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Secrets FAQ by STobias

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 08/05/03

Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ 1.08 (Final)

Serin Tobias
shinseitori <at> hotmail (dot) com


There should be three different files:

Part One: Game Walkthrough
Part Two: Jobs and Abilities
Part Three: Secrets and other Info

This file contains Part Three.

i. Revision History

1.08 -- This is the final revision of this FAQ.  No more information will be added.  I am 
        still taking e-mails, however, and you can still host it.

1.07 -- I have added plenty of stuff, including monster info in the Jobs section, and added to
        the appendix in the Secrets section.  I've also corrected some errors that were
        around.  This will probably be the last update for a while. 

1.06 -- A complete item list (to the best of my knowledge) is in the Secrets section.  I think
        I will work on spell quotes and monster data next.

1.05 -- I am adding a lot more info to the Jobs section, and now have locations for the items
        of the Deep Dungeon.  I am now working on a detailed item list.

1.04 -- Added some Deep Dungeon info, changed my e-mail address, and various other minor

1.03a -- Nothing added to the actual FAQ, but I removed my ICQ# and corrected my e-mail
         address and web page URL.  They have been changed.

1.03 -- Added a section on the Deep Dungeon in the Secrets section.

1.02 -- Added a poaching list, edited the Cloud section.

1.01 -- Corrected a couple of typos (the jobs section is actually legible), added the "Where
        to find these files" section, and the Special Thanks section.

1.00 -- First draft.

ii. Introduction

Welcome.  Over the past couple of years, I have gathered information about Final Fantasy 
Tactics.  That information, my love of the game and a bit of insanity produced what you now 
see here.  

A notice to players: these files contain many "spoilers" of the storyline, so be cautious. 
The walkthrough section is in the order of the game, but the other sections have potential 
spoilers from various portions of the game.  If you have a question about a specific issue, 
don't hesitate to ask me via e-mail.  

If you wish to use any information contained in any of these files for a webpage, publication, 
or any other form of media, you must contact me first.  

iii. Special Thanks

First, I would like to give a big "thank you" to all of my friends, who helped me immensely
with the statistics and many other things.  

Thanks to Sergio Lopez, (bo20@iona.edu) for correcting some of my data in the jobs section.

Thanks to Matt Hobbs (YelseyKing@aol.com) and Kevin McCullough (Bluelion10@aol.com) for
submitting their poaching list.

And, thanks goes to Square, who has made another incredible game!

Table of Contents

Secrets and other information of Final Fantasy Tactics

i. Revision History
ii. Where to find these files
iii. Introduction
iv. Special Thanks
1. Secret Abilities
  1.1. Ultima
    1.1.1. The Assassins
    1.1.2. Ultima Demons
  1.2. Zodiac
2. Secret Characters
  2.1. Beowulf, Reis, and Worker 8
  2.2. Cloud
3. The Deep Dungeon
  3.1. Overview
  3.2. Items
    3.2.1. NOGIAS
    3.2.2. TERMINATE
    3.2.3. DELTA
    3.2.4. VALKYRIES
    3.2.5. MLAPAN
    3.2.6. TIGER
    3.2.7. BRIDGE
    3.2.8. VOYAGE
    3.2.9. HORROR 
    3.2.10. END  
  3.3. Elidibs
4. Appendix
  4.1. Poaching List  
  4.2. Item List

1. Secret Abilities

There are two abilities than you can't learn through ordinary means.  One is a Guts ability 
for Ramza, another is a Summon spell for any Summoner you have.  To learn these, you must have
the spell cast on you, and if it is Ultima, Ramza must be in the Squire job class.  If it is 
Zodiac, your Summoner must be in the Summoner job class.

1.1. Ultima

You can learn Ultima through two different types of enemies: Assassins and Ultima Demons. 
Learning these spells is very difficult; you really have to force them to use it.  Ramza must
be in the Squire job class, have this spell cast on him, and survive it.

1.1.1. The Assassins

Celia and Lede, whom you fight three times, are the easiest way to learn Ultima.  If you equip
your characters with Black Costumes to prevent their Shadow Stitch attack and Angel Rings to
prevent Stop Bracelet, they will more likely cast Ultima.  This is probably best done on the
roof of Riovanes castle or at the gate of Limberry Castle.

1.1.2. Ultima Demons

You fight Ultima Demons twice, once during the battle with Elmdor, and once at Murond.  Ultima
Demons will very rarely cast Ultima, for they have much better spells.  Typically, the Demons 
won't cast Ultima until you have a character that can be taken out by it.  You will also
likely have to have Ramza walk in on the effect range to learn it.  Check the CT list when
you see an Ultima Demon charging a spell.

1.2. Zodiac

There is only one battle in which you can learn Zodiac, and that is the last battle in the
Deep Dungeon, at "End."  Elidibs casts this spell, and it usually does about 800 damage, so 
you need to take special steps to have your Summoner survive the casting.

An effective way of keeping your Summoner alive is to reduce his/her faith level using the
Mediator's Solution ability.  I'd suggest reducing it to 30 or lower.  It depends on your 
levels of experience.  Of course, it's a lot more difficult to raise Faith (with the
Mediator's Preach ability).  You can also try using the Mind Break Battle Skill, but that may
be more difficult.  Spells such as Shell and Wall can also help.

2. Secret Characters

There are four "secret characters."  Probably the best time to get them is near the end of
Chapter Four.  I have found that the best time to get them is just before you go to Orbonne

2.1. Beowulf, Reis and Worker 8

These characters are all part of one sub-quest in this game.  This sub-quest starts at Goug
Machine City.

You must have Mustadio to do this.  Go to Goug, and you will find that Mustadio's father has 
found a metal sphere.  He sees a symbol on it, and that is your cue to find another Zodiac
Stone.  Now go to Goland.

Go to the bar at Goland and listen to all the rumors.  Now go to Lesalia.

Here you will enter a bar and hear about a monster uprising in the mines at Goland.  Ramza 
overhears that Goland is recruiting people to stop this uprising.  Ramza volunteers for the 
job, and is approached by Beowulf.  If you choose to go with him, he will join your party as
a guest.  Head back to Goland.

You will now fight a string of four battles, all with enemies at or above your level.  

2.1.1. Colliery Underground: Third Floor 

Here you will fight against five Chemists, who all have Mythril Guns.  Try to stick close to
them so they can't snipe you to death with their guns.  Also, watch out, they can use
Hi-Potions, X-Potions and Phoenix Downs, so this could turn out to be a long battle.

2.1.2. Colliery Underground: Second Floor

The Chemist here is equipped with the aptly-named Blaze Gun, and there are two Behemoths here.
However, the two thieves should be the least of your worries.  If you are at high levels, the
Behemoths will be too.  At high level, they can take out a weak character in one hit, so stay
far from them.  A King Behemoth is hiding behind the Thief in the front, who is close, so be

2.1.3. Colliery Underground: First Floor

The two Chemists have the regular Mythril Guns now, so they aren't much of a threat.  The
Blue Dragons are your biggest worry.  Use Orlandu at long range to defeat them.  The Uribo
doesn't seem to do anything at all in this battle, so ignore it until the very end, or use a 
Mediator to Invite it, to breed and poach later.

2.1.4. Underground Passage in Goland

Your objective here is to save the Holy Dragon Reis, who seems quite capable of handling 
herself.  With Orlandu and Ramza, you should not have any trouble with the Archaic Demon and 
the Ochus.  The Plagues have the ability to petrify your characters, so you may want to equip
Jade Armlets beforehand.  You receive a Zodiac Stone from Beowulf and Reis after this battle,
and they will now join as members.  Now go back to Goug.

When you return, the Zodiac Stone will activate the sphere, and Worker 8 will activate.  It 
will join your party now.  Mustadio's father will discover another machine that requires
another Zodiac Stone, so head to Zeltennia.

As in Goland, go to the bar and listen to new rumors.  Nelveska Temple will appear on the map
when you leave the bar.

Here you will fight against Worker 7, a Steel Giant just like Worker 8.  However, the Hyudras 
and the Cocatoris make this battle rather difficult, so focus just on Worker 7.  Rememeber,
since Worker 7 has Innocent on him at all times (just like Worker 8), he is not affected by
magic.  After defeating Worker 7, you will receive his Zodiac Stone.

NOTE:  As has been rumored, there is some incredibly good equipment on top of the pillars in
the front of the level.  I have confirmed this twice.  To get on top of the pillars, you must
put a monster directly adjacent to one of them.  I don't know if you've noticed, but you can
walk over and jump off of monsters.  Put your Steel Giant (or another monster) in your party,
park it next to the pillar, and have Rafa (with Move-Find Item equipped) get the items on top
of the pillars.  There is a catch, however.  The lower the Brave level of the searching
character, the more likely you are to get a good item.  You will either find a normal Javelin,
or a silver Javelin, on one of the pillars, and a normal Escutcheon or a golden Escutcheon on
the other.  Make sure you get the unique items before you finish the level.  If you get one
of the normal items, reset the game, as you won't be able to return.

2.2. Cloud

This portion of the sub-quest will now allow you to get Cloud.  I believe that you can only
get him after you have gotten all the other secret characters, and after you have fought the
battle with Dycedarg at Igros.  First go to Goug, then to Zarghidas Trade City.

If you haven't already, go here.  A girl will approach you in the town and sell you a flower. 
Buy it, then go to Goug.

The machine that was found will now activate and deposit Cloud Strife into your reality.  But,
you don't have him yet, as he runs off.  He went to Zarghidas, go follow him.

2.2.1. Zarghidas Trade City

You will be attacked here, but it is not a problem at all.  Beware, though, Cloud is not
equipped with a weapon.  Cloud will join your party as a member after this battle, and, to get
his Materia Blade, go to Bervenia Volcano.

2.2.2. Bervenia Volcano

Equip a character with the Move-Find Item ability, and go to the top of the spire in this
level.  You will find the Materia Blade there, and with this
Materia Blade, Cloud can use his Limit abilities.

3. Deep Dungeon

The Deep Dungeon is a set of 10 different levels that is shrouded in total darkness.  To get 
here, go to Warjilis Trade City (near Lionel Castle) during chapter four.  You should be 
immediately taken to a scene in a bar there where some thieves talk about the Deep Dungeon. 
Then it will appear on the map.

3.1. Overview

Inside the Deep Dungeon is a bunch of very tough enemies.  You will see monsters like Dragons
and Hyudras that you don't see in many other places: beware.  However, the best part about the
Deep Dungeon is that you will find great equipment that you can't find anywhere else. 

To advance deeper into the Deep Dungeon, you need to have one character find the way further. 
It's on a single square in the level, and is often far (but not always) from the starting
point.  Just have your characters move square by square through the level until one of them
reports that they have found it.  No special abilities need to be equipped.  

To make this job easier, I would suggest having a Wizard with Math Skill come with you,
and he/she should use Frog and Sleep on at least one of the enemies.  Do this because if you
kill all of the enemies, you exit without advancing.  Try to kill the others because Crystals
illuminate the cave, which makes it a lot easier.  

One last thing: the square that the exit is on changes with new games, so don't expect to find
it in the same spot the second time through.

3.2. Items

There are four items on each level in the Deep Dungeon.  The items get better as you progress,
but there are definitely good ones on the first few levels.  To get the items, you have a few

First, you must have the Chemist ability Move-Find Item equipped on the character picking up 
the items.  Any character without this ability that stops on a square containing a item sets
off a trap.  For each item you can find, you have a chance of finding that good item or a 
Phoenix Down.  Your chances of finding the good item are greater when your Brave level is
low.  So, I would suggest using Rafa or another character with a low Brave level, and
lowering his/her Brave level down to 10 before they go hunting for items.  Remember that if 
your character's Brave level goes down below 10, that character will turn into a Chicken and
you will lose control of him/her.  You'll have to wait until the character slowly gains
bravery back to look for items.

I have the locations of all the items in the Deep Dungeon in the following sections.  However,
since a graphic representation is rather impossible, I am using a coordinate system to give
you the location of the units.  Here is how it works:

The square from which the system starts at is called (0,0), or the origin.  I will tell you
this point on the map, and by moving the cursor a certain amount of spaces along the walls,
you can locate the position of the item.  The first digit of the code is along the wall
facing the backs of your characters (from their starting point).  The second digit is along
the wall facing the sides of your characters.  I shall demonstrate with a crude diagram 
representing the items in END:

  9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

(X)- - 1 - 2 - - - - O  
   | - |   |         |  1          0: Origin (0,0)
   |   3 - 4         |  2          S: General starting point for your characters (2,3)
   | - |         S   |  3          1: Chirijiraden (7,0)
    | - |            |  4          2: Elixir (5,0)
    |   |            |  5          3: Elixir (7,2)
    | - |  | - |     |  6          4: Chaos Blade (5,2)
      | - ||   |     |  7
      |   || - |     |  8     This is a pretty bad diagram, but basically, the ground curves 
      | - |          |  9     in a crescent shape, and descends from the plateau where the 
                    (Y)       items are down to the starting point.  So, according to this
                              diagram, the origin is behind and to the right of the starting
                              point.  Also, the wall labeled "X" is the wall facing the backs
of your characters, while the wall labeled "Y" is the wall facing the sides of your
characters.  Hopefully, if you can locate the origin, you'll be able to see which wall is X
and which is Y, and determine the locations of the items.  All of the locations are given in 
the form (X,Y), and X is always behind your characters.  Make sure you are seeing the faces
of your characters before you try to determine which wall is which.  Also, the walls are
based on the directions your characters are facing when they start the level.  Also, keep in
mind that the origin is always in a corner.

3.2.1. NOGIAS

The origin in this level is behind your characters, and to the right.  It is at 23 height. 

Blaze Gun:        (7,7)
Glacier Gun:      (0,9)
Elixir:           (3,9)
Kiyomori:         (5,0)

You may have acquired a Blaze Gun before (from Balk in the Bed Desert), but not the Glacier
Gun.  The Kiyomori is just an ordinary Katana that can be bought anywhere.


The origin in this level is again behind and to the right of your characters.  It is at 12

Elixir:           (6,1)
Elixir:           (4,11)
Blood Sword:      (2,4)
Save the Queen:   (8,10)

These items are not unique, so they are not as important as in the other levels.

3.3.3. DELTA

The origin in this level is back and to the right.  It is at 1 height.

Elixir:           (4,12)
Elixir:           (7,0)
Yoichi Bow:       (2,6)
Mace of Zeus:     (8,9)

The Yoichi Bow is a strong bow that may also be found on high level Archers.  The Mace of Zeus
is perhaps the best staff in the game.  


The origin is behind and to the left of your characters.  It is at 9 height.

Kaiser Plate:     (10,0)
Faith Rod:        (11,2)
Fairy Harp:       (10,1)
Elixir:           (3,8)

The Kaiser Plate is a very good shield, and the Faith Rod is a rod that gives the status
effect Faith to its wielder, and randomly adds Faith to whomever it strikes.

3.3.5. MLAPAN

The origin is behind and to the right of your characters.  It is at 11 height.

Elixir:           (6,11)
Elixir:           (0,0)
Iga Knife:        (6,0)
Excalibur:        (4,3)

The Iga Knife is a Ninja Sword that is better than the ones you can buy.  I'm sure you are 
familiar with Excalibur. ^_^

3.3.6. TIGER

The origin is behind and to the right of your characters.  It is at 5 height.  All of the
items here are very close to your starting point.

Elixir            (0,0)
Secret Clothes    (1,0)
Cursed Ring       (1,1)
Blast Gun         (0,1)

The Secret Clothes is a Ninja suit that provides little protection, but it makes its wearer 
Invisible for a short time.  The Blast Gun, the best gun, shoots Lightning elemental bullets.

3.3.7. BRIDGE

The origin is again behind and to the right of your characters.  It is at 3 height.  All of 
these items are on a straight line, at X = 4.

Elixir            (4,10)
Elixir            (4,0)
Koga Knife        (4,2)
Sage Staff        (4,4)

The Koga Knife is another Ninja knife, while the Sage Staff is simply a bad staff.  It's only
asset is a higher attack power than other staves.

3.3.8. VOYAGE

The origin is behind and to the left of your characters.  It is at 3 height.  All of the items
are on the lower level, in the corners of the cliff. 

Elixir            (2,3)
Perseus Bow       (8,7)
Robe of Lords     (6,6)
Ragnarok          (3,5)

The Perseus Bow is a very strong bow, the best there is.  The Robe of Lords provides excellent
HP and MP bonuses, along with Protect and Shell when it is equipped.  The Ragnarok casts Shell
on its user.  It is also slightly stronger than the Excalibur, but not necessarily better.

3.3.9. HORROR

The origin is behind and to the right of your characters.  It is at 0 height.

Elixir            (10,6)
Grand Helmet      (3,5)
Maximillian       (9,9)
Venetian Shield   (3,4)

The armor here is the best in the game, even better than the Genji equipment.  Be sure to get it

3.3.10. END

The origin is behind and to the right of your characters, at zero height.  This level is shaped
in a crescent form.  You start at the low end, and the items are at the high end--at the four 
corners of the highest plateau.

Elixir            (7,2)
Elixir            (5,0)
Chirijiraden      (7,0)
Chaos Blade       (5,2)

The Chirijiraden is a very strong Katana, and the Chaos Blade is a unbelievably powerful blade.
It has an attack power of 40, casts Regen on the user, and adds Petrify (!).  I would strongly
advise against trying for these items in the battle with Elidibs; you can go back after you
defeat him.

3.3. Elidibs 

Elidibs is another Zodiac monster.  He uses the Zodiac Stone Serpentarius to change into a
very powerful Summoner.  He is on the top of the crescent-shaped 10th floor, END.  He has a
very weak physical attack, but has the Summon spell Zodiac, which will most likely kill any of
your characters, and it has a huge effect range.  Keep your characters spread out, and watch 
for it.  He also has a few Byblos on the steps leading to him which you must fight through.  

He also has the spell Poison Frog, which affects you just like it sounds; it can be a pain, 
especially when trying to get Zodiac.  Another attack he has is called Midgar Swarm, which
will probably do about 300 damage to anyone in the target area.

You should probably use Orlandu to take out the Byblos.  They have the same attacks that they
did in the battle at Limberry Castle, including that annoying one that turns your guys into
Frogs.  They are really a pushover, though.  The challenge is Elidibs himself, and getting 
Zodiac.  I went into a strategy for Zodiac above, in section 2.2.   

A Byblos joins your party for some reason in this battle.  His Difference attack will more 
than likely do tremendous damage to Elidibs, so keep him around when you need to kill him.

4. Appendix

This will be the future home of all of the details of Final Fantasy Tactics.  Currently, it
contains the poaching list, item lists, and quotes.

4.1. Poaching List

I've noticed that when trying to obtain items through poaching, it's easiest to recruit 1st 
level monsters (like Dragons, Bull Demons, Hyudras), and then breed them to get higher level 
monsters.  It's easier this way, because if you keep one around, you can always breed more 3rd 
levels, and you won't have to fight them.  However, if you can get higher level monsters, it
will save you some time.  To get the items, put the monsters in battle, whack them with
someone with Secret Hunt, and hope they don't counter attack.

In case you don't know, the method of getting these items is to equip a character with the 
Thief support ability Secret Hunt, and kill a monster (friendly or otherwise) with a normal
attack.  This means that Orlandu's sword skills will not do it.  A Fur Shop (found in trade
cities) will refine an item from the monster you poached.  There, you will either buy a commonly
refined item, or perhaps a rare item from that monster.  Two different items can be refined 
from a monster.  Note that some of the rare items can't be found elsewhere.

This list was submitted via e-mail by Matt Hobbs and Kevin McCullough.  They also informed me
that some of the information may not be correct, so if you see an error, e-mail me and let me

Enemy Name          Common Item     Rare Item        Commonly found
Chocobo             Phoenix Down    High Potion      Everywhere, especially Mandalia Plains
Black Chocobo       Eye Drop        X-Potion         Bariaus Hill, Bariaus Valley
Red Chocobo         Remedy          Barrette         Finath River, Bariaus Hill
Goblin              Potion          Hi-Potion        Everywhere, especially Mandalia Plains
Black Goblin        Hi-Potion       Antidote         Everywhere, especially Sweegy Woods
Gobbledeguck        Mage Masher     Ancient Sword    Bariaus Valley, Dolbodar Swamp
Red Panther         Antidote        Battle Boots     Everywhere, especially Mandalia Plains
Cuar                Soft            Germinas Boots   Everywhere, especially Germinas Peak
Vampire             Holy Water      C Bag            Zirekile Falls, Germinas Peak
Bomb                Fire Ball       Flame Rod        Everywhere, especially Sweegy Woods
Grenade             Water Ball      Flame Whip       Bed Desert, Zeklaus Desert
Explosive           Lightning Ball  Flame Shield     Bed Desert, Zeklaus Desert
Skeleton            Holy Water      Ether            Araguay Woods, Zigolis Swamp
Bone Snatch         Hi-Potion       Partisan         Araguay Woods, Zigolis Swamp
Living Bone         Wizard Mantle   Elf Mantle       Bervenia Volcano, Zeklaus Desert
Ghoul               Ether           Ninja Knife      Araguay Woods, Zigolis Swamp
Gust                Hi-Potion       Main Gauche      Araguay Woods, Zigolis Swamp
Revnant             Hi-Ether        Mythril Gun      Yuguo Woods
Floatiball          Shuriken        Platina Dagger   Everywhere, especially Fovoham Plains
Ahriman             Magic Shuriken  Air Knife        Bervenia Volcano, Fovoham Plains
Plague              Yagyu Darkness  Zorlin Shape     Bervenia Volcano, Germinas Peak
Pisco Demon         Echo Grass      Hi-Potion        Zirekile Falls, Fovoham Plains
Squidlarkin         Small Mantle    Sleep Sword      Zirekile Falls, Dolbodar Swamp
Mindflare           Hi-Ether        Dracula Mantle   Zirekile Falls, Fovoham Plains
Juravis             Potion          Rubber Shoes     Zeklaus Desert, Fovoham Plains
Steel Hawk          Phoenix Down    Hunting Bow      Zeklaus Desert, Germinas Peak
Cocatoris           Soft            Feather Mantle   Zeklaus Desert, BRIDGE
Bull Demon          Battle Axe      Giant Axe        Zeklaus Desert, Bariaus Hill
Minitaurus          Coral Sword     Slasher          Zeklaus Desert, Bariaus Hill
Sacred              Holy Lance      Ivory Rod        Zeklaus Desert, BRIDGE
Morbol              Platina Dagger  Ice Shield       Araguay Woods
Ochu                N-Kai Armlet    Chameleon Robe   Finath River
Great Morbol        Elixir          Madlemgen        VOYAGE
Woodman             Eye Drop        Healing Staff    Araguay Woods, MLAPAN
Trent               Gold Staff      Fairy Harp       Araguay Woods, MLAPAN
Taiju               Defense Ring    Defender         MLAPAN
Dragon              Jade Armlet     H Bag            Bed Desert, VOYAGE, HORROR
Blue Dragon         Cashmere        Dragon Rod       Dolbodar Swamp, HORROR
Red Dragon          Salty Rage      Dragon Whisker   Bed Desert, VOYAGE
Behemoth            Defense Armlet  P Bag            Poeskas Lake, VOYAGE
King Behemoth       Ultimus Bow     Cherche          Poeskas Lake, VOYAGE
Dark Behemoth       Wizard Rod      Stone Gun        VOYAGE
Hyudra              Blood Sword     Scorpion Tail    VOYAGE
Hydra               Setiemson       Rubber Costume   VOYAGE
Tiamat              Ryozan Silk     Whale Whisker    END
Uribo               Maiden's Kiss   Cachusha         END
Porky               Chantage        Nagrarock        END
Wildbow             Ribbon          FS Bag           (can only be bred)

The names in capital letters are Deep Dungeon levels.  They are, in order:

Floor 1 - NOGIAS  (Saigon spelled backwards)
Floor 3 - DELTA
Floor 5 - MLAPAN  (Napalm spelled backwards)
Floor 6 - TIGER
Floor 7 - BRIDGE
Floor 8 - VOYAGE
Floor 9 - HORROR
Floor 10 - END

4.2. Item Lists

These lists contain all of the weapons, armor, and items in the game (that are known to me).

4.2.1. Weapons

The Weapons section consists of Knives, Ninja Swords, Swords, Knight Swords, Katanas, Axes,
Rods, Staves, Flails, Guns, Bows, Musical Instruments, Dictionaries, Spears, Sticks, Women's 
bags, and Cloths.

--------------------------------------------- Knives

Knives are short, bladed weapons.  Knives may be used by: Squires, Chemists, Thieves,
Mediators, Ninja, Dancers.  All Knives have the "2-swords" property (meaning you may use two
of them with the Ninja "Two Swords" ability).

Dagger                100 Gil
- For self-defense.  Although blade is longer than a knife, attack power isn't very high.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 5%

Mythril Knife         500 Gil
- Knife made with mythril, a high-quality metal suitable for weapons and protectors.  Sturdy 
  and easy to handle.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%

Blind Knife           800 Gil
- Knife covered with chemicals.  The chemical has a blinding effect.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Darkness

Mage Masher          1500 Gil
- Knife used to battle sorcerors.  Mutes target.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Silence

Platina Dagger       1800 Gil
- Knife made of mythril and platinum.  Has a white, shiny blade.
- Attack power: 5
- Evade: 10%

Main Gauche          3000 Gil
- Dagger for attacking and defending.  High % of evading attacks.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 40%

Orichalcum           4000 Gil
- Knife made with a hard, special metal.  Light-weight and sharp.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 5%

Assassin Dagger      5000 Gil
- Dagger used to assassinate.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Death Sentence

Air Knife            8000 Gil
- Knife with a curvy edge.  Vacuum made by shape of blade increases power.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 5%
- Wind elemental

Zorlin Shape        12000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Knife made in cutlery capital.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 10%
- Add: Sleep

--------------------------------------------- Ninja Swords

The Ninja sword is a multi-purpose bladed weapon designed for a Ninja.  They may only be used
by Ninja.  All Ninja swords have the "2-swords" property, along with the "2 hands" property
(meaning you may double the damage with one Ninja sword using the Two Hands Samurai ability).

Hidden Knife        3000 Gil
- A sword for concealment.  Shorter than standard sword.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 5%

Ninja Knife         5000 Gil
- Multi-purpose weapon for Ninja.  Can be used as a Ninja sword.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 5%

Short Edge          7000 Gil
- Light-weight sword with short blade.  Easy to carry.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 5%

Ninja Edge         10000 Gil
- A sword used by Ninja.  Good for battles as blade's longer than regular Ninja sword.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 5%

Spell Edge         16000 Gil
- Sword that seals target's actions.
- Attack power: 13
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Don't Act

Koga Knife            10 Gil (not for sale)
- Powerful Ninja sword used by secret group.
- Attack power: 15
- Evade: 5%

Iga Knife             10 Gil (not for sale)
- Superb Ninja sword used by secret group.
- Attack power: 15
- Evade: 10%

--------------------------------------------- Swords

The sword is the general weapon for most of the fighting job classes.  They come in many 
different varieties.  Swords may be used by: Squire, Knight, Geomancer.  All swords have the
"2 swords" and "2-hands" properties.

Nagrarock             10 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Ebony sword from the Apocalypse.
- Attack power: 1
- Evade: 50%
- Add: Frog

Broad Sword          200 Gil 
- Wide blade used for slaying.  Cheap ordinary sword, low attack power.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%

Long Sword           500 Gil
- Double-edged sword, sharp and straight.  Ordinary sword used for slaying and stabbing.
- Attack power: 5
- Evade: 10%

Iron Sword           900 Gil
- Iron sword.  Extremely heavy but with a wide, sturdy blade.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 5%

Mythril Sword       1600 Gil
- Mythril sword, a special type of metal.  Extremely light and shiny.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 8%

Blood Sword         2500 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Sword with magenta blade.  Bloody looking blade symbolizes its gruesome effects.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 5%

Coral Sword         3300 Gil
- Single-edged sword with coral design.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 5%
- Lightning elemental

Ancient Sword       5000 Gil
- Sword made by ancient methods.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Don't Move

Sleep Sword         5000 Gil
- Wide-bladed sword with jet black design.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Sleep

Materia Blade         10 Gil (not for sale) 
- Foreigner's sword.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 10%
[When equipped, allows Cloud's Limit ability.]

Diamond Sword       8000 Gil
- Sword with small diamond in the blade.  Slices enemies up.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 10%

Platinum Sword     11000 Gil
- Shiny sword of platinum and mythril.  The wide edge cuts extremely well.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 10%

Ice Brand          14000 Gil
- Sword as clear as ice.
- Attack power: 13
- Evade: 10%
- Ice elemental
- Magic: Ice 2

Rune Blade         20000 Gil
- Sword with ancient engravings.
- Attack power: 14
- Evade: 15%
- Magic +2

--------------------------------------------- Knight Swords

The Knight Sword is a larger, wider version of the regular sword.  It can only be used by 
Knights and certain unique job classes.  All Knight swords have the "2-swords" and "2 hands"

Defender           40000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Wide steel Knight sword.  Rounded tip on the grip has a gem inside.
- Attack power: 16
- Evade: 60%

Save the Queen        10 Gil (not for sale)
- Knight sword given as a symbol of one's loyalty.
- Attack power: 18
- Evade: 30%
- Always: Protect

Excalibur             10 Gil (not for sale)
- Legendary Knight sword.  Sword of the real king.
- Attack power: 21
- Evade: 35%
- Always: Haste
- Absorb: Holy
- Strengthen: Holy

Ragnarok              10 Gil (not for sale)
- Knight sword from the Apocalypse.
- Attack power: 24
- Evade: 20%
- Always: Shell

Chaos Blade           10 Gil (not for sale)
- Holy Knight sword said to be from God.
- Attack power: 40
- Evade: 20%
- Always: Regen
- Add: Petrify

--------------------------------------------- Katanas

The Katana is a unique type of curved sword used by Samurai.  Only Samurai and special job 
classes may use the Katana.  All Katanas have the "2-swords" and "2 hands" properties.  Also,
all Katanas may be used with the Samurai's Draw Out ability for various effects.

Asura Knife         1600 Gil
- Bright white sword
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 15%

Koutetsu Knife      3000 Gil
- Sword with tiger engraved on blade.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 15%

Bizen Boat          5000 Gil
- High quality iron sand sword.  Hand-made by Osafune.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 15%

Murasame            7000 Gil
- A peculiar sword.  Causes much blood shed in battle with its sharp edge.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 15%

Heaven's Cloud      8000 Gil
- Replica of sword from a dragon's tail that damaged a samurai kingdom.
- Attack power: 11
- Evade: 15%

Kiyomori           10000 Gil
- Well made, famous sword.  Beautiful and cuts extremely well.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 15%

Muramasa           15000 Gil
- Peculiar sword that sucks large amounts of blood.
- Attack power: 14
- Evade: 15%

Kikuichimoji       22000 Gil
- Chrysanthemum crested sword.
- Attack power: 15
- Evade: 15%

Masamune              10 Gil (not for sale)
- Beautifully designed sword and case.  Masterpiece of a famous sword maker.
- Attack power: 18
- Evade: 15%

Chirijiraden          10 Gil (not for sale)
- Chirijiraden ornamental sword, made with delicate work.
- Attack power: 25
- Evade: 15%

--------------------------------------------- Axes

An axe is a large blade (sometimes double-bladed) mounted upon a stick or rod.  Axes can only 
be used by Squires and Geomancers.  Axes may only be used with two hands, meaning that a 
shield may not be equipped (this does not require the Samurai ability, however).

Battle Axe          1500 Gil
- Ornamental battle ax.  Slash enemy by hurtling it with both hands.
- Attack power: 9

Giant Axe           4000 Gil
- Axe with huge head.  A larger version of typical ax.
- Attack power: 12

Slasher            12000 Gil
- Axe that slows target.  Destruction level's also high.
- Attack power: 16
- Add: Slow

--------------------------------------------- Rods

A rod is usually a simple stick, but as they are one of the primary physical weapons of a
magic user, it can also be imbued with magical properties.  Rods may only be used by Wizards, 
Summoners, and Oracles.  All rods have the "2-swords" and "2 hands" properties.

Rod                  200 Gil
- Rod-like oak weapon.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 20%

Ice Rod              400 Gil
- Rod with ice-elemental.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 20%
- Ice elemental
- Strengthen: Ice
- Magic: Ice

Thunder Rod          400 Gil
- Rod with lightning elemental.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 20%
- Lightning elemental
- Strengthen: Lightning
- Magic: Bolt

Flame Rod            400 Gil
- Rod with fire elemental.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 20%
- Fire elemental
- Strengthen: Fire
- Magic: Fire

Poison Rod           500 Gil
- Rod with deadly poison on its tip.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 20%
- Add: Poison

Wizard Rod          8000 Gil
- Rod that increases magic ability of user.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 20%
- Magic +2

Faith Rod             10 Gil (not for sale)
- Rod that fill those who touch it with faith.
- Attack power: 5
- Evade: 20%
- Always: Faith
- Add: Faith

Dragon Rod         12000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Rod carried by one attended by dragons.  Tip made of dragon bones.
- Attack power: 5
- Evade: 20%

--------------------------------------------- Staves

A staff is a long, wooden walking stick with a curved end.  Like the rod, it may also be
imbued with magic properties since it is a magic user's weapon.  Staves may only be used by: 
Priests, Time Magi, Summoners, Oracles.  All Staves have the "2-swords" and "2 hands" 

Oak Staff            120 Gil
- Oak staff.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 15%

White Staff          800 Gil
- Staff for one who takes holy orders.  Symbolic meaning is stronger than its power in battle.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 15%
- Cancel: Death Sentence

Wizard Staff        4000 Gil
- Cypress staff.  Increases magic attack power of user.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 15%
- Magic +1

Healing Staff       4000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Staff with power of spirit inside.  Restores HP of whoever it strikes.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 15%

Rainbow Staff       2200 Gil
- Staff with serpent scales on tip.
- Attack power: 5
- Evade: 15%

Mace of Zeus          10 Gil (not for sale)
- Staff that strengthens the power of the user.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 15%
- Magic +1
- Physical attack +2

Gold Staff          7000 Gil
- Glittering golden staff.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 15%

Sage Staff            10 Gil (not for sale)
- Stick you find laying anywhere.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 15%

--------------------------------------------- Hammers

The Hammers in Final Fantasy Tactics are practically flails: they are a stick or rod connected
to a metallic ball by a chain.  Hammers may only be used by Squires and Ninja.  All Hammers
have the "2-swords" and "2 hands" properties.

Flail               1200 Gil
- Wooden stick connected to a metal one, which is the attack portion.
- Attack power: 9

Flame Whip          4000 Gil
- Weapon with an iron hammer head.
- Attack power: 11
- Fire elemental
- Magic: Fire 2

Morning Star        9000 Gil
- Medieval mace.
- Attack power: 16

Scorpion Tail      40000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Like the Morning Star, but with one spike larger than the others.
- Attack power: 23

--------------------------------------------- Guns

A gun is a device that propels bullets at high velocity to its target using gunpowder.  More
advanced guns have magic elemental bullets.  Guns may only be used by Chemists and Mediators.
All guns have an effective range of 8 squares.

Romanda Gun         5000 Gil
- Gun brought from Romanda, an area in the north.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 5%

Mythril Gun        15000 Gil
- Mythril gun.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 5%

Stone Gun             10 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Petrifying gun.
- Attack power: 16
- Evade: 5%
- Always: Petrify

Blaze Gun             10 Gil (not for sale)
- Gun that shoots ice elemental bullets.  [Something got messed up in the translation.]
- Attack power: 20
- Evade: 5%
- Ice elemental

Glacier Gun           10 Gil (not for sale)
- Gun that shoots fire elemental bullets.
- Attack power: 21
- Evade: 5%
- Fire elemental

Blast Gun             10 Gil (not for sale)
- Gun that shoots lightning elemental bullets.
- Attack power: 22
- Evade: 5%
- Lightning elemental

--------------------------------------------- Crossbows

A crossbow is a mechanical device that propels a bolt using a trigger.  It can be used with
only one hand.  However, this gives it a definite range.  Crossbows may only be used by
Archers, and all Crossbows have an effective range of 4 squares.

Bow Gun              400 Gil
- Crossbow you can shoot with one hand.  Uses short arrows.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 5%

Night Killer        1500 Gil
- Crossbow that shoots special arrows causing abnormal status.
- Attack power: 3
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Darkness

Cross Bow           2000 Gil
- Crossbow with improved mechanism increasing attack power.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%

Poison Bow          4000 Gil
- Crossbow with a device that lets it use poison arrows.
- Attack power: 4
- Evade: 5%
- Add: Poison

Hunting Bow         8000 Gil
- Crossbow used to hunt monsters.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 5%

Gastrafitis        20000 Gil
- Most powerful cross bow.  Unusually big, gives a huge reaction.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 5%

--------------------------------------------- Bows

The traditional bow is two-handed.  It uses the tension and elasticity of the bowstring and
the bow itself to propel an arrow.  Bows may only be used by Archers, and all of the Bows
have a range of 5; however, this range may be extended if firing at an elevation.  

Long Bow            800 Gil
- Standard bow.  An extensive range, lasts a long time.
- Attack power: 4

Silver Bow         1500 Gil
- Silver bow.  Reinforced with thin slats of horn and wood.
- Attack power: 5

Ice Bow            2000 Gil
- Bow that shoots ice elemental arrows.
- Attack power: 5
- Ice elemental

Lightning Bow      3000 Gil
- Bow that shoots arrows at lightning speed.  Lightning elemental arrows.
- Attack power: 6
- Lightning elemental
- Magic: Bolt 2

Mythril Bow        5000 Gil
- Mythril reinforced bow.
- Attack power: 7

Windslash Bow      8000 Gil
- Bow that shoots ultra-high speed arrows.  Wind elemental arrows.  Increases damaging power
  with a vacuum created around the arrow.
- Attack power: 8
- Wind elemental

Ultimus Bow       22000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Bow of the hunting goddess.
- Attack power: 10

Yoichi Bow           10 Gil (not for sale)
- Bow of a famous archer.  Huge bow with tremendous power.
- Attack power: 12

Perseus Bow          10 Gil (not for sale)
- Bow used by mythological hero.  Made entirely out of metal, it requires great strength to 
  pull it.
- Attack power: 16

--------------------------------------------- Musical Instruments

The musical instruments in Final Fantasy Tactics are harps, weapons of the Bards.  They are 
one-handed, and they all have an effective range of 3 squares.  Only Bards may use the harps.

Ramia Harp         5000 Gil
- Harp produces sounds that affect the mind, causing confusion.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 10%
- Add: Confusion

Bloody Strings    10000 Gil
- Stringed instrument produces many sounds with a wide range.
- Attack power: 13
- Evade: 10%

Fairy Harp        30000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Stringed instrument entrances enemy with its pure sound.
- Attack power: 15
- Evade: 10%
- Add: Charm

--------------------------------------------- Dictionaries

Dictionaries are books containing magical words that have the potential to cause damage to 
enemies within its range.  The dictionary has an exact range of 3 squares from the wielder,
but all squares within that range can be affected if a square behind it is targeted.  Only
Oracles and Calculators can use the dictionaries.

Battle Dict       3000 Gil
- Dictionary used in battle.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 15%

Monster Dict      6000 Gil
- Thick dictionary.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 15%

Papyrus Plate    10000 Gil
- Ancient dictionary with a cover made out of minerals.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 15%

Madlemgen        30000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Dictionary that contains the entire vocabularies of every language.
- Attack power: 11
- Evade: 15%

--------------------------------------------- Spears

The spear is a long polearm with a bladed tip.  The tip can be of various different fashions,
ranging from a thin blade to a thick ax or steeple shaped point.  It is the weapon of choice 
for the Lancer.  Wielding the weapon requires only one hand, but its length allows a Lancer to 
strike an enemy two squares away.  Only the Lancer may use a Spear.

Javelin           1000 Gil
- Cheap, light-weight spear.  Attacks areas one panel away.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 10%

Spear             2000 Gil
- Standard spear.  Capable of long-distance attacks.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 10%

Mythril Spear     5500 Gil
- Spear with Mythril head.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 10%

Partisan          7000 Gil
- Wide, double-edged spear.  Devised to cause severe damage to its enemy.  
- Attack power: 11
- Evade: 10%

Oberisk          10000 Gil
- Huge, steeple-shaped spear.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 10%

Holy Lance       36000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Bright Holy spear.
- Attack power: 14
- Evade: 10%
- Holy elemental
- Magic: Holy

Dragon Whisker   44000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Spear made of a mysterious material neither wood nor metal.  Said to be dragon whiskers.
- Attack power: 17
- Evade: 10%

--------------------------------------------- Sticks

The Stick is an alternative weapon used by Oracles and Calculators.  It is much like a staff,
but it is more geared towards physical attack than magical properties.  Its length and the 
method of attack give it a range of 2, like the Spear.  Only Oracles and Calculators may use 
the Stick (only one hand is necessary to wield).

Cypress Rod      1000 Gil
- Cypress staff.
- Attack power: 6
- Evade: 20%

Battle Bamboo    1400 Gil
- Long, slender bamboo stick.  Attacks by bending it.
- Attack power: 7
- Evade: 20%

Musk Rod         2400 Gil
- Musk tree stick.  Shaped like a huge dipper.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 20%

Iron Fan         4000 Gil
- Gigantic metal-framed fan.  Used like a stick with the fan folded.
- Attack power: 9
- Evade: 20%

Gokuu Rod        7500 Gil
- Stick that causes those it strikes to lose faith.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 20%
- Add: Innocent

Ivory Rod       10000 Gil (Fur Shop only)
- Special ivory stick.  Frail, yellow stick is surprisingly strong.
- Attack power: 11
- Evade: 20%

Octagon Rod     20000 Gil
- Octagon-carved stick on a steel plate.
- Attack power: 12
- Evade: 20%
- Cancel: Darkness, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act

Whale Whisker
- Ebony stick.  The material, neither wood nor metal, said to be giant whale whiskers.
- Attack power: 16
- Evade: 20%

--------------------------------------------- Women's bags

A women's bag are an alternative weapon type.  While they can be surprisingly strong and have
good magical properties, they can only be equipped by women and are very expensive.  A woman
in any job class can equip this one-handed weapon.

C Bag
- High quality brand name bag.
- Attack power: 10
- Magic +1

P Bag
- Simple, but fashionable bag.
- Attack power: 12
- Always: Regen

H Bag
- Limited quantity bag sold at high price.
- Attack power: 14
- Speed +1

FS Bag
- Custom-made bag for battle.
- Attack power: 20

--------------------------------------------- Cloths

A cloth is a roll of cloth that is used by Dancers as a weapon.  They are one-handed, have
a high evade rate, have a range of 2, and can be quite strong.  Only Dancers may use Cloths.

- Brightly colored textile with unique thickness, used for carpeting.
- Attack power: 8
- Evade: 50%

- Woolen cloth with elasticity and heat absorption.  Soft, pleasant to touch.
- Attack power: 10
- Evade: 50%

Ryozan Silk
- Silk cloth, thin and smooth.  Specially reinforced.
- Attack power: 15
- Evade: 50%

4.2.2. Armor

The armor section covers all of the defensive equipment in Final Fantasy Tactics, including:
Shields, Helmets, Hats, Women's ribbons, Clothes, Armors, Robes.  Armors (except shields) in
Final Fantasy Tactics are different as compared to many other RPGs: there is no defense 
statistic.  Instead, helmets and armor add to the wearer's hit point level.

--------------------------------------------- Shields

Shields are wooden or metal plates held with one arm to protect the body.  Only the advanced
warrior classes (Knights, Archers, Geomancers, Lancers) use shields in combat.  Their
defensive value is measured with Physical defense and Magic defense in percentages.  They may
also have other properties.

- The cheapest shield.  S-EV (the shield's evade %) is low.
- Physical 10%
- Magic 3%

Aegis Shield
- Replica of the Shield of God.  Raises:
- Physical 10%
- Magic 50%
- Magic +1

- Small shield used in white soldier battles.  Evade % is low, but it's easy to handle.
- Physical 13%
- Magic 3%

Bronze Shield
- Bronze shield.  Made small to evade attacks quickly.
- Physical 16%

Round Shield
- Small, sturdy shield.  The surface is ornamented with complex patterns.
- Physical 19%

Mythril Shield
- Mythril shield.  Lighter than it looks and easy to handle.
- Physical 22%
- Magic 5%

Gold Shield
- Gold rimmed Mythril shield.  Physical attacks is higher than magic attacks.
- Physical 25%
Ice Shield
- Gem inlaid Mythril shield.  The gems possess the ice elemental.
- Physical 28%
- Absorb: Ice
- Half: Fire
- Weakness: Lightning

Flame Shield
- Inlaid magenta Mythril shield.  The gems possess the fire elemental.
- Physical 31%
- Absorb: Fire
- Half: Ice
- Weakness: Water

Diamond Shield
- Diamond shield.  High magic due to divine protection of the gems.
- Physical 34%
- Magic 15%

Platina Shield
- Mythril/Platinum shield.  Has a white luster.
- Physical 37%
- Magic 10%

Crystal Shield
- Crystal inlaid shield.  Crystals look like mined gems.
- Physical 40%
- Magic 15%

Genji Shield
- Black foreign-made shield.  Made of steel with a unique shape.
- Physical 43%

Kaiser Plate
- Shield named after ancient king.  Raises weapon evade % and weapon attack.
- Physical 46%
- Magic 20%
- Strengthen: Fire, Lightning, Ice

Venetian Shield
- Bright shield with special pigment.  Reduces elemental damage by half.
- Physical 50%
- Magic 25%
- Half: Fire, Lightning, Ice

--------------------------------------------- Helmets

Helmets are protective armor for the head.  They are generally made of a heavy metal, and some
have noseguards.  They are generally reserved for job classes that wear heavy armor.  Only the
Knight, Lancer, and Samurai may use a Helmet.

Leather Helmet
- Rosin helmet with great elasticity.
- HP +10

Bronze Helmet
- Standard bronze helmet.
- HP +20

Iron Helmet
- Sturdy steel helmet.
- HP +30

- Large helmet with a T-shaped gap for the face.
- HP +40

Mythril Helmet
- Mythril helmet.  Light and sturdy.
- HP +50

Gold Helmet
- Gold helmet.
- HP +60

Cross Helmet
- Helmet that covers head and neck.  The face guard protects the face.
- HP +70

Diamond Helmet
- Inlaid cross helmet.  Spiritually dense gems increase helmet's power.
- HP +80

Platina Helmet
- Mythril/Platinum helmet.  Has a white luster.
- HP +90

- Helmet with inlay in the forehead.  Ears are exposed to make it lighter.
- HP +100

Crystal Helmet
- Inlaid crystal helmet.  The crystals look like mined gems.
- HP +120

Genji Helmet
- Black foreign helmet.  Made of steel with a unique shape.
- HP +130

Grand Helmet
- Helmet that prevents abnormal status.
- HP +150
- Cancel: Darkness, Sleep

--------------------------------------------- Hats

Hats provide protection, but not as much as the helmets do.  However, they are light, so all 
other job classes can use them.  Some hats also provide a MP bonus, making them ideal for 
magic users.  Hats may be used by all job classes but the Knight, Monk, Lancer, and Samurai.

Leather Hat
- Sturdy leather hat.
- HP +8

Feather Hat
- Sturdy white feathered hat.
- HP +16
- MP +5

Red Hood
- Red cloth hood.
- HP +24
- MP +8

- Leather head gear.  Sturdy leather hat.
- HP +32
- Physical attack +1

Triangle Hat
- 3-cornered hat with magic pattern on top.
- HP +40
- MP +12
- Magic +1

Green Beret
- Beret worn by special unit.
- HP +48
- Speed +1

Twist Headband
- Twisted towel wrapped around one's head.  Strengthens oneself.
- HP +56
- Physical attack +2

Holy Miter
- Nobles' hat for holy workers who conduct ceremonies.
- HP +64
- MP +20
- Magic +1

Black Hood
- Black cloth hood.
- HP +72

Golden Hairpin
- Beautiful golden hairpin.
- HP +80
- MP +50
- Cancel: Silence

Flash Hat
- Crystal hat whose spiritual power increases agility and magic attack power.
- HP +88
- MP +15
- Magic +1
- Speed +1

Thief Hat
- Hat increases agility and prevents abnormal status.
- HP +100
- Speed +2
- Cancel: Don't Move, Don't Act

--------------------------------------------- Women's Ribbons

Women's Ribbons are a special type of headgear.  They don't provide much in the way of 
defense, but they all protect the wearer from multiple status effects.  Like the women's bags,
they may only be used by women.

- Ribbon that prevents abnormal status.
- HP +10
- Cancel: Dead, Undead, Petrify, Invitation, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Blood Suck, 
          Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act, Death Sentence

- Hairpin that prevents abnormal status. 
- HP +20
- Cancel: Dead, Petrify, Invitation, Confusion, Blood Suck, Berserk, Stop, Charm, Sleep

- Hairband that prevents abnormal status.
- HP +20
- Cancel: Undead, Darkness, Silence, Frog, Poison, SLow, Don't Move, Don't Act,  
          Death Sentence

--------------------------------------------- Armor

Armor is protective gear for the body.  The armor indicated here is heavy armor, which is
either hard leather or metallic.  Like the helmets, they provide an HP bonus.  Also like the
helmets, only Knights, Lancers, and Samurai may use Armor.

Leather Armor
- Layered leather armor.
- HP +10

Linen Cuirass
- Armor which outer shell is bronze, and inside is linen.
- HP +20

Bronze Armor
- Simple bronze armor.
- HP +30

Chain Mail
- Chainlink armor.
- HP +40

Mythril Armor
- Mythril armor.  Sturdy and light.
- HP +50

Plate Mail
- Improved Mythril armor with increased capability.
- HP +60

Gold Armor
- Like Plate Mail, but reinforced with gold.
- HP +70

Diamond Armor
- Diamond armor.
- HP +80

Platina Armor
- Mythril/Platinum armor.  Has a white luster.
- HP +90

Carabini Mail
- Thick Mythril armor.  This can endure extreme impact.
- HP +100

Crystal Mail
- Inlaid crystal platinum armor.  The crystals look like mined gems.
- HP +110

Reflect Mail
- Armor protects the wearer from magic attacks with 'Reflect.'
- HP +130
- Always: Reflect

Genji Armor
- Black foreign armor.  Firmly protects the abdomen.
- HP +150

- High grade armor.  Carefully made to boast its great strength.
- HP +200

--------------------------------------------- Clothes

Clothes are the alternative to heavy armor like hats are to helmets.  They provide HP bonuses
and some provide status effects or bonuses.  They can be used by all job classes except
Knights, Lancers, and Samurai.

- Battle clothes.  Sturdier than normal clothing.
- HP +5

Leather Clothes
- Leather battle clothes.  
- HP +10

Leather Vest
- Layered leather battle clothes.
- HP +18

Secret Clothes
- Ninja uniform.  Good for covert acts.
- HP +20
- Speed +2
- Always: Transparent

Chain Vest
- Chain linked shirt.
- HP +24

Mythril Vest
- Mythril vest.  Small mythril plates sewed on the chest area.
- HP +30

Adaman Vest
- Heavy metal vest.
- HP +36

Wizard Outfit
- Sorcerer's hooded garment.
- HP +42
- MP +15

- Mythril garment.  Reinforced with platinum plates.
- HP +50

Judo Outfit
- Martial art uniform from other culture.
- HP +60
- Physical attack +1
- Cancel: Dead

Power Sleeve
- String to tie up excess parts of a garment for agility.
- HP +70
- Physical attack +2

Earth Clothes
- Garment made from beautifully designed fabric.
- HP +85
- MP +10
- Absorb: Earth
- Strengthen: Earth

Black Costume
- Black battle clothes.
- HP +100
- Cancel: Stop

Rubber Costume
- Close-fitting rosin garment.
- HP +150
- MP +30
- Cancel: Lightning

--------------------------------------------- Robes

Robes are long lengths of fabric that are designed for magic-users.  They typically have magic
properties or add to the MP of the wearer.  Robes may be used by Knights, Priests, Wizards,
Time Magi, Summoners, Mediators, Oracles, Geomancers, Lancers, Summoners, and Calculators.

Linen Robe
- Simple linen robe.
- HP +10
- MP +10

Silk Robe
- Smooth silken robe.
- HP +20
- MP +16

Wizard Robe
- Hooded robe.
- HP +30
- MP +22
- Magic +2

Chameleon Robe
- Green robe dyed with an extract from a shiny green stone.
- HP +40
- MP +28
- Cancel: Dead
- Absorb: Holy

White Robe
- Pure-white gown.  Reduces elemental damage by half.

- HP +50
- MP +34
- Half: Fire, Lightning, Ice

Black Robe
- Ebony gown.  Strengthens elemental magic.
- HP +60
- MP +30
- Strengthen: Fire, Lightning, Ice

Light Robe
- Robe woven from a glistening fabric.
- HP +75
- MP +50

Robe of Lords
- Exquisite robe worn by elder priests.
- HP +100
- MP +80
- Physical attack +2
- Magic +1
- Always: Protect, Shell

4.2.3. Accessories

Accessories are a few odds and ends that aren't necessarily armor or weapons.  These include
those that you can equip (such as Shoes, Gauntlets, Rings, Armlets, Mantles, and Women's 
Perfumes), and those that you can use as items (Throwing Items, Recovery Items)

--------------------------------------------- Shoes

Shoes, when equipped, generally provide bonuses to movement or jump abilities.  All job 
classes may equip Shoes.

Rubber Shoes
- Shoes made by soaking in rosin.  Cancels lightning-elemental magic.
- Cancel: Don't Move, Lightning

Battle Boots
- Layered leather battle boots.
- Move +1

Spike Shoes
- Cleated running shoes.  Increases jump power with firm grip.
- Jump +1

Germinas Boots
- Fitted boots.  Easy to move around in.
- Move +1
- Jump +1

Sprint Shoes
- Expensive, brand-name shoes.
- Speed +1

Red Shoes
- Leather shoes colored with magenta dye.
- Magic +1
- Move +1

Feather Boots
- Soft, light-weight shoes.
- Always: Float

--------------------------------------------- Gauntlets

Gauntlets are basically gloves designed for battle.  They have different properties associated
with them.  All job classes may equip Gauntlets.

Power Wrist
- Gauntlet increases weapon attack power.
- Physical attack +1

Magic Gauntlet
- Gauntlet that increases magic attack power.
- Magic +2

Genji Gauntlet
- Crimson foreign gauntlet.
- Physical attack +2
- Magic +2

- Thin, leather gauntlet.
- Physical attack +3

--------------------------------------------- Rings

Rings are metal bands that are often adorned with precious metals.  These are worn on the 
finger, so any job class may use them.  They either prevent status abnormalities, or endow
some beneficial status effects upon the wielder.

Cursed Ring
- Metal ring with vengeful spirit inside.
- Physical attack +1
- Magic +1
- Speed + 1
- Always: Undead
- Cancel: Invitation

Defense Ring
- Metal ring with spiritual powers.
- Cancel: Sleep, Death Sentence

Magic Ring
- Inlaid ring with spiritual powers.
- Cancel: Silence, Berserk

Angel Ring
- Ring receives divine protection from an angel.
- Cancel: Dead, Darkness
- Always: Reraise

Reflect Ring
- Ring that reflects magic with words of the engraved contract.
- Always: Reflect

--------------------------------------------- Armlets

Armlets are simple metallic bracelets, that, like rings, prevent some status anomalies.  They
can be worn by any job class.

Defense Armlet
- Magenta inlaid armlet.
- Cancel: Don't Move, Don't Act

N-Kai Armlet
- Ceremonial armlet.  Worn for the God of Darkness.
- Cancel: Confusion, Charm
- Half: Dark

Jade Armlet
- Armlet inlaid with polished jewels.
- Cancel: Petrify, Stop

108 Gems
- Beads connected together with 108 linden seeds.
- Cancel: Undead, Blood Suck, Frog, Poison
- Strengthen: Fire, Lighting, Ice, Wind, Earth, Water, Holy, Dark

Diamond Armlet
- Inlaid armlet with high spiritual powers.
- Physical attack +1
- Magic +1
- Cancel: Slow

--------------------------------------------- Mantles

Mantles are capes that are worn about the body.  They provide protection (like shields) from
physical magic attack.  They may be worn by any job class.

Small Mantle
- Small wool cape.
- Physical 10%
- Magic 10%

Leather Mantle
- Sturdy leather cape.
- Physical 15%
- Magic 15%

Wizard Mantle
- Physical 18%
- Magic 18%
- Magic +1

Elf Mantle
- Thin, short fabric cape.  Special fabric with spiritual powers.
- Physical 25%
- Magic 25%

Dracula Mantle
- Cape with outer fabric black and the inner fabric magenta.
- Physical 28%
- Magic 28%

Feather Mantle
- Light cape, soft as a feather.
- Physical 40%
- Magic 30%

--------------------------------------------- Women's Perfumes

Women's perfumes are equipped only on women and provide an alluring scent.  The scents have 
magic properties and bestow beneficial status effects on the wearer.

- Perfume with a refreshing scent.
- Always: Float, Reflect

- Perfume with an exotic scent.
- Magic +1
- Always: Haste, Transparent

- Perfume with a peaceful scent.
- Always: Reraise, Regen

Salty Rage
- Perfume with a deep but gentle scent.
- Always: Protect, Shell

--------------------------------------------- Throwing Items

Throwing items are items that are specifically designed for the Ninja's Throw ability.  They 
are consumed when utilized.  Any job class with the Throw ability equipped may use these

Fire Ball
- Ball that causes fire damage.
- Attack power: 8
- Fire elemental

Water Ball
- A ball that causes water damage when thrown.
- Attack power: 8
- Water elemental

Lightning Ball
- Ball that causes lightning damage.
- Attack power: 8
- Lightning elemental

- Throwing weapon used by Ninja.  Hits enemy by spinning.
- Attack power: 4

Magic Shuriken
- Windmill-shaped dirk.  Slashes enemy with its high-speed spinning.
- Attack power: 7

Yagyu Darkness
- Cross shuriken used by famous Ninja school.  Edges are hook-shaped to raise damaging power.
- Attack power: 10

--------------------------------------------- Recovery Items

Recovery Items are used in conjunction with the Chemist's Item ability.  You must have learned
how to use the Item in the Chemist job class to be able to use it.  

- Medicine that restores HP.  Causes damage if used on undead.
- HP Restore 30

- Medicine restores HP.  Stronger than Potion.
- HP Restore 70

- Medicine resotres HP.  Stronger than Hi-Potion.
- HP Restore 150

- Medicine restores MP.
- MP Restore 20

- Medicine restores MP.  Stronger than Ether.
- MP Restore 50

- Medicine neutralizes poison from enemy attacks.
- Cancel: Poison

- Medicine used when one's sight is lost in magic attacks.
- Cancel: Darkness

Echo Grass
- Herb used to restore units who've lost their voices, so they can cast spells.
- Cancel: Silence

Maiden's Kiss
- Medicine used to restore units who've become frogs.
- Cancel: Frog

- Tool to cure petrified units.  Needle breaks after one use.
- Cancel: Petrify

Holy Water
- Holy water that revives dead.
- Cancel: Undead, Blood Suck

- Remedy that cures various abnormal status.
- Cancel: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Sleep

Phoenix Down
- Mysterious feather revives dead units.  Disappears after one use.
- Cancel: Dead

- Precious medicine that completely restores HP and MP.


This section isn't really useful, it's simply a few of the quotes said by people and by
casters when casting spells.  I've obtained a complete collection of the normal spells in the
game, but now I'll keep my eye out for those spells you can't readily get, such as those cast
by Zodiac Monsters.

4.3.1. Spell and Ability Quotes

- Draw Out

Asura Knife
"Legendary sword that kills freely!  Asura!"

"Evil souls of the dark, gather here...Koutetsu!"

Bizen Boat
"Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power...Bizen Boat!"

"No more loss of precious life...Murasame!"

Heaven's Cloud
"Yagumo rising, all who know god!  Heaven's Cloud!"

"Innocent sword, slash evils and protect!  Kiyomori!"

"Summon all ghosts of the sword!  Attack!  Muramasa!"

"Brave weapon, turn to a deadly blaze!  Kikuichimoji!"

"Sword of fury, inject power!  Masamune!"

"Flame-eating sword, swipe away the evils!  Chirijiraden!"

- White Magic

"Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy!  Cure!"

Cure 2
"Life's refreshing breeze, heal from the sky!  Cure 2!"

Cure 3
"Blessing breeze, blow in energy!  Cure 3!"

Cure 4
"Mighty breeze, heal from the sky!  Cure 4!"

"Share lives with all things in nature... Regen!"

"Spirits of life, return to us!  Raise!"

Raise 2
"Spirits of life, give a new life to the soul!  Raise 2!"

"Inject life's energy!  Reraise!"

"Share lives with all things in nature... Regen!"

"Precious light, be our armor to protect us!  Protect!"

Protect 2
"Shining light, protect from all directions!  Protect 2!"

"Silent light, shield from evil!  Shell!"

Shell 2
"Enduring light, shield from roaring magic!  Shell 2!"

"Ancient light, rise and revive!  Wall!"

"Heavenly wind, carry us to the fountain of power!  Esuna!"

"Pure light, shine on bloody impurity!  Holy!"

- Black Magic

"Destruction of nature, gather in flame!  Fire!"

Fire 2
"Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame!  Fire 2!"

Fire 3
"Star fire, awake and deliver your judgement!  Fire 3!"

Fire 4
"Smouldering flames far below, punish the wicked!  Fire 4!"

"Strip away the ground with glistening blades!  Bolt!"

Bolt 2
"Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power!  Bolt 2!"

Bolt 3
"Heavenly Bolts, come bring God's justice!  Bolt 3!"

Bolt 4
"Angry spirits of the world, strike now!  Bolt 4!"

"Scatter your chilly sharp blades!  Ice!"

Ice 2
"Drifting breeze, come down with fury!  Ice 2!"

Ice 3
"Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths!  Ice 3!"

Ice 4
"Effortless water, break your silence, attack!  Ice 4!"

"Filthy blood of revenge, inject!  Poison!"

"Death gods craving live, take their souls!  Death!"

"Know, live, become a frog!  Frog!"

"Inscript the Dark god into a rotting body!  Flare!"

- Time Magic

"Layer upon layer make your mark now...Haste!"

Haste 2
"Time's current, place me in your whirlpool!  Haste 2!"

"Time, rest and give your kindness to the worthy!  Slow!"

Slow 2
"Obey the sky's will, slow time down!  Slow 2!"

"Spirits of time, hide us from the judging hand of God!  Stop!"

Don't Move
"Land of all lives, suppress all rebels!  Don't Move!"

"Land of mercy, loosen tight fists!  Float!"

"Spell break, turn into an avenging light!  Reflect!"

"Restore lost time in the spiral line... Quick!"

"Revenge with dark-evil spell!  Demi!"

Demi 2
"Black sheep of evil times, cover our light!  Demi 2!"

"Time has come...crash down on the wicked!  Meteor!"

- Yin Yang Magic

"All light fall into darkness!  Bound darkness!"

Spell Absorb
"Guiding light, shed magic power from above!  Spell Absorb!"

Life Drain
"Lost energy...raise the heart rate!  Life Drain!"

Pray Faith
"God is watching...have faith!  Pray Faith!"

Doubt Faith
"Seek the true tone to form our will...Doubt Faith!"

"Great tree of life, inject rotten extract!  Zombie!"

Silence Song
"Conjurors, seek truth in silence... Silence Song!"

Blind Rage
"Reason with confusion, judge with recklessness...Brave Insanity!"

"Cowards, weak, those rushing to die!  Foxbird!"

Confusion Song
"Smash all hunger for destruction... Confusion Song!"

Dispel Magic
"Illusions, lies, to heaven!  Dispel Magic!"

"Mindless, spiritless, hear the immutable beat... Paralyze!"

"Lose conscious, wash away into the silent sea... Sleep!"

"Suffering spirits, to eternity!  Break Seal!"

- Punch Art

Repeating Fist
"Fight for justice...fists of fury!  Repeated Fist!"

Wave Fist
"Burning anger rising...Burst!  Wave Fist!"

Earth Slash
"Earth's anger running through my arms!  Earth Slash!"

Secret Fist
"Cast down to hell with your fingers!  Secret Fist!"

- Summon Magic

"Kupo!  Round and round you go!  Moogle!"

"Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power!  Shiva!"

"Master of cration, impart thy help!  Ramuh!"

"King of flames, burn into cinders!  Ifrit!"

"Bear down with land energy!  Titan!"

"Earth-minded soul, protect us!  Golem!"

"Impart light to fight our holy war!  Carbunkle!" 

"Scorch with dragon flame!  Bahamut!"

"Slash away with the Land's fury!  Odin!"

"Sea fang, attack with water's power!  Leviathan!"

"Evil flames, entrust your power to us!  Salamander!"

"Shiny crystal light, energize!  Fairy!"

"Death song, death door, death river awaiting!  Lich!"

"Scatter frozen blades of air!  Clops!"

"Attack by the Master of commandments!  Zodiac!"

- Holy Sword

Stasis Sword
"Life is short...Bury!  Steady Sword!"

Split Sword
"The devil's spirit of restlessness... Split Punch!"

Crush Punch
"The doom of a planet... Crush Punch!"

Lightning Stab
"Absorb power in the sky and strike!  Lightning Stab!"

Holy Explosion
"Heaven's wish to destroy all minds... Holy Explosion!"

- Mighty Sword

Shellbust Stab
"Armor won't help the heart stay sharp... Shellbust Stab!"

Hellcry Punch
"Demolish weapons with fury!  Hellcry Punch!"

Blastar Punch
"Curses from all directions!  Blastar Punch!"

Icewolf Bite
"Disaster cries out to smash all... Icewolf Bite!"

- Dark Sword

Night Sword
"Master of all swords, cut energy!  Night Sword!"

Dark Sword
"Dead or alive...slash magic power!  Dark Sword!"

- Truth (same as Un-truth)

Heaven Thunder
"Deadly rumbles, strike from the sky!  Heaven Thunder!"

"Flames, gather and destroy!  Asura!"

Diamond Sword
"Clear with a mighty breeze!  Diamond Sword!"

Hydragon Pit
"Cut open the water filled skies and pour!  Hydragon Pit!"

Space Storage
"All is illusion after this evening bell!  Space Storage!"

Sky Demon
"Underground souls, rumble!  Quake!  Sky Demon!"


Dark Holy
"Aurora, exhale bloody air!  Dark Holy!"

Death Cold
"Inject evil spirits!  Death Cold!"

Galaxy Stop
"Destiny lies in my hands!  Stop movement!  Galaxy Stop!"

"Unseeing, unthinking brains... Loss!"

Midgar Swarm
"Rays in the dark sky, let's see your dignity!  Midgar Swarm!"

Poison Frog
"One unaware of their true self they pity themselves..."

"Assailants in the ground, it's time to rumble!  Quake!"

"One step closer to hell!  Spell!"

"Brush off vanity and show reality!  Ultima!"

4.3.2. People Quotes

These quotes can be obtained by pressing select on the character's name in the Formation menu.


"If the 'Brave' level is high, you've a higher chance of using reaction ability!"

"In some places, you can 'Attack' from the top but not the bottom."

"Remember you can't use "Act" in water level 2."

"In close-range battle, don't forget your shield!"

"Evanescence...What a sad word......."

"Feels like we've met before....  "Zzz...zzz...."

"I hope everybody gets a little more kind-hearted."

"Just aim.  You don't have to charge your gun!"

"Truth is a dangerous skill that ignores Faith!"

"Backtruth damages enemies with little Faith.  Trust, or you'll be sorry!"

"I learned long ago to cover my back and attack from behind."

"'Temple' means shrine.  It's also the upper part of the face."

Worker 8
"Unintelligible!  Command cannot be executed!"


"It's hidden at the top of the volcano!"

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