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Debug Menu FAQ by FOliver

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/14/99

The Final Fantasy Tactics 
Debug Menu FAQ
Version 1.0 - 14th September, 1999

Written by Fred Oliver

This document copyright 1999 Fred Oliver

Table of Contents

1.  Revision History
2.  Introduction
3.  The Debug codes
4.  World Map Debug Menu
4.1 Option 1 - Battle Location Selector
4.2 Option 2 - Event Flags?
4.3 Option 3 - Party Configuration
4.4 Option 4 - Snap frozen game
4.5 Option 5-? - nothing of any use
5.  Battle Deubug Menu
5.1 Option 1 - Character 'Adjustment'
5.2 Option 2-8 - More stuff that doesn't work
6.  Conclusion, credits, etc

1. Revision History
Version 1.0 - 14th September, 1999
Everything you're reading now!
Basic Layout defined
Wordpad format

2. Introduction
Well, after the news broke about the Debug code for final Fantasy VII,
and the veritable flood of debug codes for Squaresoft games that 
followed, I spotted a couple of debug codes for Final Fantasy Tactics, 
played around a bit, found a couple of useful options, and then saw that 
no-one had written a FAQ yet. So I thought to myself, "Why not? You can 
do it." So here it is. My first FAQ attempt, and I hope it doesn't suck 
too much.

3. The Debug Codes
Well, I gound these codes on the Gameshark Code Creators Club webpage, 
(http://www.cmgsccc.com/psx/fft/) credited to a guy named CzarDragon. 
Thanks, man! These codes are for the US version of FFT. GCCC doesn't 
have a code for the Japanese version. Anyone know of it?

World Debug Menu code: D0198090 0000
                       80198090 0006

Battle Debug Menu code: 8016BC1C 0003

4. World Map Debug Menu
Ok, when you're on the World Map screen, open up the normal menu, and 
you should notice that the cursor is sitting just below the last option. 
This is where the debug menu starts. You can select any of the other 
regular options (except 'move') without any troubles. If at any time you 
turn the Gameshark off, and move up past the first option of the debug 
menu, just turn it back on, and you'll be back at the debug menu's first 
option. You'll note that there are no visible options, fun huh? At least 
you have a cursor.

4.1 Option 1 - Battle Location Selector
This is a kinda nifty option. Select this, and you'll be presented with a 
submenu, and you can select a number from 001-200. When you select a 
number, you'll be taken to the battle preparation screen, and you'll be 
prompted to form two squads of up to four people each, who will then 
fight each other at the location you just selected. The first squad is 
the 'enemy' squad, the second squad are the 'good guys'. Also note that 
the 'Ramza must live' imperative present during regular battles is 
suspended here. I used Ramza and Orlandu/Cid to test these locations, 
and Ramza was the 'enemy'. ^_^ Another point to note is that you don't 
gain any Gil from these fights.
The good thing about this option is the fact that it allows you to get 
a good look at the locations that you only ever see in cutscenes, and 
even some locations that they made, and then never used in the game! 
I've marked the ones that I know are new, and any others that have 
features worth mentioning. This option also works well with option 3, 
and the Battle menu's option 1.

Battle location List:
001 - Main Gate at Igros Castle (new!)
002 - Back Gate of Lesalia Castle
003 - Hall of St Murond Temple
004 - Office of Lesalia Castle
005 - Roof of Riovanes Castle
006 - Gate of Riovanes Castle
007 - Inside Riovanes Castle
008 - Riovanes Castle
009 - Citadel of Igros Castle
010 - Inside of Igros Castle
011 - Office of Igros Castle (there's a baclony accessible throught the 
      door at the back, which you have to spin the screen to see)
012 - At the Gate of Lionel Castle
013 - Inside of Lionel Castle
014 - Office of Liuonel Castle
015 - Gate of Limberry Castle (new?)
016 - Inside Limberry Castle
017 - Underground Cemetary at Limberry Castle
018 - Office of Limberry Castle
019 - Gate of Limberry Castle ((new?) There are two of these, and
      they're both different, and I can't remember which is new.)
020 - Inside of Zeltennia Castle
021 - Zeltennia Castle
022 - Magic City Gariland
023 - Beoluve Residence
024 - Military Academy's Auditorium (movement and effect ranges aren't 
      visible at this location. Trial and error time.)
025 - Yardow Fort City
026 - Weapon Storage of Yardow (new!)
027 - Goland Coal City
028 - Colliery Underground first floor
029 - Colliery Underground second floor
030 - Colliery Underground third floor
031 - Dorter Trade City
032 - Slums in Dorter
033 - Hospital in Slums (new!)(there are 4 interconnected rooms here, 
      and you can only see 1 at a time. Spin the screen to see the 
034 - Cellar of Sand Mouse
035 - Zaland Fort City
036 - Church outside the town
037 - Ruins otside Zaland
038 - Goug Machine City (new?)
039 - Underground passage in Goland
040 - Slums in Goug
041 - Besrodio's House (no move/effect ranges visible!)
042 - Warjilis Trade City (new?)
043 - Port of Warjilis
044 - Bervenia Free City
045 - Ruins of Zeltennia Castle's church
046 - Cemetary of Heavenly Knight, Balbanes
047 - Zarghidas Trade City
048 - Slums of Zarghidas
049 - Fort Zeakden
050 - St Murond Temple (exterior)
051 - St Murond Temple (interior)
052 - Chapel of St Murond Temple
053 - Entrance to Death City
054 - Lost Sacred Precincts
055 - Graveyard of Airships
056 - Orbonne Monastery
057 - Underground Book Storage first floor
058 - Underground Book Storage second floor
059 - Underground Book Storage third floor
060 - Underground Book Storage fourth floor
061 - Underground Book Storage fifth floor
062 - Chapel of Orbonne Monastery (no move/effect ranges visible!)
063 - Golgorand Execution Site
064 - In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
065 - Granary of Bethla Garrison
066 - South Wall of Bethla Garrison
067 - North Wall of Bethla Garrison
068 - Bethla Garrison
069 - Murond Death City
070 - Nelveska Temple
071 - Dolbodar Swamp
072 - Fovoham Plains
073 - Inside of Windmill Shed
074 - Sweegy Woods
075 - Bervenia Volcano
076 - Zeklaus Desert
077 - Lenalia Plateau
078 - Zigolis Swamp
079 - Yuguo Woods
080 - Araguay Woods
081 - Grog Hill
082 - Bed Desert
083 - Zirekile Falls
084 - Bariaus Hill
085 - Mandalia Plains
086 - Doguola Pass
087 - Bariaus Valley
088 - Finath River
089 - Poeskas Lake
090 - Germinas Peak
091 - Thieves Fort
092 - Igros - Beoluve Residence (no move/effect ranges visible!)
093 - Broke down shed - Wooden Building (partially visible move/
      effect ranges!)
094 - Broke down shed - Stone Building
095 - Church
096 - Pub
097 - Inside Castle Gate in Lenalia (new!)(partially visible move/effect
098 - Outside Castle Gate in Lenalia (new!)(partially visible move/
      effect ranges!)
099 - Main Street of Lenalia (new!)
100 - Public Cemetary
101 - For Tutorial 1
102 - For Tutorial 2
103 - Windmill Shed
104 - The end of the 50 Year War - The Beoluve Residence
105 - TERMINATE (ooh, Deep dungeon ^_^)
106 - DELTA
107 - NOGIAS
108 - VOYAGE
109 - BRIDGE
111-200 - coming really soon!

4.2 Option 2 - Event Flags?
Hmm, I don't get this option. You get presented with a submenu, with 
what seems to be 9 flags which you can assign numerical values to. And 
that's it, as far as I can tell. I have no idea what these flags do.
Anyone who knows, let me know, so I can put it in here.

4.3 Option 3 - Party Configuration
Oooh, I like this option. This leads to a submenu which allows you to 
choose from 511(!) preset party configurations! You can get access to 
everyone from generic troops, to Ajora and Teta! Unfortunatly, though, 
once you use this, you'll wipe whatever party config you previously had.
No mixing and matching, it seems. :( You can use the Battle Location 
selector to test out these guys in battle, too. I'm not going to list 
what all 511 configs give you, that's a little insane for me, but I will
try them all, and tell you the interesting ones. Most of the parties you 
get are set on level one, you'll have to use the battle debug menu to 
bump their stats up.I don't know yet what effect using a party without 
Ramza in the normal game would have. I'll try that soon.

Party Config List:
300 - Olan and Ramza no.2
402 - Elidibs (Serpentarius) x2, lots of Apandas, Byblos (now this just 
      slightly kicks butt. Elidibs also has his sprite in the formation
      screen. Does this mean you should be able to use mediators to get
      him to join in Deep Dungeon?)
405 - Delita (Holy Knight), Ovelia (Princess)
406 - Ramza no.2, Delita (Holy Knight), Ovelia (Princess), Agrias (Holy 
414 - Gafgarion's party at the Golgorand Execution Site battle
415 - Gafgarion's party at the Gates of Lionel Castle battle
495 - 5 of the Lucavi! (this kicks butt too. These guys work perfectly 
      in battle, with the correct sprites and everything.)
497 - 16 various characters
498 - another 16 characters
499 - Balmafula (Arc Witch), Mustadio (Engineer), Rudvich (Bi-Count), 
      Vormav (Divine Knight), Rofel (Divine Knight), Izlude (Knight 
      Blade), Kletian (Sorcerer), Balk (Engineer), Meliadoul (Divine
      Knight), Alma (Cleric). (all these guy have the right srites in
500 - Ajora (Phony Saint), Cloud (Soldier), Teta (Delita's Sis), Agrias
      (Holy Knight). (now, this would almost kick butt, except for the 
      fact that if you try and take this combo into battle, the game WILL
      freeze on you. :( bummer.)
502-504 - 1 each of each job, male and female versions.
506 - 4x Ramza no.1, 4x Ramza no.2, 4x Ramza no.3, all level 50.
511 - Mustadio (Cardinal), Mustadio (Engineer), Random Name (White 
      Knight) with Balmafula's sprite and Wiegraf's sprite in battle.

4.4 Option 4 - Snap frozen game
Pick this option and you'll see a gibberish message at the top of the 
screen, and then the game freezes. 

4.4 Option 5-? - nothing of any use
When you pick any of the other options, you are presented with a submenu 
in gibberish. Pick any of the options in any of these submenus, and it 
has the same effect as selecting location 001 in the battle location 
selector. And as you can scroll the cursor right off the screen, I don't 
know exactly how many options there are, but from option 5 on, they all 
do the same thing.

5. Battle Debug Menu
Alrighty, once you're in a battle, make sure you've deselected any 
active characters, and you've got the free moving tile-cursor, and 
press triangle. It's your AT/Unit List menu, with the cursor floating
in midair, and it won't move. Solution? Turn off the Gameshark. ^_^
Now the cursor moves. Go up to the top invisible option.

5.1 Option 1 - Character 'Adjustment'
Selecting this gives you what looks to be a normal unit status screen.
But nay, I say, it is far more than that! In fact, it's the best option
in both debug menus. Pres the circle button, and you get a cursor. Now, 
point the cursor at say... the character's level, and push circle again.
Hmm, the cursor stopped. So move the D-pad, and what happens? His/her 
level changes! With a related alteration of Hp and Mp, too! Yes, here 
you can adjust any number of a character's stats, and the change is 
permanent, unless I've otherwise noted below.  And it works on the 
enemies too! You may have to cycle off the first character before you
can alter anything, though. Here's what you can change:

Level - Started a new game? Want all your characters on level 99 in a 
        snap? Easily done. Max Hp and Mp will also adjust themselves
        appropriately. In the next fight, all the other stats like 
        attack strength will have adjusted themselves properly. They
        may or may not during the fight in which you alter them. Still,
        it's a whole lot better than any Gameshark code with a similar 
Exp   - Not much point to this one, when you can alter the level, but 
        it's here anyway. From 00 to 99 this one goes.
Hp    - You can raise your Hp to correspond with your new max Hp, if 
        you've just upped a chara's levels, or you can put your enemies 
        on 1Hp for a rediculously easy victory.
Mp    - That Summoner in the corner giving you trouble? Want to stop 
        him/her whapping you with summons until you can get over there 
        and slaughter him/her? Take all their Mp away. ^_^
CT    - Though it would be slightly tedious, you can stop enemies from 
        ever getting a turn.
Move  - Cross vast terrain with ease by giving yourself a move score of 
        9, and make your enemies move like snails with a move of 1. ^_^
Jump  - Leap tall buildings in a single bound! Goes from 1-9.
Speed - A much better way to ensure that you run rings around your 
        opponent. Crank it up to 99!
Brave - Unfortunately, this works just like the mediator's skills: every
        4 points you raise it, only 1 is permanent after the fight is 
Faith - And this works the same way as the Brave option.
Starsign - I never really paid much attention to that whole starsign 
           compatability thing, but I kinda like this for one reason:
           you can pick from any of the _13_ starsigns. Yep, 
           Serpentarius, formerly only seen on Elidibs, that guy at the 
           bottom of Deep Dungeon, is yours to choose. I like the idea
           of Ramza, or any of the other kick-butt people like Orlandu,
           having this starsign. Anyone know how it fits into the 
           starsign compatability chart?

5.2 Option 2-8 More stuff that doesn't work
The rest of these either cancel (option 2 & 4), give you non working 
menus (option 3 & 6), give you buggy menus (option 7), or freeze the 
game (option 5 & 8). And as with the World Map menu, you can scroll
off the screen. I think Squaresoft took great care to rip out the 
really serious stuff they may have had in there. 

6. Conclusion, credits etc 
And there you have it, the Debug menus explained. Not nearly as many 
options as you can find in the debug rooms for FF VII, FF VIII and 
Xenogears, but beggars can't be choosers.

I'll have an update soon, with more battle locations, and more 
party configs, and if I or someone else can figure out what those 
flags do, I'll put some details on that in. I expect an update will be
forthcoming in a week or two.

People to thank:

Squaresoft, for making such a kick butt game! Here's hoping we see a 
Final Fantasy Tactics 2 in the near future.
CzarDragon, for creating the debug codes in the first place, and the 
Gameshark Code Creators Club website for bring the codes to the public.
This FAQ wouldn't be happening without them.
All you people reading this, cause a writer has to have an audience.
C&C is most appreciated!

End of Document

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