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    Poaching List by MHobbs

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/08/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 23:37:30 EDT
                       Final Fantasy Tactics Poaching List
                                Version 1.3 
                               By: Matt Hobbs
    Well, I know a lot of FFT FAQs have poaching list, but for those who don't 
    feel like growing older waiting for the entire FAQ to print out, just to get
    the poaching list (well...it could happen...) I've created a quick and easy
    poaching referance guide...enjoy!!
     V1.3 - Since I've gotten quite a few letters asking me what it was and how
            to get it, I've explained what and where the Ultimate Javelin is. 
     V1.2 - Added some item evaluations, and some of the ones I was missing
     V1.1 - Minor Corrections, added some item info and a way to get Wildbows
     V1.0 - First Version
    It's probably common knowledge, but if you equip the thief's "Secret 
    Hunt" ability and kill an enemy with it, you can go to a fur shop and 
    claim a prize. This list contains (most) of FFT's enemies and what you 
    get for poaching them. 
    Note: Common means that you get this prize most often and Rare means 
    that you only get this about one out of ten times. Commonly Found is 
    where you're most likely to meet the enemy, and location names in ( ) 
    mean you can find that particular enemy there most often. 
     Enemy Name    | Common Item    | Rare Item      | Commonly Found
     Chocobo       | Phoenix Down   | Hi-Potion      | Everywhere (Mandalia Plains)
     Black Chocobo | Eye Drop       | X-Potion       | Barious Hill/Barious Valley
     Red Chocobo   | Remedy         | Barette        | Finath River/Barious Hill
     Goblin        | Potion         | Hi-Potion      | Everywhere (Mandalia Plains)
     Black Goblin  | Hi-Potion      | Antidote       | Everywhere (Sweegy Woods)
     Gobbledeguck  | Mage Masher    | Ancient Sword  | Barious Valley/Dolbodar Swamp
     Red Panther   | Antidote       | Battle Boots   | Everywhere (Mandalia Plains)
     Cuar          | Soft           | Germinas Boots | Everywhere (Germinas Peak)
     Vampire       | Holy Water     | C Bag          | Zirekile Falls/Germinas Peak
     Bomb          | Fire Ball      | Flame Rod      | Everywhere (Sweegy Woods)
     Grenade       | Water Ball     | Flame Whip     | Bed Desert/Zeklaus Desert
     Explosive     | Lightning Ball | Flame Shield   | Bed Desert/Zeklaus Desert
     Skeleton      | Holy Water     | Ether          | Araguay Woods/Zigolis Swamp
     Bone Snatch   | Hi-Potion      | Partisan       | Araguay Woods/Zigolis Swamp
     Living Bone   | Wizard Mantle  | Elf Mantle     | Bervenia Volcano/Zeklaus Desert
     Ghoul         | Ether          | Ninja Knife    | Araguay Woods/Zigolis Swamp
     Gust          | Hi-Potion      | Main Gauche    | Araguay Woods/Zigolis Swamp
     Revnant       | Hi-Ether       | Mythril Gun    | Yuguo Woods
     Floatiball    | Shuriken       | Platina Dagger | Everywhere (Fovoham Plains)
     Ahriman       | Magic Shuriken | Air Knife      | Bervenia Volcano/Fovoham Plains
     Plague        | Yagyu Darkness | Zorlin Shape   | Bervenia Volcano/Germinas Peak
     Pisco Demon   | Echo Grass     | Hi-Potion      | Zirekile Falls/Fovoham Plains
     Squidlarkan   | Small Mantle   | Sleep Sword    | Zirekile Falls/Dolbodar Swamp
     Mindflare     | Hi-Ether       | Dracula Mantle | Zirekile Falls/Fovoham Plains
     Juravis       | Potion         | Rubber Shoes   | Zeklaus Desert/Fovoham Plains
     Steel Hawk    | Phoenix Down   | Hunting Bow    | Zeklaus Desert/Germinas Peak
     Cockatoris    | Soft           | Feather Mantle | Fovoham Plains/HORROR
     Bull Demon    | Battle Axe     | Giant Axe      | Zeklaus Desert/Barious Hill
     Minitaurus    | Coral Sword    | Slasher        | Zeklaus Desert/Barious Hill
     Sacred        | Holy Lance     | Ivory Rod      | Zeklaus Desert/BRIDGE
     Morbol        | Platina Dagger | Ice Shield     | Araguay Woods
     Ochu          | N-Kai Armlet   | Chameleon Robe | Finath River
     Great Morbol  | Elixir         | Madlemgen      | VOYAGE
     Woodman       | Eye Drop       | Healing Staff  | Araguay Woods/MLAPAN
     Trent         | Gold Staff     | Fairy Harp     | Araguay Woods/MLAPAN
     Taiju         | Defense Ring   | Defender       | MLAPAN
     Dragon        | Jade Armlet    | H Bag          | Bed Desert/VOYAGE/HORROR
     Blue Dragon   | Cashmere       | Dragon Rod     | Dolbodar Swamp/HORROR
     Red Dragon    | Salty Rage     | Dragon Whisker | Bed Desert/VOYAGE
     Behemoth      | Defense Armlet | P Bag          | Poeskas Lake/VOYAGE
     King Behemoth | Ultimus Bow    | Cherche        | Poeskas Lake/VOYAGE
     Dark Behemoth | Wizard Rod     | Stone Gun      | VOYAGE
     Hyudra        | Blood Sword    | Scorpion Tail  | VOYAGE/Nelveska Temple
     Hydra         | Setiemson      | Rubber Costume | VOYAGE
     Tiamat        | Ryozan Silk    | Whale Whisker  | END
     Uribo         | Maiden's Kiss  | Cachusha       | END
     Porky         | Chantage       | Nagrarock      | END
     Wildbow       | Ribbon         | FS Bag         | (Breeding Only)*
    *To get a Wildbow, simply invite a Uribo or a Porky and let them breed. 
    Eventually, you should get a Wildbow -- This is the ONLY way to get one!!
    Names in Capitol letters in the Location are all in the Deep Dungeon, 
    they are as follows: 
    Floor 1 - NOGIAS (Saigon spelled backwards)
    Floor 2 - TERMINATE                                                     
    Floor 3 - DELTA       
    Floor 4 - VALKYRIES 
    Floor 5 - MLAPAN (Napalm Spelled Backwards) 
    Floor 6 - TIGER 
    Floor 7 - BRIDGE
    Floor 8 - VOYAGE
    Floor 9 - HORROR                                                     
    Floor 10- END 
    -Item Info-------------------------------------------------------------------
    This is some basic info on some of the rarer items you can get by poaching.
    Barette - Red Chocobo 
    Pretty good. It's HP increase is low, but it stops a lot of status ailments,
    which can prove to be very valuable.
    Cachusha - Porky 
    Well, the Barette is better, as it stops more dangerous status changes, but 
    the Cachusha isn't bad...
    Ribbon - Wildbow 
    Since it stops all status ailments, this is great!! Too bad the HP increase
    is so horribly low...
    Holy Lance - Sacred
    Hmm... High Attack power, Holy Elemental, randomly casts Holy, easy to get...
    you tell me...
    Scorpion Tail - Hyudra
    Pretty high attack power, but it's a mace...and has a low hit rate...
    Madlemgen - Great Morbol
    Not bad for a dictionary, but there are better items to be poached
    Whale Whisker - Tiamat 
    Just a stick... not bad, but you can do better.
    Dragon Whisker - Red Dragon
    Pretty good, but if you've found the ultimate Javelin, skip it.
    Rubber Costume - Hydra 
    The Rubber Costume...RULES!!! It raises your HP by 150!!! Not to mention the
    fact that just about anyone can equip it!!! Want more? Ok, this little gem
    also stops lightning attacks!!! GET THIS RIGHT AWAY!!!!!
    FS Bag - Wildbow
    Despite the power, this is still just a bag, and hits low quite often...
    Stone Gun - Dark Behemoth
    This gun would be great...that is, if it didn't petrify you at the start of 
    the battle!! The gun itself is actually pretty powerful, but since you have 
    to bring in a team member with the ability to cure stone, it lowers it's 
    usefulness quite a bit...
    Nagrarock - Porky
    This is a strange sword... It only has an attack power of 1, but it has the 
    ability to turn enemies into frogs!! (hehe) Have fun with this one!!
    Zorlin Shape - Plague
    Only slightly stronger than an Air Knife, but it can put enemies to sleep.
    Chantage - Porky
    If you're looking for a good accessory for your female characters, YOU'VE 
    FOUND IT!!! The Chantage gives you automatic Regen and Reraise... NEITHER OF 
    THESE EVER DISSAPPEAR!!! Thus meaning that the wearer is IMMORTAL!!!
    Salty Rage - Red Dragon
    Well...it isn't the Chantage, but the Salty Rage isn't bad either. It gives
    the wearer automatic Protect and Shell.
    Setiemson - Hydra
    Another nice item. The Setiemson gives you automatic Transparent and Haste.
    Cherche - King Behemoth
    Skip this!! Float and Reflect are all this dog offers you!! And both are 
    -Ultimate Javelin and Escutcheon---------------------------------------------
    Yes, there is another version of the Javelin weapon, and of the Escutcheon
    Shield. They are called the same things by the game, but I assure you, they
    are very different!! Both of these items are found at Nelveska Temple. To get
    them, make sure you have someone with the following requirements:
    1. Move-Find Item (Chemist's Movement Skill)
    2. At Jump height of at least 4 (Equipping Germinas Boots helps here)
    3. Low Brave (30 or less, Rafa and Beowulf have fairly low brave, so they'd work)
    4. A Dragon (including Reis), Tiamat, Morbol, Worker 8 or some other big monster
    in the battle with you.
    Now enter the battle there. Let the two Hyudras fly off the pillars, then 
    kill them. Now put Worker 8 or your monster up next to the pillars and your
    Move-Finder should be able to jump on top of them and reach the tops of the
    two pillars. On top of them, you'll find a gold Escutcheon, and a tan Javelin.
    If you're brave is too high, or you just get unlucky, you might get a normal,
    weak version of either item. If this happens, just reset and try again. You
    can also fidn some other interesting items here like a Sasuke Knife somewhere
    back on the green hill behind the temple, and a Nagrarock in the very back of
    the cave where Worker 7-New starts.
    What's so good about the Ultimate Javelin and Escutcheon? Well, first of all,
    The ultimate Javelin has an attack power of 30!! That makes it one of the best
    weapons in the game, second only to the Chaos Blade!! And the Escutcheon has
    a Defense power of 75 and a magic defense of 50, making it easily the best
    shield in the game!! Be SURE to get these items, but remember, if you're 
    already past Nelveska Temple, you can't get any of these...
    If you'd like to use this list on your page, no problem. Just give me credit 
    for it, don't alter it, and notify me first if possible.
    Also, if I'm missing anything, or anything is incorrect, mail me at 
    YelseyKing@aol.com with the subject of "FFT Poaching List"...or something like

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