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Miscellaneous Info Guide by DragonKnight Zero

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/20/06

                      Final Fantasy Tactics
                     Not So Common Knowledge
                   written by DragonKnight Zero
          e-mail: dragonknight_zero (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
                  Version 2.0 complete: 7-20-06

   - Introduction
   - Legal jazz
   - What's New
   - Making the most of your abilities
   - Special class notes
   - Info on status effects
   - Battle notes
     . Fort Zekaden
     . Araguay Woods
     . Zirekile Falls
     . Zigolas Swamp
     . Golgarand Execution Site
     . Gate of Lionel Castle
     . Inside of Lionel Castle
     . Lesalia Imperial Capital
     . Yadrow Fort City
     . Yuguo Woods
     . Gate of Riovanes Castle
     . Inside Riovanes Castle
     . Roof of Riovanes Castle
     . Bervania Free City
     . Finath River
     . Zeltenia Castle Church
     . In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
     . Poeskas Lake
     . At the gate of Limberry Castle
     . Inside Limberry Castle
     . Underground Cemetery beneath Limberry Castle
     . Igros Castle
     . Morund Holy Palace: 2nd battle
     . Colliery Underground Storage, Third floor
     . Passage beneath Goland
     . Nelveska Temple
     . END
     . Underground Book Storage, Fifth floor
     . Lost Sacred Presincts
     . Graveyard of Airships
   - Tough random battles
   - Extra battlefield hidden items.
   - Character strategies
   - Item duping for free
   - Recruiting Cloud
   - Playing hints
   - Shopping checkpoints
   - Did you know?
   - Enemy spell descriptions
   - High faith/low brave quotes
   - Enemy skillset generation
   - Challenges
   - I'm still confused.
   - Questions and Answers
   - Credits
   - Contacting me

     A collection of FF Tactics tips and information that I have not
seen anywhere else plus some other stuff that I felt was good to pass
on that I have only seen in one or two other places.  Most information
is based on my own experience.  What's here isn't my work alone anymore;
go see the Credits section to find out.

Legal jazz:
     Copyright 2000-2006 by Erwin Lin.  This guide is freeware but it's
not public domain.  This is my intellectual property and if anyone is going
to profit from this, it had better be me.

Terms of usage
Website usage: It is not necessary to ask my permission to put it on
a website so long as the contents of this guide are unaltered and the
site is freely accessible to anyone with a working internet connection
and compatible browser.  In simpler terms, I should be able to access
my guide on your site without inputting passwords, paying membership
fees, or any other means intended to exclude certain users.  This guide
may be converted to HTML format.  If you wish to use the guide under
conditions other than those stated above, you must recieve explicit
written consent from me first.  The latest version of this FAQ can be
found at GameFAQs.  For other sites, it is the site's responsibility to
have the latest version.
Personal usage: This guide or parts of it may be freely used for
personal and private usage.  Do not sell or publish without explicit
written consent from me.  That also means no compiling this guide or any
part of it with anything that will be sold for profit.
FAQ writers: If you wish to use a part of this guide in your own works,
give credit where it is due.

If unsure, ask.

- What's New

v2.0 7/20/06  So long without an update?  Well there's a new section devoted
to the mechanics of enemy skillsets.  Holy Dragon high faith/low brave quotes
are now in.  Been considering purging the status effect section (rendered
obselete by the mighty BMG) but it's still up for now.  E-mail reformatted to
discourage automations.

v1.9 5/7/03 I've mapped out the extra battlefields and provided the item
locations on each.  Added stuff on Holy Dragon and Steel Giant, fixed stuff
on Dragoner, added more enemy spell descriptions.  Added more info on
Concentrate.  There are other small fixes and rewrites.  Several bits have
been removed as I felt they were redundant.

v1.8 12/6/02 Lots of mistake fixing.  Fixed Charge speeds, shopping list
error: Assassin Dagger, speed values of Velius and Zalera, Wave Around is
blocked by Blade Grasp, and various other fixes.  Changed character setup 
format.  Abilities update: Monster Skill, Ignore Height, and some Jump
quirks.  Status effect update: Regen, Charm, Transperant  Playing tips:
Fun with Knockback and Fake Death  Battles: Lionel Gate and Velius: I've
done a bit of research into making Chantage work in that battle.  Some 
small stuff added to Did You Know.  Also rewrote legel section.

v1.7 2/26/02 Fixed some errors around the place.  Removed a challenge
because I felt it was redundant and added a new one.  Added stuff on
Slow and Fly to the abilities section.

v1.6 9/7/01 List of (almost) all high faith and low brave quotes is up.
Thanks to thunderstruck9 for posting this on the Gamefaqs message boards.
I've added some stuff on Lnacers, Move-MP Up, and Byblos' Parasite.
There's a new character setup in this update.  More tweaks

v1.5 7/12/01 Fourth hidden item at Bervania Volcano has been found.  Two
more tough random battles, more strategy for Araguay Woods, some new bits
in Did You Know, and more questions.  I've expanded the table of contents
to list all the battles in the Battles section.  I may do this for other
sections if there's sufficient demand.  I've tweaked my comments on Hamedo
and Shell 2; hopefully they're less confusing and misleading.  Added the
section on obtaining Cloud by popular demand.  There's the usual minor
tweaking and correction of lingering typos.  The questions policy has
been toughened up some too.  I've figured how height affects the range of
Longbows.  Look in the jobs section under Archer. (Did this without the
aid of the FFT Mechanics Guide too)

v1.4 4/21/01 Not much new here.  Added a new use for the Poison spell,
there is more speculation concerning the Velius battle, two more
challenges, and lots more questions.  I've also put up some contributor
responses on the Cloud with a gameshark question, something else to not
e-mail me about, and where Mog is mentioned in the game under Did You

v1.3 9/30/00 Enemy spell descriptions have their own section now.  I've
added some more as well.  Added Beowulf's Faith in Special Class notes,
added comments on Bervania and Zeltenia battles, added a new challenge,
two more Q&A, more tweaking

v1.2 8/27/00 Fixed the problem with the old e-mail account so I could
extract contributions and questions from there.  Added some info on
Mimes; cleared up info on Hamedo and Brave Up; removed Cyclops from
the Abilities sections (see new info on the Velius battle), added some
info on Un-Truth; added some more status effects that last beyond death;
more corrections on status changes; more tips for the Velius fight,
Elmdor fight, and the second Balk battle; more playing hints; added more
enemy spell descriptions; three more Did You Knows; a new challenge;
more Q&A, some more character strategies

v1.15 6/22/00 Rather small update: a new challenge, one more question
answered, and a few miscellaneous tidbits.  The main purpose of this
update is my new e-mail address.

v1.1 5/17/00 Fixed up something misleading for the Archer's skill
Concentrate, added two things to Did You Know, more Q&A

v1.01 4/12/00 Correction in Q&A section; I forgot that Orlandu can
equip katanas as a Holy Swordsman.

v1.0 4/10/00 Added a few things to Abilities section, removed some
things that are consolidated in Playing Hints, added more playing
hints, added some info on Reis in Special Class Notes, fixed some
errors in status changes, added some tricks for various battles, added
more challenges, added Q&A section, some cleaning up.

Making the most of your abilities:
     This is not a complete abilities list.  Instead, I list some
lesser known features, hidden properties, and ecentric uses of some of
the skills.


Dash: It's redeeming quality at the beginning of the game is that it
does not trigger the Counter reaction ability.  Nice since the game
seems to give all my characters this.  Also this skill has a 100% hit
rate.  Good for removing confusion or charm.  1.5x damage with a Monk
or Martial Arts.
Throw Stone: See Fun with Knockback in the Playing Hints section

Monster Skill: Error in the game.  Your ally monster must be right next
to the character with Monster Skill in order to use its secret ability.
If the unit with Monster Skill has the Berserk or Confusion status,
Monster Skill will not work.  Any other statuses?  I'm sure Dead, 
Petrify, and Blood Suck also nullify Monster Skill.
Defend: Doubles evade percentages.  Kind of pointless when your C-EV is
5% with no shield or mantle.

     Items can be used on units on an adjacent panel regardless of
height differences.  It does not matter whether the target is 12h
higher or if it is under or on top of an overhang.  Useful on MLAPAN.

Phoenix Down: Actual HP restoration is between 1 and 20.

Maintenence: Awesome against annoying Divine Knights.

     All break skills can be used on a sleeping, charmed, or confused
enemy without removing the status ailment unlike a normal physical

Magic Break: Two hits of this will bring any enemy down to zero MP
(unless the enemy started with more than 1998 MP).  Try this with a
Ninja or the Two Swords support skill.
Power Break: Useful for prolonged battles or when the enemy has

All stat breaking abilites can be used on a character with Maintainence
with no penalty.

     It's come to my attention via the Battle Mechanincs guide that the
accuracy penalty is caused during night battles.  All physical evasion
factors (except Blade Grasp) are increased by 1/3.  This does not apply
to the Deep Dungeon.
     I think I've figured out the range of longbows.  For every two
units of height difference, if an archer is on the higher panel the
range increases by 1.  If on the lower panel, range decreases by one for
every two units of height.

Charge speeds
     The game doesn't say how fast these skills are even though they
are calculated in the same way as spells.  So here's my list.  It's not
complete and contributions and confirmations are welcome.  The Charge
set can be used to poach monsters when you have Secret Hunt set.
     I do understand ctr.  This list is for the benefit of anyone who
cannot or doesn't want to think in terms of clockticks til resolution.

Skill       Speed

Charge+1    25 (same as Fire, Cure)
Charge+2    20 (same as Fire 2, Cure 2)
Charge+3    17 (same as Holy)
Charge+4    13 (same as Slow Dance)
Charge+5    10 (same as Bahamut)
Charge+7    no equivalent for 14 clockticks (faser than Omnislash, slower
            than Meteor)
Charge+10   5  (same as Last Dance)
Charge+20   no equivalent for 35 clockticks

Speed Save: This is fun on buffed up females with a Chantage.  They
just get faster and faster and never stay down for long.

Concentrate: A must have for your designated stealer.  Only Blade Grasp
can decrease your chances of a successful steal.  Blade Grasp, Arrow
Guard, and Catch are the only evasion factors that are active against
Concentrate.  Does not remove magic evasion.

     Female monks can overcome the attack handicap of low brave by
equipping a bag.

Revive: Returns dead units with 20% of their HP.  Does 20% damage to

Hamedo: Cancels retular attacks if the attacker is within weapon range.
However, this doesn't work against any monster abilities except regular
attacks from Archaic Demons, Ultima Demons, Apandas, and Zodiac bosses.
Use Counter instead for random battles.

Move HP-up: Restore Max HP/10 HP after a move.  No effect under Don't
Act or Berserk status.


Gil Taking: Steal (LV*Speed) gil.  High success rate makes it good for
building JP.  Vulnerable to Counter.
Steal Exp: Can be used on allies; has it's ecentric uses.  Cannot cause
target to lose a level.  Try using Steal EXP to prevent someone in a
class with bad stat growth (e.g. Bard) from gaining a level while
building JP.  Also can be useful for levelling up Mimes.

Catch: Needed to obtain multiple copies of most rare weapons without

Secret Hunt: A good way to kill undead without worrying about them
reviving.  Poached monsters (yours and the enemy) will not be tracked
under Brave Story.

     Has a slight speed bonus that makes them more effective if paired
with built-up Math Skill.

Raise: Restores half of max HP regardless of the caster's MA value
Regen: cancels poison
Shell 2: Would be more useful if it lasted the whole battle but it
doesn't so don't bother.  Same deal with Protect 2 and Haste 2.  The
main advantage are that these can be cast directly on people with
Reflect and the effect area has vertical height tolerance so it is
easier to cast on you entire team at once.

     2nd and 3rd level element spells have greater vertical range than
the 1st level spells.

Poison: The damage from the poison removes confusion or charm.  Rats.
Frog: Ideal for crippling monsters so they're easier to poach.  Doesn't
wear off with time or death.

Counter Magic: I've found that this works against the elemental guns.

Time Mage
     Time Mages have slightly better MA strength than summoners.  I
find them ideal for using summon spells without the speed handicap that
summoners have.

Haste: Everyone knows the standard use of this.  Creative players know
that it can be cast on an enemy with a death sentence to make them die
faster.  Haste likewise increases the effectiveness of turn based
status effects.
Slow: When cast on someone with 1 speed, it stops the target's CT.  The
best part is that Slow works on bosses who tend to be immune to most
other negative statuses.
Float: Actually quite useful in places like Zigolas Swamp and Bariaus
Valley which are waterlogged.
Demi 2: Calculate this one to instantly halve an enemy's (including
the Zodiac beasts) HP with no charge time or MP cost.  Otherwise, this
spell is mostly obselete.  Lich does the same thing for less MP, has the
same speed, and won't hurt your team.  Only other redeeming factor of
Demi 2 is being non elemental.

MP Switch: This is the only way to survive unavoidable attacks that do
more damage than you have HP.

     One of the most underrated jobs in the game.  I admit that I don't
use most of their spells but they are quite good as fighters once
Sticks become available.  Try them out with a Wizard Robe and Triangle
Hat midgame and see the surprisingly high amount of damage they can do.

Spell Absorb: Drains a third of the enemy's total MP.  Can be used to
scan the MP of bosses with hidden stats (does not need to be cast)
Life Drain: This is a boss killer.  It drains 25% of an enemy's HP
whether it has 80 or 800.  I recommend at least one character learn
this.  It will help out a lot at Velius.  While it doesn't do as much
damage as Lich, the spell has a quick charge time and makes the caster
able to handle himself or herself when it comes to healing.
Foxbird: Lowering brave jn general is effective against monsters.  If
nothing else, their counterattacks will be weaker and less frequent.

Absorb Used MP: This ability also works with allied spells such as
Haste and Protect as long as MP were used in the casting.

Move MP Up: May work surprisingly well on characters with MP Switch.
Restore's 1/10th of the unit's MP when moving.

     I like this class later in the game because of their ability to
equip swords and shields and their move bonus.  Plus, they can reap the
stat bonuses of the lighter armor class.

Counter Flood: Works even if you haven't learned the attack for the
terrain yet.  Careful with this one; it can hit your own characters if
the enemy was next to an ally.

     Straightforward.  Jump can be used to get consistant damage from
axes, hammers, and bags.  It's also a way of doing full damage with
katanas and Knight Swords.  Buy Horizontal Jump 2 as soon as possible.
If Jumping right next to a monster, it can counterattack when you land.
Also, you cannot use or be targeted by Jump if there is an obstacle
above you.  Jump has another quirk.  If the unit has Poison or Regen
status, the HP change doesn't occur if the unit Jumps.  This does not
apply to Death Sentence as the counter decreases at the start of the AT
rather than the end.  Another side effect is that when a unit Jumps,
timed statuses don't count down while the unit is airborne.

Ignore Height: Mostly obselete due to the existance of Teleport and Fly.
However, Fly and Teleport are disabled on frogs and chickens whereas
ignore height is not.  Still, as I've been Chicken once during my entire
FFT career and a Frog no more than twice besides at Elidibs, there's not
much to support using Ignore Height.


Golem: Like Hamedo, it doesn't block monster attacks though it's very
effective against humans.  Chaining Golem and Angel Song can be a very
effective (and cheap) tactic against human fighters.

     You can't use Talk Skill on a sleeping unit.  Go figure.

Invatation: Enemy have good equipment that you want?  Invite him or
her.  It's much quicker than stealing it if you have space in your
formation to spare.  There are some special foes that can't be
Threaten: Better than Foxbird because it doesn't depend on Faith.  It
also has over a 90% success rate most of the time.

Train: Only seems to work on monsters.  I have a very specific use for
it under Battle Notes.

     Except for Kiyomori and Masamune, the effectiveness of Draw Out
depends on the character's MA stat.  Therefore, female characters are
better suited to using the action ability.  Essentially, Samurai is a
magic user class which can equip heavy armor.  Unlike other magic using
classes, high Faith is not needed to be effective.

Blade Grasp: Another game error.  Blade Grasp does evade arrow attacks.
It also avoids guns, Jump, and Thorw.  It is ineffective against the
Counter reaction ability though so don't go whacking a Dark Behemoth
with a staff thinking Blade Grasp will keep you safe.  Other things
Blade Grasp doesn't help against are Punch Art, Basic Skill (though
that isn't a threat), and monster attacks like Choco Ball, Turn Punch,
and Throw Spirit.

     The range of Throw depends on the character's move range.  Move+2 or
3 and Germinas Boots are optimal for maximizing throw range.  Also, the
damage seems to be based only on the unit's speed and given attack power
of thrown item.  Elemental atributes of thrown weapons (Ice Brand, Flame
Whip, and a few others) do apply, therefore making throwing swords and
hammers useful.  Axes from the fur shops also are great for throwing
before Yagyu Darkness become available in Chapter 4.

Abandon: A personal favorite of mine.  Doubles evade percentages like
the Defend command but it is always active.  Works equally well on
characters with low brave and high brave.  Equipping a Feather Mantle
will give enemies no better than a 20% of hitting you from any side.
If you happen to have acquired the gold Escoutchen, Abandon will render
the character invulnerable to attacks from the front and side and
immune to magic that is avoidable (includes Dragon breath).


Damage Split: No matter how the enemy damages you, this reaction skill
can always nail them.  If your brave is high, this effectively halves
damage from all attacks.  Have fun with this.

     Sing always misses sleeping allies.  Songs also work on Guests.

Angel Song: Quite effective if several party members are using MP
Life Song: This can heal Worker 8 and is quite useful for building JP
when he is in your party.

Fly: Prevents fall damage.

     Dances will never work if the enemy is sleeping.

Brave Up: Raising Brave without Mediators  The enemies can even help
out.  Too bad it's only available for females.  You must have it
activate twice for a permanant increase.  Still, I'd rather have some
reaction that strikes back at the enemies in a heated battle.


  Mimes have an inherent Monster Skill, Concentrate, and Martial Arts.
When mimicing a spell, if the caster moved after choosing a spell,
the mimic will fail.  Move and then cast if you want the Mime to mimic
the spell.  The Attack commands of non-human allies can be Mimed.  I've
done this with Holy Dragon Reis: haven't tested with Worker 8 or Byblos.

- Special Class Notes

Holy Knight
     The game screwed up again.  For all Holy Sword skills, the
elemental atribute is determined by the weapon.  Otherwise, they are


Seal Evil: Petrifies any unit with the Undead status and has a high hit
rate.  This also works against any unit that you cast Zombie on.

     Giving Faith to the target causes the damage from Un-Truth to
skyrocket.  Now if there was only a way to make sure it hit the right

Steel Giant
     When Work is used, the HP lost is a fraction of the damage done.
It is different for each skill (not 1/4 for all of them).  Steel Giants
are weak against Lightning so keep Worker 8 far away from any Red
Dragons or he'll go down very quickly.  Steel Giants are immune to Holy
weapons. (of which there is a grand total of one)

Destroy: 1/8 of damage
Compress: 1/6 of damage
Dispose: 1/4 of damage
Crush: 1/4 of damage


Faith: I use it on my people with the spell guns so they will do more
Zombie: Hits more often than the Oracle spell.  Use Zombie to keep a
Yellow Chocobo from healing.  Cast it on any enemy and have Mustadio
use Seal Evil.  Or cast it on one of your own characters to stop drain
type attacks.
Shock: Remember that it has a range of 8 instead of 4.  This has a 100%
hit rate, unlike Beowulf's other skills.

Holy dragon

  The Holy Dragon absorbs Holy.  Not really applicable unless someone is
carrying a Holy Lance though.

Reis (human)
     She has a very high HP base that transfers to other classes.  If
she's buffed up with Equip Armor, her HP total is higher than Orlandu.
She also has the highest MA, MP, and Speed out of anyone and her PA is
the highest of any female unit.  As a Dragoner, she also has inherent
Two Swords and Train but cannot equip Shoes, Guantlets, or Mantles.

     Weak against fire, even though the game doesn't say so.  This is
true of the Byblos as well.

Parasite: Alright, I was mistaken.  This can miss.  My best guess now
is that each status has a 25% chance of hitting.  The chance of at least
one working is good though, about 90%.  There doesn't appear to be any
restriction on the number of negative statuses that will hit; I've seen
up to five at once with one use.

- Stutus affects

Duration is how long the status effect lasts if untreated.  Cancelled
by indicates the various ways of removing the status effect.  All
status effects besides Petrify, Frog, Undead, Silence, Darkness, Oil,
and Reraise are cancelled if the unit dies.  If a unit has Haste,
Regen, or Faith imparted by equipment and is inflicted by the opposite
effect (Slow, Poison, or Innocent respectively), it cannot be cured by
inflicting the opposite effect as it's not possible to give a status
to a unit which already has it.

Poison: Lose about 1/8 of max HP at the end of every turn
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Antidote, Remedy, Heal, Esuna, Stigma Magic, setting
Regen status, Choco Esuna, hit with Octogon Rod

Darkness: Physical evade percentages of target doubles.  If you would
have a 100% hit chance normally, the success rate will stay at 100%
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Eye Drop, Heal, Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, Choco Esuna

Silence: Can't use any magic (includes Ultima and Talk Skill)
Duration: whole battle
Cancelled by: Echo Grass, Heal, Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, Choco
Esuna, hit with Octogon Rod

Frog: Can't do anything escept attack or black magic Frog, attack
lowered greatly, sustain 1.5x damage from physical attacks
Duration: whole battle, not removed if killed
Cancelled by: Maiden's Kiss, Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, Frog spell,
hit from Octogon Rod

Petrify: Unit turns into statue; cannot perform any action or take
Duration: whole battle
Cancelled by: Soft, Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, Choco Esuna, hit from
Octogon Rod

Sleep: while unit is asleep CT stops, all evade percentages drop to
zero, and a physical attack does more damage.  Success rate of Steal,
Battle Skill, and some other stuff increases by a few percentage points
Duration: long
Cancelled by: Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, damage

Confusion: act randomly, hit rate drops as if affected by Darkness
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Remedy, Esuna, Stigma Magic, damage

Oil: Unit becomes vulnerable to fire attacks
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Remedy, hit from Octogon Rod, any fire attack

Charm: Unit thinks you are the enemy and vice versa.  You can walk past
a charmed enemy as if it were an ally.  Charmed units share JP with the
side that charms it.
Duration: short
Cancelled by: damage

Undead: Curative abilities hurt, unit may rise when it would normally
have crystalized or chestified, absorb any draining type attacks.
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Holy Water

Blood Suck: unit is uncontrollable and will use Blood Suck on any
nearby character, turning them into vampires as well.  Monsters are
immune to this status.
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Holy Water

Don't Move: Can't move
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Stigma Magic, Esuna, Choco Esuna, hit from Octogon Rod

Don't Act: Can't Act and evade drops to zero  Reaction Abilities are
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Stigma Magic, Esuna, Choco Esuna, hit from Octogon Rod

Slow: Speed drops by 50%
Duration: very short
Cancelled by: Haste

Stop: CT stops, evade drops to zero
duration: very short
Cancelled by: Choco Esuna, hit from Octogon Rod

Innocent: Faith-based magic used by or cast upon the unit will be
neffective.  You are not immune to all magical attacks.
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Whack 'em with the Faith Rod and hope it adds the
Faith status.  I believe this is the only way to cancel Innocent
other than letting it wear off.

Berserk: Unit madly attacks enemies without regard for its life.
Attack damage is increased
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Stigma Magic, Esuna

Invite: betray allies and join enemy party
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: nothing. If this happens to your characters, that unit is
permanantly lost.

Death Sentence: starts at 3, counts down one each AT.  Adds Dead status
at end of countdown
Duration: until countdown hits zero
Cancelled by: hit from White Staff (haven't seen it work, maybe it only
resets the counter)

Critical: Unit has less than 20% of its HP capacity.  Critical greatly
affects the AI of enemy and guest units and is a factor in several
reaction abilities and Train.
Duration: variable
Cancelled by: Any HP restoration or loss of armor that brings HP over
the 20% mark.

Dead: Unit has 0 HP and can't do anything
Duration: When the countdown reaches 0 and the CT reaches 100, the unit
will turn into a chest or crystal, never to return.
Cancelled by: Phoenix Down, Raise, Raise 2, Revive, Oink

Chicken: less than 10 Brave, unit will regain 1 brave point each turn,
can't perform any action, take 1.5x damage, success rate of Steal,
Battle Skill, and a few others increase by a few percentage points.
Duration: until brave reaches 10
Cancelled by: Praise, Cheer Up.

Protect: Reduces physical damage by about 1/3
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Shell: Reduces magical damage by about 1/3
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Regen: Recover 1/8 of total HP after each turn  Heals undead too
Duration: longer than Protect, Shell, or Haste
Cancelled by: Poison status, Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Haste: Speed increased 1.5x
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Slow status, Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Float: Does what it says, unit avoids earth elemental attacks.  Useful
for traversing water without a movement penalty
Duration: battle
Cancelled by: Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Reraise: If killed, unit will rise with 10% HP on next AT
Duration: one use or battle
Canceled by: usage, Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Transperant: Enemy AI ignores unit as if it wasn't there.
Duration: until action is perfomed
Cancelled by: a new action, Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave, damage

Faith: 100 Faith (?) Makes magic much more effective
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave, add Innocent status

Reflect: All Reflectable spells bounce off to a location based on the
unit's relative position to the caster.  A reflected spell will give no
EXP or JP even if it hits something.
Duration: short
Cancelled by: Dispel Magic, Odd Soundwave

Charging: charging ability, unit takes 1.5x damage from physical
attacks, evade is zero
Duration: until execution of ability
Cancelled by: selecting new action, moving if it is the Archer's Charge
skill (voluntarily or by force).

Defending: evade percentages double
Duration: until next AT
Cancelled by: nothing

Perfoming: Will use selected song or dance independent of user's speed.
Evade drops to zero.
Duration: N/A
Cancelled by: Choosing new action other than Sing or Dance.

* Dispel Magic refers to both the Oracle ability and Beowulf's Magic
Sword skill.

- Battle Notes
    Things of unusual interest in some of the battles.  Also included
are a few uncommon or helpful strategies.  Fun stuff involving a
particular story battle also goes here.

Fort Zekaden
  Don't break Algus' weapon.  He's actually weaker because of it.  If
you corner him and he doesn't have Basic Skill or Punch Art, he'll be
unable to damage you if you keep your units inside or outside his
crossbow range.  The computer never uses the trick that allows you to
hit someone at close range with crossbows or guns.  Also, his dialouge
will be affected by what you chose back at the Mandelia Plains.
Breaking or stealing Algus' armor and helmet is useful.

Araguay Woods
     A way of making Boco leave the corner he'll usually hide in is to
cast a Cure spell within his movement range that won't execute until
after he moves.  Another tactic is to have a character ride him.  It's
an easy battle anyways.  You can do some poaching here even though the
Goblins don't give very good stuff.

Zirekile Falls
  Try bringing someone with Chakra to restore Ovelia's MP.  If her's
is in effect, she will MBarrier your teammates as her MP permits.  Of
course, you can usually complete the battle fast enough so that
wouldn't matter.
Beginners tip: Deequip Gafgarion of his equipment and skills and make
him something weak like a priest before the battle.  Or try this.
Equip Gafgarion with the best equipment you have.  Then steal them from
him during battle.  You will have a duplicate of what you steal.  To
clarify: best equipment is Cross Helmet, Gold Armor (borrow it off
Agrias), and Gold Shield.  Leave him weaponless as a Dark Knight.  He
can only punch for 15 damage so it won't be hard to strip him bare as
long as Delita and Agrias don't kill him.  You may want to cast some
Cures on Gafgarion until you steal everything.  These items are not
buyable until later in the game so it's worth your trouble.  Might give
some value to my Ovelia trick.  This method is a cheat though.

Zigolas Swamp
     This is your first chance to recruit an Uribo.  If there isn't one
present when the battle starts, just reset until one appears.  The surest
way to recruit it is to use someone with Train.  The rewards for
recruiting the Uribo here will pay off when Porkys and Wildbows are bred.
Chantage will make the game a lot easier, and Ribbons and FS Bags can
only be obtained by breeding since Wildbows never appear in random
battles  anywhere.  Do it early before your formation screen is clogged 
with special characters.  Bring some people with Secret Hunt here.
Use Invitation if Train is not yet learned on anyone.

Golgarand Execution Site
     Although it isn't that unusual of a tip, this is the first place
where you can steal a non-buyable item.  Make sure someone has learned
Steal Weapon by this point.  Bring Agrias for some extra dialouge.

Gate of Lionel Castle
     If Ramza has Teleport, you can just let Gafgarion stew on the
other side of the gate until you're ready to go after him.  Riding a
Black Chocobo is another way of doing this.  If Ramza is a Pisces, make
him a Lancer with Move HP Up and just keep Jumping.  Weapon or Power
Break is almost essential if you want to take him out alone.  I did
this before I figured out you could open the gate during the battle.
     Another fun thing to try is giving your other teammates Teleport
so you can gang up on Gafgarion.  Then don't open the gate and assualt
the enemy on the other side with ranged attacks (magic, Earth Slash,
geomancy, Holy Explosion, ranged Jumps).  The only enemies who will be
able to hurt you will be the Summoner and anyone with geomancy.  Take
them out first and enjoy a turkey shoot on the remainder.
     OK, I should have noticed this earlier but all except the Summoner
use lightning weapons.  Rubber shoes on everyone provides a big advantage.
Stick on Maintenence as well and the enemies can't do much of anything.  I
claim no credit for this tactic.

Inside of Lionel Castle
     Defense Rings, while normally not useful, are the ideal accessory
here because they stop sleep and death sentence.  Use Life Drain, mid
to high level Charges, Jump, and Holy (if you have it) to put this guy
down quickly.  This is one of the few times where a Priest may be
better than a Wizard due to their speed bonus.

Some of Queklain's stats:
Level: 20
HP: about 375 (Life Drain took off 94.)
MP: around 355
Speed: 9
Evade: 12%

Lesalia Imperial Capital
     Silencing Zalmo and breaking his weapon seriously impairs his
ability to annoy you.  Bring someone with Chakra to restore Alma's MP.

Yardow Fort City
     Mustadio's sniping skills work well on Malak.  Of note is that all
the enemies start on a height of 2 so Height, Prime Number, Holy can make
the battle very quick.

Yuguo Woods
     Poach the Ghouls and use Seal Evil on the undead humans.  Those
freaky undead humans appear to have an inherent Monster Skill so parking
units in the wrong places can actually make the Gust a bigger threat.

Gate of Riovanes Castle
     The Knights have some nice equipment if you can steal it.
Invitation is a way of making this quicker.  I highly recommend
Nameless Dance in this battle. (frog archers are not known for being
able to snipe you).  If Rafa takes heavy damage, Malak will teleport

Inside of Riovanes Castle
  The infamous Velius battle.  To end it quickly, be a Lancer and Jump
twice.  There are lots of strategies out there for this battle but I
claim to be the first to suggest Damage Split as a reaction ability.  As
for Velius, connect 4 Life Drains to take him down.  If you have one,
you could use a Revenant.  Drain Touch drains 1/3 of a target's max HP.

  This battle is strange in that Chantages don't always work
properly, most likely a factor of your attack team coming out in the
second half of the battle.  If a unit with Chantage goes up a level,
Chantage will start working.  Another method is to Equip Change the
Chantage on so it will work.  I have not researched other items which
add a permanant status. (Feather Boots, Reflect Ring, Salty Rage)

Some Velius Stats: 
Level: 31
HP: about 956
MP: about 276
Speed: 8
can be Silenced

Roof of Riovanes Castle
     It's not fair.  Celia and Lede equip the Barette and Cachusha as
their accessories.  This is not normally possible.  This is another one
of those battles where a Priest's speed bonus makes a significant

Bervania Free City
     Equip all your characters with Maintenance here.  Meliadoul isn't
even that dangerous with this strategy.  You can then focus on taking
out the other enemies while stealing her Defender and Chantage.  Worker
8 is good too.  He can reach the Archers and Summoners easily with
Dispose and is immune to Mighty Sword and summons.

Finath River
     Another of those battles to try to poach all the enemies.

Zeltenia Castle church
     A one-hit kill battle if Delita uses Lightning Stab on Zalmo and
it's a critical hit.  This happened to me before anyone else could act.

In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
     I have seen the Knights guarding the levers move off of them.  I
injured one to critical and he used a potion on himself and actually
left his post.  The other known method of making them move is to
inflict Confusion status on them.  Oh, and don't accidentally have
anyone move nest to them.  You can actually be stuck here if you
petrify the Knights on the switches and don't have anyone that can
cure it.

Poeskas Lake
     Poach the monsters and use Seal Evil on the humans.  Yep, undead
army again.  The undead archers are really weird.  They can equip robes
(not normally possible) and knockback won't break their charge.

At the gate of Limberry Castle
     To learn Ultima, make Ramza a squire and equip him with a Black
Costume and a N-Kai Armlet.  It's an almost sure thing that Celia will
cast it on him unless you've leveled up a lot and move Ranza out of
range.  If she uses stuff like Summon or Black magic instead, reset and
try again.  Learning Ultima here is almost a sure thing so don't miss

Inside of Limberry Castle
     This is weird.  As Assassins, Celia and Lede are female.  However,
if you kill them, a female character can use Steal Heart on their
Ultima Demon forms.  It makes perfect sense for gameplay purposes (all
monsters are unisex) but is still weird.
coco go recommends only stealing the Genji Gauntlet: a good idea if don't
have the resources or patience to steal all the Genji equips.  Better
stuff can be found in the Deep Dungeon except for the guantlet.  I still
say that if you're going to the trouble of stealing anything, go for the
whole set.

Underground Cemetery beneath Limberry Castle
     Seal Evil again.  This is another place where a Priest's speed
bonus is quite helpful.  If you have a Mime by now, here's a dirty
trick.  Have a character with Math Skill (any class) calculate Demi2
on Zarela.  When the Mime mimics it, it's all over assuming it hit both

Some Zarela stats
Level: 44
HP: about 1152
MP: about 699
Speed: 11
C-EV: 24%

Igros Castle
     If the majority of your characters are Hasted when Dycedarg falls,
it's quite possible to kill Adremelk before he even gets a turn.  Math
skills are great to meet this end.  Check out Zalbag's status in the
first part of the battle.  Besides having different Reaction, Support,
and Movement abilities than other special characters; he also has the
Mime class available.

Adremelk stats 
Level: 46
HP: about 1500
MP: about 399
Speed: 10
C-EV: 19%

Morund Holy Palace: 2nd battle
     One of the only battles that can be won without the enemy even
getting a turn if your characters are at lv 35 or higher.  Have Orlandu
and a Chemist or Mediator or two focus on Kletian.  They should be able
to take him down before any opponent gets a turn.  If you feel that
stealing the Dragon Rod is a lofty goal (not necessary if you stole it
in the previous battle because it can be duplicated), make sure to
equip all your characters with Maintenence unless you can use Hellcry
Punch on both Vormav and Rofel before they act.  Bring Meliadoul to see
some extra dialouge between her and Vormav.

Colliery Underground Storage Third Floor
     Five Chemists.  Stealing or breaking their equipment will really
help out.  Something fun to try is equipping 3 or 4 characters with
guns, setting their reaction ability to Counter, and watching the shots
fly.  After all, this is the only place so suited to an old fashioned
shootout.  For even more fun, use Hamedo.  Hamedo with a gun is also
useful against Balk.

Passage Underneath Goland
     Whip out those Ice Brands and Blaze Guns.  All the enemies are
weak against ice (except the Archaic Demon).

Nelveska Temple
     Notable for being the only battle where if you manage to stay
alive long enough, Worker 7 New will kill itself.

     Cloud's Finishing Touch does wonders against the Apandas.  It is
also useful for stopping Elidibs if you need time to regroup.  As for
Zodiac, Elidibs only seems to use it on people he cannot take out with
one casting of Midgar Swarm.
     Oh wait, you're wondering how to survive Zodiac.  MP Switch.
That's all there is to it.  Shell plus Magic Defend UP is also reliable
if the summoner has sufficient HP.  Expect around 270 damage on a 65
faith character.

Elidibs Stats

Level: 75-76
HP: about 2875
MP: 1161
Speed: 7
Vulnerable to Stop

Underground Book Storage: Fifth Floor
     Maintenence, maintenence, maintenence.  Can't stress it enough.
At this point, you can't go out to replace broken equipment.  Worker 8
is particularly useful due to the swarm of magicians and is immune to
Rofel's Mighty Sword abilities.

Lost Sacred Prescints
      Have Reis Dragon Tame the Taimat or Hydra (or both).  Either of
these monsters can take down Balk very quickly, in one attack if all
three shots of Triple Flame or Thunder hit.  Equip Fire Shields to
thwart the Chemist and Triple Flames, Rubber Shoes (or Rubber Costume)
to nullify Triple Thunder and the Blast Gun, and Thief Hats or Defense
Armlets to avoid Arm Aim and Leg Aim.

Graveyard of Airships
     Besides being the location of the final battle, this is the only
battlefield I know of with the Machine terrain.  Therefore, you can use
Lava Ball here. (not that it's of any use)

Hamshulan stats: 
Level: 59
HP: about 1464
MP: about 700
Speed: 13 or 14

For the purpose of Math Skill, here are Altima's levels.
first form: Level 56
second form: Level 66

- Tough Random Battles

  These battles start showing up in Chapter 4 and are generally unfair
and much more difficult than standard random battles.  I haven't listed
any Deep Dungeon battles because those are hard in general.

Araguay Woods: I've never seen the 9 ninja battle some people have
talked about but I have run into 5 once.  Actually not too difficult if
you can keep them from getting too close.

Bariaus Hill: The tough battle here consists of one of each type of
dragon, one of each type of behemoth, a Hydra, a Hyudra, and sometimes
a Chocobo of random color.  You may have some help from up to two of
King Behemoth, Hydra, or Chocobo of random color.  Great poaching here
if you can survive.

Grog Hill: Here's the scene.  You're at the bottom.  11 Monks on top.
Within two or three rounds, they will be swarming around you.  Math
Skills with Height and Holy can take down more than half of them in one
shot if your magic strength is good.  Taking them down without Math
Skill is tough because they constantly heal and revive each other.

Finath River: Random battles here are tough in general due to the
terrain but there are two I've seen which stand out.  One was an army
of five Red Chocobos and a Black Chocobo.  Because they can take out
one or two characters a round, you'll have your hands full beating
them.  The other consisted of seven or eight Behemoths and a Pisco
Demon with a Goblin as a guest.  This one's not nearly as hard since
Behemoths have no long range attacks and can't enter water.  Just block
the crossing points they could jump and use ranged attacks.

Posekas Lake: A swarm of Behemoths of all types.  Not the toughest of
the tough, but quite a good deal harder than normal random battles.

Germinas Peak: Personally, I don't think the Chemist/Mediator fight
is that unfair but several people have asked that I include it here.
Anyways, the enemy force is 5 Chemists and Mediators with random guns,
including the spell guns and/or the Stone Gun.  Might be difficult if
you don't have ranged attacks but otherwise I don't think it's that
hard.  Gun damage does not go up with levels and there are ways to
protect yourself from spell guns.

Yuguo Woods: Samurai swarm.  When I ran into this one, there were seven
of them.  My levels were around the high 20s so it wasn't so bad but at
high levels, you're going to be hating life.  Kikuichimonji will chip away
your life before you can come close.  Damage Split is highly recommended.

- Extra Battlefield Hidden Items

  This section contains the Move-Find data for the battlefields on the world
map where no story battles take place.  Now complete with maps.  This data
is not present in any published strategy guide.  For those who have looked
through Gastrifitis' Deep Dungeon Exits guide, these maps should have a
familiar appearance as I emulated the same basic format.  There are slight
differences so here's the quick rundown on what the numbers and symbols mean.

n   All panels that units can stand on where n is a number equal to the in game

½   The symbol on the left should look like a numerical one half.  If it doesn't
    or the columns don't line up, try changing the font to Courier New.

---\   Height differences of 6 or greater.  Units with Move-Find will not be
   |   able to cross these drops under their own power.

T   The location of treasures/traps.  Listed below each map are the specific
    items and traps found on these panels.  Move-Find Item required to pick up 
    an item of course.

^^^ Impassable area.  Be it cacti, plants, or rocky cliffs, units cannot stop
    on these panels.  Can be crossed from a higher adjacent panel if there is one.

~~~ Deep water panel in Fovaham.  Marsh in Doldobar.  Monsters which cannot enter
    water cannot enter marsh either.  Marsh doesn't impose the deep water movement
    penalty except during thunderstorms and heavy rain.  All water panels in the
    following maps have a depth of 1.

n## Lava in Bervania.  Cannot stop on these panels unless using the movement
    abilities of Float or Move on Lava.  n is the height of the lava panel.

A, B,  Possible panels where your units can start depending on where you enter
or C   from.  Below each map is a key to possible entrances.

    Zeklaus Desert


 17 |1   1   0   0   0½  0½  1   0   0   0½
 16 |1   0½  0   ^^^ 0½   1   0   0   0½  1
 15 |1C  0½C 0½  0T  0   1½  1½  1½  1   1
 14 |1C  1C  1   1   1½  1½  2   1½  1   1½
 13 |2C  2C  2½  1½  2   2½  2½  2   2   2
 12 |0½C 2½C 2½  2½  3   3   2½  2½  2   3
 11 |0½C 2½C 3   3   3   4   4   0   0   0T
 10 |0   0   0½  0½  0½  0½  0   0   0   0
  9 |0½  0½  0   0   0   0½  0½  0   0½  0½
  8 |3   4   4   0T  0½  0½  4   4   3   2½
  7 |3   4   4   3   3   3   4   2½T 2½B 2½B
  6 |2½  2½  3   3   3   3   2½  2½  2   2B
  5 |1   2½  2½  2   ^^^ 1½  1   1   2B  2B
  4 |1   1   1   1½  1½  1½  1   1   1B  0½B
  3 |1   0½  0½  ^^^ 1   1   1   0   0½B 0½B
  2 |0½A 0½  0½  0½  0½  ^^^ 0   0½  0½  0½
  1 |0A  0½A 0½A 0A  0   0½  0½  0½  1   1
  0 |1A  1A  0½A 0A  0A  0½  1   1   1   1
    0    0   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   x

Entrances        Location  Treasure                   Trap
A: Dorter        x7, y7    Thunder Rod or Hi Potion      Steel Needle
B: Goland        x3, y8    Blind Knife or Phoenix Down   none
C: Bervania      x9, y11   Battle Boots or Echo Grass    Degenerator
                 x3, y15   Iron Sword or Potion          Sleeping Gas

    Fovaham Plains


  8 |1B  1B  1~~ 1~~ 1~~~ 1    1    1~~~ 1T  1   1~~ 1~~ 1   1  
  7 |2B  2B  2B  1   1~~~ 1~~~ 1~~~ 1~~~ 1~~ 1   1~~ 1T  2   2C
  6 |2B  4B  2B  2   1    1~~~ 1    1    1~~ 2   3½  2   3C  4½C
  5 |5B  6   7   6   6    5    3    3    1~~ 3½  6½  7   6C  5C
    |                               ------------
  4 |8   8   7T  7   8    10   ^^^^ 11   9   9   8   7   9C  8C
  3 |9   10½ 11  ^^^ ^^^^ 11   11   11   11  11½ 12  12  10  10C
  2 |10½ 11  11  11  11   11   11   12   11  11½ 11½ 12  11  10T
  1 |10½ 10½ 10½ 11  12   10½A 10½A 10½A 10½ 10  10½ 10½ 11  11
  0 |10  10  10½ 11  10½A 10½A 10A  10A  10A 10  10  10½ 10½ 10½
     0   1   2   3   4    5    6    7    8   9   10  11  12  13   x

Entrances        Location   Treasure                     Trap
A: Lenalia       X2 , Y4    Night Killer or Echo Grass   Degenerator
B: Zekaden       X8 , Y8    Mythril Sword or Antidote    Sleeping Gas
C: Riovanes      X11, Y7    Battle Axe or Eye Drop       Deathtrap
                 X13, &2    Silver Bow or Phoenix Down   Steel Needle 

    Bervania Volcano


  9 |4   4A  3A  3A  3A  3A  3   3   4   5   5   4
  8 |^^^ ^^^ 4A  4A  3   3   3   3## 3   ^^^ 5   3
  7 |^^^ ^^^ 3   3## 3## 3## 3## 3## 3   3## 5   0##
  6 |3½  3½  3   3## 3   3   3## 3## 3## 3## 3T  0##
  5 |3## 3## 3## 3## 3   3   3   3## 3   4½  3## 0T#
  4 |3## 3T  3   3## 3## 3   3## 3## ^^^ 5## 3   0##
  3 |3## 3   3## 3## 4   3½  3   3## 5## 4## 4## 0##
    |                                    ---\
  2 |3## 3## 3   3½  5   3## 3## 3## 8## 13#|7   0##
    |                            -------    |
  1 |3## 5   4   4   5   6   6   10B 14½ 18T|9B  3
    |                                -------/
  0 |3   3   3   3½  4   5   5½  7B  8B  9½B 7B  4B
     0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  x

Entrances      Location   Treasure                Trap
A: Riovanes    X1, Y4     Fire Ball or X-Potion   Steel Needle
B: Zeklaus     X9, Y1     Materia Blade           Deathtrap
               X10, Y6    Fire Ball or X-Potion   Deathtrap
               X11, Y5    Fire Ball or X-Potion   Degenerator

* A Jump of 4 is needed to reach the Materia Blade
* That's no typo.  The Degenerator on this map really is in lava.

Doldobar Swamp


  9 |1   1~~ 1~~ 1½  2   1½  1½  1½  1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1   1
  8 |1~~ 1~~ 1   1½  1½  1½  1½  1½  1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 2   2   1
  7 |1½B 1½B 1BT ^^^ 1~~ 1   1½  1½  1~~ 1½  1½  1½  1T  1½
  6 |1½B 1½B 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1½  1½  1½  1½  1½  ^^^ 1~~ 1½A
  5 |1½B 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1½  1½  1½  1   1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1½A
  4 |1½B 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1   1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1   1~~ 1½A 1½A
  3 |1½B 1B  1~~ 1~~ 2   2   1   1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1½  1½  1½A 1½A
  2 |1   ^^^ 1~~ 1~~ ^^^ 1½  1½  1   1~~ 1~~ 1½  1½  1½A 2A
  1 |1~~ 1½  1½  1~~ 1   1½  1½  1½  1   ^^^ 1~~ 1   1½  1½
  0 |1T  1½  1½  1T  1½  1½  2   1½  1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1~~ 1½
     0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13  x

Entrances     Location   Treasure           Trap
A: Limberry   X0, Y0     Elixir or Potion   Steel Needle
B: Bethla     X2, Y7     Elixir or Potion   Sleeping Gas
              X0, Y3     Elixir or Potion   Deathtrap
              X12, Y7    Elixir or Potion   Degenerator

- Character Strategies

Ramza (any class)
A1: variable
A2: Guts
R: Blade Grasp
S: Equip Armor
M: Move-HP Up

This is my general configuration for Ramza for most of the game.  Move
HP-up allows him to use Wish more effectively.  Blade Grasp lets him
avoid many attacks and Equip Armor heeps his HP high.  In some cases
Auto-Potion or Damage Split make better reaction skills and if his
class already allows him to wear heavy armor, use a different support
skill such as Secret Hunt, Maintainence, Attack UP, or Two Swords.

Beowulf (Temple Knight)
A1: Magic Sword
A2: Punch Art              Crystal Shield or better
R: Abandon                 Grand or Genji Helmet
S: Half of MP              Light Robe
M: Move-Find Item          Germinas Boots

Quite possibly the best protected item finder you can make.  Excalibur
provides haste so he can turn enemies into chickens faster.  Abandon
will lower the chance of being hit to 20% or less.  Punch Art is there
so he can use Chakra to restore his own MP and as an ability set which
takes advantage of his high physical AT since his regular attacks will
be weak due to his low brave.  Because his Magic Sword abilities use
MP, it makes sense to halve his MP costs.  Move-Find Item is optional,
mainly intended for the deep dungeon because he has low brave.  Feel
free to substitute something like Move-MP up if there are no items to
be found.  The only weakness is that he's completely vulnerable in the
back but you can use a Feather Mantle if you want.  I just feel it's
advantageous that item finders equip Germinas Boots to maximize their
move range.  When you're done with item finding, pump his brave up and
his regular attacks will be potent.

Orlandu (Holy Swordsman)
A1: All Swordskill          Excalibur
R:                          Thief Hat

As a Holy Swordsman, Orlandu can use any armor in the game except for
women's ribbons.  These two pieces of equipment will almost give him
two turns to everyone else's one if there isn't another character
equipped with an Excalibur.  I've left the abilities up to the player
to decide.

male Ninja
A1: Throw
A2: Battle Skill
R: Blade Grasp
S: Concentrate
M: Move +3              Germinas Boots

This combination allows your ninja to throw stuff with the range and
accuracy of a gun.  If you prefer, move in close and break stats or
equipment with two shots of Battle Skill (one for each weapon).  By the
way, if you break the targeted equipment with the first attack, the
second one will do damage.  Blade Grasp provides protection for close
range fighting because of a ninja's low HP.  You could also use a
Feather Mantle with Abandon; that works well too.  Maximizing your move
range is the real key here.

A1: Elemantal           Nagrarock
A2: Item                gold Escutcheon
R: Abandon
S: Throw Item
M:                      Feather or Vanish Mantle

Something that might be fun to play with.  This character has fully
functional Chemist abilities but has higher HP.  You can attack to try
to turn your enemies into frogs without fear of their counterattacks.
Dark Behemoth?  No worry.  This character is invulnerable to attack
from the front or side and attacks from behind only have a 20% to 30%
chance of hitting.  This character is also immune to almost all Black,
Time, and Yin-Yang magic that could be harmful.  The Kaiser Plate may
actually be better than the gold Escotcheon, because enemies don't try
attacks with no chance of success but they will try them even with less
than a 10% success rate.

A1: Steal
A2: Throw
M: Move +2 or +3

Throw is pretty much the best secondary skill for a thief due to their
high speed and move ranges.  Fill in the other abilities and equipment
as you see fit.

A1: Battle Skill            Defender
A2:                         Defender
R: Weapn Guard
S: Two Swords               Reflect Mail
An interesting alternative to shields.  Weapon Gaurd make up for the
lost protection of a shield that equipping a second weapon removes.
You stay heavily protected from physical attacks while dealing some
decent damage.  I recommended Reflect Mail as armor (if available)
because you have no magic evasion.  Why Defenders?  They have an evade
of 60%.  Actually, that's their purpose because you need really high
brave (90+) for a Defender to be stronger than a Rune Blade.

Female Monk
A1: Punch Art          H Bag (optional)
A2: Steal
R: Speed Save          Ribbon or Barrette
S: Concentrate
M: Teleport            Chantage

  A great character to use when stealing stuff.  With Stigma Magic,
Chakra, and Revive, she can keep other characters alive while being
immune to negative status.  If she's hit, she'll become faster and
increase the chances of a successful steal.  The key item is the
Chantage.  If you don't have one, don't use Speed Save.  Use something
like Auto Potion, Blade Grasp, A Save, or Abandon with a mantle because
a unit like this is a damage magnet.  In some battles, you'll need
Maintenence to protect your equipment to prevent it from being broken.

Agrias (Holy Knight)
A1: Holy Sword       Save the Queen, Excalibur, or Chaos Blade
S: Attack UP
M:                   Bracer

  This will put her closer to Orlandu damage-wise. I'd personally go
with Setiemson and Chaos Blade though.

Beowulf (Temple Knight)
A1: Magic Sword       Defender
A2: Jump              gold Escutcheon
R: Weapon Guard
S:                    Light Robe
  Another Beowulf combo.  Weapon Guard is necessary to take advantage
of the Defender's high evade.  Jump negates the low bravery penalty of
Knight Swords and is much more damaging than my Punch Art combo though
less versitile.

A1: White Magic         Wizard Staff
A2: Draw Out
R:                      Flash Hat or Holy Miter if in Chapter 3
S: Magic Attack UP
   Since Draw Out relies on MA, it's much stronger when used by a mage.
This unit is the ultimate support unit.  He/she can heal, revive, cure
negative status, and give some positive statuses.  There's also the
instant acting Murasame and Kiyomori (and Masamune if you're feeling
lucky).  Unlike some other specialized support units, this unit is an
offensive threat with Draw Out.  Throw on Magic Attack UP for more 

Female Ninja
A1: Throw
R; Blade Grasp         Thief Hat
S:                     Secret Clothes
M:                     Setiemson

   The fastest possible character I can come up with.  One could also
throw on an H Bag for +5 speed instead of +4 at the cost of offense and
versitility.  Setiemson provides auto-haste.  I feel Blade Grasp is
necessary for protection because of low HP and a high speed rating also
means a fast death counter.

- Item duping for free

  Most players probably know about the old item duplication trick: that
one which required Two Swords and you had to pay for the item.  It
really doesn't make much sense though as it costs 40000 gil to
duplicate a Defender but only 10 to dupe an Excalibur.
  Anyway, Notti discovered a great duplication trick where you don't
have to pay for the item and doesn't require Two Swords.  The only
conditions are that the weapon or shield you want to duplicate is
stronger than anything the shop offers and that the character can
equip a weapon or shield sold in the shop.  Also the character's armor
should be better than anything the shop offers to it isn't replaced by
Best Fit. (No robes) To do this trick, equip what you want to duplicate
and go to the shop's fitting room.  Try on something in the other hand.
This should cause the item to be duplicated to disappear.  Choose Best
Fit and you should have your original equips back.  Select Fitting Over.
You should now have another of that weapon or shield.
  The only rare weapons that cannot be duplicated this way are the
Nagrarock, Healing Staff, and Mace of Zeus (grrr).  However, Notti's
Deep Dungeon FAQ has a variation that allows you to dupe these weapons.
I haven't tested this so just read it there.  It is found at GameFAQs.
Oh yeah, both dupe tricks are cheats; don't pretend they're not.

- Recruiting Cloud

   I've recieved quite a few e-mails asking about the hidden characters.
So I've decided to show the process I use to get Cloud in my party.  If
you follow these guidelines, you are guaranteed to be able to complete
the sidequest and obtain Cloud unless your game is horribly messed up.
Let's begin.  Mustadio is required for this sidequest; if you lose or
dismiss him anytime before Cloud is summoned, Cloud is lost.

These first steps can be done anytime the world map is accessible in
Chapter 4.  I usually do them at the beginning.

1. Go to Goug.  Watch cutscene
2. Go to Goland.  Listen to the rumor about the mines or something
(forgot the actual subject; it's at the bottom of the list)
3. Go to Lesalia.  When the hunter asks to join you, choose "Let's go
4. Goland should now be a red dot.  Fight the series of battles there
to save Reis.  You must add Beowulf and Reis to the party; they will
be necessary later.
5. Return to Goug and activate the Steel Giant.  It joins your party.
It's not necessary to do this now.  I usually wait until I have to
come back here.

Advance in the story and clear Zeltenia Castle.

6. Listen to the rumor about the Cursed Island, Nelveska.  Nelveska
Temple appear on the map.  As with Worker 8, it's not necessary to
do this right away in sequence.

Advance in the story and clear Bethla Garrison.

7. Go to Zahrghidas.  Buy a flower from the flower girl.  Gee, doesn't
she look familiar.
8. Go to Goug.  If you haven't gotten Worker 8 yet (like me) he'll join
now.  Try to leave.  Another cutscene.
9. Go to Nelveska Temple.  Fight time.  After the fight, when you try to
leave, Reis will transform into a human.  You don't have to have her in
the party anymore but her stats are really good.
10. Go to Goug (again).  The machine will summon Cloud and he'll run
off.  There's no way to find him yet.

Advance in the stroy and clear Igros Castle.

11. Go to Zahrghidas.  Win the battle and you'll have the chance to add
Cloud to the party.

- Playing Hints

Your Attack Team, if not every character, should have both close and
long range capabilities.  I laugh when I see Knights with Item as thier
secondary.  It's not difficult for me to play keep away with them and
keeping my characters one space out of their reach.  Along the same
vein, have a diverse attack team.

Always bring at least one character who can heal or revive.  This seems
obvious but I've forgotten several times to do this.

To quickly kill off undead, use a Phoenix Down.  Any type of potions or
Cure and Raise spells will cause damage too.  Chakra and Wish will not
damage undead but they might be useful if the undead unit is on your
team.  Don't forget that you can make undead with Zombie and the Seal
Evil or Phoenix Down the unfortunate sap.

Don't use auto-battle.  Exceptions are if you're not familiar with Math
Skill yet, if you'd rather let the AI place your Archers, and various
JP building strategies.  The computer AI can be hideously stupid at

  You can hit enemies inside the range of a Crossbow or Gun.  Just aim
at a panel beyond the enemy so it's in the firing path.  There doesn't
need to be anything in the panel you aim at.

Don't complete story battles if you have anyone out on propositions.
If you don't think I'm serious, imagine not having access to 3 of your
best characters for the Velius battle.  I have not tried to find out
what happens in Chapter 2 if you take a proposition at Lionel Castle
and complete the Goug Machine City battle after which Lionel Castle
becomes a red dot.  In the other possible instances (Goland and Igros in
Chapter 4, you will not permanantly lose your characters.  I've heard
that a chapter change results in permanant character loss.

Use propositions to gain job points, especially for jobs a unit doesn't
use often or very well such as a male Summoner with a faith of 47.

To poach a moster easily, kill it normally, revive it with a Phoenix
Down, then have a person with Secret Hunt slaughter it.  This can be
useful to avoid some long monster chases as long as it isn't the last
enemy alive.

When an enemy is in Critical status, it will run and hide and only
attack if you're within range.  This is true even if the enemy could
kill one of your nearby units or has enough HP to withstand another
attack (like Dark Behemoths or Tiamats with their 600+ HP).  You can
safely ignore them unless they have healing abilities or are healed by
allies.  Watch out though.  If all enemies are Critical or Dead, any
living enemies will bum rush you.

You can discover the elemental weakness and strengths of a monster by
opening its status screen and highlighting the unit type.  For a few
enemies, a weakness or strength might not be listed.

At times, you'll want to use a weak attack rather than a strong one.
Usually, this applies to your own units when you want to remove
certain negative status like Charm or deliberately triggering
reactions (Sunken State, A Save, Brave Up, Dragon Spirit, and more).
Weak attacks are also useful if you're trying to Train a monster.
Examples of weak attacks are Dash, Throw Stone, attack from a Ramouda
Gun or a rod, and Throwing Shuriken or Daggers.  Weak attacks are
also useful if you're JP hungry.

     Stalling is keeping the last enemy alive until you have claimed
chests or crystrals from the others.  Enemy crystals are great for
powering up a character's abilities.  I've gotten over 3000 JPs worth
of abilities from a crystal before, no joke.  You can save several
hours of JP building by inherting abilities.  To make stalling less
painful, cripple the last enemy with Speed Break, Power Break, Weapon
Break, Mind Break on occasion and/or turn them into frogs or chickens.
Sleep works well too; it lasts a long time.  Keeping the enemy Charmed
or Don't Act (Arm Aim!) works too.  Don't Move is good if Sleep is not
available as it keeps the enemy from stealing crystals and chests.

  The idea here is that you cast a spell on one of your own units that
will not be harmed by it (such as Fire 2 on someone with a Flame Shield
or Silence Song on a character who doesn't use magic) and have that
character move next to an enemy before the spell is cast.  This is a
sneaky way to silence enemy Summoners if for some reason you cannot
bring them down while they are charging.  Also see what happens when
you center a summon on one of your units and send that unit out where
melee enemies can reach it.
  Dirty application: Cast a spell on a character on your team who will
go before it hits.  Have that character (Lancer usually) move next to
an unlucky enemy and Jump.  Word of caution: Be sure the enemy won't
move out the way before the spell hits.  Also be sure that the spell
will execute before the jumper lands or you'll be hurting yourself.

Hitting someone twice with the same spell
  One complaint I've seen quite often about this game is how useless
and weak magic is.  What if you could blast someone twice with the same
spell in a turn?  Wouldn't Stop be more useful if you had two chances
to hit with it?  How about doubling the effects of a Cure spell?  No,
I'm not talking about using a Mime.  Interested?  Continue.
  This trick is meant for reflectable spells with an effect area of 2.
The idea is to have a character with Reflect status and the target in
the effect area so that the spell hits the target once but is also
reflected off the other character so it hits again.  Positioning is
important.  Here's some diagrams.

C.RPT           CRT          .PT

C represents the caster.  R represents a character with Reflect status.
T represents the desired target.  P represents the panel to target.
A dot stands for a panel, empty or not.  In the second diagram,
targeting the target keeps the caster out of the effect area while
targeting the character with Reflect makes the spell affect the caster.
I don't know how to help if you don't understand this.  It really helps
to see it in action. Anyways, play around with it and you may find
variants that I haven't discovered.

Using transperency effectively
  When a unit is Transperent, it can still be damaged.  Enemy attacks
with an area effect will still hurt you if you're in the line of fire.
Your teammates can still hit a Transperent character as well.  Curative
and status effect abilities can also be used on an invisible unit
without removing the invisibility.
  Transperent units have an automatic Concentrate.  They will ignore
the target's defense percentages except for Blade Grasp and Arrow Guard.
  Equip Change is useful when entering a battle with equipment that
gives Transperent.  After it wears off, use Equip Change to replace the
item with something more effective.
  Using Sunken State on Ramza at Bethla Garrison (the dam) allows him to
march right up to the switches and pull them once the Knights on them are
out of the way (Confusion works well).  Sunken State is almost required
because Secret Clothes and Vanish Mantle are not available yet and Ramza
cannot equip perfumes.

Fun with Knockback
  If a unit is pushed off a panel and falls a distance greater than its
jump range, it will sustain damage from the fall.  Use this to your
advantage when you can; it's lots of fun.
  Similarly, knocking back a unit using a Charge command will cancel the
charge.  Doulbe the laughs if you push an enemy off a high perch in the
  There's one more way to use knockback to your advantage.  Throw a rock
at an ally to push it out of an effect area for a spell or Charge.  At
Dorter at the start of Chapter 2, knocking my unit over one space did 7
damage and caused a Charge +2 and two Fire 2s to whiff.

Fake Death
  By equipping an Angel Ring or other item that prevents the Dead status
(Barrette, Judo Outfit, or Chameleon Robe) the unit will not die from a
Death Sentence.  By deliberately giving Death Sentence to such a protected
unit, the enemies will ignore that unit for the most part if there are
others on the battlefield.  Two bits of warning.  First, the unit still
won't get its turn when Death Sentence hits zero.  It must wait for its CT
to fill up again.  Second, if the equipment that prevents Dead is broken,
stolen, or Equip Changed off; look out. (Judo Outfit destroyed, uh-oh...)

- Shopping Checklist
     As story battles are completed, new items become available.  I've
listed the events that trigger the new items and the new stuff that
will be for sale.  The items and equipment at shops depend on which
town you're in.  There appear to be only five different types of shops.
All shops sell all accessories and healing items as they become
available.  Any corrections would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying
to make this an accurate reference list.

Gariland Magic City: sells knives, rods, staffs, sticks, bags, clothes,
robes, hats, shuriken, balls and Broad Swords
Castles: (Igros, Lionel, etc...) sell swords, knives, bows, spears,
axes, shields,  armor, and helmets.   Igros, Riovanes and Zeltenia also
sell crossbows and hammers.
Trade cities (Dorter, Warijias, Zarghidas): sell katanas, ninja swords,
dictionaries, harps, cloths, hammers, rods, sticks, staffs, bags,
shields, clothes, robes, hats, shuriken, and balls.  Also contain the
fur shops
Goug Machine City: sells guns, crossbows, and balls
Other towns: usually sell rods, sticks, staffs, bags, clothes, robes,
hats, shuriken, and balls

Checkpoint 1: Gariland Magic City
Broad Sword, Dagger, Oak Staff, Rod, Clothes, Leather Hat, Potion,
Antidote, Eye Drop, Phoenix Down

Checkpoint 2: first meeting at Igros Castle (no battle)
Long Sword, Mythril Knife, Bow Gun, Escoutchen, Leather Armor, Linen
Cuirass, Leather Outfit, Leather Helmet, Bronze Helmet, Feather Hat,
Battle Boots, Soft, Maiden's Kiss, Echo Grass

Checkpoint 3: Sand Rat Cellar
Iron Sword, Long Bow, Blind Knife, Buckler, White Staff, Thunder Rod,
Ice Rod, Flame Rod, Bronze Armor, Leather Vest, Linen Robe, Iron
Helmet, Red Hood, Small Mantle, Hi-Potion

Checkpoint 4: Lenalia Plateau
Mythril Sword, Mage Masher, Silver Bow, Night Killer, Battle Axe,
Bronze Shield, Chain Mail, Chain Vest, Silk Robe

Checkpoint 5: Chapter 2 start
Ice Bow, Javelin, Round Shield, Mythril Vest, Mythril Armor, Barbuta,
Headgear, Spike Shoes, Leather Mantle, Shuriken, Holy Water

Checkpoint 6: Zirekile Falls
Coral Sword, Platina Dagger, Mythril Shield, Rainbow Staff, Poison Rod,
Cypress Rod, Plate Mail, Adaman Vest, Mythril Helmet, Triangle Hat,
Power Wrist

Checkpoint 7: meeting at Lionel Castle (no battle)
Lightning Bow, Cross Bow, Great Axe, Spear, Gold Shield, Battle Bamboo,
Asura Knife, Kotetsu Knife, Battle Dictionary, Ramia Harp, Ramouda Gun,
Gold Armor, Wizard Outfit, Wizard Robe, Gold Helmet, Green Beret,
Rubber Shoes, Defense Ring, Defense Armlet, Wizard Mantle, Fire Ball,
Lightning Ball, Water Ball, Ether, Remedy

Checkpoint 8: Baraius Valley
Bizen Boat, Flail, Wizard Staff, Brigandine, Cross Helmet*, Diamond

*Before you can actually go to Igros to buy the Cross Helmet, the
battle at Golgarand Execution Site must be completed first.

Checkpoint 9: Chapter 3 start
Ancient Sword, Mythril Spear, Mythril Bow, Poison Bow, Murasame, Hidden
Knife, C Bag, Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Twist Headband, Feather Boots,
Magic Gauntlet, N-Kai Armlet, X-Potion  Also, the fur shops open.

Checkpoint 10: Lesalia Imperial Capital
Sleep Sword, Main Gauche,  Slasher, Ninja Knife, Heaven's Cloud, Flame
Whip, Iron Fan, Monster Dictionary, Persia, Aegis Shield, Diamand
Armor, Judo Outfit, Chameleon Robe, Diamond Helmet, Holy Miter,
Germinas Boots, Jade Armlet, Elf Mantle, Magic Shuriken

Checkpoint 11: Orbonne Monestary
Diamond Sword, Orichiculm, Windslash Bow, Hunting Bow, Partisan, Short
Edge, Papyrus Plate, Wizard Rod, Gold Staff, Gokou Rod, Bloody Strings,
P Bag, Diamond Shield, Power Sleeve, White Robe, Black Hood, Magic
Ring, 108 Gems, Hi-Ether

Checkpoint 12: Yadrow Fort City
Platinum Sword, Assassin Dagger, Ninja Edge, Kiyomori, Morning Star,
Cashmere, Platina Armor, Black Robe, Circlet, Platina Helmet, Gold
Hairpin, Sprint Shoes, Bracer, Dracula Mantle

Checkpoint 13: Chapter 4 start
Ice Brand, Muramasa, Spell Edge, Platina Shield, Carabini Mail, Earth 
Clothes, Angel Ring, Yagyu Darkness

Checkpoint 14: Bethla Garrison
Rune Blade, Air Knife, Oberisk, Gastrafitis, Kikuichimonji, Octogan
Rod, H Bag, Crystal Shield, Crystal Mail, Reflect Mail, Black Costume,
Light Robe, Crystal Helmet, Flash Hat, Red Shoes, Feather Mantle

Checkpoint 15: Limberry Castle
Thief Hat

- Did you know?
  Random stuff that I didn't feel belonged in the Playing Hints
section.  Some of it might be useful; others are just trivia.

Casualties under Brave Story is mostly self-explanatory.  Injured
refers to the number of enemy units which have turned into chests or
crystals.  In other words, it refers to injuries YOUR party causes, not
what the enemies do to you.  Poached monsters, whether they be yours or
the enemy, do not count as injuries or casualties.  Therefore, feel
free to poach as many of your own monsters as you want without gaining
casualties (if having 0 casualties is important to you).

Also in Brave Story, anyone with an age given is still alive.  Even if
events or rumors in the game suggest that the character was killed, if
their age is given that means you'll see the character again.  If a
special character dies, Brave Story will record the person as having
been "killed in battle."

Cloud only shows up in Brave Story if you dismiss him.  (and maybe if
he is killed)

During battle, when you bring up the status screen for a character,
press the confirm button to see any status effects the character has.
With an ally, pressing confirm again will bring up their job screen
which you can use to see all the abilities the unit has learned.  This
is useful for seeing the abilities of guests who never join you such as
Olan and Zalbag.  This is also useful if you're trying to acquire
enough job points during the battle for a certain ability and want to
know how many more you'll need.

During battle, if you check an ally's status you'll notice a dashed
line below Cyclops in the Summoner ability list (unless you already
have Zodiac).  This is the proof that the secret ability exists, that
Alma can learn Ultima, and that Ramza cannot learn Ultima until Chapter
4 even though I've seen it cast on the Riovanes Castle Roof.

If you sell something in a fur shop, it will appear in its stock.  It's
useful if you need some quick cash but will want the item you're
selling later.  You can then buy the item back at the half the regular
shop price whenever you wish.  To my knowledge, this is one of the only
exceptions to the Pawn Shop rule of RPGs where if you sell an item at a
shop, you cannot buy it back unless the shop normally stocks it.

HP and MP totals of Zodiac bosses do vary each time you fight them.

The birthdate you enter for Ramza at the beginning of the game does
affect the game.  It is most significant when Ramza faces another
character solo but also affects the strategies you use against certain
storyline characters (whose Zodiac signs are fixed).

This is pure speculation but I think at one time Ultimus Bows were
going to be buyable after completing Bethla Garrison.  They have a
higher price than the Windslash Bow, one can be stolen during the
battle where you must open the floodgates, and Archers everywhere seem
to have them after they are at lv 37 or higher.  Random battle enemies
generally don't carry unbuyable items so giving every Archer an
Ultimus Bow is suspicious.

Traps are only found on battle maps where no story battle takes place.
There are actually 74 different battlefields normally.

Your starting location in random battles is fixed based on which side
you approached the battlefield from.  This affects which random battles
you might face.

C-EV of special characters

Ramza: 10%                        Delita (Chapter 1): 5%
Algus: 15%                        Wiegraf: 10%
Gafgarion: 15%                    Agrias: 25%
Ovelia: 20%                       Delita (at Zirekile Falls): 10%
Mustadio and Balk: 18%            Olan: 15%
Zalmo: 9%                         Alma: 18%
Izlude: 10%                       Rafa: 10%
Malak: 8%                         Elmdor: 16%
Celia: 30%                        Lede: 28%
Beowulf: 14%                      Reis (Holy Dragon): 5%
Worker 8 and Worker 7: 0%         Reis (Dragoner): 7%
Meliadoul: 12%                    Orlandu: 20%
Zalbag (as guest): 10%            Dycedarg: 10%
Cloud: 20%                        Vormav: 25%
Rofel: 21%                        Kletian: 14%
Zalbag (in Morund): 22%           Byblos: 33%

Speed growth notes
  Most jobs will gain speed points at levels 18, 35, 52, 89, and 86.
Summoners and Calculators have below average speed multipliers.  Priests,
Monks, Thieves, Ninja, and most special classes have above average speed
multipliers.  Ninja and Thief have above average speed _growth_.  Leveling
up enough levels as either will enable the unit to gain speed points a
level or more earilier.  Ramza and Reis are the only player characters
whose base class has above average speed growth. (still speculating on
Orlandu) For more information on stat growth, read the appropriate section
of the Battle Mechanics Guide.

If a unit attacks someone and is killed by the counterattack, it gains
zero EXP or JP for the attack.

The AT list can track up to 39 turns or actions.  Anything that takes
longer than that to execute will have an infinity symbol under the
wait column.

In Chapter 1, Wiegraf has Beowulf's outfit, only difference being that
it's red instead of blue.  This actually makes some sense as Weigraf is
a bad translation of Wiglaf.  Beowulf and Wiglaf were buddies of some
sort in the epic Beowulf.  When Beowulf is a king, he fights a dragon and
wins but dies from a neck wound.  Wiglaf succeeds him as ruler.  I think
Wiglaf played some part in the battle though I can't confirm.  James also
suggest that Reis is represented by that dragon.

I saw this in another FAQ but if you didn't know already Worker 8 and
Reis as a dragon can be used as stepping stones to reach high places.
Vital for obtaining the ultimate Javelin and shield.  Other dragons,
behemoths, hydras, and morbols can be used the same way including
enemy ones.  For climbing purposes, all these monsters are 3h tall.
Therefore, if your Jump value is 4, you could climb up to a point 7h
higher than the panel the monster is on.

"Slash away with the wind's fury, Odin"
(Odin summon quote for anyone who wants to add it to their spell quote
lists without spending several hours trying to get your character to
utter it.)

  No, Mog is not a hidden character but he is mentioned by name in the
game.  In one of propositions at Lionel Castle that shows up later in
Chapter 3 (I believe it's "Deep in Zigolas Swamp" or something like
that) the bartender mentions him.  Normally, when you view a proposition
description, the bartender will tell you "This is what I know about (name
of proposition)"  However, sometimes he'll say something else.  For this
propsition, he'll say "Mog's real talkative.  You'll have to get by him
somehow."  There you have it.  Mog does show up in FFT.  I won't waste
time with amy messages telling about him being a real hidden character

There's a fourth way to gain JP.  Charm a human unit and any JP it gains
while charmed will be shared with your team as if it were a regular ally.
This will work against you as a charmed ally shares JP with the enemy.  Ex.
Charm an enemy Knight and when it hits something, all your party members
will gain JP in the Knight class even if no one is a Knight.

Useless tidbit but if you invite a monster and it's standing next to
someone with Monster Skill, its secret ability will show up on the stat
screen where you decide whether to add it to your party.

- Enemy spell descriptions

  To discover these without a Gameshark, press Select when highlighting
the spell in the AT list.  The ones I have here are ones I've seen
before.  If you want to contribute to this section, go right ahead but
this section is only for enemy spells.

Bio 3: Magic damages with filthy, poisonous spirit
Range: 4  Effect: 3 vert 3  MP: 24  Speed: 17  Add: Undead
(There are other varieties of this spell with the same stats and
different status effects.)

Dark Holy: Magic damages by enveloping the enemy with the darkness of
Range: 4  Effect: 1  MP: 40  Speed: 15  Darkness elemental

Lifebreak: Attack enemy with the aftershock of death.  The lower your
HP, the more damage you can inflict.
Range: 4  Effect: 1  Speed: 25

Bio 2: Magic damages with filthy, poisonous spirit
Range: 4  Effect: 2 vert 3  MP: 16  Speed: 20  Add: Pertify
(There are several varieties of this spell that will add different
status ailments.)

Flare 2: Magic damages area by converting ultra-energy to heat
Range: 4  Effect: 2 vert 3 enemy  MP: 35  Speed: 25

Sleep 2
Confuse 2: Magic makes enemy lose rationality and act disorderly
Range: 4  Effect: 2 vert 3 enemy  MP: 35  Speed: 25

Midgar Sworm: Attacks enemies by summoning a huge snake
Range: 4  Effect: 3 vert 3  Speed: 10

Grand Cross
Mute: Magic that neutralizes magic power and reduces MP to 0
Range: 4  Effect: 3 Vertical 3  Speed: 15

Bio: Magic damages with filthy poisonous spirit
Range: 4  Effect: 2 Vertical 2  MP: 8  Speed: 34  Add: Poison
(several varieties of spell with different status effects, I found
this one by giving an Apanda Confusion)

Ultima (not Ramza's Ultima):
Range: 4  Effect: 3 Vertical 3  MP: 40  Speed: 15

All Ultima
Despair 2
Nanoflare: Attacks enemy with energy emitted by destroying the
Range: 4  Effect: 3 Vertical 1  Speed: 20

- High faith/low brave quotes (compiled by thunderstruck9)

There may be a few generic and monster quotes missing but this is
otherwise complete.  Worker 8 and Byblos share monster quotes.
Although thunderstruck9 didn't test Boco, Rad, Alicia, or Lavian,
I believe Boco just shares monster quotes while Rad, Alicia, and
Lavian share generic quotes.


Rafa- What’s gotten into me…? I feel uncertain about fighting…..

Agrias- Recently, I get depressed when I hold a sword….Why….?

Malak- Is fighting useless? I don’t feel like doing anything….

Mustadio- I just don’t think I can win… It’s so sad….

Meliadoul- I’m scared to fall asleep felling that I’ll never wake up

Cloud- It’s not that my head hurts… I just lost interest in fighting….

Beowulf- Fighting makes me feel empty…. It wasn’t like this before…

Reis- I’m scared…. to fight. Help me, Beowulf.

Orlandu- Maybe I’m getting old… Fighting is becoming a pain.

Holy Dragon Reis- Please don't make me fight. I've had enough. 


Why don’t people stop fighting? I’m tired of it….

I’m… I’m afraid. I’m afraid of dying!

Can I sit the next one out, please?


(Human eyes…the pupils scare me. They look like devils. Am I right or

(Wars among humans…Me help?! No way!)

(I don’t like… battle, no, no! I like…quiet life, yes, yes!)

(I survived…but…I don’t want to fight anymore…)


Rafa- Is the Lord the only one that we can depend on?

Agrias- One must kneel down and pray?

Malak- There is a limit to what humans can do. I’m beginning to feel

Mustadio- Can this world be saved…? Isn’t it impossible for humans to
do it…?

Meliadoul- We shouldn’t lose our faith in the lord after all…..

Cloud- I feel the flow of the lifestream…Humans can only do so much.

Beowulf- People confuse everything. Is God the only one who can stop it?

Reis- What’s waiting after the battle? Who can save my soul….?

Orlandu- Took a wrong turn? Not you, it’s me.

Holy Dragon Reis- I want to depend on someone, but I can't. Is God the only one?


Changing the world alone seems arrogant to me…

As long as I live in this world, I have no choice but to see people

Lord, please forgive us, just like we forgive others…

Is God the only one that can save Ivalice from Chaos? 
(credit to Lionthalanas)


(My…creator? The Lord? Humans…small…weak!)

(I’m a monster. I can do anything! But, are there things even I can’t

(The god humans talk about? Yeah, yeah. I think he’s real.)


Mustadio- How can I say it…Anything I do seems to fail.

Agrias- I devoted my life to a sword, but was it the right thing to do?

Malak- No matter how hard I try, Battles will never cease to exist. It’s
no use trying.

Rafa- I’m so scared…I don’t want to die.

Reis- I can’t fight anymore…I’m sorry.

Beowulf- I felt doubtful about the things I’ve done. Sorry…

Cloud- What do you want me to do? I can’t even rescue one woman.

Meliadoul- Please, forgive me. I can’t fight anymore…

Orlandu- I can’t go on any longer…Let me retire…

Holy Dragon Reis- Sorry I'm too scared to go to the battlefield. It's so painful.


I don’t want to murder, no matter what it’s for…

I’m sorry…I…I don’t want to see blood anymore…

I’ve had it. I never want to see a sword again!

Whatever the reason, I’d rather die than kill.

It’s time I pull out…I’m tired. Let me out of here.

Please! Don’t come near me! I don’t want to!

I…can’t hold a weapon, anymore…I’m afraid…afraid to die…

I can’t…legs won’t move…can’t fight anymore…Forgive me…


(I beg you, please, don’t come near me. I don’t want to fight

(I don’t want to deal with you. Not even a tiny bit. Nope.)

(Call me chicken, it’s OK. Battlefield, no, I don’t like it!)

(Yeah, I’m a monster…but I get scared too…)


Meliadoul- May the Almighty Lord have mercy on them and give faith.

Mustadio- I’m an atheist. But, I believe in the Lord more than you

Agrias- May be too late, but I’m going to believe in fate. And I
won’t go against it.

Malak- Lord, I will enter priesthood to be closer to you…..

Rafa- I feel I can forgive everything now. The love to the Lord is

Cloud- I’ve decided to leave you to be closer to the lord.

Beowulf- What an ugly fight…I can’t believe human beings.

Reis- I’ll never feel at ease with being with you. It’s too bad…

Orlandu- I knew I made a mistake. I’ll only believe in the Almighty

Holy Dragon Reis- Believing in God seems better than believing in others.


I’d rather go with the God, than go with you…

Believers will be saved. I realized that my fate is to wonder and
look for help.

Fate is telling me to leave the battlefield. See ya!

I want to pray at a place where one can communicate with the Lord.

If one finds the Lord, people won’t fight each other…


(Naturally, we get along and live together…unlike humans.)

(Humans think they dominate the world…Humans, how arrogant…)

(Must obey, humans, yes, yes. Fate, the Lord…Do you know?)

- Enemy skillset generation

  Much of the actual data in this section was made known by Town Knave on
the GameFAQs message boards.  Anyhow, this section is devoted to how the
skills available to enemy units are determined.  There are some consistant
patterns that are followed.  The following patterns also apply to Guests
and allies when they join for the first time.

A newly created unit will specialize in only one job.  It will have the
minimum of job levels needed to meet the prerequisites for the job of
specialization and a job level of 1 in everything else.  The amount of JP
available to spend in each open class will be the minimum needed for that
job level plus 0 to 99 JP.  (Job level 1 has a minimum of 100 JP; it is not
possible to obtain job level zero except through hacking.)

A new unit will learn abilities from the top down.  It will start on
action abilities, then move to reaction, support, and movement in that
order.  Starting from the top of the action ability list, the unit has
a chance to learn an ability, JP allowing.  I believe the actual chance
of each ability being learned concurs with the crystal chances listed in
the Battle Mechanics guide but am not certain.  Once the process is
complete for all classes the unit has available, it is randomly assigned
its secondary and R/S/M form what it has learned or none at all.  
Exceptions to the learning process are Ramza at the start of Chapter 1, 
who knows nothing but Wish and newly hired Squires from the soldier 
office, who start with nothing learned.

A unit either has preset Brave and Faith or randomly generated values in
a fixed range.  The range for the starting set of generics, random battle
units, and most story battle generics is 45-74 for both Brave and Faith.
For soldier office recruits and bred monsters, that range is 40-70.

  The top down rule of learning abilities makes it very rare for Time Mages
to drop Meteor or for Summoners to have Half MP.  By the time the learning
checks are done for these abilities, their JP is most likely exhausted on
other abilities.
  It is possible for a unit to specialize in a job entirely outside what it
appears as.  The only story battle instance of this is the Lancer Time Mages
that accompany Kletian though there are a few random battle occurances.  In
this type of situation, the unit will not be able to use its primary skillset.
  Abilities such as Wiegraf's Counter are not bought with JP.  They're
programmed to always be there.

And now for the list.  Every story battle human and recruitable ally have
been listed with their job of specialization (using the in-game two letter
abbreviation when applicable) and job level in that class.  All other job
levels can be inferred.  A "Master" after a number means that the unit will
automatically learn all abilities in the class without going through the
learning routine.  If a character is listed multiple times, that's because
its abilities and job levels reset each time it's listed.


Ramza: Squire 3 
Rad (G): Or 1
Alicia, Lavian (G): Mk 2
Gafgarion (G): TM 1 
Agrias (G): Pr 3
3 Archers: Ar 2
Knight: Kn 4

Chapter 1

Ramza: Squire 1
Delita (G): Squire 1
4 Squires: Sq 1
Chemist: Ch 1

Algus: Squire 1
4 Squires: Sq 1
Thief: Th 1

Knight: Kn 1
3 Archers: Ar 1
2 Wizards: Wi 1

3 Knights: Kn 1
Archer: Ar 1
2 Monks: Mo 1

Thieves' Fort
Miluda: Kn 4
Thief: Th 2
2 Thieves: La 1
Priest: Pr 1
Priest: Or 1

Miluda: Mk 4
Knight: Kn 3
Wizard: Wi 1
Time Mage: Su 1
Knight: Kn 1

Weigraf: White Knight 5 (Master)
Knight: Kn 3
2 Monks: Ge 1

Algus: Ge 3
2 Knights: Kn 3
Knight: Ge 1
Wizard: Wi 2
Wizard: Wi 3

Chapter 2

Add Rad, Alicia, and Lavian to party?  Same as Prolouge
Gafgarion and Agrias join as Guests.  Same as Prolouge

2 Thieves: La 1
Archer: Lv 1
Archer: Ar 3
Wizard: Ti 1
Wizard: Wi 3

Delita (G): Holy Knight 6
Ovelia (G): Princess 6
Knight: Kn 5
2 Knights: Ge 3
Knight: Kn 4
Knight: Kn 3

Mustadio (G): Engineer 4
Knight: Ge 4
Wizard: Wi 3
Wizard: Wi 4
Knight: Kn 4
Archer: Ar 4
Archer: Th 2

Bariaus Hill
Knight: Kn 4
Knight: Kn 6
Archer: Ar 3
Archer: Th 4
Summoner: Su 3
Summoner: Su 4

Mustadio (G): Engineer 4
Thief: Th 4
Thief: La 1
Archer: Th 1
Archer: Ar 3
Summoner: Su 2
Summoner: Su 3

Bariaus Valley
Agrias (G): Holy Knight 5
Knight: Ge 4
Archer: Ar 3
Archer: Th 4
Knight: Kn 3
Wizard: Wi 4
Wizard: TM 3

Gafgarion: Ge 5
Archer: Ar 5
Knight: Kn 5
Knight: Ge 3
Knight: Ge 4
Archer: Ar 3
Time Mage: TM 4
Time Mage: Su 1

Gafgarion: Dark Knight 7
Archer: Ar 5
Archer: Th 4
Knight: Kn 5
Knight: Kn 4
Knight: Ge 4
Summoner: Su 4

Inside Lionel

Queklain: Impure King 7 Master (?)

Chapter 3

Olan (G): Astrologist 6
3 Thieves: Th 5
2 Chemists: Th 5
Mediator: Me 4

Alma (G): Cleric 5
Zalmo: Holy Priest 7
Knight: Kn 6
Knight: Kn 4
Monk: Mk 5
Knight: Ge 4
Monk: Ge 3

Orbonne 1
Lancer: La 5
Lancer: La 4
Lancer: La 2
Chemist: Or 3
Time Mage: Su 3
Time Mage: TM 4

Orbonne 2
Izlude: Knight Blade 5
Knight: Ge 3
Knight: Kn 5
Summoner: Su 2
Archer: La 1
Archer: Th 1

Orbonne 3
Weigraf: White Knight 7
Knight: Kn 5
Knight: Ge 6
Archer: Ar 5
Archer: Th 5
Wizard: Su 3

2 Squires: Sq 5
Chemist: Ch 5
Chemist: Ch 4
Archer: Ar 4
Thief: Th 4

Rafa (G): Heaven Knight 4
Malak: Hell Knight 4
Ninja: Ni 1
Summoner: Su 5
Ninja: Ni 5
Summoner: Su 4
Ninja: Ni 4

Undead Wizard: UW 6 
Undead Wizard: UW 5 
Undead Time Mage: UT 5 
Undead Time Mage: UT 4

Riovanes 1
Malak: Hell Knight 3
Archer: Ar 4
Archer: Ar 6
Archer: Th 4
Knight: Mk 6
Knight: Mk 5
Knight: Ge 5

Riovanes 2
Weigraf: White Knight 8 (Master)

Riovanes 3
Rafa (G): Heaven Knight 3
Celia, Lede: Assassin 8 (Master)
Elmdor: Arc Knight 7 (Master)

Add Rafa to party? Heaven Knight 1
Add Malak to party? Hell knight 1

Chapter 4

Knight: Kn 7
Wizard: Wi 6
Archer: Ar 6
Wizard: Wi 5
Lancer: La 5
Lancer: La 4

Meliadoul: Divine Knight 4
Summoner: Su 5
Archer: Ar 6
Archer: Ar 5
Summoner: Su 6
Ninja: Ni 2

Delita (G): Holy Knight 7
Zalmo: Holy Priest 8
Oracle: Or 6
Oracle: Or 5
Knight: Kn 7
Knight: Kn 6
Knight: Ni 3

Balk: Engineer 7
Knight: Kn 6
Knight: Ge 6
Wizard: Wi 7
Archer: Ar 6
Archer: Th 4

Bethla North
2 Knights: Kn 7
2 Archers: Ar 6
Thief: Th 6
Ninja: Ni 4

Bethla South
Archer: Ar 7
Lancer: La 5
Lancer: La 6
Archer: Th 5
Summoner: Su 7
Monk: Mk 7

Bethla Sluice
Archer: Ar 7
Archer: La 5
Knight: Kn 7
Knight: Kn 8
Wizard: Wi 7
Wizard: Ca 3
2 Switch Knights: One's a Samurai, other is a Ninja.
Job levels are uncertain.

Add Orlandu to party? Holy Swordsman 6

Ninja: Ni 4
Thief: Sa 5
Thief: La 5
Archer: La 5
Archer: Sa 5
Archer: Ni 4

Undead Oracle: Undead Oracle 7 (Master)
2 Undead Archers: Undead Archer 7 (Master)
Undead Summoner: Undead Summoner 8 (Master)

Limberry 1
Celia, Lede: Assassin 1 (Master), 3 Su

Limberry 2
Elmdor: Arc Knight 8 (Master)
Celia, Lede: Assassin 1 (Master), 3 Su

Limberry 3
Meliadoul (G): Kn 5
2 Undead Knights: Undead Knight 8 (Master)

Add Meliadoul to party? Divine Knight 5

Zalbag (G): Mime Lv 8
Dycedarg: Lune Knight 8 (Master)
Knight: Ge 7
Knight: Ni 7
Knight: Sa 7
Knight: Mk 7
Knight: Kn 7

Murond 1
Priest: Ca 5
Summoner: Su 8
Geomancer: Ge 7
Geomancer: Ni 6
Mediator: Me 6
Mediator: Me 7

Murond 2
Vormav: Divine Knight 4
Rofel: Divine Knight 4
Kletian: Sorceror 6

Murond 3
Zalbag (zombie): Arc Knight 8 (Master)

Beowulf joins as Guest prior to Goland sidequest.  Or 6

Goland 1
2 Chemists: Ch 5
2 Chemists: Ch 6
2 Chemists: Ch 7

Goland 2
Chemist: Ch 5
Thief: Th 6
Thief: Th 7

Goland 3
2 Chemists: Ch 7

Add Reis to party? (after Nelveska) Dragoner 1

Cloud (G): Su 1
Monk: Mk 5
Thief: La 1
2 Thieves: La 5
Squire: Sq 5
Squire: TM 4

Knight: Kn 6
Knight: Ge 5
Knight: Sa 6
Monk: Mk 8
Monk: Ni 5
Archer: La 6

Rofel: Divine Knight 8
2 Wizards: Wi 7
2 Summoners: Su 7
Time Mage: TM 7

Murond Death City
Kletian: Sorceror 6
2 Time Mages: 8 La
2 Ninja: 8 Ni
2 Samurai: 8 Sa

Lost Sacred Precincts
Balk: Engineer 8 (Master)
Chemist: Mime 1

Graveyard of Airships
Alma (G): Cleric 8

- Challenges

Think you're good at Tactics?  Think you're REALLY good?  Then try
these challenges.  I thought I was pretty good until I thought some of
these up.  Oh, and no cheating.  I don't put solutions as coming up
with the strategy is part of the challenge.  For more challenges, see
the FFT Challenges FAQ at gamefaqs.  Because there's a whole other FAQ
devoted to challenges, it's unlikely I'll update this section again.
However, if you submit a challenge to that FAQ and it was somehow
rejected, go ahead and run it by me.  If I like it, I'll add it here.

On the roof of Riovanes Castle, steal the Barette and Cachusha from the
assassins and successfully complete the battle.  If that was too easy,
then do it without using Chantages.
Alternate challenge: Pick up all four buried items on the roof.  Go
right ahead and use another strategy guide to find out where they are;
it still won't be easy to live long enough to do it.

Try to steal all of the Genji equipment without anyone using a
Chantage.  Angel Rings are allowed.

In the Zalera fight, poach all three skeletons and win the battle.

Complete the Deep Dungeon in one game day with Zodiac and all 40 good
treasures (no Phoenix Downs).  People who have become dependent on Item
may have some trouble with this one.

What is the lowest Injured count you can win the game with?  Count kills
in the final series of battles at Orbonne.  My personal record is 110.
Ry came up with a tactic that got a total of 32.

Win the final battle against Altima using only charged abilities and no
casualties.  To clarify charged abilities: Black Magic, White Magic,
Time Magic, Yin-Yang Magic, Summon Magic, Charge, Truth, Un-Truth, and
Limit, Jump, Sing, Dance, and Ultima.  Nothing that executes
instanteously is used, not even for healing.

Complete Chapter 1 without using a potion.

Obtain a Mime in as little game time as possible.  Zalbag doesn't count.

Level up Ramza to lv 15 and then dismiss all other characters and see how
far you can progress.  Submitted by raphael bloodstone

At the Windmill Shed, steal Wiegraf's helmet and shield WITHOUT using
Weapon Break, Power Break, or inflicting him with Don't Act.  Do this
with none of your team above level 12.

Enter the battle with Elidibs with 5 summoners and have them all learn
Zodiac.  Do this only using regular units and Ramza or it doesn't count.
If that's too easy, do it without Chantage.  Submitted by Jesster
Addendum: Stat growth in the base classes of Agrias, Mustadio, Rafa, and
Malak are equal or exceeded by Priests and Geomancers in all areas.
Using them without their special skills will not compromise the

Warrior Wizard Challenge
  At Finath River story battle

Party must consist of 5 wizards
All enemies must be poached by the end of the battle
No Math Skill or turning enemies into chickens (lowering brave is
Frog is limited to all yellow Chocobos or any two enemies.  If you
reset until you get 6 yellows, you're a wuss.  If it's still too easy,
don't use Frog at all.
Chantage is forbidden but there are no other restrictions on equipment.
No restriction on secondary, reaction, support, or movement abilities.
(Obviously, at least one character must have Secret Hunt or it's not
Special characters are allowed ("cough, Mustadio, cough")
No level restriction, higher levels don't necessarily make this easier.
Characters to be used are limited to ten uses of Degenerator traps for
the purpose of level up/down.  Additional uses of Degenerator can only
be used for lowering units to a desired level for the challenge.

I'll briefly mention the Straight Character Challenge here.  The idea
is to complete the game using only one class and only abilities from
that class.  MunkiBleedsGreen has the credit for popularizing it though
the originator is not really known.  This challenge has its own FAQ,
read up for all the rules and info.

- I'm still confused.

  If you have questions relating to FFT that this guide nor any other
seem to answer, E-mail me.  I'll do my best to answer them and put them
in the section below.  If you would rather not have your question show
up here, mention that in your message.
  For my own sanity, I've toughened up my policy.  If it's already in
this FAQ, I'm not going to respond.  Anything in all caps, without any
punctuation, or AOL speak (r and u instead of are and you) is not likely
to be answered.  I'll still be rather leniant about this but if the
question is too vague, I'll probably ignore it.  I do like helping
people out but the purpose of this FAQ and others is so that us FAQ
writers don't have to deal with 20 people stuck with the same problem.

- Questions

  Look here first before e-mailing me because your question might be
answered here.  It's faster for you and I don't have duplicate
questions in my inbox.  These are questions that people have sent me
though I have edited some slightly to make them more readable.

How the @^$# do you get to be a Mime?
~ Lv. 8 Squire, Lv. 8 Chemist, Lv. 4 Geomancer, Lv. 4 Lancer, Lv. 4
Mediator, and Lv. 4 Summoner

I have heard that you can get Ultima in fft is this true and if it is
how do you get it?
~ You must be in Chapter 4, Ramza must be a Squire, and he must be hit
by Ultima and survive.  You can learn it from Celia or Lede or an
Ultima Demon.  My recommended method is in the Battle Notes section at
the Gate to Limberry Castle.

I was raising Beowulf's faith really high by repeatedly Preaching to
him and after the battle it a window came up saying Warning and had a
dialog box with Beowulf saying "humans always confuse things, let God
handle this" or something. Is that bad?
~ No, unless you count your increased vulnerability to magic.
Characters only leave the party if their permanant faith reaches 95 or
their permanant brave falls to 5 or lower.  Otherwise, they will not
leave (thanks to Notti's DD Guide for this one.)

do you know how to dupe samurai swords with the old dupe trick with
the 2 swords?
~ Orlandu can if he's learned Two Swords.  His regular job allows him
to equip katanas.  Know that the old dupe trick is still cheating.

I've heard that Ramza (as a Squire)in different chapters and even with
different zodiacs signs gets different level bonuses depending on
these things(so it can matter what chapter you are in, or what your
birthday is, when you level up/down. Any truth to that?
~ Possibly.  Ramza's Squire class does have different equipment
restraints depending on what chapter it is.  I don't believe there's
any change in the growth of his stats though.  According to FFT
Mechanics, there isn't any difference.

I'm having a hell of a time trying to get a Rubber Costume from a
Hydra.  I have over 20 of the common item (cant remember it's name)
but I haven't gotten a Rubber Costume yet. Any suggestions?
- If the monster is on your team, go to a battle near a fur shop such
as Sweegy or Zeklaus and poach it there.  Don't save yet.  Go the the
fur shop and see if the Rubber Costume is there.  If not, reset and try
again.  This tip also works with other monsters. (Thanks to Greg Cyr
for confirming that yes, this does indeed work though it may take many,
many tries.)

I have a question about Final Fantasy Tactics.  I need to know were can
I find these items:
  Sorlin Shape - Poach a Plague
  Chaos Blade - Find in Deep Dungeon END, highest area
  Defender - Steal from Meliadoul and Dycedarg; Poach a Taiju
  Persus Bow - Find in Deep Dungeon VOYAGE, lower level
  Blast Gun - Find in Deep Dungeon TIGER, starting corner
  Dragon Whiskers - Poach a Red Dragon
  Javelin (II) - Find at Nelveska Temple; Bring Worker 8 or Reis and
use that unit to climb on top of the pillars.  Item finder must have a
Jump of at least 4.
  Chirijiraden - Find in Deep Dungeon END, same area as Chaos Blade
  koga knife - Find in Deep Dungeon Bridge, search high plateau.
Jump of 4 required or use Chocobo or stepping stone trick.
  Scorpin tail - Poach a Hyudra
  Kaiser Plate - Find in Deep Dungeon VALKYRIES, at second twist in
  Venetian Shield - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR, lower level adjacent
to Grand Helmet.
  Escutcheon (II) - Find in Nelveska Temple on one of the pillars.
  Grand Helmet - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR on the single panel that
bridges the starting point and the rest of the map.
  Maximillian - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR at the bottom of plateau
that runs down the edge of the map.
  Vanish Mantle - Find on the peak of Germinas Peak

For all items that are found, you need low brave on the person with
Move-Find to have a good chance at obtaining the item.  If you find
crap like Phoenix Down, reset and try again.  All the poached items
are the rare ones so the poaching trick above may help.

I was reviewing your unique faqs on FFT the other day, and I wondered
if you could answer a question for me. I know you said in your faqs
that you don't except GameShark codes, but I came accross something
unique in the Brave Story section of the game.  After I put in some
codes for the game, and went to the records of the brave story, I came
accross a cut scene called things obtained. It showed Ovilia in a
church scene like the one in Zeltennia castle. Delita comes into the
scene with flowers to give to her. Then, all of the sudden Princess
Ovilia stabs Delita, then in turn Delita stabs her. Is this scene a
normal part of the game? I couldn't tell, so I was hoping that I could
ask you for the answer.  Seems pretty weird though, judging how the
game's story runs.
- Yes.  This scene is part of the ending after the credits.

- Have a Mediator use Invitation (usually takes several tries) or
anyone make use of Train.  There's also a story battle where you can
gain Boco the Chocobo.

Quick question... how exactly do you benefit from the secret clothes?
The only way they work is if you don't act or move, so the wearer of
the secret clothes is useless to your party, that is, unless you know
something I don't.
- Secret Clothes raise Speed by 2, something no other armor can do.  I
don't use them but if you've used the level up/down trick a lot and
have 999 HP without any equipment, you might want to use them.  Secret
Clothes and Germinas Boots is helpful for finding hidden items quicker
because you can go straight to them though having to fight shorthanded
may drive you nuts.

Is it possible to poach the Holy Dragon?  If so, what are the common
and rare items that you can poach?
- Reis cannot be poached.

I was wondering if you do master all the jobs if anything happens or if
that character just masters them all and recieves nothing for it.
- The game gives no bonus for mastering all jobs that I know of.

is there a way that you can get gafgarnion's dark knight class by
equiping all his armor and changing his class to a priest or chemist
then battling at the falls?
- No, there is no way to get the Dark Knight skills except through a
Gameshark (and of course, Orlandu).  The whole mess about taking his
equipment and later picking up his crystal is false.

In chapter 4 why can't i master the squire ability with Ramza.  I go
into the learn ability screen and there are no abilities to learn but
I am still not a master.  Could you please tell me why this happens
and what i have to do.
- Learn Ultima.  The answer is elsewhere within this FAQ

i saw a reference you had to the level down trick... i would probably
never use it, but i was wondering how it was done
- Step on a Degenerator trap as a class with bad stat growth and level
back up as a class with better stat growth.  FFT Mechanincs has the dirt
on the stat growth of every class.

Just before the battle at Grog Hill, a wizard asks if you have read the
Germonik Scriptures (In Chapter 3, after thebattle in the library). My
question is if answering yes or no the wizard in Dorter Trade City has
any impact on the story or have any consequences?
- Your response only affects what the wizard (Malak) will say.  It has
no further impact on the story or game.

You refer to a FF Tactics battle mechanics guide. What is this and
where can I get it? (on the web?)
- I first saw it at RPGamer but now that it's also at Gamefaqs (among
other places), that's the place to go.

Can you dupe a bow? (can't see how, where it uses 2 hands already)

I am just so curious on where you could find the materia(s) in the game
(not the materia  blade!). the black, green blue and all the other
rainbow colored materias.
- The materia are proposition treasures.  If you complete a proposition
and recieve a treasure, it may be one of the four materia in the game.
Materia have no use gameplay-wise except for treasure hunter status.

I have a few questions about FFT,its about... getting cloud...what if i
did the pattern in the wrong sequence...like i get Beowolfe first then
Reis then worker 8...but still i haven't bought  the flower in the girl
to be rescued later... would it still be possible to get Cloud this way?

- Yes.  You'll be fine.  After buying the flower, more of the sequence
may be completed.  See Recruiting Cloud section for more.

I have a gameshark code that gives me cloud in the beggining of the
game. I was like "cool" but I tried him out and he has no will to fight.
My question is.. Do I have to use the Chapter Four guide in order to
"wake him up" or is there a way to get him to fight?

- I'm guessing you have to go through the subquest.  If you used the
Gameshark to get a Materia Blade and Cloud still doesn't do anything, I
don't know how to help.  Hey Gameshark owners, can you solve this one?

From Kelly Miller
"From what I discovered, the best way to get a workable Cloud near the
beginning of the game is to NOT use the code for the first battle, go to
the world map, hire men until the slot Cloud appears in is filled (I think
it's 10 or 11), and then save, turn on the Cloud code, save and turn the
code off.  This should create a Cloud with normal stats.

The problem is that you can't use Gameshark codes to START with special
characters (Cloud, Orlandu, Agrias, Beowulf, etc.); if you start the game
with the codes active, you will get defective characters (0 stats, no
names, etc.).  The only way to fix this is to put a character into the
corresponding slot BEFORE you use the codes.  Then save and turn the codes
off.  The characters who were there before will keep their stats and gain
the new classes."

From john gogo
The reason cloud doesn't wanna fight is because his speed is 1!! and i
can't raise it, so i just don't use  him, as a matter of fact, i actually
killed him for a crystal, that's all he's good for unless you wanna waste
time do just to a lotta damage every 50 turns.

Is the only battle that you get ultima the one with Celia Lede or whatever
their names are the battle right before you fight elmador's zodiac form??
If so then what should i do because i kind of beat the battle fast
before they could use it.

- That lone Ultima Demon at the third Morund fight is your sole hope of
learning Ultima once past Limberry Castle.  It won't be easy though as
you need to survive the blast and Ultima Demons don't tend to use Ultima
unless they can take someone down with it.  Inflicting Confusion on it
will help.  You could learn Ultima is the final battle too but what good
will that do?

is there any way to duplicate armors, helms, and accesories?

- Only one so far.  See Zirekile Falls notes.

Okay, i have a question that i was wondering if you could answer. okay,
you know how you can take jobs in the bars. well, two times i came back,
and instead of finding bags of gil, the people would bring back
something really strange. one time it was some sort of gun, and the
other time it was a black cat statue. i'm not really sure what happens
to them though, because they aren't in the item list... so if you could
maybe give me an idea of what those are, i would be really happy. =) oh,
and both those times, one of the people would say, "this job was easy
having me around!" well, please try to tell me what those are. thank you!!

- Those are proposition Treasures and are kept in Brave Story under
Treasures.  What units say reporting a job signals how well suited a unit
or group was to the job. (Strangely enough, "This sure was the right job"
means the job went badly: an automatic redo for us perfectionists.)

Can you get a porky or Uribo in the random battles?  If so, please tell
where? I appreciate that. I need it to get all the items. Thanks.

- Uribos and Porkys can be found in a random battle at the bottom level
of the Deep Dungeon (END).

I just read you FFT walkthrough. I completed the game 4 times and I still
have no idea the importance of all the zodiac stones. Is there a reason
that you should get all of them, I mean you have to go to the deep dungeon
to get  one of them, I was just wondering if they did anything except make
a story for the game?

- Not sure how to answer.  Optional Zodiac Stones that pop up in the Cloud
quest are needed for Worker 8, human Reis, and Cloud but the reasons are
story-driven and don't affect gameplay.

I only get a nagrarock, the so called gold escutcheon, and the ultimate
javelin during the fight in Nelveska Temple. However I did not obtain the
secret ninja sword --- Sasuke Knife. I know it isn't a good ninja sword, but
it is the only secret stuff I haven't get. My question is how do I get the
blade other than the fight in Nelveska and HORROR?

- Set the reaction ability Catch and find a high level Ninja.  If you're
lucky, it will throw one at you.  If you catch it successfully, you'll keep

Is there a way to get Zalbag in your party?

- He is a guest in that one battle.  Does that count?  If you want him as a
permanant member, too bad.  It's not possible through normal gameplay.  It
wouldn't make much sense to the story either; fight the third battle at
Morund and you'll see why.

I made Ramza a Samurai but it seems that I cannot use any of his samurai's
spells. I equip Ramza with a Katana yet but that does not seem to work. Can
you help me?

- To use Draw Out, you must have at least one katana of the same name not
equipped on anyone.

i was doing the cloud side-quest,but i can't find the Nelvesta temple. Can
you please tell me where it is?

- Listen to the rumor about the cursed island in Zeltenia Castle's bar.
Nelveska Temple will appear on the world map.

It is said that each character gains 16% JP for each class that their
teammates are.  Meaning if you have a monk all the other charcters get monk
JP too.My question is, if I need to level up a...Time Mage for example, if I
change all my characters into Time Mages will I gain Time Mage JP 5 times as
fast for all the characters???

- You'll only gain JP for that job twice as fast.  The explanation is
long and mathematical so I'll leave it out unless enough people want
to see it.

I can't seem to make the battle point Bervenia Volcano appear in order
to get Cloud's Materia Blade. Is there some sort of requirements 
involved to make it appear?

- Bervenia Volcano appears on the map at the start of Chapter 4.  It's
right below Riovanes Castle.

What magic spell does the most damage on all of the diffrent types of

- Chocobos have no elemental weakness so I'd go with Holy.  Meteor does
do more damage.  Slow as heck to cast without Short Charge though.

Are there anymore secret characters besides Beowulf, Reis, Worker 8, and

- I guess the Byblos counts as a secret character.  You can recruit him
after defeating Elidibs at the bottom of the Deep Dungeon.

i poached a red dragon and went to the fur shop. i get there and the guy says,
"what do you want?" "i have nothing to sell". my question is wtf?!?! so i went
out and poached some more monsters, still the same message and i cant even open
the buy sell meneu. HELP! pleaze!

- One of your units (other than the Byblos) needs to set the Secret Hunt
support ability when entering the fur shop.

is it possible to invite  an ultima or archaic demon into your party? i tried it
on the archaic demon in the battle where you save reis (holy dragon) and it has a
percentage but when i tried a lot of times they all missed.

- It shouldn't be possible at all but there's a possiblity that some copies of
the game were shipped where this is possible.  There's also a possiblity that
Gameshark hacking altering the disc.

I was wondering if you knew anyting about the little airship mini-game that comes
with finding the Germonik Scriptures.  I thought I read somewhere that if you
read it, sometimes there's a little game with an airship.

- I've read about this too.  In the Japaneese version of FFT it's a book
recieved as a proposition treasure that allows you to play this mini-game.
It's not the Germonik Scriptures.  This feature is nowhere to be found in the
American release.

Hi! I been playing FFT for a long time and found out about the Escutcheon II
and the Javelin II.  The sad part is, I was already past the battle at Nelveska
Temple and restarted the game.  Anyway, I got to that part in the game and
climbed on the pillars and what did I get?  A crummy Escutcheon and a crummy
Javelin!  I was just wondering if those items REALLY existed and if I was doing
anything wrong.

- Two possibilities: First, the game uses the same name for these as their weaker
counterparts.  They have very different stats though; if unsure, bring a Lancer
with Equip Change to check the stats during the battle.  If you actually got 
the crap versions, employ the oft-repeated rule about item-finding.  Lower
brave means a better chance of finding the good item.

When you talk to Boco in the screen where you can change equipment, jobs, et
cetera, he just sleeps, but "it seems like I've met him before" Is that just
saying that he's a Zodiac Brave or what? 

- Boco stays a Chocobo the whole game.  There are two things the quote could
refer to.  Boco fights with Wiegraf at the Windmill Shed in Chapter 1.  He's
also in Final Fantasy 5 as the main character's Chocobo.

I want to know two things.  One, is the vanish mantle. Where exactly is it?
I go with move-find to the top of Germina's Peak but I only got an Ether.  Can
I only get it on my first try or something?  Second, can i "breed" those other
2 beasts from a Uribo? Or can I only breed one and get the other from it? 

- Top of Germinas Peak it is.  If you get an Ether, you can't get the Vanish
Mantle unless you reset and try again.  I'm quite sure you need the second level
monster to breed the third level one.

is it true that a chameleon robe can absorb wiegraf's attacks inside riovanes?
i thought holy sword skills where non-elemental based attacks) 

- You thought right.  However, a quirk in the AI makes it treat Holy Sword as
if it were Holy elemental.  Thus, the AI will never directly target someone
that can absorb Holy.

One hidden bit of information I found on the web has been driving me insane.
It said that if I aged Ramza to 70 years old his image would change. Then it
would change again at 170 years old. Is this true?  Also, is it possible to get
Aeris in your party?

- No to both.

There are a few propositions where when you come back, the bartender says
something about you becomming "adventurer lv. 1" or something like that. Does
that mean anything? Is that relevant at all? 

- Treasure hunter and adventurer levels refer to a portion or fixed number
(doesn't matter which since the number of proposition Treasures and Unexplored
Lands is fixed) of Treasures and Unexplored Lands you have found from doing
propositions.  No other gameplay significance.

Can you recruit a guest character in a random battle?

- Generally, any units that start as a guest can not be recruited.  Once, I
recall having a chance to recruit a guest Red Panther at Mandalia but that
instance has not repeated itself.

Hey I have a quick question. I am completely lost when it comes to the
distribution of job points. It seems almost random, (although I know its
not), and Im trying to figure out how to determine where each of these 
points is going.

- From the BMG:

JP are doled out according to this equation:
 JP = [(8 + (JobLevel * 2) + [Lv / 4]) * M]  where  
JobLevel is caster's level at their current job (can range from 1 - 8)
Lv is the level of the person performing the action
M is 3/2 if the caster has 'Gained JP-UP'; 1 otherwise 

JP SHARING When unit X gains JP, everyone else in the party will earn 
[gained JP / 4] towards the job which unit X currently has. Note: if unit X 
has 'Gained JP-UP', the extra JP given by that ability are ignored in the 
JP sharing equation. Monsters do not receive JP. 

i have gotten stuck at the roof of riovanes castle several times. i cannot seem
to get past this battle...  is there a trick to it? 

- If a unit on your team has low enough HP, it will lure one or both Assasins
into focusing on that unit instead.  Since this often involves removing armor,
it's frequently called the Naked Strategy.  Bringing one enemy to 20% HP or
below will cause the opposition to flee.

if i rememebr correctly (correct me on this before goin further) you don't
have to take ramza on random battles?  if you don't, will the opponents be of
the caliber of the party  you do field, or will they still be based on ramza?

- Ramza can sit out random battles.  The enemy levels are based on the highest
levelled unit on the formation screen (guests included).

- Credits

FFT Battle Mechanics Guide: It helped my game a lot and provided a lot
of information that helped me write this.
Notti: Item duplication cheat, trick with Angel Song, some tips for
Lionel Castle Gate and Colliery Underground Third Floor, some info on
Reis, some other useful information that resulted in changes
ErgGibbon's FFT FAQ:  info on Reis, some info on the Cloud sidequest.
Dragon Fogel: Trick where you steal Gafgarion's equipment at Zirekile
Falls to duplicate it
coco go: Some info on dealing with undead, reminding me to put in the
beginner's trick for Gafgarion at Zirekile Falls (though I like the
other one better), two character setups, some battle tips
Dragoon Kain: Miscellaneous tidbit about Wiegraf with Beowulf's outfit
Richard Rouse: Lots of (if not all) information on Transperency and
ways to use it.
John Miaso's FFT Help Files: Info on when Ultima Demons will cast Ultima
Xero: the first to tell me of the tough battle at Germinas Peak
? RPGuy ?: The samurai swarm in Yuguo Woods.
JoeDax27: Location of the fourth treasure at Bervania Volcano.
Jay: Tip on riding guest Chocobos
thunderstruck9: List of High Faith/Low Brave warnings and parting shots
Lionthalanas: a high faith warning quote
Kevin Nance: a character setup
Ry: confirming for me that Fly negates falls damage.  Also came up with
a solution for the low injured challenge.
ChocoCid: For informing me about the fake death strategy as well as one
of the drawbacks.
James: Provided info on the Beowulf/Wiglaf (Wiegraf) connection
Hyzaku Genji: More info on the Beowulf/Wiglaf relationship
MalcolmMasher: High faith and low brave quotes for Holy Dragon Reis
Town Knave: Job levels of story battle opponents
All the people who send me questions.
Several people for politely pointing out various mistakes I make.
Anyone else who deserves credit not listed above
(It's too easy to forget someone.)

- Contacting me
  E-mail address is at the top.  Feedback, suggestions, corresctions,
contributions, etc... go there.  Before sending me anything that you
think should be here, know what I will not add.

Walkthroughs: Plenty of those out there.  There isn't a need for
another.  I'll take battle strategies as long as their not well-known,
are unusual, or are fun.
Equipment lists: Been done numerous times.  Common knowledge by now.
Deep Dungeon stuff: Same reason as walkthroughs.  Again, only unusual
stuff will be considered.
Mechanics information: Send it to FFT Mechanics Guide  I only put in
mechanics things I find on my own.
The Auto-Potion trick or the old item duplication thing: Both are quite
well-known and the old duplication thing is obselete.
Hidden item information for any map other than the four I've listed:
Prima's guide does a better job than I ever could, a few FAQs already
have it, and everyone and her cousin has covered the Deep Dungeon.
Gameshark codes: Not every player has one; I don't have one; and I do
not believe in cheating to play FF Tactics.  Information discovered
with the help of Gameshark is welcomed. I just won't print codes.
Poaching lists: Many good poaching lists exist at Gamefaqs and many
more are floating around the Net.  However if people want to see what
I consider worthwhile to poach, I might put my recommendations in.
Don't e-mail me about turning Ramza into a Dark Knight or any other
classes that don't exist.  Dark Knights, Heavenly Knights, Sorcerers,
Mog as a hidden character, and such are all false rumors.

Other suggestions and contributions are fair game for now.  That about
covers it.

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