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Zodiac Brave Story by HJerng

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/29/97

          F I N A L    F A N T A S Y    T A C T I C S

          FAQ:  Zodiac Brave Story
          Version 1.0, prepared on 09/29/97
          Translated by Henry Jerng 
          at Jerng1@jeflin.tju.edu

TRANSLATOR'S NOTES:  What you see before you is a month-long effort to translate 
the story of Final Fantasy Tactics as much as possible.  There are additional 
materials that have been done, but they have been left out in order to keep this 
FAQ to a reasonable length.  In addtion to brief descriptions to the various 
stages, I have included much dialogue translation to provide as much 
understanding as possible to some scenes.  I hope that you will enjoy the story 
as much as I had.  
     Prior to reading the following material, please refer to the Final Fantasy 
Tactics instruction manual translation on how to play the game.  For additional 
information on job classes, abilities, weapons, armors, and others, please refer 

     Final Fantasy Tactics, Manual Translation, Ver. 01
     Final Fantasy Tactics, General FAQ, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Abilities List, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Item List, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Plot Translations, Ver. 0.3

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     This should be my last words on FFT.  Maybe I will take a break before 
working on Front Mission Second or Front Mission Alternative.  Please enjoy, and 
e-mail me if you have any questions.


Thank you for purchasing PlayStation
"Final Fantasy Tactics" licensed by SQUARE CO., LTD.
Please read the attached instruction thoroughly before starting the game
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.

1 Player
Memory Card, 1 Block
SCPS 45087-8

The Legend of Zodiac Braves

     A long time ago, long before Evalease was unified as it is now, this land 
was divided into seven little countries of Zerutenia, Forboham, Lionel, 
Lanberry, Ruzaria, Garionnu, and Mulondo.  The seven countries continued a fight 
that would not end, as each country tried to expand its own territory.
     The war continued for several hundred years, and a young king of Mulondo 
overflowed with ambition.  The young king fought hard, leading a large army to 
take possession of the entire Evalease.  However, the road to victory was 
dreadfully dangerous.  Therefore, the king used a secret formula deciphered 
using an ancient document, summoned the devil, and tried to use the devil's 
powers.  However, after descending on the world, the devil killed the king and 
tried to destroy the world...
     The devil summoned his demons one after another.  Twelve braves gathered to 
fight against the devil.  They defeated the demons in an instant, and in time 
they succeeded in returning the devil back to hell.
     The braves carried crystals on which they carved the crests of the 12 
Zodiac signs.  Because of that, the people now call them the "Zodiac Braves"...

           =====  THE ZODIAC BRAVE STORY  =====

     Several officer cadets close to graduating were summoned to the lecture 
hall of the Gariland royal academy.  A gang of thieves called the Bone Brigade 
is laying waste the Garionnu region, and a military operation to annihilate the 
gang is planned with the Northern Sky Knights at the center.  The officer cadets 
are placed in charge of the rear support.

     Ramuza was seeing a dream...
     It has been about 2 years since Balbanes Beolubu, the famous hero of the 50 
Year War, took to bed because of illness.  On his father's figure lying on the 
bed, Ramuza could not see a trace of the Northern Sky Knights commander who 
boasted the strength of 15,000 men.
     The four children met in a room to witness their father's final moments...

     Ramuza's party rescued a swordsman under attack by the Bone Brigade on the 
Mandarian Plains.  His name was Argas.  Argas was a member of the bodyguard 
knight troop of duke Elmdoa, the lord of Lanberry, and it appeared that he 
received an attack while on his way to Igurros.  The duke was abducted, and the 
bodyguards knight troop was completely wiped out except for Argas.  Argas 
petitioned for the help of the Northern Sky Knights to save the duke...

     Ramuza found his way to the city of Igurros, the capitol of the Garionnu 
region, and he quickly headed for the castle.  Daisudarg, Ramuza's eldest 
brother, was waiting at the Igurros castle.  Argas petitioned that he wanted to 
hire soldiers to destroy his comrade's enemy, and Daisudarg scathingly 
criticized Argas for his attitude...

     After his audience with Daisudarg, Ramuza came across his second elder 
brother Zalbagg the holy knight, his little sister Alma, and others in Igurros 
castle's courtyard.  Zalbagg, who was leaving to hunt down the thieves, informed 
Ramuza that a spy he sent out to gather information had cut off correspondence 
at the trade city of Dortar...

     Ramuza's party encountered the Bone Brigade in the slum streets of the 
trade city of Dortar.  At that time, he observed the knight Wingraff, the leader 
of the Bone Brigade.  The party successfully repulsed the Bone Brigade and 
questioned the captives for the place the duke was imprisoned.  Through the 
words of the captives, the one who kidnapped the duke was Gustav, the Bone 
Brigade's sub-leader.  It seemed the kidnapping was just a crime aimed for some 
ransom money.

     The party successfully attacked the "Cellar of the Sand Rats".  To rescue 
the duke, they searched the deserted house and saw an unexpected scene there.  
The scene was Wingraff trying to prevent Gustav's kidnapping of the duke.  
Gustav criticized Wingraff and lost his life at the end of a life-and-death 
battle.  Wingraff left the duke as he was and left to go somewhere...

     What waited at the Igurros castle were not warm words to thank them for the 
duke's rescue;  it was Daisudarg's cold scolding, condemning the violation of 
his direct order.  "Don't disgrace the Beolubu name!", said an angry Daisudarg.  
There appeared Lord Larg, the present queen's elder brother and the lord of 

     The military operation to annihilate the Bone Brigade was coming to a big 
finish.  Ramuza raided a small stronghold called commonly the "Fortress of 
Thieves" at the southern tip of Garionnu.  There he encountered a female 
     Her name was Milurda.  She was the younger sister of Wingraff, the leader 
of the Bone Brigade.  She was sharply critical of the ruling classs such as the 
nobles, and she challenged them with her anger...

     The Bone Brigade attacked the Beolubu residence at Igurros.  Because of the 
military operation of annihilation, the city was left wide open to attack since 
the defense was inadequate.  What the Bone Brigade aimed for was the 
assassination of secretary Daisudarg, Lord Larg's senior statesman.  The attack 
was seen as a success, but the assassination ended in a failed attempt due to 
the active participation of Zalbagg the holy knight.  However, they took 
Dileeta's younger sister Deeta as a hostage.

     Secretary Daisubarg, injured by the Bone Brigade's attack, informed Ramuza 
of the situation with the Bone Brigade's annihilation.  He also talk Ramuza that 
Zalbagg was making preparations for an all-out attack, and that he did not 
expect to make this all-out assault until Deeta was returned.
     Meanwhile, Argas advacated that there was no need to help the commoner's 
girl.  Dileeta was very resentful of that remark.

     Enroute for the Jeekden stronghold, Dileeta stopped his feet as he was 
enchanted by the grassy plain shining golden by the light of the setting sun.  
Dileeta questioned his won existence.  Ramuza, without replying anything, also 
felt his own powerlessness.
     Dileeta began to play a tune with the reed whistle, something that was 
taught by Balbanes when he and Ramuza were kids.

     Goragulos and Wingraff escaped from the pursuit of the Northern Sky Knights 
and hid inside a windmill cabin located in the Forboham Plains.  Wingraff 
strongly denounced the kidnapping of Deeta.  There, he received the news of 
Milurda's death.  Consumed by deep sadness and hatred, Wingraff grasped his 
sword and vowed revenge.

14.  AND I GOT AWAY...
     Snow was falling around the Jeekden stronghold.  The remnants of the 
defeated Bone Brigade have sought shelter in this stronghold, but the Northern 
Sky Knights have already laid siege to it.  Goragulos, who held Deeta hostage, 
was killed by Argas, and Deeta too lost her life.  Dileeta, after having his 
little sister killed, succeeded in killing Argas.  However, Goragulos had set 
explosives in the stronghold, and as the explosions began, the stronghold 
crumbled to ruins...

     It was about one year since the tragedy at Jeekden stronghold...
     By that time, tension was high in Evalease between Lord Larg and Lord 
Goltarna over domination after the King's death.  It has become a situation 
where war can happen just any time.  Just then, princess Ovaria was staying in a 
convent to escape the coming war, and a plan to transfer her to Garionnu was 
secretly being carries out...

     The Goltarna force has kidnapped the princess, and in the middle of heavy 
rain knight Agurias resolved to pursue the Goltarna force to take back Ovaria.  
Among the Goltarna force Ramuza saw the figure of Dileeta, his dear friend who 
he thought had died at Jeekden stronghold.  He too joined the pursuit...

     Dileeta, who had kidnapped Ovaria, was attacked by the Northern Sky Knghts 
at the Zeirekire waterfall.  In the middle of that fight, it was disclosed that 
the princess' kidnapping was a trick of Lord Larg (the second successor to the 
throne) who plans to assassinate the princess, just at a time when Lord Goltarna 
was losing his standing among the people.  Now that the evil plan has been 
revealed, Gafugarion turned out to be the enemy, and Ramuza became the princess' 

     A youngman was under attack by the Bart company in the castle city of 
Zaranda.  His name was Mustadio.  He was one of the mechanics assisting in the 
restoration of the "Lost Culture" that included the "Gun" at the mechanic city 
of Gorg.
     The young mechanic, anxious about his father's associations, was unclear 
about the reasons behind the attack.  He petitioned that they all go together to 
the Lionel Castle to seek the protection of the Cardinal Drakrowa.

     Enroute to Lionel Castle, the party sought some moment of rest.  Agarius 
was worried about the princess, and Princess Ovaria talked to her about their 
own personal histories.  During that talk, she expressed her distrust of men of 
power trying to use her for political strategies.
     Ramuza unintentionally overheard how the princess held such anxiety that 
cannot be wiped away.  He showed her how to blow the reed whistle as he 
remembered it...

     Daisudarg, who failed in his trick to kidnap Ovaria, again ordered 
Gafugarion to immdiately capture Ramuza's party and execute everyone except for 
the princess.  Naturally, his own younger brother Ramuza was not spared from 
those to be killed.
     And, from the incident at the Orbonnu convent, Daisudarg knew that there 
was someone out to interfere with his own plans...

     The Cardinal Drakrowa, who keeps his residence in Lionel Castle, warmly 
welcomed Ovaria and the others and promised to report to the pope of Lord Larg's 
     Furthermore, the Cardinal showed the "Zodiac Brave Stone", the holy stone 
of a legend in existence in Evalease since the ancient times.  The holy stone 
was related to Mustadio's case.  Ramuza bid farewell to Princess Ovaria as he 
heads for Gorg.

     The crystal excavated under the mechanic city of Gorg was the legendary 
holy stone "Zodiac Stone".  Mustadio's father, mechanic instructor Besrodio, 
feared that someone may use the holy stone for evil purposes, entrusted the holy 
stone to his son to hide it in a safe place.
     When Mustadio received the holy stone, the hands of the Bart company 
pursued him...

     Cardinal Drakrowa was the person who schemed to plunder the holy stones of 
Gorg by controlling the Bart company.
     Through Mustadio's ready wit, the party succeeded in rescuing Besrodio 
without handing the holy stone over to enemy hands, but Ovaria and Agarius are 
with the Cardinal...
     To save them, Ramuza brought along the holy stone and hurried to Lionel 

     The party again met Dileeta at the trade city of Wargilis.  Dileeta advised 
to take hands off everything concerning Ovaria and the holy stones, and he 
hinted at the existence of a mind that laid behind all this chaos.
     "At times, you cannot limit youself to the best methods to produce the 
right results..."  These words left by Dileeta as they parted ways distressed 

     Daisudarg and Cardinal Drakrowa exchanged a secret agreement to get their 
hands on the princess and the holy stones.  Gafugarion, dispatched by Daisudarg, 
planned to use Ovaria as a lure and kill Ramuza and the others who knew the 
truth behind the plunder  of holy stones and the kidnapping of the princess.
     Meanwhile, Bart company's Rudoveehi, who failed to accomplish his duty with 
the "Zodiac Brave Stone", went under the Cardinal's punishment...

     Ovaria was confined to a room inside Lionel Castle, and she met Dileeta 
again.  Ovaria rebuked Dileeta just as he passed in front of the secretary of 
state Drakrowa.  The secretary and a man appeared in front of Ovaria.
     As Ovaria continue to resist, the mysterious knight named Vorumalff tells a 
shocking piece of fact...


Dileeta:  Aren't you touching your meal?  It'll go to waste if you don't eat it.
Ovaria:  .........
Dileeta:  Well, nobody will be sad if you died.  On the contrary, most people 
will be pleased.  But, as you know, we won't let you die.  Stop being so 
unreasonable and eat.
Ovaria:  ...... As I expected, you were also conspiring with the cardinal.  What 
do you intend to do with me?  If you're not handing me over to Lord Larg, then 
what do you intend to do?
Dileeta:  Originally, just to take you to where you should be...  That's all.
Ovaria:  You're trying to use me just like the others.  ... But I ought to 
listen to you.
Dileeta:  There's no other choice for you.  This is the only way to keep you 
Ovaria:  What do you mean by that?
Dileeta:  Well .........
Man in Knight's Outfit:  This girl is Ovaria...?
Cardinal Drakrowa:  My princess, how is your mood?  If you can behave yourself a 
bit, then there will be no need for you cry alone in this room.
Man in Knight's Outfit:  Hmm, this is more than satisfactory for the girl who 
substitutes as a princess.
Cardinal Drakrowa:  Ha, ha, ha, ha ......  Mr. Vorumalf, this girl still doesn't 
A Knight Called Vorumalf:  Is that so...  What a pitiful girl.
Ovaria:  What do you mean by that ...... ?
Vorumalf:  Okay, listen up.  YOU ARE NOT OVARIA.
Ovaria:  Huh...?
Vorumalf:  The real princess died a long time ago.  You are her substitute.
Ovaria:  That!  That is a LIE!
Vorumalf:  It is not a lie.  You are not princess Ovaria.  The old men of the 
senate didn't think much of Queen Ruvaria and created you...  One day, they 
arranged a substitute just to allow the throne to be succeeded.  To expel the 
bothersome Queen.  The way they did things was really meticulous.  They 
assassinated her princes, made it look like some death from illness, and placed 
you in the royal family.  Since they did not think that the sickly Omdoria can 
have a new prince, the throne would automatically be yours.  However, Orinas was 
born...  But no, I do not yet know if the prince is actually Omdoria's son.  
Lord Larg may have Ruvaria impregnated by someone else so that his younger 
sister Ruvaria will become the King's mother.  Anyway, the old senators' plan 
was ruined.
Ovaria:  LIES!  Absolutely LIES!  I don't believe you!
Vorumalf:  You can think whatever you want.  It doesn't matter to us if you are 
the princess or not.  We got our hands on a powerful card called the "princess".  
Just that is enough for us.
Ovaria:  I have the blood of the Atkarsha clan!  No one can order me around!
Vorumalf:  Well, what would you like?  If you were captured by Lord Larg, 
wouldn't you be executed?  We just want to help.  We just want to put you on the 
Ovaria:  Who the hell are you?
Vorumalf:  We are not friends of Lord Larg, nor are we people in Lord Goltarna's 
camp.  We are just "co-operators".
Cardinal Drakrowa:  Mr. Vorumalf, let our princess cool her head a little.  If 
she understand exactly what is going on, she may refuse our "co-operation".
Vorumalf:  Hmm, you're probably right.  Let's go Dileeta!


     Dileeta showed up taking Ovaria to the Zeltania castle, home of Lord 
Goltarna.  Dileeta was promoted as one of the Lord's top-ranking advisors for 
being the head planner of the princess' kidnapping.  Furthermore, he proposed to 
proceed to the royal capitol of Ruzaria by leading the Southern Sky Knights.
     Lord Larg too mobilized the Northern Sky Knights.  The great disturbance 
known as the "Lion War" began here to divide Evalease into two.

     Three months after the rise of the "Lion War".  Along with the enlargement 
of the battle line, the fighting intensified day by day as the parties fail to 
make headway in the war situation.  Both Larg and Goltarna's armies gradually 
grow more and more exhausted.
     Ramuza suggest negotiations for peace with the general of the Southern Sky 
Knights, who apparently is lamenting the populace's groans about the growing 
hunger and heavy taxation...

     Enroute to the royal capitol Ruzaria, the party rescued a youngman who was 
attacked by thieves at the coal-mining town of Golland.  The astrologer named 
Orlan reacted to the name Ramuza Beolubu for some reason.
     Orlan courteously declined an offer to travel together and left, suggesting 
that they shall meet again...

     Ramuza again meets his second elder brother Zalbagg at the royal capitol, 
and explained the existence of someone behind the war.
     However, Zalbagg doesn't listen to his words.  On the contrary, Zalbagg 
sharply criticized his younger brother for accusing elder brother Daisudarg of 
wrong-doings in the princess' kidnapping.
     A report came, saying that the Southern Sky Knight Troop's "Sid the Thunder 
God" had broken through the Dogora mountain pass...

     Ramuza beats back the heretic tril officer Zalmore at the inside gate of 
Ruzoria.  He receives the pronouncement of a "heretic".
     Ramuza holds distrust for the church.
     Ramuza reunites with Alma.  He hears from her that the holy stone "Virgo" 
is at the Obonnu convent, but he cannot enter the convent because he is a 
"heretic".  Unable to stop her, Ramuza had to allow Alma to come along.

     The Obonnu convent was already under attack by people looking for the holy 
stone.  Simon the theologian collapsed on the floor of the underground library.  
He confessed the scheme of Pope Feuneral of the Revadoes, who aimed to revive 
the Zodiac Brave legend with the holy stones, all under the shadow of war and 
     Ramuza entrusted his two holy stones and the injured Simon to Alma, and 
then he went after the attackers.


Alma:  Master Simon!!  Master, please hang tight!!
Simon:  Uh...  Uh...  Miss...  Alma,...  Why......  are you here?
Alma:  What the hell happened?  What happened?
Simon:  It...  It is...  dangerous here...  Please escape quickly...  They...  
the holy stone...  They are here to snatch the holy stone "Virgo"......
Ramuza:  Holy stone!?  Just like Alma said...
Simon:  That holy stone is a treasure passed down the royal family.  When I 
welcomed...  princess Ovaria to this convent...  I was entrusted with it by the 
royal family...  as a proof for the princess...
Ramuza:  Who the hell are they?  Who are the men after the holy stone?
Simon:  ...  You... are Alma's brother...  Ramuza...?  Now that..., please don't 
be concerned about them......  You may lose your life............
Man's Voice:  Where is the holy stone!!
Another Man's Voice:  Take it easy!  It must be here!!  Look for it!!
Yet Another Man's Voice:  We can descend underground from here!  Let's go!!
Ramuza:  I've gotten the stigma of a "heretic" from the church, and church is 
after my life.  Is that too because of the holy stone I'm holding?  Please tell 
me.  Who the hell are these men!?
Simon:  ... Pope Feuneral and his sect are making Lord Larg and Lord Goltarna 
fight with each other and trying to scrape off their military force, so that 
they can recapture the church's lost authority.  It the war dragged out, not 
only he can make them lose their military force, he can lower the populace's 
faith in the royal family.  
Ramuza:  Is his true motive to collect the holy stones and resurrect the 
legendary Zodiac Braves?
Simon:  ... Of course, they mean to collect the trust of the populace......
Ramuza:  However, the cardinal accomplished a fusion with Lukavi.  If that is 
the power of the holy stones, it will become a dreadful military force as big as 
the Northern or Southern Sky Knight troops.  Is that the power what the Pope 
wants... ?
Simon:  You are different from your older brothers...  and much like your 
father, the late Balbanes......  You......  may be able to smash their 
Ramuza:  You stay here, I will go after them.
Alma:  I'll go too!
Ramuza:  We cannot leave master Simon alone here.  He needs to be hidden in a 
safe place!
Alma:  ...... I understand.  I'll take care of that.
Ramuza:  Just in case, I am giving you the holy stones.  If I don't come back, 
you will throw them into the sea of Baguross, okay??
Alma:  ... At this time, I cannot do anything...  I regret......  not having 
been born a man...  like you......
Ramuza:  ... That's foolish; you are my own blood relative.
Alma:  Brother......
Ramuza:  Take care of master Simon!

Izurudo, temple knight:  You guys stay here!  Okay!?
Magicians, part of temple knight troops:  Yes sir!
Ramuza:  I will not let you guys do what you want!  I will not hand over the 
holy stones to you!!

Izurudo:  What's stinking up this place!  ... but it was just fine before.  Hey, 
Ramuza the heretic, hand over your holy stones!
Ramuza:  Sorry to disappoint you, but I can't do that.  I think you should put 
down your holy stone right where you are.  If you quietly comply, I shall let 
you guys be.
Izurudo:  Do you think you'll beat us!!  Well then, you'd better come and get 
the stone by force!!


     The temple knight troops plundered the holy stone "Virgo" and took away 
Alma.  Wingraff, who wanted "Power" and thus became a member of the knight 
troop, was defeated.  When he was about to die, Wingraff sealed a pleadge with 
the holy stone "Aries", transformed into the demon Berias/the legendary Lukavi, 
and disappeared.
     Master Simon handed Ramuza the mythical book "The Sacred Book of 
Germonique" and then took his last breath...


Alma:  No, let me go!!
Wingraff:  Izurudo, leave things here to me!  Hurry and take this girl with 
Izurudo:  Here they come!!
Alma:  Help...!  Ramuza!!
Wingraff:  Here you come, Ramuza!!  Ready, you guys?  Now, I've gotten hurt 
before because I thought of him as a kid.  So, use caution!!  Now, Milurda, I 
will avenge you!
Ramuza:  Ah, it's you Wingraff.  Has the warrior, who burned with the desire to 
realize his ideal, stoop to being the church's dog!?
Wingraff:  You, you who knows nothing about the difficulty of realizing a dream.  
What do you know?  No matter how wonderful an ideal is, if you don't make it 
come true, it will always be just a dream...!!  Now then, what does it take to 
make it real?  In this world, you cannot do anything unless you have power!  I 
realize that!  No matter what he/she does, a person without power can never 
realize his/her dreams!  You see me as the church's dog!  Say whatever you 
want!!  I don't give a damn!  However I may despise this, it is I who will get 
the last laugh!!  I will surely force you guys into submission!
Ramuza:  ... Wingraff, you are a pitiful man.  Even if your dream fails to come 
true, people won't forget about you!  Your ideals and actions have produced a 
powerful influence on the valuable views of people, and that has tossed a stone 
in the old practices of us nobles!  For you, in your own thoughts, there was 
some meaning and significance to your actions!  Even if you didn't choose to do 
this, Milurda and your comrades would think that your action is regrettable.  
Even if they are realized by borrowing it from someone, the values of your 
dreams and ideals will be reduced by half!  Don't you think so, Wingraff!
Wingraff:  If so, are you any different from me?  Aren't you living for 
yourself?  I don't expect you to understand how it feels to be one of the "have-
nots"!  Even if you understand it by logic, you don't have the actual 
sensations!  That is your limit!  "Reality" is a very harsh thing!  It's above 
your comprehension!  You have no feeling as to how we were mistreated by you!  
When there was no reason for us to be mistreated!!

Wingraff:  Ugh......!  ...but, I...  can't be defeated......!  I... am holding 
"Aries"!  A member of the... Zodiac Braves...!  There is no...  no reason... for 
me to lose...!
Ramuza:  Where are you, Wingraff...!

Izurudo:  Are you all right, Wingraff!!
Wingraff:  Don't mind... me...  Go... Go now.........!
Ramuza:  Alma!
Wingraff:  Go......  Izurudo......
Izurudo:  I'm sorry, Wingraff!!
Ramuza:  Wait!  Izurudo!!
Wingraff:  Guh...!!  Shit...... Am I......  going to......  die in such a 
place......  without...  avenging...  Milurda.  I'm...  I am going to die... 
like this.  I won't be able to...  explain this to my comrades......  No...... I 
don't want to die......  Not, not...  like this......


Ramuza:  What...?  The holy stone... speaks...?


Wiingraff:  This......  This is the secret of the holy stone......?
Ramuza:  No...!  No, Wingraff!!  You must not listen...!!
Wingraff:  Help...... Me......


Berias:  Is this the power of the holy stone......!
Ramuza:  Wingraff......!
Berias:  Ramuza, this power is magnificent...!  No, it is more than just power.  
Surpassing time and space, the knowledge of several hundred years is carved into 
my head......  gu, gu, gu, gu......  Take it easy......  There is much to enjoy 
later......!  Gu, gu, gu, gu......  It's magnificent...... just 

(Berias disappears)

Ramuza:  Master Simon!!  Please, please hang on tight!
Simon:  This......
Ramuza:  This book?
Simon:  This... is the book that Germonique... the younger brother of Saint 
Ajora... wrote in......  For a long time, it was missing, but......  I found it 
in the underground library here......  Here, the truth of the Zodiac Brave 
legend...  was recorded in detail...
Ramuza:  Master, don't talk anymore!
Simon:  It's all right......  I am a guilty man......  While I knew of the 
church's improprieties, I just kept silent and looked on...  If you use this 
book...  you can expose the church's wrongs...!!  Use this book...... you can 
get back...... Miss Alma......
Ramuza:  Master!!
Simon:  Oh......  I feel better now......  From now on......  it's all in your 
hands...... Ramuza......  You... you...... are really a lot.... Like...your 
father Balbanes... when he was young......
Ramuza:  Master Simon-----------!!


A Magician with Foreign Looks:  Are you Ramuza the heretic?
Ramuza:  ... Where is Alma?
Magician:  If you want to get back your little sister, come to Leofanes castle.  
However, the condition is that you must have the Sacred Book of Germonique that 
you got at the convent.
Ramuza:  What is the significance of that ancient book?
Magician:  Is there any reason why you shouldn't read the Sacred Book of 
(1)  I will read it.
(2)  I will not read it.
...... Return Alma to me, and then I won't expose the church's wrong-doings!!
Magician:  You are in no position to make demands or set conditions.  This is 
not the chosen place.  We will certainly meet again.

THE SACRED BOOK OF GERMONIQUE:  A book that should document the activities of 
Saint Ajora, written by the Saint's own younger brother Germonique.  It was 
called the book of visions.
     (The following is narrated by Ramuza after he read the book)

     I had been entrusted with the Sacred Book of Germonique by master Simon.  I 
held the book and turned over the pages.  The sentences were written in the 
ancient sacred language.  There were illustrations here and there, but the 
contents were heavily damaged, making it hard to discriminate between 
characters.  I thought, "What on earth was written in this book anyway?"  
     Then, the Evalease characters that I am used to reading pop into my eyes.  
Here and there, comments written in Evalease have been added.  I thought, "Who 
on earth?"
     From looking at the ink used in the comments, it seemed there were old 
comments from decades ago and new comments from several days ago.  When I tried 
to feel the comments with my finger, the ink smeared a little.  Just as I had 
thought, the ink was not completely dried yet.  The handwriting of the 
characters was all from the same person.  I guessed that master Simon had spent 
decades deciphering it little by little.
     ... I tried to proceed with the reading by relying on the bits of comments.
     It looked like this book was written by Germonique, Saint Ajora's younger 
brother...  I thought, "Germonique...?  Where have I heard this name before?...  
I guess I learned about him in my history class......"
     Then I remembered.  Germonique was the apostle who betrayed Saint Ajora, 
his own teacher, by selling out Saint Ajora to the Holy Yudora Empire......  I 
thought, "A book written by that Germonique still reamins today.  This is 
     I turned the pages while suppressing my own excitement.  But then an 
emotional shock struck me that far exceeds the excitement of having this 
historical heritage.  You see, I had thought that this book was just a 
collection of Saint Ajora's spoken sermons written by Germonique, but I was 
wrong.  This was a record of Saint Ajora's acts, but it was different from the 
Saint Ajora that we know of.  The actions of Ajora as a human being was 
     First of all, Saint Ajora is not thought to be human. I am not a devout 
believer of the Grevados religion as my second elder brother Zalbagg, but I do 
believe that Saint Ajora was the "Son of God" who was sent from heaven to save 
the human world from chaos.  Yes I believed that...  So, I continued to read 
this book.
     "... Once, it was a golden age when many airships traveled the skies and in 
fact nearly filled it...", it read.
     Saint Ajora was born in Velvenia, Ruzaria.  When he was young, one day 
Saint Ajora sprang up, walked to a well, and prophesized that "soon, a calamity 
will befall this land.  I am now sealing this well, and no one can drink from 
     Several days later, the "Black Death" plagued Velvenia.  The people who 
drank from contaminated well water fell ill and died one after another...  
However, only the families that believed Saint Ajora's words survived and not 
fallen to disease.  Since then, Saint Ajora became worshipped as "The Miracle 
Child" or "The Son of God".
     Then Saint Ajora became "The Savior", a man sent from the heavens as "a 
member of God".  At that time, he was only 20-years-old.  To understand how this 
happened, you must first know the Zodiac Brave Legend.

     Here is the legend...  A long time ago, long before Evalease was unified as 
it is now, this land was divided into seven liffle countries of Zerutenia, 
Forboham, Lionel, Lanberry, Ruzaria, Garionnu, and Mulondo.  The seven countries 
continued a war that would not end, as each country tried to expand its own 
     The war continued for several hundred years, and a young king of Mulondo 
had overflowed with ambition.  The young king fought hard, leading a large army 
to take possession of the entire Evalease.  However, the road to victory was 
dreadfully dangerous.  Therefore, the king used a secret formula deciphered from 
an ancient document, summoned to devil, and tried to use the devil's powers.  
However, after descending on the world, the devil killed the king and tried to 
destroy the world...
     ...To oppose the devil, brave men collected the Zodiac Stones, which were 
scattered around the world along with the 12 disciples.  They resurrected the 
Zodiac Braves.  They defeated the demons in an instant, and in time they 
succeeded in returning the devil back to hell.  Therefore, they became the 
"Saviors of the World."

     Until now, this was the famous Zodiac Brave Legend.  Since then, whenever a 
crisis hits the world, the Zodiac Braves suddenly appeared to oppose it and 
suddenly disappeared.
     A similar crisis occurred at a time when Saint Ajora lived.  The king of 
Lanberry, who was after Evalease's throne, summoned the devil and invited chaos 
to the world.  According to the legend, Saint Ajora organized the Zodiac Braves 
who gathered the 12 holy stones and defeated the devil.
     However, according to the reports of the time, Saint Ajora was a bothersome 
existence more than a "hero".  The Holy Yudora Empire feared Saint Ajora's rise 
to power; they feared his preaching of the coming of God's country.  In those 
days, there was a much larger church.  Clergy of the Fara faith, the predominant 
religion, feared Saint Ajora's power.
     The conclusion is obvious.  Saint Ajora was captured with a secret tip from 
Germonique, Ajora's 13th Apostle.  Saint Ajora was executed at the Golgoralda 
execution site.
     However, Saint Ajora was the "Son of God"...?  God's anger stuck at the 
clergymen of the Fara faith.  Right after the execution, Fara faith's 
headquarter of Mulord sank into the ocean because of some natural calamity.
     ... This way, Saint Ajora was welcomed back to heaven as "Son of God".  He 
become once again a "member of God"...

      This is how much I know before reading the Sacred Book of Germonique.  
Yes, this is the myth of Saint Ajora that anyone in Evalease knows by heart.  
However, the Saint Ajora described in this "Sacred Book of Germonique" is a 
completely different man......  
     According to the book...  Ajora was not the "Son of God".  He was a common 
man the same as us.  He held his own ambitions, and he was a man who fought to 
realize his dreams.  Moreover, he was not a brave man who loved peace and 
gambled his own life to fight for other people.  ... This was the Ajora that was 
described by Germonique.
     Ajora, as the founder of a new religion, steadily increased his number of 
believers.  Naturally, Ajora was not just a common nuisance to the Empire.  But, 
he was much more than just the "face" of a new religion.  He was working to 
gather secret information for an enemy country and promote disorder in Evalease.  
He was a spy from a country against the Empire.
     Anyhow, the Empire was scared of Ajora.  The empire ushered in Germonique 
to get some evidence that Ajora was a spy.  That's right......  Germonique was 
sent from the Empire to find out what Ajora was up to, and he confirmed that 
Ajora was a spy.
     It appears to be true that Ajora did try to again organize the Zodiac 
Braves.  Germonique confirmed that indeed Ajora discovered several of the holy 
stones himself.  But, what was the reason behind the re-organization of the 
     It is not known to me whether or not the young king of Lanberry really 
summoned the devil......  It looks like there was not a single line in the book 
that suggested that.  However, at the same time that Ajora died, a natural 
disaster did strike Mulord.  It is a fact that most of Mulord sank into the 
     Here I will site some lines from the book.  These descriptions were 
especially interesting to me since they were probably master Simon's personal 

" No one has ever laid his or her eyes on this mythical "Sacred Book of 
Germonique"; in fact, its existence has long been the subject of many 
conversations.  Does this book contain the truth?  Or is this book some 
fabrication to destroy the exploits of Saint Ajora?  I know the truth."

" I was once a heresy trial officer.  When I worked for the church, many heresy 
trial officers were afraid of the day when this book becomes uncovered.  The 
church probably think the same.  Why?  Because what this book states is all 

"Let's say that, after Saint Ajora's death, the church had used his exploits to 
obtain power.  To do that, it had to deify Saint Ajora and make him unified with 
God.  For that, it must not leave any of his occasional bad points in history.  
Saint Ajora must be the "Son of God"......"

"To do that, it was an intelligent method to use the Zodiac Brave legen, which 
is widely believed in Evalease.  As for defeating the devil, it was too easy to 
make the populace believe that it was Saint Ajora who led the Zodiac Braves..."

"When I got this book, I noticed I had lost my religious faith.  However, it was 
not sad.  Why?  Because my curiosity to seek the truth had controlled all of my 

"However, at the same time, I committed a crime.  I was not concerned about the 
church telling lies to the populace.  It was because I didn't try to censure the 
church for that.  What was that?  If I brought out this book to the world, the 
church would have confiscated this library."

"To me, there would be nothing more painful than the church confiscating this 
library, which had fulfilled my desire for knowledge.  I yielded to my 

Master Simon said that the story about the devil was false...  However, I have 
witnessed the evil power of the holy stones, and I feel that my own opinion is 
that some evil person is responsible for all this, not the plan  of the Pope...


     Zerutenia castle.  Ovaria, who ascended the princess' throne with Lord 
Goltarna's consent, was deeply hurt by the reality that she was living a life of 
     To Ovaria overwhelmed with grief, Dileeta promised a new kingdom and life 
without being used by people.  Gradually Ovaria began to open her heart to 


Dileeta:  Oh, you're here.  Everyone is looking for you.  What is it?  Are you 
not well?  Oh, maybe it's rude for me to use such a tone of voice with you?  To 
make friends with your Majesty the Princess, to know how lovely your temper 
Ovaria:  Stop...!!  I beg you, stop.
Dileeta:  ... I was mean.  I am sorry.
Ovaria:  ...What do you guys intend to do with me?  I am not Ovaria.  I suppose 
I have no value to you guys.  So... there is no value in keeping me alive......
Dileeta:  Yes, you are indeed not Ovaria.  You're far from being the Princess.  
I don't even know your real name.  It's not clear if you are nobility or 
Ovaria:  ...What on earth was I living for all this time?  I grew up and lived 
as the princess' substitute......  Fu, fu, fu...  It is so strange.  Although 
the princess, I would have had to live out the rest of my life at the convent 
and away from the royal capitol...  I thought for a long time as to why only I 
had to live in this way...  However, I thought that, if my perserverance can 
continue the peace in Evalease, that would be okay too.  Now, what on earth was 
that sadness and that loneliness for?
Dileeta:  You are like me...  I am a sad person who lived with a false identity.  
I'm continuing, as always, to be used by someone.  I'll be rewarded for working 
hard?  That is such a lie.  It's a reality in our world that only people who are 
close to the reward get rewarded, even if he/she doesn't work.  Many people 
don't play the roles they are given......  The majority of people do play their 
roles, but they never realize it.  I am very sorry for that.  But I will not be 
used.  I am going to turn it around and use them!  I will make the people who 
used me pay for that!
Ovaria:  What are you trying to do?
Dileeta:  Believe me, Ovaria.  I will prepare a kingdom suited for you!  I will 
make it!  I will guide the situations so that your life will shine!  So...  
don't cry like that.
Ovaria:  Should I believe you......?
Dileeta:  I will not betray you.  I swear on the grave of Teeta...  my younger 
sister who died...  So, don't cry anymore...


A Deserter of the Southern Sky  Knight Troops:  Damn!  Even though we have fled 
this far, we had to come across a pursuit squad!!
Ramuza:  A reconnaissance unit of the Southern Sky Knight Troop!?
Deserter 1:  We want no more of war!  We want to return to our home towns!  We 
have decided that it's better to live, no matter how we may suffer from disgrace 
or even poverty!  We have had enough of killing!  We want to return to our home 
towns and live with our families!!
Ramuza:  Wait!  We have no reason to be after you.  We don't wish to fight you.  
Don't misunderstand us!!
Deserter 1:  Don't lie to us!  Do you think we'll believe you?!!  You're 
probably saying that to make us feel sucure so that you can take that 
opportunity to kill us...!  This is a trap!
Deserter 2:  He, hey...!  He...  he is the guy that I saw on the flyer!
Deserter 1:  What?...  So what are you saying!?
Deserter 2:  I'm sure!  He is the "heretic"!  If we caught him and turned him 
in, won't we be allowed to desert?
Deserter 1:  You...  are planning on returning to the Knight Troop?
Deserter 2:  The credit for the "heretic's" head rivals that of the enemy 
general's head!  If we return and present his head, won't they allow us to be 
discharged as a reward?
Deserter 1:  Would they indeed allow us military discharge in exchange for the 
enemy general's head......
Deserter 2:  As you know, we will return to our home towns swarming with 
soldiers!  Even if we return to our home towns now, we will have to live as 
deserters, while they are after our lives!
Deserter 1:  What you say makes sense!  Well, let's capture him!  No, I won't 
mind if we killed him!  After all, he is the "heretic"!  Sooner or later he will 
be executed anyway!  Just by killing him, we can return to our home towns!!  
This is our final fight!!
Ramuza:  ...You know how important your own lives are.  Even though you know 
that...  can you still do such a thing!?


     On Groug Hill drenched with rain, astrologer Orlan again appeared before 
Ramuza.  Orlan is the faithful son of Orlando, the general of the Southern Sky 
Knight Troops.  Orlan was someone who knew the church's scheme in seeking the 
holy stones.  Ramuza was distressed by his own helplessness, and Orlan offered 
words to encourage Ramuza, without changing the course of war.


Ramuza:  ... Father, Father, what is happening to the world......  You......
Astrologer Orlan:  We meet again.
Ramuza:  The crest of the black lion...  You are a member of the Southern Sky 
Knight Troop?
Orlan:  You disposed of the deserters?  I didn't think that people of the 
Beolubu family would lend us a hand.
Ramuza:  ... We didn't fight them because we wanted to.
Orlan:  I understand.  You don't expect to fight whem you want to.  Isn't that 
right?  It's the same for us.  We aren't after them because we wanted to.  Do 
you know?
Ramuza:  You knew about us......
Orlan:  Ah, there were your name and portait in the military flyers.  Moreover, 
you're the first class "heretic".  ... What on earth should I do now?
Ramuza:  ......Are you going to hold us captive?
Orlan:  Why must I follow what these deserters tried to do?  Our job is to 
capture the deserters.  Our job is not to capture you while you go after your 
blood relative...  Go quickly, before the guys behind me start talking about 
wanting your head.
Ramuza:  ...Why do you guys continue the war?
Orlan:  The war will continue as long as your brothers is sticking their swords 
at us...
Ramuza:  If Lord Larg draws his sword, then Lord Goltarna will draw his too?
Orlan:  ...... No, that is probably not the case.
Ramuza:  Give me a chance to meet Orlando, general of the Souther Sky Knight 
Troops.  There are people who are agitating Lord Larg and Lord Goltarna and 
trying to gain some "benefits" from that.  We are nothing but dancing their 
hands...  They are the enemies that we should detest.
Orlan:  Why do you want to meet Orlando?
Ramuza:  My father said...  he is the only man that he would call friend.
Orlan:  Orlando is my step-father.  I will let him know...
Ramuza:  Do you believe me?
Orlan:  I don't know why they are trying to collect the holy stones.  If that is 
helpful to the people, we do not plan to interfere with that.  However, if they 
are trying to use the legend only for their own "benefit", my step-father will 
not keep silent about it.  In the name of "Sid the Thunder God", I can probably 
promise that we will take punitive actions against them.
Ramuza:  You guys are aware of the Pope's scheme!?
Orlan:  No evidence has been found.  We too are sending scouts, but aren't you 
more informed about this than we are?
Ramuza:  If I have evidence of the scheme, will you stop the war?
Orlan:  You have some evidence?
Ramuza:  Here is Germonique's......  No, there is nothing.
Orlan:  ... Nobody knows how this war is going to end.  However, step-father is 
certainly not wrong in drawing his sword.
A Knight of the Southern Sky Knight Troop:  Orlan, come and join us!
Orlan:  All right, I am coming now!  Good-bye, Ramuza.  Don't die now.  Ramuza, 
you are not alone!  You have friends!  You have friends who would fight and 
gamble their lives!  I am one of those friends.
Ramuza:  ......Thank you, Orlan.


36. LAFA
     A young girl named Lafa was rescued in the castle city Yardor.  She told 
Ramuza about the ambition and cruelty of Balintin, the ruler of Forboham.  
Balintin was taking advantage of the war and seeking the throne of Evalease.
     However, Lafa's brother, Malark, still pledged his obedience to the ruler.  
He demanded Lafa and Ramuza's presence at Leofanes castle in exchange for Alma.


A Magician with Foreign Looks:  Do you understand what you are saying, Lafa!!
Lafa:  Brother, you don't understand!  We are not tools!  We are not tools for 
murder!  If we were over there, we will be manipulated as "tools" until the day 
we die!  Hey, let's go, brother Malark.  Let's escape together!
Malark:  We brother and sister lost our parents in the war.  Who do we owe our 
lives to!?  If we were not picked up at that time, we would certainly have been 
left in the wild and died...  His Highness the ruler took good care of us...  So 
this is how you repay him for his kindness!!
Lafa:  Brother, you are being deceived!  ...I have heard that Ruler Balintin is 
the one who took advantage of the war and burned down our village.  Why do I 
think so?  He did it so that he could get his hands on the secret art that is 
passed down in our family, something that only our family knows.  He burned down 
our village in order to get his hands on our two techniques-  brother your Sky 
Dark Technique, and my Sky Way Technique!  He is the ringleader who killed our 
father and mother!!  Open your eyes, brother!!
Malark:  Don't be absurd!!
Lafa:  ... Even you brother should know?  He did something to me...!  You 
certainly should know!!
Malark:  Don't say any more!  If you say anymore, I will...!!
A Ninja of the Leofanes Army:  What are doing here, Malark.  They are coming.
Malark:  I know.  The preparations have all been made...
Lafa:  Brother......
The Ninja:  They are here!  Ramuza the heretic!
Malark:  Lafa!!
Lafa:  Help!!


Ramuza:  You're that guy from that time!...  Aren't you suppose to wait at the 
Leofanes castle!!
Malark:  That was until I received his Highness' words!  Now I am here to verify 
that you guys are defeated here, all without borrowing the force of the temple 
The Ninja:  Malark, what the hell does this mean!?  Lafa has betrayed us!?
Malark:  Don't worry about my sister!  I will dispose of her!!  You guys just 
concentrate on killing Ramuza.
The Ninja:  But, how do you plan on explaining this to his Highness!?
Malark:  I'll say that you guys think too much!  I'll try to tell his Highness 
about Lafa in as few words as possible!  Then I'll try to not get killed...!
Ramuza:  She is your little sister?  Are you killing your sister!?


Malark:  Heck, I have better run away!


Ramuza:  Are you all right?
Lafa:  Ye, yea...  Thank you...  I, I am......
Ramuza:  It'll be trouble if they come back.  Anyway, let's hide somewhere!


Lafa:  There is probably one thing that Ruler Balintin is after:  the throne of 
Evalease.  To do that, he has developed many powerful weapons, earning him the 
nickname "Weapon King", and he has also trained many magicians.
Ramuza:  There are men who are inciting the ruler Balintin, who has blood 
connections with the royal family.  Ther are telling him to scheme for the 
regent seat, to kill both Lord Larg and Lord Goltarna...
Lafa:  Why do you fight, even when you have been branded a "heretic"?  Of 
course, I know the reason.  But, even if you defeated them, you won't be thanked 
by anyone.
Ramuza:  I am not fighting so that I can be thanked by anyone.  More than that I 
inherited the Beolubu name.  I am fighting for my own honor and pride.
Lafa:  That's a lie...  You're not that kind of person.  You just cannot 
tolerate the injustice and wickedness that is unfolding before your eyes.  
You're not looking for compensation...
Ramuza:  You're taking me for more than I am.  I am not such a noble person.  
... Well, how about you?  I must go to Leofanes castle to save my sister Alma.  
But, have you slipped away in your thoughts?
Lafa:  I need to get my brother out......
Ramuza:  ...Why are you and he fighting...?
Lafa:  We are war orphans who lost our parents and dwellings to the 50 Year 
War...  Even now I cannot forget...  The stench of death drifting in the air.  
The days walking and roaming the mountains of Gareki to beg for food...  
Balintin picked us up and took care of us.  I really though that he was God.
Ramuza:  His Highness is building many orphanages for the war orphans.  On the 
other hand, he is giving the children with "talent" talent lessons to train them 
into professional assassins.  That was why you were helped...
Lafa:  We have the "secret art" of the Galtenaha tribe...  My "Sky Way 
Technique" and my brother's "Sky Dark Technique"...  These two techniques are 
different from any magic system...  He wanted that.  However, the tribal elders 
refused to co-operate.  So, he burned down our village...  What he thought 
was... if he could not make make it his own, he would extinguish it from the 
world.  When he found us brother and sister among the war orphans, he seemed so 
happy from the bottom of his heart.
Ramuza:  You know that truth, and that's why you tried to escape...
Lafa:  When we didn't know the truth, my brother and I loved his Highness like 
our real father.  That......!!
Ramuza:  ............
Malark's Voice:  So, you're hiding here...!!
Lafa:  Brother Malark!
Malark's Voice:  Listen, Ramuza the heretic!  Hurry to the Leofanes castle!  
Otherwise, you may come face to face with your sister's corpse!
Ramuza:  Just you try to touch Alma with even one finger!  I'll get you!
Malark's Voice:  Lafa, you had better come too!  If you don't obey, Ramuza's 
sister will die because of you!!
Lafa:  You are so mean, brother!  I have nothing to do with them!!
Malark's Voice:  That is not an advice;  it is a command!  Do you understand!!
Lafa:  Let's go, Ramuza!
Ramuza:  I'm so sorry, Lafa.  All because of us...
Lafa:  There is no need for you to thank me.  Don't worry.


Lafa:  After they lost their lives in the 50 Year War, these men can't seem to 
enter Nirvana......  Along with their lingering affections for the present 
world, they want to once again return to our world!!


37. Ruler Balintin's Ambition
     Ruler Balintin welcomed the Temple Knight Troops in Forboham castle's 
office.  He approached them with a deal.  He tried to win the church's support 
in weapons by offering the holy stones "Taurua" and "Scorpio" (that he robbed 
from Izurudo) and the existence of "Sacred Book of Germonique".
     But, Vormalf refused the ruler's proposal.  He trembled in anger in 
response to Balintin's rude words...


Ruler Balintin:  I am very glad you could join us.  What do you think of our 
castle?  Compared to the Ruzaria castle, it does have somewhat clumsy 
structures, but I like them...  It is different from an ancient castle designed 
for ruling; this castle is more beautiful because it's built for war...  
Evalease has normally been ruled by men with "power".  This war will prove that 
the royal family has earnestly lost that "power".
Volmalf:  ...Let's take care of business.
Balintin:  ...Don't be so hasty.
Balintin:  Let's get right into the subject...  Aren't your hands tied?
Volmalf:  ...What do you mean by that?
Balintin:  Needless to say, the man who rules Evalease now is a man with 
"power".  But, now, who is the man with "power"?  Is it Lord Larg with his 
Northern Sky Knight Troops?  Or is it Lord Goltarna with his Southern Sky Knight 
Troop?  No, it's your templer knight troop with the Zodiac stones...
Volmalf:  !!
Balintin:  I hear that the holy stones possess enormous magical power.  
According to the old legend, the natural calamity that once struck Mulond was 
caused by the holy stone...
Volmalf:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....  No, excuse me.  I didn't think that your 
Highness would believe in such fairy tale.
Balintin:  Oh..., then, you guys don't believe it...?  That is strange...  I 
hear that trouble in which the Cardinal of Lionel died involved the holy stones?
Volmalf:  ...Well, I hear that the Cardinal died of illness...
Balintin:  Why are you after the younger brother of the Beolubu family?  What is 
the reason for labeling him a "heretic" and pursuing him?
Volmalf:  The Temple Knight Troops are not concerned with the matters like who 
is determined to be a "heretic".
Balintin:  Oh, I see...  It's needless to say that you will not know in spite of 
anything...  However, I wonder what you'll think about this...?  Call Malark!!
Izurudo:  My father,  I have no excuse.
Volmalf:  ......What?  Is that so?
Balintin:  We have "Scorpio" and "Taurus".
Volmalf:  These fools!!
A Leofanes Knight:  Excuse me!  We have positive proof that someone has 
Balintin:  Malark, I am leaving it to you.
Volmalf:  What is it you want?
Balintin:  First of all, I want to make a request.  We want to borrow the power.
Volmalf:  ...And if I refuse?
Balintin:  I'll just expose the church's wrong-doings to the world.
Volmalf:  I don't need any proof except for the holy stones.
Balintin:  Well, of course.  But, what about the "Sacred Book of Germonique"?  
Lord Larg, Lord Goltarna, and the senators will all certainly show interest in 
Volmalf:  ...Where, where is it?
Balintin:  Well......  I don't know why I should tell you that.
Volmalf:  Now, go to the magicians.  I'll start here.
Balintin:  Don't be a fool.  You guys have no chance of winning!
Volmalf:  Chances of winning...?  I can do anything I want with you fragile 
Izurudo:  Father...?
Volmalf:  Don't despise us, Balintin...  It is easy to kill you...
Balintin:  Defyiing words...!?
Volmalf:  Shall we fight...?  Okay.  I'll show ou the power of the holy stone!


Lafa:  Brothe, please stop already!  Let's go together!  Okay?
Malark:  I guess you now know what happens to traitors!  To be pursued, 
cornered, and finally killed by men who were your allies!  Even if you escaped 
this place, you can't live in security.  I am sorry but I won't live that kind 
of life!  But, if we safely clear this job, his Highness has promised to release 
us brother and sister!
Lafa:  Brother, do you trust his words!?  It's a lie!  I know it's a lie!  If 
you don't escape now, you'll be a slave all your life!!
Malark:  I believe his Highness's words!  We will be free if I kill him and take 
the "Sacred Book of Germonique"!!


Ramuza:  Where is Alma!
Malark:  Are you worried about your little sister?  Isn't that so.  You can help 
to save her life only by quiety handing over the Sacred Book of Germonique!
Lafa:  Ramuza, don't hand it over!  Even if brother Malark say so, once this 
matter is settled, he will kill both you and your sister!  Only hand over the 
Sacred Book of Germonique in the end!  As long as you have that book, your 
sister is safe!


Lafa:  Certainly, it's like what brother said.  There is no meaning if we just 
ran away.  But if I neatly resolve the past with my hands...!
Malark:  Wait!  Lafa!  What are you doing!?


A Knight:  He..., Help......  Mon, monster......
Ramuza:  Lafa..., Alma......


     Imprisoned in the Leofanes castle, Alma thought about her brother Ramuza...
     Suddenly, Alma was surprised by a shriek that broke the silence.  A knight 
of the Leofanes Army appeared before her and died, warning her of the horror 
outside.  Alma prayed for the knight's happiness in the next world and then 
stepped out toward the danger......

Alma:  Brother......  Huh!?......  A terrible wound!
A Knight:  Ugh......  Uh......  He... Help......  That......  Monster......
Alma:  Hold on...  Hold on!!
The Knight:  Run away......  It's ...... dangerous...... here......


Ramuza:  What on earth is this?
Wingraff:  You've come... Ramuza.  Well, draw your sword, Ramuza.  What's the 
matter, won't you draw it?...  If not, then leave here.
Ramuza:  It's a pity...  You are really a miserable person...  That you want to 
get revenge so much that you sold your soul to Lukavi......  If Milurda knew, 
how she would mourn and languish...
Wingraff:  Revenge?  Ha, ha, ha, ha...  It doesn't matter if I avenge Milurda.  
My desire is not so small...  What I want is to cause "chaos" in this world...  
That's right...  It's to hear the screams of weak humans...  But, be reassured, 
Ramuza.  I am going to make a special effort and kill you myself!
Ramuza:  The holy stones are the devil's stones...  The Zodiac Braves are the 
devil's knights...  The legend we believe in was all a lie...!
Wingraff:  Ha, ha, ha, ha...  After all, they are "God's miracles"...  It's just 
that the rulers of that time changed history for their own reason.  However, 
where is the problem with that?  There is no reason why they are to blame.  Why?  
It's always the populace that wished for "God's miracles".  Doing nothing, 
grumbling about everything, making no efforts, and draggin other people's 
feet...  That's what the populace does...  So the rulers arrange things that the 
populace wants.......  History repeats that over and over again.  The rulers 
certainly may have used the weak hearts of the populace, but the populace is 
still satisfied with being used...  "God" naturally grew out of the weak hearts 
of human beings.  Only a ghost image...  While they are aware of that, the 
rulers enjoyed that chance...
Ramuza:  How many of you are depending on the holy stone's miracles to subjugate 
those weak hearts of people?
Wingraff:  They are weak people, and they will cling onto the "God's miracle"...  
Can you say definitely with confidence that you yourself is really a strong 
Ramuza:  I will make an effort!
Wingraff:  If so, that effort is already waste!


Wingraff:  Ugh......, you became even stronger......
Ramuza:  Don't run away!  Wingraff!!  Come out!  Wingraff!!


Wingraff:  Let's settle this right here... (He transforms into Berias)
The Demon Berias:  I've kept you waiting...  Oh, so you've called your 
friends...  Well then, let me call mine too.  Come out, my faithful servents!  
Well, let's go, Ramuza!  Let me show you the power of Hell...!


Berias:  Woo----------!!  I can't believe it.... You're just humans...!
Ramuza:  (Upon hearing Alma's scream) Alma!!


     Alma was at a loss for words in witnessing the tragedy inside Leofanes 
     In the office, Alma received the holy stone "Pisces" form Izurudo in his 
final hours.
     Vormalf appeared and approached Alma.  When he did, the holy stone "Virgo" 
shined excitedly.  Seeing that, Vormalf took Alma away somewhere...

Izurudo:  .....Uh, ......Uh, Uh.
Alma:  Pull youself together.
Izurudo:  ...... The sword.  How's my sword......?  Where is it......?  You 
must...kill him......Please......Turn on the light......  It's really dark...  I 
can't see anything......
Alma:  ...It's all right now.  There's no need to fight......  Rest 
Izurudo:  ......  Tell...  your brother...  as expected... the holy stones... 
are the "power of the devil"...  My father...  He...  is not my father...  With 
the power of the holy stone....... he became Lukavi......  Ugh!!
Alma:  Please, don't talk anymore...
Izurudo:  What Ramuza...  said was ... right...  If he...  is not... killed, the 
world will be destroyed...  Tell... everyone...... It's not... the right 
circumstance... for war......  If we don't co-operate...  and fight against 
it....... My sword, where is my sword......!  Shit......  I can't move my 
Alma:  It's all right.  Relax.  "His" dead body was in the grand hall.  My 
brother killed him.  So, it's all right.  You don't have to fight...
Izurudo:  Really......?  Is that so?......  Well, then I can relax......  There 
is a ...... holy stone...  inside my jacket......  Give that... to your 
Alma:  I will certainly hand it to my brother.
Izurudo:  Please......  Fu...... I'm tired... and sleepy......  I'll sleep a 

"Who is over there...?"

Vormalf:  Are you over there?  I'll send you to that world.  Don't be afraid, 
because I'll kill you without too much suffering...  (Berias' dying scream)  
What?...  Berias was killed......?  But your brother is going to have some very 
bad luck......  Well, he is coming this way......  Why, why is "Virgo" 
reacting......?  Well, you......  This is fine!  To meet you at a place least 
expected...!  I thought that it needed another hundred years!!  Well, it seemed 
like you're the one...!
Alma:  Stop!!  Leave me alone!!
Vormalf:  Take it easy.  I am not going to take your life.  Well, come now!!


     Malark fought to protect his sister and was shot to death by Balintin.  
Lafa broke down and cried before her brother's dead body, and the holy stone 
"Scorpio" on her chest released light.  Remembering what had happened with 
Wingraff, Ramuza had a hunch that Lukavi may appear.
     However, the shine of the holy stone did not summon Lukavi.  It resurrected 

Balintin:  This fool is returning kindness with revenge!  Who do you think 
allowed you to be alive!  It's I.  It's because of me!  I rescued you from the 
Gareki mountain!  Have you forgotten!
Lafa:  Am I repaying kindness with revenge?  Weren't you the one who burned down 
my village?!  It was you, Balintin, who killed my father and mother!  Returning 
kindness with revenge?  No...  This is justified revenge!
Balintin:  It's revenge?  You want to have me killed?  I am your father?  It's I 
who raised you!  Should you kill your father?  Well, just you try to kill me!  
Hum... have me killed...  Do you know why you won't have me killed?  Why?  I 
think your body will remember... the fear.  But, relax... You shouldn't be 
scared since you enjoyed it.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Malark:  Is that true!!  ... Is what you just said true?
Balintin:  Even you are tryint to defy me...?  Such ingratitude!
Lafa:  I'll kill you------!!
Malark:  Stop!  Lafa!!  (Malark tries to protect Lafa and gets shot by 
Lafa:  Brother!!  Brother!  Hold on!  Brother------!!
Ramuza:  Lafa!  Malark!!
Baliintin:  Are you Ramuza...  Don't move!  Well, Lafa, if you want to help 
Malark, you'd better give me the holy stone.  It's the one that Malark has.  
Look for it!  Yes, bring it here.  Quickly......!!
(Balintin is killed...)
A Deep Man's Voice:  ...Won't you hand over that holy stone over here?
Ramuza:  You, you are Elmdoa...  Why are you here...?
Elmdoa:  You're wrong...  Hand it over here......
Ramuza:  Lafa!  Be careful!!  He is not human!!
Elmdoa:  ...You're Ramuza the heretic.  ... I didn't say salutation to you...  
The other day, you were so much help.  Thank you...  I don't want to imitate 
Vormalf.  I want you to understand that...  Well, won't you quietly hand over 
the holy stone?  If you hand it to me, you can try to ask me to help you get 
back your sister that Vormalf took away.
Ramuza:  Alma!?  Where is she?  Return her!!
Elmdoa:  Aren't you listening to me?  Give me the holy stone first......
Ramuza:  ......No.  I can't hand it over.
Elmdoa:  Are you going to leave your sister to her fate?  Didn't you come 
charging into this castle, facing all this danger, in order to help your 
Ramuza:  ......
Elmdoa:  Okay... I didn't want to use the more harsh way, but....  Celia, Ledi, 
Go!  The girl is holding the holy stone......  Bring back the holy stone...!


Lafa:  Brother......  Look, the day breaks.  The day breaks, and we haven't said 
anything objectionable to each other...  We didn't go away...  Look, we haven't 
finish talking about this.  But we seem to have planned to go back to the old 
village of the Galtenahar clan if the war ended and peace returned...  Hey, do 
you remember?  Hey, brother...  Say something, brother......
Ramuza:  Alma......
Lafa:  ......What is this?
Ramuza:  Well, ......  Is it reacting to your heart......?  Your heart is 
saddened by Malark's death......  Wingraff's despair and resentment called out 
Berias......  Is it happening again......!
Lafa:  You too are sad......?  Thank you......
Ramuza:  No...  Lafa......  That is......  Huh?
Malark:  Oh......  Oh......
Lafa:  Bro, Brother!!
Malark:  Lafa......?  Here......?  What the hell happened to me......?
Lafa:  Brother..., Brother..., Brother...  Thank God......
Malark:  It hurts...... Lafa...... Ouch----------------

Ramuza:  The holy stone is here......?


     Alma was not inside the Leofanes castle, and the only thing left in the 
tragic office room was the holy stone "Pisces".  "The power of the holy stone 
acts according to the heart of its user...", Malark muttered.  Ramuza squeezed 
the holy stone "Pisces" which he had picked up, and thought about his sister 
     The war has enlarged to cover the entire Evalease kingdom, and it was about 
to welcome a new situation...

     Malark sought clues for Alma, and in his talk Vormalf's (the leader of the 
Temple Knight Troop) name surfaced.  It seemed that Pope Fueneral's intentions 
was being used by Vormalf.
     In order to find out Vormalf's true identity and make sure of his real 
aims, Ramuza headed for Zerutenia to find his once dear friend Dileeta...

Ramuza:  Alma......
Malark:  ...It was full of angled body butchered by some incredible force...
Lafa:  But, your sister was not among them?
Ramuza:  ...No, she is no where to be found.
Malark:  I am sure she was here at this castle.  She was led away...  There were 
three Holy Knights that visited this castle...  I didn't see anyone else......
Ramuza:  I killed one who transformed into Berias.  Another person...  Izurudo 
is dead...  Therefore, the last person took her...?
Malark:  Won't he return to Mulondo, the head temple of the Gravados sect?  
Because they are working under the direction of Pope Fueneral?  Therefore, I 
suppose the temple knight who took your sister away returned to Mulondo.
Ramuza:  Is that so...?  I don't think that the Pope knows the secret of the 
holy stones.  As proof, Wingraff didn't know the secret of the holy stones until 
he made a pact with the demon Berias...  Also, I think that's why Izurudo fought 
with Lukavi to the death.
Malark:  But why is the Pope doing this?
Ramuza:  To control the war in the shadows and to strengthen the church's ruling 
power...  Certainly, that is probably Pope Fueneral's ambition.  He is 
collecting the holy stones to seize the hearts of the populace by using the 
Zodiac Brave legend...
Malark:  I guess that is why.  Someone is using the church's "ambition"...?
Lafa:  Who is the temple knight that took away Ramuza's sister?
Malark:  If I remember correctly, I think it was Vormalf, the troop leader of 
the Temple Knight Troops...
Ramuza:  Perhaps he is the one controlling things from behind the scenes.
Malark:  What should we do from here?
Ramuza:  ...I think we should try to meet Dileeta at Zerutenia.
Malark:  Isn't he the man who became the troop leader of the Black Sheep 
Knights, succeeding Grims?
Ramuza:  ...It's probably the church and Temple Knight Troops that is in turn 
controlling Dileeta...  Does Dileeta know the true identity of Vormalf...?


     Orlando returned to Zerutenia castle from the front line, and Orlan greeted 
him.  Orlan reported to his step-father a series of holy stone-related incidents 
that occurred all over Evalease, and the movements of the church's Temple Knight 
     Orlando took the holy stone "Libra" out of his pocket and gazed at it.  He 
has a hunch of the coming fight...

     Ramuza made contact with Dileeta at Zerutenia's church.  The Pope was 
planning to assassinate both Lord Larg and Lord Goltarna in order to give the 
church unconditional ruling power.  Ramuza asked Dileeta the real motive for his 
     Dileeta denied his subordination to the church, and confides his thoughts 
toward Ovaria to Ramuza.

     Dileeta and Ramuza destroyed the heretic trial officer Zarumo.  A woman 
appeared before them.
     This woman magician named Balmaufara said she was dispatched from the 
church, like Dileeta.  She reported that the North Sky Knight Troop has begun 
moving toward Besra fort.
     In order to avoid a clash between the two armies, Ramuza headed for Besra, 
following the footsteps of Orlando.

     What awaited Orlando as he arrived at Besra fort was an accusation of 
treason against Lord Goltarna.  Lord Goltarna, who was not aware of the Pope's 
plan, ordered "Thunder God Sid" iimprisoned despite Sid's insistence of his 
innocence, gave Dileeta the title of Holy Knight, and gave Dileeta the command 
of the South Sky Knights.

     The knights of the North Sky Knight Troops died one after another because 
of the poison scattered by the Temple Knight named Balk.  Even Daisudarg and 
Lord Larg fell to the poison.
     Holy knight Zalbagg came forward to look after them, but before his eyes, 
Daisudarg stabbed Lord Larg to death.  Zalbagg was trembling because of 
Daisudarg's act, and Daisudarg told him of the ambition to rule Evalease for the 
Beolubu family......

     The clash between the armies of Larg and Goltarna was averted because 
Ramuza released Besra fort's floodgates.  Orlando lost faith in his lord who 
became blinded by his own ambition, and he decided to escape Besra fort and 
travel together with Ramuza to stop the Pope's scheme.
     Moreover, Sid's own son, Orlan, decided to return to Zerutenia to guard 

     Lord Goltarna was very irritated by the interruption of fighting, something 
that he had not foreseen.  He ordered the South Sky Knight Troops to again go 
for an all-out attaack.  However, after he received the order, Dileeta finally 
threw off his disguise of being a subordinate and killed Lord Goltarna.
     Furthermore, Dileeta arranged for a double of Orlando and camouflaged Lord 
Goltarna's assassination as if it was by the "Thunder God Sid"...

     Temple knight Rofal visited the Beolubu residence to intermediate the war.  
However, Daisudarg promptly turned down Rofal's proposition- which meant 
obedience to the church.
     In return, Daisudarg exerted pressure on the church.  After he suggested 
suspicion concerning Balbanes Beolubu's death, Rofal presented the holy stone 

     Temple knight Vormalf was at duke Elmdoa's Lanberry castle.  In his 
conversation with Vormalf, the duke said that their eventual goal is to 
"resurrect the blood-stained Holy Angel".  To do that, they needed Alma's body.  
A report of Ramuza's arrival reached them.
     The duke headed for the lower level to greet Ramuza.

     Duke Elmdoa committed a transfiguration into Lukavi.  During the 
destruction of Elmdoa, Ramuza reconcilliated with the Temple Knight Meriadole, 
who found out the truth behind her brother Izurudo's death.  They realized the 
existence of Lukavi.
     Meriadole handed over the holy stone "Sagittarius" and told Ramuza that 
another holy stone "Capricorn" was in Daisudarg's hands.

     Orlan had been captured as a co-conspirator of Orlando in Lord Goltarna's 
assassination.  To clear his step-father's dishonor, Orlan visited Ovaria.
     Dileeta showed up and declared how he had used everyone so that he will 
reign as the "hero".  Orlan denounced Dileeta for his betrayal of Lord Goltarna.  
Ovaria received a shock when she overheard Dileeta's words.

     Holy knight Zalbagg had overheard the secret talk between Temple Knight 
Rofal and his brother Daisudarg, and he went to investigate his father Balbanes' 
grave.  The result...  A poisonous mushroon named Mosfungs was growing on the 
grave, providing proof for Balbanes' poisoning- like what Rofal said.
     Zalbagg learned the truth of this father's assassination by Daisudarg.  He 
stood frozen, in blank amazement, before his father's grave.

     The mechanic Besrodio (father of Mustadio) excavated a strange iron ball at 
the number 57 tunnel underneath the mechanic city of Gorg.  The iron ball, 
completely unknown in regard to its construction and use, somehow showed 
reaction to Ramuza's holy stone.
     A mysterious symbol was engraved on the surface of the iron ball, a symbol 
for "Aquarius".

     An iron ball was excavated underneath Gorg.  When Ramuza fitted the holy 
stone "Aquarius" into the iron ball, the iron ball reacted violently and 
transformed.  The iron ball was a iron giant, a mechanical robot  built in the 
ancient times.
     Began to be active, the iron giant recognized Ramuza as its master and 
obeyed his commands...

     The mechanic Besrodio excavated an "artifact from the past" again at the 
number 85 tunnel underneath Gorg.  This machine, which looks like a celestrial 
globe, showed reaction to the holy stone again.  On its pedestal, there was a 
symbol for "Cancer", an engraving like the one on the iron ball earlier.
     It seemed that, to make this machine completely functional, a new holy 
stone was necessary...

     Activated by the holy stone "Cancer", the machine was a transporter that 
opened a door to different worlds beyond dimensions.  Everyone watched over the 
machine, and right before their eyes , a young man was summoned.
     "You must go to that place..."
     The stranger, whose name is Cloud, followed the mysterious voice and ran 
away somewhere...

     Raize was Beowolf's dear lover, but the lovers were separated by the 
jeolousy of a priest who was deeply in love with Raize.  Raize rejected the 
priest.  The priest was angered by Raize and casted a curse on Beowolf.  
However, Raize sacrificed herself and received the curse.
     The curse that transformed Raize into a dragon can be broken by the power 
of the holy stone "Cancer"...


TRANSLATOR'S NOTE:  The Zodiac Brave Story log ends here, since your visits to 
Igurros castle, Mulondo cathedral, and Obonnu convent will yield no more story.  
Therefore I will just provide you with a short synopsis of the ending, along 
with some line-by-line dialogue.  Since Zalbagg discovered that Daisudarg 
poisoned their father, Zalbagg goes to Igurros castle to kill his brother.  
Ramuza comes upon the scene and helps Zalbagg defeat Daisudarg.  Unfortunately, 
Daisudarg has made a deal with the devil using "Capricorn", so you have to kill 
him again.  However, Zalbagg is teleported away.  You'll have to kill your own 
brothers both.
     You then proceed to Mulondo and finds out that Vormalf went to Obonnu.  
Why?  Because he is trying to destroy the world by resurecting Ajora "the blood-
stained Holy Angel".  So you go to the lowest level of the Obonnu library, fall 
through the seal to transport back to the old Mulondo, defeat every demon/devil 
you meet, and finish the game by killing Ajora aboard the flying ship.
     So then you save the world......


(Inside the Igurros Castle)

Daisudarg:  Have you gone insane, Zalbagg!  What the hell are you doing!!
Zalbagg:  Brother, can you still inherit the Beolubu name even with what you've 
Daisudarg:  Are you talking about what happened with Lord Larg?  He would have 
died even if I didn't kill him!  Think about it?  He was a guy who couldn't 
fight and had to borrow other people's strength!  It was a big mistake for him 
to start a war!!
Zalbagg:  It's disgraceful to kill the Lord, but what I cannot forgive is what 
you did to our father!  Why?  Why did you do such a mean thing like 
assassinating our father!!
Daisudarg:  What are you talking about?  I don't know!  Don't know!
Zalbagg:  I thought maybe I was misinformed by Lord Larg's final words......!!  
Why, brother!!  Why did you kill our father!!
Northern Sky Knight:  Daisudarg!!
Daisudarg:  Zalbagg has gone insane!!  Seize him!
Zalbagg;  Brother!!
Ramuza:  Brother Zalbagg!
(In the middle of fight...)
Zalbagg;  Ramuza!  What you said was right!!  Our older brother caused the war 
because of his own ambition and then assassinated Lord Larg!!  I cannot forgive 
those actions which takes the Beolubu name to the dirt!!
Ramuza:  Brother Zalbagg!
(Daisudarg dies....)
Daisudarg:  That, that.......  If you guys didn't meddle...  This Evalease... 
would have become... our Beolubu family's...  Fools......
Angry Adramerek:  Gu, gu, gu... Is that so? ......  Was that so?......  My 
foolish brothers...... Let me teach you something from Hell...  Yes...... I 
killed Balbanes...... I killed him...... After all the chances I gave him for 
the Beolubu family to rule, that war idiot......  So I dilled him...... Gu, gu, 
gu...  That's why, though I'm an expert of the sword, I try to win with the 
(Zalbagg is transported away...)


(The scene at Mulondo Cathedral...)

Pope Fueneral:  You're...  betraying me?......
Vormalf:  If I get little resistance from, then I can confess and still manage 
to finish you off.  Although this is how it turned out, I didn't originally 
intend to use such violent method.  However, I don't have much time left.
Fueneral:  What...  What is it......?
Vormalf:  I needed your co-operation to collect the holy stones, but since the 
holy stones were gradually snatched up by that little rascal, now that co-
operation is no longer useful.
Fueneral:  Hel... Help......
Vormalf:  ...That wound is deep, but not fatal.  If you get medical care soon, 
you may be all right.  So, you say you want help.  Where is the entrance to 
Mulondo?  I suppose that you know!
Fueneral:  It's at Orbonnu......  It's under the seal at the lowest level of its 
underground library...
Vormalf:  How do I dispel the seal?
Fueneral:  I don't know......  It's in that Sacred Book...
Vormalf:  Again, that little rascal...!  You are finished business.
Fueneral:  Please...  Help......


(Ramuza meets with Vormalf for the first time in the cathedral....)

Vormalf:  Are you Ramuza?...  Isn't this my first time meeting you?  I wanted to 
welcome you with dinner, but unfortunately I have been too busy...  Forgive 
me...  For the same reason, I have little time to entertain you.  Let me get to 
the point.  If you want you sister returned, you have to hand over the "Sacred 
Book of Germonique" and all your holy stones...  You cannot refuse this 
demand...  If you don't hand them over, then just consider your little sister 
dead.  Well, if you understood me, then you had better hand them over quickly...
Ramuza:  Where is Alma?  Where is she?  Until I can verity she is okay, I cannot 
hand over the book or the holy stones!
Vormalf:  Didn't you hear what I just said?  You have no right to refuse my 
demand.  Let me say it again:  hand over the sacred book and all the holy 
(Ramuza hands over the sacred book...)
Ramuza:  Just the Sacred Book for now!  The holy stones will be handed over once 
I can see that Alma is okay!
(Rofal checks the pages of the Sacred Book...)
Vormalf:  Well...?
Rofal:  ... It's here.  Don't worry.  It's just some simple incantations...
Vormalf:  Okay.  If you understood that, then we're done with them...  It's all 
right to just leave them, but we'll make them pay for what they did to Berias 
and the others......
Ramuza:  You deceived me!!
(During the battle....)
Ramuza:  Why are you keeping Alma alive?
Vormalf:  What?
Ramuza:  You killed your own son without mercy.  Why are you keeping Alma alive?
Vormalf:  That's not for you to know.  If you want to know, you'll have to kill 


Priest:  ... Receive our great Father's blessings, as your body returned to 
earth.  May God guide the spirit of Alma Beolubu to the land of supreme bliss, 
with the blessed divine protection of Saint Ajora......  Farlam (Amen).
All Present:  ... Farlam (Amen).
Mourner 1:  ... It's a pity that she was still young.
Mourner 2:  ... Yeah, and all brother and sister have passed away...
Mourner 3:  ... It's sad that the youngest brother Ramuza is not burried in the 
Mourner 4:  The Beolubu family that continued for 300 years ends here...


Astrologer Orlan:  ... I got late, Ramuza, Alma...  I had thought about trying 
to come and see you much earlier, but I dreaded the public gaze...
     Dileeta married Ovaria...  He became the new king because he was the 
commoner who brought peace to a chaotic Evalease, and ended up marrying the 
princess...  It's the birth of a heroic legend that will be handed down among 
the populace for some hundreds of years...
    Like you said, Dileeta may be basically a good guy...  When it leaked out 
that she (his woman companion) was an assassin from Mulondo...  he pretended to 
have killed her but allowed her to escape out of the castle...  It's probably 
because he saw himself in her, who was used by Vormalf.
     (The woman points away and leaves)  My step-father...  Did my step-father 
die while fighting gallantly?
     ...I'll come again.  Later......
     ...Did you really die?  ...I still can't believe that you guys died.  
Though...  it may be true...?
     !!  (Ramuza and Alma ride away on top of chocobos)
     Wait!  Ramuza!  Alma!
     (The woman walks in the scene)  ...They are alive!  They are alive!  
...Thank you.



Author of the Brave Story

(At the remains of the Zerutania Church)

Dileeta, king of Evalease:  I thought you would be here.  Everyone is looking 
for you.  (Ovaria hugs Dileeta)  Oh, isn't today your birthday?  I've brought 
these flowers...  O... Ovaria?
Queen Ovaria:  ...You use everyone!  ...You let everyone, including Ramuza, die 
with out helping......!
(Dileeta kills Ovaria and becomes sad)
Dileeta:  ...Ramuza, what did you get?  I......

     -----THE END-----


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