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US Game Shark Codes by Weltall_Zero

Version: 0.4 |

              |      Final Fantasy Tactics      |
              | Action Replay/Game Shark Codes  |
              |       for the US version        |
              |            Ver 0.4              |
              |                                 |
              |  Mantained by Ignacio de Lucas  |
              |      (de_lucas@yahoo.com)       |

    This file (and my Japanese FFT FAQ) can be found at:
 Kao Megura's Homepage


 Square Net

    This file contains codes obtained with an Action Replay and a 
 Comms Kit. They can be used with either an Action Replay or Game 

    Well, a lot of people asked me why the Action Replay codes wouldn't
 work for them. The fact is, the ones I released would only work in the
 Japanese version of the game. Here are the US versions of these codes.

    I have to say some things about the Japanese FFT FAQ. The first
 one is that I won't be updating it anymore. It takes me a LOT of time
 to make sure everything is coherent, not to mention uploading the huge
 file to every hosting site, and I don't think there's that much to add,

    The second one is that I won't be making a US version of it. I don't
 even own the US version, for that matter: a friend of me lent it to me to
 make these codes. I have given permission to "someone" to make a US
 version of it but I can't guarantee it will ever become reality (since
 it's out of my influence).

    The third one is that I won't be responding e-mails personally any
 more. After two weeks of 2-3 daily hours on average doing so, I think
 it is time to say "enough". Since I won't update the FAQ either and
 therefore any further contributions would be pointless, what this
 means is that you shouldn't e-mail me about FFT at all. Sorry! I like
 answering mail, I really do, but I have a life to live (and other FAQ
 projects as well). If you have any problem with the codes, sorry.
 I tried to explain them as clearly as I could.
    If you still MUST contact me, note that my e-mail address has

      *  I n d e x  *

 1. - Money Code
 2. - Job Codes
 3. - Item Codes
 4. - Ability Codes

      *  1  -  M o n e y   C o d e  *

    Simple enough, enter this code to always have 65535 Gil.

 800577CC  FFFF

      *  2  -  J o b   C o d e s  *

    Thanks to Piyo (vortex@mail.networx.net.au) for the original
 "current job" code for the Japanese version.

    Well, these are the codes for changing your characters' jobs.
 Before I list them, let me explain how they work. There are two
 codes for each character.

    The first one sets the BASIC job of that character. This is the
 "beginner" job of him/her, so to speak. For all regular character,
 their basic job is "Squire" (there's a male and a female Squire
 job). This also affects other things, such as what graphic will
 that character have (especially in the cases of special characters).
 In a sense, this dictates "who the character is".
    Note that changes in this job are permanent (remain even after
 you switch off the AR and even after you change jobs).

    The second one sets the CURRENT job of the character. It works
 as you would expect it, except that the character must be in a
 logical job for his/her basic job or his/her graphic will
 glitch (for example, if you try to set the current job to
 that of a monster and the basic to that of a human, or the
 other way around).

    Basic job code:

 ,- This is a THREE, not an EIGHT! So that it only affects the lower byte.
 30057F74  00XX   For the 1st character
 30058074  00XX   For the 2nd character
 30058174  00XX   For the 3rd character
 30058274  00XX   For the 4th character
 30058374  00XX   and so on...
 30058474  00XX
 30058574  00XX
 30058674  00XX
 30058774  00XX
 30058874  00XX
 30058974  00XX
 30058A74  00XX
 30058B74  00XX
 30058C74  00XX
 30058D74  00XX
 30058E74  00XX

    Current job code:

 80057F76  00XX   For the 1st character
 80058076  00XX   For the 2nd character
 80058176  00XX   For the 3rd character
 80058276  00XX   For the 4th character
 80058376  00XX   and so on...
 80058476  00XX
 80058576  00XX
 80058676  00XX
 80058776  00XX
 80058876  00XX
 80058976  00XX
 80058A76  00XX
 80058B76  00XX
 80058C76  00XX
 80058D76  00XX
 80058E76  00XX

    Both codes must be used with their "correct values" to obtain
 their best effect. The correct values are:

 Type of character          Basic Job             Current Job
 Regular human, male        80                    Not needed
 Regular human, female      81                    Not needed
 Special human              Special job you want  Not needed
 Monster                    82                    Monster job you want

    To determine who is human and who is a monster, the rule of thumb
 is that if it cannot change jobs, it's a monster. So all zodiac
 beasts are monsters, as well as Constructor 8.

    "Basic job" table

    It seems that the same values are used for both "Basic" and "Current"
 job codes, so just use the below table. Exception: from value 80
 on, they give different results, but since from there on there are
 only monster jobs and they would only be used in the "current
 job" codes, it doesn't matter.

    "Current Job" table

    I only translated "human" jobs and their job commands. Monsters
 and their abilities are the same as for the Japanese FAQ, as well
 as character names.

N    Job           Face         Sprite  Ability  

00   None          None         No      None
01   Squire        Ramza 1st    Yes     Guts
02   Squire        Ramza 2nd    Yes     Guts
03   Squire        Ramza 3rd    Yes     Guts
04   Squire        Delita 1st   Yes     Guts
05   Holy Knight   Delita 2nd   No      Holy Sword
06   Arc  Knight   Delita 3rd   No      Mighty Sword
07   Squire        Argas        Yes     Basic Skill
08   Arc  Knight   Zalbarg      No      Destroy Sword
09   Lune Knight   Daisdarg     No      Sword Skill
0A   Duke          Larg         No      <None>
0B   Duke          Gorutana     No      <None>
0C   Princess      Ovelia       Yes     Holy Magic (MBarrier, Dispel +) 
0D   Holy Swordsman Orland      Yes     All Swordskill
0E   High Priest   Old Man      No      <None>
0F   Dragoner      Rerze        Yes     Dragon
10   Holy Priest   Zarmou       No      White-aid (White, Status Change +)
11   Dark Knight   Gabugalion   Yes     Dark Sword
12   Hell Knight   Bald Guy     Yes     Un-truth
13   Bishop        Simon        Yes     <None>
14   Cleric        Br.Hair Monk Yes     Holy Magic (MBarrier, Dispel, Wish+)
15   Astrologist   Oran Durai   Yes     Starry Heaven (Galaxy Stop ++)
16   Engineer      Basrodio     Yes     Snipe
17   Dark Knight   Gabugalion   Yes     Dark Sword
18   Cardinal      Drakrowa     No      No
19   Heaven Knight Lafa         Yes     Truth
1A   Hell Knight   Malark       Yes     Un-truth
1B   Arc Knight    Elmdoa       No      Sword Spirit (Samurai)
1C   Delita's Sis  Teita        Yes     Magic (Cure)
1D   Arc Duke      Barinten     No      <None>
1E   Holy Knight   Agurias      Yes     Holy Sword
1F   Temple Knight Beiowuf      Yes     Magic Sword
20   White Knight  Wirgraff     Balmau. Holy Sword (Holy Knight)
21   Arc Witch     Balmaufra    Yes     <None>
22   Engineer      Mustadio     Yes     Snipe
23   Bi-Count      Ludwig       No      <None>
24   Divine Knight Vormarf      No      Mighty Sword
25   Divine Knight Lorfar       No      Mighty Sword
26   Knight Blade  Izuruud      No      Battle Skill (Knight)
27   Sorceror      Cretian      No      All Magic (Holy, Flare, Graviga,
                                                   Dark Holy, Araise +)
28   White Knight  Balmaufra    Yes     Holy Sword (Holy Knight)
29   Heaven Knight Lafa         Yes     Truth
2A   Divine Knight Mariador     Yes     Mighty Sword
2B   Engineer      Balk         No      Snipe
2C   Cleric        Aruma        Yes     Holy Magic (MBarrier, Dispel,
                                         Arutema, Wish +)
2D   Assassin      Celia        No      Use Hand (Status Change, Arutema +)
2E   Assassin      Reddy        No      Use Hand (Status Change, Arutema +)
2F   Divine Knight Mariador     Yes     Mighty Sword (Only two of them)
30   Cleric        Aruma        Yes     Holy Magic (MBarrier, Dispel,
                                                  Wish +)
31   Phony Saint   Girl (?)     No      <None>
32   Soldier       Cloud        Yes     Limit
33   Arc Knight    Ramza        No      Destroy (Ruin+)
34   Holy Knight   Agurias      Yes     Holy Sword
35   Chemist       Ramza        No      Item
36   Priest        Ramza        No      White Magic
37   Wizard        Ramza        No      Black Magic
38   Oracle        Ramza        No      Yin Yang Magic
39   <None>        Ramza        No      <None>
3A   <None>        Celia        No      <None>
3B   <None>        Reddy        No      <None>
3C   Warlock       Berias       No      Fear (New +)
3D   Knight NJ     Ramza        No      Sword Skill
3E   Angel of Death Zaerla      No      Fear (New +)
3F   Archer NJ     Ramza        No      Charge
40   Regulator     Hashumarim   No      Fear (New +)
41   Holy Angel    Ramza        No      <None>
42   Wizard NJ     Ramza        No      Black Magic
43   Impure King   Kyukrein     No      Fear (New +)
44   Time Mage NJ  Ramza        No      Time Magic
45   Ghost of Fury Aduramarek   No      Fear (New +)
46   Oracle NJ     Ramza        No      Yin Yang Magic
47   Summoner NJ   Ramza        No      Summon Magic
48   Holy Dragon   Holy Dragon  Yes     Breath
49   Arch Angel    Ramza        No      Complete Magic (All-urutema, G.Cross +)
4A   Squire        Ramza        No      Basic Skill
4B   Chemist       Ramza        No      Item
4C   Knight        Ramza        No      Battle Skill
4D   Archer        Ramza        No      Charge
4E   Monk          Ramza        No      Punch Art
4F   Priest        Ramza        No      White Magic
50   Wizard        Ramza        No      Black Magic
51   Time Mage     Ramza        No      Time Magic
52   Summoner      Ramza        No      Summon Magic
53   Thief         Ramza        No      Steal
54   Mediator      Ramza        No      Talk Skill
55   Oracle        Ramza        No      Yin Yang Magic
56   Geomancer     Ramza        No      Elemental
57   Lancer        Ramza        No      Jump
58   Samurai       Ramza        No      Draw Out
59   Ninja         Ramza        No      Throw
5A   Calculator    Ramza        No      Math Skill
5B   Bard          Ramza        No      Sing
5C   Dancer        Ramza        No      Dance
5D   Mime          Ramza        No      Mimic
5E   Chocobo       Chocobo      Yes     ChocoAttack, ChocoCure, [ChocoEsna]
5F   Black Chocobo Chocobo      Yes     ChocoAttack, ChocoBall, ChocoEsna,
60   Red Chocobo   Chocobo      Yes     ChocoAttack, ChocoBall, ChocoMeteo,
61   Goblin        Goblin       Yes     Tackle, Metsubushi, [Goblin Punch]
62   Black Goblin  Goblin       Yes     Tackle, Spin Punch, [Goblin Punch]
63   Gabldegak     Goblin       Yes     Tackle, Spin Punch, Goblin Punch,
64   Bomb          Bomb         Yes     Kanatsuku, Exploder, [Cobomb]
65   Grenade       Bomb         Yes     Kanatsuku, Exploder, Cobomb, [Flame
66   Exploder      Bomb         Yes     Kanatsuku, Exploder, Spark, [Cobomb]
67   Red Panther   Panther      Yes     Hikkaku, Poison ?, [Neko Kick]
68   Cougar        Panther      Yes     Hikkaku, Cat Kick, Poison ?, [Blaster]
69   Vampire       Panther      Yes     Hikkaku, Cat Kick, Blaster, [Blood ?]
6A   PiscoDemon    Squidman     Yes     ?Hand, [Sune]
6B   Squidraken    Squidman     Yes     ?Hand, Sune, ???, [Mind Blast]
6C   Mind Flayer   Squidman     Yes     ?Hand, Sune, Mind Blast, [Level Blast]
6D   Skeleton      Skeleton     Yes     Hand Sword, ThunderSoul, [AquaSoul]
6E   Bone Snatch   Skeleton     Yes     Hand Sword, AquaSoul, [IceSoul]
6F   Revenge Bone  Skeleton     Yes     Hand Sword, AquaSoul, [WindSoul]
70   Ghoul         Ghoul        Yes     ?Ice Wo?Basu, SleepTouch, [GreaseTouch]
71   Ghast         Ghoul        Yes     ?Ice Wo?Basu, GreaseTouch, [DrainTouch]
72   Revenant      Ghoul        Yes     ?Ice Wo?Basu, DrainTouch, [ZombieTouch]
73   Floater Ball  Ahliman      Yes     ??, [??No??]
74   Ahliman       Ahliman      Yes     ??, Devil's ??, ??No??, [Death ??]
75   Plague        Ahliman      Yes     ??, Devil's ??, Death ??, [Saakuru]
76   Shura Ibis    Bird         Yes     Kakimushiru, [Feather Bomb]
77   Steel Hawk    Bird         Yes     Kakimushiru, Light Monoga ? Ki,
78   Cockatrice    Bird         Yes     Kakimushiru, Kuchibashi, Feather Bomb,
79   Uribou        Pig Man      Yes     Chototsumoushin, [Buhii]
7A   Porky         Pig Man      Yes     Chototsumoushin, Pooh, [Hanaiki]
7B   Wild Boar     Pig Man      Yes     Chototsumoushin, Hanaiki, [?Betemorau]
7C   WoodMan       Tree Man     Yes     ?No???, [Protection ?]
7D   Treant        Tree Man     Yes     ?No???, Life ?, [Crab ?]
7E   Taijo         Tree Man     Yes     ?No???, Protection ?, Crab ?, [Magic ?]
7F   ??            Minotaur     Yes     Furiorosu, [Power Charge]
80   Minotauros    Minotaur     Yes     Furiorosu, Swing
81   Sekureto      Minotaur     Yes     Furiorosu, Titan no Mane, Power Charge
82   Molbol        Molbol       Yes     Tentacle, Nameru
83   Othyug        Molbol       Yes     Tentacle, Netoneto?
84   Molbol Great  Molbol       Yes     Tentacle, Foul Mouth
85   Behemoth      Behemoth     Yes     ?Kiageru, Shakuriageru
86   King Behemoth Behemoth     Yes     ?Kiageru, Shakuriageru
87   Dark Behemoth Behemoth     Yes     ?Kiageru, Shakuriageru
88   Dragon        Dragon       Yes     ??
89   Blue Dragon   Dragon       Yes     ??, Ice Breath
8A   Red Dragon    Dragon       Yes     ??, Thunder Breath
8B   Hyudra        Hydra        Yes     Triple Attack
8C   Hydra         Hydra        Yes     Triple Attack, Triple Flame
8D   Tiamat        Hydra        Yes     Triple Breath, Triple Thunder, 
                                         Triple Flame
8E   Nashi(Nothing)No           No      <None>
8F   Nashi         No           No      <None>
90   Biblos        Nosy Demon   Yes     Biblos (Energiil, Parasite, Shock, 
                                         Diference ++)
91   Iron Giant    Constr. 8    Yes     Construction Skills
92   Nashi         No           No      <None>
93   Nashi         No           No      <None>
94   Nashi         No           No      <None>
95   Nashi         No           No      <None>
96   Apanda        Nosy Demon   Yes     Bio (Status Ailments +)
97   Serpentarius  Deep D.Beast Yes     Dark Cloud (Serpent Stab, Poison Frog, 
                                         Midgar Zolom, Zodiac ++)
98   Holy Dragon   Dragon (Gl.) No      <None>
99   Archeo Demon  Demon        Yes     Dark Magic Arts (Life Break, 
                                         Dark Holy, Giga Flare ++)
9A   Arutema Demon Demon        Yes     Black Devil Arts (NanoFlare, Dark 
                                         Holy, Arutema, Harikern, Almagest ++)
9B   <Nothing>     No           No      <None>
9C   Cure          No           No      <None>
9D   Cure Ra       No           No      <None>
9E   Cure Ga       No           No      <None>
9F   Cure Ja       No           No      <None>

 Values from there on just give glitch jobs with names of spells.


    In the monsters' abilities, the one between brackets is the one that
 can be used if near to someone with the "monster trainer" ability.

    I've marked with + the commands that have new abilities, and with
 ++ the ones I consider most interesting.

    The units that have "Yes" in the graphic column don't glitch
 graphically at all (if used properly).

      *  3  -  I t e m    C o d e s  *

    These codes give you all the items in the game. Thanks again
 to Piyo, who gave me the Materia Blade code of the Japanes

    Well, to have all items you have to enter a LOT of codes (we're
 talking eight sets of 15 codes each). Fortunately the AR copies
 the last code entered so you'll just have to change what's
 different. The codes are:

 800596E0  6363
 800596E2  6363
 800596E4  6363
 800596E6  6363
 800596E8  6363
 800596EA  6363

    Note that each code affects two items. If you don't feel like
 entering so many codes, you can just try to find the item you
 want (the order of the items in the memory is similar to that
 of the item list). But don't ask me to do that, please...

    BTW, if you have more than 99 items of a kind it will say that
 you have 00 of them. This happens when you have items equipped
 and you enter the code. This is normal, and you'll still
 have 99+ of them.

      *  4  -  A b i l i t y    C o d e s  *

    Thanks to Alan Thio (law70044@leonis.nus.sg) for the Japanese
 codes of the reaction, movement and support abilities, as well
 as all lists.

    Action abilities:

    These codes lets you change the Action Ability of your characters.
 You can select even special job commands.

 ,- Again, this is a three
 30057F7B  00XX
 3005807B  00XX
 3005817B  00XX
 3005827B  00XX
 3005837B  00XX
 3005847B  00XX
 3005857B  00XX
 3005867B  00XX
 3005877B  00XX
 3005887B  00XX
 3005897B  00XX
 30058A7B  00XX
 30058B7B  00XX
 30058C7B  00XX
 30058D7B  00XX
 30058E7B  00XX

    Regular action abilities range from 01 to 18. Special job commands
 start on 19, and they have a similar order to that in the Job list.

    Reaction abilities:

    Reaction, support and movement abilities use the same values list,
 but I don't think an ability in the wrong slot will make anything.

 80057F7C  0XXX   For the 1st character
 8005817C  0XXX   For the 2nd character
 8005827C  0XXX   For the 3rd character
 8005837C  0XXX   .......
 8005847C  0XXX
 8005857C  0XXX
 8005867C  0XXX
 8005877C  0XXX
 8005887C  0XXX
 8005897C  0XXX
 80058A7C  0XXX
 80058B7C  0XXX
 80058C7C  0XXX
 80058D7C  0XXX
 80058E7C  0XXX

    Support Abilities:

 80057F7E  0XXX   For the 1st character
 8005817E  0XXX   For the 2nd character
 8005827E  0XXX   For the 3rd character
 8005837E  0XXX   .....
 8005847E  0XXX
 8005857E  0XXX
 8005867E  0XXX
 8005877E  0XXX
 8005887E  0XXX
 8005897E  0XXX
 80058A7E  0XXX
 80058B7E  0XXX
 80058C7E  0XXX
 80058D7E  0XXX
 80058E7E  0XXX

    Support abilities are:

1C6 Heavy armour equip
1C7 Shield equip
1C8 Sword equip
1C9 Katana equip
1CA Crossbow equip
1CB Spear equip
1CC Axe equip
1CF Jp gain up
1D0 Xp gain up
1D1 Attack power up
1D2 Defence up
1D3 Magic attack up
1D4 Magic defence up
1D5 Perfect aim
1D6 Dying join
1D7 Stealth hunt
1D8 Unarmed combat
1D9 Monster language
1DA Item throw
1DB Maintenance
1DC Two handed use of weapon
1DD A weapon in each hand
1DE Monster train
1DF Defend
1E0 Modify equip
1E1 Nothing
1E2 Short charge
1E3 Non-charge (Immediate use of abilities!)

    The Non-charge ability must have been left out by the programmers
 for being too good! It affects all types of spells and even Cloud's
 limits. The only ability it doesn't seem to affect is the archer's

    Movement abilities:

 80057F80  0XXX  For the 1st character
 80058180  0XXX  For the 2nd character
 80058280  0XXX  For the 3rd character
 80058380  0XXX  .....
 80058480  0XXX
 80058580  0XXX
 80058680  0XXX
 80058780  0XXX
 80058880  0XXX
 80058980  0XXX
 80058A80  0XXX
 80058B80  0XXX
 80058C80  0XXX
 80058D80  0XXX
 80058E80  0XXX

    Use X values from 1E6 to 1FD but the noteworthy one is 1F3 which
 is a 100% success rate teleport ability!

    Well, that's all. Nice hacking!

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