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    FAQ/Walkthrough by spmkillie

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                    	  FINAL FANTASY VII FAQ v1.2
                       for the Sony PlayStation  (PAL version)
                                 by Scott P McGhee
    		     Copyright 2000-2004 SPM Productions ©
    MORE INFO*******
    If you do wish to post this on your site or take sections from it, just ask me.
     I will most likely say yes as long as you give me the credit for it.  Cheers :)
    Please also note that, while this FAQ is available on quite a few sites
    these days, you are guarenteed to find the most up to date one at my own
    homepage (www.angelfire.com/oh3/superkillie) or at GAMEFAQs.com
    If you have downloaded this FAQ feel free to email any comments that you may
    have about it as I like to know what people think.  Especially if you have
    noticed any mistakes on it (except spelling ones ;)
            3.1   In the beginning
            3.2   Midgar train
            3.3   Avalanche base
            3.4   Mako Reactor 5
            3.5   Sector 5 Slums
            3.6   Wall Market
            3.7   Train Graveyard
            3.8   Back to Sector 7
            3.9   Shinra Headquarters
            3.10  The Wrold Map - Kalm Town
            3.11  Mythril Mine
    	3.12  Junon town
            3.13  Shinra Cargo Ship
            3.14  Costa Del Sol
            3.15  Gold Saucer
    	3.16  Corel Prison
            3.17  Gongaga Town
    	3.18  Cosmo Canyon
    	3.19  Nibelheim
    	3.20  Mt. Nibel
    	3.21  Rocket Town
    	3.22  Finding the Key
    	3.23  The Temple of the Ancients
    	3.24  Bone Village
            3.25  Forgotten Capital
            4.1   A Return to the World Map
            4.2   Icicle Inn
            4.3   Great Glacier
            4.4   The North Crater
            4.5   Pulblic Execution
            4.6   Mideel Island and Return to Corel
            4.7   The Battle of Fort Condor
            4.8   Return to Mideel
            4.9   Side quests #1
    	4.10  Junnon's Underwater Reactor
            4.11  Exploring in the Sub (Side Quests #2)
            4.12  Return to Rocket Town
            4.13  Return to Forgotten Capital
    	4.14  Return to Midgar
    	5.1   Side Quests #3
            5.2   Return to the North Crater
    	5.3   Point Of No Return
    	6.1   Yuffie
    	6.2   Vincint
            7.1   Ancient forest
            7.2   Bonus Materia Locations
            7.3   The Safe in Nibelheim
    	7.4   Vincent's Waterfall
    	7.5   Wutai Sidequest
    	7.6   Yuffies Sidequest
    	7.7   Summon Locations
    	7.8   The Piano Trick
    	7.9   The Key To Midgar City
    	7.10  Turtles Paradise Flyers
    	8.1   Green Chocobo
    	8.2   Blue Chocobo
    	8.3   Black Chocobo
    	8.4   Gold Chocobo
    Version 1.2 - 29/3/04
    Not really much of an update, but still important.
    Work has now begun on spell checking the guide, and the really good news is i'm
    not the one doing it :D
    The man taking on this hell of a task is Lee Ferens, a man who proofreads pages
    for the Times, Sun, Indpendent newspapers here in the UK so I am very honoured.
     Thanks Bud :)
    Now a slightly more important part....
    I have changed email addresses and as a result, anyone who emails to my old
    account will get nothing in return.  Those of you who have emailed me before
    know that I reply to every one so I would like to continue this tradition..  My
    new email account is
    oh, also, those who have emailed me mistakes or suggestions for the guide
    should find your work credited now.  If not then email :)
    Version 1.1  03/11/03 - guide submitted to GAMEFAQs
    Some brief info before we start.
    This guide is for the PAL version of Final Fantasy VII.  So if you ask me on
    the Japanese or American one the I have no ******* clue,  also don't mail me
    about the PC version of FF VII, please!
    One other thing, the best way to view this guide is in a full window.  That way
    alot of the table headings etc wont run onto a second line.  Notepad formating
    is terrible :)
    Anyway, I will answer any questions that you may have by email on one
    condition, it has not been mentioned previously in my FAQ, i think thats fair.
    At this point i would just like to state my sole purpose as to this FAQ.
    Firstly, someone bet me I wouldn't do it.  Secondly, I have a huge love for
    this game.  I shall be going through it as I write this so everything should
    make sence as i am doing at the same time as you (and for the 5th time i might
    Shamless Self promotion here :)  Please check out my website, the initial host
    for the FAQ, at
    anyway, moving on...
    Your first task is to enjoy the first of many great FMV's
      3.1  In the beginning
    When the game starts the first thing you might wanna do is go into the menu
    screen, open up your FF7 manual, and familiarise yourself with the contorls and
    navigation of the menu system.  Like some guide makers, I will not be
    mentioning simple instrctions like checking your items in the menu, as this can
    simply be done by flicking through a manual.
    Anyway, you may notice that you have 3 Potions, a Phoenix Down, and an Ether.
    Don't worry about equiping "Materia" (the Final Fantasy 7 term for magic), for
    now as that is all explained later.
    Once Cloud (the guy with the blonde hair and stupid haircut) jumps out the
    train, check the body of the closest guard twice to get two Potions.  Then head
    north of the screen.  Two guards will attack you.  It's a simple fight, simply
    attack them and you will not lose.  After that go left up the small stairs.
    When you meet up with the rest of the team talk to the crew members there
    (Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie), you will then be given the chance to name both
    yourself and Barret (the blatant "Mr. T" impersonator :).  Now make your way
    east and then take the northwestern door, head north and take the first right
    in the next room to enter the main building in the power plant.  If you get
    into fights during this time don't worry about it as they will all be easy,
    simply attack.
    Talk to Barret and he will join you.
    Barret - "the planet's full of Mako energy.  People here use it every day.
    It's the lifeblood of this planet.  But Shinra keeps suckin' the blood out with
    these weird machines."
    After that heart warming speech talk to Biggs and he will open the door for
    you.  At the next door talk to Jessie and she will open it.  After opening the
    second door, head right to the room with a treasure chest that contains a
    Phoenix Down.  Once you have that go back and enter the elevator by talking to
    Jessie and press the button when she tells you to.  On the way down Barret
    appears to do an impression of an ape :D
    Now go down the stairs and go through the door to the left (the one that Jessie
    managed to walk THROUGH).  Then go down the ladder.  When Jessie stops, search
    next to her to gain a Potion.
    Go down, walk across the pipes, and go down the ladder to the left of the
    screen.  Save if you wish at the save point   Don’t forget to take a good look
    at the stunning graphics benith you.  If you encounter any "sweepers" (big
    robots) along the way use Clouds "Bolt" magic to dispose of them as they can be
    annoying if not taken care of quickly.
    In the next area, pick up the "Restore" Materia on the ground (its of no use to
    you just now though).  Cloud gets a strange message in his head at this point,
    don't try to make sense of it just now but it will make sense eventually.
    Cloud will set the bomb and an alarm will sound.  You will now have to fight
    the boss, a huge scorpion machine.
    BOSS: GUARD SCORPION                          		
    Simply have Barret attack, as four Cloud, the Guard Scorpion is very weak to
    Clouds "Bolt" magic (this rule applies for ALL machine like creatures in the
    game).  The scorpion's "search scope" will warn you about who it is going to
    attack next.  Eventually the boss will raise its tail and during this point do
    not attack it, just heal or guard until it brings back down its tail.  If you
    try to hurt it during this time, the boss responds with a ray from its tail
    which will take of a good bit of energy from your members.
    You'll get an Assault Gun (weapon for Barret) when you kill it.  Very easy
    Ok now after the fight, quickly equip Barrets new gun.  You now have ten
    minutes to escape from the power plant.  Its not hard though so just keep cool.
     This part is alot easier than it may at first seem and I usually make it out
    with about 5 mins to go so on your first go you should still easilly make it.
    I wouldn’t mess about here to much though as even when your in the menu options
    your time runs out.  You'll need to make your way back to the  T-shaped
    entrance hall (when you entered the main part of the plant) where Wedge is
    waiting for you.
    On the way you will see Jessie with her foot trapped.  To free her simply talk
    to her and Cloud will do so (after which by the way she seems to manage to run
    away increadably fast).  When you get back to the big doors, talk to Jessie to
    open the first one, and then Biggs to open the second.  Escape and then enjoy
    another very good FMV.
      3.2  Midgar Train
    Once outside head up the stairs.  When you talk to the girl in pink chose the
    bottom option and then the top one to buy a flower from her. Clever bit here
    though, if you buy one of her flowers now she mentions it later in the game.
    Follow her to the next screen.
    In the next screen, there's a Potion to the southwest of the circular
    structure. Now continue south.  You'll meet up with guards and you will have to
    run or fight.  You're best just running here as the same event happens even if
    you do stay and fight a few, its your call really.  Eventually, Cloud'll jump
    onto the passing train and meet up with the rest of the group.  There is an
    amusing scene here with Wedge ****ing his pants :).  After talking to them,
    walk the same way the rest of the group did and you'll jump off into another
    area.  Barret seems to be in a bit of a mood.
    Train conducter - "this is why I hate the last train.  Hoo-boy..."
    Talk to everyone here.  Jessie will show you an animation of the Mako plant on
    the train's screen.  Big boring explination coming up here but you need the
    info if it is your first time playing the game.  Another stunning FMV sequence
    here when you approach Barret.
      3.3  Avalanche base
    Once you get off the train, head to the left and follow Barret into the pub.
    In the bar, you'll meet Tifa, the worlds largest breasts in the worlds smallest
    top.  She is worth putting in your team just so you can see the great camera
    angle when you win a fight (trust me you will soon see).  Must be hard trying
    to walk with all that weight at the front.  Ok I promise that’s the last
    breasts joke I will do :D. She is also a member of Avalanche by the way.  Also
    there is Marlene, who is supposedly Barret's daughter, bit of a genetic mix up
    there.  Kinda seems suspicious to me, one woman with three men, I know Jessie
    is there too but with Barrets daughter being white, it makes you wonder. :)
    Anyway, name Tifa. Barret shows up when you try to leave and goes to the base
    underneath the bar.  After talking to Barret, and watching Biggs get knocked
    out, Tifa shows up.  Attempt to Leave the bar and you'll have a conversation
    with Tifa, why does Cloud have such trouble remembering his past?   When you
    run back into Barret, he'll give you 1500 gil.
    Tifa - 	"Good morning Cloud!  Did you sleep well?"
    Cloud - "Next to you, who wouldn't?"  :D
    Now's your chance to learn about Materia so pay good attention to the
    conversation between Barret and Cloud.  If this is your second time playing the
    game you are as well just skipping it.
    Once you have exited the bar, head to the weapons shop outside.  Before buying
    anything head to the "Beginner's Hall" on the second floor.  Here you can learn
    more about playing the game.  In right corner of this room there is "All"
    Materia.  Very useful Materia, especially when leveled up so don't forget to
    take it. After you have, a chest will drop down that has an Ether inside of it.
     Now head back down to the lower floor and buy 3 Iron Bangles as you need the
    armour. You may also want to buy some more Materia from the shop to the left of
    the weapon shop as this is your first chance to buy 'Fire' Materia.
    When you're ready, go back to the train station to prepare for
    Avalanche's next mission.  If you like, you can go to the far right of the
    station to enter a train yard.  This is a great spot for some early exp
    improving, I usually stay till I am at around level 10-12.  Its good simply
    because the fights here are easy and an Inn is close by (talk to the kid in the
    Weapons shop and he will let you stay in the very top floor for a very cheap
    price as often as you want).
      3.4  Mako Reactor 5
    When your ready, get on the train.
    Train Conductor - "...hoodlums again.  God, don't I just have all the luck"
    Barret - "you say sumthin'?  Yo, look at that!!  It got all empty all of a
    sudden.  Whats goin on?
    Train Conductor - "DAMN!!  I...i'ts empty because of... g, guys like you....
    Y, Y, YIPES!!"
    Barret - "you workin' for Shinra?"
    Tifa - "Barret!!"
    Barret - "&$#^$.!  You lucky ^$#^$.!"  :D
    Cloud - "so what we gonna do now?"
    Barret - "Shit!  The hell you so calm about?  You busin' up my rhythem..."
    **** you've been caught!  When the timer appears, go talk to the homeless man
    in the very back of the screen for a Phoenix Down.  Make your way to the second
    car, talk to the man closest to Wedge and Biggs, pick the top option to get a
    Hi-Potion.  Keep going through the train until the party decides it's time to
    jump off. (Don’t forget the rapper pose at the end :D).
    Jessie - "It's me, Jessie.  How do I look, Cloud?  Do I look good in a Shina
    Cloud -  "you look great, just like a man."
    Jessie - "Yay!! I'm soo happy... I think"
    Barret - "Yo!!  Don't you go gettin' your spikey ass hurt!  It's only the
    beginnin' of the mission!"
    After jumping off you have two options.  If you go south, you'll got hrough the
    same screen 5 times before coming to two guards.  You can fight them if you
    wish and you can keep on fighting guards until you get bored of it, choose the
    bottom option to keep fighting or the top option to run away.  If you didnt
    gain EXP at the train graveyard like I said you should then you should get some
    here, you don't really need to bother if you got to about level 10 though.
    Anyway, once you are done beating up Shinra guards go north as far as you can
    and you will come accross a green barrier.  Examine the hatch next to it  and
    choose the middle option and you will go down.  Don't forget to pick up the
    Ether along the way.  Follow the one way route, and then talk to Wedge.  Go up
    the ladder next to him and you will be in a room where Jessie is too.  It was
    her fault the train accident happened!  Give her a good slap then take the
    Potion that's to the left of her and climb down the ladder thats in the far
    left.  You should now be in a room where Biggs is.  There is also a Tent and a
    Save Point.
    Go up the ladder here to reach a very familiar room.  Slide down the pipe and
    then go through the door just like you did the last time and make your way to
    the reactor.  Cloud suffers another flashback but this time a visual one, It's
    Tifa as a young girl at her fathers death and again the name Sephiroth gets
    mentioned.  However again don't try and make sense of it as like I said it all
    makes sense eventually. After Cloud sets the detinator (no there is no timer
    this time), go back into the large room and up the huge stairs just like you
    did in the first reactor and take the elevator again too.  However this time
    the destination of the elevator will be different.
    Get the Ether in the treasure chest and then head to the left where there are
    three control panels.  You'll need to hit your panel as the same time Barret
    and Tifa hit theirs.  Now this can be very annoying.  the only real tip I can
    give you is don't wait until you see them raise their arms before you do.  Try
    and time it so that you raise yours just before they do.  If anyone knows a
    better tip for it feel free to let me know.  Anyway, when you manage to do it a
    door will open nearby.  Take that door and you will see a save point.  Your
    toughest fight of the game so far is up ahead so you might want to use this
    save point and make sure you party are ready for a fight in terms of HP and MP
    (if you haven't used your Tent yet then now would be the best place to do so).
    In the next room (another that looks very familiar), you'll be stopped by a
    group of guards, and then President Shinra will make his appearence.
    Once he is done with his great speech, in which you learn a little bit more
    about Sephiroth, he leaves in style (a helicopter).
    Pres Shinra - "Such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like
    Barret -      "VERMIN!?  That all you can say...VERMIN!  Y'all Shinra're the
    VERMIN, killing the planet!  And that makes you king VERMIN!  So shu'up jackass!
    (you gotta love Barret, he really has a way with words ;) )
    Anyway, you will then be attacked by a walking vaccume cleaner.
    Barret - "I don't care what is is.  I'm gonna bust him up"
    enter the cool boss music…………
    BOSS: AIRBUSTER                             		
    					    		weak against Lightning
    Now the trick with this guy is to make sure that whoever on your team is low on
    life DOES NOT attack him as that is who he will attack next.  So if Tifa is low
    on health make sure Cloud (who is on the other side) attacks him thus drawing
    his attention away from Tifa.  However it can still use a machine gun attack to
    the members behind him so make sure you aren't too low on health.  Also, you
    will need to watch out for his "Big Bomber" attack as it can be very damaging.
    Whoever has lightning should be using it (which in my case is Barret and Cloud)
    and the other party members should be used as a healer (by using restore
    Materia).  Also use your limit breaks whenever possible.
    When you win you will get a Titan Bangle for your troubles.
    My record for this match was three hits, total fluke though, Barrets limit
    break, then clouds second limit break along with a lightning attack and I took
    him out in seconds.  Lets see you beat that ;)
    The robot explodes sending Cloud to the city below.......
      3.5  Sector 5 Slums
    When Cloud awakes after his fall he will be in a church.
    The flower girl (better known as Aeris) is the one who wakes him up (after
    someone is talking into Clouds mind again) and after talking to her several
    times you can name her.
    If you bought one of her flowers - like I said you should - this is where she
    thanks you for it. :)
    Reno, a member of the Turks (you will learn more about them later) then shows
    up with some guards.  Like the boss music, the Turks is classic :)
    In the next room, Aeris falls down while trying to escape with Cloud.  Tell her
    to hold on.  If you are planning to let her fight now then equip her NOW!!
    You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to trying
    to stop then with Cloud  with barrels on the upper floor.
    To stop her having to fight via the barrels you have to drop them in a specific
    order.  Firstly drop the leftmost barrel in the back, then drop the far right
    barrel in the back, and the far right barrel in the front.  Simply tell Aeris
    to hold on each time.  You are as well making her fight as the battles are easy.
    When Aeris joins back up with you, climb up the second beam on the left and
    jump out of the hole in the roof.  After Cloud makes fun of Aeris she hints at
    something rather strange, how does she know so much about Mako?  Anyway don't
    concern yourself with that just now, just make your way to ground level and
    head left to the save point.
    Head west from the save point and then go north in the next screen and you will
    find yourself in the main part of town.  First thing to do here is to meet the
    man in the pipe near the entrance (makes sense ALOT later in the game).  In one
    of the houses in the bottom right of the screen, a little kid sleeps in the
    upstairs room. Go talk to him, then go examine the chest of drawers next to him
    then choose the bottom option. Choose to leave the 5 gil and he will give you a
    Turbo Ether when you return later in the game.  Also, while you are upstairs in
    that house be sure to check the poster on the wall about the Turtle Paradise
    newsletter, very useful items are gained when all of them are read but more
    will be explained later as it is also ALOT further on in the game.  For now
    just trust me and make sure you read it.
    Make sure you stock up on supplies that you need. However, you might want to
    save as much gil as you can as you are coming to a bigger town soon. If you
    walk to the top right you will come to Aeris's house.  Firstly though walk past
    it and into her garden and you will be able to pick up "Cover" Materia and an
    Ether.  There is also a save point there too.  When you enter her house you
    will meet her mother and after some dialogue, you will spend the night.  Before
    you go up the stairs though make sure you talk to her mother again for another
    hint about Aeris's past.  Cloud starts hearing voices during the night again
    (you would really wanna get that looked at).  Anyway when you wake up, look
    between the desk and the bed for a Potion and a Phoenix Down.  When you try to
    run out the room Aeris will catch you so you have to WALK past her room and
    stay as far away from her room as you can while doing it.
    Leave the town and go left to a big hole in the wall.  Distpite your
    sneaky-ness Aeris will be here waiting for you.  She insists on going with you
    and as a result and will rejoin you (make sure both of your Materia is equipped
    properly).  In the next area first cross the little bridge and then down the
    small red structure and through the tunnel.  Then travel north until you get to
    a red beam and travel accross it to enter the next area.
    Aeris - " 'Oh no!  Whatever will I do?'...isn't that what you want me to say?"
    Here Cloud will get ANOTHER flashback, this time about his rank in Soldier.  A
    conversation then takes place between Cloud and Aeris in which she reveals a
    bit more about an old boyfriend (yes that is what she has been hinting at this
    whole time).  You learn a bit more about him later in the game by the way.
    Anyway, Tifa makes a breif appearence so they decide to chase after her, so
    it's off to Wall market we go then.....
      3.6  Wall Market
    Wall market is a pretty big town which includes everything from items stores,
    to a Gym and even a BROTHEL (no you don't get to see anything good, this isnt
    Messiah we're talking about here)! :)
    Take a few minutes to look around the various shops etc and get to know the
    place.  To continue with the storyline you need to go to the brothel (its in
    the south east) and talk to the fat guy with silver hair near the entrance.
    Ask him about Tifa.  He will mention that she is at Don Corneo's mansion (you
    are gonna love this guy :D).  Anyway then go to the north of the town and talk
    to the guy guarding the door of the mansion.  The only way Cloud is going to
    get into the mansion and save Tifa is if he dresses up as a WOMAN.
    Aeris - "Just wait.  I have a cute friend i want to bring"
    So, not suprisingly you will need to go to the clothes store.  Its in the first
    screen and has what appears to be a clothes rack outside it.  Talk to the woman
    at the counter and you will discover that you can't get a dress made until you
    sober up her drunk father.  The bar is near the mansion and has a mat saying
    "IN" underneath it.  Talk to the guy near the door and you will then have to
    make 2 decisions about what kind of dress you want...
    If you answer first choice, then first or second choice, you'll get a Cotton
    Dress eventually.
    If you answer second choice, then first choice, you'll get a Satin Dress
    If you answer second choice, then second choice again, you'll get a Silk Dress
    Anyway, while the ones you pick have a slight affect on this part of the story
    line it's not worth spending too much time thinking about it or reading ahead
    to see what affect each one has.  That just ruins the storyline for yourself,
    and thats my job :D
    After you have made your choices go back to the clothes store and you will see
    that somehow the old guy is now back there.  He will give you your dress based
    on your choices.
    Cloud go and try on the dress.
    Cloud - "How ......do you put this on?  Whoa!  What are you doing!"
    Aeris - ".... It's still not right..... A Wig! Thats what you need!"
    You will now need to go to the Gym (it's in the  second screen).  Anyway you
    will need to chat with the woman (I think) by the ring.  After one of the
    strangest conversations in the game you will have to make a choice again, pick
    the bottom option twice to start playing, If you need practice you can choose
    the bottom option, then the top one.  As soon as the game starts, start
    pressing the Square, X, and O buttons repeatedly in that order. Be careful not
    to press it too fast or Cloud will not be able to keep up with you.  You whould
    win easilly enough as the the guy (or girl) often stops mindway through the
    match.  Just keep going at a steady pace and you should win.
    If you did more squats than the gymnast, you'll be given the Blonde Wig.
    If you did the same amount as the gymnast, you'll be given the Dyed Wig.
    If if you lose then you will simply get the Wig.
    Same thing as before, what you pick will have a slight difference but nothing
    to worry about.
    Now you have another choice to make.  If you go to the clothes store now Cloud
    will change and you can get into the Dons mansion.  However, there are other
    items you can get to be more 'feminine'.  Its your call, if you dont want to
    get more stuff just skip the next part until you get to the paragraph starting
    "right thats you got everything", you might as well get the rest of the stuff
    Firstly, go to the pottery shop (its in the north eastern part of the first
    screen).  The guy wants you to get him something from the Inn so chooose to
    help him out.  Then go to the Inn and spend the night.  In the middle of the
    night, you'll be in front of the vending machine in the outer hallway.  Buy
    something from it. Next go back and talk to the guy in the pottery shop and he
    will give you the item and again, yes, depending on what you buy you will get a
    different item from the get as a reward...
    If you buy the first item (200 gil), he'll give you the Diamond Tiara.
    If you buy the second item (100 gil), he'll give you the Ruby Tiara.
    If you buy the third item (50 gil), he'll give you the Glass Tiara.
    Next you will need to go to the Sushi bar (it's just below the clothes store).
    Sit in the empty seat.  Choose any item on the menu, and then tell them "it was
    all right" and you will get a Pharmacy Coupon.  Now go to the item store (the
    one with a big cat outside it) and talk to the man behind the counter.  Choose
    one of the three options to get an item.  After choosing your item go back to
    the bar you found the drunk guy in and go to the bathroom and talk to the woman
    inside.  Accept the first choice and depending on what you give her she will
    give you an item.....
    You'll get the Cologne if you give her the Disinfectant.
    You'll get the Flower Cologne if you give her the Deodorant.
    You'll get the Sexy Cologne if you give her the Digestive.
    Right now it's about time we got into that Brothel :) To do this you need to
    talk to the man in the white shirt who's standing near the edge of the screen
    in the first area.  He will give you the Member's Card.  Go to the the brothel.
     when you talk to the bouncer, he'll let you in.  Suprisingly, Aeris wont join
    Cloud - "...Hmm.  Thats how you fooled them."
    Aeris - "...hmmmmmmmm. so thats how you fooled them."
    Another great example of Squares translators at work here :)
    Anyway, Inside the Honeybee Inn, you'll notice that the doors on the right side
    are locked.  However, after trying to open a door choose the bottom option and
    you can look inside and peer around using the control pad.  If you look in the
    upper-right keyhole, you'll may notice something rather unusual, its a small
    version of Cait Sith! (if this is the first time you are playing the game then
    this name will have no meaning to you.  simply remember the name and what that
    white thing looks like.)
    Also if you look in the lower right room you will see what appears to be Reeve
    (again a name you will come to know later in the game) and talk of the promise
    land, this is a term you will come to grow sick of by the end of the game,
    trust me :)
    You will have to have to go into one of the rooms.  you have 2 choices...
    Take the lower-left door.  In the room, talk to the girl and pick the top
    option three times to take a soak with Mukki and his friends, the fellow
    village people members :D.  Answer however you like while in the tub and Cloud
    will be given the bikini briefs.  This part really disturbes me....
    Mukki - "we have a trip planned at a cabin out in the country.  Why don't you
    stick around and play a bit?  Daddy's so lonely..."
    Anyway, the other choice is taking the upper-left door.  You can't do this
    after picking the top option. You will notice something srange, talk to the
    ghostly Cloud near the  tub and Cloud will start to go crazy.  He wakes up
    thanks to...Mukki :(  Anyway talk to him afterwards and choose the bottom
    option.  Then talk to the girl and you'll get the Lingerie.
    After getting either item, go to the room at the top where all the girls are
    and the one on the far left will put make up on you... talk to all of them
    though as they are all pretty funny :)
    Right thats you got everything.  It's now time to go and dress up as a woman.
    However, before you do enter the clothes shop you should go
    and get the items from the shops (ie the wepons and armour).  If you need gil,
    just go and get in a few fights outside Wall Market and you will make money no
    When you finish, go to back to the mansion again and this time the guy will let
    you in.  Once the receptionist leaves go up the stairs and into the door on the
    far left into what can only be described as a torture room.  You will see Tifa
    again.  There is also an Ether nearby.  Once she hits the roof and then joins
    you, head back up the stairs and go into the middle door.
    Tifa - "Ha ha... You know, if you look closely, you're not so bad... 	        I
    wonder what Barret would say if he could see you now..."
    	Cloud really needs to learn how to handle his beeaaaches :)
    If I were you I would check my Materia and give Tifa her new wepon now before
    entering the room as there is a big fight up ahead.  Here you will finally meet
    Don Corneo.  He will examine each of you and decide who he will be spending the
    evening with.  Who he picks depends on what items you collected in Wall Market:
    He'll pick Cloud if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and
    have all the best extra items (and the makeup).
    He'll pick Aeris if you're wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig,
    the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne.
    He'll pick Tifa if you're wearing anything worse than that.
    Most likely, the Don will have chosen Tifa or Aeris.  If so then read the
    following paragraph.  If he picked Cloud skip ahead one paragraph....
    Aeris (if she gets picked) - "Don, you've got great taste."
    Cloud will be alone in a room with alot of horny men.  Talk to all of them and
    finally talk to the guy by the TV set.  Once they discover your a man it's time
    for a fight (reminds me of that bit in the film 'Trainspotting').  When done,
    go back to the torture room and get Aeris or Tifa then go back into the middle
    door again.  When the party are finished scaring the **** out of Corneo (well I
    would be scared), look behind his bed for a Hyper, then stand by the rest of
    your party. He will then ask you a question. However, no matter how you answer
    it you'll fall through a trapdoor.
    If Corneo picked Cloud, then you have been following the guide well my son :)
    You will be in Don's room so search behind his bed for a Hyper.  When talking
    to him answer the questions anyway you like (if you chose the option to make
    Cloud kiss Don then it's time to put the game down and go seek help :)
    Don -   "there isnt someone else is there?"
    Cloud - " yes, his name's Barret"
    Don -   "Hmmm? Barret?  That sounds familiar"
    Cloud - "You know, he's one of the ones your were trying to find out about. You
    know, AVALANCHE..?
    Don -   "Oh yeah, yeah.  In Sector 7 in the slum.... and how do YOU know that!?
    Anyway, Tifa and Aeris will then come in an threaten his manhood until they get
    the info that they wanted.  He will then ask you a question, and no matter how
    you answer it you will plumit through the trapdoor.
    Cloud - "...I'll chop them off."
    Aeris - "...I'll rip them off."
    Tifa  - "...I'll smash them"    :D
      3.7  The Train Graveyard
    Next you will be viewing a scene with Pres Shinra, Heidegger, and Reeve
    (remember I said look out for the name, he is told to go off somewhere for a
    few days, hence why I think it was him we see in Wall Market, events later in
    the game comfirm this too).  Anyway, after that you you'll find yourself in a
    sewer.  First thing to do is climb up the stairs and get a Potion.  Then talk
    to Tifa and Aeris, a blue monster then appears and attacks your party.
    BOSS: APS                                    	
                                                      	weak against Fire
    His Sewer Tsunami attack hurts all members but he is part retarded and it hurts
    himself too.  When he does the reverse Sewer Tsunami, it causes less damage to
    him.  The best thing to use against him here is Fire.  Obviously, use your
    Limit breaks when you can.  This fight shouldnt be a problem if you prepared
    for it when i said to.
    You get a Pheonix Down when you defeat him.
    Climb the ladder and head right.  Cross the sewage to the other platfrom.  You
    will see "Steal" Materia, get it then go down the hatch.  In the next room
    cross over again.  Climb up the ladder and you'll go outside.
    Now when I first played the game me and my cousin found this bit really tricky,
    but it is really simple when you know what you are doing.  Firstly, use the
    Save Point.  Go through the first train and come back out at the other end,
    there will be an oil drum near by, you'll find a High Potion inside it.  Now go
    back to where you started and climb on top of the train and you'll get another
    High Potion.  Keep going onto the next train and jump on the metal beam.  Walk
    to the left and then north for another oil drum. You'll find a an Echo Screen
    inside it.
    Walk east, then south to enter the nearby train car.  In here you can pick up a
    Potion.  Walk through the train and comeout the other side then climb the
    nearby ladder.  Head north, and climb down the other ladder.  Enter the nearby
    carrage and continue going north, exit at the other end of the train and you'll
    see another Potion, take it and head north to the next screen.
    This place should look familiar if you got the extra exp at the begining of the
    game like I said.  From where you start you should see a Potion to the bottom
    left of the screen, go get it.  From there you should also see an oil drum
    (even further to the left), go get that too, it has an Ether inside it.  Now go
    to the far right of the screen and enter the long train to the north and as a
    result, you will move the other train car out of the way.  Now walk aroud the
    train car that you were just in (towards the right) and you will be able to see
    the enterace to another one... enter that and then climb the nearby carrage and
    collect the high Potion. Now move accross the carrage that you are on top of to
    the other one and continue heading left.  You should defenetly know where you
    are now :)  Anyway, climb down the ladder and exit, stage left.
    Keep going past the train station.  The Avalanche members will be fighting at
    the top of the piller.  Save your game at the Save Point if you wish and talk
    to the man on the left if you need to buy items.  Start acending the stairs and
    you'll eventually run into Barret.  Equip him when you get the chance.  Reno
    will jump out, and you'll have to fight him.
    BOSS: RENO                                   			
    This guy has a **** load of power.  He also has a very annoying move in which
    he can imprison you party with the golden pyramid attack.  It is easy enough to
    escape from, just have another member attack the person with the pyramid.
    However make sure your whole team doesnt get imprisoned or its game over....
    For some people this might be the first fight you lose, it was for me.
    Just attack with Ice and Fire, using limit breaks whenever you can and you
    should be fine.
    You'll get an Ether when you win.
    Now just watch the up-coming events before reading on.....
      3.8  Back to Sector 7
    After the entire city explodes and crashes to the slums below, you will find
    your party back in the playground in Sector 6.  Cloud mentions something about
    the "ancients" and then the voice inside his head starts talking about them.
    The name Sepherioth comes into play again, starting to piece any of this
    together yet?
    Go back to the playground after the party finish their conversation and pick up
    the "Sense" Materia.  When you're done, leave and go south from the playground.
     This is also a good oppertuntity to get your charecters up a few more levels,
    say around 13-15.  Return to Aeris's house.  Talk to Elmyra, her mother.  I
    advise you pay close attention to the conversation as if you fail to grasp this
    portion of the story line then several parts of it later will be even more
    confusing.  You will learn about Aeris's past, It turns out she is an Ancient,
    which for just now, all you need to know is that she is rather special, in that
    she can communicate with the planet.  Anyway don't try and make sense of it for
    now, just remember it.  You can spend the night in the upstairs too.
    Now remember the sleeping kid?  Did you chose NOT to take his gil?  If so then
    go back and he will give you a Turbo Ether, and if you still haven't looked at
    the Turtles Paradise newletter then do it NOW, this is your last chance for a
    Now return to the Wall Market. The man in the pottery store will now sell
    Materia (although it's nothing new).  Also, bit of a pointless bit this but you
    can also free Kotch (one of Don Corneo's men) from the torture chamber in Dons
    mansion.   Anyway, to continue with the storyline, go to the weapon store and
    talk to the man at the left end of the store.  You need to buy 3 Batteries from
    him.  You'll need them later.  Now go to the entrance of Dons mansion and take
    a right (following the kids) and you will find yourself at a dead end.
    Barret - "Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope"
    Cloud -  "ok, that was a bad analogy, but, Barret, I understand how you feel"
    Climb up the pipe (just how did someone manage to grafiti a wall that high
    up?).  When you stop climbing, examine the box-shaped object in the lower right
    and a propeller will start near by.  Head up and travel accross it, traveling
    north.  You will then see another box so go and put a battery in that too and
    the barrier should then lift.  Go north accross that too.
    You will now have to jump onto a swinging metal pipe, irnore what Cloud says
    and jump when it is close to you (just as it stops squeaking).  When you make
    it accross, continue north
    In the next screen, climb north, then drop down to the next box and you'll get
    an Ether.  Climb down the lefthand pipe and make your way back up again using
    the swinging pipe and then just keep heading north of the screen.
    You have finally made it - Shinra's headquarters.
      3.9  Shinra Headquarters
    Barret - "lets kick some Shinra butt"
    Read all of the following before you make a decision as to how your getting in.
     At least that way you can make an informed decision.
    Right, now if you choose to take what seems like never ending stairs then you
    wont have to fight any enemies and there is also an Elixir half way up.
    However, if you go through the front door then it will be quicker, but you have
    to fight several battles along the way.  when you enter the main building from
    the front door dont forget  (like I always do) to read the Turtle Paradise
    newsletter on the message board at the end of the room.  Then take the stairs
    to the next level and you'll see a door marked 'Accessories'.  Inside the room,
    you can look at a monitor to see an FMV sequence about Shinra's products
    Then take the elevtor nearby. You will now have a few fights.
    It's your choice weather you go through the main door or up the stairs at the
    back but heres what I suggest....
    You should take the stairs until you get the Elixir and then go through the
    front door as you really should read the newsletter and see the FMV at the
    'Accessories' shop, it may take ages this way but it's still the best.  Also,
    going back through the front door after taking the stairs means you wont have
    to fight anyone on the elevators.  The following bit of speech occurs of you
    take the stairs :)......
    Barret - "heh heh heh"
    Cloud -  "knock it off your giving me the creeps"
    Barret - "how much farther do these stairs go on?"
    Tifa -   "Why don't you ask them"
    Barret - "It's not one of them endless stairways or somethind d'ya 	
    think?  Damn man!  I've had it!  I'm going back!"
    Tifa -   "And take just as long going down the stairs as you did
     coming up?"
    Barret - "........  why the gotta build these things so damn tall?  	
    Marlene, Daddy wanted to see your face one last time."
    Tifa -   "would you stop acting like a retard and climb!"  :D
    No matter what method you use, you'll end up on the 59th floor.
    Head east and kill the guards and you will get the key card for the 60th floor.
     Take the elevator that they were guarding to the 60th floor.  Enter the room
    in the upper left.  This next can be tricky, the aim here is to make it to the
    other side without being seen by the patrolling guards.  This is done by
    pausing behind the statues, then lead Tifa and Barret across using the O button.
    If you mess up, you will be attacked and will have to start again.  After you
    fight enough (4 I think but I wasn’t counting), the guards won't reappear and
    you can just run to the end of the hallway.  You are as well fighting them for
    the easy exp.
    Move up to the 61st floor via the stairs.  Talk to everyone here untill you
    find a man near the stairs on the 61st floor and answer "......" and he will
    give you the key card to floor 62.
    On floor 62, talk to Mayor Domino, you have to solve his puzzle to get Key card
    65.  However, I can't tell you the answer as it randomly changes each time.
    You really need to get it right first time as you get Elemental Materia for
    free if you do  If you guess right second time you will get an Elixir which I
    would personally find more useful.
    The easiest way to do it is to take the elevator down to the exit and save then
    go up and guess as many times as it takes till you get it right, restarting the
    Playstation if you get it wrong, sorted!  :)
    Right now onto floor 63.  In this room there are 3 rooms that contain items but
    to get them all at once is tricky.  However there is a way to do it, and it
    goes like this...
    Firstly you need to activate the computer so go to the room at the bottom
    right.  Once done, head to the top-right corner of the screen and open the gate
    furthest to your left.  Then continue heading left as far as you can go and
    open the door south.  You will now be able to enter the room to collect the A
    Coupon.  In the same room you will see and black box, it's an air duct, enter
    it.  Walk around and go north in the air duct to enter the room where the B
    Coupon is.  Finally, go through the door in this room and open the door on your
    left and you will be able to enter the room with the C coupon.  Thats you got
    them all.  Simply go back in the air duct and get into the room with the
    computer in it.
    Now use the computer again and trade your items by choosing "coupon change" and
    if you got all three you will recieve a Star Pendant (ring that protects from
    poison), Four slots bracelet (totally ****** useless) and All Materia :)
    Now on to floor 64. you'll find a Save Point and a place to sleep in the room
    farthest to the left.  Also, go into the gym and attempt to buy a health drink
    from one of the machienes.  You wont get anything just now, but you will be
    back here much later in the game and its then that you will get your item :)
    Once you have done that, examine the lockers in the room furthest to the north,
    you'll find a Phoenix Down in the first row, an Ether in the second, and a
    Megaphone (!?), however you can't take it just now, but like I said, you will
    be back later....
    Cloud - "What is this......a megaphone?  Hanging on to this won't do any good"
    Thats everything on this floor, now on to 65.
    First thing of note on this floor is that you can start getting into fights
    again, so be ready. You can try and open the chest next to stairs but it will
    be locked.  Lets get it open.  To do that, the first thing you need to do is go
    to the room in the upper left, inside here there will be a chest, open it and
    you will recieve 'midgar parts'.  Once obtained, you need to go into the big
    room in the centre.  Examine the model in the middle and you will have the
    chance to repair broken parts of it, so choose 'place Midgar parts'. You will
    then hear a chest open up.  As you have probibly guessed by now, you have to do
    this with all the chests on this floor.  So everytime you open a chest, come
    back to this room and place it into the structure.  The order that the chests
    now open after the one you just did are as follows...
      *The other chest in the upper left room
      *The left chest in the lower left room
      *The top chest in the lower left room
      *The chest in the upper right room.
    Once done, go back to the stairs, and the chest in there will contain keycard
    When you arrive On the 66th floor, you will see alot of people in suits enter
    the main room, these are the real head people at Shinra.
    To listen in on what they are saying, you need to enter the stall in the
    bathroom.  Choose climb up, and you'll climb on top of the toilet and enter an
    air duct.  Why in the blue hell were you given the option to flush?  Anyway,
    move forward to see what the Shinra members are talking about.  Now let me
    introduce you to them. The fat bald one with the brown suit is Palmer.  The guy
    in the blue suit you already know as Reeve, The fat guy in the green suit with
    the annoying laugh is Heideggar, the woman in the red dress is Scarlet, the
    scientist is Hojo, finally the guy at the end of the table is President Shinra.
     As usual, take good mental notes of the story line developing here, Sector 7
    is not going to be re-built, instead they are going to continue the research
    into the Ancients.  You also discover that Aeris's real mother is called
    Ifalna.  Shame this wasn’t a proper FMV sequence as you get a great view up
    Tifas skirt.:)
    Barret - "That dirty #$*$^ "
    Make your way out of the bathroom once the meeting is over.  You will see Hojo
    heading for floor 67, follow him.
    When on floor 67, just keep following him.  Eventually Cloud will look in a
    chamber (you will hear very creepy music that will haunt you all through the
    game).  Cloud will have another fit.  In an attempt not to give away any
    spoilers here i will just explain what you should know up to this point, there
    is simply a connection between Jenova (the thing in the chamber) and Sephiroth.
    Barret - "Where's its $#&*&@ head?  This whole thing's stupid.  Let's keep goin"
    Keep going past the crates and you will come to an elevator, make sure you take
    the chest containing the poison Materia.  There is also a save point next to
    it.  Take the elevator.
    Here you will see Hojo having himself some fun with Aeris (well who wouldn't
    :).  After you free Aeris, choose someone to protect her, and then name Red 13.
    Red 13 will now fight with you, as a boss is on its way.....
    BOSS: Sample:HO512                     		
    This is a pretty straight forward fight.  Firstly, don't bother killing the
    guys that are with the boss as he will will just spawn some more.  Just
    concentrate all your attacks on him.  Fire magic works particularly well on
    him, but don't use Ice or Poison.  Also, there is no point healing yourself
    when poisoned, as if you do he will just do it again anyway, just make sure you
    keep your health up.  When you win you will recieve a Talisman.
    Aeris and whoever you sent with her will return once the battle is finished.
    Note the great music here, you will be hearing more of it later.  Once the
    conversation is over and you have chosen your party, make sure you collect the
    'Enemy Skill' Materia thats inside the chamber.  I advise you always keep
    Enemy SKill equipped on someone in your party as it can come in useful.  Then
    go up the ladder that's next to the elevator and talk to the guy in the gray
    coat, he will give you Keycard 68.  Collect the 2 Potions near him and head
    right after desecending the ramp, collect the other 2 Potions (past what
    appears to be green rays) and go back down to floor 66.  Now enter the
    elevator.  You'll be caught by Rude (he's another of those Turks, you'll be
    running into them constantly throughout the game so get used to it).  You will
    be taken to President Shinra.  Finally you will get a decent explination of the
    Ancients (or Cetra, as they called themselves)
    Barret (at Pres Shinra) - "@$#*^%! Quit dreamin'"
    You will then find yourself in the Jail cells.  Simply talk to everyone here
    and then go to sleep.
    Aeris - "the deal was for one date right?"
    Tifa -  ".......Oh I get it"
    Aeris - "....!?  Tifa!  Tifa, you're there too!"
    Tifa -  "EXCUSE me" :)
    Aeris - "The Cetra were born from the planet, speak with the panet, and unlock
    the planet.  And then the Cetra will return to the Promise Land.  A land that
    promises suprime happiness."
    That speech from Aeris is about as much sence as this whole Cetra/Ancients
    thing is ever gonna make ....
    You will awake to an unlocked door.  Go check on the guard, then wake up Tifa.
    Check the guard again and you will find the keys, go unlock Barret and Red 13.
    Red 13 will then go on ahead.  Go and talk to Tifa and Aeris again and they
    will join you, equip them just incase you get in a fight.  Go back to the lab
    and talk to Red 13, you will see that Jenova has escaped.  Follow him up the
    elevator and talk to him again.  Then head right via those green beams again,
    following the trail of blood, and them onwards to floor 69!
    When you arrive on floor 69, go through the door on the left.There's a Save
    Point to the south.  Take either one of the purple stairs.....
    You will see Palmer flee, but the party will catch him.  Turns out Old Sephy
    wants the Promise Land to himself :)
    Barret - "Rufus! &*%$! I forgot about him!"
    When the party stops talking go through the door to the north.  Talk to Rufus,
    Vice President of Shinra, the boss's son.  When reading Rufus's text, picture
    him with the voice of the comic book guy from the Simpsons, I dont know why,
    but I find doing this funny as hell :D
    Rufus -  "who are you guys"
    Cloud -  "I'm Cloud, former SOLDIER First class"
    Barret - "i'm from AVALANCHE!"
    Tifa -   "Same here"
    Aeris -  "A Flower girl from the slums"
    Red 13 - "A research specimen"
    Rufus -  "What a crew"
    Cloud requests to be on his own for this one.  So it's now up to you to lead
    the rest outside.  Your party is now Barret, Aeris and Red 13.
    Make sure you equip your Materia, as there is a few tricky fights up ahead,
    well they would be very tricky without Materia.  Also, Equip your Elemental
    Materia to a junctioned slot with lightning to Barret, this will prove useful
    in the upcoming fights.  Don't worry, you can remove Tifa and Clouds Materia
    just now as you get a chance to put them back before the game switches back to
    them.  With your new party, head to the lift, you will then be attacked.
    BOSS: HUNDRED GUNNER                         		  	
                                                  		weak against Lightning
    This guy can only be hit with long range attacks so Aeris and Red 13 will need
    to use long range attacks, ie Magic or grenades (which work suprisingly well
    against him).  For some reason though, Red 13 can still use his limit break
    against the Gunner.  If well prepared for it (I gave you plenty of warning),
    this will be an easy fight.
    However, once the 'Hundred Gunner' dies, another one appears, this time with
    the ability to fly, scary stuff :)
    BOSS: HELI GUNNER                            			
                                                 		  weak against Lightning
    Your strategy for this fight is the exact same as for the first Gunner.
    You get a Mythril Armlet when you win.
    Now that you're back with Cloud, equip your Materia back and then press Start
    when ready.  Rufus will then inform you that Sephiroth is an ancient too, but
    you should have guessed that by now.  Anyway, time to fight Rufus, the comic
    book guy out the Simpsons ;)
    Rufus - " I see.  I guess this means we won't become friends."
    BOSS: RUFUS                                  		
          DARK NATION                            		
    First thing you need to do here is kill the Panther like creature (the 'Dark
    Nation'), as this fight can be tricky if you fight both at once.  When it's
    just you and Rufus, use your limit breaks and poison Materia and he will
    eventually escape in the chopper.
    If you can get your limit break in before the Dark Nation casts barrier on
    Rufus, it's possible to kill him in 2 hits :)
    You'll recieve a Protect Vest and a Guard Source when you win.
    When Rufus runs away head back to where Tifa is.  When you regain control of
    Aeris, go read the other turtles paradise newletter north of the screen if you
    havn't already done so.  Then make your way to the big doors.  You will then,
    after a short conversation, watch a very cool escape scene.
    Barret - "Ok, playtime's over for you jackasses.."
    Aeris -  "thank you, Mr. Barret
    Barret - "who you callin' Mr. Barret?  That don't sound right!
    Red 13 - "If you are through talking, may I suggest that we think of a way to
    get out of here.
    Barret - "Huh?  Oh, oh yeah...you a cold man.  Just like someone else 'round
    here I know."
    Right you now get to play a very cool mini game.  Take note of the controls and
    equip and form your best party as there is a fight at the end of this.
    Now, the object of this mini game is to protect the truck from the annoying
    guards by slashing them with your sword.
    Enjoy yourself .......... :)
    Eventually you reach the end of the runway and you have to get in a fight.  The
    amount of energy that your party starts off with in the fight is dependent on
    how well you defended the truck......
                                               VERY weak against Lightning
    Not really much to worry about here as long as you did ok on the mini game.  He
    does have one damaging attack, the name escapes me (trust me you'll know it
    when you see it), and it takes about 250HP off all characters.  I advise that
    you have 2 attackers, and have one person there simply to heal.  Make sure your
    characters energy is always above 350HP and you will be fine.
    When you win, you get another crappy Star Pendant.
      3.10  The Wrold Map - Kalm Town
    After beating the boss, you will see Cloud state that he has to settle the
    score against Sephiroth.  What score i hear you ask, all will be revealed in
    the next town (FINALLY).
    You will now be at the edge of Midgar.  After talking to everyone it's time to
    choose yor team (choose Aeris and Tifa just for now to see Barrets reaction. :)
    Barret - "Thought you'd do that" :D
    When ready, just head towards the screen and it's time to enter the world
    Make your way to Kalm Town, It's just north of Midgar.  Your party members will
    go straight to the Inn, join them.  It's time for a very long, semi
    interactive, story about Sephiroth.....
    The story starts off in a truck with Sephiroth, Cloud and two guards.  After a
    brief discussion, the truck is attacked.  Technically, you fight a dragon, but
    you dont really do anything as Sephiroth just kicks its ass.  You are off to a
    Mako reactor to kick some more monsters ass.
    You will then end up in Clouds hometown, Nibelheim.  Talk to Sephiroth and the
    guards and head north.  If you are paying attention to the story here you will
    hear Sephiroth call Jenova 'mother', what a shady plot twist :)
    You can visit Tifa's house here, it's the middle house on the east side of
    twon.  Tifa will ask you questions as you do.  There is an interesting letter
    on her desk and something else interesting in her closet ;).  Clouds house is
    the one next to it, and you see a repeat of one of Clouds flashbacks.  Apart
    from Tifa and Clouds house, there really ain't anything else in the town worth
    checking out.  Althogh if you do you will be asking yourself why Cloud has such
    trouble remembering stuff.
    Your next move is to go to the Inn.  Talk to Sepheroth, and then choose to get
    some sleep.  The next day, talk to Sephiroth again and you will end up getting
    your picture taken.  Tifa's the guide (which you should have guessed).  You now
    are off to Mt. Nibel.  Another very nice FMV here.   When you're back in
    control of Cloud, keep walking along the bridge and talking to Tifa when she
    stops.  The bridge will eventually collapse.
    When the party re-groups, head northeast and into a cave. Simply keep heading
    north (Making sure you catch another nice shot of Tifa bending over, another
    great chance for an FMV that one! :)  Also, now that you have the chance, take
    a look at your menu screen and take a look at Sephiroths Materia, it's pretty
    impressive, but in time, yours will be too :)  Make sure you get in a few
    fights too, just so you can see some of his Materia at work.  After more
    discussion you'll arrive at the Jenova plant.
    Tifa - "Better take real good care of me then"
    When you enter it, simply follow Sephiroth.  Talk to him in the next area (that
    you may notice has a huge sign saying 'Jenova' in it).  Close the valve on  the
    chamber when he tells you to then talk to him twice.
    Sephiroth will go into what can be best described as a psychotic episode, after
    finding out (or at least believing) he was manufactured.
    You will then digress from the story and be back in Kalm Town.  Save your game
    if you wish (Barret suggests that you 'take a breather', which I always thought
    was a Scottish phrase, oh well). Cloud then continues the story.  You find him
    entering the 'Shinra Mansion' at the end of town.
    When inside, climb the stairs and go right.  Don't worry, there isn't any
    fights, it would be kinda hard to get a game over in a flashback.  Enter the
    room in the south.  Talk to the guard then examine the big stone pillar and you
    will reveal a secret passage.  Go through it and continue down the stairs.
    Just keep going through the one way passage and you will eventually end up in
    the Library.
    Once Sephiroth finishes talking crap (which I advise you try and make sence
    of), leave the room.  Cloud then wakes up in the mansion, go back down to the
    library.  Here you will find Sephiroth talking yet more crap and then he
    leaves.  Basically, he is confirming what I already told you.. "An ancient
    named Jenova was found in a geological atratum 2000 years ago." Hence the
    "Jenova" progect.  Sephiroth he was produced by a man named Prof Gast as Shinra
    wanted to basically re-produce an Ancient with the cells of Jenova, thus they
    will eventually get to the promise land.  Also, remember, like all members of
    'SOLDIER', Sephiroth was exposed to Mako, but the difference with him is that
    he was exposed to alot of it, hence why he is so powerful.  Thats all you need
    to know for just now.  Anyway make your way back out the Mansion (that
    Sephiroth is some runner).
    When you exit the mansion you will see that Sephiroth has went ballistic again!
    Check the house on the right.  Another cool FMV sequence here, Sephiroth
    walking into the flames has been my desktop background for sometime now, well,
    it's in rotation with a few Emma Bunton pictures anyway :)
    You will then find yourself back at the Jenova plant.  After witnessing Tifa
    mourn the loss of her father  and go after Sephiroth (yes it is the flashback
    scene from the Mako reactor), make your way back into the chambers.  Sephiroth
    will then strike Tifa.  Examine her and Cloud will carry her out of the way.
    Make your way up the stairs and enter the door that Sephiroth opened.
    After the FMV sequence, Cloud appears to have forgotten the end, anyway when
    the story ends, you find yourself back with the party in Kalm Town.
    Red 13 - "what a fascinating story....." - Well it's not all that fascinating
    when you have watched it 5 times and have to explain it in writing !! :)
    Anyway moving on, If you go back to the 2nd floor of the hotel there is an item
    in the cabinet but it's to high to reach.  However if you keep trying to get
    it, Cloud will eventually get mad and punch the cabinet, knocking  the item
    down.  This item so happens to be a Megalixer, the most useful item in the
    game, it restores HP and MP to all party members back to full at any point
    during a fight.  You dont get many of these during the game, so be sure to only
    use them when you really need to.
    Kalm Town also has quite a bit of treasure kicking about it.  Firstly, go to
    the house nearest the Inn.  There's an Ether in the cupboard beneath the
    stairs.  Move on to the house next to that, there is another Ether in the
    cabinet on the second floor.  Now the third house, there is a Peacemaker (a
    wepon for a character you wont meet for a while, but hold on to it anyway) in
    the chest on the second floor of the third house (take the winding staircase).
    Then take the normal stairs in the same house, there is a Guard Source in a
    cabinet.  Finally, in the house on the other side of the town, there is an
    Ether in the cupboard underneath the stairs.
    There is also a guy in the centre of town in a green jacket.  If you have any
    questions about using the world map then he would be the person to ask.  Also,
    be sure to take a look round the wepons shops before you leave Kalm Town as
    there are new wepons for all you party except REd 13, You can also now buy
    'Heal' and 'Earth' Materia from the shops too.
    When your ready, leave the town.  Head east.  Eventually you will see a house
    in the distance, head towards it.This is the 'Chocobo Farm'.  Talk to the
    Chocobo at the front end of the pen and choose the top option.  The next bit
    still makes me laugh even after 4 times at playing this.  The big yellow birds
    (called Chocobo's by the way) will do some stupid dance, which, at the end of,
    you will recieve the 'Choco/Mog' Materia.  Well done, you now have your first
    summon Materia, and its by far the best one in the game ;).
    Once you have stopped laughing, talk to Choco Billy in the stables behind the
    pen.  Choose the first option, then the 4th option, then the first option
    again.  He will then sell you Chocobo Lure Materia, pay the 2000 gil as you
    will need it.
    Just to let you know at this point, I had a friend who was a total retard and
    sold his 'Chocobo Lure Materia', now there is another way of obtaining it later
    in the game but, just to be safe, don’t be a 'Graham Moore' and sell it. :)
    Now I know it takes ages, but you might wanna stay here and fight for an hour
    or so and get some of your Materia up to Level 2 (ie Fire, Lightning, and Ice,
    they all should take about an hour to get to level 2).  Also, while you are at
    it, it is worth putting your characters on 'fury' (this is done by using a
    hyper on them when they don't have 'fury' and are obtained from a shop in Kalm
    town).  This will make your limits rise faster thus giving you your new limit
    breaks faster.  Getting in a few fights here is will also allow you to collect
    a few high Potions as enemies here sometimes drop them.  This is a good place
    to do it as you can rest in the left house on the Chocobo Farm.  (If your
    really sad, then you will wait another hour to get your 'Restore' meteria up to
    level 2, which would take about another hour after you get fire etc, but even I
    didn't do that :)
    Again, just to give you a rough guideline, all of my characters by now are at
    level 20.  Also, thanks to using hypers, Cloud and Barrett were at there level
    2 limit breaks and Red 13 was on the second attack of his first limit break.
    But your not in competition with me, you will know yourself if you need to
    level up as if you are having trouble with fights on the world map tough, then
    you need to level up or you will get ****** by future bosses.
    Anyway I advise against you fighting the snake like creature thats roaming
    around the swamp near the farm (The Midgar Zolom).  It's at level 26 so you
    wouldn't stand a chance.  To get past the swamp we need to catch a chocobo.
    So, now that you have the Materia for it (the Chocobo Lure), buy some greens
    from Choco Billy (I reccomend Tantal the best).  Now your ready to catch one.
    Equip your Materia, and wander around the light grass near the farm.
    Eventually (usually after one or two goes) you will get into a fight with a
    chocobo.  First thing to to is feed it a green.  Then eliminate the other
    opponents while its eating (this will be very easy if you got your Materia to
    level 2 like i advised).  If you manage to do this before the chocobo runs away
    then well done, you caught it.  To ride one, just walk around the map like you
    normally would, but DON'T PRESS X or it will run away.  The great thing about
    the chocobos is that while you are riding one, you dont get into any fights. :)
    Now that you have the chocobo, you can ride accross the swamp faster than the
    Midgar Zolom can. :)  However, still avoid it while riding accross the swamp as
    it can still attack you if you run into it.
    When you get to then end of the marsh you will see a cave.  Enter it with the
    chocobo.  You will see the Midgar Zolon impaled on a spike, yes that's old
    Sephiroths work.  After that just exit the screen and then dismount from your
    chocobo and enter the cave......
    Oh by the way, just a wee additional point here. I spent about an hour trying
    to run back from the cave entrance to the chocobo farm without the chocobo and
    after about 50 attempts I made it, so it is possible, just very, VERY hard :)
    Also, the Midgar Zolom is beatable, but you need to be around level 25 to do so
    (which will take you ages at this point).  The only real reward you get for
    doing so is learning the enemy skill 'beta', which is a VERY useful magic to
    have at this stage of the game.  However, it's not worth the effort just now as
    even if you are at level 25, you need to be able to survive an attack of 1200
    to learn it.
      3.11  Mithril Mine
    This place has a sh*t-load of items in straight forward areas too.
    From the entrance, head north east and climb the stone steps to recieve an
    Ether, keep going and there will be a chest with a Tent.  Then Climb the brown
    vines at the bottom of the screen and you will see the 'long range' Materia at
    the top.  Its only really any use to you if you use Aeris.  Once you have all
    that, return to the entrance.  You will have noticed by now the dramatic change
    in the level of enimies.  If you are not to at least level 20 you might want
    to, after leaving the cave and going to the next area, come back and gain some
    exp, yeah you will be sick of me saying that but It's for your own good :).
    Also, If you fight the annoying flying serpent things (Ark Dragons) here be
    sure to pick up the Enemy Skill "Flamethrower" as it is a useful attack for the
    early part of the game..  Anyway, head southeast from the entrance and you'll
    find a chest that contains a Mind Source.  Now head west.
    In the next screen, you'll run into the Turks again.  With the new addition to
    the squad, Elena.  The first time I encountered this part of the game, I didn’t
    have Aeris in my party and the Turks asked where she was  The next time (hoping
    to get a good plot change), I took her with me and nothing important happened
    so it doesn’t really matter who you have with you.
    Once they leave, head north to then next screen.  To your left, there's a chest
    with a Elixir inside it.  To the north of that there is a Hi-Potion.  Return
    back to the previous screen and climb up the vine.  Go through the exit and you
    will find yourself back on the World Map.
    Directly south from where you appear, you will see a sort of blue and gold
    structure, this is Fort Condor, make your way towards it.  When there, talk to
    the man outside it and choose the second option, then follow him in.  Climb the
    rope.  Take a look around if you wish, avoid going to the entrance on the left
    side as you might get yourself mixed up in a battle which there is no point
    doing just now as you have to to it later on anyway.  Talk to the old man at
    the table to understand more about the battle, say you will help, as you will,
    but just much later on in the game :).  To the south is a rest room (that's
    free) and a save point.  no the northeast is a shop that sells items and
    Materia, but there's nothing new to buy.When your finished head back out to the
    World Map.
    Refer to section 6.1 of my guide for info on how to get her in you team.  She
    is my favourite character in the game, you must get her now, get right over to
    section 6.1 damn you!!! :)
    Also, if you need to gain a few more levels of exp, you might as well do it
    while trying to get Yuffie as it will take a few fights before you get her, off
    you go to section 6.1 :)
    When you have Yuffie on your team, It's time to make your way to Junon.
    To get there,  just head northwest, It's well hidden at first but you will see
    it eventually.
      3.12  Junon Town
    When you arrive, the first thing you really need to do is fight a boss.  Talk
    to the people in the town first if you wish and then head down the stairs to
    the beach.
    You will see a young girl called Priscilla, playing with a dolphin.
    Suddenly she will be attacked....
    BOSS: BOTTOMSWELL                        		
    Very straight forward fight really.  Like the boss on the elevator, some of
    your party can't attack him without the aid of magic.  Bolt and Poison work
    well here.  The boss may sometimes but a bubble around one of your characters
    but,like when fighting Reno, you can attack it to remove it (be careful though
    as this time you don't attack your character, it acts as an enemy of it's own).
    Just have 2 members attack and have one for healing (this will become a tip for
    most bosses throughout the game from now on).
    You'll get a Power Wrist when you win.
    The next bit can be very annoying.  You have to revive Priscilla.  This is done
    by pressing the square button once to make the meter start to raise and
    pressing square again just as it reaches the top.  The reson that it's annoying
    is that it takes quite a few goes before she finally starts breathing again.
    When she finally wakes up, make your way back up the stairs and talk to the old
    lady standing near the entrance and choose to stay the night.
    While sleeping someone (oh you must have guessed who by now!) will talk to
    Cloud.  That evening, Cloud will have another bad dream.  After the dream Tifa
    will wake you up and then just head outside to where the party are gathered.
    You will gain the 'Shiva' Materia from Priscilla, very handy summon Materia :)
    Seems as though Rufus has arranged a welcome party for himself....
    Barret - "Rufus!?  I gotta pay my respects."
    Make your way back onto the beach and talk to her again.  Seems you have to use
    the dolphin to get to the tower.  Now this can take a while but there is a
    little trick to it.  From where you start DON'T MOVE.  Press square and the
    dolphin will send you into the air, you'll not land on the tower, but you will
    land in a perfect position to call him again.  This time, when you call him,
    you will land on the tower :)
    Simply make your way up the tower now and enjoy another great FMV, this time
    showing you the airship "Highwind".
    Then make your way towards the screen.  In the next screen, make your way to
    the yellow box and investigate it, you will be taken down.  Then make your way
    to the door at the south of the screen.
    Before you know what's hit you, someone will command that you follow him, do
    so.  Change into the Shinra uniform like he tells you.  Watch while the other
    guards make ass's of themselfs, and when your finished, make your way out the
    Once you have watched more of the parade, go through the door to the left
    (there is a save point to the right).  You will then see another really nice
    FMV. Then just follow the other guards.
    You will now have to join the march by joining into the back row when
    signalled.... and its rather annoying and will probibly take you a few goes :)
    You also need to press O in time with the other guards..  How well you do
    depends on what prize you get.....  you will most likeley end up with a
    grenade, or 6 Potions if you did it first time :)
    When the parade finishes, you will be standing with a group of other guards.
    Rufus will make fun out of "horse laugh" :D. When the guard talks to you, pick
    either option as they both result in you returning to the locker room.  Another
    little side game here... this one I like :)  When the guards finally leave just
    make your way back out to the exit on the left again.  Its shopping time....
    You may have noticed Rude of the Turks go into a shop...  The first place is a
    Materia shop.  The next is an allyway shop which has new weapons for your party
    on the first floor.  Rude is in the basement but he doesnt recognise you in
    uniform :)
    The third shop has items, just the usual stuff.  In the 4th entrance, on the
    second floor, you can get a 1/35 soldier (I have no clue what it does) and a
    Mind Source.  The next door room has a Luck Source.  On the third floor there
    is a Power Source and a Guard Source.
    That's everything for this side of the street so continue to the next screen..
    just keep going till you see more shops.
    In the first building you will see the rest of the Turks but they wont
    recognise you either.  The next bulding has an Inn on the first floor, a
    Materia shop on the second floor and an Accessories shop on the third. The next
    building has a Speed Source in the side room.  On the second floor, you can
    pick up another 1/35 soldier.  The last shop is worse than one of the shops
    that is at the beginning of Junon so I don’t know why the hell they put it in.
    Once you are through shopping, move on to the next screen.  Heidegger and Rufus
    show up again.  It's time to do the mini game now :)  Just do what the guard
    tells you.
    Depending on how well you did during the salute, Heidegger will give you
    an item.  If you got between 0 and 50 then not only are you crap but you get
    the Silver Glasses.  If you got between 60 and 90 then you get the HP Plus
    Materia (something you will need more of later in the game) and I'm assuming
    you got between 100 and 200 and that means you get the Force stealer sword for
    After Rufus makes fun of Heidegger's laugh again they will leave and you will
    notice that your party are already on board. Join them and its off to the next
    continent we go....
      3.13  Shinra Cargo Ship
    From where you start you will notice a treasure chest....  it has an Ether in
    You will also notice blue Materia (All) but if you got Yuffie when I said you
    should then she will be blocking the at the moment.  Talk to people here if you
    wish.  Make your way to the second floor.
    Tifa - "Uh, yes sir, i'll continue my watch sir!  Hee hee..."
    One sailor will sell you items if you talk to him, including a drink which
    restores your HP and MP.  Talk to everyone on the deck.  Now go back down to
    the first floor again and find Aeris, she will wonder where Barret is.  Return
    to the deck and go all the way to the left.
    Here, talk to Barret, who is spying on the those two. (nice suit, I feel
    thousands of gay jokes flooding me right now).  After talking to him a couple
    of times, an alarm will sound.
    Barret - "Get off your stupid spikey butt and lets go, Cloud!"
    Go back to the deck and your party will be waiting.  Time to chose a team.
    When you're ready, go downstairs. Take that Materia now if you you couldn't get
    it before and head through the door.  In the next room (you can get into fights
    by the way) climb up the ladder and open the chest with a Wind Slash inside. Go
    talk to the guard, he will drop dead.
    Sephiroth will then show up, and give you 'something' to fight.
    BOSS: JENOVA*BIRTH                        		
    Earth and Fire works well here. Don't use Poison.
    Attack with your Summon Materia mainly though.
    It has the ability to cast 'Stop' on a member so be ready to have one of your
    party useless for a few rounds..
    It can also uses a laser that hits all allies and this can be very damaging so
    keep your HP up.
    You get a White Cape when you win.
      3.14  Costa Del Sol
    Cloud will try and explain more of the story...
    Cloud - "Sephiroth went off searching for the Promise Land, so he could become
    ruler of the planet... That was 5 years ago.  Then Sephiroth came back and
    killed President Shinra.  And just now all of us saw Sephiroth.  He was
    carrying Jenova with him.  This much I do know.  He told me he wants to go to
    the Promise Land with his mother, Jenova.  I guess that's about it."
    See, Cloud is useless, your lucky you have me around to help out ;)
    Grab the Summon Materia after the battle (Ifrit)
    Aeris - "Oh, too bad.  I liked Barrett's sailor suit.  He looked so cute."
    Barret - "...... What'ya mean "cute"?"
    Tifa - "Barrett, why don't you use that sailor suit for pajamas" -
    Cloud - "You looked like a bear wearing a marshmallow."
    Barret - "The hell's that supposed to mean!?  This happens to be the most
    comfortable, so shu'up!"
    Did anyone else notice there is someone on the lighthouse?
    Anyway, moving on.  In the next area, go into the door and you can BUY the room
    for 300,000 gil, if you have that kind of money at this stage then you are a
    cheating ******* using a Gameshark in which case you must be really crap, using
    that AND needing a guide :). If you buy it  you can sleep here for free anytime
    you want afterwards.
    Climb down the stairs in the bottom part of the room to reach a basement with a
    guy sleeping (what the hell is he doing in my new house :( .  There is a  Power
    Source, a Motor Drive and a Fire Ring in the room.
    Make your way to the bar.
    Notice the girl in the bikini at the window?  Go in and try to talk to her
    "Hey i thought you'd drop buy.  Thats 1, 2....4 fishes all together... not bad"
    - Bitch! :)
    You'll meet Mukki (from the brothel in the Wall Market) here too as well as a
    guy who will sell you new defence equipment.
    By far the most unusual thing here is that you can buy Materia from Yuffie
    (you cant? well as long as she isnt in your party of three you can.  Look
    closely ;) )  Also... if Red 13 wasnt on your team then you can kick the
    football at him :D
    Butch - "Well, were lucky to have that cutie working for us part time"
    If you go into the room next to where the 2 kids are playing football you will
    meet Johnny, the guy that wrote that letter to Tifa.  He is a bit of a ****
    make your way down to the beach :)   you'll run into Hojo.
    Aeris - "Cloud, look at that!"
    Cloud - "Hm...?  That girl in the bikini......?  Not a bad view."
    If you now go back to see Johnny you will see that he has met up with Tifa..
    Dont get jealous or anything :D
    well thats everything the town has to offer... stay the night and then it's
    time to move on....
    Outside of the town, head west round the mountains and you will see the bridge.
     You will be able to see Gold Saucer from here too (that big thing in the
    desert, accross the water).  Anyway eventually you'll come to the entrance of a
    cave, enter it.
    Follow the path and talk to the old man on the way.  Eventually, you'll see
    what looks like another Mako reactor, I'ts a mako funace.  Don't attempt to
    enter it, just walk down towards it then head south of the screen.  In the next
    screen just keep following the tracks.  In the next screen you will come
    accross a Save Point.  If you head up the north part when the tracks split you
    will begin to fall, let yourself fall.  While falling hold left and keep
    pressing O and as you start climbing back up will will get the Wizard Staff.
    Head back to the tracks.  Keep going east and you will get a new weapon for
    Barret.  Then head back west and take the southern tracks.  Again let yourself
    fall and this time hold right, you will get a Star pendent on the way back up.
    Keep heading east and then when the paths cross again head north west and
    collect the turbo Ether (this time jump the hole as there is nothing more to
    collect) and get the 'Transform' Materia.  Head back east and take the south
    route.  You will see the other party members waiting.  You have a chance to
    change party members here.  Anyway, head back and this time take the north east
    track.  Follow the path and enter the shack and  lower the bridge.
    Before you return to the lower rail path, walk to the end of the one your on.
    You will hear birds chirping when you are at the right position.  Press 0 and
    climb up the wall.
    After finding the nest, you can ake the treasure in the nest if you want to or
    leave it, you may as well leave it as you get in a fight if you take it and
    it's only a few Pheonix Downs.
    Right now go back and take the lower path that your party went accorss.
    Right, now once you have crossed the bridge (you should be directly under where
    you were before) you will see that the path splits in 2.  take the left path.
    You will find yourself in some guys cabin.  You will find a tent, a power
    source and a mind source in here.   This is a part of the game that many people
    miss for some reason.
    Anyway, now take the next path.  And make your way accross the bridge.  I
    advise against fighting the Bombs here as they have around 600 HP and if they
    use destruct on you then your ******.  At the end of the bridge you will
    finally be in North Corel :)
      3.15  Gold Saucer
    As soon as you enter, someone will have a go at Barret.  You will find out why
    in a few minutes.  Investigate the town, talk to people and buy a few things.
    There is an Inn at the top left, im guessing you will be needing it.
    When you're ready, head to the left of the screen.  Barret has a flashback
    about his friend Dyne, and what happened to his town (which by the way would
    explain his hatred for Shinra), also notice that he had a wife called Myrna,
    that throws my whole "Tifa" idea out the window then.  :D
    Note that if you leave Corel Town (the exit is to the west) you can fight some
    fairly easy enemies and get up to 400 exp per fight, you dont have to worry
    about it just now though as you will becomeing back here shortly.
    Not to brag but just an interesting story, while gaining exp here i had Barrett
    gain 2 limit breaks at once, after defeating an enemy he gaind Hammerblow (his
    2nd level 2) and then straight after it (after the same fight) he gained
    Satellite Beam.  Has this ever happened to anyone else??  You know my email. ;)
    Anyway, moving on.  When your ready, take the lift up to the Gold Saucer.
    A very cool FMV sequence now.  You'll see a Save Point in the background of the
    first area of the Gold Saucer, but you'll need GP (not Gil, like what you've
    been using, you gain GP here by doing well on the Gold Saucer games) to
    activate it.  Pay the man to get in (the first choice is for a one-visit entry
    free, the second choice gets you a 'Gold Ticket', which lets you enter the Gold
    Saucer as often as you like, you will be needing it as the game progresses so
    if you have the cash I suggest you buy it now but there is no chance you will
    have 30000 at this point, unless you used the GameShark but we have already
    covered my policies on that though haven't we), Anyway take the path of your
    choice after your companions separate.
    Barret - "So PLAY!...messin' around #@^%$!"
    Aeris - "I think he's mad"
    Tifa - He's fine.  He seems to be doing a little better now.
    As you explore the rest of the Gold Saucer, you'll discover that Shinra
    soldiers are snooping around, looking for Sephiroth.  When you're ready to move
    on, go to the Wonder Square.  Here, you'll meet Cait Sith, a would-be
    fortuneteller.  He'll automatically join you. Also if you go up the stairs and
    keep going north you can reply the Midgar Escape, ie you can play on the bike
    again :).  This is actually a good place to gain GP as you get 10 the first
    time you play it.
    Also, there is a Turtle Paradise newsletter in the spooky Inn so don't forget
    to read it.  Also, from the shop in the spooky in you can buy Ether and i think
    this is the only shop in the game you can so you better stock up :)  Correct me
    if i'm wrong though.
    Also, go play in the chocobo races and place a bet, it's fun to watch.
    Anyway go and have a look round, don't go to the battle square until you are
    ready to continue the game as that is our point of no return.
    When you want the game to progress (make sure you are finished doing everything
    you wanted to do in the Gold Saucer), go to the Battle Square.  Something bad
    has happened.  Turns out "a man with a gun-arm" has killed a bunch of people,
    and just were is Barret?  Dio, the owner of the Gold Saucer, shows up and
    blames you for the carnage.  Follow Cait Sith, Dio summons three large robots
    that throw you and your allies through the "Gateway to Heaven".  In other
    words, Welcome to Prison.
      3.16  Corel Prison
    Once you land you will see Barret.  After he runs away, examine the dead body.
    Then go down the hole that you can see at the top of the screen. There is a
    treasure chest here but it's already opened (anyone know if there's supposed to
    be something in it that you could have gotten earlier?)  According to Chris
    Macdonald (Kao Megura, the best FF7 guide writer on the face of the earth), in
    the Japanese version of FF7, this is the place where you could have supposedly
    fought something caled Test Zero, but I have no clue what thats about.
    Anyway, now head south after Barret.  Talk to everyone in the new area.  There
    is some annoying **** who gets a great laugh in following you, I would love to
    send a bolt up his ass! (I mean why the **** is he following you!!??)
    Enter the building to the east (it doesn't matter which entrance you take).
    Barret will show up once you're inside, as will whoever else wasn't in your
    Aeris - "Hey that's Cloud's line!  '...It's too dangerous, I can't let you get
    involved...' blah, blah, blah..."
    Its now time to hear what happened to Barret and Dyne.
    Yuffie - "You sure are all acting pretty heroic, considerin' we're not makin'
    any money on this." -  (if you talk to her after chosing your party)
    After you leave the room, you may want to buy some items.  This can be done in
    by entering the building to the far southeast, as there is a man in there who
    will sell you them.
    Now head back north.  Examine the guard (who is dead), then leave through the
    Anyway, once you've gone past the gate, talk to the man out here and go
    to the RIGHT.  Any other direction leaves you stranded in the desert and you
    will be wandering around for a while before you get rescued so GO RIGHT.
    You will need it in a second.  Anyway go up from here and you'll run into THE
    BOSS, Dyne.  Turns out that Marline is Dyes daughter so that definently throws
    the whole Tifa thing out the window).  Seems to me that Dyne wants to kill
    Marline so she can be with her mother again.  I think this guy may be a few
    beers short of a six pack.  It's just Barret and Dyne for this one....
    BOSS: DYNE                                  	
    I was using Barret as one of my party members wehen I first did this fight and
    if you have been doing the same then this fight will not be any problem at all.
     As usual, use your limit break.
    Dyne may hit you one last time before he dies but as long as you keep your HP
    up then this fight will not be a problem.
    You get a Silver Armlet when you win.
    After takes a short walk off a long cliff, you'll find yourself in the truck
    talking to Mr. Coates.  After some friendly talking from Barret, you will have
    the chance to get your freedom by becoming a chocobo racer.  While on the way
    up, Ester will explain the controls to you
    I really can't be bothered typing down the controls here but if you missed them
    the first time don't worry about it, she will explain them again before you
    start.  When you first arrive some Jockey (I think his name was Joe) talks to
    you and says you will probibly meet again..  do you ever meet him again?  You
    know the email address folks :)
    Anyway, there is summon Materia in this room (Ramuh) be sure to pick it up.
    Right, there is a very easy way ro win a chocobo race.... you can refill your
    Dash Meter slowly by holding down all L & R buttons at once.  If you plan on
    breeding the chocbos later on in the game this tip will come in very useful.
    Anyway, you should win the race first time as long as you use the cheat like I
    showed you :D
    When you win, Dio will give you a letter saying sorry for what happened and he
    will give you a buggy as a way of saying sorry.  First thing to note about the
    buggy is that you are not safe from getting into fights so be prepared at all
      3.17  Gongaga Town
    Ok, now that your back on the World Map you firstly need to head south from the
    Golden Saucer and cross the river.  Head for the black structure surounded by a
    forest, this is Gongaga.  You will run into the Turks discussing who is the
    cutest out the girls..
    Cloud - "What are they talking about?"
    GOD!  Does this guy HAVE a sexual prefrence?! :)
    Elena then shows up and alerts the other Turks of your presence.  Answer their
    question anyway you like and then the battle begins.
    BOSS: RENO                                   		
    This is another easy boss fight.  Just use your summons.
    Attack Rude first as he is the one with the ability to heal.
    You get a Fairy Tale and an X-Potion when you win.
    Any guesses as to who the spy is???
    After they have ran away head north and you will see the black structure, head
    towards it.  Eventually, Scarlet (you should remember her from the meeting) and
    Tseng will show up and will start talking about "Huge Materia" (this will be a
    name that appears more in the game later).  After they leave, check the part
    that Scarlet was checking and you will recieve the 'Titan' summon Materia.
    Now go back to the junction and this time go left.  In the next screen go
    north.  You will now be in whats left of the village.  As usual, look around
    ant buy stuff and talk to people (in one of the shops you can climb a pole to
    another shop).  There is a chest in the Inn which has an X-Potion and an old
    mans house has a new weapon for Cait Sith.  One of the houses turns out to be
    the former house of a guy named Zack, if you have Aeris in your party it is
    confirmed that Zack was her ex (you should put her in your party for the sake
    of story line purposes).  Zack was a first class in SOLDIER just like Cloud,
    you will find out more about him much later in the game.
    Now leave the main part of the village and head west, this will take you out of
    town.  However before you go, make sure one of your party has enemy skill
    Materia equpied and get into a fight.  Eventually you will fight a frog, keep
    fighting them till they do a move called "Frog Song", this will come in useful
    later if you learn it now.
    Be sure to pick up the Deathblow Materia on your way out.
      3.18  Cosmo Canyon
    Once back on the world map, head southwest and then cross the shallow river you
    see. Make your way up the mountain path and you will see Cosmo Canyon, home of
    Red 13 and one of the games best music tracks.
    However don't get too close to it yet, read on a bit first.  If you haven't
    been using Red 13 in your party thus far then go gain him some exp now, using
    the inn at gongaga town.  Because the next bit you need to have him in your
    party and it is tricky, so gain some exp, around level 28-30.
    Don’t worry about it though as there are the three penguin dudes that you can
    fight outside Cosmo Canyon that give you 666 exp when you defeat them but they
    do pack a punch.  If you try to go past Cosmo Canyon then your buggy will break
    down, so don't attempt to go past it if you are plannning to use the Inn at
    Anyway, when you enter Cosmo Canyon Red 13 will talk to the man at the gate.
    To the people of this town he is known as "Nanaki" (I named him that at the
    beginning of this game just for the sake of this part of the game not making
    sence :D)
    After Red 13 heads up the stairs, talk to the guard and choose the bottom
    option to discover more about Cosmo Canyon, he will then let you in.  Right now
    it's time to look around the place.  Firstly, there is 2 Turlte Paradise news
    letters here, one next to the weapons shop (which has new weapons for all party
    members) and one at the Inn.  In the items show there is a passage that is
    blocked at the moment but don't worry, you will get to it later on (disc 2 and
    3).  Also, in the Inn, there is an Elixer (in the room that you stay in),
    towards the screen, you can't actually see it, but trust me it's there. You
    will also discover from talking to Red 13 that his tribe defended Cosmo Canyon
    years ago, and that he thinks his father was a coward.
    When your finished looking around the town, make your way to the observatory.
    The old dude with Red 13 is Bugenhagen, who is his grandfather and the token
    wise man of the game :)  Pay attention to everything the old dude says, as he
    explains half the plot eventually, just try and make sence of it.  One thing
    that confuses me though is that if he can hear the cries of the planet, wouldnt
    that make him an ancient too?  When Red 13 leaves, go find your party and take
    2 of them with you back to the observatory. Barret is in the room above the
    weapon shop, Tifa and Aeris are in the bar.  Yuffie is in the Materia shop (no
    suprise there) and Cait Sith is in the kitchen.
    When you go back to the observaory you get to watch another cool FMV :)  But
    again pay attention to Bugenhagen.  The term "Lifestream" gets mentioned here,
    and you need to remember that.  It's basically the souls of all those people
    who have returned to the planet.  And as you can work out yourselfs, Shinra are
    obstracing the spirit energy of the planet and turning it into Mako energy and
    when they obstract it all the planet will die.
    Once thats over talk to the old dude again...
    Bugenhagen - "Nanaki?  His father a coward?  So that's it... Nanaki's been
    thinking that all this time..."
    Now make your way back to the huge fire in the middle of Cosmo Canyon.  Talk to
    all your party (Tifa almosts ask Cloud a question but back out at the last
    second as she is too afraid to).  Eventually Bugenhagen will show up.. and you
    will have to make a new group of three, well actually a group of one because
    Cloud and Red 13 have to go.
    Like I said before, if you havent been using Red 13 then you need to go outside
    and get him some EXP... say be about 28.
    Oh, another thing before you set off on Bugenhages adventure...  The Materia
    store sells HP+ Materia, which can be VERY handy later on in the game.  Buy
    some of them (I usually just fill my empty slots with them).
    Anyway, once you are all set, head towards the Materia shop and you will see
    Bugenhagen again, talk to him.  Climb to the very bottom.  Note the very cool
    effect with the cosmo canyon music gradually becoming more distant, if you go
    up again it starts to become louder.  Very cool effect.
    In the next area, head right and up until you see a hole facing left.
    You will have noticed that there is a huge difference in the exp given for
    enimies and, you gussed it, I stopped and gained some exp:D.  But I cleared the
    area first though, you will understand later, don't bother with your EXP at the
    moment, I will tell you when you can't turn back and if your not at 28 by then,
    turn back.
    Anyway, enter the hole facing left and chose to "break it open" and an opening
    will appear nearby.  Go through the new opening.  In the new area, head left,
    WALK left, or you will hit some spikes.  Go south from the next junction.  Pick
    up the 'Added Effect' Materia.  Go back to where the oil is and WALK back to
    the right.  Go up until you come to another junction and go left, then south,
    going down the stairs and you will come to a chest with a Black M phone.  Start
    heading towards the stairs again but take the right passage that is just before
    them and you will come to a chest with an Ether in it.  Now go back up the
    stairs and head to the upper left of the screen.
    In the next area you will see 5 passages.  Take the fourth from the left.  When
    you touch the web a spider will attack you.  I wouldn’t spend too long on them
    by the way as they have a move that can take 800 HP off you, and the exp you
    gain is **** into the bargin, typical!  Remember when i said to learn the enemy
    skill "Frog Song"?  Well use it on this guy and you will have no trouble :).
    So after you have killed it, keep heading north and you will get a chest with
    an X-Potion in it.  Now go back and take the second passage from the left.  You
    now need to fight another spider. After you kill it head left and then down.
    As you are going through the tunnel, hold right and you will come to an opening
    with a chest containing a Fairy Ring.  Go back to the left passage.  Keep going
    north and you will have to fight one last spider.  Now head slightly north but
    dont go through the exit, head left and you will go through another secret
    passage and collect a Turbo Ether.
    Remember how I said wait until you have cleared the area before you gain the
    exp, well now would be the time to turn back and rest, gain exp etc as this is
    the point of no return, a boss awaits you on the other side and if your not at
    about 28 then i dont like your chances.  I was at about level 32 but like I
    said, be around 28 and your fine.
    Anyway, when your ready, head north.
    Boss: GI NATTAK                           		
    Right, remember the boss in the Shinra Building?  He had sidekicks with him
    too.  Same rule applies here, don't bother killing them, just focus your attack
    on the boss.  It's a straight forward fight as long as you remember the golden
    rule for bosses, 2 fight him and 1 heals.
    You'll get a Wizer Staff when you win.
    Aparently, though I have never tried it myself, or a very quick kill, try using
    a Phoenix Down or X-Potion, or cast Life on him, it aparently takes a few goes
    to get it to work.  Anyone who tried this and was succsessful, feel free to
    email me and confirm it.
    (I recently recieved an email from confirming that Life does kill him.. The
    emailer never replied as to what he wanted to be credited as so i will call him
    Acefire as that was in his email address.  I'm Still waiting on confermation on
    Phoenix Downs and X-Potions).
    Now just to make things more confusing.....  You see, he was dead right? so if
    cast life on him then it brings him back to life... so how does that kill him?
    I would't spend too much time thinking about that :)
    Once the fight is over, take Gravity Materia, follow Red 13.
    You will now witness a heart warming moment when Red 13 finds out...
    Spoiler... watch the end of the sequence first....
    that his
    father was the saviour of the Canyon and a great warrior who
    sacraficed  himself
    for the sake of the Canyon.  Bless :)
    Barret - "That's the way it goes.  ... You came in handy at times..." (and he
    said Cloud was cold).
      3.19  Nibelheim
    It's now time to see what's left of Tifa and Clouds home town, Nibelheim.
    Contunie past Cosmo canyon and head north, crossing another shallow river.  You
    will see it by then.  Put Tifa in your party before you enter for the sake of
    story line purposes.
    Head into the Inn.  Head to the room in the back and you will see some strange
    black creature, try talking to it and you will get a luck source.  Talk to the
    guy in the Inn and he will deny all knowledge of the town burning down.  Then
    head into the item shop, talking to the guy here won't help either as he denys
    all knwoledge of it too.  There is another black creature in here and this one
    will give you an Elixer.  Now head to the house in the far south east, in the
    top floor is another creature with another luck source.  Now head into Tifa's
    house.  A creature in te kitchen will give you a Turbo Ether.  In Tifa's room
    there is a letter fro Professor Hojo, which make sence of whats going on.  You
    can also recieve a new weapon for ifa by talking to the creature in the other
    room.  If you go into Clouds house, again the person you talk to will have no
    idea what your talking about.
    Now the following part is optional, it involves getting your second, and final
    optional character, Vincent.  While this is optional im still adding it in here
    too as on the way to getting Vincent, you also pick up some Summon Materia so
    you might as well do it now.
    Right so if you want to skip it just now then just miss out the next few
    paragrahps and start on the one tha begins "Anyway, now continue to the
    library".  But like I said you might as well do it now as it means good Materia.
    You with me??  Good :)  Right, head into the Shinra mansion (the one that
    Sephiroth went mental in Clouds flashback).  In the room to the left of the
    entrance is another letter from Hojo.  It gives you hints where the nubers are
    hidden to unlock a safe in the mansion.  The first number is in the west end if
    the mansion, in the broken piano.  The second you will find when you examine
    the chest in the room next to the safe in the upper west wing.  The third is on
    the floor just before you enter the room with the hidden passage to the
    basement.  The fourth is hidden in the letter (underneath the other clues, put
    your cursor over the blank space).
    If your not past level 30 by now he will kick your ass so you better get some
    exp if your not :)
    This works just like a real safe, you can't go past the number your trying to
    enter or you will have to start again.  So anyway, here is the code...
    RIGHT TO 36
    LEFT TO 10
    RIGHT TO 59
    RIGHT TO 97
    (and remember, you can't go past the number you are trying to get to or you
    will have to start again)
    So in other words you have to scroll right, not going past 36, hit 0, then got
    left till you get to 10 and it 0 and so on....
    When the safe opens, a summon Materia flys out and then you will be attacked by
    a big monster.
    BOSS: Lost Number		         		
    If your doing this boss as you first get to Nibelheim then he could prove very
    He will mainly use low powered attacks on you but every so often he will hit
    you with a double fisted attack which can take over 2000 HP from a single
    Now what makes this boss a little bit different is that he has 2 parts to him
    (even although you can only attack him as 1)... If you kill his red side off
    then his physical attacks become very powerful and I don't like your chances.
    If you kill his purple side first then he will use magic against you, in which
    case it becomes an easy fight.
    Chanses are you will lose this first time (if you are trying it in disc one
    that is) but keep at it and you will eventually get lucky enough that his
    purple side blows off and you beat him.  Mind you if you have Clouds level 3
    limit break "Metorain" then it should be very easy indeed.  Beautiful exp for
    it too.
    You get an item called Cosmo Memory, this is the maual for Red 13's 4th and
    final limit break.
    When he is gone, take they key that's in the safe.  Also don't forget the
    Materia, this is Odin, and until towards the end of disk 2, he will be your
    most useful summon.
    Speaking of exp make sure you run into a few of those annoying pumpkin
    things as they travel in groups and give you 1200 exp, nice!
    Oh, the room next to the safe has an Enemy Launcher inside.
    Go back into the main room of the mansion.  If you press SELECT you willsee
    that there is two rather well hidden doors.  Take the right one and there's a
    chest here, with a Silver M-phone inside.  Now go back to the main room and
    take the door beneath the staircase, there is a chest here with a Twin Viper in
    Now go right and into the right wing of the mansion.  In one of the rooms
    you'll find a chest with a Magic Source.  Then enter the secret passage (the
    one sephiroth was in during the flashback) and make your way to the library  On
    the way you will see a door, open it and you will now meet Vincent (he is in a
    coffin by the way).
    This may help make more of the story make sence, or add to it.  Turns out that
    a woman actually gave birth to Sephiroth, the same woman that Vincent was in
    love with.
    Barret - "That why you started sleepin' in a box?  Gimme a break!"
    Leave once he tells you to and start to walk back up the stairs, he will then
    come out and join you.
    Anyway, now continue to the library.  Head into it further and you will see
    Sephiroth.  After a short conversation he will lob Materia (Destruct) at you
    and then exit.  Leave the mansion
    Now take the northen entrance of Nibelheim, it's time to make our way to Mt.
      3.20  Mt. Nibel
    Enemies give around 1000 exp here so it wouldn’t hurt to gain a few levels.  My
    gang are at level 35 but that's just me, I spend too much time gaining exp so
    don't worry about keeping up with me if you can't be assed.  As long as you are
    at least level 30 then you are fine.
    Right, just follow the path until you see it split.  Take the north path.  You
    will be going round that back of the mountain and you will gain a Rune Blade.
    Now get back on the original path and keep following it.  Just before you reach
    the bridge there is another path that heads north, take that and when it curves
    south follow it, there is alot of winding but keep trying and eventually you
    will find a chest with a Plus Barrette inside it.  Now go back down and take
    the bridge.
    Go back down to the main path and head up the bridge.  When inside the cavern,
    go down the stairs and then down the small ladder, then knock the other ladder
    next to you down.  Now go back up to the top of the screen and go down the tube
    labeled "2"  and you will land on a rocky ledge.  There's a Powersoul there,
    Once you have that press down to jump down to a lower ledge, then press down
    again to reach the floor.  Dont worry about the boss next to you, feel free to
    use the save point next to him.  Climb back up the ladder and go into the pipe
    labled '4' in order to reach a treasure chest on the bottom ledge below
    containing All Materia.  While doing this,  prey that you don’t run into the
    dragon that takes forever to kill while you are walking around, if you don’t
    know what I am talking about you soon will.
    Just below the path that the boss is blocking, there is another path heading
    south.  Follow it and you will end up oustide. You will be at a dead end but
    you will drop down to the lower path. Enter the cave next to you.  You will be
    in a very familiar room, make your way to the exit.  Next to the exit, make
    your way southwest, then go through the small hole.  Walk north in it, then
    left, then down and you should reeach a treasure chest containing an Elixir.
    Now go through the exit to arrive at another familiar area to the left of the
    screen is some Elemental Materia.  Keep heading north.
    Inside the new cave, head right, then go up then and had left to reach a chest
    containing a Sniper CR (if you can't find who the weapon is for then you
    obviously didn't get Vincent).  Now head south and you will be back outside.
    Once outside, head left).
    Has anyone else encountered a Zuu?  (it’s a strange bird and all it did is told
    me it feels fury).  I have completed the game three times and am on my fourth
    and that is the first time I have come across it.
    Anyway you'll eventually end up at the Jenova Plant you visited in Cloud's
    flashback.  Ain't no point in going in as there is nothing you can do.  At the
    back of the plant is a door, enter it.  Yes, you are back in the room with the
    pipes and yes that little bit you just did wasn't necessary, but I felt like
    taking you the "scenic" route :D
    And no, you couldnt have done it in reverse as you wouldnt have been able to
    clib up to the cave at the beginning thus meaning you would have had to go all
    the way back, so at least thank me for that :)
    Anyway, go save, and then go press O next the boss and he will attack you.....
    BOSS: MATERIA KEEPER                      		
    First thing's first....  Don't use Fire attacks on him as they will heal him.
    I suggest that you have equipped Cure 2 with All Materia so that you can heal
    all your party at once as this guy can be tough as he can deal up to 800 with
    one attack.  This boss can also heal himself which is rather annoying.  The
    boss also uses an attack called "Trine", which is a useful Enemy skill to learn
    although it can take him ages to use.
    You get a Jem Ring when you win.
    Remember to pick up the Materia left behind by the boss.  This is "Counter"
    Materia and is VERY useful.  Now follow the path that the boss was blocking...
    Woo hoo :)  we're back on the word map :).
      3.21  Rocket Town
    When back on the World Map, head southwest, then turn north.  Eventually you
    will see a town up ahead, this is Rocket Town, enter. There is an old man
    standing next to a house in the north of the town, talk to him twice.  He will
    ask you a question, pick the top answer and you will gain a weapon for Cloud
    called the Yoshiyuki. This is a strange one, Its only really powerful if one of
    your characters is KO'd.  *Thanks to Suzano for that*.
    Anyway, lets move on.  The house on the left to where you entered is a weapon
    shop so do your usual purchasing.
    The house furthest to the right has a chest with a Power Source inside.
    Now go into the house to the right of the old man.  There is a chest here
    containing a very crappy "Drill Arm".  Now go out the back entrance of the
    house.  You will see a small plane called the "Tiny Bronco".  Then Shera will
    show up.  Now leave that house and go north towards the rocket.  Climb up to
    the top of it and you will find the funniest character in the game - Cid :)
    Ask him a few questions and then leave and go back to the house.  Shera will
    show up again as will Cid.  He will abuse her :D
    Cid - "^%$#! Shera, What are you blind!!  We got guests!! GET SOME TEA ! ^%$#!.
     Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!  Argggggh!  DAMN,
    I'm pissed!" :D :D :D
    If Yuffie is in your party she has to be stopped from going to fight him :D
    Shera will now explain why it was her fault that the rocket never made it to
    space,,, Just what we needed, MORE storyline :)
     Cid - "It's gonna get so hot in there that there ain't gonna be SHIT left
    when we blast off!"
    Cid comes back into the house, then Palmer shows up (remember mister
    "ppplllease don't kill me").
    Cid - "^$#&!  Good for nothing, fat &$#$^@!"
    Palmer - "Don't say fat!  Hey-hey! Tea!  Can i have some too?  With lotsa sugar
    and honeyand... oh yeah, don't forget the lard!"
    Go outside after Cid.  You will see Rufus.  Turns out he only wants the "Tiny
    Bronco".  Shera will ask you back in the house.  The fat boy is trying to steal
    the plane, go kick his ass :D
    BOSS: PALMER                               	
    The only threat he has is a Mako Gun.  He also has the annoying habit of
    taunting you...
    This is a very easy fight, simply use your summon Materia and magic.  Make sure
    one member has Cure and All together and by the time Cloud gets his limit break
    in, he'll be finsihed.
    You get an Edincoat when you win.
    The fat dude will try and run away and he will get run over for his roubles :D
    Now it's time to escape on the Tiny Bronco, Cid will join you :)  Great bit
    this :)
    Cid - "This is gonna be a big splash.  Hold on to your drawrs, and don't piss
    in em!!"
    You now have the Tiny Bronco as a boat.  Which means you are a little bit more
    free to go places.
    Right now you have an option of several things that you can do..
    I suggest that you do the Wutai side quest just now (assuming that you have her
    in your party now).  To do this, head over to section 7.5 of my guide :)
    Doing this now will also allow you to compleate the 'Turtles Paradise' side
    quest too :)  You might as well do it now, go on!  I'll be waiting here for you
    when you get back :)
    Right, now that's done... on with the storyline.
      3.22  Finding the Key
    Firstly get used to controlling the Tiny Bronco and get used to seeing where
    you are on the map... it can take quite a while to get the hang of moving from
    continent to continent without hassle.
    Now go to the area around the Gold Saucer.  There is a little house just left
    of the shallow river you would cross when heading to Cosmo Canyon.  Enter it.
    He will talk about the Keystone, telling you that it unlocks the Temple of the
    Ancients and that he sold the Key to Dio.  Now get back in the Tiny Bronco and
    make your way back into the Golden Saucer via North Corel  If you talk to the
    guy nearest the entrance of North Corel he will reveal that the Turks are also
    after the Keystone.  When you reach the Golen Saucer, head to the Battle
    Square.  Inside the Battle Square. to the right, is "Dio's Showroom", enter it
    and examine the item in the centre, Dio will show up.  If you fight in the
    battle arena he will give you the Keystone.  Don't worry about doing well in
    the battles just now, even if you lose the first fight he will still give you
    Now that you have the Keystone, attempt to leave the Gold Saucer.  You will be
    informed that the ropeway is broken and thus you can't.  Cait Sith will show up
    and arrange it for you to stay in the Ghost Hotel.
    This will prove to be a good chance for you to work out exactly what's going
    on, plot wise.  And NO i'm not typing it all agaian!!  Just read it! :)
    Aeris makes a sharp exit...
    Vincent - "Hey Cid, Lets go to our room."
    Cid - "zzz...zzz..zzz"
    The next bit is the well talked about date scene...
    A character will come into your room and go on a date with you...  9 times out
    of 10 it will be Aeris but it's possible to get Yuffie and Tifa (and even
    BARRET apparently).
    But like I said, chances are you will get Aeris.
    Anyway, you will be making your way to the event square.  You will end up being
    part of a funny play.  chose any option that you want as it doesn't effect the
    game.  If I wrote it out, it would ruin the fun, so....  With a bit of luck you
    will get the ending where Aeris saves the day :D
    Next, you'll ride the gondola in the Round Square.....
    Did you get Aeris??
    Aeris "......first off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike.  Two
    compleatly different people, but look exactly the same.  The way you walk,
    gesture.... I think I must have seen him again in you.... But your different.
    Things are different.  Cloud...  Im searching dor you.  I want to meen you".
    Cloud - "But i'm right here"
    Aeris - "What I menan is... I want to meet...you."
    You think she suspects something between him and Zack???
    You will now hear Cait Sith's music (which is really cool).  He is sneaking
    around with something.  The Keystone!!  You will have to chase after him...
    FOLLOW THAT CAT!!!  Eventually, you will chase him around Chocobo Square...
    Cait will stop at the steps outside and then a  Shinra helicopter shows up, and
    Cait willtoss the Keystone up to Tseng.  When Cloud catches up with him, Cait
    reveals that he is the spy from the Shinra.  Turns out he has Marline hostage
    Cait - "I can't tell you my name"
    You can make up your own mind who you think it is for just now. :)
    You will now be back in the hotel.  Check ther cupboard on the right for an
    Elixir.  Leave the room.  Pick your extra mamber.  Now leave the Gold Saucer.
    Another thing that is worth doing now is getting a summon Materia called Kjata.
     Here's how....  First get back into the Tiny Bronco.  We now have to make our
    way to the northern continent.  This is achieved by making your way through the
    western continent (the one Cosmo Canyon etc is on) by taking the river that is
    next to the Gold Saucer.  Keep heading north from the edge of the west
    continent and you will eventually be on the bottom part of the north continent.
     You will eventually see a beach where you can land on.  You should see a
    forrest with what appears to be a big rib cage sticking out of it.  Enter it.
    This is bone Village (you will be seeing more of it soon).  Anyway, head to the
    exit at the north of the village.  Continue through the first forrest scene and
    when you reach the second stop.  If you look closely you will see some red
    Materia jumping around.  Spend a while trying to catch it as its the Kjata
    Materia.  DON'T go any further up as you will only get endless forrest screens.
     Just go back to the Bone Village.  Before you leave, talk to the guy in the
    chair as he has good armour :)
    Right, now go back the way you came until you are back on the west continent
    again and near the Gold Saucer.
    The Temple of the Ancients is a right bitch to describe where it is...  It's
    near the endge of the east continent (the south west part of it).  Its also
    accross from the south east part of the west continent (near Fort Condor).
    It's a large temple surrounded by forrest.  Enter it.
      3.23  The Temple of the Ancients
    You will see yet another one of those black things (Nibelheim) at the top of
    the temple.  It just sort of floats away.  Inside you will find Tseng who has
    been attacked by Sephiroth.  He gives you the Keystone.  Examine the alter in
    the middle and you will enter.
    This area can be very confusing so pay good attention to what i'm saying.  You
    will also notice the step up in the level of enimies, I hope you were prepared.
    From where you enter, if you go up a little bit, you will see stairs heading
    DOWN, take them.  Then take the opening nearby and take the vines heading down.
     Now head underneat the huge staircase above you and you will reach a chest
    with a Trident in it.  Now take the stiars going DOWN to he right of you and
    they will lead to more vines, this time hading up, take them.  Walk past the
    opening at the top and go up the stairs on the left.  Now climb the new vines
    and take the Mind Source.  Go down the stairs next to it and enter the room on
    the left.  There is a chest here with a Silver Rifle.  Now talk to the old man
    twice and you will be able to buy things, restore your HP/MP and save :)
    When your ready, head back outside.  Head back down the vines.  See that green
    item?  Well when you are at the bottom of the vines simply gead towards it and
    you will recieve it, it's a Turbo Ether.  Now go down the long stars and then
    the ones to the left of it.  climb DOWN the vines nearby.  Take the chest
    containing a Rocket Punch.  Now go down the stairs and climb the vines near the
    old guy.  Then go up the stairs next to the vines, go through the archway, turn
    east and go down the stairs, and climb up the long stretch of vines on the
    nearby wall.  Underneath the staircase you should see the pink Lucky Plus
    Materia, take it.  Now go back to where the old guy was and take the path he
    This next bit can be VERY annoying... huge hollow boulders are rolling down the
    walkway.  To get past them, time your run so that the hollow part will be
    directly over you, allowing you to keep going until they stop.  Get good at it
    quick, because if you get hit by one you get dragged back to the end of the
    passageway again :(
    Then follow Aeris.  You will see a flashback between Tseng and Elna, guess who
    shows up :D
    Anyway, take the Morph Materia and then head back to the end of the passageway,
    the old dude is there again.
    In the next are you will be in a room which can only be descirbed as a big
    clock really...
    There is 12 rooms to explore and you have to set the clock to each specific
    time to enter each room.
    Room 1 (same as 1 on a clock)- Simply a chest with a pointless fight inside
    it... not worth bothering about unless you want exp.
    Room 2 - A blocked Passage.  Nothing you can do.
    Room 3 - Yet another pointless fight.
    Room 4 - (yes Square got the Roman numeral wrong).  This contains a chest with
    Aeris's ultimate weapon, the Princess Guard.
    Room 5 - This will take you back outside where you can get a chest containing a
    Room 6 - Save this room till last.. I will explain later what to do here.
    Room 7 - A chest containing a Trumpet Shell
    Room 8 - A chest with a Megalixer
    Room 9 - Blocked
    Room 10 - Where you came in retard :)
    Room 11 - Blocked
    Room 12 - A room you will have to come back to later.
    At some point, stand on the hour or minute hand and let the second hand come
    past.  When it passes over you, it will knock you down into the pit below. You
    will end up in an easy fight.  When you win the fight you can get a chest which
    contains a Nail Bat, a very good weapon for Cloud. You will now find yourself
    back at the door you couldnt get into earlier.  Just make your way back.  Seems
    alot easier the second time doesnt it? :)
    Now go into room 6.....
    Another old guy will see you and run away.  There is a set pattern to this
    apparently but just keep randomly going through a passage and you will
    eventually catch him. :)  Don't forget to take the Work Glove that's in the
    chest.  When you have caught him he will open the door and also allow you to
    save etc too.
    Now enter the room.  and the annoying dude with the grey hair shows up again :)
     He is just driveling as usual.  And is now talking about making a huge wound
    on the planet  Cloud now goes loopy and turns transparent :)  And then they
    talk about Meteor, the destructive magic that Sephiroth is planning to use to
    injure the planet.
    boss time :)
    BOSS: RED DRAGON                          		
    Just use summon Materia (but don't use Kjata as it will heal him by about 2000
    HP!)  Not much to give in the way of tips for this one... just keep attacking
    and watch you HP.
    You get a Dragon Armlet when you win
    After the fight make sure you pick up the Summon Materia that was left behind
    as its one of the best and essential foa fight coming soon.  This is Bahumut.
    Go back and check the Alter.  This is the black Materia.  If Cait Sith is in
    your party then he will start to talk to you and you eventually leave the room.
     If he isn't then he will phone you and you will eventually leave the room.
    Now head back out, talk to the old guy again to heal your party and then go
    back to the clock.  It is already set to 12.  Follow the path.
    Yet another fight...
    BOSS:  DEMONS GATE                       		
    This one can be tricky.  He has a high attack power.  I hope you equipped the
    Bahumut Materia as this is really the only Summon that works well against him.
    Just have Cloud and whoever else you picked attack him and use their limit
    breaks when they can and have Aeris heal.
    You get a Gigas Armlet when you win.
    One you win the party will converse for a while and it turns out Cloud and
    Aeris are perfect for each other.
    Cait - "I can't say..... This isn't good.... Poor Tifa."
    Aeris - "No!  Tell me!  I promise I wont get mad!"
    Cait - "Is that so?  Then i'll tell you.  Looks good.  You are perfec for each
    other!  Aeris's star and Cloud's star!  They show a great future.  Cloud, i'll
    be your matchmaker, preacher.... I'll do whatever you want me to!  You just
    call me when it happens!"
    Now that bit confused me... If Caith Sith is a toy being controlled by the
    Shinra then why the sad goodbye for a piece of machinery?  Is the Cat on the
    top real and the thing below the robot or is it all robot??!!  This becomes
    even more confusing to me in a few mins when ANOTHER ONE shows up to take the
    place of this one!  Anyone wanna clear that up for me? :(
    Cait - "There is plenty of stuffed toys like my body around but there's only
    one me!  Don't forget me even if another Cait Sith comes along"
    When Cait takes the Materia the whole temple crashes down.  You will now be up
    at the foundations of the temple.  Yes, the dude with the cape will show up
    again!  He takes the Materia from you.  He also mentions the Lifestream here
    which is another bit you should pay attention to.
    Cloud will go mental again and attack Aeris just as the new Cait Sith shows up
    (WHAT THE ****!)
    You will now be in Clouds dream....
    Aeris - "And Cloud, you take care of youreself.  So don't have a breakdown,
    Cloud - "What is this place?"
    Aeris - "This forest leads to the City of the Ancients... and is called the
    sleeping forrest.  It's only a matter of time before Sephiroth uses meteor.
    That's why I'm going to protect it.  Only I survivor of the Cetra, like me can
    do it. The secret is just up here.  At least it should be. ... I feel it.  It
    feels like i'm beaing led by something.  Then i'll be going now.  Ill come back
    when it's all over."
    Cloud - "Aeris!!"
    Sephiroth - "hmm....  She's thinking of interfering?  She will be a difficult
    one, don't you think?  We must stop that girl soon."
    You will now awake in Gongana town for some strange reason.  Tifa and Barret
    will be with you.
    Berret - "But you gotta understand that there ain't no gettin' offa this train
    we're on, till we get to the end of the line.  People get depressed in this
    life because they dont know whats up.  But, they go on living.  They don't run
    away...  Isn't that how it is?"
      3.24  Bone Village
    Right now remember where you got the Kjata Materia?  You need to make your way
    to the north continent again by first crossing THROUGH the wast continent (by
    taking the river at the Gold Saucer) and then heading north.  If you got Kjata
    when I told you to then you will know how to get there.
    When you are at the southern end of the north continent you will see the Bone
    Village. If you haven't got the Kjata Materia yet, do it now.   Head to the
    exit at the north of the village.  Continue through the first forrest scene and
    when you reach the second stop.  If you look closely you will see some red
    Materia jumping around.  Spend a while trying to catch it as its the Kjata
    Materia.  DON'T go any further up as you will only get endless forrest screens.
     Just go back to the Bone Village.
    Right, now to be able to continue through the Sleeping Forest, you need to get
    the Lunar Harp.  To do this you need to get the diggers to help you.  To do
    this, talk to the guy sitting near the entrance.  Choose the first option twice.
    Now everyone is gone and its up to you to chose where you place the men to get
    them to dig.  Place five in the top half in well spread out locations.  Now hit
    the bomb for the search.  You will see all the staff face a certain way.  If
    you only chose to look for the Lunar Harp then THAT'S where it is.  You then
    choose where you want them to dig.  The only tip I can give is that it's
    usually just south west of the tent, so choose to dig there.  After they have
    been digging, check the box near the entrance the next morning.  If you
    followed my directions then, in the chest, should be the Lunar Harp, if not,
    just keep trying till you get it.
    Right, now that you have the Harp, head into the forest.  When you reach the
    screen where you got Kjata, it will turn green.  Now head north.
    I used this area here to get up my levels (yes even more, about 45) and I also
    got my Materia up to level 3 (bolt, fire etc) as the AP is good here too, but
    like I say thats just me, as long as you are around 40 now then you have
    nothing to worry about.  If you do get your level 3 Materia now then you will
    find it very useful soon.
    In the new area, head under the huge log and there is a chest with a Water Ring
    in it.  Now go through the big log and head north. Now walk along the curving
    path.  Here you might encounter something called a hungry, now for those who
    have played FF9 doesn't that bare a more than remarkable reseblence to Quina??
    Anyway, you'll eventually find yourself back in the World Map, head forward.
      3.25  Forgotten Capital
    First thing to do here is take the left path.  You don't get any fights here so
    don't wory about HP etc.  Head north in the new screen and you will see a stone
    house.  In the house is a save point and a Magic Source.  If you see the shiny
    globe, try and touch it.  Leave the building and head east.  Now inside the
    rock, head down the stairs.  Collect the Aurora Armlet.  Now head back to the
    crossroads and this time head north.  Keep heading north and then into the
    building you see before you, head up the staricase inside it and take the Comet
    Materia at the top.  VERY nice Materia :D
    Head back to the crossroads again and this time take the right path.  Take the
    right path in the new screen and enter the building.  Go right to the top of it
    and you will recieve a Guard Source.  Now head north a bit more and go into the
    next house you see.  There is a chest here with an Elixer in it.  Choose to get
    some rest.
    Cloud will wake in the middle of the night.  Get the Enemy Skill Materia behind
    the bed (although you really don't need ANOTHER one).  Return to the cross
    roads AGAIN and head north and enter the shell building.  Before you ask, yeah
    you could have got the Comet Materia now :)
    Anyway, head into the building and now take the stiars that have appeared.
    Save the game and head onwards.
    You will see Aeris.  Head towards her.  Cloud will now take another retarded
    fit and will you will need to press 0 three times in order to get him out of
    it.  Sephiroth makes an appearence...
    SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He kills Aeris :(  and then runs away again, leaving you another part of Jenova
    to fight.
    BOSS: JENOVA*LIFE                         		
    Earth style attacks work very well here (ie Earth and the Summons Titan and
    Kjata.)  Comet and Bahamut work well too.
    The boss has one strong attack that can take 1500 off your HP (Aqua Lung) but
    you should have Cure 3 by now so it shouldn't be a problem.  Make sure you have
    someone with Enemy SKill Materia to learn Aqua Lung.
    Not a very hard fight.
    You get a Wizard Bracelet when you win.
    This next bit is one of the most well designed parts of the game.  It is done
    in a really good way, sad music, great fmv, it's very well done.  Don't say
    that you weren't touched the first time you saw this.
    Cloud - "he destroyed my hometown five years ago, killed Aeris, and is now
    trying to destroy the planet.  I'll never forgive...Sephiroth."
    That's Aeris dead :(  And she is dead for the whole game.... depite what you
    may hear on the game faq's board from time to time she is dead for the rest of
    the game..  there is no way to get her back.  Using a Gameshark code can put
    her back in your party again but this will **** up yor game as she cant be part
    of any story line and we have already discussed my policy on using a gameshark.
     Don't be a cheating *******! :)  Also, under no circumstances will I reply to
    any emails asking me for the code to bring her back!
    Just shed a tear and move on :)
    Thats disc 1 finished, put in disc 2 and off we go :)
      4.1  A Return to the World Map
    You will start disc 2 back inside the shell house you slept in.  As you start
    to walk out, your party converses and Cloud has a flashback of Sephiroth
    leaving the city.  Take that path.
    In the new screen, walk behind the hge spikey object and towards the right and
    you will see a chest with a Viper Halberd (a weapon for Cid).  Now climb the
    huge spikey thing.  You will eventually reach a cave at the top.
    Now read carefully here, walk to the second dent in he wall and climb up it.
    When your given an option, chose left.  Walk to the next dent in the wall and
    climb up again, choose left again when you get the option.  For some reason you
    can open that chest from there.  It contains a Bolt Armlet.  Now make your way
    to the other side of the ledge (by climbing again and this time choosing to go
    right).  Walk to your right as far as you can and when you get to the enxt
    dent, choose to go down and you can get a chest containing a HypnoCrown
    (useless item for helping with maipulation rates).  Now go back up and get off
    at either side of the ledge and then jump straight back on, go up, to reach a
    Megalixer :)  Now make your way left, and go up at the next indent you come to
    and then keep heading left and you will see a long ladder, go down it.  There
    is Magic Plus Materia waiting for you at the bottom.  Now climb back up, ALL
    THE WAY UP, now make your way to the right and you will see a cave opening, go
    through it.  Take the chest in the next screen, it contains a Power Source,
    then head out to the north.
    You will now be back on the World Map.  Head south west until you come to the
    coastline, and then head north west along the coast.  Eventually you will see a
    town towards the north east.  Go to it.
      4.2  Icicle Inn
    First thing to do here is go to the far end of town and talk to the dude
    wearing purple.  Choose the top option.  Shinra troops and Elena will show up
    :)  Eventually she will try to hit you, just move left to avoid it and she will
    go rolling down the hill :)  (if she does hit you though, don't worry, you just
    wake up in one of the houses).
    Anyway, moving on.  Enter the house to the right of the entrance.  Talk to the
    kid.  Bump his snowboard :D
    Now go to the Inn.  Head to the upper floor, in the lower left of the room is
    an X-Potion. Also, head to the bar (the door is next to the stairs).  Catch
    some banter here from the guys in purple to learn stuff about Cetra.  That's
    Aeris's mother they are talking about.  You can also get a punch in the face if
    you try to open the door thats in this room ;)
    Now enter the house with the snowman next to it.  Take the Hero Drink and the
    Vaccine here and take the map on the wall. If you now go ask the guy outside
    for the map  he will not be too happy :)
    Master dude - "What nerve!  You already tore down the map."
    Now head to the far right of the town, to the weapons shop.  Almost every
    character will have a new weapon available to them.
    Finally, enter the house on the left side of town (next to the weapons shop).
    If you didnt manage to avoid Elena then you would have ended up here.  There is
    a Turbo Ether at the bottom of the stairs.  Now go back up and look at the
    machine, watch all the videos as they explain more about Ifalna (Aeris's
    mother) And Professor Gast.
    Just to give you a jist....
    	* Jenova is what threatend the planet thousands of years ago
    	  and killed half the Cetra.
    	* And to combat this, the planet produced something called Weapon,
    	  which is now no longert needed and is sleeping somewhere in
    	  the planet.
    	* And (correct me if I am wrong here) Prof Gast is Aeris's father!
    	  and is actually a good guy as was not previously thought.  It was
    	  Hojo who tried to steal Aeris, which links directly to when Aresis'
    	  other mother (the lady in secor 7) found her.
    Your so lucky i'm doing all theis explaining for you :)  (actually i'm doing it
    for myself as im still ******* clueless here :D )  And just what in the blue
    hell is Knowlespole!!?? :)
      4.3  Great Glacier
    Anyway, now head to the north of the town and head through the trees.  It's
    Snowboarding time :)  Read down a bit first though before you start.
    Just head down and have fun :)  I dont know if taking different paths makes you
    come out at different parts at the end so, just to make sure, take the left
    path twice as thats the way im writing for.  Now start :)
    Now, if you followed me like I said to, you will be in a forest.  Let me just
    say right now how much I ******* HATE the following part. :)
    Before we start, If you pass out at any point then just skip the following
    paragraph.  Do the following bit as fast as you can cause if you pass out then
    you miss a chance at getting new Summon Materia.
    From where you are, head right. You will eventually see a big lake, there is a
    Potion next to it.  Then head to the left to reach a screen full of ice.  You
    have to jump on the floating ice to get to the other side.  It's really just
    trial and error so keep trying till you get accross.  When you finally do,
    enter the cave and take the Safety Bit (crappy ACC).  It's alot easier to get
    back.  When your back off the lake, continue heading right.  Keep on heading
    right until you come to a cross roads of 4 paths.  Take the upper right one.
    In the next screen just head left twice.  You should now be at an area where
    the lakes are steaming.  Touch the lake on the left (choose the top option).
    Now just keep heading left and north (in the second screen there is Added Cut
    Materia lying on the ground if you look hard enough( and you will eventually
    get to a bit where Cloud will say "...Snow... as far as you can see.."  Keep
    heading north (CLOUDS NORTH remember, as the screen is changing, watch which
    way it moves to make sure your still heading in the sam direction).  If your
    doing it right you will come to a small cave, which has All Materia inside it.
    Once you obtained it, continue heading north and you will eventually come out
    of the snow field and you will see a shack, enter it. Talk to the old guy and
    he will let you rest.  He will tell you a story and then you can leave :)
    Did you pass out?  Well thats ok (although you have missed some Summon Materia
    as there is no way im gonna try and explain how to get it from the shack).
    When you pass out you will end up at the old mans shack anyway.
    Wether you passed out or not, after you leave the old mans shack, your party
    will be there waiting for you.
    Barret - "If I did have to live here, I'd change things around 'n' make it
    better.  I guess the total opposite of this is Midgar.  When you think of it
    that way, Shinra don't seem so bad... What the hell am I sayin'!!!???
    Now, If you didn't pass out and you followed my directions then you must have
    touched the steaming lake.  If you did, then Don't head north past the shack
    just yet, head south back into the snow field.  When in the snow field, head
    east (remember to watch what the way the screen is rotating and change your
    direction accordingly).  You will eventually end up in a different screen.
    Keep heading left and you will eventually arrive at a cave entrance.  Enter it
    and talk to the woman.  She will fight you.
    BOSS: SNOW                                 	
    The only real thing to worry about here is if she uses Charm on one of your
    party as this confuses them.  Just use fire based attacks (ie Ifrit) on her and
    you will win no problem.
    You will now recieve the Alexander Materia for your troubles (or my troubles).
    This is by far the most missed Summon in the game, not suprisingly.
    Now reverse your directions and make your way back to snow field.  There is one
    more little thing we can pick up :).  Its only an Elixer so if you can't be
    bothered then just make your way back to the old mas shack.  Anyway, if you
    want the Elixer head to the far west of the snow field.  You will arrive in the
    very fammiliar snow area ;), head left 2 screens.  You will now be on what
    looks like a mountain range.  Head to the left of the screen and take the path
    in the middle.  Yep, more snow screens, keep heading left :).  You will
    eventually come to an Ice area.  There is a small Ice cave, enter it and take
    the Elixer.
    Right, now that you have EVERYTHING, make your way back to the old mans shack.
      4.4  The North Crater
    When your ready to leave the old mans shack, head north.
    The next bit is alot easier than it first looks.  You have to keep our
    temperature aboce 27.  To do this, everytime you arrive at a ledge, keep
    pressing square (the highest that you can get it to is 38.  SImply max it out
    at each ledge and then set off.   This bit is really easy.  If you do it right
    your teperature wont even reach less than 35.  Anyway, there is only one
    direction you can head in anyway, UP.  You will eventually see a cave.
    Inside the cave just head into the next screen.  In the next area, take the
    stairs and exit south west.  In the next area, keep heading right through the
    secret passage in the wall to recieve a Ribbon (VERY useful acc).  Now go back
    through the passage and head north, following the passage.  Open the chest
    containing a Javilin and then exit through the hole.  In the next area cross
    the bridge and make your way though the twisting passage (keep heading north).
    When you com out at the top, go exaine the boulder near you and choose to push
    it over (that HAD to hurt).  Now make your way back to that room with the
    blocked passage and take the now freed passage, It leads round towards the left
    (press SELECT if you are having trouble) then keep heading north.  In the next
    room head east intil you find yourself back outside.
    By the way my Cloud just reaced 50.  (but this again is due to the fact that I
    spend too much time leveling up and it takes me hours to do that snow place.)
    But like I said before, don't worry about my levels, you will know yourself if
    you are up enough.  But you really should have the level three Materia by now!
    Anyway keep your temperature up and keep heading up until you get an option.
    Choose to go up.  When you get another option, choose to go right.  After that
    just keep your temperature up and keep heading noth until you see another cave
    enterance.  In the new room, there is a chest to the west containing an Elixer.
     Also take note of the save point in he north west.  After that, head north.
    You will be outside again, head north and then follow the path as it heads east.
    In the next room, there is a hard to see chest on your right.  It contains a
    fire armlet.  See those icicles?  Go examine them and you fight them.  Fight
    all 4 of them, making them drop to the area below.  They are weak against Fire
    by the way.  When your given the option to jumo back down to the lower ledge,
    choose "no" as you need to fight all 4 first.  Even when you fight the 4th,
    dont go down as there is a chest at the end of the passage.  This contains the
    "Last Elixer".  This is the Square translators getting it wrong again.  The
    Last Elixer was what the Japanese called the Megalixer.
    Anyway, now make your way back to the room with the save point.
    You will see that the Icicles have now dropped in place allowing you to go
    north.  However, head west in the room and you will see that you can now reach
    the chest containing a Speed Source.  Now head north into an new area.  Your
    back outside again and you will see a chest next to you containing a Enhance
    Sword.  Head north and then south west.  In the next are just head south.
    Your back outside again so just keep upping your temperature.  Keep climing and
    when you get an option, choose to go right.  Keep going and when you reach a
    ledge with 2 possible ways to go, go left.  When you get another option, choose
    to go up.  After that just keep heading up and you will reach another cave
    I advise you use the save point as you can guess whats coming next.  If you
    examine the area to the right of the save point, you will have your HP/MP
    restored.  This is a hady time to gain some EXP seeing as you have a restore
    point net to you.  The Molbors that you can fight outside (where you got the
    Enhance Sword) can teach you smelly breath to your Enemy Skill but be sure your
    wearing a Ribbon to learn it.  You can also win Dragon Armlets from the blue
    dragons that you can fight in the room with the HP/MP restore.  When your
    ready, head right.  Did you get some Dragon Armlets?  If so, equip them before
          SCHIZO  2
    I hope you equipped the Dragon Armlets as this will make the fight alot easier.
    Dont use poison against either head as it is no use.  The Summons Alexander and
    Odin work well against it.
    Be careful when you defeat the boss as it has a final attack that takes off
    around 1500 HP from you.
    The only other damaging attack is Quake 3 so as long as you are prepared for
    its final attack by keeping you HP up, you should be fine.
    You get a Dragon Fang when you win.
    After the fight, you might as well go back and save and heal :)
    Now continue down the passage.  Start to climb and you will see a rather creepy
    but very cool FMV.
    Just make your way down the crater into the next screen.  The next screen
    reminds me far too much of the snow field :(
    If Tifa isn't in your party now she will make herself in it.  Make sure you
    equip her properly and then off you go.  Just keep heading foward, there only
    is one path you can go.  Be sure to pick up the Summon Materia on your way (Neo
    Bahamut).  There is also a save point nearby too.  Jump accross to it, save,
    and then jump accross to the other path and continue going towards the left of
    the screen.  The game will then cut to the Highwind...
    Keep heading left.  When you see two more black creatures, talk to them to
    recieve a High Potion and an Ether.  You now have to cross and avoid the wind.
    To do this, stand very close to the barrier as you can, and then run accross
    when it dies down.  If you do it wrong, you will be knocked back and then you
    will have to fight a winged creature, don't worry though, it's an easy fight.
    Once you cross the barrier, keep heading north.  In the next are, just keep
    following the path, opening the chest on your way (containing a Kaiser
    Knuckle).  When you reach the nextscreen, you will see another barrier.  Just
    do the same as before, although this one requires better timing.
    In the next screen you will see Sephiroth killing another 2 of those black
    creatures.  He will do a nice dissapearing act and then confuse Cloud (so what
    else is new).
    He will then summon another part of Jenova for you to fight.
    Beyond the shield, Sephiroth awaits.  He'll cut down two more of those
    black creatures before turning invisible and toying around with Cloud.
    After he attacks the party, he'll summon a second version of Jenova to
    kill Cloud and his friends.
    BOSS: JENOVA*DEATH                       		
    Jenova's attacks are all fire based.  It will also try to Silence your party so
    make sure you have some Echo Screens handy.  You really won't need them though
    as this is a rather easy fight.  Phisical attacks will get you though it but
    cast summon Materia if you wish (Alexander and Neo Bahamut work well).  Its
    only powerful attack is Red Light but it still shouldnt cause you much trouble.
     Before it dies, it will probibly hit you will the Tropic wind, but this also
    You'll get a Reflect Ring when you win.
    You will now reciee the Black Materia again.  You will need to give the Black
    Materia to a party member.  Now while for me, the only person who ever takes it
    is Red 13, according to a few folk who have emailed me (Christian Sigrist and
    Mike Long being the two I could find in my inbox), Barret will also take it.So
    give it to either one, it doesn't matter.
    Barret (who else) - "Sephiroth...........What a damn crazy #*&^%."
    Now head north once more.  On the way you will notice the MP Turbo Materia, a
    save point and a chest containing a Poison Ring.  You will eventually run into
    another barrier, same tactic yet again except this one is a little tougher.
    When you get past it, keep heading north, you will find youreslf in what
    appears to be Nibelheim.
    Barret - "Why Nibelheim?  Are you high on Mako or something?"
    This is simmilar to Clouds story after you escaped from Midgar, except he has
    been replaced with Zack (yeah the guy from Gongaga Village that Aeris went out
    with).  Tifa seems to be having a hard time dealing with this, talk to her.  It
    then goes onto the scene where he burned down the town.  For some strange
    reason, during this bit you can access the main menu (!!??).
    Sephiroth - "You are just a puppet... You have no heart... and cannot feel any
    Just keep following the story.... I will explain in a minute :)
    I hope you followed all that, according to Sephiroth, Cloud was made up my Hojo
    to be the next Sephiroth but failed and the Jenova cells in him mixed with
    Tifas memories to create his past.  All the memories Cloud has
    were actually Zack's, he can't even remember joining SOLDIER!
    Keep going, I have a desription of Cloud/Zack's story a wee bit further down.
    The scene will then change to Rufus, Scarlet, and Hojo  arriving at the crater.
     They are looking t Weapon, who in in the ice.It appeard as though Rufus and
    Hojo  got on well, when infact they were 5 seconds away from a handbag fight!
    Rufus - "It's that kind of dullness that makes you a second rate scientist."
    The game will then go back to the other party members...  Red 13 will then be
    left on his own and Sephiroth, disguised as Tifa, will convince him to come
    along.  The story is then put back on the Shinra members, Cloud and the rest of
    the party make a superb entrance :)  Cloud starts going mental again and takes
    the Black Materia from whoever you gave it to.
    Hojo - "He's a Sephiroth-clone I created after the real Sephiroth dies five
    years ago.  Jenova cells and Mako, with my knowlege and skills, have been
    combined with science and nature to bring him to life.  You see, even if
    Jenova's body is dismembered, it will eventually become one again.  That's what
    is ment by Jenova's reunion."
    We then see Spehiroths REAL body for the first time, Cloud gives him the black
    Materia and the everyone else makes a rather sharp exit to the Highwind without
    him.  That FMV is probily the second best one in the game.  (and no not just
    cause you can watch Tifa's breasts taking an eptleptic fit inside an ever
    shrinking top, still, mind you, it was a deciding factor:) )
    After that, we see what happened before we joined the game, how Tifa found
    Cloud.  Also, later on in the game, we can see how Cloud actually ended up at
    the train station but thats much later.
    Confused about the truth?  You should be :)  You will find that out later.
      4.5  Pulblic Execution
    After Tifa awakes from her 7 day snooze :)  you discouver that your back in
    Junon sans Cloud and Weapon is attacking the city.  Also, Just as prdiceted,
    Sephiroth is drawing meteor towards the earth.
    Tifa - "Weapon is protectin Sephiroth?"
    BArret - Dunno.  But he's up here goin' around tearin' shit up." :D
    Turns out that there is going to be a pulblic execution.  As Barret, follow
    Tifa, saving on your way.  Tifa will be lead into a gas chamber.  We will worry
    about her later.
    Scarlet - "Stuck up ^%$#&!!"
    Junon will then be attacked by Weapon.  Scarlet will then be knocked out by
    Cait Sith and you then have to fight an easy battle.
    After the fight, exaine the door of the gas chamber.  You then get to watch a
    very cool FMV of weapon attacking.  When your back in control of Barret, go
    talk to Cait Sith and then leave the room.  The door will then close behind you
    and Cait Sith suggests you go to the airport.  To do so, head right.  If you
    have Yuffie in your party then she will joing the team here as you walk towards
    the airport.  Remember to equipe her with Materia.  After she joins you, just
    keep heading onward. You will eventually see a familiar area from when you
    first reached Junon.  Use the yellow box to be taken up to the next level.
    Then continue towards the Highwind airship.
    You will now be back in control of Tifa..  Use this button combination in order
    to free her...
    X, X, T, X+T, T+0, 0
    Dont worry if you mess up and have to start again as she can't die.
    After she is free, examine the back of the chamber to shut off the gas.  Then
    examine the door and weapon will make an exit for you (and have its head blown
    off for its trouble).  Now climb your way down the tower (don't worry the
    guards can't catch you).  When your at the bottom, make your way along the
    cannon, keep doing the same in the next screen.  When Scarlet catches up with
    you, start pressing 0 like crazy to slap the taste out her mouth :)  There is
    nothing I like more than a good bitch fight. :D
    Wether you win or not, Barret will come to the rescue.  another cool FMV :)
    Tifa - "My cheeks hurt a bit"
    CONGRATULATIONS!!  The Highwind is now yours :)
    When your in the cockpit, talk to Red 13 and then talk to Cid.  Then talk to
    the man next to him.  Now go to the "Operations" room to assemble a party.  Now
    return to the cockpit again and talk to the man next to Cid and you will
    finally be in control of the Highwind.
    It is now also possible to begin breeding Chocobos.  However, you can't race
    them yet so there isn't that much point just now.  I will tell you later on
    when it's best to do so.
    A few tows have now changed, most of them will now sell different items.  There
    is also a new treasure chest in Rocket Twon (in the weapons shop to the left)
    containing a Fourth Bracelet (best arm you will have so far.  You may also have
    noticed now that Sephiroth was sucssesful in that Meteor is indeed falling to
    the earth.  Also, all the people in the towns will now say new things (usually
    something to do with meteor falling towards them).
    There really isn't anything else worth doing now so lets move on. I advise that
    you DON'T level up (makes a nice change huh?)  because the last thing you want
    to do is have Cloud falling behind on levels as he can't be replaced like the
      4.6  Mideel Island and Return to Corel
    Fly to the cluster of islands south of the east continent.  You should see a
    forrest with a small town in it.  This is Mideel.  Land the highwind next to
    the forrest and enter.  First thing to do here is SHOP.  There is alot of new
    weapons and armour for you to purchase.  While your in the weapons sore,
    attempt to open the door in it.  Now walk to the accessory store (the one on
    the far left).  If you attempt to walk around the side of the house, you will
    hear a noise.  As soon as you do, press O and you will recieve a key.  Go back
    to the weapons shop now and attempt to use it on the door.  Then choose to tell
    the truth and you will recieve a Curse Ring for your troubles.
    'Tifa and the others recieved "Cursed Ring"'
    Also, make sure you talk to the person running about in each store.  This will
    make items cheaper for you when you return here later in the game.
    Now approach the north end of the town.  Tifa will automatically approach the
    dog.  Turns out Cloud is here.  He isn't in very good condition though due to
    Mako Poisoning.  Tifa decides she is going to stay with Cloud.  Yes, thats you
    now 2 members down for the moment.  When the game returns back to the Highwind,
    Cait Sith reveals that Shinra plan to use Huge Materia to destroy Meteor.
    Hoever Barret doesn't want them taking it from Corel so that's the next
    destination.  Cid gets made the new leader.
    Cid - "zzz.zzzz... Wha'?  What's goin' on?
    Barret - "You been chosen to be the new leader."
    Cid - "Pain in the ass.  Forget it."
    Make your way to the operations room and make your party and then go back to
    the guy flying the Highwind to move on.  Before you go to Corel though, head
    back into Mideel.  Firstly, laugh at Cid's run :) and then go into the house in
    the middle of town.  Take the Elixer.  When you try to leave the old man will
    stop you.  Choose whatever answer you want as either one results in you taking
    it anyway :)
    Now make your way to Corel.  Land the Highwind at Corel (you have to walk all
    the way to the furnace but you end up back at this side anyway so your walking
    no matter what).   Anyway, head up the old rail tracks again towards the
    furnace.  Also make sure you laugh at how easy the enemies now are :)
    When you reach the furnace, you will be attacked by 2 guards.  You will then
    see a train leaving.  Your mission (should you choose to accept it ;) ) is to
    catch up to the train, board it, and then stop it.
    To do so, you have to press up and T in a fast, steady motion.  You should
    catch up to the train fairly quickly.  Don't worry about your timer TOO much as
    if your at a decent level then you should be ok.  Once you have boarded the
    train, make your way accross it, fighting on each platform as you go.  The
    fights are easy enough, just dont wastetime with summons.  When you reach the
    controls of the train, press..
    Up + Triangle, Down + X, Down + X
    (there is many combinations for this but this is one I KNOW works).
    Even if you have got it right, the screen will still show the train appearing
    to speed out of control.  If done right, you will then recieve the huge
    Materia.  You will then also be given the Ultima Materia by the kid.
    If you somehow didn't manage to stop the train, you wont recieve the Huge
    Materia but don't worry, as it is not essential you recieve it, just essential
    that you do the storyline, however if you want to end up with another Summon
    later on then re-start and do it again till you get it right.
    Before you leave Corel, enter the house nearest the Inn and the lady will give
    you Barret's level 4 Limit Break manual.
      4.7  The Battle of Fort Condor
    Get back into the highwind and fly to Fort Condor.  Make sure you have plenty
    of gil to spend and also make sure you save beforehand.  Talk to the man in the
    very top of the tower and you will enter a mini battle.  Its an easy fight as
    long as you have plenty of gil.  Listen to the man to work out how to play it.
    When you win, you get to open the locked door and get the Summon Materia
    Phoenix.  Phoenix is an excellent materia to keep equipped as, when summoned,
    not only does it do a decent attack, but it also revives any members who have
    been KO'd during the battle.
    Anyway, after that, go back in and talk to the old man sitting by the table and
    he will give you the Huge Materia.
    What happens if you lose?  Just don't!  If you did then restart .
    That's Huge Materia #2 got..........
      4.8  Return to Mideel
    Now go back to Mideel and check on Cloud and Tifa.  Make sure you are ready for
    a fight though (you can rest for free if you talk to the nurse).
    When you get there, the screen will start to shake and the second (of the four)
    weapons will appear.  Those who have already compleated the game will agree
    that is is by far the easiest of the weapons :)
    Cid - "Damn!!  That &%$^%$ Weapon!!  Of all the times to show up.  OK then,
    come on!!  You &$^$!"
    BOSS: ULTIMATE WEAPON                      	
    Only real danger thos guy posseses is the Ultima beam.  Just use your best
    Materia against him and keep an eye on your HP and he should pose little threat.
    After you kick his ass enough he will run away.  Don't worry, you will get to
    finish him off later :)
    "You &^$#&$# !  You tryin' to escape?" - Cid
    After that you see another cool FMV, although this one is a little different
    than the others :)
    When you regain control of someone, you will be playing with Tifa (calm down)
    :).  You will now be inside Clouds head apparently.  Start by talking to the
    Cloud at the top of the screen.  Just watch the storyline unfold.
    Cloud works out that it WAS Zack instead of him (and I know what your thinking,
    yes you had to watch that whole story just after you left MIdgar for nothing :)
    ).  When the story in the north is over, go to the Cloud by the well.   When
    thats complete go to the one that's left.  That tells you about Tifa's mother
    dying.  When thats over, go back to the one in the north like you're told to.
    You will see the whole REAL story unfold before you.
    Tifa - "you stupid jerk!  You had us all worried sick!"
    You will then escape the Lifestream.
    Barret - I can't win against you.  You're some kinda lady
    You will now be back on the Highwind.  Choose your new party and it's time to
    move on.
    Cloud - "It's like you always told me, Barret."
    Barret - "Oh, uh, you mean that!"
    Red 13 - "What?  I don't understand!"
    Barret - "There ain't no gettin' offa this train we on!  The train we on don't
    have no stops!" (for like the 5th time :) )
    Barret - C'mon, Cloud!  Don't #&$* around!  We're goin' to Junon boyeee!!"
      4.9  Side Quests #1
    Well, like I said you could breed them earlier but you couldn't race them
    (which is essential for sucsessful breeding).  Well you can now and I Do
    suggest that you take some time out now to do so.  It's not essential that you
    do it but VERY useful.
    Whenever you choose to breed chocobo's, head over to section 8 of my guide to
    find out how to do so.  The best Summon Materia in the game is waiting for you
    upon its completion.
    So, did you breed the chocobos?  Did you get the gold one?  If so welcome back,
    what took you so long?  If you did get the golden chocobo now and thus the
    summon Materia that comes with it then I can tell you now, you will be laughing
    all the way to the end of the game :)
    (By the way if you didn't do it yet, and NOW want to, it's in section 8) :)
    You can now buy new items from Mideel.  Also, If you go to the chocobo farm and
    buy one Mimett green, then go back to Mideel and find the hyperactive person
    and talk to his white chocobo (scratching it behind its ears), you will recieve
    the Contain Materia (even though Cloud will call them Samolen Greens).
    Another thing you can now do is get back into Midgar. Check section 7.9 of my
    guide to find out how to to that. :)
    One more thing you can do now is go back to the Shinra Mansion.... You have
    seen most of the "Clouds past" story by now, except how he got to Midgar for
    Tifa to find him and what exactly happened to Zack.  Well head to the Library
    and you will find out.  Watch all the events unfold before reading on.
                                 ****FULL EXPLAINATION*****
    Now remember I said that I would try and explain everything?  Well
    here goes.....
    Everything I am bout to type here you have already witness happen in the game,
    i'm just putting it in a proper order.  No spoilers are contained here, just
    possibly stuff you might not have grasped when watching it on screen.
    Okay, Cloud and Tifa were childhood friends. One day Tifa's mom died. So, Tifa
    walked up the mountain and her friends followed her. Then, each one of them
    slowly backed away, until only Cloud was left. Anyway, they both fell off and
    Tifa landed in a coma for seven days, so Cloud was blamed. After that Cloud
    wanted to impress Tifa, so one night he told her that he was gonna try to join
    SOLDIER. Tifa and Cloud then make the promise by the well. Cloud leaves town
    but doesn't make it into SOLDIER. Two years later Cloud is a shrina guard and
    Zack is the first class SOLDIER. One day they go to Nibelheim. Cloud is to
    embarassed to show his face, so he stays in his shrina guard uniform. Anyway,
    Tifa is the tour guide for Zack and Sephiroths little exploration in the
    reactor. They go there, and then the whole bridge incident occurs. If you
    remember, Tifa mentioned that there was soemone missing, but Sephiroth said to
    ignore it. They went to the reactor, then Sephiroth went crazy. Then Zack went
    to the shrina mansion and Sephiroth started reading a book. One day Zack woke
    up in the shrina mansion. He went down and Sephiroth told him that he was a
    traitor and all. Then Sephiroth goes on a mad rampage and burns down Nibelheim.
    They then follow him to the reactor. Sephiroth then kills Tifa's father and
    Tifa gets angry. Tifa takes Sephiroth's sword and tries to hurt Sephiroth, but
    she gets hurt instead. Angrily, Zack goes and challenges Sephiroth. Sephiroth
    defeats him, [but he's still alive] but while Sephiroth is looking at Jenova,
    Cloud sneaks up on him and beats him. Hojo finds Cloud and Zack and does an
    experment on them. Cloud gets exposed to a high level of Jenova cells, then he
    reacts badly and his memory is all messed up. One day, Zack and Cloud escape
    and hitch a ride to Midgar. Soon, they have a run in with the Shrina. Zack is
    killed, but they leave Cloud because he is already very weak. When they eave,
    Cloud picks up Zacks sword and goes into Midgar. Tifa then finds Cloud passed
    out by the Sector 7 train station. She explains to him about her AVALANCHE job
    and all. She takes him in and he agrees to help. Then he meets Barret and the
    game starts. Later Sephiroth tries to confuse Cloud about his past, but Tifa
    helps Cloud recover it.
                                ****FULL EXPLAINATION*****
    There! *takes a breath* I have summed it up for you. Why Square just couldn't
    show you the story in the correct order is beyond me. :)
    One more thing you might wanna do now (as you can't to it later anymore), is
    the Wutai side quest.  That's one of the best parts to the game so go do it now
    if you havent already. (section 7.5 if you haven't).
      4.9  Junnon's Underwater Reactor
    Right, well thats about everything you can do now.  So lets continue with the
    game.  Time for the third Huge Materia quest.  Head to Junon.  Talk to the
    guard by the elevator and he will let you up if you pay him.  Now make your way
    through Junon until Cloud stops.
    Cloud - "I may be mistaken, but... Doesnt it feel like we're missing
    something?" - anyone have any idea what's missing??  I will tell you later ;)
    Keep walking until you see a commander drilling his troops, walk down towards
    them.  When they run away, head down and take the elevator.
    Guard one - "How about whoever stays alive gets to take her out"
    Guard two - "But what if we both..."
    Guard one - "Don't even THINK about that!" :D
    Dispose of the guards easily.  The lady will be rather upset :)
    After the elevator, another crappy fight.  After you kill them, there is only
    one way to go, so follow the path.  Saving when you come to the Save Point.
    Take the elevator down when you come to it.  Keep heading onwards through the
    underwater tunnel and going down in the elevator again when you come to it
    (press the red button).  Keep advancing onwards, saving again if you wish.
    Talk to the guard and kick his ass, them move on and do the same to the other
    two.  Then again.  Be ready for a boss fight soon, I advise you make sure
    someone has the Phoenix Summon equiped.  You will eventually see Reno, talk to
    him and he will summon the boss.
    BOSS: CARRY ARMOR                        		
               LEFT ARM                           		
               RIGHT ARM                          		
    This boss can  be the first real challange of the game.  You can attack him in
    three parts.  He can also imprison two of your party in his arms.  If he does
    this, and the character left on his own dies, then it's game over.  The best
    way to approach this fight is to concentrate all your attack on one arm at a
    time to eliminate them.  Remember though that when you hit them he roates them,
    thus they have changed sides.  If your character gets caught, the only way to
    free him is to kill the arm as quickly as possible or to kill your character as
    he will then be freed and you can revive him (which is where Phoenix Summon
    comes in handy as it attacks and revives your caracters at the same time.  The
    boss is also weak against Lightning so Ramuh is also useful.
    God's Hand weapon when you win.
    However if you have THE Materia (the one the gold chocobo lets you get) then
    don't worry about it, just use it, and you will easilly win the fight.
    I told you that you'd be laughing if you bothered to get it now :) .
    When you win, head left for a chest containing a Battle Trumpet.  Now head
    towards the submarine.  There is a chest containing a Scimitar on the way.
    Head left from that chest to get another chest with the Key Item Leviathan
    Sclaes (I'll explain later what to do with them).  Now board the sub, kicking
    ass along the way.  Save when you get the chance, and head through the door on
    the north.  You will find more guards, choose to let them live.  Then go to the
    driving seat.  Read the controls first as this gives the mission objective too.
     When ready, sit in thr seat and start the mission.
    Barett - "Yo, we've come a long way since that subway train.  Lotsa things
    changed!  This and that."
    Your objective is to sink the red sub as it contains the Huge Materia.  You
    have 10 minutes to do so (although it will probibly not even take you one
    minute).  Ignore the yellow subs as shooting them wont really help.  You can
    only lose the game if you run out of time or get killed (which is very
    unlikely).  When you win, you will be taken ashore.  YOU WONT LOSE (my best
    time is 22 seconds).  If for some reason you fail, just re start.
    Now head back into Junon and head for the airport.  You will see a cool FMV of
    the Shinra plane Gelinka taking off.  It's heading to Rocket Town to get the
    final Huge Materia.  That's right, one more to go.  But first, we have some
    exploring to do in the sub :)
      4.11  Exploring in the Sub (Side Quests #2)
    First thing we have to do is get the Huge Materia from our sunken sub.  Head
    south from Junon in your sub, to the small chain of islands near it and then
    decend, you should now see the sub that you sunk.  Just go up to it and touch
    it with your sub and you will recieve the Huge Materia #3.
    Oh, by the way, while your under the sea, if you see something moving about,
    Now go back to Junon dock and from there head directly west until you hit the
    other continent.  If done right, you will be near the Gold Saucer.  Next to the
    Gold Saucer's Desert, there is a dock for the sub.  Don't leave the sub, but go
    back under water at that point.  If  done correctly, you will be right next to
    a sunken plane.  You remember the "Gelinka", that's the plane you just saw
    leaving Junon. (Thanks to "RossSmyth" on Game Faqs for reminding me about it).
    ***WARNING: The enemies in here are alot tougher than you have faced before.
    Make sure you have a strong party by now (say level 45-50) and also make sure
    that at least 2 of your party have acc's that protect against confusion (ie
    Ribbons).  You have been warned... the enemies here are hard.***
    When you decend the ladder, you will see a save point and a chest next to it
    containing a Heavens Cloud.  Enter the northern door. Head east and you will
    see a chest containing an Escort Guard.  Walk down the walkway and when your on
    the lower level of the room, walk to the upper right of the screen.  You will
    find a hidden chest that contains The Conformer (Yuffie's ultamate weapon).
    now, staying on the bottom, head all the way to the upper right of the room and
    you will find the Double Cut Materia (VERY useful).  Now head back to the
    entrance and then go north accross the beams and then right to reach the chest
    containing a Megalixer).  THat's everything in this room, go back to the
    hallway.  Before you go through the other door, be prepared for a boss fight
    and save before you go in.....
    When you go through the west door, you will see Reno and Rude of the Turks.
    This is where you discover that Weapon sunk the plane.  Fight time. :)
    BOSS: RENO                                		
    Remember how I said to amke sure you had Acc equipped to prevent confusion?
    Reno and Rude can confuse your party which will be devestating if the confused
    member has Double Cut or Slash All.
    Best plan of action here is to just hit them with your most powerful attacks.
    If you got yourself the Gold Chocobo when I told you to, and thus the Materia
    that came with it, NOW would be a good time to use it ;).  Just use all your
    best Summons, and hit them with your Limit breaks as often as you can and you
    SHOULD be ok.
    You get an Elixer when you win.
    After the Turks run away like little girls, head north into the door.  The
    chest next to you as you enter the next room contains another Megalixer.  Keep
    heading along this path and take it to the right instead of going down, and you
    will come to another chest that contains a Spirit Lance.  Now head down to the
    lower level.  There are two chests down here.  One at the bottom right
    containing the Highwind (which is Cid's Level 4 Limit Break Manual) and one at
    the bottom left containing an Outsider.  Also, there is a Summon Materia next
    to the wrecked helicopter.  This is Hades, one of the coolest looking Summons
    in the game.  That's everything in the sunken Gelinka.  Head back to your sub.
    Worth noting though that until you are VERY near the end of the game, this is
    the best place to gain EXP.
    The last thing worth doing now involves going back to Wutai.  So first go back
    to Junon and get back in the Highwind and then fly over to Wutai.  Go back into
    the Da-chao mountains (where you fought Don Corneo, asssuming you did Yuffie's
    side quest).  When you start off at the foot of the mountain, take the northern
    path.  In the next screen, follow it round to the west.  In the next screen,
    you will see a cave entrance.  Go in it.  You couldn't do anything here the
    first time because of the fire, but you can now thanks to the Leviathan Scales.
     Use it on the fire twice and it will reveal a chest containing a Oritsuru (a
    weapon for Yuffie that's not much use to you now seeing as you have her
    Ultimate Weapon.)  Go north in the cave until you find the second fire pit.
    This contains the 'Steal as Well' Materia.
    That's everything for just now :)  Back to the story.  Take your Highwind to
    Rocket Town.
      4.12  Return to Rocket Town
    Make your way to the Rocket.  The Shinra are there!  Go up there and kick some
    ass! :)
    Once you have killed them all, if Cid isn't in your party, he will show up and
    insist that he is.  Afterwards, just keep heading up the rocket and you will
    eventually run into Rude.  Fight time :)
    BOSS: RUDE                                 	
          ATTACK SQUAD                         	
          ATTACK SQUAD                         	
    Dispose of the first to guards with physical attacks.  Rude is easy enough on
    his own but he can heal himself which can be annoying.  Just hit him with
    physical attacks too and he won't be a problem.
    When you enter the Rocket you will have to fight another guard.  After you
    defeat him, head into the main chamber.  It looks as though the Rocket is
    finally gonna take off :)
    Cid - "I don't give a rat's ass whether it's science or magical power"
    You now have to save the Huge Materia from being used to destroy Meteor.  Go to
    the right and then up the ladder.
    The code is as follows....
    Passcode 1:      O
    Passcode 2:      S
    Passcode 3:      X
    Passcode 4:      X
    When done correctly, You will recieve the Huge Materia.  However if you get it
    wrong, you then have 3 minutes to get it right - with Cid giving you useless
    clues throughout.  If you don't do it within three minutes the Huge Materia
    lowers and you can no longer get it.
    Notice though if you did get it right first time the game basically calls you a
    cheating b*****d :D
    Once you have taken the Materia, go back to the hallway and go down the ladder.
     When you walk past the tanks, they explode and trap Cid.
    Cid - "Your stupid.  Your really $#&^%$* stupid."
    Cid to Shera - "You stupid &$#&%*%&%!!...... sorry."
    After Shera appears, and Cid is freed from the debris, the party go into the
    escape pod.  You will now get to witness another of the games great FMV'S.
    *Like when Sphiroth was showing you the truth about Clouds past, you can acess
    the menu screen when the the people are standing outside the Shinra building :)*
    After the FMV, you will find yourself back in the Highwind.
    Cait Sith - "This is just between you 'n' me but...That there Bugenhagen
    feller, used to be a pretty handy Shinra worker.  Yep, he ain't never bought no
    weapons or Mako though......"
    Vincent - "The machines in Cosmo Canyon were presents of Dr. Gast.  Science and
    the planet lived side by side in that old mans heart"
      4.13  Return to Forgotten Capital
    Now, before you go see Bugenhagen like Red 13 said, you might as well do
    something that he is gonna ask you to do eventually anyway.  So let's do it
    before he tells us to :)
    First thing you have to do is get in your sub.  Now take a good look at your
    map (enlarge it).  On the southern part of the north continent is a group of
    islands (it's not far off Bone Village). Submerge the sub here and move on
    north a little bit further and you should find a tunnel at what appears to be a
    dead end (you will be directly under the Bone Village now).  At the end of the
    tunnel will be an object that your party will take.  This is the Key to
    Ancients.  Bugenhagen will ask you for it when you go see him.  So lets just do
    that now, get back in the Highwind and go to Cosmo Canyon :)
    Once you are at Cosmo Canyon, go up to the obervatory and see Bugenhagen.
    Cloud will then use the PHS and the rest of the party will join you.  After
    some brief discussion, Bugenhagen will put the Huge Materia in the observatory.
     Did you get all the Huge Materia?  If so, go to the blue one and choose to get
    closer and Bahamut will call you and you will recieve the Bahamut ZERO Materia
    Cid - "Yeah, hoo boy, the planet calling...right."
    Once aboard the Highwind, talk to all your crewmates (as previously shown you
    will be suprised at the snippets of info you can pick up).
    Barret - "And Aeris... she's dead.  Guess she turned into spiritual energy and
    returned to the planet, huh? But even if she did, there's no way we'll meet her
    Now make your way to the Forgotten Capital.  At the cross roads, go left and
    then enter the chamber you were in back in disc 1.  When you reach the blue
    crystal in the center of the room, Bugenhagen will mention the Key to Ancients,
    but we already have it, don't we? :)
    He mentions "Holy" for the first time here..
    Bugenhagen - "Holy... the ultimat White Magic.  Magic that might stand against
    Meteor.  Perhaps our last hope to save the planet from Meteor.  If a soul
    seeking Holy reaches the planet, it will appear."
    It also turns out, that the "useless" Materia that Aeris had in her hair the
    whole time was the White Materia and could have saved the planet.  Oops :D.
    You get to watch a very cool FMV now :)
    Anyway, after you cry over seeing Aeris again.  Leave the chamber.  As you do,
    Cait Sith phones you.  You see some more FMV of Midgar, now you know what was
    missing from Junon :D
    Now leave The Forgotten Capital.  Just as you enter the Highwind something
    happens.  Another Weapon shows up!  It's heading to Midgar to stop the Sister
    Ray.  You can't touch it just now, you will have to wait till it lands on the
    shore.  When it does... Kick it's ass :)
    BOSS:  DIAMOND WEAPON                   		
    First thing you might wanna do it cast a barrier on your party as this guy can
    be tough.  Physical attacks (apart from limit breaks) are pretty useless
    against him.  So use your strongest magic (ie Ultima) and your summons (Bahamut
    ZERO, Odin, or the one your Gold Chocobo got you, although if you have that,
    just use it straight away :) ).  It is weak against Lightning so Ramuh might
    also help.
    His attacks are pretty weak up until it's near death.  When it's near death, it
    will open its chest and you then have three rounds to kill it or it will
    perform a Diamond Flash on your party which takes round 3000 HP from each
    member and silences them.  It will also keep doing this until you kill it. :(
    I suggest as soon as the "Countdown" starts, hit him with ALL YOU GOT!
    You don't get anything for winning the battle but you can steal a Rising Sun
    from it during it.
    Also, the EXP you gin for beating him is GOOD :D
    After you make Weapon run away, you will see Shinra blasting a hole right
    through him as well as blasting away the shield around Sephiroth.  However,
    Weapon doesn't go down without taking Rufus with it :)
    Now, despite what Cloud says, don't go to the north crater yet.  We need to
    finish off another Weapon first.  Fly to Junon, ready for another fight.  You
    will notice that a new Weapon is sitting nearby.  Go ram him and get into a
    fight.  When you meet him here, most physical attacks will not work on him due
    to his distance away.  So, like, before, just hit this Weapon with all your
    best attacks until it flys away.  This guy is quite easy compared to the last
    Weapon, his only really powerful attack is the Ultima Beam, which takes around
    1500 from all opponents.  After he flys away, he will be randomly on the map
    somewhere.  Just keep finding him and beatiung him until he dies.  You know it
    will be the final battle when you find him next to Cosmo Canyon.  When you kick
    his ass this time, right before he dies, he will use a rather powerful attack
    on the character who killed him called the Shadow Flare, which will probibly
    kill one of your characters.  However, if you were lucky enough to survive it,
    and have Enemy Skill equipped on that character, you have just earned yourself
    a very nice Enemy Skill :)
    After you defeat him there, you will gain Clouds Ultimate Weapon (the Ultima
    Weapon), making the game alot easier from this point onwards :).  Also, after
    you win, Weapon will create a big crater next to Cosmo Canyon, and as a result
    you can now get into the Ancient Forrest nearby (which you could have already
    got to if you have been breeding Chocobos).
    Note: If you have been breeding Chocobo's when I told you to, and thus have the
    Summon Materia that comes with obtaining the Gold Chocbo.  If you used it on
    the new Weapon, after he fly's away, he will be at Cosmo Canyon straight away :)
      4.14  Return to Midgar
    After kicking Weapons ass.  Head up to the North Crater.  Before you get a
    chance to enter though, Reeve (Cait Sith) starts going crazy.  Hojo is planning
    to use the Sister Ray again!  It's time to go back into Midgar an stop him!
    Cid - "I don't care about Shinra.  If you're a man...no, if you're a human
    being, you'll save the planet!  Don't you even care?"
    Now that we have the Highwind, we have to enter Midgar in style.  When your
    ready, fly over it.  Who is controlling Cait Sith now?
    The party will all assemble on the deck and dive into Midgar :D  Best party to
    take for this one is Red 13 and Vincent, seeing as they wanna get Hojo the most
    Barret - "Sounds strange comin' from me... But it feels like home bein' back in
    Midgar.  Kinda makes me sick..."
    Talk to the person who is next to the wooden panel, and they will open it.  Go
    down the ladder.  When your at the bottom, go along the platfor and down the
    slope.  Then go up the next slope, and when you are as far as you can go, go
    left to get a chest containing an Elixer.  Now make your way back to the
    ladder.  This time, go down the steps then take the ladder down at the bottom
    of them.  When you arrive at the bottom of that ladder, you will see yet
    anpother one to the west of you.  Go take that and you will now be able to
    obtain the chest you saw earlier (containing an Aegis Armlet).  Now go back
    down.  When your back down walk along towards the right and eventually the
    floor will give way.  Now head left, jump on top of the pipe, and take the
    ladder up, keep going up.
    You will eventually end up on a platform below where you started.  walk along
    and go down the chute.  In the new area it takes you to, there is a chest on
    the right containing an Elixer and a chest on the left containing a Starlight
    Phone.  Climb down the ladder and when at the bottom, keep holing right and you
    will eventually jump onto the chute next to you.  Go up it.  Now in the new
    screen, head left and go up the ladder.  There is a chest at the top containing
    a Max Ray.  Now go back to the screen containing 2 chests (the Elixer and
    Starlight Phone).  Now take the steps nearby (they are next to the chute with
    the "12" on it).  At the top you will find a save point. On the left from the
    savepoint, there is a tunnel, go through it.
    The next area will seem rather familiar to you.  Head south.  Keep going south
    in the next screen.  As you continue south, you will run into various members
    of your group who aren't in your party.  Keep going south for about another 6
    screens.  Eventually you will be in a screen that contains a chest (with a
    Power Source inside it).  In the next split screen after that (continuing
    south) is a chest with a Guard Source inside.  Continue south.  In the next
    split screen are two more chests (containing a Magic and Mind Source).  Go
    south once more and you will see a save point and the W-Item Materia.  After
    saving, you now have to head all the way back north (to where you entered the
    When you head north from the ladder.  Our old friends make one more appearence.
     This is the final battle with the Turks.  If you have done Yuffie's side quest
    (WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE), the Turks will offer you a truce for saving Elena.  If
    you haven't done Yuffie's side quest, or if you just want to, it's fight time :)
    BOSS: ELENA                               		
    The Turks are healed by your three basic elemental attacks.  Elena is healed by
    Lightning, Reno by Ice, and Rude by Fire, so avoid using it.  They don't prove
    much trouble alone (Rude is the only one with a really powerful attack, taking
    2000 off a character), hoever, with all three attacking they can prove a
    handful.  I simply suggest using your most powerful attacks (ie Ultima) and non
    elemental Summons.  Don't forget about Phoenix if one or more of your
    characters die, however, this will heal Rude so only use it if you have to.
    Oh, by the way, If you kill Elena first, the battle ends.
    You get an Elixer when you win.
    After you win, keep heading north.  When you reach a split screen where you can
    go either left or right, go right.  Keep heading north and at the next split
    screen go left.  You will be at a dead end but there will be a ladder against
    the wall.  Use it and enter the tunnel.  When you come out, you will be at a
    rather familliar screen :)  You're back at the Shinra Headquarters :D
    There is now several things to do here.  I suggest you enter by the main door.
    If you didn't read the Turtle's Paradise Flyer that is here when you last
    visited, then do so now.  It's at the back of the ground floor, on the
    billboard.  Now head up to the first floor via the stairs at the entrance.
    Enter the Shop that is on this floor and you can finally get the two chests
    that you weren't allowed to open beofre.  The chest on the right contains a
    Master Fist and the left contains a Pile Bunker inside it (for some reason,
    these chests don't make the usual opening noise).
    Now take the elevators up to the 63rd floor. All the doors in that floor are
    open and one of the rooms now conaints a Glow Lance.
    Now take the stairs to the 64th floor.  Do you remember putting money in the
    drinks machine and nothing came out (even after hitting it)?  Well go check
    them now and hit them again to recieve a Mind Source and a Speed Source :).
    Also, go to the locker rooms, you may recall Cloud not wanting to take the Mega
    Phone the first time you were here, well he will take it now as it's Cait
    Sith's Ultimate Weapon "HP Shout". :)
    Now take the elevators and go back to floor 59.  You remember the long
    stairwell (the method Tifa wanted to use to get into the Shinra Building on
    disc 1)?  Well if you can be bothered walking down them again, there is a
    Behemoth Horn halfway down.  You might as well continue walking down them after
    you collect it.
    Taht's everything that there is to do in the Shinra Building so save as you
    leave, and then return to the underground passage.
    Go south after you decend the ladder.  Go south past the split, until you come
    to the next one.  This time go left at the split.  When your back out in the
    open, walk towards the piller, and you will start to climb it.  Start heading
    north and as you do a huge mechanical monster
    will appear from behind you.  It's Heidegger and Scarlet.....
    BOSS: PROUD CLOD                          		
          JAMAR ARMOR                         		
    The first thing to note here is that you can attack two parts.  The head area
    and the Armor.  Firstly aim your attack at the armor to take that out quickly.
    After you have disabled that, just keep attacking the head.  If the Boss kneels
    down, it will be getting ready to use its best attack, the Beam Cannon (that
    causes 1100 damage to all members).
    The only thing you have to worry about now isthe attack "Materia Jammer",
    which, as the name states, blocks you from using Materia.
    This is not a hard fight, just a long one.  Just use your Summons and best
    Magic, and if you lose your Materia powers, just attack at full force.
    You'll get the Ragnarok sword when you win (although you won't need it if you
    killed Weapon when I told you to.
    After you win, it starts raining :)
    Head north and you will be in another familiar area.  Next to you will be two
    chests, one containing an Elixer, and the other containing a Mystile.  Save at
    this point.  You may also wish to place Barret in your team for a few mins as,
    unless he is in your party, wou will miss his Ultimate Weapon.  When ready,
    head up the stairs.  In the next screen, continue heading up the staris, if
    Barret is in your party you will pass a chest along the way that contains his
    Ultimate Weapon "Missing Score" (if you don't want him in your party now, just
    go back to the save point and change him).  Anyway, head up the stairs and then
    to the right...  You may also want to equip Ribbons or anything else that stops
    You now run into Hojo  at the Mako Cannon's controls.  If Red 13 and Vincent
    are in your team then there will be a bit of arguing before hand (in which you
    discover that Hojo is Sephiroths father, but surley you assumed that already),
    but eventually, Hojo will attack...
    BOSS: HOJO                                		
               POODLER SAMPLE                      		
               BAD RAP SAMPLE                      		
               HELLETIC HOJO                       		
               RIGHT ARM                           		
               LEFT ARM                            		
               LIFEFORM HOJO-NA                    		
    This fight is split into several stages..
    Firstly, Hojo will summon two monsters to fight with him, ignore these two as
    the will just re summon if you defeat them.  Concentrate all your attacks on
    Hojo.  If you managed to get Clouds Ultimate Weapon then this wont prove too
    much trouble.
    Secondly, after you kill Hojo, he will reappear as a huge monster with two arms
    that you can also attack (Helletic Hojo).  Like before, ignore the arms and
    concentrate all your attacks on him.  He may cast Confuse on you so I hope you
    equipped those Ribbons.
    Thirdly, In his third and last form, Hojo will poion and slow your characters
    down so Counter Attack Materia will serve you well here.  Just keep your HP up
    and you should do fine.
    You'll get a Power Source once you finally get rid of Hojo.
    After you kill Hojo, you will return to the Highwind.
    Cait Sith - "Shinra's........ Finished."
    Cloud then asks all the crew members to really look inside themselfs and find
    out what they are really fighting for.  And if the are still just as comitted,
    to come back.
    it will then just be Cloud and Tifa that remain.  They share a very sentimental
    and romantic moment and end up spending the night together (leaving the very
    obvious question that has plagued the Game FAQ's board now for years).
    Tifa - "this is probibly the last time we'll have together..."
    Once back on the Highwind the rest of the crew decide to come back
    Cid - "If you butt in now, you never know what they'll say later..."
    Tifa - "... Were you watching?"
    Cloud - "Vincent!"
    Vincent - "Why the puzzled look?  You dont' want me to come?"
    Cloud - "No, It's just you're always so cold.  I thought you didn't care what
    was happening."
    Vincent - "Cold?  hmm... I guess that's just how I am, sorry.
    Cait Sith - "Some people in Midgar took me in"
    Red 13 - "Yuffie is missing."
    Barrey - "She ain't gonna show up.  'Least this time she didn't steal our
    Materia.  Guess we gotta be thankful for that."
    Yuffie - "How could you say that!?  I cam all the way here after being seasick
    as a dog!"
    Cloud - "Welcome back Yuffie.  Thanks everyone."
    Barret - We didn't come back for your spikey headed ass!"
    Red 13 - "Although she's not here, she left ius a window of opportunity..."
    Cid - "We can't let it go like this"
    Cloud - ".....Aeris.  She was smiling to the end.  We have to do something, or
    that smile will just freeze like that.  Let's all go together.  Memories of
    Aeris.  Although she should've returned to the planet by now, something stopped
    her and now she's stuck.  We've got to let go of Aeris's memory.  This is our
    last battle.  Our target is the North Cave.  Our enemy is.....Sephiroth!"
    Cid - "Man, I'm going to stick it to him!"
    That's the end of Disc 2.  Go make yourself a cup of tea the stick in Disc 3
    for the final showdown
      5.1  Side Quests #3
    When disc three starts you are at the top of the Highwind.  You dont wanna
    enter the crater yet trust me.  We have a few things still to pick up around
    the world map so head back to the cockpit and chose to take to the air once
    The first thing you might wanna do is go get Red 13's Ultimate weapon, to do
    so, head back to Cosmo Canyon.  When you get there, you are told to go see
    Bugenhagen, so make sure Red 13 is in your party and do so.  You will see a
    touching scene with Bugenhagen and Red 13.  You now have Red 13's Ultimate
    weapon.  No i'm convinced that the old man has died here but they storyline
    seems to state otherwise.  Make up your own decision.
    Secondly, you will want to get Clouds final limit break, the Omnislash.  To win
    this, firstly head to the Battle Square of the Gold Saucer.  Now this bit is a
    right pain in the ass as you have to fight alot of fights in order to have
    enough points to win the Omnislash (dont worry, the points allocated increase
    dramatically after a few fights).  But I do advise that you get it as it will
    make the North Crater, and the fights in it, alot easier.
    There are a few guide on Game FAQ's especially of this part so i'm not going to
    go into too much detail, but I will give you a few tips...
    *make sure you have Clouds Ultimate Weapon equpipped, along with the Mystile as
    Armour, and the Ribbon as an Acc.
    * Make sure that your HP is maxed (using HP pluses if needed).
    * Make sure you have Slash-all or Double Cut equpiied (I prefer Slash-all)
    * Other Materia that may be useful would be Enemy Skill (so you can gain MP),
    Counter Attack. Quadra Magic, Cure plus any other summons you think will be
    helpful.  Most of your attacking in this will be physical anyway.
    Provided you have at least Clouds Ultimate Weapon and a Ribbon equipped, you
    should have no trouble with the fights at this late stage of the game.  The
    Ribbon will defend you from most of the handicaps that the game will throw at
    you at the end of each fight.
    If you followed my directions, you will prbs need to win the battle arena 6
    times, after that, you should have enough battle points to get the Omnislash.
    You should have plenty of GP due to all the Chocobo breeding you did, but if
    you run out then just go race some more and ask for GP when you win.
    Now that you have Omnislash, you are ready to go to the North Crater, although
    please note....
    ***********THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO DO ANY SUB QUESTS*******************
    After you enter the North Crater, you are ready to face the end boss, it is
    possible to make your way out the North Crater ater going so far in, but to
    make things simple on yourself, check all my sub quests again (in section 7),
    level up to at least 65, and do anything else on the worl map that you want to
    do before taking on the final challange of the game......
      5.2  Return to the North Crater
    Right, now that the formalities are out of the way, lets head to the North
    Crater and decend the Highwind.  Now head down the rope ladder.  If you want to
    change party members then head back up the rope ladder and talk to the dude
    standing beside it.  At the bottom of the ladder head south west.  Please note,
    that until I say otherwise, it is possible to make your way abck out the cave,
    although it can be frustrating if you are quite far in it.  If you have
    prepared like I said to though you shouldn't have to.
    When given the option, chose to proceed.  Cloud will basically fall down the
    pit.  In the new screen head left, ignoring the cave entrance.  You will hear a
    rumble as you go towards the chest (which contains a Save Crystal, more about
    that later).  Keep heading left, following the pit down in an anti-clockwise
    direction, picking up the chest containing a Guard Source on the way.  When you
    arrive in a new screen which can look rather confusing.  Firstly, head right,
    hopping down many steps, to recieve a chest containing a Guard Source.  Keep
    hopping down further till you get to another chest containing a Mind Source.
    Jump down one ledge from here, and then climb up the ledge to the left (you
    should be at the very bottom of the screen).  Go to the far left and climb two
    ledges, then head right to the chest containing a Magic Source.  Go back to the
    ledge on the left, and climb up one more, and keep climbing till you get to the
    chest with an Elixer in it.  From there you will be able to see one more chest,
    go get it, it contains a Power Source.  From that chest, head right, through a
    secret wall, and press O to recieve HB Absorb Materia.  Finally, head back down
    to the bottom right of the screen again, and to the next screen.
    Once there, head left a little bit so that you drop down the small platform
    that you are on, then head to the far right until you fall off the ledge,
    landing next to a chest containing a Mind Source.  Go back to where you landed,
    face west, and you will be able to jump to the ledge above you.  Head to the
    left here, and drop down at the end of it.  You should be next to a cave
    entrance now, press up to enter it, it will contain a Megalixer.  Head back out
    the wee cave, now head to the far left and you will fall down again.
    From where Cloud lands, head right to get a Hero drink in a chest.  Enter the
    cave nearby.  Inside the cave, is a chest containing a Guard Source.  Stay in
    the cave, and head up, entering another hole, to get to a chest containing a
    Power Source.  From where you receieved the Power Source, head down slightly
    and then NORTH WEST, and you should appear back at the top of the previous
    screen.  Now keep running towards the right and fall down again (next to the
    chest you got earlier).  Head into the cave entrance just below you, and exit
    it at the south.  From where you appear again, keep dropping down towards the
    very bottom of the screen.
    Here you should see the rest of your party waiting for you, go join them.  You
    will be asked which way you want Cloud to go, I advise you send him, your other
    two party members, and two other members (5 out of the 8) to the left, and have
    another 3 go to the right.  Well at least thats the way i'm directing the
    guide.  Choose carefully here, because the members you send in the same
    direcrtion as you are the ones you will be using, send the members you dont
    need to the right, no more than 3 though.
    Cid - "I'll destroy that Sephiroth before anyone gets near him!"
    Cloud - "This will be the end of it."
    Now head Left.  You will be at ANOTHER split in the path.  This is why I told
    you to bring 5 with you, Select Cloud, and the other 2 members in your battle
    party to go down, and the other 2 to go up.
    Cid - "Sephiroth's probibly crappung his pants right about now..."
    Yuffie - "If I knew this was gonna happen, I'd have bailed out sooner!"
    So head down.  In the new screen, head down the steps and open the chest
    containing a Remedy.  Go right from here to see another chest that contains an
    Elixer.  Then head south from the chest containing the Remedy, to see yet
    another chest, this time containing an X-Potion.  Head South East.  Hop along
    the stones, and at the end go left to recieve a Turbo Ether in a chest.  After
    that head right to another chest, containing a Vaccine.  Head west from here,
    going underneath the stones, and then south.
    In the new screen, head down, and get the chest containing an X-Potion, from
    here, follow the path south and you will eventually come to another chest
    containing a Turbo Ether.  From here head left, you may see a ball floating in
    the waterfall behind you.  As you travel onto the platform its next to, keep
    pressing O, if you time it right, you will capture it (keep trying if you
    don't).  You have just recieved the MegaAll Materia!  Yep, no more need for
    those annoying All Materia slots. :)
    From there, you should see another chest to the west, go get it, it contains a
    speed Source.  From there head south.
    In the enxt screen you will see a chest to the right, it contains a Luck
    Source.  head towards the stone steps and your party shows up.  Talk to
    everyone here, as most of them will have items for you that they have picked up
    on the way.
    Yuffie - "What?"
    Cid - "Yeah, Yuffie, didn't you pick up something on the way?"
    Yuffie - "Oh all right."
    *************************POINT OF NO RETURN*******************************
    Yes that's right.  From where Cid is standing go left, go into your items menu
    and use that Save Crystal, you have now created a Save Point.  This is the last
    chance you have to go back to the world map, or go through other parts of the
    Crater to pick up other items.  Once you decent those steps there is NO TURNING
    Go back to the Highwind (it not THAT hard to make your way back, just
    annoying), or continue on now, the choice is yours.
      5.3  Point Of No Return
    When ready,head towards the steps and chose the top option.
    Cloud - "Alright everyone, let's mosey."
    Cid - "Damn! Again! Stop sayin' it like a wimp!  Can't you say 'Move out!' or
    Cloud - "Move Out!!"
    Chose your team and on we go :)
    You now have to make your way down, step by step, fighting as you go.  The
    enemies here shouldn't give you too much trouble (and if they are reset and go
    back out and level up for gods sake as your gonna get humped in a few mins!).
    In the next screen, before you go any further, make sure you are well healed
    and ready for a battle (if you want any kind of challange, don't equip KOTR
    Materia).  Also, make sure you have a Ribbon (or two if you have them),
    equipped to your party members, and a Peace ring to the other member, as you
    will need to worry about confusion soon.  Make your way to the main piece of
    Finally we get to finish Jenova
    BOSS: JENOVA SYNTHESIS A                 	
          JENOVA SYNTHESIS B                 		
          JENOVA SYNTHESIS C                		
    Seeing as we are fighting Jenova, this fight should have been ALOT harder.
    Start the way you would have been starting your last few boss fights, by
    casting Haste and Regen.
    Like I said, this is not that hard a fight.  There is no point in attacking the
    left or right side as she regenerates them.  Best thing to do here is use some
    high powered magic like Ultima (use KOTR if you want but it maekes the fight a
    little TOO EASY), to injure both her arms and her.  Then if the arms die
    temporarily, physically attack her main body. When she is near death a count
    down appears from 5.  Make sure you kill her before it finishes.  She only
    casts Ultima if it reaches Zero, but you lose ALOT of good exp too.
    When you defeat Jenova, the ground will fall apart, and you will be drifting
    towards what looks like Holy.  Guess who shows up for the final battle....
    You now get to make your final party, get youself equipped properly...
    You then get to make one more party, pick your next three characters.  Equip
    them with decent Materia too.  Although Leave your best Materia in your main
    party.  Just give them enough to survive.
    If you used KOTR, and killed Jenova REALLY quickly, you will get to use your
    other two party members as well, so get them equipped too if you get the chance.
    Oh and it is possible to only be able to use one party.  But i'm guessing that
    happens if you don't bea Jenova before the timer runs out.
    Red 13 - "I'm going to see it through to the end.  For our Future... And that
    of the planet.  I understand now, Grandpa.  This is my mission!  I won't let
    the Lifestream... or the life of the planet wither away!!"
    Vincent - "I was frozen in time.... But now I feel as though my time is finally
    about to begin...!  Sephiroth, now it's your time to sleep between the ages!!"
    Cloud - "Aeris's memories.... Our memories...  We came... to tell you... our
    memories... Come Planet!  Show us your answer! And Sephiroth!!  To the
    setteling of everything!!"
          BIZZARO SEPHIROTH B  (head)
          BIZZARO SEPHIROTH C  (core)
          BIZZARO SEPHIROTH D  (wings)
    As Usual, cast Regen and Haste.
    Start by using a strong summon (again though KOTR will make it very easy, only
    use it if your stuck).  Everyime you kill a part of him, you get the option to
    switch to your other team so take it in turns to kill parts of Sephiroth mainly
    to save on MP.  However, if you want to save time, jsut keep attacking him with
    Clouds party, until all other parts are dead, and then attack the core.  He
    seems to heal his parts alot quicker when you switch partys, so if your main
    one is strong enough, just use that.
    He doesnt have many attacks.  He will heal himself alot, Demi 3, Bolt 3, a
    couple of explosion attacks laking off around 2000 HP.  Pandoras box (which
    isnt as serious as it looks when he casts it, but can be useful to throw back
    at him if you had Enemy Skill equipped).  His only really powerful move is
    reducing all your characters HP to 1.  But this is a very rare move so you
    might not even see it.
    Apparently, although I havent tested it, It is possible to keep switching
    between parties for a while and killing of parts, and eventually, you will get
    a message that Cloud's team can now attack the core.  I have never tried this
    stratagy so if anyone wants to confirm this for me then feel free.
    woo hoo we beat him!!!!
    Oh, wait :(
    He will cast Wall on himself straight away.  When he is near the ground then
    physical attacks can harm him, but when he starts to fly, most can't.  First
    thing you need to do here is summon Choco/Mog simply for the comedy value of it
    :D (nah I asdvise you don't, unless you are using KOTR, every move here is
    Remember to cast Haste, Regen wont be too much help here as when Sephiroth
    attacks, he attacks very strongly.  Your best attacking him with your physical
    attacks (when you can), your best magic (the few that is of any use to you now,
    Comet and Ultima are good.) and of coarse your summons (only a few will be any
    good now, Bahumut ZERO and don't forget, if you feel you need to use it, you
    have KOTR waiting for you). Best thing to do is always have one member ready to
    use all the time, so you can always do an emergency hell if needed.
    His moves include Slow, Break, Dispel (to your entire party), Deen (takes about
    1500 from all members), Shadow Flare (which takes off ALOT of HP), Pale Horse
    (takes off about 1700, nothing to worry about too much). His one physical
    attack takes about 5000 off a member. The two moves you really have to worry
    about is, firstly, Super Nova.  This is a summon style move in where Spehiroth
    basically kills the entire Soler System.  The problem is that it takes off ALOT
    of HP to all party members and causes Silence and Confusion (but that wont be a
    problem if yu have the Ribbons equipped).  As long as you use a Megalixer
    straight after it though you will be fine, it can actually be handy as, chances
    are, you will now have 3 Limit Breaks ready to use :)
    Secondly, Heartless Angel, which takes everyones HP down to 1 :(
    The higher a level your at, the more Sephiroth will take to kill.  However, no
    matter what level your at, Sephiroth shouldn't be TOO MUCH trouble if you have
    been following my every word.  He just takes ages to kill (Unless you managed
    to obtain Omnislash).  Just stay calm, and remember you should have a decent
    stock of Elixers etc should you need them as well as KOTR Summon Materia should
    you be really stuck (although this will not kill him in one go).
    Cloud - "All right everyone.  There's no use thinking about it.  We'll leave
    our worries here.  Let's go home proud."
    You see another cool FMV...........
    Whats this?  Some people just don't know when to quit :)
    I dont think I will right the guide for this fight, I really dont think you
    need it... :D
    Now sit back and watch the superb ending to the best game ever. And don't do
    what some idiots do and turn off at the credits.
    *********************************Ending Explained**********************
    I'm amazed at how many people didn't get the ending.  If you have watched it,
    and are confused read ahead
    ONLY READ IF YOU HAVE WATCHED THE ENDING!  I dont wanan be blamed for ruining
    it for you.
    Ok, to put it very short, once you defeated Sephiroth, you freed Holy, and it
    attepted to save the planet from the Meteor that Sephiroth summoned.  However,
    it wasn't enough.  Then in the nick of time Aeris send the life stream along to
    save the day :)
    500 years later we see Red 13 with his wee baby Red 13's.  We think the planet
    is a barron wasteland with no survivors, until we see the beautiful Cosmo
    Canyon all lush and green, the world saved.
    Now go make yourself something to eat and have a bath or something, I know
    thats what i'm about to do :)
    SPM 11/08/03
                                            THE END
    6.1  Yuffie Kisaragi
    You better have come here when I told you to in the guide!! :).
    Yuffie Can be found in all forests around the world map, with the best place to
    find her being outside Fort Condor (email me if I am wrong).
    Anyway, to get her enter a forrest and get into fights.  Oh, I definantly
    advise you put Tifa in your party just to hear what Yuffie calls her after the
    fight (although she only says it if you pick the wrong choices when talking to
    her) ;)
    Anyway eventually you will fight a 'Mystery Ninja' :)
    According to Chris Macdonald (the GOD when it comes to writing FF7 guides),
    there is a 1 in 8 chance of you fighting her, with it changing slightly
    depending where on the world map you are, it seems alot more though.
    Anyway, when encountered, simply attack.  Her level depends on yours so she
    wont prove too tough.  When you beat her, the way you react to the following
    situation depends on wether she joins you or not.
    First thing to do is NOT TOUCH THE SAVE POINT!!  If you do, she steals some of
    your money and runs away.
    You have to answer her questions in the correct way to get her to join, but
    there's a pattern...
    Answer them like this....
    * 1st question - bottom choice
    * 2nd question - top choice
    * 3rd question - bottom choice
    * 4th question - top choice
    * 5th question - bottom choice
    * name her
    Like I said in the guide, she is my favourite character in the game as by the
    end of it, she is just as strong as Cloud.  She also has some classic lines
    throughout the game :).
    To get Vincent you firstly need to open the safe in the Shinra mansion.  Head
    over to section 7.3 of my guide to see how.
    When you have taken the key from the safe go right and into the right wing of
    the mansion and enter the secret passage (the one sephiroth was in during the
    flashback) and make your way to the library  On the way you will see a door,
    open it and you will now meet Vincent (he is in a coffin by the way).
    Leave once he tells you to and start to walk back up the stairs, he will then
    come out and join you.
    Unless otherwise stated, these quests can only be done on disc 2 or 3.
      7.1  Ancient Forest
    Right, first thing's first.  How do you get there?  First you will need a
    green, black or gold Chocobo (section 8 if you don't).  Now take the highwind
    and head to Cosmo Canyon.  Just south east of it is a strange rock formation
    covered in forrest, enter it.
    First thing to note here is if that you get stuck on a puzzle, press S and the
    screen will reset.  I advise against doing this as even if you are towards the
    end it will take your right back to the first screen.  If you get stuck, just
    re enter the scree.  Only press S as a last resort.
    Anyway, In the first area, pick up 3 frogs (by pressing O) and take them to
    just past under the bridge.  When you have three near you now, take one, and
    walk up towards the strange bag and press O (the frog will then jump into it),
    do this will all three bags as fast as you can and then leap accross the now
    full bags.  This may take you a while to get the hang of (especially due to how
    bad a job i'm doing of explaining how to).  You may have noticed as you were
    jumping accross that there is a snapping plant nearby with an item bag inside
    it.  To get this walk as close to the plant as you can and press O.  This may
    also take you a few attempts but don't worry, it can't kill you, it just takes
    away some of your HP.  It contains the Supershot ST gun.  Now move on to the
    pink vine to your right and jump accross.  Get the item to the north of you
    containing a Spring Gun Clip.  Now head right onto the next screen.
    In the next area, pick up a frog and then jump on the pink vine.  When on the
    new ledge, use the frog in the bag and then cross both bags.  When on the other
    side, pick up another frog and head up the green ledge next to you.  Put the
    frog in the left bag and stand on it.  Just wait a few seconds and you will be
    sent flying from it and you will be on a new ledge with a rock on it.  Take the
    rock and jump back down.  Use the rock on the snapping plant and take the
    Materia (Slash All, VERY useful :) ).  Take the frog again and this time make
    it jump into the right bag.  Again, wait until you are sent flying from the bag
    as it will take you to the other side.  Move on to the next screen.
    In the third screen, you will see another 2 bags.  Just do what you did in the
    first screen (placing 2 frogs in the bags and leaping accross).  Jump on the
    bags and then the pink vine and you will be sent to a new area above you.  Go
    left then down and you will reach the item from the second area that you
    couldn't reach before, it contains a Minerva Band.  From here you will have to
    jump back down to the second screen again.  From there, make your way back to
    the third screen again and then back up into the treetops.
    When your back in the treetops again, head up the tree trunk and then right
    towards the broken branch.  You will jump accross via the several pink vines.
    Get the item bag nearby containing the Summon Materia "Typhoon" (who, by the
    way, has a more then remarkable reseblance to Slimer from Ghostbusters :D).
    Head back accross the vines and take the rigt path that's slightly above the
    broken branch to take you back down to ground level.(it's difficult to see).
    Once back down, head right, and grab a frog.  You will see another 2 bags.
    Head up to the high ledge below them and toss the frog into the bag and leap to
    the ledge with the rock.  Like you did in screen 2, place the rock in the
    snapping plant.  Now take a frog and use it on the bag to the left of the
    snapping plant and jump towards the left of the screen.  Now grab a frog and
    put it in the hollow tree nearby, it will be replaced by a big frog.  Now place
    the big frog in the bag you just came accross and then wait for the frog to
    clib back out and join you on the right side.  Pick it up again and then use it
    on the bag furthest to your right.  Stand on the bag and wait for it to send
    you accross to the other end of the screen.  Move on into the cave.
    In the right of the cave is a chest containing an Apocalypse sword (which, if
    your doing this side quest as soon as possible, is a VERY good weapon for
    Cloud, although doesn't have many slots for Materia).  Head north and on the
    right is another chest containing an Elixer.  After that head out the exit in
    the north and thats you back on the world map.  Mission complete. :)
      7.2  Bonus Materia Locations
    Cave 1   Wutai Area
    Located on the east side of the westermost continent (the one Wutai is on).
    You need a green, black or gold chocobo to acess it.  When you enter the cave
    touch the yellow glow andyou recieve the Mime Materia.
    Cave 2    North Corel Area
    Located directly north of the entrance to North Corel.  You need a blue, black
    or gold chocobo to reach it.  You recieve the HP<->MP Materia once you enter it.
    Not really worth the trip to be honest.
    Cave 3  Mideel Area
    On the long stretch of land that Mideel is located on, you will find the third
    cave.  You require a blue chocobo to reach it, with alot of crafty manuvering
    through the shallow parts of the sea connecting the various ilands that make up
    the stretch. Alternativly you could wait till you recieve the gold chocobo and
    waltz straight there :)
    Inside the cave is the Quadra Magic Materia, VERY useful once levelled up.
    Cave 4  Knights of the Round
    The one you have been working so hard for is finally yours once you obtain the
    gold chocobo (section 8 if you haven't).  Anyway, the best way to descrive
    where it is, is simply to send your chocobo to the top right hand corner of the
    map, around there will be an island.  In that island is a cave, in that cave is
    the Knights of the Round Materia :)
      7.3  The Safe in Nibelheim
    I have basically copy and pasted this straight from the part of my guide where
    it originall appears.
    In the room to the left of the entrance is a letter from Hojo.  It gives you
    hints where the nubers are hidden to unlock a safe in the mansion.  The first
    number is in the west end if the mansion, in the broken piano.  The second you
    will find when you examine the chest in the room next to the safe in the upper
    west wing.  The third is on the floor just before you enter the room with the
    hidden passage to the basement.  The fourth is hidden in the letter (underneath
    the other clues, put your cursor over the blank space).
    If your not past level 30 by now he will kick your ass so you better get some
    exp if your not :)
    This works just like a real safe, you can't go past the number your trying to
    enter or you will have to start again.  So anyway, here is the code...
    RIGHT TO 36
    LEFT TO 10
    RIGHT TO 59
    RIGHT TO 97
    (and remember, you can't go past the number you are trying to get to or you
    will have to start again)
    So in other words you have to scroll right, not going past 36, hit 0, then got
    left till you get to 10 and it 0 and so on....
    When the safe opens, a summon Materia flys out and then you will be attacked by
    a big monster.
    BOSS: Lost Number		         		
    If your doing this boss as you first get to Nibelheim then he could prove very
    He will mainly use low powered attacks on you but every so often he will hit
    you with a double fisted attack which can take over 2000 HP from a single
    Now what makes this boss a little bit different is that he has 2 parts to him
    (even although you can only attack him as 1)... If you kill his red side off
    then his physical attacks become very powerful and I don't like your chances.
    If you kill his purple side first then he will use magic against you, in which
    case it becomes an easy fight.
    Chanses are you will lose this first time (if you are trying it in disc one
    that is) but keep at it and you will eventually get lucky enough that his
    purple side blows off and you beat him.  Mind you if you have Clouds level 3
    limit break "Mwtorain" then it should be very easy indeed.  Beautiful exp for
    it too.
    You get an item called Cosmo Memory, this is the maual for Red 13's 4th and
    final limit break.
    When he is gone, take they key that's in the safe.  Also don't forget the
    Materia, this is Odin, and until towards the end of disk 2, he will be your
    most useful summon.
     7.4  Vincent's Waterfall
    This located in the waterfall next to Gold Saucer in disc two or three.  You
    need a Chocobo that can cross mountains.  Once over the hill part of the
    waterfall, enter it, making sure that Vincent is in your party.  When you enter
    you will see Lucetra, the woman that Vincent loved and the woman who gave birth
    to Sephiroth.  You will see a flashback that shows you not only how she got
    talked into it, but also how Vincent got his special powers (the other
    scientist guy in the flashback, by the way is Hojo).
    After the flashback, you will leave the cave.  Return in about 30 minutes time
    and enter again and you will recieve the Death Penalty (Vincents best weapon)
    and the Chaos Manual (Vincents final Limit Break).
      7.5  Wutai Side Quest
    I must point out first that you need to have Yuffie in your team.  Go to
    section 6.1 first if you don't.
    This sidequest can be done from the moment you get the Tiny Bronco (which is
    when I am writing it).  But it must be done before Disc 3.  If you are doing
    this quest from when I first tell you to in my guide you will have the Tiny
    Bronco in which case you have to sail to the southern part of the most western
    continent.  If you have the highwind at this point then you are as well landing
    at the north part of the continent as it will save you a walk.
    From when you land on the Continent head north up a mountain.  You will be
    stopped by Yuffie.  You will then be attacked by Shinra guards.  You will also
    notice that your Materia (or most of it) is now missing.  YES YUFFIE STOLE IT.
    Right you now have a big walk ahead of you and without your Materia it will get
    quite tough.
    Keep heading north until you cross a bridge, then go west accross another one.
    Follow the path round and you will be lead under the bridge you just crossed.
    Keep heading north and you will come to yet another bridge.  Keep heading north
    again and you will eventually see a town.  This is Wutai
    When you enter the town, Yuffie will see you and run away.
    The bar that you see in the south west of the town by the way is Turtles
    Paradise :)  If you are doing this sub quest at the time of me telling you to
    in the guide then you dont have all the flyers yet, but by the end of this sub
    quest you will have :)
    Anyway lets find Yuffie.  Head to the north west of the town into another area.
     Now enter the building on your right.  Look through the house until you find a
    man sleeping... Yuffies father Godo.  Keep on talking to him until Yuffie shows
    up and then dissapears again.  Now enter the room next to Godos and you will
    see a hiden panel, go through it, and the end of the passage will be a weapon
    for Red 13 called a Harpin.  No enter the room next to where you entered the
    house, you can rest for free.  Also if you search the scroll in this room you
    will reveal another secret passage, this time leading to a Magic Shuriken.
    Now head back to the Turtles Paradise, you will notice that the Turks are
    there.  Talk to them :D.
    Reno - "Elena, You talk too much."
    Elena - "W, what!?"
    Reno - "What are we doing way out here in the middle of nowhere?"
    Elena - "We're taking our vacation and resting up from our work"
    Reno - "Now our vacation is ruined" - Reno
    Elena - "B, but.."
    Rude - "....even the booze tastes bad now."
    Elena - "...Sorry..."
    Now go to the item shop (it's next to the save point).  Open the chest.  You
    will get some MP Absorb Materia but Yuffie will come and steal that too.  Now
    leave the item shop and go to the building nearest the entrance of the town and
    examine the panel on the left and you will find her again, she will run away
    again too.  Go back to the entrance of the Turtles Paradise and check the big
    Vase type object at the side.  The story will then go back tp the Turks, they
    are after someone.
    Shinra Soldier - "We know your off duty but.."
    Rude - "Well if you know were off duty then beat it.  Looking at you is making
    me sober".
    Reno - "A pro isn't someone who sacrafices himself for his job.  Thats just a
    You will now be back in Yuffies house.  Follow her.  BEFORE you enter the room
    she is now in, read the Turtles Paradise newsletter on the wall, that should be
    them all now :).  Now enter the room.  Talk to her.  Go pull the lever when she
    tells you to (either one) and yes she has tricked you again. Pull the lever
    again when she leaves and you will raise the cage back up.  Leave her house.
    now go back to the Turtles Paradise and, after reading the notice outside, you
    will now be able to get the free stuff by talking to the barman :) :)  WOO HOO
    :D  You get a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed
    Source, Luck Source, and a Mega Elixir.  told you it was worth it ;)
    Anyway, back to the quest.  Go north west into the other area again.  See the
    building on the left?  Go to it and ring the bell by ressing O.  Yoou will see
    a door now appear.  Enter it.  You will see that Yuffie has een captured by
    none other than our old friend Don Corneo :D  (remember, the dude from Wall
    Marekt :) ).  He also has Elena too :)
    Don - "I've finally got a new chicky!"
    Before chasing after him, open the chest to your right to find a Swift Bolt,
    and open the chest to your left to get an Elixir.  Now head up the stairs and
    you will notice that your back in Godo's house.  Don Corneo will make his
    escape and you will be attacked by more crappy guards.  Once you defeat them,
    head outside and you will see Reno and Rune, talk to them.
    Reno - "We have no intention of joining you.  But for now, we'll agree not to
    bother each other.  Thats all."
    I advise now that before continuing that you go to the Items store and buy some
    Swift Bolts, as there is a fight coming up and you still have no Materia.  Use
    a Tent at the save point, and arrange your party.  I suggest you have one big
    hitter in your team.  Red 13 is probibly best (if you have been using him).
    Vincents limit break would also come in handy and if your confident enough,
    take along a woman just for the sake of a better storyline :)
    Now make your way north from the save point.
    Little kid - "I saw an old man in flashy clothes running towards Da-chao!  He
    was babblin' somethin' and looked like he could float!  It almost bowled me
    When you go north you will run into Reno and Rude again.  When the leave,
    follow the path until it splits and then take the north path.  Follow the path
    round the head and talk to Rude when you see him, enter the cave and there is a
    chest with a Dragoon Lance (weapon for Cid).  Talk to Rude again and then exit
    the cave and head south to find Don Corneo, Yuffie and Elena.
    Don - "I think I've just found a new HOBBY!" - Don
    Yuffie - Oh GAWD!  If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have taken rope
    escape lessons more seriously!!"
    Don - "My companion for the night will be.... the cheerful one"
    Yuffie - GROSS-NESS!  Don't mess with me old man!"
    Don - Oooooh and she's saucy too!"  :D :D :D
    You show up....
    Tifa - "That fall into the trap really hurt!"
    He will eventually summon a boss.
    BOSS: RAPPS                                	
    This boss woould be easy as hell if you had Materia!  Anyway, just attack and
    use Swift Bolts on him while keeping an eye on your health and using Hi-Potions
    etc.  Vincents limit break would be helpful here too but that means losing him
    for the rest of the battle.
    You get a Peace Ring when you win.
    When you win, Don will give you another stupid question and again you can pick
    any answer you like.
    Don - "Now, give me your women too!" - (if you have any woman in your party)
    Reno and Rude choose their timing well as here they come to save the day.
    Don - "I guess I get the last laugh"
    Reno - "No, that would be us".
    Bye bye Don :D
    Yuffie will now give you back your Materia except it all in the wrong order :(
    You will now be back on the world map again.  Take 10 minutes or so to arrange
    your Materia back the way it should be, and then save and enter Wutai again,
    with Yuffie in your party and equipped ready for fighting.  Enter the house
    next to Yuffies (the one full of cats), and then climb the stairs.  You will
    see a chest with HP Absorb Materia in it.
    Now make your way back to Tiny Bronco, or if your feeling really brave you can
    try Yuffies side quest but at this stage of the game I dont like your chances
    (assuming your doing this side quest on disc 1).  If you are on disc 2 however
    then go ahead onto the second part :)
      7.6  Yuffie's Side Quest
    The next bit you are going to do involves fighting with Yuffie.  So if she is
    not very strong you might wanna forget it and come back here later in disc 2
    BUT BEFORE DISC 3!  If you have been using her in your team since you got her
    (assuming you are doing this as soon as you got Tiny Bronco) then she should be
    JUST strong enough to win, if not, then come back later, disc 2.
    Go to the area where Godo lives and enter the really tall building.  Talk to
    the man in there and choose the top option.  Yuffie has to fight 5 people.
    Each times she wins she advances to the next level.  You can go back and heal
    at any time.
    The First dude is Gorky.  No real tips here as he is really easy.  You get an
    X-Potion when you win.
    Now make your way to the second floor.Here you will fight Shake.  The only real
    attack he has is the rage bomber but that fills up your limit really fast so
    just use that :).  You get a Turbo Ether when you win.
    On the third floor you face Chekhov.  This guy can paralyse you which is really
    annoying.  But just keep attacking and he will also be defeated in no time.
    You get an Ice Ring when you win.
    On the fourth floor is Staniv.  I dont understand why this guy is on the fourth
    floor as he is the easiest one of the lot.  Just attack away.  You get an
    Elixer when you win.
    Right, now on to the last guy... Yep, you guseed it, it's GODO!!! :D
    If you are doing this fight as soon as you possibly could and you have not been
    using Yuffie in your party then I don't rate your chances of winning this match
    to high to be honest.  It is a very tough fight.
    His attack style depends on what head is facing you sois attack vary.  He can
    use Trine from time to time which is rather annoying (but make sure you take
    this chance to get it on your enemy skill Materia if you don't already have
    it).  The best way to defeat him is to use the 'enemy skill' Magic Hammer
    (which can be learnt from Razor Weeds that live around Wutai) so that you get
    rid of his MP then attack away.
    However if your doing this fight on disc 2 then you  shouldnt need to go to
    that trouble as you should find him easy anyway.
    You get Yuffies final limit break manual, All Creation, when you win.
    You will also get the Leviathan Materia too.
    On the way out, if you talk to Shake, he will say...
    Shake - "you say there's some unusual Materia where the underground pipe is!?
    But, first you gotta get if from a monster and unless you use your.  You won't
    be able to do it."
    Yes this is the brilliant Square translators at work again..
    What the hell did he mean?  You know the email address :)
      7.7 Summmon Locations
    Just a quick run down of where to get the summons from, in the order they can
    be obtained.
    Talk to the Chocobo's on the Chocobo farm.
    Precilla gives you it after you save her.
    picked up after defeating jenova on the ship.
    in the chocobo room before you race for your freedom.
    In the ruined reactor in Gongaga.
    picked up after defeating opening the safe in the Shinra Mansion.
    Obtained after beating Godo in Wutai.
    Picked up in the sleeping forrest.
    Picked up after beating red dragon in Temple of the Ancients.
    After touching the hot spring (refer to 4.3) and winning the fight againest Snow
    Neo Bahamut
    Picked up in the Whirlwind Maze.
    Jumping around in the trees in the Ancient Forest.
    Knights of Round
    Have a gold chocobo and ride it to the northeast corner of the map and obtain
    in the cave.
    Picked up after winning the battle of Fort Condor.
    In the sunken gelinka, close to the crashed helicopter.
    Bahamut ZERO
    Obtained after getting all the Huge Materia and taking it to the observatory in
    Cosmo Canyon.
      7.8  Piano Trick
    While I have never had much luck in performing this quest myself, I am aware
    that it does work, thus I guess I have to include it.  Apparently having Tifa
    in your party helps.
    Go to Nivelheim and enter Tifa's house, head upstairs to where her piano is.
    Chose the bottom option twice to play it and enter the following code
            X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X
    The result is rather random, you will usually just get 1 Gil, but eventually
    you are SUPPOSED to get Tifa's final Limit Break.  Be more patient than me and
    keep trying :)
      7.9  Key to Midgar City
    This can be done suring disc 2 or 3.  However, you must have saved Cloud from
    Mideel first.  Take the Highwind to Midgar.  There will be a man standing by
    the entrance who has lost his key.  After you have talked to him, take the
    Highwind to Bone Village.  Talk to the guy sitting down and choose to dig for
    good or normal treasure.  The best place to look for it is  by the crahsed
    plane near the entrance (making sure you dig EXACTLY where the guy was standing
    before you started to dig), making sure that you are facing Cloud north when
    you chose to dig.  This should mean that in the morning, when you open the
    chest, inside will be the "Key to Sector 5".  This method worked for me, but if
    it doesnt work for you then just keep randomly digging until it turns up.
    Anyway, now go back to Midgar and you can get back into Sector 5.  There isn't
    really that much to to though to be honest.  If you go back to the church, you
    will see Aeris flicker on and off screen near the flower bed (which gave
    Material to those people obsessed with the RUMOR that it's possible to revive
    Aeris).  You have to be quick to catch it.
    Move on, go back to Wall Market and go into the shop with the word "ITEM" above
    it.  In here, you can get Tifas Ultimate Weapon (its ****** useless though) by
    checking the computer.  Also, if you go back to the shop where you bought the
    batteries (the one with "GUN" on top) the guy will now try and sell you Materia
    for 129,000 Gil!  It's an item called the Sneak Glove.  It rasies your chance
    of stealing an item from the enemy, so unless your really rich, it's not relly
    worth purchasing.  (Thanks to "rebirth flame 2002" and "Almighty Ruler" for the
    That's pretty much it.  Feel free to contact me if you discover something else
    you can do.
      7.10  Turtles Paradise Flyers
    Right, if you have been reading my guide you have gotten all of them anyway but
    as a quick refrence, there they are
    Flyer #1
    In Sector 7, where the sleeping kid is, next to Aeris' house.
    Flyer #2
    On the board in the Shinra Building near the Items Shop
    Flyer #3
    In the Ghost Hotel in the Gold Saucer
    Flyer #4
    Next to the weapons shop in Cosmo Canyon
    Flyer #5
    on the second floor of the Inn at Cosmo Canyon
    Flyer #6
    On the bottom floor of Yuffie's house in Wutai.  Can only be acessed once
    Yuffie's side quest had been compleated.
    once you read all 6, head to Turtles Paradise in Wutai to get a bunch of great
      8.1  Green Chocobo
    Right I guess I should start by saying just how much I despised doing this and
    I really shouldn't have left this part of the guide till last but what the
    hell.  Before you start, I advise that your chocobo lure Materia is at least at
    level two and at best three.  If it is not then head over to Mideel for easy
    exp and AP.
    Please note... if you are doing this part of the game BEFORE you collect Cloud
    back from Mideel then you can't race your chocobo's yet, so wait until you have
    rescued him from mideel before you continue. (thanks to Phoenix Cypher from
    game faqs for pointing that bit out to me).
    Now I am not going to go over how to catch one because you should know by now
    and if you don't know by now then you can't have the ability to read either so
    again, I wont bother. :)
    First go to the chocobo stables and buy some stables (you will need at lest 3
    just now).  Now you will need to go and catch a "wonderful chocobo"  and these
    are located at the icicle area so go and catch a few (4 at max as that is all
    that can be kept outside).  When you catch it, get back off it and chose to
    send it back to the stables.  This may take a while but keep at it, every four
    you get go back and have the wee kid rate them to see if you got one (you do
    this by choosing the option "moving chocobo's").  So once you have that make
    sure you make a note of it's sex too.
    The next thing you need is a "great Chocobo", and these are located near
    Mideel.  So do the same thing you did in The Icicle area only now search near
    Mideel.  When you have a "great" one the put it in your other stable (also make
    sure it is the opposite sex to your "wonderful" chocobo.
    That done, good. not head over to Bone Village and fight on the grass patch to
    the right of it.  You will fight a Vlikorados (a big red mother f*****) anyway,
    steal a Carob Nut from it (at least one but you will need three eventually)
    anyway once that is done....
    Go Back to the chocobo stables and feed your two chocobos a shit load of greens
    (Tantal ones seem to do the trick for me).  Now,you will need to improve its
    class by racing it at the chocobo races in Gold Saucer (in which case just go
    there and the rest will be explained to you, also I suggest that if you have to
    do this then improve your "wonderful" chocobo as you will need it again later)
    but getting them both to an A isn't that hard if you remember to hold all the L
    and R buttons while racing to improve your health bar, getting them both to A
    class almost guarentees getting the coloured chocobo (mind you it is expencive
    due to the greens).  Just to let you know, I managed to get the green with a
    class A "wonderful and class C "great" but it did take a while.
    Now Breed using a Carob nut to get a green....
    Did you get a blue doing this??  If so, reset and wait till you get a green
    cause if you don't you will find it much harder later on to get one.
    Right now it's strange but at the time of writing this, obviously I was doing
    it at the same time, I got my green one straight away.  However, when one of my
    wonderful beta testers followed the guide it took them ages.  Trust me on this,
    wether you get it straight away or it takes ages, IT WILL WORK.
    Also, remember now to look at section 7.2 of my guide to see what the different
    chocobo's will allow you to access on the world map.
    Oh also remember that now you can visit the ancient forest (near Cosmo Canyon).
     Go to section 7.1 of my guide to see what to do there.
    Right well that's the green down....
      8.2  Blue Chocobo
    Now to get the blue chocobo there is two ways of doing it.
    Firstly you can just wait an hour (approx) until you can mate the two yellows
    again and keep trying to mate them the same way until you get a blue (that is
    the oppisite sex to your green one mind).  A good way to waste an hour is to go
    do the ancient forest side quest (section 7.1 in my guide).  Mind you I will
    admit it took me about 40 tries to get a blue this way, but still, if your
    patient (and very bored), then it's a cheaper way of doing it.  Or
    You can go and get another great chocobo (from Mideel) and raise its levels etc
    etc and breed it with your other great (this way has a higher chance of working
    but will waste more of your time and money).
    Whichever way you choose remember to use the Carob nut and make sure that the
    blue one you get is of opposite sex from your green..
    Also remember to now look at 7.2 of my guide as you can now get another Materia
    using the blue chocobo.
      8.3  Black Chocobo
    Now, rememebr your two new cloured chocobo's?  Well I advise you feed 'em
    greens and get your ass up to Gold Saucer and get them to B class.  They are
    pretty good though so it shouldn't take too long.
    Now once you have done that, it's time to breed them, and again, the Carob Nut
    is what you need.  However you want to make it that the black chocobo you get
    as a result is a different sex to that of your yellow "wonderful" chocobo.
      8.4  Gold Chocobo
    I know, it's about fricken time.  Well here's what you need to do (after
    waiting an hour again).  To waste this hour get you black up to A class after
    feeding him about 50 Tantal greens and if your "wonderful" yellow chocobo isn't
    A class yet get him up too.
    Now I hope you listend to me and got them to be the opposite sex....
    Next thing you need to do is look at your world map.  Look at the north-east
    corner of it.  You see two little islands, land onm the southern one of them
    and get into a fight in the forest there.  You will eventually fight Goblins.
    Steal a Zeio Nut from them (this may take a few attempts).  You sometimes get
    it anyway but beating them but it is easier to steal.
    Anyway head back to the farm and breed your A class Black with your A class
    "wonderful" yellow......
    Did it work?  If not then reset and try again.  If it did then refer to section
    7.2 of my guide to find out how to finally get the Knights of the Round
    Materia, you've earned it :)
    Just one final thought about the chocobo section.  I will not be a happy camper
    if I get any emails saying that my method above didn't work.  There are many
    ways of breeding chocobos and THIS WAY WORKED FOR ME!  So should work for you.
    Firstly I would like to thank........
    Alan "GiroKing" Hunter
    Helping me keep the website running and doing a spot of beta testing along the
    way, thanks Alan, nice one :)
    Louise Cassells
    My gorgeous girlfriend has been great with her moral support (aka nagging me to
    finish the guide).  Her beta testing was also of great help and when she gets
    round to checking the grammar on this thing she will be a great help :)  (If
    you look closely at the guide, the grammar is excellent until a certain point
    in the game, she will finish it eventually, honest) :D
    Graham McNaught
    Told you I would do it ;)
    From the Game Faqs FF7 boards....
    Phoenix Cypher
    rebirth flame 2002
    Almighty Ruler
    SoftReset - he knows why :)
    Those who have emailed help....
    Mike Long
    Christian Sigrist
    Im sure more of you have emailed. If you have and I have forgot you then please
    email me again :)
    Last, but by no means least
    I would have to thank Chris Macdonald (aka Kao Megura).  The man who wrote the
    best FF guide on the net.  This guide wouldn't be as good as it is now if it
    were not for him.  Like many FF7 guide writers before me, during several sticky
    points in the writing of my guide, I have been able to turn to his as a
    refrence which has been extremely helpful.  As this guide has been written on
    and off again over the coarse of three years, I am aware that I may have quoted
    from Chris' guide on one or two occasions.  Problem is, I no longer remember
    where as the bulk of this guide was written in 2001.  Chris if you ever read
    this and notice I have possibly used a portion of your text without stating so
    and giving you credit then please get in touch with me and I will be more than
    happy to edit my guide to your prefrence.  Plagiarism has never been my
    intention Chris and it still remains the case.
    Thank you .
    That's that.
    			Copyright 2000/2003 SPM Productions

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