How can I beat the Ruby Weapon?

  1. My characters' levels range from level 54 to level 61. Also, I've equipped Cloud with his best weapon, the Ultima Weapon. So how can I beat the Ruby Weapon? JadeTorchwood - 11 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Knowledge is power. With careful Prep Work and patience under pressure, you won't have a hard time VS Ruby Weapon.

    1. Bring the linked combo Elemental=Fire in your Armor (if you cannot Absorb or negate it regularly) and the linked combo Final Attack=Phoenix or Final Attack=Revive in either Weapon or Armor.
    2. Make sure everyone has immunity to Paralyze, Confusion, Frog, Small, Poison, and Slow-numb. You know what, just equip a Ribbon on everyone (Morph either Ho-Chu in the Gold Saucer's Battle Square or Master Tonberry in the Northern Cave for additional Ribbons).
    3. Building stats with Sources will also increase your survival factor (Bad Rap, Poodler, Serpent, Unknown 1, Unknown 2, and Unknown 3 are all found aboard the sunken Gelnika and each one Morphs into 1 of the 6 Sources, plus the Experience gained here isn't too shabby).
    4. Unequip any other Materia that focus on dealing Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Water, and Gravity damage, including non-Phoenix Summons, but beware of Final Attack=Phoenix activating (Ruby Weapon's Elemental Properties will make Phoenix heal it).

    Your Opponents:
    Ruby Weapon Absorbs Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Earth Elements and immune to Water and Gravity Elements and immune to the Ultima spell (so not fair). It is likewise immune to Death, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Death-sentence, Manipulate, Berserk, Peerless, and Seizure. It has 800,000 HP and 2560 MP.

    Ruby's Tentacles are immune to the same status effects except Poison. They are only immune to Water and Gravity Elements. They both have 40,000 HP and 1,000 MP.

    Your Strategy:
    Enter with only Cloud alive until Ruby digs its claw-tentacles into the ground.

    You will always enter battle Ambushed (without a message, Run Away Cancel does NOT work) and Ruby Weapon will always get a Back Attack boost on its first attack unless you Attack it first. What's worse is that until it spawns Ruby's Tentacles for the first time, Ruby Weapon is immune to all damage. More importantly, if you kill either Ruby's Tentacle, Ruby Weapon will remove both and go back into its Whirlsand Mode, so you will just have to suck it up and take the beatings from them.

    What's worse is that Summoning or W-Summoning Knights of the Round will cause Ruby Weapon to counter with Ultima.

    If you can deal lots of Non-Elemental Damage without KotR, you must use it. Otherwise, just suck it up and take the Ultima beatings via the Mime Materia. Linking HP Absorb=KotR will buffer your HP against Ultima, but you'll still need some help from Spirit Sources (use Morph on a Serpent) and (possibly) an active M-Barrier. The best non-KotR linked combo for Ruby Weapon is, by far, Quad Magic=Bahamut Zero, so use it.

    When Ruby Weapon unearths its claw-tentacles, start healing ASAP. When it buries them again, go on the offensive with another dose of Quad-Bahamut Zero or W-Summon KotR followed by repeated Mime Commands. Repeat until victorious or wiped out. You will need to gain some levels every time you fail.
    Kraleck - 11 years ago - report 3   6

Top Voted Answer

  1. there is one thing that you should remember bring a lot of dazers, and have hades summon on 1 or 2 if you like it too, after ruby put out its tentacles paralyze it dazers or with hades and be sure to paralyze ruby too. the use of w-item would be recommended to paralyze both ruby and its tentacles. if it's paralyze it can't counter with ultima so as long as someone is constantly paralyzing both you could w-summon KotR and other powerful summons(Bahamut Zero and Neo Bahamut is recommended because of its piercing ability and even pandora's box enemy skill)

    as long as you paralyze it all the way after a few summons(at least 10 or more), ruby will fall like any other
    edbranstein - 11 years ago - report 4   0

Other Answers

  1. Ruby Weapon is a hard fight no matter what level u are, but its easier than emerald weapon.
    Although Ultima Weapon is cloud's best weapon, i would suggest equipping the Ragnarok sword instead of Ultima, the only reason is because of all the AP u get from beating Ruby and will always level up most of all your equiped materia. the party i used was cloud, cid, and yuffie.
    weapon: Ragnarok
    armor: Escort guard or mystile
    assessory: ribbon
    materia: HP absorb+knights of the round/ hades/mime/ Final attack+ pheonix / W-Summon/ HP plus/ MP plus/ All+revive/anything else u want.
    weapon: Oritsuru
    armor: minerva band
    assessory: ribbon
    materia: Neo Bahamut/ mime/ HP plus/ MP plus/ Final attack+pheonix/ anything else u want
    weapon: Javelin
    armor: escort guard or mystile
    assessory: ribbon
    materia: Bahamut Zero/ mime/ HP plus/ MP plus/ Final attack+ pheonix/ anything else u want

    Start by killing all party members, except cloud. enter the battle with ruby, use revive on your party, if u have revive2 u can bring all your party to full health. when cloud can attack again, W-summon Hades, followed by knights of the round, most times if your lucky Hades will paralyze Ruby, allowing knights to not be countered by Ultima. countinue to mime the process if any members die they have Final-attack+phoenix, which will revive them or any members down, doesn't always work though. as long as u mime Hades+ knights of the round u are golden, since mimeing doesn't use magic its free. also since knights has HP absorb connected i will gain back 9999 HP each attack. countinue to mime Hades+knights and Ruby will go down in about 10-20 rounds.
    terryd23 - 11 years ago - report 2   1
  2. You need mime materia. _0blivion_ (Expert) - 11 years ago - report 4   5
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