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    Debug Room Guide by scrwdrvr

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 08/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Final Fantasy VII Debug Room Faq
    Final Fantasy VII Debug Room Faq version 1.8
    Final Fantasy VII for the Sony Playstation
    by scrwdrvr (vodka_81@yahoo.com)
    This document copyright 1999 scrwdrvr (vodka_81@yahoo.com)
    Table of contents
    1.  Revision History
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Information
    4.  The Good Stuff
    5.  Yuffie
    6.  Room 1
    7.  Room 2
    8.  Room 3
    9.  Room 4
    10. Room 5
    11. Room 6
    12. Room 7
    13. Room 8
    14. Room 9
    15. Room 10
    16. Thank You's
    1.  Revision History
    (August 11, 1999) 1.0 - Just started, half of the rooms done.
    (August 12, 1999) 1.5 - Finished Room 5 and added two more rooms.  Made some
                            major and minor corrections.  Added more info on
                            Room 1 thanks to Andrew Dean.  Added "The Good
                            Stuff" Section
    (August 13, 1999) 1.6 - Made some more corrections.  Added more "good stuff"
                            Added room 8.
    (August 14, 1999) 1.7 - More corrections, more "good stuff" and Room 9.
                            Found out what Tifa(3)'s tukamaeta option in Room 9
                            does big thanks to CzarDragon for the info.
    (August 15, 1999) 1.8 - More corrections, "good stuff" and Room 10, done all
                            the rooms and added Improved Debug Code thanks again
                            to CzarDragon look for it at the end of the
                            "Information" section.
    2.  Introduction
    Two years after the release of Square's mega hit Final Fantasy VII two
    Gameshark hackers known as RPGod an CzarDragon have discovered a code for
    access to the Debug Room.  It is very confusing so I wrote this faq to shed
    some light.
    3.  Information
    To get into this room you do NEED a Gameshark, without it getting into the
    room is impossible.  The code is 8009A05C 0041.  When you get to the "NEW
    GAME/Continue?" screen start a new game and switch off the Gameshark.  I do
    not suggest that you use one of your files to get to the room, so do like me
    and take out your memory card(s) before doing any of this, and I CAN'T help
    you with any problems with you saved game files.  There are 10 different 
    rooms to go to from the beginning.  The debug room is set up like this:
    =================      The circles are in Japanese Kanji so I'll label the
    |       o              rooms by numbers. The top circle is room 1, in the
    |    o     o           next row is room 2 and room 3, the next is room 4 and
    | o           o        room 5, and so on. The vertical line beside room 6 is
    |    o|    o           Yuffie she gives you various options.  If you go to 
    |       o              the right you end up outside Midgar.  The top line 
    =================      leads to room 9 and the bottom one leads to room 10.
    Press Select on the controller if you are in a new room and you might get 
    some new options.  Make sure that you turn OFF the Gameshark before going 
    to a room or else you'll just go to the debug room again it'll just be all 
    black.  You can go back to the debug room by turning on the Gameshark and 
    going to a new screen.  The debug room will look screwed up but it's still 
    the same.  There is alot of glitches in this room and sometimes it might 
    freeze so beware.  If you go to a scene and go off the screen when the 
    gameshark is on and it's supposed to lead to the world map it won't go 
    there, it will go to the snowfield part with the flags and even if the
    gameshark is off you could still end up at the northwest coner of the map
    in the water so you'll be stuck and you'll have to reset.  If you are in a
    battle do not turn on the gameshark because it'll lead to a Game Over,
    battling on the World map could be dangerous because it'll sometimes leave
    you stuck, even if the gameshark is off, so you'll have to reset.  If you
    get to a part where you have to change party members and it's only Cloud
    you have, the game won't continue since you have to have 3 people in the
    party, so you'll have to reset.  Also there are some parts in the game where
    a movie takes place, depending on which disc the movie supposed to be there
    will be a different movie if a different disc is in, example:  The opening
    movie is on disc one but if you change the disc to disc two before it comes
    the movie will be when the Diamond Weapon's shot seen going through the
    screen.  So experiment with the discs.  I've even found a hidden movie, I
    think, I've never seen it before so I guess it's hidden.  For information go
    to Room 1, President Shinra.
    As for the characters Cloud's name is sometimes Ex-SOLDIER sometimes 
    Ex-SOLDIE, Cait Sith has no name it's a blank or sometimes it's Ketcy.  
    Yuffie's name is sometimes Yufi.  Barret's is sometimes Ballet.  Aeris or 
    Aerith's is sometime Earith.  Vincent's is sometimes Vince.  Sephiroth's 
    picture is sometimes Vincent's on the status screen and vice-versa.  Cloud
    starts off a level 6.  Vincent starts at level 50 and everyone else starts
    at level 1.  Of course you can change all this.
    The options are set up like this:
    Aeris' options: <--------- the person you talk to for access to options
    sleep forest--------- Aeris in Sleeping Forest scene (Sleeping Forest)
    ^                     ^                               ^
    |                     |                               |
    name of option        what it does                    where it takes place   
    ??? means I don't know what it does but it acts like a cancel option.  -s- 
    means the button square on the controller and -R1- means R1, If it says any
    of these next to the option it means if you hold it before and when it's
    loading it'll lead to a different scene.  If it says (stuck) that means 
    that you can't move and you have to reset.  My Final Fantasy VII discs are 
    screwed up, every time it freezes I have to switch discs, so some stuff 
    might be wrong.  If anyone has any information on the room that I haven't 
    already listed please e-mail me.
    There is also an improved debug code, here it is:
    8009ABF6 0041
    * No more snowy wasteland! The Debug Room is still loaded
    * No more garbage! The Debug Room background is loaded
    * Not activated by New Game or Load Game
    Using both codes simultaneously seems to work.  Remember these are for the
    North American release of FF7.  Big thanks to CzarDragon.
    4.  The Good Stuff
    This will tell you where all the good stuff is, this is how it is set up:
    1/Tifa/nivl mt entrance
    ^ ^    ^
    | |    |
    | |    Which option to pick
    | Who to talk to
    Whick room
    Watch CG Movie(s) - 1/Tifa/nivl mt entrance
                        5/Mini dolphin/JUNON-MOVIE
                        6/Yuffie/movie check
                        8/Cloud's Mom/doka~n
                        8/Cloud's Mom/touchaku
                        8/Cloud's Mom/deppatu
    Hidden Movie - 1/President Shinra/white boogen (key), make sure Disc 2 is in
    Snowboard Minigame - From Icicle Inn - 2/Aeris.
                         From Wonder Square - ?
    Motorcycle Minigame - From Shinra Building - 6/Dyne/minigame
                                                 7/Sailor/HIGHWAY minigame
                          From Wonder Square - ?
    Submarine Minigame - From Underwater Reactor - 5/Sailor/Minigame0
                         From Wonder Square - 5/Sailor/Minigame1 to Minigame5
    Fort Condor Minigame - 4/Muscle man/1 to last
    In Wonder Square - 8/Yuffie(2)/game1F to game2F
    Do Battle Square - 8/Yuffie(2)/tougijou
    Play Feed the Mog game - 9/Cait Sith/MOGU 1
    Play Speed Square game - 8/Cloud(1)/jet
    Play Chocobo Races - Short - ?
                         Long - 8/Cloud(1)/chokobo
    Puzzles - 2/Old man/Atmospheric barrier no.1 to Atmospheric barrier no.3
              4/Parka girl/HYOU5-2
              5/Temple Sage/Chase
              7/Aeris/Decline Church
    Doing Something Different - 2/Red XIII/Dolphin jump
                                2/Red XIII/Artificial respiration
                                2/Man/Gaea's cliff no.1 to Gaea's cliff 1 of 3
                                5/Shinra soldier/Train2 to Train4
                                5/Temple Sage/The Rock
                                5/Mini dophin/Parade
    99 of every item - 4/Tifa/3rd (Blank)
    Quick level up, quick AP level up and alot of money - Main/Yuffie/BATTLE999
                                                          4/Tifa/4th (Blank)
    Getting all you need - 8/Yuffie(3)/item iroiro
    Gain alot of money - 4/Tifa/2nd (Blank)
                         8/Yuffie(3)/okane ippai
    Gain alot of GP - 8/Yuffie(3)/GP ippai
    5.  Yuffie
    Yuffie is in the debug room right beside room 6.  She gives various options 
    that turn on and off various "flags".
    Yuffie's options:
    First Set:
    NEXT---------- Go to second set of options
    MENU ON------- Enables Save and PHS options
    BATTLE LOCK--- No more random battles
    BATTLE UNLOCK- Enable battles again
    MOVIE LOCK---- Lock all movies
    MOVIE UNLOCK-- Enalble movies again
    GLOBAL RESET-- Reset party and money
    FULL NAME----- Makes weird names for each character
    NEW START----- Start a new game
    EXIT---------- Exit the options
    Second Set:
    BACK---------- Go to first set of options
    SOUND RESET--- If there is music playing picking this will make it silent
    FULL MATERIA-- Get a full set of materia, some blank materia though
    BATTLE999----- Battle 5 triangles that don't attack, for quick level up
    EXIT---------- Exit the options
    6.  Room 1
    This room contains eight characters in two rows.  The first row is Aeris,
    Tifa, Cid, and President Shinra.  In the second is a guy in a suit, Barret,
    Red XIII, and Jessie.  Most of the options in this room leads to different
    scences in the game.  Jessie allows to change party members and other
    options that I don't know what they do.
    Aeris' options - Most of these options lead to the events before and after
    ==============   the death of Aeris.
    cancel---------- Cancel
    bone after arma- In Bone Village
    san dun--------- In Corral Valley Cave
    sleep forest---- Aeris in Sleeping Forest scene (Sleeping Forest)
    ancient forest-- In the Ancient Forest
    lost lake------- In the Forgotton City
    water pray*----- Before Aeris' Death scene (Forgotten City)
    aerith dead----- After Aeris' Death scene (Forgotten City)
    rock(-s- first)- Just before Palmer battle, holding -s- will lead you to
                     looking at the Tiny Bronco scene (Rocket Town)
    bone luna------- In Bone Village
    los in---------- Mako Gun missing scene (Upper Junon)
    * Make sure you walk back a little and then walk toward the pillars, because
    if you jump on the pillar right away you'll get stuck and have to reset.
    Tifa's options - Most of these have to do with Cloud's past memories and in
    ==============   Nibelheim.
    past jenova (-s- egg)--------------- Sephiroth slashes Tifa scene, holding
                                         -s- leads to when Cloud comes to Tifa's
                                         aid. (Cloud's mind)
    join vincent------------------------ In Nibelheim Mansion Basement after
                                         spiral steps
    shinra house vincent (-s- present)*- In Nibelheim Mansion 2nd Floor, on bed,
                                         holding -s- will lead to the entrance
                                         of Nibelheim Mansion
    shinra under (-s- awake)------------ Just before Sephiroth finds about
                                         himself scene, holding -s- will lead to
                                         just before Sephiroth talks about
                                         Jenova scene (Nibelheim Mansion
    nivl reactor------------------------ Tifa with dead dad scene (Nibelheim
                                         Mako Reactor)
    nivl reactor out-------------------- In front of Reactor scene (Nibelheim
                                         Mako Reactor)
    nivl mt entrance (-s- past)--------- Mt. Nibel Movie, holding -s- will lead
                                         to just before Tifa is with dead dad
                                         scene (Nibel Reactor)
    materia cave------------------------ Just before materia scene (Mt. Nibel)
    new event sininb34------------------ Just before Cloud and Zack's past scene
                                         (Nibelheim Mansion Basement)
    new event sininb35------------------ Cloud and Zack's past scene (Nibelheim
                                         Mansion Basement)
    new midgal-------------------------- Zack's death scene (Outside Midgar)
    nivgate----------------------------- Cloud and Zack walking out of Nibelheim
                                         scene (Nibelheim)
    ()---------------------------------- Cancel
    * You can't get off the bed, so just don't pick this option.
    Cid's options - Most of these have to do with the area in and around Midgar.
    opening (-s-)--------------- Opening movie?
    feel wind------------------- Diamond Weapon Battle
    gate open------------------- At Mako Reactor entrance (Sector 1 Station)
    t road (-s-escape)---------- Just entering T junction, holding -s- will lead
                                 to just escaping Reactor (No.1 Reactor)
    1reactor-------------------- Just before Cloud sets time bomb scene (No.1
    junon (-s-yufi,-R1-gaiheki)- Escape from Junon scene, holding -s- will lead
                                 to the captured and Scarlet is talking scene,
                                 holding -R1- will lead when Tifa just escapes
                                 the gas chamber thanks to Weapon (Upper Junon)
    ()-------------------------- cancel
    President Shinra's options - Most of these have to do with Bugenhagen and
    ==========================   Forgotten Capital.
    white----------------- Tifa in Gas Chamber (Gas Room)
    white boogen (key)*--- Waterfall scene with Aeris (Fogotten Capital)
    white boogen (no key)- Just before Bugenhagen talks about the White Materia
                           scene (Forgotten Capital)
    before---------------- Same as above, I think
    after----------------- Same as above but without Bugenhagen
    white2---------------- Just before Cloud thinks about Aeris scene (Forgotten
    junonn in2*----------- After Bugenhagen puts in Ancient Key (Forgotten
    * The background is screwed up it shows a movie, but depending on which disc
    you put in before you activated the scene the movie will be different.  If 
    disc one is in there will be the comet movie when you first visited the 
    Cosmo Canyon Observatory, and if disc two is in there will be a hidden movie
    where a big plane gets off the Junon Airport, if disc three is in there will
    be no movie.
    Man in suit's options - Most of these are events have to do with when Cloud
    =====================   invades the Shinra buiding. 70F leads to a second
                            set of options.
    para----- Parachute scene
    66F------ In Shinra Building 66th floor
    67F(-s-)- Following Hojo scene, holding -s- will lead to the part when the
              whole party is in jail (Shinra Bldg. 67f.)
    68F------ Before Aeris' rescue scene (Shinra Bldg. 68f.)
    68F2----- Aeris' rescue scene (Shinra Bldg. 68f.)
    70F------ plate down meeting- Heidegger, President Shinra, Reeve meeting
              caught------------- Party gets caught scene
              dead president----- Just before Cloud discovers dead president
              app rufaus--------- Just before talk with Rufus
              after heli--------- Just before battle with Rufus
    elevetr-- Elevator scene with Rude and Tseng
    Barret's options - Barret doesn't have any options if you go to him you'll
    ================   automatically go to the Northern Cave.
    Red XIII's options - A bunch of different scenes.
    7 pillar------------- Just before Reno battle (Plate Support)
    kolneo under--------- Just before Aps battle (Sewer)
    high way------------- Just after Motor Ball battle scene (Highway)
    5 out---------------- Escaped Midgar scene (Slum Outskirts)
    airport (-s-gelnica)- Just after Cloud snuck into Upper Junon, holding -s-
                          leads to the exit of Junon Airport (Airport)
    afterfire cefiros---- Just before Tifa with dead dad scene (Mt. Nibel
    jairo sky------------ Tiny Bronco is damaged scene
    jairo sea------------ Same as above
    junon cannon--------- In Junon as it's getting attacked by Weapon (Aljunon)
    junon medical-------- Tifa recovering scene (Dr.'s Office)
    ()------------------- Cancel
    Jessie's options - Allows you to get these characters but to put them in
    ================   your party just choose "Change party members"
    cancel---------------- Change party members
    Aerith---------------- Get Aeris
    Tifa------------------ Get Tifa
    Barret---------------- Get Barret
    Red------------------- Get Red XIII
    cid------------------- Get Cid
    (Blank, Cait Sith)---- Get Cait Sith
    Yuffie---------------- Get Yuffie
    Sephiroth------------- Get Sephiroth
    Cloud Lock------------ Make Cloud as leader
    Change party members - Change party members
    7.  Room 2
    This room is just like room 1 except some of them say something before you 
    pick an option.  You can also play the snowboard game from here.  There are 
    10 people in this room.  In the first row is Barret, Tifa, a Nurse, and 
    Aeris.  In the second is Priscilla and Cid.  In the third is an Old Man, 
    Red XIII, a Man, and Yuffie.
    Barret's options - He lets you add people to your party
    "Who do you want in the party?
    Tifa-------------- Put Tifa in party
    Ballet------------ Put Barret in party
    Earith------------ Put Aeris in party
    Red--------------- Put Red XIII in party
    Cid--------------- Put Cid in party
    Yufi-------------- Put Yuffie in party
    Ketcy------------- Put Cait Sith in party
    Vince------------- Put Vincent in party
    Put Cid on point*- Put Cid as leader of party
    Forget it--------- Cancel
    * If you pick this option then you cannot get Cloud back unless you reset 
    the game.
    Tifa's options - All of these have to do something about North Corel.
    "Going to North Corel
    It doesn't matter whether or not
    Ballet is in this event.
    Barret of north Corel- Just before you find Barret at North Corel scene
    ropeway--------------- Just before Barret talks about his past scene
    North Corel----------- Just after train crashes into North Corel
    quit------------------ Cancel
    Nurse's options - I don't know what none of these do except for the last
    ===============   one.
    Palmer---------- ???
    Highwind-------- ???
    Materia mission- ???
    Cloud revival--- ???
    Rocket launch--- ???
    Sister Ray------ ???
    Train sucess---- ???
    Train failure--- ???
    Train last------ ???
    quit------------ Just stoped the train from crashing into North Corel scene
    Aeris' options - She doesn't have any options she just says, "Snow board
    ==============   game" and you play it, the one from Icicle Inn not the
                     Wonder Square.
    Priscilla's options - She can remove members from the party or give you all
    ===================   of them.  You can't have them in your party unless you
                          go to Barret.
    quit----------- Cancel
    all members*--- Get all party members
    without Yufi--- Remove Yuffie
    without Vince-- Remove Vincent
    without Ballet- Remove Barret
    without Tifa--- Remove Tifa
    without Earith- Remove Aeris
    without Red---- Remove Red XIII
    without Cid---- Remove Cid
    without Ketcy-- Remove Cait Sith
    * If you pick this option you can even get Sephiroth, I just don't know how
    to get him in your party.
    Cid's options - He doesn't have any options, he just says:
    =============   "I'm sickle...xxxx
                     I mean...Icicle Inn
                     ...ok, bad joke."
                     And you end up in Icicle Inn.
    Old man's options - These all lead to the Whirlwind Maze.
    Crater no. 1-------------- Part just before Whirlwind Maze, before Tifa
                               joins (Crater)
    Whirlwind Maze no. 1------ Obtaining the Black Materia scene
    Whirlwind Maze no. 2------ The beginning of the Whirlwind Maze
    Atmospheric barrier no. 1- Barrier with wind
    Atmospheric barrier no. 2- Barrier with wind and wave
    Atmospheric barrier no. 3- Barrier with wind, wave and lightning
    quit---------------------- Cancel
    Red XIII's options - These have to do with Under Junon.  He says, "Where are
    ==================   you going underneath Junon?
    Under Junon 1--------- Just entering Under Junon scene
    There'll be monsters-- At Dolphin Offing just after Cloud rescued Priscilla
    Dolphin jump---------- When you use the Dolphin to jump on the tower
    Artifical respiration- When Cloud has to do CPR on Priscilla
    quit------------------ Cancel
    Man's options - These have to do with Gaea's Cliff.  He says, "Gaea cliff
    =============   test.
    Gaea's cliff no. 1--- First part of climbing Gaea's Cliff
    Gaea's cliff no. 2--- Second part of climbing Gaea's Cliff
    Gaea's cliff 1 of 3-- Third part of climbing Gaea's Cliff
    Gaea's cliff 2 of 3-- Last part of climbing Gaea's Cliff
    Base of Gaea's cliff- Outside man's Cabin (Base of Gaea's Cliff)
    quit----------------- Cancel
    Yuffie's options - These do with the last part of disc two.  She says,
    ================   "Hydroplane event.
    deck no.1--------- ??? I can hear weapon attacking music though
    parachute deck---- About to parachute into Midgar scene (Highwind Deck)
    bridge no. 1------ Just after Shinra destroys Sephiroth's Barrier scene
                       (Highwind Bridge)
    bridge no. 2------ Just found out about Sister Ray scene (Highwind Bridge)
    bridge no. 3------ About to parachute into Midgar scene (Highwind Bridge)
    conference room 1- Shinra meeting about their options (Conference Room)
    conference room 2- Shinra meeting about Sister Ray (Conference Room)
    conference room 3- Heidegger and Scarlet take over Shinra scene (Conference
    send off people--- About to parachute into Midgar scene (Highwind Bridge)
    quit-------------- Cancel
    8.  Room 3
    This room contains alot of people leading to more scenes in the game.  
    There are 12 people in this room.  In the first row is Sephiroth, Aeris, 
    Priscilla, Tifa, and Marlene.  In the second is Cait Sith, a spiky haired 
    guy, a lab guy, and Zangan.  In the third is Barret, Yuffie, and a guy in a 
    blue hat.
    Sephiroth's options - Most of these are Sephiroth-related as does it say on
    ===================   the top.
    quit----------- Cancel
    from pinball--- Sephiroth telling about Materia scene (Truck)
    from Cam's inn- Cloud's first time with Sephiroth scene (Truck)
    starry sky----- Tifa and Cloud remembering the promise scene (Nibelheim)
    gate----------- Cloud and Sephiroth arriving in Nibelheim scene
    gate no. 2----- Tifa remembering Nibelheim with Cloud (Cloud's mind)
    starry sky----- Tifa remembering the well in Nibelheim with Cloud (Cloud's
    village no. 2-- ???
    truck no. 2---- Zach, Cloud and Sephiroth in truck scene
    Aeris' options - All of these take place in the church and have to do with
    ==============   Aeris.
    First of all------------ when Cloud fell in the church flower bed
    Following roof incident- In the church with kids taking care of flowers
    After Aerith's death---- Same as above but with the ghost of Aeris
    Priscilla's options - All of these are on the Highwind.
    highwind (not going)- ???
    Shinra's highwind---- Shinra searching for Promised Land scene (Bridge)
    Party's highwind----- Party discussing what to do scene (Bridge)
    Evening's highwind--- Same as "Shinra's highwind"
    sign----------------- Just obtained highwind scene (Deck)
    passageway----------- In the highwind over the operations room (stuck)
    Conference room------ When Cloud returns scene (Operations room)
    Chocobo-------------- In Chocobo Stable on the highwind (stuck)
    Ex-SOLDIE highwind--- On the highwind bridge
    Tifa's options - All have to do with her dear hometown Nibelheim, it says on
    ==============   the top.  Tifa's house leads to a second set of options.
    willage------------ Sephiroth and Cloud arriving at Nibelheim scene
    1st floor of inn--- In Nibelheim Inn (stuck)
    2nd floor of inn--- On the second floor on Nibelheim Inn (stuck)
    store-------------- In Nibelheim store (stuck)
    Ex-SOLDIE's house-- Cloud sleeping on his bed scene (Cloud's house)
    Tifa's house------- 1st floor-------- on 1st floor of Tifa's house (stuck)
                        2nd floor-------- on 2nd floor of Tifa's house (stuck)
                        2nd floor window- Tifa crying by window scene
                        reminiscing------ Tifa and Cloud talking about past
    1st floor of house- 1st floor of a Nibelheim house (stuck)
    2nd floor of house- 2nd floor of a Nibelheim house (stuck)
    Quit--------------- Cancel
    Marlene's options - She doesn't have any options.  She says, "___ng good-bye
    =================   to party members Ex-SOLDIE."  I can't read the beginning
                        of what she says because it's off the screen.  She just
                        leads to the Cloud and Zack on truck scene.
    Cait Sith's options - These are the parts of Nibelheim of fire or the
    ===================   tragedy of Nibelheim.
    quit--- Cancel
    part 1- Nibelheim on fire (stuck)
    part 2- Sephiroth faking Nibelheim scene
    Spiky haired guy's options - If you want to reset the time or not it says
    ==========================   "global. re-set" on the top.
    yes-------------------------- Reset time
    no--------------------------- Cancel
    ended reflecting on the past- ???
    Lab guy's options - A far as I know he'll take you to the "Present day
    =================   Nibelheim" if you want.
    Go------- In Nibelheim (stuck)
    Don't go- Cancel
    Zangan's options - He does nothing, two blank dialog boxes come up and
    ================   that's it.
    Barret's options - A small dialog box appears and there is 15 invisible
    ================   options.  All these do is party changes.  DO NOT pick the
                       first one because it freezes the game.
    (Blank)- Freezes game
    (Blank)- Put Cloud in party
    (Blank)- Put Barret in party
    (Blank)- Put Tifa in party
    (Blank)- Put Aeris in party
    (Blank)- Put Red XIII in party
    (Blank)- Put Yuffie in party
    (Blank)- Put Cait Sith in party
    (Blank)- Put Sephiroth in party
    (Blank)- Put Cid in party
    (Blank)- Make Young Cloud leader
    (Blank)- Make Cloud leader
    (Blank)- Make Tifa leader
    (Blank)- Make Cid leader
    (Blank)- ???
    Yuffie's options - These have to do with the events when Cloud gives the
    ================   Black Materia to Sephiroth.
    TRNAD51-- Cloud giving Black Materia to Sephiroth scene
    TRNAD52-- Same as above but earier
    TRNAD53-- In the Great Cave?
    BLACKBGD- End of disc 2 screen
    Guy in blue hat's options - These have to do with the events near the end of
    =========================   disc 2.
    quit------------------------- Cancel
    regular hours---------------- On the Highwind Bridge supposed to go to Junon
    star's scream---------------- Party talking about planet scene
    weapon appears--------------- Diamond Weapon appears scene
    What happened to Sephiroth?-- What happened to Sephiroth scene
    On the final day------------- After weapon destroyed Shinra scene
    everyone came home----------- Tifa and Cloud talking alone in Highwind scene
    Called from the last dungeon- On Highwind Bridge
    9.  Room 4
    These options lead to mostly parts in the game rather than scenes unlike the
    previous rooms.  There are 11 people in this room.  In the first row is 
    Red XIII, Reeve, Barret, a parka girl, and Cait Sith. In the second is Cid 
    and a guy in brown. In the last row is a muscle man, Yuffie, Tifa, and 
    Aeris.  The best thing about this room is Yuffie, talk to her and you can 
    see Movies from the game.
    Red XIII's options - These have to do with the Train Grave hence the title.
    MDS7ST2- At second part of Train Grave
    MDS7ST1- At first part of Train Grave
    Cancel-- Cancel
    Reeve's options - Most of these have to do about Shinra's meetings on the
    ===============   Sister Ray and the Weapon.
    1------- Shinra meeting about Sister Ray scene (Shinra Bldg.)
    2------- Rufus telling to fire Sister Ray scene (Shinra Bldg.)
    3------- Weapon destroyed scene (Shinra Bldg.)
    Last0-3- About to go into Northern Cave
    cancel-- Cancel
    Barret's options - He just asks you if you want to organize your party and
    ================   that's what he does.
    Yes- Pick party members
    No-- Cancel
    Parka Girl's options - These all have to do with the Great Glacier, the snow
    ====================   maze.
    (Blank)----------- Just landed from snowboard game, at a tree
    (Blank)----------- At the entrance of the Ice Gate
    (Blank)----------- Just landed from snowboard game, at the Ice Gate
    (Blank)----------- Same as 2nd (Blank)
    HYOU3------------- At a snow path in between some mountains
    HYOU13-1 (After)-- Just before the Parka Girl in Cave, can't fight her
    HYOU13-1 (Before)- Same as above but you can fight the girl
    HYOU5-2----------- At the ice cap puzzle
    Cancel------------ Cancel
    Cait Sith's Options - These have to do with climbing on a bunch of wires to
    ===================   get to the Shinra Building.
    WCRIMB1 (with Battery)---- First part of climbing wires, with Batteries
                               (Plate Section)
    WCRIMB1 (without Battery)- Same as above but without batteries
    WCRIMB2------------------- Second part of climbing wires (Plate Section)
    WCRIMB1------------------- Jump on swinging bar part (Plate Section)
    Cancel-------------------- Cancel
    Cid's options - Talk to him and you'll fight "CMD. Grand  Horn" in front of
    =============    Fort Condor, win or lose he'll give you three options.
    Man----- In Wrestling Gym (Men's Hall)
    Be Girl- Cloud in a dress
    Cancel-- Cancel
    Guy in Brown's options - These all have to do with Fort Condor.  What makes
    ======================   it confusing is that they're all (Blank)'s and the
                             first six (Blank)'s lead to 3 more (Blank)'s and a
    (Blank)- (Blank)- First time entering Fort Condor, Cloud in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Tifa's in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Cid's in lead
             cancel-- Same as first/first (Blank)
    (Blank)- (Blank)- In Fort Condor, Cloud in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Tifa's in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Cid's in lead
             cancel-- Same as second/second (Blank)
    (Blank)- (Blank)- In front of Fort Condor, Cloud in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Tifa's in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Cid's in lead
             cancel-- Same as above
    (Blank)- (Blank)- Same as first/first (Blank) but a little different
             (Blank)- Same as first/second (Blank) but a little different
             (Blank)- Same as first/third (Blank) but a little different
             cancel-- Same as third/third (Blank)
    (Blank)- (Blank)- Same as third/first (Blank)
             (Blank)- Same as third/second (Blank)
             (Blank)- Same as third/third (Blank)
             cancel-- Same as third/fourth (Blank)
    (Blank)- (Blank)- Just before Condor dies, Cloud in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Tifa's in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above except Cid's in lead
             (Blank)- Same as above
    (Blank)- Just before you get the Huge Materia from old man
    (Blank)- At top of Fort Condor
    (Blank)- ???
    (Blank)- ???
    Muscle man's options - These all lead to Fort Condor Battles.  I don't know
    ====================   the difference between some of them.
    1------ Fort Condor Battle
    2------ Same as above
    3------ Same as above but with Fire Catapult
    4------ Same as above but with Tri-stoner
    5------ Same as above
    6------ Same as above
    last--- Same as above
    cancel- Cancel
    Yuffie's options - Probably the best thing here, the title is xy movie, the
    ================   the x and y variables stand for a number.
    look*-- look at a movie on the disc
    plus--- and 1 to the y variable on the title, to skip a movie
    cancel- Cancel
    * Change the disc if you can get different movies.
    Tifa's options - Gives you some great options I just don't know what the
    ==============   last three do though.
    (Blank)- Gain 300 gil
    (Blank)- Gain 131072 Gil
    (Blank)- Gain 99 of all items
    (Blank)- Battle 5 triangles that don't attack, for quick level up
    (Blank)- Reset time
    (Blank)- ???
    (Blank)- ???
    (Blank)- ???
    Aeris' options - These all take place in the Wall Market.
    MRKT 1---------- In the Wall Market before Don Corneo's mansion
    MRKT 2 (After)-- Just arriving the Wall Market
    MRKT 2 (Before)- In Wall Market (can get Premium Heart from computer)
    10. Room 5
    This room greets you with the message "Welcome to FinalFantasy7 English 
    Version".  There is music in the background and everytime you talk to 
    someone the music changes.  There are 13 people in this room.  In the first 
    row is Aeris in a dress, Barret in a sailor suit, Tifa in a dress, a Shinra 
    soldier, a Honey Bee Inn girl, and Rude of the Turks. In the second is 
    Sephiroth, a bikini girl, the Temple Sage, a sailor,  a mini dophin, a mini 
    cat, and a dog.
    Aeris's options - She doesn't have any options, when you talk to her she
    ===============   says, "Working now" and leads to different sounds playing
                      and then you go to the part where Tifa is chasing Cloud
    Barret's options - All of these have to do with the Sector 7 Slums.
    "7th Street"-- At Beginner's Hall
    Welcome Home-- Just arriving at Sector 7 Slums
    Before Memory- Just before talk with Tifa
    Materia------- Same as above but there is a "ghost" Tifa at top corner
    Good Morning-- Just waking up in the AVALANCHE Hideout
    Before Battle- Just arriving as Sector 7 Pillar is under attack
    Cancel-------- Cancel
    After Memory-- Just after memory about promise with Tifa scene
    Tifa's options - She doesn't have any options, all she does is change party
    ==============   members.
    Shinra soldier's options - All of these lead to some part when they first
    ========================   get on the Cargo Train, he says, "Last train from
    Cargo------------ Just got on the Cargo Train
    Train1----------- Security ID Check scene
    Train2----------- Level 2 Alert part
    Train3----------- Max Security Alert part
    Train4----------- Level 4 Alert part
    Monitor---------- Jessie and Cloud looking at model Midgar scene
    Station1--------- Just arriving at Sector 7 Station
    Station2--------- About to Leave Sector 7 Station
    StationFlashBack- Flash back about Aeris' Mom finding her scene
    Cancel----------- Cancel
    Honey Bee girl's options - Talk to her and your window color will change
    ========================   pink at the top to yellow.  These have to do with
                               the Honey Bee Inn.
    First Time- First time arriving at Honey Bee Inn, can't go in
    2nd-------- Same as above up you can go in
    3rd-------- Cloud arriving at Honey Bee Inn dressed as a girl.
    After All-- Arriving at Honey Bee and Aeris is a "ghost"
    Cancel----- Cancel
    Rude's options - Doesn't lead to any scene's just give you a bunch of
    ==============   different options that change party.
    Cancel------------------ Cancel
    Got The Jyro------------ ???
    After The Meteo...TIFA-- Makes Tifa leader
    After The Meteo...CID--- Makes Cid leader
    After The Meteo...CLOUD- Makes Cloud leader
    MakoUnderTheSea--------- ???
    HP&MP 1----------------- Makes the lead character's HP and MP zero
    No Money---------------- Removes all gil
    MoneyMoneyMoney--------- Gain 365534 gil
    Got The Keystone-------- Gain the Keystone Item
    Sephiroth's options - All of these have to do with the events surrounding
    ===================   Mt. Corel.
    Mountain Road--- At the beginning of Mt. Corel
    (Cancel)-------- ??? Cancel?
    Vally----------- At the railroad tracks or Mt. Corel (before the reactor)
    Up&down--------- Climbing the train tracks part
    River----------- The bridge is up part
    Hole------------ In the Camper's secret hideout
    PiyoPiyo-------- Hidden birds nest scene
    Bridge---------- At the end of the long bridge
    Railway--------- At the beginning of the railway crosses with holes
    Ballet's Memory- Barret and Dyne memory scene
    Cancel---------- Cancel
    Bikini girl's options - These have to do with Costa del Sol.
    Town--- Under the bridge of Costa del Sol
    Beach-- Just before Hojo on beach scene
    Harbor- At Costa del Sol Harbor (stuck)
    Debug-- Shinra's arrival at Costa del Sol scene
    Temple Sage's options - Holy crap this guy has alot of options.  They all
    =====================   lead to The Temple of the Ancients scenes and parts.
    First Set:
    (FORMATION)------------ Change party members
    Temple----------------- First arriving at Temple of Ancients
    After Collapse--------- Discovered Black Materia scene
    Altar------------------ At the entrance of the Altar
    Alter2----------------- After putting in the Keystone scene
    Temple of the Ancients- At the beginning of the Temple Maze scene
    Shop of the Ancients--- First time meeting Temple Sage scene
    The Rock--------------- The rolling rocks part
    The Hole of Time------- First arriving at the Time Guardian's clock
    Tirano----------------- About to battle 2 Ancient Dragons
    Treasure--------------- About to get the treasure, can't get it
    Chase------------------ Where you have to chase Temple Sage for key to door
    Next Page-------------- Go to second set of options
    Second Set:
    "Temple of the Ancients2"- Sephiroth about to take Black Materia scene
    Mateo--------------------- Just arriving at the Black Materia's resting
    Sephiros------------------ Sephiroth becoming one with the planet scene
    Hole1--------------------- An entrance blocked off by boulders (stuck)
    Hole2--------------------- An entrance with a light at the end (stuck)
    Boss---------------------- In front of the exit, can't open door yet
    Mateo2-------------------- Cloud being possesed scene
    Cancel-------------------- Cancel
    Sailor's options - Most of these have to do with getting the Huge Materia
    ================   from Junon.
    "Submarine" (Cancel)- Change party members
    SubmarineDock-------- View of Red Shinra Sub, hidden background (stuck)
    BridgeRed------------ Asked if you should surrender part
    BridgeBlue----------- Asked if you should fight Submarine crew part
    SubmarineRed--------- Just entered Shinra sub with red lights
    SubmarinBlue--------- Just entered Shinra sub with white lights
    Escape--------------- Escaping the Shinra sub scene
    MiniGame0------------ Destroy the Red Shinra sub game
    MiniGame1------------ Destroy enemy subs game level 1 at Wonder Square
    MiniGame2------------ Destroy enemy subs game level 2 at Wonder Square
    MiniGame3------------ Destroy enemy subs game level 3 at Wonder Square
    MiniGame4------------ Destroy enemy subs game level 4 at Wonder Square
    MiniGame5------------ Destroy enemy subs game level 5 at Wonder Square
    Mini dolphin's options - Most of these have to do with the Junon parade.
    "JUNONR"---- ???
    JUNONR1----- Junon Parade scene
    JUNONR2----- After Junon parade with Rufus and Heidegger scene
    JUNONR3----- At Upper Junon Dock without the Ship
    PARADE------ About to do parade part
    JUNONR-W---- At Upper Junon Weapon Store (stuck)
    JUNONR-PUB-- At Upper Junon Bar (stuck)
    JUNONR-1---- At Upper Junon Item Store (stuck)
    JUNONR-M---- At Upper Junon Materia Store (stuck)
    JUNONR-MIN1- At Upper Junon Barracks, 1st floor (stuck)
    JUNON-MIN2-- At Upper Junon Barracks, 2nd floor (stuck)
    JUNON-MIN3-- At Upper Junon Barracks, 3rd floor (stuck)
    JUNON-MOVIE- Upper Junon view of gun movie
    Mini cat's options - Almost the same as above but these take place after the
    ==================   parade. All but two of these end up stuck, so these
    "JUNONL"---- ???
    JUNONL1----- On the Upper Junon street (stuck)
    JUNONL2----- On the Upper Junon street near elevator thing (stuck)
    JUNONL3----- On closer view of street (stuck)
    JUNONL-W---- At Upper Junon Weapons Shop (stuck)
    JUNONL-I1--- At Upper Junon Accessories Shop (stuck)
    JUNONL-I2--- At Upper Junon Item Shop (stuck)
    JUNONL-INN-- At Upper Junon Inn (stuck)
    JUNONL-PUB-- At Upper Junon Bar (stuck)
    JUNONL-MIN0- At Upper Junon Beginner's Hall
    JUNONL-MIN1- At Upper Junon Barracks, 1st floor (stuck)
    JUNONL-MIN2- At Upper Junon Barracks, 2nd floor (stuck)
    Dog's options - These have to to do with the area arounnd Junon.
    "JUNONDOC"- ???
    JUNONDOC1-- At the entrance of the Junon Dock
    JUNONDOC2-- On the water of the Junon Dock (stuck)
    ROAD1------ Just entering the base with the soldiers
    (Cancel)--- ??? Cancel?
    ROAD3------ Just before the entrance to the path of the Underwater Reactor
    ROAD4------ At the entrance to the path of the Underwater Reactor (stuck) 
    ROAD5------ At the path of the Underwater Reactor (stuck)
    ROAD6------ On a different path to the Underwater Reactor (stuck)
    ROAD7------ On the bottom of the elevator shaft, at the entrance to the
                Underwater Reactor
    ELE1------- On the elevator with a woman (stuck)
    ELE2------- At town elevator shaft.
    ROOM------- In locker room, soldiers are doing "special pose"
    11. Room 6
    I'm guessing that everytime you see the option "yame" it means cancel.  You
    even get to play the motorcycle minigame here too.  There are 12 people in
    this room.  This room has doubles of three of the characters and three Cid's
    so here's a map so you won't get confused like me:
    Barret(1)       Cait Sith(1)       Cid(2)
       Barret(2)       Cid(3)       Sailor
       Aeris(1)     Cait Sith(2)    Yuffie
    Aeris(2)                             Dyne
    Cid(1)'s options - Most of these have to do with invading the Shinra
    ================   building on disc one.
    colneo kobun beya- Cloud dressed as girl in room full of men scene
    sinra kaidan 1---- 1st set of stairs up to the 59th floor of Shinra scene
    sinra kaidan 2---- 2nd set of stairs up to the 59th floor of Shinra
    sinra kaidan 3---- Final set of stairs up to the 59th floor of Shinra
    sinra 59F--------- On the 59th floor of Shinra building (stuck)
    sinra elevator---- Just got in the Shinra building scene
    sinrabil totunyuu- View of Shinra building scene
    sinrabil dasshutu- Just about to escape Shinra building scene
    yame-------------- Cancel
    Barret(1)'s options - All of these have to do with the Sector 5 Slums.
    slum chuusin- In Sector 5 Slums
    dokan-------- Inside an Earthen Pipe
    icchaya------ At the entrance of the path to Sector 5 Slums
    yame--------- Cancel
    Cait Sith(1)'s options - Allows you to add party members and to change the
    ======================   party leader, and cincent is not Vincent it's
    cloud dake- Make Cloud leader
    ballet----- Add Barret to your party
    tifa------- Add Tifa to your party
    earith----- Add Aeris to your party
    red-------- Add Red XIII to your party
    caitsith--- Add Cait Sith to your party
    yufi------- Add Yuffie to your party
    cid-------- Add Cid to your party
    cincent---- Add Sephiroth to your party
    tifa dake-- Make Tifa leader
    cid dake--- Make Cid leader
    Cid(2)'s options - All of these take place in Don Corneo's mansion, you just
    ================   have to someone different for each option.
    tifa to saikai---- About to rescue Tifa scene
    earith to gouryuu- About to rescue Aeris scene
    colneo sonogo----- About to help or not help Kotch part
    yame-------------- Cancel
    Barret(2)'s options - All of these have to do with Cloud and Aeris just
    ===================   escaping the Turks from the chuch.
    kyoukai no yane- Just got out of the chuch with Aeris scene
    yane pyon------- Jumping from garbage to garbage part
    yane kara oriru- Just arriving at Sector 5 Slums with Aeris
    yame------------ Cancel
    Cid(3)'s options - All of these have to do with Don Corneo manion.
    ponbiki---------- In front of Don Corneo's mansion
    irasshai--------- Just arriving at Don Corneo's mansion (stuck)
    tifa to gouryuu*- In Don Corneo's mansion in front of a door
    yame------------- Cancel, then it'll say "yametayo"
    * If you go to the room Cloud'll be in a dress and you'll be stuck.
    Sailor's options - All but the last three have to do with Yuffie and Wutai,
    ================   the last three have to do with the rocket crashing into
                       the meteor.
    utai iriguti-- At the entrance of Wutai
    yufi wo oe!--- Same as above but as if Yuffie stole your materia
    yufi nakamani- When you defeat Yuffie in Junon Area's forests
    yufi nigeru1-- When Yuffie stole you materia scene
    yufi nigeru2-- Same as above
    meteo1-------- As rocket crashes into meteor over the Shinra Building scene
    meteo2-------- As rocket crashes into meteor over Cosmo Canyon scene
    meteo3-------- Bugenhagen disappointed at Rocket attempt scene
    yame---------- Cancel
    Aeris(1)'s options - These have to do with whoever Don Corneo picks.
    cloud erabareru-- Where Don picks Cloud
    earith erabareru- Where Don picks Aeris
    tifa erabareru--- Where Don picks Tifa
    yame------------- Cancel
    Cait Sith(2)'s options - These are all different scene from different points
    ======================   of the game.
    unpansen------ At the basement of Cargo ship
    corel kaisou1- Barret's memory of Corel scene
    corel kaisou2- Corel Town meeting memory scene
    saishuukessen- Cloud floating in front of Holy scene
    yame---------- Cancel
    Yuffie's options - All but one of these have to do with Cosmo Canyon.
    cosmo materia ya-- At Cosmo Canyon Materia Shop
    cosmo touchaku---- View of Cosmo Canyon, when first arriving there
    seto no kabe------ Finding Seto scene
    movie check*------ View a movie
    boogen jikkensitu- First time arriving at Bugen Research Center
    sayonara cosmo---- About to leave Cosmo Canyon scene
    meteo go cosmo---- At the entrance of Cosmo Canyon
    onegai boogen----- Just before meeting about Aeris, go into Observatory
    hyuji materia----- At Observatory with all four Huge Materia
    sayonara boogen--- At the entrance of Bugen Research Center
    ............------ Just after Bugenhagen's death scene
    * Putting in a different disc will result in a different movie.  If you put
    in disc one it'll be the Cosmo Canyon Observatory movie, if you put in disc
    two it'll be the rocket launch movie, and disc three leads to no movie.
    Dyne's options - All of these have to do with the Shinra Building, can even
    ==============   play motorcycle minigame here.
    sinra 60F-------- At the 60th floor of Shinra Building, second invasion
    sinra 61F-------- At the 61st floor of Shinra Building, second invasion
    sinra 64F-------- At the 64th floor of Shinra Building, second invasion
    sinra 63F-------- At the 63rd floor of Shinra Building, second invasion
    sinra 62F-------- At the 62nd floor of Shinra Building, second invasion
    sinrabil shoumen- At the entrance of Shinra Building (stuck)
    sinrabil uraguti- At the hall to the entrance of stairway
    minigame--------- Play motorcycle minigame
    sinrabil matane-- Same as "sinrabil shoumen", stuck too
    yame------------- Cancel
    12. Room 7
    There are eight people in this room.  People in this room are in a cicle 
    formation.  In the first row is Sephiroth, in the second is a General and a 
    fat guy, in the third is a bald man and Rude, in fourth is Shera and a 
    sailor, and in last is Aeris.
    Sephiroth's options - It's says, "CG MOVIE VIEWER" on the top, and he gives
    ===================   you two options, either "use" or "cancel",  "use"
                          leads to the options below and "cancel" obviously
                          cancels.  My disc one is screwed up so I might be
                          missing a couple of movies.
    South Reactor----------- 'disc 1' Cloud falling from reactor explosion (one
    (Blank)----------------- 'disc 1' Sector 7 Pillar exploding and jumping off
                             pillar (two movies)
    NIVLHAIM tragedy-------- 'disc 1' Monster emerging from stasis, Sephiroth in
                             fire, and Sephiroth finding Jenova (three movies)
    (Blank)----------------- 'disc 1' Rocket not taking off memory movie (one
    Gold Saucer------------- 'disc 1' Leaving Corel, View of Gold Saucer,
                             fireworks while on date, view of Gold Saucer while
                             on date, view of Gold Dio while on date, view of
                             Speed Square while on date, view of Chocobos while
                             on date, view of Event Square while on date, view
                             of Ghost Square while on date, view of whole Gold
                             Saucer while on date, and arriving at Gold Saucer
                             (11 movies)
    take off Tiny Bronco---- 'disc 1' Tiny Bronco taking off and Tiny Bronco
                             landing in water (two movies)
    AERITH death------------ 'disc 1' Sephiroth killing Aeris and Aeris' burial
                             (two movies)
    SEPHIROTH--------------- 'disc 2' View of Northern Crater, Sephiroth
                             appears, Cloud giving Black Materia to Sephiroth,
                             and Weapons emerge (four movies)
    WEAPON attack----------- 'disc 2' View of meteor from Junon, preparing for
                             Weapon attack, firing Junon cannon, Junon firing
                             at Weapon, Junon still firing at Weapon, Weapon
                             surfacing, Weapon shooting, and Tifa jumping off
                             Junon cannon (eight movies)
    CLOUD psychoanalusis---- 'disc 2' Tifa and Cloud falling into Lifestream,
                             from Cloud's mind to Nibelheim, from Cloud's mind
                             to Nibelheim Well and from Cloud's mind to Tifa's
                             house (four movies)
    (Blank)----------------- 'disc 2' Rocket taking off (one movie)
    METEO intercept failure- 'disc 2' Getting off rocket, rocket shooting toward
                             meteor, and meteor still there (three movies)
    Shoot SISTER LAY-------- 'disc 2' View of Sister Ray, Weapon "sensing"
                             danger, Weapon walking away, Sister Ray shooting,
                             Weapon shooting, view of Weapon's and Sister Ray's
                             shots, death of Weapon, Sister Ray's shot
                             destroying Sephiroth's barrier, and death of Rufus
                             (nine movies)
    General's options - All of these have to do with the events of No.5 Reator.
    =================   "Tunnel" leads to more options.
    Cancel------ Cancel
    Tunnel------ Perfect!- In Winding Tunnel just before entrance with lasers
                 Normal--- Four screens before entrance with lasers
                 Oh, NO!-- Five screens before entrance with lasers
    5th Reactor- At the T junction of No.5 Reactor just before Air Buster battle
    Fat guy's options - All of these have to do with Kalm Town.  "After
    =================   Armagedon" leads to a second set of options, picking
                        "Yes" leads to a third set, you can get the prizes from
                        the Kalm trader if you pick one or all of them
    Cancel---------- Cancel
    First come------ Change party members and just arriving in Kalm Town
    After Armagedon- Yes- get GUIDE BOOK-- Gain Guide Book item
                          get DESERT ROSE- Gain Desert Rose item
                          get EARTH HARP-- Gain Earth Harp item
                          event start----- In Kalm Town Bar
                     No-- In Kalm Town Bar
    Bald man's options - These have to do with Gongaga Village.
    Cancel------ Cancel
    Meet TARCKS- Change party members and at the entrance of the path to Gongaga
    Who am I?--- Just waking up in Gongaga Village house scene
    Rude's options - These options all take place in Mythril Mine.
    Cancel------ Cancel
    Meet TARCKS- Yes- In Mythril Mine with Aeris in party
                 No-- Same as above but without Aeris
    We can't go- Change party members and at the entrance of Mythril Mine
    Shera's options - These all have to do with Rocket Town.
    Meet CID-------- DEBUG mode-- Change party members then at the entrance of
                                  Rocket Town
                     NORMAL mode- Same as above?
    METEO intercept- Change party members then at the entrance of Rocket Town
                     with Shinra taking over the rocket
    Rocket at Space- In the Rocket's control room
    Sailor's options - These lead to different parts of the game, if you pick
    ================   "HIGHWAY minigame" you'll have to put in disc one if
                       not already on that disc.
    Last Dungeon*---- join YUFI---- Yuffie will join PHS, change party members,
                                    then go on Highwind deck landed at Northern
                      join VINCENT- Same as above but instead of Yuffie it's
                      join BOTH---- Same as above with Yuffie too
                      join cancel-- Same as above but without Yuffie and Vincent
    HIGHWAY minigame- Play the motorcycle minigame
    Shinra AirShip--- At the entrance of the Sunken Gelinka Plane
    * After you pick one of the four options he'll say, "SAVE CRYSTAL......" and
    it'll give you two options, "Give 99" and "No need", first gives you 99 save
    crystals and the second doesn't give you any.
    Aeris' options - All of these have to do with Aeris in and the parts after
    ==============   her death.
    Decline Church-- In the back room of the Church
    Forgotten Relm-- Change party members then in Corral Valley, near the exit
    Go to NorthLand- Change party members then at Forgotten Capital just after
                     the death of Aeris scene
    13. Room 8
    This room is even worse than Room 6, it has 13 people and there are doubles
    of three characters and triples of two characters.  So you won't get
    confused here's a map:
           Yuffie(1)        Cloud's Mom         Aeris(1)
        Yuffie(2)                       Tifa(1)        Turk Vincent(1)
    Yuffie(3)       Aeris(2)    Cloud(1)
                    Turk Vincent(2)  Tifa(2)     Tifa(3)
    Yuffie(1)'s options - All of these have to do with Cloud's first visit to
    ===================   the Gold Saucer.
    ballet punpun---- Just before Barret running into Battle Square scene
    caitsith toujou-- In front of Gold Saucer go inside and party is inside, can
                      get Cait Sith at Wonder Square
    dio toujou------- In front of Gold Saucer, go in Battle Square for below
    tougijou de------ In Battle Square with dead guard scene
    kaettekita cloud- In elevator with Ester scene
    under corel------ Just landing in Corel Prison scene
    yameta----------- Cancel
    Cloud's Mom's options - Just another movie viewer even though most of the
    =====================   options freeze the game.  Depending on which disc is
                            in there'll be a different movie.
    doka~n-------- Disc 1: View of reactor/Disc 2: Weapon's emerge/Disc 3:
                   Pillar's moving up
    tou!---------- Freezes game
    dongaragashan- Freeaes game
    touchaku------ All Discs: Sky train from Gold Saucer to North Corel
    deppatu------- All Discs: Sky train from North Corel to Gold Saucer
    sample-------- ??? then freezes game
    sample-------- ??? then freezes game
    yame---------- Cancel
    Aeris(1)'s options - Just gives you the option of which order you want your
    ==================   party members.
    un-- cloud---- Have Cloud in your party
         earith--- Have Aeris in your party
         tifa----- Have Tifa in your party
         ballet--- Have Barret in your party
         red13---- Have Red XIII in your party
         cid------ Have Cid in your party
         caitsith- Have Cait Sith in your party
         vincent-- Have Vincent in your party
         inai----- Have a blank spot in your party
    uun- Cancel
    Yuffie(2)'s options - All of these have to do with the Gold Saucer.
    hotel------------ At the entrance of Ghost Square Hotel
    jet-------------- At the entrance of Speed Square ride
    game1F----------- At the entrance of Wonder Square arcade
    game2F----------- At the 2nd section of Wonder Square arcade
    kanransha-------- At the entrance of Round Square
    hiroba----------- On the Event Square stage (stuck)
    eki(-R1-de mage)- ???, holding -R1- will lead to the entrance of Gold Saucer
                      with Dio standing at the entrance
    chokobo---------- Just arriving at front of Chocobo Square scene (stuck)
    kanransha naka--- On date with party members
    tougijou--------- Just finished battle at Battle Square, get an autograph
    yame------------- Cancel
    Tifa(1)'s options - These have to do with the Playground in the Sector 7
    =================   park.
    love love------- Aeris and Cloud in playground scene
    7ban dokan------ After escaping exploding Sector 7 Pillar scene
    matte matte----- Just before Tifa and Barret join you again scene
    checkyou kouen*- At Sector 7 Park
    yameta---------- Cancel
    *  Try leaving the screen and coming back, cool eh?
    Turk Vincent(1)'s options - Most of these have to do with the Chocobo Farm.
    =========================   The first three options are the Chocobo Farm
                                when you first visit it, holding R1 will take
                                you to the farm as if it was disc two.
    ie no naka(R1de mage)- In Chocobo Farm house
    soto(R1de mage)------- At the entrance of Chocobo Farm
    bobou(R1de mage)------ In Chocobo Stable
    (blank)--------------- Vincent talking about Lucrecia scene then you can
                           control Lucrecia (stuck)
    sittiai--------------- View of Midgar Zolom scene (Midgar Swamp)
    yame------------------ Cancel
    Yuffie(3)'s options - She has some very cool options.
    love_paraijiri------- earith 1ban- Give Aeris 240 points
                          tifa 1ban--- Give Tifa 240 points
                          yufi 1ban--- Give Yuffie 240 points
                          barret 1ban- Give Barret 240 points
                          nakamiru---- View the totals
                          yame-------- Cancel
    okane ippai---------- Set gil to 294967295
    okane nasi----------- Set gil to zero
    G reset-------------- Reset Time
    dflname kaeru-------- Reset characters to default name
    GP ippai------------- Set GP to 104200
    member zenin--------- ???
    member yufi vin igai- ???
    item iroiro---------- Get 99 Megalixirs, 99 Speed Sources, 99 Power Sources,
                          every characters 4th Limit Break Manual, each
                          characters two best weapons, 9 of the each of the two
                          best armors, 9 Speed Shoes, 9 Ribbons, all mastered
                          Summon Materia, three mastered Phoenix Materia, three
                          Master Magic Materia, three Master Summon Materia,
                          three Master Command materia, three mastered Final
                          Attack Materia, three mastered HP Plus Materia, three
                          mastered Long Range Materia, three mastered Mega All
                          Materia, three mastered W-Magic materia, three
                          mastered W-Item Materia, and 3 mastered W-Summon
    yame----------------- Cancel
    Aeris(2)'s options - These all take place at Aeris' house.
    1F okaasan au-- Aeris arriving home scene
    1F katari haha- Telling Aeris' mom Shinra has her scene
    2F nigeru------ Telling Cloud to get some sleep scene
    2F ballet naku- 2nd floor of Aeris' house with Barret and Marlene
    hoka wo ataru-- ???
    Cloud(1)'s options - You can change any of the characters names even change
    ==================   a chocobo's name.
    ima...-- cloud------ Change Cloud's name
             earith----- Change Aeris' name
             tifa------- Change Tifa's name
             ballet----- Change Barret's name
             red13------ Change Red XIII's name
             cid-------- Change Cid's name
             caitsith--- Change Cait Sith's name
             yufi------- Change Yuffie's name
             vincent---- Change Vincent's name
             naodemonai- Cancel
    chokobo- Change a chocobo's name than play the chocobo race, the long one
    jet----- Play Speed Square game
    yame---- Cancel
    Cloud(2)'s options - These have to do with the events after the first Midgar
    ==================   Reactor mission.
    tojikomerarechatta- Jessie setting bomb after Reactor mission scene
    BOOM to kitamonda-- When Jessie's bomb goes off
    hajimete earith---- First time meeting Aeris scene
    tobe cloud--------- About to fight a bunch of soldiers part
    hoka ga ii--------- ???
    Turk Vincent(2)'s options - These have to do with the events in Corel
    =========================   Prison.
    hajime------ Just landing in Corel Prison scene
    sonchou----- Just before you find Barret in house scene
    dyne kessen- Barret finds Dyne scene
    ueniikunone- Barret talking to Mr. Coates scene
    yame-------- Cancel
    Tifa(2)'s options - These all have to do with the Northern Crater.
    LAS3-1----- Entrance of the left/bottom choice
    LAS3-2----- In second part of the left/bottom choice
    LAS3-3----- In third part of the left/bottom choice (stuck)
    LAS4-0----- At the entrance to Inside the Planet with party
    LAS4-1----- At the bottom of the Northern Crater (stuck)
    LAS4-2----- At the beginning of the Inside the Planet
    LAS4-3----- At the second part of the Inside the Planet
    LAS4-4----- Just before battle with Jenova SYNTHESIS
    LAS4-42---- Pillars moving up movie
    isisaki---- Which team you want to assign to each character
    dokoitta?*- Show what team you assigned to each character
    * For some reason Cloud will always be in team 3.
    Tifa(3)'s options - These have to do with Chocobo's, it's pretty confusing.
    ST check---------- CHOKO1----- Check stats of Chocobo one in Stable
                       chokobo2--- Check stats of Chocobo two in Stable
                       CHOKO3----- Check stats of Chocobo three in Stable
                       chokobo4--- Check stats of Chocobo four in Stable
                       CHOKO5----- Check stats of Chocobo five in Stable
                       chokobo6--- Check stats of Chocobo six in Stable
                       sakunonaka- Shows a chart with numbers 56, 57, 58, and 59
    tukamaeta*-------- owari- Cancel
                       A----- Stands for 1
                       B----- Stands for 2
                       C----- Stands for 3
                       D----- Stands for 4
                       E----- Stands for 5
                       F----- Stands for 6
                       G----- Stands for 7
                       H----- Stands for 8
    yasai to mi ippai- Gives you a bunch of different Chocobo Green and Nut
    magego bokujou---- Go to Chocobo Farm (stuck)
    yaoya------------- On Vegetable Store "Buy Sell Exit" screen
    yame-------------- Cancel
    * The letters changes the chart numbers in the "ST check/sakunonaka" option,
    the letters stand for the best to worst sequence for chocobos in the fenced
    area.  "A" is a wonderful Chocobo and "H" is an unrecommended Chocobo.  You
    can check them out by talking to Turk Vincent(1) and picking soto while
    holding R1.
    14. Room 9
    This room has seven people and a working Save Point.  In the first row is
    Vincent, Red XIII, a boy, Yuffie, and Aeris.  In second is Cait Sith, a Save
    Point, and Barret.
    Vincent's options - All he does is changes the 2nd member or your party.
    ballet-- Change 2nd party member to Barret
    tifa---- Change 2nd party member to Tifa
    earith-- Change 2nd party member to Aeris
    red----- Change 2nd party member to Red XIII
    yufi---- Change 2nd party member to Yuffie
    ketcy--- Change 2nd party member to Cait Sith
    vincent- Change 2nd party member to Vincent
    cid----- Change 2nd party member to Cid
    no------ Cancel
    Red XIII's options - All of these have to do with the Underwater Reactor.
    cancel---------- Cancel
    SPGATE---------- At entrance of Underwater Reactor (stuck)
    SPIPE 1--------- At first part of see-through pipes with fishes
    SPIPE 2--------- At second part of see-through pipes with fishes (stuck)
    SEMKIN 1-------- At Underwater Reactor Elevator (stuck)
    SEMKIN 2-------- On Red Shinra Sub (stuck)
    SEMKIN 8-------- In hallway with Save Point
    SEMKIN 3-------- At part where you have to sneak by guards (stuck)
    SEMKIN 4-------- In place where Huge Materia is kept (stuck)
    SEMKIN 5-------- On Red Shinra Sub behind Lapis (stuck)
    SEMKIN 6-------- On Port where Sub used to be (stuck)
    SEMKIN 7-------- On Port (stuck)
    (hidden option)- ???
    Boy's options - The first set have to do with the second time you invade
    =============   the Shinra Building, the second set have to do with the Mako
                    Cannon and the train to North Corel.
    First set:
    Quit------ Cancel
    next page- Go to second set of options
    BLACKBGH-- In a black room, can't do anything
    BLACKBGI-- In the corner of Room 9
    TUNNEL 6-- At the entrance of Winding Tunnel
    MD8 6----- At the entrance to underground of Sector 8 (stuck)
    MD8 B1---- In the underground of Sector 8, near Save Point (stuck)
    MD8 B2---- In the underground of Sector 8 near pipes (stuck)
    MD8 32---- At second part of Sector 8 Alley (stuck)
    MD8 BRDG2- At first part of Sector 8 Alley (stuck)
    TUNNEL 4-- In Winding Tunnel, four screens before exit
    TUNNEL 5-- In Winding Tunnel (stuck)
    Second set:
    pre page-------- Go to first set of options
    CANON 1--------- On stairway to Mako Cannon (stuck)
    CANON 2--------- Hojo talking about Sephiroth scene
    MTCRL 2--------- In front of Corel Reactor just before fight with guards
    ZCOAL 1--------- On Corel train (stuck)
    ZCOAL 2--------- About to crash into Corel scene
    ZCOAL 3--------- Same as above but at a different screen
    4SBWY 22-------- Crawling in pipe that leads to Winding Tunnel
    (hidden option)- ???
    Yuffie's options - All of these have to do with Wutai.  "turcks union" works
    ================   for all of the options except "DATIAO 2" and "5TOWER".
    cancel------- Cancel
    turcks union- If you want the Turks in some of the screens
    DATIAO 1----- At the entrance of Da-chao Statue paths (stuck)
    DATIAO 2----- Where center big hand is (stuck)
    DATIAO 3----- Where left big hand is (stuck)
    DATIAO 4----- Where right big hand is (stuck)
    DATIAO 5----- At the crossway paths (stuck)
    DATIAO 6*---- Where center big hand is (stuck)
    DATIAO 7----- Where top big hand is (stuck)
    DATIAO 8----- Inside the fire cave
    5TOWER------- On first floor of Godo's Pagoda
    * If you pick "turcks union" before picking this option it'll lead to the
    part when Yuffie and Elena are tied to the statue face by Don Corneo scene.
    Aeris' options - Just pick who you want to be leader.
    cloud-- Make Cloud leader
    tifa--- Make Tifa leader
    cid---- Make Cid leader
    cancel- Cancel
    Cait Sith's options - All but the last one have to do with the Northern
    ===================   Crater.
    cancel- Cancel
    LAS2 1- Which path to choose scene
    LAS2 2- In the first part of the left/top choice
    LAS2 3- In the second part of the left/top choice (stuck)
    LAS2 4- Where bright light is shining in the center part (stuck)
    LAS0 6- Just before area where you have to choose right or left
    LAS0 7- In a cave with a treasure chest (stuck)
    LAS0 8- At first part of right choice
    MOGU 1- Play Feed the Mog game, then end up in Wonder Square
    Barret's options - He says "materia max" but that doesn't mean he'll give
    ================   different materia.
    yes- It freezes for awhile then you get alot of Bahamut Materia
    no-- Cancel
    15. Room 10
    This is the weirdest room.  When you arrive it gives you two options:
         For those in a hurry
         For those with a little time
    If you pick the first one it'll lead you to more options, if you pick the
    second one it'll be like a cancel and you can walk and talk to the other
    people in this room.  There are three people in this room.  In the first row
    is a giant Aeris and a doctor, in the second is a nurse.  Everybody except
    Red XIII have different names.  If you go near Aeris the floor will talk 
         Huh? You're not thinking of...
         stepping on me are you?
         I may be a floor but that
         dont give you the right!!
    Walk a little closer to her and the floor'll say:
         OWW, OWW, OWW......
    For those in a hurry options - These all have to do with Mideel.
    Where to:---------------------- At the entrance to Mideel
    To Mideel by the sea!---------- Finding Cloud in Clinic scene
    To Mideel Clinic!*------------- Doctor and Nurse talking about Cloud scene
    To the Mideel Talk Event!------ Just before Ultima Weapon arrives
    To the Clinic Attack Event!---- Cloud and Tifa leaving the Clinic scene
    To the Lifestream!------------- Cloud and Tifa falling in Lifestream scene
    To the Mindzone!--------------- Tifa arriving in Cloud's mind scene
    To the Spirit World!----------- Tifa and Cloud in front of Nibelheim scene
    To Spirit World2!-------------- Just after Cloud's memory of Well scene
    To Spirit World3!-------------- Just after Cloud's memory of Tifa scene
    To the Spirit World again!----- All Cloud's becoming one scene
    Last time to the Spirit World!- At the entrance to destroyed Mideel
    To Mideel after it fell!------- Just before Ultima Weapon battle
    * Picking this option will cause the game to freeze the only way to let the
    scene show is to talk to the Doctor and pick "Mideel".  Then turn on the
    gameshark to get to the main room then turn the gameshark off and go back to
    room 10.
    Giant Aeris' options - These are similar to "For those in a hurry options
    ====================   except for the "To Hades!" option, they actually go
                           to the scene that the option describes, and when you
                           go to the scene you'll be invisible, so press Select
                           to see where your going.
    To Mideel!----------------- She says: To Mideel right?
                                          Then let's go
                                          Hang in there!
                                And you'll be at the entrance to Mideel 
    To Mideel Clinic!---------- Finding Cloud in Clinic Scene
    To the Mideel Talk Event!*- Doctor and Nurse talking about Cloud scene
    To the Attack Event!------- Just before Ultima Weapon arrives scene
    To the Lifestream!--------- Cloud and Tifa leaving the Clinic scene
    To the Mindzone!----------- Cloud and Tifa falling in Lifestream scene
    To the Spirit World!------- Tifa arriving in Cloud's mind scene
    To Spirit World2!---------- Cloud and Tifa in front of Nibelheim scene
    To Spirit World3!---------- Just after Cloud's memory of Well scene (stuck)
    To the Spirit World again!- At entrance to destroyed Mideel, not invisible
    To Mideel after it fell!--- Just after Cloud's memory of Tifa scene (stuck)
    To Hades!**---------------- She says: Silly...
                                          Didn't anyone tell you?
                                          This IS Hades.
    * Picking this option will cause the game to freeze the only way to let the
    scene show is to talk to the Doctor and pick "Mideel".
    ** When you first talk to Aeris she says:
         Hello there, wanna be-hero
         You ready for your journey?
    But after you pick the option and talk to her again she says:
         How about it? Have you made up your mind?
         Mind boggling adventures a you.
    Doctor's options - These take down some "flags" and and lead you to some
    ================   scenes that have to do with the highwind.
    Mideel------------ Allow access to "For those in hurry/To Mideel Clinic"
                       and Aeris' "To the Mideel Talk Event!"
    Ionia------------- ???
    Materia----------- ???
    To the dark hill-- Tifa and Cloud talking outside of highwind scene
    To the light hill- Tifa and Cloud waking up outside of highwind scene
    (hidden option)--- Cid saying go back to Mideel scene
    Nurse's options - These are just changing party members.
    I'm starting over- Make it so that you have no party members
    ster-------------- Put Cloud in party
    Princess*--------- Put Aeris in party
    Ionia------------- Put Tifa in party
    alator------------ Put Barret in party
    Little------------ Put Yuffie in party
    Red XIII---------- Put Red XIII in party
    Cait Sith**------- Put Cait Sith in party
    Ol'--------------- Put Cid in party
    (Blank)----------- Put Vincent in party
    * Try picking I'm starting over then Princess, you'll get to control the
    giant Aeris!
    ** It says Cait Sith but on the Status screen it'll say: Cait Sitherse<6
    16.  Thank You's
    For making a great game of course.
    -CzarDragon and RPGod-
    For the Gameshark code, without them this wouldn't exist, to CzarDragon for
    info on the "tukemaeta" letters and for the Improved Debug Code.
    -The Gaming Intelligence Agency(www.thegia.com)-
    For posting the news of the code up.
    -Andrew Dean-
    For the info on the -s- and -R1- buttons.

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