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    FAQ/Strategy Guide Part 1/6 by RCarlos

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/15/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Part 1 - Version 1.0
    Version Updates:
    Version 1.0 Dec. 15, 1998 - First online release of guide
    Final Fantasy Tactics 
    Strategy Guide
    By Roland Carlos
    Enjoy!  This is a strategy guide for the American version of FFT.  No more 
    having to look through Japanese characters to get the help you need.
    Table of Contents for Part 1
    1. Welcome!
    2. Prologue: Orbonne Monastery.
    3. Chapter One: The Meager
    4. Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient
    (WHAT IS HERE: Introduction, Battles 1-19)
    How to Start the Mother of All Wars
    (or why deception, cruelty and betrayal are your friends)
    To start "The War of the Lions," you must use bold strokes.  Regicides, 
    double-crosses, violations of queens, good options all.  Whatever the plan, 
    once begun, a war of this magnitude is not to be trifled with.  This is a 
    brutal conflict of epic proportions, where each hallowed victory brings you 
    closer to the very heart of darkness.  Battle after battle, you will command 
    your fighting party across magical lands protected by hostile forces.  You 
    will need the help of the bravest warriors, as well as armor, weapons, 
    intricate battle plans and magical spells.  Be ruthless.  Be clever.  Or be 
    Training an Army
    (or how to ensure the biggest, baddest, meanest SOBs are on your side)
    In Final Fantasy Tactics, you are Ramza, a young squad leader and an ally of 
    Princess Ovelia.  It’s up to you to lead an elite fighting squad of your own 
    choosing into battle.  You must train them to be powerful Black Mages who can 
    cast magic spell, Summoners who can awaken terrible beasts, Wizards, Ninjas, 
    Bards, Archers, Thieves are more.  There are twenty fighting classes and four 
    hundred abilities to master.  If you go into battle ill-prepared, may the 
    enemy make the blood run cold from your heart.
    Effective Battle Strategies
    (or further discussions from the annals of shoot first, ask questions later)
    As the ancient history of warfare reveals, you will survive the if your 
    battle strategy is strong, and perish if it is not.  You will lead the charge 
    through impressive lands trying to gain the best strategic postions in 
    forests, castle ramparts, swamps and valleys.  You can buy and sell 
    equipment, hire new soldiers and plan glorious battle strategies.  May you 
    conquer the enemy or die trying. - FFT Advertisement
    1. Welcome!
    If you are just starting your game, you will presented with a menu.  Select 
    New Game for now.  After a few words from the historian, you’ll be presented 
    with a name screen.  You can change it to whatever you want, but I will keep 
    it as the default, Ramza, throughout the whole guide.  You’ll now be asked to 
    input your birthdate, just put your real birthday and begin your game.  This 
    strategy guide isn’t much of a story-teller.  I won’t tell most of the story 
    so you can discover it for yourself.
    2. Prologue: Orbonne Monastery.
    After the movie, you’ll be taken to the Orbonne Monastery.  The Princess will 
    be praying.  Agrias, the female bodyguard of the princess will ask her to 
    hurry up.  You, Rad, and Gafgarion enter the church.  After a few text lines, 
    a female knight enters, injured.  She says that enemies are coming to capture 
    the princess.  You’ll go to your first battle now.
    (Description of layout:
    Battle 01, Orbonne Monastery - Staged battle number and place.
    Objective: Defeat all enemies! - What you have to do to win.
    Enemy Units: Lezales (Knight), Chemist x1, Archer x3  - Enemies you have to 
    Difficulty Level: 1/5 - How hard it is to fight, the higher the first number,
    the harder.
    Squads: N/A, Max. N/A - First, how many squads you have to fight in.  Second,
    the maximum number of units in each squad(s).)
    Battle 01:
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Lezales (Knight), Chemist x1, Archer x3
    Difficulty Level: 1/5
    Squads: N/A, Max. N/A    
    In this battle, you can only control Ramza.  The computer will control all 
    other units, your allies will be marked as guest units.  Guest units are 
    uncontrollable allies, that if die, will not get the usual 3 count.  This is 
    because these units are needed to enhance the story.  Since you can only play 
    as Ramza, use this battle to get used to the battle system and how to move 
    around, attack.  If you die, don’t worry.  The guest units will finish up 
    before you turn into a crystal.  Just watch the rest of the battle, 
    especially the sword attacks from Agrias and Gafgarion.  If you need more 
    help after this battle, I suggest you save the game the first chance you 
    have, and then reset the game and use the tutorial option.  When the battle 
    ends, you’ll see the princess being taken by a person in armor.  Ramza 
    recognizes the person, and so begins the first chapter.
    3. Chapter One: The Meager
    Part One: Trip To Igros Castle 
    This first part of the chapter takes Ramza, Delita, and other cadets on their
    ways to Igros Castle.  They come there to defend the castle from the Death 
    Corps, soldiers who have become criminals after the war.  Along the way they 
    meet Algus, a knight in training who was protecting Marquis Elmdor.  He was 
    ambushed and the Marquis was taken.
    1. Magic City Gariland
    Battle 02: Magic City Gariland
    Event: Delita becomes a guest member.
    2. Mandalia Plains
    Battle 03: Mandalia Plains
    Event: Algus becomes a guest member.
    3. Igros Castle
    Part Two: Rescuing the Marquis
    Ramza’s brother Dycedarg ordered him, Delita, and Algus to defend Igros 
    Castle.  However, Algus gets the party to help him save the Marquis.
    1. Igros Castle
    2. Sweegy Woods
    Battle 04: Sweegy Woods
    3. Dorter Trade City
    Battle 05: Slums of Dorter
    4. Zeklaus Desert
    Battle 06: The Cellar of the Sand Mouse
    5. Igros Castle
    Part Three: Hunt of the Death Corps
    When coming back to Igros, Ramza was scolded by Dycedarg.  He was praised 
    by Prince Larg and given another mission.  The group is sent to destroy 
    the thieves responsible for taking the Marquis.
    1. Igros Castle
    2. Thieves’ Fort
    Battle 07: Thieves’ Fort
    3. Igros Castle
    Event: Algus leaves party.
    4. Lenalia Plateau
    Battle 08: Lenalia Plateau
    5. Fovoham Plains
    Battle 09: Windmill Shed
    6. Fort Zeakden
    Battle 10: Fort Zeakden
    Chapter One Battles:
    Battle 02: Magic City Gariland
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Squires x 4, Chemist x1
    Difficulty Level: 1/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 5
    This is the first "real" battle to me.  You have more control of your units. 
    I suggest that Ramza go on the roof to kill the female squire.  Let Delita 
    do what he does, keep the chemist on the ground to help heal.  The squire 
    leader (the one who talks) has a broad sword, and does a lot more damage then 
    the other members.  Take him down first, then the next squire near him.  By 
    now, the female squire on the roof should be dead.  The one in the back alley 
    should be last.  The chemist however is another story.  His abilities are 
    Potion (+30 HP) and if the game has allowed it (each new game causes random 
    stats) Phoenix Down (revive).  If you keep him alive too long, he be a 
    problem.  If he’s killed, use his crystal for one of the chemists (move the 
    chemist in the party onto the crystal) and let he/she gain an ability.  Pick 
    one that he/she doesn’t know (all the chemist knows is potion.)  If you take 
    a long time to defeat, don’t worry.  This is a strategy game more than a RPG. 
     You are supposed to take long!  If Ramza dies, you must beat all the enemies 
    on the screen becomes the red cloud over his head disappears.  If it is does, 
    it’s game over and I must say YOU NEED HELP!  If Delita dies, he will unable 
    to help, but will not leave the map.  He is a guest character and won’t 
    "die".  There is a also good trick to do here.  After you killed all 4 
    squires, try and lure the chemist into middle of the roof on the only house 
    on the "west" side.  If you can surround him, have some characters lower his 
    HP enough to make him fall to the ground on his knees, near dead.  He will 
    heal himself and gain 30 HP.  Do the same process again, and let him heal 
    himself.  Any characters not fighting should pick up the treasure chests left 
    in place of the bodies.  After awhile, the enemy chemist will gain levels 
    from using the Potion, but the continued fighting will also allow you to gain 
    levels and JP.  Each time you hit the chemist, you’ll gain EXP and JP.  I’ve 
    got Ramza to level 6 as a level 4 squire, and the chemist to level 7 with 
    chemist level 3.
    Battle 03: Mandalia Plains
    Objective: Defeat all enemies! or Save Algus!
    Enemy Units: Squires x4, Thief x1, Red Panther x1
    Difficulty Level: 1/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    You’ll be presented with two choices at the beginning of the battle.  If you 
    select option one, Algus can die and the battle won’t stop.  Since he’s a 
    guest he won’t disappear like regular characters.  If option two is selected, 
    you’ll have keep Algus alive, no matter what.  If he dies on option two, the 
    game is over, even if Ramza is alive.  There is nothing new here.  The thief 
    might try to charm your female characters (if you put any in the group).  But 
    if the thief doesn’t have that ability, he is the same as a squire.  The red 
    panther is a monster, not an human unit.  This doesn’t give the panther 
    anything special to talk about, he just the same as the other units, just 
    more powerful and has a counter attack (meaning, if you attack him, he might 
    attack you back.  You can tell this if there is a ability below the unit you 
    are attacking.)
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Chocobos, Goblins, Panthers, Morbols, Squires, Archers, Knights, Thieves, 
    Wizards, and Oracles.
    NOTE: In random battles, you won’t have the help of guest characters.  
    You’ll have do the battle with the units you have, but the squad is always 
    single with a maximum of 5.
    Battle 04: Sweegy Woods
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Goblin x2, Black Goblin x1, Bomb x2, Red Panther x1
    Difficulty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4 
    This is your first non-human battle, but they aren’t too different than 
    humans.  Monsters can’t gain JP, which means the abilities they have are all 
    the abilities they can get.  You can use monster skill (squire skill) on a 
    friendly monster to allow that monster to learn their special ability.  There 
    are two widespread attacks they can be very damaging to the party.  The first 
    is the bomb’s  Self Destruct.  It will kill the bomb, but will cause heavy 
    damage to any units in the area of explosion.  To avoid this, you can avoid 
    clumping units together, or you can kill the bomb before it can use the 
    ability.  The bomb usually uses it only when it’s HP are low, so you can kill 
    it before it has a chance.  Another ability is the Black Goblin’s Turn Punch. 
     It can affect units that are surrounding it.  It causes a good amount of 
    damage too.  It only seems to use when it is surrounding by 2 or more units.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Bombs, Archers, Skeletons, Knights, Goblins, Monks, Woodmen, and Wizards.
    Battle 05: Slums of Dorter
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Knight x1, Archer x3, Wizard x2
    Diffculty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    This is a hard battle.  Three reasons.  There is an archer at the highest 
    point on the map.  He has a long range and can hurt units badly.  The knight 
    is a powerful enemy and can block some of the attacks with his shield.  The 
    wizards are the main problem.  Their powerful attacks can put the hurt on 
    you, again if your in clumps, the spell will hit everyone in the range, 
    without any loss in damage (remember, this is a strategy game, not an RPG!). 
     Delita and Algus will go and attack the high archer, so don’t send any of 
    your controllable units to go attack.  Instead, let Ramza attack the knight 
    and get him killed.  Have a wizard (if you have one) cast spells on other 
    wizards, or a squire attack the wizards at close range.  You should also have 
    a chemist with the phoenix down ability, because the combo of spells and 
    arrows is going to kill your units if not healed.  If you are lucky to 
    survive long enough, the wizards will have the MP drained out.  Cancel any 
    attacks you have placed on the wizards and instead attack other units.  The 
    wizards usually only do around 8 points of physical damage.  Again, try to 
    leave one enemy alive so you can get treasure chests and crystal from dead 
    Battle 06: Cellar of the Sand Mouse
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Knight x3, Monk x2, Archer x1
    Difficulty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 2, Max. 2, 2
    When you begin, the you’ll see that Delita is with your first squad, Algus 
    with the second.  Your party is spilt up, but not so badly so if you work 
    better as a team, you can send all your units together.  However, guest units 
    may be separated from the group.  You’ll have to storm the building.  At 
    least one unit will stay there.  Delita will go and attack the monk that is 
    located at the "west" door.  Algus will attack the knight at the "north" 
    door.  You should provide backup to these characters.  They will attacked, 
    and may be killed.  Watch out for the archer, he can shoot above the walls 
    and attack your units.  If you used archer before this point, you’ll wonder 
    how he did this.  It is possible because the archer is using a bow, not a 
    crossbow.  After you breach a door, send attacking units inside the building 
    to attack enemies there.  They should be able to help the other group enter 
    the building as well.
    This will become the Zeklaus Desert, random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Bombs, Dragons, Ninjas, Skeletons, Behemoths, Juravis’, Goblins, Bull Demons,
    and Red Chocobos.
    Battle 07: Thieves’ Fort
    Objective: Defeat Miluda!
    Enemy Units: Miluda (Knight), Priest x2, Thief x3
    Difficulty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    Here is your first "defeat a certain person" mission.  The point is to kill 
    whoever is said in the objective and glowing in the objective screen.  You 
    only have to kill that person to win, but other units will usually be in the 
    way.  Get past the thieves and priests.  Watch out for the thief on the ledge 
    to the "west".  Miluda may expose herself, begin a knight she has the battle 
    skill abilities.  She may break weapons or armor, so watch out.  The priests 
    can heal and revive wounded enemies.  I suggest killing them first if in 
    range.  Again, the thieves may have the charm ability, and may use it on your 
    female members.  If they get charmed, attack with a weak attack to snap them 
    Battle 08: Lenalia Plateau
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Miluda (Knight), Knight x2, Wizard x2, Time Mage x1
    Difficulty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 5
    Even though Miluda is here, just killing her won’t stop the battle.  The 
    enemies are tightly packed, so if you have any wizards in your group, use 
    this to your advantage.  The time mage and wizards will the biggest problem. 
     The time mage can slow, or may make your characters unable to move.  She can 
    also cast haste on her own teammates.  The wizards will use the fact that you 
    are also tightly packed to their advantage, casting bolt and fire spells.  
    The female knights have powerful attacks and kill weak characters in one 
    slash, keep everyone healed and protected.  Miluda will really die and you’ll 
    have some explaining to do in the next battle.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Goblins, Morbols, Geomancers, Chocobos, Dragons, Time Mages, Panthers, 
    Priests, Pisco Demons, and Knights.
    Battle 09: Windmill Shed
    Objective: Defeat Wiegraf!
    Enemy Units: Wiegraf (White Knight), Monk x2, Yellow Chocobo x1, Knight x1
    Difficulty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    This is a hard battle if you don’t follow the objective.  Don’t engage any 
    other enemies in battle, just Wiegraf.  His Holy Sword attack is a big damage 
    maker, and will kill most characters in one or two attacks.  Use anything 
    against him, Archer Charge attacks, Squire Throw Stones, Wizard Black Magic, 
    and of course, physical attacks.  If you just attack him, you should be able 
    to defeat him.  If you must attack other enemies, kill the monk and the 
    chocobo on the ground.  The other monk and the knight shouldn’t be much of a 
    problem if your quick.  When Wiegraf gets to critical health, he’ll teleport 
    the battle and the battle will end.
    This will become Fovoham Plains, a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Flotiballs, Goblins, Summoners, Pisco Demons, Morbols, Monks, Juravis’, 
    Panthers, Oracles, and Bull Demons.
    Battle 10: Fort Zeakden
    Objective: Defeat Algus!
    Enemy Units: Algus (Knight), Knight x3, Wizards x2
    Difficulty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 2, Max. 2, 2
    When the battle begins, you’ll see a thief holding Teta as a shield.  Zalbag 
    will order Algus to do "it", and he will kill Teta, and then wound the thief. 
     The thief will lock himself inside the fort.  If you expect Death Corps to 
    come and fight you, it ain’t going to happen.  You’ll have fight the Houkten 
    Knights.  This is another hard battle if you don’t fight just Algus.  Have 
    Ramza come and attack Algus, Delita will be killed because he charged at 
    Algus.  The knights will make short work of him.  If you placed a wizard in 
    the first squad, have him cast spells on Algus.  The second squad should 
    slowly retreat and help the first squad, if needed.  You should be able to 
    kill Algus quickly if Ramza attacks him.  Even though Algus is a knight, he 
    has the Equip Crossbow ability and his crossbow (Night Killer) may cause 
    darkness on a hit character.
    4. Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient
    Part One: Rescuing Princess Oveila
    Agrias asks you to help her to find the princess.  You join, Gafgarion 
    reluctantly joins saying there’s no money in that.
    1. Orbonne Monastery
    Event: Gafgarion and Agrias become guests.  Rad, and the female knights join 
    as members.
    2. Dorter Trade City
    Battle 11: Dorter Trade City
    3. Araguay Woods
    Battle 12: Araguay Woods
    Event: Boco the Chocobo joins as a member.
    4. Zirekile Falls
    Battle 13: Zirekile Falls
    Event: Gafgarion leaves party.  Oveila becomes a guest.
    Part Two: Asking For Help
    After Gafgarion leaves the party and reveals what he believes in, you rescue 
    Oveila.  Agrias now asks to be escorted to Lionel Castle to ask the Cardinal
    for help.
    1. Zaland Fort City
    Battle 14: Zaland Fort City
    Event: Mustadio becomes a guest.
    2. Bariaus Hill
    Battle 15: Bariaus Hill
    3. Lionel Castle
    Event: Agrias and Oveila leave the party.
    Part Three: Helping Mustadio
    Now helping Mustadio, you go to Goug to stop the Bart Company.
    1. Zigolis Swamp
    Battle 16: Zigolis Swamp
    2. Goug Machine City
    Battle 17: Slums of Goug
    Event: Mustadio becomes a member.
    Part Four: To Lionel Castle
    Finding about the Cardinal’s plot, you rush to Lionel Castle to stop the 
    execution of the princess and to stop the Cardinal.
    1. Goug Machine City
    2. Warjilis Trade City
    3. Bariaus Valley
    Battle 18: Bariaus Valley
    Event: Agrias becomes a member.
    4. Golgorand Execution Site
    Battle 19: Golgorand Execution Site
    5. Lionel Castle
    Battle 20: At the Gate of Lionel Castle
    Battle 21: Inside of Lionel Castle
    Chapter Two Battles:
    Battle 11: Dorter Trade City
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Thief x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2
    Difficulty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    After telling the story of Ramza and Delita, you find out that the person who 
    took the princess is indeed, Delita.  You and the group head to Dorter Trade 
    City only to be ambushed.  This battle is very easy, as Gafgarion and Agrias’ 
    sword attacks are no match for the enemy.  You should order your troops to 
    attack enemies that aren’t being attack, or to finish off enemies who 
    survived a sword attack.  Kill off the two wizards first, and the rest of the 
    battle will be easy.
    Battle 12: Araguay Woods
    Objective: Defeat all enemies! or Save Chocobo!
    Enemy Units: Black Goblin x1, Goblin x5
    Diffculty Level: 1/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    Here is another easy battle.  Again, the sword attacks will kill off the 
    goblins, you should however, kill the black goblin.  The black goblin will 
    attack the chocobo, and killing him will allow the chocobo to live.  The 
    chocobo won’t however will help in the battle too much, just going into the 
    corner and healing himself or waiting for the battle to end.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Goblins, Skeletons, Morbols, Panthers, Ghouls, Woodmen, Archers, and Ninjas.
    Battle 13: Zirekile Falls
    Objective: Save Princess Oveila!
    Enemy Units: Gafgarion (Dark Knight) x1, Knight x5
    Diffculty Level: 2-3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    Here is another cheap trick you can use to make the battle a "2" battle.  
    De-equip Gafgarion of all of his weapons, armor, and abilities before this 
    battle.  He will be at around 80 HP, and can’t use his sword attacks.  If you 
    don’t do this, his sword attacks will now hurt you and he will gain life.  
    The princess will cast MBarrier on herself at the beginning of the battle, 
    and Agrias will protect her.  Don’t expect too much help from her.  After you 
    kill Gafgarion and gain control of the bridge, the rest of the battle should 
    be easy.  To make up for the lack of help from Agrias, Delita will use his 
    sword spells on the knights on the other side of the falls.  His weapons and 
    armor may be broken by the knights, so don’t let him attack the knights by 
    himself.  You can also use the bottom of the falls to get to the other side, 
    but it is slower and the depth is high.  If you go in a depth 2 square, you 
    will be unable to act.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Chocobos, Pisco Demons, Skeletons, Flotiballs, Cuars, Morbols, Bull Demons, 
    Knights, Wizards, and Time Mages.
    Battle 14: Zaland Fort City
    Objective: Defeat all enemies! or Save Mustadio!
    Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2
    Diffculty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    You can choose "I don’t want to get involved" to raise the party’s brave 
    level by 5.  Since this is a fort city, there is a huge wall defending the 
    city.  The narrow entrance will be the entryway for most units.  Those with 
    high jumping ability may be able to scale the wall however.  Kill the wizards 
    first as they will take advantage of the narrow entryway when your units 
    enter the city.  Mustadio may take critical damage or die, so make sure you 
    have a priest with cure and shell/protect spells.  His sniping skills such as 
    Leg Aim (Don’t Move) and Arm Aim (Don’t Act) can help you enter the city.  If 
    he is weak he’ll stay out of the battle, but if he is healthy, his gun 
    attacks are very helpful. 
    Battle 15: Bariaus Hill
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Knight x2, Summoner x2, Archer x2
    Difficulty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 4
    This is your first staged battle with probably the most annoying magicians, 
    the summoners.  These mages have spells with a WIDE range which can ensnare 
    most of your units in the firing range.  The spells also do high damage.  If 
    Mustadio decides to use Arm Aim on a summoner, be thankful.  The same goes 
    for Agrias’ Stasis Sword attack, which may cause Stop on a unit.  Have some 
    of your units attack the knights and the archers on the main hill.  Be 
    careful not too clump up your units to avoid having many units hit by a 
    summoner’s spell.  After you kill the summoners, the knights and archers 
    should fall easily.  Have someone with phoenix down in the group as the 
    archers and knights can finish off units hit by a summoner’s spell.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Chocobos, Bull Demons, Bombs, Archers, Summoners, Thieves, Monks, Wizards, 
    and Time Mages.
    Battle 16: Zigolis Swamp
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Skeleton x2, Bone Snatch x1, Ghoul x2, Flotiball x1 or Morbol x1
    Diffculty Level: 2/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 5
    If you haven’t fought ghouls before, here they are.  Because everything is 
    undead (except the Flotiball/Morbol) you can cast cure spells as harmful 
    spells.  I find this useful when a character who is fighting a skeleton or 
    ghoul needs healing.  Cast cure on the unit making sure that the firing range 
    affects any undead enemies.  Your character will gain HP, the undead enemy 
    will lose HP.  Mustadio may use his Seal Evil snipe ability which may petrify 
    undead enemies.  If one is petrified, they can’t take damage, but you don’t 
    need to kill that enemy to finish the objective at hand.  A word about the 
    marshes.  You can pass through them, just don’t stop in one.  If you do, the 
    unit stopped will gain the poison status which will take down their HP.  
    Enemy units in the marsh won’t gain the poison however.  One final word, if 
    you don’t finish the battle before the red cloud above an undead enemy 
    disappears, the enemy may come back to life (hey, they’re undead!).  Be quick 
    in killing everyone.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Panthers, Skeletons, Bull Demons, Ghouls, Morbols, Cocatoris, Archers, 
    Summoners, Time Mages, and Wizards.
    Battle 17: Slums in Goug
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Enemy Units: Thief x2, Archer x2, Summoner x2
    Diffculty Level: 2-3/5
    Squads: 1, Max. 5
    Before the battle (the battle will start when you try to leave Goug), change 
    a few members to Chemist class and equip them with Romanda Guns (bought from 
    the Goug shop).  Now click on the swamp and the battle will start.  Use the 
    Romanda Guns to your advantage.  Let the chemist attack anyone in range, but 
    as with the archer, they can’t attack enemies with 2 slots of them.  Take 
    down the summoners as they can cast Moogle which heals units over a long 
    range.  If Mustadio dies, don’t worry about reviving him.  The chemists you 
    put in the party will have the gun attacks.  Watch out for the archers on the 
    "east" side.  They may suprise you if you don’t notice them.  If you didn’t 
    get guns, advance slowly, taking down the thieves who will most likely hinder 
    you from attacking the summoners.  After thieves, go for the summoners and 
    then the archers.  Mustadio will join the party, but will have forgotten his 
    snipe attacks (which really sucks).
    Battle 19: Bariaus Valley
    Objective: Save Agrias!
    Enemy Units: Knights x2, Archer x2, Wizards x2
    Diffculty Level: 3/5
    Squads: 2, Max. 3, 2
    Mustadio is now controllable and may help in the battle, but he’s weak and 
    may fall to the enemies if placed in the front line.  Warning to the second 
    squad, they will have to face a wizard and an archer.  The archer’s bows may 
    cast poison if hit.  Have someone with antidote in the second squad.  After 
    the second squad beats the wizard and archer, they should come and help the 
    first squad.  Agrias may stop units with her Stasis Sword, so if that 
    happens, take full advantage of it and attack the stopped unit.  But of 
    course, take down the wizard.  If you leave him alive, his spells will cause 
    heavy damage in the group.  If needed, you should have had Mustadio learn Leg 
    Aim, which will stop enemies.  This will most help against the knights who 
    have only 1 square attacks.
    This will become a random battle zone after completion. 
    Possible Enemies:
    Bombs, Summoners, Archers, Chocobos, Wizards, Time Mages, Bull Demons, and 
    Battle 19: Golgorand Execution Site
    Objective: Defeat All Enemies!
    Enemy Units: Gafgarion (Dark Knight), Knight x3, Archer x2, Time Mage x2
    Diffculty Level: 4/5
    Squads: 2, Max. 3, 2
    Well, even if you took the Blood Sword from Gafgarion at the Falls, he has a 
    new one, and it will hurt!  Use Mustadio’s Arm Aim and Agrias’ Stasis Sword 
    to Stop Gafgarion from using his sword.  The time mages will cast slow and 
    stop on your units so watch out for them.  The archers and knights shouldn’t 
    be much of the problem, but the knight attacks are powerful and they also 
    have the broken Battle Skills.  If you need more help, have a knight in your 
    group break Gafgarion’s Blood Sword.  Once it’s broken, he should fall easily 
    and will teleport away like Wiegraf in Chapter 1.  This battle will take you 
    quite some time to finish, so plan your moves carefully.
    NOTE: Before going to the next battle, prepare.  The next two battles come 
    right after each other, you only have a chance to save and work with the 
    troops.  You can’t get to the world map until you finish battle 21 or restart
    from a save before battle 20.
    End of Part 1.
    Go on to Part 2.

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