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Glitch FAQ by Xenomic / NorseFTX

Updated: 04/03/09

Glitch FAQ

Author: Xenomic
Co-Author: NorseFTX

                                 | Copyright 2007 Steven Marr  |
                                 | By Steven Marr (aka Xenomic)|
                                 | xenomic@bigstring.com       |
                                 | kushara@bigstring.com       |
                                 | entity_of_chaos@hotmail.com|
                                 | ankoku.no.ryu@gmail.com|
                                 | ankoku_no_ryu@yahoo.com|
                                 | AIM: Xenomic, AnkokuRyu    |
                                 | YIM: Ankoku_no_ryu|
                                 |                             |

   -Updated with Crater Duplication info, via Third Mystile Glitch section

   -Updated slightly with the Super W-Item glitch, which was
discovered on this date.


                                           Legal Script

Final Fantasy 7 Copyright 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd. Final Fantasy and 
Squaresoft are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd. All copyrights 
and trademarks are acknowledged where are not specifically mentioned. If you 
wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so after asking 
my permission, and not for profit. If I see fit, I, however, will revoke 
permission and ask for it to be taken down if necessary.

                                           Table of Contents
Use the brackets to navigate to each individual section.

A. Why Make A Glitch FAQ? [001]
B. Transport Related Glitches [GA01]
   -Boarding 2 vehicles at a time Glitch [002]
   -Highwind/Submarine/Chocobo Glitch [003]
   -Invisible Chocobo Glitch [004]
  -North Cave Barrier Glitch [005]
  -Ultimate Weapon Glitch [006]
  -Chocobo/Highwind Freeze Glitch [007]
  -Highwind Slide Glitch [008]
C. Runtime Glitches [GA02]
  -Cutscenes Glitch [009]
  -Invisible Party Members at Wutai Glitch [010]
  -Invisible Party Members at Gold Saucer Glitch [011]
  -Save Crystal in Northern Crater Glitch [012]
  -Save Crystal Glitch #2 [013]
  -Black Polygons World Map Glitch [014]
  -Bugenhagen at Forgotten Capital Glitch [015] 
  -Aeris at Aeris's House Glitch [016]
  -Honeybee Inn Glitch [017]
  -Honey-Bee Inn Glitch #2 [018]
  -"Frame-Flopping" Glitch [019]
  -Ruby Weapon Highwind Glitch [020]
  -Diamond Weapon Battle Glitch [021]
  -Aeris Spirit Not Disappearing in Sector 5 Church Glitch [022]
  -Ancient Forest Revival Glitch [023]
  -Ying/Yang Glitch [024]
D. Helpful Glitches [GA03]
  -Dating Exploition Glitch [025]
  -W-Item Glitch [026]
  -Third Mystile Glitch [027]
  -Reverse Back Attack Glitch [028]
  -Getting Quadra Magic without a Chocobo Glitch [029]
  -Hidden Element Glitch [030]
  -Luck Plus at Temple of the Ancients Glitch [031]
  -Opening Treasure Chest on 2nd floor from 1st Floor Glitch [032]
  -Midgar Zolom Glitch [033]
  -Junon Glitch [034]
  -Infinite Elixir Glitch [035]
  -Test 0 Glitch [036]
  -Double Potion Glitch [037]
  -Gil Plus Glitch [038]
  -Master Command Glitch [039]
  -Turks Glitch [040]
  -Fort Condor Glitch [041]
  -Running Glitch [042]
  -Super W-Item Glitch [043]
E. Battle System Glitches [GA04]
  -Magic Defense Glitch [044]
  -Lunatic High Glitch  [045]
  -Underwater Materia Glitch [046]
  -Cover Materia/Elixir Glitch [047]
  -Bizarro Sephiroth/Quadra Magic-Ultima Glitch [048]
  -Bizarro Sephiroth Parts Glitch [049]
  -Unescapable Random Battle Glitch [050]
  -Allegmagne L4 Death Glitch [051]
  -Pincer Attack Escape Glitch [052]
  -Strength Overflow Glitch [053]
  -Death Penalty Glitch [054]
  -Adamantaimai Cure Glitch [055]
  -Gelinka Rude Glitch [056]
  -Mime Glitch [057]
  -Regen Glitch [058]
  -Reflect Glitch [059]
  -All Party Members KO Glitch [060]
F. Game System Glitches [GA05]
  -Cloud's Starting EXP Glitch [061]
  -Cosmo Memory Glitch [062]
  -Chocobo Stable Moving Glitch [063]
  -Changing Default Controller Setting Glitch [064]
  -Level 4 Limit Glitch [065]
  -Ruby Falling to Appear After Beating Ultimate Weapon Glitch [066]
  -Pandora's Box Glitch [067]
  -Fort Condor Hi-Potion Glitch [068]
G. Glitches to Investigate [GA06]
H. Misprints/Mispellings/Mistranlations [GA07]
I. Programmer Only Items and the Like [GA08] 
  -Test 0 [PO01]
  -Letter to Wife and Letter to Daughter [PO02]
  -Hidden Soundtrack [PO03]
  --Mystery Panties [PO04]
  -Hidden Background [PO05]
  -Aeris Cave [PO06]
  -Hidden Materia [PO07]
J. Videos [GA09]
K. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) [GA10]
L. Credits [GA11]

A. Why Make A Glitch FAQ? [001]

Glitch - Something in the system that isn't supposed to happen
normally unless the system messes up. Something that's not
intended to be there that helps annoy a player or just crash
the game.

I feel the need to warn people about some of the glitches, whether 
they be good, bad, or do nothing at all, so that people playing this 
game will know when to avoid them, when to abuse them (if they so 
choose to), or to see just what would happen if they were to encounter 
them. So, without further adieu, let's begin!

B.  Transport Related Glitches [GA01]

--Boarding 2 vehicles at a time Glitch-- [002]

There is a way in the game that you can board two vehicles at once, but this
will end up freezing the game, forcing you to restart. In order to do this
glitch, first you need to have a Chocobo. Next, try putting the Chocobo
next to the Submarine or the Highwind, then try to board both of them
at once. A tough one to pull off, but not a very good thing to happen
to you either.

(Credits to Reno_fangirl_05)

--Highwind/Submarine/Chocobo Glitch-- [003]

This glitch is potentially harmful. When you get the Highwind, Submarine, 
and a Chocobo, land the Highwind next to the Sub, then dismount the Chocobo 
by the Sub and immediately get in the Sub. The Sub will be out of the water, 
and the game will lock up. This only happens if you do it too fast.

--Invisible Chocobo Glitch-- [004]

There are two ways for this glitch to occur:

Easy version: While you have a chocobo next to you, open the Playstation
lid, and the chocobo will be invisible!

Hard version: First, you'll need to catch a chocobo. Once you accomplish
this, release it, then keep tapping the OK button (circle by default) while
running around, and you'll end up to get on the chocobo, but it'll
be invisible.

--North Cave Barrier Glitch-- [005]

This is an interesting glitch, but doesn't serve any purpose really. When
you have the Highwind, and the you approach the Northern Cave
barrier while going BACKWARDS (accomplished by holding square
while holding Down on the directional pad), you can pass through
the barrier. However, if you try to land the Highwind, you'll be knocked
out of the barrier.

--Ultimate Weapon Glitch-- [006]

This glitch works somewhat like the North Cave Barrier Glitch, though
it too serves no purpose. If you run into Ultimate Weapon while moving
backwards, you'll be thrown in the wrong direction. 

--Chocobo/Highwind Freeze Glitch-- [007]

This is very hazardous, as it'll lock up the game. If you get off of a chocobo
right next to the Highwind, then board the Highwind almost immediately
after dismounting the chocobo and hold Square with a direction, the game
will freeze. Be very cautious about this one.

--Highwind Slide Glitch-- [008]

A very nifty trick, but sometimes can be hazardous. When you land the
Highwind, you can slide it by holding Square and pushing a direction after
you press X. This can help in getting into areas that the Highwind can't
normally land, and also the way of getting the Quadra Magic materia
without using a chocobo.

C. Runtime Glitches [GA02]

--Cutscenes Glitch-- [009]

There's a glitch that can be useful to you if you have a scratched disc 
and you can't get past a cutscene. Simply open the disc lid and put in 
another disc. The cutscene will be taken from that disc instead of the 
disc it's supposed to be from, but the game will continue on nonetheless. 
This is due to the fact that the entire game is on all three of the discs.

--Invisible Party Members at Wutai Glitch-- [010]

This only works on your first trip to Wutai (can also be done before
the Midgar Raid on Disc 2). When you are chasing Yuffie to get your
materia back, and you get to the point where you see the jab outside
the Turtle Paradise Pub shaking, if you change your characters and
don't leave the area before triggering the event, the party members
that you swapped in will be invisible, but Yuffie still acts like she's
being blocked.

--Invisible Party Members at Gold Saucer Glitch-- [011]

This works similarly to the previous glitch, but will lock up the
game. If you swap out your party members when you get informed
that the rail is out, the party members will be invisible, but the game

(Credit goes to Nugatory)

--Save Crystal in Northern Crater Glitch-- [012]

There are two areas in the Northern Crater where, if you place the
Save Crystal, save, and reload your file, you cannot leave the area.
These two places are: 1) the area where your party first splits up and,
2) the area where you can first fight Magic Pots and Movers (the
swamp area).

(Credit goes to xCoolKidx)

--Save Crystal Glitch #2-- [013]

This glitch will occur when you try to get the Save Crystal, and can 
be harmful. When you first enter the Northern Crater, jump over and 
grab the Save Crystal BEFORE the rocks fall. If you do this right, the 
textbox saying that you got the Save Crystal will remain. If you leave 
the Northern Crater and return, then look in your inventory, you'll
find that you didn't get the Save Crystal.

--Black Polygons World Map Glitch-- [014]

Sometimes, when the world map loads up slowly, there will be black
areas momentarily, and if you stay in this area for too long, the game
will lock up. Probably due to the game being on too long or the disc
being dirty.

--Bugenhagen at Forgotten Capital Glitch-- [015]

During the event where you must get the Ancient Key and go to the
Forgotten Capital, if you try to enter the crystal area (the one where
you see the big sphere) before Bugenhagen does, the game will

--Aeris at Aeris's House Glitch-- [016]

This is an odd glitch, but a bad one at that. In Aeris' house, when 
Cloud is trying to sneak out of the place without making noise, If you 
walk to a certain point in the screen (just a little bit in front of the door, 
but far enough away so Cloud can be seen clearly [Top part of Cloud's Hair]) 
and run, you'll stay in place, and Aeris will come out to say "I thought the 
Turks came back! Get some rest!". But, when she came out of her room, came 
up to Cloud, and Aeris's sprite started looping around Cloud's at a very fast 
pace with no end in sight. I had to reset, because the game was stuck in a 
loop. This is probably because Aeris only has about 6 or so "set" positions 
to go to on the screen, and the one she was supposed to go to was completely 
occupied by Cloud, and therefore, she couldn't stop swirling around him 
trying to get to the right position, so the game was waiting for something 
that would never happen. 

(Credit goes to Garger)

*There is also a video for this glitch (only 500Kb). For those who wants to
see it, ask NorseFTX about it.

--Honeybee Inn Glitch-- [017]

When Cloud is dressed like a woman, if you try to go to the Honeybee Inn, 
they'll all crowd around you before you can get further, leaving you no 
choice but to go back to the previous screen. However, the fat guy is the 
last one to get in position, and if you're quick and precise enough, you can 
get through the crowd before he gets in position. If you succeed, the game 
will freeze, and you'll see a dialogue box of Aeris saying "Hey, Cloud!". You 
have to reset. I think that's because the game can only do what it's programmed 
to do, and Cloud is not supposed to get past the mob, so the game doesn't 
know what to do, and freezes.

(Credit goes to Garger)

--Honey-Bee Inn Glitch #2-- [018]

When you select a room, and you go into a different room, you won't 
get any Key Items at all. This is only harmful if you're trying to get Cloud 
as the one to be picked by Corneo.

--"Frame-Flopping" Glitch (Name in quotations is Norse's way of 
describing it)-- [019]

There are two glitches involving this one:

With just about any person in a city, if they're walking, you can make it 
impossible for them to pass you. If you go in front of them and occupy JUST 
the right amount of space, they will be what I like to call "frame-flopping". 
They'll be facing one direction for one frame, and another the next, and it'll 
loop that way until you get out of the way. It's done most easily at the 
Honeybee Inn with the rowdy guy who spits (before Cloud enters the inn.) 

The second was on the cargo ship where Barret is in the sailor suit and 
spying of Rufus, if you talk to him while standing just behind him and next 
to the railing to the side of you then after the alarm goes off, Barret is 
supposed to run behind you but can't because you are in the way. 

(Credit for first glitch goes to Garger. Credit for second glitch goes to 
Stunning SteveAustin)

--Ruby Weapon Highwind Glitch-- [020]

If you make the highwind hover above Ruby Weapon then press triangle 
to go to the deck, then return, sometimes your airship loads lower than 
you left it originally and as soon as it reloads the map screen, you're 
fighting Ruby Weapon.

--Diamond Weapon Battle Glitch-- [021]

This is a very interesting glitch, and it may be very possible to do as well. 
This next bit is unchanged from it's original content:

"Diamond Weapon made landfall and I ran towards it. I got into a random 
battle right as the weapon ran into me. After the random battle the weapon 
was gone. The game continued like normal, the North Cave barrier was 
gone etc., but the CG didn't happen. "

(Credit goes to Snausages)

--Aeris Spirit Not Disappearing in Sector 5 Church Glitch-- [022]

This glitch does nothing to either help or hurt the game, and is also 
pretty easy to do as well.

"I went back to the church in the slums after aeris dies and RAN 
inside. but her soul didn't disappear. I couldn't talk to her. as I tried to 
leave, her soul disappeared. but what was realy odd was the dialogue of 
the children in the church was different before and after her soul 

(Credit goes to bklounge87)

--Ancient Forest Revival Glitch-- [023]

This works for characters that are KO'ed. Normally, walking into one 
of the flowers is harmful, but if you walk into one of them when you have 
any KO'ed party members, it will revive those party members with 1 HP. 
Useful to save Phoenix Downs or MP.

--Ying/Yang Glitch-- [024]

There is a glitch that involves the monster Ying/Yang in the Shinra 
Mansion basement, and whether or not this glitch is harmful or not is 
debatable at the time. Basically, if you fight and play the game long 
enough in that area, when you come across Ying/Yang, the graphics of
the monster will be messed up.

D. Helpful Glitches [GA03]

--Dating Exploition Glitch-- [025]

There is a way to practically guarantee that you get a date with either 
Tifa or Yuffie

For Tifa:

At the Shinra HQ, when all of your characters are held captive, in the 
cell, keep talking to Tifa. 

For Yuffie:

When you fight her, let her go and fight her again. Repeat this to get 
infinite Affection points.

--W-Item Glitch-- [026]

This is by far one of the most overabused glitches in the game. Here's 
how it works:

1) Select an item and confirm that you're going to use it (do this to an Item 
that you want to
2) When you select your second item, instead of confirming that you're 
going to use it, cancel and pick the item again. Each time you do this, the 
first item that you confirm will go up by 1. Continue as long as you like to 
get 99 of every item.

This is by far the easiest and fastest way of getting 99 of items, and the 
only way to get 99 Dragon Fangs.

(By blueoasis's account, if you cancel with (square), instead of X, 
then W-Item duplication will not work)

--Third Mystile Glitch-- [027]

 At the North Crater go to the point where you split your party down the 
two paths. 
  -Send Tifa down the right path, and tell Cloud to go left. 
  -When Cloud's path divides choose the upper path. 
  -Go down it to the place where all 3 paths combine. DO NOT walk toward 
    the stairway that leads further down. This would cause your friends to 
    appear which will cause all chests to be registered as "open", and the 
    third mystile will be gone. 
  -Go back up the crater by taking the entrance to the lower path up to where 
   the left and right paths split. Now go down the right path this time. 
  -Grab the 2nd Mystile. 
  -Now go all the way down to the end again this time walking toward 
   the stairs leading down causing your party to appear. When you talk to 
   Tifa she should give you a 3rd Mystile.
	Following this logic, it is possible to duplicate all of the items 
                   that are found on the paths that you send your party 
                   members to that you don't go to yourself.  If you sent 
                  more party members than there are items on the pathway, 
                  then the remaining party members will all hold "Megalixirs",
                  which will always be misprinted as "Last Elixir" when they 
                  give them to you.

Here is a complete list of all the duplicatable items:

Crater Duplication Info

Send an ally right:

Vincent: Megalixir
Yuffie: Megalixir
Red XIII: Mind source
Tifa: Mystile
Barret: Guard Source
Cait Sith: Elixir
Cid: Speed Source

Send an ally left:

Vincent: Mega All materia or Magic Source
Yuffie: Counter materia or Vaccine
Red XIII: Shield materia or Speed Source
Tifa: Turbo Ether or Hero Drink
Barret: Remedy or Vaccine
Cait Sith: X-Potion or Remedy
Cid: Imperial Guard or Elixir

Send an ally left at first, then up:

Vincent: Magic Source
Yuffie: Counter materia
Red XIII: Shield materia
Tifa: Hero Drink
Barret: Vaccine
Cait Sith: Remedy
Cid: Imperial Guard

Send an ally left at first, then down:

Vincent: Mega All materia
Yuffie: Vaccine
Red XIII: Speed source
Tifa: Turbo Ether
Barret: Remedy
Cait Sith: X-Potion
Cid: Elixir 

--Reverse Back Attack Glitch-- [028]

You may have noticed that when you're back attacked that you can 
hold L1 and R1 to turn your characters around. Well, note that this 
doesn't matter, as there is a bug that, even though your back is turned, 
you still take the same amount of damage regardless.

--Getting Quadra Magic without a Chocobo Glitch-- [029]

There is a way to get the materia "Quadra Magic" without having to breed 
a River Chocobo. You'll need the Highwind.  Fly it to the most southwestern 
tip of land on the map and you'll notice a cave.  Follow this back (Mideel way) 
until you get to a slightly upraised piece of land.  Go as far as you can to the
edge of the cliff.  Face the Highwind south.  Press the land button and quickly 
but lightly press R1.  The Highwind should land half on the cliff and half off.
You can now walk up to the cave and get Quadra Magic.  [mdholland...it's in 
the Codes/Secrets section]
An alternate way of doing this is to press R1 before boarding the Highwind 
(so that the camera follows behind Cloud's point of view).  Facing south next 
to the cliff, hold Square while pressing X, and press the directional button 
towards the edge of the cliff.  While you're landing, you should slide toward 
the cliff, and if done right, you'll get off at the bottom of the cliff.

(Credit to NorseFTX for the alternative method)

--Hidden Element Glitch-- [030]

There was originally another Element in the game, but was taken 
out at the last minute. It still exists, and we have come to call it the 
Hidden Element. The following Materia have the Hidden Element:

Full Cure
Knights of the Round
HP Plus
MP Plus
Magic Plus
Speed Plus
Luck Plus
EXP Plus
Gil Plus

The following attacks have the Hidden Element:

Ultima Beam
Smoke Bullet
Petrify Smog
Stone Stare
Stone Strike
Funny Breath
Fury Brand

(Credit to Terrence and SineNomine)

--Luck Plus at Temple of the Ancients Glitch-- [031]

You can grab the independant materia found in the Ancient 
Temple (maze area, with stairs and vines)--when descending the 
long set of stairs, you can pick it up without having to be on 
ground level.

(Credit goes to LiquidCsOH)

--Opening Treasure Chest on 2nd floor from 1st Floor Glitch-- [032]

In a certain room in the Forgotten City you can open a treasure chest 
that's one the second floor...from the first floor if you're positioned 
correctly. It's in the house that you can get to by taking the left path. 

(Credit goes to Haste2)

--Midgar Zolom Glitch-- [033]

This is a rather useful glitch to use if you don't want to take the time to 
get a Chocobo and cross the marsh. Watch for the Zolom to move away 
from you, then run into the marsh. Before the Zolom gets to you, quickly go 
to the menu and save, then reload the game. The Zolom will end up in a 
differrent location than where it was previously. 

--Junon Glitch-- [034]

This glitch involves the alarm that is in the tunnel to the Underwater 
Reactor after you get the Buggy. Simply press X on the alarm to make 
it go off, then run around and you will get into fights with Slaloms and 
Death Machines. These enemies are not supposed to even show up until 
Disc 2 when Junon is attacked by Weapon. You will have to resort to 
either strong spells or Cloud's Finishing Touch to win these
fights, as they are really strong, but they give out excellent EXP, AP, 
and Gil for this point of the game.

--Infinite Elixir Glitch-- [035]

This glitch happens at the Great Glacier. In the cave where you 
find an Elixir, the message box that appears when you get the item 
will stay as long as you don't exit out of it. If you leave the cave 
with the textbox up, then come back in, the item will still be there 
and you can pick it up over and over again. Great way to get Elixirs 
at that point in the game.

--Test 0 Glitch--[036]

This section probably fits best under the Programmer Only section, but
I think this works in the Japanese version of the game.

There is an enemy that was orginally taken out of the game called
Test 0, which could be found in the Corel Prison (where the empty
treasure box is). This enemy was used to test out the game's systems,
and offered a lot of EXP and Gil. However, you can still fight this enemy
if you use a Gameshark or the like to hack into the system's graphics.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Double Potion Glitch--[037]

At the beginning of the game, when you jump off of the 
train, there are 2 dead guys. You can check each of their corpses 
for a potion. The glitch is, you can get both potions by just checking 
the first corpse twice. Not really useful, but fun to show to friends. 

(Credit to pornstar_runner)

You can either get these by:

- get both Potions from the first guard
- get both Potions from the second guard
- get one Potion from each guard

(Credit goes to GarlandG for this list)

--Gil Plus Glitch--[038]

You will always get twice as much Gil, even if the materia only has 
one star (you should only get 1.5x times as much gil with a one 
star Gil Plus).

(Credit goes to lolo26)

--Master Command Glitch--[039]

As you probably know, Double Cut and Slash-All can't be paired 
with support materias. However there is a little trick to still get them 
to be linked with support materia. Link the support materia to Master 
Command (Added Cut for example) and just place Double Cut/ 
Slash-All somewhere else. Now, when you use 2x Cut etc...Added 
Cut will also activate! So for example, you can use 4x Cut+Added 
Cut for a grand total of 5 attacks! And it's possible to multi-link 
them too. So you can also add Master Command=HP Plus, to be 
able to attack 5 times and gain HP back!

(Credit goes to lolo26)

--Turks Glitch--[040]

This more like a trick to bypass the Turks fight, and to save time.
Basically, instead of running towards the top of the screen in the
area where you normally fight the Turks in the Midgar raid, you walk
towards in such a manner that the fight won't trigger. Here's a video
showing how it works:


(Credit goes to lolo26)

--Fort Condor Glitch--[041]

Another helpful 'trick'. If you position one soldier just above the red
line, and then go to battle and keep placing soldiers above the red line
(while keeping the Battle Speed on low), you can eventually reach the
bottom before the first enemy appears, kill it, and end the battle. Here's
a video showing how it's done:


(Credit goes to lolo26)

--Running Glitch--[042]

"Interestingly enough, you will instantly flee a battle if at least 
one character is petrified, stopped, or paralyzed while in the 'running'
pose.  So as long as you are not fighting a boss or have been 
ambushed (see the Running section for more detail), you can always 
escape simply by letting the enemy do one of the above attacks to 
you, or by doing it to yourself (via Spell Materia)!  This is also useful 
if all your members are paralyzed, stopped, or whatever, and your 
last character is about to suffer a similar fate.  Simply try to run away 
(even if you can't), and you'll escape the moment you are hit by the 
attack.  The only exception to this trick is that if you are petrified and
your other teammates are dead or petrified, then you will always 
lose.  This doesn't work on boss battles, by the way."

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Super W-Item Glitch-- [043]

This is a much more discovered glitch in the game, and works
similarly like the W-Item glitch. However, there is quite a bit
of difference between this glitch and the regular W-Item glitch.
What's the difference? With this glitch, you can duplicate
the normally non-duplicable items and equipment using this
glitch, such as Sneak Gloves and Mystiles. Here's how this
glitch works:


1) First, empty your inventory of what you're trying to steal
or morph, then with the first item in your inventory, make sure
you only have 1 of that item. Also, make sure that you have
W-Item materia of course.

2) Get into a fight with the monster that you want to steal
or morph the item from. Have your character with Steal or
Morph do their thing, and as their animation is going on, have
your character at the same time use W-Item and USE the first
item, then wait until the item is stolen/morphed. The first
item in the inventory should then be whatever you stole or
morphed, then continue the normal W-Item glitch from here
to duplicate that item. Note that there has to be at least 1
enemy still alive after doing this to get this to work.


This version works the same way, except that you HAVE to
have what you want duplicated stolen first. This can actually
be very troublesome, considering there's a fair amount of rare
and unique items throughout the game. To do this right, empty
your inventory of all non-unique items to increase the chances
of a particular piece being stolen, then when that piece is
stolen, have whoever kill that enemy, and at the same time,
perform the above W-Item trick to that. 

Credits go to BrutalAl for putting up a video of this, which
can be found here: 


Also credit to FFVIITattoo for bringing up the subject.
E. Battle System Glitches [GA04]

--Magic Defense Glitch-- [044]

Originally, the game was supposed to add a character's Spirit stat 
with an armor's Magic Defense stat for a character's resistence to 
Magic Attacks. But, a bug in the game makes it so that the armor's 
Magic Defense isn't added intot the formula. Thus, the formlua for 
a character's resistence to Magic is Spirit=Magic Defense. However, 
you can use the item Hero Drink or the spell Dragon Force to increase 
Magic Defense. You can also permanently increase a character's Spirit 
by using Mind Sources, which in turn will permanently increase that 
character's Magic Defense.

--Lunatic High Glitch-- [045]

RedXIII's limit Lunatic High is supposed to give +50% Df% to every 
party member.  This number is maxed out at 100% Df%.  However, 
RedXIII receives ALL bonuses to Df%, including the other party 
members', so others will not get any bonus.  If at least one other 
party member is alive, RedXIII's Df% will max out at 100%.

(Credit goes to Terrence)

--Underwater Materia Glitch-- [046]

Underwater materia has 1 star, and can gain AP, but will always be 
considered to have 0AP when used in battle with the Missing Score.

(Credit goes to Terrence)

--Cover Materia/Elixir Glitch-- [047]

Cover Materia bug: if you use an Elixir on a party member, and 
a different member has Cover equipped, then they will cover the 
Elixir and will be healed instead of the person you originally gave 
the Elixir to.  

(Credit goes to Terrence)

--Bizarro Sephiroth/Quadra Magic-Ultima Glitch-- [048]

When fighting Bizarro Sephiroth, using Quadra Magic = Ultima 
may result in freezing the game.  This happens if you kill him any 
time before the final casting of Ultima.

Norse believes this should happen with every naturally all-hitting 
spell used in conjunction with Quadra Magic, such as summons, 
against any set of enemies that contains more than one target. I, 
too, can see this happening, butonly if one of the multiple targets 
were to die before the final casting of the conjunctioned 

--Bizarro Sephiroth Parts Glitch--[049]

This is in lolo26's point of view:

"I can't remember this one exactly. But it was for the 2-3 parties 
version. If you don't kill the Right Arm/Magic (IIRC) then the death 
of any other parts will not be saved. Which means that after 
switching to the other party and then coming back, all the parts 
will be alive again. Terence should have info on this, so just check 
his FAQs....I remember Bizarro had a good dozens of other glitches 
and AI flaws >_>.

(Credit goes to lolo26)

--Unescapable Random Battle Glitch-- [050]

After fighting a boss, enemies in area are sometimes unescapable 
(the game still thinks you're fighting a boss--the "unescapable" flag is 
not turned off yet).  Known to occur after the following encounters: 
>59th floor, 3 Mighty Grunts 
>Tunnel in Midgar, Turks 
>Gaea's Cliff, Schizo.  

Note that this only works BEFORE you leave the area where you fought
the mandatory/boss battle.

(Credit goes to GarlandG)

--Allegmagne L4 Death Glitch-- [051]

Have an Allemagne (North Cave) cast Lvl 4 Death on itself. It won't 
disappear, but it's registered as dead. 

(Credits goes to atro city)

--Pincer Attack Escape Glitch-- [052]

If you are attacked from both sides, you can't run from the battle. 
However, when you kill all the enemies on one side and try to run, 
the dialogue box will pop up and say "Can't Escape!", but you can 
escape if you continue to hold down the buttons. Depending on the 
character's position, they may turn to the wrong direction as well, though 
when you succeed in running away, they will run off the screen in the right 

--Strength Overflow Glitch-- [053]

When power reaches a certain point, damage overflow occurs and 
the damage becomes either surprisingly small or so large that damage 
is displayed in symbols rather than in numbers. If the character 
acheives this damage overflow, if they have HP Absorb linked 
with the attack they are using, they will receive damage from the 
attack rather than being healed.

The most ready instances of this are available in Barret's Missing Score 
and Vincent's Death Penalty.

(Credit goes to FeuFeu)

--Death Penalty Glitch-- [054]

This glitch will take a very long time to do, but it's actually very nice, 
as it can instantly kill Emerald Weapon in one shot.

To make this glitch work, you need to get Vincent's Death Penalty, 
then have Vincent kill 65535 enemies. This will make it so that the 
damage Vincent does overflows, and will instantly kill anything 
with the exception of Ruby Weapon in one shot.

-Special Info regarding Death Penalty-

DP's Attack Formula:
Power = [Power * [Vincent's Kills / 128] / 16] + 10

The second Power = 16 for normal attack, 2 for morph.

Then go from a normal attack there onwards.

Also remember to add in defence and other such factors afterwards.

Check the Battle Mechanics FAQ for more info.


First off, once you hit 65535 kills, it doesn't increase anymore. 
There's no overflow *there*.

You don't need to do 22 million damage to cause an overflow. There are 
two main dangers where overflow can occur. The first is right at the start 
where your Base Damage is applied to both the Power of the attack and the 
enemy's Defense. If this damage goes above 262,144 damage, an overflow 
will occur.

The second danger occurs right when Random Variance is worked out which 
is after all the things like Berserk, Frog, Critical Hits and the 
like have been added. If the damage before Random Variance 
goes above a random value from 524288 to 559094, the damage 
will overflow.

If the damage overflows (and assuming that it doesn't overflow by enough to go 
back into positive numbers again - that *can* happen with low enough Defense 
and high enough Power/Hero Drinks), the damage will be negative.

Negative damage is not the same as positive healing. Negative damage makes FF7 
think: "Oh, you did so much damage that his HP overflowed and he now has more 
HP than before the attack. I'd better fix that." Instant death.

--Adamantaimai Cure Glitch-- [055]

If you manage to inflict Barrier and MBarrier on an Adamantaimai 
before it takes its first turn, it will try to cast Cure. Since Cure is not 
in its Attack List, the game will freeze or crash.

(Credit goes to FeuFeu and lolo26)

--Gelinka Rude Glitch-- [056]

When fighting Rude in the Gelinka, there is a bug with his AI 
that causes him to be unable to attack if he uses any attack other 
than "Shoulder Bash". 

(Credit goes to FeuFeu)

--Mime Glitch-- [057]

This doesn't neccessarily do anything, but I though it'd be worth 
mentioning. Whenver you try to mime a spell or summon with 
insufficient MP, you'll get a message that says "Not enough MP!", 
but you will still mime the spell or summon.

--Regen Glitch-- [058]

Here's a glitch that can be useful to anyone. Cast Regen on a 
character or characters, then open the Playstation lid. The game 
will stop, but the Regen will continue on, so you can heal full HP 
without using too much MP.

--Reflect Glitch-- [059]

Here's another glitch, which is potentially bad, but rarely happens. 
If you cast Reflect on all enemies, then cast Reflect on all of you 
characters, THEN use a spell that hits all targets, the spell will 
bounce back and forth endlessly. 

--All Party Members KO Glitch-- [060]

This is a glitch that is going to be extremely rare, unless you do 
it yourself. The steps are not that complicated either.

1) KO one of your party members (not Cloud)
2) Switch that character with another character who is alive.
3) KO two more party members (one has to be Cloud)
4) Switch out your healthy party member with the KO'ed party 
member that you switched out.5) When you get into a fight, it'll be 
instant Game Over.

As I said before, the only way this will happen is if you do it 

F. Game System Glitches [GA05]

--Cloud's Starting EXP Glitch-- [061]

When first starting game, Cloud is listed as needing 645 EXP to 
Lv7, which is incorrect, but this is fixed after the first battle.

(Credit goes to Terrence and lolo26)

--Cosmo Memory Glitch-- [062]

RedXIII's limit, Cosmo Memory, cannot be learned even if you 
have all 6 previous limits, if his limit level is set below 3.  Change it 
to lv3, and it's fixed.

--Chocobo Stable Moving Glitch-- [063]

Chocobo stable moving: there are several bugs with changing 
default controller settings. You can't move chocobos if your default 
confirm button is set to anything other than "O".

--Changing Default Controller Settings Glitch-- [064]

Changing default controller settings can make it difficult to choose the 
options given to you before fighting Rufus on top of the ShinRa building, 
and switching party members before fighting the Turks outside of Rocket 
Town's rocket.

--Level 4 Limit Glitch- [065]

There is a known bug that is potentially bad for you. Sometimes, if 
you learn you Limit Breaks ahead of time before you get the second 
Limit Break in any given level, then you cannot learn you're Level 4 Limit 
Break. This can also happen regardless if you don't do this. There is no 
known way to fix this bug aside from starting a new game.

There is also another glitch that, sometimes when you start a new game,
you'll start with all Limit Breaks learned, but cannot swtich from Limit
Level 1.

--Ruby Falling to Appear After Beating Ultimate Weapon Glitch-- [066]

This happens occasionally. To fix this, you might need to save, reload 
your game, or fight a few random battles. 

(Credit goes to Reno_fangirl_05)

--Pandora's Box Glitch-- [067]

This is a very rare glitch, and is very good for you if you missed 
Pandora's Box the first time it was cast. What happens is when the 
Dragon Zombie uses Pandora's Box the first time, the game will set 
a flag to 1 so that the spell is never used again. However, there is a 
rare time where the Dragon Zombie will use the spell again. This is 
very useful to learn the spell if you missed it the first time.

--Fort Condor Hi-Potion Glitch-- [068]

This will occur once in the game. When you do one of the Fort Condor 
battles, there will be a blank textbox that will pop up if you win the battle. 
It may not look like you got anything, but you will indead have gotten 5 

G. Glitches to Investigate [GA06]

These glitches are yet to be proven to be working as of yet, but 
NorseFTX is currently testing them out. The following are all from 
her point of view, so remember whenever you see "I" or something 
to that extent, it is Norse saying it, not me. Also note that all names 
in brackets are the people who reported the glitches:

I) -I left the buggy just before Cosmo Canyon before it broke down, 
then I got back in after realising it has to break down. But the way I 
parked it, the buggy hopped and jumped itself close to the edge. I 
didn't think anything of it till I finished in CC, and realised I couldn't 
move the newly-repaired buggy. I could spin it in a circle, and that 
was about it. You need it to pass over the river into Nibelheim, so I 
was quite screwed. [gromreaper]

II) -There was this glitch that when you flew at the lowest you 
could go and you kept hugging the ground or floor you could go 
under a mountain if your lucky. This glitch is super rare and it doesn't 
has often. You have to be playing for a while and then it might work 
for you. I only encountered it when I went by the ocean towards a 
mountain this trick would work. [Forsaken_Knight]

III) -The first was at the town underneath Junon where you have 
just rescued Priscilla, she gives you the Shiva materia then runs 
off somewhere but that woman who walks around the town just so 
happened to cross her path just as she was running off and made 
the game get "stuck" so I had to reload from the last save point.  

IV) -When at the Shinra HQ get to the point where you have 
been jailed. When you fight your way back to your partner you 
are supposed to get the keycard from your oppenent. DON'T. 
Instead go back to your cell and everyone will be dead and you 
cannot get the keycard and so you are stuck. [WarriorCloud]  
(I tried to test this, but I wasn't very sure what the person meant...I 
couldn't get this to work....)

V) -When I was playing as Cid and I was runnin through Mideel, 
I went to give the little white Choco some greens. When I went to 
talk to it I somehow trapped it between a desk and myself so it couldnt 
turn to face me the way its supposed to. everything else in the game 
was fine, the kid was runnin around, music was playin. But I couldnt 
move or do anything so I had to reset. [MajinGoku] (If I can get this, 
then I'll have a video)

VI) -In the gold saucer area where it has all those holes leading 
to different sections of the area, I pressed triangle and cloud did 
the jump animation. [Leagult] (this would be weird  >>)

VII) -1.) Talked to Wrestling Machine and Exchange Woman at 
same time.
  2.) Triggered Cancellation of Exchange, and was able to walk about, 
likely because my cancellation of the exchange triggered the code to 
allow walking... But the wrestling screens went away, even though I 
chose to play that.
  3.) I went to the Basketball Game, but when I triggered the game to 
finally start, the game triggered the wrestling game to start instead: So 
I was standing in front of the basketball game while my characters 
animation was playing the wrestling game.
  4.) When I was defeated in the wrestling game, somehow the games 
code had input to drag my  animation over to the Wrestling machine 
slowly, probably to face the character towards the machine in case the 
player tries to face away in a small time gap, and when I finally made 
it, the game triggered the end of my game play, and I could once again 
move. I decided to leave the room afterwards and found no side-effects 
of this glitch. [SomeCrazyGuy] (I've tried this so many times!  Since I 
want to get a video of this so badly....but I haven't been able to talk to 
both of them at once yet....)

VIII) -Ruby: battling with him, and defeating him may not end the 
battle sometimes. [Reno_fangirl_05]
(Oo....I'm not sure what causes this...I'm still trying to find out...)

IX) -ive had a glitch on the ps version that ends the battle before all 
of the enemies are defeated. the victory music plays, the camera 
zooms on them... and as it does you can see an enemy still standing.as 
for details, it first happened to me when facing goblins, but then it 
started to happen a few times in other places. it appeared to be caused by 
steal all, and after i got the item from all enemies, the next enemy i killed 
ended the battle. [anotherdeadcow]

X) -"I have had something strange happen to me at Fort Condor. It's 
definatley a glitch (or lazy programing, whatever) but it isn' game-breaking. 
It has happened to me on my first visit when I am placing soldiers. When 
you press the O button, it brings up the choices to begin the battle; 
However, when I went right down to the line (before placing any soldiers) 
and pressed O then X to cancel it three times whilst holding down - don't 
ask why - the same menu comes up, only it looks like (_ means a space, k)
______(some weird Japanese symbol)
______."  [Blood Omega]

XI) -When in the Cave of Gi, if a character is dead and you run into the 
spikes, they should come alive. I'm not sure if this works. [TheEmulatorGuy]  
<==Also check for the traps in Ancient Frog Forest.

XII) -MISTYPE: Whenever I take Cid as the leader to the Forgotten 
Capital, there is a house, or perhaps those green glowy things that 
get in people's heads...well, anyway, at one of those points, Tifa will 
make a comment. Problem with that is, obviously if Cid is the leader, 
Tifa can't be on the team. I'd put that on the Last Elixir level. There's 
nothing special that triggers this; it's happened in every game I've 
played. [PAViridian]

XIII) -In the PC version, I was fighting Hojo. As my first move, I 
had Cloud use Meteorain, Cait Sith use 2x Cut, and Yuffie use Doom 
of the Living. The Meteorain killed off Hojo's first form. During the 
part where Hojo's first form dies, Yuffie's turn came up again. During 
the battle with Hellitic Hojo, I was able to tell Yuffie to use Doom of 
the Living. So after she used Doom of the Living from the first time I 
told her to, she used it again in succession without needing another 
full limit bar. <== CHECK if happens in PSX VERSION [Vehek]

XIV) -Right before I was going to fight sephiroth I used my save 
crystal, but something really weird happened. The whole screen 
turned into multiple copies of a save point, but the music 
was still going. And then it went to the fight with sephiroth. I was 
really confused cause if the game was really still going though the 
image was messed up, I still would of had to walk to the next area 
or something, or at least press a button. I'm pretty sure thats its one of 
those "One time" glitches, cause it only happenned once. I hope that 
helped in anyway [TheStupidNinja]  (I don't know if it's possible to 
access the menu before fighting Sephiroth....maybe the person got 
confused with FFVIII....?)

XV) -A while ago, I was fighting with Vincent in the Battle 
Arena, and during the third battle, he reached his LV4 limit break (Chaos). 
After winning that battle, I initiated the fourth one. Vincent was 
attacked, and his health hit 7777HP. Then things got weird. When his 
turn came up, a command window appeared, and he had three commands 
(I can't quite remember them all), I think he had Double Cut (might have 
been Attack), Magic and Item IIRC. I used an attack command (it was a 
glitchy non-Chaos Saber attack) and then I won the battle. I initiated 
the fifth battle and then everything turned back to normal (no 7777, no 
command window). It was the strangest thing I've ever experienced in 
this game. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? 
(Majutsuko) (This one freaked me out....I want to test this, 
but getting Vincent's HP to 7777 during a Limit break in Battle Arena is 
kind of hard XP)

XVI) -I just tried this one out...if you're playing on a PS2 and you go 
into the controller config, and lets say you change The Menu command 
to R3 or L3, when you exit the game will freeze.
(Yah.  I haven't tried this one yet.   >>    I'm pretty sure it works, 

XVII) -When Yuffie steals your materia, you might not actually lose 
any materia.  Sometimes, your materia order will instead be mixed up, and 
there have been reports of inaccessible materia (such as Contain) being 
put in as well.  (I know that Yuffie only takes certain amounts of materia....
but materia being ADDED in is something new...I'm still trying to figure 
this out)

XVIII) -I have one. In the beginning (kind of) of the game, when you're 
in the ShinRa building, and you get into the elevator, you know how 
you make a few stops before finally reaching "your" floor? Well, on the 
last stop, the game started playing the "Main Battle" theme, it looked 
like a battle was about to happen, and then the game froze. This happened 
a couple times, I think it was because of the position I was standing 
in. It was crazy.[Infrared350Z] (Still investigating....not exactly specific 
enough to test, but I'm being wary around that area)

XIX) -I remember another glitch I had, after fighting the Hundred Gunner 
boss at the Shinra building (the one with Aeris and co) the game 
went back to the screen with Aeris in the lift and a split second later 
the boss battle started up again and I had to fight it for a second time. 
[Stunning SteveAustin]
[arargon100] Fought Schizo and experienced same "Double Battle"
(The "Double Boss-Battle" has happened to several people, but the 
trigger that causes this is unknown.)

XX) -When one character uses Steal all (with Mega All 
equipped), the next character may use Steal all as well, even if they don't 
have Mega All equipped. [anotherdeadcow] 

XXI) -Once, I got all the way to Nibelheim without the buggy breaking 
down. I couldn't find Cosmo Canyon. >_< [TheSuperSaiyan2] (This isn't 
the only person this has happened to.  I can't figure out what's causing this 

XXII) -Let's say Cloud has Phoenix=Final attack, with 999MP and lvl 
90 then in a random battle appears only 1 Gargoyle, and the gargoyle 
casts on him lvl5 death. I noticed the battle ends with Cloud ko'ed 
instead of Cloud being un-ko'ed.[mabauti]

XXIII) -Anyway, another glitch I found is in the City of the Ancients. 
One time I went in after Aeris died, and remember the staircase you climbed 
to reach Aeris was always blocked by a fish? This time it wasn't blocked by 
a fish, and when I went down, the screen turns black and the game freezes. 
I remember it was sometimes before Mideel. CHECK when this happens.

XXIV) -Weird Ying-Yang: I was fighting in the Shrina Mansion 
Basement, in the room where you found Vincent, and I came 
across something that looks like a Ying-Yang but it looks freakingly 
weird, I donno how to describe it, because the first time I fought it I 
thought it's something else, and that thing have the normal attacks 
of a Ying-Yang. After I beat it, everything went back to normal and 
I never found it again. [Nightblade96] (I think this might have been 
a disc-reading error--the same thing happens to me with FFVIII.  The 
polygon textures are miscolored or missing)

XXV) -Glitch Dead End: When on Disc 1 at the part were you must 
go to the Sleeping Forest in Bone Village, go to Yuffie's home 
town instead. You will not be able to do anything and have to 
start again. [TheEmulatorGuy, Gamewinners, hereafter known as 
"GW"] (>>)

XXVI) -Go on the hill between Icicle and the Great Glacier and walk to 
town. Cloud will walk on top of one of the house graphics if you 
walk into it. [TheEmulatorGuy, GW]

XXVII) -Travel the sub through Emerald:  Take the sub to the bottom 
of the ocean. You now have to make Emerald Weapon fly over you, 
which is not easy. One trick is to wait in the bottom of the crater in 
the middle of the ocean. When Emerald Weapon swims over, quickly 
press X to go back to the surface. You will run into Emerald Weapon. 
The battle music will start and you will encounter a black screen 
then mysteriously be on the surface. [TheEmulatorGuy, GW]

XXVIII) -Go to a place where you can fight a Crown Lance (Flying 
Jellyfish). Wait until it does the attack Deadly Needles. Run away 
when a character becomes petrified. When you run, the petrified 
character will turn around and be in a running position but not 
move. [ch1ckgam3r , GW]  (I should test this...it isn't that 

XXIX) -Use an attack on the gargoyles in the North Crater and make 
sure it hits both of them at the same time. Use Flash immediately 
after the attack. They will turn green as usual and the death sound 
will play, but they are still alive.[TheEmulatorGuy,GW]

XXX) -Oh and here's one that happened to me not so long ago:

- after fighting Bottomswell, I reloaded my file and got a 
random encounter against him on the World Map :O. [lolo26]

XXXI) -What you do is get a Chocobo, get in the Highwind, Fly to 
Rocket Town, Land the highwind close to the rocket, position your 
chocobo so that it's tangled up in the Rocket.  Dismount from your 
Chocobo and bet back on.  If done correctly, you should be able to 
move the Rocket around the map.  If you're bored you can move it to 
different towns and pretend they have their own rocket...you can't 
reverse it so be sure to save beforehand. [MajinGoku, from Versusbooks]

XXXII) -I just discovered a bug but I'm not 100% sure. You equip 
Counter-Mime and W-Item and use W-Item to give you two objects (for 
example the first is an X-Potion and the second a Hero Drink). When 
you get attacked for the first time you mime both items (X-Potion and 
Hero Drink) but if you get attacked for a second (or third, or fourth...) 
time then you'll only mime the second item (namely Hero Drink). 

H. Misprints/Mispellings/Mistranslations [GA07]

*Names in brackets are people who are credited for those parts.

-White Chocobo : When you talk to it to give it Mimett Greens, the 
dialogue box will instead say "Samolen Greens", though it still means 
Mimett Greens.
-In Gaea's Cliff, a treasure chest will say "Received 'Last Elixir'!", 
though it is actually a Megalixir.
-In the North Cave, when you meet up with the rest of the party, if 
any of them pick up a Megalixir and give it to you, it will be misprinted 
as "Last Elixir" also.
-In Chocobo Racing, the prize "Counter" is actually the independent 
materia "Counter Attack", not the support materia "Counter".
-The man in the black cloak in Nibelheim gives you a "Power Plus" 
item.  It actually means "Power Source". 
-When Tifa gives you the Mystile she picks up in the North Crater, 
it will say "Mythril", though it still means "Mystile".
-The Peace Ring says it protects against Berserk, Fury, and Sadness, 
but it also additionally protects against Confusion, though it is not listed.
-the gp dude has one. after putting in how much gp you want for your 
gil, he asks "Is gil, okay?". [jdhathrisen]
-Safer Sephiroth is a mistranslation of "Seraph" Sephiroth from the Japanese 
-Organics is a mistranslation of "Ogre Nix"
- When you receive the Four Slots accessory on the 63rd floor, it says "Four 
- When you pick up the Luck Plus Materia in the temple, it says "Lucky Plus" 
- When you pick up the Grow Lance on the 63rd floor (on your second visit to 
Midgar), it says "Glow Lance" (GarlandG)
- When you win the 3rd battle at Fort Condor, you receive an Ether, 
but it says "Tincture". That's what Ethers are called in some of the 
earlier games, IIRC. (GarlandG)
- When you win the 5th and 6th battles, you receive 5 Hi-Potions, but it 
says Potions. (GarlandG)
- When you win the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th battles, you receive 5 X-Potions, 
but it says nothing. (GarlandG)
- When you win a Phoenix Down in the Wonder Catcher at the Wonder
Square, you'll get an Ether instead, and vice-versa if you win an Ether.
I. Programmer Only Items and the Likes [GA08]

--Test 0--[PO01]

There is a lot behind this one. There was an enemy, originally designed
to test the game's systems, that was taken out of the regular game, but
can still be fought by hacking into the game's graphics, and can only
be fought at the Corel Prison, where the open treasure box is. This
is still possible to do in the Japanese version, however. There
was a Key Item called a Loveless Ticket attached to this enemy.
This Loveless Play Ticket was meant to replace the Test 0 battle in
the game, but they programmed this in the wrong place, in the
inaccessible background of the Corel Prison. Therefore, it is still in
the game, but can only be gotten through hacking. This ticket was
originally used to see the play in the Gold Saucer, but that part was
removed; just not all of it, such as Cid mentioning the play at the
start of Disc 3, if you talk to him before going down into the Northern

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Letter to Wife and Letter to Daughter--[PO02]

Some NPC's in the game have deleted conversations, and these two
Key Items are part of one of the deleted conversations with a woman
in Kalm. You can still find them by hacking into the game, but here
are the scripts for the letters:

(This is taken from a conversation that I had with Nightblade96)

Nightblade96 (7:19:20 PM): I am a traveling salesman, going around the world.
Nightblade96 (7:19:30 PM): [New Screen]
Nightblade96 (7:19:41 PM): I came because Iheard that near this 
village was materia strong enough to shake the earth.
Nightblade96 (7:19:45 PM): [New Screen'
Nightblade96 (7:19:55 PM): Even I get homesick and want to see my family.
Nightblade96 (7:20:02 PM): [New Screen]
Nightblade96 (7:20:14 PM): I have a favor to ask of you. 
Can you get this letter to my lovely wife?
Nightblade96 (7:20:18 PM): [New Screen]
Nightblade96 (7:20:22 PM): Will you do that for me?
Nightblade96 (7:20:28 PM): [Choice]
Nightblade96 (7:20:31 PM): Take the letter
Nightblade96 (7:20:34 PM): Not interested.

Note that you can never find who the recepient of the letter is. Ever.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Hidden Soundtrack--[PO03]

There is a hidden soundtrack called Comedy.wav that was supposed
to play when Yuffie was nearby, but they left it out. Apparently, you
can hack into the game and hear it.

--Mystery Panties--[PO04]

There is another Key Item that may have been part of the Wall Market
sidequest (the one where Cloud dresses up) called the Mystery Panties.
This was taken out of the normal game, but can still be gotten by
hacking into the game.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Hidden Background--[PO05]

This is from the conversation that I had with Nightblade:

Nightblade96 (7:25:32 PM): While experimenting with the Debug 
Room, it was discovered a 'hidden' area existed in the Northern Cave.
The option to access this area, and the area itself, are pictured below. 
Nightblade96 (7:25:52 PM): It have options
Nightblade96 (7:26:22 PM): TRNAD51

Nightblade96 (7:26:44 PM): The option to access this area is 
TRNAD53. Once selected, you will be whisked to the Northern Cave.
This specific location resembles the area where one of the Weapons
is stored. However, upon closer observation, this isn't quite the 
case. Allow me to explain... 

When you are transported to this area, you'll notice a tune playing 
in the background. What is this tune? Aeris' theme - the theme you 
hear when she was killed. 

But that's not all. Notice the absence of Cloud in the screenshot. 
This area hasn't been 'coded' with paths for Cloud to walk on (hence 
why he appears off-screen), meaning it was never intended to be 
accessed during normal gameplay. 

Why would Aeris' death theme be playing in an unaccessable part 
of the Northern Cave? We honestly don't know, except to say this 
is extremely peculiar. Interpret this as you will. 

Other information regarding this area is listed below: 

 -When you access your character menu, the game calls this area '
Great Cave'.
 -There are no exits or paths.
 -Choosing TRNAD51 or TRNAD52 in the Debug Room will 
transport you to the sequence where the Black Materia is activated.
 -Choosing BLACKBGD will create a 'Please Insert Disc 2' message. 
Nightblade96 (7:27:57 PM): So, could it be used to resurrect Aeris?
Nightblade96 (7:28:00 PM): We don't know.
Nightblade96 (7:28:14 PM): Maybe it's left out, or maybe it's 
something else entirely.

Here is a conversation that I had with Nightblade about this topic:

Nightblade96 (7:24:20 PM): It's a hidden background in the
ankokuryu (7:24:58 PM): k
Nightblade96 (7:25:01 PM): It's actually in the Northern Crater...
Nightblade96 (7:25:04 PM): As a hidden area...
Nightblade96 (7:25:17 PM): You can only find it in the debug room.
Nightblade96 (7:25:32 PM): While experimenting with the Debug 
Room, it was discovered a 'hidden' area existed in the Northern 
Cave. The option to access this area, and the area itself, are pictured 

Nightblade96 (7:25:41 PM): I can't send you the picture
Nightblade96 (7:25:47 PM): So I'll tell you what it says.
Nightblade96 (7:25:52 PM): It have options
Nightblade96 (7:26:22 PM): TRNAD51
Nightblade96 (7:26:44 PM): The option to access this area is 
TRNAD53. Once selected, you will be whisked to the Northern 
Cave. This specific location resembles the area where one of the 
Weapons is stored. However, upon closer observation, this isn't 
quite the case. Allow me to explain... 

When you are transported to this area, you'll notice a tune playing 
in the background. What is this tune? Aeris' theme - the theme you 
hear when she was killed. 

But that's not all. Notice the absence of Cloud in the screenshot. 
This area hasn't been 'coded' with paths for Cloud to walk on (hence 
why he appears off-screen), meaning it was never intended to be 
accessed during normal gameplay. 

Why would Aeris' death theme be playing in an unaccessable part 
of the Northern Cave? We honestly don't know, except to say this 
is extremely peculiar. Interpret this as you will. 

Other information regarding this area is listed below: 

 -When you access your character menu, the game calls this area 
'Great Cave'.
 -There are no exits or paths.
 -Choosing TRNAD51 or TRNAD52 in the Debug Room will 
transport you to the sequence where the Black Materia is activated.
 -Choosing BLACKBGD will create a 'Please Insert Disc 2' message. 
ankokuryu (7:27:33 PM): Got it.
Nightblade96 (7:27:57 PM): So, could it be used to resurrect Aeris?
Nightblade96 (7:28:00 PM): We don't know.
Nightblade96 (7:28:14 PM): Maybe it's left out, or maybe it's 
something else entirely.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Aeris Cave--PO06]

This one is unknown, but there's an area that was taken out of the
original game, which was apparently part of Sephiroth's cave in the
Northern Crater. How this works is currently unknown.

Here is a conversation that I had with Nightblade about this topic:

Nightblade96 (7:29:53 PM): The aeris cave thing?
Nightblade96 (7:30:04 PM): It's apparently part of Sephiroth's cave 
in the Northern Crater...
Nightblade96 (7:30:19 PM): But things like Aeri's music in 
background... etc... are still unknown.
ankokuryu (7:31:25 PM): Hmmm...interesting.
Nightblade96 (7:32:19 PM): You know what's more interesting?
Nightblade96 (7:32:25 PM): http://www.ff7citadel.com/secrets/sa_seen4.shtml
Nightblade96 (7:33:10 PM): apparenly Aeris was programmed to die... 
in the Cave where Sephiroth's realb body is!
Nightblade96 (7:33:22 PM): That explains Aeris' lines when she was
already dead.
Nightblade96 (7:33:41 PM): but its still a theory.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)

--Hidden Materia--PO07]

There were two materia that were taken out of the game: the Booster
materia, which was supposed to make you immune from Earth-typed
attacks, and the Prevent Floor Damage materia, which was meant
to protect against dungeon traps. These can probably be only gotten
through hacking, though whether or not this is true is debatable.

(Credit goes to Nightblade96)
J. Videos [GA09]

K. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) [GA10]

Note that none of these were asked by anyone, but I feel the need 
to address these in case someone were to ask them.

Q: Will I run into any of these glitches?
A: It depends on what you do during the game. Some people 
will run into some, some will run into all of them. It also depends 
on your game as well, though some of these glitches will still occur 
+regardless, such as the Regen Glitch and the Death Penalty Glitch.

Q: Do all/any of these actually work?
A: Most of the glitches that were covered do in fact work. If they 
don't work, or in question, then it will say so in that section.

Q: How much time have you spent researching these glitches?
A: I'll admit, some of these I did do, but some I didn't do, such 
as the Honey-Bee Inn Glitches. So, if they don't work, don't blame me.

Q: Why did you make this faq in the first place?
A: Not to be rude, but read the first section.

L. Credits [GA11]

Thanks to Cloud Vs. Sephiroth, for info on the Save Crystal #1 
glitch, Infinite Elixir glitch, the Fort Condor Hi-Potion glitch, and the 
Magic Defense glitch.

Thanks to Nightblade96 for info on the Dating Exploition glitch, 
the All Party Members KO glitch, the Honey-Bee Inn glitch, the 
Ying/Yang glitch, the Highwind glitch, and the 
Highwind/Submarine/Chocobo glitch.

Thanks to Zechs_Merquise, for the info on the Mime glitch.

Thanks to Terence, for the use of the Enemy Mechanics FAQ for 
the section on the Hidden Element.

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