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  1. I have everything the problem is i dont know the fastest way to level up my materia So I know about unknowns im gonna assume they have the most AP But i have no idea what morph materia does?

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    Vex225247 - 9 years ago

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  1. Arguably the best place to level Materia, is dependent on where you are in the game.

    If you're on the last disc, it's in the Northern Crater, and more than likely the swamp area. You can fight Magic Pots and Movers. Movers are rather rare, but give lots and lots of AP.

    If you're on the first or second disc is really just a matter of where enemies give high AP, and where you can encounter groups of enemies often.

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  1. If you kill an enemy with the Morph materia, you'll turn it into an item.

    The most useful place for this is the sunken Gelnika ship underwater, the monsters there turn into +1 stat consumables.

    Yuffie's "Conformer" weapon also gives the highest damage for using Morph with and usually has the same damage output as a normal attack.

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  2. I have to say that the best, best place to level materia is, sadly, a one-time fight.

    Emerald Weapon, when destroyed, gives 50,000 AP. Per Materia. Combined with double / triple growth weapons/armor, that one battle alone can max out all but the late-game summons in one shot, and can put a severe dent in even those expensive summons. I'll give you my battle strategy to make that happen below.

    For "most AP from an enemy", that distinction goes to the magic pots (IIRC) in the final cave. However, to "kill" them you need to feed them an elixer, so that gets expensive fast.

    For "best ratio of AP/time" that doesn't cost you an item for each shot, go to the aforementioned Crashed Gelnika.


    Emerald Weapon - Party = Cid (with his triple-growth spear, it's the only triple-growth weapon with a linked materia pair) Cloud (with triple-growth Apocalypse sword), and a victim of your choice (I usually prefer Vincent, but pick the one you like) with Ruby (doubler) armor.

    Cid gets Knights of the Round linked to HP absorb in the weapon, and W-Summon.
    Cid and Cloud get Mastered Mime materias. Yes, you need to master 2 of them before you try this...
    Third victim gets the unmastered mime in his Ruby Ring.

    Fill the rest of the slots with materia of your choice, I just seriously recommend putting most of the high-end late game summons onto the tripler-weapons. Also, make sure you know how much AP they need to level, don't put a materia needing 40,000 AP to max out in a tripler slot if you have a lower slot to work with, actually, I usually avoid putting materia that "small" into the battle, I'd rather max out a lot of rarely-used expensive materia than common materia I may have maxed 2 out already...

    Battle Tactic is easy as all heck, quickly skip to Cid, have him double-summon Knights of the Round, then all 3 of them mime away. The linked HP absorb will give the user 10% of the damage KotR does back as health, the double shot should heal most any character to full, which is how you keep your party alive through Emerald's "basic" attacks. If he does Air Tam, you're dead no matter what, so save right before trying this. I have timed this and it takes a little over 19 minutes for all the KotR animations and the couple of attacks Emerald sneaks out, so you could get away with not needing the underwater materia, though I usually take it for insurance.

    In the Gelnika, the pure-physical attack beast has 11,000 HP, the floaty-kite thing has 12,000, and the flower has 13,000. I track those values to know when to morph, AND to take advantage of a little trick I learned - it takes something like 10-20 kills to get to the next limit level, and 10 uses of the "first" limit break of a level to get the second. If you kill a monster with a limit break, it counts as "using" it twice... (so 5 limit-kills = next level)
    The Kite Monster can inflict Rage, IIRC with a hit. Ribbon the now-raged character, cause the kite can sadden him too.
    Using the rapid refill of the limit break meter from rage, said character goes on a tear putting the final blows on 5 enemies. That will unlock the second limit break of that level. He then goes on a tear killing/morphing all the enemies fought, till he unlocks the next level, at which point he goes back to using limit breaks to kill 5 monsters...

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  3. Boss battles offer the most ap. the north cave also has lots of monsters that have a fair bit of ap to offer. dont forget to use weapons or armor that have a double or triple growth rate to master the materia's that take the longest ( like knights of the round table).
    Morph allows you to transform an enemy into an item,but the blow must be the one that kills it,or it wont do anything at all.not all monsters can be morphed. the trouble with morph is it is a weak attack , so sometimes you'll find yourself using it a few times in a row untill finally the monster's health is low enough that you can morph it.However,if you have yuffie, and her ultimate weapon- the conformer (which can be found on the sunken gelinka,in the research room, your view of it is mostly blocked by an overhead pipe)you can morph monsters easier, because the weapons strength conforms to the level of the enemy.
    Now, each monster on the sunken gelinka can be morphed into a kind of "source" for boosting a particular stat:
    unknown: morph's into power source. use demi3, then morph with yuffie.
    unknown2: morph's into guard source. use demi3 twice if need be, then..morph with yuffie.
    unknown3 morph's into magic source. its lvl 52, so you can use enemy skill "L4 suicide" twice to knock its health low enough to morph with any character.
    serpent: morph's into mind source. its lvl 40, so you can use L4 suicide on it twice just like unknown 3
    poodler: morph's into speed source. use demi2 or 3,then morph with yuffie.
    bad rap: morph's into luck source. use demi3, then morph with yuffie.
    the last two monsters are found in the small hallway and come in bunches or mixed in. to make short work of them have demi( or master magic) linked with all so you can hit them all at once, and if you have the "mega all" materia you can morph them all in one attack

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  4. what i did was i had Cid and Cloud equipped with their triple materia growth weapons, and somebody with a double. i also had everyone equipped with a rune armlet so thats atleast double the growth in all the materia. anyways, i went to the "swamp" area in the northern crater and fought. it takes a couple hours of fighting duplicating elixers and such to level up the magic materia twice and the summons once. with also mastering a lot of different command independent and support materia as well. Just so you know, Knights of the Round is so annoying to level up, it takes too long

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  5. I recommend going into the north crater with at least 1 elixer, and a w-item materia. Do the trick to get max elixers, then go to the swamp like area, put on the best growth equipment, equip the materia you want to level up, and fight magic pots, first by giving them an elixer, and then hacking away. One single kill of them is 1800 ap, coupled with growths, will give you a ton of ap, of up to 5400 ap PER magic pot, and there can be 2 of them inone battle, so that is the absolute best way to level up materia.

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  6. There are two methods:

    Before you get to the Northern Crater, you can fight the Midgar Zolom. Equip your double/triple AP weapons and armor, and chain together Final Attack + Phoenix on someone. Then, put a quarter or something on your attack button and hold it in place with a rubber band. He doesn't really give much AP per battle, but you can leave the game unattended; Midgar Zolom is the only enemy that finds you. If the average battle lasts 30 seconds, and you leave the game going for 1 hour, you've just made 3,000 AP, or 9,000 with a triple AP equip.

    If you don't want to do that, and you have the Enemy Skills Beta and Aqualung, go to the area near Mideel. The enemies here are pretty tough, but susceptible to the above-mentioned skills. Just keep level grinding.

    If you're in the Northern Crater, the best place is easily in the upper left path with all of the beige-colored bulges. Go in there, and you'll fight against Magic Pots and Movers. Magic Pots give 1000 AP EACH, but you need to give them 1 Elixir (not Megalixir) to damage them. Movers come in threes and give 800 AP each, for a total of 2400 AP per encounter. They are pretty weak and only do physical attacks. This is easily the best place to gain AP; if you have Cloud's Apocalypse equipped, you can get 7200 AP per encounter. Ridiculous.

    Hope that helps!

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