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FAQ (JP) by IDeLucas

Version: 0.4 |

              |      Final Fantasy Tactics      |
              |          General FAQ            |
              |            Ver 0.4              |
              |                                 |
              |  Mantained by Ignacio de Lucas  |
              |      (delucas@hotmail.com)      |

    This file should come in a ZIP with another four:
 fftfaq   : Main FAQ and general information (this file)
 ffttips  : Tactics and secrets
 fftabil  : Ability list
 fftitems : Item list
 fftshark : Action Replay / Game Shark codes

    Newest revisions of this FAQ can be found at:
 Kao Megura's Homepage

 The UnOfficial Squaresoft Homepage    


 The Chocobo Range

 Your Final Fantasy Tactics Page

 Import RPG Help

 The Final Fantasy Tactics Page

 Square Kappa's Page

    What's new:

 0.40: Yeah, you guessed it : I split the FAQ yet AGAIN :P. A part of
        the main FAQ went to a new file: ffttips.txt.
       Also created a new section in that file : Strategies.
       Made a LOT of general FAQ corrections (options and the such) 
        thanks to Starwolf.
       Corrected yet another lot of things (some of them pretty obscure, 
        like Escutcheon and Girugame) thanks to Mari Hagiwara.
       Added IMPORTANT note on getting the Deep Dungeon items by Starwolf.
       Added method to learn Zodiac and to pass it to another character,
        thanks to Tatsushi Nakao! Now ALL your characters can learn Zodiac!
       Added complete poaching list thanks to Eric Tan.
       Added strategies for defeating Wirgraff/Berias, from Sergio 
        Darder, Mantle, E-ko and myself.

 0.35: Dropped the translations entirely : Henry Jerng's effort is
        way better. Find his AWESOME translation at Playstation 
        Gamer or at the UnOfficial Squaresoft Homepage.
       Added a new file: Action Replay / Game Shark codes (guess
        who just got an AR + Comms Kit ;) ). Piyo and Alan Thio 
        helped a lot making it .
       Made TONS of ability corrections (mostly Romanji transcriptions)
       as well as cultural references, thanks to Starwolf. Among others,
       In You Shi (Yin/Yang person) is now Onmyou Shi.
       Made more ability corrections thanks to Alan Thio, Adam Page,
        Mari Hagiwara and Yeh Fang
       Added a lot of secret items and how to obtain them, again 
        thanks to Starwolf. See item list document.
       Added some very rare items got with the Catch ability thanks to
        John Mattila (21923@UDel.Edu). 
       Realized that the Deep Dungeon guide is not so great as most
        items appear randomly and it seems the exit does too :(

 0.3 : Split the main FAQ again because of editor's memory limitations.
        The translations are in a separate file now
       Made TONS AND TONS of ability, option and general corrections
        thanks to Lim Kheng Chye and Chia Chee Teng! Almost all
        abilities translated now! Thanks a LOT!! 
       Made even more ability corrections thanks to Alan Thio
       Corrected lots of options translations thanks to Zhou Tai An
       Added the Deep Dungeon guide!
       Added the Item List Translation! (in YET another file)
       Corrected the "How to get Cloud" section. Added step 4 and corrected
        step 10 thanks to Somsak Sriprayoonsakul, Sean Camanyag and Bloops
       Added Faith and Brave explanations by Zhou Tai An
       Added info about Zodiac Signs by Gary Fung, Lim Kheng Chye
        and Chia Chee Teng
       Added a link to Henry Jerng translations (well... to gamefaqs 
        really, that's where they are)
       Made a correction to plot translations by Lim Kheng Chye
       Added some items obtained with Thief's "Stealth Hunt" ability
        thanks to Somsak Sriprayoonsakul
       Made some general corrections (Haste causes HALF speed animation? :) )

 0.25: Reorganizated Thanks section and moved it to the end of the FAQ
       Added info about the Deep Dungeon by Wardancer 
       Added Text Adventure Walkthrough by Somsak Sriprayoonsakul
       Added Job Attribute Gaining table by Alucard
       Added Brave and Faith trick warning by Slick
       Corrected some abilities (Item User, Thief, Monk, Time Mage, Bard,
         Ninja, Dancer, Samurai, Summoner, Soldier)
       Reorganizated Miscellaneous section and split it in three :
         Secrets, Tips and a much thinner Miscellaneous :)
       Added Levitate and Transparent status
       Added links section

 0.2 : Added info on how to get Cloud from Playstation Gamer
       Added how to obtain Monomaneshi (Imitator)
       Added regular jobs : Samurai, Ninja, Dancer, Bard, Mathematician,
       Added special jobs : Tendoushi (Lafa), Tenmeishi (Malark), 
         Kensei (Orurandu), Divine Knight (Mariadooru), Temple Knight
         (Beiouf), Dragooner (Rerze), Tetsukyujin (Constructor number 7),
         Soldier (Cloud)
       Corrected some abilities (Apprentice, Elementalist, Dragoon, 
         Summoner, Time mage, Thief), thanks to Ashkaan Rahimi and Slick
       Added status change representations
       Added positive status and some missing negative status              
       Corrected Ninja and Samurai requirements: they were switched 
         around ^_^
       Added random encounter notes by Slick
       Added Faith and Brave trick by Slick
       Added autobattle menu translation

 0.15: Split FAQ into General FAQ and Abilities List
       Added Story Introduction
       Added Chapter One and Two translations by Darren Chan
       Added how to obtain Samurai, Ninja, Mathematician, Bard and Dancer    
       Added Elementalist, Dragon Knight, Talker and Summoner's abilities
       Added special jobs : Apprentice Warrior (Ramza, Dirita, Arugas),
         Holy Knight (Agurias), Engineer (Mustadio)
       Corrected Apprentice job name to Apprentice Warrior (rookie)
       Corrected some abilities (mostly Reaction, Support and Movement)
       Added training methods in Miscellaneous sections by Eugene Shen
       Added info on sub-quests by Darren Chan
       Added how to know when a charged ability will take its effect in
         Miscellaneous section
       Added auto-potion trick by Oscar Ramos
       Translated character names in Chapter One's translation

 0.1 : Added Chapter One translation by Eugene Shen
       Added ability list for White mage, Black Mage and Time Mage
       Finished the Yin/Yang Person action ability list
       Added some more explanation on Ability use
       Added town menus translations
       Added "Miscellaneous" section
       Made some reorganization
       Made some more ability corrections
       Removed the second appearance of the Monk's abilities list :)

 0.05: Added status change translations
       Added status screen explanations
       Added item help translations
       Added map menus and sub-menus translations
       Added some explanation on ability use
       Added some explanation on "Can't fight" status       
       Made some ability corrections

 0.01: Initial release

    Hello! This is an FAQ designed to help non-Japanese players through
 this superb game. You will need a Japanese ascii viewer to display
 the Japanese characters : you can find one at (www.njstar.com).
 It comes with a handy Japanese-English translator, which is what
 I used to make most of this document.

    I'm Spanish and my knowledge of English is not very high, so 
 apologies in advance for any grammatical and spelling errors you 
 may find in this document. And no, I don't know any Japanese either.
    The FAQ is in five parts now: the general FAQ, the secrets
 and strategies, the abilities list, the items list and the Action 
 Replay / Game Shark codes.

    I also removed the "What's new" and "Thanks" sections from all other
 parts besides the main FAQ one, for reasons of space and integrity.
 But I left the "Where to get this" on all of them, so anyone that has
 only one part can get the rest.

    I will usually put four things in each translation:

 Japanese : The original Japanese name in Kana or Kanji (Japanese alphabets).
 Romanji : A phonetic translation of this name in Romanji (Roman alphabet).
 Translation : A literal translation.
 Effect : A translation of its effect.

-" o塵Oo,o+oo  -"

 1. - Begining the game
 2. - Battle menus
   2.1 - General menu
     2.1.1 - Option menu
   2.2 - Unit menu
     2.2.1 - Action menu
     2.2.2 - Autobattle menu
 3. - Map menu
   3.1 - General menu
   3.2 - Town menu
      3.2.1 - Shop menu - Shop equip menu
 4. - Status Screen
   4.1 - Status Main menu
      4.1.1 - Items menu
      4.1.2 - Ability menu
 5. - Job and Ability System
 6. - Status Changes
 7. - Job's requirements
 8. - Links
 9. - Thanks

-" o、 -_ oAo+oリo,oOo,oOoリ o"oSo+  oリo oュo+  -"

* Choosing your character's name *

    The default name for your main character is ?? (RAMUZA), which
 may also be spelt as Lamuza, Ramza or Lamza.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
             r E  Kana        Display Hiragana alphabet
            搜戲  KANA        Display Katakana alphabet
            、?quot;"  Eisuu       Display Romanji alphabet 
            'A_  Kanji       Choose one of three ways to select Kanji
            ョンI_  End         Finish your character's name

    You must now enter your character's (Ramza from now on) birth date. 
 Left/Right switches between month and day. This date determines Ramza's
 Zodiacal sign and how good he will be in battle against people of other
 Zodiacal signs.

    After the intro, you will begin your first battle. This is pretty
 much automatic, as you can only control Ramza.

-" oy -_ oAo o"o"o腔+  oIo+oOooo  -"

* 2.1 - General menu *

    To activate this menu, press Triangle when no character is selected
 (so you must press X to de-select your current character before)

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
?gt;拈? 抖?quot;-撥  AKTEIBUTAAN Active Turn (Display the order in which units
                               will make their next turn)
  拑戲戡戲擔?戲  UNITTORIST  Unit List
      昊捶撻旙撥  OPUSHON     Option

* 2.1.1 - Option menu *

      Japanese                        Translation
  o、  搜-攬? Ios'oEyo              Cursor movement axis (which axis
                                       is the left-right on the joypad;
                                       it is the NW-SE by default) 
  oy  搜-攬? I擔-抂戲 IAr酋        Cursor repeat speed
  o3  Eo""3AO'T I搜-攬?整" IAr酋  Cursor transferring Speed between
                                       multiple layers
  o'  _O搜-攬? I擔抂-戲Ar酋        Menu cursor repeat speed
  o   戡拈-? I整"Ar酋            Message speed
  o  戲抂掣-撻旙撥 戡拈-? II-I  Set the navigating message
  o」  ?gt;抂擔? I_ I整"              Show Ability name
  o,  ,忱I 戡拈-? I整"            Show ailments when caused in battle
  o1  」D,3AIoEodS'A I整"            Show Jp and Exp gain in battle
o、oo  ?quot;-掣戡戲IAI? II-I            Set targets blinking
o、o、  ?旙抖EIAoE輩持> ?? I整"    Show job equipment in black
o、oy  ?旙抖戡 撥?__ I?_AoE      Optimum reequip when changing job
o、o3  搗拑撥攝                        Sound (Monaural/Stereo/Wide)
o、o'  ョ,'、?賛 EI  1                  Option set (Customize/Standard, 
                                       basically a way to reset the 
                                       options to default)

* 2.2 - Unit menu *

    Activated by pressing O over one unit
        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            os'o  Idou        Move unit
            1O'o  Koudou      Action
            AO?  Taiki       Stand by (End active turn)
      ??-?quot;?  SUTEETASU   Status
    昊-戲戰戲?  OOTOBATORU  Autobattle

* 2.2.1 - Action Menu *

    It varies depending of the abilities of the selected unit, but 
it will always include  " " r Y (Fight).

* 2.2.2 - Autobattle Menu *

          Japanese  Romanji            Translation
        拈戲??gt;?  MANIUARU           Manual
A,I" AE 」 _ A< "  Seimei wo oshimazu Fight ignoring danger (select target)
    Aリ'T 、リ,O _ S  Nakama wo engoseyo Protect friend (select which one)
_A "1O _A,I" 蔵 "  Kieyuku seimei wo  Save vanishing life (heal and power- 
                     sukue              up, then attack)
AY? I ' E _'" y S  Datto no gotoku    Escape like a rabbit (heal and power-up 
                     nigeyo            while fleeing)

-" o3 -_ oIo od  oIo+oOoo  -"

* 3.1 - General menu *

    This menu is activated by pressing the triangle button.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            os'o  Idou        Move (Select destination)
            EOAr  Hensei      Status screen
抖搓 抖?戲-擔  BREIBSTOORI Brave story (see events and char. descriptions)
  戡?-戲擔?gt;?  TYUTORIARU  Tutorial (in Japanese :) )
          捩-?quot;  DEETA       Data (Save/Load)
      昊捶撻旙撥  OPUSHON     Options (See above)

* 3.2 - Town menu *

    This is activated by pressing circle on the city you are in.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            _  Sakaba      Bar
        撻旙戡捶  SHOPPU      Shop
      A<_IoA-ョ^  Senshi      Warrior Recruitment Centre

* 3.2.1 - Shop menu *

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            1O'_  Kounyuu     Buy
            ?,増  Baikyaku    Sell
          _OA+  Shichaku    Try fitting room (Equip from shop stock)
        ? ョD %  MiseWoDeru  Leave shop

    When buying and selling, remember that you can go from one type of
 items to another by pressing left/right. 

    When buying : Pressing triangle over an item will display your unit list
 telling you who can equip the item.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
    <No message>  -           Can equip
        AoE柏Oy  Soubihuka   Can't equip
          AoE尿`  Soubityuu   Already equipped

    You can then position the cursor over any unit and press circle to see
 how equipping it would affect that unit's stats.

    When selling : The numbers displayed next to each item show : 
 how many you have/how many are equipped.

* - Shop equip menu *

    This is where you can equip all your units and when you are 
 finished, you pay all you have bought.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            _OA+  Sityaku     Try wear (Equip)
        ?__OA+  Saikyou     Strongest Try wear (Optimum equipment)
        _OA+yョ  Sityaku     Try wear Cancelation (Unequip, leaves you with
                   kaijo       what you had before)
            ?,増  Baikakyu    Sell
        _OA+ョ I_  Sityaku     Finish try wear

-" o' -_ oOo"o o"ooo  o孃aoo+o+oO  -"

   ------                          --------------------------
  |      |      Lv.01  Exp.00     | O 01  oOo oュo徙          |
  |      |   HP |||||||| 010/010  | ___   戲 戲             |
  |      |   MP |||||||| 005/005  | \ /                      |
  |      |   CT |||||||| 100/100  | /_\   Brave 72  Faith 70 |
   ------                          --------------------------


    Lv and Exp are your general level and general experience points, 
 as opposed to job points and levels.
    HP, MP and CT are your Hit points (current/Maximum) Magic points and
 Charge Time. The last tells you how much time remains until that 
 character's next turn. 00 means he/she has just finished a turn and must
 wait one full round, and 100 that this is his/her active turn, unless 
 there are other characters who have 100 CT as well. The CT charge speed
 is determined by that of the character.
    O 01 : Here, the O is supposed to represent a colored ball that tells
 you which side is this unit on. Blue is your side, and red the enemies
 side. The number indicates the number of this unit on the current combat
 (not the turn order, just for reference purposes).
    Zodiac sign : Just below the unit's number there is a symbol which
 represents the zodiac sign of your unit. Check the section 10.8
 for an explanation of how it affects the game.
    Brave and Faith : These affect damage dealt and received by the 
 unit. Check section 10.7 for details.

 |  Move ... 4     Wep.Power              AT  C-EV  S-EV  A-EV  |
 |  Jump ... 3    R...003 / 05%  (Sword)  06 / 10% / 13% / 00%  |
 | Speed ... 06   L...000 / 00%   (Rod)   04 / 00% / 03% / 00%  |


    Move is the number of steps the unit can make in one turn.
    Jump is the maximum height the character can overcome when changing
 from one square to the other. I think this is the upward jump height
 but I don't know if this affects the downward jump (units can't jump
 down from too high places) or the horizontal height (units make this
 when jumping from one building to other, and in order to take shorcuts.
 I love the way the AI is implemented in this game :) ).
    Speed affects the CT recharging rate.
    Wep.Power shows the characteristics of both arm's weapons. The 
 left number is the weapon's attack power, but the right one is 
 defined in the help option (and translated with some NJStar help) 
 as "Evade Rate". It seems it means the chance of blocking an attack 
 with that weapon.

    The next part shows your general attack power and evade rates, both
 physical and magical. The sword symbolizes physical parameters, whereas 
 the rod means magic ones. As for the parameters themselves, they are:
 AT  : Attack power
 C-EV: Character's innate evasion chance
 S-EV: Shield block chance
 A-EV: Accesory evasion/block chance 

    Notice how there is no "defense power" stat anywhere. That's because
 this game hasn't one! The attacks and spells always do around the same 
 damage even to different enemies. If you notice, armors and helmets only
 raise your character's HPs (and MPs), and shields and accesories give
 you evade rates. 

* 4.1 - Status Main menu *

    This menu is activated by pressing triangle button when inside the 
 status main screen.

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
        ?gt; ??  AITEMU      Item
      ?gt;抂擔?捐  ABIRITI     Ability
  ?旙抖戡 撥?  JOBUCHENJI  Job Change
            ョ!_  Jomei       Dispose unit
    拜戲戡戲AoIy  YUNITTO     Unit sort method

* 4.1.1 - Items menu *

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            AoE  Soubi       Equip items
        ?_AoE  Saikyou     Optimum equipment
            yョ  Kaijyo      Unequip items
          擔?戲  RISUTO      List

    This menu appears when selecting an item from the list (press circle
 button twice over it).

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
            ョSE  Shobun      Dispose (item)
        o?リyョ  Ikkatsu     All together cancelation (Unequip this item
                   Kaijyo      from all units)
            AoIy  Seiri       Item sort method

    These are translations of the red Kanji that say some things about
 the item or ability you are asking about (press select).

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation          
      薪'<1」櫑I  BokiKougeki Weapon attack power:
          y妣I"  Kaihi Ritsu Evade Rate:
            I姉  Shatei      Archery Limit (Range):
          I_^y  Ryouteka    Can be used with "Two-Handed Weapon" ability
        '寶 Iry  Nitouryuuka Can be used with "Weapons on both arms"
            y寳  Kaifuku     Recover:
            y_A  Kaisyou     Cancellation (Cure status):

* 4.1.2 - Ability Menu *

        Japanese  Romanji     Translation
          拈戡戲  SETTO       Set ("equip" abilities from the ones 
                               the character has)
            yョ  Kaijyo      Release ("unequip" abilities)
          3D " %  Oboeru      Learn ("buy" abilities with the JPs)

-" o -_ oOoSo+  oEo<o  o oOo,  oAo殪,o腔,o"o-  oOo-o孃"o+oュ  -"

    This section intends to explain the 3.1.2 menu (just above) 
 and give you an idea on how to use these abilities.

    The first step when learning new abilities is choosing a job for your
 character. Each character can change jobs at any time in the Abilities
 menu, as many times as he/she wishes, but he can only change to a job
 he has already received (more on this later). When you choose a job,
 you will notice that your character can equip different weapons and 
 armor than before. His/her Stats will also vary, and if you change from
 a Monk to a Black Magician you will notice a drop in his/her HP max level,
 as well as an increase in his/her MP max level. When you enter a combat 
 you may notice some other differences in his/her performance: namely,
 he/she will have a new command under "Fight".

    At first the character will not be very good in his/her new job. If
 you chose a Black Magician, he/she will not have any Black magic spells
 and so his/her Black Magic command will appear grayed and may not be
 selected. To make the most of his/her new job, you will want to learn

    As he/she fights and wins, he/she will gain, in addition to general
 Experience Points (used to raise his/her general level), Job Points
 (JPs from now on) for his/her current job. These have two meanings:
    First, pretty much like regular Exp, earning certain amounts of Jp 
 for a single job will raise that job's level for that character, giving
 him better characteristics. You don't have to accumulate Jps without
 using them, however, because for raising levels purposes all Jps 
 received so far are counted (both used and remaining).
    Second, you can use those Jps to learn or "purchase" new abilities.

    Perhaps the first type of abilities you should look for are 
 "Action abilities". These are marked by a Thunderbolt Arrow sign.
 This kind of abilities are the ones that can be used by means of that
 job's special command. In the above example, you could buy "Faia"
 and "Burizado" and your black mage would be able to cast them by
 selecting "Black Magic" from the action menu, then the spell you 
 want to cast. 
    The difference in Final Fantasy Tactics's system, however, is that
 it allows you to turn that Black Mage into a Knight, and keep the 
 ability to cast those spells. To do this, you just have to change 
 the job of that character, then use the first option in the abilities 
 menu to  "Set" the second Action Ability of him/her to "Black Magic" 
 (the second, because the first one would be "Sengi", the Knight's innate
 ability, and couldn't be changed). The new Knight would now be able
 to cast ALL the black magic spells he/she would have learnt (with the
 MPs and magic power of a Knight, though).

    So in short, you can use ALL the action abilities for the job you
 currently have (and that you have learnt), and ALL the action abilities
 of any other job you want.

    There are three other types of abilities besides Action. To
 see these abilities lists, you just have to press left/right when selecting 
 which ability you would like to learn. These types are:

    Reaction: Their symbol is a V-shaped arrow. These can be randomly 
 activated when the character is attacked, and are generally counterattacks
 of some type.
    Not all of them are activated by the same types of attacks, and 
 some are more general than others. The Itemshi's "Autopotion" 
 can activate anytime he/she loses HP, while the Thief's "catch" 
 can only be activated when a Ninja throws an item at him/her.

    Support: Represented by a loop arrow. These are "general" abilities 
 and are most varied in the ways they can be used. They may be 
 continuous or not, or even be activated by an additional command 
 (such as the Itemshi's "Change equipment"). 
    Note that some of these are inherent to its job and as such do 
 not require to be "equipped" or even "purchased" as long as you do 
 not change that character's job. The purpose of their existance is 
 to allow you to "export" them to other jobs.
    Movement: Represented by a foot. These are activated when the 
 character moves.

    These three types of abilities work in a somewhat different way than
 the Action ones. You must "Learn" ("purchase") and "Set" ("Equip") 
 them separately, and because there is just one slot for each of these 
 types, you can never have more than one of these active at any time. 
 (Excluding the current job's inherent support abilities).

-" o -_ oOo"o o"ooo  oAo,o腔ュo+oOo"o  -"

*  6.1  -  Negative Status Ailments  *

  Japanese  Romanji      Translation    Effect
        '?  Doku         Poison         Lose HP gradually
      "リIy  Suimin       Sleep          Can't do anything
      拶IU  Chinmoku     Silence        Can't cast spells
      o出?  Kurayami     Darkness       Hit rate goes down
      rId  Konran       Confusion      Attack units on both sides
  戡拌-?  CHAAMU       Charm          Attack own units
  戰-搗拈  BAASAKU      Berserk        Attack automatically. Attack power up
  _. IA%1d  Shinosenkoku Death Sentence Countdown to 'Can't Fight'
攝撥?-抖  DONMUUBU     Don't move     Can't move
攝撥?gt;拈戲  DONAKUTO     Don't act      Can't perform actions
      ADyョ  Seki ka      Stone          Charge speed is frozen
    昊 ?  OIRU         Oil            Fire damage is increased
    搜?quot;?  KAERU        Toad           Can't use abilities but fight and
                                         toad spell. Stats are lowered
    戡?撥  CHIKIN       Chicken        Flee automatically (caused by Brave 0)
?gt;撥捩戡攝  ANDEDDO      Undead         Receive damage from cure spells, etc...
    ?擯拑  SUROU        Slow           Charge speed is halved
  ?戲戡捶  SUTOPPU      Stop           Charge speed is frozen
  A<'r唇?ョ  Sentouhunou  Can't fight    Can't do anything (all HP lost)

    Sleep, Charm and Confuse status are cancelled by a physical hit.
 Poison, Sleep, Charm, Don't move, Don't act and Slow wear off over time.

*  Representation of status ailments  *

  Status:        Representation:
  Poison         Character turns green and a skull appears over his/her head
  Sleep          Character kneels and ZZZ appears over his/her head
  Silence        ... appears over character's head
  Darkness       Sunglasses appear over character's head
  Confusion      Question mark appears over character's head
  Charm          Hearts appear over character's head
  Berserk        Character turns red and anime-like swollen veins appear   
                  over character's head (looks like a sad face)
  Death Sentence Counter appears over character's head
  Don't move     DM appears over character's head
  Don't act      DA appears over character's head
  Stone          Character turns gray and his/her animation is stopped
  Oil            Character turns black, oil drops appear over character's head
  Toad           Character turns into a toad
  Chicken        Character turns into a chiken
  Undead         Character turns purple
  Slow           Character's animation runs at half speed
  Stop           Character's animation is stopped
  Can't fight    Character lies on ground, counter appears over his/her head

    Some notes about Sentouhunou : when a character loses all of his/her 
 HPs, a counter will appear above his/her head. It will usually start on 3
 but it may also begin with 2. Each full turn of combat, the counter
 will decrease one unit, and when it's on 0 and another turn passes, the
 character will die PERMANENTLY. So if you don't want to lose that 
 character, you better use a Fenix no O or Raise magic on him/her!

    There are two exceptions to this: Special characters (guest) are
 of vital importance for the plot and they never die (they have stars
 over their heads instead of a counter). Ramza, however, does have a
 counter and the game is over if he dies.

    When a character dies, he/she will turn into a chest or a crystal.
 Chests usually contain and item that was worn by that character, and
 are generally left out by humans. Crystals may be of two colors: the 
 blue ones restore full HP/MP to the one that touches them, while 
 yellow ones can be exchanged by the automatic learning of an ability 
 or by full HP/MP recover as the blue ones. 

*  6.2  -  Positive Status Changes  *

  Japanese  Romanji      Translation    Effect
  擔? 扞  RIJENE       Regene         Recover some HP before each turn
  擔搓   RIREIZU      Reraise        See below
  捶擯??  PUROTESU     Protect        Halves physical damage
    撻 ?  SHYERU       Shield         Halves magic damage
  抂 ?戲  HEISUTO      Haste          Doubles charge speed
  搓抂?戲  REBITETO     Levitate       Float one height above ground level,
                                         even above water. Earth elemental
                                         damage ineffectual
      'cIA  Toumei       Transparent    Character is ignored by enemies
  戡拌-?  CHAAJI       Charge         Character is charging an attack

    Reraise avoids the character's death when he/she is in the 'Can't 
 fight' status and the counter above him/her reaches zero. Instead, 
 he/she will be revived just as if Raise was cast on him/her.
    Transparent makes the character invisible to enemies until he/she
 is affected by an attack, spell, etc... or performs an action.     
    Haste, Regene, Protect and Shield status wear off over time.

*  Representation of positive status changes  *

  Status:        Representation:
  Regene         No representation
  Reraise        Angel appears over character's head
  Protect        Square appears over character's head
  Shield         Triangle appears over character's head
  Haste          Character's animation runs at double speed
  Levitate       Character levitates above ground
  Transparent    Character's body is translucent
  Charge         C appears over character's head

-" o」 -_ oEo<o殪  oOo+oooo,oo+oュo+oOo"o  -"

* Job Change Chart *

             Apprentice                            Item User
                /  \                                 /  \
        (2)   /      \  (2)                   (2)  /      \   (2)
            /          \                         /          \
       Knight         Archer               White Mage    Black Mage
     (3) |               | (3)            (3)  |              | (3)
         |               |                     |              |
        Monk           Thief            Yin/Yang Mage     Time Mage
     (4) |               | (4)            (3)  |              | (3)
         |               |                     |              |
   Elemental User   Dragon Knight          Speaker        Summoner
            \         /                           \         /
        (5)   \     /   (5)                   (5)   \     /   (5)
                \ /                                   \ /
              Dancer                                 Bard
           (female only)                          (male only)

    Imitator           Mathematician          Samurai            Ninja      
 (Apprentice : 8)   (White Mage    : 5)   (Knight    : 4)   (Archer    : 4)   
 (Item User  : 8)   (Black Mage    : 5)   (Monk      : 5)   (Thief     : 5)   
 (Elem.User  : 5)   (Yin/Yang Mage : 4)   (Dragon Kn.: 2)   (Elem.User : 2)  
 (Dragon Kn. : 5)   (Time Mage     : 4)
 (Talker     : 5)
 (Summoner   : 5)

    Example : When Archer level reaches 3, the "Thief" job will become
 available (but only for the unit that reached level 3 on Archer).
 When Elemental Mage level reaches 5 AND Dragon Knight level reaches 5,
 "Dancer" job will become available.
    For the Samurai, Ninja, Mathematician and Imitator, I have listed 
 the prerrequisite jobs with their levels. 

    The abilities list is in the other file ("fftabil.txt").

-" o, -_  oIo,oOo%o  -"

         < http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/7248/ >
    This site is mantained by Mark Ross (mross@aloha.net) and has lots
 of info about the game, including almost all ability translations.

                   < http://home.sn.no/~wchan >  
    This is the page I got almost all the info about Cloud from.

                    < http://www.gamefaqs.com >
    Besides being one of the best FAQ sites on the net, it also
 hosts Henry Jerng translations of this game, which you should 
 check out as soon as possible.

    Well, I know, I know, I haven't that many links in the link section...

-" o1 -_  oOoSo oOo%o  -"

    These people helped me a lot making this FAQ. They are listed in 
 alphabetic order.

 Alucard                    Attribute gaining table, job prerrequisites,
  (hungry_wolf@hotmail.com)  equipment wearing table and others.

 Assassin 56                Island of Happiness name translation on the
  (Assassin56@aol.com)       text adventure walkthrough.

 BK                         Info about the Monomaneshi (Imitator)

 Bloops                     Corrections on how to get Cloud

 Sean Camanyag              Corrections on getting Cloud

 Darren Chan                Info about side quests, ability points and 
  (hhchan@sfu.ca)            Chapter One and Two Translations, among others

 Joe Chan                   For his article on Playstation Games with the info
  (wchan@sn.no)              about getting Cloud (http://home.sn.no/~wchan)

 Chia Chee Teng             TONS OF INFO regarding ability, option and
                             general translations (along with Lim Kheng)        
 Lim Kheng Chye             A WHOLE WHOPPING LOT of ability, option, item 
 (s6606554@mercury.np.ac.sg) and other translations (practically all that 
                             were missing). Thanks to you both!

 Sergio Darder              "Peaso Flare" ;) method for beating Wirgraff.
 (sdarder@ua.es)             And also, for a lot of moral support and 
 (darderwader@hotmail.com)   being a great guy  all around. Cheers Sergio!

 Dixie                      Info on Job prerrequisites

 E-ko                       "Speed up" strategy for beating Wirgraff

 Yeh Fang                   Abililty corrections

 Gary Fung                  Info about the Zodiac Signs

 Mari Hagiwara              Lots of ability and item corrections, including
  (khagi@computron.net)      obscure ones like Girugame, Linen Crosser 
                             and Escutcheon                             

 James Jacobs               Info on Job prerrequisites

 Henry Jerng                General help and support

    And here's yet another one from Mantle and E-ko:

 Mantle                     "Speed up" strategy for beating Wirgraff

 John Mattila               Very rare items obtained with the Catch ability,
  (21923@UDel.Edu)           and many other contributions

 John Meejon                A lot of corrections to the Action Replay
  (jee0920@mail.NURI.NET)    complete job's list.

 Tatsushi Nakao             The way to pass Zodiac from one character 
 (Tatsushi.Nakao@Colorado.EDU) to another. And of course, for his EXCELLENT
                               FFV FAQ, source of inspiration for this FAQ.
 Adam Page                  Abilities translations and location of a Phoenix
  (adampage@pacifier.com)    no O and the exit in Deep Dungeon 1st level.

 Piyo                       Class and Items action replay codes.

 Ashkaan Rahimi             Abilities and lots of other info.

 Oscar Ramos                The auto-potion trick.

 Mark Rosa                  Corrections on Ame no Murakumo, Orichalcum,
 (vandelay@clam.rutgers.edu) Platinum Messer and other. And for his
                             AWESOME FF5 translation! And yet for his
                             Square names origins list :)

 Mark Ross                  Permission for using lots of info of his page
  (mross@aloha.net)          (www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/7248/)

 Sakuragi                   Info about the Monomaneshi (Imitator)

 Eugene Shen                TONS of info including lots of ability 
  (eshen+@andrew.cmu.edu)    translations, the introduction and Chapter One

 Slick                      A lot of info about abilities, the Brave and
  (jlin@megsinet.com)        Faith trick, among many others

 Somsak Sriprayoonsakul     Lots of info like the books "text adventure"
  (b39ssy@std.cpc.ku.ac.th)  sub-games, abilities and job requirements
                             and items obtained with "Stealth Hunt"

 Starwolf                   TONS of ability corrections, secret items and
 (simajiro@sa2.so-net.or.jp) how to get them, and cultural references.
                             Also TONS of corrections in the general FAQ.

 Nora Stevens               French meaning of "Chantage". And for the
                             MARVELOUS FF5 FAQ, (along with Tatsushi Nakao) 
                             which in fact was the inspiration for this one.

 Zhou Tai An                Lots of menu options translations, and the
  (kain@pacific.net.sg)      Faith and Brave explanations

 Eric Tan                   The complete poaching list.

 Tassapol                   Ability translations and some missing spaces
  (tassapol@asianet.co.th)   of the attribute gaining table

 Alan Thio                  Corrections on abilities, and Action Replay
  (law70044@leonis.nus.sg)   codes and lists regarding abilities

 VK                         Lots of general game information and ability
  (lahseng@speednet.com.au)  translations

 Shou Zhi Wang              Ability translations and corrections, and
  (shouzhi@pacbell.net)      info on obtaining the Monomaneshi (Imitator)

 Wardancer                  Tons of info including the Deep Dungeon
  (shard@aa.net)             and job requirements

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