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    Magic Users Challenge Guide by KenpoCoyote

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    Written by: KenpoCoyote a.k.a. FrozenKitsune
    1) Foreward
    2) Strategy
       -It's Party Time!
       -Keys to Victory
       -Spell Order
       -Problem Battles
    3) Equipment
       -Magic User Gear
    So you think you're good, eh? You've beaten the game. Not bad. You've beaten 
    the game without calculators. That's good. Well, here's a challenge that I 
    think you'll find CHALLENGING and FUN! This is the Magic User's Challenge. 
    Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. Munki's FAQ accredits the 
    "discovery" of this challenge to Ashton Precis SO2. Here are the rules...
    (i) Your party will consist of five members, each of which must be one of the 
    following magic classes such that none are repeated - Wizard, Priest, Time
    Mage, Oracle, Summoner.
    (ii) Each class must ONLY use abilities in their own class. (i.e. no wizards 
    with Half MP or summoners with Short Charge).
    (iii) Once a class is chosen, the member must REMAIN that class for the entire
    (iv) Classes with prerequisites are not affected by Rule III. (which is... all
    five of them).
    (v) Guests can be any class you wish, but may not be used once they become 
    (vi) All jobs must be acquired by Dorter Trade City. (Because.)
    (vii) Do not exceed level caps:
    	Chapter 1 - Level 20
    	Chapter 2 - Level 35
    	Chapter 3 - Level 50
    	Chapter 4 - Level 70 (before Murond Death City)
    Now before you go spamming me and saying, "OMG, ur a n00b! stfu - dont tell me
    h0w to play this game" Let me say: Nobody is forcing you to play this way (no 
    one that I know of, anyhow). You can go right ahead and play however you want. 
    I'm just showing you another way to play this great game.
    Let's strategize, eh?
    (1) IT'S PARTY TIME!
    Unless you're extremely lucky, you'll most likely want to purchase some new 
    generics for your journey. In general, females have inherently higher faith 
    than males (and conversely, males, in general, have inherently higher brave). 
    This, however, can be a problem as male thieves absolutely LOVE to use Steal 
    Heart on them. No pun intended. However, the female magicians are hot, so I 
    went with an all female squad with an average of 65 Brave and 67.5 Faith. Ramza
    certainly is the ladies' man. 
    In hindsight, I made Ramza a wizard, since he'll have to fight Wiegraf and 
    Gafgarion one-on-one, so a wizard is handy to have around. Note that I will use
    the terms Ramza and Wizard interchangeably throughout the FAQ.
    -MOST IMPORTANT KEY: Learn to use the AT List!!! Before casting ANY spell, 
    check the AT List. (Press the -> button to check what turn number your spell 
    will execute.) But if you've played this game through, you probably know how it
    works... or you're EXTREMELY lucky.
    -Magic Attack Up: This should be the second ability your wizard learns. 
    Everything will be a one hit kill for all of Chapter One for your wizard.
    -Summon Golem: Magic users don't make good meat shields, but Golem certainly 
    does. Make Golem a priority after learning Moogle and Shiva, Ramuh, or Ifrit.
    -Half of MP: If it was allowed, the Summoner's abilities would have you sucking
    down Ethers like ice cold YooHoo's (R). Thus, Half of MP will allow you to cast
    your favorite monsters twice as much now. Yay!
    -Meteor: Learn to love Meteor. It may take an eternity to charge, but it is 
    very possible to get good cast times on Meteor. And in these cases, you can 
    turn the entire battle in your favor.
    -Quick: An underrated spell. This spell makes it immediately the target's turn!
    This may sound easy enough, but it does require some tactical thinking. Master
    using it and you'll be all the more powerful.
    Here is a suggested spell order. There may be a better one, but this one should
    serve you well. When I say all the rest, it really doesn't matter which one you
    choose. Go with whatever you like:
    WIZARD: Fire -> Magic Attack Up -> Bolt2 -> Ice3 -> Flare -> Counter Magic -> 
    Ice4 -> All the rest
    PRIEST: Cure -> Raise -> Raise2 -> Cure2 -> Regenerator -> Holy -> Esuna -> 
    All the rest
    ORACLE: Paralyze -> Silence Song -> Life Drain -> All the rest
    TIME MAGE: Haste -> Slow -> Don't Move -> Teleport -> Meteor -> Short Charge ->
    (Critical) Quick -> All the rest
    SUMMONER: Moogle -> Half MP -> Golem -> Shiva OR Ifrit OR Ramuh -> All the rest
    I don't intend to go through every battle at great length. So I'll cover the 
    first few battles and a few of the common "problem areas." All major boss 
    battles are also written here. For the most part, once you get rolling with 
    your team, chapter one and most of chapter two will be a breeze. Assassination 
    battles, for the most part, are not too difficult. But as always, Wiegraf/
    Velius and Balk will be the biggest pains in your ass.
    Battle 2: Mandalia Plains
    "Defeat all enemies!" OR "Save Algus!"
    If you choose Option 1, "Our duty is to destroy the Death Corps!", you will 
    gain 10 Brave points for the battle (2 points permanently). Option 2 gets you 
    nothing, so go for #1. There are three ways this battle can start:
    (1) Algus attacks the thief.
    (2) Algus attacks the squire and nothing else happens.
    (3) Algus attacks the squire and the thief moves forward to Steal Heart your 
    chemist. If you get option 3 and the thief misses, you're in good shape. 
    Otherwise, you'll have some work to do. Delita and Algus will do most of the 
    killing for you. Your chemists may get a few good hits in, but don't be too 
    discouraged if you're not getting very many.
    Battle 4: Dorter Trade City
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    In accordance with Rule VI, your [line] should be assembled by now. If Luke 
    Skywalker were here, he'd reply, "I will." Which makes no sense. Anyway, Ramza 
    will play the part of Steven Segal in this battle - namely, slap around the bad
    guys and make them pay. Delita and Algus should be sufficient to take care of 
    the archer on the roof. You handle everything else.
    Battle 7: Lenalia Plateau
    "Defeat Miluda!"
    I usually put Ramza up front with my priest and oracle, while the summoner and
    time mage hold up the back row. Ramza should be able to take out Miluda in two
    hits, but you'll have to survive for that long... one of the wizards will 
    usually come down on his first turn and target Ramza with some spell. However,
    your Oracle should be able to get off Silence Song before the wizard's spell 
    goes off, thus preventing him from ever casting it! Other than that, just 
    charge Miluda and smack her around.
    Battle 8: Windmill Shed
    "Defeat Wiegraf!"
    Boco (the Chocobo) and the Monk that starts near Boco take only a single Fire 
    spell to go down, so if you're lucky, Wiegraf, the monk, and Boco may stand 
    close enough together to get hit by one casting. Otherwise, just focus fire on
    Wiegraf. Again, two hits from Fire and he's gonzo.
    Battle 9: Fort Zeakden
    "Defeat Algus!"
    Pretty standard battle: let Delita do his thing (i.e. get killed, attack 
    everyone except Algus, etc.) and just walk close enough to Algus to get off 
    Fire. Two hits should be enough to take care of him. NOTE: It may be in your 
    best interest to defeat Algus before his second term comes up. Why? If you 
    don't, Ramza's brave will be decreased by 10 for the battle and by 2 
    permanently. A way around this, however, is also to kill Ramza before Algus' 
    second turn, since this penalty only affects him.
    Battle 18: Golgorond Execution Site
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    The toughest battle by far: you're outnumbered 7 to 5, they got Gafgarion, and 
    you have a not-well-balanced party. Gaff is indecisive about who he attacks 
    first, but its best to stick your Time Mage in the first group and your priest 
    in the second. If Gaff goes after the second group, the priest MUST be able to
    take Gafgarion out in one casting of Holy. (This shouldn't be a problem around 
    level 16-18) With Gafgarion out of the picture after using Night Sword only 
    once, you're in pretty good shape. 
    The next task is to take out the two knights. A strategically placed meteor 
    should do the trick. If Gafgarion attacked your first group, then make sure 
    both he and the knights are hit with the meteor. This will even the odds quite
    a bit. The time mage closest to your first group should be your next target and
    will be no problem for your wizard. The archers attacks can be nullified via 
    Golem, so make use of it! If you're not overly beleaguered by enemy attacks, 
    use your summoner's offensive spells to soften up the enemies and let your 
    wizard do the cleanup.
    Battle 19: At the Gate of Lionel Castle
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    This battle isn't too tough. Gafgarion is a joke. Just cast Flare on him once 
    and he's toast. The other side requires some skill, but keep in mind: you can 
    open the gate at any time! Once Gaff is no more, have Ramza replenish his HP/MP
    with the crystal Gaff leaves behind, then proceed to open the gate by moving in
    front of the lever. The gate will open, allowing Ramza to aid his beleaguered 
    forces. Other than that: have your summoner cast Golem as needed. (Like, every
    round). Your time mage will be the hero here as Meteor should take care of most
    of their forces. Add Life Drain and Holy (if HP - and MP - allow). Even if 
    Ramza doesn't open the gate and come on out, it is still quite possible to win
    this battle.
    Battle 20: Inside Lionel Castle
    "Defeat Queklain!"
    I don't think I really need to post a strategy here, because Queklain is so 
    ridiculously easy* against five magic-users. I believe it was MinionofChaos who
    said it best: "Queklain must have some mad faith or something." Just target him
    with every magic user you got. 
    *Of course, if Queklain successfully puts most of your characters to sleep or 
    causes them to not act on his first turn... well then it's time for the four-
    fingered salute. (L1+R1+Select+Start)
    Battle 23: Underground Book Storage 2nd Floor
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    This is a particularly nasty battle as it pits you against three offensively 
    powerful Lancers. The chemist is also a real pain in the ass, since he can Hi-
    Potion and Phoenix Down. A level 4 spell for your wizard will come in handy 
    here (I personally go with Ice4), especially if you can hit two of the lancers
    and the chemist (which should kill at least one lancer and the chemist). If you
    don't have a level 4 elemental spell or you don't have much luck with it, have
    your time mage (you should have Short Charge by now) meteor near the stairs. 
    This should definitely do the trick. Not too tough of a battle if you strike 
    early and quickly.
    Battle 24: Underground Book Storage 3rd Floor
    "Defeat Izlude!"
    An easy assassination battle: your time mage can take out Izlude in a single 
    meteor. Add overkill as desired.
    Battle 30: Inside of Riovanes Castle
    "Defeat Wiegraf!"
    This battle is legendary. If there's one battle that sticks out in every 
    Tactics player's mind it's the one-on-one battle with Wiegraf. Wiegraf has 
    three attacks (Lightning Stab, Earth Slash, and Wave Fist - in that order). 
    Wearing a Chameleon Robe (absorbs holy elemental damage) negates Lightning Stab
    and Feather Boots (casts Float automatically) will negate Earth Slash. Wearing
    a Chameleon Robe should be all you need since Wiegraf will most likely use Wave
    Fist the first round, in which case you can Flare him once for an easy 
    "Defeat Velius!"
    ...until Velius and his Ultima Demons show up. Velius is probably the hardest 
    of the Zodiac Beasts. He has 960 HP, Summon Cyclops, and a variety of other 
    nasty spells that Silence Song can't prevent. Start off by hitting him with 
    Flare, then moving your Wizard to safety. Velius will probably target your 
    Summoner with Cyclops, which is unfortunate, since Lich will cut his HP by 
    half. Hit him with Holy and Meteor (or Demi) from your Time Mage and Priest. 
    Here, you only need to hit him with one more spell before he's done.
    Battle 31: Roof of Riovanes Castle
    "Protect Rafa!"
    Another easy assissination battle: you only need to defeat either Elmdor, 
    Celia, or Lede, so take your pick, then target with your best spells, taking 
    care not to hit Rafa as well.
    Battle 33: Brevenia Free City
    "Defeat Meliadoul!"
    Meliadoul is packin' some heat and some nasty reinforcements. Because this is a
    "just defeat one enemy battle," you're best bet is to use your Summoner to help
    smash Meliadoul. You may be intimidated by Melia's 200+ HP and Reraise ability,
    but don't worry: she'll give up before reraising, so you'll only have to beat 
    her once.
    That said, just run in with guns blazing: if you want, you can have your 
    Summoner Golem-ing until you reach Melia, but once your Summoner is in range, 
    hammer Melia with the best summons you got. Wizard -> Flare, Priest -> Holy, 
    Oracle -> whatever, Time Mage -> Meteor (if the timing is good) or Haste 
    (probably your best bet).
    Battle 34: Finath River
    "Defeat all chocobos... I mean, enemies!"
    Surprisingly not that hard. I found the black chocobos more of a threat than 
    the red ones, since black chocobos have longer movement and their choco ball 
    attack does more damage on average. So take your pick. The chocobos colors 
    vary, so if you're having bad luck, reset and try again. Not too tough once you
    get the right combination.
    Battle 35: Church Outside the Town
    "Defeat Zalmo!"
    This battle is absurdly easy. Delita may even attack Zalmo right out. One Holy,
    Flare, Meteor, or powerful summon will take him out no problem. NEXT!
    Battle 36: Bed Desert
    "Defeat Balk!"
    A pain in the ass, really. You start out the battle poisoned for starters. Balk
    will attack Ramza first. Hopefully, you have Counter Magic by now and even more
    hopefully it will trigger and counter Balk's elemental gun attack =) One 
    strategy from here, is to equip your time mage with sprint shoes, then send her
    to target Meteor on Balk and pray that she stays alive long enough for it to 
    hit. (And Balk will probably move close to all your allies, so be prepared to 
    suffer some losses.) So provided it hits, and a few of your allies survive, 
    he's either dead or near critical, so finish him off if necessary. This battle
    requires a little luck and is really more messy than hard.
    Battle 37S: South Wall of Bethla Garrison
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    Strangely enough, I find this battle easier than the North wall. The thief will
    ALWAYS try to charm one of your female units, so if he succeeds restart... or 
    just equip female units with N-Kai Armlets to prevent charm. Take out the ninja
    first as he can rip your units apart in no time flat. You may have a hard time
    getting a meteor off in this battle, since all units are quite speedy.
    Battle 38: In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
    "Open the Flood Gate"
    A lesser known battle that probably didn't give you a whole lot of grief the 
    first time around. The problem here is that you're going against Knights and 
    Archers: the BANE of all magic users. Worst of all, they start at close range!!
    This battle will take skill, timing, and luck.
    1) First off, your Summoner. Your summoner MUST stay alive and cast GOLEM every
    2) The two knights on the bridge will remain there the entire battle, so don't 
    bother with them just yet. 
    3) HASTE is also important, since all enemies (except the two wizards) will 
    take two level 3 spells or Flare/Holy's to kill them. HOWEVER HOWEVER HOWEVER,
    conserve your Time Mage's MP for Meteor -> which you will need to take out 2+ 
    enemies in one attack (which will help better your odds of survival.)
    4) If a wizard casts a spell on you and you have a turn, try moving to a place
    where one of his allies will get hit, you'll be pleased.
    5) The top-right archer may try to charm a female magic-user if you get too 
    close. Keep your distance or use Ramza to take him out quickly.
    6) Remember the objective of this mission. You really only need kill the two 
    knights up top and turn them into crystals. Keep this in mind! (Also keep in 
    mind that JUST trying to do this is suicidal... the battle is quite possible to
    complete while killing all enemies).
    Battle 39: Germinas Peak
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    Your time mage will probably be a primary target, so equip her with an Angel 
    Ring as she will probably get killed in a couple of hits. If she is put into 
    critical by any of the hits and you have the Critical Quick reaction ability, 
    lucky you. Equip your wizard with Sprint Shoes and make sure a single Flare (or
    whatever) can kill him before his next turn comes up. (Otherwise, reset and try
    again). An Oracle and a Priest in group 2 should be sufficient to take out the 
    archer on their first turns (you may want N-Kai armlets to prevent the thief 
    from charming them). Your summoner should cast Golem every round. If all of the
    previous has gone right, you should be in the clear.
    Battle 40: Poeskas Lake
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    Same setup as last time should suffice. They'll probably target your summoner,
    however, so make sure she has the/an Angel Ring. The summoner and one of the 
    archers should be able to be eliminated with a well-placed meteor.
    Battle 41: At the Gate of Limberry Castle
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    Yep, you guessed it: all you need to do is make Celia or Lede critical. So 
    choose the weaker one and go all out with guns blazing. Slap on a Jade Armlet 
    if Shadow Stitch is causing problems.
    Battle 42: Inside of Limberry Castle
    "Defeat Elmdor!"
    This battle is pretty tough considering that Elmdor and his b...b....witches 
    can wreck your party in three turns (it's happened). However, provided this 
    doesn't happen, you'll need to defeat Elmdor before he gets another turn. There
    are really two ways to beat him. The battle will most likely start with Elmdor
    casting Muramasa on four of your party members, then Celia and Lede following 
    with double Ultimas (or Ultima and a Shadow Stitch). However, one of the girls
    will often hit ELMDOR(!) with an Ultima doing about 170-200 damage! If the 
    Wizard and priest are still alive, they should be able to Flare and Holy him 
    down to critical.
    The other possibility is to get some +HP armor in Zarghidas Trade City to be 
    able to withstand all of the first three attacks. In which case, ALL your party
    members should be alive and SHOULD (key word) be able to take out Elmdor on 
    your first try. (If not, there's always the reset button ^_^)
    Battle 43: Underground Cemetary of Limberry Castle
    "Defeat Zalera!"
    Zalera should be your only target here. He has 1128 HP and a nasty range of 
    spells, but mostly sticks to Flare 2 (Flare-like damage to up to 5 targets - 
    about 180-210 damage). Your time mage will be EXTREMELY useful here as Demi 
    does about 280 damage with a 99% chance of working. Demi 2 does about 600 
    damage, but it's chance to work is about 64%... so it's up to you. Flare will 
    do 450, so it will be necessary to hit him at least once with that. Holy and 
    Bahamut both do about 250. So if each party member, minus the oracle, since 
    (s)he's as useless as ever, hit Zalera with their best attack, the nasty 
    monster should go down.
    Battle 44: Inside of Igros Castle
    "Defeat Dycedarg's elder brother!"
    Umm, wtf? Well, you and I both know the objective is to defeat Dycedarg, so 
    let's hop to it. Bring an assorted array of N-Kai and Jade Armlets into battle
    as you'll be needing them shortly. Make sure at least three of your party 
    members are wearing Chameleon Robes to discourage Dycedarg from using Lightning
    Stab. Zalbag will get a hit in on Dycedarg, so you'll really only have to deal
    with 450+ HP. Flare works nicely (although with 50% accuracy), but if it 
    doesn't work, do a soft reset (L1+R1+Select+Start) and try again. A single 
    casting of Titan along with the Flare will put Dycedarg down for the count...
    ...until the Zodiac stone transforms him into Adramelk... perhaps one of the 
    strongest Zodiac beasts, except for one problem: he's very susceptible to 
    Silence. An oracle can usually hit Adramelk with Silence at about 89%. This 
    will prevent him from using his more devastating spells. This really leaves him
    with two options: Confuse or Petrify. That's what the N-Kai and Jade armlets 
    are for, respectively. Your summoner will be the real powerhouse, so it is 
    probably best to equip her with a Barette (which you stole from you sister, 
    Alma, right?) and an N-Kai armlet to nullify both Adra's attacks, forcing him 
    to use his weak physical attacks. (Weak meaning "two hits to kill"). But that's 
    all you'll really need, seeing as how Summon Lich will also kill him in two 
    Battle 47: St. Murond Temple
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    Really not a very hard battle. I suggest putting your priest and wizard (and 
    whoever) in the first group and your time mage (and whoever) in the second. 
    This way, your priest and wizard can pick off the priest and summoner quickly 
    with Holy and Flare and your time mage can take out (or critical) the mediators
    with meteor. After that, it's pretty much your win.
    Battle 46: Hall of St. Murond Temple
    "Defeat Vormav!"
    This battle is actually a piece of cake! The real objective here is to make one
    of the three shrine knights critical. So focus your energy on Rofel. Why? 
    1) He's weaker than Vormav. and 2) Kleitan has Counter Magic. (And I've had the
    painful experience of having him Counter Magic Meteor... which killed everyone
    in the room. ^_^)
    Hopefully you have some spare gear, since Rofel and Vormav probably broke 
    someone's. If not, no big deal. Next battle shouldn't be too tough.
    Battle 47: Chapel of St. Murond Temple
    "Defeat Zalbag!"
    Easy cheezy battle: Holy + Fire-based attack + one more hit will finish Zalbag.
    Any fire based attack that goes off before Zalbag's legion has a chance to 
    attack you is good enough. Hit him with whatever else you got and move on.
    Last call before the final six battles of the game. Buy any equipment that may 
    be broken, accessories you may need or whatever. You also might want to make a 
    second saved game, just in case you want to return here if you find the Murond 
    battles too hard.
    Battle 48: Underground Book Storage 4th Floor
    "Defeat all enemies!"
    This battle may seem as hard as the Bethla Garrison Sluice battle, but it 
    really isn't. It's actually one of the more fun battles, since it's mostly 
    trial and error and doesn't depend so much on luck and percentages. I suggest 
    distributing Sprint Shoes and Flash Hats freely to your party members as the 
    + to speed will help against the monks and archer. If you can hit all three 
    aforementioned enemies in a single meteor, then the rest of this battle will be
    a cinch. If not, take out the archer first with whatever, then take out the 
    monks. The knights with their low mobility shouldn't stand too much of a 
    threat. Use Golem religiously here.
    Battle 49: Underground Book Storage 5th Floor
    "Defeat Rofel!"
    This battle shouldn't take much longer than five minutes. All you have to do is
    defeat Rofel. He'll start advancing, so return the favor and charge in with 
    guns blazing.
    Battle 50: Murond Death City
    "Defeat Kletian!"
    Same story here. Use hit and run, though. Target Kletian, then run far far 
    Battle 51: Lost Sacred Precincts
    "Defeat Balk!"
    GOOD GOD! Just when you thought things were getting easy, BAM! You get hit with
    the hardest battle in the game (for magic users). You need to act fast and 
    quickly. Rubber Boots are sometimes handy to negate Balk's attacks. Wearing a 
    White Robe (reduces elemental damage) sometimes causes Balk to attack another 
    party member first (besides Ramza). You'll probably need to try a variety of 
    things. Just remember: Flare + Meteor or Holy = Victory.
    Battle 52: Graveyard of Airships
    "Defeat Hashmalum!"
    Due to long casting times, Hashmalum is not very hard. Just hit him with your 
    best attacks and, as with all zodiac beasts, Lich does quite a number on him.
    Battle 53: Graveyard of Airships
    "Defeat Altima!"
    Damn! That's all I can say. Anyhow, Alma will pretty much go around casting 
    Mbarrier on herself and, if she lives long enough, anyone else. Once she dies,
    she starts the Mbarrier casting all over again (i.e. starting with herself). 
    In other words, just let her do her thing. Concentrate your firepower on 
    Altima. A Flare, Holy, and one successful Demi should be sufficient to take 
    down the mighty dark angel.
    But Altima isn't finished yet. The Arch Angel form of Altima has just over 3000
    HP and hits for about 300 damage. Not to mention the always useful Teleport 2. 
    Your best bet is to rely on luck here, since you gotta kill Altima as quickly 
    as possible. Fortunately, the Ultima Demons from the last battle are removed 
    (even if you didn't kill them). I say "luck" here because if you are LUCKY 
    enough to deal damage with at least one Oracle's Life Drain (~700+ damage) and
    Time Mage's Demi (25% of Altima's HP, ~700+ damage), you're in business. After 
    that Flare and Holy should do the rest. Also note Altima's reaction ability: 
    Face Up. That is a gift to magic-users as it adds +3 Faith every time you hit 
    Altima with a magic attack!
    Congratulations! You win!
    Though it is not always best to maximize the damage you inflict at the expense
    of HP/MP, Speed, or movement, here's a list of good magic power gear to 
    Rods (Wizard, Summoner, and Oracles only)
    Staffs (All classes EXCEPT Wizard)
    Hats (All classes)
    FLASH HAT: HP+88, MP+15, MA+1 and Speed+1.
    HOLY MITER: HP+64, MP+20 and MA+1.
    BARETTE: HP+20. Cancels status ailments. Women only. (Unequip from Alma before
    Battle 23)
    Robes (All classes)
    BLACK ROBE: HP+60 and MP+30. Strengthens fire, lightning and ice elemental 
    magic damage by 25%.
    WIZARD ROBE: HP+30, MP+22 and MA+2.
    Accesories (All classes)
    DIAMOND ARMLET: PA+1 and MA+1. Cancels Slow status ailment.
    108 GEMS: Cancels Undead, Blood Suck, Frog and Poison status ailments.
              Strengthens elemental damage (includes Holy and Dark) by 25%. 
    	  Good for Priests and Wizards.
    WIZARD MANTLE: MA+1, Physical Evade +18% and Magical Evade +18%.
    RED SHOES: MA+1 and Move+1.
    Alternate Oracle Weapon: Octagon Rod (PA+12, cancels status ailments)
    -The Octagon Rod is classified as a stick. Sticks do damage equal to MA * 
    (Weapon Power). Keep this in mind.
    (NOTE: I wouldn't recommend bags as weapons, since their damage varies).
    This concludes the "Final Fantasy Tactics - Magic Users Challenge Guide". Good
    luck to those who embark on this challenge and congratulations to those who
    have completed it.

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