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    FAQ (Part 2/5): Tactics and Secrets by IDeLucas

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                  |      Final Fantasy Tactics      |
                  |       Tactics and Secrets       |
                  |            Ver 0.4              |
                  |                                 |
                  |  Mantained by Ignacio de Lucas  |
                  |      (delucas@hotmail.com)      |
        This file should come in a ZIP with another four:
     fftfaq   : Main FAQ and general information 
     ffttips  : Tactics and secrets (this file)
     fftabil  : Ability list
     fftitems : Item list
     fftshark : Action Replay / Game Shark codes
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    -" o￾oOo,o+oo  -"
     1. - Secrets
       1.1 - How to get Cloud
       1.2 - The Deep Dungeon by Wardancer
       1.3 - Deep Dungeon Guide
     2. - Tips
       2.1 - Side quests notes by Darren Chan  
       2.2 - Brave and Faith trick by Slick
       2.3 - Text Adventure walkthrough by Somsak Sriprayoonsakul
       2.4 - Autopotion trick by Oscar Ramos
       2.5 - Training method by Eugene Shen
     3. - Notes about the game system
       3.1 - Preview attack damage and chance
       3.2 - Preview attack timing
       3.3 - Job System notes by Darren Chan
       3.4 - Random encounter notes by Slick
       3.5 - Attribute gaining table by Alucard
       3.6 - Equipment wearing table by Alucard
       3.7 - Brave and Faith explanation by Zhou Tai An
       3.8 - Zodiac Signs explanation by Gary Fung, Lim Kheng Chye
              and Chia Chee Teng
     4. - Strategies
       4.1 - Fight against Wirgraff/Berias
       4.2 - Getting the Zodiac summon spell by Tatsushi Nakao
       4.3 - The dam stage
     5. - Miscellaneous
    -" o¤ -_ oOo+oaoo+o"o›  -"
    -" o¤.o¤ -_ oEo<o”  o"o<  oØo+o"  oAo￾o<ooo,  o,oO  o-o<ooo  odo oo"o-  -"
        If you hadn't heard it yet, it is possible to get Cloud to join
     your party during Chapter Four. The following information is mostly
     from an article by Joe Chan (wchan@sn.no) published in Playstation 
     Gamer (http://home.sn.no/~wchan), and has been verified by me.
        Thanks to Somsak Sriprayoonsakul, Sean Camanyag and Bloops for 
     a lot of corrections about this.
    1.- Go to Zerutenia castle (￾￾%￾'￾E￾>_%) and talk to the barman. Ask about
        all topics and one of them (I don't remember which one it was :) ) 
        should open a path to a nearby island. There a red dot will appear : 
        the temple of Nerubeska (￾I￾%￾U￾1￾r"A￾A). It will not activate yet.
    2.- Go to the trade city of Zargidos (E€ox￾O_O￾-￾r￾￾￾1). Aerith will 
        appear and sell you a flower. I think the second choice is to buy it.
    3.- Go to the industrial city of Gorg (‘-1c￾O_O￾'-￾o) with Mustadio 
        (￾.￾1￾"￾€￾o￾Ý) in your party. He and Basrodio (￾D￾1￾­￾€￾o￾Ý) will
        discover a ball-shaped machine.
    4.- Go to the mining town of Gorurand (A1U￾O_O￾'￾%￾,￾›￾￾). Enter the
        bar and choose the sub-quest whose max number of days is 6. After
        completing it, a new sub-quest with the same name but with a 2 by 
        it should appear, do this one also. Lastly, talk to the barman
        and ask him about the last topic listed.
    5.- Go to the royal capital Ruzaria (yY￾O￾%￾￾^￾>). After an event, 
        Beiouf (￾U￾ ￾Ý￾Y￾O) will ask to join your party. Choose the second 
        option to allow him to do so.
    6.- Go back to Gorurand. There will be a series of battles in snowy 
        terrain. At the end, you should protect the Holy Dragon and she 
        should join you. You will receive one Zodiac Stone.
    7.- Go back to Gorg. Basrodio and Mustadio will activate the machine
        and it will turn into a robot, which will join you. They will also
        discover another strange-looking machine.
    8.- Go back to Nerubeska. The red dot will activate and you will fight 
        against another robot. You will receive another Zodiac Stone and the
        Holy Dragon will turn into the dragooner, Rerze.
    9.- Go back to Gorg again and you will activate the strange machine with
        the stone. Cloud will be summoned, but he will not be interested
        in you and he will run away
    10.-Go back to Zargidos and after an event, you will have to protect
        Cloud (who is unarmed) from the gang of thugs that attacked Aerith.
        After you win the combat, Cloud will join your party.
    11.-Go to the active volcano of Berubenia (￾U￾%￾U￾E￾>3SyD_3) and keep
        going back and forth until you are attacked. Get someone who is 
        equipped with the Item User's "Item Find" movement ability and have
        him/her climb to the highest point in the screen, a rock needle.
        There you should find the Materia Blade. Once Cloud equips it, he
        will be able to use his innate special ability, "Limit".
        IMPORTANT : It seems that some of these events (well, at least 
     step 10) won't happen until the main story has reached a certain 
     point (in that case, until Ramza fights his brother Daisdarg), so 
     if you are stuck there try advancing the plot some more. 
        Note that Cloud can join your party even just before the last 
     series of battles (and I suspect the whole process can be done at 
     the very end as well). If you do so, however, you should save your 
     game in a different slot every time you are allowed to save between 
     a series of battles, because one of these leads to the end and you 
     can't get out of it (and henceforth get Cloud).
        Well, that's all. I think that you must keep Mustadio, and later 
     Beiouf and the Holy Dragon, alive and in your party while you are following
     these steps. I don't know if you can get Cloud without some of these
     characters (eg. if you don't allow Mustadio to join you, he theoretically
     should be able to find the machines), as I haven't tried it.
    -" o¤.oy -_ oŽo+o+od  oŽoooOoØo+o<oO  oŸo-  oxo oo,o oOoao+o  -"
        There is another optional quest you can do in chapter four. Go to 
     Uoojiris (E€ox￾O_O￾Y￾c-￾,￾^￾1), the most southern town on the map 
     and a little animation will take place where you go into the bar.  
     Then a path will appear to a red dot in an island. That is the Deep
        It is a underground dungeon in which there is no light. You can't 
     see the floor until someone dies and leaves a crystal. Also, the only 
     way to proceed to new floors is by finding the exit before finishing 
     all the enemies. It is on a different place in each level and 
     unfortunatelly it isn't marked in any way, even with the walls at max
     illumination. So you just have to put one enemy to sleep or something
     and search for it. The enemies in the dungeon are very numerous and
     usually at a level much higher than you.
        The good news are that once you find the exit and succed in the 
     battle, you will be transported back to the main map and from then on 
     you may access that floor directly, so you can take your time navigating
     through all the floors. There seem to be many special weapons lying
     around in the floors, so I reccomend you equip all your party members 
     with the "Item Finding" movement ability.
        The last level, "End", contains a type of zodiac beast, and 
     his 6 demon helpers.  For some reason, you also have a demon as a 
     guest that will join you after the battle. 
         Ignacio's note - That Zodiac Beast, Serpentarius, is able to use
     the most powerful summon spell in the game, "Zodiac". Your own 
     summoners can learn it if they are hit by it and live. See section 5 
     for details.
    -" o¤.o3 -_ oŽo+o+od  oŽoooOoØo+o<oO  o€ooo,o,o+  -"
        This is a list of all items I have found in the first nine 
     floors of the Deep Dungeon. Their positions are given as coordinates 
     taking the lower left corner of the map as the origin. The problem 
     is that as the map is rotable, which corner is the lower left one 
     depends only on how many times you have rotated it. To solve this, 
     I have included a mini-map for each level in which I give the 
     heights of the four corners of the map. You just have to match 
     these to know which corner is the "lower left" one. As a rule 
     of thumb, I consider the starting side of your party to be the 
     upper side of the map.
        Note : Some of the items and the exits for the first four levels 
     are missing, because I started the guide after getting them. Could 
     anyone please send me these? Thanks!
     1,10 ,--   --, 10,10  <---- Coordinates for the upper right corner.
          |22   23|  <---- Height of the upper right corner
          | 0    2|
     1, 1 `--   --' 10, 1 
     In Deep Dungeon, if your Brave is very LOW, you will find better 
     goods than Phoenix Tails. Use Lafa as the item-finder. Find the 
     exit door first, so that you can enter the same floor again. When 
     she found a Phoenix Tail, reset game and try again. This consumes 
     a lot more time but you will get extraordinally good weapons/armors.
        Well, since I (Ignacio) mapped out all the Phoenix Tails' 
     locations in all floors from the fourth one on, that should make 
     things a lot easier. Gee, aren't you happy I'm a perfectionist
    Level 1 : Nogias
     1,10 ,--   --, 10,10
          |22   23|
          | 0    2|
     1, 1 `--   --' 10, 1 
     1, 7 (height 20) : Phoenix No O (￾O￾ ￾E￾A￾_￾1 IEo)
     1,10 (height 22) : Phoenix No O (thanks to Adam Page)
    10, 5 (height 17) : Phoenix No O
     ?, ? (height ?)  : Blaze Gun (￾T￾￾￾ ￾￾￾›)
     4, 2 (height 1)  : Exit (Thanks to Adam Page again)
    Level 2 : Terminate
     1,12 ,--   --, 9,12
          | 9   12|
          | 1    2|
     1, 1 `--   --' 9, 1
     5, 1 (height 0) : Phoenix no O  
     7, 8 (height 6) : Blood Sword (￾T￾,￾A￾￾￾®-￾￾)
     ?, ? (height ?) : Exit
    Level 3 : Delta
     1,16 ,--   --, 10,16
          | 1   1 |
          | 0   0 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 10, 1
     8,10 (height 4.5) or 7, 9 (height 2.5) : Yoichi's Bow (I"o￾ I‘Y)
     ?, ? (height ?) : Exit
    Level 4 : Valkyries
     1,16 ,--   --, 11,16
          | 0   9 |
          | 0   0 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 11, 1
     3,13 (height 7) : Phoenix no O
    10, 6 (height 4) : Phoenix no O
     9, 5 (height 4) : Phoenix no O
     8, 8 (height 5) : Otome no Kiss
    11, 6 (height 4) : Caesar Plate (￾r￾"￾‘￾%￾x￾￾-￾E)
     3, 3 (height 2) : Exit
    Level 5 : Mlapan
     1,12 ,--   --,  7,12
          | 7   11|
          | 1   1 |
     1, 1 `--   --'  7, 1
     1, 1 (height 1)  : Phoenix no O
     7,12 (height 11) : Elixir (￾"￾^￾_￾‘-)
     1,12 (height 7)  : Iga Spy Knife (oEy￾€Y￾ )
     5, 3 (height 0)  : Exit
    Level 6 : Tiger
     1,11 ,--   --, 10,11
          | 5   5 |
          | 0   0 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 10, 1
     1,10 (height 5)  : Phoenix no O
     1,11 (height 5)  : Phoenix no O
     2,10 (height 5)  : Cursed Ring ("   I_OIO)
     2,11 (height 5)  : Blast Gun (￾T￾,￾1￾E￾￾›)
     1, 1 (height 0)  : Exit
    Level 7 : Bridge
     1,15 ,--   --, 9,15
          | 0   3 |
          | 0   2 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 9, 1
     5,11 (height 13) : Phoenix no O
     5,13 (height 12) : Phoenix no O
     5,15 (height 10) : Phoenix no O
     5, 5 (height 12) : Elixir
     3, 9 (height 2)  : Exit
    Level 8 : Voyage
     1,14 ,--   --, 13,14
          | 3   0 |
          | 0   5 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 13, 1
     9, 7 (height 3) : Phoenix no O
     4, 9 (height 3) : Phoenix no O
     5,11 (height 3) : Phoenix no O
     7, 8 (height 3) : Robe Of Lord (￾­-￾T￾Ý￾T￾­-￾￾)
     1,14 (height 3) : Exit
    Level 9 : Horror
     1,10 ,--   --, 12,10
          | 1   1 |
          | 0   7 |
     1, 1 `--   --' 12, 1
     9, 5 (height 8) : Phoenix no O
     9, 6 (height 2) : Phoenix no O
     2, 4 (height 2) : Elixir
     3, 1 (height 4) : Maximilian (￾_￾_￾£￾ ￾^￾>￾›)
     3, 6 (height 2) : Exit
    -" oy -_ oOo,odo›  -"
    -" oy.o¤ -_ oOo,o,o+  o￾ooo+o›o"o›  oŸo-  oŽo ooo+oO  oAoSo oO  -"
        When you get to a bar, you can send your characters to do side quests. 
     People sometimes ask you to get rid of monsters or to help them find
     something, so you send three of your characters in a specified number of
     days to do the quest (no battles or events involved), and you have to
     give them money for allowances (?) to do the quest as well.  After the
     completion date you can return to the same bar and ask them to report to
     you.  They will tell you what happened in their quest and finally give
     you what they found in their quest and each of the participating members
     get their JP.  Some special items that cannot be used in battles are
     found by using this method (such as books that you can actually read). 
     Sometimes they may even find new "secret" locations that contain
     interesting stuff.  I've found a town where it is said magical knights
     live there, however this town has not appeared on the map (yet?).  Thus
     I'm not sure whether these places are for real or not.
     As you get more of those treasures that you earn in the side quests
     your reputation as an "adventurer" or "treasure hunter" increases.
     (I don't know what these do to the game though)
      (Ignacio's notes: One day passes for each move you make in the world 
     map. If you want the time to go faster, you can always find two 
     adjacent blue spots and go from one to the other repeatedly (great
     way to reproduce your monsters, by the way). On the other hand, it
     is unknown if finishing the game in more or less days will have 
     negative consequences, and you could use this time to train your 
     other characters)
    *  oy.oy  -  oAoo o"o+  o oOo,  o'o o,o"oS  oŸo-  oOo￾o,oao%  *
        Speaker's Faith up and Brave up ability can raise character's stats
     permanently (Ramza's abilities that raise them work just al well).  
     The stats lowers a bit after the battle, but remains higher than 
     what they start out with.  For example, you raise a character's 
     Brave from 45 to 60.  After the battle, his brave is probably 
     around 50.  Keep casting that ability in the game to pump up the 
     stats for all of your characters.
        WARNING - If you raise them both above 100, the character will
     leave your party PERMANENTLY. So remember to keep them below 95
     just in case. You may receive a warning if you go above 90, but
     don't worry.
    *  oy.o3  -  oOo+ooo"  o o,o"o+oOo"oooo+  o”o o￾o%o"oSoo<oooØoS
                 oŸo-  oOo<o­o›o o%  oOoo,odoo o-o<o<oOo›o o%ooo￾  -"
        I have a little walkthrough of the "text adventure" that is in the 
     book about flying ship (I can't read this book's name). This book is a 
     random  item you can find sometimes after you complete a sub-quest.
     (See 10.1). To read it, you must choose the Brave Story menu option
     in which you can display all special items you have found, choose the
     book and press triangle.
        You will play as captain of "Gloria flying ship" who fights against
     "Paramegia empire" (Paramegia is a boss of FF2j). You must find the
     Legendary Four Orbs to defeat Paramegia.
        After all the conversation you will see three commands appear:
     1. See "Kashibu" (statue that contains legendary orbs)
     2. Move
     3. See the rules about HP
       You will see the HP below. You start out with 15000 hp and every action
       you do has a cost in HP. eg. if you want to land on the continent
       you will lose 500 HP
        If you choose Move:
     1. Go North
     2. Go South
     3. Return to middle area (main menu)
        If you choose North or South:
     1. Northeast or Southeast
     2. Northwest or Southwest
        At last, the name of two continents will appear, depending on which
     direction you chose before.
        If you choose Northeast:
     1. Mazen
     2. Abaronia
        If you choose Northwest:
     1. Kiro
     2. Yorokobi no shima - Island of Joy
        If you choose Southeast:
     1. Aiaie
     2. Poseidon
        If you choose Southwest:
     1. Barunibabin
     2. Last Rock
        When you choose the continent you will lose 100 HP and another
     choice will appear:
     1. Land on the continent
     2. Return to middle area
     3. Go to another continent
        If you choose to land on you will lose 500 HP. Every time you go
     from NE to NW or SE to SW you will lose 300 HP (I think because in this
     direction you have to cross a storm)
        Ther is a random chance of meeting Paramegia's servant every time
     you return to the middle area or go to another continent. A choiche
     will appear at that time:
     1. Attack enemy
       1.1. Attack with cannon
       1.2. Attack with machine gun
       1.3. Return to previous menu
        Attacking with the cannon and machine gun will cause a HP lose (the
     cannon will make you lose more than the machine gun).
     2. Defense attack
        Sometimes choose this choice will cause another ship to rescue you
     and the encounter will end.
     3. Try to evade enemy's attack
        The cannon is better than the gun, I think.
        To finish the game, you must land on these continents in this order:
     Northwest first choice (Giro)
     Northeast first choice (Mazen)
     Northeast second choice (Abaronia)
     Southwest first choice (Balnibabin)
     Southwest second choice (Last Rock)
     Southeast first choice (Aiaie)
     Northwest second choice (Island of Joy)
        Mazen, Last Rock and Aiaie will give you HP. It may not be necessary
     to go to these.
        After you get the 4 Orbs you will fight with Paramegia and an event
     will follow. After all the conversetion, you will see three choices appear.
     1. Surrender to Paramegia
     2. Fight with Paramegia
     3. Flee
        1 and 2 will have the same result... fight with Paramegia. I'm not
     sure about what will happen if you choose 3)
        You will fight with Paramegia with the same fighting system as for
     the random encounters. The fight will end after you hit Paramegia once.
     An event will follow, after that the main (central area) commands will
     appear. Now choose to go to Poseidon (WE2) and the ending will begin.
        However, after you win this game, nothing happens. Maybe if you
     change the sequence of continent there will be another ending?
        I have also won Nanai's book (Chocobo race), but I can't remember
     the sequence of commands. I can only tell you which one will win in
     the Chocobo Race.
     1st race : Choose Yashinoki
     2nd race : Choose Gutto basu
     3rd race : Choose Taishino
        If you win this game, score challenge mode will appear. This mode
     has only the event before the race in which you have a time limit to
     do something. 
        A note on the Airship Book by Mari Hagiwara
        Paramegia has its other origin from the bestseller anime "Nausicaa 
     of the Wind Valley" (or something like that (^^;)) created by Hayao 
     Miyazaki. In the anime, the earth is battered by WWIII, and poisonous 
     forests cover 3/4 of the earth. And the strong and brutal empire that 
     tries to conquer the perilous world is called, indeed, Paramegia. It is 
     most likely that it was introduced into FFII, because this anime was 
     at its peak during the creation of the software.
        Abaronia has its origin from Romancing SaGa 2. You are an emperor 
     of a very small kingdom who decides to become the world's dictator, and 
     the only country you own at first is named Abaron.
        And, by the way, the book's romanji reading is "Kuusou Magaku
     Shousetsu" ...which roughly translates to Magic-Fiction (Magi-Fi) 
     Novel. It's a pun of Sci-Fi. (^^;
    *  oy.o'  -  oAooo"o<odo<o"o,o<oO  oŸo-  oIo›oao o  oOo o­o<o›  *
        Auto-potion is the item user's reaction ability. It works this way:
     when the character with this ability is damaged, he/she has a very high
     chance (80-90%) of using the lowest grade potion you have, i.e. 
     he/she will use a regular potion if you have one, and if not he/she 
     will try to use a Hi-Potion or a X-Potion in that order of 
     preference. By now you may have realized the cheat: dispose of all 
     Potions and Hi-Potions and buy plenty of X-Potions (they heal 150 HP 
     and cost only 300 gil), and that character will be almost inmortal.
        This may spoil the fun of the game, and I myself (Ignacio) have 
     decided not to use it except in desperate situations (like the third
     chapter boss :) )
    *  oy.o‘  -  oOoo o,oOo,oOoØ  oŸo-  o￾oooØo+oOo+  oOoSo+oO  *
        A word on how to train your characters like crazy: As you know, 
     you'll meet enemies randomly whenever you step on a "Green Dot".
     So what you do is this: First make sure that at least one character in 
     your party has the "steal hearts" thief skill.  Second, make sure that
     you have at least one character who has the healing ability ("Chakra") 
     with the monk. Then, after killing all but one monster, get the thief 
     to repeatedly steal its heart (every successful steal will result in a
     gain of JP and ExP.  Usually, a steal will last 2 to 3 rounds, and 
     the percentage of success is usually above 50%.  As a result, you can 
     almost keep this going indefinitely).  While the monster is "tamed" in 
     this process, get the remaining guys to surround the monk and do 
     special "attacks" to him.
        Examples of the "attacks" are: Poison or direct attack with the black
     magician, decrease mana with the Knight, or whatever other attacks that
     don't hurt him alot.
        (Ignacio's note : I also recomend :
     The Apprentice's "Throw Stone" ability.
     Attacking with Mages and jobs that don't do much damage.
     Using the "Talker" abilities (especially Brave up and Faith up, see above)
     Using any positive status change ability
     There are lots of other posibilities.)
     When the knight's turn arrives, get him to use the heal ability
     (also, make sure everyone's on level ground, so everyone gets healed).
     As a result, everyone will gain JP and EXP and you can gain alot of 
     levels without much work.  The only thing is that this is very tiring 
     after a while and really not much fun.  
    -" o3 -_  oIo<o"o+o›  o oŸo<ooo"  o"oSo+  oØo o­o+  o›o-o›o"o+o­  -"
    *  3.1  -  Preview attack damage and hit chance  *
        You can see how much damage an attack is going to do just before 
     confirming it. It will be displayed just above your character's stats.
     Surprisingly enough, this means that the formula for determining the 
     damage of an attack doesn't have a random factor (except for a few 
     cases) and it will always be the same under the same circumstances. 
        You can also see what the chance of success for the attack is, 
     either for physical attacks (they can be evaded) or for the random
     chance ones (instant death, status change, etc...)
    *  3.2  -  Preview attack timing  *
        You can know beforehand when an action that requires charge time 
     is going to take effect. When selecting the spell, ability or 
     whatever, if you press Right over it the Active Turn screen will 
     pop up showing the order of the next turns including this action 
     (just as if you were going to perform it). This can be used in any 
     ability that requires charge time except the Dragon Knight's Jump, 
     as in it you don't get to select any ability.
    *  3.3  -  Job System notes by Darren Chan  *
        Each time your character earns his JP it goes into his current job's
     total JP no matter what he did, (e.g.  A knight casting a white spell -
     the resulting JP still goes to the job knight) and 1/6 of this JP goes
     to the total JP of the same job to the other characters (e.g. A knight
     gets 36 JP - all other characters in battle get 6 JP for the job
        I found that even if one of your character can't change to one
     particular job yet, s/he can still get the 1/6 JP earned by allies for
     that job.  The JPs will show up after you can change to that job :)
    *  3.4  -  Random encounter notes by Slick  *
        The random encounter monster all have about the same level as your
     main character's level.  If you don't want to train the monsters you've
     captured, just raise your main character level to really high, say 50,
     then go to the plains where chocobo shows up.  You will get a L50
     Chocobo to fight again.  Then have your speaker or some one with speaker
     magic and talk to monster ability to convert the monster.  It's much
     easier than accepting that low level chocobo in the plot mission and
     have to train it later to gain level.
        I even gained a few human fighters that way in a few encounters.  
     At level 50, they all have REALLY nice weapons.  Even if you don't 
     want to keep them, get them to switch side, take their stuff, then 
     sent them away.  It's much easier then stealing all the itmes they 
        (Ignacio's note: In earlier versions I reccomended that you 
     never hired rookies at towns, and that you talked to any human 
     enemy you found instead. That way a) You don't have to pay, 
     b) they will have levels on a par with yours instead of level 1 
     and some abilities, and c) they bring out their own equipment. 
        However, I have been told by Alucard since then that the 
     attributes gained when someone levels up depend on the job that 
     character has (see 11.5), so it may be a good idea to hire rookies 
     as they would theorethically have higher stats at the same level 
     that talked people, because they had a job since level 1).
    *  3.5  -  Attribute Gaining table by Alucard and me :)  *
        I have completely redone the table and put the actual percentage
     gained when switching to a different job, taking the Apprentice as a 
     reference. Note that since the Apprentice is a fighter-oriented job,
     even jobs like the Knight can have more than 100% MP and the like.
        I have also added the modifications to attack power and magic power.
        HP, MP, Speed, AtPw, MgPw: The modifications to the basic attributes 
     of the character when changing to this job. Of course, they will only
     be effective as long as he/she stays in that job.
        Mov, Jmp, Evd: The Movement, Jump and Character Evade stats for
     that job. They are fixed and don't depend on the character's level,
     nor anything else.
        HPGr, MPGr, SPGr: The HP, MP and Speed growing rates of that job.
     These affect the amount of HP, MP and Speed the character gains when
     obtaining a level (a regular one, not a job one) while in one 
     particular job. These are rated from S (the best) to D. I haven't 
     been able to verify these.
    Job          HP     MP   Speed   AtPw   MgPw  Mov  Jmp  Dod  HPGr MPGr SPGr
    Apprentice  100%   100%   100%   100%   100%   4    3    5    B    C    B
    Item User    80%   100%   100%    80%   100%   3    3    5    B    C    B
    Knight      120%   105%   100%   130%   100%   3    3   10    A    C    B
    Archer      100%    85%   100%   120%   100%   3    3   10    B    C    B
    White Mage   80%   160%   100%   100%   140%   3    3    5    A    A    B
    Black Mage   75%   160%   100%    60%   190%   3    3    5    B    A    B
    Monk        135%   105%   120%   140%   100%   3    4   20    S    B    B
    Thief        90%    65%   120%   110%    70%   4    4   25    B    C    A
    Yin/Yang M.  75%   145%   100%    50%   160%   3    3    5    B    A    B
    Time Mage    75%   160%   100%    50%   170%   3    3    5    B    A    B
    Elem. User  110%   125%   100%   120%   140%   4    3   10    B    C    A
    Dragon Kn.  120%    65%   100%   130%    60%   3    4   15    A    B    A
    Talker       80%    95%   100%    80%   100%   3    3    5    B    C    B
    Summoner     70%   170%    90%    50%   160%   3    3    5    C    S    B
    Samurai      75%   120%   100%   140%   120%   3    3   20    A    A    C
    Ninja        70%    65%   130%   140%    90%   4    4   30    B    B    B
    Mathemat.    65%   105%    50%    50%    90%   3    3    5    C    C    A
    Dancer       60%    65%   100%   125%   120%   3    3    5    D    C    D
    Bard         55%    65%   100%    30%   150%   3    3    5    D    D    D
    Imitator    140%    65%   130%   130%   150%   4    4    5    ?    ?    ?
    *  3.6  -  Equipment wearing table by Alucard  *
        This lists the weapons and armor each jobs can wear
    Weapons: knife/ sword/ axe/ hammer
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Item user:
    Weapons: knife/ gun
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: sword/ knight sword
    Armors : shield/ helm/ armor/ robe
    Weapons: bow/ crossbow
    Armors : shield/ hat/ vest
    Weapons: none
    Armors : vest
    White Mage
    Weapons: staff
    Armors : hat/ vest/ robe
    Black Mage
    Weapons: rod/ staff
    Armors : hat/ vest/ robe
    Time Mage
    Weapons: staff
    Armors : hat/ vest/ robe
    Weapons: rod/ staff
    Armors : hat/ vest/ robe
    Weapons: knife
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: knife/ gun
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Yin'Yang Mage
    Weapons: rod/ staff/ dictionary/ club
    Armors : hat/ vest/ robe
    Elemental Mage
    Weapons: sword/ axe
    Armors : shield/ hat/ vest/ robe
    Dragon Knight
    Weapons: spear
    Armors : shield/ helm/ armor/ robe
    Weapons: katana
    Armors : helm/ armor/ robe
    Weapons: knife/ ninja knife/ hammer
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: dictionary/ club
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: musical instruments
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: knife
    Armors : hat/ vest
    Weapons: none
    Armors : none
    *  3.7  -  Faith and Brave explanation by Zhou Tai An  *
        Brave affects:
     1. Barehanded damage (should also conversely affect weapon damage).
     2. Chance of Reaction Abilities activating.
        Faith affects:
     1. Effectiveness of magic cast on that person (Damage, success rate, etc.)
        Note that this means that a Cure spell cast on a character with high
        Faith will be more effective, but also attack spells cast on him/her.
        Similarly, a higher Faith will make it easier for a support spell
        (Haste, Shield, Protect, etc...) to be effective, but the same applies
        to negative status ailments (Stone, Slow, etc...).
     2. The speed at which status abnormalities dissipate (again, both 
        positive and negative). Higher Faith means slower status recovering.
     3. Magic regeneration rate (like when using the "MP Recover Movement"
     4. and one more thing I can't translate ^_^.
    *  3.8  -  Zodiac Signs Explanation by Gary Fung, Lim Kheng Chye
                and Chia Chee Teng  *
        Zodiac signs seem to have a powerful effect on damage dealt by one
     character to another. If you use the in-game help over any character's
     zodiacal sign, it will show a table with all other signs and a 
     character below them. This shows the damage-dealing capacity (both
     physical and magical) of your unit agains units of these signs, and 
     also their damage potential against your unit. Considering the 
     twelve zodiac signs as in a wrap-around table, the shortest distance 
     between two signs determines how they will affect each other:
        If they are three spaces away, the damage they will deal each other
     will be lower than normal. This will be represented by an X in the
     help table.
        If they are four spaces away, the damage will be higher than normal. 
     This is represented by a circle in the table.
        If they are six spaces away, (ie just opposite) the damage will 
     be maximum (even higher than being four spaces away) if they are of 
     opposite genders, and minimum if they are of the same gender. This is 
     represented by a question mark in the table.
    -" o' -_  oOo"oo o"o+oØo,o+o›  -"
    *  4.1 - Fight against Wirgraff/Berias *
        This section has been created to provide some help when fighting
     the boss of the third chapter, Wirgraff/Berias, which is a general 
     stucking point for almost everyone that has played the game. 
     The strategies here will have him in mind, though some of them 
     may apply to other bosses.
        Let's start by stating the problems. This fight is divided in
     two "rounds". It is debatable which one is the hardest, but almost
     anyone would agree they are the two hardest battles in the game.
     A common problem for both of the fights is that they are the last
     in a series of battles which allow the player to save between them,
     but that don't allow him/her to exit to the world map at any point
     before the battle against Wirgraff. What that means is that most 
     players will be stuck just before Wirgraff without a chance to
     exit and level up or gain any abilities.
        Now, onto the battles themselves.
    *  4.1.1 - Fight against Wirgraff *
        The first is a one-on-one confrontation between Ramza 
     (your main character) and Wirgraff, a really powerful White Knight. 
     The problem here is that Wirgraff can easily kill Ramza in two 
     blows, thus ending the battle, while the reciprocal isn't (usually) 
     true. As Wirgraff can move quite fast and attack from a respectable 
     distance, it is very hard to avoid being hit by any of his sword 
        There are quite some strategies to defeat Wirgraff, the
     main problem being that all of them rely on abilitis that you must 
     have learnt when you arrive at the fight.
        The easiest one is the autopotion trick, which is already 
     mentioned in the FAQ (thanks again to Oscar Ramos). If Ramza 
     has learned (or can learn) the Autopotion ability (it's the 
     reaction ability of the Item carrier), and you have plenty 
     of X-potions, dispose of all your other potions. This way he'll 
     use a X-potion on himself each time he's attacked with a very 
     high chance, leaving your regular turn to attack Wirgraff. 
     In three attacks he should be dead.
        Another one (this is the one I used) is to make Ramza a Dragoon.
     While the timing of the battle is such that you won't be able to 
     benefit from the period of time you'll be on the air, if you are 
     equipped with a spear, the damage inflicted on Wirgraff should be 
     enough to finish him in two jumps. If it's not the case, you can 
     use a Gauntlet or the such to increase Ramza's attack power.
        Yet another one (thanks to Sergio Darder for this), is to make 
     Ramza a Black mage with the Magic Attack Power Up support ability
     and the Flare spell learned, then cast it on Berias. One casting
     should be enough... fortunatelly, since (I think) the charge time
     of another one would allow Wirgraff to cut you in two.
        And here's yet another one from Mantle and E-ko:
        When you go fight one on one against Wirgraff, run around avoiding 
     him and keep on using Ramza's "raise speed" ability. After 4~5 speed 
     ups you will make 2 moves for every move he makes, and you can pull 
     yourself away from him easily to avoid attacks. After running around 
     and speed up for about 30 turns you will be able to move 3~4 moves 
     for every move he takes. Thus you can heal all you want and kill 
     him very easily. When he uses the Zodiac Stone to become Berias, 
     Ramza's speed will be kept and not resetted to his normal speed. 
     Therefore you can go ahead and kill Berias easily because you still 
     get to make 3~4 moves in a row.
         Ignacio again. Well, I haven't tested that since I don't have a
     saved game there. But I think Wirgraff would be able to damage you
     from time to time, so keep those X-potions!
    *  4.1.2 - Fight against Berias *
        For the second fight, Wirgraff uses the Aries Zodiac stone to turn 
     into the Zodiac Beast Berias. The rest of the party arrive just in
     time to help Ramza, so it would seem the odds are in your favour,
     but Berias summons three Archeodemons to help him. The problems
     here are that both Berias and the Archeodemons have extremely 
     powerful area attacks that are difficult to avoid. Berias has
     Cyclops, the most powerful "regular" summon spell, while the
     demons have Giga Flare. The latter have Dark Holy as well, which
     isn't an area attack, but is usually powerful enough to kill the 
     character on the receiving end. Berias, as any Zodiac Beast, 
     can tamper with your status as well, though he doesn't use that 
     ability as often or effectively as the others.
        Unfortunately, there isn't a definite and reliable strategy 
     against Berias, since there's not a specific problem inside the 
     fight, other than that your enemies are too overpowered.
        There are, however, some general hints that may help fighting him.
      - Try to split up as much as possible. Both the demons and Berias' 
     most powerful attacks are area ones, so try to avoid being caught
     by these all at once. Moreover, if you split up, they won't use 
     those attacks, which is an advantage by itself.
      - Kill the demons first. It's very important! Their HP is much 
     lower than that of Berias, but they are extremely powerful. Dark 
     Holy is more damaging that anything Berias can throw at you, and 
     though it's not an area attack, it is a ranged one. 
        You should be able to finish one off before they can attack, and
     believe me, that's a great advantage. Once all three are down,
     the fight should become (almost) easy.
      - If you can, use jobs that can attack from afar. A bard, dancer
     or mathematician will help immensely, as they are not only powerful
     by themselves, they don't even have to be near the enemy to attack,
     so they won't get caught in those nasty area attacks.
    *  4.2 - Getting the Zodiac summon spell *
        Thanks to John Mattila for first confirming that Zodiac could be 
     learnt from Serpentarius.
        The following paragraphs are from Tatsushi Nakao:
        It is true that you can "learn" Zodiark from Sagitarius (Magician 
     at bottom of Deep Dungeon).  Yes, you must survive though his attack, 
     but it can be easily accomplished.  The key point is to decrease his
     magic power by using "Mind Break" ability of Knight.  By using guns,
     you can Mind Break him safely from distance.  Decrease his magic power
     to less than 10, and your Summoner (cast Shell to reduce Magic's damage
     in half too) probably won't die (damage < 200).
        Odoriko's Dance helps too. Using "Unface" dance reduces Magic 
     Attack Power... and most likely, Summoners are staying all the way 
     back (instead of fighting with knights and ninjas), you can equip 
     "odoru" ability to Summoner for best use of resource.
        Also, this is something what I've found.  After you learn Zodiac,
     cast it to enemy's summoner... and amazingly, he/she learns Zodiac!
     (about 20-50% of the time)  After enemy's summoner learned Zodiac,
     he/she will cast it... since it's strongest magic he got.  Give him/her
     a couple of Etel (Ether) to heal their MP.  And as you'd might guess, 
     you can let another summoner in your party learn Zodiac.
        So, let's say there was Summoner Ramza and Agulias, and enemy Summoner
     named "Uni"... and ONLY Ramza learned Zodiac from that boss.
        So, Ramza will cast Zodiark to Uni.  But in order to let Uni learn
     Zodiac, Ramza must be in non-wizard job... such as Monks.
     When Uni learns Zodiac, screen wanders around randomly (I don't know
     why, but this is the sign that Uni learned Zodiac).
     Once Uni learns Zodiac, he will use it... and let Agulias be the target
     (or go into the target area)... and after Uni casts Zodiac, Agulias
     will learn Zodiac!
        As far as I know, this is the ONLY way to "pass on" Zodiac from 
     person to person.  I think Deep Dungeon's "mlapan" is best place to 
     do this, since that map is easy to defend.  Summoner shows up 
     there sometimes.
    *  4.3 - The dam stage  *
        At some point in the game, there's a stage that takes place in 
     a dam. It is not enough to beat all the enemies in there, you also 
     have to open the dam by using two switches located in the stage. 
     They are not in sight, however, and I'm afraid I don't remember
     where exactly they were ^_^;, but I remember one is just the 
     symmethric of the other. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
    -" o‘ -_  oIo,o›oao+o￾o￾o oOo+o<ooo›  -"
        There are five FMV sequences that can be seen from the begining:
     The intro to the main menu, the "New Game" intro, and three others
     that can be seen just by waiting at the main menu screen (the one
     with New Game, etc...).
        There is a screen saver for the Demo Disk that comes with the game.
     If you don't do anything for quite a long time (around three minutes)
     in the screen where you have to select which demo you want to play, 
     you will see it.

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