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    Secrets FAQ by RJohari

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/09/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 07:47:47 -0000
                                  Final Fantasy Tactics                              
    			        by Rizal Johari
    				  version 1.1
    I don't think you'll need a walkthrough on finishing this game.It's easy... 
    just gather exp. and jp, and it'll be fine. this faq is  about  making  the 
    game cooler and fun.
    0.1- how to get cloud,beowulf,reis,worker#8.
    0.2- deep dungeon
    0.3- Rare weapons
    0.4- my best team
    0.1 How to get Cloud,Beowulf,Reis,Worker#8
    	After St. Murond temple, go to Goug Machine City and there will be
    a scene.Make sure you still have Mustadio.His father will show what he found.
    Remember that you still need Mustadio so don't throw him up or let him die.
    Go to Goland Coal City located at the middle of the map and go into the bar.
    Talk to the guy about the ghost crap and get out.Now  proceed to Lesalia just 
    above the city.You'll end up in a scene where you'll be able to enter Goland.
    Beowulf trying to find his love who's sitting at the bar wants to go with you.
    say yes and he'll join you as a guest.
    	Get prepared and enter Goland.Your gonna have to fight some annoying
    chemist's but since you have Orlandu it's a piece of cake.Fight! Fight! and 
    at the 4'th level, your gonna save Reis(a holy dragon).Congrats! you now have
    beowulf the temple knight and reis a holy dragon.What,you want Cloud? Ok! OK!
    it's not at easy as it looks, you have to travel a lot.
    	Go back to Goug and Ramza will use the Holy Stone he got from beowulf
    to revive worker#8(reminds me of Gato from Chrono Trigger).You    now   have
    worker#8! Travel to Zeltennia Castle and talk about the cursed island(you may
    have done this already).You now can enter Nelveska Temple north of the castle.
    Continue to the island, i'd suggest you bring worker#8 and a  guy  who  has 
    move-find item.Lots of amazing stuff waiting(check the Rare weapons section).
    Pulverize the damn worker#7 and head back to Goug.Again there's gonna be a 
    scene and Cloud will apear!Wait, you don't have him yet, he'll run  off  and 
    yes you have to fetch him.
    	Walk all the way to Zarghidas Trade City and you'll meet aeris! She
    then gets caught up with stupid thieves and the macho Cloud trys to save her
    but he gets those breakdowns like in ff7.Your gonna have to save him, after 
    the simple battle,you now have CLOUD!i was really excited when i got him but
    he disappointed me with his level(only lv.1) and your gonna have to find his
    damn blade to do his limit breaks.
    	Travel to Bervenia Volcano and set a member with move-find item.Make
    sure he/she can jump high.I suggest changing him/her to a monk or a ninja and
    equipped with germinas boots.It's at the top of the volcano.His Limit break 
    has cool enough graphics but takes too long to charge.Try the short charge 
    skill from the time mage.Walla! you now have a complete Cloud.
    0.2 Deep Dungeon
    	Aaaah...this is the best place i like.You have to go here, the items
    and enemies here are awesome.First, journey all the way to Warjilis Trade City
    and a scene's gonna happen.You can now travel to the deep dungeon.Let me make
    this simple, the place is dark, has 10 levels to finish, and a boss that you
    can learn zodiac(the most powerful summoning spell)with.Oh  one  thing,  you 
    can't see the terrain but there are ways too see them either  to   kill   an 
    enemy until he changes into a stone or use teleport(don't move using it but 
    observe the terrain).In this place the ignore height skill is important.
    	Note: to finish a level you have to find the EXACT spot to go further
    on(a pain in the #ss).It's usually located at the enemies side or at the 
    corner.Below are the rare items you can get by using the move-find item skill.
    It's better to have someone with low brave(30 under).you can use the mediator
    talk skill or yin yang magic(fox bird) to lower his/her's brave.The lower the
    brave the better(make sure you don't go  under  10  or  you'll  turn  into  a 
    chicken.If your not lucky you'll most probably get a pheonix down.The number's
    in the brackets are coordinates of where the items are.
    (1st) NOGIAS
    -Blaze gun    (2,2)
    -Kiyomori     (9,4)
    -Glacier gun  (0,9)
    -Elixir       (0,6)
    (2nd) TERMINATE
    -Save the queen (0,1)
    -blood sword    (6,7)
    -Elixir         (2,10)
    -Elixir         (4,0)
    (3rd) DELTA
    -Yoichi bow     (7,9)
    -Mace of Zeus   (1,6)
    -Elixir		(2,15)
    -Elixir		(5,3)
    (4th) VALKYRIES
    -Faith Rod      (8,4)
    -Kaiser Plate   (10,5)
    -Fairy Harp     (10,4)
    -Elixir         (2,12)
    (5th) MLAPAN
    -Excalibur      (8,2)
    -Iga knife      (11,6)
    -Elixir         (11,0)
    -Elixir         (0,6)
    (6th) TIGER
    -Blast gun      (10,8)
    -Secret clothes (9,9)
    -Cursed ring    (9,8)
    -Elixir         (10,9)
    (7th) BRIDGE
    -Sage staff     (10,4)
    -Koga knife     (12,4)
    -Elixir         (4,4)
    -Elixir         (14,4)
    (8th) VOYAGE
    -Robe of lords  (7,6)
    -Perseus bow    (6,4)
    -Ragnarok       (8,9)
    -Elixir         (10,10)
    (9th) HORROR
    -Maximillian     (0,9)
    -Grand helmet    (4,3)
    -Venetian Shield (5,3)
    -Elixir          (10,3)
    *tip* set the catch skill and steal from the ninjas here.If your
    level is high(85+) you can get Javelins and even the CHAOS BLADE(95+lvl.)etc.
    (10th) END
    -Chaos blade  (7,10)
    -Chirijiraden (5,12)
    -Elixir       (7,12)
    -Elixir       (5,10)
    *tip* get the summonning spell (zodiac) by using a summonner and get
    hit by the spell.It's a bit hard because the spell causes a 700+
    damage.Use Mp switch or use a knight's battle skill,mind break
    (better if set with two swords skill so you can hit twice)to weaken
    the amount of damage inflicted.
    Note: I think you can only get the items in the dungeon once .So if you don't
    get the item you want,reset and play back.
    0.3 Rare Weapons
    Down below are my fav. items:
    Item               Atk Phy.   Evd.      Add           Found
    Chaos blade          40       20%    Regen,petrify    End,HORROR*(D.dungeon)
    Javelin              35                               Nelveska tpl, HORROR*
    Nagrarock             1                 toad          Nelveska tpl.
    Ragnarok             24       20%      shell          VOYAGE, HORROR*(maybe)
    Excalibur            21       30%      haste          Orlandu,MLAPAN
    Save the queen       18       30%      protect        Meliadoul,TERMINATE
    Materia blade        10       10%   enable lim.breaks Bervenia Volcano
    Chirijeraden         25       15%                     END,HORROR*(i guess)
    Masamune             18       15%                     Try HORROR. 
    Iga knife            15       10%                     MLAPAN
    Koga knife           15                               BRIDGE  
    Mace of Zeus          6       15%   Phy.AT+2,Mag.AT+1 DELTA
    Sage staff            7       15%                     BRIDGE
    Perseus bow          16        0%                     VOYAGE
    Yoichi bow           12        0%                     DELTA
    Stone gun            16        5%      petrify        poach
    Glacier gun          21        5%      fire elm.      NOGIAS
    Blaze gun            20        5%      ice elm.       NOGIAS
    Blast gun            22        5%     lightning elm.  TIGER
    Faith rod             5       20%      faith,+faith   VALKYRIES
    Note:HORROR* means to catch items from ninja's.I'm  gonna  put  up  the  rare 
    armor,item,shield,helmet,ribbon and accessories in the future.
    0.32-Nelveska Temple's rare item:
    	Here you can get the JAVELIN(35atp),nagrarock,escutcheon(the most 
    powerful shield) and the sasuke knife.The Javelin and escutcheon are on the
    pillars where the hyudra's are.Wait for them to come down and kill them
    (use blade grasp skill..very effective)To go on top of the pillar you'll have
    to jump real high,so bring a monk or ninja with low brave(25 under),equipped 
    with germinas boots and worker#8 as a boost.You  can  use  worker#8  to  jump 
    higher but you can't stand on top of him.If your not in luck,you'll get the
    stupid version of the javelin and escutcheon.The nagrarock sword is placed
    where worker#7 is(inside the temple),i can't remember where the sasuke knife 
    is so find it yourself.
    	Remember,you can only go here ONCE so don't mess up!
    0.4 My Best Team
    I don't know if you'll agree with me but this is my team:
                 Ramza, Orlandu, Agrias, A summoner, A ninja
    Ramza's Equipment:
    Right hand-Chaos blade(always regen)
    left hand -Excalibur(always haste)i don't prefer another chaos blade
    head      -Grand Helmet
    armor     -Maximillian
    accessory -Bracer 
    Job: Squire
    skill: Guts, Math skill, Blade Grasp, two swords, move+3 or ignore height
    Orlandu's equipment:
    Right hand-Excalibur(always haste)
    left hand -
    head      -Crystal helmet
    armor     -Crystal armor
    accessory -bracer
    job: Holy swordsman
    skill: allsword-skill, item, counter tackle, throw item, move+1.
    note: i'm lazy to change him to other jobs except for a chemist.Don't worry
    he's the strongest character and has no problems killing enemies.One lightning
    stab and your enemies DIE instantly...
    Agrias' equipment:
    Right hand:Chaos blade
    left hand :Chaos blade
    head      :Crystal helmet
    armor     :Crystal armor
    accessory :bracer or chantage
    job: Holy knight
    skill:Holy sword, Item, Blade grasp, two swords, teleport
    The Summoner's Equipment:
    Right hand:Wizard rod(mag.at+2)
    left hand :
    head      :thief hat(speed+2)
    armor     :Robe of lords
    accessory :Magic Gauntlet
    skill:Summon magic, White magic, Counter magic, Short charge, Teleport
    The Ninja's Equipment:
    Right hand:Iga knife
    left hand :Koga knife
    head      :Thief hat
    armor     :Rubber costume(absorb lightning elm.)
    accessory :Bracer
    skill:Throw, Item, Blade grasp, attack up, move+3 or ignore height

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