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Calculator Challenge FAQ by UltimaterializerX

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 03/08/05

--- Final Fantasy Tactics Calculator Challenge FAQ ---
--- by UltimaterializerX <Ultimaterializer@gmail.com> ---
--- Version 1.9, 03/09/05 ---

+ Version History +

Version 1.9 - Fixed some minor errors.

Version 1.8 - I have recently switched to gmail, and as a result am updating
              my contact information on my guides. CJayC also went and 
              renumbered the game boards on GameFAQs, so I'm updating the 
              links at the bottom as well.

Version 1.7 - Thanks to arkenaga pointing out how stupid I am, I noticed that
              some of the links I had in the Contact Information section were
              outdated. But not anymore =)

Version 1.6 - After reading through the help files, I`ve discovered that the
              proper way to list the version of your FAQ was not to go by 
              whole numbers every time you add silly little things. As such,
              I went back and changed the version numbers to reflect common

Version 1.5 - falcon815 has finally completed the SCC. Kudos to him, and
              this update will pretty much be me adding his stuff into the
              guide. Please note that it may seem like I`m really not adding
              all that much. This is because the only things I`m really
              adding are the things that I haven`t covered already.

              Also take note that falcon now has his own little section at
              the bottom. That`s the reward for completing the SCC and 
              telling me how you did it. It`s the best I can do, and hopefully,
              it motivates someone out there.

Version 1.4 - I sat on this guide all the way through four versions before
              I finally decided to run it through a spellchecker. Doesn`t
              that just suck? It was a pain, too, because this guide was
              written on Wordpad, which doesn`t have a spellchecker. I had
              to copy-paste the entire thing to Microsoft Word, spellcheck
              it, then transfer the entire thing back to Wordpad. Pain in
              the ass. 

              The usual people pointed out a ton of errors, and most of them
              were fixed after doing some actual proofreading. I will 
              continue to check the SCC board regularly to see if anyone has
              spotted anything new, so if you catch anything I may have missed,
              feel free to point it out.

              On a side note, does anyone know of a good writing program that
              can type in a text format that actually has a spellchecker on
              it? I was thinking of using Word 97, but I can`t figure out how
              to get it to type more than 70 characters per line while it`s 
              in the text-only format. 

Version 1.3 - Ok, I`ve had my fun with chococid for the time being. My 
              apologies, and hopefully it was all taken in jest. I tweaked
              the anti-choco in the guide, and everything now comes off as
              a complete joke, as it should.
              As for technical stuff, I fixed a typo. Wow.

Version 1.2 - I finally got off of my lazy ass and got down and dirty with 
              fixing some things. Saturngohan, Zaku X/Y (??), falcon815, and
              Sopranotek were the big helpers in this aspect, though I left
              it "gam", for humor purposes. More on that later. To a lesser 
              extent, chococid deserves some credit, as well, as he was one
              of the many who provided random theories for each battle, and
              in some cases, they were indeed rather helpful.

              As for specifics, I fixed everything that people saw wrong with
              the guide, which turned out to be quite a few things. Hopefully,
              I spotted everything. If I have not, however, I am openly 
              accepting all contributions to the guide itself on the SCC 
              board. The link to the SCC board is at the bottom of the guide 
              within the Contact Information section. 

Version 1.1 - I fixed an error or two here and there. I mistakingly said that
              you need some team members to be of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign,
              which was quite stupid. Also, when I first wrote this FAQ, I sat
              for a long time with my credits, because I KNEW I had forgotten
              someone. Sure enough, I accidentally left out Mike (you may know
              him better as Mooglelicious). I must have still been upset over
              the Yankees losing, I guess. Lastly, falcon815 is almost done 
              the Calculator SCC himself. While most people think he`s just 
              taking my strategies and putting them into effect, there are a
              few differences between the way he and I went through this nasty
              little SCC, and eventually, he`ll have a section here all for
              himself. But that`s in a later version. In THIS version, I fixed
              a couple of errors, and corrected my Credits section. That`s 
              pretty much it. Oh, and due to the unanimous negativity 
              surrounding my decision to fool around with the level caps in 
              the Solo SCCs, I have removed that question from the FAQ section.
              And that, as they say, is that. Stay tuned for 3.0, which will 
              be much bigger in terms of additions.

Version 1.0 - Finally, I have completed the Calculator SCC. As such, the only
              thing that was left to do was to write an FAQ on how I did it in
              the first place. Expect the usual minor errors of a first version
              of an FAQ, which will, of course, be fixed when I notice them.
              Also, keep in mind that practically the entire FAQ was done from
              memory. If anyone spots something that is wrong, don`t hesitate 
              to e-mail me.

+ Table of Contents +

  I. So What Exactly IS a Calculator Challenge, Anyway?
 II. The Calculator Challenge: Getting Started
         a. Gariland Magic City
         b. The Soldier Office
         c. Delita`s Mandalia Setup
         d. The Mandalia Plains
         e. The Sweegy Woods
         f. Getting Your Calculators Ready
III. Walkthrough for the Impossible Dream
     i. Chapter 1: The Meager
         a. Delita`s Chapter 1 Setup
         b. Dorter Trade City
         c. Zeklaus Desert
         d. Thieves Fort
         e. Lenalia Plateau
         f. Windmill Shed
         g. Fort Zeakden
    ii. Chapter 2: The Manipulator and the Subservient
         a. Dorter Trade City
         b. Araguay Woods
         c. Zirekile Falls
         d. STICKS! 
         e. Zaland fort City
         f. Bariaus Hill
         g. Zigolis Swamp
         h. Levelling up to 35  
         i. Goug Machine City
         j. Bariaus Valley
         k. Golgorand Execution Site
         l. Gate of Lionel Castle
         m. Queklain
   iii. Chapter 3: The Valinat
         a. Goland Coal City
         b. Lesalia Imperial Capital
         c. Getting Necessary Equipment 
         d. Underground Book Storage Second Floor
         e. Underground Book Storage Third Floor
         f. Underground Book Storage First Floor
         g. Grog Hill
         h. Yardow Fort City
         i. Yuguo Woods
         j. Pre-Riovanes Checklist 
         k. Gate of Riovanes
         l. Weigraf/Velius
         m. Roof of Riovanes Castle
    iv. Chapter 4: Someone to Love
         a. Doguola Pass
         b. Bervenia Free City
         c. Levelling Down
         d. Finath River
         e. Zeltennia
         f. Levelling Back Up
         g. Bed Desert
         h. South Wall of Bethla Garrison
         i. Bethla Garrison Sluice
         j. Germinas Peak
         k. Poeskas Lake
         l. Gate of Limberry Castle
         m. Inside of Limberry Castle
         n. Zalera
         o. Igros Castle
         p. Murond Temple
         q. Inside of Murond Temple
         r. Zalbag
         s. Orbonne Preperations
         t. Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
         u. Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
         v. Murond Death City
         w. Lost Sacred Presincts
         x. Hashmalum
         y. Altima
 IV. Frequently Asked Questions
  V. Credits/Special Thanks
 VI. Falcon`s FAQ/Special Thanks
VII. Disclaimer/Contact Information

+ I. So What Exactly IS a Calculator Challenge, Anyway? +

Ah, the million dollar question. Long ago, a debate ensued: What would happen if
5 Chemists were in a battle with 5 Preists? The debate sparked ideas of how 
other 5 member parties would fare in FFT. A poster named MunkiBleedsGreen then
created an idea called the Straight Character Challenge (SCC), slapped together
an FAQ for it, and an FFT legend was born. In the beginning, the question was
whether or not all of these SCCs were even possible. After all, the game has 20
job classes, and little was known about how some could get through the tight 
spots. Over a year after the original inception of the SCC, however, 19 classes
proved very doable, with one very notable exception: Calculator. How in the blue
hell could a team of Calculators ever get through the game of Final Fantasy 
Tactics without their precious Math Skill? See, the basic idea of the SCC is to
go through the game with a single job class, without using any abilities outside
of the class. As such, Calculators had to go through the game with nothing but
Damage Split and their weapons. There are other rules, of course, such as level 
caps, but the basic idea is easy enough to follow. For more details, go check 
out Munki`s FAQ. It is a true work of art. Anyway, it was eventually deemed that
the Calculator SCC was impossible without the use of Math Skill, and until very 
recently, there was absolutely nothing to disprove this claim.

Around the summer of 2002, I, like many others before me, set out to try and 
prove the impossible more than possible. Though it took me well over a year to 
finally complete the challenge, it has been completed. What follows is my work, 
from start to finish, in great detail of how I was able to get through the game
with SCC Math Skill-less Calculators. Hopefully, someone reads this, and uses it
to their advantage. A word of warning, however, to those who dare to try and 
complete this SCC. It is VERY frustrating. In the middle of doing this, I found
"free" time to play all the way through FF5, FF6, some of Kingdom Hearts, Super 
Smash Brothers: Melee, and Chrono Trigger. Sure, this was the main reason it 
took me so long to do, but sanity had to be retained. As I proceeded further and
further through the challenge, more and more people started pushing me to 
complete this "impossible" task. Though I may have been rather annoyed at the 
actual time of this going on, I don`t think I would have found the fortitude to 
keep going without you guys. For that, I thank you, and credit will no doubt be 
given to each and every one of you, in no particular order, at the end of this 
document. As a last note, there are spoilers ahead. If you e-mail me and tell me
that this guide ruined FFT for you, I will laugh at you for quite a long time. 
It should also be noted that this guide, obviously, is not meant to be a normal
walkthrough. If that`s what you`re looking for, you`re in the wrong place.

+ II. The Calculator Challenge: Getting Started +

Let`s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we? You need 9 units to get through
the game. 4 of them need to be Gemini, 4 others should be Torii or 
Sagittarius, and lastly, Ramza MUST be a Pisces. No exceptions. He needs to
survive for a very, very long time at that Lionel Castle Gate battle, and if 
Gafgarion isn`t doing 27 damage per night Sword, this battle becomes a FAR
bigger problem than it already is. But before we even get into the beginnings of
getting our Calculators ready, there is another, far bigger, matter to discuss.
From the beginning of the game all the way until you get sticks, you will be 
doing practically no damage at all. EVERYTHING will rely on your guests, 
especially Delita, and if he is not very high-powered from the start, all hell
will break loose. As such, we need to get him to total uber-ness, don`t we? It`s
not as hard as you may think, however. It`s more time-consuming than anything 
else. Then again, you have nothing but time on your hands if you`re actually
thinking of going through with this, so let`s get started.

--- a. Gariland Magic City ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Squires, 1 Female Squire, 1 Male Chemist
Enemy Levels: Very low
Units to Use: Ramza, your 2 Chemists, and your 2 Male Squires
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

Right off the bat, there are strategies to follow. Such is the nature of this
challenge. Your starting team should consist of Ramza, 2 Male Squires, and both
of your Chemists. The battle itself is not hard at all. Then again, it never is.
The trick here is that you`re looking to get Delita enough Job Points (JP) for
Auto Potion, Potion, and Hi Potion. Our goal for Chapter 1 Delita is to turn him
into a Knight with Auto Potion, and to eventually have Auto Potion set to 
recover him 70 HP every time he gets hit. As a backup plan, he will have Item
secondary, so that he can heal himself if need be. Furthermore, it should be
noted that it is more than possible to get Delita enough Squire JP by the end of
this fight to teach him Move +1, which is a HUGE bonus for him in the Knight

Anyway, get into the flow of battle. Send Ramza up the roof to deal with the 
female Squire, and allow your other three fighters, Delita and the two Squires,
to battle the opposing Squires. When the battle is under your control, attack
Delita until he is in critical status. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT kill him. He
needs to be alive to get the mass amount of shared JP that is coming his way in
a few minutes. Once everything is under control, kill off every enemy, with the
lone exception of the Chemist. Trap him with your two Chemists in a corner (this
may take a lot of work), and be sure not to trap him on the roof. I trapped him
on the roof myself, and I almost paid for it big time. A critical hit knocked
him off, and he survived the fall by 2 Hit Points. Trust me, the rooftop is a 
big no-no. Anyway, trap the Chemist, and begin attacking him with your Chemists.
With the enemy having an infinite amount of items, you can attack him all day
long if you have to, because he will keep healing himself. Repeat this process,
and regularly check Delita`s status screen and job info. When he has enough JP
for Auto Potion, Potion, Hi Potion, and Move +1, feel free to kill the Chemist,
because at this point, Delita is built up to the point of being able to carry
you through Chapter 1 single-handedly. The ONLY downfall to this is that the Red
Panther at Mandalia, the monsters in Sweegy Woods, and all random battle enemies
will be at your level, which will be around 10 by the end of this fight. You
didn`t expect this to be easy, did you?

--- b. The Soldier Office ---

Prepare to spend a very long time here. Not only do you need eight units, but
you`re also looking for specific zodiac signs, as well as near-perfect Brave
and Faith values. Don`t believe me? Go do it for yourself. It`s not uncommon
to spend four hours in the soldier office getting the right units. But then
again, for a challenge hard as this one, preparation is key, and everything can
easily be lost before it starts if things aren`t done well near the beginning
of the game. To keep things simple, what we are looking for in the soldier
office are as follows:

Number of units: 8
            Sex: All female
          Brave: 70. Period. You can get away with some units at 68 Brave, but 
                 I don`t personally recommend this. There is a battle in 
                 chapter 2 where you can and will lose Brave points, so keep 
                 that in mind if you`re going to be lazy and not go for 70 Brave
                 on everyone.
          Faith: 40/70. NeoElfboy noted that 40 Faith for Velius is key for 
                 surviving Cyclops. 41 at the VERY most. I got lucky and managed
                 to Damage Split Titan twice, though had Velius used nothing but
                 Cyclops, the battle may have been unbeatable, due to me being a
                 moron and having scattered Faith values between 40-44. Anyway,
                 the 40 Faith is necessary for your Taurus/Capricorn units.
                 They will be doing most of your fighting for you. In fact, the
                 only story battles where I actually used my Gemini were 
                 Queklain, Bed Desert, and Balk 2. Other than that, they were
                 literally doing not much more than taking up space. It has 
                 also been postulated that a single Pisces female can be used
                 instead of one of the aforementioned zodiac signs for the
                 sole purpose of making Golgorand a bit easier. This has merit,
                 though it can cause holy hell come Bed Desert. Still, it`s a
                 good theory, and one worth looking into. Thankfully, we have
                 someone doing this as we speak.
   Zodiac Signs: You need 4 Gemini, and 4 Torii/Capricorns. Falcon815 suggests
                 using a Pisces in place of one of the Gemini, which seems like 
                 a great method on paper. It WILL make Golgorand and the Lionel 
                 Gate battles far easier. The problem is Bed Desert, obviously. 
                 The whole reason for me having 4 Geminis was this one battle, 
                 and I BARELY won the damned thing. It seems more than possible,
                 however, to get past this fight with high levels should you 
                 choose that one Pisces. The choice is yours. Personally, I`d 
                 stick with the Gemini, but that`s only because that`s what 
                 worked for me. Oh, and you did make Ramza a Pisces, yes? You 
                 know, late February - early March? Please tell me you did. And 
                 if you didn`t, I would LOVE to see you get past Lionel 
                 Castle`s Gate. Oh, and as a completely shameless plug, the 
                 game recognizes February 21st, my birthday, as Pisces. Go me.

You may find that you don`t have nearly enough money to afford all of these
units right away, which is fine. Just remember to strip and boot all of your
generics, and to sell off all of their equipment. Furthermore, sell off all
of your Items, save the Phoenix Downs, Potions, and Hi Potions. If you still
don`t have enough, keep in mind that you only need 3 units for the Mandalia
battle, and the rest can easily be bought later. One final note is on the HP
of the units you buy. You may want to consider only buying units at the upper
end of the HP spectrum (I believe that the max HP value for a female level 1
Squire is either 42 or 43, but I`m not 100% sure), to give you a small boost.
It should be noted on the other hand, however, that you will be spending time
in the Squire and Priest classes, which will give you much-needed HP boosts
per level up in those classes. The reason I mention this is because your max
HP will GREATLY affect whether or not you`re able to get past the Velius fight.

For the BMG nuts out there, here`s why:

[Q * C-MA * (T-FA/100) * (C-FA/100)] = Damage

That`s your basic formula for calculating faith-based attacks. In English, the
game multiplies the Q value of the spell cast, the MA of the user, and then
slaps a decimal point in front of the respective Faiths of both caster and 
target before adding them into the equation as well. Take all of those 
numbers, throw them into a blender, press the button that says "Hi-Powered
Smoothie", and you get your final damage total. For those who don`t feel like
looking the numbers up, I did it for you, because I love you all like that.

Q Value for Cyclops: 50
         Velius` MA: 12
      Velius` Faith: 70
     Target`s Faith: 40, but it can vary depending on what you did in the 
                     soldier office.

In English:

[50 * 12 * .7 * .4] = 168 points of damage from Cyclops

It doesn`t seem like much damage, but it can cause a problem if your Faith is
above 40. After all, you`ll be wearing Wizard Robes in that fight, which will
be a big blow to your max HP. Therefore, do spend some time to gain an extra
level or two in the Squire and Priest classes. You do NOT want to do all of 
the work to get to Velius and not have enough max HP to be able to survive
Cyclops. Many, many thanks to NeoElfboy for help on this section, especially
Velius` MA, and the bit about much-needed Squire/Priest HP

falcon says that most of what I said is perfectly okay, with the exception of
one of the Gemini units. A party consisting of three Gemini and a Pisces will
make Golgorand easier, as a female Pisces will have the best compatibility 
with Gafgarion. As for the Taurus/Capricorn units, any combination works fine,
though falcon also recommends 2/2. For everything you gain or lose with 
zodiacs in the Adramelk/Zalbag battles, it is balanced out.

--- c. Delita`s Mandalia Setup ---

              Job: Squire
  Primary Ability: Guts
Secondary Ability: Item
 Reaction Ability: Auto Potion
  Support Ability: It Doesn`t Matter
 Movement Ability: Move +1

That should be enough to carry you through Mandalia without any headaches. It 
should be noted that for the Mandalia fight, you MUST choose not to save Algus.
You will gain 2 Brave points this way, and as everyone knows by now, Brave is
the lifeline of the Calculator. It must be as high as possible, at all times.
The other thing I`d like to point out is that Algus doesn`t need to be 
superpowered like Delita for you to get through Chapter 1. He can actually be
left alone with minimal loss. If, however, you want to level him up for an 
easier time, consider trying to get him to Delita`s setup through the battles at
Mandalia and Sweegy. It will, however, take awhile, and it`s virtually 
unnecessary. He`s only going to be around for two battles, and Delita`s current
setup is more than enough for him to handle those battles with ease.

--- d. The Mandalia Plains ---

     Enemies: 1 Red Panther, 1 Male Thief, 4 Male Squires
Enemy Levels: All of the enemies are at horribly low levels, including the Red
              Panther. Thanks to Zaku X/Y (??) for pointing out this error.
Units to Use: Ramza + your three weakest Squires
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

This battle is a snoozefest, and the only real challenge is that Red Panther
being at your level. Then again, Delita has Auto Potion, Ramza is at a high 
level as well, and you still have Algus to back you up should you actually need
to do so. Hell, the SCC hasn`t even started yet, and you`re more than free
enough to have Item as a secondary ability on everyone to get by. Do with Algus
however you see fit, though I promise you that leveling him up is a waste of 
time, and proceed to completely power own (pwn) this battle. The one exception
to this rule is if, God forbid, Delita isn`t at the desired setup yet. This is
your chance to get him some last-minute JP to get him what he needs.

--- e. The Sweegy Woods ---

     Enemies: 1 Red Panther, 2 Bombs, 2 Goblins, 1 Black Goblin
Enemy Levels: Equal to yours
Units to Use: Ramza + your three weakest Squires
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 3/10

Help! This battle can actually look tough with all of those powerlevelled 
enemies! Oh, wait... I can still slap on Item, and Delita is currently, shall we
say, God. This battle is harder than normal, but still, not a problem. Simply
beware of Self Destruct, and you`ll be fine.

--- f. Getting Your Calculators Ready ---

By now, you should already have Delita and Algus ready to go. All that`s left to
do is to get everyone into the Calculator class, and to teach all of them 
Damage Split. Sounds easy enough, and in all honesty, it really is. For 
starters, everyone should be Squires. Teach any and everyone Accumulate, Gained
JP-Up, and Move +1. With those three abilities slapped on to any of the mage 
classes that you must pass through, you will have very few problems in getting
those classes their required JP. So, get working. The prerequisites for 
Calculator, by the way, are a Level 4 Wizard, a Level 4 Priest, a Level 3 Time
Mage, and lastly, a Level 3 Oracle. Get to those levels however you see fit.
Once you start unlocking the Calculator class for your whopping 9 units, mix
your units in battle. Sending in 5 Calculators and trying to teach them all
Damage Split at once will simply not work without non-Calculator abilities. If
you have to send them in one by one, one battle at a time, with mage support, 
I won`t insult you. Technically, purists could say that this is against the SCC
spirit, so to speak, but I doubt anyone will honestly see a big problem with
taking an extra step or two to teach everyone Damage Split. It`s not like this
challenge has a lack of difficulty or anything. Anyway, do what you have to do
to get everyone into the Calculator class, and from there, do whatever you have
to do to teach everyone Damage Split. Bear in mind that there is a Sweegy Woods
random battle or two that will feature 1-2 enemies. This is not only perfect for
teaching everyone Damage Split, but later on, it makes for a perfect level up
ground. It should also be noted that most of the Mandalia Plains random battles,
boring as they may be, share most of Sweegy`s features as well. Once you finally
have your team ready, and it will take quite a long time, ditch all of your 
non-Calculator abilities. From here on in, you have nothing but weapon damage,
guests, and Damage Split. Good luck, because even with the proper preperation,
you will need luck by the ton to make it all the way through.

+ III. Walkthrough for the Impossible Dream +

^^^You know you love that title^^^ 

Anyway, a note on the Calculator setup. You will not use Math Skill once 
throughout this entire challenge, so spending any extra time teaching yourself
anything in the main skillset early is a waste. I would like to out, however,
that you should not teach yourself anything inside of the Math Skill set AT ALL.
Sure, you won`t use it manually, but if an enemy happens to Confuse you, the AI
will use it for you. It`s a longshot, but this can help you, and we don`t want 
that to happen. Besides, there is no fun in allowing Confused Calculators to
kill Adramelk for you should he use Loss. As such, no Math Skill. At all. Don`t
even teach it to yourself, because not only will you be tempted to use it, the 
AI doesn`t know you`re doing an SCC here. What you should commit to, however, 
are the experience abilities, most notably Gained EXP-Up. A lot of leveling is
required for this challenge, and the sooner you get Gain EXP-Up, the better. The
next skill on your list should be Move-Gain EXP. Those two abilities, along with
Damage Split, are the only things that will ever see use. You`re better off not
even worrying about teaching yourself anything else. A final thing I`d like to
note before getting started is that for each battle, I`ve listed the enemies, a
rough estimation of their levels, the units you should use in the battle, and 
my personal difficulty rating for the fight itself. There may be an error or 
two, so don`t think you`ll be giving me a shot to my ego for pointing something
out that may be wrong. 

     Main Ability: Math Skill
Secondary Ability: (nothing)
 Reaction Ability: Damage Split
  Support Ability: Gained EXP-Up
 Movement Ability: Move-Gain EXP

One last note is that for those end-of-chapter battles. Remember to take off 
your experience abilities, because you don`t want to go over the level cap by 

=== i. Chapter 1: The Meager ===

As hard as this chapter CAN be, you`ll long for the days of overpowered Auto
Potion Delita once things are all said and done, should you get that far. That,
however, is a problem to deal with later. For now, enjoy yourself. In every
battle, you`ll find yourself running around like ants in an attempt to not die,
while Algus and Delita do everything for you. You also lose Algus before the 
chapter`s hardest battle in Lenalia Plateau, making that battle pure hell if the
AI decides to be smart. Still, this chapter isn`t long, and you`re most likely
already near the level cap after opening up the Calculator class in the first
place. Your HP won`t be god-awful, but you won`t be a bunch of walking battle
tanks, either. Your basic strategy will be to stay away from the enemy, punch
yourself, let your guests do their thing, and allow yourself to become targets
to finish things up, should the need arise. You CAN follow Delita around and
punch him to trigger Auto Potion, but I`d only do this in an emergency. Anyway,
go get the latest equipment on everyone, along with Battle Boots for EVERYONE,
and get going.

   --- a. Delita`s Chapter 1 Setup ---

This should be a no-brainer. It`s exactly like the one you used before, only
now, he`s a Knight, fitted with the latest fashion statements.

              Job: Knight
     Main Ability: Battle Skill
Secondary Ability: Item
 Reaction Ability: Auto Potion
  Support Ability: It Matters Not, I Say
 Movement Ability: Move +1

   --- b. Dorter Trade City ---

     Enemies: 1 Male Knight, 1 Long Bow Archer, 1 Cross Bow Archer, 1 Bow-less
              Archer (??), 2 Male Wizards
Enemy Levels: Low enough to not worry about them
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 6/10

Send in your three strongest low Faith Calculators, and start them all the way
in the back. Keep in mind that you cannot change Ramza`s starting position, so
it doesn`t matter where he goes. For starters, send everyone up the building.
Don`t worry too much about the Long Bow Archer, because either Delita or Algus
should be able to kill him long before he can cause any real damage. Then again,
these are Calculators, and they suck. Who knows how much bad luck you`ll run 
across. Anyway, send them up the building along with your guests, and watch as
they kill the Archer for you. Yay. Now stay as far away as you can, punch 
yourself for some much-needed JP and EXP, and watch as Delita and Algus do 
everything. In all likelihood, Algus will die, but that`s okay. It all depends
on how much you taught him, really. In any case, if you stay far away from the
action, you should be fine, though if an enemy gets close to you, you have 
Damage Split, so don`t panic. Also, if you see an enemy sitting around with HP
in the lower end of the single digits, give him a good bop on the head. After
you win this battle, give yourself a good pat on the back, and treat yourself to
something really expensive. You just won your first-ever True Calc battle!

   --- c. Zeklaus Desert ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Knights, 2 Male Monks, 1 Male Archer
Enemy Levels: Around the 5-6 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 5/10

For this battle, your best early option is to start as far away from the action
as you possibly can. Sit back, punch yourself to build your stats, and let 
Delita and Algus do everything. What else can you do? Make sure you have a 
healthy supply of Potions for Auto Potion, and your guests should be set. The
enemies don`t do a terrible amount of damage, so at least Delita should be fine.
Beware of boredom, however, because this battle can take quite awhile if Algus
goes down early, which happened to me. Not a terribly hard battle, just a 
long-ish one.

   --- d. Thieves Fort ---

     Enemies: Miluda (Female Knight), 3 Male Thieves, 2 Female Priests
Enemy Levels: Around the 6-7 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Miluda
  Difficulty: 5/10

This will be the first battle where the enemies are really able to come after 
you. Do not panic, because if Damage Split goes off most of the time, you`ll be
fine. Furthermore, the enemies coming after you, especially the Priests with
their Bolt spells, is a good thing. Damage Split will weaken them, making it
that much easier for Delita and Algus to finish them off. I`m not saying rush
your entire team forward, but don`t worry about if you`re being attacked. Once
Algus and Delita are able to kill of a couple of enemies, Miluda will make her
way over to your team. Surround her if you can, and hope that Damage Split does
its thing whenever she hits you. With a little bit of luck (you will hear this
word a LOT in this FAQ), this battle shouldn`t be too bad. Take note that this
battle is one of the very reasons why you should not even be TEACHING yourself
Math Skill abilities, let alone using them. A Thief Charms one of your girls,
they let loose a spell, it accidentally hits Miluda, and you win. We wouldn`t
want something like that happening.

   --- e. Lenalia Plateau ---

     Enemies: Miluda (Female Knight), 2 Female Knights, 2 Male Wizards, 1 Female
              Time Mage
Enemy Levels: The range of the high single digits.
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Miluda
  Difficulty: 7.5/10

Depending on how good or bad your luck is, this battle can be pure hell. It was 
for me, ad it took quite a awhile before I finally beat it. This battle is the
one reason why I simply will never recommend for Delita to ever be a mage in
this challenge. Originally, I made Delita a Wizard with Equip Sword in hopes
of him using up his MP for Fire spells before being able to physically kill
everything. With his low Faith (55), this was easily thrown into the rather
large pile of my worst ideas ever. So I switched him to a Knight with Black
Magic secondary. Oops! Sounds good on paper, but if Auto Potion fails, Delita
cannot heal. Thank God I had the abilities necessary to make him a Knight with
Auto Potion, Item, and Move +1. You`ll notice that this is the setup I recommend
the most, and this battle is the biggest reason why. I was stuck for a long time
before sticking with that setup for good. 

Anyway, on to the fight itself. Algus is gone from the party for good, so you
finally get to throw 5 Calculators into the battle. You have two good options
to start the battle, depending on your playing style.

Option 1: #~~C#

The above formation will allow one of the Wizards to nail all 5 Calculators with
a spell. If you have your high Faith team deployed, this allows for Delita to
kill that Wizard very early in the battle. This is a good plan for a quick first
kill, with one catch. You are far closer to the enemies than you want to be, and
with your slow speed, they will reach you before Delita is able to kill off 
everything. Still, it`s a decent plan, and the choice is yours.

Option 2: #~~~#

This Pre Battle Formation (PBF) will allow you to be as far away from Miluda at
the start of the battle as you possibly can. Do I need to list the benefits of 
this? Go with the low Faith team here, because the plan is to avoid damage for
as long as possible.

No matter what path you take, this battle is still tough, and quite easily the
hardest battle in chapter 1. Even when staying as far back as possible, the
enemies will be smart enough to try and hit you. What`s worse is that they will
be dealing pretty decent damage, and should Damage Split fail a lot, then you 
will have issues. The upside to this fight is that Delita, fitted with all of
the latest fashion statements, will make a very god Knight. Furthermore, you can
finally ditch all of your Potions for the more favorable Hi Potions, which 
allows for Auto Potion to heal Delita for 70 HP every time he gets hit. Stock up
on a lot of these Hi Potions, because Delita will need most of them. Once the
battle gets going, you will yet again find yourself looking like a bunch of ants
in an attempt to get as far away from the fight as possible. Should an enemy or
two get close to you, your only option is Damage Split and very weak punches. 
Oddly enough, you are fully able to kill an enemy or two by doing this, but it`s
not something you want to see very much in this fight. The enemies are simply
capable of too much offense. Delita, meanwhile, is absolutely amazing in this
battle. With Auto Potion as his guide, he will kill off all of the enemies for
you, or at least most of them, one by one. One all of the enemies are dead, 
the showdown between Delita and Miluda is on. Even with Miluda`s Counter, Delita
has high HP, Item, and Auto Potion. It will be a very fun battle to watch, as
long as Delita isn`t stupid enough to bring the battle all the way down by where
your team is (this happened to me, and I came close to losing after all of the
hard work). After quite the slugfest, Miluda should fall. In the event of Delita
going down, however, you can still win. Remember, it`s 5 on 1, and Miluda should
already be pretty weakened. Lure her in, surround her, and let Damage Split
finish her off. With some luck (that word again...), this battle shouldn`t be
TOO tough.

   --- f. Windmill Shed ---

     Enemies: Wiegraf (White Knight), Boco (Chocobo), 2 Female Monks, 1 Female 
Enemy Levels: Around 8-10
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Weigraf
  Difficulty: 4/10

Why such a low difficulty for a battle that seems hard, you ask? Well, if you
start out in the right spot, then this battle is nothing but pure percentages
and luck. And for once, you don`t need all that much luck to get by.


Ramza`s positioning doesn`t matter all that much, really. Just keep him away 
from the Calculators that need to take damage. What will wind up happening is
that Wiegraf will come barreling forward and nail three Calculators with
Stasis Sword. If you`re using your low-Faith team, and there is no reason why
you shouldn`t be, they will all take 63 damage. Add up the Damage Splits, and if
everything goes well, Wiegraf will take a whopping 96 points of damage. From 
there, it`s pure luck. Let him hit whoever he wants, and hope that you do enough
damage via damage Split to kill him. You could punch his lights out at 2 damage
a pop if you think he`s getting close to his 25% of max HP barrier, or you could
hope and pray that Delita hits him for you. Either way, if this battle gets off
to a good start, then you don`t need as much luck as normal to win. Getting
Wiegraf down to 25% of his max HP isn`t that hard when you`ve nailed him for 96
points of damage before the battle has even started. The only thing that can
really make this battle kind of tough is if Wiegraf gets healed, or you simply
have no ways of damaging him. Then again, Ramza is a Pisces, which has Worst
compatibility with Wiegraf. As long as Ramza doesn`t die from Crush Punch, you
should be fine. On the bright side, Delita is still Delita, and he will easily
distract all of the enemies for you, allowing for a nice 4 on 1 battle with

   --- g. Fort Zeakden ---

     Enemies: Algus (Knight w/ Equip Crossbow, the moron), 3 Male Knights, 2
              Female Wizards
Enemy Levels: Around the 9-11 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Algus 
  Difficulty: 6.5/10

Well, this is it. Your final battle with Auto Potion Delita. Give him a nice 
boost, and make sure he has all the latest Knight equipment. Battle Boots are a
must, as well as a nice supply of Hi Potions. The only thing you can really do
is sit back and wait. With any luck, Algus` Auto Potion will fail him, and 
Delita will be able to take home the win for you. One thing of note is that 
in all likelihood, Ramza will be targeted by the closest Wizard very early in
the fight. If the projected damage will kill him, reset. Delita simply will not
be able to kill Algus in time if Ramza dies that early. As for the rest of the
battle, just sit back and watch Delita work. Don`t forget to attack yourself, 
either. Hopefully, by the end of chapter 1, you`ll have enough JP to teach a 
unit or two Gained EXP-Up, which is a MUST for getting to the all-elusive level
35 speed point by the end of chapter 2. Without it, leveling up will be so 
god-awful tedious. As a final note, I`m sure there is a method to have Algus get
hit by a redirected spell from one of his own Wizards. Personally, I didn`t 
bother trying to figure it out, though if someone has found a reliable method,
feel free to contact me.

=== ii. Chapter 2: The Manipulator and the Subservient ===

Okay, you`ve gotten past Chapter 1, and you are more than bored with seeing Auto
Potion go off by now. Well, have no fear. Your guests in this chapter don`t get
anything close to Auto Potion. Instead, they are simply powerful enough to do 
your dirty work for you. Gafgarion and Agrias are unbeatable when they are in
battle together with you, and right when Gafgarion leaves the party, you FINALLY
get some weapons. After the Zirekile Falls battle, sticks become available to 
you. Thankfully, there is no real challenge up to that point, so get moving. The
real challenges of chapter 2 are everything from Zaland and onward. Yes, you 
have sticks, but the battles will start to really test your skills, and your
sticks alone will not save you. You need to be every bit as prepared for battle
as you were in chapter 1. Furthermore, I don`t think I need to note that keeping
up with the latest fashion trends will go a long way in getting your butt 
through the tough battles. As a final note, I have something important to add. 
If you read my Calculator updates on the SCC board, you know that I spent a very
long time trying to get Earth Clothes from high level enemies. After doing so,
they turned out to be practically pointless, as the damage loss from 
de-equipping my Wizard Robes was very noticeable, and it actually made it harder
to kill high HP enemies. I will happily add the sections on where and how to get
good equipment from boxilized enemies, but take a note that the only jump you
truly need to make is from the Wizard Robes right to the Black Costumes. A set 
or two of Earth Clothes will be nice, but it isn`t necessary for beating 
chapter 2. In fact, when looking back on how I did things, I recommend against
it. The setup of choice, when it is available to you, will be the latest stick,
Green Berets, and Wizard Robes. The only possible use I can see for a set or two
of Earth Clothes will be for a much-needed HP boost at Golgorand Execution Site.
Bear in mind, however, that you will be doing far less damage without your 
Wizard Robes. But anyway, I`ve babbled enough. Let`s get going.

   --- a. Dorter Trade City ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Wizards, 2 Male Thieves, 2 Female Archers
Enemy Levels: Around 11-13
Units to Use: Whoever needs JP the most
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

This battle is such a joke. Give Agrias a set of Battle Boots, and you can`t 
lose. Stay back, get your EXP/JP by hitting yourself, and let the enemies do 
whatever they want. Gafgarion and Agrias will easily handle everything for you,
and should an enemy actually be able to hit you, it will be for small damage,
and you have Damage Split. Enjoy one of the few easy fights that you will have
through this challenge. 

   --- b. Araguay Woods ---

     Enemies: 1 Black Goblin, 5 Goblins
Enemy Levels: Around 11-13, and thanks to Zaku X/Y (??) for pointing out that
              the enemies in this battle do NOT share your levels with you.
Units to Use: Those with the highest Brave, or Ramza alone
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

You have 2 choices here. You can try to save Boco, or you can take the easy way
out and lose 2 Brave. For once, it is very hard to actually save Boco, and 
taking the 2 point Brave loss can be the better option. If you choose to do 
this, make SURE you use the units with the highest Brave to do so! You don`t
want to lose more Brave then necessary, and what`s worse, if you lose Brave on
one of your Gemini units, it`s gone for good, because bringing one of the Gemini
to Zaland in an attempt to raise their Brave will be suicide. Another decent
option is to send Ramza in alone, and have him be the only one who loses Brave.
Anyway, as for the actualy battle, it`s a joke. Let Gafgarion and Agrias do 
their thing, and make sure Agrias gets as much JP as possible. Again, enjoy one
of those rare easy battles through this challenge. It does NOT stay this way, 
believe me.

Sopranotek and falcon815 point out that the better option is NOT to sacrifice
the Brave points, simply because it`s not all that hard to save Boco. In fact,
the difficulty of the battle hardly goes up at all should you try to save Boco,
and your resets won`t be noticable in comparison to the rest of the SCC should
you go out and do so. Kudos to them for this advice, as it is very true. I 
have been pwned in this instance.

   --- c. Zirekile Falls --- 

     Enemies: Gafgarion (he`s SUPPOSED to be a Dark Knight), 5 Male Knights
Enemy Levels: Around 12-14
Units to Use: Whoever needs JP the most
   Objective: Save Ovelia/Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

Remember to strip Gafgarion down of all his equipment beforehand, and then 
change his job into one where he hasn`t learned any skills yet. Send in the 
units that need the biggest boosts, and commence laughing at the enemies. 
Between Agrias and Delita, none of them stand a chance, and you will be laughing
all the way to not only gaining a huge amount of JP by hitting yourself, but to
Agrias getting hordes of JP as well. Leave the entire battle in the hands of 
Delita and Agrias, and do nothing but attack yourself for the JP. This concludes
the only 3 battle stretch in the game that is a joke for Calculators. Enjoy it

   --- d. STICKS! ---

Sticks are buyable! Oh, thank the good lord! Finally, you are able to do some
damage! Save your game and high-tail it over to Dorter, pronto. FINALLY, you are
able to not only use decent weapons, but you can finally get into some random
battles. Take this time to gain a few levels, because keep in mind, getting to
level 35 before Goug Machine City is a MUST. The best place to do this is the
area I like to call Old Faithful, which is the line between Sweegy Woods and the
Mandalia Plains. Get into some random battles, and don`t hesitate to reset if
you don`t like what you see. You have all the time in the world, anyway, right?
Anyway, go and do your thing. Through these random battles, teach everyone
Gained EXP-Up and Move-Gain EXP, should they not have it already. At this point,
you have all of the abilities you need for your non-Math Skill Calculators, so
you can stop worrying about JP. Remember, do NOT teach your team any Math 
Skills, because Confused/Charmed Calculators will use these skills. After some
time leveling up (level 30 should be fine), you are ready to move on. The only
thing left for you to do is to get ready for the next fight. Go buy the latest
gear for everyone, plus 5 sets of Spike Shoes. Lastly, make sure Agrias has
Move +1, Battle Boots, and possibly even Crush Punch. Fit her out with all of 
the latest gear, as well, and get ready for Zaland fort City, your first battle
with sticks.

   --- e. Zaland Fort City ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Knights, 2 Male Wizards, 2 Female Archers
Enemy Levels: Around 13-15
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Save Mustadio/Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 7/10

Even with all of the necessary preparations, this battle can be a huge pain. If
you haven`t guessed by now, the choice of action is the save Mustadio. It may
make things tougher, but winning the battle heavily relies on him helping you,
anyway, so you might as well get the Brave bonus for this. 

As for a good PBF: ~CCC~

The main reason for leaving a hole in the front line of the formation is because
Agrias is going to move first. With Battle Boots and Move +1, she`ll be able to 
get into that spot, giving her a much-needed movement boost early. Furthermore,
I have found that this causes Mustadio to move left a higher percentage of the
time. When the battle starts, choose to save Mustadio. If he moves left with his
first turn, fight the battle through. If he moves right, just reset. Hell, even 
if he doesn`t move left, his AI is total garbage, and he`s likely to do 
something stupid, anyway. Once everyone does their thing, move your Calculators
as close to the Wizards as you can. This will cause them to target you in round
2 of the battle, rather than Mustadio. From here, it`s a war of attrition. With
any luck (that word yet AGAIN), Agrias will cause Stop and Dead status with 
Stasis Sword and Crush Punch, which can go a LONG way to turning the battle in 
your favor. Another great strategy to use in damaging the enemies is the fact 
that you have Spike Shoes. Don`t waste your time getting on the other side of 
the wall the long way. Just jump over the thing. Not only is jumping the wall a
great way to reach the enemies, but it can also be used to your advantage. By
standing on the wall, the enemies can have a very hard time reaching you, 
especially the Knights. Simply stand up there and whack away if you can. In all
likelihood, however, a calculator will fall, and you`ll be forced to resort to
an all-out offensive. This is fine. Don`t panic. You have sticks, which can 
cause great damage. You also have decent HP and Damage Split, which will allow
your units to survive longer than you may think. The combined effort of you,
a smart Mustadio (when this ever happens), and a lucky Agrias can push you to
victory. Just play it smart. If you can catch an enemy or two mid-charge, feel
free to get off of the wall and deal some good damage. The first enemies to fall
will definitely be the Wizards. Damage Split, Mustadio, Agrias, and stick death
will do them in. By the time the Wizards are dead, everyone on the battlefield
will be gasping for air. This is the time to make your choice as to when to 
commit to your offensive. If you are able to stay on the wall and poke the 
Knight a few times before jumping down, then by all means, poke the Knight a few
times. If, however, one, or both, of the Archers get close enough so that you 
can reach them, then definitely go for the Archers. They are not easy units to
get to, and an opportunity to hit them cannot be passed up. Yes, you open 
yourself up to Knight damage, but you have guests and defenses to help you. The
ultimate choice is yours. Take care of the Wizards first, and then do what you 
will later. Just play it smart and go after the enemies that you are able to 
kill, and you should win in the end. It will be close, no doubt, but you can
still win. Good luck.

falcon notes that there is an MA point at level 23, and choosing not to save
Mustadio still gets you a brave point, should you decide to take the easy way

   --- f. Bariaus Hill ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Knights, 2 Male Archers, 2 female Summoners
Enemy Levels: Around 14-16
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 7.5/10

If there was ever a prime example for why Agrias needs Move +1/Battle Boots, 
this is it. Her having extra range will help you out immensely. Furthermore, 
Agrias has loads of JP by now. If you haven`t already done so, take this time to
teach her an extra action ability. All of them are good, but try to stay away 
from Lightning Stab. Stasis Sword`s Stop is far better than Lightning Stab`s 
Silence. Furthermore, if Agrias knows both Stasis Sword and Lightning Stab, her
AI usually has using Stasis Sword, anyway, so the spent JP is a waste. 
Personally, I`d go with Crush Punch. Dead is a wonderful status, and it is above
and beyond Death Sentence and Silence. Holy Explosion would be nice, but you`re
unlikely to have the JP for it. If you do, however, then this is your ability of
choice. Then again, I`m rather late with typing up this little tidbit, aren`t I?
Most players will have Agrias set up for good before the Zaland fight. Oh, well.

As for the battle, it`s not fun at all. The strategy is simple enough to follow,
but getting to the final execution, even WITH Agrias, is a pain. The enemies can
cause loads of damage, and for once, they`re smart about the way they do it with
that height advantage of theirs. How does one counteract such madness? Well, 
it`s tough. The AI has a tendency to go after your Calculators whenever 
possible, which leads to a very obvious double-edged sword effect when guests 
are involved. Sure, the enemy isn`t going for the guests, but you`re taking 
damage, and if you are wiped out, your guests usually aren`t smart enough to be
able to finish off the enemies in this battle before someone crystallizes, slow
as you are. On the other hand, you NEED your guests to win. You can stay back
and try letting them deal with everything, but you then run the risk of THEM
dying, thus creating the double standard. 

What ever is a team of slow Calculators to do? Much like Zaland, you need to mix
up your strategy between letting the enemies come after you, and letting your 
guests hit the enemy. Remember, you have sticks now, so you`re not completely
helpless. Another thing to note is Mustadio. If he stays alive through the 
initial Summon + Arrow attack that the enemy throws at him, he will go a long
way towards helping you win this fight. You could always throw a mantle on him
and reset until he is able to kill the left Summoner in two shots. This choice
of action will make the battle much, much easier, because not only will the left
Summoner be gone early, Mustadio can help you attack the other enemies. Not a 
bad way to tackle this fight, if I say so myself. To add even more to why I
love this method so much, the Archers can and will come forward to attack 
Mustadio. If they are having problems hitting him, the door will be wide open
for you to attack them, which is another way that this battle can be made 

No matter what you choose to do, you still have to actually worry about helping
Agrias kill the enemies without any of you dying early. I found the best method
to be starting your Calculators as far forward as possible. This causes the 
closest Knight to come right at you. With one Damage Split and a full round of
physical attacks with your sticks, he`ll go down. From there, keep Ramza the 
hell away from the action, and the Summoners, for as long as possible. Don`t 
keep him away from the battle completely, because you may need him to win, but
don`t let him get any closer than 10 panels away from those Summoners unless
they`re both either dead, or have less than 24 MP. You low Faith Calculators, on
the other hand, can survive a Summon or three, and Damage Split will help kill
those Summoners. In the end, however, this will come down to what happens at the
very beginning of the fight, your luck with Damage Split and enemy evasion, and
the extent of how much your guests will help you through the fight. Personally,
I highly recommend resetting until Mustadio kills the left Summoner in two hits,
followed by luring the closest Knight to you. This eliminates two enemies early.
From there, send your low Faith Calculators right at the Archer and Summoners,
while Ramza stays back until his risk of death from going forward is gone. If 
all goes well, Mustadio and Agrias will be dead-on in helping you kill the 
enemies (Dead/Stop status from Agrias alone can win the fight for you), Damage
Split will be dead on, and most, if not all, of your attacks hit the enemies.
Hell, if the right Summoner is stupid enough, she`ll let you hit her mid-charge.
No matter what happens in the end, however, do take note that this battle isn`t 
as hard as some of the game`s later battles for Calculators, so don`t get too
frustrated if you`re having problems. This is cake compared to parts of chapter 
4. You have two guests, after all.

   --- g. Zigolis Swamp ---

     Enemies: 1 Bone Snatch, 2 Gusts, 2 Skeletons, 1 Uribo/Marbol/Flotiball
Enemy Levels: Around 15-17, while the randomly generated enemy in the back
              will share your level. That random monster will either be a 
              Uribo, Marbol, or Flotiball. Once again, thanks go out to 
              Zaku X/Y (Which one will it be, man?) for pointing out my
              previous error.
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1.5/10

Thankfully, an easy battle after the tough road the last two battles turned out
be. Teaching Mustadio Seal Evil is a must, as usual. From there, play it smart,
stay out of the swamp, and take your time in dealing with this lovable group of
losers however you see fit. 

Oh, and one more thing before you read on. After clearing Bariaus Hill, Battle
Bamboo and Wizard Robes are both buyable in the shops. Throwing them on all of
the units that you plan on bringing into this fight will make it even easier.
The damage increase is quite good, even for weak units such as these.

   --- h. Leveling up to 35 ---

You know, with a heading like that, one would think that now is a good time to
level up to 35, no? Again, the best place to do your leveling up, no matter
what point in the game you are in, is between the Sweegy Woods and the Mandalia
Plains. The enemies suck. 

One other thing I should note is that once you get into the area of the low 30s
in levels, a few choice enemies will start wearing Earth Clothes. Furthermore,
falcon815 (I have found and remembered the name of the "current SCCer" I keep
alluding to! WOOT!) has discovered that if you enter Zirekile Falls from the
Araguay Woods, you may be lucky enough to encounter a Gokuu Rod-bearing Oracle.
I did not see this myself, though I didn`t really think to try. Getting 5 Gokuu
Rods will be a HUGE help for the battles near the end of chapter 2, and a whole
hell of a lot of kudos go to falcon815 for this information. 

As for the Earth Clothes, I made the mistake of getting 5 of them. After 
having played through the challenge and looking back on the way I did 
everything, you only need one set of Earth Clothes. In every other battle, 
Wizard Robes will not only suffice, but I recommend them over anything else 
until Black Costumes become available. In either case, you still need a set of
Earth Clothes. The best places to do this come from two different random battle
areas. The first comes from Sweegy Woods, when you enter from Dorter Trade 
City. The other comes in the form of Bariaus Hill, when you enter from Lionel  
Castle. In both areas, enemy Monks will wear, and drop, Earth Clothes. If you 
are VERY lucky, you may just encounter an overleveled Monk sporting a shiny 
little Black Costume. After level 36, the enemies can equip them, so who knows, 
you may get very lucky. Either way, get one set of Earth Clothes (or a Black 
Costume if you have the luck of the Irish). Personally, I recommend doing this 
at Bariaus Hill. The Monks here are all Female, and the battle terrain is such 
that you can deal with the enemies easier. The Monks also do less damage than 
their Male counterparts, and with most of your team being Female themselves, 
there is a good chance for Bad or Worst zodiac, making it even easier to deal 
with the Female Monks.

Once you are at level 35 and have one set of Earth Clothes, you are ready to go.
If you decided to try and get a Gokuu Rod or 5 from Zirekile Falls, even better.

   --- i. Goug Machine City ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Summoners, 2 Male Thieves, 2 Female Archers
Enemy Levels: Around 14-16
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 6.5/10

Despite the fact that you are on your own for the first time ever, this is a 
really easy fight. You`re at level 35, which means a speed point, and you`re 
sporting a lethal combination of Triangle Hats and Wizard Robes. The Thieves 
will throw themselves at you, and barring a horribly times steal or two, 
they`ll pose no threats. Deal with them easily. Next up is simply rushing 
forward as fast as possible and killing whatever gets in your way. Between 
Damage Split, that much-needed speed point, and the extra damage you`re doing, 
the enemies will fall before you do. Just take note to go after the Archers 
when the time becomes available, because Archers can really do you in when 
given the chance.

Oh, by the way, there`s something I should note before I forget to do so later.
Take off Gained EXP-Up and Move-Get EXP before this fight. You have to beat 5 
battles at level 35, and if any of your characters gain ONE level, you`re over 
the cap. As such, ditch your EXP boosters. It`ll be close enough without them, 
let alone with them.

   --- j. Bariaus Valley ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Knights, 2 Male Wizards, 2 Female Archers
Enemy Levels: Around 14-16
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Save Agrias/Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 2/10

The only issue here will be Agrias dying, which, due to your total inability to
help her early, can be a problem. Or can it? By starting your team as far 
forward as possible, the enemy AI will go after you over her. That solves the 
problem of Agrias dying, and this fight becomes a joke again. 

So it`s settled then. We`ll start as far forward as possible, let Agrias use 
Stasis Sword with her first attack, let the enemies do whatever they want, and 
then move everyone as far forward as possible. Between Agrias, Damage Split, our
low Faith, and stick damage, this battle poses no problems whatsoever. This 
holds true for the right side of the battle as well. Though it`s a 2 on 2 
battle, let yourself get attacked. You have low Faith and Damage Split, and once
you reach those two enemies, they`re goners. 

   --- k. Golgorand Execution Site ---

     Enemies: Gafgarion (Male Dark Knight), 3 Male Knights, 2 Female Archers, 2 
              Female Time Mages
Enemy Levels: Around 16-17, JUST under their speed points
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies (ugh...)
  Difficulty: 10/10

This is the hardest battle in the game to date, and off of the top of my head, 
I can only think of about 5 more that could be worse. You`re horribly 
outnumbered from the start, which creates all sorts of hell. To make it worse, 
you MUST equip Green Berets, Wizard Robes, and Wizard Mantles to survive, with 
one very important exception that I`ll touch upon in a minute. While this setup 
has obvious benefits, you are losing your movement of 4, which makes you even 
more crippled than you already have been. Oh, did I mention the Time Mages? You 
MUST go into this battle with your low Faith team, because getting hit by a load
of their spells can really screw you up. 

How is a team of Calculators supposed to defeat all of this, you ask? Well, 
there have been three SCCers to date, myself, trampoline, and falcon815, who 
were able to beat this battle, so it`s not impossible. It just takes patience to
the extreme to be able to win, because the resets accumulated just from getting 
what you want, let alone in trying to win the fight, will be rather high. I 
haven`t even touched on Gafgarion yet, have I? There is no strip him down trick
before this fight. You have to take him on while he`s a Dark Knight. What`s even
worse is that you have to take him down first round. It`s possible to win 
without doing so, but life gets much, much harder on yourself. If you are able 
to take down Gafgarion in the first round, then you can get the jump on the rest
of the enemies, and you _might_ be able to defeat them all. 

So how do we get such a jump? It involves you having swiped a set of Earth 
Clothes from a boxilized Monk, oddly enough. Without it, all of your Calculators
will have the same equipment, and you won`t be able to control where Gafgarion 
goes with his first attack. Without being able to do this, it will take an 
eternity to get him where he needs to go in order to kill him.

It should be noted that falcon815 was able to beat Gafgarion when he had 240+ 
HP, for the record, and I`m 99% sure it was thanks to his one or more Gokuu 
Rods. Keep in mind that while writing this strategy, I had no Gokuu Rods. If YOU
have Gokuu Rods, then your life here will be much easier, and you`ll be able to 
get unlucky once or twice and still win the battle. Without them, however, the 
damage becomes very exact. Personally, I say make sure you get a Gokuu Rod or 
two before Goug. It will make this fight MUCH easier, though it`s still hard as
hell. Either way, read on.

Formation 1: CR

Formation 2: ~~

Equipment: Battle Bamboo/Gokuu Rod
           Green Beret
           Wizard Robe
           Wizard Mantle

On Calculator X in formation 1, substitute Earth Clothes for the Wizard Mantle. 
This will cause Gafgarion to go after Calculator Y virtually 100% of the time, 
because his AI won`t allow him to open himself up to a possible 4 attacks unless
there is no other way around it. 

"Ulti, you`re crazy. You only have 2 units attacking Gafgarion!"

I heard that more than enough times while going through this battle. The fact 
is, however, that the main job of formation 1 is better suited to getting the 
jump on the closest Knight. At the very beginning of the battle, hit the 
Triangle button at the earliest opportunity. Check Gafgarion`s HP, and if it is
below 200, you`re set. The very beginning of this battle will feature Gafgarion
attacking Calculator Y, and then getting Damage Split for 32 points of damage. 
After all of the enemies get their turn in, it`s your turn. Have your two weak 
side Calculators both attack Gafgarion, who will suffer 140 total points of 
damage if everything connects. He should run away after a grand total of 172 
points of damage. Bet you didn`t think you`d be capable of that when you first 
started this SCC, did you?

As for the rest of the fight, don`t panic and play stupid just because you found
a way to kill Gafgarion in the first round. You still have to go out and kill 7
enemies, all of which are capable of royally messing you up. For starters, have
Ramza`s crew collectively attack the closest Knight. With any luck, all three 
attacks will hit, and he`ll either be dead, or in critical condition. Either 
way, don`t let up on him once round 2 starts. Kill him. As for your weak side 
Calculators in round 2, send them after the Archer with the Crossbow (Poison 
Bow, I believe?). From this point, this battle will be the melee war from hell, 
and before you`re able to kill off all of the enemies down below, the three 
enemies from the top of the site WILL reach you. Here`s where things start to 
suck. You`re going to have to face off against a Hasted Knight or two, and 
you`ll possibly even have to deal with your own units getting blasted by those
infernal Time Mage spells, which can make or break the battle. The key to 
getting through this and winning this battle is to play it smart. By rushing 
at all of these enemies, they can easily kill you. By taking what they give you
and attacking the enemies closest to you, then retreating, on the other hand, 
is not only smart, but it creates a much-needed distance between you and the 
enemies. With this in mind, attack who you can, and with patience and luck (you
KNEW I was going to say it sooner or later), you`ll win.

The way I was able to win was to get Gafgarion out of the fight in the first 
round, followed by a quick kill on the Cross Bow Archer. From there, I was 
actually able to hit the other Archer twice. I didn`t kill her, but she was 
weakened enough so that another attack or two would have finished her off. From 
there, I got ready for the assault of the Knights by getting the jump on them, 
and ganging Ramza`s group up on a single Knight early. That Knight was put into 
critical, and thanks to the two panel attacks of the Battle Bamboo, that Knight 
could damage no one before running. This created a sort of 5 on 5 battle pitting
my team against the Time Mages, 2 Knights, and the other Archer. The combined 
efforts of 5 Calculators was soon far too much for one of the Knights to handle,
and soon died. My team, however, was weakening. I had to use this Knight`s 
corpse to guard against a deathblow to a criticalized Ramza. Soon after this, 
the Archer came forward to try and kill Ramza. The Wizard Mantle allowed Ramza 
to survive her attack, and he then killed the Archer himself. From there, it was
just a matter of winning the melee war, which was not hard at all with my 2 
panel attacks. The hard part of the battle, obviously, is killing Gafgarion, 
both Archers, and getting the enemies to the point where you`re in control of 
the fight.

That`s pretty much everything I can say about Golgorand. Good luck to you when 
you make it this far. And remember, you`re wearing mantles. The law of averages 
say that no matter how many times the enemies hit you, you will eventually get a
run at this battle where they miss everything. Furthermore, don`t underestimate 
the power of Damage Split. It allows you to take far more damage than you 
normally would, and it`s pretty much going to be responsible for all of your 
victories from here on in.

falcon`s suggestion is a good one for this fight. While in the Soldier Office 
at the beginning of the game, go for a female Pisces. When this battle rolls
around, you`ll be able to stick Wizard Robes on everyone, meaning that you
don`t have to waste a bunch of time going after Earth Clothes. Anyhoo, stick
your Pisces in the weak side formation. Gafgarion will go after her. One 
Damage Split and two attacks later, he`s dust. From there, everything pretty 
much plays out the same way.

   --- l. Gate of Lionel Castle ---

     Enemies: Gafgarion (Male Dark Knight), 3 Female Knights, 2 Male Archers, 1 
              Male Summoner
Enemy Levels: I know for a fact that Gafgarion is at level 18, at least. As for 
              the rest of the enemies, I`m pretty sure they aren`t at level 18 
              yet, but don`t quote me on that. Besides, it doesn`t really 
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 4.5/10

Before starting this battle, equip everyone with Rubber Shoes, and make sure you
throw your Earth Clothes on Ramza. The only thing that gives this battle a 
higher difficulty rating than necessary is the fact that you have to kill 
Gafgarion, which is a huge pain in the rear. We`ll get into that later, but 
first, let`s go deal with everyone else. With Rubber Shoes, the enemies can`t 
hurt you. In fact, with the lone exception of the Summoner and Gafgarion, they 
serve as nothing more than target practice. On the side of the battle featuring
your generic units, Damage Split the Summoner to death, and then have fun 
killing everything else. With any luck, you will be able to kill all of the 
Knights before Ramza hits the switch. With even MORE luck, they won`t break too 
much of your equipment in the process. 

Let`s just fast forward to the hard part of the battle, because the beginning 
stages are pure common sense and luck (again...). Ramza MUST be a Pisces to 
survive this fight. The damage he will take, even if every single Night Sword is
Damage Split, can easily put him in critical. Not only is he slow as molasses, 
but he will also be your lure later on when the time comes to actually kill 
Gafgarion. Either way, have your generics do their thing, and move Ramza towards
the switch as quickly as possible. Run Ramza out of the castle, but make sure 
that he is in range of Gafgarion at all times. Gafgarion`s AI is wierd in this 
battle. Unless he is in critical and needs to attack someone else to heal, he 
will ALWAYS attack Ramza. Use this to your advantage. Use Ramza as bait while 
your other Calculators surround Gafgarion and beat him to a pulp. With his 
evasion, of course, this could be hellish, but for the most part, you`re home 
free. Keep Ramza in range of Gafgarion, and Gafgarion will happily keep going 
after him until he dies. The reason I give this battle a 4.5 instead of 
something lower was because I had this ideal situation twice, and lost. Bad luck
sucks like that. Either way, once Gafgarion is gone once and for all, kill off 
the stragglers to win.

   --- m. Queklain ---

     Enemies: Queklain (Male Impure King)
Enemy Levels: Above 18, at least
Units to Use: Ramza + 4 Geminis
   Objective: Defeat Queklain
  Difficulty: 2/10

Depending on how well your battle at the castle`s gate went, this battle may or 
may not be a total breeze. If you have enough equipment so that everyone has 
Battle Bamboo, Green Berets, Wizard Robes, and Defense Rings, then you`re set. 
If not, you`ll have to make with what you have. Either way, this battle isn`t 
too tough. Keep in mind that Ramza`s positioning doesn`t matter in the following
PBF, because he will always start in the same place.


Seems easy enough, and it is. Queklain will nail your entire team with a Bio 3 
spell, which can be Damage Split for pretty good damage. When your first get the
opportunity to move, arrange your Calculators like so:


Have your 4 Gemini line up like this, while Ramza attacks Queklain from the 
right (Queklain`s left). Queklain will when target another Bio 3 spell on spot 
X. From there, the battle is a joke, no matter what happens. Attack him when you
are able, and he`ll fall.

falcon notes that even with the low Faith setup, Queklain still remains a joke,
so long as you have Defense Rings. The strategy relies a little more heavily
on Death Sentence, but whatever. It still works.

=== iii. Chapter 3: The Valiant ===

Hard as this challenge is, chapter 3 can be made to be one of the easiest 
stretches in the game. The level cap is 50, and some major equipment can be 
swiped from boxilized enemies. In fact, every strategy I write after the Lesalia
battle usually calls for Octagon Rods, Black Costumes, and Thief Hats. Getting 
this equipment will take the utmost patience, but it will pay off big time. As 
for the chapter itself, there are only two battles that pose major roadblocks, 
Yardow Fort City and the Weigraf/Velius battle. The latter was solved right at 
the beginning of the game in the soldier office (at least I hope so, for the 
sake of the player attempting the challenge), while Yardow is one of the hardest
battles in the gam for ANY SCC, and the aforementioned equipment is virtually 
necessary to win. 

Saturngohan notes that the word 'gam' should indeed be spelled 'gam'.

   --- a. Goland Coal City ---

     Enemies: 3 Female Thieves, 2 Male Chemists, 1 Male Mediator
Enemy Levels: Around the 18-20 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 3.5/10

Chapter 3 starts off nice and easy. As with any other SCC, the battle will be 
considerably easier if Olan is smart and uses Galaxy Stop early in the fight. If
it`s damned accurate, the fight gets even easier. And hell, 80% of your team is 
Female, which means little to no fear of Charm. Have you noticed the simplicity 
of the battle yet? Good. Run forward and kill stuff.

   --- b. Lesalia Imperial Capital ---

     Enemies: Zalmo (Male Holy Priest), 3 Male Knights, 2 Female Monks
Enemy Levels: Around the 19-21 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat Zalmo
  Difficulty: 3/10

The only reason that this battle gets a higher difficulty rating than a 1 is 
because Zalmo has the Elf Mantle equipped. Other than that, you will be treated 
to another joke that even you, the useless Calculator, can deal with with the 
extreme of ease. What you do is up to you, because there are loads of good 
methods of winning this fight. Charge forward, sit back, do whatever. Just make 
sure that you eventually go after and murder Zalmo, and while he`s charging if 
possible. Personally, I was lucky. I sat back on the little porch-like thing in
the back of the castle, and Zalmo happily came right at me. 

   --- c. Getting Necessary Equipment ---

We`ve reached the point in chapter 3 where we are about to forget about story 
battles for a very, very long time. There are not one, not two, but THREE 
different pieces of equipment that you need to get. And you`re not getting one 
of each, either. Your checklist for moving onward is a long one, as it involves 
getting a lot of items from tough-to-kill boxilized enemies:

5 Black Costumes, 5 Thief Hats, and 5 Octagon Rods

It`s tough. I won`t lie. It took me well over a week of nonstop play to get all
of that garbage, and my luck in doing so was insane. The basic idea here is to 
get into a random battle where an enemy or two will carry this stuff, kill that 
enemy, and wait for their treasure. In most fights I had, getting the treasure 
was a life or death situation, often resulting in me moving my last remaining 
Calculator to the treasure, picking it up, and barely killing the final enemy
before one of my characters crystallized. Hey, no one said this was easy. In 
fact, in many ways, this very task is what makes up the challenge for chapter 3.

Anyway, let`s get going. The first thing that you should get are the Black 
Costumes. After all, you`ve reached the point in the game where your Wizard 
Robes are simply not giving you the HP you need, and you need a big HP boost. 
Even moreso, you`ll need that HP boost if you plan on tackling enemies that are 
wearing Thief Hats. The best way to go about getting these Black Costumes is the
exact spot you picked up your Earth Clothes, at the Bariaus Hill random battle 
caused by entering from Lionel Castle. And much like when you got your Earth
Clothes before, reset until you get a winnable battle, and use the terrain to 
your advantage. Kill the Monk(s) as soon as possible, obviously, and pray that 
they drop their precious Black Costumes. Oddly enough, the odds of this aren`t 
too bad. After all, they only wear two pieces of equipment. Furthermore, use 
this chance to level up. The enemies need to be at level 45+ before they start 
carrying the other stuff that you need, so if you win one of these battles 
without getting a Black Costume, don`t sweat it and reset. Trust me, you`ll have
a TON of resets between getting everything else, trying to get the battles you 
need, and staying under the level cap in the process. Anyway, get your 5 Black 
Costumes. After that, get your entire team up to level 45, where the fun starts.

Save your game, and get yourself positioned on the Araguay Woods. Prepare to 
spend a LOT of time here. With your Black Costumes fully equipped, you must 
enter and re-enter Zirekile Falls from this destination. In Zirekile Falls, you 
will see a lone Oracle. That Oracle will be bearing the gifts of not only the 
Octagon Rod, but the Thief Hat as well. Then again, if too many enemies are 
present, you must reset until you get a winnable battle where you are able to 
kill that Oracle quickly, and then guard his treasure chest. Hopefully, he`ll 
drop his goods, and hopefully, you can rinse and repeat this process a whopping
ten times without tearing your own hair out. Remember, it took me well over a 
week to do this, and most, if not all, of the battles will have you hanging by a

It should be noted that though this is the only place where you can get the 
Octagon Rods, there ARE other places you can get Thief Hats. The problem is that
most of the enemies that carry them are hard to kill. Archers, most mages, and 
even Squires are not nice to Calculators. Still, if you wish to try your luck, I
have a decent list of other places to get Thief Hats.

   Bariaus Hill: Enter from Lionel Castle. I have actually seen Time Mages with 
                 Thief Hats. If you can get this regularly, then by all means, 
                 get the goods here. I had major issues, however, with the key 
                 word being REGULARLY in the above sentence.
  Araguay Woods: Archers can carry Thief Hats, and with them, they will do extra
                 damage to you, thanks to all of that extra speed. Good luck. 
                 Anyhoo, enter from Dorter Trade City.
Lenalia Plateau: I`m pretty sure that you can encounter Time Mages when entering
                 from Gariland Magic City. I may be wrong, however, and even if
                 I`m right, I had a hard time in trying to get Time Mages with 
                 Thief Hats. After all, I only saw it once.
Mandalia Plains: I KNOW one of those battles features Squires by this point in 
                 the game, but for the life of me, I can`t remember which 
                 entrance it is. If you get lucky, you may see Squires, but no 
                 Archers. Get even luckier, and those idiots will be sporting 
                 axes along with their trusty Thief Hats.

Anyway, do whatever you have to do to get all of the necessary items within the 
bounds of the SCC rules. And stick within the honor system, too. Sure, no one 
will know if you made everyone Thieves to get this task done, but it is BEYOND 
the cheap way out. Stick with your SCC Calculators, and get the items the hard 
way. You`ll be ever the more proud of yourself for doing so. Anyway, do you have
all of your items yet? You DID take off all of your EXP abilities while doing 
the latter part of the work, yes? We wouldn`t want to go over level 50, after 
all. Oh, one final thing to note. The easiest way to stay under the level cap 
while item hunting is to simply reset if you play through a battle without 
getting your desired item(s) in the battle. This is common sense, of course, but
I know all to well how common sense can go right out the window while doing this

One last note. Alma leaves the party once you enter Orbonne. Make absolutely 
sure that you strip her of her Red Shoes before this happens. Furthermore, DO 
NOT SELL the Red Shoes.
   --- d. Underground Book Storage Second Floor ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Lancers, 2 Male Time Mages, 1 Male Chemist
Enemy Levels: Around the 20-22 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 4.5/10

Yes, I`m aware that the difficulty rating is far lower than you would expect. I 
also know that you`re fully equipped with Octagon Rods, Black Costumes, and 
Thief Hats. Hell, at your current levels, you could easily ditch the Black 
Costumes for Wizard Robes (What? After all of that work?!), slap on Magic 
Gauntlets, and not miss a beat. Either way, this battle will be amazingly easy 
for you, and it`s the beginning of a damned good payoff after doing all of the 
work necessary to make this battle so easy in the first place.

PBF: ##CC#

With that PBF, the enemies can`t do anything to you in the first round at all. 
After their initial moves, kindly waltz forward and start killing things. With 
the Octagon Rod/Wizard Robe/Magic Gauntlet combo, you can do 120 damage at 
neutral compatibility. If you ditch the Wizard robes for the Black Costumes you 
worked so hard for, your HP will be such that the enemies have little chance to 
actually kill you before you kill them. Either way, run forward and slice your 
way through the enemies. Trust me, it`ll be easy, because your ONLY challenges 
are Lancer evasion and bad luck with Damage Split. Granted, those can cause big 
problems, but it`s better than facing Adramelk with the God almighty P Bags...

Have fun with this battle. You deserve it. I mean, damn, the Chemist has no gun 
in this battle after TWO Chemists had them at Goland. Such a horrid imbalance.

falcon notes that the above PBF can be altered slightly. Take the Calculator 
all the way on the left in the picture, and move her down one panel, and right
one panel.

   --- e. Underground Book Storage Third Floor ---

     Enemies: Izlude (Male Knight Blade), 2 Male Archers, 2 Male Knights, 1 Male
Enemy Levels: Around the 21-23 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter. Yes, I`m aware that there`s a 
              Summoner in this battle.
   Objective: Defeat Izlude
  Difficulty: 1.5/10

I`ve been called crazy by more than a few players who claim that Izlude is far 
harder than he truly is. I maintain, however, that he`s a total wuss. When you 
have the strategy for preventing him from jumping on your head down to a 
science, you have to have some damned bad luck to lose. As for your equipment, 
make it easy on yourself, just like in the last battle. Go with the Octagon 
Rods, Thief Hats, Black Costumes/Wizard Robes, and Germinas Boots. From there, 
you simply cannot lose.


I`m aware that the actual area of the max PBF is larger than this, but this is 
the only section you`ll ever have to worry about. The enemies will all get the 
first actions. One of them may even be able to hit you. Don`t panic. This battle
is a complete joke, and the ONLY thing that kept it from being a 1 is the fact 
that Izlude has evasion on three sides. Anyway, it`s now your turn, and you`re 
undoubtedly wondering just what in the blue hell that PBF means in English. 
Fine, I`ll explain it to you. 

    R = Ramza`s starting point
    C = Generic Calculator starting points
    W = Wall
    A = Wall
X/Y/Z = I`ll get into those in a moment

With your turn, move one Calculator to panel X, one Calculator to panel Y, and 
your other three to panels labeled A. Take note that the panels labeled A are
on top of the wall. You are now in perfect position. With the enemy`s next set 
of turns, Izlude will waltz over to panel Z and physically attack the unit 
sitting on panel Y. The other enemies will do nothing of note. You can now 
surround and beat the holy hell out of Izlude.

falcon notes that stick have a height range of 4, so you can easily attack 
Izlude while on the wall. Furthermore, one of your Calculators should get a 
Summon targetted onto her. Use some common sense and slap her on the wall. 
She`ll be the only one taking damage.

   --- f. Underground Book Storage First Floor ---

     Enemies: Wiegraf (Male Holy Knight), 2 Female Archers, 2 Female Knights, 1 
              Female Wizard
Enemy Levels: Around the 22-24 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat Wiegraf
  Difficulty: 2/10

Wiegraf is an absolute pimp. This is now the second battle you have against him,
and again, he has loads of female support. And the one exception, Boco, was 
found alone in the Araguay Woods. And when you see Wiegraf later on in Riovanes,
you see a bunch of dead MALE Knights littering the battlefield before the fight.
That goes to show you that if you are not a blonde-haired girl with something to
offer him, then you will simply die. That`s his big secret. That`s why he went 
nuts after contracting Velius. Rather than being the sexy girl he had hoped for,
Velius turned out to be a big, ugly ram. What`s the use in that? Wiegraf 
couldn`t handle this, and he went nuts. End of story in terms of why Wiegraf 
went crazy.

Oh, as for the battle at hand, it only gets a difficulty rating of 2 because of 
the Elf Mantle, and getting through it has nothing to do with skill whatsoever. 
It`s all luck. Surprise, surprise. To put yourself in the best position, slap on
those Black Costumes/Germinas Boots again.

PBF: R#~

No matter what Wiegraf does to you (notice that he will tend to go after your 
female units... I WONDER WHY??), he will get massively Damage Split, and the 
fight will then become a joke. Jump to his location, position yourself well, and
attack him 5 times. In all likelihood, you won`t need that many attacks, but he 
DOES have the Elf Mantle. Moving onward...

Oh, and falcon would like to remind you all that Black Costumes negate Stop.

   --- g. Grog Hill ---

     Enemies: 2 Male Squires, 2 Male Chemists, 1 Male Archer, 1 Female Thief
Enemy Levels: Around the 23-25 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 3/10

Make sure you stick with your trusty Octagon Rod/Thief Hat/Black 
Costume/Germinas Boots combination for this fight. You`ll have loads of hit 
points, and your jump of 4 will allow you to easily reach the enemies before 
they`re able to do much harm. Granted, you`re dealing with Chemists, but once 
they get into the mode of having to heal their comrades, you`ll be fine. The 
first enemy you come across will almost always be the Thief. You`d think that if
a girl was to surround herself with 5 guys, they`d be high-class. Anyway, kill 
her. From there, you`ll honestly be amazed as to how easy this fight can be for
you. Advance, and kill things. Once this battle is over, go and level up to 50,
which is the cap. Afterwards, make SURE to take off your EXP abilities. You`re 
about to fight 5 battles at level 50, and for four of them, you`ll need every 
advantage you can get. The joke part of chapter 3 has officially come to a 
close. The challenge, my friends, starts right now. 

*ominous music plays*

   --- h. Yardow fort City---

     Enemies: Malak (Male Hell Knight), 3 Male Ninjas, 2 Female Summoners
Enemy Levels: Around the 24-26
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Save Rafa (lovely....)/Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 9.5/10

Why, do you ask, does this battle not see the perfect 10 difficulty rating? The 
damage you can cause. You have some very good equipment WELL before you`re 
supposed to, and it will win you this fight. Later in this game, when you face a
few perfect 10 battles, you don`t have this luxury. But we`ll worry about that 
later. For now, we have a HUGE problem on our hands, and this battle can cause 
resets before it even starts.

Check the battlefield. If Malak has a Jump of 5, reset. If any of the Ninjas 
have Elemental as their secondary skill, reset. If either of the Summoners have 
Time Magic as their secondary skill, reset. Sure, you may be resetting before 
fighting more than a few times, but you`ll save yourselves some certain 
headaches. When you get a battle that fits all of these requirements, however, 
you still have it rough. Ninjas and Summoners are the two deadliest generics in 
the game, after all. Anyhoo, give yourself a good advantage with your 
positioning right from the start. Furthermore, you`ll want to equip Octagon 
Rods, Thief Hats, Black Costumes, and Magic Gauntlets.

PBF: #~~

The above reasons for resetting from the start, as well as this PBF, is the best
advice for starting this battle that I can offer. Now, to the battle itself. 
With the enemy`s first round of turns, Rafa and Malak will take their usual 
first actions, the Ninjas will line up in a row of three, and the Summoners will
do nothing but move. Should one of the Ninjas jump on the wall and throw 
something at you, by the way, reset. If all goes well, two of the Ninjas will 
attack Rafa, and nothing catastrophic will occur. Your following course of 
action depends solely on whether or not Rafa knows Move +1, because she`ll be 
standing on two different panels, depending on whether or not she knows the 

If Rafa does not have Move +1: ~CC

          If Rafa has Move +1: CCCC

R and C stand for Ramza and Calculators, as usual, while K stands for Rafa. 
After moving to your necessary locations, have everyone Wait. Malak and Rafa`s 
spells will both go off, and it`s go time for the enemies. All three Ninjas will
move forward, and with the utmost luck (you were wondering when I`d use that 
word in this battle`s strategy, didn`t you? DIDN`T YOU??), Rafa will survive. 
Malak and the Summoners will do nothing, though if the Ninjas are weakened after
Rafa`s initial attack against them, expect to see a Moogle or two. 

If everything has gone well up to this point (it will take a LOT of luck for 
everything I mentioned to actually happen; just be patient), Rafa will currently
be alive, and you`ll have the opportunity to attack the two closest Ninjas with
all 5 of your Calculators. Attack each Ninja from the side twice, which will 
usually kill them. Furthermore, you`ll want to have a weakened Calculator stand 
AT the entrance, but not IN the entrance. Lastly, if possible, keep Ramza the
hell away from those Summoners. You have one round to get all of this right, so 
take your time and plan out the moves you will make before you make them. If 
done correctly, you`ll wind up with two dead Ninjas, Calculator temporarily 
blocking the entrance, and Ramza at low risk for massive summon damage. What`s 
better is that Rafa will have one final turn to move as far away as possible. 

The enemies will now get their turns. The Ninja, for all intents and purposes, 
will kill the Calculator at the entrance. As for Malak and the two Summoners, we
can only hope that they don`t do too much damage to you. From here, it is a 
full-out offensive at the remaining enemies. Take care, however, NOT to screw 
everything up with your next set of turns. Move one of your Calculators two 
panels in front of the Ninja at the entrance to attack him, but do NOT block him
in with everyone else. The idea here is to attack him once, have everyone else
wait, then rush the fort when the Ninja comes out. Prepare to do so. The Ninja 
will happily come out to attack you, and with any luck, he won`t kill anyone. 
From here, finish him off, and rush everyone else at Malak and the Summoners. 
With any luck (by the end of this FAQ, you will tire of me starting sentences 
with those three words), you`ll be able to catch one, or both, of the Summoners 
mid-charge. With your current setup, it can easily be a one shot kill. As for 
Malak, it`s stick damage against stick damage, and you don`t have to completely
kill him to get him out of the fight. 

That`s pretty much all I can say about this fight. Even with everything I know, 
it`s blatantly obvious that it will take a load of luck and patience, as well as
repetition and resetting to get things the way you need them to be in the first 
place, to win this fight in the end. When you do, and you will, do yourself a 
favor and take a quick break from this challenge. Even if it`s just an hour or
two, you could use one after the hell that was that battle.

   --- i. Yuguo Woods ---

     Enemies: 2 Female Undead Time Mages, 2 Male Undead Wizards, 1 Ghoul, 1 
              Gust, 1 Revenant
Enemy Levels: The humans will be in the range of 25-27, while I`m 99% sure that 
              the monsters will share your level
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 4/10

A nice, easy battle. You need it, too, because between Yardow and Riovanes, you 
NEED a break. Reflect Rings are buyable if you want them. Anyways, there isn`t 
much strategy for this battle. Keep Ramza away from the mages as long as you 
can, and kill things. Even if your luck is horrid, the battle isn`t all that 
bad. The only reason its difficulty rating is a bit up there is because of 
Ramza`s Faith, and the levels on those ghosts. Other than that, this battle 
poses little to no threat at all.

   --- j. Pre-Riovanes Checklist ---

I know it`s common sense by now, but before going to Riovanes, make ABSOLUTELY 
SURE that you have everything you need, and make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you create
a backup save before going in. You don`t want to make it this far and get railed
in the worst of ways. Anyways, make sure that, aside from the equipment you have
already, that you go out and buy at least 4 P Bags. These weapons will be your 
best friend in a few upcoming chapter 4 battles, as well as your best friend in 
the very next fight you get into. Furthermore, make sure everyone is at level 
50, especially the 5 units that you will be bringing into the Velius battle. 
Lastly, go out and buy 5 sets of Sprint Shoes. You will need them very quickly.
You should have more than enough money for all of this. 

Once you`re ready, create two save files for your current state of affairs, and 
get rolling.

   --- k. Gate of Riovanes ---

     Enemies: Malak (Male Hell Knight), 3 Male Knights, 3 Female Archers
Enemy Levels: Around the 26-28 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 6.5/10

This battle isn`t too bad. It just takes awhile. If you try doing this battle 
normally, you`ll soon notice that the Archers can hit you from too far away, 
that you`re still too slow, and that you need to heal. Know what this means? 
We`ve reached the first battle that sees religious use of P Bags! This will also
be the beginning of a pattern in these types of fights. Your female units have P
Bags, and the Regen status that goes with it, while Ramza is stuck with the 
Octagon Rod, and will usually find himself running around finishing off 
everything that Damage Split couldn`t get to first. This works like a charm, but
it is a huge pain to actually do. Anyway, to prepare for this battle, first deal
with Rafa. Equip her with nothing but an Elf Mantle, leave her in her Heaven 
Knight class, and give her nothing but her primary Action Ability and Defend. 
This will cause the enemies to have a rough time with her in the beginning of 
the battle, which gives Ramza`s formation time to run from the Archers. As for 
Ramza and his crew, equip everyone with P Bags, Thief Hats, Black Costumes, and 
Sprint Shoes. Ramza, obviously, must equip the Octagon Rod rather than a P

The battle begins. As mentioned previously, Rafa will give Ramza`s crew ample 
time to get away from the Archers. Do so. As for the rest of the fight, it`ll 
take a long time, but if you play it smart, you`ll gave little trouble. Stay in 
the back-left corner, and let a Knight or two go after your team. You`ll find 
that with Damage Split, Regen, and the enemies spreading out their attacks over 
multiple units, the actual damage you take is very small. The only way you`ll 
take any real damage is if either the enemies gang up on someone, or Ramza gets
hit. In either case, you have 5 units, and you should we well-adept in using any
means necessary to use healthy units as human shields to protect weaker units. 
And in the case of P Bags, you can begin one hell of a cycle where you keep the 
weak back, let them heal, and then reverse the positioning of your team. This 
strategy works WONDERS in this fight. After what will seem like an eternity of 
Damage Splits and Regen, a few enemies should start weakening. They simply can`t
do enough damage without ganging up on you to actually kill anyone, so 
eventually, you`ll be in complete control of the fight. Allow Ramza to start 
killing enemies, but don`t let him wander too far off, because unlike everyone 
else, he cannot take a theoretical infinite amount of damage in this fight. 
Simply use him to kill a close enemy if possible, and then pull him back. 
With a lot of patience, the three closest Knights will eventually fall. Hell, 
even P Bag damage can add up to greatly aid you in this fight. From there, hang 
back until you`re good and healed enough to finish off the Archers. With any 
luck (here we go again...), one or two of them will have horrid compatibility 
with your team, ad the collective damage done to you will completely suck.

falcon came up with a beautiful Rafa setup, just in case you want the enemies 
to pretty much never be able to hit her. Give her the P Bag, Diamond Shield,
Circlet, Diamond Armor, and your highest level mantle. Make sure the only
skill she knows is Defend. The enemies will waste a ton of turns going after
her, which stretches the battle out, which favors you.

   --- l. Wiegraf/Velius ---

     Enemies: Wiegraf (Male Holy Knight), Velius (Unisexual Warlock), 3 Archaic
Enemy Levels: Around 30 (I THINK that Velius` level is 35, but don`t quote me
              on that)
Units To Use: Ramza, maybe? It`s not like you`re able to use anyone else for 
              the first part of the battle. As for your other four units, did 
              you not catch my rant? You need those 40-41 Faith girls for this
   Objective: Defeat Wiegraf/Defeat Velius
  Difficulty: 10/10

Ah, the infamous Riovanes fight.. After doing a few SCCs, you`ll soon realize 
that Wiegraf is a total pansy. Hell, even a battle where you`re using a 
Calculator isn`t all that bad with the right setup. As for Velius, well, he`s a
different story. You spent all of that time in the soldier office for a reason,
and this battle is it. Oh, and I`m aware that the actual difficulty of this 
battle is not truly a ten. It gets that rating due to all the preparation needed
to win the fight in the first place.

               Formation 1: 1~

              Formation 2: 23~~

        Ramza`s Equipment: Octagon Rod
                           Thief Hat
                           Black Costume/Earth Clothes
                           Germinas Boots

Calculators Labeled 1/2/3: Octagon Rod
                            Thief Hat
                            Wizard Robe
                            Sprint Shoes

     Calculator Labeled 4: Octagon Rod
                           Thief Hat
                           Wizard Robe
                           Red Shoes

With all of that in place, this battle becomes very doable. For the Wiegraf 
duel, you have a Pisces Ramza. Lightning Stab will do all of 70 points of 
damage, and with enough luck in getting through Wiegraf`s evasion, as well as
enough luck with Damage Split working, Wiegraf will fall. The only real issue
here comes with Ramza`s armor slot. The Black Costume is the better choice, 
obviously. Your HP will rival Wiegraf, and you`ll have a small window of error
for all the luck you need. The issue with the Black Costume is that Velius will
most likely cast Titan to kill Ramza, and NOT Cyclops. This can cause some big 
issues, but the battle against Velius is still winnable. The other option, Earth
Clothes, will obviously cause Velius not to use Titan. He`ll try to kill Ramza
with either Lich or Cyclops. The catch is that the duel becomes slightly harder,
and you have little room for error. The choice is yours, of course. Keep in mind
that if you read my SCC updates on the board, you saw that I won the battle with
Velius casting Titan. This is all well and good, but did you notice the 
well-timed critical hit in that battle? Personally, I`d force your way through
the Weigraf duel with the Earth Clothes, and then pray for Velius to use Cyclops
later. If, however, he won`t cast Cyclops, then you`re forced to go with the
Black Costume on Ramza, and then you must pray that enough damage gets done to
Velius with titan getting Damage Split, and not Cyclops. It`s rough either way,
obviously, but the better choice is the Black Costume. It makes both fights 
easier if all goes well. 

Anyway, kill Wiegraf. MAKE SURE that the battle ends with Wiegraf getting Damage
Split, so that you can use the CT glitch at the beginning of the Velius battle.
Once Velius enters, it`s Ramza`s turn. Move him 3 panels back, and 1 panel to 
the right. Have him wait. Velius will then come rumbling down and charge a fatal
spell on Ramza. Without Earth Clothes, he will charge Titan. With them, he will
charge either Lich or Cyclops. It should be noted that Ramza will be able to get
an extra turn in to move later on.

It is now time for your Sprint Shoes-laden Calculators to attack. Move 
Calculator 1 directly behind Velius and poke him for 180 damage. Calculator 2
will have to poke Velius in the face from 2 panels away, for another 180 points
of damage. As for your Calculator 3, the last with Sprint Shoes, she goes to
Velius` right and inflicts another 180 points of damage. You`re halfway home, 
and the enemies haven`t even hurt you yet. After the Archaic Demons take their 
turns, it`s time for your last two Calculators to attack. Have Calculator 4, the
one with the Red Shoes, walk right in front of Velius and poke him in the face
for 192 points of damage. As for Ramza, throw him to the spot on Velius` left, 
which you will NEED the Germinas Boots to get to. Poke Velius for 84 points of
damage. Finally, Velius` spell will go off. If it is Cyclops, 2-3 Damage Splits
is a guaranteed kill. If it is either Titan or Lich, depending on your equipment
and luck, and Velius does NOT die from Damage Split, don`t panic. He`ll be very
close to death, and one or two more attack will easily do him in.

Much, MUCH thanks to NeoElfboy for help with this battle. In the original 
Calculator topics, he designed a pretty good Calculator strategy, and look, it
worked. A good 95% of this section, at least, was designed by him. All I really
did was put his work into effect at my house. Without the aid of NeoElfboy for
this battle, I seriously doubt I would have beaten the thing. 

falcon would also like to lick the sand off of NeoElfboy`s boots for this 
strategy. He also managed this battle with Gokuu Rods and perfect Damage Split

   ---  m. Roof of Riovanes Castle ---

     Enemies: Elmdor (Male Arc Knight), Celia (Female Assassin), Lede (Female 
Enemy Levels: Around the 29-31 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat Elmdor (all you truly have to do is criticilize any enemy
              on the map)
  Difficulty: 8/10

This battle, like many others, depends solely on luck. Thankfully, it`s a short
battle, so even if you lose, it doesn`t take too long to try again.

      PBF: CCC~R

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Wizard Robe
           Sprint Shoes

I won because before I could even move, one, or both, of the Assassins charged
Ultima on Ramza. From there, I just moved him right in front of Lede, then 
attacked her mid-charge. One redirected Ultima then killed her. Yes, the battle
was that easy for me, but the battle still gets such a high difficulty rating
due to the fact that it`s entirely luck based.

=== iv. Chapter 4: Someone to Love ===

You just finished three chapters of one of the single hardest video game 
challenges ever made. Well, I wouldn`t go that far, but in the realm of FFT, it
may be the hardest doable challenge that involves a human party. Either way, you
are probably feeling pretty good about yourself. I mean, after all, you just
conquered Yardow Fort City, Velius, and the Rooftop battle. You SHOULD feel good
about yourself after all that. The problem, however, is that chapter 4 is a 
total world of its own. See, in chapter 3, you have equipment that was very 
advanced, and the enemies couldn`t do much of anything about it. In chapter 4,
however, around the middle of it, your equipment is no longer such that the
enemies won`t be able to take you on. Furthermore, there is a ton, and I mean a
TON, of leveling down, then up, down, then up, all throughout this chapter. 
You also have to deal with zodiac demons that simply do not care that you need a
break. Adramelk and Altima, most notably, can really mess you up. Oh, and have I
mentioned that you`ll virtually HAVE to level up to 99 in the final series of
battles to be able to beat the game in the first place? Granted, I`m sure it`s
possible to beat the final series under level 99, but I wouldn`t recommend it.
Hell, in the Rofel battle, even at level 99 with full HP, a character with Good
compatibility with Rofel will BARELY be able to survive one of his Divine 
Swordskills. And if you try to counteract this by using your Gemini, the high 
Faith of both you and the mages will do you in. This chapter is HARD. I kid you
not. In doing this chapter alone, I found the time to play all the way through
Final Fantasy 5, all the way through Final Fantasy 6, and I found a load of 
extra hours for Super Smash Brothers: Melee. I needed those breaks, because
trying to figure out some of these battles had me going nuts. Granted, there are
a few battles that remain as jokes, but they are few and far between. Take all
of the confidence you have from the first three chapters and throw it out the
window, because chapter 4 is a whole new world for your Calculators.

   --- a. Doguola Pass ---

     Enemies: 1 Male Knight, 2 Male Wizards, 2 Male Lancers, 1 Male Archer
Enemy Levels: Around the 30-32 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 6.5/10

Okay, the first fight isn`t THAT bad. Just remember your Sprint Shoes. Start 
everyone to the front of the PBF, and with your first turns, send everyone to 
the top. Once there, take out the closest Wizard. Now comes the tough part. You 
don`t want to fight both Lancers at the same time, so while you`re going after
the Archer, try to clog up the ledge that the mid-level Lancers use to jump up
to where you are. If done correctly, you`ll have the Archer and a Lancer 
isolated. Kill them both as quickly as possible, and do remember to get in your
attacks on the Lancer in from behind whenever possible. By the time you are done
killing those two, the rest of the enemies will undoubtedly reach you. With any
luck, you`ll have enough left in the tan to win. A good percentage on Damage 
Split won`t hurt, either. Oh, and it won`t kill you if you decide to reset until
the Knight has Defend. He will use it with every turn until he can reach you, 
which will give you plenty of time to kill half of the enemies before taking 
more damage.

falcon would like to point out that you can equip Magic Gauntlets and win this 
fight. Being so slow, redirecting spells is easy. Plus you get to cause more 

   --- b. Bervenia Free City ---

     Enemies: Meliadoul (Female Divine Knight), 2 Female Archers, 2 Female
              Summoners, 1 Female Ninja
Enemy Levels: Around the 30-32 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Meliadoul
  Difficulty: 4.5/10

This battle isn`t all that hard. The only issues are Meliadoul`s evasion, and 
the fact that she can break some of your hard-earned equipment. It is more than
possible, however, to win this battle with buyable hats and armor. Furthermore,
if you happened to pick up a Flash Hat or two while hunting for Thief Hats way
back in chapter 3, now is the time to use them. They are quite expendable. 
Keep in mind, however, that Meliadoul can cause around 160 points of damage with
one of her attacks, so if you have to level up a bit, do so.


      R = Ramza
      H = The house near your starting point
1/2/3/4 = Calculators

Before this battle even starts, check to see if either the Ninja or Meliadoul
have any means of extra movement. If they do, then reset. They both need to go
to very exact spots if you want a reliable method of attacking Meliadoul 5 times
in this fight. Finally, after the enemies do their thing, it`ll be your turn.
Have Calculator 1 move forward three panels, Calculator 2 move right three 
panels, Calculator 3 Wait on the spot, and Calculator 4 move to the bottom-right
corner. Lastly, Ramza should simply Wait on the spot. The enemies will then all
get attacks on you. If everyone survives, then you will then be able to attack
Meliadoul 5 times. Have Ramza and Calculator 1 attack her in the face, have
Calculators 2 and 3 nail her from her left side, and lastly, have Calculator 4
hit her from behind. If everything connects, you win.

   --- c. Leveling Down ---

You already know how to level up just fine. The problem with this challenge is
that you must level down, then up, multiple times. Finath River, Zalera, and 
Zalbag are pure hell at high levels, and I`d put money on those fights being 
absolutely impossible in that state. As such, you need to level down. Prepare a
nice snack and get comfortable, because it will take quite awhile. You CAN, 
however, avoid leveling down altogether before Finath River. All you really
need to do is reset until you get the 5 Yellow Chocobo, 1 Uribo battle. And from
there, if pretty much all of the enemies have very low Brave, you might be able
to win if Damage Split is perfect. I would high advise against this, however. I
went through this hell, and it can easily be viewed as one of my hardest 
battles ever, because in an attempt to satisfy the above conditions, the battle
itself took me around a week to win.

For those that are willing to level down before this fight, the best place to go
is most like Zekalus Desert. Reset until you get a winnable fight with few
enemies, then break for the Degenerator trap. As for the entrance that puts you
closest to the trap, I`m pretty sure it`s from Goland, but don`t quote me on 
that. Either way, break for the trap, and begin moving your team on and off of
it while fighting off the enemies. Stretch the battle out as long as you 
possibly can, and then end the fight by killing the final enemy or two. Don`t
slack with your equipment, either, because even a relatively weak enemy team can
do decent damage to you. With any luck, you`ll be able to drop a decent amount
of levels on two or more Calculators before the fight ends. Now all you really
need to do is to save your game, then do it all over again. Considering that the
next battle is Finath River, which I never bothered leveling down for (suicide
on my part), I wouldn`t be able to tell you a target level to get your team to.
Personally, if I had to do it all over again, I`d level down to 1, just to get
revenge on the bastards. Level 35, however, seems like a pretty decent point.
You get to keep your level 35 speed point (duh..), and when the time comes to
level back up again, the process won`t be too bad. 

Remember, this can be a pretty long task, considering the job class you`re in.
Don`t make yourself go crazy over it. Level down for an hour or two, then take
a break to do something else with your life, and then come back to the task when
you`re good and energized. When you finally have all nine members of your team
to the point you want them at, fit everyone with Octagon Rods, Thief Hats, 
Wizard Robes, and Magic Gauntlets. 

   --- d. Finath River ---

     Enemies: Varies. The most number of Red Chocobos you`ll ever see is 4. The 
              most number of Black Chocobos you`ll ever see is 1. The most 
              number of Yellow Chocobos you`ll ever see is 6. Lastly, the 
              occasional Uribo will pop up in the middle of the map every now 
              and then. As for the locations of all of these enemies, it`s wierd
              to explain. The panel where the Black Chocobo can show up will 
              ONLY house either a Black Chocobo, or a Yellow Chocobo. The Black 
              Chocobo will never show up anywhere else. As for the Uribo in the 
              middle of the map, that spot is the ONLY place you`ll ever see a 
              Uribo. I`m also 99% sure that there are two panels, the Black
              Chocobo`s plus one other, where you will never see a Red Chocobo
              show up. For the life of me, I can`t remember the second, but I
              promise that you`ll never see a Red Chocobo on the panel where you
              can usually see a black one show up. You pick up a lot of 
              technical information about the starting spots of the enemies when
              you lose here as much as I did.
Enemy Levels: Equal to yours, obviously. That`s why you leveled down.
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: As hard as you want it to be. The higher your level, the harder
              the battle becomes. Hopefully, your levels are nice and low.

Depending on how much work you put into leveling down, this section will be
pretty useless to you. At low levels, the chocobos can do very little in the way
of actually hurting you, because even at those levels, you have some pretty high
HP with those sporty Thief Hats. The main thing to note is to start everyone as
far forward in the PBF as possible. After surviving the initial attacks from the
enemies, just run forward and start killing things. Again, if your level is low,
you have a great chance to overpower the enemies. If not, you may be forced to
reset until you get the 5 Yellow Chocobo, 1 Uribo fight. Even then, you can 
still lose. Do yourself a favor and level down before this fight. If you don`t
want to level down to a target point, then alternate. Level down 5 levels, then
try to win the fight. If it`s too hard, then drop 5 more levels. Repeat this
until you win. This battle`s difficulty rests ENTIRELY on what level your team
is, which not only makes the battle very unique, but it says something about the
power of a well-controlled team of chocobos. Little can be said about actual
specifics in this battle, save one final note. No matter WHAT level you`re at, 
Calculators have a very hard time just hitting Red Chocobos, let alone killing
them. Do yourself a favor and reset until you`re only going against one of them,
or two at the very most.

falcon815 suggests levelling down to 38. You get to keep valuable speed and MA
points this way, which should give you just barely enough to finish off the
Chocobos without too many problems. On a personal note, however, don`t be like
falcon815 here and try to extend the lifespan of Gokuu Rods. Get those Octagon
Rods back when I told you to, because they make your life far easier. On 
another personal note, this is the first falcon815 contribution that I`ve put
in the FAQ itself. It may be in an odd place, but this is the first one I
remembered off of the top of my head. Sue me. Expect many more falcon815
contributions in future FAQ updates, as he will soon be only the second man
to complete the Calculator SCC.

Chococid suggests resetting until getting as many Black Chocobos as possible. 
Too bad you can never get more than one, eh buddy? ~_^

   --- e. Zeltennia ---

     Enemies: Zalmo (Male Holy Priest), 3 Male Knights, 2 Male Oracles
Enemy Levels: Around the 31-33 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat Zalmo
  Difficulty: 1/10

If you`re honestly worried about this battle, then go and level up. Delita 
shares your level, and if you`re at an insanely high level, he will be, too. You
might as well go off and gain a few levels, anyway, because you`re stuck 
leveling back up before the next battle, anyway. 

As for the fight itself, is it EVER hard? Sit back and watch Delita work. You
can help him, too, if you want. It doesn`t really matter. These enemies are such
losers that you`d probably have to kill Delita just to get a decent challenge 
out of this fight. Sit back and enjoy yourself for what is undoubtedly the
easiest battle in chapter 4.

   --- f. Leveling Back Up ---

After Zeltennia, you`ll need to level back up again. Bed Desert is a tough 
battle, and it`s purely based on numbers and luck. The ENTIRE battle will 
involve taking damage from Balk with your Gemini, who have Best compatibility
with him, then throwing half of the damage back with Damage Split. You will need
some pretty high HP to be able to do this. Furthermore, Bethla Garrison houses
two of the hardest battles in the game for Calculators. What to do, you ask?
Well, for starters, you need to pump up those levels. Personally, I`d go all the
way up to level 69. I went through absolute hell with the first battle at Bethla
Garrison, and at the Sluice, I got so lucky that it was sick. The big reason for
this difficulty was a total lack of speed, and level 69 will give you a speed
point. This MAY allow you to ditch Sprint Shoes at Bethla`s South Wall in favor
of Dracula Mantles, but that`s for you to decide. Personally, I think the choice
is obvious. The ONLY way I could win that fight was with Sprint Shoes. At level
69, you won`t need Sprint Shoes, and you can make the battle far easier on 
yourself with evasion. The problem is that at level 69, you may wind up taking
one extra set of Poison damage at Bed Desert, which can really ruin your day.
Personally, I`d recommend leveling up to 68 for Bed Desert. If you feel that
the battle is too hard to win without the speed point, then knock yourself out
and go get the thing. Either way, I`m a living example of why you should most
definitely go out and get that speed point before Bethla Garrison, because I
made things SO much harder on myself than they should have been. I REALLY wish I
would have gotten the speed point naturally, then gone with Dracula Mantles for
some evasion. Things would have been so much easier.

Either way, the choice, ultimately, is yours. Do what you will. When you`ve
decided on your course of action, get ready for Bed Desert, and get a move on.
Oh, if someone makes it here and feels like testing how many pulses of Poison
damage you`ll receive at the two different speeds, please e-mail me. As a final
note, I beat Bed Desert at around the level 55 range. I also was ridiculously
lucky in doing this battle, as an AI flaw was the only thing that won it for me.
In looking back on everything, I wish I had leveled up to 68-69 for Bed Desert,
because things would have been far easier. Either way, I`m done rambling. On
with the strategies.

   --- g. Bed Desert ---

     Enemies: Balk (Male Engineer), 2 Male Knights, 2 Male Archers, 1 Male 
Enemy Levels: Balk is at level 35. I`m 100% sure of this. Everyone else is 
              around the 32-34 range. There MAY be some enemies above level 35,
              but I don`t think it shows up with any regularity as of yet. I do
              know, however, that there are pre-set enemies inside of Bethla
              Garrison at level 35, with shiny speed points. All the more reason
              for you to level way up by this point.
Units to Use: This is the time for your 4 Gemini to shine
   Objective: Defeat Balk
  Difficulty: 9/10

Take one note before reading this section. I`m not 100% sure what happens in 
terms of the flow of the battle if you level up to 69. I`m sure my strategy will
still work, but there may be differences in terms of how much Poison damage you
will take, as well as how much HP you will receive from Regen in the fight from
the P Bags that I severely hope you have equipped. For this reason, I suggest
trying the battle at level 68, and getting to 69 ONLY if you are 100% stuck. 
Remember, my strategy was written for a team without that level 69 speed point.
Then again, I was wearing Sprint Shoes. You can happily level to 69, then ditch
the Sprint Shoes for the accessory of your choice should you desire the same 
speed I had.

      PBF: C~~~

Equipment: P Bag (Ramza keeps the Octagon Rod)
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Sprint Shoes (expendable at level 69)

For starters, reset until none of the enemies have Item as a secondary ability.
You do not want Balk getting healed in this battle at all. Secondly, take 
Damage Split off of Ramza. Ramza`s positioning doesn`t matter, because he will 
always start in the same spot. At the beginning of the battle, Balk will attack 
a Calculator, and take at least 91 points of damage. It will be more if a higher
level Ice spell goes off when he hits you. Have Ramza move forward two panels 
and Wait, while the other Calculators move as far left as they can. Have them 
all attack the thin air. If all goes well, Balk will kill the Calculator he shot
with his first turn. From here, move Ramza to Balk`s left and have him attack. 
Though the attack will only cause 36 points of damage, this will eliminate the
need for you to Damage Split an Ice 2 spell to eventually kill Balk. Without
Damage Split equipped, the generics will surely kill Ramza before Balk can. This
is a good thing, because Balk will start going after your last three Calculators
before the generics get too close, and they`re all pretty healthy. As for what
to do with them with their second actions, move them left, and have them attack
the air again. This will hopefully use up enough CT so that they only take 2-3 
pulses of Poison damage. At this point in the battle, with two dead Calculators
already, it comes down to pure luck. You have three healthy units, and Balk only
needs to take three more Damage Splits to die. With none of the enemies having
Item equipped, the task becomes much easier. Run around, stay as far away from
the generics as you can, and Wait over and over, to Regen as much HP as you can.
With any luck, you`ll win this battle without too many problems. It will, 
however, take a ton of luck for that to happen. 

You know how I won this fight? I was down to my last Calculator, who practically
had full HP. Balk shot her for 182, and took 91 points of damage. A Knight then
gave him a Potion, which gave him a total of 90 HP. He`d still die from another
Damage Split, but this occurrence is the very reason I recommend resetting until
none of the enemies have Item. Anyway, a Wizard then charged Fire 4 on my last
remaining unit. She would have survived by less than 5 HP, and because of this,
Balk shot her again. She took 182 points of damage, Damage Split went off, and
Balk died. 

When Balk shot her the final time, guess how many hit points she had before
Damage Split went off? THREE. Trust me, you want to level up before this battle.

I would paraphrase what falcon said, but it was so well thought up... :)

Anyhoo, here`s his stuff:

Time for some more major strategization.  First off, Ramza needs a weapon 
downgrade.  Why?  The Gokuu Rod inflicts Innocent 20% of the time, and you
can't have that.  Balk will stop shooting, which means that Balk won't do 
any damage, which means that he won't damage himself.  So.  Back to an Iron
Fan for you!  It only costs you 6 damage from Ramza anyway.

As for the PBF:

LXXXX (R = Ramza, C = Calculator, L = Gemini with lowest HP)


Females: P Bag / Thief Hat / Black Costume / Feather (or Dracula) Mantle
Ramza: Iron Fan / Flash Hat / Wizard Robe / Angel Ring

Ramza's Angel Ring will function properly so long as you follow the PBF.  
As for the placement of the lowest HP girl?  Balk always went after my 
lowest HP Gemini first.  Since he was so adamant about it, I decided I'd 
make him move as far as possible to be able to shoot her.

To begin, Balk will shoot the lowest HP girl.  If Damage Split fails, reset.
Next, move your girls and attack thin air, to waste CT so your P Bags' 
Regen will take effect sooner.  Move Ramza forward and poke Balk for 54.
Balk will follow the girl he first shot, and fire again.  So long as both
have been Ice1, and she split the first, she will *barely* survive.  
Hopefully she Split the second as well.  Meanwhile, Ramza will be targeted
by just about everybody.  If you can, redirect whatever spell the Wizard
is sending your way.  I had a couple runs where I nailed Balk with a Fire3,
which helped knock him down quickly.  Balk will keep shooting, and Ramza
should get another free 54 damage shot after he reraises.  If you're lucky,
you'll have 290 (91 + 91 + 54 + 54) damage done to Balk just from Ramza 
and your first Calculator!  Two other Geminis will be more than enough to
Damage Split him to death, with any kind of luck.  

Mucho thank you, my friend.

   --- h. South Wall at Bethla Garrison ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Knights, 2 Male Archers, 1 Male Ninja, 1 Male Thief
Enemy Levels: 1 Knight will be at level 35. As for everyone else, I don`t think
              they`ve hit level 35 yet, but there is a possibility that another
              unit or two will be there. Then again, I`m pretty sure that 
              they`ll be in the range of 33-34.
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter, just make sure you`re at level 69. You do NOT
              want to go through the hell I went through in this place.
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 10/10

I could not beat the North Wall, so don`t kill me for not writing a strategy for
the fight. Furthermore, if you win this battle easily because you leveled up,
don`t laugh at me for the perfect 10 difficulty rating. Without the speed point,
this battle was hell. It`s the sole reason I`ve been ranting about getting to
level 69 this whole time. If you`re there, you can experiment between Dracula
Mantles and Magic Gauntlets, with little worry for speed. The predicament I 
faced at my levels was the fact that I HAD to wear Sprint Shoes on certain 
units. This meant no evasion, and no extra damage. This meant that I HAD to wear
Wizard Robes to compensate, which meant low HP. This presented a whole slew of
new problems. With that extra speed point, however, you don`t have to worry 
about my problems. All you really need to do is to make sure you have 5 sets
of Dracula Mantles, just in case you decide to switch back and forth between
them and Magic Gauntlets between losses. As another great note, with the Magic
Gauntlets at level 69, you are free to wear Black Costumes without losing too
much in terms of damage against the enemies. Then again, you can wear the 
amazing Wizard Robe/Magic Gauntlet combo, and risk the lesser HP in favor of 
more damage. Either way, the key to opening up all of these options is to get to
level 69. Have I beaten it into your head enough by now? 

      PBF: 1~~~3

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume/Wizard Robe
           Magic Gauntlet/Dracula Mantle

With everything you need firmly in place, I still suggest creating a backup save
in case you need to turn back for some reason. Remember, Knights can break your
equipment, and with two battles this tough back to back, it won`t be a bad idea
to reset should something rare get snapped in half on you. As for the buyable
equipment, just bring extras.

Finally, the battle itself. The Ninja is easy enough to deal with. He`ll Throw
something at Calculator 4. After the Damage Split, the Ninja will be open to one
attack from behind, and one attack from the front. If they both hit, he should
die. The issue with the beginning of this fight is the Thief. You have no 
protection against Charm in this fight, because you can`t afford to give up the
accessory slot for the N-Kai Armlets. This is fine. One of two things will 
happen with the thief. The more rare occurrence is that he will have a movement
enhancement, and attack you from the start. This is fine. Merely take the three
Calculators that aren`t beating up on the Ninja, and kill him. The issues come
when the Thief doesn`t have any movement enhancements. When this is the case, 
move Ramza two panels forward, move Calculator 1 one panel forward, and move
Calculator 2 two panels forward, and one panel to the right. From here, the 
Thief SHOULD physically attack you, but be aware that there is no 100% 
probability of the Thief not using Charm. This formation merely puts your units
in spots where the Thief is more likely to attack you. 

From there, with the two fastest enemy units dead, phase two of the battle will
begin. You must rush your team up the walls to deal with the enemy Archers, 
because no matter how good Damage Split is, they will kill you if given enough
time. What I did was split my party up. I had 2 female Calculators go up one
wall, and the other 2 up the other wall. As for Ramza, his mission is tricky. I
had a situation in my winning runthrough where he was able to safely go one on
one with an enemy Knight, with little to no fear of any of the other Knights
catching up to him. As such, I took this opportunity to send Ramza into this 
battle. After all, the Knights are going to reach your team on the wall anyway,
so why not get into a situation where you don`t have to face off against their
frontal evasion? The problem is that there is no way to guarantee this situation
in every playthrough. What you do with Ramza at this point in the battle is up
to you. Just do whatever you feel will give you the best chance to win. As for
the Archers, little can be said. Rush them, poke them in the face, pray that you
can catch them mid-charge, and use their rotting corpses to guard yourself 
against the Knights on the walls. 

Speaking of dead Archers and rotting corpses, this begins phase three of the
battle, should you get this far. A lot has to go right for this to happen, but 
it is considerably easier to get here at level 69 (*BLATANT HINT*). Once those
Archers are dead, the Knights will happily stand two panels away and do nothing.
Take this opportunity to freely attack the Knights. With any luck, their 
evasion will fail them, and you`ll kill something before the Archers 
crystallize. As for those Archers, do your best to make sure that you will have 
a Calculator in range to move on to the panel of crystallization between the
Archer`s final AT and the Knight`s. You don`t want to weaken a Knight, only to
have him get healed. From here, it`s a pure offensive. Use your healthiest 
remaining Calculators to go at the Knights, and with a few lucky pokes, plus
Damage Split, they`ll start going down. Once you have the battle to the point
where a full-out offensive can kill the remaining Knight or two, you can either
rush them, or play it safe. It depends on what part of the map you`re on. 
Personally, after the Archers crystallize, I`d get the battle off of the wall
so that you have a better chance of not only ganging up on a Knight, but not 
having to attack him from the front. Oddly enough, doesn`t this battle remind 
you of Golgorand? You have to eliminate a tough opponent in the first round, and
from there, you have to hope that your team has enough left in the tank to kill
healthy Archers and Knights.

   --- i. Bethla Garrison Sluice ---

     Enemies: 4 Male Knights, 2 Male Wizards, 2 Male Archers
Enemy Levels: Isn`t this the battle where all remaining enemies are above level
Units to Use: 2 Gemini on Ramza`s side, and 2 Low Faith units for the second
   Objective: Activate the floodgate
  Difficulty: 10/10

For starters, reset until BOTH of the Knights on Ramza`s side have the Zodiac
signs of either Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius. This is will cause both of them
to have either Bad or Worst compatibility with Ramza, which is an absolute must.
Furthermore, you may wat to consider resetting until Mr. Ultimus over there 
doesn`t have an Ultimus Bow. It will make things much easier if you have a lot
of patience before this battle starts, because even with all of these things in
place, everything still needs to be perfect. Hell, you might even want to reset
until the switch Knights don`t have any secondaries that can royally mess you 
up. How would you feel if you did all of the work necessary to win this fight,
only to get completely destroyed by Throw, Jump, or Steal Heart? Honestly, this
battle can be bad enough for Calculators with everything perfectly in place.
Making it harder on yourself is just absolute suicide. An even BETTER idea would
be resetting until both of the Knights on Ramza`s side are Sagittarius. This 
gives them Best compatibility with your Gemini. Now, you`re able to deal with
the Knights easier. As for formation two, you know the drill by now. Throw 
Reflect Rings on your units of low Faith. Ready to go? The only thing you really
need from here are the equipment and PBFs for everyone.

                    Formation 1: #~~ 

                    Formation 2: #C#

Equipment for Ramza`s Formation: Octagon Rod
                                 Thief Hat
                                 Black Costume
                                 Magic Gauntlet

      Equipment for Formation 2: Octagon Rod
                                 Thief Hat
                                 Black Costume
                                 Reflect Ring

Remember, even if you decide to reset like crazy to get exactly what you need,
everything still needs to go exactly right for you to win without too many
headaches. Another thing I`d like to note is that your HP at level 69 MAY be
high enough for you to sub Wizard Robes for the Black Costumes. If you find 
yourself not being able to do enough damage, this is a good second alternative.
Another decent alternative is the Wizard Robe/Dracula Mantle combo. While your
evasion won`t be perfect, you at least have an alternative to the strategy I
have provided if you don`t feel like resetting for hours until the enemies give
you exactly what you need. The choice is yours.

Let`s start with Ramza`s crew. What will happen is that the closest Knight will
waltz over and attack Ramza. At Worst compatibility, this attack will do 117
points of damage. Pretty low considering that the Knight that just smacked you
in the face has the Ice Brand/Black Robe combo equipped. No matter. After three
attacks, the Knight should fall. Bear in mind, however, that if you reset until
those Knights were Sagittarius, then Ramza will take a bit more damage. The
problem here is that Damage Split CANNOT fail, and all of your attacks have to
hit. If you take any more Knight damage than what is absolutely necessary, you
will most likely lose. This will not only cause to you to pull your hair out,
but I can just feel that hate mail being sent as I type this ~_^ hey, you ARE at
a very high level, and Wizard Robes/Dracula Mantles are not a bad option. The
problem is that your HP will take a serious hit, leaving even less room for 
error than before. Either way, if all goes well, the initial Damage Split paired
with three attacks will kill that first Knight. You must rinse and repeat this
entire process for the other Knight on Ramza`s side. With all the luck in the
world, Damage Split will be perfect, and all of your attacks will connect, 
leaving two dead Knights. Ramza will not have taken too much damage, and this 
gives you a clear path to run up and kill the Archer with the Windslash Bow on
Ramza`s side. Bear in mind that if that Archer walks onto the floodgate itself,
reset. There is no way in hell that you`re going to kill one of the switch 
Knights and the Archer before someone dies. The other thing to note about this
half of the battlefield is that Ramza does not HAVE to take both attacks from 
those Knights. I only recommend this because he is more likely to receive low
damage from their attacks. Either way, a Damage Split paired with three 
successful attacks will kill either Knight. From there, if Damage Split is nice 
to you, the Archer will easily fall soon afterwards. The problem is actually
doing all of this through the crazy percentages you must deal with.

On the other half of the battle, you have one mission, and one mission only. 
Bumrush the hell out of that Archer with the Ultimus Bow. Even if Damage Split
is absolutely perfect, you have no room for error, because he will cause a load
of damage. This can be remedied by resetting until he has the Hunting Bow, of
course. If this is the case, then take your sweet old time killing the enemies
on this side, because none of them can hurt you to the point of you having to
fear them. The one notable exception would be a level 4 spell. You have low 
Faith and sticks. Smack that Wizard mid-charge, and let Damage Split do the rest
of the work for you. This half of the battle is less about luck, for once, and
more about simply dealing with the Ultimus Bow. Either way, once you reach the
Archer, trap him in the water, and he`s yours.

When you FINALLY deal with all of the madness in this fight, simply tee off on
those switch Knights from two panels away. Bear one thing in mind, however. Take
extra care to not get either Knight into their critical window. Their AI will
allow them to get off of their switches and attack you in this case. It`s best 
to avoid this situation altogether, but if there is no way around it, then use
your healthiest Calculator as a damage magnet. Once he/she is attacked, Damage
split and a volley of attacks will bring the Knight down. This is a very rare
occurence, however, and in all likelihood, you won`t have to worry about it. The
only time I`ve ever seen this happen was in the Uber Squire SCC that I did a
long, long time ago. If you`re able to win this fight, give yourself a good pat
on the back. You sure as hell deserve it.

falcon`s idea is a smart one, and involves less resetting by far. Simply equip
your highest level mantles, and pray for rain. Oh, and Gokuu Rods cause
Innocent, and with any luck, the Wizards are a joke on the weak side. Your big
threat with this method is pure luck with those mantles. Personally, I like my 
idea better, because you can actually take a few hit from the enemies, but hey,
it`s still worth a shot.

   --- j. Germinas Peak ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Archers, 2 Male Thieves, 1 Male Ninja
Enemy Levels: Around the 36-38 range
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 6.5/10

Hey! Red Shoes, Octagon Rods, Flash Hats, and Black Costumes are all buyable! 
Too bad we`ve had these things since, what, chapter 3? Anyways, this fight is
rather fun. Sure, it can be tough, but still, it`s fun. Some of the abilities
the enemies equip in this battle from time to time are so funny that losing 
isn`t all that bad. You get to see what these wierdos will do next. Anyway, the
only thing to really note with this battle is that the best PBF to use for
Ramza`s side of the battle is the one you used for the Sluice. From there, just
experiment with your equipment until you find something that works, then rush
forward and kill things. The Ninja, obviously, should be who you go after first.
One Damage Split and 2-3 attacks should easily do him in. After that, just use
some common sense.

falcon`s strategy:

Ramza side: Octagon Rod / Thief Hat / Black Costume / Feather Mantle
Other side: P Bag / Thief Hat / Black Costume / Feather Mantle

Why the weak side P Bags?  The Archers are pansies; Damage Split / Regen 
should nullify them, especially with Evasion.  And if you're worried about
physical damage from a Thief, don't be.  You might see triple digits on 
Good compatibility + Air Knife + 108 Gems, but otherwise, they're not too
worrisome.  Besides, if you're lucky, he'll just try to Charm the purse 
girls anyway, and what are they going to do to you?  Hit you upside the 
head for 36 with their scary purses?

Meanwhile, on Ramza's side, get that Ninja dead first, then go after the 
Thief.  Once they're gone, hope that you dodge a few arrows and stomp the
Archers.  It shouldn't take too long to get a lucky streak of arrow-dodging
going on.

   --- k. Poeskas Lake ---

     Enemies: 2 Revenants, 2 Male Undead Archers, 1 Male Undead Oracle, 1 Female
              Undead Summoner
Enemy Levels: The Revenants share your level. Everyone else is around the 37-39 
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 8.5/10

For this battle, you want to start everyone off as far back as you can. 
Furthermore, you MUST equip Dracula Mantles for this battle. There is no 
resetting until the Archers have no Ultimus Bows in this battle, so your best 
bet is to give yourself some evasion. What`s even better is that this battle
takes place at night, so the Archers will have one hell of a time trying to hit
you from the front. 

Anyway, with preparations set, you now have two options. You can either stay
back, let the enemies work their way down to you a bit, and THEN go for an 
all-out offensive, or you can simply rush the enemies from the start, with 
little regard for your own health. Both options play out the same way. Kill the
Revenants first, keep Ramza the hell away from that Summoner, and pray that your
evasion causes the enemies to miss enough times so that you can win. It`s really
that simple, though it can take awhile for it to actually play out. As a final 
note on this battle, no matter what you decide to do, start off in the back. The
Archers won`t be able to tee off on you from the very beginning this way.

After this battle, level all the way back down to 35. I know you love it up here
at level 69-70, but Zalera`s support can flat-out murder you at those levels.
Hell, if a mere two Revenants at these levels can cause you grief, then imagine
how bad it will be when not one, not two, but FIVE enemies at those levels are
out to get you, and with a Zodiac Demon to kill. It`s not pretty. You`re more
than able to go out and try to prove me wrong. In fact, be my guest. If you`re
able to kill Zalera at those insane levels, e-mail me, and an entire section of
this FAQ will be dedicated to you. As for the rest of you, level down to, but do
not pass, level 35. Oh, and one last thing. Make sure you go and buy 4 H Bags
before the Limberry series, as well as 4 Angel Rings. Add the 4 Angel Rings to
the one you received after the Zeltennia battle, and you`ll have 5. This is a
must for defeating Zalera.

   --- l. Gate of Limberry Castle ---

     Enemies: Celia (Female Assassin), Lede (Female Assassin), 4 Apandas
Enemy Levels: The Apandas will share your level with you, while the twins will
              be around level 40
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 1/10

What a misleading mission objective. All you have to do is sit back, wait for an
Assassin to jump down to your level, then gang up on her with everything you 
have. She`ll die with relative ease, leaving you to wonder why so many people
ask for help with this series of battles in the first place.

   --- m. Inside of Limberry Castle ---

     Enemies: Elmdor (Male Arc Knight), Celia (Female Assassin), Lede (Female
Enemy Levels: Around 40
Units to Use: It doesn`t matter
   Objective: Defeat Elmdor
  Difficulty: 7/10

      PBF: ~~C~

Equipment: H Bag (Octagon Rod on Ramza)
           Thief Hat
           Sprint Shoes

With no armor, the Assassins are more likely to target you with Ultima, rather
than kill you with Throw. With the boosted speed, you`ll actually be able to
move the one or two lucky units who have been tagged with Ultima right next to
Elmdor. But before the Assassins even go after you, Elmdor will Teleport right
in the middle of your entire team and use Muramasa. After a mass of Damage 
Splits, THEN the Assassins will do their thing. Attack Elmdor however you can,
and from behind with Ramza if possible, but take care to move those targeted
units right next to Elmdor himself. After all of those Damage Splits, there is
no possible way he`ll live through an Ultima. And if, by some stroke of bad 
luck, he survives, then try again.

   --- n. Zalera ---

     Enemies: Zalera (Male Angel of Death), 2 Undead Knights, 1 Skeleton, 1 Bone
              Snatch, 1 Red Bone
Enemy Levels: The monsters will share your level, and I Think Zalera`s level is
              around the area of 40
Units to use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Zalera
  Difficulty: 9/10

Zalera is not the issue in this fight. His support is. What`s even worse is that
this is a very difficult battle to give specific strategies for, due to it`s
random nature. The best thing I can do is simply write how I beat the battle 
myself. The biggest issue I personally had with this battle was speed, just like
always. Sure, I was able to get a shot or two in on Zalera every now and then, 
but his support would always find a way to get the best of me, despite all of my
defenses. While it would make perfect sense to slap on some Sprint Shoes, this 
is simply not possible. You MUST wear the Black Costume/Angel Ring combo to 
survive this fight. No other way around it. If you neglect either of these two 
pieces of equipment, one of two things will happen. Without the Black Costumes, 
Zalera can unload Spell on your units, and you`ll be in Stop status for the 
entire battle, until the enemies kill you. Without the Angel Rings, you will eat
Nightmare, and Death Sentence will kill you. With Black Costumes and Angel 
Rings, however, the battle becomes doable. Spell is negated, and what is even 
better is that Death Sentence becomes a shield. The AI will ignore units that 
have the Death Sentence status, giving you free will with those units. What is 
even BETTER about this is that a unit who is asleep in this battle while under 
Death Sentence will virtually never be attacked. The Death Sentence count will 
never move until the infected character wakes up. There are a few exceptions to 
the Death Sentence rule, of course, but I`ll get into them later.

What I finally decided to do with this fight was to stop ignoring the monsters.
They`re only at level 35, after all, and I could easily take them on with the
help of Meliadoul. As for equipment, I went with Octagon Rods, Thief Hats, Black
Costumes, and Angel Rings. I started everyone in the back, in a line of four
units, and hoped that Nightmare was nice to me. If it wasn`t, I just reset until
I got what I wanted. From there, I moved everyone back, and teamed up against 
the Skeletons. With a little help from Lady Luck, the combined efforts of Damage
Split, Meliadoul, Nightmare, and the Octagon Rods had all three Skeletons down
for the count well before the Knights showed up. When this happened, I spread my
units around within the graveyard section of the battlefield, stayed OUT of any
Confuse 2 possibilities (I`ll explain this later), and waited for the Knights.
When they arrived to my little battlefield, I got very lucky with their break
skills missing, and proceeded to kick their sorry arses so hard that they kissed
the moons. A cookie to whoever gets that reference. From there, the battle was
easy. Only two enemies revived: the Red Bone and a Knight. Both of them died
quickly after coming back to life, and neither of them did too much in the way
of threatening my life in this battle. 

Finally, the battle was down to me against Zalera. I stayed as far away from
Meliadoul as I could, which made for a Meliadoul versus Zalera duel. She managed
to get an attack in before dying, which was a decent help. The reason I stayed 
away from her was to prevent myself from getting hit with Flare 2, Confuse 2,
Frog 2, or anything else other than Nightmare. Finally, when there were a mere
six units left on the battlefield, the slow beating began. As long as I was able
to stay the hell out of Confuse 2 territory, Zalera used nothing but Nightmare.
The easiest way I can explain how to do this is to make sure that only one unit
can possibly be hit by Zalera at any given time. 

Nightmare`s Field of Effect: ~X~

It forms a little + sign, obviously. The problem is that in later stages of the
battle, Zalera is more likely to use Confuse 2 when he can hit more than one
unit at a time. The catch is that Confuse 2 has the exact field of effect as
Nightmare, only it has good vertical tolerance. Zalera will ESPECIALLY use 
Confuse 2 when a unit affected by Death Sentence is involved, which is the 
exception to the "AI will ignore Death Sentence" rule I mentioned earlier. The
easiest possible way to avoid any of these problems is to stay well spread-out
during this fight, and take extra care not to bunch your units together when
killing Zalera`s support. You may get away with it once or twice, but 
eventually, you`ll get nailed by something other than Nightmare, and you will
lose. Furthermore, when you finally get around to damaging Zalera, STAY spread
out. It will be very tempting to converge your units together in an effort to
get multiple attacks in, but it`s better not to do this. In fact, once this
phase of the battle begins, spread your units out all over the place. You`ll be
at less of a risk for Confuse 2 this way. 

In short, stay spread out, and you`ll only be hit by Nightmare. If you only get
hit with Nightmare, you`ll win. It may take quite a long time, but you`ll win.
After this battle, level all the way back up to 69. Also, stock up on any Thief
Hats that may have been broken this in fight, as they are FINALLY sold at shops.
Other preparations for the next battle include tons of patience, 4 Jade Armlets,
tons of patience, an Angel Ring for Ramza, tons of patience... you get the idea.
A very long and difficult fight is coming up. Between Zalera and Igros, I 
magically found enough free time to go off and play all the way through Chrono
Trigger. Go figure. anyway, once you`re at level 69 with the Jade Armlets and
your ton of patience, get ready for Igros Castle. Oh, and before I forget, you
don`t need to level up your Geminis. They won`t be used at Igros at all, and 
after the Igros battle, you`re going to have to level back down to 35. Better 
to just leave them there than to waste time levelling them all the way up, then
all the back down later.  

 --- o. Igros Castle ---

     Enemies: Dycedarg (Male Lune Knight), 5 Male Knights, Adramelk (Unisexual
              Ghost of Fury)
Enemy Levels: Around the 40-42 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Why, defeat Dycedarg`s elder brother, of course! It`s only one of
              the worst typos/mistranslations in all of gaming. This thing 
              created a craze within the fans of FFT similar to the "All Your
              Base" madness. Later, after defeating the elder brother, you must
              defeat Adramelk.
  Difficulty: 10/10

Right off the bat, you are faced with a load of problems. Dycedarg won`t be nice
enough to simply ignore your team, and should you get lucky enough to kill him,
you have to deal with Adramelk. He is normally a complete wuss, but for one 
challenge, THIS one, he is a complete badass. See, the reason I maintain that
he`s a total pansy is that either I`m typically able to trap him right when the
battle starts, or I`m using a mage class that, with Thief Hats, can easily kill
him before he even moves. In this challenge, however, he`s free to do as he 
pleases from the start, which is absolute hell. What follows is one of the
strategies I am the most proud of. In fact, it may just be tops on my list. It
was so crazy that it actually worked. The strategy involves killing Dycedarg
very early, followed by Ramza eating a Flare spell. After this comes 4 castings
of Bahamut, which will then drain Adramelk of his MP. From there, if you`re 
lucky enough to still have everyone alive, and if you`re lucky enough so that
Ramza is good and far away from Adramelk, you will see one Loss after another.
During this time, you will be physically attacking Adramelk with P Bags, all 
while fighting off Loss, and the initial threat of a physical attack from 
Adramelk himself. Now you know why I told you to bring your patience. This fight
can literally take hours.

                  PBF: ~TCT

                Ramza: Octagon Rod
                       Thief Hat
                       Chameleon Robe
                       Angel Ring

Low Faith Calculators: P Bag
                       Thief Hat
                       Black Costume
                       Jade Armlet

The basic idea for the first part of the fight is very simple. Your Taurus units
(labeled T on the PBF) have Best compatibility with Dycedarg, and as such, will
suffer a whopping 300 points of damage from Lightning Stab. The PBF I have given
will prevent this from happening, as Dycedarg will attack Ramza, plus the two
Capricorns. After three Damage Splits and an attack from Zalbag, Dycedarg should
fall. If not, you MUST reset, because taking any more damage than necessary will
kill you in the next stage of this battle.

With Dycedarg out of the way, in comes Adramelk. Have your girls move to rugged
ground, to avoid Loss, and have Ramza move as far the hell away as he can, but
make SURE he will still be within reach of the corner to the right of your
starting point. Adramelk will then nuke Ramza all the way to hell with Flare,
and he will die. In case you were wondering, this is why Ramza is wearing the
Chameleon Robe. Adramelk winds up casting the more expensive Flare, rather than
Holy. I know the difference is only 4 MP, but still, it makes a difference. At
this point, have your 4 girls wait on the spot, and have Ramza move to his cozy
little corner, where he`ll remain for the rest of the fight.

At this point, the true fun begins. Nothing that has happened up to now is 
terribly difficult to recreate, so if Damage Split is not doing what you need it
to do, don`t hesitate to reset. In fact, I recommend resetting until you get a 
run where Damage Split is PERFECT. This isn`t meant to hurt Adramelk by any 
means. This is so that you retain as much HP as possible. You have to live 
through FOUR castings of Bahamut, and you may have to force Adramelk to use Loss
once or twice in the middle of this madness. Either way, the first casting of
Bahamut comes right now. You`ll notice that it will cause around 150-160 points
of damage to two of your Calculators, and 110-120 to the other two. With Damage
Split, this is reduced to 75-80 and 55-60, respctively. Furthermore, when you 
add in a pulse of Regen from the P Bags, the total damage caused by the first
Bahamut to each of your Calculators will be in the comfortable range of the low

At this point, you`ll want to move all of your girls forward, but take care to
keep them OUT of Loss range. This means that they must all be three panels away
from each other, and the following formation is a reliable way of doing this:


The Calculator farthest forward should be in the little overpass that leads out
of the area of your starting point, but if you can`t manage this, you`ll still
be ok. Just make sure that everyone is three panels away from each other. 
Adramelk will then let loose his second Bahamut. With any luck, it will only hit
three Calculators, as it did in my winning runthrough of this fight. After 
Damage Split, you`re still looking pretty healthy. Have everyone wait on the 
spot. This will use up the least amount of CT possible, and you`ll heal from 
Regen. Adramelk will then let loose a third Bahamut. After this set of Damage
Splits, the tough part comes. Take your two healthiest Calculators, and have 
them block Adramelk`s path to your position. As for your other two Calculators,
move them as far away as you can. With any luck (if you haven`t found religion
by this point in the challenge, right about now is the perfect place to start),
Adramelk will use Loss on the two Calculators blocking the entrance. 

Now, remember way back in the beginning of this guide, when I said that under NO
circumstances should you teach anyone in your party any action abilities? This
moment in this one battle is the absolute biggest reason why. Without action
abilities, confused Calculators cannot use Math Skills. With no Math Skills,
those two confused Calculators can do nothing but physically attack each other
with P Bags. When one of them attacks the other with a P Bag, the target is no
longer confused, allowing you to easily control said target, and de-confuse the
initial attacker. WITH Math skills, however, confused Calculators will use Math
Skill, and this battle becomes MUCH, MUCH more difficult to handle. If you 
refused to listen to me and taught yourself action abilities anyway, now is the
time that you will pay for it in spades. If, however, you did not teach yourself
these skills, you will find it very easy to manage your confused units, as well
as unconfusing those units. From there, you pretty much get a free round of 
Regen, as the damage caused by your girls smacking each other with purses is
nothing to worry about. 

If everything goes well after Loss, you will have Ramza sealed off from Adramelk
completely, and at the same time, your girls will be decently spread out. At 
this point, Adramelk will launch his fourth and final Bahamut. After the mass of
Damage Splits, guess what? You have run Adramelk out of MP! The only thing left
to do is to actually go and kill the Evil Goat King. With his MP gone, or at 
least damned close to it, he won`t be able to use any of his high-level spells
for the rest of the fight. The only thing you need to worry about in the 
beginning stages of this section of the battle are physical attacks from 
Adramelk. Your team will be weakened after the onslaught of summons, and if
Adramelk sees someone that he can kill with a physical attack, he will. As such,
play it safe, keep the healthiest Calculators forward, and allow yourself to be
hit with Loss. The best part of this is that should a Confused Calculator hit a 
normal one, Damage Split removes Confusion. Furthermore, this whole cycle of
fighting off Loss will keep the battle at a stalemate, and through Regen, you
will be able to slowly build your HP back up. Just make sure that Adramelk never
sniffs Ramza, and you`ll be just fine. Once you`re relatively healthy, get
Adramelk on the run, and get the battle to the other side of the map. From here,
the battle will oddly resemble the fight with Zalera. While you will have to 
fight off a countless number of Losses, you won`t die. Damage isn`t being given 
to you in large chunks. Fight off Loss whenever it is used, and get your shots
in on Adramelk when you get the chance. A good idea through this period is to
check the AT regularly to see what the turn order is. By planning out your moves
ahead of time for each round, you`ll be able to better dictate when to attack a 
Confused Calculator, and when to attack Adramelk. If two Calculators are both in
range to attack Adramelk, wouldn`t it be a better idea to have the first one
attack a Confused Calculator, to get the most from your Active Turns (ATs?). 
Another great thing to remember is that, whenever possible, try to stay on 
uneven ground. Loss has no vertical tolerance at all. After what can quite 
possibly be hours of fighting off Loss ad attacking Adramelk with your P Bags,
he will go down, and I guarantee that you may never be happier to see the 
exploding green goat then you will be after you beat him in this fashion. MANY
kudos to any and all who are able to pull this fight off.

A few final notes, of course. Do not try to sneak Ramza into this battle. He 
will die. Plain and simple. In fact, a good thing to do with him is to move him
exactly ten panels (it might be eleven, because I`m not sure whether or not
Adramelk has a Move of 5, or a Move of 6) away from Adramelk. He will then eat
Seal, and you won`t have to worry about him for the rest of the fight. Lastly,
after this battle, you have to level down again. I promise that this will be the
last time, and the target will be good old level 35.

Okay, falcon`s strategy is more or less the exact same thing, but he got stuck
seeing 5 and sometimes even six castings of Bahamut before Adramelk`s MP ran
out. When I won this fight, I lived through four. That`s it. Anyway, with me
now knowing this information, here is falcon`s work:

Ulti's PBF and equipment setup is basically required.  You simply cannot do 
enough damage to Adramelk to kill him with sticks.  As for Adramelk, his 
attack AI is very much able to be molded to your advantage.  If he sees three
people that he can hit with Loss, he will do so, even if he has the MP to
cast a Bahamut.  So, what I did was spread out slightly for Bahamut, and 
when I didn't split well, I'd bunch up for Loss, take a couple rounds hoping
for low damage so I could get some HP back, then spread back out for 

After Adra's initial Holy to kill Ramza, he'll have the MP for 5 or 6 
Bahamuts, depending on his level.  Once he stops using Bahamut (you'll 
know he's out of MP when he starts using Loss even when he only has one 
target to use it on), start slowly backing him toward the bridge.  Once he 
gets near the bridge, you can use Ramza to your advantage to get him on the
bridge, where there is less space for him to run.  Place Ramza exactly ten
squares away from Adramelk's current position, and Adramelk should run over 
and Seal Ramza, then merrily go back to Lossing your girls.  It will take 
hours, but go after him slowly and beat him over the head with your purses 
of death.  

Take a break when you win this fight.  You'll have earned it, and it 
doesn't get any easier from here on out.  As for leveling down after this
fight, once again level down to 38 or 39, whichever allows you to keep 
that MA point after all this shuffling.  You REALLY need it if you want 
to kill Zalbag without Blood Suck.

   --- p. Murond Temple ---

     Enemies: 1 Male Priest, 1 Male Summoner, 2 Male Geomancers, 2 Male 
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
Enemy Levels: Around the 41-43 range
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 9.5/10

One would think you deserved a break after the hell that was Igros. Heh, you 
wish. The beginning of this battle will be another mass of resets, and I have
given a bulleted list of things to look for:

-both Geomancers should have axes equipped, and hopefully, weak ones.

-the Summoner`s Faith should be between 45-50. You can be lenient with this, of
 course, because you`re killing him with Damage Split, anyway.

-it really helps if the Priest does not know Raise, but unfortunantly, you can`t
 figure this out until you actually kill someone.

-speaking of those Geomancers, Counter Flood is bad for you.

-check the Zodiac signs of the Mediators. Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, and
 Capricorn will all cause one or more members of your team to get for more then
 64 points of damage, which is bad for you.

-Item on any Geomancer or Mediator is very bad for you. You`ll have a hard 
 enough time getting the Priest and Summoner out of the way with THEIR healing
 capabilities. Do you really want to deal with healing from these idiots, too?

-the Priest having low Faith will help a ton.

Equipment: P Bag (Octagon Rod for Ramza)
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Sprint Shoes

Your PBF won`t matter all that much. After all, this battle will be oddly 
similar to the Gate of Riovanes battle, only more difficult. If you reset until
you get most of the above conditions, it`s not too bad. It`s even better if the
Geomancers aren`t doing squat with their axes, which was the case in my winning
runthrough. At any rate, your first order of business is to get rid of that
Summoner. Keep Ramza away from him, and do your best to get your low Faith units
together by rushing the girls from formation two over to Ramza`s location. It 
royally helps your cause if you use Ramza`s team to attract both Geomancers,
because one of the Geomancers likes to make it a habit to go after your second
team formation. When you get your low Faith units together, let the Summoner
nail you. With enough Damage Splits, he`ll die, and oddly enough, this is easier
done if his Faith is elevated a slight bit.

With the Summoner gone, you can focus on spreading out the damage, healing as 
much as possible through Regen, and having Ramza get in his shots whenever he
can. You`ve all seen The Matrix, right? You know how Neo fights? Ramza will play
the part of Neo in this battle. You`ll need him to score some much-needed 
deathblows on the enemies, but you can`t let him get hurt too much. After all,
he does not have Regen. In fact, I strongly suggest that if you`re going to use
Ramza as a main offensive weapon in this fight, that you should have him near a
corpse at all times. Crystals can save Ramza`s life. Aside from this 
information, there isn`t much more to really say. The battle will come down to
luck, patience, and your ability to spread out the damage while whittling down
the health of the enemies. 

If you want a decent strategy for exactly what to do after the Summoner bites 
it, then rush Ramza to the Priest`s location for a little one on one. If the
Priest has low Faith, and if Damage Split is nice to you, Ramza will eventually
drop him. You may, however, need to heal Ramza after this duel. Use the 
Summoner`s crystal for this. From here, stay away from the Geomancers as long as
you can, and try to go after the Mediators. Elemental damage is far easier to 
fend off than those nasty physical attacks, and with the Mediators doing a mere
64 damage per shot to you, they make for better targets. Eventually, however,
this battle will become a war of attrition. The key will be Ramza. He has to get
in some good shots on these enemies to give you that extra little push, while
your girls continue to absorb the damage. If everything goes well, an enemy will
die sooner or later, and the battle will slowly turn in your favor. After all,
when three enemies are trying to kill four units with infinite Regen, it usually
doesn`t work out too well. Play the rest of the battle smart, and you should be
okay. Bear in mind that everything will have to be practically perfect for you
to win, however.

   --- q. Inside of Murond Temple ---

     Enemies: Vormav (Male Divine Knight), Rofel (Male Divine Knight), Kletian
              (Male Sorcerer)
Enemy Levels: Around the 42-44 range
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Criticalize any of the enemies
  Difficulty: 5/10

      PBF: CCC

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Red Shoes

Ramza`s position doesn`t matter, like this is anything new. It`s good for Ramza
to have at least 270 HP for this fight, because this will allow him to survive
two Mighty Swordskills at the start of the battle. After the initial attacks,
you have two options. You can either go after Rofel, and pray to all that is 
holy on this earth that you can kill him, or you can wait for an opening to go
after Kletian. Either way, it`s yet another one of those battles that has to do
with pure luck and numbers, not skill. Good luck. At least it`s a short battle,
so it doesn`t take too long to try it over and over again until you win.

   --- r. Zalbag ---

     Enemies: Zalbag (Male Arc Knight), 2 Archaic Demons, 1 Ultima Demon
Enemy Levels: Zalbag will be around level 45, while the demons will share your
              level with you
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Zalbag
  Difficulty: 10/10

Notice how the demons will downright rip you to shreds. Now imagine trying to
win this battle at level 69. I rest my case. Anyway, let`s get going. Try to
appreciate what I`m about to write a little bit more than usual, because this
battle literally drove me nuts in trying to figure it out. 

      PBF: ~R~

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Angel Rings

       R = Ramza
       C = Capricorn
       T = Taurus

Before you`re able to even move, the battle will pretty much look like it`s 
over. Both Archaic Demons will charge Dark Holy on Ramza, and the Ultima Demon
will charge Nanoflare on your back-left Calculator. don`t panic, because this is
exactly what needs to happen. Lastly, Zalbag will move one panel behind the
rightmost Archaic Demon. 

It is now your turn. Move Ramza to the panel two spots to the Ultimus Demon`s
left, and attack it. Move the Capricorn that was NOT targetted by Nanoflare two
panels in front of the Ultima Demon, and attack it. Move your other Capricorn
directly in front of the Ultima Demon, and have her Wait. Lastly, move your two
Taurus units to the panels to the right of your Capricorns. Your team should 
look like so:


U = Ultima Demon
R = Ramza
C = Capricorn
T = Taurus

Both Dark Holies will go off, and Ramza will die, even if he Damage Splits the
first one. After this happens, Nanoflare will go off. Damage Split should kill
the Ultima Demon, and the Archaic Demon whose Dark Holy was Damage Split by 
Ramza should be put into critical. Now, for the critical part of the battle.
Zalbag will attack one of your Taurus units for 182 point of damage, and get
Damage Split for 91. Finally, it will be your turn again. There is a four panel
area right where you start the battle, all with level height:


Zalbag should be standing right there. If not, I`d reset. The events leading up
to this point in the battle aren`t hard to recreate. Once you`re good to go, 
take your three healthiest Calculators, and trap Zalbag. Your other two 
Calculators, Ramza and a girl, will be used as Damage bait. This will serve two
puposes. The criticalized Archaic Demon will not attack any of the Calculators
surrounding Zalbag, and the healthy Archaic Demon will be delayed for one more
round before going after them, as well. This gives Zalbag more than enough time
to Blood Suck all of your units. You know what happens from here. After a mass
Blood suck cycle, Zalbag will die. It will take some luck, obviously, but not
that much. Then again, Ramza will be dead, and you`ll have a lone controllable
Calculator left, who will be hanging by a thread to her last ounce of HP. 
Hopefully, everything will work out. It will only take 4 Blood Sucks (possibly
five if Zalbag escapes your trap) and a Giga Flare to kill him. The Giga Flare
shouldn`t be hard to come by, as Archaic Demons love going after groups.

Hey, guess what? You get to level up again! Get up to 70 this time, and once 
you`re there, breathe a huge sigh of relief as you will never have to deal with
the massive bore that is levelling down without Teleport ever again in this
challenge. And if you used Teleport, but tell everyone that you did not, you
will get nailed by a ton of bad luck. I`m psychic, you know :)

falcon came up with an amazing strategy for this battle, and one that has earned
him my respect, at least. The strategy I am about to give you is his work, and 
his alone. If this one battle is the only reason you remember the name 
falcon815, then so be it. Anyhoo, here are the goods:

I consider this to be my crowning strategy.  Coming in, I figured I'd be 
relegated to a Blood Suck strategy that would take 100+ resets, ala Ulti.  
Not so, I figured out after just two runs.  Using the following PBF:

XRX (C = Capricorn, T = Taurus, P = Pisces, R is where Ramza will end up no
matter what you do)

The turn order follows as such:


As for equipment:

Ramza - Octagon Rod / Thief Hat / Black Costume / Angel Ring
Capricorn / Pisces - Octagon Rod / Thief Hat / Wizard Robe / Magic Gauntlet
Taurus - Octagon Rod / Thief Hat / Black Costume / Magic Gauntlet

Zalbag has 540-560 HP, roughly.  To start the fight, Zalbag will hopefully
move and Wait.  About once in every four tries, for me, he'd come forward
and use Speed Ruin or Magic Ruin, essentially ending my chances of victory.
Both Archaic Demons should charge Dark Holy on Ramza, which will hopefully 
kill him no matter if he Damage Splits or not.  The Ultima Demon will do 
one of three things: target Dark Holy on a girl (unlikely), target Hurricane
on your girls (very likely), or target Nanoflare on a girl (somewhat likely,
and if it does, try to redirect if you can).  Have all five girls Wait on 
the spot.  The Dark Holies will resolve, killing Ramza.  Zalbag will happily
walk over Ramza's corpse and attack the Taurus from the front for 182, and 
be Split for 91.  Then, it's time to attack:


Cap 1 attacks from the side and Waits,


Ramza reraises, moves, and attacks from 2 behind,


Pisces moves and attacks from 1 to the side, 


Cap 2 moves and attacks from one behind, and the Taurus then attacks from
the front and Waits. 

The Caps could do 108 a shot, the Pisces, 84, Ramza, 72, and the Taurus, 
60, for a total of 523. Add in a half-decent critical, and I'm golden.  
Of course, that requires two hits from the side (60%) and one from the 
front (46%).  I could take a miss or two, though, if I got the Ultima 
Demon to use Nanoflare in round 2, which on neutral compatibility did a 
rousing 117(!) to Zalbag.  

Not a terribly unlikely strategy, overall.  This fight is a compelling 
reason to use three Capricorns from the outset.  It'll make Adramelk more
difficult, but it will make this fight much, much easier.  If you do have
three Capricorns, place the Pisces in the spot to get hit by Zalbag, rather
than a Capricorn, just so she might be able to take a critical and still 

Also: if you don't like the ASCII here, please see the following pictures
for examples of where your Calculators should begin and end in this 


Heh. Good work, Aaron... falcon... whatever :)

   --- s. Orbonne Preperations ---

Well, the final battle is upon you. A very select number of people will have the
patience to make it this far, and even fewer will actually be able to make it
through the final series. Either way, if you`ve made it this far, you need to
be well-prepared if you want to make it all the way through. Being prepared,
however, means nothing more than buying a ton of extra equipment, because Rofel
is going to break things. Extra Octagon Rods, Thief Hats, and Black Costumes
will serve you well. Furthermore, bring your patience. The first and last 
battles in the Orbonne series will be the hardest of them all, so don`t get
discouraged if they both kill you many, many, many times. Furthermore, though I 
mentioned this already, make sure you`re at level 70. You`ll also need to 
remember 5 sets of Red Shoes, 2 sets of Rubber Shoes, 5 sets of Sprint Shoes, 2 
H Bags, 5 Feather Mantles, and 5 Wizard Robes. If you have the money, getting 
extras won`t hurt. You DO NOT want to go into this last series of battles only 
to turn back for lost equipment. To even better prepare yourself, read ahead to
see what I used for each battle. It won`t ruin anything for you. After all, if
you`re attempting this challenge, there is no way that this game has spoilers
for you.

   --- t. Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor ---

     Enemies: 3 Male Knights, 2 Male Monks, 1 Male Archer
Enemy Levels: Around 50. I`m 99% sure that they don`t have their level 52 speed
              points in this battle yet, but if I`m wrong, e-mail me. I do not
              want to give false information as fact in the final series in the
Units to Use: Ramza + 4 Gemini
   Objective: Defeat all enemies
  Difficulty: 10/10

Before reading the strategy for this fight, you must keep one thing in mind. 
Some of you undoubtedly read my SCC update for this battle, and as such, you
know that I leveled up all of my Gemini to 99. The idea for this was to be
able to fight Balk at the Lost Sacred Presincts. I thought that with the 
maximum possible HP for my Gemini, I would be able to Damage Split Balk to
death, much like at Bed Desert. Well, after beating this challenge, it turned
out that the above strategy was practically useless in terms of how I won the
actual fight. As such, you do not need to level up your Gemini to 99 in this
battle. Don`t get me wrong, however. Your Gemini will still be useful in the
second battle against Balk. You didn`t waste all of that time in training these
units. You just don`t need to have the first battle in the Orbonne series last
over seven hours to win it, that`s all. Furthermore, keep in mind that the 
strategy written is for when I leveled up my Gemini to 99. It will still work
for the main intention of winning the battle, but you can let a couple of things
slide here and there, due to the fact that you don`t need to level up. All you 
need to do is win. For example, you may want to consider Feather Mantles, which
I could not THINK to use, rather than Sprint Shoes. And that`s just one small
example. Anyway, read on, and figure out what you want to do for yourself.

In many ways, this may be the hardest battle in the game for Calculators. You
are dealing with six high damage, high HP units, and you have nothing going for
you but Damage Split and Regen. In fact, this battle may very well be impossible
if Damage Split fails ONCE. They do that much damage to you. Furthermore, this 
is another one of those battles where you probably want to mass reset when it
starts until you get what you need. What to look for, you ask? 

-if any of the enemies have Item, this can do you in. Most of the damage done to
 them will be via Damage Split, and even a lone enemy who knows nothing but 
 Potion can do you in. 

-Chakra is even worse than Item. It will make the Monks virtually unkillable. 
 Ditto for Revive. If you see either of these abilities go off in this fight,
 you`re better off just hanging it up and resetting.

-at least one Knight having Defend will go a long way in helping you win the 
 fight, as they will use it religiously. As such, they will use up all of their
 CT with each action, and it will take them longer to reach your position.

-Earth Slash is your BEST friend in killing those Monks. Resetting until they
 both have it, or at least one of them, will REALLY help you out in killing the
 two of them. Likewise, Spin Fist helps in close range. While Spin Fist isn`t
 nearly as necessary as Earth Slash (you don`t need to reset if the Monks don`t
 have it), it helps. Taking care to allow yourself to get nailed by Spin Fist
 will go a long way.

-lastly, you get a Zodiac Sign No-No list. Watch out for Cancer, Scorpio, Libra,
 Aquarius, and especially Sagittarius.

-it isn`t 100% necessary, but low Brave on the Monks can help you quite a bit.
 Furthermore, I don`t know the exact equation for Earth Slash damage, but if you
 reset to the point that 2-3 perfectly Damage Split Earth Slashes can kill a 
 Monk, and if you have the patience to reset to this point, then by all means,
 do so.

-Wave Fist = Bad for you. 

-HP Restore = only bad for you is you`re dumb enough to actually try physically
 killing a Monk with the P Bag. If you see a weakened Monk, use Ramza if 

Equipment: P Bag (Octagon Rod on Ramza)
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Sprint Shoes/Feather Mantle

Start everyone in a line of 5 in the front of the formation. From there, simply
bolt everyone to the wall in the back of the room. Here is where the battle gets
interesting. The Archer, oddly enough, is the one unit in the battle that you
need not worry about. He will take himself out of the battle. The units to pay
attention to at this point are the Monks. They will make or break this battle.
If one of them has Earth Slash, then by all means, line your girls up, and let 
him nail you. With any luck, two Earth Slashes will take him down. If you are
the luckiest person on the face of the earth, you`ll be able to repeat this
process for the other Monk. For the rest of us, you`ll have to run around like
ants to avoid death at the hands of the other four enemies. Defend on some 
Knights would be rather nice right about now. Anyway, with the Archer and a Monk
out of the way, you`re at least outnumbering the enemies coming after you, which
is a plus. Again, if you`re very lucky, allow the other Monk to kill himself 
with Earth Slash. If this is not the case, then he`ll be the first unit on the
scene. Use Damage Split, Regen, and Ramza to take that Monk down as soon as
possible. Right after defeating that Monk, however, the Knights will be right on
you, which will cause a load of issues. With any luck, the only units you`ll be
dealing with are those Knights. With even more luck, you`ll be able to get one
Knight out of the way, to allow your team to run like hell away for some 
much-needed rest. 

I found that the easiest way to do this was to see where the Knights went. 
Usually, two of them would go for one side of my team, while the other Knight 
isolated himself. With perfect accuracy and good positioning of healthy 
Calculators, the isolated Knight fell to Damage Split, Ramza`s Octagon Rod, and 
Regen. From there, there were a mere two Knights and an Archer left in the 
battle for me, and the Archer was in critical health. I ran like hell away from 
the Knights, and when I reached the Archer, he was killed by Damage Split. This
left two Knights left for me. After a lot of Regen, one Knight made his way for
me, while the other did nothing but sit back and Defend. After another massive
effort of Damage Split, Regen, and a well-placed shot from the Octagon Rod, that
Knight fell. At this point, I leveled up to 99. This is a waste of time, and 
you don`t need to do such crazy things. Just heal up and gang up on that final
Knight to win. Trust me, you can kill Balk with a team of level 70 Gemini. The
only real issue is that you have to level up Ramza to 99 in the next battle by
using Move-Gain EXP. This will take a VERY long time, and you`re better off 
gaining at least some of the levels in this battle while running away from the
final Knight. The choice is yours. Either way, once you beat this fight, you
deserve a break. I mean, damn, look at how hard this battle is. Either you`ll
get very lucky and win it within a few attempts, or the battle could literally
take you days. Either way, you deserve a medal for winning this thing :)

Did you honestly think that a battle where I typed all of that shit up would
not have a falcon side effect? Observe:

Indeed, Regen is the way to go in this fight, and indeed, Item is your 
bane.  Your equipment setup should include Feather Mantles to lessen the
load of Damage Split.  Sprint Shoes won't help you all that much, since
you'll have the level 69 Speed point back.  As for a strategy, there is 
a very definitive set of moves that helped me finish this fight in a 
reasonable amount of time, and it all centers on the area I circled in 
the following screenshot:


After getting rid of the Monks with Ramza and Damage Split, I ran for 
that area.  I kept a full health girl forward at all times, swapping her
backward into an empty spot and moving another full health girl forward
to take her place.  With a couple dodges here and there, Damage Split 
wore down the enemies.  Since the enemies (Archer aside) can only attack
one girl at a time, it's a very safe way to go about things.  Wear them
down, get them dead and move on.  The next battle will be the bigger 
test of patience in this underground library.

   --- u. Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor ---

     Enemies: Rofel (Male Divine Knight), 2 Male Wizards, 2 Male Summoners, 1
              Male Time Mage
Enemy Levels: Around the 51-53 range. Some will be at level 52, and some will
Units To Use: You will never see a better example for the use of low Faith 
              units, as you are about to get pummeled by magic
   Objective: Defeat Rofel
  Difficulty: 8.5/10

      PBF: RCCC~

Equipment: P Bag (Octagon Rod on Ramza)
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Sprint Shoes

Everyone knows what the above PBF does by now, but just in case you missed it 
the first hundred times, it starts out out of Rofel`s range. As such, he will
run away from you and sit in the back of the room, and he will stay there for
the entire battle. What you may be wondering is why I have no Reflect Rings. I
had them on at one point, but then I discovered that Damage Split will NOT 
activate if you are hit by a Reflected spell. As such, I went with the Sprint
Shoes. This allowed for more healing via Regen with the extra point of speed.
Needless to say, it`s a real lifesaver. As for the enemies, you`ll want to reset
if any of them have Item, as you`ll most likely never be able to kill them. At 
the start of the battle, all of the enemies will do their thing. After this, 
your job is to get your four girls to the very top of the map, right behind your
starting point. There is a little six panel area of level height. Once there, 
arrange your girls like so:


Furthermore, keep Ramza as far the hell away as possible. He does not have 
Regen, and he has high Faith. A few magic spells will do him in. As for your
girls, all you can do is to continuously Wait on the spot while the generics
totally pummel you with magic. After what will seem like an eternity of Damage
Splits and Regen, the battle should slowly start turning in your favor. 
Eventually, if Damage Split is really on, the closest Wizard should be the first
to fall, thanks to him being a moron and launching those nasty level 4 spells at
you. From there, you will most likely have to watch all of the enemies drain
themselves of their MP before you can actually do anything. With any luck, 
however, you may see one, or both, of the Summoners die as well. After all, they
have no problems when it comes to launching those high level spells while 
they`re in a weak state. 

No matter who is still alive in the enemy party at this point, their lack of MP
will be the perfect opportunity for you to attack, especially with Ramza. 
Finish off all the enemies, and get ready to spend an eternity leveling up. One 
final note on the generics: you don`t necessarily have to wait for the Time Mage
to drain himself of MP before you attack. His spells won`t damage you too much,
and the extra HP that you lose by no longer waiting on the spot won`t be too 
much of a difference. Either way, kill all of the generics.

Now comes one of the most tedious tasks ever. You have to level up to 99, right
here and now. And what`s even worse is that if Damage Split fails you against
Rofel, you`ll have to do it all over again. Be very weary of this, though I have
a great strategy for killing him later on. Anyway, the method for levelling up 
your girls should be obvious. Have them all attack each other with their P Bags
while Regen restores any lost HP along the way. The problem here is Ramza. By
him attacking one of your girls, he will get Damage Split, and aside from a
crystal dropped by an enemy`s corpse, he has no way to heal. This is the very 
reason why having Ramza gain as many levels as possible in the previous battle
is a good thing. It lessens your work load in this place. The best advice I can
possibly give is to level up your girls to 99 by having them attack each other
while Ramza walks around, gaining EXP from Move-Gain EXP. When all of your girls
are at level 99, you can afford to have Ramza attack them, so long as a crystal
remains on the battlefield. Once the crystals are all gone, however, you must
leave Ramza will full HP. In fact, I advise leaving one crystal on the map, so
that Ramza can get to full HP after he levels to 99. A good way to speed this up
a bit is to adjust your options. Press the Triangle button, and turn things off.
Navigation Messages, Ability Names, EXP and JP gained, and Field Effects all 
greatly increase the time you take in leveling up your units in this fight.
Turn them all off. Once you finally have everyone at level 99, move on to the
next paragraph.

If you do this EXACTLY RIGHT, then the only way that you will lose this battle 
is if Damage Split literally does not go off at all. 


 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9|10|11|12|  (x)

I`m aware that there is more to the map itself, but this is pretty much the only
thing I need to graph in order to explain how to win this fight. 

Ro = Rofel
Ra = Ramza
Ca = Capricorn
Ta = Taurus

Make absolutely sure that before doing this, everyone is at full HP, and that
all 5 of your units will be able to move between Rofel`s attacks.

 Step 1: Move the unit standing at (7,11) to (7,9), and have her Wait.

 Step 2: Rofel will come barreling forward and nail that unit for 343 points of
         damage. Pray for a Damage Split.

 Step 3: Move Ramza to (7,11).

 Step 4: Move the unit at (7,9) to (7,12).

 Step 5: Have your other three units Wait.

 Step 6: Rofel will run all the way back to (7,1). Go figure. If this does not
         happen, however, the only that you can do is to let him hit you, and 
         pray for those Damage Splits. In all likelihood, however, the latter 
         will not be the case.

 Step 7: Ramza and a healthy Taurus should be standing right next to each other.
         Have them switch spots.

 Step 8: Repeat steps 1-6. 

 Step 9: Take both of your Capricorns, and throw them at Rofel. Two more Damage
         splits will kill him. The best part is that with your high HP, a 
         Capricorn can take one of Rofel`s attacks, survive with Regen, and then
         take another. With two Capricorns, you will have to be the unluckiest
         person on earth to not win the battle at this point.

Step 10: If in the event that Damage Split fails when Rofel attacks your Taurus
         units, steps 1-6 can easily be recreated with the Capricorns, or even
         Ramza. Play the battle wisely, and only throw yourself at him if you
         are completely out of options.

Step 11: Take a break. You`ll need it after that battle, especially if Damage
         Split failed and you lost once or twice.

   --- v. Kletian ---

     Enemies: Kletian (Male Sorcerer), 2 Male Ninjas, 2 Male Samurais, 2 Male
              Time Mages
Enemy Levels: Around 52
Units to Use: Ramza + those level 99 low Faith units, perhaps?
   Objective: Defeat Kletian
  Difficulty: 2/10

      PBF: #CR~CC

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume/Wizard Robe
           Red Shoes

Finally, a breather. All you have to do is rush Kletian. Those in range should
attack him, and those not in range should merely Wait. It gets no easier than
this, and the only reason I don`t give this battle a 1 is because the generics
are fast. With enough bad luck, you can actually lose. The battle is a fun one,
though, so losing here never meant much grief for me, much like Germinas Peak.

   --- w. Lost Sacred Presincts ---

     Enemies: Balk (Male Engineer), 1 Male Chemist, 1 Dark Behemoth, 1 Hyudra, 1
              Hydra, 1 Tiamat
Enemy Levels: Around 49-50 (wierd... you`d think that they would be above level
              52, to give you some hell)
Units to Use: Ramza + 4 Gemini
   Objective: Kick Balk`s ass so hard that he`ll kiss the moons. Further, after
              winning this battle with your Calculators, load your old master
              file so that you can take Orlandu, fit with the Chaos Blade, 
              Excalibur, Vanish Mantle, and Attack Up into this battle to 
              extract some revenge. After THAT, write a fanfic where Balk gets
              his ass kicked by the entire casts of Super Smash Brothers: Melee
              and the Teletubbies, followed by Barney singing "I Love You" to
              cheer up the Balkster. Finally, when he can take no more of the
              mental abuse, tie him down into a chair and force him to play
              Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest until his head explodes.
  Difficulty: 10/10

        Formation 1: ~R~~

        Formation 2: ~34

  Ramza`s Equipment: Octagon Rod
                     Thief Hat
                     Black Costume
                     Sprint Shoes

Calculators 1 and 2: H Bag
                     Thief Hat
                     Black Costume
                     Rubber Shoes

Calculators 3 and 4: P Bag
                     Thief Hat
                     Black Costume
                     Sprint Shoes

This battle was an absolute pain to figure out, and what wound up happening was
the exact opposite of what I expected. My original plan here was to enter the
battle with four Gemini at level 99 in hopes of Damage Splitting Balk to death.
This strategy has merit, but there is no possible way for Balk to die before the
monsters, not Balk, kill me. As such, I devised another plan, and thankfully, I
had the equipment for it to work. With the above formation, Balk will move one
panel outside of his maximum range and shoot at Ramza. Following Balk`s first
attack, the enemies will all get their first actions in, and aside from the
Chemist shooting someone, nothing out of the ordinary will happen. Finally, it
will be your turn. Move Ramza to the left of Calculator 4. Have Calculators 3
and 4 Wait on the spot. As for your other two Calculators, their first moves are
very important. Move Calculator 2 one panel forward, and move Calculator 1 one 
panel to HER left, then one panel forward. With Balk`s second turn, he will
happily move 3 panels forward, and one panel to his left before firing at 
Calculator 4. After the enemies do their thing again, it`ll be your turn. Have
Calculators 1 and 2 trap Balk, and have everyone else Wait on the spot. One 
lucky, redirected Triple Flame later, and Balk will die at the hands of one of
his own monsters. 

How in the world is this possible, you ask? Simple. With Rubber Shoes and Thief
Hats, the two Calculators with said equipment in Ramza`s formation will be
completely ignored by Balk. With the H Bags, they will just BARELY be fast 
enough to trap Balk before he`s able to move out of the panel where you will
trap him. If my memory serves me correctly, his CT will be at 99 when 
Calculators 1 and 2 get their second actions in. A whole hell of a lot of credit
goes to Metroid Composite for helping me out with this one. Though he didn`t 
give me the exact formation for this battle, he DID prove, in his Samurai SCC no
less, that it was more than possible to trap Balk in this manner and redirect a
Triple Flame. Without that lone piece of advice, I might still be Damage 
Splitting Bolt spells. Much love, Metroid.

I would like to take this time to note that falcon went through a complete and
total hell in this battle, and he wound up winning this battle with my 
strategy. And I don`t mean that he referred to the guide, either. After a ton
of resets, falcon wound up coming with the exact same strategy you see above 
you on his own. Ironic as hell, isn`t it? Oh, and falcon gave me a picture of
what the trap strategy looks like once it works:


   --- x. Hashmalum ---

     Enemies: Hashmalum (Male Regulator)
Enemy Levels: At least 52
Units to Use: Ramza + your low Faith units
   Objective: Defeat Hashmalum
  Difficulty: 1.5/10

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Black Costume
           Red Shoes

Start everyone off in a line of 5, remembering that Ramza will occupy the hole
in the middle no matter where you start him. Hashmalum will begin the battle by
instantly casting Meteor before you can even move. After the Damage Splits, you
will have four Calculators in range to nail him. After your volley of attacks,
Hashmalum will get a double turn. He won`t be able to finish everyone off with
his double turn, giving you a perfect opportunity to waste him. You might even
be able to get away with giving your low Faith units Wizard Robes for extra 
damage, but don`t quote me on that. I won the battle in one try with Black
Costumes, so I never got to test out those Wizard Robes and whether or not you
can survive Hashmalum`s attacks with them on.

   --- y. Altima ---

     Enemies: Altima (Unisexual Arch Angel), 4 Ultima Demons, Altima (Unisexual
              Holy Angel)
Enemy Levels: For the Ultima Demons, the level hovers anywhere between the high
              20s to the high 30s. This means that it is impossible to predict
              which demons will have their level 35 speed points. As for Altima,
              I`m not 100% sure of her level at all. I haven`t hacked into the
              game itself to take the cloak off of her stats. I would imagine it
              to be at least level 35 for the first form, and at least level 52
              for the second. 
Units to Use: Gee, I don`t know. Something tells me that those units you worked
              so hard to level to 99 would be the perfect choice.
   Objective: Defeat Altima
  Difficulty: 11/10

Before reading the strategy for this fight, bear one thing in mind. This is, 
without a doubt, the hardest battle in the game for a team of non-Math Skill
Calculators. Please don`t e-mail me and bite my head off, claiming that I`m no
help. Then again, for you to do that, you`d have to actually make it to this
part of the battle, which is a miraculous feat in and of itself. 

      PBF: ~~~~C 

Equipment: Octagon Rod
           Thief Hat
           Wizard Robe (Black Costume on Ramza)
           Feather Mantle

Ramza`s starting position does not matter, but you knew this already. 
Furthermore, bear in mind that the ONLY reason you have a chance in hell to win
this battle is because of those Feather Mantles. I can offer a pretty reliable
strategy for getting past Altima`s first form, but when it all comes down to it,
this battle`s entire outcome will be based on luck, and luck alone. If you evade
most of Altima`s attacks, you can win. If not, you will lose. It`s really that
simple when it all comes down to it. Either way, let`s get down to business.

Alma should go to her usual spot and charge MBarrier on herself. Altima should 
then kill her. If not, reset. Once the beginning of the battle goes the way it
needs to go, gather an attack against Altima like so:


C = Calculator
A = Alma`s corpse
X = Altima

Before you`re able to move, it should be noted that Ramza will most likely have
2 Dark Holies being charged on him. There is little that you can do to stop 
this, though Damage split will be able to save his life, as well as luck. You`ll
also want to find the closest charging demon, park Ramza right in front of him,
and have Ramza attack him. If the demon Ramza attacks connects with Counter,
reset. The events leading up to this point are not hard to recreate.

If all goes according to plan in this first round, here`s what will happen. Alma
will be dead, you`ll be able to attack Altima twice, and Ramza will have two
Dark Holies being charged on him. Furthermore, Ramza will have gotten an attack
in on one of the charging demons, and NOT have been hit by Counter. At this 
point, everything the demons were charging will go off. Ramza MUST survive 
through this, because you need Altima to try and physically attack him. This
should give you a pretty obvious hint as to what happens next.

Altima should Teleport next to Ramza and try to physically attack him. With any
luck, this attack will miss. If it doesn`t, however, don`t reset. You can still
get Altima`s first form out of the fight. At this point, hit Altima with whoever
you have in range. Now, remember that demon that Ramza attacked? He should be
pretty weak by now. As such, he will blast your party, and hopefully Altima,
with Ulmaguest. She`ll be hurt pretty badly by now, and one or two more attacks
will get her first form out of the fight if Ulmaguest doesn`t criticalize her

Now comes the fun part of the battle. There is one thing you can do, and one 
thing only. You must go with a full-out offensive, and pray to whatever you pray
to that Altima uses a ton of physical attacks. Furthermore, you`re wearing 
those Feather Mantles for a reason. Altima has a tendency to physically attack
mages, so with tons of luck, she`ll attack you repeatedly, and miss repeatedly.
Another thing to mention is that you cannot fear Grand Cross in this battle.
You cannot afford to pass up an opporotunity to attack Altima in lieu of trying
to stay spread out. Stay spread out if you can, but attacking Altima should 
ALWAYS be your highest priority. In all likelihood, you won`t be able to avoid
Grand Cross in this battle at all. 

That pretty much does it. Attack Altima whenever you can, and pray that the
Feather Mantles win the battle for you. Good luck.

Here is falcon`s work:

Enemy Levels: The Ultima Demon levels are set: 30, 33, 36 and 39.  Thus, two
have their Speed points and two do not.  This will come into play in my 
Altima I strategy. I'm not sure what Altima I's level is, but Altima II 
is level 66.

As for strategy: I used the same PBF as Ulti.  I kept everyone with 
Wizard Robes.  On Altima/Alma's side, I did this:

CCX (C = Calculator, A = Alma, X = Altima)

Both the Calculators facing Altima can hit her, thanks to her being able 
to fly.  This gets you one extra attack in over Ulti's formation.

As for Ramza, he should be targeted with a couple Dark Holies.  Splatter 
any Demons you can midcharge.  On my winning run, I was able to kill both
the high-level Demons off thanks to Good compatibility and luck with
Damage Split.

After that, kill off the Demons if you get the opportunity, but if not, 
just go after Altima.  Even if Ramza drops to the Dark Holies, you can 
still kill her off before Ramza crystallizes.

Altima II, on the other hand, requires three things: lots of physical 
attacks missing, Grand Cross being incredibly friendly or nonexistent,
and Altima casting Return 2.  Why Return 2?  Because it allows for the 
occasional midcharge shot, and it doesn't do any damage to your party.  
You can help yourself by good positioning.  Don't bunch up.  Keep your 
people three squares away from each other so Altima uses more physical 
attacks and Return 2's instead of Grand Cross or All-Ultima.  And again,
pray that those physicals miss.

+ IV. Frequently Asked Questions +

Yes, there`s an FAQ within the FAQ. The following are the most common questions
that I hear on an everyday basis:

Q: Is it really true that you broke your foot because of this challenge?
A: Yep. The cast is still on my foot, in fact. I was rather happy over Balk
   finally biting the dust, so I semi-jumped into the air, and it broke upon 
   landing. Funny as hell, personally, though it hurt like you wouldn`t believe
   when it first happened.

Q: It took you over a year to beat this challenge? Why so long?
A: Didn`t you read the beginning of the document? I needed some breaks, so I
   took them.

Q: You started the Solo SCC craze. Won`t you ever get around to doing any of 
A: After ripping my own hair out in trying to complete this game with 
   Calculators, don`t expect me to be SCC-obsessed any time soon. I MIGHT try 
   one or two of them, but don`t put your money on it.

Q: You`ve said that you are working on other FAQs as well. Care to tell us 
   what`s up?
A: Another FAQ I`m currently working on is a walkthrough for the other 19 SCCs
   in FFT. It`s all one big document, rather than 19 separate ones. This FAQ is
   still looking to be rather large, however, so be patient with it. It might
   take a rather long time for me to finish this one. The Solo SCC FAQ, however,
   shouldn`t take much longer at all. After all, not much strategy has been 
   submitted to me as of yet, so currently, it`s looking to be short. This will
   change soon, obviously.

   UPDATE: I wound up not making the SSCC FAQ. I have yet to do any of them, 
   and stepping on the toes of those that have done all the legwork would be 
   pretty bad on my part. My congrats go out to Overated, who eventually 
   wound up writing the guide, and to everyone who has helped make that guide
   what it is. 

Q: Did you REALLY beat the Calculator SCC? I mean, all you have here are your
   updates. There are no screenshots or videos for us to go by.
A: No, I didn`t beat the challenge. This document, my broken foot, and all the
   time I spent writing information for this challenge were all a lie, because
   I have nothing better to do than to make up very specific strategies to 
   create the illusion of completing the challenge in question. Furthermore, 
   the fact that everything written in this document actually works means 
   nothing whatsoever.

Q: Ok, ok, I get the point. But still, we have no visual proof.
A: I can understand that much. I guess you`ll just have to trust me, now won`t
   you? However, there is a current SCCer, falcon815, who is currently in the
   middle of the Calculator SCC. His updates can be found on the SCC Board, and
   oddly enough, the strategies he is using are practically identical to the 
   strategies you`ll find me handing out. And to top it off, he provides the 
   occasional screenshot for you. It must be SOME coincidence that someone else
   can take what I`ve written, then go off and start beating one Calculator SCC
   battle after another. Some coincidence, indeed. Learn to trust your peers.

Q: I`m having problems with [insert random FFT issue]. Help!
A: The best possible thing to do in this situation is to either e-mail me at
   <Ultimaterializer@hotmail.com>, or IM me at Ultimaterializer via AIM. I`ll be
   glad to help you.

Q: It obviously took a lot of work to do all of this. Don`t you ever get out?
A: Definitely. I have a wonderful fianc‚, as well as two of the best friends a
   guy could ever ask for. All of what you see is pretty much what I do in my
   spare time. I just happen to be able to find more of it than some people, I

Q: We need a set place to talk about the various FFT challenges, but nothing 
   seems to stay put very long. What should we all do?
A: Every time I`m on AIM, I create a Chat Room entitled "RPG Challenges". It`s
   not my fault that none of you ever go there.

+ V. Credits/Special Thanks +

After I completed this challenge, quite a lot of people came forward to give me
all sorts of congratulations. Furthermore, during my progress within the 
challenge itself, many people offered various thanks, and words of wisdom. This
section is dedicated to all of you. I may not come out and thank each and every
one of you, but still, I thank each and every one of you who gave me support 
from the bottom of my heart. Oh, this is in no particular order, and if I miss
everyone, I`m not perfect. I know some of you think I am, but I`m not. I
apologize if anyone is missed, but a simple e-mail can fix that.

CjayC: He is one man, and happens to maintain the best site on the internet. 
       There is no way in hell that this is an easy task, especially with the
       fact that gamefaqs is growing at an exponential rate. I can`t thank him
       enough for all of the hard work.

UltimaterializerX: I should thank myself. After all, I`m the first one to be 
                   crazy enough to not only complete this challenge, but to 
                   write an actual walkthrough for the damned thing.

Squaresoft: For making the game, maybe?

MunkiBleedsGreen: We may have had some words for each other, but I`d like to
                  apologize. I wasn`t going through the best of times during 
                  that little argument, and said a load of things that I never
                  should have said. And while I meant sticking up for my 
                  friends, I`m aware that I went WAY over the line in doing so.
                  I`m sorry. Furthermore, I have to say thanks for creating the
                  SCC in the first place. Without it, I would not be what I am
                  today, and I`m fully aware of that.

Danielle "gameruiner": We haven`t spoken all that much as of late, but still,
                       thanks for al the great conversations.

SetzerGabbiani: Berserk for Berserkers!

Ex Soldier Cloud: The first man to complete the 19 original SCCs, plus Crystal

Merlin the Tuna: "...and much fist pumping ensued."
                 "PJZNT isn`t a word? SINCE WHEN?"

RisingChaos: "ACCESS DENIED!!"; he also gets a note for being the first man to
             complete a Solo SCC, and will get loads of credit when my FAQ for
             the thing is finally finished. He is, after all, the 
             self-proclaimed King of the Universe for completing this task :)

CirclMastr: The man who forgot the letter E, and founder of Ultimaterialism.

NeoElfBoy: I could write an entire FAQ for what this guy means to me. Not only
           did he have loads of good information to help me out, but he`s also a
           good friend of mine, even though I`ll never meet him face to face.
           Furthermore, the Calculator SCC was not the only SCC where his common
           sense approach to FFT really helped. Lastly, see that strategy for
           Velius? He came up with at least 95% of it. All I did was put it into
           effect in my room. Thanks a million, buddy.

Trampoline: He got the farthest in the Calculator SCC until I broke his record.
            I do believe he was about to enter the Orbonne series in chapter 3.
            Since then, no one has seen or heard from him. Wonder where he 

Metroid Composite: Aside from offering a ton of good advice, he proved it 
                   possible that you can redirect Triple Flame at the Lost
                   Sacred Presincts. If he thinks I`m not forever grateful for
                   that, he`s nuts.

The entire Starcraft 64 Board: You guys kick a ton of ass.

The entire FFTSB: I have made the FFTSB my home board for a reason. You guys
                  are among some of the best people I`ve ever had the chance
                  of speaking with, and some of you wound up becoming some
                  damned good friends of mine.

Nemesis/Marshmallow: They inspired me to write the most, quite honestly. They
                     are two of the best FAQ writers on gamefaqs, and many 
                     thanks to both of them.

Notti/Aerostar/Goryus: They quite possibly know more about FFT than the game`s
                       creators themselves. And two of them actually posted in
                       my update topic. Big honor there :)

chococid: The man who claims that the Calculator SCC, as well as this guide,
          would not have been possible without his small knowledge of Final
          Fantasy Tactics. After all, without his suggestion to reset at 
          Finath River until I got all Black Chocobos, I surely never would
          have beaten the game. Furthermore, he claims that he is the only
          man to postulate that the use of Mantles can theoretically get a
          team of Calculators through any battle, with enough patience from the
          player himself. This means that chococid should get 100% of the 
          credit for the Altima section. After all, I used Feather Mantles, so
          obviously, it was all because of chococid`s ingenius suggestion that
          I won the battle in the first place. Thank you, chococid, because 
          without the above suggestions, as well as a few others of equal or
          lesser value, I never would have come close to completing the 
          challenge on my own. You should be crowned a god, with various
          religions recognized by small insects named after you, because as 
          we can all see by now, UltimaterializerX is nothing without the 
          divine presence of the almighty chococid. How can I ever thank you?

          The above paragraph was a joke, by the way, to anyone who thinks I
          meant that stuff in a bad way. I just felt like making fun of our
          little friend here for his suggestion to reset at Finath until 
          Black Chocobos showed up. With 100% seriousness, chococid provided
          as much help as anyone else. He fixed some errors in the guide, and
          provided a few suggestions for the tight spots.

Gamermad11: The Bumpmeister of my Calculator Update topic. It`s a good thing,
            too, because it took a LOONG time for me to record all of that
            information to another source.

skibbleyboo66: His name can be used to sing along with Jigglypuff`s song, as
               well as "Skip to my Lou". Beat that.

DaBoss: Who Da Man? 

Sopranotek: One of the best SCCers out there, and a great guy to talk to, to 

iLikeSwords: Another great guy to talk to, and another who gave unbelievable
             support through my quest. He`s also the guy who has kept up with
             his own SCC creation in FFV, which obviously took a lot of work. I
             just might do a few of those if I have the time to spare.

Seiken Enhansa: For the longest time, I thought he was Sopranotek. Wierd. He`s
                another of the great SCCers out there, and I believe he has 
                almost all of them done. Good luck, man. Oh, and YOU`RE the
                Golden God :)

Beawulf: Sooner or later, he`ll drive me to the point of doing some FFV SCCs. He
         also happens to be one of the more... INTERESTING people out there.

Zaku X/Y: The man who refuses to spell Crono without the H, and also a man with
          an identity crisis. X, or Y? X, or Y? 

DeathChicken: We will all pray for your soul, but not before I turn you into a 
              good plate or two of buffalo wings.

Crono801: The original Crono of gamefaqs.

Falcon815: By the time this FAQ gets posted, he will have been the only other
           SCCer besides myself to make it through the first three chapters with
           Calculators. Good luck with the final one, buddy. And keep up the 
           screenshots :)

           UPDATE: he has completed the SCC, and has e-mailed me a bunch of 
           stuff that he has given me full permission to post in this guide. I
           must definantly give him my gratitude. Not only has he given more 
           strategies than what was already written, but he was actually able
           to come up with some screenshots as well. I have also written up a
           section for falcon himself, entitled "Falcon`s FAQs". More 
           information on how to contact him and such is in there.

Orochi Strider: Another great buddy of mine, and one who offered tons of support
                down the stretch.

mikauk: The fact that he has two Ks in his name means NOTHING.

phoneman261: He was kind enough to further my insanity by informing me that 
             the big blackout happened right in the middle of my battle at UBS4.
             I think he was trying to kill me.

Nanaki Muyo: In light of him, I will rename Red XIII "Muyo" in my next 
             playthrough of FF7. I`m serious.

SageAcrin: A LONG time FFTSBer, and one of the best guys around. 

Superaielman: "..........damn."

Sevon: Ok, what, exactly, is an "Ulti-sama"??

FinalFantasy Fanatic: Now remember, Summer Contest Board, someone being a fan of
                      the Final Fantasy series doesn`t automatically mean that
                      they are a fanboy and hate everything else.

Pickthank: "For demonstrated miracles performed with a Playstation controller
           and for martyrdom of the foot, Ultimaterializer shall be canonized
           fortwith as St. Francis of SCC. The veneration due this saint shall
           be satisfied by the Rite of the Pressed Power Button and his feast 
           day shall be the third all-nighter Sunday under the house 
           Serpentarius. He is to be depicted in stained glass with a Regen 
           number halo and his holiest relics are the cookie and the foot cast."

           -while I`m very flattered, that quote is better looked upon as the
           single greatest usage of the English language ever. I was rolling on
           the floor laughing after reading this.

Shadow FF6: Patron Saint of giving compliments, as well as the creator of
            1337\/4|\|4, which is leetvana in English.

RamzaBeoulve259: Dammit, I had a special thank you in place, because you wrote
                 a very good FAQ. Of course, as I write this, I forgot what it
                 was. I suck. Either way, thanks for the good words <3

My wonderful fianc‚, Tanya: I cannot even BEGIN to thank you for all the things
                            you have done for me, or all the ways you have 
                            helped me. I will be forever grateful, and I could
                            not have picked a better girl to marry than you.

Phil, Steven, and John: You guys are easily the best friends I could have ever
                        asked for. If any of you read this sentence, consider it
                        a formal invitation to be my best men.

Philsov: The man that kicks so much ass, he gets put in my credits twice. And  
         for the record, Phil, Arlo Gutherie sucks :) After listening to that
         song (and losing 3 IQ points in the process), I have decided to rename
         it "Ulti`s Restaurant", simply because I kick more ass than Alice, and
         because I can. Stick with 'NIMA, buddy. It`ll be for your own good <3

Mooglelicious: You know, when I first wrote up this FAQ, I KNEW I forgot someone
               important. Sorry, Mike. This guy has a lot of faith in the 
               Yankees, and though they have only won 26 world championships, 
               and haven`t won it all in two years, he is convinced that the 
               Curse of the [insert something witty and clever here] will be
               broken before his time in this mortal coil is done and over with.
               You go, Mike, for you are a stronger man than I.

               And yes, that was mostly sarcasm. GO YANKEES!

Igloo Bob: This guy found the PERFECT time to cheer me up, and even added in a
           few good contributions. Welcome to the credits section, my friend.

Saturngohan: He was the first user to completely proofread my entire guide, and
             he spotted quite a few crazy little errors. The problem, however, 
             is that his claim to fame will never have anything whatsoever to
             do with helping me out. Check this quote out. It comes directly
             from a post that Saturngohan made on the SCC Board, in an effort
             to help...
             "While Yardow is one of the hardest battles in the 'gam' for ANY 
             SCC. [UltimaterializerX]

             In the Chapter 3 section, gam should be spelt 'gam'.

             I admit that I made a rather silly typo, but I find it funny that
             Saturngohan here suggests that I fix the typo by spelling it the
             exact same way the second time around. For the record, the first 
             part of that quote comes right from this guide, while the second
             half of it is Saturngohan`s opinion of how it should be fixed. 
             Good show, Saturngohan! I hope that you, unlike chococid, can 
             take a good joke. In all seriousness, I really appreciate the
             help, but did you really think I was ever going to let you live
             this down? HA! It will live on in my FAQ forever, especially 
             because I left it misspelled on purpose.

             Oh, and to the reader of this guide, the two words highlighted in 
             single quotes were originally in either bold or italics in the 
             actual post. Too bad us FAQ writers can`t use HTML in our guides,
             but it`s for the better.

Xgamer4: For the support, as well as the great sense of humor.

Jason Trotti: A great real-life friend of mine, who has been nothing but 
              supportive since my father decided to go nuts again. I can NOT 
              thank you enough for all of the help, Jay. It does not go

arkenaga: He pointed out that the links at the bottom were outdated. Thanks
          a bundle =)

That pretty much does it. Again, if I forgot anyone, I`m sorry. Just e-mail me,
yell at me for being an idiot for forgetting you in the first place, and we`ll
fix it right up.

+ VI. Falcon`s FAQ/Special Thanks +

The best thing I can offer anyone who finished this SCC is a section much like
this one. If you pull this off and give me sufficient proof, then write up
your own FAQ/Special Thanks section. It will find its place here, trust me.
The rest of what`s in this section is all falcon`s stuff, not mine.

Q: Is it really true that you broke your foot because of this challenge?
A: Yes, I had a kidney stone and sprained left knee in separate incidents 
   while in the middle of Chapter 4.  

Q: It took you over a year to beat this challenge?  Why so long?
A: I didn't take many breaks, and it still took me nearly three months.  
   It's not an easy task.

Q: Did you REALLY beat the Calculator SCC?  
A: I've got some screens of various battles up on my webspace.  E-mail me
   for more of them than the ones I provided, if you're that skeptical.

Q: I'm having problems...
A: Or, if you can't get hold of Ulti, send me a mail at 
   <falcon@sandwich.net>, AIM me at RifleBunny, or pop into #fftchallenge on

Q: We need a set place...
A: Again, #fftchallenge on Espernet.  I'm there from 11 PM to 2 AM EST 
   most every night, and there are people in and out for most of the day.  
   Pop in!

--- Special Thanks ---

To AquaHaute, for getting me started on SCC's.  

To MalcolmMasher, gamermad11, sqpat and Rising Chaos, the regulars of 
#fftchallenge during my hours, for their continued encouragement.  

To Ultimaterializer for his writeups, which supplied good strategies, and
would have saved me quite a bit of time at Lost Sacred Precincts had I 
used them like I should have.  >.>  

And finally, to myself, for thinking outside the box in those fights where 
the strategies for victory were not obvious, and coming up with solid 
strategies to go alongside Ulti's in the books.

That would be falcon`s stuff right there. As you can see, he copy/pasted some 
of my question, and came up with his own responses. But to clear one thing up,
falcon did not break his foot. I just think he was too lazy to change the 
wording of the question ~_^

+ VII. Disclaimer/Contact Information +

This guide is copyrighted by UltimaterializerX, with all rights reserved, and
can not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without expressed, written
consent of the author.

The Straight Character Challenge (SCC) is copyrighted by MunkiBleedsGreen, with
all rights reserved, and can not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form 
without expressed, written consent from the creator.

This guide may only be posted at <www.gamefaqs.com> at the time of the release
of this document.

If you wish to e-mail me, my address is <Ultimaterializer@hotmail.com>, just 
like it says at the very beginning of the document. Feel free to contact me with
anything relevant. Furthermore, you can always catch me hanging around one of
the following places on www.gamefaqs.com:

The SCC Board - http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=584617

The FFT Board - http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=197339

 The SC Board - http://boards.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.asp?board=8

And SC stands for Summer Contest, by the way. I have wasted more time on that
board than on any other, so if you`re randomly trying to catch me on gamefaqs,
that`s your best bet. It`s a social board with no topicality, so you can try
reaching me however you choose. If I`m not there, however, post something on the
SCC board. It`s a guarantee that I`ll see your post sooner or later.   
                        -Copyrighted 2003 UltimaterializerX, all rights reserved


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