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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Qu_Marsh

    Version: 5.2 | Updated: 08/25/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       /                           /    T   A   C   T   I   C   S
                            % FINAL FANTASY TACTICS FAQ %
                            %       Version 5.2         %
                            %    by Fritz Fraundorf     %
                            %     erggibbon@aol.com     %
                         The most recent version of this FAQ
                            is available at Cosmo Canyon:
                            An HTML version of this FAQ
                                  is available at:
    I. Revision History
    II. Frequently Asked Questions
    III. Walkthrough
      Chapter I: The Meager
      Chapter II: The Manipulator & The Subservient
      Chapter III: The Valiant
      Chapter IV: Somebody to Love
      Cloud Subquest
      Deep Dungeon
    IV. Battle Strategies
      Chapter I: The Meager
      Chapter II: The Manipulator & The Subservient
      Chapter III: The Valiant
      Chapter IV: Somebody to Love
      Cloud Subquest
      Deep Dungeon
    V. Jobs
      Standard Jobs
      Special Jobs
    VI. Ability Strategies
      Ability Combos
      Character Strategies
      Party Strategies
    VII. Items
    VIII. Propositions
    IX. Reference
      Poached Items
      Zodiac Compatability
      Status Changes
      Geomancy Chart
      Prime Numbers
      Character Quotes
      Spell Quotes
      Zodiac Stones
      FF References
      Various Tricks
    X. Credits / Disclaimer
    Version 5.2 (8/25/98)
    - First of all, please note that my e-mail and web page
      addresses have changed.  My e-mail address is now
      erggibbon@aol.com, and my site (Cosmo Canyon) can now
      be found at http://come.to/cosmocanyon.  Now, on with
      the FAQ!
    - Finally explained where to get the Javelin II and
      Escutcheon II (they're at Nelveska Temple)
    - Added Gafgarion's dismissal quote
    - Added the JP costs for a few abilities I was missing
    - New battle strategies: Roof of Riovanes Castle
    - Better explained how axes and maces and the Dragoons'
      Jump ability work.
    - Propositions list corrected and revised
    - Dismissal quotes updated
    - Various other minor corrections
    Version 5.0 (5/13/98 | 7/30/98)
    - Ability Strategy (for lack of a better name) section
      created.  A few of these are stolen from PSM Online's
      reader tips, but I figured if people sent them into PSM
      Online they wouldn't mind them being used.  If anybody
      has a problem with them, let me know and I'll remove
      them.  The section is a bit thin at the moment, so
      I need contributions!
    - Job evaluation / ability changes: Dragoner, SOLDIER
    - Spell quotes section overhauled and reformatted with ALL
      spell quotes, thanks to Matt Hobbs
    - Wild Boar monster abilities added, and the effect of
      "Moldball" Virus
    - New battle strategies: Inside of Limberry Castle,
      Murond Death City
    - Uribo poaching items fixed
    - More dismissal quotes added
    - Other minor corrections
    - Revive the Living trick added
    - Credits section alphabetizied
    Version 4.0 (4/12/98)
    - Thanks to Jacob Carson (Zebra-38@worldnet.att.net),
      the poaching list is now complete!
    - New battle strategies: Inside of Riovanes Castle, Roof
      of Riovanes Castle (::shudder::), Bervenia Free City,
      Germinas Peak, Underground Cemetary, Inside of Igros
      Castle, St. Murond Temple, Graveyard of Airships no. 2
    - Chapter 4 walkthrough revised a teeny bit
    - Job evaluation changes: Knight, Monk, Time Mage, Oracle,
      Bard, Dancer
    - 2 Frequently Asked Questions added
    - After about the sixth e-mail telling me that Reis CAN
      equip bags, I finally added a short note on her job
      about them.  (Yes, she can equip them, no, I didn't list
      them because it's not part of her job just because of
      her being a female character).
    - Bonus Gil and Stepping Stone tricks revised, and
      Thunderstorm trick added
    - For those of you who are interested, I've also done a
      complete transcription of the Zodiac Brave Story, along
      with the characters, job reports, treasures, etc.  It's
      really big, so I didn't include it here, but you can find
      it at my page, Cosmo Canyon (address above).
    - A few things added to mistranslations list
    - Three new FF references: Falgabird and Touzas Village,
      both from FF3, and the Assault/Trap Door from FF4.
    - More spell quotes added
    - This will most likely be the last update for a while,
      because I'm going to be doing a Breath of Fire 3 FAQ.
      Look for it soon!  Feel free to continue contributing
      to this FAQ, however.
    Version 3.5 (4/4/98)
    - Poached items list!
    - Filled in the abilities for the monsters I was missing.
      I'm still missing their range (and the effect of Morbol
      Gem), however.
    - Added JP to Master to each job description.  Also, I
      changed all the abilities that you start with to 0 JP
      instead of ? JP.
    - Job evaluation changes: Agrias, Reis, Worker 8
    - New battle strategies: Graveyard of Airships (no. 2)
    - Bonus Gil trick added (actually, it's not a trick, but
      I didn't know where else to put it).  The Shoot Enemies
      Close to You trick also revised to work in every
    - Mistranslations list added 'cause this game is loaded
      with them.
    - Added more spell quotes and the rest of the character
      dismissal quotes.
    - Things I still need: Any place you see ? marks (items
      list, monster list, poaching list) is missing information.
      Also, I thought I read somewhere that Reis had an ability
      to turn back into a dragon, but I guess not...
    Version 3.0 (3/29/98)
    - I've completed the monster list, except for four monsters
      that I couldn't find anywhere.  I haven't done the
      poaching part yet but I'll try to get to it (maybe).
      If anybody has a poaching list (or even a partial one)
      they would like to contribute, that would help me out
      a lot.
    - It turns out that there ARE items on level 10 of the
      Deep Dungeon (the Chaos Blade and Chirijiraden).  I
      was wrong.  There aren't any traps over the items as on
      the other floors; that's why I thought there weren't
      any.  I feel stupid now....
    - Added the stats on the Chirijiraden, Chaos Blade, 
      Kaiser Plate, and Masamune.
    - Revised the walkthrough slightly.
    - Added new battle strategies for Araguay Woods, Zaland
      Fort City, Golgorand Execution Site, Inside of Riovanes
      Castle, Bethla Garrison North Gate, and Underground Book
      Storage Fifth Floor.
    - John LaRusic has created a HTML version of the FAQ
      (the address is above).  It's very well-done so take
      a look at it.
    - Added the Pause Battles trick.
    - A few job evaluations have been changed, I think.  The
      Mime job evaluation has been added.
    - I finally figured out what being invisible does (the
      enemies can't hit you until you act).
    - I also added character dismissal quotes to the Character
      Quotes section.
    - Fire 4, Bolt 4, and Ice 4 can't be reflected or
      calculated, as I had said in previous versions.  I fixed
    - Added a lot more spell quotes and changed that section's
      formatting a little.
    - Changed the formatting of the Random Battles section as
      well, and added to it.
    - Corrected a few more typos.
    Version 2.0 (3/15/98)
    - The Deep Dungeon section is here!  My next goal is to
      finish the Monster section, but don't expect that for
      a while.
    - All the Deep Dungeon items and characters (Byblos) have
      been added as well, along with the stats on Zodiac.
    - It turns out that the propositions give you random
      items and unexplored lands, not specified ones.
      However, it IS set whether a prop. gives you a
      treasure, unexplored land, or neither.  I've changed
      the Propositions list to reflect this.
    - Many of the job evaluations have been changed.  The most
      noteworthy ones are Samurai, Calculator, Beowulf,
      Rafa, and Reis.
    - Added the stats of the Genji equipment and the Vanish
    - I also have the name of Chapter 2 now: The Manipulator
      & The Subservient.
    - Added two extra tricks: Worker 8 As Stepping Stone, and
      The Stone Gun (the latter is really weird).
    - Some spell quotes have been added.
    - I'm missing the following items' stats: Chaos Blade,
      Kaiser Plate, and Chirijiraden. If anybody could send
      them to me I'd appreciate it.
    - Minor typo corrections
    Version 1.0 (3/8/98)
    - First version!
    - I'm still missing a lot of stuff: the Deep Dungeon
      and its items/characters (I'll get to the Dungeon in
      the next version), the Genji equipment's stats, the
      name of Chaper 2, and a big chunk of the monster list.
      Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.
    Q. Is is true you can get Cloud?
    A. Yes.
    Q. How do I get Cloud to join my party?
    A. See the "Cloud Subquest" section of the walkthrough.
    Q. How do I beat Wiegraf?
    A. Equip the Auto-Potion ability and a gun on Ramza.  Run
       from Wiegraf and keep using the Yell command to boost your
       speed.  Repeat until you are getting seven or eight turns
       in a row, then start shooting at Wiegraf.  Against
       Velius, stand still and shoot at him until he dies.
    Q. How do I ride a Chocobo?
    A. Move the character onto the same square as the Chocobo.
    Q. How do I use the Samurai's ability Draw Out?
    A. First learn the ability you want to use.  Then buy
       several of the corresponding Samurai sword.  During
       battle, you can use the ability if you have the
       appropriate type of sword in your inventory (NOT
       equipped).  Note that his may break the sword, so I'd
       buy several copies.
    Q. How do I learn Ultima?
    A. Only Ramza can learn Ultima, and he can only get it
       from the assassins in Limberry Castle in chapter 4.
       He must be in the form of a Squire; then, when the
       assassins cast the spell on him, he will learn it.
    Q. Where is the Deep Dungeon?
    A. After you beat Murond Holy Place, go to Warjilis Trade
       City.  You will see a scene at the bar, then the way
       to the Deep Dungeon will appear.
    Q. How do I beat / find items in the Deep Dungeon?
    A. See the cleverly-titled Deep Dungeon section of the
       walkthrough. ^_^
    Q. How do I beat the Lionel Castle Gate?
    A. Give Ramza the Chakra ability and have him use it every
       turn.  Don't open the gate until the fight outside is
       finished.  For more tipes, see the Battle Strategies for
       Chapter 2.
    Q. How do I learn Zodiac?
    A. You can only learn Zodiac from Elidibs, the boss of
       the Deep Dungeon, by having him cast it on one of your
       Summoners.  Equip the MP Switch ability to survive it.
    Q. Can you get Aerith to join?
    A. Aerith is in the game, but you cannot get her in your
       party, unfortunately.
    Q. Is it possible to find Mog in Sweegy Woods?
    A. Nope; this is just another one of those false rumors.
       With a Game Shark, you can get every job in the game
       (even the enemy ones), and Mog is not there.  Sorry.
    Q. How do I recruit monsters?
    A. You need a Mediator.  Then just use their Invitation
       skill on the monsters.
    Q. How do I poach enemies?
    A. Equip the Thief ability "Secret Hunt" and kill a monster
       with a regular attack.  Then go to a Fur Shop in a trade
       city and you can purchase what you've poached.
    Q. Where do I get all the Zodiac Stones?
    A. Look in the Zodiac Stones list near the end of the
       file.  Be warned that this list contains some spoilers.
    Q. Why don't any of the characters have noses?
    A. Your guess is as good as mine.  Some genetic defect
       or something, I suppose.
    (I'm writing Chapter I from memory, so I might make a
    few mistakes)
      The game begins at Orbonne Monastery.  A band of enemy
    knights shows up, and you have to fight.  This battle
    is pretty much automatic.  Gafgarion and Agrias will
    take care of most of the enemies.  Just throw stones
    at the enemies for a couple turns.  Afterwards, Delita
    will capture Princess Ovelia and flee.  Ramza then has
    an (extended) flashback about Delita.
    %%%CHAPTER I: THE MEAGER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
      All of Chapter I is a flashback to Ramza's days as
    a Hokuten Knight-in-training.  You (Ramza) and Delita
    will be at the academy in Gariland, where you receive
    the assignment to defeat some thieves in the town.
    You are automatically joined by four squires and two
    chemists, then the first battle begins.  See "Battle
    Strategies" for tips on the battles.
      After you win the battle, you will go to the map
    screen.  If you lost any characters in the fight, go
    to the Soldier Office and recruit some new ones to
    replace them (or just reset the game).  This is the
    only time you should use the Soldier Office -- if
    you lose anybody later in the game, you're better
    off resetting.
       Buy some Potions and a few (1-2) Phoenix Downs
    and head west to Mandalia Plains.  As soon as you
    leave the city, you'll have a flashback (yes, a
    flashback in a flashback) to the death of Ramza's
    father Balbanes.  After that sequence has ended,
    you'll move on to the Mandalia Plains.  Here,
    you'll meet Algus.  Choose to save him, then beat
    up the enemies while protecting Algus.
       Back on the map, go on up to Igros Castle.  You'll
    have a brief chat with Dycedarg, then you'll be
    sent to go to find Marquis Elmdor.  Buy new equipment
    (if there is any; I can't remember) and stock up on
    Potions.  You may want to gain some levels on the
    Mandalia Plains before proceeding (BTW, you don't
    have to deploy Ramza during random battles, if you
    didn't know).
       Head down to the Sweegy Woods at complete the
    battle there.  Before proceeding, make sure all your
    troops have the Throw Stone and Dash abilities.
    When you get the JP, pick up Accumulate, Move+1,
    and Counter Tackle.  Ramza can also use the Yell
    ability, which you'll want to get as well.  Chemists
    should have Potion and Phoenix Down.  All the
    condition-curing items are useless (except Remedy);
    don't bother learning them.  Also, having Algus learn
    a basic Black Magic spell would be useful.  AVOID job
    changes at this time.
        As soon as you enter Dorter Slums, you'll enter
    a pretty tough battle.  If you don't win, that's okay
    -- try again, or build up your levels first.  Upon
    your victory, you'll be able to visit the town.  Buy
    new equipment and stock up on items.  You'll want
    at least 10 Potions and 4 Phoenix Downs.  Again,
    you may want to build levels before proceeding to the
    next battle.  When you're ready, go on up to the
    Zeklaus Desert, where you'll have a battle at Rat
    Cellar.  After you win, you'll rescue the Marquis.
        Return to Igros Castle.  Dycedarg will send you
    south to the Thieves' Fort.  Thieves' Fort is
    easier than Sand Rat Cellar, so you shouldn't have
    any trouble.  Following the battle, there will be
    a cutscene at Igros in which Teta (Delita's sister)
    is kidnapped.
        Strip Algus of all his equipment, as he'll be
    leaving your party shortly.  Go back up to Igros.
    A series of scenes will follow in which Ramza and
    Delita decide to rescue Teta, and Algus leaves.
    At this point, you'll probably want to start
    changing Jobs, if you haven't already.  If any of
    your characters can become Monks, do so; they're
    very strong fighters.  Ramza I would recommend as
    a Knight.  It would also help to have a Black
    Mage and Archer.  However, you will still want to
    have a healer, so give one of your characters the
    Item ability and the Chemists' Throw Item support
    ability (so your items have a longer range).
    Make sure to buy equipment for the new jobs!
         Return to Gariland.  While you're here, buy
    plenty of Potions (12 or so) and Phoenix Down
    (6 should be sufficient).  Go north to the
    Lenalia Plateau.  You'll have another battle
    against Miluda (Wiegraf's sister).  After the
    battle, check your item supply.  If it's sufficient,
    just go on ahead to the Fovoham Plains.  If it's
    not, go back to Gariland, but you might have a
    random battle on the return trip.
         At Fovoham Plains, you'll square off against
    Wiegraff and his Chocobo Boco (from FF5).  This
    battle isn't too difficult if you have good Jobs.
    Again, if your item supply is okay, you can
    continue directly on to Fort Zeakden, the final
    battle of the chapter, where you'll have to fight
    Algus.  You will need non-basic Jobs (particularly
    a Monk and Archer) for this battle.  If you need
    JP, go to Sweegy Woods or the Mandalia Plains and
    fight random battles.
         At Fort Zeakden, you'll find Teta being
    held captive by a Golagros, a Death Corps knight.
    Algus and Dycedarg arrive with some troops, and
    Algus shoots Teta and Golagros.  You then fight
    Algus.  After you kill him, the fort will blow up,
    and the chapter ends.
         You now return to the present, at Orbonne
    Monastery.  Your curren mission is to rescue Princess
    Ovelia.  Rad and Agrias' two Knights will join your
    party, and Agrias and Gafgarion will join as Guests.
    You still have all your characters from Chapter I
    (except Delita).
         If you have any abilities to learn, get them,
    then go north to Dorter, where another battle awaits
    you.  Win it (well, obviously) and you'll have access
    to all of the map again.  
         At this point, you should not have any characters
    with basic Jobs (Squire or Chemist), and you'll want
    to have a Monk, Archer, Wizard, and Priest somewhere
    in the party.  A Mediator is also useful, but might
    take some time to get (you have to get Oracle up to
    level 2, and Oracle requires Priest).  If you want to
    take the time to get it, you can also get the Thief
         You now have the ability to take Propositions
    at bars.  You can earn a lot of gil and some JP from
    these jobs, so take them up (never more than one
    at a time, though).  Always use the maxinum number
    of days possible.  While the characters are away,
    you can have the main group build up job levels with
    random battles (or just continue on without them).
         All the stores in the three towns have new items,
    so pay them a visit to get supplies for your characters.
    Don't buy any equipment for Gafgarion (Agrias is okay,
    but her equipment is already really good).  Stock up
    on Hi-Potions (you'll want the Hi-Potion ability by
    now) and Phoenix Downs.
         Note: you can have random battles at Fovoham
    Plains and the Zeklaus Desert that are entirely
    different from the set battles there.  They also
    feature some advanced monsters, so try recruiting
    them with a Mediator.  Just make sure to keep an eye
    on the number of eggs they produce; wipe out the
    majority of eggs before they clog your roster.
         When you feel confident that you've got some
    good characters, go to Araguay Woods, east of Dorter.
    BTW, this is now up to where I'm writing while
    playing the game and not just from memory.  Anyway,
    here you have to save Boco (the chocobo) from the
    goblins (pick the second choice).  You shouldn't
    have any trouble.  After the battle, Boco will join.
         Back on the map, go into your formation screen
    and change Gafgarion into a Time Mage (this should
    cause him to lose all his equipment).  Then continue
    on to Zirekile Falls.  The graphics here are simply
    incredible.  Here you'll find Delita and Ovelia being
    attacked by some Hokuten Knights.  The Knights demand
    that Gafgarion join them, and he does.  You then
    have to fight him and the knights to save Ovelia.
         After the battle, Delita will leave you with
    Ovelia.  Ramza decides to go to Lionel Castle.  On
    the map, help yourself to Gafgarion's equipment (if you
    didn't earlier).  If you need items, go back to
    Dorter.  The next battle is a toughie, so be prepared.
    I recommend having an archer, a Black Chocobo (Boco
    will lay eggs and they may be black chocobos), and
    a priest or wizard.  If you use a wizard, make sure
    somebody can heal.  When you're ready, go to Zaland
    Fort City.
         You'll meet Mustadio, who is being chased by some
    bad guys.  You get a choice whether to help him or not.
    Choosing the second option means that you have to keep
    Mustadio alive to win the battle, while the first
    doesn't.  So choose the first.  No matter what you pick,
    Mustadio joins you afterwards as a Guest.
         When all the talking is finished, go back into
    Zaland to pick up supplies and equipment.  There's
    not very much in the way of selection, but you can get
    a new staff, hat (only give the Triangle Hat to magic
    users; the Headgear is better for fighters as it raises
    their attack), and armor.
         Your next stop is Bariaus Hill.  When you first
    get here, there's no fight, just some dialogue.
    Afterwards, you'll be back on the map, but Bariaus Hill
    is still red.  This time when you go there, you do
    get a fight.  Following the fight, a cut scene will
    pop up back at Igros Castle with Dycedarg and Gafgarion
         You can now finally get to Lionel Castle (don't
    worry; there's no fight).  You'll chat with Draclau
    and learn about the Zodiac Stones.  Agrias and Ovelia
    will then leave the party.  Then you get to go shopping!
    There is a lot of really powerful equipment you can get
    here, so load up on it (you should have a lot of money
    by now).  Also, you may want to send some of your characters
    out on a proposition if you haven't been doing them --
    you can earn a lot of money from some.  One way to pass
    time and complete the propositions is to walk back and
    forth between Dorter Trade City and Orbonne Monastery;
    there are no random battles but you increase the days
    counter quickly.
         On to the swamp.  Fight your way through here, but
    don't go to Goug.  Instead, return to Zaland -- the shop
    has some new equipment (Platina Daggers, Green Berets [don't
    give them to magic-users] and Wizard Outfits).  Then move
    onto Goug.  Upon arriving in the city, there will be a brief
    scene and then you're back on the map.  The store doesn't
    have much of anything, but if you've got a Mediator or
    Chemist, be sure to buy them a Romanda Gun.  There's also a
    lot of accessories -- you might want to pick up a Wizard
    Mantle or two for your magic users.  Make sure you're stocked
    up on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs; you'll need them.
         Try to leave the city and you'll be immediately thrust
    into a battle.  Deploy your Mediator (if you have one),
    somebody with a bow, and somebody with black magic.
    Rudvich, the leader of the Bart Company, will appear with
    Mustadio and Besrodio (Musty's father) captive.  Mustadio
    reveals the location of the Zodiac Stone.  Ramza forks it over
    and you find out that Draclau was in on the plot.  It's
    fight time.
         After the battle (a tough one, I might add), you
    check on Besrodio.  Mustadio reveals that the Zodiac Stone
    that Rudvich got was really a fake.  Mustadio will now
    join as you a normal party member -- now you can control
    him!  The only downside to this is that he can be
    permanently killed.  Musty's equipment is all gone, so be
    sure to re-equip.  Also, if you learned any skills while
    he was a Guest, they're gone for some reason.
         Take the ship (well, just walk across the ocean)
    over to Warjilis Trade City.  Upon getting off the ship,
    you'll bump into Delita again.  After that scene's ended,
    you can explore the town.  To make some easy money, go
    to the bar and accept the proposition (to find the
    Highwind!), then go back to Goug and get the job there
    as well (there will be a cutscene when you leave Warjilis
    the first time).  Just go back and forth between the
    two cities until both jobs are complete.  If you weren't
    able to afford everything back in Goug, pick it up now. 
         Now go up to Bariaus Valley, where you'll find
    anohter fight.  You'll deploy two squads here to save
    Agrias from the Hokuten; this is a really easy fight,
    so you might want to deploy some weaker characters to
    give them a boost.  Agrias will rejoin, this time as a
    normal (non-guest) character.  By the way, somewhere around
    here I picked up a Giant Axe (sorry, not sure where);
    it's a VERY strong weapon, give somebody the "Equip Axe
    ability and have them use it.
         Your next stop is Golgorand Execution Site.  Male
    sure you're ready; this is a tough battle.  The
    execution turns out to be a trap, and you have to fight
    Gafgarion.  Good luck, you'll need it.
         Eventually (probably after a couple of tries), you'll
    win.  There will be a long scene back at Lionel Castle
    in which you find out more about Ovelia's past and
    Draclau's plans.  Then you're back on the map.  Return
    to Warjilis, where you'll find some new armor available.
    Equip your characters and restock your items.  Then make
    *sure* that Ramza has the Chakra ability and Punch Art
    equipped (either because he is a monk or as a secondary
    action ability).  Equip the Arrow Guard ability on any
    characters that have it.  When you've done all that, it's
    time for the final battles of the chapter.  Note: if you want,
    you can walk all the way PAST Lionel Castle to the destinations
    behind it -- just don't click on Lionel Castle itself until
    you're ready to fight.  When you do, you'll have no choice but
    to attack the gate...
         Ramza will go to open the gate, but Gafgarion shows up
    yet again and surrounds the castle.  If you thought
    the Execution Site was bad, here's more fun.  Actually,
    the gate isn't quite as bad if you play your cards right
    (see the battle strategies).  The save game screen will
    pop up at the conclusion of the battle -- there's another
    battle right after this one.  It's your call as to whether
    you should save.  I'd recommend saving in a separate slot
    in case you need to go back to get more JP.  Your formation
    screen then shows up, allowing you to learn new abilities
    or do anything you need to.  When you leave the formation
    screen, you'll go to the next battle and start deploying
    your characters.  This time you're up against Draclau, who
    uses his Zodiac Stone to turn (with some incredible special
    effects) into Queklain.  Beat him and he'll blow up (more
    nifty effects) and drop another Zodiac Stone.  You'll see
    a scene with Delita and Prince Goltana in which the Lion
    War begins, then Chapter 2 ends.
    %%%CHAPTER III: THE VALIANT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        Chapter III begins with more of Goltana's plotting.
    You'll then cut to Ramza in Dorter.  The shops have a lot
    of new stuff (as weird as it seems, those Cashmere Bags
    are *really* powerful, although spendy), plus the Fur Shops
    are open -- you can now use the Thief's "Secret Hunt" ability
    to poach enemies and get items from them at the Fur Shops.
        For additional shopping opportunities, visit one of
    the castles (Lionel or Igros).  All this stuff is expensive,
    so luckily there's a whole slew of new propositions -- at
    least one in every town.  I recommend spending a while
    completing them, buying stuff, and building up your
    characters.  If you're offered any "contest" Job, take it
    right away, because you won't have the chance for very
        When you're ready to get on with the game, go to
    Goland Coal City.  There's a "fight" (using the term
    loosely) here where you have to rescue Olan (although I
    can't imagine he'd need much rescuing).  You might want
    to use some of your weaker characters here to build
    them up, because this is the easiest fight in the entire
    game.  After you "save" Olan, you'll chat briefly, and
    then Olan will head off to the south (doh!).  There's
    no new equipment in the Goland shops, so you can probably
    just head straight on to Lesalia.  There's no fight
    when you first get here, just a short chat with Zalbag.
    However, as soon as you leave, you'll have to fight
    Zalmo.  It's a pretty easy battle.  Alma then joins up
    as a Guest.  When you have a chance, de-equip her Healing
    Staff, Barette, and Red Shoes.
         If you want to complete some propositions, just go
    back and forth between Goland and Lesalia until they're
    done.  Then go down to Dorter.  Purchase some new
    equipment (if you want to make another stop, Igros and
    Goug have new stuff as well), then go to Orbonne Monastery.
    Go to the Underground Book Storage (it's the only option
    available), where you'll find Simon wounded.  He tells you
    about Funeral's plot, and Ramza chases after the troops
    looking for the Virgo Stone.  You'll have a chance to
    save your game; don't do it (to avoid being stuck in the
    monastery); all you'd have to repeat if you died is that
    short scene with Simon.  The Formation screen will come
    up, then you will go down to the second floor and have a
        After beating the second floor, you have a save
    opportunity -- save in a separate slot -- and then you
    go to the third floor for another battle.  Upon winning
    it, you have yet another battle, this time with Wiegraf.
    Meanwhile, Izlude escapes with Alma captive (and the
    Zodiac Stones).  Outside, the Aries Stone will take over
    Wiegraf and turn him into Velius.  Simon will then show
    up, give you the Germonik Scriptures, and die.
        Back on the map, go to the Brave Story option and
    check out your Treasures.  Examine the Germonik
    Scriptures and press Triangle to read it.  After you
    read it (takes a while), go to Dorter.  A wizard will
    demand the Germonik Scriptures and ask if you've read
    them.  I said yes; I don't know if it matters.  The
    route to Riovanes Castle will now be open.  Go anywhere
    (it doesn't matter).  You will cut to a scene with
    Delita and Ovelia.
        After the scene concludes, go into Dorter and
    check out the shops, which once again has some new
    equipment.  Upgrade your stuff, but keep the Holy
    Miters for your magic-users, as they raise their MP
    significantly.  Don't miss the White Robe for your
    magic-users; you'll have to scroll down a ways to find
    it.  Go up to Lesalia, where there is more new stuff
    (bows, daggers, and swords).  Then continue to Grog
    Hill.  Smash through here (I actually felt kind of bad
    killing those guys off) and you'll meet up with Olan
         Your next stop is Yardow Fort City.  Here you'll
    meet Malak (the guy you met in Dorter) and Rafa.  You
    have to save Rafa (Malak is on the other side) from the
    Riovanes guys.  Deploy lots of magic-users; skip the
    archers.  Malak will teleport away when you defeat him
    and you and Rafa will hide... but not for long.  Malak,
    in the form of a frog, will deliver an ultimatum, then
        Before you leave Yardow, stop at the shop and pick
    up some Golden Hairpins, which raise both your HP and MP
    a lot, and get Rafa a better weapon.  Fight through
    Yugou Woods and its undead inhabitants, but don't go to
    Riovanes Castle just yet.  It contains some very
    powerful bosses, so you've got to boost your
    characters up (I recommend you fight at the Zeklaus
    Desert).  Make as many Dragoons (Lancers) as you
    can.  You'll also want the Chemist's Auto-Potion
    ability for Ramza.  Red Chocobos are also a big help, if
    they're at a high level.  Finally, go back to Lesalia and 
    outfit your characters with the best equipment you can get,
    and buy lots (30+) of X-Potions.  Also, buy some
    accessories that increase your move range or speed.
    Also, if any of your characters are close to reaching
    the requirements to becoming a Ninja, build them up to
    a Ninja.  This isn't necessary, only useful. 
        When you think you're ready, save your game, then pay
    a visit to Riovanes Castle.  You'll see a scene with
    Barinten, then have a chance to save -- save in a separate
    slot from your main game.  You then go to the first of
    a series of battles.  Equip the Arrow Guard on any
    characters that have it.  After you defeat everyone
    outside the gate, a wounded Knight will crawl out.  You'll
    then get a chance to save your game.  DO NOT SAVE IN
    YOUR MAIN SLOT or you will regret it (as you may
    have to start again from scratch... doh!).  SAVE IN A
        Now, make sure you're prepared.  You're about face
    a Zodiac-charged Wiegraf, and he is rather powerful.
    However, if you know what you're doing, he isn't that
    hard to beat.  Turn Ramza into a Chemist and equip him
    with a Mythril Gun, then set his secondary ability to
    Guts.  Drop all your Potions and Hi-Potions, so that
    you will only use X-Potions when you Auto-Potion.  Make
    the other characters Dragoons.  If you want to be
    specific, here is I what I had (Philo and Jennie are
    just generic characters):
    Ramza (Chemist): Guts/Auto-Potion/Equip Armor/Move-HP Up
    Philo (Dragoon): Punch Art/Counter/Attack UP/Move-HP Up
    Jennie (Dragoon): Item/Speed Save/Concentrate/Move-HP Up
    Agrias (Dragoon): Item/Caution/Gained JP Up/Move+1
    Mustadio (Dragoon): Item/Auto-Potion/Gained JP Up/Move+1
        When you defeat Wiegraf, you'll go to the next
    battle, on the roof.  Be sure to save the game because
    the next battle is even harder.  Equip any accessories
    that you have to boost speed or move.  You have to fight
    against Marquis Elmdor and two assassins while protecting
    Rafa, who has incredibly bad AI.  This is the hardest
    battle in the game, in my opinion.  It will take extreme
    luck to survive, unless you've got a Ninja (in which case
    it's a piece of cake).  All you have to do is take out one of
    the enemies, but are you lucky enough to get a chance to
        Anyway, after you (eventually) defeat Elmdor, he
    retreats with his two assassins.  Rafa will use the
    Zodiac Stone to revive Malak, then they will join you
    and you get your Zodiac Stones back, along with the
    Aries and Pisces stones.  Don't worry; it's all
    downhill (mostly) from here.
    %%%CHAPTER IV: SOMEBODY TO LOVE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        Chapter IV begins in Zeltennia Castle in a scene
    with Orlandu and Olan.  Then you're back on the world
    map (haven't seen that for a while, huh?)
        Ramza has a new appearance, as well as a new ability
    (Scream), so be sure to learn it.  You'll note that
    Squire does not appear as a Mastered job -- that's
    because Ramza is missing the Ultima spell, which you'll
    have a chance to get later on.  Be sure to change back
    to your normal jobs if you're still altered from the
    Wiegraf fight.
        While you're still at Riovanes, you can do a bit
    of equipment upgrading (stick with the Aegis Shields,
    though; they're good against magic).  There's also a
    number of propositions you can take in the various
    towns, but most of them aren't worth the time they take
    (and you sometimes LOSE money on them), so don't bother.
        Go up to the pass near Lesalia.  This is a
    routine battle against some Nanten Knights.  Whip
    through here and continue on to Bervenia Free City.
    Before you enter the town, equip the Maintenance ability
    on everybody who was it, and give Arrow Guard to the
    people who don't.  Also, I strongly recommend you have
    a thief along.  In Bervenia, you'll encounter -- and
    fight -- Izlude's sister Meliadoul, accompanied by
    some ninjas.  Meliadoul will teleport away when you
    defeat her.
        Bervenia's shops don't have anything new, so
    move on to the Finath River.  After beating that, you
    can finally get to Zeltennia Castle.  Ramza will go
    to the church, where he'll meet Delita again.  Delita
    explains more of the church's plan.  Zalmo then
    shows up, and it's fight time (did you really think
    you could go somewhere without one?).  With Delita's
    help, it's pathetically easy (I told you the game was
    going to get easier, didn't I?).  After the battle,
    you'll meet with Balmafula, then Delita will leave
        Strangely, the shops *still* don't have anything
    new.  Restock your items (you'll need lots of X-Potions),
    then go to the Bed Desert, south of Bervenia.  Here you'll
    encounter another Shrine Knight, Balk, in a tough battle.
    This is one the last difficult encounters of the game,
    as pretty soon you... well, you'll see.
       After beating Balk (it'll probably take you a few
    tries), go to the Bethla Garrison.  You'll have a choice
    as to whether to go to the south or north wall.  Each
    is a different battle.  I find that the south wall is
    easier.  Whichever way you go, you'll end up at the
    floodgate.  Save your game in a different slot, then
    continue.  You have a really cool battle in which you
    have to open the dam and flood the garrison.  It's good
    for raising JP.  After blowing up the dam, you, Olan,
    and Balmafula will rescue Orlandu.  ORLANDU THEN JOINS
    YOU!  YAHOO!!  If you just heard a giant sucking sound,
    it was all the challenge going down to Mexico (er, unless
    you live in Mexico, then it all went to Zimbabwe).
    Orlandu is ridiculously powerful, and once you have him,
    nobody in the game has a chance against you.  He has
    all of Agrias's, Gafgarion's, and Meliadoul's sword
    techniques, plus a full set of Crystal equipment and
    the Excalibur.  He can also use every type of sword
    (katana, knight sword, etc.) To put it simply, he is
    hell on wheels.
        Delita then offs Prince Goltana and frames Cid
    (Orlandu).  A cutscene pops up instructing you to go
    to Limberry and rescue Alma.  A handy new path opens
    up between Bethla and Zirekile Falls.
        Go back up to Bervenia, because -- get this -- the
    stores actually have new equipment!  It's only a bit
    of armor, but, hey, at least it's something!  Keep the
    Golden Hairpin for your magic-users, though, as it
    raises MP quite a bit.  In addition, Zeltennia has
    even more new equipment, and it's a lot of good stuff!
    Will the wonders never cease?  Be sure to stop in
    for an upgrade.
        At your next stop, Zarghidas Trade City, you'll
    run into a familiar face... it's Aerith!  Buy a
    flower from her, then head into town (yup, there's
    no fight).  There's a couple of propositions and yet
    more new equipment, which leads me to wonder why the
    first chunk of the chapter was completely dry.  Square's
    equipment designer must have called in sick that day
    or something.  Before you leave, buy five Angel Rings
    (if you already have some, just buy however many you
    need to get five) or you will regret it.
        Pop on down to Germinas Peak, where you'll have a
    run-in with some bandits.  With Orlandu in your party,
    this battle is a breeze.  After the battle (before you
    continue on), you may want to get into a random battle
    at Germinas Peak with the Move-Find Item ability
    equipped (make sure the character that has it has a
    low Brave).  Save first, though.  Move to the very top of
    the peak and you should find the Vanish Mantle, a mantle
    that makes you invisible... you might get a Potion
    instead, though, if you do, reset.
        After Germinas Peak, you'll go to Poeskas Lake.
    This is another undead scenario, but it's really easy.
    You then see a scene with Dycedarg, after which you
    can go to Limberry Castle.
        The first battle at Limberry Castle is the gate
    (isn't it always?).  This is really easy.  You'll then
    see a scene with Elmdor (who bears an uncanny
    resemblance to Sephiroth).  Before you continue, save
    in a separate slot.  Then you need to make a few
    prepartions. Turn Ramza into a Squire (yes, a squire),
    and equip Angel Rings on all the characters you plan
    to use.
        Elmdor says "it's payback time for all the disgrace
    from Riovanes Castle", and I have to completely
    agree.  It took me 14 tries to beat the roof, and at
    this point I wanted revenge very badly.  Unfortunately,
    he won't go down without another very difficult fight.
    Celia and Lede have 100% working death spells, and you
    only have a 10% chance of hitting Elmdor (he has Blade Grasp).
    Oh yeah, and Elmdor has a never-failing teleport
    (Teleport 2).  It just ain't fair.
        After defeating Elmdor in the throne room, you'll
    go down the basement for yet another battle against him,
    this time with him transformed into a Zodiac monster
    (don't you love the transformation effects?).  Meliadoul
    will help you out here.  Thankfully, he isn't all that
    hard.  After you defeat him, you'll get the Sagittarius
    Zodiac Stone, and Meliadoul joins you.
        Limberry Castle is now a normal town, so you can
    go to the bar and shop (although there's nothing new at
    the shop -- we're back in the old routine again).  When
    you try to leave, you'll see some long scenes.  Now
    take a look at map.  You'll note Igros Castle has turned
    red.  Hike all the way back there (I wish there was an
    airship in this game), but stop at Gariland on the way
    and buy Jade Armlets for the coming battle.
        At Igros, Ramza will open the gate, and then you'll
    line up for a fight (yay, no gate battle).  Deploy
    Agrias, Orlandu, and Meliadoul.  You'll have an easy
    battle against Dycedarg to save Zalbag.  When he is
    killed, Dycedarg will turn into Adramelk and zap
    Zalbag.  You then fight a continuation of the first
    battle against Adramelk.  When killed, he will yield
    the Capricorn Zodiac Stone.
        Now that you've defeated Adramelk, you can undertake
    a long subquest to get Cloud from FF7 in your party
    (and three other characters in the process).  For the
    walkthrough on this quest, see the Cloud Subquest
    section of the walkthrough, below.  It's optional,
    but there's no real reason not to do it, as you get
    some cool characters (Cloud does not fall into this
        When you want to get on with the game, go to Murond
    Holy Place, south of Gariland.  Stop into Gariland
    on the way to buy some Thief Hats, and stock up on
    supplies (and buy some Holy Water, you'll actually
    need it for once).  At Murond, you'll be treated to
    a series of battles, beginning outside the church
    (not that hard), and progressing inside, where you'll
    face off against Vormav, Rofel, and Kletian.  Vormav
    will teleport away after you beat on them for a while.
    If any of your equipment got broken in the last battle,
    you'll need to replace it -- strip the gear from somebody
    you're not going to be using.
        You'll then go to the chapel, where you'll fight a
    possessed Zalbag, an Ultima Demon, and two Archaic
    Demons.  This is a fairly difficult battle.  After
    you defeat Zalbag, you will meet up with a dying
    Funeral.  Funeral tells you that Vormav is going to
    Orbonne Monastery, then dies.
        Back on the map, a handy route between Murond and
    Goug Machine City has opened up.  If you're still
    planning to do the Cloud quest, this makes it
    quicker, so do it now.  In fact, if you're going to
    do anything now, do it.  Once you go to Orbonne
    Monastery, you're locked into the game's final series
    of battles.  Also, if you're interested, the Deep
    Dungeon is now accessible.  I haven't done the Deep
    Dungeon section of the walkthrough yet, but it'll be
    in the next version.
        Before you go to Orbonne, make sure you're
    ready.  Your characters should be at least level
    40.  Equip yourself with all your best abilities,
    and change to your best jobs.  Earning JP doesn't
    matter now.  Actually, the last sequence of battles
    isn't all that difficult, just long.
        The first battle at Orbonne is against some
    generic enemies -- an easy battle.  Save your game in
    a separate slot as always, then equip Jump+x abilities
    and/or Fly on anybody that has them for the next
    battle.  You'll now face a string of four battles
    against Zodiac Braves.  First up is Rofel.  After you
    defeat him, he'll suck you through a portal to Murond
    Death City (apparently of no relation to Murond Holy
    Place), then destroy the way back.  Return your
    abilities to normal.
        Your next opponent is Kletian.  After that, you'll
    face Balk (brought back to life by the Zodiac Stones).
    After that, you'll head to the Graveyard of Airships,
    which is really just a single airship, and a rather
    odd location for a final battle (although it does bear
    an uncanny resemblance to Soul Edge's stage in
    SoulBlade -- coindence or "inspiration"?).  Vormav
    will use the Leo Stone to transform him into a giant
    lion, Hashmalum.  Defeat him and you'll get the
    Ragnarok sword.  St. Ajora will then appear.
       You now have one last chance to save your game.
    Do so, and also equip the Ragnarok sword.  Another
    Alma will somehow appear (I have no clue why).
    Ajora summons four Ultima Demons in response, then
    transforms into Altima (isn't that a kind of car?)
    Alma will join you as a guest for the final battle,
    against the Generic Angel Boss (TM).  After pounding
    on Altima for a while, Altima will (of course)
    reveal his/her/its (?) true form, a skeletony-type
    of angel (the resemblance to SoulBlade is unmistakable
    now, even the music sounds like Cervantes' music).
    Thankfully, the Ultima Demons disappear for this
    phase of the battle.
        When you defeat Altima's second form, it will
    blow up (nice special effects).  This Game Is Complete!
    You then get to watch a nifty CG ending (although
    Olan's name is spelled wrong).  Leave the game on
    after the credits for an additional scene.  But if
    you haven't beaten the Deep Dungeon, you're not done
    yet!  Skip down to the Deep Dungeon section for info
    on it.
    %%%CLOUD SUBQUEST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        You can get Cloud any time after you defeat
    Adramelk.  Note that you MUST have Mustadio still
    around, so don't dismiss him or let him get killed!
    To start the quest, go to Goug Machine City, where
    Besrodio (Mustadio's father) will show you a
    steel ball he's found (if you've already seen this
    scene, you don't need to repeat it).  You must have
    Mustadio alive to do this quest!
        Now go to Goland Coal City, in the center of the
    map.  At the bar in Goland, listen to the rumors "Ghosts
    of Colliery."  You will be asked to fight a monster in
    the coal mines.  Leave the bar.  Nothing will happen at
    first, but go to Lesalia.  Ramza will go into the bar
    and learn more about the coal mine job.  He agrees to
    take it.  On the way out, Beowulf will stop you and ask
    you to take him with you.  Agree and he joins you (as
    a Guest).
        You'll note that Goland Coal City has turned red.
    First, go back into Lesalia and buy Beowulf some better
    equipment.  Then equip Yin-Yang Magic as Beo's second
    ability (he already has a bunch of Yin-Yang spells
    learned).  Then return to Goland, where you'll be
    forced into entering the Colliery Mines.  You have to
    fight through three floors before you reach the sewers,
    where the Holy Dragon Reis is being attacked by some
    demons.  You have to save her.  Reis and Beowulf then
    join you, and you get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.
        The quest continues... return to Goug.  Cloud will
    put in the Aquarius stone in the steel ball, which
    transforms into Worker 8.  A comical scene will follow,
    then Worker 8 joins you.  On the way out of town, you'll
    get another scene in which Besrodio puts together
    another device that also requires a Zodiac Stone.
         Now go to Zeltennia Castle (yup, all the way up
    there).  Go to the bar and listen to the "Cursed
    Island" rumor.  This will open up a new path on your
    map to Nelveska Temple.  Buy some Softs before you
    leave town for the coming battle.  Now find a character
    with a high Jump ability and equip them with Move-Find
    Item; you'll need it.  Go to Nelveska and you'll be
    attacked by Worker 7*new.  After Worker 7*new goes down,
    you'll get his power source: the Cancer Zodiac Stone.
        When you try to leave Nelveska Island, Beowulf
    will use the Cancer stone to restore the dragon Reis to
    her normal human form.  She will then re-join your
    party, keeping all her dragon abilities (and getting
    many new ones).  Strangely, even in human form, she
    can't use equipment.
        Hike all the way back to Goug.  Besrodio will
    power up the weathervane with the Cancer Stone and
    it will.... summon Cloud.  Cloud, in typical Cloud
    fashion, will refuse to let you introduce yourselves
    and run off in pursuit of Sephiroth (why couldn't
    they have summoned somebody cool like Rufus or Red
        NOW you have to go all the way to Zarghidas
    Trade City (I bet you're getting real sick of those
    random battles, huh?).  Remember when you met Aerith
    here earlier?  Well, she's back, and this time she's
    being accosted by some thieves.  Cloud comes to save
    her, but has another one of his schizophrenic
    breakdowns.  You have to save him from the thieves.
    Afterwards, Clod... er, Cloud will join you.
        You're still not totally finished with this quest.
    In order for Cloud to be able to use his limit attacks,
    you need to find his Materia Blade.  Equip the Move-Find
    Item ability on somebody and go to Bervenia Volcano.
    Get into a random battle there.  During the battle,
    move your Move-Finder to the very tippy-top of the
    volcano, where you'll discover the Materia Blade.  Then
    finish the battle.
        Equipping Cloud with the Materia Blade allows
    him to do Limit attacks.  However, Cloud really isn't
    all that great a character.  His Limit Breaks take a
    long time to charge, and he starts at level 1.  But you
    did get some cool other characters (Beowulf and Worker
    %%%DEEP DUNGEON%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        The Deep Dungeon is a dungeon (gosh!) with ten
    floors (each a separate battle), each packed with really
    powerful equipment.  It's completely optional, and in
    fact is more difficult than the actual end of the game.
        You can only access the Deep Dungeon after you
    beat Murond Holy Place.  Then go to Warjilis Trade
    City.  When you arrive, you'll automatically see a
    scene in the bar in which Ramza overhears a rumor
    about the Deep Dungeon.  When you leave town, a route
    will automatically pop up to the tiny island to the
    east, which contains the Deep Dungeon.
        The Deep Dungeon has ten floors, all with fruity
    names like TERMINATE or MLAPAN (and for even more
    weirdness, press Select on each floor's name) that
    for some reason all pertain to the movie Apocalypse
    Now (MLAPAN and NOGIAS are Napalm and Saigon spelled
        To make things challenging, the Deep Dungeon is
    completely dark. You can see your guys and the enemies,
    but you can't see the terrain.  Crystals left by dead
    guys will light up much of the area, but there's
    another way to see.  Just choose an attack with a really
    long range like a gun attack, Beowulf's Shock, Worker 8's
    Dispose, or best of all, Teleport (as this lights up the
    *whole* map).  This will highlight most of the panels on
    the battlefield, and you can study the terrain (you don't
    even have to use the attack, just select it).  Since you
    can do this every round, you shouldn't have too much
    trouble seeing what you're doing.
        Oh, and not only do you have to beat the
    enemies on each level, but you have to find the exit
    to open up the next level (if you kill all the enemies
    without finding the exit, you'll just back to the
    map screen and have to replay the level).  The exit's
    location is RANDOM; it's different every time.
    However, it usually on the enemy's side of the
    battlefield, and often in a corner.  The best way to
    find the exit is to use Beowulf's Chicken spell to
    turn one of the enemies into a Chicken.  It will
    stay Chicken-ified for quite a while, and you can
    just recast the spell when it's close to wearing off
    (it lasts until the enemy gets back to 10 Brave).
        But wait!  There's more!  Each level contains a
    number of cool items.  You can only get these by using
    the Move-Find Item ability.  Also, you have to have
    a LOW Brave level, or else you will get Phoenix Downs
    instead.  Rafa has a really low Brave level, and
    Beowulf's is pretty low as well.  You can also
    artifically lower your Brave level by using the
    Mediator's Threaten ability, or the Oracle's Foxbird
    spell.  I recommend giving your item-finder Germinas
    Boots to increase their move and jump range.
       For exact item locations, see each level's battle
    strategy.  In order to use these locations properly,
    you have to rotate the camera so that your characters
    are facing down and to the left at the start of the
    battle.  Then (0, 0) is the lower left corner (the
    first number is horizontal and the second vertical).
        Whew!  I think that's all the instruction you
    need.  Now head on in!  The first floor, Nogias, is
    just kind of practice, but you can get some good guns
    in it.  Then you go to Terminate, which is similar to
    Nogias.  Be sure to pick up the Save The Queen sword
    on this level; I recommend giving it to Agrias.  The
    Blood Sword is on this floor as well, but isn't all that
        The third floor, Delta, is easier than the first
    two.  It contains two great pieces of equipment: the
    Yoichi Bow and the Mace of Zeus.  The Elixirs aren't
    really necessary to collect; you can do fine without
    them.  On Valkyrie, you get lots of good stuff: the
    Faith Rod (great rod!), Kaiser Plate, and the Fairy
    Harp (if you don't have a Bard, you can skip it).
       The Deep Dungeon gets tough again on the oddly-
    named level 5, Mlapan.  Be sure to come prepared.
    Mlapan contains another Excalibur sword (be sure to
    get this one!), which is good for Beowulf.  It also
    has the best ninja sword, the Iga Knife -- but
    morning stars are stronger, so it's not really
       Next stop is Tiger.  You can pick up the Blast
    Gun, the best gun, here.  The other items -- Secret
    Clothes, the Cursed Ring, and an Elixir -- aren't
    that great but they're nearby, so pick them up.
    Floor seven is Bridge; be sure to bring somebody
    with the Secret Hunt (poaching) skill.  The items
    here aren't very good: a Sage Staff (not as good
    as the Mace of Zeus) and the Koga Knife (not as
    good as the Iga Knife or a Morning Star).
       By now, you're getting near the bottom, and the
    difficulty level is rising again.  However, the
    next floor, Voyage, contains some really useful
    stuff: the Ragnarok sword (not really as good as
    Excalibur as it doesn't cast Haste), Robe of Lords
    (a GREAT robe), and the best bow, the Perseus Bow.
    The final normal floor is Horror.  It holds the
    game's best armor -- the Maximillian, Grand Helmet,
    and Venetian Shield.  You want this stuff.
       There's only one level left after this,
    appropriately named End.  Before you go in, make
    sure you have a Mediator with the ability Solution.
    If you want to learn the game's best call spell,
    Zodiac, you'll have to deploy your best Summoner
    (and they must be in Summoner form).  Equip him/her
    with the Time Mage ability MP Switch.
       When you enter End, you'll meet some weird old
    guy named Elidibs, who will turn himself into a
    Lucavi.  You'll be accompanied in this battle by the
    Byblos (its name varies), a purple Apanda.  After
    defeating Elidibs (and hopefully learning Zodiac
    from him), you'll get the 13th (!) Zodiac Stone,
    Serpentarius.  Byblos will then join your party as
    a normal character.  He's okay.
       Congratulations!  You've beat the Deep Dungeon!
    There's a few more things to do.  Go back into End
    after you defeat Elidibs, and bring an item-finder.
    On the top level (where Elidibs was), there are
    four items: two Elixirs, the Chirjiraden (the best
    samurai sword), and the Chaos Blade.  The Chaos
    Blade is the best weapon in the game; it has a
    whopping 40 attack points, automatically Regens
    you, and petrified enemies!  And, yes, I was wrong
    in previous versions about there being no items
       If you're into poaching, sometimes you'll find a
    bunch of Uribos and Porkies on End.  They're
    pathetically easy to kill, but poach them and you'll
    get nifty stuff.
       Another thing to do once you've beat Elidibs is
    to go back into End and bring Reis along.  Use her
    Dragon Tame to recruit one of the Tiamats (if there
    aren't any, just try again). They're THE best monster
    in the game, and they're almost as strong as (if not
    stronger than) Orlandu!
       Still haven't had enough?  Okay, equip all your
    characters with Catch and go to Horror.  The Ninjas
    here will throw a variety of nice weapons at you,
    which you can then obtain.  If you're at a high
    enough level, you can even get Chaos Blades!
    %%%CHAPTER I: THE MEAGER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --Battle 1: Magic City Gariland--
    The key in this battle is advance slowly and not to let
    your characters get spread out.  Stay on the left side
    (away from the bulk of the houses) and make good use of
    your Chemists.  Attack from the enemy from behind whenever
    possible.  Don't worry about Delita; the Guest AI is
    incredibly incompetent and he'll get killed in almost
    every battle.
    --Battle 2: Mandalia Plains--
    Send a Chemist up to Algus right away and heal him
    (after he gets hit, that is).  He'll probably run away,
    so your characters are free to concentrate on the
    enemies.  Attack from above if you can.
    --Battle 3: Sweegy Woods--
    I really don't remember much about this battle.  It
    wasn't very difficult, anyway.
    --Battle 4: Dorter Slums--
    Send three characters directly forward from your
    starting position (down the street), and send Ramza and
    the other character up the building nearby (where Delita
    and Algus go).  Have Ramza move up to the top of the
    building and hit the Archer there, then, on his next
    turn, throw a stone at him and you should be able to
    kill it.  The other characters should concentrate on
    the Wizards, then the Archer.  If a character's counter
    gets low (0 or 1), use a Phoenix Down on them to keep
    them from dying permanently -- they'll probably get
    killed again, but it resets the counter.
    --Battle 5: Sand Rat Cellar--
    This is a tough battle.  When deploying your characters,
    deploy somebody with the Item command (either a chemist
    or another character with that command) in the second
    group.  Have that character go with Delita to heal him,
    otherwise he'll get killed quickly.  Send the rest of
    your characters towards the other door.  Algus will
    run into a suicide mission into the building, but keep
    healing him anyway -- if you gave him magic as I
    recommended in the walkthrough he'll be very helpful.
    Don't crowd the doorway or you'll get in trouble -- let
    the enemies come outside to you.
    --Battle 6: Thieves' Fort--
    If you beat Sand Rat Cellar, you shouldn't have any
    trouble here.  Just kill off the magic-users first, then
    concentrate on Miluda.  If you have the Sword Break or
    Armor Break Knight abilities, use them on her.  I
    recommend standing up on cliffs on the left side of the
    fort; you have a height advantage there.  Because
    this level isn't very challenging, you may want to let the
    enemies die completely so they turn into a chest or crystal
    for some freebies.
    --Battle 7: Lenalia Plateau--
    On the first turn, attack the closest Knight as fast as
    possible; you should be able to knock her out on the first
    round if you've got a Monk.  Play the first few rounds
    defensively to prevent any early casualties -- use the high
    ground to your advantage.  Send one or two characters after
    the Wizards, and possibly the Time Mage as well.  If you have
    an Archer, send him/her up onto the tall ridge and shoot
    down on the enemies.  After knocking out the Wizards,
    concentrate on Miluda.
    --Battle 8: Windmill Shed--
    Again, the key is to go after Wiegraf.  Send Ramza along
    the bottom of the cliff to take out the Chocobo (Boco)
    and any other enemies down there (if there are any;
    I don't remember).  Then fight Wiegraf; archers and monks
    work well on him.  Stay healed!
    --Battle 9: Fort Zeakden--
    First of all, whoever you deploy on the seocond squad
    is virtually useless as they start far away from the
    action.  Luckily, you can almost beat the whole fight
    just using Ramza.  Just go after Algus and completely
    ignore the other guys.  Ramza and Monk should be able
    to finish him -- use the Monk's Repeated Fist ability.
    --Battle 10: Dorter Trade City--
    If you've got good Jobs, this battle should be no
    problem.  Just move up the path and take out the enemies
    as you go.  Agrias has a nasty habit of casting Blind
    indiscriminatly on your own people (yet more proof that
    the guests are completely incompetent), so pay attention
    to which she enemy she is using magic on and move away.
    Even if you do get blinded, this battle is a pushover. 
    --Battle 11: Araguay Woods--
    Your mission here is to save Boco (Wiegraf's Chocobo).
    The Goblins aren't very strong (especially with Agrias's
    and Gafgarion's help), so I recommend just rushing them.
    Stay out of the ditches.  Boco will usually retreat
    into a corner and will be chased by the lone Black
    Goblin.  He (Boco) can take care of himself, so don't
    bother going after the Black Goblin.  As the enemies
    are undead, you can use healing spells or items on them
    to damage them.  Better yet, use a Phoenix Down -- it's
    an instant death attack!
    --Battle 12: Zirekile Falls--
    First, take out Gafgarion.  If you turned him into a
    crummy class before the battle (heh heh), you should be
    able to take care of him in one hit.  Send a healer
    character up to Ovelia to heal her in case she gets
    low; have your other characters kill the two knights.
    One of the knights from the far side will probably try
    to cross over, so put your archer (assuming you have
    one; you really ought to) on the corner of the cliff
    and shoot down at the guy.  Agrias may finish him off;
    if not, send a character or two down after him.  Delita
    will probably take care of the two knights on the far
    side of the falls all on his own.
    --Battle 13: Zaland Fort City--
    This is a toughie.  The enemy has some really powerful
    mages.  Use magic, bows, and the Black Chocobo (if you
    have one) to take them out immediately.  Don't forget,
    if you chose the second option you have to keep Mustadio
    alive, so send a Priest or Chemist (or someone with those
    abilities to the side of the wall to throw items / spells
    up to him).  Don't attempt to enter the city through the
    gate -- you can climb on the walls via the ramp if need
    be (or fly in on the Black Chocobo), but try to take out
    some of the enemies inside first.  One cool trick is to
    land a Black Chocobo next to Mustadio -- he automatically
    has the Monster Skill ability, so you can use Choco Meteor
    on the enemies.  Ramza's of little use here, but have him
    use Yell on your other characters.  If you get the chance,
    try to pick up some of the crystals / chests left by the
    --Battle 14: Bariaus Hilll--
    This battle is harder than it looks.  On the first turn,
    Mustadio should go after one of the Summmoners.  Send
    a fast and/or magic-using character (only one) around
    the opposite side of the hill after the other.  If
    you survive the first few rounds you should win -- just
    stay healed.  Keep Mustadio alive, as his gun is really
    --Battle 15: Zigolis Swamp--
    This is a fairly normal battle with a few quirks.  First,
    if you end your turn in the swamp, you get poisoned.
    This isn't that bad, but if you a choice, stand on land.
    Second, almost all the enemies (everyone except the
    Molbol) are undead -- that means you can use heal spells
    and items to damage them.  It's quite effective.  Other
    than that, there's nothing here you haven't seen before.
    --Battle 16: Slums in Goug--
    This level is the one of the toughest battles so far.
    Mustadio will be almost invariably killed at the start of
    the battle -- he has no equipment and starts right next
    to the enemies.  Don't worry about him.  Move your guys
    up onto the roof.  Use ranged attacks to take out the
    Summoners.  Kill any unit that moves onto your roof;
    thieves first, archers second.  Don't chase enemies over
    to the other roof (use ranged attacks, but don't move
    guys over there).  Your highest priority is to keep your
    guys healed, not to hit the enemy.  Useful abilities here
    are Chakra, Counter, and Fire (or Ice or Bolt) 3.
    --Battle 17: Bariaus Valley--
    Kill the wizards first (using range attacks if you have
    them), then the archers.  This fight is really easy;
    just make sure Agrias stays alive.  Because it's so
    easy, let the enemies' counters run out and pick up
    the loot they leave behind (paralyze Agrias or something
    to keep her from finishing them off).
    --Battle 18: Golgorand Execution Site--
    Big Tip #1: The goal here is not to defeat just Gafgarion,
    but ALL the enemies... I learned this the hard way (pay
    attention to the goal at the start!)  Deploy strong
    fighters in the second squad and your other characters
    in the first squad.  Agrias is very useful here, as are
    Monks and Geomancers (use Hell Ivy; it stops the enemy
    and it almost always works).  Move up on top of the
    gate and kill the Time Mages first, then stay up on the
    gate and attack the enemies as they come up to you.  The
    trick is to limit the number of guys you are fighting at
    once: use spells to freeze enemy guys and remain clustered
    together.  Concentrate your attacks on a few enemies at a
    time, especially those annoying archers.  Save Gafgarion
    for last as he just keeps healing himself, unless you have a
    really powerful attack spell (like Fire 4 or Holy or
    something).  However, if you have Weapon Break, use it on
    Gafgarion to stop him from using his sword techinques.  You'll
    be taking a lot of hits, so a good way to heal yourself is
    to not have your healer move -- this lets him/her get
    more turns.  Fighters are the most useful type of character
    here, but Mustadio is good if he has Arm Aim (Leg Aim isn't
    bad either); just keep him healed up.  If you just can't
    win, try getting some better abilities like Raise 2,
    Equip Armor, Auto Potion, Chakra (which you really need by
    now), etc.  It took me six tries to beat this level, so
    don't feel bad if you're having trouble.
    --Battle 19: At the gate of Lionel Castle--
    Move down Ramza down towards Gafgarion and have him
    use Chakras on every turn to heal the damage Gaf is doing
    to you.  Don't attack Gafgarion or open the gate; just
    sit there and use Chakra.  Meanwhile, your other four
    characters have to take on the gang outside the gate.
    Black magic and summon spells (if you have them) are useful
    because of their wide range.  So are Mustadio's Arm
    Aim (use on the enemy summoner), Agrias's Stasis Sword,
    and every Time Mage spell.  The trick here is in choosing
    your characters and abilites well, if you have them, it's
    not that difficult.  Once the melee outside the gate has
    ended, move Ramza up to the switch on the left side of the
    gate and he will open the door.  Then have your whole gang
    rush through and attack Gafgarion.  Try to break his weapon,
    or even better, steal it.  He shouldn't be too much trouble
    -- the hard part is the fight outside the gate.
    --Battle 20: Inside of Lionel Castle--
    Spread your characters out in your initial deployment --
    Queklain will begin the battle by casting Nightmare, which
    will give you various nasty status changes.  Use the Esuna
    spell (if you have it available) to remedy them.  If
    you don't, just wait for them to clear up (or hit your
    sleeping characters to wake them up.  I wouldn't
    recommend deploying magic-users in this battle; they're
    not much help.  Don't bother healing your characters
    (Queklain can kill them in one hit anyway), but revive
    anybody who dies.  Use hit-and-run tactics whenever
    possible.  There's not really much strategy to this battle,
    just brute force and some luck.  Queklain has about 350 HP.
    %%%CHAPTER III: THE VALIANT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --Battle 21: Goland Coal City--
    Deploy lots of fast character (or use the Geomancer
    ability Any Terrain).  Actually, it doesn't really matter
    who you deploy because Olan possess the ludicrously
    powerful Galaxy Stop spell, which will freeze at least
    half the enemy forces every time he casts it.  The
    Mediator and Chemist *do* have guns, but it doesn't
    matter in the least.  You'd have to try really hard to
    lose this battle, and even then I'm not sure you could
    manage to.  Just try not to get any of your items stolen,
    and pick up as many crystallized/chestified enemies as
    you can.
    --Battle 22: Back gate of Lesalia Castle--
    Your other characters are behind the gate (if you were
    wondering where they were).  Don't move them down off
    the front of the castle; let the enemies come to you.
    The majority of them will come up the right side, so
    position your characters there.  If you stand on the
    railing, you have a height advantage.  Because the
    ememies are often in clusters, magic (and geomancy)
    works well on them.  The annoying part of this battle
    is Zalmo, who can cast Cure 2 and Raise 2.  When you
    have the chance, start attacking him.  He'll go down
    quickly.  The enemies in this level have some nice
    equipment, so if you have a Thief, you might want to try
    some stealing.
    --Battle 23: Underground Book Storage Second Floor--
    This is your first encounter with Lancers (Dragoons).  They
    have a two-square range attack, and they can also jump.
    If one of them jumps at a character, move that character
    away before they land (if you have a chance, that is).
    The Haste spell is very useful in evading jumps, and Auto
    Potion is great for healing.  Take out the enemy Chemist
    so he can't heal the enemies, but save the Time Mages for
    last.  If you have a Red Chocobo, use them; they're
    really strong (Choco Meteor!) -- just keep them healthy.
    --Battle 24: Underground Book Storage Third Floor--
    If you have a Thief, you'll probably want to deploy
    him/her -- Izlude has some cool equipment you can steal
    (you might want to Speed Break him to make it easier to
    steal).  Your first order of business in this maze-like
    level is to kill the Summoner -- Choco Meteor works well
    if you have a Red Chocobo.   After the Summoner, go
    after the archer that will have come up behind him.  At
    this time Izlude and his gang will be nearing you from
    behind.  Watch out; Izlude has an incredibly long jump
    range.  Haste is useful to avoid it.  Ignore the other
    guys and attack Izlude.  When he's low on HP, he'll
    teleport away and you win.
    --Battle 25: Underground Book Storage First Floor--
    There are two halves to this level -- the half where
    you start and the half where the bad guys start.  Just
    go after Wiegraf; there's not a whole lot of strategy
    here.  If you can't kill him in two or so rounds,
    the other enemies will show and up and you're in
    --Battle 26: Grog Hill--
    This is a run-of-the-mill battle, and it's an easy one
    too.  Use your weaker characters to build them up.
    The only thing remotely challenging about it is the
    chemists; kill them first and you're home free.
    --Battle 27: Yardow Fort City--
    Deploy somebody with healing abilities or you're toast.
    Block the gate to prevent the enemies from hitting Rafa,
    and heal her ASAP.  The enemies start out clustered
    together, so use wide-range attacks (like summon spells
    or Agrias's Holy Explosion) on them.  If you've got
    anybody with an attack that can go through the wall
    (like Choco Meteor), try to kill the Summoners.  Stay
    out of hand-to-hand range when possible; the Ninjas can
    hit pretty hard.  It's tougher than it looks, but
    still not particularly difficult.
    --Battle 28: Yuguo Woods--
    Use cure spells (particularly Chakra) to do damage to
    the undead (note: the Revenant is NOT undead, but
    everybody else -- including the humans -- is).  The two
    Black Mages are your toughest opponents.  Summon spells
    also work well, as the enemies are usually packed together.
    You have to win this quickly, because the undead guys
    will revive when their counter runs out.
    --Battle 29: At the gate of Riovanes Castle--
    Deploy your faster characters in the second squad (Red
    Chocobos are very useful here).  Send them up the stairs
    to join Ramza's group at the drawbridge.  Try not to
    take out Malak right away, as Rafa will teleport away
    when you do.  Go after the knights instead.  When the
    knights get low enough that they start running away,
    rush the castletop and use range attacks on the archers.
    Keep your close-range fighters in the rear to fight
    off the knights.  If you keep killing off one of the
    knights, the other ones will keep bringing him back with
    Phoenix Down, thus wasting their turns.  The Monk's Revive
    ability is useful in bringing back your dead guys.  Once the
    archers are dead, go after the remaining knights.
    --Battle 30: Inside of Riovanes Castle--
    Despite all the hype surrounding him, Wiegraf
    really isn't that difficult at all, if you know how
    to beat him.  For his first form, you have just Ramza.
    Run from Wiegraf and keep using the Yell ability to
    boost your speed.  If you can, sucker Wiegraf into
    going into the water and you'll be safe for a turn.
    If need be (when Auto-Potion doesn't activate), use
    X-Potions on yourself to heal.  Eventually (after you
    keep Yelling), you will get fast enough that you will
    get two turns in a row frequently.  Use these extra
    turns to get further away from Wiegraf (out of
    Lightning Stab range), and keep Yelling.  You will
    reach a point where you will not have to use all
    your moves to get out of Wiegraf's range.  Now you
    can wait those extra moves and get even more turns,
    allowing you to Yell more.  Keep going until you are
    maxed out at 50 speed.  Then use Accumulate a few times
    to build up your attack power.  Now start blasting at
    Wiegraf with your gun (and still moving when necessary).
    About four shots should do the trick.  Wiegraf will
    disappear, only to return shortly later as Velius.  Yup,
    it's not over yet.  Your other characters will now show
    up, but Wiegraf summons three Archaic Demons.  You still
    have all your speed and power increases, so just stand
    still and shoot away.  You should be able to kill him
    before he gets to move (he has about 1000 HP).  If not,
    have your other guys start attacking him (if they can get
    close enough) or jumping at him (if they can't).  You may
    still be able to beat him.  The Lich summon spell also
    does a lot of damage to Velius, if you can get it off.
    --Battle 31: Roof of Riovanes Castle--
    If you've got a Ninja, simply go kill Elmdor and you
    win.  Otherwise, it is entirely possible (and actually
    highly likely) that Rafa will be killed before you ever get
    to move, causing you to lose.  It took me six tries before
    I actually got a turn (and then it took me another eight tries
    after that to beat this stupid level).  When you do finally get
    to move, HEAL RAFA.  If you're using a Priest as your healer,
    cast a Cure spell on an empty square within Rafa's move range.
    Rafa will move to the square to receive the spell and thus
    you can make her move away from the assassins.  Then use a
    decoy to draw the enemies away from her.  This level is almost
    all luck.  Concentrate one of Elmdor's assassins -- once one
    of them goes down, you win.  You either win it in one round or
    die in one round (usually it's the latter).
    %%%CHAPTER IV: SOMEONE TO LOVE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --Battle 32: Doguola Pass--
    There's not a whole lot to say about this fight, because
    it's nothing you haven't seen many times before.  Send
    one or two characters up to the top of the pass while
    your other guys fight the main group of enemies.
    --Battle 33: Bervenia Free City--
    Deploy fast and/or shooting characters in the second
    squad, and fighters in the first squad.  Use your thief
    (you brought one, right?) to steal the Defender and
    Chantage from Melaidoul.  Then, as in the most boss
    battles, just rush her.  Spread your characters out to
    avoid taking too much damage from the summon spells.
    --Battle 34: Finath River--
    When deploying characters, don't put anybody on the
    solitary square in the second squad; it's in the middle
    of the water.  This battle is against nothing but
    chocobos (and one pig).  Yup, chocobos.  It's actually
    kind of annoying because the chocobos can keep healing
    themselves -- so concentrate on one choc at a time.
    The Red Chocobo is the toughest, kill him first (or
    invite it into your party; red chocs are good).
    However, this really is another no-brainer level, if
    a long one.
    --Battle 35: Church outside the town--
    You'll have Delita as a guest in this battle.  He has
    most of Agrias' sword techniques, except his are much
    more powerful.  Without him, this would be a tough
    battle, but with him, it's a pushover.  Don't
    stand between Delita and the enemies or you'll get
    hit with his Holy Explosions (and they're *strong*
    Holy Explosions).  A cool trick to use is to stand
    next to the guys that Zalmo is going to cast Cure 3
    on (you can find out in the AT list, just click on
    Zalmo's name) for free healing.
    --Battle 36: Bed Desert--
    You start this battle with all your characters
    poisoned.  If you've got somebody with the Esuna
    spell, use it, but don't bring somebody just for
    that spell.  However, I would bring somebody who
    can steal, as Balk has a lot of cool equipment
    (Blaze Gun, Flash Hat, Light Robe).  Your strategy
    here is typical of bosses -- just kill off the head
    honcho and leave everybody else.  Balk makes it a
    little more interesting by retreating to the back of
    the battlefield and sniping at you.  Try to cast
    Slow on him at the start of the fight -- not only
    does this reduce his speed (and allow you to catch
    up to him), it makes it easier to steal his gun.
    Others useful ability here are Counter Magic, as
    a powerful mage will be casting spells at you from
    a distance, and Move-HP Up (to offset the damage you
    take from the poison).  Your strategy here really
    depends on what Balk does -- one time he ran into the
    corner and the other guys came towards me, another
    time they all gathered on the ruins and took pot
    shots at me.  However, once Balk picks a position, he
    usually stays there for the duration of the battle.
    --Battle 37: South Wall of Bethla Garrison--
    Get up on the walls as soon as you can; it's a very
    advantageous position.  This works especially well
    if you've got archers -- station them up there, don't
    move (to fill up your CT faster), and just shoot at
    the enemies.  Leave the magic-users behind (unless
    they have Equip Armor or some other such ability)
    on this one; they'll get killed easily.
    --Battle 37: North Wall of Bethla Garrison--
    (strategy provided by Justin McKennon)
    If you don't have the Ignore Height movement ability,
    you'll have a bad time because of the Summoner on the
    ramparts. Give Ignore Height to one or two units and
    immediately send them up after the enemy Summoner. A 
    Ninja, if you have one, can take care of him in the first
    two rounds.  Send the others over to the 'step' of sorts
    to get over the low point of the wall, and start attacking
    the Lancers and Archers, and try to either deal with
    the lone  Monk on the ground quickly, or otherwise save him
    for last.
    --Battle 38: In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice--
    All you have to do in this level is open the dam, but
    since the switches to do so are located on the far side
    of the dam and have knights standing on them, you
    basically have to kill all the enemies to do so.  Split
    up your characters and go up the paths.  If you have
    a dragoon, a fun trick to do is stand under the dam
    wall and use jump attacks on the knights.  As long as
    none of your other characters gets close to them, the
    knights won't move and will just sit there while you
    jump on them.  Once you do kill everybody, let them
    decompose and pick up the crystals or treasure chests
    (since there's nobody around to hurt you).  Also, if
    you want some easy JP, just stand around, hit each
    other, and heal yourselves.   Once you are ready to
    end the level, move Ramza onto each of the switches
    (the brown squares where the knights were standing)
    and stop him there.  He will then open it -- only
    Ramza can flip the switches (no, that doesn't make a
    lot of sense).  You then get to watch some really
    cool effects as the dam blows up.
    --Battle 39: Germinas Peak--
    This is the first time you get to use your new
    buddy Orlandu.  For a good taste of his power, deploy
    him in squad 1.  Move him up the mountain as far
    as he can and then use Night Sword on the ninja
    leader.  Bang, he's dead.  You almost have to feel
    sorry for the poor bandits... almost.  Heh, heh.
    With Night Sword you can kill one whole bad guy
    each turn just with Orlandu and also refill Cid's
    HP by 270 or so.  Besides Orlandu's debut, there isn't
    much to speak of in this level besides one little
    trick.  The archer that starts in the back corner is
    carrying an Ultimus Bow, a strong bow.  If you have
    a thief along, you can steal it (might want to slow or
    stop the archer first).  If you don't; don't worry,
    there's plenty more you can get later.
    --Battle 40: Poeskas Lake--
    This is a really easy battle.  Use Mustadio's Seal Evil
    ability and you can gun down all the ghosts in one shot
    (note: the Revnants are not considered undead).  This
    is a good chance to get some weaker characters up.  The
    only thing really tricky about this level is that the
    Revnants will keep coming back to life if you don't
    kill all the other guys (which isn't particularly
    difficult).  Both the archers have Ultimus Bows if
    you're in the mood for a little stealing.
    --Battle 41: At the gate of Limberry Castle--
    This battle looks hard at first, but it's not.  All you
    have to do is weaken Celia or Lede and the battle will
    end.  Use Orlandu for an easy win.  Other than
    Orlandu, try to deploy female character (especially
    Agrias) to avoid Celia and Lede's Allure attack.
    --Battle 42: Inside of Limberry Castle--
    It's just you versus Elmdor, Celia, and Lede.  Spread
    out your characters as much possible to avoid
    Elmdor's Muramasa Draw Out.  I hope you are wearing
    Angel Rings like I suggested, because otherwise
    Celia and Lede will use Stop Bracelet (an 100%-working
    death spell on you) -- if you do have the rings,
    they'll "only" Stop you.  First, let Celia or Lede cast
    Ultima on Ramza -- if they start casting it on somebody
    else, just move Ramza over to stand by them.  When
    Ramza gets hit by Ultima (and he must be a Squire), he
    will automatically learn it.  You will notice the
    cursor flick briefly on him, signifying that he's
    learned it.  Once you've learned Ultima, concentrate
    on killing Elmdor (don't kill Celia or Lede; they'll
    turn into Ultima Demons).  Physical attacks are nearly
    useless, but Orlandu's and Agrias's sword techniques
    will work great.  Also, whenever Celia or Lede starts
    casting Ultima, have the targeted character sttand
    next to Elmdor so he takes some damage too (100-200).
    Note: Elmdor is equipped with the Genji Armor, Helmet,
    Shield, and Glove.  This is really powerful
    equipment, but it's very hard to steal.  If you do
    decide to try, cast Haste on your thief or Slow
    on Elmdor, lower Elmdor's brave as much as possible
    (to stop Blade Grasp), get behind Elmdor, and then
    steal the Shield first (as it will raise the success
    rate on the other items).  You could also try using a
    Dancer and Slow Dance to lower his speed to 1, then
    use Last Dance to reset his CT over and over.  I don't
    recommend trying to get the Genji gear, but it's there
    if you want a challenge.
    --Battle 43: Undergrond cemetery of Limberry Castle--
    Deploy Mustadio and have him use Seal Evil on the
    Knights (don't bother killing the skeletons -- let
    them fight with Meliadoul).  Attack Zalera with
    Lich, Holy Explosion and Orlandu's sword techniques
    (especially Night Sword and Crush Punch).  Don't
    bother healing your characters, just pound on Zarela.
    He has about 1100 HP.
    --Battle 44: Inside of Igros Castle--
    The victory condition for this battle states that you
    must defeat "Dycedarg's elder brother".  Luckily (as
    Dycedarg doesn't HAVE any elder brother), you just have
    to defeat Dycedarg instead (I think they meant "defeat
    Ramza's elder brother Dycedarg").  This level is really
    easy to beat with the right strategy.  Just use sword
    Agrias's, Orlandu's, and Meliadoul's sword techniques
    to hit Dycedrag from down below.  Don't bother running
    up onto the arch; you can kill Dycedarg in two rounds
    (or less) from below.  Things will get a bit more
    interesting when Dycedarg turns into Adramelk.  Start
    this battle as you did the last one (using sword
    techniques).  Adramelk will move, however, rendering
    this technique useless.  Leave your weakest character
    there as a decoy, then send the rest of your team
    under the arch and up the stairs.  If somebody gets
    confused, hit them to unconfuse them.  Like all
    Lucavi, Adramelk is vulnerable to Lich.  He has
    1500 HP and is pretty tough -- it might take you a
    couple tries to beat him.
    --Battle 45: St. Murond Temple--
    This battle is noteworthy because it is (I believe)
    the only time the enemy has Geomancers.  Deploy
    Agrias in the second squad.  Send the other member
    of the second squad up after the Mediators (give this
    person Finger Guard, if she/he has it), while Agrias
    uses a Holy Explosion down the side of the church to
    hit the Geomancers.  Send the first squad up the steps
    towards the Summoner and Priest.  Those two are the most
    annoying opponents, so use your best attacks on them
    (Orlandu can each of them in one hit).  The Summoner has
    a Dragon Rod you can steal (the only one in the game
    except by poaching; you should try to get it).
    --Battle 46: Hall of St. Murond Temple--
    All you have to do here is weaken one of the three
    and they all will retreat.  Attack Kletian,
    'cause he's the weakest.  Rofel and Vormav have an
    annoying habit of breaking your equipment, so finish
    this up as fast as possible.
    --Battle 47: Chapel of St. Murond Temple--
    Unlike most boss battles, you should kill off the
    flunkies (in this case, the demons) first.  The
    demons are actually more powerful than Zalbag,
    especially the Archaic Demons (the Ultima Demon
    has some really cool-looking spells, though, like
    Almagest and Nanoflare).  Zalbag has Move-HP Up,
    but you can nullify this with Don't Move.  He
    will also Blood Suck your characters; cure this
    Holy Water.  A weird thing that happened to me
    when I played this level was that Zalbag Blood
    Sucked Orlandu, and then Blood Sucked him a
    second time, causing Zalbag himself to become
    Blood Sucked and thus keeping him from using Move-HP
    Up.  However, I can't guarantee that this will
    happen, as it seemed like a glitch to me.  Worker 8
    is useful in this battle as he is immune to Blood
    Suck (I think) and has a very long range.
    --Battle 48: Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor--
    Your first priority is to kill off the guys down
    on the floor on the other side of the room,
    especially the monks.  The archer has Yoichi's Bow
    (even stronger than the Ultimus Bow), if you have a
    thief along.  Use Holy Explosion and Earth Slash to
    blast the knights as they come across the narrow bridge.
    Mighty Sword techniques (Meliadoul and Orlandu) are also
    useful against all the enemies here.  This isn't a
    particularly hard battle.
    --Battle 49: Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor--
    Now it gets interesting.  Deploy lots of characters
    with range attacks for this battle.  First of all,
    the black spots on the floor are holes -- this may
    seem obvious to you, but I didn't realize it at
    first.  Unlike most bosses, you should try to kill
    the other guys (especially the Summoners) before you
    take on Rofel.  If you have Hellstar Punch, use it
    on Rofel -- it will break his Save The Queen sword
    and thus remove his Shell spell.  I've also heard of
    the strategy of removing all your armor so Rofel can't
    use his breaking attacks, but this seems like it would
    do more harm than good.  I haven't tried it, so I
    can't really say.
    --Battle 50: Murond Death City--
    Put your fast characters (or long-range guys like
    Worker 8) in the second squad.   Kletian has
    really strong spells and a range of the whole
    battlefield.  Go back to the old rush-the-boss
    routine.  Kill any guys you can, but concentrate
    on taking on Kletian.  If somebody dies, don't try
    to revive them, as Kletian will just kill them
    again.  Try to use as few attacks to kill Kletian
    as possible, as he gains magic power each time you
    hit him.  If you have any MP-draining abilities (like
    Orlandu's Dark Sword), simply use them on Kletian
    and drain away all his MP.
    --Battle 51: Lost Sacred Precincts--
    Deply ONLY characters with strong long range attacks.
    Squad 2 is almost useless, don't put your good
    characters there.  If you cross over to Balk's side of
    the arena, his monsters will tear you to shreds, so
    don't do it unless you can finish Balk off with your
    attack.  This level is basically a big firefight
    between you and Balk.  If you have good range
    attackers (cough cough ORLANDU cough cough), you
    should be able to beat him without too much trouble.
    --Battle 52: Graveyard of Airships--
    Hashmalum has some powerful spells, but you have
    an ace up your sleeve... can you guess what it is?
    No, not Orlandu... Worker 8!  He's immune to magic!
    With Worker 8 and Orlandu blasting at him (and Lich
    if you have it), you shouldn't have too much trouble
    killing Hashmalum. He only has 1200 HP.  You will
    receive the Ragnarok sword when you win the battle.
    --Battle 53: Graveyard of Airships--
    Be sure to deploy your best characters for this, the
    final battle.  If you have Beowulf, USE HIM.  His Drain
    attack does a *lot* of damage to Ajora's second form.
    Lich is extremely effective as well.  Note that Alma will
    fight on your side in this battle.  However, all she will
    do is cast Mbarrier, get killed, come back to life (because
    Mbarrier includes Regen), and repeat.  Just ignore her and
    leave her as a target.  You should also ignore the Ultima
    Demons, pests though they may be.  It only takes about 1300
    points of damage to defeat Ajora's first form, but if it
    teleports to the other side of the ship, you're toast.  You
    then take on the second form.  This one has a whopping
    3000 HP, but is actually easier, because there aren't
    any Ultima Demons around.  Altima will teleport back and
    forth; if you can't hit it, stay to the middle of the
    ship as it will move again on its next turn.  Once you
    defeat Ajora's second form, you win the game.
    %%%CLOUD SUBQUEST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --Cloud Battle 1: Colliery underground third floor--
    For some reason, you are being attacked by a large band
    of chemists (and this doesn't really look very
    "underground", does it?).  There really isn't any
    particular strategy here.  Calculators are good here
    though, as they can hit the far-away chemists with
    Calculated spells.  It's helpful if you can paralyze
    some of the chemists (although Beowulf will often do
    that for you -- just stay out of his way).  And having
    fast characters helps.
    --Cloud Battle 2: Colliery underground second floor--
    This level is a lot like the previous, except all but
    one of the chemists are replaced by two thieves and
    two behemoths (the second behemoth is hiding in the
    cubby-hole behind the thief near your start position).
    The only noteworthy thing here is that the chemist is
    carrying a Blaze Gun (which shoots ice... don't ask);
    try to steal it from him.
    --Cloud Battle 3: Colliery underground first floor--
    This time, you're fighting two chemists, two Blue
    Dragons, and a dancing pig (huh?).  Just ignore the
    pig; it can't do any harm.  The Blue Dragons, however,
    can, and will, do harm.  Use fire attacks on them,
    and do NOT use ice attacks.  Agrias's and Cid's
    sword techniques are your best offense on them (as
    --Cloud Battle 4: Underground passage in Goland--
    Kill the Plagues first; they will petrify or death
    sentence you if given the chance (they're weak
    against ice).  If the enemies get lined up in the
    narrow passage, use Earth Slash or Holy Explosion
    on them.  After taking out the Plagues, go after
    Sinogue (Reis should take care of the Molbol-type
    enemies).  Make sure to keep Reis healed.  Sinogue
    uses Giga Flare a lot, which isn't nearly as
    powerful as it looks (although it does do a number
    on the frame rate ^_^).  He doesn't have very
    much HP, so you might be able to kill him with
    one shot with Orlandu.  This battle isn't as tough as
    it looks (a rarity in this game).
    --Cloud Battle 5: Nelveska Temple--
    This battle, however, is tougher than it looks.  The
    enemies hit hard and hit fast.  You just have to hit
    harder than them.  Attack on the Hydras with your
    first attack and you should be able to kill off one.
    You will then be swarmed by the Cockatrices; kill
    them next.  Finish off the other Hydra next, then
    go after Worker 7.  His attacks are really strong
    so watch out, and he can't be harmed by magic.
    When you kill him the first time, he'll come back with
    1 HP, so kill him again.  The battle should be
    interesting, but not too hard.  However, there are
    a bunch of hidden items you can find on this stage,
    so you may want to pick them up as you can't come back
    here after defeating Worker 7.  On top of the two
    pillars where the Hydras start (you need a jump of 7,
    or you can use Worker 8 as a stepping stone), you'll find
    the best spear and shield.  They're called the Javelin and
    Escutcheon, but they're really totally different items.
    You'll need a LOW Brave to get them, however, or you'll
    just end up with a regular Javelin and Escutcheon.
    Also, on the pillars in the back of the level, you'll
    find the Sasuke Knife katana and Nagrarock sword.
    --Cloud Battle 6: Zarghidas Trade City--
    If you can't win this battle, you shouldn't be playing
    the game.  Just make sure Cloud stays healthy.
    Meliadoul's Mighty Sword techniques are useful here.
    %%%DEEP DUNGEON%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --Level 1: NOGIAS--
    Because you start out on the top, you can use lots of
    ranged attacks on your opponents.  They're early-game
    guys, anyway, so they shouldn't be that difficult.
    It's a good warm-up for the tougher Deep Dungeon battles,
    though.  Remember, if you kill all the enemies without
    finding the exit, you'll have to redo it (which is
    okay if you're in danger of losing).
    (2, 2) Blaze Gun
    (0, 9) Glacier Gun
    (9, 4) Kiyomori
    (0, 6) Elixir
    --Level 2: TERMINATE--
    This level is a head-on confrontation between you and
    your opponents, although you still have a bit of a
    height advantage.  The enemy's forces are usually
    comprised of Archers, Ahrimans, and Skeletons, so
    you'll need your own strong range attackers (or the
    Arrow Guard ability), particularly Worker 8.  Take
    out the archers first, then go after the Ahrimans,
    and finally the Skeletons.  If you fight mages or
    Ghosts instead, it's a much easier battle.  Both
    groups of enemies are significantly more difficult
    than NOGIAS, however.
    (6, 7) Blood Sword
    (2 ,10) Elixir
    (0, 1) Save the Queen
    (4, 0) Elixir
    --Level 3: DELTA--
    Delta is really easy!  All you need is some range
    attackers (Mustadio, Worker 8) and you're set.  The
    level is made up of three islands surrounded by pits.
    From your starting point, you can hit almost all of
    the enemies with guns.  Since they have to navigate
    around the pits, you can just stand there and blast
    away, waiting out your moves.  Bring along a good
    close-range fighter (like Orlandu) as well.
    (5, 3) Elixir
    (1, 6) Mace of Zeus
    (2, 15) Elixir
    (7, 9) Yoichi Bow
    --Level 4: VALKYRIES--
    This level is really big, which makes finding the exit
    even more of a pain than usual.  Like Delta, it's got
    a lot of holes in the floor.  Also like Delta, there
    are usually two groups of four enemies.  Use the same
    strategies you used in Delta and you should be fine.
    Sometimes you'll fight large groups of Molbols here
    instead; in that case, you can probably nail them with
    wide-range attacks (Lightning Stab works well) as
    they tend to bunch up.
    (2, 12) Elixir
    (8, 4) Faith Rod
    (10, 5) Kaiser Plate
    (10, 4) Fairy Harp
    --Level 5: MLAPAN--
    It sounds stupid but Mlapan is tough!  It's basically
    a King of the Hill level.  You're up on top of a
    cliff, which is surrounded by loads of enemies.
    There's only one path up onto your ledge, which winds
    around the whole level.  What you want to do is hold
    the pass in one of the corners of the level -- it's
    the one that's only one or two blocks wide.  You
    can just send Holy Explosions down this corridor and
    rip the enemies.  If you have both Agrias and Orlandu
    you can cover the entire pass.  The worst enemies are
    the Priests as they will keep healing / reviving the
    other guys, so kill them first.  Don't try to shoot the
    enemies from up on top of the mountain; I've tried it
    but it doesn't work at all.  This level is tougher
    than it; you'll really want Orlandu here.  With all
    the carnage going on, finding the exit can be tough.
    Try using a Dragoon with Ignore Height and jumping down
    to the far end of the path right away.
    (8, 2) Excalibur
    (11, 0) Elixir
    (11, 6) Iga Knife
    (0, 6) Elixir
    --Level 6: TIGER--
    Tiger seems really small at first, but scroll around to
    see the whole picture.  It's a mostly flat level with
    three big rock ridges.  Use a long range attack to get
    a feel for where they are.  You'll have to wind your
    way through the ridges to get across the level, but a
    much better strategy is to just cast magic through them.
    Lightning Stab and call spells work great for this
    purpose.  Note that all the hidden items are right
    in the starting corner -- there's no excuse not to
    pick them up.
    (9, 9) Secret Clothes
    (10, 9) Elixir
    (10, 8) Blast Gun
    (9, 8) Cursed Ring
    --Level 7: BRIDGE--
    Bridge is a flat level with a big rock ridge through
    the middle (the bridge, I guess).  You start off next
    to one of the ends of the ridge.  Cross the level the
    long way and fight off anybody there, using the height
    to your advantage.  Don't let your characters get
    spread out or you are dead meat.  There's no real need
    to climb up onto the top of the ridge except to find
    the items stashed up there (be sure to have a high
    Jump height).  This can be a tough battle (especially
    given that you have to find the exit), so it make take
    you a few tries.  If you fight any monsters called
    Sacred, poach them for the best spear in the game.
    (4, 4) Elixir
    (10, 4) Sage Staff
    (12, 4) Koga Knife
    (14, 4) Elixir
    --Level 8: VOYAGE--
    This level is basically a cliff with two levels; you
    start on the high one.  You'll either fight a small
    group of humans (and possibly low-level monsters), or
    some really powerful monsters (Behemoths, Dragons,
    Hydras).  Against the latter, just try to survive --
    use call spells, Holy Explosion, and Break.  Don't go
    out of your way to find stuff, although go for it if
    you can.  Fighting the humans will give you a chance to
    find the exit and the items.  Be sure to check all the
    humans to see if they have the Move-Find Item ability;
    if they do, put Don't Move on them or kill them right
    away to prevent them from picking up the items before
    you (and, yes, I've seen that happen -- I reset when it
    did).  If the enemies (of any time) appear below you,
    don't try to shoot down on them -- walk the long way
    around the battlefield.  Depending on who you fight,
    Voyage can be a tough battle or a pushover.
    (6, 4) Perseus Bow
    (7, 6) Robe of Lords
    (8, 9) Ragnarok
    (10, 10) Elixir
    --Level 9: HORROR--
    "Horror" is not an accurate name for this level.  It
    has two pillars (with a tiny one in between) and a
    lower level, and is usually swarming with ninjas and
    samurai.  They don't have a lot of HP and are easy to
    take out.  Kill the ninjas first; they're the ones that
    can throw stuff.  Be aware that enemies like to hide
    between the pillars where they are difficult to see;
    don't forget about them.  Sometimes, however, instead
    of the ninja and samurai convention, you get dragons
    and cockatrices.  Then it's tougher.   Try to stay in
    a tight group on the pillars and use your best
    attacks.  Attack the cockatrices first, then go for
    the dragons closest to you.  Finding the exit in this
    level is tricky; equip Ignore Height to get in more
    easily.  If you don't have it, you can reach the lower
    level from the lowest point of the plateau where
    the Maximillian armor is located.  Two of the items are
    down there as well.
    (4, 3) Grand Helmet
    (5, 3) Venetian Shield
    (0, 9) Maximillian 
    (10, 3) Elixir
    --Level 10: END--
    This level is just a confrontation with Elidibs and a
    whole pile of Apandas.  Big Hint #1: The purple Apanda
    behind you, Byblos, is on your side.  Don't kill him;
    he's your friend.  Fight your way up the stairs (Lightning
    Stab works wonders on the Apandas).  Bring a Mediator and
    use Solution constantly to lower your faith.  The
    Apandas aren't hard to kill, so you'll reach Elidibs
    quickly.  He casts the extremely powerful Zodiac call
    spell (700+ damage).  If he starts charing something up,
    it's Zodiac -- get out of the way if you can!  Split your
    guys up so he can't take out too many at one time.  Healing
    is pointless because he will kill you no matter how much
    HP you have (Byblos will also take care of some of the
    healing).  Do, however, revive dead characters, and pick
    up the crystals left by the dead Apandas to restore your
    HP and MP (especially if you used MP Switch to escape
    Zodiac).  Angel Rings are a big help in this battle.  If
    you're using Beowulf, DON'T heal him so his Shock does more
    damage.  If you are trying to learn Zodiac, don't do too much
    damage to Elidibs until you get the spell so you won't kill him
    on accident.  Elidibs has 2600-2700 HP; if you can
    keep Orlandu alive you shouldn't have too much trouble
    beating him.
    A note about the items on this level: Yes, there are items
    (contrary to what I had stated in previous versions).
    However, there are no traps over the items -- if you
    don't have Move-Find, you won't see a thing.  That's
    why I thought there weren't any.  Oh, and DON'T try to
    get the items during the battle with Elidibs -- come back
    after you beat him.
    (7, 10) Chaos Blade
    (5, 12) Chirijiraden
    (7, 12) Elixir
    (5, 10) Elixir
    V. JOBS
    A few (well, many) words of explanation... the R
    column stands for range.  The first number is how many
    panels the ability reaches (the range value), the
    second is how big the impact area is (the effect value).
    An "A" as the first number is Auto, that means it can
    only target the panel you're standing on.  "4Dir" is
    4 directions; the ability has an unlimited reach, but
    only in the cardinal directions.
    Some abilities have been marked with * or +s.  A *
    means the ability is one of the job's best, a + means
    that the ability is automatically used by the job,
    it's only used by other jobs (for example, the Ninja
    doesn't need its Two Swords ability to equip two
    Finally, for spells, you may see an "R" and/or a "C"
    after its MP cost.  R means the spell can be reflected,
    C means it can be caluculated.
    %%%STANDARD JOBS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Job Requirements: none
    Weapons: Knife, sword, axe, hammer
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Accumulate *             A/1 300  Phys. attack + 1
    Dash                     1/1 75   Weak physical attack
    Throw Stone *            4/1 90   Weak ranged physical attack
    Heal                     1/1 150  Cures Dark, Silence, Poison
    Counter Tackle *             180  Counter w/ dash when attacked
    Equip Axe *                  170  Can equip axes
    Monster Skill                200  Nearby monsters gain abilites
    Defend                       50   Reduce damage received
    Gained Jp UP *               200  Raises JP received
    Move+1 *                     200  Move range + 1
    JP to master: 1615
    Evaluation: Squires are what you'd expect from a starting
    job -- functional, but nothing all that special.  Their
    abilities are useful early on, but there aren't very many
    that you'd use later on (Gained JP Up, and possibly Equip
    Axe and Move+1).  However, I recommend that you Master, or
    come close to Mastering, the Squire job before you move
    on, as you need all the abilities you can get at the start
    of the game.
    Job Requirements: none
    Weapons: Knife, gun
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Potion *                     30   Can use Potions
    Hi-Potion *                  200  Can use Hi-Potions
    X-Potion *                   300  Can use X-Potions
    Ether                        300  Can use Ethers
    Hi-Ether                     400  Can use Hi-Ethers
    Elixir                       900  Can use Elixirs
    Antidote                     70   Can use Antidotes
    Eye Drop                     80   Can use Eye Drops
    Echo Grass                   120  Can use Echo Grass
    Maiden's Kiss                200  Can use Maiden's Kisses
    Soft                         250  Can use Soft potions
    Holy Water                   400  Can use Holy Water
    Remedy *                     700  Can use Remedies
    Phoenix Down *               90   Can use Phoenix Down
    Auto Potion *                400  Use lowest potion when damaged
    Throw Item +*                350  Increases item range 
    Maintenance                  250  Equipment can't be broken
    Equip Change                 0    Change equipment during battle
    Move-Find Item               100  Find items at destination
    JP to master: 5140
    Evaluation: Despite being a "basic" job, Chemists are
    great!  You'll always want at least one person with
    Chemist abilities in any battle (and be sure to give them
    Throw Item so they can function properly).  Item is
    also a good secondary ability early in the game.  Skip
    the condition-curing items (Eye Drops, etc.); they're
    Job Requirement: Squire lv. 2
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Head Break               N/A 300  Destroys target's helmet
    Armor Break              N/A 400  Destroys target's armor
    Shield Break             N/A 300  Destroys target's shield
    Weapon Break *           N/A 400  Destroys target's weapon
    Magic Break              N/A 250  Lowers target's MP
    Speed Break *            N/A 250  Lowers target's speed
    Power Break              N/A 250  Lowers target's phys. attack
    Mind Break               N/A 250  Lowers target's mag. attack
    Weapon Guard                 200  Parry attacks with weapon
    Equip Armor *                500  Can equip armor + helmets
    Equip Shield                 250  Can equip shields
    Equip Sword *                400  Can equip swords
    JP to master: 3750
    Evaluation: The Knight's greatest asset is not its abilites
    (most of which are crummy), but its inherent power to
    equip swords, armor, helmets, and shields (a power that
    can be transfered to other jobs with its support
    abilities).  They're a good job late in the game, when
    you've learned all the abilities you want and now just
    want to maximize your characters' power (especially
    because knights are the only job that can equip Knight
    Swords, the game's most powerful weapons).  When you
    first get the Knight job, just learn Equip Armor and
    Equip Sword, then move on.  However, later in the game,
    you can make a powerful Knight by giving him/her the
    Equip Gun ability and using long-range breaking attacks.
    Job Requirements: Squire lv. 2
    Weapons: Bow, crossbow
    Armor: Shield, hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Charge+1 *               N/A 100  Charge up attack
    Charge+2 *               N/A 150  Charge up attack
    Charge+3 *               N/A 200  Charge up attack
    Charge+4                 N/A 250  Charge up attack
    Charge+5                 N/A 300  Charge up attack
    Charge+7                 N/A 400  Charge up attack
    Charge+10                N/A 600  Charge up attack
    Charge+20                N/A 1000 Charge up attack
    Speed Save *                 800  Raise speed when damaged
    Arrow Guard *                450  Evade arrow attacks
    Equip Crossbow               350  Can equip crossbows
    Concentrate *                400  Can't miss
    Jump+1                       200  Jump height + 1
    JP to master: 5200
    Evaluation: I like archers.  Their Action Ability
    (Charge) isn't that good, but their Reaction and
    Support Abilities, and they can equp bows (note that
    no other job, even with the Equip Crossbow ability,
    can use longbows).  When equipping archers, never
    use crossbows, always go with the 2-handers.
    Job Requirements: Knight lv. 2
    Weapons: none
    Armor: none
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Spin Fist                A/2 150  Physical attack
    Repeating Fist           1/1 300  Physical attack
    Wave Fist                3/1 300  Magic attack
    Earth Slash *         4Dir/8 600  Earth attack
    Secret Fist              1/1 300  Causes Death Sentence
    Stigma Magic *           A/2 200  Cancels most abnormal status
    Chakra *                 A/2 350  Restores HP and MP
    Revive *                 1/1 500  Revives dead
    HP Restore *                 500  Restore HP when critical
    Counter *                    300  Counter-attack when attacked
    Hamedo *                     1200 Turn enemy's attack into yours
    Martial Arts  +              200  Raises unarmed attack strength
    Move-HP Up *                 300  Restores HP each move
    JP to master: 5200
    Evaluation: Monks rock!  In my opinion, they have the best
    selection of abilities in the game.  Chakra is the
    second-most useful ability in the game (after Chicken)
    and will save your butt many a time.  Get it right away,
    especially for Ramza (who makes a great Monk, BTW).  In fact,
    almost all of the Monk abilities are useful, especially
    Revive, Move-HP Up, Counter (a must have), and Hamedo
    (spendy, but it's lots of fun).  You can't go wrong with
    Monks.  For best results, give them the Knight's Equip
    Armor ability to offset their lack of defense -- or give
    them Two Swords instead for two punches!
    Job Requirements: Chemist lv. 2
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Cure *          6 RC 25  4/2 50   Restores HP
    Cure 2 *        10RC 20  4/2 180  Restores HP
    Cure 3          16RC 15  4/2 400  Restores HP
    Cure 4          20RC 10  4/2 700  Restores HP
    Raise *         10RC 25  4/1 180  Revives dead
    Raise 2 *       20RC 10  4/1 500  Revives dead, full HP
    Reraise *       16RC 15  3/1 800  Gives Reraise status
    Regen *         8 RC 25  3/2 300  Gives Regen status
    Protect         6 RC 25  3/2 70   Gives Protect status
    Protect 2       24   15  3/2 500  Gives Protect status
    Shell           6 RC 25  3/2 70   Gives Shell status
    Shell 2         20   15  3/2 500  Gives Shell status
    Wall            24RC 25  3/1 380  Gives Protect and Shell
    Esuna           18RC 34  3/2 280  Cures most status ailments
    Holy            56RC 17  5/1 600  Holy attack
    Regenerator *                400  Get Regen when attacked
    Magic DefendUP *             400  Lowers magic damage received
    JP to master: 6310
    Evaluation: Perhaps in keeping with the general theme of
    the game, Priests suck.  They're basically a poor man's
    Chemist -- Chemists don't have to charge their abilities,
    don't use MP, and have more HP.  I've starred some
    Priest abilities; these ones are okay but still not very
    good (except Raise and Raise 2).  You can easily play the
    entire game without ever using Priests.
    Job Requirements: Chemist lv. 2
    Weapons: Rod
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Fire *          6 RC 25  4/2 50   Fire attack
    Fire 2 *        12RC 20  4/2 200  Fire attack
    Fire 3 *        24RC 15  4/2 480  Fire attack
    Fire 4          48   10  4/3 850  Fire attack
    Bolt *          6 RC 25  4/2 50   Lightning attack
    Bolt 2 *        10RC 20  4/2 200  Lightning attack
    Bolt 3 *        24RC 15  4/2 480  Lightning attack
    Bolt 4          48   10  4/3 850  Lightning attack
    Ice *           6 RC 25  4/2 50   Ice attack
    Ice 2 *         12RC 20  4/2 200  Ice attack
    Ice 3 *         24RC 15  4/2 480  Ice attack
    Ice 4           48   10  4/3 850  Ice attack
    Poison          6 RC 34  4/2 150  Causes Poison status
    Frog            12RC 20  3/1 500  Causes Frog status
    Death           24RC 10  4/1 600  Instant death attack
    Flare           60RC 15  5/1 900  Fire attack
    Counter Magic *              800  Counter w/ same spell
    Magic AttackUP               400  Raises magic damage
    JP to master: 8090
    Evaluation: Well, they're better than priests.  In
    general, magic in FF Tactics is not that useful, and
    wizards do nothing to change that.  Their spells are
    good early on the game (where, in fact, they are quite
    useful), but quickly grow obsolete.  Counter Magic
    is useful, though, and with Math Skill as a secondary
    ability, Wizards kick butt.
    ---Time Mage-------------------------------------------
    Job Requirements: Wizard lv. 2
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Haste  *        8 RC 50  3/2 100  Causes Haste status
    Haste 2         30   15  3/2 550  Causes Haste status
    Slow  *         8 RC 50  3/2 80   Causes Slow status
    Slow 2          30RC 15  3/2 520  Causes Slow status
    Stop  *         14RC 15  3/2 330  Causes Stop status
    Don't Move *    10RC 34  3/2 100  Causes Don't Move status
    Float           8 RC 50  4/2 200  Causes Float status
    Reflect *       12RC 50  4/1 300  Causes Reflect status
    Quick *         24R  25  4/1 800  Instant turn
    Demi            24RC 17  4/2 250  Target loses 1/2 HP
    Demi 2          50RC 12  4/2 550  Target loses 3/4 HP
    Meteor          70   8   4/4 1500 Magic attack
    Critical Quick *             700  Instant turn when low on HP
    MP Switch                    400  Lose MP instead of HP
    Short Charge *               800  Speeds CT charge
    Teleport *                   600  Teleport through obstacles
    Float                        540  Permanent Float status
    JP to master: 8320
    Evaluation: The enemy seems to be able to use Time Mages
    a lot more effectively than I can.  Perhaps that's
    because the computer doesn't get annoyed, whereas I do.
    And Time Mages are really annoying to fight against --
    they speed up their allies, paralyze your guys, teleport
    around, etc.  They're definitely better than Wizards
    or Priests, but you need some good abilities from other
    jobs to back them up.  (One cool trick is to use Don't
    Move to keep enemies from moving, then use a big call spell
    or Meteor on them).  Give them a try and see what you
    Job Requirements: Time Mage lv. 2
    Weapons: Staff, rod
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Moogle          8    50  4/3 110  Restores HP
    Shiva           24   25  4/3 200  Ice attack
    Ramuh *         24   25  4/3 200  Lightning attack
    Ifrit           24   25  4/3 200  Fire attack
    Titan *         30   20  4/3 220  Earth attack
    Golem *         40   34  All 500  Avoid physical attacks
    Carbunkle       30   25  4/3 350  Gives Reflect status
    Bahamut         60   10  4/4 1200 Magic attack
    Odin            50   12  4/4 900  Magic attack
    Leviathan       48   12  4/4 850  Water attack
    Salamander      48   12  4/3 820  Fire attack
    Silf [Sylph] *  26   20  4/3 400  Causes Silence status
    Fairy *         28   25  4/3 400  Restores HP
    Lich *          40   12  4/3 600  Darkness attack
    Cyclops         62   12  4/3 1000 Magic attack
    Zodiac *        99   10  4/4 N/A  Magic attack
    MP Restore                   400  Restores MP when near death
    Half of MP *                 900  Halves spells' MP cost
    JP to master: 9250
    Evaluation: While call spells don't have nearly the
    power in FFT as they did in FF7 (where's KOTR?), they're
    still strong.  They have a wide impact range, do a lot
    of damage, and don't hurt your own guys (or heal the
    enemies).  The only downsides to this job are its
    abilities' high JP and MP costs (the latter of which
    can be remedied through the job's own Half of MP
    support ability).
    Job Requirements: Archer lv. 2
    Weapons: Knife
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Gil Taking               1/1 10   Steal gil
    Steal Heart *            3/1 150  Charms opposite sex
    Steal Helmet *           1/1 350  Steal target's helmet
    Steal Armor *            1/1 450  Steal target's armor
    Steal Shield *           1/1 350  Steal target's shield
    Steal Weapon *           1/1 600  Steal target's weapon
    Steal Accessry           1/1 500  Steal target's accessory
    Steal Exp                1/1 250  Steal EXP from target
    Caution                      200  "Defend" when attacked
    Gilgame Heart                200  Receive gil = to damage
    Catch                        200  Obtain items thrown at you
    Secret Hunt *                200  Poach killed monsters
    Move+2 *                     520  Movement range + 2
    Jump+2                       480  Jump height + 2
    JP to master: 4460
    Evaluation: Thieves are cool.  They can steal stuff
    from enemies (necessary for getting some of the best
    equipment in the game), are fast, and can poach enemies
    (which also lets you get some cool stuff).
    Unfortunately, they tend to get killed really easily.
    Not a great job, but a good one nonetheless.  Oh, and
    use female thieves, not male thieves, as there are
    more male enemies in the game and subsequently Steal
    Heart is more effective.
    Job Requirements: Oracle lv. 2
    Weapons: Knife, gun
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Invitation *             3/1 100  Enemies join party
    Persuade                 3/1 100  Resets targets' CT
    Praise                   3/1 200  Raises brave*
    Threaten *               3/1 200  Lowers brave*
    Preach                   3/1 200  Raises faith*
    Solution *               3/1 200  Lowers faith*
    Death Sentence           3/1 500  Causes Death Sentence status
    Negotiate                3/1 100  Receive gil from enemy
    Insult                   3/1 300  Causes Berserk status
    Mimic Daravon            3/2 300  Causes Sleep status
    Finger Guard                 300  Protects from Talk Skill
    Equip Gun *                  750  Can equip gun
    Train                        450  Force weak enemy to join
    Monster Talk +*              100  Can talk to monsters
    JP to master: 3800
    * Note: The faith and brave abilities change faith or brave
    by 4.  3 points of this change remain only for the battle,
    but 1 is permanent.
    Evaluation: Mediators have two purposes: a) to recruit
    monsters and b) to use guns.  a) is only partially
    necessary, but b) is important.  You can safely learn
    just the starred abilities from this job and nothing
    else.  The Brave- and Faith-altering abilties are
    usefull, but not critical.
    Job Requirements: Priest lv. 2
    Weapons: Staff, rod, stick, dictionary
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Blind           4 RC 50  4/2 100  Causes Darkness status
    Spell Absorb    2    50  4/1 200  Drain MP from target
    Life Drain      16   50  4/1 350  Drain HP from target
    Pray Faith *    6 RC 25  4/1 400  Causes Faith status
    Doubt Faith *   6 RC 25  4/1 400  Causes Innocent status
    Zombie          20RC 20  4/1 300  Causes Undead status
    Silence Song    16RC 34  4/2 170  Causes Silence status
    Blind Rage      16RC 20  4/1 400  Causes Berserk status
    Foxbird *       20RC 25  4/1 200  Lowers target's brave
    Confusion Song  20RC 20  4/1 400  Causes Confusion status
    Dispel Magic    34 C 34  4/1 700  Eliminates positive status
    Paralyze *      10RC 20  4/2 100  Causes Don't Act status
    Sleep           24RC 17  4/2 350  Causes Sleep status
    Petrify         16RC 12  4/1 580  Causes Petrify status
    Absorb Used MP               250  Receive MP used to cast spell
    Defense UP *                 400  Lowers physical damage received
    Any Weather                  200  Ignores weather effects on magic
    Move-MP Up                   350  Restores MP as you move
    JP to master: 5850
    Evaluation: There's no kind way to put this.  Oracles
    are completely useless (even more so than priests).
    Their spells just give the enemies various status
    problems, but take too long to charge and cost too
    much MP (whereas Geomancers have a longer range,
    don't charge, don't use MP, and still do the same
    things).  Defense UP is useful, but that's about it.
    Stay far away from tis job and prod it with a sharp
    Job Requirements: Monk lv. 3
    Weapons: Sword, axe
    Armor: Shield, hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Pitfall *                5/2 150  Damage, causes Don't Move
    Water Ball               5/2 150  Water damage, causes Frog
    Hell Ivy *               5/2 150  Damage, causes Stop
    Carve Model *            5/2 150  Damage, causes Petrify
    Local Quake              5/2 150  Earth damage, causes Confusion
    Kamaitachi *             5/2 150  Wind damage, causes Don't Act
    Demon Fire *             5/2 150  Fire damage, causes Sleep
    Quicksand                5/2 150  Water damage, causes Death Sntnce
    Sand Storm               5/2 150  Wind damage, causes Darkness
    Blizzard                 5/2 150  Ice damage, causes Silence
    Gusty Wind               5/2 150  Wind damage, causes Slow
    Lava Ball                5/2 150  Fire damage, instant death
    Counter Flood                300  Counter phys. atks. w/ Elemental
    Attack UP *                  400  Raises physical damage
    Any Ground                   220  Move at same speed on rough terrain
    Move on Lava                 150  Can move on lava
    JP to master: 2870
    Evaluation: A lot of people pass off Geomancers as weak
    magic users, but they fail to realize that Geomancers
    are also good fighters -- they can equip swords and
    axes, and use shields.  They also have the Attack UP
    ability, which is really useful.  Coupled with the
    status-affecting powers of their Nature attack, they're
    good in the middle of the game.  After that, they
    rapidly become less useful, as geomancy does relatively
    less and less damage.  
    ---Lancer (Dragoon)------------------------------------
    Job Requirements: Thief lv. 3
    Weapons: Spear
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Level Jump2 *                150  Jump attack*
    Level Jump3                  300  Jump attack*
    Level Jump4                  450  Jump attack*
    Level Jump5                  600  Jump attack*
    Level Jump8 *                900  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump2 *             100  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump3               200  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump4               300  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump5               400  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump6               500  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump7               600  Jump attack*
    Vertical Jump8 *             900  Jump attack*
    Dragon Spirit *              560  Casts Reraise when attacked
    Equip Spear                  400  Can equip spear
    Ignore Height *              700  Infinite jump height
    JP to master: 7060 
    * Note: The speed of a Jump is equal to twice the user's
    Evaluation: I've always liked dragoons (and was disappointed
    to find no Jump materia in FF7), and FFT's lancers
    (a mistranslation; they were dragoons in the Japanese
    version) are just as cool.  They have a great range
    with their jump attack, which never misses and puts
    the Dragoon temporarily out of danger.  They also have
    Dragon Spirit, which casts Reraise when you get hit.
    I'm sure you can see the value in that.  Dragoons are
    what Knights should have been.  I recommend them very
    highly.  The only downside is that they become pretty
    useless later in the game.
    Job Requirements: Knight lv. 3, Monk lv. 4, Lancer lv. 2
    Weapons: Katana
    Armor: Helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Asura                    A/3 100  Magic attack
    Koutetsu                 A/3 180  Magic attack
    Bizen Boat               A/3 260  Lowers enemy MP
    Murasame *               A/3 340  Heals party
    Heaven's Cloud *         A/3 420  Magic attack, causes Slow
    Kiyomori                 A/3 500  Gives Protect and Shell status
    Muramasa *               A/3 580  Mag. attack, causes Confusion
                                        and Death Sentence
    Kikuichimoji          4Dir/8 660  Magic attack
    Masamune  *              A/3 740  Gives Regen and Haste status
    Chirijiraden             A/3 820  Magic attack
    Meatbone Slash               200  Max HP dmg. when critical
    Blade Grasp *                700  Avoid phys. attacks
    Equip Knife                  400  Equip Katanas
    Two Hands *                  900  Use one weapon in two hands
    Walk on Water                300  Move on water as if land
    JP to master: 7100
    Evaluaton: Samurais are pretty good; they're basically
    the next progression of the Knight and Lancer type.
    They're good fighters once you get Two Hands (learn this
    first), and Blade Grasp is one of the best (if not the
    best) Reaction Abilities around.  Draw Out is
    innovative, but not all that great, as the swords have
    a tendency to break.
    Job Requirements: Archer lv. 3, Thief lv. 4, Geomancer lv. 2
    Weapons: Knife, ninja sword, hammer
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Shuriken *               5/1 50   Throw shuriken
    Ball                     5/1 70   Throw magic balls
    Knife                    5/1 100  Throw daggers
    Sword *                  5/1 100  Throw swords
    Hammer                   5/1 100  Throw flails
    Katana                   5/1 100  Throw samurai katanas
    Ninja Sword              5/1 100  Throw ninja swords
    Axe                      5/1 120  Throw axes
    Spear                    5/1 100  Throw spears
    Stick                    5/1 100  Throw polearms
    Knight Sword             5/1 100  Throw knight swords
    Dictionary               5/1 100  Throw dictionary
    Sunken State                 900  Become invisible when hit
    Abandon                      400  Evade % up
    Two Swords +*                900  Equip weapons in both hands
    Move in Water                420  No movement penalty in water
    JP to master: 3840
    Evaluation: Ninjas are like knights in that their greatest
    asset isn't their learned abilities but their inherent
    ones.  They can equip two swords (in practice, two
    morning stars; they're more powerful) and are REALLY
    fast.  Throwing shurikens is good too (especially Yagyu
    Darknesses), and so is throwing swords (buy Rune Blades,
    they do a goodly amount of damage when chucked).  A note
    with ninjas: the damage estimate when you go to attack
    somebody is usually far too low -- the first attack alone
    sometimes more damage than the estimate, let alone the
    second one.
    Job Requirements: Priest lv. 4, Wizard lv. 4, Time Mage lv. 3,
                      Oracle lv. 3
    Weapons: Stick, dictionary
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    CT                           250  Base equations on CT
    Level                        350  Base equations on level
    Exp                          200  Base equations on EXP
    Height *                     250  Base equations on height
    Prime Number *               300  Selects by prime number
    5                            200  Selects by multiple of 5
    4 *                          400  Selects by multiple of 4
    3 *                          600  Selects by multiple of 3
    Distribute                   200  Give extra HP from heals to party
    Damage Split *               300  Enemy takes half damage
    Gained Exp UP *              350  Receive more EXP
    Move-Get Exp                 400  Earn EXP as you move
    Move-Get JP                  360  Earn JP as you move
    JP to master: 4510
    Evaluation: Calculators are potentially very powerful,
    but they require a lot of time to build up.  First
    of all, you need a lot of spells from the lower
    magic-using jobs, then you have to learn all the
    Math Skill abilities to make them truly useful.  The
    problem is that Calculators are really pokey (give
    them an accessory that boosts their speed) and have
    a low magic strength.  To remedy the latter problem,
    change the Calculator into a Wizard after you've
    learned all their abilities and set their second
    action ability to Math Skill.  In this highly-evolved
    form, they can toast enemies around the battlefield
    or heal your whole party, without even having to charge
    or use MP!  In other words, Calculators are great if
    you want to spend the time to build them up, but you
    don't need them to beat the game.
    Job Requirements: Summoner lv. 4, Mediator lv. 4 (male
                      characters only)
    Weapons: Musical instrument
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Angel Song *         17  All 100  Restores MP
    Life Song *          17  All 100  Restores HP
    Cheer Song *         13  All 100  Raises Speed
    Battle Song          13  All 100  Raises phys. attack power
    Magic Song           10  All 100  Raises magic attack power
    Nameless Song *      10  All 100  Gives Reraise, Regen, Protect, Wall
    Last Song *          5   All 100  Fills CT to 100
    MA Save                      450  Raises mag. pwr when damaged
    Face Up                      500  Faith up vs. magic
    Move+3                       1000 Move range + 3
    Fly *                        1200 Can fly over terrain 
    JP to master: 3850
    Evaluation: Well.... Bards really aren't that great.
    They've improved since Edward's day, but they're just
    kinda blah.  Dancers are more effective, in my
    opinion.  One cool trick with both Bards and Dancers
    is to equip Sing/Dance as a secondary ability and use
    it to gain JP quickly (since you get turns much faster
    than using regular attacks).
    Job Requirements: Geomancer lv. 4, Lancer lv. 4 (female
                      characters only)
    Weapons: Knife, cloth
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Witch Hunt           17  All 100  Lowers enemy MP
    Wiznaibus            17  All 100  Lowers enemy HP
    Slow Dance *         13  All 100  Lowers enemy speed
    Polka Polka          13  All 100  Lowers phys. attack
    Disillusion *        10  All 100  Lowers mag. attack
    Nameless Dance *     10  All 100  Causes status ailments
    Last Dance           5   All 100  Empties enemy CT
    A Save                       550  Raises attack pwr. when damaged
    Brave Up                     500  Raises brave when attacked
    Jump+3                       1000 Jump range + 3
    Fly *                        1200 Can fly over terrain
    JP to master: 3950
    Evaluation: Dancers are much better than Bards, as their
    abilities work on the enemy, not you.  You can give them
    various status ailments, and slow them down.  And (if you
    earn a lot of JP), you can fly.  Dancers work well with the
    Knight's Weapon Guard ability, as their Cloths have a VERY
    high parry rate (50%).  You can also use Dance to build
    JP quickly (see the Bard description).  Dancer is a good,
    not great, job.
    Job Requirements: Squire lv. 8, Chemist lv. 8, Summoner
                      lv. 4, Mediator lv. 4, Geomancer lv. 4,
                      Lancer lv. 4
    Weapons: None
    Armor: None
    The Mime mimics every action that your other characters
    Evaluation: Mimes aren't quite as good as you'd think.
    They only mimic abilities in the exact direction and
    range that they were originally used, which means they
    usually miss.  However, if you use them carefully, they
    can be useful, as they could potentially double the
    number of actions you take.  Try using a Mime with a
    Calculator -- everything spell the Calculator calculates,
    the Mime will repeat for twice the effect (of course,
    you could just make two Calculators instead...).
    %%%SPECIAL JOBS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    All the special jobs have the same reaction, support,
    and movement abilities as the Squire job (which they
    replace).  Therefore, I haven't bothered to list them,
    except for the Arc Knight, Steel Giant, and Byblos Jobs,
    which have different abilities.
    Used By: Ramza
    Weapons: Knife, sword, knight sword, hammer
    Armor: Shield, hat, helmet, clothes, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Accumulate  *            A/1 300  Phys. attack + 1
    Dash                     1/1 75   Weak physical attack
    Throw Stone *            4/1 90   Weak ranged physical attack
    Heal                     1/1 150  Cures Dark, Silence, Poison
    Yell *                   3/1 200  Speed + 1
    Wish *                   1/1 0    Heals target, lose 1/2 of amt.
    Cheer Up (ch. 2+)        3/1 200  Raises Brave
    Scream (ch. 4) *         A/1 500  Raises Brave, attack pwr, speed
    Ultima          10   20  4/2 N/A  Magic attack
    JP to master: 2515
    Evaluation: Ramza's Squire job is just a basic Squire with
    some extra abilities, some of which are good (Yell,
    Wish) and some of which aren't (Cheer Up, Ultima).
    Note that Ultima can't be bought with JP, it can only
    be learned in a certain battle.  Despite the extra
    abilities, this is still a Squire job.  Good early
    on, but not later (except against Wiegraf).
    Used By: Delita (ch. 1)
    Weapons: Sword, hammer
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Accumulate *             A/1 300  Phys. attack + 1
    Dash                     1/1 75   Weak physical attack
    Throw Stone *            4/1 90   Weak ranged physical attack
    Heal                     1/1 150  Cures Dark, Silence, Poison
    Wish *                   1/1 0    Heals target, lose 1/2 of amt.
    JP to master: 1615
    Evaluation: Again, Delita is just a slightly-improved
    Squire.  He only has one extra ability, Wish.  It's a
    good one, though.
    Used By: Algus
    Weapons: Sword, axe, hammer
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Accumulate *             A/1 300  Phys. attack + 1
    Dash                     1/1 75   Weak physical attack
    Throw Stone *            4/1 90   Weak ranged physical attack
    Heal                     1/1 150  Cures Dark, Silence, Poison on self
    Head Break               N/A 300  Destroys target's helmet
    Armor Break              N/A 400  Destroys target's armor
    JP to master: 2315
    Evaluation: Head Break and Armor Break would be cool,
    but Algus is in your party for such a short time that
    it's unlikely you'll learn either one of them.  Instead,
    give him some black magic (he starts with enough JP
    for the Wizard job to buy Fire, I believe).
    ---Dark Knight-----------------------------------------
    Used By: Gafgarion
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Night Sword  *           3/1 100  Dark damage, drain HP
    Dark Sword               3/1 500  Dark damage, drain MP
    JP to master: 1600
    Evaluation: Gafgarion is cool, but he's only in your
    party for two battles (plus the intro battle at the
    start of the game).  He's good while you have him, but
    I can't really comment on him.
    ---Holy Knight-----------------------------------------
    Used By: Agrias, Delita (ch. 2+)
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Statis Sword *           2/2 0    Holy damage, causes Stop
    Split Punch              3/1 400  Holy damage, causes Death Sntnce
    Crush Punch              3/1 500  Holy damage, instant death
    Lightning Stab *         3/2 700  Lightning damage, causes Silence
    Holy Explosion *      4Dir/5 800  Holy damage, causes Confusion
    Wish (Delita only)       1/1 0    Heals target, lose 1/2 of amt.
    JP to master: 3400
    Evaluation: Agrias is one of the best characters
    in the game thanks to her Holy Knight abilities (Delita
    is even better, but he only shows up as a Holy
    Knight in two battles).  All of her abilities are
    useful, especially Stasis Sword (early on) and
    Holy Explosion.  However, later in the game, once
    you get better characters like Orlandu and Beowulf,
    she will see a lot less use.
    Used By: Ovelia
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Mbarrier  *     30   25  3/1 0    Gives Reraise, Regen, Protect,
                                        Shell, and Haste status
    Deathspell 2    20   25  4/1 0    Cures negative status
    JP to master: 1000
    Evaluation: Well, Ovelia only fights in one battle, but
    she's actually a useful character (you wouldn't expect
    her to be, but...).  Mbarrier is a great spell; too
    bad you can't control her.
    Used By: Mustadio
    Weapons: Knife, gun
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Leg Aim                  N/A 200  Causes Don't Move status
    Arm Aim *                N/A 300  Causes Don't Act status
    Seal Evil *              N/A 200  Petrifies undead
    JP to master: 1700
    Evaluation: Until you get Orlandu, Mustadio is the best
    character you'll have.  His gun has a very long range,
    and Arm Aim is cheesy, but effective (it basically
    prevents one enemy from doing anything for a couple
    turns and works about 75% of the time).  Seal Evil
    is only useful in certain occassions, but is a lifesaver
    then (it not only kills undead, but prevents them
    from coming back to life).  Once you've learned all
    three Sniping abilities, Mustadio makes a good Chemist,
    as he doesn't need a seperate ability to keep his
    gun (without the gun, he can only snipe 1 square).
    Used by: Olan
    Weapons: Dictionary
    Armor: Hat, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Galaxy Stop *****    20  All 0    Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act
    Accumulate               A/1 300  Phys. attack + 1
    Dash                     1/1 75   Weak physical attack
    Throw Stone              4/1 90   Weak ranged physical attack
    Heal                     1/1 150  Cures Dark, Silence, Poison
    JP to master: 1815
    Evaluation: Olan shows up in one battle, and you can't
    control him, but he nevertheless is ludicrously powerful,
    thanks to Galaxy Stop, which will paralyze most of the
    enemies on the board every time he uses it (I went a
    little overboard on its star rating).  It doesn't cost
    MP or anything, and results in the easiest battle in
    the whole game.
    Used By: Alma
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Mbarrier  *     30   25  3/1 0    Causes Reraise, Regen, Protect,
                                        Shell, and Haste status
    Deathspell 2    20   25  4/1 0    Cures negative status
    Wish                     1/1 ?    Heals target, lose 1/2 of amt.
    Ultima          10   20  4/2 N/A  Magic attack
    JP to master: 1000
    Evaluation: Alma is almost identical to Ovelia, except
    that she has Wish.  Again, Mbarrier is an effective
    spell, but you can't control her.  I really thought
    she would join, too.  (BTW, de-equip Alma of her all
    stuff before she leaves, you can't get it elsewhere).
    When she rejoins during the final battle, it is possible
    for her to learn Ultima from Altima casting it on her,
    although unlikely.
    ---Heaven Knight---------------------------------------
    Used By: Rafa
    Weapons: Staff, stick
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Heaven Thunder *     34  4/2 100  Random lightning damage
    Asura                25  4/2 200  Random fire damage
    Diamond Sword (ch.4) 20  4/2 300  Random wind damage
    Hydragon Pit (ch.4)  17  4/2 400  Random water damage
    Space Storage (ch.4)*20  4/2 500  Random damage, status problems
    Sky Demon (ch.4)     15  4/2 600  Random earth damage
    JP to master: 3100
    Evaluation: Rafa has one purpose and one purpose only.
    That purpose?  The Deep Dungeon.  With her low Brave
    level, she makes the perfect item-finder, especially
    when equipped with Germinas Boots.  She also makes a
    decent magic-user thanks to her high Faith.  Your best
    bet with her is to change jobs right away, as her Truth
    abilities really suck.  Don't bother with them.
    ---Hell Knight-----------------------------------------
    Used By: Malak
    Weapons: Rod, stick
    Armor: Hat, clothes, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Heaven Bltback *     34  4/2 100  Random lightning damage
    Asura Back           25  4/2 200  Random fire damage
    Dia Swrd Back        20  4/2 300  Random wind damage
    Dragn Pit Back       17  4/2 400  Random water damage
    Space Str Back *     20  4/2 500  Random damage, status problems
    Sky Demon Back       15  4/2 600  Random earth damage
    JP to master: 3100
    Evaluation: Take this character.  Please.  Not only
    is Malak the worst character in FF Tactics, he's the
    absolute worst character in any game I've ever played.
    He's like Rafa, but much worse.  His Un-Truth doesn't
    ignore Faith like Rafa's Truth does, he has a higher
    Brave level (making him less useful in the Deep Dungeon),
    and he's just completely incompetent.  Dismiss Malak
    as soon as he joins your party.  Even a blank spot in
    your roster can fight better.
    ---Holy Swordsman--------------------------------------
    Used Quite Effectively By: Orlandu
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword, katana, ninja sword
    Armor: Shield, hat, helmet, clothes, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Statis Sword             2/2 0    Holy damage, causes Stop
    Split Punch              3/1 400  Holy damage, causes Death Sntnce
    Crush Punch *            3/1 500  Holy damage, instant death
    Lightning Stab *         3/1 700  Lightning damage, causes Silence
    Holy Explosion *      4dir/5 800  Holy damage, causes Confusion
    Shellbust Stab           3/1 200  Destroys armor
    Blastar Punch            3/1 400  Destroys helmet
    Hellcry Punch            3/1 500  Destroys weapon
    Icewolf Bite             3/1 800  Destroys accessory
    Night Sword *            3/1 0    Dark damage, drain HP
    Dark Sword               3/1 500  Dark damage, drain MP
    JP to master: 5800
    Evaluation: From Malak to.... ORLANDU!  Those are the
    exact opposites of the usefulness spectrum.  Orlandu is
    by far the most unbalancing character I've seen in any
    game.  He can kill almost any regular enemy in a single
    blow (healing himself in the process), and do severe
    damage to bosses.  You could almost beat the entire
    game with just him.  People complained about Knights of the
    Round being too powerful, but Thunder God Cid could beat
    them all with one hand tied behind his back -- and he must
    have, because he has their sword.  Excalibur just further
    adds to Cid's power by giving him an automatic Haste
    and also hitting really hard.  The only reason you would
    ever not want to use Orlandu is if you were to trying to
    roll up points for your other characters (but who needs
    other characters?) or if you wanted to make the game
    ---Divine Knight---------------------------------------
    Used By: Meliadoul
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword, crossbow, spear
    Armor: Shield, helmet, clothes, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Shellbust Stab *         3/1 200  Destroys armor
    Blastar Punch            3/1 400  Destroys helmet
    Hellcry Punch *          3/1 500  Destroys weapon
    Icewolf Bite             3/1 800  Destroys accessory
    JP to master: 2900
    Evaluation: Well, Meliadoul's no Orlandu, but she's not
    bad.  Her sword skills (which Orlandu also has) are cool
    as they break the enemy's equipment and never miss, but
    they don't work on monsters, which severely hampers her
    usefulness.  Thus, she is only useful in certain
    occasions.  Meliadoul would also make a pretty good
    magic-user, thanks to her high Faith.
    ---Arc Knight------------------------------------------
    Used By: Zalbag
    Weapons: Sword, knight sword
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Magic Ruin      20   34  4/2 0    Lowers target's MP
    Speed Ruin      20   34  4/2 0    Lowers target's speed
    Power Ruin      20   34  4/2 0    Lowers phys. attack
    Mind Ruin       20   34  4/2 0    Lowers magic attack
    Counter                      300  Attack back when attacked
    Counter Tackle               180  Use Dash when attacked
    Concentrate                  400  Can't miss
    Maintenance                  250  Equipment can't be broken
    Short Charge                 800  Charge time speeded
    Move+1                       200  Movement range + 1 
    JP to master: 2130 
    Evaluation: Zalbag doesn't really do much.  He's only in
    one battle, and it's a very short battle (you can win it
    in one or two rounds).  In fact, I only saw him do one
    thing: attack one enemy with his sword.  He has some
    cool abilities, but you'll never see them.
    ---Temple Knight---------------------------------------
    Used By: Beowulf
    Weapons: Knife, sword, knight sword
    Armor: Shield, helmet, armor, robe
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Blind           6        4/1 50   Causes Darkness
    Aspel           2        4/1 0    Absorbs enemy MP
    Drain           12       4/1 180  Absorbs enemy HP
    Faith           10       4/1 200  Causes Faith condition
    Innocent        10       4/1 200  Causes Innocent condition
    Zombie          14       4/1 150  Causes Undead condition
    Silence         16       4/1 90   Causes Silence
    Berserk         16       4/1 200  Causes Berserk
    Chicken *       12       4/1 500  Lowers enemy Brave
    Confuse         14       4/1 200  Causes Confusion
    Despair         20       4/1 300  Cancels positive status
    Don't Act       14       4/1 50   Causes Don't Act status
    Sleep           20       4/1 170  Causes Sleep
    Break *         24       4/1 300  Causes Petrify
    Shock! *        20       8/1 600  Less HP = more damage
    JP to master: 4190
    Evaluation: One word for you.  CHICKEN!!!!!  Beowulf is
    basically an Oracle on steroids -- he has similar
    abilities, but they don't have to charge.  Also, Beowulf
    is a good fighter (especially with an Excalibur) with
    a fair amount of HP.  Those attributes are totally
    irrelevant, however, when faced with the mighty power of
    Chicken.  Chicken will cause an enemy to lose FIFTY
    BRAVE and works 70%-100% of the time!  And it only costs
    12 MP!  Furthermore, if you reduce an enemy's Brave
    below 10, they'll turn into a chicken and run into a
    corner, regaining 1 Brave each turn, until they get back
    up to 10 Brave.  This ability is essential in the Deep
    Dungeon, and extremely useful everywhere else.  Top
    that off with Break (petrifies enemies; works most of
    the time!) and Shock (a potentially very strong spell
    and it has a great range) and you have the second-best
    character in the game (after T.G. Cid).  Never
    underestimate the power of Beowulf.
    ---Steel Giant-----------------------------------------
    Used By: Worker 8
    Weapons: none
    Armor: none
    Worker 8 has the inherent Any Ground and Any Weather
    abilities and cannot enter water.
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Destroy                  1/1 0    Physical attack
    Compress                 1/1 0    Instant death attack
    Dispose *                8/1 0    Physical attack
    Crush                    1/1 0    Physical attack
    Counter      Automatically eqppd. Counter-attack when attacked
    Defense UP   Automatically eqppd. Lowers phys. attack damage
    JP to master: 0
    Evaluation: I don't know why nobody likes Worker 8; I
    think he's great.  Sure, he can't change jobs, and his
    abilities do consume some of his HP, but he's still
    really powerful.  His Dispose attack has a range of 8
    panels.  He also has NO Faith (as he is a robot), which
    means that he is nearly impervious to magic.  His physical
    attack is very strong as well.  He's not Orlandu, but he
    certainly deserves a place on your team.
    ---Holy Dragon------------------------------------------
    Used By: Reis
    Weapons: none
    Armor: none
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Ice Bracelet             2/1 0    Ice attack
    Fire Bracelet            2/1 0    Fire attack
    Thndr Brcelet            2/1 0    Thunder attack
    JP to master: 0
    Evaluation: I can't really evaluate this job very
    well as Reis is not a dragon for very long.  Her three
    breath attacks are powerful and she has a lot of HP.
    In some ways, she's actually more useful as a dragon.
    Used By: Reis (after transformation)
    Weapons: none
    Armor: Ribbon
    The Dragoner attacks twice and has inherent Train
    and Monster Skill abilities.
    Note: Reis *can* equip Bags, not because of her jobs, but
    just because she's a woman.  You can stop e-mailing me
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Ice Bracelet *           2/1 0    Ice attack
    Fire Bracelet *          2/1 0    Fire attack
    Thndr Brcelet *          2/1 0    Thunder attack
    Dragon Tame *            2/1 300  Dragon joins party
    Dragon Care              2/1 300  Heals + cures dragon
    Dragon PowerUp           2/1 400  Raises dragon's stats
    Dragon LevelUp           2/1 400  Raises dragon's CT
    Holy Bracelet            4/3 900  Random holy damage
    JP to master: 2300
    Evaluation: Reis keeps her breath attacks in her human
    form, which are still her best attacks.  The four
    Dragon abilities only affect dragons, and thus have a
    limited use. One trick is to use Dragon Tame to recruit
    dragons to help you in one battle (and also save you
    from fighting them), but don't add them to your party
    at the end of the battle.  Reis can attack twice (as if
    she were a Ninja), and her attack can invite enemies
    (she has Train).  Reis is really slow, however, and has
    a slow move range, so she almost never gets to hit.
    She's generally worthless and second only to Malak as
    the crummiest character.  If you do want to use her,
    change her to another job that can use equipment
    and set her Dragon abilities as a secondary ability.
    Used By: Cloud
    Weapons: Sword
    Armor: Hat, ribbon, clothes
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Braver               34  2/1 150  Physical attack
    Cross-slash *        25  2/2 200  Magic attack
    Blade Beam *         20  2/1 250  Less HP = more damage
    Climhazzard          15  2/1 450  Target: less HP = more damage
    Meteorain            10  3/3 560  Magic attack
    Finish Touch *       20  3/2 670  Causes Dead, Petrify, Stop
    Omnislash            7   3/3 900  Magic attack
    Cherry Blossom       5   3/3 1200 Magic attack
    JP to master: 4380
    Evaluation: For being a hidden character, Cloud
    could be better.  His Limit Breaks take forever
    to charge, and they can only target panels, so the
    enemy will just move away.  Give him the Time
    Mage's Short Charge ability to make up for this.
    Even with that, he himself is slow, and his attack
    is weak (since he has to equip the cruddy Materia
    Blade in order to use his limit breaks).  Finish
    Touch is very powerful, though -- it petrifies or
    kills enemies, and can hit a whole group.  Cloud
    starts at level 1, which means that you'll have to 
    spend a lot of time bringing him up to snuff.
    Personally, I don't think it's worth the trouble,
    but other people seem to like him.
    Used By: the Byblos (name varies)
    Weapons: none
    Armor: none
    Byblos ignores height and cannot enter water.  It also
    poaches any monster it kills.
                    MP   SPD  R  JP   EFFECT
    Energy                   4/1 0    Heals by 2x Byblos's HP
    Parasite                 4/1 0    Causes many status problems
    Shock                    5/1 0    Less HP = more damage
    Difference               5/1 0    Changes target's MP to
                                       the amount of damage dealt
                                       to enemies
    Counter      Automatically eqppd. Counter-attack when attacked
    JP to master: 0
    Evaluation: Hmmm... the Byblos isn't as good as I thought
    it would be.  It only has a few attacks.  They're okay,
    but they have a fairly short range and only hit one guy.
    Byblos can't change jobs, either, so you're stuck with
    four abilties.  Worker 8 does good things with four
    abilities but Byblos doesn't.  Maybe I'm just missing
    Rank just refers to the level of monster (i.e., a Chocobo
    is a rank I chocobo, a Black Chocobo is rank II, and a Red
    Chocobo is rank III).  Abilties that are listed in parentheses
    are only usable if a character with the support ability
    "Monster Skill" is standing next to the monster.  All
    monsters have Counter as an inherent reaction ability.
    Most monsters have other inherent abilites (traits), such
    as ignore height, float, halves fire, etc.
      Type: Chocobo  Rank: I
      Traits: Move in water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Choco Attack     1/1   Physical attack
       Choco Cure       A/2   Restores HP
       (Choco Esuna)    A/2   Cures negative status
    Black Chocobo
      Type: Chocobo  Rank: II
      Traits: Fly
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Choco Attack     1/1   Physical attack
       Choco Ball       4/1   Physical attack
       Choco Esuna      A/2   Cures negative status 
       (Choco Meteor)   5/1   Physical attack
    Red Chocobo
      Type: Chocobo  Rank: III
      Traits: Ignore height
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Choco Attack     1/1   Physical attack
       Choco Ball       4/1   Physical attack
       Choco Meteor     5/1   Physical attack
       (Choco Cure)     A/2   Restores HP
      Type: Goblin   Rank: I
      Traits: Ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tackle           1/1   Physical attack
       Eye Gouge        1/1   Causes Darkness status
       (Goblin Punch)   1/1   Physical attack
    Black Goblin
      Type: Goblin   Rank: II
      Traits: Ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tackle           1/1   Physical attack
       Turn Punch       A/2   Physical attack
       (Goblin Punch)   1/1   Physical attack
      Type: Goblin   Rank: III
      Traits: Ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tackle           1/1   Physical attack
       Eye Gouge        1/1   Causes Darkness status
       Goblin Punch     1/1   Physical attack
       (Mutilate)       1/1   Drains enemy HP
    Red Panther
      Type: Panther  Rank: I
      Traits: Ignore height, can't enter water, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch          1/1   Physical attack
       Poison Nail      1/1   Causes Poison status
       (Cat Kick)       1/1   Physical attack
      Type: Panther  Rank: II
      Traits: Ignore height, can't enter water, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch          1/1   Physical attack
       Cat Kick         1/1   Physical attack
       Poison Nail      1/1   Causes Poison status
       (Blaster)        3/1   Causes Petrify or Stop status
      Type: Panther  Rank: III
      Traits: Ignore height, can't enter water, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch          1/1   Physical attack
       Cat Kick         1/1   Physical attack
       Blaster          3/1   Causes Petrify or Stop status
       (Blood Suck)     1/1   Drains HP, causes Blood Suck status
      Type: Bomb     Rank: I
      Traits: Float, can't enter water, absorbs fire, halves ice,
                water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Bite             1/1   Physical attack
       Self Destruct    A/3   Self-destruct, causes Oil
       (Small Bomb)     1/1   Physical attack
      Type: Bomb     Rank: II
      Traits: Float, can't enter water, absorbs fire, halves ice,
                water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Bite             1/1   Physical attack
       Small Bomb       1/1   Physical attack
       Self Destruct    A/3   Self-destruct, causes Oil
       (Flame Attack)   3/1   Fire attack 
      Type: Bomb     Rank: III
      Traits: Float, can't enter water, absorbs fire, halves ice,
                water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Bite             1/1   Physical attack
       Self Destruct    A/3   Self-destruct, causes Oil
       Spark            A/3   Fire attack, drains HP
       (Small Bomb)     1/1   Physical attack
      Type: Skeleton Rank: I
      Traits: Absorb darkness, fire weakness, holy weakness,
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Knife Hand       1/1   Physical attack
       Thunder Soul     3/1   Lightning attack
       (Aqua Soul)      3/1   Water attack
    Bone Snatch
      Type: Skeleton Rank: II
      Traits: Absorb darkness, fire weakness, holy weakness,
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Knife Hand       1/1   Physical attack
       Aqua Soul        3/1   Water attack
       (Ice Soul)       3/1   Ice attack
    Living Bone
      Type: Skeleton Rank: III
      Traits: Absorb darkness, fire weakness, holy weakness,
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Knife Hand       1/1   Physical attack
       Ice Soul         3/1   Ice attack
       (Wind Soul)      3/1   Wind attack
      Type: Gull     Rank: I
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch Up       1/1   Physical attack
       (Feather Bomb)   3/1   Magic (?) attack
    Steel Hawk
      Type: Gull     Rank: II
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch Up       1/1   Physical attack
       Shine Lover      1/1   Steals money
       (Beak)           1/1   Causes Petrify status
    Cockatoris [Cockatrice]
      Type: Gull     Rank: III
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, earth weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Scratch Up       1/1   Physical attack
       Beak             1/1   Causes Petrify status
       Feather Bomb     3/1   Magic (?) attack
       (Beaking)        1/1   Lowers phys. attack
    Pisco Demon
      Type: Mage     Rank: I
      Traits: Move underwater, absorbs water, lightning weakness
      ABILITES:         R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       (Black Ink)      2/1   Causes Darkness
      Type: Mage     Rank: II
      Traits: Move underwater, absorbs water, lightning weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       Black Ink        2/1   Causes Darkness
       Odd Soundwave    A/3   Removes positive status
       (Mind Blast)     3/2   Causes Confusion and Berserk
      Type: Mage     Rank: III
      Traits: Move underwater, absorbs water, lightning weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       Black Ink        2/1   Causes Darkness
       Mind Blast       3/2   Causes Confusion and Berserk
       (Level Blast)    4/1   Lowers [experience] level
    Bull Demon
      Type: Minotaur Rank: I
      Traits: Can't enter water, water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Shake Off        1/1   Physical attack
       (Wave Around)    A/1   Physical attack
      Type: Minotaur Rank: II
      Traits: Can't enter water, water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Shake Off        1/1   Physical attack
       Wave Around      A/1   Physical attack
       (Blow Fire)      2/1   Fire attack
      Type: Minotaur Rank: III
      Traits: Can't enter water, water weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Shake Off        1/1   Physical attack
       Mimic Titan      A/3   Earth attack
       Gather Power     A/1   Phys. attack + 2
       (Blow Fire)      2/1   Fire attack
      Type: Ghost    Rank: I
      Traits: Teleport, float, can't enter water, absorbs darkness,
              fire weakness, holy weakness, undead
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Throw Spirit     3/1   Magic attack
       Sleep Touch      1/1   Causes Sleep status
       (Grease Touch)   1/1   Causes Oil status
      Type: Ghost    Rank: II
      Traits: Teleport, float, can't enter water, absorbs darkness,
              fire weakness, holy weakness, undead
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Throw Spirit     3/1   Magic attack
       Grease Touch     1/1   Causes Oil status
       (Drain Touch)    1/1   Drains target's HP
      Type: Ghost    Rank: III
      Traits: Teleport, float, can't enter water, absorbs darkness,
              fire weakness, holy weakness (note: is NOT undead!)
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Throw Spirit     3/1   Magic attack
       Drain Touch      1/1   Drains HP
       (Zombie Touch)   1/1   Causes Undead status
      Type: Ahriman  Rank: I
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Wing Flap        1/1   Physical attack
       (Look of Fright) 3/1   Lowers brave 
      Type: Ahriman  Rank: II
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Wing Attack      1/1   Physical attack
       Look of Devil    3/1   Causes Petrify, Darkness, Silence,
                               Don't Move, or Don't Act status
       Look of Fright   3/1   Lowers brave
       (Death Sentence) 3/1   Causes Death Sentence status
      Type: Ahriman  Rank: III
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, halves wind, ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Wing Attack      1/1   Physical attack
       Look of Devil    3/1   Causes Petrify, Darkness, Silence,
                               Don't Move, or Don't Act status
       Death Sentence   3/1   Causes Death Sentence status
       (Circle)         4/1   Lowers magic attack
      Type: Dryad    Rank: I
      Traits: Can't enter water, absorbs earth, fire weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Leaf Dance       A/2   Magic (?) attack
       (Protect Spirit) A/2   Gives Protect status
      Type: Dryad    Rank: II
      Traits: Can't enter water, absorbs earth, fire weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Leaf Dance       A/2   Magic (?) attack
       Spirit of Life   A/2   Restores HP
       (Clam Spirit)    A/2   Gives Shell status
      Type: Dryad    Rank: III
      Traits: Can't enter water, absorbs earth, fire weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Leaf Dance       A/2   Magic (?) attack
       Protect Spirit   A/2   Gives Protect status
       Clam Spirit      A/2   Gives Shell status
       (Magic Spirit)   A/2   Restores MP
      Type: Molbol   Rank: I
      Traits: Move on water, ice weakness
      ABILITES:         R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       Goo              1/1   Causes Don't Move status
       (Lick)           1/1   Gives Reflect status
      Type: Molbol   Rank: II
      Traits: Move on water, ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       Lick             1/1   Gives Reflect status
       (Bad Bracelet)   A/3   Causes various status problems 
    Great Morbol
      Type: Molbol   Rank: III
      Traits: Move on water, ice weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Tentacle         1/1   Physical attack
       Bad Bracelet     A/3   Causes various status problems
       (Moldball Virus) 1/1   Turns target into Morbol (permanently!)
      Type: Behemoth Rank: I
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Stab Up          1/1   Physical attack
       Sudden Cry       1/1   Physical attack, instant death
       (Giga Flare)     4/3   Magic attack
    King Behemoth
      Type: Behemoth Rank: II
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Stab Up          1/1   Physical attack
       Sudden Cry       1/1   Physical attack, instant death
       (Hurricane)      4/3   Wind attack
    Dark Behemoth
      Type: Behemoth Rank: III
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Stab Up          1/1   Physical attack
       Sudden Cry       1/1   Physical attack, instant death
       (Ulmaguest)      ?/?   Magic (?) attack
      Type: Dragon   Rank: I
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Dash             1/1   Physical attack
       (Tail Swing)     1/1   Physical attack
    Blue Dragon
      Type: Dragon   Rank: II
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Dash             1/1   Physical attack
       Ice Bracelet     2/1   Ice attack
       (Thunder Brcelet)2/1   Lightning attack
    Red Dragon
      Type: Dragon   Rank: III
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Dash             1/1   Physical attack
       Thunder Brcelet  2/1   Lightning attack
       (Fire Bracelet)  2/1   Fire attack 
      Type: Hydra    Rank: I
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, ice weakness, wind weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Triple Attack    1/1   Physical attack in three directions
       (Triple Brcelet) 2/2   Magic attack in three directions
      Type: Hydra    Rank: II
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, ice weakness, wind weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Triple Attack    1/1   Physical attack in three directions
       Triple Flame     4/2   Random fire damage
       (Triple Thunder) 4/2   Random lightning damage
      Type: Hydra    Rank: III
      Traits: Fly, can't enter water, ice weakness, wind weakness
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Triple Brcelet   2/2   Magic attack in three directions
       Triple Thunder   4/2   Random lightning damage
       Triple Flame     4/2   Random fire damage
       (Dark Whisper)   4/2   Random dark damage + Dead, Sleep
      Type: Uribo    Rank: I
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Straight Dash    1/1   Physical attack
       (Oink)           1/1   Revives dead character
      Type: Uribo    Rank: II
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Straight Dash    1/1   Physical attack
       Pooh-            1/1   Causes Confusion and Sleep
       (Nose Bracelet)  1/1   Causes Charm status
    Wild Boar
      Type: Uribo    Rank: III
      Traits: Can't enter water
      ABILITIES:        R     EFFECT
       Straight Dash    1/1   Physical attack
       Nose Bracelet    1/1   Causes Charm status
       (Please Eat)     1/1   Target's level up 1, user becomes crystal
    %%%ABILITY COMBOS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Equip Gun (Mediator) + Battle Skills (Knight)
    The Breaking techniques are a lot more useful when used
    at a distance.
    Don't Move (Time Mage) + Meteor (Time Mage) or Summon
      Magic (Summoner) or Limit (SOLDIER)
    Spells that take a long time to cast are usually pretty
    worthless.  But not if the enemies can't move out of
    the way...
    Regenerator (Priest) + Move-HP Up (Monk)
    You want HP?  You've got HP... but if it's still not
    enough, throw in Chakra.
    Counter Magic (Wizard) + Magic Attack UP (Wizard)
    If you're going to counter it, why not make it stronger?
    Steal Weapon (Thief) + Throw (Ninja)
    This isn't that great a combo, but there's a certain joy
    in stealing somebody's weapon and then turning around
    and killing them with it.
    Weapon Guard (Knight) + Silks
    Silks have a 50% evade rate, so equipping Weapon Guard
    on a dancer means you can avoid half of all attacks.
    %%%CHARACTER STRATEGIES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Counter Ability: Hamedo   Support Ability: Two Swords
    Move Ability: Move-HP Up
    You get two punches with Two Swords!  Because this
    leaves you without Equip Armor, Move-HP Up is needed.
    As for Action Abilities, it's up to you, but I'd
    recommend Draw Out.
    Action Ability: Math Skill   Counter Ability: Counter Magic
    Support Ability: Magic AttackUP  Move Ability: Move-MP
    Equipment: Faith Rod, Robe of Lords, 108 Gems
    The ultimate magic-user.  Be sure to have all the Math
    Skills, and get as many spells (Black, White, Yin-Yang,
    and Time) as you can.
    Action Ability: Throw       Counter Ability: Hamedo
    Support Ability: Attack UP  Move Ability: Move+2/3
    Equipment: Javelin II, Reflect Mail, Genji Gauntlet
    Aside from the special characters, this is about the
    strongest fighter you can get.  You might want Blade
    Grasp instead of Hamedo (more protection, less offense);
    it's your call.  Throw could also be substituted with
    Draw Out or some other ability (Geomancy?), but Throw is
    more useful IMHO.
    Action Ability: Steal        Counter Ability: Sunken State
    Support Ability: Secret Hunt  Move Ability: Fly
    Equipment: Scorpion Tail (x2), Setiemson (if female)
    Oh no!  It's the Flying Ninja Corps!  Just fly around
    and chuck stuff (duplicated Chaos Blades, heh heh) at
    people, or get up close and poach stuff with the two
    Scorpion Tails.  If you're at a low level, you might
    want Equip Armor as a support ability instead.
    Counter Ability: Abandon  Support Ability: Equip Shield
    Equipment: Crystal (or better) Shield, Feather Mantle
    It's almost impossible (if not actually impossible) to
    get hit.  Imagine a party of five of these...
    Job: Chemist
    Action Ability: Snipe        Counter Ability: Auto-Potion
    Equipment: any gun
    Mustadio makes a great healer, because being a Chemist
    allows him to keep his gun (and consequently sniping
    Get her a new Action Ability as soon as you can.  Then
    just follow the "Wizard" recommendation above (she makes
    a good magic-user, she has high Faith).  You might want
    to give her a Chantage so she can't be killed.
    Job: Holy Swordsman
    Action Ability: Item         Counter Ability: Blade Grasp
    Support Ability: Two Swords  Move Ability: Teleport
     Chaos Blade, Excalibur, Maximilian, Grand Helmet, Angel Ring
    The ultimate character.  With this combination of abilities,
    you can win almost any fight in the game with just Orlandu.
    If you want to poach, ditch Two Swords (and the Chaos
    Blade) and give him Secret Hunt instead.
    Job: Holy Knight
    Action Ability: Item         Counter Ability: Blade Grasp
    Support Ability: Two Swords  Move Ability: Teleport
     Chaos Blade, Excalibur, Maximilian, Grand Helmet, Chantage
    Same as Orlandu, but with the Chantage (which gives you
    a PERMANENT Reraise), she might actually be stronger...
    Job: Dragoner
    Action Ability: Punch Art    Support Ability: Equip Armor 
    Movement Ability: Move+2/3
    Because Reis fights with her fists anyway, you don't need to
    equip Martial Arts to use Punch Art effectively.  Give her
    Equip Armor to boost her weak defense and a move upper
    (she's really slow).  Accompany her with a Tiamat (or
    Dark Behemoth), if you have one.
    Just make sure he has Short Charge or the Limits are
    %%%PARTY STRATEGIES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    4 Knights w/ Chameleon Robes
    Wizard w/ Math Skill, Holy learned, Chameleon Robes
    Have the Wizard calculate Holy on as many targets as
    possible; it will do lots of damage to the enemies but
    heal all your characters! (Chameleon Robes absorb holy)
    4 Dancers w/ Wiznaibus and Sunken State
    Ramza as a Mime
    At the start of the battle, have all the Dancers dance
    Wiznaibus, which will damage all the enemies.  Have
    them Wait out all their turns and they will keep
    Wizanibusing.  When the Dancers get hit, Sunken State
    will turn them invisible.  Now, if you act while
    invisible, you'll become visible again... but if you
    just wait, you keep using Wiznaibus, and it doesn't
    count as an action!  In other words, you can stay
    invisible (and consequently inVINCible) and keep
    damaging the enemies.  You can't lose!  Well, except
    for Ramza... just have run and hide; he'll Mimic all
    the Wiznaibuses.  (in non-story battles, you can dump
    Ramza in favor of another Dancer).
    Used By: Squire, Chemist, Thief, Mediator, Ninja, Dancer
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: No     Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Dagger         100     3    5%
    Mythril Knife  500     4    5%
    Blind Knife    800     4    5%   Add: Darkness
    Mage Masher    1500    4    5%   Add: Silence
    Platina Dagger 1800    5    10%
    Main Gauche    3000    6    40%
    Orichalcum     4000    7    5%
    Assassin Dagger5000    7    5%   Add: Death Sentence
    Air Knife      8000    10   5%   Wind elemental
    Zorlin Shape   12000   12   10%  Add: Sleep
    Used By: Squire, Knight, Geomancer
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Nagrarock      10      1    5%   Add: Toad
    Broad Sword    200     4    5%
    Long Sword     500     5    10%
    Iron Sword     900     6    5%
    Mythril Sword  1600    7    8%
    Coral Sword    3300    8    5%   Lightning elemental
    Blood Sword    2500    8    5%   Drains HP
    Sleep Sword    5000    9    5%   Add: Sleep
    Ancient Sword  5000    9    5%   Add: Don't Move
    Diamond Sword  8000    10   10%
    Materia Blade  10      10   10%  Enables Cloud's Limit
    Platinum Sword 11000   12   10%
    Ice Brand      14000   13   10%  Ice elemental; Magic: Ice 2
    Rune Blade     20000   14   15%  Magic AT+2
    ---Knight Swords---------------------------------------
    Used By: Knight
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Defender       40000   16   60%
    Save the Queen 10      18   30%  Always: Protect
    Excalibur      10      21   30%  Always: Haste; Absorb: Holy;
                                     Strengthen: Holy
    Ragnarok       10      24   20%  Always: Shell
    Chaos Blade    10      40   20%  Always: Regen; Add: Petrify
    Used By: Squire, Geomancer
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: Only   Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Battle Axe     1500    9    0%
    Giant Axe      4000    12   0%
    Slasher        12000   16   0%   Add: Slow
    Note: The damage for an axe can be 1/5 more or less than
    what the damage estimate is (or it can be the same).
    Used By: Priest, Time Mage, Summoner, Oracle
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Oak Staff      120     3    15%
    White Staff    800     3    15%  Cancel: Death Sentence
    Rainbow Staff  2200    5    15%
    Wizard Staff   4000    4    15%  Magic AT+1
    Healing Staff  4000    4    15%  Restores HP
    Gold Staff     7000    6    15%
    Mace of Zeus   10      6    15%  Physical AT+2, Magic AT+1
    Sage Staff     10      7    15%
    Used By: Wizard, Summoner, Oracle
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Rod            200     3    20%
    Thunder Rod    400     3    20%  Lightning elemental;
                                     Strengthen: Lightning,
                                     Magic: Bolt
    Flame Rod      400     3    20%  Fire elemental;
                                     Strengthen: Fire; Magic: Fire
    Ice Rod        400     3    20%  Ice elemental;
                                     Strengthen: Ice; Magic: Ice
    Poison Rod     500     3    20%  Add: Poison
    Wizard Rod     8000    4    20%  Magic AT+2
    Dragon Rod     12000   5    20%
    Faith Rod      10      5    20%  Always: Faith; Add: Faith
    Used By: Archer
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: Only   Range: 5
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Long Bow       800     4    0%
    Silver Bow     1500    5    0%
    Ice Bow        2000    5    0%   Ice elemental
    Lightning Bow  3000    6    0%   Lightning elemental;
                                     Magic: Bolt 2
    Mythril Bow    5000    7    0%
    Windslash Bow  8000    8    0%   Wind elemental
    Ultimus Bow    22000   10   0%   [should be Artemis Bow]
    Yoichi Bow     10      12   0%
    Perseus Bow    10      16   0%
    Used By: Archer
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 4
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Bow Gun        400     3    5%
    Night Killer   1500    3    5%   Add: Darkness
    Cross Bow      2000    4    5%
    Poison Bow     4000    4    5%   Add: Poison
    Hunting Bow    8000    6    5%
    Gastrafitis    20000   10   5%
    Used By: Chemist, Mediator
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 8
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Romanda Gun    5000    6    5%
    Mythril Gun    1500    8    5%
    Stone Gun      10      16   5%   Petrify
    Blaze Gun      10      20   5%   Ice elemental
    Glacier Gun    10      21   5%   Fire elemental
    Blast Gun      10      22   5%   Lightning elemental
    Used By: Oracle, Calculator
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: Yes    Range: 2
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Cypress Rod    1000    6    20%
    Battle Bamboo  1400    7    20%
    Musk Rod       2400    8    20%
    Iron Fan       4000    9    20%
    Gokuu Rod      7500    10   20%  Add: Innocent
    Ivory Rod      10000   11   20%
    Octagon Rod    20000   12   20%  Cancel: Many status ailments
    Whale Whisker  37000   16   20%
    Used By: Lancer
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: Yes    Range: 2
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Javelin        1000    8    10%
    Spear          2000    9    10%
    Mythril Spear  4500    10   10%
    Partisan       7000    11   10%
    Oberisk        10000   12   10%
    Holy Lance     18000   14   10%  Holy elemental; Magic: Holy
    Dragon Whiskers44000   17   10%
    Javelin (II)    ?      35    ?
    Used By: Samurai
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Asura Knife    1600    7    15%
    Koutestu Knife 3000    8    15%
    Bizen Boat     5000    9    15%
    Murasame       7000    10   15%
    Heaven's Cloud 8000    11   15%
    Kiyomori       10000   12   15%
    Muramasa       15000   14   15%
    Kikuichimoji   22000   15   15%
    Masamune       10      18   15%
    Chirijiraden   10      25   15% 
    ---Ninja Swords----------------------------------------
    Used By: Ninja
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Hidden Knife   3000    8    5%
    Ninja Knife    5000    9    5%
    Short Edge     7000    10   5%
    Ninja Edge     10000   12   5%
    Spell Edge     16000   13   5%   Add: Don't Act
    Sasuke Knife   10      14   15%
    Iga Knife      10      15   10% 
    Koga Knife     10      15   5%
    Used By: Squire, Ninja
    2-Swords: Yes    2 Hands: Yes    Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Flail          1200    9    0%
    Flame Whip     4000    11   0%   Fire elemental; Magic: Fire 2
    Morning Star   9000    16   0%
    Scorpion Tail  40000   23   0%
    Note: The damage for an hammer can be 1/5 more or less than
    what the damage estimate is (or it can be the same).
    Used By: Oracle, Calculator
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 3
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Battle Dict    3000    7    15%
    Monster Dict   6000    8    15%
    Papyrus Plate  10000   9    15%
    Madelgelm      30000   11   15%
    ---Musical Instruments---------------------------------
    Used By: Bard
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 3
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Ramia Harp     5000    10   10%  Add: Confusion
    Bloody Strings 10000   13   10%  Drains HP
    Fairy Harp     30000   15   10%  Add: Charm
    Used By: Dancer
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 2
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    Persia         7000    8    50%
    Cashmere       15000   10   50%
    Ryozan Silk    40000   15   50%
    ---Women's Bags----------------------------------------
    Used By: Women (any job)
    2-Swords: No     2 Hands: No     Range: 1
                   PRICE   ATK  EVD  SPECIAL
    P Bag          52000   12   0%   Always: Regen
    C Bag          53000   10   0%   Magic AT+1
    H Bag          58000   14   0%   Speed+1
    FS Bag         60000   20   0%
    Used By: Knight, Archer, Geomancer, Lancer
                   PRICE   PHYS  MAG  SPECIAL
    Escutcheon     400     10%   3%
    Buckler        700     13%   3%
    Bronze Shield  1200    16%   0%
    Round Shield   1600    19%   0%
    Mythril Shield 2500    22%   5%
    Gold Shield    3500    25%   0%
    Ice Shield     6000    28%   0%   Absorb: Ice; Half: Fire;
                                      Weakness: Lightning
    Flame Shield   6500    31%   0%   Absorb: Fire; Half: Ice;
                                      Weakness: Water
    Aegis Shield   10000   10%   50%  Magic AT+1
    Diamond Shield 12000   34%   15%
    Platina Shield 16000   37%   10%
    Crystal Shield 21000   40%   15%
    Genji Shield   10      43%   0%
    Kaiser Plate   10      46%   20%  Strength: Fire, Lightning,
    Venetian Shield10      50%   25%  Half: Fire, Lightning,
    Escutcheon (II)?       75%   50%
    Used By: Squire, Chemist, Archer, Priest, Wizard, Time
             Mage, Summoner, Thief, Mediator, Oracle, Geomancer,
             Ninja, Calculator, Bard, Dancer
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Leather Hat    150      8    0
    Feather Hat    350      16   5
    Red Hood       800      24   8
    Headgear       1200     32   0    Physical AT+1
    Triangle Hat   1800     40   12   Magic AT+1
    Green Beret    3000     48   0    Speed+1
    Twist Headband 5000     56   0    Physical AT+2
    Holy Miter     6000     64   20   Magic AT+1
    Black Hood     7000     72   0
    Golden Hairpin 12000    80   50   Cancel: Silence
    Flash Hat      16000    88   15   Magic AT+1, Speed+1
    Thief Hat      35000    100  0    Speed+2; Cancel: Don't Move,
                                      Don't Act
    Used By: Knight, Lancer, Samurai
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Leather Helmet 200      10   0
    Bronze Helmet  500      20   0
    Iron Helmet    1000     30   0
    Barbuta        1500     40   0
    Mythril Helmet 2100     50   0
    Gold Helmet    2800     60   0
    Cross Helmet   4000     70   0
    Diamond Helmet 6000     80   0
    Platina Helmet 8000     90   0
    Circlet        10000    100  0
    Crystal Helmet 14000    120  0
    Genji Helmet   10       130  0
    Grand Helmet   10       150  0    Cancel: Darkness, Sleep
    Used By: Women (any job)
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Cachusha       20000    20   0    Cancel: Some abnormal status
    Barette        20000    20   0    Cancel: Most abnormal status 
    Ribbon         60000    10   ?    Cancel: All abnormal status
    Used By: All except Knight, Lancer, Samurai, Monk
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Clothes        150      5    0
    Leather Outfit 300      10   0
    Leather Vest   500      18   0
    Chain Vest     900      24   0
    Mythril Vest   1500     30   0
    Adaman Vest    1600     36   0
    Wizard Outfit  1900     42   15
    Brigandine     2500     50   0
    Judo Outfit    4000     60   0    Physical AT+1; Cancel: Dead
    Power Sleeve   7000     70   0    Physical AT+2
    Earth Clothes  10000    85   10   Absorb: Earth;
                                      Strengthen: Earth
    Black Costume  12000    100  0    Cancel: Stop
    Secret Clothes 10       20   0    Speed+2; Always: Transparent
    Rubber Costume 48000    150  50   Absorb: Lightning
    Used By: Knight, Lancer, Samurai
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Leather Armor  200      10   0
    Linen Cuirass  600      20   0
    Bronze Armor   800      30   0
    Chain Mail     1300     40   0
    Mythril Armor  2000     50   0
    Plate Mail     3000     60   0
    Gold Armor     3600     70   0
    Diamond Armor  6000     80   0
    Platina Armor  9000     90   0
    Carabini Mail  13000    100  0
    Reflect Mail   18000    130  0    Always: Reflect
    Crystal Mail   19000    110  0
    Genji Armor    10       150  0
    Maximillian    10       200  0
    Used By: Knight, Priest, Wizard, Time Mage, Summoner,
             Mediator, Oracle, Geomancer, Lancer, Samurai,
                   PRICE    HP   MP   SPECIAL
    Linen Robe     1200     10   10
    Silk Robe      2400     20   16
    Wizard Robe    4000     30   22   Magic AT+2
    Chameleon Robe 5000     40   28   Cancel: Dead; Absorb: Holy
    White Robe     9000     50   34   Half: Fire, Lightning, Ice
    Black Robe     13000    60   30   Strengthen: Fire, Lightning,
    Light Robe     30000    75   50
    Robe of Lords  10       100  80   Physical AT+2, Magic AT+1;
                                      Always: Protect, Shell
    Used By: All except Mime
                   PRICE    EFFECT
    Battle Boots   1000     Move+1
    Spike Shoes    1200     Jump+1
    Rubber Shoes   1500     Cancel: Don't Move, Lightning
    Feather Boots  2500     Always: Float
    Germinas Boots 5000     Move+1, Jump+1
    Sprint Shoes   7000     Speed+1
    Red Shoes      10000    Magic AT+1, Move+1
    Used By: All except Mime
                   PRICE    EFFECT
    Power Wrist    5000     Physical AT+1
    Magic Gauntlet 20000    Magic AT+2
    Bracer         50000    Physical AT+3
    Genji Gauntlet 10       Physical AT+2, Magic AT+2
    Used By: All except Mime
                   PRICE    EFFECT
    Defense Ring   5000     Cancel: Sleep, Death Sentence
    Magic Ring     10000    Cancel: Silence, Berserk
    Reflect Ring   10000    Always: Reflect
    Angel Ring     20000    Cancel: Dead, Darkness;
                            Always: Reraise
    Cursed Ring    10       Physical AT+1, Magic AT+1,
                            Speed+1; Always: Undead;
                            Cancel: Invitation
    Used By: All except Mime
                   PRICE    EFFECT
    Diamond Armlet 5000     Physical AT+1, Magic AT+1;
                            Cancel: Slow
    Defense Armlet 7000     Cancel: Don't Move, Don't Act
    N-Kai Armlet   10000    Cancel: Petrify, Stop
    108 Gems       15000    Cancel: Undead, Blood Suck, Frog,
                            Poison; Strengthen: All
    Used By: All except Mime
                   PRICE   PHYS  MAG  SPECIAL
    Small Mantle   300     10%   10%
    Leather Mantle 800     15%   15%
    Wizard Mantle  2000    18%   18%  Magic AT+1
    Elf Mantle     8000    25%   25%
    Dracula Mantle 15000   28%   28%
    Feather Mantle 20000   40%   30%
    Vanish Mantle  10      35%   0%   Always: Transparent
    Used By: Women
                   PRICE    EFFECT
    Cherche        30000    Always: Float, Reflect
    Salty Rage     30000    Always: Protect, Shell
    Chantage       30000    Always: Reraise, Regen
    Setiemson      30000    Always: Haste, Invisible; Mag AT+1
    (Chantage rocks, the Reraise never disappears so you
    can just keep coming back to life an infinite number
    of times!)
    Used By: Chemist (Item)
                   PRICE     EFFECT
    Potion         50        HP Restore: 30
    Antidote       50        Cancel: Posion
    Eye Drop       50        Cancel: Darkness
    Echo Grass     50        Cancel: Silence
    Maiden's Kiss  50        Cancel: Frog
    Soft           100       Cancel: Petrify
    Hi-Potion      200       HP Restore: 70
    Ether          200       MP Restore: 20
    Phoenix Down   300       Cancel: Dead
    Remedy         350       Cancel: Many status ailments
    Hi-Ether       600       MP Restore: 50
    X-Potion       700       HP Restore: 150
    Holy Water     2000      Cancel: Undead, Blood Suck
    Elixir         10        Restores HP and MP completely
    Used By: Ninja (Throw)
                   PRICE   ATK    SPECIAL
    Fire Ball      250     8      Fire elemental
    Water Ball     250     8      Water elemental
    Lightning Ball 250     8      Lightning elemental
    Used By: Ninja (Throw)
                   PRICE   ATK    SPECIAL
    Shuriken       50      4
    Magic Shuriken 300     7
    Yagyu Darkness 1000    10
    The amount of gil and JP you receive for completing a
    Proposition is based on which Jobs you send on the
    proposition.  Use fighting jobs (like Knight) for the
    fighting-oriented propositions ("This job required a lot
    of strength!"), but magic-users for the ones that require
    intelligence.  If you use the correct Jobs, you'll get a
    lot of gil of JP.  If you use wrong ones, you won't get
    very much at all.
    Girl in Gulg Volcano
      Chapter: 2  Days: 15-16 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 3100  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Trap of the Bandits
      Chapter: 2  Days: 11-13 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, JP
    Orders of Coast Guard
      Chapter: 2  Days: 8-9   Location: Magic City Gariland
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Testimony of Ex-miner
      Chapter: 2  Days: 8-11  Location: Magic City Gariland
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, JP
    Salvage the Trade Ship!
      Chapter: 2  Days: 8-15  Location: Fort City Zaland
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
    Zaland Embassy
      Chapter: 2  Days: 10-12 Location: Fort City Zaland
      Cost: 6000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    My Little Carrot
      Chapter: 2  Days: 15-16 Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
      Chapter: 2  Days: 7-9   Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
    Destiny of the Company
      Chapter: 2  Days: 5-8   Location: Warjilis Trade City
      Cost: 1050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Discovery Race
      Chapter: 3  Days: 14-16 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Discovery Race 2
      Chapter: 3  Days: 14-16 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Discovery Race 3
      Chapter: 3  Days: 14-16 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Stolen Ancient Writings
      Chapter: 3  Days: 12-16 Location: Gariland Magic City
      Cost: 11000 Reward: Gil, JP
    Sad Traveling Artist
      Chapter: 3  Days: 13-16 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 50    Reward: Gil, JP
    Traveling Artist Mameko
      Chapter: 3  Days: 15-16 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Rolade Ore Company
      Chapter: 3  Days: ?     Location: Zaland Fort City
      Cost: 1100  Reward: Gil, JP
    Trade Ship Douing
      Chapter: 3  Days: ?     Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
    Challenge of Zero
      Chapter: 3  Days: 8-9   Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 50    Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Heir of Mesa
      Chapter: 3  Days: 10-13 Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: 10000 Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: This job is a rip-off.
    Concerns of a Merchant
      Chapter: 3  Days: 14-15 Location: Warjilis Trade City
      Cost: 2000  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Will of Elder Topa
      Chapter: 3  Days: ?     Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 8000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Sunken Salvage Tour
      Chapter: 3  Days: 10-14 Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 3000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Mine Excavation Tour
      Chapter: 3  Days: 10-14 Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Sailor Tour
      Chapter: 3  Days: 10-14 Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: 5000  Reward: Gil, JP
    I Saw It
      Chapter: 3  Days: 14-15 Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 1050  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Storm of Zigolis!
      Chapter: 3  Days: 13-14 Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 1100  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Deep in Sweegy Woods
      Chapter: 3  Days: 11-13 Location: Zaland Fort City
      Cost: 1100  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Ringing of the Bell
      Chapter: 3  Days: 11-13 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 2000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Sea of Gredia Island
      Chapter: 4  Days: 9-11  Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: 4000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Stranded Trade Ship
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-13  Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Fiar's Request
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-14 Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: 3000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Secret Society
      Chapter: 4  Days: 2-3   Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use thieves and ninjas for this job
    Letter to my Love
      Chapter: 4  Days: 10-12 Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Master Math!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 10-13 Location: Gariland Magic City
      Cost: 50    Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use Calculators for this job
    Legendary Monster
      Chapter: 4  Days: 14-15 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Minimum's Melancholy
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-14 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Minimum's Melancholy
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-15 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Minimum's Melancholy
      Chapter: 4  Days: 11-12 Location: Dorter Trade City
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Protect the Little Life
      Chapter: 4  Days: 15-16 Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 1500  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Salvage the Trade Ship!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 11-14 Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Devil in the Dark
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-10  Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Mountain of Rain
      Chapter: 4  Days: 13-16 Location: Warjilis Trade City
      Cost: 600   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Within the Darkness
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-14 Location: Warjilis Trade City
      Cost: 1500  Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use priests for this job
    Wandering Gambler
      Chapter: 4  Days: 9-12  Location: Warjilis Trade City
      Cost: 15000 Reward: Gil, JP
    Miners Wanted!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 4-6   Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 50    Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use archers for this job
    Miners Wanted! 2
      Chapter: 4  Days: 4-6   Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 150   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Most complete above job first, use archers
    Adventurer Ramzen
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-16 Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 1100  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Discovery Tour
      Chapter: 4  Days: 10-14 Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 5000  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Envoy ship, Falcon
      Chapter: 4  Days: 7-9   Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: 3500  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Sullen Experiment
      Chapter: 4  Days: 15-16 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 1100  Reward: Gil, JP
    Hidden Trap at the Maze
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-14 Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 8000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    One Activity
      Chapter: 4  Days: 7-15  Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 500   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Use geomancers for this job
    Ruins at Bed Desert
      Chapter: 4  Days: 11-15 Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 550   Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Adventurer Wanted!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-12  Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
    I Saw It!  I Swear!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-15 Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Larner Channel Waves
      Chapter: 4  Days: 9-13  Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 3100  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-12  Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Phantom Thief Zero!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-9   Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Thief Zero Returns!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-9   Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 500   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Thief Zero Reborn!
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-9   Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 5000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Thief Zero's Last Stand
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-9   Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 10000 Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Himka Cliffs
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-12  Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 1500  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    The Lord's Ore
      Chapter: 4  Days: 9-11  Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 13000 Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Poeskas Lake Bottom
      Chapter: 4  Days: 12-14 Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 1500  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    Ominous Dungeon
      Chapter: 4  Days: 11-13 Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 3000  Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    My Treasure
      Chapter: 4  Days: 8-13  Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Chocobo Restaurant
      Chapter: 4  Days: 2-4   Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Wandering Gambler
      Chapter: 4  Days: 11-13 Location: Limberry Castle
      Cost: 15000 Reward: Gil, JP
    *propositions below only appear after beating Dycedarg*
    Legendary Traces
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 13-14 Location: Igros Castle
      Cost: 200   Reward: Gil, unexplored land, JP
    The Greatest Plan
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 8-10  Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Hard Lecture
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 8-12  Location: Riovanes Castle
      Cost: 200   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use various magic-users for this job
    Defeat Golden Gotsko!
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 14-15 Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Terror of Assault Cave
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 13-14 Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 1500  Reward: Gil, JP
    Dream of a Miner
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 12-14 Location: Goland Coal City
      Cost: 150   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    If Wishes Come True
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 15-16 Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 6000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Son, Pappal!
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 12-15 Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 3000  Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Secret Door
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 8-11  Location: Lesalia Imperial Capital
      Cost: 3050  Reward: Gil, JP
    Good Workplace and Job!
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 9-14  Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, JP
    Miner's Tour
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 10-14 Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Miner's Tour 2
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 10-14 Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Must complete above job first
    Defeat Behemoth!
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 13-15 Location: Bervenia Free City
      Cost: 500   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use monks for this job
    Attractive Workplace
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 6-10  Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 1000  Reward: Gil, JP
    Dream Child
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 15-16 Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 3500  Reward: Gil, JP
    How Much is Life Worth?
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 8-9   Location: Zeltennia Castle
      Cost: 550   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Death Canyon
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 9-14  Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 13000 Reward: Gil, JP
    Defeat Whirlwind Karz!
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 10-13 Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 11000 Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use knights for this job
    Road of Beasts
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 11-13 Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 10000 Reward: Gil, JP
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 10-12 Location: Zarghidas Trade City
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, JP
    Shy Katedona
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 14-15 Location: Zaland Fort City
      Cost: 500   Reward: Gil, JP
      Note: Use mediators for this job
    Emissary of Lionel
      Chapter: 4+ Days: 14-15 Location: Lionel Castle
      Cost: 4000  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    *the following "contest" propositions aren't associated
     with any particular chapter; instead, they only show
     up at certain times of the year*
    Machinist Contest
      Chapter: *  Days: 11-13 Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: 100   Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Use chemists for this job
    Meister Contest
      Chapter: *  Days: 14-16 Location: Goug Machine City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, JP
    Win the Yardow Fight!
      Chapter: *  Days: 14-16 Location: Yardow Fort City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
    Win the Magic Contest!
      Chapter: *  Days: 14-16 Location: Gariland Magic City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, treasure, JP
      Note: Use magic-users for this job
    Win the Zaland Fight!
      Chapter: *  Days: 14-16 Location: Zaland Fort City
      Cost: Free  Reward: Gil, JP
      Notes: Use monks for this job
    %%%POACHED ITEMS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Each monster can give you one of two items when you poach
    it.  One you get most of the time (the common one), and
    one (the rare one) you only get occasionally -- about 15%
    of the time or so.
    A place where the monster is commonly found has also been
    listed.  Most monsters show up in many locations, but there
    are certain locations where they show up the most frequently.
                    COMMON            RARE           COMMONLY FOUND
    Ahriman         Magic Shuriken    Air Knife      Bervenia Volcano
    Behemoth        Defense Armlet    P Bag          VOYAGE
    Black Chocobo   Eye Drop          X-Potion       Bariaus Valley
    Black Goblin    Hi-Potion         Small Mantle   Sweegy Woods
    Blue Dragon     Cashmere          Dragon Rod     VOYAGE
    Bomb            Fire Ball         Flame Rod      Sweegy Woods
    Bone Snatch     Hi-Potion         Partisan       Zigolis Swamp
    Bull Demon      Battle Axe        Giant Axe      Bariaus Hill
    Chocobo         Phoenix Down      Hi-Potion      Mandalia Plains
    Cockatoris      Soft              Feather Mantle HORROR
    Cuar            Soft              Germinas Boots Germinas Peak
    Dark Behemoth   Wizard Rod        Stone Gun      ????
    Dragon          Jade Armlet       H Bag          VOYAGE
    Explosion       Lightning Ball    Fire Shield    Poeskas Lake
    Flotiball       Shuriken          Platinum DaggerLenalia Plateau
    Ghoul           Ether             Ninja Knife    Araguay Woods
    Gobbledeguk     Mage Masher       Ancient Sword  MLAPAN
    Goblin          Potion            Hi-Potion      Mandalia Plains
    Great Morbol    Elixir            Madelgelm      VALKYRIES
    Grenade         Hi-Potion         Water Ball     Poeskas Lake
    Gust            Water Ball        Main Gauche    Araguay Woods
    Hydra           Setiemson         Rubber Costume VOYAGE
    Hyudra          Blood Sword       Scorpion Tail  VOYAGE
    Juravis         Potion            Rubber Boots   Zeklaus Desert
    King Behemoth   Ultimus Bow       Cherche        VOYAGE
    Living Bone     Wizard Mantle     Elf Mantle     Zeklaus Desert
    Mindflare       Hi-Ether          Dracula Mantle Zirekile Falls
    Minitaurus      Coral Sword       Slasher        Bariaus Hill
    Morbol          Platinum Dagger   Ice Shield     Dolbodar Swamp
    Ochu            N-kai Armlet      Chameleon Robe VALKYRIES
    Pisco Demon     Echo Grass        Hi-Potion      Zirekile Falls
    Plague          Yagyu Darkness    Zorlin Shape   Bervenia Volcano
    Porky           Chantage          Nagrarock      END
    Red Chocobo     Barette           Remedy         Finath River
    Red Dragon      Salty Rage        Dragon Whisker Bed Desert
    Red Panther     Antidote          Battle Boots   Mandalia Plains
    Revnant         Hi-Ether          Mythril Gun    Poeskas Lake
    Sacred          Holy Lance        Ivory Stick    BRIDGE
    Skeleton        Holy Water        Ether          Zigolis Swamp
    Squidlarkin     Small Mantle      Sleep Sword    Zirekile Falls
    Steel Hawk      Phoenix Down      Hunting Bow    Zeklaus Desert
    Taiju           Defense Ring      Defender       VOYAGE
    Tiamat          Whale Whiskers    Ryozan Silk    END
    Trent           Gold Staff        Fairy Harp     VOYAGE
    Uribo           Maiden Kiss       Cachusa        END
    Vampire         Holy Water        C Bag          TIGER
    Wild Boar       Ribbon            FS Bag         Breeding only!
    Woodman         Eye Drop          Healing Staff  VOYAGE
    %%%ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
               Ar T  G  Cn Le V  Li Sc Sa Cp Aq P
    Aries               X  O     ?     O  X
    Taurus                 X  O     ?     O  X
    Gemini                    X  O     ?     O  X
    Cancer     X                 X  O     ?     O
    Leo        O  X                 X  O     ?
    Virgo         O  X                 X  O     ?
    Libra      ?     O  X                 X  O
    Scorpion      ?     O  X                 X  O
    Sagitarius O     ?     O  X                 X
    Capricorn  X  O     ?     O  X
    Aquarius      X  O     ?     O  X
    Pisces           X  O     ?     O  X
    O: Good      X: Bad
    ?: Worst (same sex), Best (opposite sex)
    %%%STATUS CHANGES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
                APPEARANCE      EFFECT
    Charging    "C"             None; charging up spell
    Performing  Sing / dance    Charging up song or dance
    Defending   Guarded pose    Lowers damage received
    Float       Floats in air   Can fly
    Reraise     Angel icon      Cast Raise when killed
    Transparent Transparent     Can't be attacked until you Act
    Regen       Glows blue      HP up each turn
    Protect     Triangle symbol Lowers phys. damage received
    Shell       Square symbol   Lowers magic damage received
    Haste       Fast animation  Speed up
    Sleep       "ZZZ"           Can't do anything
    Poison      Glows green     HP down each turn
    Darkness    Eye icon        Low hit %
    Oil         Turns black     Raises fire damage
    Petrify     Turns gray      Can't do anything or take damage
    Silence     "..."           Can't use magic
    Frog        Become a frog   Can't use abilities; get hurt easily
    Slow        Slow animation  Speed down
    Stop        No animation    Can't do anything
    Don't Move  "DM"            Can't "Move"
    Don't Act   "DA"            Can't "Act"
    Death Sntc. Countdown       Die when countdown expired
    Blood suck  Bat icon        Undead, act confused
    Undead      Purplish color  Heal spells do damage
    Chicken     Become chicken  Run from enemies
    Charm       Heart           Fight for enemies
    Invitation  none            Join enemy's side
    Critical    Kneeling        None; just low on HP
    Dead        Lying down      Disappears after counter gone
    Berserk     Red frown       Attack up, can't control
    Innocent    Ankh down sign  Low Faith level
    Faith       Ankh up sign    High Faith level
    Reflect     none            Spells bounce off you
    Confusion   Weird animation Acts randomly
    %%%GEOMANCY CHART%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Pitfall: Natural Surface, Wasteland, Road
    Water Ball: Waterway, River, Lake, Sea, Waterfall
    Hell Ivy: Grassland, Thicket, Water Planet, Ivy
    Carve Model: Gravel, Stone Floor, Stone Wall, Mud Wall,
    Local Quake: Rocky Cliff, Lava Rocks
    Kamaitachi: Book, Tree, Brick, Bridge, Furniture, Iron
                Plate, Moss, Coffin
    Demon Fire: Wooden Floor, Rug, Box, Stairs, Deck
    Quicksand: Swamp, Marsh, Poisoned Marsh
    Sand Storm: Sand Area, Stalactite, Salt
    Blizzard: Snow, Ice
    Gusty Wind: Roof, Sky, Chimney
    Lava Ball: Lava, Machine
    %%%PRIME NUMBERS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    2    3    5    7    11   13   17
    19   23   29   31   37   41   43
    47   53   59   61   67   71   73
    79   83   89   97
    %%%CHARACTER QUOTES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Obtained by pushing Select on a character's status screen
    and then selecting their name.
    Ramza: "Always check active turn, it's a short cut to
    Delita: "Let me know when you're hurt. I'll cure it with
    a 'spell'."
    Algus: "Use Break to smash the ememy's armor!"
    Rad: "If the 'Brave' level is high, you've a higher chance
    of using reaction ability!"
    Alicia: "In someplaces, you can 'Attack' from the top not
    the bottom."
    Lavian: "Remember you can't use 'Act' in water level 2."
    Gafgarion: "In close combat, don't forget your shield!"
    Agrias: "Evanescence... What a sad word......"
    Boco: "Feels like we've met before... 'Zzz...zzz...' "
    Ovelia: "I hope everybody gets a little more kind-hearted."
    Mustadio: "Just aim.  You don't need to charge your gun!"
    Alma: "I love the era I was born in.  And I truly love
    Rafa: "'Truth' is a dangerous skill that ignores Faith!"
    Malak: "'Backtruth' damages enemies with little Faith.
    Trust, or you'll be sorry!"
    Orlandu: "I learned long ago to cover my back and attack
    from behind."
    Meliadoul: "When you feel someone's more important than
    yourself, it may be love..."
    Beowulf: "'Temple' means shrine.  It's also the upper
    part of the face."   (um.... yeah!)
    Reis (Dragon): "Grrrr..."
    Reis (Human): "!!"
    Worker 8: "Unintelligible!  Command cannot be executed!"
    Cloud: "It's hidden at the top of the volcano!"
    --Dismissal quotes--
    Standard human quotes:
    "Sorry we have to say goodbye. You sure about this?"
    "Hey, come on.   ... You really mean it?"
    "I thought I'd keep on helping you..."
    "What!? Why do you think I came along with you?!"
    "So, you're sure about that?  I thought we were
    "J, Just wait!  Can you go on without me?"
    "...I see.  Then, I'll go.  But, don't regret it later."
    "...Why don't you think it over?  We've been through a
    lot together."
    Monster quotes:
    "Fight! Fight! Fight! And keep on fighting! Am I wrong?"
    "...expel?? Is Expel... good??"
    "I protect you.  You protect me.  Isn't that right?"
    "Are humans and monsters too different to be together?"
    "What's this feeling?  I don't want to leave.  Is it
    "Go home?  Where do I go now?  I've got nowhere.  I'm
    "You mean it's a different world from that of humans?"
    "Good bye?  Must we say, good bye... now?"
    Ramza (ch. 1): "I'm a Beoulve, nothing happens without me!"
    Ramza (ch. 2 + 3): "If you want historical 'truth' then
    you'll need me!"
    Ramza (ch. 4): "Remove me?  No way.  I'm you and you
    are me."
    Delita: "If you're going, so am I.  We're buddies, right?"
    Algus: "I won't leave until I repay you.  That's just
    my way!"
    Agrias (guest): "A knight can't turn his back on a
    Agrias (normal): "I said I'm on your side. Is that really
    what you want?"
    Gafgarion: "Shut your big mouth!!  I won't obey your orders!!"
    Ovelia: "I have Atkascha blood.  I'll judge my own actions."
    Mustadio (guest): "Wait!  You can't do that!  You're saving my
    father, aren't you?
    Mustadio (normal): "Are you serious? I thought we'd be
    good friends..."
    Alma: "No, I'll go with you.  Don't you need me?"
    Rafa (guest): "No.  You want to save your sister?  I'll go with
    Rafa (normal): "I haven't repaid you for saving me.  Can I do
    Malak: "You've done a lot for me.  Can't you let me help you?"
    Orlandu: "You mean, you don't need T.G. Cid's power?"
    Beowulf: "You're saying I should go back to hunting, eh?"
    Reis (dragon): "Nothing's going to change.  All will return to
    Reis (human): "Alone again... And this time I thought I'd
    finally found it."
    Meliadoul: "I'm sorry you misunderstood. Won't you
    forgive me?"
    Cloud: "There ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on."
    %%%SPELL QUOTES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Compiled by Matt Hobbs (YelseyKing@aol.com), with additions
    from a couple of other people (see credits).
    Cure:      "Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy!  Cure!"
    Cure 2:    "Life's refreshing breeze, heal from the sky! Cure2!"
    Cure 3:    "Blessing breeze, blow in energy!  Cure3!"
    Cure 4:    "Mighty breeze, heal from the sky!  Cure4!"
    Raise:     "Spirits of life, return us!  Raise!"
    Raise 2:   "Spirits of life, give a new life to the soul!  Raise2!"
    Reraise:   "Inject life's energy!  Reraise!"
    Regen:     "Share lives with all things in nature.... Regen!"
    Protect:   "Precious light, be our armor to protect us!  Protect!"
    Protect 2: "Shining light, shield from all directions!  Protect2!"
    Shell:     "Silent light, shield from evil!  Shell!"
    Shell 2:   "Enduring light, shield from roaring magic!  Shell2!"
    Wall:      "Ancient light, rise and revive!  Wall!"
    Esuna:     "Heavenly wind, carry us to fountain of power!  Esuna!"
    Holy:      "Bright light, shine down on bloody impurity!  Holy!"
    Fire:   "Destruction of nature, gather in flame!  Fire!"
    Fire 2: "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame!  Fire2!"
    Fire 3: "Star fire, awake and deliver your judgement! Fire3!"
    Fire 4: "Smouldering flames far below, punish the wicked!  Fire4!"
    Ice:    "Scatter your chilly sharp blades!  Ice!"
    Ice 2:  "Drifting breeze, come down with fury!  Ice2!"
    Ice 3:  "Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths!  Ice3!"
    Ice 4:  "Effortless water, break your silence, attack!  Ice4!"
    Bolt:   "Strip away the ground with glistening blades!  Bolt!"
    Bolt 2: "Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power!  Bolt2!"
    Bolt 3: "Heavenly bolts, bring God's justice!  Bolt3!"
    Bolt 4: "Angry spirits of the world strike now!  Bolt4!"
    Poison: "Filthy blood of revenge, inject!! Poison!!"
    Frog:   "Know, live, become a frog!  Frog!"
    Death:  "Death gods carving life, take their souls!  Death!"
    Flare:  "Inscript the dark god into a rotting body! Flare!"
    Haste:      "Layer upon layer make your mark now...Haste!"
    Haste 2:    "Time's current, place me in your whirlpool!  Haste2!"
    Slow:       "Time, rest and give your kindness to the worthy!  Slow!"
    Slow 2:     "Obey the sky's will, slow time down!  Slow2!"
    Stop:       "Spirits of time, hide us from the judging hand of God!
    Don't Move: "Land of all lives, suppress all rebels!  Dont' Move!" 
    Float:      "Land of mercy, loosen tight fists!  Float!"
    Reflect:    "Spell break, turn into an avenging light!  Reflect!"
    Quick:      "Restore lost time in the spiral line...Quick!"
    Demi:       "Revenge with dark-evil spell!  Demi!"
    Demi 2:     "Black sheep of evil times, cover our light!  Demi2!"
    Meteor:     "Time has come...crash down on the wicked!  Meteor!"
    Foxbird:        "Cowards, weak, those rushing to die!  Foxbird!"
    Sleep:          "Lose conscious, wash away into the silent sea....
    Blind:          "All light, fall into darkness!  Bound Darkness!"
    Pray Faith:     "God is watching.... have faith!  Pray Faith!"
    Zombie:         "Great tree of life, inject rotten extract!  Zombie!"
    Silence Song:   "Conjurors seek truth in silence!  Silence Song!"
    Confusion Song: "Smash all who hunger for destruction.... Confusion
    Dispel Magic:   "Illusions, lies to Heaven!  Dispel Magic!"
    Paralyze:       "Mindless, spiritless, hear the immutable
    Petrify:        "Suffering spirits, to eternity!  Break Seal!"
    Doubt Faith:    "Seek the true tone to form our will.... Doubt Faith!"
    Life Drain:     "Lost energy... raise the heartrate!  Life Drain!"
    Spell Absorb:   "Guiding light, shed magic power from above!  Spell
    Blind Rage:     "Reason with confusion, judge with recklessness!
                     Brave Insanity!"
    Moogle:     "Kupo!  Round and round you go!  Moogle!"
    Shiva:      "Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power!  Shiva!"
    Ramuh:      "Master of creation, impart thy help!  Ramuh!"
    Ifrit:      "King of flames, bear down upon the enemy!  Ifrit!"
    Titan:      "Bear down with land energy!  Titan!"
    Golem:      "Earth-minded soul, protect us!  Golem!"
    Leviathan:  "Sea fang, attack with water's power!  Leviathan!"
    Bahamut:    "Scorch with dragon flame!  Bahamut!"
    Silf:       "Windy god, strike enemies silent!  Silf!"
    Fairy:      "Shiny crystal light, energize!  Fairy!"
    Lich:       "Death song, death door, death river awaiting!  Rich!"
    Salamander: "Evil flames, entrust your power to us!  Salamander!"
    Cyclops:    "Scatter frozen blades of air!  Clops!"
    Zodiac:     "Attack by the master of commandments!  Zodiac!"
    Heaven Thunder: "Deadly rumbles, strike from the sky!  Heaven
                     Heaven Thunder!"
    Asura:          "Flames, gather and destroy!  Asura!"
    Diamond Sword:  "Clear with a mighty breeze!  Diamond Sword!"
    Hydragon Pit:   "Cut open the water-filled sky and pour!  Hydragon
    Space Storage:  "All becomes illusion after this evening-bell!
                     Space Storage!"
    Sky Demon:      "Underground souls, rumble!  Quake!  Sky Demon!"
    Galaxy Stop:  "Destiny lies in my hands!  Stop movement!  Galaxy
    Asura:          "Legendary sword that kills freely!  Asura!"
    Koutetsu:       "Evil souls of the dark, gather here...Koutetsu!"
    Bizen Boat:     "Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power...Bizen Boat!"
    Murasame:       "No more loss of precious life!  Murasame!"
    Heaven's Cloud: "Yagumo rising, all who know God!  Heaven's Cloud!"
    Kiyomori:       "Innocent sword, slash evils and protect!  Kiyomori!"
    Muramasa:       "Summon all ghosts of the sword!  Attack!  Muramasa!"
    Kikuichimoji:   "Brave weapon, turn to a deadly blaze!  Kikuichimoji!"
    Masamune:       "Sword of fury, inject power!  Masamune!"
    Chirijiraden:   "Flame-eating sword, swipe away the evils.
                     Cirijiraden!" [sic]
    Repeating Fist: "Fight for justice...fists of fury!  Repeated Fist!"
    Earth Slash:    "Earth's anger running through my arms!  Earth Slash!"
    Secret Fist:    "Cast down to hell with your fingers!  Secret Fist!"
    Wave Fist:      "Burning anger rising...Burst!  Wave Fist!"
    Stasis Sword:    "Life is short...Bury!  Steady Sword!"
    Split Punch:     "The devil's spirit of restlessness... Split Punch!"
    Crush Punch:     "The doom of a planet...Crush Punch!"
    Lightning Stab:  "Absorb power in the sky and strike!  Lightning
    Holy Explosion:  "Heaven's wish to destroy all minds...Holy
    Night Sword: "Master of all swords, cut energy!  Night Sword!"
    Dark Sword:  "Dead or alive .... slash magic power!  Dark Sword!"
    Shellbust Stab: "Armor won't help the heart stay sharp!  Shellbust
    Blastar Punch:  "Curses from all directions!  Blastar Punch!"
    Hellcry Punch:  "Demolish weapons with fury!  Hellcry Punch!"
    Icewolf Bite:   "Disaster cries out to smash all.... Icewolf Bite!"
    Speed Ruin:  "Destroy all time!  Speed Ruin!"
    Power Ruin:  "Stop with a mighty blow!  Power Ruin!"
    Magic Ruin:  "Destroy evil magic!  Magic Ruin!"
    Mind Ruin:   "Destroy magic attack power!  Mind Ruin!"
    Bio:    "Go to the land of the dead!  Bio!"
    Bio 2:  "Here's a drop of evil from me!  Bio2!"
    Bio 3:  "Say good-bye to your souls.... Bio3!"
    Dark Holy:  "Aurora, exhale bloody air!  Dark Holy!"
    Lifebreak:  "Here's my hatred and charm... Lifebreak!"
    Ulmaguest:  "My spirit of rest will consume the purest of souls!
    Nanoflare:  "Open the doors to where power lives!  Nanoflare!"
    Ultima:     "Brush off vanity and show reality!  Ultima!"
    Death Cold:    "Inject evil spirits!  Death Cold!"
    Darkness:      "Mercy?  ...not from me!  Darkness!"
    Spell:         "One step closer to hell!  Spell!"
    Nightmare:     "On the verge of death.... Nightmare!"
    Lose Voice:    "Know the world of silence!  Lose Voice!"
    Chicken Race:  "Run for your lives!  Chicken Race!"
    Loss:          "Unseeing, unthinking brains.... Loss!"
    Seal:          "Suck away the spirits... Seal!"
    Toad 2:     "Join the froggers!  Toad2!"
    Flare 2:    "Flames from hell, gather and fire away!  Flare2!"
    Gravi 2:    "Attack with a silent cry!  Gravi2!"
    Confuse 2:  "Listen to the Mad King.... Confuse2!"
    Sleep 2:    "Fall into the dark world of unconsciousness.....
    Blind 2:    "Turn off Heaven's light!  Blind2!"
    Melt:     "Dissolve into a fiery world of chaos... Melt!"
    Quake:    "Assailants in the ground, it's time to rumble!  Quake!"
    Tornado:  "Gusting winds, hear what I say!  Tornado!"
    Poison Frog:   "One unaware of their true self .... they pity
    Midgar Swarm:  "Rays in the dark sky, let's see your dignity!
                    Midgar Swarm!"
    Ultima (2):   "Open 7 doors to reach the tower of power!  Ultima!"
    Mute:         "Cease the evil flow.... Mute!"
    Return 2:     "Gods of time and tide, give me your power!  Return 2!"
    Despair 2:    "Spirits behind breeze.... wipe out all evil magic!
                   Despair 2!"
    Grand Cross:  "Inject tons of evil spirits!  Grand Cross!"
    All-ultima:   "Shimmering life-light, be a tower of power!
    %%%RANDOM BATTLES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    I'm just listing the categories of monsters that appear
    here: i.e., "Chocobo" means all three colors, "Panther"
    means Red Panthers, Cuars, and Vampires all appear, etc.
    Mandalia Plains: Chocobo, Goblin, Panther
    Sweegy Woods: Goblin, Bomb, Skeleton, Minotaur
    Zeklaus Desert: Bomb, Gull, Minotaur, Skeleton
    Lenalia Plataeu: Panther
    Fovoham Plains: Mage, Gull, Minotaur, Goblin
    Araguay Woods: Ghost, Skeleton, Dryad, Panther, Gull,
                   Molbol, Goblin
    Zirekile Falls: Mage, Panther, Chocobo, Skeleton, Ahriman,
    Bariaus Hill: Chocobo, Bomb, Minotaur, Panther, Gull
    Zigolis Swamp: Panther, Ghost, Ahriman, Minotaur, Skeleton,
                   Molbol, Bomb
    Bariaus Valley: Chocobo, Goblin, Mage, Panther
    Grog Hill: Chocobo, Bomb, Ahriman, Dragon
    Yuguo Woods: Ghost, Dryad, Panther
    Bervenia Volcano: Ahriman, Chocobo, Ghost, Behemoth, Bomb
    Doguola Pass: Chocobo, Panther, Gull, Minotaur
    Finath River: Chocobo, Mage, Dragon
    Bed Desert: Bomb, Dragon, Behemoth, Panther, Skeleton,
                Ahriman, Gull
    Germinas Peak: Chocobo, Panther, Dragon
    Poeskas Lake: Bomb, Ghost, Skeleton, Behemoth
    Dolbodar Swamp: Goblin, Mage, Dragon, Skeleton, Minotaur,
    %%%ZODIAC STONES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Aries -- Get when you beat Wiegraf in Riovanes Castle.
    Taurus -- In Mustadio's possession; you get it after
              the battle in Goug Machine City.  Re-obtained
              in Riovanes Castle.
    Gemini -- Received after defeating Elmdor.
    Cancer -- Received after defeating Worker 7. [optional]
    Libra -- T.G. Cid (Orlandu) has it, get it when he joins
    Scorpio -- Received after you defeat Draclau.  Re-obtained
               in Riovanes Castle.
    Sagittarius -- Meliadoul has it, get it when she joins.
    Capricorn -- Obtained after killing Adramelk.
    Aquarius -- Given by Beowulf when he joins. [optional]
    Pisces -- Received from Izlude in Riovanes Castle.
    Leo -- You never get this one, Vormav has it.
    Virgo -- See above.
    Serpentarius -- Receive after you defeat Elidibs in the
                    Deep Dungeon. [optional]
    %%%FF REFERENCES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    I haven't included FF series mainstays like the classes,
    Call monster gang, Chocobos and other monsters, Cid, etc.
    just the references to specific games.
    Final Fantasy 1
      Unexplored Land: Mirage Tower, Castle of Trials, Matoya Cave,
                       Shrine of Chaos
      Treasure: Rat's Tail
    Final Fantasy 2:
      Unexplored Land: Pandemonium, Semite Falls, Shrine of Chaos
      Treasure: Minu Orb
    Final Fantasy 3:
      Unexplored Land: Forbidden Land Eureka, Crystal Tower,
                       Falgabird, Touzas Village
      Propositions: Enterprise, Yggdrasil (World Tree), Chocobo
                    Restaurant Gizarl
      Other: Salonia (Materia)  
    Final Fantasy 4 (2 US):
      Unexplored Land: Tower of Babel, Castle of Trials, Chocobo Forest
      Treasure: Calcobrina, Rat's Tail
      Propositions: Enterprise, Anna and Gilbert [Edward], Assault
                    Door ("Minimum's Melancholy")
    Final Fantasy 5:
      Unexplored Land: Ronkan Ruins
      Treasure: Excalipar
      Other: Almagest spell, Boco, Byblos, Apanda, Mosfungus (Mosfungus
             is an enemy in the Cleft of Dimension)
    Final Fantasy 6 (3 US):
      Unexplored Land: Magic Train, Magic Continent
      Propositions: Setzer, Blackjack
    Final Fantasy 7:
      Treasure: Materia, St. Elmo's Fire [attack used by Ghost
      Propositions: Black-caped man ("Mother"), Highwind
      Other: Cloud and Aerith (duhhh.....), Adamantainmai (mentioned
             in a work history, it's an enemy near Wutai)
    Ogre Battle:
      Other: Zodiac Stones, Zeltennia
     (looks like we have some disgruntled programmers here...)
    ENGLISH NAME                SHOULD BE
    108 Gems                    108 Beads
    Altima                      Ultima (debatable)
    ___ Bracelet                ___ Breath
    Clops                       Cyclops
    Cockatoris                  Cockatrice
    Cuar                        Cougar (can you believe they messed
    Gizarl                      Gisahl           this one up?)
    Gobbledeguck                Gabbledegak
    Gulg Volcano                Gurgu Volcano
    Gust                        Ghost
    Juravis                     Jura Ibis
    Kimera (proposition)        Chimera
    Lancer                      Dragoon
    Lune Knight                 Rune Knight
    Midgar Swarm                Midgarsworm
    Mindflare                   Mind Flayer
    Mogri                       Moogle
    Moldball Virus              Molbol Virus
    Morbol                      Molbol
    Mythril                     Mithril
    Orlan                       Olan
    Revnant                     Revenant
    Rich                        Lich
    Rudvich                     Ludwig
    Salty Rage                  Sortilege
    Silf                        Sylph
    Trent                       Treant
    Ultimus Bow                 Artemis Bow
    Ulmaguest                   Almagest
    Vaccas Liquor (proposition) Bacchus' Wine
    Velius                      Bariaus (or vice versa)
    Viggs                       Biggs
    Wiznaibus                   With Knives
    Wyberns (proposition)       Wyverns
    %%%VARIOUS TRICKS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    If you push Triangle while the enemies are moving, the
    game will pause after the current enemy stops moving.
    You can check out the status of everybody.  When you're
    done, just click on any character and choose End to
    Normally, you can't shoot enemies close to you with a
    bow, but all you have to do is target a square in a
    straight line behind the enemy you want to hit (there
    doesn't even have to be anybody in the square).  You'll
    end up hitting the enemy in front of you.
    You can use Worker 8 as a stepping stone to reach high
    places -- another character can move onto his head as it
    were a normal panel, and move from there to somewhere else.
    You can't END your move on top of Worker 8, but you can
    use him for a mid-move boost.  In addition, molbols and
    hydras can be used the same way... even enemy ones!
    This is NOT an item duplication trick.  It only lets
    lets you buy weapons you couldn't normally buy, and only
    certain ones.  To do it:
    1) Equip the Two Swords ability on a character
    2) Equip the weapon you want to duplicate in your LEFT
    hand (second slot).
    3) Equip a shield in your RIGHT hand.
    4) Go to a shop.  Note that the weapon you're duplicating
    MUST be stronger than anything you can buy at the shop.
    5) Choose fitting room, then go to the character with
    the weapon you're duplicating.  Choose Best Fit.  You
    will note that the weapon has moved to your top hand.
    Choose okay
    6) Go to your inventory.  You'll note that you have an
    extra copy of the weapon! (one being equipped, and one
    This is REALLY weird, and I cannot guarantee that it will
    happen to you.  But here's what happened to me.  I was
    just goofing off at Germinas Peak and got into a seemly
    routine random battle against some Chemists and Mediators.
    Then I noticed one of the Chemists was turned to stone
    (at the start of the battle), which was a little weird.
    I checked his statsd and he was equipped with a "Stone
    Gun".  By first using a Remedy on him to de-stone him,
    I was able to steal the Stone Gun.  It's a gun with
    medium attack strength, but if you equip it, you become
    petrified.  If you de-petrify the character with an
    item or spell, you can fight normally, but the gun does
    not do anything particularly special (it doesn't
    petrify enemies, as I had hoped).  I have no idea what
    caused the guy to have the Stone Gun (it's probably
    random), nor whether it can happen at other places
    besides Germinas Peak, but I wouldn't waste your time
    trying to get the gun as it's not any good.  You can
    also get it by poaching a Dark Behemoth.
    The amount of bonus gil you receive at the end of the
    battle seems to be the combined level of the enemies
    times 100.
    During a thunderstorm, lightning spells do 120%
    normal damage and fire spells do 80% normal damage
    (unless the caster has Any Weather).
    Annoyed by long charge times for Raise spells?  Well,
    who says you can't start charging the spell before
    the target dies?  If somebody's low on life and you
    know they're going to die, start charging up a Raise
    or (preferably) a Raise 2.  And if they fail to die
    for a Raise 2, kill them! (why waste the spell?)
    This FAQ is copyright 1998 by Fritz Fraundorf.  FF Tactics
    is copyright 1997 and 1998 by Square and Sony.  This FAQ
    is not associated with or endorsed by Square or Sony.  You
    may freely distribute this FAQ for noncommercial purposes
    if it is not altered in any way and I am credited.
    This FAQ is distributed by weight, not volume, and some
    settling of its contents may have occured during shipping.
    - Alex Jennings (ajenning@isd.net) for one FF reference.
    - Andrew Schoonmaker (neon@eskimo.com) for general
      corrections, the Bonus Gil info, and the Shock trick on
      the final battle.
    - Ben Ford (bhford@ibm.net) for improving the Shoot Enemies
      Close to You Trick.
    - Billy Sauls (doomsday@citynet.net) for tips on the "Roof
      of Doom" (Riovanes Castle Roof).
    - C.J. Showers (CaptainAndy98@yahoo.com) for info on the
      Bloody Strings draining HP
    - cobblerob@softhome.net for the suggestion to use Teleport
      to light up the Deep Dungeon
    - Dan Polcari (magus@cyberverse.com) for the Chaos Blade's
      stats, the Stop Galaxy quote, and the Deep Dungeon /
      Vietnam War connection.
    - David Artman (tzombie@netrox.net) for correcting which
      option to choose on the battle to save Mustadio.
    - D. B. Brown (dbrown1@stny.lrun.com) for suggestions on
      the Knight job.
    - H. Clower (SeigfriedH@hotmail.com) for tips on the
      Riovanes Castle roof, dismissal quotes, a lot of
      thoughts on various jobs, and correcting my mistake
      on Fire/Ice/Bolt 4.
    - Henry LaPierre (freeza@ix.netcom.com) for writing the
      Alundra FAQ.  This has nothing to do with FF Tactics, but
      I never would have gotten through that game without it.
    - Jacob Carson (Zebra-38@worldnet.att.net) for most of the
      rare poaching items.
    - James Yoon (daedelon1@hotmail.com) for some JP costs.
    - Jason Narad (rdnarad@aiusa.com) for where to get the
      Escutcheon II and Javelin II.
    - Jason Wong (pchwong@netcom.ca) for stats on the Zorlin
      Shape and Scorpion Tail.
    - Jeff Smith (snsi@win.bright.net) for the suggest to Weapon
      Break Gafgarion.
    - Jeremy Frey for some Draw Out quotes.
    - jerid23@aol.com for the poaching list, as well as the
      stats on the other perfumes.
    - jjukil@aol.com for tips for the Riovanes Castle Roof,
      the Wild Boar abilities, and the effect of Molbol Gem.
    - joas@nbnet.nb.ca for some spell quotes and Riovanes
      Castle roof tips.
    - John LaRusic (johnlr@telusplanet.net) for making the
      excellent HTML version of the FAQ.
    - Joshua Kodroff (jjk209@psu.edu) for the suggestion to use
      Phoenix Down on the undead.
    - Justin Kudo-Pfeiffer's (endymion@linex.com) Deep
      Dungeon Guide for a lot of background info on the Deep
      Dungeon and the location of the Kaiser Plate.
    - John Jung (locke@wam.umd.edu) for the effect of the Wild
      Boar's Please Eat ability.
    - Justin McKennon (xhacker_m998@hotmail.com) for spell
      quotes, character quotes, the item stats I was missing,
      and the strategy for the Bethla Garrison north gate.
    - Ken Bernardo (DBnoise@aol.com) for noting that you need
      Mustadio to do the Cloud subquest.
    - Ladotheus (frivest@ibm.net) for the Monk / Two Swords
    - Marcin Szymanski for the Wiznaibus / Sunken State strategy
      (stolen from PSM Online).
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      (http://members.tripod.com/~masumo) for some info on some
      of the poaching items, and stats on the Rubber Costume.
    - Matt32 (teletech1@mindspring.com) for reminding me to
      add Golagros's name to the walkthrough, and for the
      dismissal quotes I was missing
    - Matthew Weng (agent99x@bmw.autobahn.org) for tips on
      stealing the Genji gear.
    - Matt Hobbs (yelseyking@aol.com) for the Commonly Found part
      of the poaching list, a lot of the poached item stats, the JP
      costs for the abilities I was missing, propisition info,
      dismissal quotes, where to get the Sasuke Knife and Nagrarock,
      and for revamping the ENTIRE spell quotes list.
    - Mike Stucke (mastucke@concentric.net) for explaining the
      meaning of the Deep Dungeon floor names.
    - neelixbeta@aol.com for the Bard / Dancer JP trick and
      using Don't Move with call spells.
    - Not Me (nineteenounces@hotmail.com) for the explanation
      of how Jump and axe/mace weapons work.
    - oblivion@pegasus.rutgers.edu for being the first to
      point out that there really ARE items on level 10, and
      for the "Holy Justice" team.
    - Patrick Chalnik (pat@fur.com) for the stats on the second
    - Paul Nathans (elyzhutch@aol.com) for poaching info and
      pointing out the Wild Boar monster.
    - PlayStation Gamer (http://www.sol.no/games/psgamer) for
      the instructions on how to get Cloud.
    - PSM magazine for the location of the Vanish Mantle.
    - PSM Online (http://www.psmonline.com) for the "buy
      unpurchasable items" trick, and many of the ability
    - Rori Bryant-Raible (CaitSith88@aol.com) for numerous
      tips and advice, plus the weather effects.
    - rpgskills@aol.com for the monster abilities I was missing,
      and some poaching info.
    - Shane Lile (ShaneLile@aol.com) for mistranslations info.
    - shinra2@yahoo.com for some poached items.
    - t.g.cid@mindless.com for general info, stealing a Defender
      and Chantage from Meliadoul, and the unhittable ninja.
    - The Falcon (Falcon@kktv.com) for how JP and gil is
      determined on propositions.
    - The Mighty Octopus (tmo42@usaor.net) for one FF reference
      and the Brave/Faith permanent change info.
    - Tony Barath (serpent@wizardsinc.net) for where to find
      Dark Behemoths.
    - Zachary Piper (zpiper@student.umass.edu) for strategies
      for Golgorand Execution Site.
    - And Square, for making one of the best games I've ever
      played.  I still think buying out Quest was pretty
      low, though.

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