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Manual Translation (JP) by HJerng

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/14/97

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 12:40:36 -0400
From: Henry Jerng <Henry.Jerng@mail.tju.edu>

          F I N A L    F A N T A S Y    T A C T I C S

          FAQ:  Instruction Manual Translation
          Version 1.0, prepared on 08/14/97
          Translated by Henry Jerng =

          at Jerng1@jeflin.tju.edu

TRANSLATOR'S NOTES:  First of all, I would like to thank Square for produ=
cing yet another incredible game for the PlayStation.  Square has now est=
ablished such a solid track record of mind-blowing games (Tobal 1, Final =
Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IV, Tobal 2, Bushido Blade, Final Fantasy Tact=
ics, and Saga Frontier) that I just cannot imagine them making anything b=
ut cutting-edge, value-packed games.  No other company important to the P=
layStation's success (Namco, Psygnosis, SCEI, Core) can come close to cla=
iming that.  Square's continuous innovations and aim for near perfection =
hopeful will continue (with Front Mission Alternative, Front Mission 2, P=
arasite Eve, etc.) and push the PlayStation to even greater excellence.  =
Sony's sole acquisition to Square games is a move that has solidified Pla=
yStation's dominance in Japan, and I must say it was one of the best thin=
gs the Sony can ever do. =

     Second, I would like to commend you for taking such a challenge to e=
ven to attempt to play Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT).  It will be a difficu=
lt challenge, but the reward will be great.  For beginners who dare to ta=
ke on this challenge, this translation is to help you get started.  For t=
he experienced players who have already tried to play FFT, I would like t=
o offer this as a complete written guide for your continued journey into =
the world of FFT. =

     Again, this is a literal translation of the instruction manual which=
 comes with the game-  the page numbers are notes so you can just follow =
along and look at the pictures in the manual.  Occasionally, the translat=
ion may get a little rough because of the differences between English and=
 Japanese grammatical structures, so you will have to excuse me for that.=
  It can be polished up, but due to time constraints and the need to publ=
ish this information I am forced to leave it as it as.  =

     I am presently translating the tutorial section of the game, and tha=
t may be followed by the strategy, hints, and history of the game (as tim=
e permits).  As far as I know, FFT may be released in the US by early/mid=
 1998, so it may not be completely worthwhile to translate the entire gam=
e at expense of my playing FFT.  If you have any questions, you may conta=
ct me at the above e-mail address.
     Well, good luck and enjoy.  HJ


(page 2)

A warrior holds his sword and embraces a stone against his chest.
He engraves his dying memories on that sword
and entrusts his trained abilities on that stone.
A legend is told from the sword and followed on the stone.
Now, we shall recite that legend.....

Thank you for purchasing PlayStation
"Final Fantasy Tactics" licensed by SQUARE CO., LTD.
Please read the attached instruction thoroughly before starting the game
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.

1 Player
Memory Card, 1 Block
SCPS 45087-8

(page 3)


* Prestory:  page 4
* Main Character Introduction:  page 5
* How to Start the Game:  page 6
          when starting the game from beginning
          when starting the game from continue
* How to Use the Controller:  page 8
* Game Flow:  page 10
* About Battle, Beginning Version:  page 11
          basics of battle, screen explanation
          movement, action, standby, direction determination
          auto-battle, strongbox & crystal, stage clear, game over
* About Battle, Intermediate Version:  page 14
          attack team formation
          how to use ability, how to cast magic
          about charge time
          about abnormal status
* About Battle, Advanced Version:  page 18
          status verification
          explanation of menu window
          protection constellation, brave point, faith point
          effects of topography and height
          invitation of monsters
          about calculations
* World Map Screen:  page 25
          movement, street establishments, bar
          warrior mediation place
          formation screen
          set-up window, item equip
          job change
          other windows for formation
          brave story
          how to end the game, option
* Job Introduction:  page 40
* Magic:  page 44
* Weapon, Armor, Item:  page 46

(page 4)


~~ From the 50 Year War, and to the Lion War ~~

     Throughout history, wars repeat themselves in various times, various=
 places.  From these wars, many heroes are passed down.  However, in thes=
e legends gallantly taught to future generations, we must not forget the =
reality that was buried in secrecy.  Weathered by people's rumors and the=
 passing of time, the true legend is forgotten and passed away.....

     A long time ago, a war seethed and erupted in a land called Evalease=
=2E  This war engulfed the territory of Evalease and its neighbor country=
 of Ordalia.  It lasted for 50 years and finally ended in the form of dis=
cussions that formally called for peace.  However, Evalease's obvious def=
eat was clear in everyone's eyes, and the state of affairs within the cou=
ntry steadily dilapidated.  The defeat exhausted the people's physical st=
rength and their resources.....
     The lords of the six imperial ruling families got together, formed a=
n united front, and guided Evalease back to prosperity.  Their delicate b=
alance of power soon collapsed, and this is such a time for legends.  It =
was just one year after the end of the 50 years war.  The incident of the=
 abduction of Evalease's Queen Ovaria occurred.  On this opportunity, an =
armed conflict started between two of the six imperial reigns:  Galeonu (=
ruled by Larg) and Zerutenia (ruled by Goltarna).  The war between the tw=
o families, which have the crests of the white lion and the black lion, w=
as called the Lion War.  Added to the backdrop of the Lion War, there was=
 a problem of succession to the throne of the suddenly dead King.  Larg i=
s the biological older brother of Queen of Evalease, and Goltarna is the =
younger cousin of the dead King.  According to the historical facts, ther=
e was a young hero named Dileeta who suppressed the Lion War that soon en=
gulfed the entire country of Evalease.  And, there was a young man name R=
amuza who also appeared on the scene here.  You cannot see his name in an=
y historical facts.  However, behind the magnificant legend of the hero D=
ileeta is the young man Ramuza who also lived through the dark part of Ev=
alease's history.  Shall we see what had happened?.....

(page 5)

     The Lion War started with the Queen abduction incident.  Countless m=
en threw themselves into this war that engulfed the entire country of Eva=
lease.  Here, let's introduce the two main characters of the legend.

     Ramuza Beolubu

     Hero.  Born to the noble family of Beolubu that served the Larg lord=
s for generations and in charge of about half of Galeonu's military force=
=2E  The family's two brothers are both strategists commanding the famous=
 Galeonu Northern Sky Knights company, Evalease's most powerful military =
corps.  Comparing the two brothers, Ramuza is strong but with a inferiori=
ty complex.  After graduating form the Gariland officer academy, he joine=
d in the service of Queen Ovaria's guard team and became involved in the =
Queen's abduction incident.

     Dileeta Hyraru

     According to historical facts, he is the hero that led to the end of=
 the Lion War.  Afterwards, he became a king and continued a long and pea=
ceful rule.  To start, he was born to a family of horse raisers (people w=
ho breed and train military horses) that served the Beolubu family.  Due =
to their relationship, he was friends with Ramuza since childhood.  He wa=
s able to attend the Gariland officer academy, an elite school, and it is=
 thought that it happened because of the influence of the Beolubu family.=
  However, his eminence after that is certainly an extreme exception, if =
you consider his birth/personage.

(page 6)

     By pressing the PlayStation's open button and opening the holder, yo=
u can correctly set the CD-ROM.  After the auto-demo ends, you will get t=
he title screen.  * You can skip the auto-demo by pressing the START butt=

NEW GAME:  Select this to start a game from the beginning.
CONTINUE:  Select this to start a continued game from saved data.
TUTORIAL:  The mode to learn the game rules and how to play before playin=
SOUND:  Set the music and sound effects (MONO AURAL/ STEREO/ WIDE)

(page 7)

* When you start a game from the beginning

     If you choose NEW GAME, the legend's general background and our hero=
 are introduced through the words of historian Alazuramu, the legend's na=
rrator.  Afterwards, you will input the hero's name (the player's charact=
er) and the birthday.  When everything is entered, the opening CG movie w=
ill play and the legend will start.

* When you start a game from continue

     If you choose CONTINUE, the screen will ask you to select the memory=
 card slot.  You will choose the slot where the memory card is inserted a=
nd choose the data to load.  You can save up to 15 data on the memory car=
d if no other game data is saved on the memory card.  (Consult page 39 fo=
r how to save).
     This product comes with Disc 1 (Final Fantasy Tactics) and Disc 2 (S=
quare Previews 2).  Please set Disc 1 when you want to play Final Fantasy=
 Tactics.  Again, the saved data for the prototype version of Saga Fronti=
er on Disc 2 cannot be used for Final Fantasy Tactics.

(page 8)


     On every screen, you can see Help Message by pressing the select but=
ton, then pointing the cursor to the matter you want to learn about.  Whe=
never there is something you do not understand, try to press the select b=
utton.  * There are some exceptions.

(page 9)

* Decide
* Open the menu for the unit you chose with the cursor.  When in the STAT=
US window, if you press it once more, you get JOB LEVEL, and if you press=
 once more you can confirm the learned ABILITY.
* When cursor free, return the cursor to the unit.
(World Map)
* Decide
* Call out bar, shop, and other establishment on the cursor.

* Cancel
* Display the range of possible movement of the unit chosen with the curs=
or.  * At this time, you can scroll the map by controlling the directiona=
l keys.
(World Map)
* Cancel

* Cursor cancel (While pressing it, the friendly unit and enemy unit are =
distinguished by color)  * At this time, you can scroll the map by using =
the directional keys.
* While pressing it, you can scroll the message wiindow.
(World Map)
* Have it pressed, the world map can be scrolled with controlling the dir=
ectional keys.
* While pressing, you can scroll the message window.  This operation can =
be used anywhere, on formation screen and city/street establishments.

* Open menu window
* Even in the middle of a battle that is progressing on auto, STANDBY can=
 be made by pressing the triangle button.
(World Map)
* Call out the menu window.

* Move cursor.
* When cursor cancel, move the screen up/down/left/right
(World Map)
* Move cursor

* Make the map rotate rightward
(World Map)
* Display and return the complete map.

* Change the horizontal level of the map.
(World Map)
* Not used.

* Make the map rotate leftward.
(World Map)
* Display and return the complete map.

* Change the zoom of the map (enlarge, shrink)
(World Map)
* Not used.

* Call out the Help Message.
(World Map)
* Call out the Help Message.

* Cursor will point to units not associated with friendly/enemy forces.
* When cursor free, return cursor to unit.
(World Map)
* Call out the Help Message.
* Call out the menu window.

ABOUT SOFT RESET:  You can soft reset by pressing START, SELECT, R1 and L=
1 buttons all at the same time.  * The controls above are the basic contr=

(page 10)

     Here I shall explain the general flow of the game.  Basically, the l=
egend moves forward by movements on the world map and battle repeatedly. =
 On the world map, you can organize units by the formation screen, and at=
 every position (blue positions are places you can go already, while red =
positions are places you cannot go yet) you can increase your items and c=
ompanions.  Again, at the green positions, there is a possibility that ba=
ttles can occur by random.  If a new position appears, it is good to save=
 it first before you go.  (Consult page 39 for SAVE.)

Attack Formation  <--  World Map Screen  -->  Event, or Formation Screen =
(page 30)
(page 14)                    (page 25)
     I                                          I
     I                                          I
Battle                         Bar (page 26),  Shop (page 28), and Warrio=
r Mediation Place (page 29)
(page 11)

(page 11)


     Before the battle, the stage's winning requirement is presented, of =
course.  When you fulfill the winning condition, the stage will be cleare=
d.  (Winning requirement depends on the stage.)  In this game, the comman=
d order goes around when the charge time (CT) reaches maximum whether it =
is enemy or friend.  This command order is call the attack turn (AT).  Fo=
r an unit that is high in agility, the speed at which the gauge returns i=
s fast, and therefore the AT that comes around will be many.  On one roun=
d of AT, you can "move" and "act" once.  You will obtain experience point=
s (EXP) necessary for unit development and job point (JP) necessary for d=
evelopment of job and learning abilities.  * To confirm the unit's operat=
ion order, please consult "attack turn" on page 19.


CURSOR (a symbol which looks like a down arrow)
* Designate an unit or target by selecting and moving the cursor over the=
 unit with the directional keys.

* (from the top)  Hit Point, Magic Point, and Charge Time are displayed

* Shows the face of the active enemy or guest unit.

* You can move an unit that has AT displayed.

* The cursor position's absolute height on the map is displayed.  The hei=
ght at which the unit stands has effects on the battle.

(Lower Right Box)
* Display the enemy/friendly units name, job, protection constellation, b=
rave point, and faith point.  (Consult page 21 for protection constellati=
on, brave point, and faith point.)

(Colored Dots in the Lower Right Box)
* Blue dot is friendly unit, and orange dot is enemy unit.

(page 12)

     When you chose "Move", the possible move range for the unit is displ=
ayed.  When you decide on the place you want to move the unit inside the =
range, by your pressing the CB, the unit will begin moving toward that po=

     When you choose "Action", the equipped ability is displayed; for a h=
uman unit, that is "Fight".  (Consult page 33 for abilities.)  If you cho=
ose "Fight", you will decide on a target and attack with equipped weapon.=
  The attack range depends on the weapon.  Furthermore, because the now u=
sable abilities are displayed when you choose ability, you will choose an=
d decide.  Still, by using certain abilities, you may consume MP.  (Consu=
lt page 15 for how to use abilities.)

     You can "Standby" occasionally when "Action" ended and you may/may n=
ot "Move".  Again, you can "Standby" without "Action" or "Move".  When yo=
u decide to "Standby", the CT gauge is not used at all, and the next AT w=
ill come back quicker.
     AT will come back quicker by this order: 1) Standby, 2) May/may not =
move, Action, Standby, and 3) Move and Action both.

     When AT is over, you will decide the direction your units face.  You=
 will select and decide on one from the 4 directions that a light is turn=
ed on or off, but it is dangerous to have your back turned toward an enem=
y.  Decide on the direction the unit should face by considering from whic=
h direction the enemy will attack.

(page 13)

     You can assign the compute to control friendly units.  Please select=
 the way you want to work from "Auto Battles", "Manual", or other ways.

1.  Manual-  Player controls unit.
2.  Fight without Valuing Life-  Fight the chosen enemy determinedly, w/o=
 backing form danger.
3.  Protect Comrade-  Protect the chosen comrade without backing away fro=
m danger.
4.  Save a Dying Life-  Recovery preferentially a friendly unit with decr=
eased HP.
5.  Escape by Dashing Away-  Try to escape to safe place if you can.

* To determine "Auto Battle", during the AT of a friendly unit, stop the =
battle flow with the TB and choose the unit with cursor and return to man=
* Consult page 18 for "Status".

     An unit that has zero (0) HP and become "Unable to Fight" (Consult p=
age 17) will change into a strong box containing items or a crystal when =
left alone.  When a friendly unit (not including guest unit) picks up a s=
trong box, an item is obtained.  And when a crystal is obtained, the unit=
 that obtained it can recover HP and MP fully.  When a crystal is obtaine=
d, you can inherit the ability of the original unit (Consult page 35 for =
inheritance of ability.)

     When you met the winning requirement for the stage, it will be stage=
 clear.  If you do not meet the winning requirement, such as when the her=
o dies, it is game over.  When stage cleared, you will receive war spoils=
 and bonus money.  After stage clear, the damage received by every unit w=
ill be recovered.  When you want to recover in the middle of battle, you =
must use magic and ability from items.  (Consult page 12) by using "Actio=

(page 14)


     Attack team is the party that participates in battle.  Usually, you =
will form attack team before entering battle.  The maximum number of peop=
le in the attack team is five, including the hero (not including the gues=
t units.)  A chosen unit joins the party by positioning on the panel that=
 becomes higher on the formation screen.  Move over, the arrangement of p=
anel which becomes higher depends on the place where the battle takes pla=

The Basic Formation Method
1)  Select an unit that you want to arrange by making your units scroll.
2)  Decide by placing cursor on a panel you want to arrange a unit.
3)  Repeat (1) and (2) whichever is set.  And by pressing start button.
* Of course, you can correct you choices until you press the start button=
=2E  When the arrangement is already finished, you can replace by selecti=
ng the unit.

How to Control When Forming the Attack Team

L1, R1 Buttons:  Make your own scroll.
Square Button:  Open status window and  confirm status.
X Button:  Close status window.
Triangle Button:  Search the units on the panels.
Circle Button:  Decide.  You can choose the unit with cursor, and cancel =
the unit on the panel by
     pressing it the second time.
START:  After the attack team is formed, move to the battlefield.

* For details status of every unit, consult page 30.

(page 15)

     When unit's operating, if you choose a command other than "Fight", t=
he ability you can use is displayed.  Then, please choose a target becaus=
e the shooting image is displayed.  The shooting range of ability is vari=
ous,  and there are things that will have effects beside the user.  (Cons=
ult page 23 for details on abilities.)

     Even among ability, I shall explain the casting of magic.  When you =
will use magic (black magic, white magic, time magic) you will choose whi=
chever "unit" and "panel" for target.  If there is no "unit" on the "pane=
l" you targeted, then you will have chosen the "panel".  Moreover, there =
is the Effect Range as well as the Shooting Range.  When selecting a targ=
et, you should decide by confirming carefully, since the shooting range a=
nd effect range is displayed in different colors.  =

* The thing that is turned on/off red on the magic command list is the ma=
gic you cannot use because you do not have enough MP.

(page 16)

     In Final Fantasy Tactics, there is a degree of time lag between the =
time you command magic and the time it is activated.  (The length of time=
 depends on the magic.)  It is because there is a charge time (CT) for ma=
gic.  (The unit that is in charge time will display "C".  Consult panel t=
o the right for picture.  While charge time is going on, the time will ru=
n, and when AT returns to the unit, you cannot take action on friend or f=
oe.  Therefore, it is possible to perform something on an enemy when his =
charge time is active.  Tactics are involved:  for example, casting a mag=
ic on a "panel" and having it timed right to lure the enemy into it.  Ple=
ase find other tactics for when charge time is active.
     Before ordering magic, please confirm the firing time of ability.

(Chart on the Left)
Fire-  circular arrow-  06-  04
Thunder-  circular arrow-  06-  04
Blizzard-  circular arrow-  06-  04

(Chart on the right)
01  Judo
02  Ramuza
03  Megarays
04  Fire  (Kattsu)
05  Dogman
06  Joanna

     Using the above mentioned operation, you can confirm the activity or=
der of ability by looking at the AT order (Friends in black, and enemy in=
 red.)  On the left screen, "Fire" is the fourth (4th) in order because o=
f AT, and as a result, it is active after the unit "Megarays".  =

      Displays by a directional arrow an ability and magic that can be re=
pelled by "Reflect".  *Consult page 45 for "Reflect".

     Active time according to AT order.  * When it is "Now", there is no =
charge time.

* Please consult active turn on page 19 for confirming active time of abi=
lity after ordering magic.

(page 17)

     The unit that received attack is indicated by abnormal status.  Ther=
e are times when time passes you will return from abnormal status to norm=
al, and there are times when you will not recover automatically.  The way=
s to recover varies.


1.  POISON:  (Skull)  Your HP gradually decreases.  Recover by items "Ant=
idote", "Panacea", and magic.
2.  SILENCE:  (three dots in balloon)  You become unable to use magic.  R=
ecover by items "Echo Grass", "Panacea", and magic.
3.  CONFUSION:  (question mark in balloon)  Regardless of friend/foe, you=
 will attack all units beside yourself.  Recover by "Panacea", magic from=
 others, or receiving attack.
4.  BERZERK:  (asterisk in balloon)  You will continue just "Attack" with=
out accepting ordered command.  Recover by magic.
5.  DREAMING:  (DM)  You cannot move (Action and standby are possible)  R=
ecover with magic.
6.  STONE:  (stoned)  You turned to stone and cannot act.  Recover with i=
tems "Golden Needle", "Panacea", and magic.  It is game over when all par=
ty members turn to stone.
7.  FROG:  (frog)  You cannot use "Fight" and the black magic "Toad".  Re=
cover with items "Virgin's Kiss", "Panacea", and magic.
8.  ANTIDOTE:  (???)  You will receive damage from magic and items that n=
ormally recover HP.  Recover with item "Holy Water".
9.  SLEEP:  (ZZ)  You cannot make a move because you are asleep.  Recover=
 with "Panacea", magic from someone else, and receiving attack.
10.  DARKNESS:  (sunglasses)  Hit rate on physical attacks become lower. =
 Recover with item "Eye Medicine", "Panacea", and magic.
11.  CHARM:  (heart)  You will attack your friendly units because you are=
 charmed by the enemy.  Recover with receiving damage.
12.  DEATH SENTENCE:  (a number)  A countdown number is shown.  When it r=
eaches zero, you will not be able to fight (dead).
13.  DON'T ACT:  (DA)  You cannot act (move and standby are possible)  Re=
cover with magic.
14.  OIL:  (oil drops)  You become weak to fire because you are covered w=
ith oil.  Recover with items "Panacea" or receiving a small degree of fir=
e-related attack.
15.  CHICKEN:  (chicken)  You will become a chicken and start to run arou=
nd trying to escape and not join in the battle.  If the stage ends while =
you are a chicken, you will desert the group.
16.  UNABLE TO FIGHT/DEAD:  (dead!)  It's the situation when your HP beco=
mes zero.  Recover with item "Phoenix's tail" and magic.

(page 18)


     It is extremely important to keep a hold of the friend/enemy status =
while moving the battle forward.  To verify the status, place the cursor =
over the unit you want to know and decide with the CB.  When you select "=
Status", you can open the unit's status window.

     You can verify the job level by pressing the CB on the status screen=
, and the learned abilities and abnormal status by pressing the CB once m=
ore afterwards.  The present job level and usable abilities, and of cours=
e the abnormal status, are important status in controlling the war situat=
ion.  Try to check very often.

(page 19)

     If you press the TB on the battlefield screen, the menu window comes=
 out.  You can choose between 3 different menus:  a menu important for "A=
ctive Turn",  "Unit List", and "Option" which you set the operational env=

     You can verify the unit's operational order and the activity order/a=
ctivity place of magic and such after they have already been entered.  If=
 you move the cursor to an unit's name and press the CB, the cursor will =
be placed on that unit on the map.  Moreover, when magic has been ordered=
, your friend's magic name (ability name) are in black, and your enemy's =
magic will be in red.  If you place the cursor on a magic's name and pres=
s the CB, you can verify the activity place of that magic.  If you can ve=
ry often verify the when and where abilities will be active, you can enjo=
y the tactical battle much more.

(page 20)

     All the units on the battlefield can be displayed (The direction the=
 unit faces is the same as you see on the battlefield.)  Here, you can ve=
rify the status of all the units by the following operations.

Directional Keys; R1/L1 Buttons:  Select unit.
Circle Button:  Verify the parameters of the chosen unit and the item and=
 ability he/she has.
Select Button:  You can see the Help Message on every parameter, item, an=
d ability.
R2/L2 Buttons:  Display the parameter you want to confirm.

* The menu window is again opened with the TB or the START button.

Arrange/Exchange:  You will arrange the units according to the value of p=
arameter of your choice.
Search:  You can find the battlefield position of a chosen unit and retur=
n to the field.

     You can change the game's established environment, same as the optio=
ns for world map.  From among the various established settings, please ch=
oose settings to your liking.  Please consult page 39 for the individual =

(page 21)

     The protection constellation, brave point, and faith point is displa=
yed on every unit's status screen.  In the game, what kind of meaning do =
they hold?  Here, I shall explain how they shall affect units in battle. =
 When you are forming your attack team, please remember what they mean.

     In the world of Final Fantasy Tactics, every unit receives the prote=
ction of one of the 12 constellations.  The protection constellation set =
for every unit imparts large effects to the compatibility with fellow uni=
ts.  It is in the time of battle that this compatibility strikingly is sh=
own.  For example, when on an attack, if the compatibility is good, then =
they can give damage bigger than normal.  But when their compatibility is=
 bad, then the damage is decreased.  In the middle of battle, you should =
check the compatibility depending on the protection constellation on the =
Help Message.

     Brave point shows the unit's courage.  The higher this value is, the=
 stronger the spirit; the lower, the weaker the spirit becomes because of=
 cowardice.  If the brave point is high, the damage given to the enemy is=
 greater and the success rate is higher because of effects on the attack =
method.  If it is low, it will be "Chicken" status (Consult page 17), and=
 you will run away form the enemy.  Faith point shows the strength of the=
 heart to believe in the unbelievable power and phenomenon that science c=
annot prove, such as spirits and magic.  In other words, if the value of =
the "Faith" is high, of course the unit will receive greater effects from=
 magic.  For example, when a white magic such as recovery is casted, the =
degree of recovery will be higher if the recipient's faith point is high.=
  And at the same time, for black magic, the attack magic's damage will b=
e higher if the recipient's faith point is high.  On the other hand, if t=
he faith point is low, there is resistance to black magic, and this time =
the recovery magic too will be ineffective.  These two can increase or de=
crease during battle by magic.  Again, the units may be changed by events=
=2E  * When the battle ends, if the brave point or faith point is extreme=
ly low or high, that unit will have deserted the group.

(page 22)

     Because the battle map is displayed in 3D, the topography and the he=
ight where the unit stands produces large effects on the battle.  There a=
re situations where, because of topography, the unit is limited and canno=
t invade.  And an unit can demonstrate special ability to attack from a h=
igher position.  Because you can open the Help Message and receive latest=
 report on the topography, it is good to verify the topography to determi=
ne the limit of movement and attacks.

     The ability to move (MOVE/JUMP), as displayed on the unit's status s=
creen, is dependent on the unit and under the influence of the topography=
 of the battle map.  * "Move" shows the unit's move distance, and "Jump" =
shows that the unit has the ability to jump across things.  These values =
can be increased by move ability and accessory equipment (Consult "Move A=
bility" on page 33)

     With special movement (such as floating), if your unit can enter a g=
roundwork (such as lava place and deep water) where normally people canno=
t invade, then you can certainly get yourself into an advantageous fighti=
ng situation.
     Again, if you select an unit that is at the same position but as a d=
ifferent height (like the left panel) the cursor will automatically move =
up and down.  When the cursor is on the top of the target unit, please ch=
oose.  When you want to change the cursor movement speed and replace the =
chosen unit with the START button, decide with "Option".  (For "Option", =
consult pages 20 and 39)  * Other than above, the ability of character mo=
vement is controlled also by the weather.

(page 23)

     If there is a storyteller in the party, then you can "Invite" an ene=
my (monster too) into your party.  If you can successfully pull off the "=
Invitation" and make it part of the group, thereafter other same units ca=
n be made to join the attack team and can be controlled.  If you can make=
 a powerful monster into a friend, it will certainly be a big help.  * Ot=
her than "Inviting", there are other ways to make monsters your companion=

STORYTELLER-  Quite a marvelous warrior, storytellers walk across the bat=
tlefield by freely using skillful storytelling.  Without anything but fli=
rting with the enemy using mere words, the ability called "Invitation" is=
 his/her greatest weapon.


* CHOCOBO:  Use powerful skill, you can use their high mobility by riding=
=2E (if your unit is human).  When you  designate a friendly chocobo befo=
re moving, anyone can ride.  While on the chocobo, AT will not return.
* BOMB:  It gives big damage to surrounding enemies by "Self-Exploding". =
 Again, if it receives fire attack, it will recover instead.
* AIRYMAN:  Its strong point is attacking with the line of vision from it=
s big eyeballs.  Another form of attack is the "Death Sentence" that driv=
es the target to death.
* MOLDBALL:  It uses "Stinky Breath" which causes a number of abnormal st=
atuses.  It is a troublesome monster when it is an enemy.

ABOUT "USING MAGIC ROTATION":  When an unit that equipped "Using Magic Ro=
tation" (a support ability for training warriors) is on the monster's sid=
e, he/she can increase one of the monster's ability.

(page 24)

     "Arithmetic", arithmetician's ability, can use every kind of magic w=
ithout consuming MP. (White magic, black magic, time magic, Ying-Yang ski=
ll)  When you use "Arithmetic", you must have third level command.  First=
, you will appoint something that becomes the subject for calculations (s=
uch as level)  You will appoint the value to calculate next (such as mult=
iples of 3).  Finally, you will appoint which magic to use (such as "Fire=
")  The magic used by arithmeticians has no relation with the shooting an=
d effect range.  All the units on the map are subjects of arithmetic.  Fo=
r example, if you appoint the subject's level, multiply it by 3 to get a =
calculated value, and chose the magic as "Fire", "Fire" is activated to a=
ll the units that has levels in multiples of 3 on the map.  If you can re=
member it once, you can use it without setting it again.  =

(Consult page 35 for "Ability Set") and there is no charge time.  * There=
 are some magic arithmeticians cannot use.

(page 25)

     Movement among positions, formation and shopping before battle, and =
data save are all done on the world map.  As the story progresses, the po=
sitions that you can move increase.  Moreover, the various positions are =
tied by routes, and 1 day passes by moving 1 section.  Let's explain abou=
t the world map screen.

MENU SCREEN:  you can call out the menu by pressing the TB or START butto=
n while on the world map.

* MOVE:  Appoint the position you want to move to.  See page 26.
* FORMATION:  Arrange your army's battle condition.  See page 30.
* BRAVE STORY:  A data base for collecting events during play and the obt=
ained informations.  See page 38.
* TUTORIAL:  You can study the game's rules and battle methods.  See page=
* OPTION:  Decide on control conditions.  See page 39.

(page 26)

     If position and route are shown the world map, you can move by appoi=
nting a position.  For how to move, there are two types of ways:  point t=
o a position on the world map with the cursor, or appoint a position name=
 on the menu window.  With either method, events can happen in the middle=
 of movement and before movement to suddenly bring you into battle.  In o=
rder for any time/thing to happen okay, remember to save after and before=
 any battle on the world map.  (consult page 39 for "Save".)

     There are bars, shops, and warrior mediation places in the position =
of castles and cities.  More than just obtaining new information, buying/=
selling items, finding new allies, you can discover ways to increase the =
war funds absolutely necessary to continue the war.


GOSSIP:  When you talk to the bar master, if you select "Gossip", you can=
 hear important hints and information that are useful for the legend's pr=

PROFITABLE JOB:  When you show up at the bar, you can hear about "Profita=
ble Jobs".  If you join "Profitable Job" here, you can get involved in ot=
her jobs by dispatching an unit for a set few days from your army, while =
the legend progresses in other ways.  (At that time you must consider the=
 information fee and the cost.)  If you go to a bar where a fixed number =
of days passes, you can hear "Job Report" from comrades who finished the =
job.  You can obtain an unthinkable enormously large sum of money and pri=
celess treasures, discovery of secret places, and JP (Job Point- Consult =
page 32).  However, you can be in debt once you deducted the information =
fee and cost.  Because gamble element is high, you should be careful abou=
t the remaining war funds (About treasures and secret places, consult pag=
e 38)
     Flow of Profitable Job:  Contract -> Dispatch -> Report

(page 28)

     You can buy and sell equipment and recovery items.

* BUY:  You can buy shop owner's equipment and recovery items.
* SELL:  You can sell your army's equipment and recovery items.
* TEST ROOM:  You can try out weapon, armor, and accessory obtained from =
the shop.  You can buy items you like right here.

VERIFY THE UNIT'S EQUIPPABILITY:  The shop sells equipments that you can =
or cannot use by the job.  It is meaningless to buy strong weapon, armor,=
 and accessory when you cannot equip them.  In the shop, by pressing the =
TB when you've selected an item, you can confirm who can equip the item.

ABOUT THE STRONGEST TEST:  With the equippable weapon, armor, and accesso=
ry sold at the shop, you can automatically test the item that is the most=
 powerful (weapon =3D attack power, armor =3D HP upgrade and high evasion=

(page 29)

WARRIOR MEDIATION PLACE:  At the warrior mediation place, you can hire ne=
w apprentice warriors for your army.  Hired for scenarios, they are diffe=
rent from units that will become your allies.  And the warriors you get h=
ere are nameless soldiers.  They are completely untrained-  they can be m=
ade to learn ability, depending on the shop.  Please feel free to develop=
 them to deepen your pleasure and increase your attachment to them.

CHANGE THE NAME OF MONSTERS:  Monsters that become allies can have their =
names changed at the warrior mediation place.  They originally have names=
, but you can change to ones that you like.  * Special shops can be found=
 in special streets.  Please find them.

(page 30)

     Formations prepare you for battle.  On the formation screen, confirm=
ation of unit status, job change, learning ability, and setting ability a=
re all conducted here.  In this game, the formation system must be learne=
d in order to enjoy the battles.  Let's move forward in the game by under=
standing the formation system.

(Please consult the Help message concerning individual items)
     When you select a unit and press the CB, it will become the above sc=
reen.  Here, you can confirm the unit parameter and item/ability equipped=
=2E  When you press the CB again, you can confirm the job and ability whi=
ch can now be changed.

* Directional Keys/ R1, L1 Buttons:  Select unit.
* Select Button:  See Help Message on every parameter, item, and ability.=

* R2, L2 Buttons:  Display the parameter you want to confirm.
* Triangle Button (TB), START Button:  The window that setup every unit a=
* Square Button (SB):  Close the status window and return.

(page 31)

SET-UP WINDOW:  On the formation screen, if you press the TB or START but=
ton, the unit's set-up window opens.  From here, you can set the equipmen=
t of every kind of item, job change, learning ability, and ability set.

(page 32)

JOB CHANGE:  Every unit from the army which fulfills conditions for job c=
hanges appears in the form of a circle.  For the unit, if its job can be =
changed, it is displayed light.  If it cannot be changed, it is displayed=
 dark.  Please choose a job you want by make it rotate with the direction=
al keys and decide with the CB.  The units get job points (JP) by repeati=
ng battles and can change to various jobs (Summary of jobs is on page 40)=

     All the standard units are apprentice warriors, except for units tha=
t become companions once they make it into the story's plot.  It becomes =
possible to change to other jobs by accumulating experience.  Moreover, s=
ince the various job's establish characteristic abilities, you acquire un=
ique abilities by changing jobs using acquired job points.  Once an abili=
ty has been learned, it is not forgotten even if you changed jobs.  You c=
an freely mix jobs and abilities.  For example, you can have a knight tha=
t can cast white magic, and you can have a ninja who can handle black mag=
ic.  Please try to mix as you please.  * Consult page 33 for Ability and =
page 40 for general information on Jobs.

JOB LEVEL:  Job level is necessary condition for job change. If you canno=
t raise your job level, you cannot change to another job.  Among them, th=
ere are also jobs in which more than one job level is a condition.  How d=
oes one manage to find all the jobs as expected?.....

(page 33)

     "Ability" is the magic, special techniques, and special powers learn=
ed by various jobs.  Ability is just something that makes that job's dist=
inctive feature especially prominent.  For example, item knight cannot  e=
xpect much in his attack ability, but he is the one and only job that can=
 use items according to his ability.  Again, as for the pairing of these =
job and ability, there is no saying too much even if I talk to infinity. =
 Pair the strongest job and ability that you find.  To search for that is=
 the sweet taste of success in this game.  Please experience the fun of f=
reely making your unit.

(left panel)
1.  ACTION ABILITY 1:  (downward lightning arrow) The job's characteristi=
c ability that you can perform, such as the action command (magic, specia=
l skill, and the like) during battle.
2.  ACTION ABILITY 2:  (downward lightning arrow) Action command that you=
 can newly equip.
3.  REACTION ABILITY:  (arrow bouncing back up) The ability such as count=
erattack, absorption, and such that automatically activate against enemy =
4.  SUPPORT ABILITY:  (arrow going clockwise) The ability for strengtheni=
ng parameter and other job's weapons and armors.
5.  MOVE ABILITY:  (footprint)  The ability that can increase your moveme=
nt ability.

(right panel)
1.  SET ABILITY:  Consult page 35.
3.  LEARN ABILITY:  Consult page 34.

(page 34)

     There are mainly two ways to learn ability.  The first and main way =
is to learn it in exchange for job points, and the second way is a specia=
l one in which you learn powerful ability that you cannot learn ordinaril=

EXCHANGE JOB POINTS FOR ABILITY:  If you choose "Learn" on the screen for=
m the previous page, the screen will display 1) the job point you have ac=
cumulated up to now for every job, 2) the accumulated job point necessary=
 for the next job level up, and 3) the present job point.  Please select =
a job you want to learn in ability.  If you have the necessary JP to lear=
n an ability for the chosen job, you can learn the ability here.  The app=
roach to learning ability is decided freely by the player.  Do you learn =
by order form the lower level magic?  Or, do you save a lot of job points=
 and so learn powerful magic?  Please select according to your own strate=

(upper panel)
Job-  Job name
LV-  Job level
Total-  Accumulated JP you have gained up to now.
Next-  Accumulated JP needed for next level up
JP-  JP now.

(lower panel)
Ability-  Ability name
Mp-  MP consumption
Speed-  Charge time
Jp- JP necessary for learning

* When you are at the lower screen, you can change completely every abili=
ty (Action, reaction, support, move) with left/right on the directional k=
eys.  (Consult page 33 for every ability)

(page 35)

     When a fixed time passes after an unit becomes "Dead/Unable to Fight=
" (Consult "Abnormal Status" on page 17), you will become a crystal.  (En=
emy units become strong boxes. Consult strong box and crystal on page 13)=
  There are cases in which, if you pick up that crystal, you can inherit =
the ability that the dead unit held.  If you can defeat a strong enemy an=
d pick up that crystal, you can learn ability that you cannot learn any o=
ther way.  Again, you can choose to recover HP and MP at this time.

SETTING YOUR ABILITY:  Even if you learn many abilities, you cannot use t=
he abilities if you do not equip them to the unit.  Well, select "Set" of=
 ability, select the ability you want to set, and decide.  Including the =
action ability characteristic of the job, you can set up to a maximum of =
four (4) types of abilities. (Consult page 33 for ability types)  * There=
 are ways to learn ability other than the above-mentioned methods.

(page 36)


DROPPING A NAME/ EXPULSION:  You can remove an unit from your army.  Howe=
ver, once an unit is "Expelled", he or she cannot be added back to the ar=
my the second time.  When you "Expel" an unit, you should do so only afte=
r you have carefully considered it.  And, depending on the unit, there ar=
e persons you cannot "Expel".

ARRANGING UNITS:  When selecting parameters displayed on the menu screen,=
 the units will be ranked in the order of the value of that parameter.

ABOUT MONSTER EGGS:  When there is a monster in your party and there is s=
pare room among your units, the monster will lay an egg.  If it hatches, =
the new monster will be added to your party.  At that time, there is cert=
ainly no limit as to how it may appear;  it may look the same or differen=
t from the original monster (black chocobos is born from white chocobo)  =
You can erase with the TB or START.

(page 37)

     This is the data space where historian Alazulamu can teach you infor=
mation about events and characters that you encounter in the game, and ab=
out the history of Evalease.  Of course, it serves the purpose of looking=
 back at situations you played before, but there are also valuable inform=
ation that you cannot see except inside "Brave Story".  Please get into t=
he practice of frequently checking this and fill up the time between batt=

RECORD:  You can look back at the legend you experienced so far.  Not onl=
y can you read the article, if you press the TB, you can see the reappear=
ance of the scene.

CHARACTER:  You can obtain information on characters that appear in the l=

(page 38)

     At any time you can see the results of profitable jobs that you unde=
rtook because of requests at bars.  You can confirm which job was success=
ful, which may has been lost, and which treasures and secret places were =
discovered.  * Consult page 27 for profitable jobs.

     You can confirm the fighting method and game rules (You can enter fr=
om title screen.)

* ORGANIZATION EDITION:  You can see explanation on various controls for =
the organization screen and using the actual screen.
* BATTLE EDITION:  You can learn the basic controls while referencing an =
actual battle.
* TIPS:  You can see knacks for controls uselful to the gameplay and hint=

(page 39)

HOW TO END THE GAME:  To make the game end, it is necessary to save the d=
ata to that point.  Please select "Data" on the world map.  Again, select=
 a block of memory card that you want to save on.  Please follow the mess=
age by pressing the CB.  When you selected load, you load the game form t=
he selected data form the memory card.  * To save one game, it is importa=
nt to have one empty block.

     You can change the settings to your liking, in regard to the followi=
ng items.

1.  The cursor movement depending on the directional key input on the bat=
2.  Repeat speed of the cursor on the battlefield.
3.  The speed of cursor moving between different class of units on the ba=
4.  Movement speed of point cursor on the menus.
5.  Speed of message display
6.  Display/Not Display the explanation of control process which is inser=
t in the midst of battle.
7.  Display/Not Display what kind of effect received in the middle of bat=
8.  Display/Not Display what kind of magic activated in the midst of batt=
9.  Display/Not Display gained experience value and JP in the middle of b=
10.  Flicker on/off of unit depending on Square button in the middle of b=
11.  Display/Not Display the name of item that cannot be equipped, when y=
ou're changing equip.
12.  On/Off automatic strongest equipment when job change
13.  Music/ Sound Effect:  stereo, mono, and surround (wide).
14.  Return to original settings.

(page 40)

     I shall introduce the main jobs that appear in this game here.  The =
various jobs will go up in level as you collect JP from battles.  When yo=
u do not increase jobs a lot, please try to level up by becoming various =
jobs.  Again, it is possible that with a job, that comes about because of=
 the legend, cannot be changed.  * "Command", in the explanation, is the =
job's characteristic action command.  (How to change jobs, see page 32;  =
About ability, page 33-35)

Squire (male, female):  Most basic job without any particular distinctive=
1.  Command:  "Basic Skill"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Treatment" =3D recover from abnormal status=
 without consuming MP.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  short sword, sword, mallet

Chemist (male, female):  The only job that uses recovery items
1.  Command:  "Item"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Potion" =3D use potion items that recover H=
3.  Equippable Weapon:  short sword, gun

Knight (male, female):  Sword master who honor the chivalry spirit.  It i=
s possible to destroy by watching for the enemy's defense and ability.
1.  Command:  "Fighting Skill"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Armor Break" =3D Destroy the defense worn o=
n the body (armor).
3.  Equippable Weapon:  sword, knight sword, mallet

Archer (male, female):  The only job that uses bows and arrows.
1.  Command:  "Charge"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Charge 10" =3D increase attack ability
3.  Equippable Weapon:  bow, automatic bow

(page 41)

Monk (male, female):  A job that turns disciplined body into weapon.  Use=
s recovery technique depending on spirit concentration.
1.  Command:  "Martial Arts"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Wave Motion Punch" =3D throw energy ball at=
3.  Equippable Weapon:  bare hands

Priest (male, female):  User of white magic =3D  recovery magic.
1.  Command:  "White Magic"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Care" =3D HP recovery magic.  Gives damage =
to the undead.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  staff

Wizard (male, female):  User of black magic =3D attack magic.
1.  Command:  "Black Magic"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Thunder" =3D gives damage by crashing thund=
er on target.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  rod

Time Sorcerer (male, female):  User of time magic =3D control time and sp=
1.  Command:  "Time Magic"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Slow" =3D slow the flow of time for the tar=
3.  Equippable Weapon:  staff

Summoner (male, female):  Raise dream beasts from imaginary world and use=
 power to make them big.
1.  Command:  "Summon Magic"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Bahamoot" =3D gives enemy big damage with t=
he breath of dragon king Bahamoot.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  staff, rod

(page 42)

Thief (male, female):  Thief that steals the enemy's possessions.  Can st=
eal equipment.
1.  Command:  "Steal"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Take Gil" =3D steal the enemy's funds.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  short sword

Storyteller (male, female):  Novel warrior that walks across the battlefi=
eld by eloquent tongue.
1.  Command:  "Storytelling"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Invitation" =3D lure the enemy into your ar=
3.  Equippable Weapon:  short sword, gun

Ying-Yang Warrior (male, female):  Controls the forces of Ying-Yang, whic=
h is the principle behind all things.  Make enemy spirit and body deterio=
1.  Command:  "Ying-Yang Skill"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Undead" =3D turn the target into the undead=
3.  Equippable Weapon:  staff, rod, dictionary, cane

Elemental User (male, female):  Attack by awakening the potential power o=
f the ground/nature.
1.  Command:  "Wind and Water Skill"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Ivy Hell" =3D make ivy twine around the ene=
my from underground.  Can also slow time.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  sword, ax

Dragon Knight (male, female):  Expert of spear that attack by jumping hig=
h in the sky, while heavily equipped.
1.  Command:  "Jump"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Horizontal Jump 2" =3D horizontal limit wid=
ens to 2 panels.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  spear

Samurai (male, female):  A fencer from a foreign country that discharged =
spirits and equipped with a blade.
1.  Command:  "Extract"
2.  Representative Ability:  "********" =3D gives damage to surrounding e=
nemy's MP.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  blade

Ninja (male, female):  Worker of the dark born in the world of history's =
shadows.  Can throw weapons at enemy.
1.  Command:  "Throw"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Hand Sword" =3D gives damage by throwing ha=
nd sword.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  Ninja blade, short sword, mallet

Arithmatician (male, female):  A scholar warrior decides enemy target by =
numerical calculations.
1.  Command:  "Calculation"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Level" =3D make target's level the subject =
of magic calculation.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  dictionary, cane

Minstrel (male):  Encourage and protects his comrades with his songs.
1.  Command:  "Poetry"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Poetry of Life" =3D recover all the comrade=
's HP on the map.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  musical instrument

Dancer (female): Gives various bad effects on the enemy by her bewitching=
1.  Command:  "Dance"
2.  Representative Ability:  "Witch Hunt" =3D gives damage to all the ene=
my's MP on the map.
3.  Equippable Weapon:  short sword, cloth

(page 44)

     There are many different magics:  white magic, black magic, time mag=
ic, Ying-Yang magic, and summon magic.  Let's introduce these magic one a=
t a time.

WHITE MAGIC:  Magic most of which is recovery of hit points and recovery =
from various abnormal status.  It is replete with defense assistance.

Name/  Effect
Care/  small HP recovery
Care-ra/  intermediate HP recovery
Care-ga/  large HP recovery
Raise/  make battle incapable unit revive
A-Raise/  make battle incapable unit revive when HP is fully down (zero)
Regenerate/  gradual recovery of HP within a fixed time
Protect/  raises defense against physical attacks
Shell/  raises defense against magical attacks
Wall/  raises defense against both physical and magical attacks
Ethna/  recover from many abnormal status
Holy/  white magic's only attack magic; works by holy force

BLACK MAGIC:  System of magic which primarily aims to attack.  If you add=
 one black magician to your attack team, it would prove extremely favorab=
le to your battles.  It is magic that consistently serves its purpose fro=
m beginning to the end of the game.

Name/  Effect
Fire/  small fire attack
Fire-ra/  intermediate fire attack
Fire-ga/  large fire attack
Thunder/  small thunder attack
Thunda-ra/  intermediate thunder attack
Thunda-ga/  large thunder attack
Blizzard/  small cold attack
Blizzar-ra/  intermediate cold attack
Blizzar-ga/  large cold attack
Toad/  make enemy into a frog
Death/  if successful, can make enemy dead in one hit
Flair/  strongest black magic known.  Attack by high heat, fired energy

(page 45)

TIME MAGIC:  It is magic that mainly used in attack assistance and defens=
e assistance.  You cannot expect it to decrease enemy's HP, but by contro=
lling time you can follow it with attacks.

Name/  Effect
Haste/  quickens the flow of time of the target
Slow/  slows the flow of time of the target
Stop/  stops the flow of time of the target
Don't Move/  make the target unable to move =

Levitate/  release from gravity and make float
Reflect/  reflect the received magic back
Quick/  return the active turn preferentially to the target
Gravity/  decrease a fixed proportion of HP by super-gravity
Graviga/  decrease a fixed proportion of HP by super-gravity (bigger effe=
Meteor/  let a large meteor fall to the battlefield and cause big damage

YING-YANG SKILL:  It is magic that primarily changes the target status.  =
At first look , it is modest, but you can make the unit have abnormal sta=
tus and unable to fight.

Name/  Effect
Tied and Darkness/  gives the "Darkness" status to the target
Magic-Draining Song/  drains target MP
Life-Draining Song/  drains target HP
Silence Song/  make the target "silent"
Undead/  turn target into the "undead"
Brave Lunatic/  make target "berserk"
Fox-Chicken-Rat/  decrease target's brave point
Discontinue Equipment-Release Magic/  erase the effect of support abiliti=
Dream-Nightmare/  make the target have "sleep" status
Tombstone Seal/  make the target have "turn to stone" status

SUMMON MAGIC:  Summon magic creatures from illusionary worlds so you can =
explode the battlefield with that powerful force.  Against every kind of =
assistance, the power unleashed is enormous.  It is a magic that goes lef=
t and right on the battle situation.

Name/  Effect
Morgri/  return friends HP
Shiva/  gives enemy cold damage
Ramah/ gives enemy thunder damage
Ifrit/ gives enemy fire damage
Titan/ gives enemy ground damage
Bahamoot/ gives enemy non-elemental damage
Odin/ gives enemy non-elemental damage
Leviathan/ gives enemy water damage
Crippus/ gives enemy non-elemental damage

(page 46)

WEAPON/ ARMOR/ ITEM:  There are two types.  There single-handed weapons, =
and there are weapons that need both hands.  When you equipped a weapon t=
hat need both hands, you cannot equip another weapon.  Try to be aware th=
at the chemist can only use the item that he is holding.  Again, the equi=
pments introduced here are just a few of the one available.  Please defin=
itely search stronger items.


Name/  Hands Needed/  Remarks/  Number of Weapons Possible
Short Sword/ one-handed/  Short and light weapons like dagger and knife/ =
Sword/  one-handed/ Long and heavy weapons for strong jobs like knight/  =
Knight Sword/  one-handed/  High attack weapon used by knights/  two
Blade/  one-handed/  Foreign sword tempered by spiritual sword maker for =
samurai/  two
Ninja Sword/  one-handed/  Ninja's sword.  Lighter than samurai's.  Make =
for agility/  two
Ax/  two-handed/  Attack by thrashing.  Attack power is high
Rod/  one-handed/  Magician's weapon.  No attack power, but with many eff=
ects and magic/ two
Staff/  one-handed/  Magician's weapon like rod.  Has many holy effects/ =
Mallet/  one-handed/  Weapon with a metal ball at the end/  two
Gun/  one-handed/  Weapon used in olden days.  The shooting distance is o=
verwhelmingly long.
Auto Bow/  one-handed/  A bow relatively simple to control with one hand
Bow/  two-handed/  Archer weapon.  Fire distance and attack force both la=
rger than auto bow.
Musical Instrument/  one-handed/  Minstrel's special weapon that plays sp=
ecial melody.
Dictionary/  one-handed/  Special book.  Attack with power in the written=
Spear/  one-handed/  Dragon knight's weapon.  Longer reach than sword or =
blade/  two
Cane/  one-handed/  Long cane for thrust attack.  Longer reach than sword=
 or blade/  two


Name/  Hands Needed/  Remarks
Shield/  one hand/  Evasion rate against enemy attack increases considera=
Helmet/  head/  Solid armor protecting the head, but it is heavy.
Head Gear/  head/  Armor worn over the head.  Easy to use, and many jobs =
can use it.
Suit of Armor/  trunk/  Solid, heavy armor protecting trunk.
Suit/  trunk/  A typical protection for the trunk.  Many jobs can equip t=
Robe/  trunk/  Worn by magic-related units because it wraps the body comf=


Name/  Effects
Potion/  Recover HP, small
High Potion/ Recover HP, intermediate
X Potion/ Recover HP, large
Ether/ Recover MP, small
High Ether/ Recover HP, large
Elixer/  Completely recover HP and MP
Antidote/  Fix status for "Poison"
Eye Medicine/ Fix status for  "Darkness"
Echo Grass/ Fix status for "Silence"
Virgin's Kiss/ Fix status for "Frog"
Golden Needle/ Fix status for "Stoned"
Panacea/ Fix status for "Poison", "Darkness", "Silence", "Frog", "Stoned"=
, "Sleep", "Berserk", "Oil"
Phoenix Tail/ Fix status for "Dead" / "Unable to Fight"

          T H E    E N D


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