What is the best strategy for getting 64000 BP from the battle square?

  1. I think it would be to the benefit of the fellow gamers to know the best or fastest strategy to get 64,000 BP so to obtain Cloud's fourth limit: Omni-Slash. I will leave the question open for debate until everyone has come to a conclusion. Keep in mind there are (almost) no stupid responses or questions.

    User Info: Sinalve

    Sinalve - 10 years ago
  2. Ok, I am stupid. I mistook the W-Summon's cost for Omni-Slash's. But the point is to find good ways to win lots of BP. I'm leaving the question open a while longer for continued discusion.

    User Info: Sinalve

    Sinalve - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Though this is not the proper forum for this, per se, and Omnislash is never 64,000 BP, I'll do my best to answer the question after I back up my initial statements.

    Not the proper forum - The answers section is not for discussion of the game. That's what the message boards are for. The answers section is there if you need help with something in the game. You ask a question, people answer, others vote on the answers given, and the question asker selects the answer most helpful to them.

    Omnislash is never 64,000 BP - At most Omnislash is 51,200 on disc one. Omnislash being 64,000 BP is a common misconception about this game.

    As far as reaching 64,000 BP. I would say your best bet would be to wait until you have a Gold Chocobo and a Ribbon to use for an accessory. Also recommended would be Ultimate Weapon for whichever character you're using in the Battle Arena and either the Mystile or Ziedrich.

    A majority of the BP comes from the slot selection of the final battle. During the first six spins, aim for anything other than broken item, weapon or armor. Frog and mini will be blocked by the ribbon. On the seventh and final slot selection, try to get the break all materia handicap. You'll receive an automatic 10,000 BP for winning the final battle with this handicap plus whatever else you've earned through the rest of the Battle Arena.

    User Info: gmo7897

    gmo7897 (Expert) - 10 years ago 6   17

Other Answers

  1. Some tips for Materia to use:
    --Enemy Skill - This can instant the semi-difficult Ghost Ship enemy if you meet it on the final round (use White Wind and target it to Petrify it, winning instantly) and has tons of useful Enemy Skill Magic to use if you're diligent in searching for them (especially Big Guard, Trine, Beta, Magic Hammer, and the aforementioned White Wind).

    --(W-Summon=Knights of the Round), (Mime) - KotR is devastating against Tonberry and Ho-Chu and this'll do it twice per cast, guaranteeing havoc being wreaked by you. Mime until the rest are dead

    --(Final Attack=Phoenix) and/or (Final Attack=Revive) - This combo prevents an unlucky hit from destroying your win streak.

    --(Added Effect=Time) - Haste by itself is a good thing, but slowing or stopping foes with attacks (Weapon) or being immune to Slow/Stop (Armor, backup in case you get Accessory Break and lose the Ribbon) are much better.

    --(Added Effect=Transform, Armor) - It turns out that Accessory Break is a lot more common than you think. Protection against the Frog & Mini Reels as a backup is great.

    --(Added Effect=Mystify, Armor) - Yadda-yadda-yadda...Accessory Break...blah-blah-blah...Confusion & Berserk are bad...rabble-rabble-rabble...backup plan...

    --HP Plus, MP Plus, etc. - Last longer in battle, health- and magic-wise.

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck - 10 years ago 2   8

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