Can I help the sick man in the slums?

  1. When you first visit him with Aerith she says "He are sick." or something like that and he has the tatoo of a number 2. Just trying to see if there is an item that I can get from him or and item to give him

    User Info: pngwn7

    pngwn7 - 12 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. People are thinking of the wrong guy. Nope I'm pretty sure you can't help him in any way.

    User Info: Smallells

    Smallells - 12 years ago 10   5

Other Answers

  1. I think i remeber helping a long time ago with one of the medicines you can get from a coupon. im not sure its been years since i last played my memory is a bit fuzzy.

    User Info: happypor100pre

    happypor100pre - 12 years ago 14   8
  2. oh, you mean the "this guy are sick" guy,right?
    that's got to be the worst grammar in the game,lol.

    No, you cannot help him.


    He's a clone, just like those hooded figures in nibelheim and the whirlwind maze.He has a "2" on his hand.
    If you go back later in the game, a guy will mention that those hooded guy's came and left with him, muttering something about a reunion

    User Info: rizo23

    rizo23 (Expert) - 12 years ago 12   6
  3. Yes, you must give the guy some medicine. After you help him out he gives you a key item that you use for the cross-dressing part of the game when you are searching for tifa

    User Info: daus420

    daus420 - 12 years ago 20   42
  4. What trap of medicine, do we give him thou?

    User Info: BlueCannoneer73

    BlueCannoneer73 - 5 months ago

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