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    Perfect Game FAQ by JungleJim

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Final Fantasy VII (US) - Perfect Game FAQ - v1.3
    written by JungleJim - junglejimkj@yahoo.com
    Final Fantasy VII
    (c) Square Soft
    (c) Sony Entertainment of America
    Permission to publish this FAQ is given to the following website only:
    www.gamespot.com (by linking directly to gamefaqs)
    In the past I've allowed my guides to be published elsewhere, but for various
    reasons I've decided to make my future guides exclusive to gamefaqs.  So
    please don't email me asking for permission to publish elsewhere.  All such
    emails will be ignored.
    Contact me via email if you find errors.  If you have gameplay questions, it's
    probably better for you to post your questions to the message boards at
    www.gamefaqs.com.  I've written enough guides so that I receive more email than
    I can answer.
      2.0 - INTRODUCTION
         4.1 - Weapons
         4.2 - Armor
         4.3 - Accessories
         4.4 - Items
         4.5 - Key Items
      5.0 - MATERIA LIST
         7.1 - Disc 1
         7.2 - Disc 2
         7.3 - Disc 3
      8.0 - OPEN QUESTIONS
      9.0 - TIPS
     11.0 - TO DO LIST
    Version 1.3   06-02-04   Special Note added to introduction
                             Updated contact information
    Version 1.2   06-03-02   Added automatic chobobo racing to tips
                             Added lucky sevens to tips
                             Updated info on Everyone's Grudge and battery
                             Updated info on Vagyrisk Claws and Escort Guards
                             Updated info on Great Gospel, other limit break items
                             Added Key Items section
                             Added To Do List section
                             Updated level requirements
    Version 1.1   05-22-02   Updated Open Questions section
                             New section: Tips
                             Some changes to Level definitions
    Version 1.0   05-18-02   Initial version
    ***SPECIAL NOTE***
    You may have previously seen this guide in a slightly "altered" form, with
    someone besides me listed as the author.  That person plagiarized my work.  So
    before you email me asking if he and I are the same person, we are not.  I
    realize there haven't been any updates to this document in two years.  Now that
    the plagiarism situation has been righted, I reserve the right to play this
    game again and make updates to this guide. ;)
    This guide is designed to be a reference for those who want to create a
    so-called "perfect game save" for Final Fantasy VII.  It's not difficult but it
    does require some planning and a great deal of patience.  I hope this guide can
    help you enough with the planning so that all you have to do is supply the
    I've noticed that on the GameFaqs discussion board for this game, when people
    talk about perfect games, they often mean different things.  In section 3.0
    I've presented some definitions for different levels of perfect games.  I'm
    hoping that if people use these definitions when they post messages in the
    future, there will be less confusion about what they mean.
    If you haven't already played this game a couple of times I wouldn't try for a
    Level 9 perfect game, because you would probably lose interest in the game.  I
    would suggest going for a Level 4 game your first time around.  That will
    expose you to everything the game has to offer.  Then if you decide you are as
    obsessed as the people on the GameFaqs message board who've been playing this
    game since 1997 (I confess I'm one of them), then you can try for higher
    level games.
    You may want to use a general walkthrough in parallel with this guide.  That
    helps to keep this document from growing too large.  So you won't find all
    the treasure locations or anything like that here.  There are plenty of good
    guides on GameFaqs.  There are probably some spoilers in this document, so
    be careful if you haven't played the game all the way through.
    Now, I realize that there are several things in this guide that are based on
    my opinions, such as the definitions for perfect games and "complete materia
    set."  I'm open to suggestions for changes if you can back up your opinions
    with reasons.  A good place for these discussions is the FFVII forum on
    GameFaqs.  You can also email me if you like.  However, I may post topics to
    the forum regarding your messages if I think your comments are of general
    Note that the maximums I describe in later sections are those which you can
    obtain in normal game play.  That means without using Gameshark, the W-Item
    trick, and the Northern Crater trick (the one where you can get an extra
    Mystile and Imperial Guard).
    Please email me if you find errors, or if you have information about the 
    open questions in section 8.
    I've made up ten levels of perfect game saves, summarized below.  As I said
    in the intro these are open for debate.  These refer to Disc 3 saves.
    SPECIAL NOTE: In general you can't go through the whole game with a certain
    perfect game level in mind, and then switch to a higher level.  There are
    many points in the game which you can't visit again, so you must have
    completed the requirements for that place before you leave.  See section 7
    for details.
    Level 0   - beat the game
    Level 1   - Level 0 requirements
              - purchase the Costa del Sol villa
              - earn all limit breaks
              - get Yuffie and Vincent
    Level 2   - Level 1 requirements
              - beat Ultimate/Emerald/Ruby weapons
    Level 3   - Level 4 requirements
              - Full set of chocobos (see notes)
              - Chocobo Sage tells you everything
              - Everyone's Grudge does 9999 damage to each character
    Level 4   - Level 2 requirements
              - at least one of each materia mastered
              - all characters at level 99
    Level 5   - Level 3 requirements
              - at least one of each item/weapon/armor/accessory
              - complete all sidequests
    Level 6   - Level 5 requirements
              - at least eight of each armor/accessory, unless the max is less
                than eight (thanks to nephalim for this suggestion)
              - max stats for each character
    Level 7   - Level 6 requirements
              - maximum amount of items/weapons/armor/accessories
    Level 8   - Level 7 requirements
              - max gil
              - max experience for each character
    Level 9   - Level 8 requirements
              - complete set of materia
    Sidequests: This includes getting all four Huge Materia, Yuffie's
    sidequest, the Ancient Forest, and fight all Fort Condor battles.  Will is
    testing the F.C. battles I'm missing.  As soon as he's finished, I'll flesh
    out this requirement further, and probably move it to a higher level.
    Items: See section 4 for details.
    Materia: See section 5 for a list of materia and the AP amounts needed for
    Max stats: Use power/guard/mind/magic/speed/luck sources to get these stats
    up to 255.
    Chocobos: Mate the gold chocobo you get from breeding and the one you get
    for defeating Ruby Weapon to get more gold chocobos (I haven't verified
    this myself yet).  It should be possible to get 7.  Alternatively, get one
    black, blue, green, wonderful, and three golds.
    Everyone's Grudge: This refers to the Master Tonberry attack which inflicts
    10 HP of damage for each enemy the character has killed.  This means each
    character has to kill 1000 enemies.
    Max Gil: I don't know what the max gil is, but it's at least 400 million.
    I'm guessing 999,999,999 because that's all there's room to display on
    the menu screen.
    Max Exp: 999,999,999 exp is the max.  Thanks to Drake for reporting this
    one.  Note I haven't tested this myself.
    Complete Materia Set: See section 6 for details.
    Once I have a better idea of whether level 8 or 9 is more difficult, I may
    interchange them.  If anyone accomplishes this before me, let me know which
    one you were able to do first.
    OPTIONAL: Chocobuckle
    Terence suggested this be made an optional goal because it's got more than
    one use, and is largely based on opinion.  Possible goals include 0
    escapes, 9999 escapes, and 2222 escapes.  I'd suggest 2222 escapes because
    it's the easiest way to get Lucky 7's.  Thanks to Arctic for pointing this
    out to me.
    For these listings, the first column is the name of the item, the second
    column is the maximum number you can obtain, and the third column lists where
    you can obtain the item.
    (s) - steal
    (m) - morph
    (w) - win
    (t) - treasure
    (1) - buyable in Disc 1
    (2,3) - buyable in Discs 2 and 3
    If a town has no number by it, that means you can buy the item there anytime.
     4.1 - Weapons
    Buster Sword        1     initial equipment
    Mythril Saber      99     Kalm, Junon(1)
    Hardedge           99     SOLDIER:3rd(s), Junon(1), Gongaga
    Butterfly Edge     99     Cosmo Canyon
    Enhance Sword      99     Whirlwind Maze(t), Junon(2,3)
    Organics           99     Icicle Inn
    Crystal Sword      99     Mideel(2,3)
    Force Stealer      99     Junon(t), North Corel
    Rune Blade         99     Nibelheim Mountains(t), Junon(2,3)
    Murasame           99     Wutai
    Nail Bat           99     Temple of the Ancients(t), Junon(2,3)
    Yoshiyuki           1     Rocket Town(t)
    Apocalypse          1     Ancient Forest(t)
    Heaven's Cloud      1     Gelinka(t)
    Ragnarok            1     Proud Clod(w)
    Ultima Weapon       1     Ultimate Weapon(w)
    Leather Glove       1     initial equipment
    Metal Knuckle      99     Wall Market
    Mythril Claw       99     Kalm, Junon(1)
    Grand Glove        99     Madouge(s), Junon, Gongaga
    Tiger Fang         99     Cosmo Canyon
    Diamond Knuckle    99     Wutai
    Dragon Claw        99     Icicle Inn
    Crystal Glove      99     Mideel(2,3)
    Motor Drive         1     Costa del Sol(t)
    Platinum Fist      99     Nibelheim(t), Junon(2,3)
    Kaiser Knuckle     99     Whirlwind Maze(t), Junon(2,3)
    Work Glove         99     Temple of the Ancients(t), Junon(2,3)
    Powersoul          99     Nibelheim Reactor(t), Junon(2,3)
    Master Fist         1     Shinra HQ(t)
    God's Hand          1     Carry Armor(w)
    Premium Heart       1     Computer in Wall Market's ITEM shop(t)
    Gatling Gun         1     initial equipment
    Assault Gun        99     Sector 7(1), Wall Market
    Cannon Ball        99     Kalm, Junon(1)
    Atomic Scissors    99     Custom Sweeper(s), Junon, Gongaga
    Heavy Vulcan       99     Cosmo Canyon
    Chainsaw           99     Wutai
    Microlaser         99     Icicle Inn
    A*M Cannon         99     Mideel(2,3)
    W Machine Gun      99     Junon(2,3), Death Machine(s)
    Drill Arm          99     Junon(2,3)
    Solid Bazooka      99     Costa del Sol(2,3)
    Rocket Punch       99     Junon(2,3)
    Enemy Launcher     99     Junon(2,3)
    Pile Banger         1     Shinra HQ(t)
    Max Ray             1     Sector 8 Underground(t)
    Missing Score       1     Mako Cannon stairs(t)
    Red XIII
    Mythril Clip       99     initial equipment, Junon(1)
    Diamond Pin        99     Junon, Bagnadrana(s), Gongaga
    Silver Barrette    99     Cosmo Canyon
    Gold Barrette      99     Wutai
    Adaman Clip        99     Icicle Inn
    Crystal Comb       99     Mideel(2,3)
    Magic Comb         99     Fort Condor(t), Junon(2,3)
    Plus Barrette      99     Junon(2,3)
    Centclip           99     Costa del Sol(2,3)
    Hairpin            99     Junon(2,3)
    Seraph Comb         1     Cave of the Gi
    Behemoth Horn       1     Shinra HQ(t)
    Spring Gun Clip     1     Ancient Forest(t)
    Limited Moon        1     Bugenhagen(t)
    Guard Stick         1     initial equipment
    Mythril Rod        99     Wall Market
    Full Metal Staff   99     Kalm, Junon(1)
    Striking Staff     99     Eligor(s), Junon, Gongaga, Harpy(s)
    Prism Staff        99     Cosmo Canyon
    Aurora Rod         99     Wutai
    Wizard Staff       99     Junon(2,3)
    Wizer Staff        99     Junon(2,3)
    Fairy Tale         99     Junon(2,3)
    Umbrella            1     Speed Square(1)
    Princess Guard      1     Temple of the Ancients(t)
    Spear              99     initial equipment, Junon(2,3)
    Slash Lance        99     Wutai
    Trident            99     Junon(2,3)
    Mast Axe           99     Icicle Inn
    Partisan           99     Mideel(2,3)
    Viper Halberd      99     Junon(2,3)
    Javelin             1     Whirlwind Maze(t)
    Grow Lance          1     Shinra HQ(t)
    Mop                99     Junon(2,3)
    Dragoon Lance      99     Junon(2,3)
    Scimitar            1     Submarine Dock(t)
    Flayer              1     Speed Square(2,3)
    Spirit Lance        1     Gelnika(t)
    Venus Gospel        1     Rocket Town old man(t)
    4-point Shuriken    1     initial equipment
    Boomerang          99     Formula(s), Junon, Gongaga
    Pinwheel           99     Cosmo Canyon
    Razor Ring         99     Wutai
    Hawk Eye           99     Icicle Inn
    Crystal Cross      99     Mideel(2,3)
    Wind Slash         99     Junon(2,3)
    Twin Viper         99     Junon(2,3)
    Spiral Shuriken    99     Costa del Sol(2,3)
    Superball          99     Fort Condor(t), Junon(2,3)
    Magic Shuriken     99     Junon(2,3)
    Rising Sun          1     Diamond Weapon(s)
    Oritsuru            1     Dachao Statue area(t)
    Conformer           1     Gelnika(t)
    Cait Sith
    Yellow M-phone     99     initial equipment, Junon(2,3)
    Green M-phone      99     Cosmo Canyon
    Blue M-phone       99     Wutai
    Red M-phone        99     Icicle Inn
    Crystal M-phone    99     Mideel(2,3)
    White M-phone      99     Junon(2,3)
    Black M-phone      99     Junon(2,3)
    Silver M-phone     99     Junon(2,3)
    Trumpet Shell      99     Junon(2,3)
    Gold M-phone       99     Costa del Sol(2,3)
    Battle Trumpet      1     Submarine Dock(t)
    Starlight Phone     1     Sector 8 Underground(t)
    HP Shout            1     64th floor lockers in Shinra HQ(t)
    Quicksilver        99     initial equipment, Junon(2,3)
    Shotgun            99     Rocket Town(1)
    Shortbarrel        99     Wutai
    Lariat             99     Icicle Inn
    Winchester         99     Mideel(2,3)
    Peacemaker         99     Junon(2,3)
    Buntline           99     Junon(2,3)
    Long Barrel R      99     Costa del Sol(2,3)
    Silver Rifle       99     Junon(2,3)
    Sniper CR          99     Junon(2,3)
    Supershot ST        1     Ancient Forest(t)
    Outsider            1     Gelnika(t)
    Death Penalty       1     Waterfall Cavern(t)
     4.2 - Armor
    Bronze Bangle       4     initial equipment for Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris
    Iron Bangle        99     Sector 7
    Titan Bangle       99     Air Buster(w), Sector 5, Wall Market
    Mythril Armlet     99     Wall Market, Kalm, Junon
    Carbon Bangle      99     Moth Slasher(s), Costa del Sol(1), North Corel
    Silver Armlet      99     initial equipment for Cait Sith/Vincent, Cosmo Canyon
    Gold Armlet        99     initial equipment for Cid, Rocket Town, Dragon(s)
    Diamond Bangle     99     Bone Village
    Crystal Bangle     99     Mideel(2,3)
    Platinum Bangle    99     Costa del Sol(1), Death Claw(s), Junon(2,3)
    Rune Armlet        99     Bone Village
    Edincoat           99     Rocket Town(2,3)
    Wizard Bracelet    99     Mideel(2,3), Epiolnis(s)
    Adaman Bangle      99     Adamantaimai(s)
    Gigas Armlet       99     Gigas(s)
    Imperial Guard      2     Northern Crater(t), CMD. Grand Horn(w) (Final battle)
    Aegis Armlet        1     Sector 8 underground(t)
    Fourth Bracelet     1     Rocket Town(t)
    Warrior Bangle      1     Eagle Gun(s)
    Shinra Beta        99     Marine(s), Submarine Crew(w)
    Shinra Alpha       99     Captain(s), SOLDIER:1st(s), Underwater MP(w)
    Four Slots         99     Costa del Sol(1)
    Fire Bracelet      99     Unknown 1(s)
    Aurora Armlet      99     Unknown 2(s)
    Bolt Bracelet      99     Unknown 3(s)
    Dragon Armlet      99     Blue Dragon(w), Dark Dragon(s)
    Minerva Band        2     Ancient Forest(t), Elena(s)
    Escort Guard        1     Gelnika(t)
    Mystile             2     Mako Cannon stairs(t), Northern Crater(t)
    Zeidrich            3     Rude(s)
    Precious Watch     99     Chocobo Racing
    Chocobracelet      99     Chocobo Racing
    Escort Guard: You can morph Iron Man into more Escort Guards, but these are
    only found after the point of no return in the norther crater, hence you can't
    accumulate them and then save.
     4.3 - Accessories
    Power Wrist        99     Rocket Town
    Protect Vest       99     Rocket Town
    Earring            99     Rocket Town
    Talisman           99     Gongaga, Rocket Town
    Choco Feather      99     Wutai, Battle Square(1)
    Amulet             99     Mideel(2,3)
    Champion Belt      99     Battle Square
    Poison Ring         1     Whirlwind Maze(t)
    Touph Ring          2     Reno(s)
    Circlet            99     Ho-chu(s), Snow(s), Ultimate Weapon(s)
    Star Pendant       99     Gongaga
    Silver Glasses     99     Junon(1), Gongaga
    Headband           99     Junon(1), Gongaga
    Fairy Ring         99     Mideel(2,3)
    Jem Ring           99     Mideel(2,3)
    White Cape         99     Gongaga, Mideel(2,3)
    Sprint Shoes       99     Chocobo Racing
    Peace Ring         99     Fort Condor(t), Rocket Town(2,3)
    Ribbon             99     Master Tonberry(m), Ho-chu(m)
    Fire Ring          99     Mideel(2,3)
    Ice Ring           99     Mideel(2,3)
    Bolt Ring          99     Mideel(2,3)
    Tetra Elemental    99     Cactuer(m)
    Safety Bit         99     Rocket Town(2,3)
    Fury Ring          99     Gongaga, Battle Square
    Curse Ring          2     Mideel(t), Ultimate Weapon(s)
    Protect Ring       99     Mover(m)
    Cat's Bell         99     Chocobo Racing
    Reflect Ring       99     Jenova*Death(w), Ultimate Weapon(s)
    Water Ring         99     Acrophies(s), Serpent(s)
    Sneak Glove         1     Wall Market(2,3)
    HypnoCrown          1     Forgotten Capital Cave(t)
    Notes (from KMegura's FAQ)
    A curse ring can be stolen from Ultimate Weapon the first time you meet him.
    Circlets can be stolen from Ultimate Weapon when you fight him in a place
    where he flies.
    Reflect Rings can be stolen from Ultimate Weapon when you fight him at a place
    where he stands on the ground.
    The last time you fight him you can't steal anything.
     4.4 - Items
    I didn't put sources for most of the commonly bought items from potions,
    because you can get these from so many different places.
    Potion             99
    Hi-Potion          99
    X-Potion           99     Wonder Square(1,2), Bandit(s), Bull Motor(s),
                              Bizzare Bug(w), Custom Sweeper(m), Dragon Zombie(w),
                              Eagle Gun(w), Gargoyle(w,s), Gremlin(m), Magnade(w),
                              Pollensalta(w), Rilfsak(w), Roulette Cannon(w)
                              King Behemoth(w), Malldancer(m), Manhole(w),
                              SOLDIER:2nd(w), Spiral(s), Zolokalter(w)
    Ether              99
    Turbo Ether        99     Wonder Square(1,2), Ancient Dragon(w), Beachplug(m),
                              Armored Golem(s), Crazy Saw(m), Death Dealer(s),
                              Jersey(w,s), Killbin(s), Land Worm(s), Magic Pot(w),
                              Mover(w,s), Poodler(s), Scissors(w), Search Crown(s),
                              Shadow Maker(w), Tonberry(s), Twin Brain(m),
    Elixir             99     Gighee(s), Dark Dragon(w), Golem(s), Harpy(m),
                              Iron Man(s), Master Tonberry(s), Tonberry(m),
    Megalixir          99     Master Tonberry(w)
    Phoenix Down       99
    Antidote           99
    Soft               99
    Maiden's Kiss      99
    Cornucopia         99
    Echo Screen        99
    Hyper              99
    Tranquilizer       99
    Remedy             99     Gagighandi(m), Bagrisk(m), Jayjujayme(w),
                              Needle Kiss(m), Parasite(w,s,m), SOLDIER:2nd(s),
                              Touch Me(m), Toxic Frog(m), Under Lizard(w,s,m),
                              Velcher Task(s,m), Zenene(m)
    Smoke Bomb         99     Edgehead(w), Gi Spector(w), Hammer Blaster(m),
    Speed Drink        99     Formula(m), Sonic Speed(m), Vice(s)
    Hero Drink         99     Chocobo Racing
    Vaccine            99     Dark Dragon(m), Dragon Zombie(m)
    Grenade            99     Sector 7, Sector 5, Plate Support, Junon,
                              Grenade Combatant(w,m), Mighty Grunt(s),
                              Special Combatant(w), Underwater MP(s)
    Shrapnel           99     Bomb(w,m)
    Right arm          99     Bomb(s), Grenade(w,s)
    Hourglass          99     Kimara Bug(m)
    Kiss of Death      99     Death Dealer(w)
    Spider Web         99     Grashtrike(w), Kimara Bug(s)
    Dream Powder       99     Crown Lance(m), Crysales(m)
    Mute Mask          99     Bahba Velamyu(w,m), Crazy Saw(s), Garuda(w)
    War Gong           99     Behemoth(s), Grand Horn(w)
    Loco weed          99     Corvette(w), Hammer Blaster(w), Razor Weed(w),
                              SOLDIER:3rd(w), Sword Dance(w)
    Fire Fang          99     Dragon(w), Land Worm(m), Chocobo Racing
    Fire Veil          99     Wutai, Desert Sahagin(m), Foulander(w)
    Antarctic Wind     99     Jumping(m)
    Ice Crystal        99     Bandersnatch(m), Snow(w)
    Bolt Plume         99     Garuda(w), Needle Kiss(w), Thunderbird(w, s)
    Swift Bolt         99     Wutai, Thunderbird(m)
    Earth Drum         99     Flower Prong(w), Christopher(s), Screamer(w)
    Earth Mallet       99     Gigas(w)
    Deadly Waste       99     Brain Pod(m), Jayjujayme(w), Slalom(w), Smogger(w),
    M-Tentacles        99     Malboro(w,s), Sneaky Step(w)
    Stardust           99     Battle Square(2,3)
    Vampire Fang       99     Black Bat(w,m), Evilhead(w)
    Ghost Hand         99     Ghost(w,s)
    Vagyrisk Claw      99     CMD. Grand Horn(w)x3, Bagrisk(s)
    Light Curtain      99     Corvette(m), Garuda(w), Sword Dance(m)
    Lunar Curtain      99     Foulander(w)
    Mirror             99     Mirage(w)
    Holy Torch         99     Evilhead(m), Stilva(m)
    Bird Wing          99     Tonadu(w,s), Zuu(w,s,m)
    Dragon Scales      99     Sea Worm(s,m)
    Impaler            99     Gongaga, Touch Me(s), Toxic Frog(w,s)
    Shrivel            99     Gongaga, Gremlin(w), Grimguard(w,s)
    Eye drop           99
    Molotov            99     Costa del Sol(1), North Corel, Gongaga
                              Guard System(w), Hard Attacker(w)
    S-mine             99     Attack Squad(s), Fort Condor(2,3),
                              Costa del Sol(2,3), Rocket Town(2,3),
                              Senior Grunt(w), Submarine Crew(w)
    8inch Cannon       99     Attack Squad(w), Cromwell(w), Grosspanzer*Big(w),
                              Submarine Crew(s)
    Graviball          99     Deenglow(w), Shadow Maker(s)
    T/S Bomb           99     Flapbeat(w,s,m)
    Ink                99     Bad Rap(s)
    Dazers             99     Battery Cap(w,s), Boundfat(w,s,m), Bad Rap(w)
    Dragon Fang         2     Schizo(w), Submarine Game
    Cauldron           99     Dragon Zombie(w,s)
    Sylkis Greens      99     Chocobo Sage
    Reagan Greens      99     Chocobo Sage
    Mimett Greens      99     Chocobo Farm
    Cureil Greens      99     Chocobo Farm
    Pahsana Greens     99     Chocobo Farm
    Tantal Greens      99     Chocobo Farm
    Krakka Greens      99     Chocobo Farm
    Gysahl Greens      99     Chocobo Farm
    Tent               99
    Power Source       99     Heavy Tank(m), Screamer(m), Unknown 1(m)
    Guard Source       99     Bagnadrana(m), Armored Golem(m), Maximum Kimaira(m),
                              Spiral(m), Unknown(2)
    Magic Source       99     8 Eye(m), Unknown(3)
    Mind Source        99     Dragon Rider(m), Killbin(m), Serpent(m)
    Speed Source       99     Poodler(m)
    Luck Source        99     Bad Rap(m)
    Zeio Nut           99     Goblin(s)
    Carob Nut          99     Wonder Square(1,2), Vlakorados(w,s)
    Porov Nut          99     Chocobo Sage
    Pram Nut           99     Chocobo Sage
    Lasan Nut          99     Mandragora(w,s), Chocobo Farm
    Saraha Nut         99     Chocobo Farm, Spencer(w,s)
    Luchile Nut        99     Chocobo Farm, Nibel Wolf(w,s)
    Pepio Nut          99     Chocobo Farm, Dual Horn(w,s)
    Battery             1     Wall Market
    Tissue             99     Battle Square
    OmniSlash           1     Battle Square
    Catastrophe         1     North Corel
    Final Heaven        1     Tifa's Piano
    Great Gospel       99     Man in the house south of Gold Saucer
    Cosmo Memory        1     Nibelheim Safe
    All Creation        1     Godo(w)
    Chaos               1     Waterfall Cave
    Highwind            1     Gelnika
    1/35 soldier       99     Speed Square, Junon(t)x2
    Super Sweeper      99     Speed Square
    Masamune Blade     99     Speed Square
    Save Crystal        1     Northern Crater(t)
    Combat Diary       99     Special Battle at Battle Square
    Autograph          99     Special Battle at Battle Square
    Gambler            99     Special Battle at Battle Square
    Earth Harp          1     Emerald Weapon(w)
    Desert Rose         1     Ruby Weapon(w)
    Guide Book         99     Ghost Ship(m)
    Vagyrisk Claws: You can win three of them by losing the first three
    Fort Condor battles and defeating the CMD. Grand Horn.  The rest
    you must steal from Bagrisks.  See the walkthrough section for more
    Great Gospel: You can get more of these by getting more Mythril
    from the sleeping man and trading them for Great Gospels.
    Other limit break items:  Either keep the items in your inventory
    or use them to learn the Lv4 limit break.  Either way, it shows you
    got the item.
    Battery: Don't use the one to get the ether, so you can keep a
    battery in your inventory.
     4.5 - Key Items
    Silk Dress
    Blonde Wig
    Diamond Tiara
    Sexy Cologne
    Member's Card
    Key to Ancients
    Lunar Harp
    Basement Key
    Key to Sector 5
    Gold Ticket
    Leviathan Scales
    Glacier Map
    The items for the cross-dressing event can be whatever you choose,
    as long as you got one of each type.  Please email me if I missed
    any items.
     5.0 - MATERIA LIST
    The first column is the name of the materia, second column is the
    amount of AP required for mastery, third column is the price for
    selling a mastered materia of that type, and the fourth column is
    gil to AP ratio for selling mastered materia of that type.  Note
    that the All materia has the highest ratio (40) making it the best
    one to sell for money.  For Underwater materia, the AP means that
    the selling price is equal to how much AP is on it.
    Magic Materia
    Master Magic           n/a           1      0
    Ultima              100000           1      0
    Shield              100000           1      0
    Full Cure           100000           1      0
    Contain              60000           1      0
    Destruct             45000      630000     14
    Time                 42000      420000     10
    Comet                60000     1400000     23
    Barrier              45000      700000     16
    Gravity              40000      560000     14
    Poison               38000      105000      3
    Exit                 30000      700000     23
    Transform            24000      350000     15
    Mystify              25000      420000     17
    Seal                 20000      210000     11
    Revive               55000      210000      4
    Heal                 60000      105000      2
    Restore              40000       52500      1
    Lightning            35000       42000      1
    Earth                40000      105000      3
    Ice                  35000       42000      1
    Fire                 35000       42000      1
    Support Materia
    Quadra Magic        200000           1      0
    Steal as well       200000           1      0
    Added Cut           200000           1      0
    Final Attack        160000           1      0
    Sneak Attack        150000           1      0
    Added Effect        100000           1      0
    Elemental            80000           1      0
    HP Absorb           100000           1      0
    MP Absorb           100000           1      0
    MP Turbo            120000           1      0
    Magic Counter       300000           1      0
    Counter             100000           1      0
    All                  35000     1400000     40
    Command Materia
    Master Command         n/a           1      0
    Enemy Skill            n/a           1      0
    Mime                100000           1      0
    Manipulate           40000      700000     18
    Deathblow            40000      700000     18
    Morph               100000           1      0
    Throw                60000      700000     12
    Sense                40000       70000      2
    Steal                50000       84000      2
    W-Item              250000           1      0
    W-Summon            250000           1      0
    W-Magic             250000           1      0
    Double Cut          150000           1      0
    Slash-All           150000           1      0
    Independent Materia
    HP<->MP              80000           1      0
    Underwater             n/a          AP      1
    Cover                40000       70000      2
    Counter Attack      100000           1      0
    Mega All            160000           1      0
    Long Range           80000           1      0
    Pre-Emptive          80000           1      0
    Chocobo Lure         30000           1      0
    Enemy Lure           50000           1      0
    Enemy Away           50000           1      0
    Gil Plus            150000           1      0
    EXP Plus            150000           1      0
    Luck Plus           100000     1050000     11
    Magic Plus           50000     1400000     28
    Speed Plus          100000     1400000     14
    HP Plus              50000      560000     11
    MP Plus              50000      560000     11
    Summon Materia
    Master Summon          n/a           1      0
    Knights of Round    500000           1      0
    Bahamut ZERO        250000           1      0
    Typhoon             250000           1      0
    Hades               250000           1      0
    Neo Bahamut         200000           1      0
    Phoenix             180000           1      0
    Alexander           150000           1      0
    Kjata               150000           1      0
    Bahamut             120000           1      0
    Leviathan           100000           1      0
    Odin                 90000           1      0
    Titan                80000           1      0
    Ramuh                70000           1      0
    Ifrit                60000           1      0
    Shiva                50000           1      0
    Choco/Mog            35000           1      0
    This section is highly debatable.  The first column lists the name of
    the materia, the second is how many I think you should have as part
    of a complete set.  The numbers should hopefully add to 280.  You can
    hold 200 materia in your bag, plus another 80 on the five characters
    which are not part of the active party.  These characters should be
    equipped with 8-slot weapons and 8-slot armor (wizard bracelets).  If
    you want to switch to different characters, first equip the character
    you're switching out with an 8-slot weapon and a wizard bracelet.
    Then transfer all the materia from the character you are bringing in
    to the one you're taking out.  When that person is empty of materia,
    you can equip whatever weapon and armor you want and place the
    materia.  In this way, you won't lose any of your materia.  Otherwise,
    if your materia bag is full and you switch to equipment which has less
    slots, you will lose some of the materia you had equipped.
    All of these should be mastered.  The 4 Enemy Skill materias should
    have every enemy skill on them.  The Underwater materia should have
    the maximum amount of AP (though I don't know how much that is yet).
    In a future version of this guide I'll put information here about
    why I chose these numbers for each type of materia.
    Master Magic       24
    Ultima              4
    Shield              3
    Full Cure           1
    Contain             3
    Destruct            3
    Time                3
    Comet               3
    Barrier             3
    Gravity             3
    Poison              2
    Exit                1
    Transform           3
    Mystify             3
    Seal                3
    Revive              3
    Heal                1
    Restore             1
    Lightning           1
    Earth               1
    Ice                 1
    Fire                1
    Quadra Magic        3
    Steal as well       3
    Added Cut           9
    Final Attack        3
    Sneak Attack        4
    Added Effect        9
    Elemental           12
    HP Absorb           3
    MP Absorb           3
    MP Turbo            3
    Magic Counter       3
    Counter             3
    All                 3
    Master Command     24
    Enemy Skill         4
    Mime                1
    Manipulate          1
    Deathblow           3
    Morph               4
    Throw               1
    Sense               1
    Steal               1
    W-Item              3
    W-Summon            3
    W-Magic             3
    Double Cut          3
    Slash-All           3
    HP<->MP             3
    Underwater          1
    Cover               1
    Counter Attack     15
    Mega All            3
    Long Range          3
    Pre-Emptive         1
    Chocobo Lure        1
    Enemy Lure          1
    Enemy Away          1
    Gil Plus            1
    EXP Plus            3
    Luck Plus           1
    Magic Plus          1
    Speed Plus          1
    HP Plus             1
    MP Plus             1
    Master Summon      24
    Knights of Round    1
    Bahamut ZERO        1
    Typhoon             3
    Hades               3
    Neo Bahamut         1
    Phoenix             3
    Alexander           3
    Kjata               1
    Bahamut             1
    Leviathan           3
    Odin                3
    Titan               1
    Ramuh               1
    Ifrit               1
    Shiva               1
    Choco/Mog           3
    It's not really a walkthrough, but this section is designed to tell you
    about things to watch out for that you can only do at a certain time in the
    game.  This combined with a normal walkthrough (such as KMegura's) should
    allow you to get all the treasure.
    SPECIAL NOTE #1:  There's one situation where you have to actually wait to
    do something until Disc 2.  If you want to get every enemy skill on all four
    of the enemy skill materias, then you must not defeat Godo on Disc 1.  You
    can fight the first four pagoda bosses on Disc 1 if you want, but you have
    to wait until you have all four enemy skill materias before fighting Godo.
    This is because it's your last chance to learn Trine.  Also note that you
    have to do it on Disc 2, not Disc 3.  Thanks to nephalim for this suggestion.
    SPECIAL NOTE #2:  There may be one other reason not to level up too high in
    the early part of the game.  It's regarding those elusive Vagyrisk Claws.
    You can get three of them from Fort Condor battles, but the others must be
    stolen from Bagrisks.  It appears that it is easier to steal these claws if
    your characters have LOWER dexterity.  I'll put more info here if people
    post some test results to my Vagyrisk Claw topic on the message board.
     7.1 - Disc 1
    Before boarding the train to head off to Sector 5, buy 99 Iron Bangles from
    Sector 7.  You can earn money by fighting in the train graveyard.
    After exiting the sewers, steal 99 Ghost Hands from the Ghosts in the train
    graveyard before heading to the plate support.  You can find Ghosts in the
    Battle Arena in Disc 1 but it's much easier to just get the Ghost Hands now.
    Don't use the battery for the ether when you're climbing up.  Keep it in
    your inventory.
    Fort Condor
    Lose the first 3 Fort Condor battles so that you have to fight the CMD.
    Grand Horn.  You will win a Vagyrisk Claw for each of these fights.
    Cargo Ship
    Steal 99 Shinra Betas from the Marines (it's the easiest way to get them).
    Cosmo Canyon
    Steal all your Vagyrisk Claws from the Bagrisks here, since it appears to
    be easier to steal them at low levels.
    Temple of the Ancients
    Give Aeris one of her non-unique weapons so you don't lose it when she
    leaves the party.
    Before the end of the Disc
    Score 5000 points at the Speed Square to get an Umbrella.  You can only
    get one of them, and you have to do it in Disc 1 because the prize changes
    to a Flayer in Discs 2 and 3.
    Morph the Land Worms in the Corel Desert to get 99 Fire Fangs.  This is
    probably easier than winning them from Dragons or getting them from Chocobo
    Buy 99 Mythril Clips from Junon, 99 Shotguns from Rocket Town, and 99
    Four Slots from Costa del Sol.
     7.2 - Disc 2
    Gaea's Cliff
    Steal 99 M-Tentacles from the Malboros here.  You can also encounter them
    in the Northern Crater but I think the encounter rate is higher at Gaea's
    Morph the Evilheads and Stilvas into 99 Holy Torches.
    You can encounter Gigas in the area where you run down the slope in the
    crater.  Steal 99 Gigas Armlets and then win 99 Earth Mallets from him.
    Tifa's Piano
    When you have the highwind and Tifa's the party leader, go back to Nibel
    and get the Elemental materia from her piano.  It doesn't matter what you
    said or did in Cloud's flashback.  Thanks to Will for this info.
    Steal a Curse Ring from Ultimate Weapon the first time you fight him.
    North Corel Huge Materia Quest
    Steal a Warrior Bangle from the Eagle Gun on the train.
    Sunken Plane
    Steal a Touph Ring from Reno and a Ziedrich from Rude when you fight them.
    Rocket Town Huge Materia Quest
    Steal a Ziedrich from Rude when you fight him at the Rocket.
    Before killing Ultimate Weapon
    Keep fighting him without causing him any damage until you steal 99
    Reflect Rings from him.
    Before invading Midgar
    Defeat Godo to win the All Creation, and to learn Trine.
    Steal a Rising Sun from Diamond Weapon.
    Steal 99 War Gongs from the Behemoths in the Sector 8 Underground.  This is
    probably the easiest way to get them.  You can also win them from Grand
    Win 99 8inch Cannons from the Cromwells in the Underground.
    Steal 99 Graviballs from the Shadow Makers in the Underground.
    Steal a Minerva Band from Elena, a Touph Ring from Reno, and a Ziedrich
    from Rude when you fight them in the tunnel.
    Steal 99 Deadly Wastes from the Zenenes in Shinra HQ.
    Steal 99 Shinra Alphas from the SOLDIER:1st's right before you fight Hojo.
     7.3 - Disc 3
    This Disc is where you will spend most of your time.  You can buy a lot of
    the items and equipment at shops, and get many other items from monsters.
    See section 4 for details.
    If anyone has answers to any of the questions here, please email me.
    Q. Are the Vagyrisk Claws you win from the CMD. Grand Horns at the first two
    Fort Condor Battles the only ones in the game?  Terence from the FF7 board
    on GameFaqs has suggested that you might be able to steal them from
    Bagrisks (although very rarely), but he wasn't sure.  I've tested this by
    fighting about 200 Bagrisks and I always got Softs.
    A. It turns out you can steal claws from these guys, but you might need to
    have low dexterity to do it.  If anyone wants to help in testing this out,
    please see my vagyrisk claw thread on the message board.
    Q. Is the Warrior Bangle you steal from the Eagle Gun unique?
    A. Arctic confirms that this item is unique.
    Q. Can you fight Submarine Crews as random encounters?  If so then you could
    steal 99 8inch Cannons from them instead of winning them from Cromwells.
    A. Unknown
    Q. If you keep winning the submarine game at Gold Saucer, can you win more
    than one Dragon Fang?  Are this one and the one you win from Schizo the only
    ones in the game?
    A. You can only win one from the submarine game.  Thanks to Arctic for
    answering this one.  So it appears you can only get two Dragon Fangs.
    Q. What is the maximum gil you can have?
    A. Speculated to be 999,999,999 by both Slipstream and myself.
    Q. What is the maximum experience you can have (you keep earning it even after
    level 99)?
    A. 999,999,999 exp.  Thanks to Drake for reporting this.
    Q. What is the maximum AP you can put on the underwater materia?
    A. Unknown, someone suggested it's a three byte integer, meaning 16,777,215.
     9.0 - TIPS
     9.1 - Automatic AP/EXP/Gil
    Ok here's what I do.  You'll need a turbo controller.  For my party I use
    Cloud, Vincent, and Cid.  Vincent should be at a reasonably high level.  Equip
    everyone with Ribbons.  Equip Vincent with the Long Barrel R (255% accuracy).
    Give him the following materia:
    Sneak Attack=Deathblow
    Enemy Lure=(anything)
    Cover=Mega All
    HP Absorb=Master Command
    All mastered.
    Give him any armor you want.  Give Cloud and Cid any weapons and armor you want
    (most likely with enhanced AP growth).  Now go to the Mideel island and go to
    the beach just south of Mideel.  Turn on your turbo on the confirm button.  Use
    a rubber band to hold it down, and another rubber band to hold down the down
    button on the d-pad.  Also you need the camera to be the overhead view.  This
    will cause you to run against the beach, and you'll run back and forth.  When
    you encounter enemies, with 80% chance, Vincent will kill all the enemies with
    a deathblow.  Since you're using the Long Barrel R, his deathblow attacks will
    always hit.  If he doesn't do the sneak attack, your party will just attack
    normally.  If vincent attacks, he'll absorb HP.  And since he's got Cover, he's
    the only one who will lose HP (since the enemies don't use magic attacks in
    this area).
    You should come back and check every so often so you can switch out any materia
    you've mastered and put in new ones.
    You can really do this trick in other areas (by running around in circles, or
    finding another convenient spot like the Mideel beach), but I like to do it
    near Mideel because the monsters there give pretty good AP and exp.
    Thanks to Zimfier for the idea of using the Mideel beach instead of running in
     9.2 - Building up Chocobuckle Damage
    You can use this trick for easy Lucky 7's, by building up Chocobuckle until it
    does 2222 damage.  Thanks to Arctic for this tip.  Or if you want to max out
    the damage, the following trick is also useful.
    This tip is from Arctic:
    To help build up Chocobuckle damage.  Here's the setup:
    Sneak Attack (MASTERED) + Exit (Escape)
    Preferrably at 9999 HP before the switch.  To use this, just face the left
    mountain range from the Chocobo Farm end of the swamp with the Midgar Zolom.
    Fix the camera to be side view.  Tape/Rubber Band the Up button in place, and
    Cloud will keep running up to the mountains and get stuck in one point, where
    the Zolom would attack you.  Cloud would then use Escape, earning you one
    escape.  Then, the party will be back where they started and Cloud would again
    run up to the mountain and the process would repeat.  Due to the 9999 MP, and
    the low low cost of Escape (16 MP), it'd take a pretty long time to run out of
    MP.  Or you can add Sneak Attack + Gravity (LV1), and Master Magic + MP Absorb
    to gain on MP.
    If you have a turbo controller, I'd also suggest taping the confirm button
    down and turboing it, just in case sneak attack fails.  Otherwise you'd have
    no way to get past the AP/EXP/Gil screens.  Or, as Arctic suggested, you can
    equip more Sneak Attack=Exit pairs to further decrease the chances of Sneak
    Attack failing.
     9.3 - Automatic Chocobo Racing
    You need a turbo controller for this.  Race your gold chocobo up to S-class.
    If you have other chocobos, your gold one needs to be the first one on the
    list that Esther gives you to select them.  Use rubberbands or tape to hold
    down confirm, start, and up on the d-pad.  The confirm should be turbo'd.
    Holding up will allow you to go up and talk to Esther after each race.
    Confirm goes through all the talking and selects your chocobo and the race.
    Start gets you through the stat screen.  Now just let it race.  As long as
    Teioh isn't racing you should win every time.  When Teioh races, you may win
    or lose depending on if he gets stuck behind other chocobos, but usually lose.
    But if you leave this on for a couple hours you'll get lots of prizes, some
    crap but some good ones.  One thing to watch out for is that if you have close
    to max materia, be careful because if you win a materia it might replace one
    in your bag at random.  I'm not sure I haven't tested that.  So if you're close
    to full, just check it every so often.
     9.4 - Lucky 7's
    If you are going for 2222 Chocobuckle damage, that's probably the easiest way
    to get Lucky 7's.  Otherwise, use a trick like the following one submitted by
    Requirements for this trick:
    Manipulate materia.
    Cats bell.
    Demi 2 or T/S bomb or Laser Enemy skill.
    15 High Potions 2 potions (for 1 character) 30 high potions 4 potions for 2
    characters and so on.
    7777hp per character (or higher).
    Having the Highwind and a chocobo is recommended
    Go to the Wutai beaches and encounter an Adamantoise (keep close to your
    chocobo because you want to get back on it without getting into another
    battle), because on its first turn it cast barrier and M Barrier on its second
    turn so it is the ideal enemy.
    Manipulate the Adamantoise and then cast demi 2 style magic on the characters
    you want to get lucky 7's until their hp is less then 154.  (if you want you
    can take this opportunity to learn Death force from the Adamatoise).
    Jump on your chocobo and ride to Wutai, enter the town and then equip the Cat's
    Bell/s on the person/s that you want to get lucky 7's for.  Walk slowly and
    closely monitor you hp, every step is about 2 hp.  Stop once you get to 154 hp
    and unequip the Cat's Bell.  If you only have one cats bell it is fine because
    it only heals the person who has it equipped so you can just take it off and
    put it on someone else.
    When the characters you want to get lucky 7's for have 154 hp leave wutai and
    jump on your chocobo then ride back up to the Wutai beaches to encounter
    another Adamantoise.  Manipulate it and then cast Demi 2 style magic once on
    the people who have 154 hp.  This should take them to 77hp.
    Leave the battle and hop back on your chocobo, ride it to the highwind or to
    wutai.  Once in a safe area give the characters who are on 77hp 15 High Potions
    and 2 potions, they should end up on 7777hp if done correctly and will
    instantly enter lucky 7's as soon as the next battle starts (provided they stay
    on that much hp)
    The Cats Bell is a chocobo racing gift, you have to have a good quality S class
    chocobo, I would recommend Gold because sometimes Teioh will race and he is a
    pain in the A$$.  The cats bell will always make you hp even, If you HP is odd
    it will increase it by 1 and then by 2 after that so you cant just walk around
    and get lucky 7.
    There is no point in having more then one character using lucky 7's at a time
    because the damage is not accumulative.  One character using lucky 7's will hit
    around 64 times, we characters will also hit around 64 times but that is in
    Thanks to Square for making a game that's still fun to play after 5 years.
    Thanks to KMegura, SHiroshige, DJellybean, and Arctic for writing guides
    which were very helpful while I was doing research for my guide.
    Thanks to Drake for reporting the maximum possible experience value.
    Thanks to nephalim for making the suggestion about getting 8 of each armor
    and accessory, and for the timing of Yuffie's sidequest.
    Thanks to Arctic for his help in testing Vagyrisk Claws and Everyone's Grudge
    damage, info on Dragon Fangs, the Warrior Bangle, and the tip for building
    up Chocobuckle damage.
    Thanks to Will for the info on Tifa's piano, and testing of Fort Condor
    battles and Vagyrisk Claws.
    Thanks to Slipstream for his info on max gil and various other comments.
    Thanks to Zimfier for the Mideel beach tip.
    Thanks to Terence for the info on Vagyrisk Claws and many good comments
    on the level requirements.
    Thanks to CelesDestiny for more ideas for level requirements.
    Thanks to Cax0r for his Lucky 7's tip.
     11.0 - TO DO LIST
    -verify that max battles for sleeping man is 65535
    -verify that max escapes for sleeping man is 65535
    -materia set justification
    -adjust level requirements
    -add gold saucer games and max gp to level requirements
    -add requirements for Disc 2 save
    (c) 2002 - JungleJim - junglejimkj@yahoo.com

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