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Miss-able Items FAQ by mira

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/26/2008
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                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                * * *  Final Fantasy VII Missable Items * * *
                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                * * *    By mira (mccourtma@gmail.com)  * * *
                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This FAQ was written for the purpose of aiding people in finding every piece
of equipment and materia. Much less attention has been paid to usable "Items,"
and I can't guarantee 100% completion in that area. However, at this point I
am fairly confident that all missable equipment and materia are accounted for.
- mira 11/7/05

[FW01]   Foreward
[INT1]  Introduction
[VERS] Version History
[BONE]  Bone Village Note
[PERM]   Permanently missed list
[FAQ0]  Missable Item Walkthrough
  [FAQ1] Disc 1
    [FAA1] Sector 7 Slums
    [FAA2] Train Graveyard
    [FAA3] Shinra HQ
    [FAA4] Cargo Boat
    [FAA5] Gold Saucer Chocobo Races
    [FAA6] Cave of the Gi
    [FAA7] Rocket Town
    [FAA8] Weaponsmith's House
    [FAA9] Temple of the Ancients
  [FAQ2] Disc 2
    [FAB1] Gaea Cliffs
    [FAB2] The Crater
    [FAB3] Mideel
    [FAB4] Mt. Corel
    [FAB5] Fort Condor
    [FAB6] Underwater Reactor
    [FAB7] Rocket Town
    [FAB8] Gelnika
    [FAB9] Diamond WEAPON
    [FB10] Midgar
  [FAQ3] Disc 3
    [FAC1] North Cave
[RARE] Rare and Unique Items
  [RAR1] Weapons
  [RAR2] Armor/Accessories
  [RAR3] Materia
  [RAR4] Final Limit Breaks
[HIDC] Hidden Characters Notes
  [HID1] Yuffie and Wutai
  [HID2] Vincent
[ENSK] Enemy Skill Note
[EMPO] E-mail Policy
[CRED] Credits


[FW01]   Foreward

It might seem odd to create a FAQ for a game that's over six years old, but 
Final Fantasy VII is an arguably revolutionary RPG, and at the very least, 
enjoyable, so much that people are still picking it up and playing it today.
I relished this game when I received it in '97, and it's still the only game
I've ever played that I could write a FAQ on from memory.

However, there are many FAQs dedicated to a full walkthrough of the game, and
another would be unnecessary. So, I thought it would be more useful to create
a FAQ about items that can be permanently missed--a bane to any RPG. This FAQ
intends to be spoiler-free, a guide for newbies to the game to use throughout
playing the game. Hopefully, the FAQ will prove useful even to seasoned 
veterans of the game.

Mira, December 20, 2003


[INT1]  Introduction

This FAQ was made to provide insight on those items that can easily be missed
and those that can permanently be missed. It is arranged similarly to a walk-
through for gameplay, and lists areas in orders that they are explored. In an
attempt to make the FAQ spoiler-free, areas that do not have any easily missed
items will be left out. I hope this won't cause any confusion.

I used the North American PSX version of the game to compile this FAQ, but I
want it to be usable for the NA PC version, as well. I'm not aware of any 
changes in the version, but if you encounter one, please e-mail me and inform
me so that I can correct it.


[VERS] Version History

0.80 - Finished the missable items walkthrough in one sitting. Tired.

0.81 - Cleaned up missable items walkthrough.

1.00 - Finished everything I wanted to add.

1.01 - Added double @ to indicate permanently missable items.

1.02 - Fixed mislabeled character in version history.

1.07 - Added "Permanently missed list".

1.08 - Changed "Taking the stairs" to "Looking for a more covert way in" in 
       Shinra HQ section. Submitted to GameFAQs.
2.00 - Massive rewrite. Corrected false information, added forgotten info, 
       cleaned up walkthrough and lists. Also added "rare and unique items"

2.01 - Added all the credits. Re-uploaded.

2.02 - Few addendums on the missable materia, the Graviball and the Ribbon.

2.03 - Disclaimer.

2.04 - Removed (UNTESTED) from Vagyrisk Claw. Addendum to credits.

2.1  - Added new enemy skill information, changed headers for easier 
       navigation, updated credits.


[BONE] Bone Village Note

Since I've first posted this FAQ, I have received a lot of feedback about the
possibility that no items are actually missable. Many different people have 
told me that they have dug up a variety of materia from Bone Village after
missing it elsewhere (notably, W-Item and Phoenix.) So, if you have missed an 
item, don't lose hope, and try digging it up! If you want to, send me an 
e-mail when you do dig up one of the items in this FAQ at Bone Village.

Do NOT send me an e-mail asking if something can be dug up in Bone Village. 
If I hear that it can I'll put it in the FAQ. Otherwise, assume I don't know.


[PERM] Permanently missed list

A list of things that can be permanently missed.

__Materia__           ____Location___
Ifrit*                Cargo Boat
Ramuh*                Chocobo Jockey Waiting Room
Added Effect          Cave of the Gi
Morph*                Temple of the Ancients
Luck Plus             Temple of the Ancients
Bahamut*              Temple of the Ancients
Neo Bahamut*          Crater
MP Turbo              Crater
W-Item                Midgar Train Tunnels (Second Disc)
Steal-as-Well         Missed by missing Leviathan Scales
MP Absorb             Wutai mini-quest (pre-3rd disc)
Phoenix*              Fort Condor final
Bahamut ZERO*         Missed by missing any of the Huge Materias
* These materias can technically be gained by beating Emerald WEAPON and tak-
  ing the prize to the Kalm Traveller. However, they'll just be part of some
  master materias, so it's better to get them by themselves.

__Equipment__         ____Location___
Yoshiyuki             Rocket Town
Princess Guard        Temple of the Ancients
Javelin               Gaea Cliff
Poison Ring           Crater
Battle Trumpet        Underwater Reactor
Scimitar              Underwater Reactor
Rising Sun            Steal from Diamond WEAPON
Aegis Armlet          Midgar (Disc 2)
Starlight Phone       Midgar (Disc 2)
Max Ray               Midgar (Disc 2)
Glow Lance            Shinra HQ (Disc 2)
HP Shout              Shinra HQ (Disc 2)
Missing Score         Midgar (Disc 2)
Umbrella              5000 points/Gold Saucer Speed Square (Disc 1) (UNTESTED)
Shotgun               Rocket Town Weapon Shop, pre-airship
Oritsuru              Missed by missing Leviathan Scales
Curse Ring            Mideel pre-quake/Steal from Ultima WEAPON 1st encounter
Warrior Bangle        Steal from Eagle Gun on coal train
Shinra Alpha          Last chance: Submarine battles
Ziedrich              Three times steal from Rude (Rocket Town, Gelnika, 
                      Midgar tunnels)
Touph Ring            Two times steal from Reno (Gelnika, Midgar tunnels)
Behemoth Horn         Shinra HQ disc 2 (on stairs)
Pile Bunker           Shinra HQ disc 2 (chest in item shop)
Master Fist           Shinra HQ disc 2 (chest in item shop)

Ghost Hand            Train Graveyard
Vagyrisk Claw         Dropped by CMD. Grand Horn
Graviball             A monster in Midgar on disc 2, or in the Train Graveyard

__Special__           ____Location___
Huge Materia          Failing any of the four quests will lose you one.
Leviathan Scales      Underwater Reactor (Needed for a few items in Da-Chao)
Guide Book            Missed by missing Morph materia


[FAQ0] Missable Items Walkthrough

[FAQ1] Disc 1

[FAA1] Sector 7 Slums
   - This is the only place in the game to get an iron bangle, and it will be
     unaccessable soon. If you want a perfect item list, buy one now.
[FAA2] Train Graveyard
   - Steal a Ghost Hand from a Ghost, or get one to drop it. This is the only
     place in the game to get it.

[FAA3] Shinra HQ
   - Check the bulletin board on the first floor for the Turtle's Paradise
     notice. This is 1 of 2 chances in the game to see the notice (it pays
   - After beating the boss on the 67th Floor, grab the Enemy Skill materia 
     that's sitting on the floor. There are only 4 of these in the game, and
     you won't be able to get this one again.

[FAA4] Cargo Boat 
   - After the boss encounter, don't forget to pick up the Ifrit materia lying
     on the ground, you can't get it again.

[FAA5] Gold Saucer Chocobo Races
   - Your first time in the jockey waiting room is the only time you can walk
     around the jockey waiting room. Don't miss the Ramuh materia sitting in
     one of the stalls, because you can't find it again.

[FAA6] Cave of the Gi
   - In the first area, you should see a blue support materia sitting on a
     ledge. It is the Added Effect materia. You can get to it by way of the 
     next room. Don't forget to grab it.

[FAA7] Rocket Town
   - Talk to the old man standing in front of the Item Shop, and when he asks
     you to look at the rocket, do so. This will get you the Yoshiyuki. You 
     can't do this later in the game.
   - The weapon shop will only sell Shotguns for a limited time, so if you
     want a perfect item list, buy one now.

[FAA8] Weaponsmith's House (As far as I know, this can be done at any time, but
                         it's most useful before the end of disc 1)
   - Once you have the buggy, take it back to the eastern continent via Costa
     del Sol and use it to cross the river near the large forest. There is a 
     cave there with a sleeping old man. If you talk to the old man, he will
     give you game statistics -- number of battles, number of escapes. If you
     talk to him when the last two digits of your number of battles fought are
     the same (255 or 433, for example) he will give you either an accessory 
     (if they're even) or Mythril (if they're odd). You want the mythril.
   - There's a house near Gongaga, owned by a weaponsmith. After you get the
     Tiny Bronco, the weaponseller is home. If you have the Mythril, ask him 
     to talk about something else and he'll bring up that he needs it. Offer
     it to him and open the small chest in the upper hall, and *not* the large
     one. Aeris's final limit break is inside. 

[FAA9] Temple of the Ancients
   - Morph materia near falling rocks puzzle.
   - Princess Guard in a chest in one of the Hour rooms at the clock puzzle.
   - Ribbon in a chest in one of the Hour rooms at the clock puzzle.
   - Luck Plus materia in one of the Hour rooms at the clock puzzle (or in
     main area? can't remember)
   - Bahamut materia after fighting Red Dragon.

[FAQ2] Disc 2

[FAB1] Gaea Cliffs 
   - Javelin in a chest.
   - Second Ribbon is in a chest in a hidden room. Inside the first cave, 
     there will be a point when you cross an ice bridge to the right. The vis-
     ible path curves up, but keep going right and there is the hidden room.
     (If you don't know which area I'm talking about, it's one where you're 
     above another room.)

[FAB2] The Crater 
   - Near where you see the Highwind, keep an eye out for the Neo Bahamut
     materia lying on the ground. It's one of a kind.
   - Keep an eye out for the MP Turbo materia and a chest containing the 
     Poison Ring, both of these are one-time offers.

[FAB3] Mideel
   - In the Materia shop (??) there's a door at the back. Check it out and
     it won't open. Go to the walkway around the Accessory shop and walk until
     you hear a slight creak. Examine it and find a key. Grab it and take it 
     back to the door. Try to use it and then tell the truth when it breaks.
     You'll get the Curse Ring. (This has to be done before the earthquake.)

[FAB4] Mt. Corel
   - Steal the Warrior Bangle from the Eagle Gun.
   - Try your hardest not to crash the train. You'll lose the Huge Materia and
     you'll have to pay an arm and a leg for the Ultima materia.

[FAB5] Fort Condor
   - Don't fail. You need that huge materia.
   - After the baby hatches, grab the Phoenix materia. You can't return here.

[FAB6] Underwater Reactor 
   - Don't miss those chests. You'll miss out on:
     - Battle Trumpet
     - Scimitar
     - Leviathan Scales [key item]
   - Some of the enemies here are almost your last chance for a Shinra Alpha.
   - I've been warned about missing the God's Hand, but I didn't think it 
     could be missed. To make sure you get it, destroy Carry Armor's arms
     before wiping him off the map.
[FAB7] Rocket Town
   - First chance to steal the Ziedrich from Rude.
   - Another huge materia can be missed.

[FAB8] Gelnika
   - There are a ton of unique items in this place, but you can return here at
     any point. However..
   - If you don't come here before the end of the second disc, you miss out on
     a boss battle with Rude and Reno, and they have some rare items for
     stealing: the Ziedrich and the Touph Ring, respectively.

[FAB9] Diamond WEAPON
   - Steal the Rising Sun from him. It's not exceptional, but it is one of a

[FB10] Midgar 
   - In the underbelly of the city, do not miss:
     - Aegis Armlet
     - Starlight Phone
     - Max Ray
   These are all one of a kind, and you cannot return here.
   - Reno, Rude and Elena all have rare items for stealing: Touph Ring, 
     Ziedrich and Minerva Band, respectively. If you haven't already got the
     Ziedrich or the Touph Ring, this is your last chance.
   - In the train tunnels, run allll the way to the very end to get the W-Item
   - Navigate the train tunnels to find Shinra HQ again.
     - Take the stairs to get the Behemoth Horn. If it doesn't show up on your
       way up, try going back down again til you get it.
     - Check the item shop on the second floor. Two chests contain the Pile
       Bunker and the Master Fist.
     - On the 63rd floor is the Glow Lance.
     - In a locker on the 64th floor is the HP Shout. (might have seen it in
       Disc 1)
     - Last chance to catch the second Turtle's Paradise flyer.
   - Have Barret in your party as you climb the stairs in the rain, or you'll
     miss his ultimate weapon, Missing Score. It's very easy to find when he
     is in your party, but nonexistent when he's not.
   - The SOLDIER: 1sts are the last chance for the Shinra Alpha.
[FAQ3] Disc 3
   This disc is very nonlinear, so you really can't miss any items (maybe
   that's to make up for how many missable items were in Midgar?). One thing
   of note, though.

[FAC1] North Cave
   - Choose wisely when setting up that optional save point. You can't move it
     once you activate it.


[RARE]  Rare and Unique Items

[RAR1] Weapons
Force Stealer   | Cloud    |  Junon, disc 1: Do well in send-off ceremony. 
                |          |    Can also be bought in North Corel.
Fairy Tale      | Aeris    |  Defeat Reno in Gongaga. Can also be bought in
                |          |    Junon much later.
Magic Shuriken  | Yuffie   |  In Wutai, it is hidden in a secret passage in
                |          |    Godo's house.
Oritsuru        | Yuffie   |  Caves at Da-Chao. Requires Leviathan Scales.
Mop             | Cid      |  Dig up in Bone Village or buy at Junon later.
Premium Heart   | Tifa     |  Take Tifa in your party to broken item shop in
                |          |    Wall Market. Take Cid for a scene.
Venus Gospel    | Cid      |  Talk to old man in Rocket Town 3 times after
                |          |    Rocket has been launched.
Supershot ST    | Vincent  |  Found in the Ancient Forest.
Spring Gun Clip | Red XIII |  Found in the Ancient Forest.
Apocalypse      | Cloud    |  Found in the last part of Ancient Forest.
Heaven's Cloud  | Cloud    |  On board the Gelnika.
Conformer       | Yuffie   |  On board the Gelnika. 
Spirit Lance    | Cid      |  On board the Gelnika.
Outsider        | Vincent  |  On board the Gelnika.
Ultima Weapon   | Cloud    |  Chase Ultima WEAPON around end of disc 2/disc 3
                |          |    in the Highwind; drops it when killed.
Limited Moon    | Red XIII |  End of disc2/disc3, go with Red XIII to Cosmo
                |          |    Canyon. Scenes + item.
Death Penalty   | Vincent  |  After getting the submarine, find a long under-
                |          |    water tunnel that leads up to a lake near
                |          |    Nibelheim. Enter a cave behind the waterfall
                |          |    with Vincent in your party. Go back on the 3rd
                |          |    disc.

[RAR2] Armor/Accessories
Four Slot       | Armor  |  In Shinra HQ on first disc, offered as prize for
                |        |    one of the coupons on the 63rd (?) floor.
Shinra Beta     | Armor  |  Numerous enemies around Shinra areas carry this.
Adaman Bangle   | Armor  |  Stolen from Adamantaimai on the Wutai continent's
                |        |    coastlines.
Ribbon          | Accsry |  Found in Temple of the Ancients or in the hidden
                |        |    room in Gaea's Cliff. Can also get on disc 3 by
                |        |    morphing Master Tonberry.
Water Ring      | Accsry |  Found in a treasure chest in the sleeping forest, 
                |        |    can also be stolen from Acrophies.
Hypnocrown      | Accsry |  Found in a treasure chest in Corral Valley.
Circlet         | Accsry |  Stolen from Snow in Great Glacier.
Protect Ring    | Accsry |  Stolen from Schizo (boss) in Gaea's Cliff. Can 
                |        |    also be morphed from Movers in North Cave on 
                |        |    disc 3.
Fourth Bracelet | Armor  |  Found in chest in Weapon Shop on return to Rocket
                |        |    Town on Disc 2.
Sneak Glove     | Accsry |  After returning to the Midgar slums after getting
                |        |    the key to sector 5 from Bone Village, go to 
                |        |    Wall Market and talk to the weapon shop owner. 
                |        |    He will offer to sell it to you for 129,000 gil.
Cat's Bell      | Accsry |  A Rank chocobo racing prize at Gold Saucer.
Sprint Shoes    | Accsry |  A Rank chocobo racing prize at Gold Saucer.
Precious Watch  | Armor  |  S Rank chocobo racing prize at Gold Saucer.
Minerva Band    | Armor  |  Found in the Ancient Forest. Can also be stolen 
                |        |    from Elena in the Midgar Train Tunnels.
Escort Guard    | Armor  |  Found in the Gelnika.
Mystile         | Armor  |  Found in North Cave in Disc 3.
Tetra Elemental | Accsry |  Found in North Cave in Disc 3. Can also morph 
                |        |    Cactuars for it.
Imperial Guard  | Armor  |  Found in North Cave in Disc 3.

[RAR3] Materia
Choco/Mog     | Summon  |  Speak with stationary chocobo in chocobo ranch. 
              |         |    Answer "Wark".
Long Range    | Indpndt |  On a ledge in the Mythril Mines.
Titan         | Summon  |  In the ruined reactor in Gongaga, examine the core.
              |         |    When you see something shiny, opt to get it.
Odin          | Summon  |  See the Hidden Characters notes on Vincent.
HP Absorb     | Support |  In a chest up the stairs of the cat house in Wutai.
Leviatha      | Summon  |  Complete the Pagoda sidequest with Yuffie in Wutai. 
Kjata         | Summon  |  It's rolling through the trees in the second screen
              |         |    of the Sleeping Forest (the one where the harp 
              |         |    wakes the place up.)
Comet         | Magic   |  It's on the top of the center structure in the City
              |         |    of the Ancients.
Magic Plus    | Indpndt |  It's on the very bottom, left side of the cliffs
              |         |    part of Corral Valley. Hard to see.
Added Cut     | Support |  In Great Glacier, find the 4-way mountain path (on
              |         |    the eastern side of the place). The top two paths
              |         |    lead to the hot springs. Take the one on the 
              |         |    right. In the second screen of that path, there 
              |         |    is a very hard to see materia!
Alexander     | Summon  |  In Great Glacier, find and touch the hot springs. 
              |         |    Then take the path north to the great snowy field
              |         |    and find your way to the center cave. The cave 
              |         |    entrance faces south, so go right of the entrance
              |         |    to the east to make it to the mountain path with
              |         |    the cave. Enter the cave to find a blue woman. 
              |         |    Talk to her. If you touched the hot springs, she
              |         |    will fight you (Snow). When she dies, she'll drop
              |         |    the Alexander materia.
Full Cure     | Magic   |  After you get the Highwind, go back to Cosmo Canyon
              |         |    and enter the item shop. A path has opened up 
              |         |    that leads to the backroom. You will find it back
              |         |    there.
Contain       | Magic   |  Take some Mimett greens to Mideel. Talk to the 
              |         |    white chocobo and scratch him behind the ears.
Enemy Away    | Indpndt |  B Rank chocobo racing prize.
Sneak Attack  | Support |  A and S Rank chocobo racing prize.
Magic Counter | Support |  S Rank chocobo racing prize.
Mime          | Command |  Breed a chocobo that can cross mountains (Green,
              |         |    Black or Gold). Take it in the Highwind to Wutai
              |         |    continent. There's a cave hidden behind a 
              |         |    mountain on the eastern side. Use the chocobo to
              |         |    get to it; the Mime materia is inside.
Quadra Magic  | Support |  Breed a chocobo that can cross shallow water (Blue,
              |         |    Black or Gold). Take it in the Highwind to Mideel
              |         |    islands. Use it to traverse the islands on the 
              |         |    eastern side and make your way to the cave which
              |         |    contains the Quadra Magic materia.
HP <-> MP     | Indpndt |  Breed a chocobo that can cross mountains AND 
              |         |    shallow water (Black or Gold). Take it to the 
              |         |    entrance to Mt. Corel. Cross the large channel to
              |         |    the cave, past the desert. It contains the 
              |         |    materia.
KOTR*         | Summon  |  Breed a chocobo that can cross oceans (Gold). Take
              |         |    it from the chocobo ranch to the northeast corner
              |         |    of the world map. There you will find a hidden
              |         |    island that only the gold chocobo can access. 
              |         |    The KOTR is inside.
Enemy Lure    | Indpndt |  Get from the Battle Arena in Gold Saucer for 250 GP
Pre-Emptive   | Indpndt |  Get from the Battle Arena in Gold Saucer for 1000GP
Speed Plus    | Indpndt |  Get from the Battle Arena in Gold Saucer for 4000GP
W-Summon      | Command |  Get from the Battle Arena in Gold Saucer for 
              |         |    64,000 GP. Can only get one.
Final Attack  | Support |  After you've won both the Omnislash and the 
              |         |    W-Summon from the Battle Arena, you will earn the
              |         |    option to do a special golden round. Win the gold
              |         |    round (it has harder monsters, and the 8th battle
              |         |    is Proud Clod) and you'll get the Final Attack
              |         |    materia as a reward.
Slash-All     | Indpndt |  Found in the Ancient Forest.
Typoon        | Summon  |  Found in the Ancient Forest.
Double Cut    | Command |  Found aboard the Gelnika.
Hades         | Summon  |  Found aboard the Gelnika.
Mega All      | Indpndt |  Found in North Cave. It's floating above a platform
              |         |    that Cloud always jumps off of.. but if you time
              |         |    the action button with the landing, you can grab
              |         |    it.
Shield        | Magic   |  Found in North Cave, in the watery area. It's on 
              |         |    top of a rock that you have to use a water path
              |         |    to access.
W-Magic       | Command |  In North Cave, there's a large cave with a shining
              |         |    center. This materia is deceptively near the top
              |         |    of this cave, away from the shine.
* Stands for "Knights of the Round."

[RAR4] Final Limit Breaks
Omnislash    | Cloud    | Battle Arena in Gold Saucer for 32,000 GP.
Catastrophe  | Barret   | After Huge Materia hunt in North Corel, talk to a
             |          |   woman in one of the tents. Barret might have to be
             |          |   in your party.
Final Heaven | Tifa     | With Tifa in your party, go to her room in Nibelheim
             |          |   and play this on the piano: Do Re Mi Ti La Do Re
             |          |   Mi So Fa Do Re Do (all 'Do's are low). 
Great Gospel | Aeris    | Described above in section VI.A.8. (8. Weaponsmith's)
Cosmo Memory | Red XIII | See Hidden Characters Notes on Vincent. (VIII.B.)
All Creation | Yuffie   | Complete Pagoda sidequest in Wutai.
Chaos        | Vincent  | See "Death Penalty" in bottom of rare item list.
Highwind     | Cid      | Found in the Gelnika cargo area.

[HIDC] Hidden Characters Notes

Both of the hidden characters don't have a limited time to collect, so you can
come back and get them if you miss them at the first chance. Because of that,
this part of the FAQ is seperate, and can be used at your will.

[HID1] Yuffie and Wutai

Yuffie Kisaragi, the first hidden character, has an optional quest attached in
the city of Wutai. Although you can get Yuffie at any point when there's an 
available forest, you can't do the Wutai side-quest on Disc 3. There's a 
materia attached to that quest that can be permanently missed. So if you don't 
want to risk missing this, these are the steps to get Yuffie in your party.

Yuffie randomly appears in any forest on the World Map, the first opportunity
being the forests in Junon area. Simply run around the forest until you
encounter "Mystery Ninja". Defeat her in battle.

After defeating her, approach her and initiate a conversation with her. You
must respond appropriately each time, or she'll run off and steal some Gil.

*Do not* access the menu at any time while in this small area, because she
will take the opportunity to steal some gil and run off. Ignore the save point
as it's a ruse to cause this.

These are the answers you must give:
1. "Not interested."
2. "....petrified."
3. "Wait a second!"
4. ".....That's right."
5. "Let's hurry on."
Giving these answers will get you Yuffie. If you mess up, don't worry - you
can encounter her again and keep trying. When you finally do get her, you'll
get a little of any money she's stolen back.

Now, to activate the Wutai quest, once you have the Tiny Bronco, you are right
near the Wutai area coastline. Land there and begin to climb up the nearby 
mountain. The sequence will begin to set in.

[HID2] Vincent

You can't miss much by not having Vincent in your party, but he's still a
decently powerful member and worth getting. Here's how:

In the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, there is a locked safe. The combination is
hidden around the mansion. There is a hint sheet in a small room left of the 
main door. It gives a little background info on this puzzle and provides clues
for finding all four numbers.

1. Look for the lid of the box with the most oxygen.
2. Behind the Ivory's short of tea and ray.
3. The creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor. Then to the left
five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.
4. (Written in invisible ink) Dial 4 is Right 97.

The first clue tells of a lid with the clue.. lid of a treasure chest. Where 
is the most oxygen? In the Atrium, the round room near the safe. The first
number is Right 36.

The second clue speaks of the piano in the music room. Look behind it to find
the second number, Left 10.

The third clue gives treasure-hunt directions towards the third number.. use
walking steps, not running steps, to find it. It's Right 59.

So the combination is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59 and Right 97. 

Go to the safe, and enter the combination.. you only have a short time to do
it. Before you do it, be ready for a fight. (The difficulty of the boss battle
depends on what point you're opening the safe. He is quite difficult if you 
open the safe on your first trip to Nibelheim, and as you increase in level, 
he's less of a threat.)

When you defeat the boss, you'll get the Cosmo Memory, the Odin materia, and a
key. Take the key to the basement of the Shinra mansion. There's a locked door
that will now swing right open. Inside, examine the coffin. Talk to him, tell
him about Sephiroth. Talk to him again, and ask him his name. Then leave. As
you go back to the stairs, he'll stop you and ask to come with you.


[ENSK] Enemy Skill Note

One of the command materias in the game is called "Enemy Skill." It is unlike
the other materias, because it learns a list of spells from monsters. (The 
spell is learned when a monster uses it on the character that has the materia
equipped.) There are 4 of these materia in the game, and 24 spells. Only one
of these spells can be permanently missed. If you're anal as I am, you'll want
to master all four of these materia. This is how you get that missable spell:

First of all, don't miss the first Enemy Skill materia in the Shinra HQ. Grab
the one in Junon the first time you're there.

Your first opportunity to learn the missable spell, Trine, is from a boss in 
Mt. Nibel called Materia Keeper. Have the two Enemy Skill materias that you
have equipped on seperate characters (the spell is cast on all) and wait for
him to use it. Once he casts Trine, you've got it on the first two.

Now, the next available monster to learn Trine from is Godo in Wutai, but you
do *NOT* want to fight him until you've got all four Enemy Skill materias. He
is the trick to mastering all four, and defeating him before you get that 4th
materia will screw you over.

You can get the third Enemy Skill materia in the City of the Ancients. Shortly
after that, you can learn Trine on it from a monster called Stilva that is in
Gaea's Cliff. Seek him out and learn the spell from him. (Remember, if two 
Enemy Skill materias are equipped on the same character, and one of orbs 
already has a spell on it, the second orb will not learn that spell. Keep the
materia equipped on seperate characters.)

The fourth and final Enemy Skill materia is found in the Chocobo Sage's house
after you've acquired the Highwind. Fly up there and speak to the green 
chocobo sitting on the mantle. He'll toss it out at you.

Now, equip the last Enemy Skill materia on Yuffie and go fight Godo. Wait for
him to cast Trine. (He can be an ass about that, and you might have to wait a 
while.) If you happened to have missed Trine on any of the earlier materias, 
try equipping any that don't have Trine to Yuffie. I can't remember if it 
works, but it's worth a shot. You'll at least get it on one of them.

Now that you don't have to worry about Trine anymore, there's still one more 
enemy skill that's missable: Pandora's Box. You're *almost* guaranteed to see
Pandora's Box as it is cast by a Dragon Zombie in North Crater. However, it 
will only be cast *once* as a final attack by the first Dragon Zombie you see.
So make sure everyone has every enemy skill materia equipped, they're in 
decent enough shape to survive the attack, and if the battle has been going on
for a while, maybe throw Dragon Zombie an ether or two to make sure he's got 
enough MP to cast the 120-MP attack.

The rest of the Enemy Skills can be found throughout the game on Disc 3. 
Consult a guide specializing in Enemy Skills if you can't find them all.


[EMPO] E-mail policy

If you find any discrepencies, PC revisions, or you just have a general
suggestion about this FAQ, e-mail me at mccourtma@gmail.com, mentioning the
FAQ in the title. If you have a question about finding a certain item, you can
ask me, and I'll hopefully be able to tell you. :)


[CRED]  Credits

Big thanks to THE INSOMNIA for giving me a very thorough break down of what 
was incorrect about the FAQ, as well as being the first person to tell me that
the Phoenix materia can be dug up in Bone Village.

More big thanks to shadow411 for giving me a real list of the missable items
and explaining to me the deal with the 4 huge materias, and the effect of 
missing them.

Thanks to Jess for telling me that you can't get the Turtle's Paradise rewards
after completing the Pagoda due to a bug or something.

Thanks to Yes No for giving me some corrections and additions.

Thanks to Adam Price for letting me know that the sleeping man in the cave 
will give you an accessory at even numbers (e.g., 144) and mythril at odd
numbers (e.g., 177).

Thanks to Joe Pom for telling me about the Pile Bunker and the Master Fist.

Thanks to Zan Dire for letting me know that the Temple of the Ancients items
were all purchasable later.

Thanks to mgombie for letting me know a couple of things I missed.

Thanks to Darrin Ackerman for telling me several things I missed.

Thanks to Win Nelson for mentioning that Titan might be missable (still 
haven't tested that.)

Thanks to Skye for bringing up that everything might be retrievable at Bone

Thanks to Joey M. for telling me how to get a curse ring (although I had 
already known at that time, it wasn't in the FAQ.)

Thanks to mike castro for telling me about the Temple of the Ancients items.

Thanks to solid snake for the Bone Village info.

Thanks to John Miller and Stuart "Brum" Jewkes for information on the 

Thanks to some guy and Jason Ricker for enlightenment on some of the materias.

HUGE thanks to anastasia ehlers, Sephiroth Unknown, Curtis Vinje and Auron32
for the location of the second Ribbon.

Sincere apologies to Matt Banes for neglecting to include a disclaimer about
the fallacies of this FAQ, causing him to miss the Earth Mallet.

Thanks to Chris Boyd for confirming the dropping of Vagyrisk Claw by CMD
Grand Horn.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing out that Trine isn't the only
missable enemy skill.

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