Midgar zolom? (first chance)

  1. I'm having a probem getting beta from him. I've beaten him once, but he didn't use it. (doing solo challenge by the way). now every time he gets low on health, he knocks me out of the battle. Anyone else ever have this problem? any suggestions? Brisingr2 - 12 years ago

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  1. Ok...
    I'm surprised there hasn't been a complete answer to this yet - I always make it a priority to get Beta before I even go to Kalm.

    One: I usually have a party of Cloud, Aeris, and Barrett. Obviously, you can have whatever party you want, but this has been the best for me.

    Two: after you leave Midgar, be sure to steal an Atomic Scissors for Barrett. This will give him higher ATK to help with lowering Midgar Zolom's HP. Also learn the enemy skill "Matra Magic".

    Three: make your way across the Midgar Swamp without fighting the Zolom. This is possible without a Chocobo if you time it correctly. Normally the Zolom should be all the way to the left before you start walking.

    Four: go into the Mythril Mine, go to the exit at the right of the screen (the game will not allow you to go left before you go to Kalm) and be sure to grab the "Long Range" Materia from the 2nd level.

    Five: BUILD LEVELS. The Matra Magic you learned earlier should help with most of the weaker-leveled creatures in this cave. If you get VERY lucky with the Zolom, it's possible to beat him around level 16. (Basically you're banking on a Zolom "miss".) LIMIT LEVELS: I like to have Meteorain for Cloud, Fury Brand or Planet Protector for Aeris, and Satellite Beam for Barret. These are mostly just to make things easier - last time I did this I only had Meteorain, and you don't even NEED that. If you need help building Limits, check out the Limit Break Mechanics Guide by GideonD

    Six: I usually build until level 24 with Cloud. This puts your HP around 1000 (Materia equipped) and will give you enough HP to win.

    Seven: All of your characters can be in the back row, since you aren't going to be "Attacking" at all. Equip Cloud with an Elemental-Fire on his Armor, and give him a Cure and the Enemy Skill. Give Aeris a Restore-All, and some sort of Attack Materia (NOT Fire), and Give Barrett some sort of Attack Materia (Again, NOT Fire). It's probably a good idea to have all 3 characters 'Limit-Ready' for the start of the fight.

    Eight: SAVE BEFORE YOU FIGHT. Seriously. I hope that wasn't a necessary step for me to write. Also, don't go all the way into the middle of the water to fight. Stay RIGHT NEXT to the shore.

    Nine: The Fight. Start by using your limit breaks. If Aeris has Fury Brand. great, save hers for last, then use Cloud's and Barrett's again. (Be careful you're not too powerful, or this might kill the Zolom right away) This should put Zolom in the 'Upright' pose. Attack with only Barrett, and heal with Aeris and Cloud. After a few attacks, Zolom will knock Barrett out of the fight (Since he's the only one attacking. Zolom will only knock out the person that last attacked him). After Barrett is gone, Use Aeris to attack and Cloud to heal. If you can time the turns right, Cloud will be at full health when Zolom casts Beta (Aeris's health doesn't matter, you're probably at a low enough level where she'll die no matter what). Now...Cloud should take half of the Fire Damage because of the Elemental-Fire, leaving him with about 400 or so. Right after he casts Beta, Zolom will attack. Being that Cloud is in the back row, he should only take around 250 damage or so from the attack. Beta + Attack should have maxed Clouds Limit Gauge, so if you feel confident that Zolom is a goner, go ahead and Meteorain it up. Otherwise, you and the Zolom can exchange a few rounds of Heal and Attack until you're comfortable with Cloud's health, then go ahead and perform your Limit Break, and then cast spells until he's dead.

    Ten: Get your butt back to shore before you get attacked again. Thus the "Stay close to the shore" tip in step 8. Then go ahead and save. Hopefully you planned it so you're on the Chocobo Farm side of the swamp at this point, but either way works.

    Hope this helped.
    agentpyro - 12 years ago 6   1


  1. This is no surprise when you know his AI.
    He will never use Beta unless he has blown away at least one character, so learning Beta in a scc isn't possible.
    You either have to allow a second character for this battle or just forget about learning it ><
    lolo26 (Expert) - 12 years ago 2   0
  2. he uses beta when his hp drops below 1000
    he uses it especially as a counter-attack
    so to get it as an enemy-skill, have somebody with the Fire and Elemental materia joined together within one character's armor and hope for the best
    foyah - 12 years ago 1   1
  3. As a matter of fact, it IS *possible* to get Beta from Midgar Zolom during the visit to Marshes; however, it is extremely difficult and, to some extents, depends on your luck. (For example, Midgar Zolom might knock the one holding Enemy Skill materia out of the battle.) If you plan to do this, I advise you to read Absolute Steve's FAQ, section "{10} Chocobo Ranch, the Marshes, and the Mythril Mines", found in the FAQ section of this site. (It's just two clicks away.)

    However, your best next chance to get Beta is on disc 1, after getting Buggy from Gold Saucer and acquiring Big Guard enemy skill. Big Guard can be an invaluable asset in your battle against Midgar Zolom.

    Midgar Zolom counterattacks with Beta when it HP falls below 1500.
    FleetCommand1 - 12 years ago 2   2
  4. As others have answered, yes this is possible. So summarize it succinctly:
    Equip someone with Fire-elemental material armor (Barret is preferable, I believe.), back-row, tranquilizer him before battle, and keep then at full health. Be aware that he'll blow away the last person who attacks him. Building a limit up with prior to battle will help also. Keep trying, and it will work though.
    Narroo - 12 years ago 0   0
  5. Ok it IS possible to get Beta your first run through because i have done it before. Be prepared to spend hours attempting the same thing over and over or get lucky.

    A lot of what Narroo said is true. Keep in mind that the more you do the battle the more you can see how the battle is going. I forget the steps, but i do remember there is a system on who you can choose who he will knock out.

    I believe its something along the line of after he passes below a certain % in health and the next person who attacks him gets booted from the fight. Basically whoever you have equipped with fire-elemental in your armor in the back row, dont even use this person to attack.

    After you get down to 2 ppl he will use beta normally after he gets below a %, the other person will die and the person you have with the fire-elemental should survive. If you time it right you need to make sure you get to full health or use a phoenix down on someone that way you can get back on track and kill this guy.

    Also make sure you actually KILL him. If you learn the skill and run away from the match you will lose the enemy skill that you just learned.

    Overall, it boils down to how long you are willing to spend getting Beta. After i got it, i could blow through everything for a long time ;).
    prinnydood324 - 12 years ago 0   1
  6. Get him under 2000 HP and wish for good luck that he will use it. SantanaTony - 12 years ago 0   1
  7. I think he only casts Beta after his HP goes under 1/8 or something like that.

    You just have to keep your fingers crossed, there's no real strategy.
    Metafractal - 12 years ago 0   2
  8. you CAN kill it but i never tried, also you can get an enemy skill from it

    i only managed to kill it when i got level 40 which is waaay further in the story

    it has 4000 health and beta does massive damage, all i can say is the only problem is that it can wipe one of your party members from the battle, i would avoid it i never used the enemy skill anyway... trine is useful tho
    Icheeva - 12 years ago 0   2
  9. Ok, to be honest, there are probably ways to do it that take a while.
    But it's not worth it. You don't get any special items, (I'm pretty sure) and the exp you get can actually throw off your game for a while when your highly overpowered. If you really want to have the accomplishment of beating it, you might as well just come back and beat it later.
    It all depends what your really looking to do. And I don't think beating it makes any real difference to your game completion percentage.
    Solnai505 - 12 years ago 0   3
  10. I rlly dont think that you should do it now. come back when you have around 1400-1600 hp. this way, you dont die as soon as he uses beta... because it does around 1000-1200 damage. And you defenitely need the "trine" enemy skill. I got beta with cloud (lv 31, rune blade, trine, cure 2, approx 1550 hp) cid (lv 31, spear, life or raise, approx 1500 hp), and cait sith (lv 29, yellow megaphone, no magic, approx 1550hp) no problem. and like solnai said, you get like no experience, and no stuff (like 300 xp and 400 gil, mayb an item or two). ARMY5partan117 - 12 years ago 0   3
  11. It is possible to get Beta on the first time.. I managed to get through the marsh without buying the expensive Chocobo lure...

    First of all, you should at least have 2 Enemy skill Materia, One from red XIII and one dropped after battle in Shinra Lab.

    Next is to be able to fight him until HP of the midgar zolom would drop to critical...
    This is easier with All your main characters on "Sadness", by using Tranquilizers on them, and with there Limit Charge Full at the Start of the Fight... Use "Scan" materia, to keep track on HP and Clouds Cross Slash to Petrify The Zolom And Choco/mog materia, or matra magic<can be learned fighting enemies outside Midgar and using manipulate> and keep hitting it while petrified... When petrify loses effect, Its HP Should be critical... Use the character with no E. Skill, and this character should be blown away... and use another character and wait for him to be blown away too...

    *You'll know that Its HP is Critical when it changes Poise -- "Tall and ready to bite"
    *Ready lots of phoenix downs and Tranquilizers
    *You may have to heal the zolom with Potion if it would die after an attack
    *Do not use Barret's Mind Blow, and other MP Damaging attacks -- Zolom would not have enough MP to cast Beta
    headshot19xz - 12 years ago 1   6
  12. its impossible to get Beta from him the first time you leave Midgar. You'd have to wait until the second disc potentially when you get Highwind and you have much stronger spells. He's got about 4000 HP, and when he gets below 1000, he'll use Beta. Grandstream - 12 years ago 0   13

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