatest game ever made. 12/16/02 DMattsen
This is a good game, and that's final! (PUN ALERT!) 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Can an RPG get any better? 12/16/02 Dr.Zan
It's.....good, but certainly not perfect! 12/16/02 fduboo
A good game, but not all it's cracked up to be. 10/01/07 Fin_Obelius
Possibly the most satisfying game ever. 12/02/08 FRMTHDPTHS
My favorite of the Final Fantasy series 01/07/15 gordy1096
One of the greatest RPG's ever created 07/07/08 ImOldSkool
11 years later and still not final 09/25/08 improv_gamer
Cloud VII is the support you need for your Fantasy 11/05/08 JagDogger2525
Best Game I ever played. 08/17/09 Jaysonshinra
EPIC!!! 11/30/09 King_Cloud18
Magical Dream 01/07/09 Marko_Nemesis
Towers over the competition in terms of story, gameplay and playability 12/16/02 MaskedReviewer
Better than Final Fantasy VIII!!! 12/16/02 MKim
FF7: An Objective Review 03/22/11 NecroDave
Squaresoft is a god!!! 03/15/00 PContaminator
Great Game - Annoyingly Long Cut Scenes 07/26/11 pdxmusl
It goes beyond notions of perfect and imperfect. 06/15/09 peterenshaw
Vastly inferior to its predecessors 05/28/14 Phrog343
The True Fantasy 10/27/08 puddntater
The best game ever made? Most definitely. 12/16/02 RavenWing
I love this game! 12/13/17 redrocks
Final Fantasy 7 is hyped for a reason. This is the best game of all time. Period. Even better than Phoenix Wright. 07/20/09 RPGer64
Very very good game 06/24/09 Sephyzero
Shut up, this game is great, just some minor flaws. 02/12/14 SquallEX8
A Great, but slightly Overrated Game 09/29/08 whsie

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Final Fantasy 7: The Game Movie - Full Story
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