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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Szamar_Madar

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                                Final Fantasy Tactics
                                    Szamar  Madar
                                   June 13th, 2006
               ================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================
                     1. Walkthrough                        [A000]
                          Chapter 1 - The Meager           [A001]
                          Chapter 2 - The Manipulator      [A002]
                          Chapter 3 - The Valiant          [A003]
                          Chapter 4 - Somebody to Love     [A004]
                     2. Sidequests                         [B000]
                          Beowulf and Reis                 [B001]
                          Cloud and Worker 8               [B002]
                          The Deep Dungeon                 [B003]
                     3. Tips & Misc Info                   [C000]
                     4. Legal Information                  [D000]
    [A000]                           Walkthrough                            
    Select the New game option and you will be prompted to enter your name.  The 
    default name of "Ramza" will hereafter be used for the remainder of this 
    guide.  Next enter your real birth date and watch the game's opening 
    cinematic.  We are thrust immediately into a battle outside of the Orbonne 
    0.01 - Orbonne Monastery
    Enemies           : Lezales [Knight], Chemist [x1], Archer [x3]
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : N/A
    This battle is entirely inconsequential in the big scheme of things.  It 
    serves primarily as an introduction to the battle system.  Regardless of 
    whether you main character survives or not, the outcome will be the same.
    With the exception of Ramza, the AI will control each character automatically.  
    You'll find you spend more time watching this battle than actually 
    participating.  During your turns it would be best simply to move Ramza beside 
    the nearest enemy and use his basic attack.  With the powers of Agrias and 
    Gafgarion on your side, it is impossible to lose this battle.  
    Before you proceed to the next battle you should understand the following 
    concepts: moving your character, attacking, and CT count.  The latter is a 
    variable that increases automatically for each unit.  You can see it below 
    their HP/MP.  When it reaches 100 then that character will get his/her turn.  
    By looking at the CT count of two characters (say 42 and 82) then you can 
    determine which one will get a turn first.  In this case it would be the unit 
    with 82 CT.
    [A001]                      Chapter 1 - The Meager                      
    1.01 - Gariland Magic City
    Enemies           : Squire [x4], Chemist
    My Party          : Ramza [Squire]
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 1
    Prior to almost every battle there is an attack formation screen.  How you 
    position your units here translates directly to their position on the battle 
    map.  Unfortunately you are given no indication as to what the map looks like, 
    so unless you are familiar with the battle it really makes little difference 
    where you assign your character.
    Four Squires and two Chemists are automatically placed into your main party 
    before the battle begins.  Select three Squires and one Chemist for this 
    battle and press the start button when you're ready to begin.
    Unlike the previous battle, if you lose here then it's game over.  We should 
    begin by getting a few ground rules out of the way.  Any characters who die 
    will remain on the ground for a few short turns to give the player a chance to 
    revive them.  If the number above the corpse reaches zero for more than the 
    length of a single CT count rotation, that character will die and be removed 
    from your party permanently.  In the case of Ramza, the game will be over.  If 
    the battle ends after a unit has died, but before that unit is eliminated, 
    then they will be saved and remain in your party.  
    One final note: guest characters (like Delita for example) are controlled 
    automatically by the AI.  They can die, but not be eliminated.
    Ramza and the Squires will be your offensive battlers in this fight, while the 
    Chemist will serve as the healer.  A Chemist can throw healing items up to 
    three panels away, so keep him/her as close to your battle party as possible.
    Your team neither outnumbers the enemy party nor out-levels them.  Since this 
    is the case your best chance of winning comes from outsmarting them.  The 
    enemies will split up and attack your party equally with little to no focus.  
    Your goal should be to keep units together and aim your attacks at a single 
    enemy.  If you can get close to their Chemist and take him out then that puts 
    them at a severe disadvantage.  By the same token you need to make sure that 
    your Chemist is well protected.
    If you are unable to move close enough to attack, then try this trick.  Move 
    out panel outside the enemy's movement radius so that they cannot reach you on 
    their next turn.  To see an enemy movement radius simply highlight them with 
    your cursor and press the X button.  Another trick to keep in mind is that if 
    your unit neither moves not acts in a turn, their next turn will come much 
    faster.  Moving and acting both consume extra CT.
    With each unit that you eliminate, the battle will become that much easier.  
    With only a single enemy left you can often stand around while the other enemy 
    corpses yield items and crystals (that is if Delita doesn't finish the battle 
    for you.)  
    After the battle is over you will find yourself on the world map.  You now 
    have access to the party screen.  You can save and manipulate your party.  
    Cities (like Gariland Magic City for example) typically have shops where you 
    can upgrade your equipment.  Those players who wish to recruit units they name 
    themselves will have to use the Soldier Office.  Just three units will cost 
    all of the money you start out with, but it's best to do now before you begin 
    to power up your default characters.
    Regarding learning new abilities, leveling your party, and everything else you 
    can do at this point; there is plenty of information on each of these subjects 
    elsewhere in the guide.
    1.02 - Mandalia Plains
    Enemies           : Squire [x4]. Thief [x1], Red Panther
    My Party          : Ramza [Squire], Squire [x3], Chemist
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 1
    When the battle begins you will be given one of two options: Our duty is to 
    destroy the Death Corps, and Saving him is our priority.  Select the first 
    option.  This way, if Algus dies the game won't end.  There are no negative 
    repercussions for choosing this.  Even if he dies in battle he will be alive 
    when it's over.
    Delita will move off on his own; don't worry about him, he's not your concern.  
    Just focus on keeping your own party members alive.  With two guests in this 
    battle who are undoubtedly more powerful than you are, it will make things 
    quite a bit easier.  Move your entire party out toward the middle of the field 
    gradually and try to focus all your attacks on one enemy at a time.  
    If you find that you've got the upper hand in battle and victory is 
    inevitable, then you might want to consider having your less active characters 
    perform actions on your party.  Since you receive EXP and JP for just about 
    any action, using an item on a party member (whether they need it or not)  or 
    even attacking them can be worthwhile just for the experience.  The higher the 
    level of the unit you target the more EXP you will get.
    Be careful to avoid being surrounded by the enemy.  You may need to move your 
    units around the field even if you have a good attack position at the 
    beginning of the turn.  Also keep in mind that you have a better hit ratio 
    from the side and behind, so quite often you'll find yourself moving almost 
    every turn.  
    When the battle is over you'll now be able to fight random battles at Mandalia 
    Plains simply by moving to it on the world map.  The enemies you fight in 
    random battles will roughly equal your current, thus regardless of how far in 
    the game you are, all maps will still provide at least some challenge.
    1.03 - Sweegy Woods
    Enemies           : Bomb [x2], Goblin [x2], Black Goblin [x2], Red Panther
    My Party          : Ramza [Squire], Squire [x2], Chemist
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 3
    I would suggest at least one random battle in Mandalia Plains before taking on 
    this fight.  
    You will encounter some new and dangerous foes here in the woods.  The typical 
    player might see their first game over screen during this fight so think 
    carefully and plan ahead.  You start the battle beside a bridge so use that to 
    your advantage.  While it is possible for enemies to jump in the water and 
    attack, what you're trying to avoid is moving too far and being surrounded.  
    Let the enemies cross the bridge first and then surround them with your party.
    The Goblins and Red Panther aren't too much to worry about.  Even the Bombs 
    themselves tend to stick with just a bite attack.  What you need to watch out 
    for most of all is the Bombs' special attack they tend to use when low on HP.  
    The Bomb will approach the largest group of allies it can find and use a wide 
    radius explosion attack doing damage to everyone within two panels or so.  The 
    "Oil" condition will increase all fire elemental damage as well, but at this 
    point in the game it's not something you have to worry about.
    Every enemy on the field is equipped with the Counter Attack ability.  This 
    means that every time you attack them you're likely to be attacked back.  To 
    even things out a little bit make sure that you avoid attacking with extremely 
    weak characters.  You can also try using the Basic Skill "Throw Stone" which 
    attacks from a distance and cannot be countered.
    More than likely either Algus or Delita will move off and do their own thing 
    and be killed in the process.  Once again I remind you that guests can be 
    killed, but not permanently.  The more enemies your guests lure away the 
    easier it will make your job.  You will be able to focus on a smaller number 
    of enemies and keep your HP up for the remaining forces on the other side of 
    the map.  
    1.03 - Slums of Dorter
    Enemies           : Archer [x3], Wizard [x2], Knight
    My Party          : Ramza [Squire], Squire, Wizard, Chemist
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 4
    The hardest battle thus far will truly test the strength of your party.  You 
    may find it difficult to win this battle at any level lower than five, however 
    with proper strategy you should be able to manage.
    If you've built your party up enough to include Wizards at this point it will 
    give you a powerful advantage.  Aim for the Wizard and the Knight directly in 
    front of your party and let loose some magic of both of them simultaneously.
    The Chemist in your party will be working overtime in this battle to restore 
    the HP of all the units picked on by the archers above.  Unfortunately it's 
    difficult to hit them given their height advantage, but Delita should start 
    the battle by hopping up the side and distracting them for the time being.  
    You likely won't be able to rely on him to actually finish them however.
    Have your Squires move forward and attack with Throw Stone to start.  Failing 
    that they should stick with the Accumulate ability to build EXP and increase 
    attack power.  Killing the Wizard should take priority over the Knight since 
    their HP is low and they are easy to defeat.  Be very careful because their 
    magic is powerful and can target multiple allies in a "plus sign" grid.  Try 
    to keep your party members outside of this formation.
    Given the attack range of some of these Archers, you may find it best to just 
    leave dead characters dead and take on a more offensive attack strategy.  
    You'll end up wasting too much time with Phoenix Downs as the characters 
    inevitably get picked off immediately after reviving.  Once you manage to take 
    down the Wizards, go for the Knight.  The Archers are easy to kill once they 
    are your only remaining targets.
    1.04 - Cellar of the Sand Mouse
    Enemies           : Knight [x3], Monk [x2], Archer
    My Party          : Ramza [Squire], Squire, Wizard, Chemist
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 4
    Allow Delita and Algus to move in first and wear the enemies down a little 
    bit.  The two of them aren't likely to last long and will end up either dead, 
    or retreating to a corner.  I would suggest moving your entire party toward 
    the door with the Monks so that you can overpower them quickly.  Anytime you 
    are unable to attack in a turn, try to use the Squire ability "Accumulate."
    If you have a Wizard in your party it would be best to position him/her 
    outside the wall of structure so they may attack without retaliation.  
    Remember when using Wizards to take the enemy's CT count into consideration 
    when casting magic.  If their CT is high they will often have a chance to move 
    and avoid the magic before it is cast.  Another solution to this is to cast 
    the magic directly on the unit itself, but in that case you risk having the 
    enemy move to include a member of your party in the spell radius.
    The Chemist should also remain out of harm's way, but close enough to throw 
    items to your wounded fighters.  If you have garnered enough JP to learn the 
    Auro-Potion ability by this point it will really come in handy.
    The Knights should be the last enemies you defeat simply because they will 
    take longer to kill than any other enemy.  The Archer can heal himself so 
    don't leave him at low HP for long.  Once you manage to get your entire party 
    within the structure it should be no problem to start cornering the enemies 
    one by one and eliminating them with your more powerful characters.
    After the battle the shops will upgrade their equipment list quite a bit.  It 
    is now much more beneficial to your party to start branching out from Squire 
    and Chemist into other more powerful job classes.
    Before the next battle you must proceed back to Igros Castle.
    1.05 - Thieves' Fort
    Enemies           : Miluda [Knight], Thief [x3], Priest [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat Miluda!
    Recommended Level : 6
    Unlike prior battles you have fought, the objective here is to eliminate the 
    leader and not the entire group.  Despite this you will often find yourself 
    defeating all the enemies regardless as you progress toward the leader.  
    Miluda is a powerful Knight with a high HP value.  You're also facing off 
    against two Priests and three Thieves.  The attacks you need to watch out for 
    are the Thieves' "Steal Heart" which can confuse your units, and the Priests' 
    Black Magic spells like Ice.  
    Since the battle map is so small and the main path so thin, a character like a 
    Wizard or Summoner will thrive in this battle.  Enemies are unable to spread 
    out giving those characters a chance to target up to three or four units at a 
    time with their magic.  
    Simply remain in your positions at the start of the battle and let the enemies 
    come to you.  You should focus on eliminating the Priests before the Thieves 
    due to their low hit points and tendency to heal other weakened characters.  
    Once Miluda is the only unit remaining you can surround her and bring her down 
    easily.  Try not to give her the chance to use any "Break" abilities.  They 
    have a chance side effect of destroying your equipment.
    The shops have been upgraded quite a bit.  Now is a good time to update your 
    1.06 - Lenalia Plateau
    Enemies           : Miluda [Knight], Knight [x2], Wizard [x2], Time Mage
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 7
    The central path on this map once again makes it very beneficial to have 
    wither a Wizard or Summoner.  I found the scales of the entire battle were 
    tipped in my favour from a single summoning of Titan used right at the 
    beginning on the enemies hiding at the back.  
    Among the enemy units is a Time Mage.  This magic user will constantly cast 
    the "Haste" spell on other enemies increasing the speed at which their CT 
    recharges and giving them more turns.  While not a powerful character, it 
    would be in your best interests to eliminate her quickly before she gets every 
    one f your enemies moving faster than you.
    Focus your energy on the Wizards using powerful ranged attacks.  I suggest 
    some of the lower level Charge abilities if you have an Archer.  People using 
    Monks will find the Wave Fist attack especially effective.  
    Avoid grouping too many party members together otherwise you risk being mass-
    targeted by the WIzards' Black Magic.  Send a couple of people up the left 
    side to deal with the Knight while your most powerful mages stay back and 
    control the middle of the map.  
    1.07 - Windmill Shed
    Enemies           : Wiegraf [White Knight], Monk [x2], Knight, Yellow Chocobo
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat Wiegraf!
    Recommended Level : 9
    Facing off against Wiegraf is going to make this battle difficult.  Often 
    people find it takes a fair amount of level building before they are prepared 
    for this fight.  Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to defeat every 
    enemy.  Bringing Wiegraf down to critical HP is all that is required.
    I would highly recommend a Summoner for this battle.  Like the previous fight, 
    given the proximity of the enemies at the start it makes them extremely 
    effective.  Couple this with Delita's tendency to act as fodder for drawing 
    the enemies to him and you've got a recipe for success.
    One thing you certainly want to avoid is positioning your party members in a 
    plus sign pattern.  Wiegraf's primary attack is the Stasis Sword which has a 
    hit radius similar to magic, without the charge time.  It can also inflict the 
    Stop status on a party member rendering them completely unable to do anything 
    for a few turns.  
    Move your melee characters forward a few panels to start, but not far enough 
    so that they are in danger of being attacked on the first turn.  They should 
    use Accumulate to build their attack power while remaining out of the way.  
    The Wizard, Summoner, Archer and other long range attack should get offensive 
    right off the bat.  If Wiegraf is out of range then focus your attacks on some 
    of the weaker enemies.  The Chocobo is able to cure wounded comrades so it 
    should be one of the first to go.
    1.08 - Fort Zeakden
    Enemies           : Knight [Algus], Knight [x3], Wizard [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat Algus!
    Recommended Level : 10
    This is a very difficult battle.  Remember that the main focus in this battle 
    is Algus and there is no obligation to eliminate all of the other enemies.  
    Since you will have to split your party up you will lack the strength of 
    numbers and be forced to take on multiple enemies at a time.  Make sure that 
    each of the two characters you place in the formation complement each other 
    well (with respect to battle abilities.)
    Ramza and his partner will start along with Delita near Algus while the 
    remaining two will find themselves on the opposite side facing a Knight and 
    Wizard.  Physical attackers will do well on the opposite side whiles mages are 
    strong when accompanying Ramza due to the tightly knit group of enemies on 
    that side.
    Algus is now equipped with a bow that has a chance of inflicting the Darkness 
    status when it hits a party member.  Characters with that ailment will have a 
    much more difficult time hitting the enemy.  The Knights with him will be able 
    to protect him from characters who move in fast while the Wizard is able to 
    pick off any straggles.  If you have a ranged attacker alongside Ramza (an 
    Archer for example) his/her main target should be the Wizard unless you're 
    going after Algus exclusively.
    It might be a good idea to move the two extra units on the opposite side over 
    toward Ramza right away, completely ignoring the enemies at the back.  This 
    way you will have a much better chance of defeating Algus quickly.  Even if 
    you are aiming to kill all enemies, as a group of four you will find it will 
    probably go a lot faster.
    Completion of this battle marks the end of the first chapter.
    [A002]         Chapter 2 - The Manipulator and the Subservient
    A number of new recruits will join your party at the start of this chapter.  
    The majority of players will find these non-unique characters completely 
    useless.  It's best to just stick with the party you had before.
    2.01 - Dorter Trade City
    Enemies           : Thief [x2], Wizard [x2], Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 10
    Both Gafgarion and Agrias are now guests in your party.  With the help of 
    these two powerful characters you will likely find battles are much easier to 
    win.  Gafgarion's Night Sword is able to siphon HP from the enemy while Agrias 
    can use the same Stasis Sword attack which Wiegraf used at the windmill.
    The enclosed road will make for a very interesting battle here.  Both you and 
    your enemies are forced to keep the parties crammed together.  In doing so 
    both teams are at high risk for being targeted by area attacks, especially 
    those of a Summoner.  
    For that exact reason, your first targets in this battle should be the two 
    Wizards.  If they are out of reach try picking off the Archers.  The Thieves 
    in this fight really don't pose much of a threat at all.  They have a tendency 
    to take your equipment, but at this point in the game you aren't wearing 
    anything you can't just as easily buy back again.
    Here's a good tip to keep in mind when the battle is over.  Both Agrias and 
    Gafgarion are equipped with better equipment than you are.  Since they won't 
    necessarily remain in your party forever you should take advantage of this and 
    remove it all.  Outfit your Knights with this powerful equipment and then 
    replace theirs with whatever you can purchase in stores.
    2.02 - Araguay Woods
    Enemies           : Black Goblin, Goblin [x5]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Priest, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 11
    This battlefield is populated almost entirely by Goblins with one obvious 
    exception.  The Chocobo is not your enemy here, rather it serves as a guest.  
    Select the first option and if you win the battle with the Chocobo alive you 
    will have the opportunity to recruit it afterwards.
    There is one thing to keep in mind above all else: Goblins have an extremely 
    strong weakness to ice.  The Wizard in this fight who has learned the Ice 2 
    spell will be your strongest ally.  The same thing can be said for Summoners 
    with the Shiva spell.  Gafgarion is well aware of this weakness as he has a 
    tendency to set Night Sword aside in favour of the basic Ice spell here.  Also 
    note that regardless of what the animation looks like, Agrias' Stasis Sword is 
    not an elemental attack.
    More than likely the Chocobo will run and hide in a corner.  This is exactly 
    what you want.  Send at least one party member to go and protect the Chocobo 
    from any advancing Goblins.  Keep in mind that he does have Choco Cure, so it 
    will take more than a single Goblin to bring him down.
    Assuming the Chocobo does not die it will join your party after the battle. 
    From this point on you will begin to find random Chocobo eggs in the party 
    formation screen.  These eggs hatch into new Chocobos periodically including 
    black ones and the powerful red ones.  Boco is also the first "unique" 
    character to join your party.  While you are more than welcome to destroy the 
    eggs I would suggest you don't permanently remove Boco.  He's one of a kind.
    2.03 - Zirekile Falls
    Enemies           : Gafgarion [Dark Knight], Knight [x5]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Priest, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Save Princess Ovelia!
    Recommended Level : 12
    Unfortunately, Gafgarion has decided to betray your party.  Lucky for you 
    there just-so-happens to be a great trick you can use to make this battle 
    easier.  Before you trigger the battle go into the formation screen and remove 
    all of Gafgarion's equipment then change his job to a Priest or Wizard.  When 
    the battle begins you'll be facing off against an unarmed opponent who can do 
    nothing more than poke you for minor damage.
    There are still many other more difficult enemies you need to take care of.  
    Delita will serve as a guest in this battle along with Agrias; the two of them 
    now share the same job class.  Your goal is to keep Princess Ovelia from being 
    killed.  A task made easier by the protective MBarrier spell she casts on 
    Delita will be fine by himself taking care of the three Knights on the 
    opposite side.  All you need to worry about at this point are the two Knights 
    near Gafgarion.  If you chose not to weaken him prior to the battle you will 
    have to contend with the powerful Night Sword attack not only weakening your 
    party, but also keeping him alive.  
    Melee attackers may have trouble hitting the Knights, but mages' and Agrias' 
    special abilities will be able to cut through the defenses regardless.  Don't 
    leave your magic casters alone near the bottom as at least one of the Knights 
    fighting Delita is likely to try to attack from that direction.
    2.04 - Zaland Fort City
    Enemies           : Knight [x2], Wizard [x2], Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Priest, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 14
    Select the "don't want to get involved option" before the battle begins.  
    Mustadio is an Engineer equipped with a gun making him a powerful long ranged 
    You will likely find that this is the most difficult second chapter battle 
    thus far.  The enclosure of the Archers and Wizards gives them the freedom to 
    attack from a distance and wear down your party as you attempt to infiltrate 
    the inner area.
    Have your Wizards and Summoners stand outside the wall and cast magic on the 
    inside.  Do your best to keep them separated so that they are not both 
    targeted by the enemy Wizards' Black Magic.  Physical attackers should go over 
    the wall if possible, and failing that, through the main door.
    Mustadio will be quite a big help himself assuming he isn't killed.  His gun, 
    while not particularly powerful, has exceptional range and a 100% hit ratio 
    regardless of enemy direction or protection.  As you attempt to eliminate the 
    Wizards with magic he will usually finish off any remaining HP they have after 
    a powerful spell.
    Once your party is able to get through the main gate have them regroup.  The 
    Wizards should be dead by this point.  Agrias doesn't seem to understand the 
    concept of "door," but if you can lure the enemies near the wall she will use 
    Stasis Sword while standing on the other side.  With the Archers out of the 
    way and your mages protected by the wall, the Knights will fall quickly.
    2.05 - Bariaus Hill
    Enemies           : Knight [x2], Archer [x2], Summoner [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Priest, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 16
    This battle introduces you to enemy Summoners who will prove to be by far the 
    most devastating enemies you face here.  Fortunately their powerful magic is 
    offset by their pathetic HP, and with a character like Mustadio by your side 
    you should be able to eliminate them quickly.
    The Knights will be difficult to kill without some serious effort on your part 
    so leave them be for the moment.  Send your Wizard or other long range 
    attacker up the same side that Mustadio takes in order to finish off the 
    Summoner which Mustadio attacks first.
    As for the rest of them you can pretty much take them head on.  Any abilities 
    that target numerous enemies at once will help out quite a bit.  Have a 
    Summoner from your own party target the conglomeration of Archers and Knights 
    that tend to gather around the centre of the field.  
    Given that at least one of the enemy Summoners will likely be able to cast 
    magic before being killed you should have a plan for keeping your party in 
    good condition.  The Moogle summon allows you to heal many party members 
    quickly with the drawback being only 20 - 30 HP at a time.  Cure and Cure 2 
    are useful, but the Monk's Chakra is the most powerful.  The difficulty with 
    Chakra is that you must carefully position your units together on a flat 
    2.06 - Zigolas Swamp
    Enemies           : Ghoul [x2], Skeleton [x2], Bone Snatch, Floatiball
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 16
    Much of your success in this battle will depend on Mustadio himself.  He has 
    an incredibly useful ability (in the right circumstance) called Seal Evil 
    which can instantly petrify undead foes from a great distance with good  
    accuracy.  Since you do not control him here you will simply have to hope he 
    realizes this and uses the ability from time to time.
    There are a couple of other things you should be aware of.  You can walk 
    through the water without any difficulty, but if you end your turn while still 
    in the water your unit will automatically be poisoned.  Below the height 
    indicator is a note that displays the depth of water.  If you stop in water 
    with a depth of two you won't be able to act that turn.
    Undead creatures inherently have a weakness to fire magic so both Fire / Fire 
    2 and Ifrit will be very useful in this fight.  Physical attacks are difficult 
    due to the awkward terrain so move slowly and remain out of attack range if 
    you are unable to get close.  Both the ghosts and skeletons have attacks which 
    can target up to two or three panels away.
    With all of these advantages on your side, all things considered the battle is 
    relatively easy.  The more characters you have capable of attacking from a 
    distance the better your chances of victory.
    2.07 - Slums in Goug
    Enemies           : Thief [x2], Archer [x2], Summoner [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 17
    The Summoners are back and once again they are the most daunting foes present 
    on the field.  Given their position it will be difficult to reach them before 
    they begin their normal routine of summoning and retreating.  It's imperative 
    that you focus on one at a time and do not let up under any circumstance.  
    Both Summoners will repeatedly summon the healing Moogle until their HP is 
    fully restored effectively making every prior attack a complete waste.  
    As a welcome chance from previous battles, I personally found that the Monk's 
    Wave Fist was the key technique in this fight.  Monk's are an extremely 
    versatile class available early in the game which combine both strong, ranged  
    attack power and the ability to heal and revive in the same moveset.  With the 
    gaps between roofs always seeming to get in the way, the Wave Fist attack will 
    allow you to use a physical attack almost every turn regardless of position.
    Mustadio's death is almost an inevitability here considering where he starts.  
    Fortunately he is still a guest and cannot be permanently eliminated.  Once he 
    dies just leave him dead.  Unless you have a Priest with the Raise 2 ability 
    it's not worth it.  
    When the Summoners and Thieves gather together on the side it will be a good 
    opportunity for you to use both magic and summons.  Remember that the main 
    focus must be the Summoners who need to be killed before they have a chance to 
    steal.  Avoid getting too close to the Thieves or you risk succumbing to the 
    "Steal Heart" ability which turns one ally against you and will make it almost 
    impossible for you to win the fight.  Your only chance is to attack them 
    physically, thereby waking them up before anything else goes wrong.  
    The Archers have a tendency to hide in the corner and mind their own business.  
    In all likelihood you will forget about them entirely, however once you just 
    the roof gap you'll suddenly find arrows raining down on your head.  Have one 
    powerful melee fighter (a Knight perhaps) branch off from the rest of the 
    party and take on the Archers alone.
    After the battle you will have the option of recruiting your first truly 
    unique specialty character: Mustadio.  I consider him to be one of the best 
    characters in the game and often use him in my final party, thus I would 
    recommend dropping one of your current party members in favour of him.  
    Mustadio should remain an Engineer until he masters the job and should then 
    become a Chemist since they can also equip firearms.  Along the way it may be 
    a good idea to make him an Archer and learn the first four Charge skills.  
    They are extremely effective when equipped with a gun.
    Make sure that Mustadio is well equipped if you plan to continue using him.
    2.08 - Bariaus Valley
    Enemies           : Knight [x2], Wizard [x2], Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Summoner, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Agrias!
    Recommended Level : 18
    Your goal is to protect Agrias, who really doesn't need much protecting.  In 
    reality your primary focus should be on eliminating every enemy.  This task is 
    made a little more difficult by forcing you to split your party in two.
    At the start of the battle try to avoid moving your troops forward if you can 
    help it.  Let the enemies come to you.  This way the Wizards will be too far 
    out of range to use magic on their first turn, then you can move in and attack 
    when they are closer.  
    Mustadio's long range attack is great for picking off the Wizards little by 
    little, despite its lack of power.  Agrias will usually clean up whatever 
    messes you leave behind on the more populated side of the field.  Try to keep 
    her front and centre of everyone because she has an extremely high rate of 
    defending and dodging enemy attacks.
    Having one magic user on each side is beneficial.  A Summoner on Agrias' side 
    is especially useful to weaken those Knights.  One option you may want to 
    consider is using Mustadio's Arm Aim ability on the Archer on Agrias' side 
    early in the battle.  She has a tendency to whittle down the HP of some of 
    your weaker characters.
    The Wizard on the opposite side paired with the Archer is able to heal himself 
    and his teammates.  I suggest you focus on eliminating him before anyone else.  
    A strong physical attacker paired with a mage on that side of the field should 
    be more than enough to take on the two enemies.
    Successful completion of this battle finally bestows Agrias upon you as a 
    playable character.  She will be one of your most powerful fighters for now 
    and for much of the rest of the game so make sure to place her in your active 
    party.  After learning Gained JP Up and perhaps Move+1, the next ability you 
    learn should be Lightning Stab (her best) followed by Holy Explosion.
    2.09 - Golgorand Execution Site
    Enemies           : Gafgarion [Dark Knight], Knight [x3],
                        Time Mage [x2], Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 21
    This infamous battle often gets the best of new players to the game, forcing 
    them to battle endlessly in Bariaus Valley in order to build levels and 
    abilities.  It is truly the hardest battle you have faced up to this point.  
    With the Dark Knight Gafgarion leading a group of enemy troups, they outnumber 
    you by three.
    Once again you must split your party in two.  Place Agrias and a Wizard or 
    Summoner together on the second formation panel and the remainder of your 
    party with Ramza on the first.  Agrias and the magic caster will be able to 
    multi-target the more condensed enemies around them this way.
    I don't hesitate to tell you that a well leveled Mustadio will typically be 
    the MVP in this battle.  Gafgarion's Night Sword will likely make or break 
    your victory so he has to be dealt with quick.  One suggestion is to begin the 
    battle with Mustadio (who acts quickly) and use Arm Aim on Gafgarion.  On 
    average it will have about a 60% chance of success (more often than not) and 
    when it does work it will give you an enormous advantage.  Take this 
    opportunity to eliminate Gafgarion quickly before he regains the ability to 
    heal himself.  If Arm Aim misses you'll be in trouble, but there will always 
    be another chance next turn. 
    Focus on no one else until Gafgarion is dead.  It is not necessary to kill 
    him; simply attack Gafgarion until he reaches critical HP and he will escape 
    from the battle.  At this point you can turn your attention toward the 
    The Knights in this battle have high HP values and are equipped with the 
    Weapon Guard skill reducing the successful hit ratio of your physical attacks 
    by a lot.  Given the time it takes to eliminate them it is best to take on the 
    Archers first.  If Agrias has Lightning Stab it will seriously benefit you 
    here.  Much the same applies for Holy Explosion.  If not then you will have to 
    hope for good placement of the enemies in order to use Stasis Sword.
    The Time Mages should not be dealt with until every other enemy is dead.  
    While they are obnoxious to no end, they pose a very minimal threat.  
    Inevitably your party will end up under the Slow and perhaps Don't Move 
    ailments, but you'll be able to manage regardless.
    A few extra tips to help you in this fight.  If an Archer begins to charge an 
    attack at one of your key characters, you can sometimes position a stronger 
    character in between them to receive (and even deflect) the attack.  
    Mustadio's Arm Aim can be used in a similar fashion to stop both Charge and 
    magic attacks from resolving even after they are already in progress.  
    If you have a Monk in your party, the Chakra and Earth Slash skills are 
    invaluable in this fight.  Mustadio's normal attack will be one of the most 
    effective tools you have for eliminating weak enemies with a 100% hit ratio 
    before they are able to heal or hide themselves.  
    A good tip to know before going into this battle is to equip the Diamond 
    Armlet on all your characters.  Not only does in increase your physical and 
    magic attack by one, it also completely negates the Slow status.
    2.10 - At the Gate of Lionel Castle
    Enemies           : Gafgarion [Dark Knight], Knight[x3], Archer [x3], Summoner
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 22
    The battle at Lionel Castle is the game's first "two part" battle.  What this 
    means to you is that following your victory here outside the gates, you will 
    have the opportunity to save and heal your party, but not visit the world map.  
    Say for example that you are strong enough to win this battle, but not the one 
    after it.  If you save in between them, there is absolutely nowhere you can 
    train your party and you will be forced to either find a way to edit your 
    party in the menu so that you can win or start a new game.  For this reason 
    you have two reasonable options: either don't save between battles, or even 
    better, save your game between battles on a separate save slot.
    Another difficult battle awaits you here as you take on Gafgarion for the 
    final time.  Ramza will be all alone on the other side to the gate in a on-on-
    one situation with the Dark Knight himself.  Positioning of your other 
    characters is very important, the reason is something we will touch on in just 
    a moment.  Mustadio should be placed on the second row in the panel second to 
    the left from your perspective, second to the right from the characters' 
    perspective.  This is the pre-battle formation I refer to.
    If Agrias has Holy Explosion she should be placed in the back row, second 
    panel from the right looking at it from your perspective.
    The Summoner in this battle poses an enormous threat to your entire party.  
    His Ramuh spell is devastating, and the close proximity of your party coupled 
    with the short distance between where the enemies and allies begin make you a 
    very easy target.  Ideally the Summoner should be dead before he even gets a 
    From where I suggested you place Mustadio he has a clear shot between the 
    enemies and the torch to hit the Summoner without having to move.  Not having 
    to move is important here because it means he will get his next turn faster.  
    The same applies for Agrias.  She will be close enough to hit the Summoner 
    with Holy Explosion without having to move.  
    It is likely that Mustadio's shot and Holy Explosion will not be able to 
    eliminate the Summoner.  You will have to find a way to finish him off.  I 
    personally suggest a Monk's Earth Slash, however an Archer's normal attack or 
    a Ninja's throw ability would also suffice.  A Chemist also equipped with a 
    gun is a worthwhile addition to this battle party.
    As for Ramza I highly recommend you make him a Knight.  The reason for this is 
    that he needs some way to get the advantage over the powerful Dark Knight 
    Gafgarion.  That advantage will be the Knight's "Weapon Break" ability.  While 
    it only has about a 35% success rate (attacking from the side) on him, you 
    will likely be able to try at least three times before his Night Sword brings 
    you down.  The odds are in your favour.  Once his weapon is gone Gafgarion 
    poses about as much threat to you as an infant child.
    Of course the other option is to try and defeat him in a battle of attrition; 
    your raw physical power versus his.  Note that down at the bottom on Ramza's 
    side, beside the gate, is a brown switch.  If you move directly next to this 
    switch Ramza will automatically open the gate allowing the rest of your party 
    to pass through.  This option is best for players who are unable to beat 
    Gafgarion alone (or simply want to speed things up.)
    As for the rest of the enemies, they should not be difficult to defeat.  An 
    effective tactics I employed was gathering my party around a Monk in a plus 
    sign formation.  Each turn the Monk would use Chakra, healing the entire group 
    almost back to full health.  The shape of the formation also allows you to 
    cast Cure 2 on every member of your party.  The enemies simply cannot keep up 
    with you.  The reason this is so effective is because aside from the Summoner 
    (who should already be dead) the enemies do not have any units who can attack 
    multiple characters in such a formation (like a Wizard for example.)
    2.11 - Inside Lionel Castle
    Enemies           : Queklain [Impure King]
    My Party          : Ramza [Knight], Wizard, Monk, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Queklain!
    Recommended Level : 23
    The Impure King is a very dangerous foe.  In an interesting twist you will 
    find that he does not typically attack by depleting your HP, rather with 
    extremely debilitating status ailments.  His primary attack is called 
    "Nightmare."  It targets in a plus sign shape and inflicts one of two random 
    effects: Sleep or Death Sentence.  You will most likely find yourself hoping 
    for Death Sentence.
    Your battle formation should have two characters on the far right side (front 
    and back rows) and two characters on the far left.  Ramza should be placed 
    somewhere in the middle since he will end up in a specific location anyway 
    regardless of where you place him.  Using this formation I mentioned, Queklain 
    will not be able to target more than two party members on the first turn 
    regardless of where he directs his attack.  
    For this battle I set up my party in the following fashion and it was quite 
    effective: (note that you can build a similar strategy still using different 
    party members and job classes.)  Mustadio's attack is weak when faced with a 
    single powerful foe, so he spent the entire battle just shooting allies who 
    were put to sleep.  It's a good idea to have a "wake up" character since it 
    will takes ages for them to wake up themselves.
    A Monk served as the primary "resurrector" with his Revive ability.  He 
    basically followed around units with the Death Sentence ailment waiting for 
    them to die.  Having a Priest with Raise 2 and party members with the ability 
    to use Phoenix Down is also just as good.
    Queklain does have a wide area magic attack which does between 70 and 100 
    damage to everyone in the radius.  He rarely uses it.
    As for offensive tactics, Ramza should stick with whatever he is best at given 
    his current job class.  The main damage in this battle will come from the 
    following three sources: Agrias (Holy Explosion or Lightning Stab), Wizard 
    (Flare or Fire 3) and Priest (Holy.)  Each of those (with the exception of 
    Lightning Stab should do between 100 - 200 damage to the boss.  The Holy magic 
    spell is the most powerful attack you can use here.
    [A003]                      Chapter 3 - The Valiant                     
    3.01 - Goland Coal City
    Enemies           : Mediator, Chemist [x2], Thief [x3]
    My Party          : Ramza [Thief], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Olan!
    Recommended Level : 24
    "Save Olan" is a little bit misdirecting.  More accurately it should read 
    "Olan saves you" as he is far more powerful than any member of your party 
    could ever be.  This is entirely thanks to his spell Galaxy Stop which has an 
    infinite target radius hitting every enemy on the field with Don't Move, Don't 
    Act AND Stop, completely immobilizing them.  
    Even with Olan's power there are still dangers in this fight.  The Chemists 
    are equipped with the new Mithril Gun and the Thieves' Steal Heart ability can 
    turn your most powerful party members against you.  Try to keep your distance 
    for the most part until Olan is able to attack, then you can judge which 
    enemies you can get close to.  
    I highly recommend you build up a Thief character a little bit prior to 
    fighting this battle.  That Thief should head immediately for the Chemists and 
    attempt to steal their guns, not only netting Mustadio a powerful new weapon, 
    but also unarming them in the process.
    Olan will just keep using Galaxy Stop over and over again, which is great for 
    you of course.  Your party should focus on getting up the hill and taking on 
    those Thieves.  If you're in close proximity they will usually either do a 
    physical attack or try to steal from you.  Only when you are out of reach will 
    they attempt to charm your characters with Steal Heart.
    3.02 - Back Gate of Lesalia Castle
    Enemies           : Zalmo [Holy Priest], Knight [x3], Monk [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Zalmo!
    Recommended Level : 25
    Alma will serve as a guest in this battle and help you out tremendously by 
    casting the MBarrier spell on Ramza (most of the time).  There are some 
    instances of this battle where she will simply cast it on herself and run 
    away.  The Reraise effect of MBarrier will automatically revive the character 
    should he/she be killed in battle.
    Let the enemies come to you at the beginning while you position your troops.  
    The lack of any powerful magic casting units on their side means that you have 
    control of the field.  Guard the stairs and let the enemies move close enough 
    for you to strike.  Just keep in mind that within three panels the Monks can 
    use their Wave Fist ability.
    Zalmo poses almost no threat at all.  He is equipped with the Move HP-Up 
    ability which will have him moving about each turn just to garner a measly 24 
    HP.  If you're not planning on going after him exclusively just avoid 
    attacking hi mat all or he'll inevitably just heal it all back.  Technically 
    it is not necessary to defeat any other enemy so a few well placed shots fro 
    Mustadio and a jump from your Lancer should be more than enough to finish this 
    Speaking of which I highly recommend you change Ramza into a Lancer for this 
    potion of the game.  It is without a doubt one of the most powerful physical 
    attackers out there, and the range and power of the jump are unmatched once 
    you have learned the level 9 skills.  A level 2 Thief is the Lancer 
    A final tip for those players who built at least one character far enough to 
    obtain a Calculator, your entire party is positioned from the start in such a 
    way that Height - Prime Number will affect all of them and no more than one 
    enemy.  Beginning the battle with Height - Prime Number Haste will give you a 
    huge advantage over your opponents.  Those players who do not understand this 
    would be wise to learn how much of an asset a Calculator can be (or rather 
    another character with Calculator Math Skill to make up for their horrible 
    speed stat.) 
    Immediately following the battle, open up your formation menu and remove both 
    the Healing Staff and the Barette from Alma.  Both of them are unique items 
    and she doesn't remain in your party for long.
    3.03 - Underground Book Storage Second Floor
    Enemies           : Lancer [x3], Time Mage [x2], Chemist
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 29
    The Lancers are what make this battle difficult.  Similar to Knights, yet 
    superior in almost every way.  Their attacks have an attack range of two 
    (excluding their jumps) and their defenses are top notch.  
    The first enemy you should look to eliminate is the Chemist who will otherwise 
    spend the entire encounter healing and reviving his comrades.  Mustadio 
    equipped with the new Mithril Gun should do the trick, especially if assisted 
    by Agrias.
    The remainder of your party should focus on eliminating the Lancers one at a 
    time.  Try to surround them as best you can and make sure to attack from 
    behind.  It is extremely difficult to make a connecting hit on a Lancer from 
    the front.  You also run the risk of falling victim to their jump attacks.  
    The solution is to either cast Haste on your party and try to avoid both 
    acting and moving in the same turn.  Enemy Lancers will not jump if they know 
    you will have a chance to act before they land.
    The Time Mages pose absolutely no threat whatsoever.  They will cast Haste 
    magic on the Lancers and spend most of their spare time healing the damage 
    that Mustadio does with their weak Cure spells.  The best strategy would be to 
    avoid hitting them altogether until every other enemy is eliminated.
    3.04 - Underground Book Storage Third Floor
    Enemies           : Izlude [Knight Blade], Archer [x2], Knight [x2], Summoner
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Izlude!
    Recommended Level : 29
    Izlude is the only enemy you have to defeat here.  Whole he may not be a 
    Lancer, his Knight Blade class entitles him to use the Jump ability.  Do your 
    best to keep your party as far away from him as possible at the beginning.  To 
    avoid being jumped on you must increase your speed and CT through whatever 
    means possible.  That means moving and acting infrequently and casting the 
    Haste spell on all of your characters.  
    Have at least one physical attacker take on the Summoner at the start.  
    Compared to the Summoners you have faced previously this one is pathetic.  The 
    main source of danger in this battle is Izlude himself.  Given the large 
    amount of damage he can deal in a single turn you will want to make sure at 
    least two members of your party can either heal or revive.
    Focus the majority of your attacks on Izlude himself once the Summoner is 
    gone.  There is little reason to attack the Knights unless they are directly 
    in your path or you cannot target any other enemy that turn.
    3.05 - Underground Book Storage First Floor
    Enemies           : Wiegraf [White Knight], Knight [x2], 
                        Wizard, Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Wiegraf!
    Recommended Level : 29
    You must focus all of your attention on Wiegraf himself.  If you are to be 
    successful in this battle you must not even acknowledge the presence of other 
    enemies.  Wiegraf is so powerful that allowing him to stay alive and attack 
    for any more than two turns or so will prove deadly to even an overleveled 
    party.  The trick is to utilize your most powerful attacks and magic on him 
    after he ambushes your party.
    Wiegraf will begin the battle by moving through the middle door and attacking 
    your party with Stasis Sword (mostly likely.)  There is a chance this could 
    fell one, two, or even three weaker party members.  Following this attack you 
    need to move your strongest attackers up the stairs and pummel Wiegraf for all 
    that you have.
    A Lancer's Jump ability will work wonders in this battle.  Agrias' Holy 
    Explosion, Mustadio's with Charge+4, a Priest with Holy, a Wizard with Flare, 
    a Ninja or a Monk attacking normally.  All are very effective.  With the 
    combined power of all five members you should ideally be able to eliminate 
    Wiegraf before his second attack.  This will prevent him from crippling your 
    party further and be fast enough to avoid any attacks from other enemies.
    Alternatively you can attempt to blockade the door at the start of battle with 
    a fast character, forcing Wiegraf to take another door.  This will give you a 
    chance to buff up your party, however you will most likely have to face the 
    entire enemy party rather than Wiegraf himself.  The choice of strategies 
    ultimately depends on what works best for the player.
    3.06 - Grog Hill
    Enemies           : Squire [x2], Chemist [x2], Thief, Archer
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 30
    Just a typical battle against some not-so-formidable foes.  The Chemists are 
    the enemies to watch out for in this battle.  Not only are they equipped with 
    Mithril Guns, but they will also use both Phoenix Downs and X-Potions to keep 
    their allies alive.  Use whatever ranged attacks you have at your disposal to 
    eliminate them as quickly as possible.  
    Obviously the Squires pose the least threat, and the Thief is nothing to worry 
    about.  The Archer is equipped with a Lightning Bow which can do some serious 
    damage over the course of the battle.  He should be your next target after the 
    The best strategy is to simply run in with swords drawn.  Holding back is 
    ineffective due to the guns and bows they are equipped with.  You can try 
    positioning your magic units beside the wall on the lower level so that they 
    cannot be targeted by the Chemists' firearms.  
    3.07 - Yardow Fort City
    Enemies           : Malak [Hell Knight, Ninja [x3], Summoner [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Rafa!
    Recommended Level : 31
    Rafa is in danger from the moment this battle starts.  The enemy Ninjas will 
    begin throwing Shurikens and weapons at her from a distance.  More than likely 
    you will need to find a way to heal her before your first turn is over.  
    Fortunately she seems to have the good sense to retreat into a corner 
    regardless of what her HP is like.
    Both Rafa and Malak have similar skills, Heaven and Hell.  These arguably 
    useless skills target a plus sign five panel radius and hit five times total 
    in random panels.  It could hit one person five times, an empty panel five 
    times, or a combination of both.  
    The combination of Ninjas and Summoners here mean you're in for some heavy 
    damage if you do not act quickly.  Allowing any of the Ninjas to use a 
    physical attack will often result in death, regardless of how much damage you 
    have already taken.  Fortunately, the Summmoners will stick with the Shiva 
    spell which is relatively weak at this point in the game.
    When you have done enough damage to Malak to get him to critical HP he will 
    escape from the battle, but you must eliminate every enemy in order to satisfy 
    the victory condition.  Using a Lancer's Jump ability on the enemies inside 
    the wall is extremely effective, as is properly timed summon magic.  Agrias is 
    a very useful character in this fight.  Any ability capable of targeting 
    enemies through the wall is essentially a good bet.
    3.08 - Yuguo Woods
    Enemies           : Wizard[x2], Time Mage [x2], Ghoul, Revnant, Gust
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 32
    This battle pits you against a number of undead units.  The difference between 
    a normal unit and an undead unit is the permanent Float status and weakness to 
    Holy / Cure / Fire.  Additionally, undead units will randomly revive after 
    they die and their counter depletes.  To avoid this you must defeat every 
    enemy in a very timely fashion.  
    You can exploit their weaknesses with magic such as Cure 3/4, Holy, Fire 3/4 
    and Raise.  Agrias Holy Explosion should be used as much as possible as well.  
    The best ability you have at your disposal (by a long shot) is Mustadio's Seal 
    Evil.  This will instantly Petrify the enemies (making it impossible for them 
    to revive), has a huge attack radius, occurs instantaneously, and has a very 
    high hit ratio.
    The Wizards should be the enemies you aim to eliminate first, through their 
    primary attack seems to be nothing more than the Poison spell.  The ghosts can 
    be somewhat dangerous if they begin using Sleep Touch with any frequency and 
    incapacitate your party little by little.  Their inherent teleporting ability 
    allows them to move almost anywhere on the field.
    3.09 - At the Gate of Riovanes Castle
    Enemies           : Malak [Hell Knight], Knight [x3], Archer [x3]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Rafa!
    Recommended Level : 36
    Note the enormous jump in recommend level first of all.  This is the game's 
    most difficult two part battle.  It is extremely common for players to become 
    completely deadlocked at this point if they save after the first battle 
    without a backup.  The battle following this one is, without a doubt, the most 
    difficult battle in the game.  Not only that, it is followed by another battle 
    which also has the potential to be "impossible to win."  I highly suggest you 
    prepare thoroughly and make at minimum, one backup save before this fight.
    ThisThis first of three battles is nothing you have not seen before.  You 
    should have Ramza and another physical attacker (preferably Agrias) stationed 
    by the gate at the start.  Your mages (and Mustadio) will do best back by the 
    corner taking on the Knights.  You should also be aware there is a third 
    Knight hidden between the pillars on the castle.
    There are few special strategies or precautions you need here.  Aim for Malak 
    first and eliminate him from this battle.  Once he escapes, Rafa will 
    automatically escape as well, though it's not like she was really any help in 
    the first place.  Once again a Lancer's Jump ability can make short work of 
    those Archers and Malak himself.
    3.10 - Inside Riovanes Castle
    Enemies           : Wiegraf [White Knight]
    Victory Condition : Defeat Wiegraf!
    Enemies           : Velius [Warlock], Archaic Demon [x3]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Velius!
    Recommended Level : 36
    The fight against Wiegraf himself is a difficult one.  I found that the most 
    effective way to beat him is to make Ramza into a Lancer with either the Auto-
    Potion (Chemist) or HP Restore (Monk) abilities.  Wiegraf will begin the 
    battle with a Lightning Stab, then Ramza jumps on him.  Wiegraf is half dead.  
    Wiegraf does Lightning Stab again.  Ramza jumps a second time and kills him.  
    FOr this to work you should be at approximately level 35 - 36.
    What follows the fight against Wiegraf is the most difficult battle in the 
    game.  A well prepared party is almost a necessity.  Velius has approximately 
    1000 HP and at his side, three Archaic Demons capable of dishing out intense 
    damage to any character who comes close to them.  This says nothing of 
    Velius' most powerful attack, the Cyclops summon which will hit every 
    character within the radius for approximately 250 damage.  
    The Archaic Demons have two primary attacks.  The Dark Flare does anywhere 
    from 150 - 250 damage to a single character, which the Giga Flare hits a five 
    panels radius for approximately 100.  When not using his Cyclops spell Velius 
    tends to attack a single character for about 250 damage.
    There is almost no way to survive this onslaught for more than two or three 
    turns unless your party is ridiculously overleveled.  For this reason you must 
    adopt an almost exclusively offensive attack strategy.  Every character in 
    your party must be able to hurt Velius, otherwise they serve no purpose.  
    At the beginning of battle you should do everything you can to disperse your 
    party as widely as possible.  Have magic casters cast their magic and then run 
    for the back.  Mustadio can run to the side and still attack.  Physical 
    attackers have no choice but to make a mad dash for Velius himself.  
    Ultimately you should make it so Cyclops cannot target more than two, three 
    party members max.
    Attacks should include physical hits from Knights, Lancers, Monks and Ninjas.  
    Agrias should use her Lightning Stab ability.  There is an enormous (lucky) 
    bonus you can get from this.  There is a chance that Lightning Stab's attack 
    will inflict Silence on Velius which makes him completely powerless to summon 
    Cyclops.  Inflicting the Silence ailment (by any means) will go a long way 
    toward helping you win this battle.
    In my case, the party I used (listed above) at approximately level 35 was able 
    to win this battle on the first attempt.  The key character as usual was the 
    powerhouse Calculator (in fact the Calculator was a Summoner with Math Skill 
    to get around the slow speed of the Calculator class.)  Take advantage of 
    Velius' different positions by casting Flare based on Height.  This has the 
    added bonus of often targeting the Archaic Demons as well and even destroying 
    them.  The demons seem to be immune to Holy, but it works well on Velius.
    3.11 - Roof of Riovanes Castle
    Enemies           : Elmdor [Arc Knight], Celia [Assassin], Lede [Assassin]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Rafa!
    Recommended Level : 36
    Odd that this battle can be either painfully easy, or totally progress 
    hindering depending on the actions of both the enemies and Rafa.  In fact, if 
    you don't have a character (like a Ninja) with a fast speed stat, it is very 
    possible for Rafa to be killed and you to see the game over screen before 
    you've even had a chance to act with any character.  
    What you want to do ideally is place a Ninja in your party and set him at the 
    front of the line on the formation screen.  On the first turn Elmdor will 
    almost always move down and use the Muramasa ability on Rafa.  Following that 
    you want to move your Ninja (or other fast character) behind the two assassins 
    on the other side of the roof and attack.  After that, luck factors in.
    If Rafa tries to attack the enemies (which she does sometimes) then Celia and 
    Lede will most likely just kill her immediately the next turn and end the 
    game.  If she decides to run and hide with the rest of your party (which she 
    also does sometimes) then the rest of the fight is easy.
    Celia and Lede are Assassins, and with the exception of maybe Astrologist 
    (Olan), it's the most powerful job class in the game.  Stop Bracelet is a one 
    panel attack with has a 100% kill ratio, regardless of your level or defenses.  
    Shadow Stick targets one unit from a distance of about three panels and has a 
    100% Stop hit ratio.  Every time an Assassin gets a turn, you can almost 
    guarantee that two of your units will be incapacitated, which is why you must 
    act quickly.
    As a Lancer, Ramza should immediately Jump on the Assassin who you attacked on 
    the first turn.  Agrias should then move up and use Lightning Stab on that 
    same Assassin.  Any other characters you have simply need to do everything in 
    your power to focus on one assassin.  The reason for this is that the battle 
    is won the instant you knock any one of the three enemies into critical HP.  
    Even if it seems like a kamikaze move, you should do whatever it takes to 
    eliminate one enemy.  That's all it takes to achieve victory.
    [A004]                   Chapter 4 - Somebody to Love                   
    4.01 - Doguola Pass
    Enemies           : Lancer [x2], Wizard [x2], Archer, Knight
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 38
    We are back once again to the typical enemy encounters.  In this case you will 
    be facing off against a number of Wizards, Lancers and more.  As usual most of 
    your attacks should be focused on the Wizards who are able to do heavy damage 
    to multiple units at a time.
    Try to avoid doing too much in one turn so that the Lancers don't have a 
    chance to jump.  Use magic to kill them quickly and remember to avoid 
    attacking them from the front, it's extremely difficult.  Aside from these 
    basic tips there's very little going on in this fight you haven't encountered 
    a dozen times already.
    4.02 - Bervenia Free City
    Enemies           : Meliadoul [Divine Knight],Archer [x2],Summoner [x2],Ninja
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Meliadoul!
    Recommended Level : 39
    The goal in this battle is to defeat the powerful Meliadoul.  The Summoners 
    that accompany her are the enemies you will want to eliminate first.  
    Characters you wish to be as close to the front as possible should go on the 
    first row of the second formation screen.
    It's difficult, but one of the main things you should focus on trying to do in 
    this battle is steal the Defender sword and Chantage accessory from Meliadoul.  
    Stealing success from her ranges in the low 20% - 30% area, so it could take 
    some time.  Make sure to eliminate all other enemies first and then try to 
    have Mustadio incapacitate her with Arm Aim and Leg Aim.
    Meliadoul is equipped with some of the most obnoxious attacks in the game when 
    used against your party.  Not only will they do tremendous damage to a single 
    character, they have a tendency to break your equipment with basically 100% 
    success with each use.  No doubt you will be replacing a fair number of armour 
    plates if you are unable to defeat her quickly.
    To end the battle, all you have to do is knock Meliadoul into critical HP.  
    The longer it takes the harder it will get due to her regen status.  A few 
    well placed hits from a Lancer, Knight or Ninja should be enough to bring her 
    down.  She seems to have uncanny defenses against Agrias' attacks however.
    4.03 - Finath River
    Enemies           : Random Chocobos and Uribas
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 40
    This is more like a random battle than anything else.  You'll be facing a 
    bunch of Yellow Chocobos, and a random assortment of Black Chocobos, Red 
    Chocobos and Uribas.  Black and Red Chocobos both have powerful ranged attacks 
    (Choco Ball and Choco Meteor respectively) so those are the ones you should 
    focus on eliminating first.  Make sure to do is quickly before they are healed 
    by the Yellow Chocobos.
    Basically you main concern in this battle should be attacking the proper 
    enemies, always keeping in mind which Chocobos will move next and which ones 
    are likely to be cured.  Neither the Red Chocobos nor the Black Chocobos are 
    able to use the Choco Cure ability.
    4.04 - Church Outside the Town
    Enemies           : Zalmo [Holy Priest], Knight [x3], Oracle [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Zalmo!
    Recommended Level : 41
    Delita will be a guest in this battle.  His job class is Holy Knight, the same 
    as Agrias, and draws from the same move set.  More than likely he'll be a lot 
    stronger than Agrias.
    Zalmo is your sole target in this battle, however he starts a fair distance 
    away.  Begin by moving your party toward the two Knights and taking them out 
    quickly with Delita's help.  This may very well be the first time you have 
    faced Oracles.  They are actually one of the weaker job classes.  Aside from 
    inflicting a few negative status ailments, they can't do much.
    Zalmo himself poses very little threat, although he does have the ability to 
    heal himself almost back to maximum HP.  For this reason, once you start 
    attacking you'll want to be able to finish the job.  If you have a Lancer with 
    the Jump ability it should work quite well since you can target him right from 
    the very beginning.
    4.05 - Bed Desert
    Enemies           : Balk [Engineer], Knight [x3], Archer [x2], Wizard
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Balk!
    Recommended Level : 42
    Balk poisons your entire party before the battle begins, putting you at a 
    severe disadvantage.  The poison can be cured, but unless you have a way of 
    doing it without wasting more than one turn, I would advise you to simply let 
    it run its course and just heal yourself afterward.
    The most important thing to do in this battle is to steal Balk's Blaze Gun.  
    You will find more of them later, but at this point of the game it's an 
    invaluable weapon for Mustadio.  Just think of its 20 attack power as compared 
    to the Mithril Gun's 8.  Stealing the gun is a bit difficult since it almost 
    forces you to eliminate all other enemies first, but it's worth it.
    With the Blaze Gun, Balk is a force to be reckoned with.  He is an Engineer 
    like Mustadio, and thus, he is able to use all of the same attacks.  The best 
    thing you can do is to actually hide your party behind walls and make it 
    impossible for him to get a clear shot.  This applies especially for your 
    weaker units.
    The rest of the enemies are nothing special.  The Wizard uses level three 
    magic so he's probably the one you're going to want to take out first.  Use 
    the most powerful attacks you have at your disposal to clear the field, then 
    try to get your hands on the rare Blaze Gun.
    On the next map, you have a choice f two directions to make your attack.  
    Neither is any more preferable or difficult than the other.
    4.A6 - South Wall of Bethla Garrison
    Enemies           : Knight [x3], Archer [x2], Ninja
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 43
    Your first target in this battle should be the Ninja.  The Archers will also 
    start putting a dent in your party's HP, but the Knights are far enough away 
    that you shouldn't have to worry about them right away.  Nothing too 
    surprising here in this battle.  The fact that some of the enemies are 
    position by themselves makes it quite easy to pick them of one by one.
    4.B6 - North Wall of Bethla Garrison
    Enemies           : Archer [x2], Lancer [x2], Monk, Summoner
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 43
    This is likely the first Monk you've encountered in a while.  Fortunately he 
    is unable to do much damage to your party.  You'll want to use Agrias or 
    another mage to target the Summoner over the wall before he is able to do any 
    serious damage to your party.
    The large wall in this level allows you to hold back and take it easy, but in 
    order to do so you must deal with the Archers.  If you are unable to reach the 
    Archer at the top with either magic or ranged attacks, you have few others 
    options aside from the Lancer's Ignore Height ability. 
    4.07 - Bethla Garrison's Sluice
    Enemies           : Knight [x4], Wizard [x2], Archer [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Open the sluice gate!
    Recommended Level : 44 
    The goal of this battle is neither to kill all enemies, nor a single boss 
    enemy, but rather to pull two switches and open up the floodgates.  There are 
    two Knights standing on the two panels up at the top of the gates who will 
    never move for the entire battle unless their HP goes critical.  As long as 
    you don't go near these Knights, they can't touch you.
    As for the rest of the enemies, they are quite powerful.  I highly recommend 
    you have at least two ways to revive party members in this battle.  Even after 
    all enemies are dead it will still take a few turns to press the switches, you 
    won't be able to finish the battle quickly before dead characters are 
    I suggest placing a strong physical attacker with the first formation party to 
    take on those Knights, and Agrias with the second party to make short work of 
    the Wizards.  The Archers will once again be a nuisance, so any way you are 
    able to target and kill them way at the back will make life a lot easier for 
    you.  Remember to stay away from the Knights on the switches until they are 
    the only two enemies left.
    Ramza is the only character who can step on the switch panels.  All he has to 
    do is move there and it will happen automatically.  If you kill either of the 
    Knights on the switches, you will need to wait until their corpses disappear 
    before you can activate them.
    Following the battle, Orlandu (a.k.a T.G. Cid) will join your party 
    permanently.  T.G. Cid is an almost game-breakingly powerful character who is 
    unmatched by any other you have now, or will ever get.  He is so overpowered 
    that many people choose not to include them in their active battle party, 
    simply because it makes the game too easy.
    If you're interested, now would be a good time to do the sidequest involving 
    Beowulf and Reis at Goland Coal City.  Look up the sidequests section of the 
    guide (Section 05) for more information.  
    4.08 - Zarghidas Trade City
    Not actually a battle, just an encounter with a young girl.  Tell her that you 
    will buy a flower.  Doing so will allow you to recruit Cloud into your party 
    as a secret character later in the game.
    4.09 - Germinas Peak
    Enemies           : Archer [x3], Thief [x2], Ninja
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 44 
    The battle at Germinas Peak send a wave of thieves and lowlifes at you.  They 
    will use the height and terrain to their advantage, so the best thing you can 
    do is counter with ranged attacks from Agrias, T.G. Cid, Mustadio, and the 
    Lancer's Jump attack.  The ninja can do more damage than any other unit on the 
    field so try to take him out first.
    The Thieves will use the Steal Heart ability to Charm your characters if you 
    get too close.  Ranged attacks are best for them.  Send a small party up the 
    hill to take care of any enemies behind the large hill, or any that are simply 
    hiding in a corner shooting arrows.
    4.10 - Poeskas Lake
    Enemies           : Archer [x2], Revnant [x2], Summoner, Oracle
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 45 
    All of the enemies in this battle are undead.  This is an indication to bring 
    out the same old tactics, holy / cure magic, fire magic, and Mustadio's 
    fantastic Seal Evil ability.  Begin the battle with Mustadio firing an "evil 
    sealing" bullet up at the Summoner perched on the edge of the ledge to get rid 
    of her before she even has a chance to move.  If she's wearing a Jade Armlet 
    (which she likely is) then aim for someone else and eliminate her with either 
    T.G. Cid or Agrias.
    If you're using T.G. Cid and you've grown accustomed to the Night Sword 
    ability, make sure NOT to use it in this battle.  Being undead, the opposite 
    effect will occur (enemy gains the HP, Cid takes the damage.)  
    Both of the Archers in this battle are equipped with the rare and unique 
    Ultimus Bow.  If you are still in the habit of using Archers in your party 
    then this is definitely something you will want to steal.  
    If you are playing to collect all the rare items and abilities, then a lot of 
    preparation is necessary before moving on to the next two battles.
    4.11 - At the Gate of Limberry Castle
    Enemies           : Celia [Assassin], Lede [Assassin], Apanda [x4]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 46 
    The victory condition is to defeat all enemies, however in reality all you 
    need to do is knock either Celia or Lede down into critical HP to end the 
    battle.  Before doing this however, there is something you will want to take 
    strongly into consideration.
    This battle is Ramza's one chance to learn his final Squire ability, the one 
    which thus far has prevented him from mastering the class.  In order to learn 
    the "Ultima" spell there are a number of conditions you must first meet.  
    Ramza must be a Squire and have Ultima cast on him to learn the spell.  
    Furthermore you have to actually get the Assassins to cast it.
    Each assassin has four attacks: Stop Bracelet, Shadow Stitch, Allure and 
    Ultima.  First they will try and use Stop Bracelet.  This only targets one 
    panel so if Ramza is out of range they will not use it.  Next she will likely 
    try Shadow Stitch.  The Black Costume makes a character immune to Stop.  Equip 
    it and the Assassins won't use Shadow Stitch.  Allure Charms a character and 
    the N-Kai Armlet makes you immune to it.  With these conditions met, one of 
    the Assassins who is close to Ramza will instead choose to cast the Ultima 
    spell, and if he's a Squire then he will learn it.
    As for the actual battle, the Apanda's will cast Bio which inflicts negative 
    status ailments and does some serious damage.  Ignore them entirely unless the 
    Assassins are out of range.  Go on a full out offensive to knock down their HP 
    before the enemies are able to gain control of the fight.
    Make sure to save your game on a separate save slot.  This is a three part 
    battle with no access to the world map in between.
    4.12 - Inside Limberry Castle
    Enemies           : Elmdor [Arc Knight], Celia [Assassin], Lede [Assassin]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Elmdor!
    Recommended Level : 46 
    The famous Elmdor battle one of Final Fantasy Tactics' most difficult fights 
    for those wishing to collect all the unique equipment.  We'll get to that in a 
    moment.  Your only goal here is to defeat Elmdor who has a modest amount of 
    HP.  Any party consisting of T.G. Cid and Agrias alone should be able to 
    defeat him before the second turn.  Celia and Lede are there to help out.  
    Beowulf aids this battle immensely with his Don't Act sword magic which seems 
    to have a fairly high success probability when used on either Celia or Lede.  
    Mustadio can do the same with a lower hit ratio from a great distance.  Try to 
    keep your party spread apart so that when Elmdor teleports and uses Draw Out 
    Samurai sword attacks, they only hit a few people.  His other main attack is 
    the Blood Suck which inflicts the Vampire status.  Have everyone in your party 
    equipped with 108 Gems to prevent it before beginning the fight.
    If either Celia or Lede are killed during the course of the battle they will 
    resurrect as Ultima Demons (which are much weaker than their human female 
    counterparts.)  Destroy these demons to eliminate the Assassins for good.
    Elmdor is equipped with a full complement of totally unique "not found 
    anywhere else" Genji equipment.  Someone is going to have to steal every piece 
    of it now or forfeit the chance to obtain it forever.  This is extremely 
    difficult and should only be attempted by experienced players.  That 
    approximate steal success rate on Elmdor is between 15 and 20%, and you're 
    going to want to steal everything.
    There are a few tricks to help make getting the equipment a little easier.  
    Eliminate the Assassins first and get them out of the way.  Don't Act doesn't 
    work on Eldor, so instead you will have to slow him down.  Use both the Slow 
    spell (Time Mage or Beowulf) and Speed Break.  After doing this, begin by 
    stealing the Genji Shield which is partially responsible for his ability to 
    guard steal attempts.  After the shield is gone it should become much easier 
    for you to steal everything else.
    4.13 - Underground Cemetery of Limberry Castle
    Enemies           : Zarela [Angel of Death], Knight [x2], Bone Snatch,
                        Living Bone, Skeleton
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Zarela!
    Recommended Level : 46
    Compared to the battles against Queklain and Velius, Zarela is a piece of 
    cake.  His main attack is the same as Queklain, the Nightmare which inflicts 
    Sleep or Death Sentence on party members within a five radius.  Additionally 
    you will be fighting a number of undead enemies as well, but very few of them 
    pose any threat.  
    For the most damage, use abilities like Holy Explosion and Lightning Stab with 
    T.G. Cid and Agrias.  A Lancer's Jump attack is also extremely effective.  
    Mustadio is best left to use Seal Evil on the remaining undead enemies that 
    you face.  For the most part, any attack that works well in general probably 
    works well against the boss.  His total HP is somewhere between 1200 - 1400.
    Meliadoul joins this battle as a guest, however due to her unfortunate 
    placement she is virtually unable to actually attack any of the enemies.  Her 
    sword skills work by breaking enemy equipment, and since none of the monsters 
    at the back are wearing equipment she is forced to resort to basic physical 
    attacks.  After the battle Meliadoul will join your party permanently.
    4.14 - Inside of Igros Castle
    Enemies           : Dycedarg [Lune Knight], Knight [x5]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Dycedarg's elder brother! (?)
    Recommended Level : 47
    The initial stages of this battle have you teaming up with Zalbag to defeat 
    the elder brother, Dycedarg.  Dycedarg is accompanied by five Knights just as 
    intent on killing Zalbag as he is.  It's extremely difficult to keep Zalbag 
    alive in this battle, but fortunately it's not a necessity for victory.
    Use whatever means you have at your disposal to target enemies at a distance 
    when they're above you.  By this point you're aware of most of them anyway.  
    Zalbag will help out with a couple of basic strikes against Dycedarg, but for 
    the most part it will probably be someone like T.G. Cid who brings him down.  
    Unless Dycedarg is completely out of reach there's virtually no reason to 
    attack the Knights at all.  With no ranged attacks there's very little they 
    can do to your party from up at the top.
    When Dycedarg dies the Holy Stone will appear and transform him into Adramelk, 
    another Zodiac monster.  Every one of the Knights disappears (another 
    testament to the uselessness of killing them) and Zalbag will be... 
    This battle is much more difficult than the one against Zarela.  Adramelk has 
    two extremely devastating attacks called Loss and Seal.  The first hits a five 
    panel radius and COnfuses party members with 100% accuracy, the second hits a 
    single party member with 100% Petrify.  It is highly recommended that you 
    enter this battle wearing accessories which protect against the Confusion 
    status (N-Kai Armlet).
    Aside from that you need to take a very offensive strategy and defeat the boss 
    before you end up with a full party of statues.  Adramelk has approximately 
    1500 hit points.
    4.15 - St. Murond Temple
    Enemies           : Priest, Summoner, Geomancer [x2], Mediator [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 48
    A typical battle against a number of normal enemies.  The main advantage they 
    have is that each of them is able to use ranged attacks from their superior 
    position on top of the church.  The two people at the back should make sure to 
    climb up on top of the roof (as opposed to going around the side and meeting 
    the group at the front.)
    None of the enemies are particularly powerful and even the Summoner won't use 
    anything stronger than Titan.  It's mostly just an exercise in patience as you 
    move your units around the field, picking off the enemies one by one.  
    4.16 - Hall of St. Murond Temple
    Enemies           : Vormav [Divine Knight], Rofel [Divine Knight], 
                        Kletian [Sorcerer]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Vormav!
    Recommended Level : 48
    A difficult fight awaits until you realize that it is only necessary to kill 
    any one of the three enemies before all of them escape.  Since Vormav has 
    extremely high defense and HP that target would best be Kletian (who is 
    extremely weak in the defense department).
    Prepare to lose a few armours here as both Vormav and Rofel use the SHellburst 
    Stab religiously.  Aside from this inconvenience it should not be difficult 
    for your party to take down a single enemy given the powerful attacks you now 
    have in your arsenal.  The best characters in this battle are T.G. Cid, 
    Meliadoul and Agrias.  T.G. Cid and Meliadoul can use the Hellcry Punch, 
    destroying the weapons of your opponents, and T.G. Cid and Agrias can use the 
    Holy Explosion / Lightning Stab to target more than one enemy at a time.
    4.17 - Chapel of St. Murond Temple
    Enemies           : Zalbag [Arc Knight], Archaic Demon [x2], Ultima Demon
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Zalbag!
    Recommended Level : 48
    Zalbag is a powerful foe with some nasty attacks you'll need to prepare for.  
    Like Elmdor, he likes to use the Blood Suck ability over and over which 
    eventually turns your entire party into a bunch of blood suckers.  Prevent 
    this be equipping everyone with 108 Gems before the battle begins.  
    The first thing you should do is have either T.G. Cid or Meliadoul run up to 
    Zalbag and use the Hellcry Punch on him.  With no weapon and a completely 
    ineffective Blood Suck he'll be hard pressed to find something he can do to 
    you.  All the while I had Beowulf with the Break ability going from demon to 
    demon Petrifying them.  Their attacks (while not too devastating) can really 
    level your party given you'll be dealing with three of them per turn.
    Zalbag's Speed Save will have him moving extremely fast if you keep hitting 
    him, but not killing him.  With Blood Suck and Move-HP Up he's pretty adept at 
    healing himself.  Just focus everything you have on him and eventually Zalbag 
    should fall before the rest of your party.
    Orbonne Monastery is the game's final destination.  At this point you will 
    want to take part in all of the sidequests and extras before going there to 
    finish the game.  Once you go there, you won't be able to return to the map.
    4.18 - Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
    Enemies           : Knight [x3], Monk [x2], Archer
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 55
    The final string of battles begins with a fight against a number of basic 
    enemy units.  Nothing too surprising here, it's the battles to come that you 
    need to worry about.  Send all of your units up on top of the books in the 
    middle and just start picking off the enemies one by one.  Given that all of 
    the enemies are human units equipped to the max, T.G. Cid and Meliadoul can 
    really simplify things using the Hellcry Punch over and over again.
    4.19 - Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
    Enemies           : Rofel [Divine Knight],Summoner [x2],Wizard [x2],Time Mage
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Rofel!
    Recommended Level : 55
    A powerful Divine Knight, Rofel will attack with abilities like Hellcry Punch 
    with every intent of destroying your precious Excalibur(s).  You can prevent 
    him from doing this in one of two ways: either equip the Chemist's Maintenance 
    ability on every member of your party, or get to him first with your own 
    Hellcry Punch to render him completely helpless.  Don't even bother trying to 
    go after the other enemies in this battle.  Undoubtedly they will cast spells 
    like Titan and Fire 4, but Rofel should be your only target.  Doesn't matter 
    how many of your party members die as long as he goes down.
    4.20 - Murond Death City
    Enemies           : Kletian [Sorcerer],Samurai [x2],Ninja [x2],Time Mage [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Kletian!
    Recommended Level : 55
    Assuming you are only focusing on Kletian, he is extremely easy to defeat.  
    Being a mage of sorts his defense is lackluster at best.  Don't even bother 
    trying to take down any of the other enemies.  Undoubtedly they will move 
    forward and throw various shurikens/weapons at your party, but just ignore it 
    and take down Kletian with a few well placed Lightning Stabs.
    4.21 - Lost Sacred Precincts
    Enemies           : Balk [Engineer],Chemist,Hyruda,Hydra,Tiamat,Dark Behemoth
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Balk!
    Recommended Level : 55
    The one thing that makes this battle difficult is the terrain.  Balk is a good 
    distance away from your party and he moves quickly, making Lancer jumps 
    difficult and all other attacks equally so.  What you want to do is take your 
    most powerful characters and send them over the single panel gap in the 
    middle.  Other characters with good distance attacks like Lancers, Mustadio 
    and Worker 8 should be firing from wherever they can.  The enemies here are 
    extremely powerful and they will undoubtedly take down half your party if 
    given the chance.  All that matters is the full out offensive and taking Balk 
    down before he (or his Chemist) can pull him back up.
    4.22 - The Graveyard of Airships
    Enemies           : Hashmalum [Regulator]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Hashmalum!
    Recommended Level : 55
    This final battle of the game is no laughing matter, you would be surprised at 
    how truly difficult it is.  Make sure to position your party as spread out as 
    possible in the formation screen so that multi-targetting attacks aren't able 
    to hit your entire party at once.  One of the most important things you can do 
    before the battle is put on equipment that protects characters from the Stop 
    status.  The boss' "Spell" ability targets a five panel radius and has 
    basically a 100% hit ratio for Stop.
    His other primary attack is called Melt.  This spell hits an enormous radius 
    for approximately 150 - 200 damage to everyone in that area.  During this time 
    it seems like most attacks can actually do increased damage against him.  
    Typical attacks like Lightning Stab and Holy Explosion work well.  Worker 8 is 
    a good character to have since he is immune to magic attacks.  A Calculator in 
    this battle should try using "Level Prime Number" which will likely target the 
    boss, but is less likely to target the rest of your party.  Hashmalum has 
    approximately 1600 hit points.  
    4.23 - The Graveyard of Airships
    Enemies           : Altima [Holy Angel],Ultima Demon [x4],Altima [Arch Angel]
    My Party          : Ramza [Calculator], T.G. Cid, Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Hashmalum / Altima!
    Recommended Level : 55
    At the beginning of the battle, Altima isn't really all that difficult.  
    Typically she will go after Alma, giving you the chance to chase her down with 
    your party in tact.  She isn't as fast as Hashmalum so assuming T.G. Cid gets 
    the first turn, he will likely be able to move such that his Lightning Stab 
    can target not only her, but two Ultima Demons as well (likely killing them).  
    After that send the rest of your party at her.  A Calculator can try Level 4 
    multiple magic to target her unless height gives a better option.  Once she 
    has taken approximately 1000 damage she will transform into the final boss.  
    At this point all the Ultima Demons will disappear automatically.
    The key to winning this battle (in my case) was Holy magic.  A Wizard with the 
    Math Skill ability using Level 3 Holy was doing 512 damage to the boss every 
    turn.  T.G. Cid was up there as well of course.  There's little more to say 
    than just... spread your party as wide as possible and hit as hard and as fast 
    as you can.  Her Grand Cross ability targets a wide radius and inflicts both 
    the Sleep and Poison status, completely immobilizing your party members for a 
    few turns.  Keep them out of harms way and don't slow down.  She's difficult, 
    but certainly not insurmountable.  Good luck.
    [B000]                           Sidequests                             
    [B001]                         Beowulf and Reis                         
    During Chapter 4, you have to first travel to Goug Machine city and view the 
    scene there.  Afterwards, go to Goland Coal City and visit the bar.  Choose 
    "Rumors" and ask about the Ghost of Colliery.  Following this head up to 
    Lesalia Imperial Capital and Beowulf will join your party as a guest.  
    1.01 - Colliery Underground Third Floor
    Enemies           : Chemist [x5]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 42
    Only Chemists occupy this battlefield.  They are equipped with Mithril Guns, 
    Hi-Potions, and Phoenix Downs.  This places them more into the obnoxious 
    category than difficult.  What you should try to do is focus on one Chemist at 
    a time but not just any Chemist!  Ideally they should be alone; a fair 
    distance away from any other who could revive them.  From that point you can 
    simply progress from Chemist to Chemist before they even have a chance to 
    react.  This especially rings true if you decided to wait until T.G. Cid 
    joined your party.
    1.02 - Colliery Underground Second Floor
    Enemies           : Thief [x2], Chemist, Behemoth, King Behemoth
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat all enemies!
    Recommended Level : 42
    This battle poses a little bit more of a threat than the previous one.  With 
    the two powerful Behemoths on the field, you need characters capable of 
    dishing out heavy damage in order to bring them down.  The Thieves too will 
    get their hands on your equipment (or your heart) if not dealt with quickly.
    Your first two targets are hidden in a little hideaway just to the right of 
    where your party starts.  A lone thief hides a powerful King Behemoth behind 
    him.  Have either Agrias or T.G. Cid begin the battle by moving over there and 
    using either Holy Explosion or Lightning Stab to get things started.
    Once these two enemies are dead you will be able to go for the ones on the 
    hill.  As you may have noticed, the Chemist is equipped with the rare and 
    powerful Blaze Gun.  If you were unable to steal one from Balk (or have not 
    yet reached the battle in Bed Desert) then this is a great chance to steal it.
    1.03 - Colliery Underground First Floor
    Enemies           : Thief [x2], Chemist, Behemoth, King Behemoth
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat al enemies!
    Recommended Level : 42
    Normally in this situation the best strategy would be to eliminate the 
    powerful Blue Dragons, however you have to keep in mind that the Chemists are 
    nuts about using X-Potions.  Given that the dragons have so much HP, it is 
    difficult to kill them before the Chemists restore every last point of HP they 
    had.  The first thing you should do in this battle is move your troops up the 
    hill and take aim for those Chemists.
    The Blue Dragons are likely he most powerful enemies you have faced so far, 
    with the exception of the Zodiac bosses.  Their Ice Bracelet attack targets 
    two panels and will do anywhere between 150 and 300 damage to your character.  
    Ice attacks heal the dragon, so stick with powerful Fire magic and physical 
    attacks.  The Lancer's Jump is an effective weapon as always.  
    1.04 - Underground Passage in Goland
    Enemies           : Sinogue [Archaic Demon], Plague [x3], Ochu [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Reis!
    Recommended Level : 43
    The toughest battle of the four pits you against a hoard of monsters with a 
    purple dragon named Reis in the centre.  Reis is powerful enough to take care 
    of herself for the most part, however she's not invincible, so you will still 
    need to move you units quickly in order to get close.  Make sure that someone 
    has the ability to heal from a distance in case something goes wrong.  
    Watch out for both the Plagues and Ochus as they are able to inflict negative 
    status ailments on your party along with their attacks.  The Giga Flare of the 
    Archaic Demon is relatively weak, but covers a large radius.  Have your most 
    powerful characters going in with their strongest attacks and ice-based magic 
    attacks which seem to work well on both the Plagues and Ochus.  
    If you can manage to defeat all of the enemies with Reis the dragon still 
    alive at the end of the battle, both she and Beowulf will join your party 
    permanently.  In the long run, Reis isn't nearly as useful as you might hope, 
    but I would consider Beowulf to be the second most useful / powerful character 
    in the game, just behind T.G. Cid.  A mastered Temple Knight with a full array 
    of Magic Sword attacks can devastate the enemy.
    [B002]                       Cloud and Worker 8                         
    After completing the events to recruit Beowulf into your team, and after 
    progress far enough in the game, another event will trigger when you venture 
    to Goug Machine City.  When Ramza places the stone into the machine a robotic 
    creature emerges and Worker 8 joins your party.  After this event head all the 
    way up to Zeltennia Castle and go to the bar.  Ask about the cursed island and 
    it will appear on your map to the north.
    1.05 - Nelveska Temple
    Enemies           : Worker 7 new [Steel Giant], Cocatoris [x3], Hyudra [x2]
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Defeat Worker7!
    Recommended Level : 50
    Worker 7 new is exactly like Worker 8.  Extremely powerful and extremely 
    robotic.  Alongside there are two three headed dragons and three bird monsters 
    accompanying him.  Each of these enemies is strong (and annoying) in its own 
    way so it may be a good idea to target all enemies in this fight.  The most 
    important thing you can do before the battle is equip accessories that make 
    your party immune to Petrification.  Basically the only attack the Cocatoris 
    use is Beak which has a high chance of Petrifying a character.
    Begin the battle by having T.G. Cid, Agrias and Beowulf take out the Hyudras 
    on top of the pillars.  Beowulf's Break should come in handy for that.  
    Afterward you can focus on destroying the birds that come down and send all 
    your attacks toward Worker 7.  His attacks will do about 250 damage at long 
    range and up to 400 damage at close range.  Also note that his faith is 00 
    meaning that all magic is completely ineffective.
    When Worker 7 has taken enough damage to reach 0 HP he will enter backup mode 
    which basically revives him once with a single hit point.  Anyone else who 
    gets a turn will be able to finish off the battle without any difficulty
    Following the battle, Reis will enter the temple and transform back from a 
    dragon into a woman.  She still has the same basic breath attacks as the 
    dragon did.  Overall she's not all that different (besides now being able to 
    use equipment.)
    Head back to Goug Machine City (again) and watch the scene where Cloud is 
    beamed into existence using the odd device.  He doesn't join your party at 
    this point unfortunately.  After the scene head up to Zarghidas.
    1.06 - Zarghidas Trade City
    Enemies           : Thief [x3], Squire [x2], Monk
    My Party          : Ramza [Lancer], Calculator, Ninja, Agrias, Mustadio
    Victory Condition : Save Cloud!
    Recommended Level : 50
    The recommended level is just a formality for this battle considering how late 
    in the game it is, you could probably take these guys on at any level.  The 
    two Squires who spend most of their time throwing stones won't pose much of a 
    treat.  None of these enemies are going to pose much of a threat.  Just keep 
    Cloud alive and that;;s really all there is to it.  Inevitably he's just going 
    to run (since he's not equipped with a weapon) so that makes your job a lot 
    After the battle Cloud will join your party permanently.  Joining at level one 
    makes training hi ma pain in the ass.  Not only is it a pain for that reason, 
    but he can't even use his limit skill without the one unique weapon: the 
    Materia Blade.  To get this weapon you must fight a random battle at the 
    Bervenia Volcano (near Igros) and have a character with Move-Find Item 
    equipped.  This character must also be able to jump (Lancer ability Ignore 
    Height perhaps?)  Have them jump to the very tip top of the volcano with Move-
    Find Item equipped and that character will find the Materia Blade.
    Honestly, Cloud really isn't worth the effort it takes to build him up.  Once 
    he's on par with your party, his two best Limit skills (Cross-Slash and 
    Finishing Touch) make him a great addition to any battle party, however there 
    are easily five other characters available who are just as good and don't 
    require as much work.  Ultimately how you build your party is up to you.
    [B003]                        The Deep Dungeon                          
    After completing the previous sidequests simply head down to Warjilis trade 
    City.  A scene will automatically trigger which unlocks the optional Deep 
    Dungeon map to the east.
    There are a number of things you need to know about this dungeon before you 
    proceed.  First of all, it consists of ten completely darkened stages.  
    Finding paths is extremely difficult and the enemies are automatically scaled 
    to be at higher levels than your party (unless your party has reached level 
    99).  It is possible to light up the cave however; every time someone dies and 
    turns into a crystal, the cave will be illuminated a little up to full 
    illumination with four crystals on the map.
    There are ten levels to the Deep Dungeon, but you will not automatically 
    progress each time you beat one.  When all the enemies are killed the battle 
    ends.  To actually unlock the next level of the dungeon you must locate the 
    single panel which, when a unit stops moving on, triggers a message that says 
    "we have found a path going further on."  Typically this exit panels are in 
    the area around the opposite end of where the party starts, but not always.  
    Each level can be revisited as many times as the player likes.
    The Deep Dungeon is full of extremely rare items and equipment like the 
    thieves described.  In order to actually find it you will need the Move-Find 
    ability.  Each level of the Deep Dungeon holds exactly four rare items.  For 
    example, both a Blaze Gun and a Glacier Gun can be found on the first level 
    alone.  These panels act as traps for character who do not have Move-Find 
    Item, so if you step on a trap then you know where an item is hidden.  
    Each of these panels holds one of two things: an extremely rare item or a 
    Phoenix Down.  Every time you step on a panel and get a Phoenix Down it means 
    that you failed to get the good item and you won't get another chance without 
    resetting the game.  To increase the probability of getting the good item you 
    must lower the Brave of one character as low as you can.  This is done through 
    the use of Mediator abilities.  For every four Brave you lower in battle, one 
    Brave is permanently lowered even after the battle ends.  The fastest way to 
    do this is with Mustadio's Chicken ability (Brave -50) just make sure to keep 
    it above 10 or the character actually does turn into a chicken.
    The last thing you need to know is that at the very bottom there is a powerful 
    wizard who can teach a member of your party the ultimate summon spell: Zodiac.  
    This is the reason there is a blank line at the bottom of a Summoner's spell 
    list.  All you need is to have one person learn it and then he can teach it to 
    everyone else later.  To learn Zodiac you must satisfy the following 
    conditions: the character must be HIT by Zodiac when Elidibs casts it, the 
    character hit must be a Summoner and the character hit must survive the 
    attack.  The easiest way I know of is to be at a really high level with good 
    equipment and the Time Mage ability MP Switch.  Best case scenario you should 
    get a message asking if you want to learn the spell.
    After the final battle a little Apanda named Byblos will join your team 
    (assuming he survived the previous battle of course).
    Teaching the spell to other characters requires you to first find an enemy 
    Summoner, have a person with weak magic power cast Zodiac on the Summoner (so 
    it doesn't kill them) and then wait for that Summoner to cast it again on the 
    Summoner in your party who you wish to learn it.  This actually works.
    Thus, you now know what to expect from the Deep Dungeon and how to prepare for 
    it.  I admit I don't have item coordinates and exit coordinates (exit 
    coordinates aren't always the same anyway), but there are widely available in 
    many places online.  Good luck, and godspeed.
    [C000]                        Tips & Misc Info                          
    Job Chart
    Squire Jobs (Physical)        | Requirements
    Squire                        | N/A
    Knight                        | Squire (Lv.2)
    Archer                        | Squire (Lv.2)
    Monk                          | Knight (Lv.2)
    Thief                         | Archer (Lv.2)
    Geomancer                     | Monk (Lv.3)
    Lancer                        | Thief (Lv.3)
    Dancer (Female Exclusive)     | Geomancer (Lv.4), Lancer (Lv.4)
    Chemist Jobs (Magical)        | Requirements
    Chemist                       | N/A
    Priest                        | Chemist (Lv.2)
    Wizard                        | Chemist (Lv.2)
    Oracle                        | Priest (Lv.2)
    Time Mage                     | Wizard (Lv.2)
    Mediator                      | Oracle (Lv.2)
    Summoner                      | Time Mage (Lv.2)
    Bard (Male Exclusive)         | Mediator (Lv.4), Summoner (Lv.4)
    Combination Jobs              | Requirements
    Samurai                       | Monk (Lv.4), Knight (Lv.3), Lancer (Lv.2)
    Ninja                         | Thief (Lv.4), Archer (Lv.3), Geomancer (Lv.2)
    Calculator                    | Priest (Lv.4), Wizard (Lv.4)
                                  | Time Mage (Lv.3), Oracle (Lv.3)
    Mime                          | Squire (Lv.8),Chemist (Lv.8),Mediator (Lv.4)
                                  | Geomancer (Lv.4),Lancer (Lv.4),Summoner (Lv.4)
    Brave & Faith
    Every character has two values, Brave and Faith, between 0 and 100.  They 
    serve as modifiers for physical and magical damage respectively, as well as 
    other factors like evasion and luck / chance.  The higher a character's Brave 
    is the more physical damage that unit will deal.  It also means the more 
    physical damage that character will take.  Same applies for magic damage with 
    Faith, so basically raising Brave means high defense and low offense, raising 
    Faith means high magic attack low magic defense.  Characters like Worker 8 who 
    have 0 Faith (and Innocent status) will take 0 damage from magic.
    Some non-vital characters whose Brave and Faith get too high (95+) have a 
    chance of completely abandoning your party.  Keep this in mind.  Also note 
    that a Brave level of less than 10 will turn a character into a Chicken.  They 
    gain 1 Brave per turn until they become normal again.
    Raising and lowering Brave and Faith is done with the help of a Mediator.  
    Raising and lowering Brave can be accomplished by using the Mediator abilities 
    Praise and Threaten respectively.  Beowulf's Chicken attack also lowers Brave 
    by a whopping 50 points.  For every 4 Brave a character gains or loses, one 
    Brave is permanently gained or lost after the battle ends.  For example, a 
    character with 50 Brave who gets boosted to 54 in battle, will have 51 Brave 
    after the battle is over.  The same applies to Faith.  Raising and lowering 
    Faith is accomplished with the Mediator abilities Preach and Solution 
    Move-Find Item's success probability is dramatically increased the lower the 
    character's Brave is.  For people hunting through the Deep Dungeon for the 
    best treasures, the lower your Brave the better.  Brave is also used to 
    determine how often a reaction ability (like Counter) is triggered.  The 
    ability will succeed Brave% of the time.
    Poaching is a way to acquire rare items and equipment that might not be 
    available through any other means.  It all begins with the Thief's "Secret 
    Hunt" ability which allows you get special items from Fur Shops after that 
    character kills a monster (not human) enemy.  Many of the rarest equipments 
    are only available through the Poaching of certain monsters.  Most monsters 
    have a "rare" Poach item chance, so just because you don't get something good 
    from Poaching a specific monster doesn't mean that monster isn't potentially 
    holding something quite a bit better.
    Rare Battles
    In Chapter 4 there are some special "rare" battles you can encounter randomly.  
    A rare battle is usually fairly obvious.  Rather than facing a few monsters 
    and enemies around the same level as you, instead you might come across a 
    battle against 11 Monks at once (occurs at Grog Hill randomly).  Often these 
    enemies are holding rare items so it's a good idea to have a mastered Thief 
    when searching for these.  The best one I am aware of is an "all Mediator" 
    battle that occurs randomly on Germinas Peak.  
    At least one of the Mediators will be equipped with the powerful "Stone Gun."  
    With the Stone Gun equipped, the character will automatically be Petrified at 
    the beginning of battle.  Use a soft on them and for the rest of the battle 
    the Stone Gun works as an extremely powerful normal bullet-firing gun.  Even 
    stronger than the Blaze Gun / Glacier Gun (and some of the Mediators in this 
    rare battle will carry those too.)  All you have to do is steal the Stone Gun 
    after the Petrified Mediator is cured.
    Weapon Duplication
    All you need is the Ninja's Two Swords ability for this.  Its best described 
    with an example: let's say duplicating the most powerful sword readily 
    available in the game (the Excalibur).  Learn the Two Swords ability and then 
    turn that character into a Knight so that they can equip the Excalibur.  
    Typically when you select the "Best" button it will equip the character with 
    the Excalibur at the top and the shield in the second position.  Switch them 
    around so that the character is carrying the Excalibur in the other hand 
    (second slot down) and the shield in the main hand (top slot).  This can only 
    be done with the Two Swords ability equipped.
    Now go to a shop that sells Knight equipment.  Enter the fitting room and go 
    to "Best fit" for that character.  Since the Excalibur is the best weapon it 
    will still be the best fit, but the store automatically moves it back to your 
    other hand at the top.  Notice however that when this happens, the colour of 
    the word "Excalibur" turns red as if it were a new piece of equipment you were 
    buying.  Exit the fitting room and choose to confirm the purchase and suddenly 
    you now have two Excaliburs in your inventory.  Repeat as much as you like.
    Unique and Secret Characters
    Unique characters can be described as those who say something when you press 
    the select button in the menu screen and click on their name.  Even boring or 
    Rad, Lavian etc. that only have basic classes are technically unique 
    characters.  All the secret characters like Beowulf, Worker 8, Reis, Cloud, 
    Byblos are all described in the sidequests section.  The rest of the unique 
    characters like T.G. Cid, Boco, Mustadio etc. will automatically join your 
    party during the normal progression through the story.
    Cloud's Materia Blade
    This special weapon is required in order for Cloud to perform Limit skill 
    attacks.  TO find it all you have to do is take a character with a good jump 
    height and the Move-Find Item ability into a random battle at the Bervenia 
    Volcano (appears on the world map in Chapter 4 near Igros.)  Stand on top of 
    the volcano with Move-Find item to automatically pick up the Materia Blade.
    Most bars in the game offer you the chance to take part in quick little quests 
    which require you to do nothing more than move back and forth between 
    locations and pass a certain amount of time.  They don't really serve any 
    great purpose or yield any great items.  What they do is give rewards in the 
    form of small JP bonuses to the job classes of the three characters that took 
    part.  Note that only non-special classed characters can participate.
    [D000]                        Legal Information
    This guide is copyrighted 2006 Szamar Madar.  It is not to be reprinted or 
    copied in any shape or form without the author's express consent.  This guide 
    is exclusively hosted at www.gamefaqs.com and nowhere else.  Please notify me 
    immediately if it is found on another website.
    End of document.

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