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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Best. Game. Ever. 09/27/10 UltimaterializerX
Best Strategy RPG Ever? Hardly. 08/09/06 Kariana
A game that appears once in a blue moon 08/09/05 Aegis Shield
Proving that there is no kind of RPG Square can't master 08/31/04 Aganar
Overflowing with customization and content, Final Fantasy Tactics demands hours of playtime. You will gladly oblige. 06/04/18 Archmonk Iga
Never shame your name... Never tolerate injustice... 12/10/12 Bkstunt_31
A deep and brilliant game 03/25/04 bryan12112
Final Fantasy Tactics, even years after its release, still manages to impress. 08/12/04 C.LE
Great Gameplay and Music, but the terrible Storyline hurts it. 04/27/09 Calamity
On the fence? A take on what makes this the greatest game of all-time. 02/12/08 Cecil255
Do not get too addicted now! 03/18/01 chameleon
Quite simply, a masterpiece 02/18/10 DDJ
My gift is my song, and this one's for you... 02/03/09 discoinferno84
The definitive review for my #1 favorite game... 07/30/00 EPoetker
Chess Meets Final Fantasy 08/15/04 Frowdo
Surprisingly enough, this game is superb... 11/07/03 Gbness
Hey, wait, where the hell did my nose go? 09/14/03 Halron2
As Bold As Can Be 07/05/06 hecktic00
The game that blows FF7 out of the water and into the stratosphere. 02/21/04 IMAP
Answer the call of adventure and set foot inside the amazing world of Ivalice. 10/10/14 Kashell Triumph
War. Betrayal. Murder. Every 30 Seconds. 10/14/05 Kenri
The Final word in great RPG gaming! 01/27/04 majikmonkee75
The game that destroyed my life. 10/04/05 MSuskie
You just can't stop once you start. 07/24/14 nastynate3118
My life became more meaningful for the 60 hours I played this game. How sad am I? 07/03/03 Psycho Penguin
The Final Fantasy with leader ship qualities that brushes off vanity and shows reality of how a great game should be. 05/22/01 SaintAjora
Truly a masterpiece 12/21/04 Shivan Reincarnated
Remember when games used to change your life? 06/05/04 shneepshnop
A Wellspring of Enjoyment 07/21/05 Shotgunnova
A good showing, but too many flaws prevent it from being a great one. 10/04/10 SilverMelee
Final Fantasy Tactics, a new taste in the final fantasy series 07/21/04 SSJ10Gohan
What hasn't been said...? 12/22/03 VanZahn
Final Fantasy VII was just a mere warm-up for this! 07/13/04 White Ninja
Buidling on its long line of Final Fantasy games, Square produces a strategy fantasy game that is truely original! 04/26/01 Wildlight
Terrific 06/27/05 XmushXroomX
The first Final Fantasy game I ever played. 03/13/06 Y2JkicksRVD
It's Final Fantasy, except now you have to use some Tactics to win. 10/28/08 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Square creates a game with replay, despite the extremely long battles. 04/26/01 Andrew K.
Strategy based Final Fantasy gives RPGers a break from traditional FF styles 04/26/01 Behreandto
A great game... if you can take it 04/26/01 CWildfyre
It's not about how good your power or magic are.....just trust your brave & faith to create a tactics ! 04/26/01 Descartes
A strategy game with an excellent plot 04/26/01 Dr.Zan
This Game Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad 08/03/10 Fishface81
Your usual, great Final Fantasy game 03/20/00 Gruel
The best Final Fantasy ever? 03/25/01 Guerrilla Soldier
Great game... wise plot... stunning graphics... amazing sounds... slow action... 04/26/01 Jeezus
One of the greatest masterpieces of all time! 04/26/01 Layzie Liu
If there is a game that deserves a sequel, this is the game. 04/26/01 Massacred
Can SquareSoft make strategy games too? 04/26/01 MasterReviewer
A Masterpiece... 04/26/01 MatthiasX
A Good Game, Great storyline, great graphics, great sound, but not original at all. 04/26/01 MCantrell
A True Strategy Game With The Deserving Final Fantasy Name 04/26/01 NeoSeifer
The pinnacle of 32-bit gaming. 04/26/01 Ninjak
The Pinnacle of tactics gaming!!!! 04/26/01 PContaminator
The best strategy RPG...period 07/26/01 roadkill
This game has great gameplay,sound,and replay.Plese Square make a sequel! 04/26/01 Truegamer
SRPG perfection 10/10/07 wolverinefan
RPG + Strategy equals one great game! 07/15/03 XeroXtancy
One of the best PSX RPGs out there 04/26/01 YankeeJTC

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