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    Deep Dungeon Guide by JArtanto

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            FINAL FANTASY TACTICS
                  Deep Dungeon Guide and Secrets behind the Game
                            Version 1.1 (28/7/2003)
    By Joseph Andro Artanto
    E-Mail : aceaceblitzer@yahoo.com
    Site   : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
    You can get this guide at these websites: 
    Unpublished work copyright 1999-2003 Joseph Andro Artanto.
    I.    Table of Contents/Versions
    II.   Deep Dungeon Guide
    III.  Misc.Secret
            a. Cloud Subquest
            b. The World of Poaching
            c. Propositions
            d. How to get Ultima??
    IV.   FFT Jobs Requirements
    V.    Character Strategies
    VI.   Party Strategies
    VII.  Hard Battles Strategies
    VIII. Secrets
    IX.   Frequently Asked Questions
    X.    Disclaimer
    XI.   Author's Info
    XII.  Credits
    *Version 0.1 (20/07/1999)
     The initial release, filled with Deep Dungeon Guide, Cloud subquest, 
     Rare poached items, and propositions list.
    *Version 0.2 (21/07/1999)
     Minor corrections, layout corrections.
    *Version 0.3 (15/08/1999)
     Created the hard battles strategies section, minor correction.
    *Version 0.4 (28/11/1999)
     Minor corrections, layout corrections. My ICQ: 55139575
    *Version 0.5 (6/1/2000)
     Secrets section added. Minor corrections. I have a website now, 
     its address is: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
    *Version 0.6 (15/4/2000)
     Added a few more secrets. Minor corrections. Layout corrections.
     I have a new PC right now since my last computer broken.
    *Version 0.7 (27/5/2000)
     Added some information about items gotten in Deep Dungeon.
     Minor corrections.
    *Version 0.8 (3/7/2000)
     Created the Author's Info section. Minor corrections.
    *Version 1.0 (7/7/2002)
     Added the Frequently Asked Questions and Party Strategies sections.
     A few artistic changes. Minor corrections.
    *Version 1.0001 (3/12/2002)
     Minor corrections.
    *Version 1.1 (28/7/2003)
     E-mail Changed.
    A lot of people have trouble with the Deep Dungeon, so I try to make a 
    faq to help to give the answers. Note that this guide does not specialize
    in Deep Dungeon only, but also all secrets behind the game :)
    -How to get there-
    First, you have to near the end of the game, precisely when you have
    already beaten Ramza's brother. Now go to Warjilis Trade City and you 
    will see a conversation. You will note there is a new way to an island, 
    that is the Deep Dungeon. The enemies in Deep Dungeon are much harder 
    than the original monsters you fight in world map, they basically have 
    10 more level than your highest level character, so be prepared and bring 
    Orlandu before you enter the deep dungeon ^^
    -How to get items in Deep Dungeon-
    There is one more thing, you have to have the move-find item movement 
    ability in order to get the items in this dungeon, also, your item-
    finder must have a low brave (around 20 or 15, to decrease your 
    item-finder brave simply use Mediator's talk skill or Oracle's 
    Yin Yang magic), other wise you will have a low success rate (and give 
    you phoenix down instead rare items). There are a lot of rare and 
    strong weapons in Deep Dungeon, so dont ignore any of the items. 
    Also, equip your item finder with Germinas Boots, it will help a lot.
    If your item-finder have teleport ability, use it!
    -How to find the exit-
    To find the exit, you have to stand in front of the exit, usually all 
    the exit is in the edgeline, but sometimes it is in other corner. So 
    after you stop/chicken the last enemy, let your party go around the 
    edgeline and hope they find the exit, if you dont find it, then search 
    it around the walls.
    -How to stop the last enemy-
    Have you beat all the enemies and you want to find the exit, but the 
    annoying one-only enemy keep attacking you, are you annoyed? 
    use chickens! (Beowulf's ability), they can lower the enemy brave by 50 
    and have pretty high hit rate, so use it. If you have not find the 
    items or the exit, this strategy will be very usefull as you search 
    the items.
    -How to light the battlefield-
    Only by crystal left by you or your enemies. If you want a simple answer
    about this, simply use Teleport (TimeMage's movement ability) and you will
    see all of the layout of the battlefield.
    -How to find the item location-
    This guide is using a x,y coordinates, (0,0) means the corner when your 
    party facing lower right, got it? so let start it.
    Deep Dungeon
    1st floor : NOGIAS
    This floor is easy. It looks like stairs. Just be sure to pick up the 
    elemental guns in here.
    (2,2) Blaze Gun        = A fire elemental gun.  
    (0,9) Glacier Gun      = An ice elemental gun.
    (9,4) Kiyomori         = You can buy this, ignore this one.
    (0,6) Elixir           = A rare item collection, get this.
    2nd floor : TERMINATE
    The enemy in this place is pretty hard, you usually fight ahrimans and 
    skeletons. This level is hard if the exit is in the centre, because
    the wall is so many.
    (6,7)  Blood Sword     = A sword which can drain enemy's hp but weak.
    (2,10) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (4,0)  Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (0,1)  Save the Queen  = A strong sword with protect attribute.
    3rd floor : DELTA
    This level is easier than Terminate, just use long-range attacker and 
    you will be save.
    (1,6)  Mace of Zeus    = The most usefull Staff, Mag+1.
    (2,15) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (5,3)  Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (7,9)  Yoichi Bow      = The 2nd strongest bow.
    4th floor : VALKYRIES
    This level is pretty big, but the enemies are easy, so just be sure to 
    chicken the last enemy to make things easier.
    (10,4) Fairy Harp      = The strongest harp, can charm enemy.
    (10,5) Kaiser Plate    = The 3rd strongest shield.
    (8,4)  Faith Rod       = Good for calculator!
    (2,12) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    5th floor : MLAPAN
    This is a moderate level, quickly kill as many enemy as you can. 
    Sometimes you can find the exit in the top and near the lowerland.
    (11,0) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (11,6) Iga Knife       = The strongest knife.
    (8,2)  Excalibur       = 3rd strongest sword, absorb holy, auto-haste.
    (0,6)  Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    6th floor : TIGER
    This is a flat level with 3 rock formation, the best attack to use is 
    magic and Lightning Stab. And all of the items is in the starting 
    corner, get them right away.
    (9,8)  Cursed Ring     = Speed+1,Pow+1,Mag+1, but always undead.
    (9,9)  Secret Clothes  = A good clothes.
    (10,8) Blast Gun       = A lightning elemental gun.
    (10,9) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    7th floor : BRIDGE
    This level is pretty strange, it seems like an "A". To get the items in 
    the top of the hill, go to the narrow passage in the center of the 
    battlefield and go up to the hill and get the treasures.
    (4,4)  Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (10,4) Sage Staff      = The 2nd strongest staff.
    (12,4) Koga Knife      = The 2nd strongest knife.
    (14,4) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    8th floor : VOYAGE
    This level is hard, not because its form, but the enemy you fight 
    commonly in here are high-level monster like behemoths, dragons, and 
    even hydras. Oh yeah, if you want, you can invite one of the hydras
    or dragons with Reis's Dragon Tame skill. It almost always succeed.
    (6,4)   Perseus Bow    = The strongest bow.
    (7,6)   Robe of Lords  = The best robe.
    (8,9)   Ragnarok       = The 2nd strongest sword, auto-shell.
    (10,10) Elixir         = A rare item collection.
    9th floor : HORROR
    This level is basically a flat level with 3 pillars and near the 
    pillars, there is one lower cliff but higher than the lowerland. You may 
    fight a group of ninjas or humans.
    (0,9)  Maximillian     = The best armor.
    (4,3)  Grand Helmet    = The best helmet.
    (5,3)  Venetian Shield = The 2nd best shield.
    (10,3) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    10th floor : END (the last one)
    This level is like a stairs with a square tile in the top, and the
    items are on the top square tile. You will fight Elidibs, and his 
    servants (Apandas). See a purple Apanda behind you? it is your friend 
    and he will join if you win this fight. Kill the Apandas first and after 
    that Elidibs. All Elidibs can do is magic, his magic power is strong but 
    his physical attack...VERY weak, try to reduces his MP to 0 to shut him 
    (using Orlandu's skill :), and you can kill him very easily (or, just 
    ignore him and try to get the items upstairs). After you win the battle, 
    you get the Serpentarius Zodiac stone.
    -How to get Zodiac Summon spell-
    First, only a summoner hit by Zodiac can learn Zodiac. So change your 
    character you want to learn zodiac to a summoner. Now equip 'MP Switch'
    counter ability and 'MagicDefend Up' Support ability. In the battle, 
    try to cast spell that give your summoner Shell status.
    Now try to get hit by the Zodiac summon spell (casted by Elidibs, around 
    1 time in 1 battle) and after you hit, you have a choice, 'do you want to 
    learn Zodiac?' choose yes and you get Zodiac.
    (5,10) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    (5,12) Chirijiraden    = The best Samurai Sword.
    (7,10) Chaos Blade     = The strongest sword, auto-regen, causes petrify.
    (7,12) Elixir          = A rare item collection.
    As you know, there are a lot of secrets to do in Final Fantasy Tactics, 
    they are Cloud Subquest, The World of Poaching, Deep Dungeon (see 
    above), and Propositions. Lets start with the first one, Cloud Subquest.
    a. Cloud Subquest
    You need a few requirements before you do this subquest.
    -Mustadio is in your party.
    -Buy a flower from a girl in Zarghidas Trade City.
    -Adramelk has defeated.
    Now this is the steps :
    1. Go to Goug Machine City, and see an event.
    2. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital, go to the bar and see an event. After 
       a conversation, Beowulf offer to join you as a guest, choose yes (he 
       also have the Aquarius Zodiac stone).
    3. Go to Goland Coal City, after a series of battles, you will find Reis 
       that kidnapped by a demon, defeat the demon and his servants and you 
       get Reis, the Holy Dragon.
    4. Go back to Goug Machine City and see an event,Worker 8 will join you.
    5. Go to Nelveska Temple (see all rumor in Zeltennia Castle first), in 
       there you will have a battle with Worker 7*new (?). If you want the best 
       shield (Escutcheon(II) and spear (Javelin(II) in the game, be sure to 
       have an item-finder with high jump level. If your item-finder dont have 
       around 7 jump level, equip him/her with Germinas Boots, and bring 
       Worker 8 to the battle (or a dragon, hydra or molbol since they can 
       be used for jumpstep)
    Battle: Nelveska Temple
    Objective: Defeat Worker 7*new
    You want the best shield and spear in here, because you cant go back to 
    this battlefield anymore if you finish this battle. This battle is hard, 
    so bring your best party in here (usually Orlandu, but bring also Worker 
    8 or dragon,tiamat,molbol). 
    The shield and the spear are in the top of the 2 pillars, so send Worker 
    8 near the pillar, and move your item-finder to the top to get it (if 
    you dont, reset, if you see a kind of gold shield, that is the right 
    one. For the spear, if the spear bigger than ordinary Javelin, it is the 
    right one).
    In the start of the game, try to kill the birds first, let Ramza finish 
    off Worker 7, and the others attack the hyudra. If you win, Reis will be 
    transformed into human again. Also, you got the Cancer Zodiac stone.
    6. Go all the way back to Goug Machine City. You will see Cloud summoned 
       from the machine and run away.
    7. Go to Zarghidas Trade City and enter a battle to save the girls 
       (Aerith, if you dont know) and Cloud. After you defeat them, Cloud will 
       join you.
    This is pretty dissapointing, you must build up Cloud all the way from 
    level 1 to higher level, but one thing about Cloud's job (soldier), you 
    need the Materia Blade. A note about his limit, all of his limits are 
    pretty useless, except the Finish Touch, it can stop/petrify/dead the 
    enemies with a probability of 100%!! surely gives me the creeps...
    Note: When you have mastered Cloud's Soldier job, master the TimeMage skills
    right away and learn 'Short Charge', this will decreases the number of turns
    needed by Cloud to cast his limit break!
    -How to get the Materia Blade-
    Enter a random original battle in Bervenia Volcano, now move your item-
    finder to the top of the volcano (if you dont get the blade, reset). If 
    you equip it to Cloud, Cloud finally can use his limit break.
    b. The World of Poaching
    To poach, learn "Secret Hunt" Thief's support ability. Equip it, and 
    after you kill a monster, you can get their items and buy them in the 
    fur shops (fur shops is in a trade city like Dorter, Warjilis, etc). 
    Some of them are really rare and usefull, so try to get all of them. 
    Almost all poached items are pretty useless (like fireball,potions,etc). 
    But here is a list of good items that gotten by poaching. This list is 
    divided by the common one and the rare one, also with the monster 
    commonly found places.
    Note: this list only lists rare and unique items. Stuffs you can bought
          in the shops aren't worth showed in this list :)
    Note: location with uppercase -> Deep Dungeon
    Monster Name    Common item      Rare item       Commonly found
    Plague          Yagyu Darkness   Zorlin Shape    Bervenia Volcano
    Sacred          Holy Lance       Ivory Rod       Deserts, VOYAGE
    Great Molbol    Elixir           Madlemgem       VOYAGE
    Taiju           Defense Ring     Defender        MLAPAN, Finath River
    Blue Dragon     Cashmere         Dragon Rod      HORROR, Deserts
    Red Dragon      Salty Rage       Dragon Whiskers VOYAGE, Deserts
    King Behemoth   Ultimus Bow      Cherche         Poeskas Lake, VOYAGE
    Dark Behemoth   Wizard Rod       Stone Gun       VOYAGE
    Hyudra          Blood Sword      Scorpion Tail   VOYAGE
    Hydra           Setiemson        Rubber Costume  VOYAGE
    Tiamat          Ryozan Silk      Whale Whiskers  VOYAGE, END
    Uribo           Maiden Kiss      Cachusha        END
    Porky           Chantage         Nagrarock       END   
    Wild Boar       Ribbon           FS Bag          *
    *To get this monster, simply invite Uribo or Porky and wait until they 
    hatch a Wild Boar, now enter a battle and bring the wild boar, now poach 
    that pig. 
    c. Propositions
    You may have recognized about propositions, you can get treasures, find 
    unexplored lands, get money and JP. However, to get all treasures and 
    unexplored lands, you must do certain propositions. If you send the 
    right job for the right man, you get more JP and money. However, the 
    treasures and unexplored lands gotten only by certain propositions, but 
    what treasures and un.lands, it is random.
    You cant send special characters (like Orlandu,Agrias,etc) or monsters 
    to have a propositions. You also can get a title (like adventurer lvl.5 
    and treasure hunter lvl.6). To quickly end the propositions time and 
    check the result, go to 2 connected blue places and go back and forth 
    and finally go back to the place where you take the proposition.
    Sometime, you need to end certain propositions first to unlock the other 
    one, so try to take as many propositions as possible. 
    A number with "()" is the chapter time when this propositions unlocked.
    ]Gariland Magic City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward 
    Testimony of an Ex-Miner(2)   600   Any               Gil
    Orders of the Coast Guard(2)  3050  Any               Gil
    Stolen Ancient Writings(3)    11000 Any               Gil
    Master Math(4)                50    Calculator        Gil
    Win the Magic Contest(*)      0     Summoner          Treasure
    ]Igros Castle[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Girl at Gulg Volcano(2)       3100  Any               Treasure
    Sad Traveling Artist(3)       50    Mediator          Gil
    Traveling Artist Mameko(3)    0     Dancer            Gil
    Ringing of the Bell(3)        2000  Wizard            Treasure
    Legendary Monster(4)          1000  Priest            Gil
    Sullen Experiment(4)          1100  Any               Gil
    Legendary Traces(4+)          200   Archer            Unexplored Land
    Thief Zero Reborn!(4)         5000  Knight            Treasure
    ]Dorter Trade City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Trap of the Bandits(2)        600   Summoner          Gil
    Discovery Race(3)             0     Any               Unexplored Land
    Discovery Race 2(3)           0     Any               Unexplored Land
    Discovery Race 3(3)           0     Any               Unexplored Land
    Minimum's Melancholy(4)       600   Any               Treasure
    Minimum's Melancholy 2(4)     1000  Thief             Treasure
    Minimum's Melancholy 3(4)     600   Any               Gil
    ]Zaland Fort City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Salvage the Trade Ship(2)     100   Geomancer         Gil
    Zaland Embassy(2)             6000  Any               Treasure
    Rolade Ore Company(3)         1100  Any               Treasure
    Deep in Sweegy Woods(3)       1100  Any               Unexplored Land
    Shy Katedona(4+)              500   Mediator          Gil
    Win the Zaland Fight!(*)      0     Monk              Treasure
    ]Lionel Castle[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    My Little Carrot(2)           100   Any               Gil
    Trade Ship Douing(3)          100   Geomancer         Gil
    I Saw It(3)                   1050  Any               Unexplored Land
    Storm of Zigolis!(3)          1100  Mediator          Unexplored Land
    Protect the Little Life(4)    1500  Any               Treasure
    Emissary of Lionel(4+)        4000  Knight            Treasure
    Challenge of Zero(3)          50    Knight            Treasure
    ]Goug Machine City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Vacancy!(2)                   100   Monk              Gil
    Heir of Mesa(3)               10000 Any               Gil
    Machinist Contest(*)          100   Chemist           Treasure
    Salvage the Trade Ship(4)     100   Knight            Treasure
    Devil in the Dark(4)          3050  Any               Gil
    Machinist Contest 2(*)        0     Chemist           Gil
    ]Warjilis Trade City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward	
    Destiny of the Company(2)     1050  Geomancer         Gil
    Concerns of a Merchant(3)     2000  Any               Unexplored Land
    Wandering Gambler(4)          15000 Thief             Gil
    Mountain of Rain(4)           600   Ninja             Unexplored Land
    Within the Darkness(4)        1500  Priest            Gil
    True Romance(4+)              0     Any               Treasure
    ]Goland Coal City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Will of Elder Topa(3)         8000  Knight            Gil
    Miners Wanted(4)              50    Monk/Archer       Gil
    Miners Wanted 2(4)            150   Monk/Archer       Treasure
    Adventurer Ramzen(4)          1100  Any               Unexplored Land
    Defeat Golden Gotsko!(4+)     1000  Thief             Gil
    Terror of Assault Cave(4+)    1500  Wizard            Gil
    Dream of a Miner(4+)          150   Monk              Gil
    ]Lesaila Imperial Capital[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Sunken Salvage Tour(3)        3000  Geomancer         Treasure
    Mine Excavation Tour(3)       1000  Monk              Treasure
    Discovery Tour(4)             5000  Any               Unexplored Land
    If Wishes Come True(4+)       6000  Any               Gil
    Son, Pappal!(4+)              3000  Lancer            Gil
    Secret Door(4+)               3050  Any               Gil
    Thief Zero Returns!(4)        500   Knight            Treasure
    ]Yardow Fort City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Sailor Tour(3)                5000  Monk              Gil
    Envoy Ship Falcon(4)          3500  Monk              Treasure
    Good Workplace and Job!(4+)   0     Any               Gil
    Miner's Tour(4+)              1000  Any               Gil
    Miner's Tour 2(4+)            1000  Any               Gil
    Win the Yardow Fight!(*)      0     Knight            Treasure
    ]Riovanes Castle[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Secret Society(4)             600   Thief             Gil
    Fiar's Request(4)             3000  Any               Gil
    Sea of Gredia Island(4)       4000  Geomancer         Treasure
    Stranded Trade Ship(4)        0     Geomancer         Gil
    Letter to My Love(4)          0     Any               Treasure
    The Greatest Plan(4+)         3050  Any               Treasure
    Hard Lecture(4+)              200   Wizard            Gil
    ]Bervenia Free City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Hidden Trap at the Maze(4)    8000  Any               Treasure
    One Activity(4)               500   Any               Treasure
    Ruins at Bed Desert(4)        550   Any               Unexplored Land
    Adventurer Wanted(4)          100   Knight            Unexplored Land
    I Saw It! I Swear!(4)         3050  Any               Unexplored Land
    Defeat Behemoth(4+)           500   Knight            Gil
    ]Zeltennia Castle[	
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Larnar Channel Waves(4)       3100  Time Mage         Treasure
    Mother(4)                     3050  Any               Gil
    Attractive Workplace(4+)      1000  Any               Gil
    Dream Child(4+)               3500  Any               Gil
    How Much is Life Worth?(4+)   550   Chemist           Treasure
    Phantom Thief Zero(4)         100   Knight            Treasure
    ]Zarghidas Trade City[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    Himka Cliffs(4)               1500  Any               Treasure
    The Lord's Ore(4)             13000 Any               Treasure
    Death Canyon(4+)              13000 Any               Gil
    Defeat Whirlwind Karz!(4+)    11000 Knight            Gil
    Road of Beasts(4+)            10000 Geomancer         Gil
    Memories(4+)                  100   Any               Gil
    ]Limberry Castle[
    Job Name                      Cost  Recommended Class Reward
    My Treasure(4)                3050  Any               Gil
    Chocobo Restaurant(4)         100   Any               Treasure
    Poeskas Lake Bottom(4)        1500  Ninja             Unexplored Land
    Ominous Dungeon(4)            3000  Any               Unexplored Land
    Wandering Gambler(4)          15000 Thief             Gil
    Thief Zero's Last Stand(4)    10000 Knight            Gil
    d. How to get Ultima??
    Ultima is a magic that only Ramza can learn. Ramza can only learn Ultima
    from only ONE battle; Limberry Castle, chapter 4. It is the battle where
    you face the assassins. To learn it, Ramza have to be Squire, then let
    the assassin cast Ultima on him, and there ya go! Ramza learns Ultima.
    Note the magic is not that great, its just... rare.
    Squire    : None
    Chemist   : None
    Knight    : Squire lvl.2
    Archer    : Squire lvl.2
    Monk      : Knight lvl.2
    Priest    : Chemist lvl.2
    Wizard    : Chemist lvl.2
    Time Mage : Wizard lvl.2
    Summoner  : Time Mage lvl.2
    Thief     : Archer lvl.2
    Mediator  : Oracle lvl.2
    Oracle    : Priest lvl.2
    Geomancer : Monk lvl.3
    Lancer    : Thief lvl.3
    Samurai   : Knight lvl.3, Monk lvl.4, Lancer lvl.2
    Ninja     : Archer lvl.3, Thief lvl.4, Geomancer lvl.2
    Calculator: Priest lvl.4, Wizard lvl.4, Time Mage lvl.3, Oracle lvl.3
    Bard      : Summoner lvl.4, Mediator lvl.4 (Male only)
    Dancer    : Geomancer lvl.4, Lancer lvl.4 (Female only)
    Mime      : Squire lvl.8, Chemist lvl.8, Summoner lvl.4, Mediator lvl.4,
                Geomancer lvl.4, Lancer lvl.4
    Job     : Holy Swordman     R-hand : Chaos Blade
    Action  : Item              L-hand : Excalibur
    Support : 2-sword           Head   : Grand Helmet
    Counter : Blade Grasp       Armor  : Maximillian/Reflect Mail
    Move    : Teleport/Move+3   Acc    : Bracer/Angel Ring
    This is the best special characters, be sure to have a high brave level, 
    if you have Maximillian, equip it, otherwise equip the Reflect Mail so 
    you cant be hit by magic!
    Job     : Knight            R-hand : Chaos Blade 
    Action  : Guts/Jump         L-hand : Excalibur
    Support : 2-Sword           Head   : Grand Helmet
    Counter : Blade Grasp       Armor  : Maximillian/Reflect Mail
    Move    : Teleport/Move+3   Acc    : Bracer/Angel Ring
    This is the best combination for Ramza, since Ramza has lower physical 
    attack power than Orlandu, equip him with Bracer.
    *Ultimate Magician
    Job     : Wizard            R-hand : Faith Rod
    Action  : Math Skill        L-hand : none
    Support : MagicAtck Up      Head   : Flash Hat
    Counter : Blade Grasp       Armor  : Robe of Lords
    Move    : Teleport          Acc    : Genji Gauntlet/Magic Gauntlet
    This is the ultimate magician, but be sure to get all math skill and as 
    many spell (black,white,yin-yang,time) as possible to maximize the 
    effectiveness of this magician. Faith Rod will make the user faith 100, 
    so the success rate of every spell she casts is very high.
    <JAA's note: c'mon! send in more characters strategies you have!!>
    Here you go with my personal with-magic-ye'r-screwed party: take a party 
    of 5 wizards with math skill, they quite kick ass, 5 multi-spell per turn. 
    Now take 3 wizards plus 2 mimes, what do you have? wizard can cast only 
    3 times math, but mimes are added, so you have wizard+mime+mime repeated 
    3 times=9 spells! Ok, it can be boring, but you can always change a 
    wizard with a summoner....
    And now my Holy Justice Party: take your 4 best chara, Orlandu, Agrias, 
    Beowulf with their original jobs, and Ramza as a squire, equip them with 
    at least an excalibur and massive attack only skills, then take a wizard 
    well beefed up with math skill and cast holy on as many people as possible, 
    excalibur will absorb (and strenghten!) holy using it as a Lvl? cure spell, 
    meanwhile will deal a great damage to the opponents: I did 999 points of 
    damage to a living bone (don't forget to hide lil magician in a corner!).
    <JAA's note: c'mon! send in more party strategies you have!!>
    As I know, there are several hard battles that seems to be a lot of 
    trouble for you, so I try to put in the strategies for them.
    --Slums in Goug--
    Location: Goug Machine City
    First, Mustadio highly seems to be killed right away, he is weak and has 
    no equipments, he is a guest now, so dont worry. Try to equip "Blade 
    Grasp as counter ability as it make the archer ineffective. For the best 
    attack, use ranged attack (like summon or magic) to take out the 
    Summoners. You need a good healing ability/item to win this battle, so 
    concentrate on healing rather than killing enemies.
    --Golgorand Execution Site--
    Location: Golgorand Execution Site.
    Now...this is one of the hardest battle in this game. First, learn that 
    you need to defeat all enemies, not just Gafgarion! Use your strong 
    fighter in the second squad and the others (like healer and magician) in 
    the first squad. Be sure to have Monk's Chakra ability, since for now, 
    you really need it. For the first round, try to attack one guy at a 
    time, and attack those annoying Time Mage. Try to stop the enemies using 
    Time Mage's spells or Geomancer's ability. If you really cant win this 
    battle, try to build up first. Dont give up, and dont feel so bad if you 
    have a trouble.
    --Inside Riovanes Castle--
    Location: Riovanes Castle.
    Again, one of the hardest battle. Wiegraff is difficult, but not too 
    difficult if you know the way. First, equip Ramza with Auto-Potion 
    counter ability and throw away all potions and hi-potions (be sure to 
    have a lot of X-Potions now). You can just use the running tactics: use 
    yell all the round, and when you have a round where you have around 3 
    rows in a turn, and then finally blast him (if you can, use two-sword 
    support ability). Or you can use the original tactic, just use normal 
    auto-x-potions and hit him with doubleslash constantly (this will save 
    some time if you strong enough). After you hurt him badly, he will 
    transform to a devil, your party will come out, but Wiegraff also summon 
    3 demons into the battle. Try to deploy Lancer and just jump over him. 
    If you have Lich, you can use it as it will do a lot amount of damage. 
    His HP is around 1000, so be patient (note that if you kill the human 
    form Wiegraff with running tactics, you can easily kill him because
    you still have the yelling effects since the last fight).
    --Roof of Riovanes Castle--
    Location: Riovanes Castle.
    Okay, this is the most annoying battle in FFT, so you may have to repeat 
    this battle over and over. The key to win this battle is to protect and 
    heal Rafa, and for that, you need speed. Try to deploy Ninja or Thief to 
    maximize your speed. Most of the time, in the first round, Rafa will be 
    killed right away, so heal Rafa when you have a turn to heal him. Rafa's 
    AI is very bad, she even attack the assasin in the first round. So you 
    need luck, just luck to win this battle.
    *Item Duplication (note: rare weapons only)*
    Again, this works only with rare weapons (the weapons that cant be 
    bought from shops) and not all rare weapons, only the weapons that 
    stronger than any weapon you can buy in the shops (ex: Excalibur, Chaos 
    Blade, etc). These are the steps:
    1.Equip Ninja's "Two Swords" ability on a character.
    2.Equip a weapon you want to duplicate on your left hand.
    3.Equip a shield on your right hand.
    4.Go to a shop.
    5.In the shop, go to the Fitting Room, choose your character, choose 
    "Best Fit" and okay.
    6.Now check your inventory. One weapon is in your hand and the other one 
    is in your inventory.
    *During a thunderstorm, lightning spells do 2.2x normal damage and fire 
     spells do 1.8x normal damage (unless the caster has "Any Weather").
    *You can use big monster as a stepstone! you can walk through it as a 
     normal way, but you can end your turn on the top of it.
    *You can use your gun as a close-range weapon! just shoot an enemy next 
     to you! you cant? then target a square behind the enemy (straight line), 
     you now can hit it!
    *You can increase/decrease your brave or faith permanently! simply use
     a brave-raising action (such as Ramza's Cheer Up or Mediator's talking
     ability). In the battle if action above used and succeed, the character
     will get +4 brave, after the battle, the brave will increase by 1!
    *Use a 'level down' trap to lower your level while using a weak job
     (ex: oracle), and level up using a strong job (monk/knight), this will
     let you have more hp!
    *This maybe isn't a secret, but in any battle, always check for your
     opponent's equipments. As there are several 'rare' items gotten from
     there, such as the battle at Murond Holy Place; a summoner have a
     Dragon Rod.
    Q: How do I enter Deep Dungeon? Where? When?
    A: The Deep Dungeon only available after you beat Murond Holy Place
       in Chapter 4. If you have, then go to Warjilis Trade City. You will
       see an event at the bar, and then the way to Deep Dungeon will appear.
    Q: Can I recruit monsters?
    A: Yes, you can. Use a mediator's skill Invitation. The chances are
       low however, so keep up :) 
       Note: You can recruit Dragons/Hydras easily using Reis' Dragon Tame.
    Q: I hear of a secret character in the deep dungeon?? is it true?
    A: Yes, it's name is Byblos, you get it automatically once you enter 
       and win "END" (the 10th floor of Deep Dungeon).
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