PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File11/26/02Peet131K
All characters maxed, an npc ultima demon added for sng
Save Game File04/22/04Mari chan131K
All special characters, Cloud Lv. 99, Beowulf Zodiac "Teacher"
Save Game File10/27/050_Ramza_0131K
At begining of the game with powerful Characters .
Save Game File12/30/00JPeeples131K
At fourth battle.
Save Game File05/16/01Sir Elric131K
At the first battle of the story, in Gariland Magic City. Olan is premanently in the party as a Level 1 Astronomer.
Save Game File02/09/18Arg0naut_5131K
At the first battle with Balmafula added. Additional characters like Gafgarion and Izlude unlocked through the proposition system inside various bars along the way.
Save Game File08/08/02SailorCallie19K
At the last save before the Final Battle. Everyone, Ramza included, are at Level 99 and learned most jobs.
Save Game File03/05/05Bloodstained Agar131K
End of the game, All "secret characters", Deep Dungeon finished, All items, All propositions made, All characters with all skills (inc. Zodiac) and level 50, chars LUD to death.
Save Game File06/20/02CocaColaCat19K
Last map save point, best equips, all jobs learned, level 99
Save Game File05/19/03Bizonchik128K
Middle of Chapter 1 with Hero and 3 soldiers Mastered all Classes and at Level 99. Have _all_ items in inventory!
Save Game File02/17/03Razma999131K
Most Characters at lvl 99. Almost every type of monster and a lot of classes mastered. Right before end game battle sequence.
Save Game File08/07/01Anduril131K
New game with maxed inventory and boosted stats for all the characters that are ever on your team. All jobs mastered, and everybody has Teleport 2, letting them move anywhere.
Save Game File11/13/03Skr131K
Ramza, two male soldiers and two female at level 99, and all the jobs mastered (Except for Summoner 'Zodiac' left), and pretty good money, at the very beginning of the game just before entering the first time to Igros Castle
Save Game File03/20/03Fragnarok131K
Save right after the fight at Gariland with 15 special enemy units in the party, all of them at level 1.
Save Game File05/02/03Kouli131K
Saved at beginning of Chapter 3. The party contains a Maxed Out Ramza only.
Save Game File05/02/03Kouli131K
Saved at the beginning of Chapter 2. The party contains Maxed Out Ramza and two Maxed Out Guests.
Save Game File05/03/03Kouli131K
Saved at the beginning of Chapter 4. The party contains a Maxed Out Ramza only.
Save Game File04/30/03Kouli131K
Saved at the beginning of the game. The party contains a Maxed Out Ramza and a Maxed Out Delita only.
Save Game File05/05/03Kouli131K
Saved before Altima. The party contains a Maxed Out Ramza only.
Save Game File07/18/01t.sakurambo131K
Start Chapter 1 with Cloud in your party, fully-equipped.
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
Super powered save before end battles. All bonus characters including Cloud from ff7 with all main job abilities learned. All summons learned including Zodiac, and all rare items obtained from Deep Dungeon.
Save Game File10/15/01ashtonanchors131K
This is a fun save with 14 different characters that you couldn't get with out an outside device, many with abilities that are very hard, or almost impossible to get.
Save Game File07/20/01Colonial Red131K
This save starts you at Gariland Magic city with ALL extra characters (except Worker 8 and Byblos) and you also get Olan and Gafagarion.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File07/11/08NostalgicX3K
Act 4 - Near the End. Uber Team
Save Game File01/13/08SilvosForever3K
End of Game. All Secret Characters obtained (only missing Rad, Alicia, Lavian and Boco uniques). Genji set, Materia Blade, and all Move-Find Treasures from Deep Dungeon, Nelveska Temple, and Germinas Peak acquired.
Save Game File07/14/09CocaColaCat3K
Last map save point, best equips, all jobs learned, level 99

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