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NPC Class FAQ by Algus

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 03/15/04

Final Fantasy Tactics NPC Classes FAQ
By Algus
email: endlessinstant@aol.com
Version 2.2

Ver 2.2 - Various changes
Ver 2.1 - Updated typos, worked on formatting, hopefully it will 
display better now.  
Ver 2.0 - Added Phony Saint.  Added rant about Zodiac Beasts and 
Altima. Can't believe I forgot about Ajora, someone needs to smack me. 


This FAQ was written exclusively for Gamefaqs.com and the Final Fantasy 
Tactics Message Board Community, this FAQ should not be found at any 
other site besides


That is where the most up-to-date version can be found. 

These people were nifty and cited my FAQ at their Ajora shrine, so go 
to their website because it's cool. 


What is this FAQ?

This FAQ is my attempt to catalog and describe all of the classes that 
you never encounter in the game. These are the classes held by 
characters such as Larg and Goltana.  For completeness I have included 
their class help, their class name, gameshark codes to create the 
character, their biography end-game from the 'Brave Story' option on 
the menu, and innate equips. 

I have not tested these classes extensively in battle, I am not 
familiar with stat growths, if any of these classes. 

The Gameshark Codes
I. Non-Combat Classes
       1. Duke
            A. Goltana
            B. Larg
       2. High Priest
       3. Bishop
       4. Cardinal
       5. Arc Duke
       6. Arc Witch
       7. Bi-Count
       8. Phony Saint
II. Combat Classes
        1. A note about Assassins
        2. The Ever-Changing Arc Knight
        3. Delita's Sis Teta
        4. About Olan
        5. A note about Guests
        6. Zodiac Beasts and Altima

It is of interest to me as to the fact that these classes even exist. 
What is even more interesting is the fact that someone, somewhere, went 
to the trouble of translating these classes and help files from the 
japanese knowing that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to ever see these 
without the help of some sort of hacking device.

It is pretty fun to play with these classes, at least I like it, 
beating up on Rudvich's lackies with Rudvich ;) Or storming Riovannes 
with Barinten.  

I wrote the following codes for myself when I was creating my new file. 
This document is by no means the final authority on the codes. I wrote 
these codes directly from information provided in Aerostar's FAQ and if 
you want more info on how the codes work, then go there.

What to do.

Each character is listed by which number they should be in your party 
list.  For instance, Goltana is #2, so there should be a character 
occupying slot #2 in your party screen, this character will be turned 
into Goltana. 

I will not answer questions about how these codes work.  If you need 
help consult Aerostar's FAQ.  This information is provided "as-is" I do 
not guarentee their success with your gameshark nor do I promise they 
wont do anything evil to your game.  <- This part is hard for some 
people to read apparently as I've gotten all sorts of gameshark 
questions from how to shark Elmdor to custom classes.  This is NOT a 
gameshark FAQ, my knowledge of the gameshark is extremely limited.  If 
you want more gameshark stuff, consult Aerostar's FAQ, it is quite 

#2 Goltana    30058074 000B
#3 Larg          30058174 000A
#4 Funeral    30058274 000E
#5 Simon       30058374 0013
#6 Draclau    30058474 0018
#7 Barinten   30058574 001D
#8 Balmafula 30058674 0021
#9 Rudvish   30058774 0023

As with the first set of codes, I wrote the following codes to test the 
Zodiac Beasts out, they will only transform the slot with the indicated 

#2 St. Ajora(Ajora Glabados)  30058074 0031
#3 Altima 01                               30058174 0041
#4 Altima 02                               30058274 0049
#5 Kletian                                   30058374 0027
#6 Balk                                        30058474 002B
#7 Velius                                     30058574 003C
#8  Zarela                                    30058674 003E
#9 Hashmalum                           30058774 0040
#10 Queklain                              30058874 0043
#11 Adramelk                            30058974 0045

I included Kletian and Balk since they were on my code list.  When I 
wrote these codes I wanted to add all the characters I had yet to shark 
into my own FFT files and now Im glad to say I have personally used 
every NPC.  Kletian is nifty.  Anyway, as for these Zodiac Beasts, it 
seems that they count as special monsters, much like Worker 8 and 
Byblos.  But, if you dont change their classes to their default then 
they will count as humans.  I haven't tested this myself, but it seems 
plausable.  As with all things related to the gameshark, when you mess 
with the game, wierd stuff can happen.  So use these codes with care.

According to Fred Oliver's debug menu FAQ you can add Serpentarius as 
one of the characters in one of the party configs.  I don't like the 
debug menu very much but it seems that Serpentarius is another one of 
those totally unglitched characters that may have originally been 
planned as someone playable.   

Duke comes in two flavors, Larg and Goltana. Stats follow

HELP FILE: Duke attended by hundreds of Knights. A rank only given to 
selected ones from the nobility.

Lord of Zeltennia.  As with the Larg family, the Goltana family is part 
of the Denamunda Kingdom since the Fifty Year War.  Also known as the 
"Prince of the Black Lions," from his family crest, taken from the 
double headed crest of the Kingdom. Assassinated by the scheme of 
Knight Delita and the Church, during an attack on Bethla Garrison.

Name: Druksmald Goltana
Innate Equips: None
Innate Skills: None

Duke class is the worst of the "sealed" or "non-battle" classes. 
Strangely enough... sprites like Larg and Goltana are not glitched at 
all in battle, while Teta, who actually does appear in a battle scene, 
is glitched.  

HELP FILE: Duke with hundreds of knights. A rank only given to selected 

Lord of Gallione, brother of Princess Ruvelia of the Omdolia Kingdom. 
The Larg familiy is a part of the Atkascha Kingdom, who gained power 
from the Fifty Year War.  Assasinated by Dycedarg's scheme during an 
attack on Bethla Garrison.

Name: Bestrada Larg
Innate Equips: None
Innate Skills: None

Besides the obvious differences, identical to Goltana.

HELP FILE: A messenger of God who has the highest authority in the 
church. His words are powerful
                      enough to alter the fate of a nation.

As the High Priest of the Murond Glabados Church, he masterminded the 
Lion War.  Revived the powers of the Church, which was lost during the 
Fifty Year War.  His ambition is to raise the power of the Church 
higher than that of the King. But, he is actually being used by Lucavi, 
who is seeking control, as the High Priest is eventually killed by 

Name: Marge Funeral
Innate Equips: Robes, Accessories
Innate Skills: None

This sprite is interesting since you only see him as a dead man... it 
isn't glitched at all. Funny things I've done, make him a knight ;P 

HELP FILE: Priest who takes an active part in spreading the teachings 
of God to people around the world.

Head of Orbonne Monastery and Professor of a devout believer in the 
teachings of Glabados.  Once, a high level Pagan examiner, he resigned 
due to one incident. He escaped the secular world and currently lives 
as a hermit in a distant land.  Killed by the Temple Knights who came 
for the holy stone, "Virgo," at the monestary.

Name: Simon Pen Rakshu
Innate Equips: None
Innate Skills: None

Simon displays correctly on the party screen and battle-mode unit 
placement screen leading me to suspect he was originally planned as a 
playable character.

HELP FILE: Cardinal, the highest authority in the church next to the 
High Priest.

Head of Lionel.  Also a cardinal second only to the Head of the 
Glabados Church.  A famous Knight of the Fifty Year War, as well as 
being a Theologist.  He is revered by his people.  The Cardinal 
associated with Queklain of the legendary devil group, Lucavi seeking 
the holy stone for some unknown reason. 

Name: Alphons Draclau
Innate Equips: Daggers, Robes, Accessories
Innate Skills: None

The fact that he can use daggers makes me think he might have orignally 
been planned as an enemy, but then some of the other classes have some 
base equips too, so who knows.

HELP FILE: High-ranking Noble. United feudal lords from various 
regions. His power equals that of a King
                     of a small nation. 

Leader of Fovoham.  Since the Grand Duke was not a warrior, he did not 
fight on the frontlines during the Fifty Year War, but under the Grand 
Duke, a group of mercenaries were assembled from many countries, and 
fought in his name.  Realizing the power of the Holy Stone and it's 
significance in warfare, he steals the Holy Stone. This action 
infuriates Vormav, and he is killed.

Name: Gelkanis Barinten
Innate Equips: Robes, Accessories
Innate Skills: None

Barinten is one of the glitched sprites. Not much else to say here.

HELP FILE: Witch reborn as an archwitch by contract with the darkness. 
Uses the mighty power
                      of darkness.

Young magician who is sent by the Church to assist Delita, who has 
lurked into the Goltana army.  But, she was to be the executioner of 
Delita if Delita was to double cross the Church.  She realized that she 
was falling for Delita, who states that he is going to double cross the 
Church.  Watching hs movements and listening to his thoughts, she is 
unable to draw her sword.

Name: Balmafula Lanando
Innate Equips: Female equips, robes, bracers
Innate Skills: None

Unless 'none' is the power of Darkness then she DOES NOT use the mighty 
power, contrary to the helpfile ;). 

HELP FILE: Rank for Nobles.  Fourht highest peerage of fifth-class 

A representative of the Bart Trading Company, involved in a variety of 
businesses, based in Warjilis Trade City.  He is respected and praised 
as a man of influence by the people. But, in the shadows, he is said to 
be a boss of a criminal organization, who is involved in acts such as 
the slave trade and opium smuggling.  Failing to obtain the Holy Stone, 
"Taurus," he was executed by the cardinal.

Name: Bart Rudvich
Innate Equips: Robes, Accessories
Innate Skills: None

His sprite is glitched, is that the Beowulf/Wiegraf sprite he's 
changing too when he does his little victory jump? I think it is.

HELP FILE: Agitator who misleads people with lies and masks.  Don't 
underestimate him, although he 
                      cannot match the power of a genuine saint.

Born around 12 centuries ago, in Bervenia of Lesalia.  Raised in 
Milodos. Spoke of the arrival of a kingdom of a higher source, as 
feelings of antipathy grew from Father Fara.  Executed as a traitor by 
the Holy Empire of Yudora.  Soon after, the capital of the Church of 
Fara became submerged under sea, by an extraordinary natural 
phenomenon.  Those disciples of Ajora believed this was his miracle, 
and these stories spread, and the Glabados Church became what it is 

Name: St. Ajora(Ajora Glabados)
Innate Equips:  Bags(?), Robes, Female Eq(?), Accessories
Innate Skills: None

This is really interesting.  Ajora/Alma before she/he transforms into 
the Holy Angel Altima.  On the screen select his/her character portrait 
shows a character that you never encounter in the game.  Using him/her 
in battle causes the graphics to glitch up.  There doesn't seem to be 
any sort of in battle sprite for this character.  I say ? next to the 
female innate equips because I set the character I modifed as gender 
female, assuming it was meant to be a female-type character.  This may 
or may not have had anything to do with it. I'm not a gameshark expert 


These are what I group as "combat classes" or rather, classes that you 
do indeed see in combat.  They are included in this FAQ only because 
there are a few things I'd like to say about them and point at as 
somewhat interesting. 

A note about Assassins

All I got to say about Assassins, besides the fact that they are the 
best class in the game, stronger even then Orlandu in terms of butt-
kicking, is the fact that the Celia sprite is glitched so you can only 
have an assassin that looks like Lede without crashing the game =(.  
Despite that, there are still codes out there for Celia, heh.

The Ever-Changing Arc Knight

This class is something else, there are three different varieties and 
four different job commands.  That's right, Arc-Knight has an exclusive 
job command that cant actually be aquirred in any-way because it isnt a 
default skill. 

Regardless, Arc-Knight ROCKS THE WORLD.  Arc-Knight has awesome skills, 
and great stats.  

You can have three different types of Arc-Knight

Delita(Mighty Sword)
Zalbag(Destroy Sword)
Elmdor(Sword Spirit)

Then there is the Blood-Suck command. Encountered on Elmdor but once 
again you can only get this by sharking it in by itself.  Sword spirit 
doesn't work for you, although I've heard rumor that it works in auto-
battle. Sucks compared to draw-out though since it doesnt have all the 
skills, but Arc-Knight stats are so far above Samuri it's pathetic.  

Another interesting note, Delita and Zalbag have identical help files 
accept Destroy Sword is replaced by Might Sword in the help 
description. Zalbag DOES NOT have the ability to destroy eq and damage 
enemies with his skills despite the help file's rumor, but his spells 
are pretty fun, accept his MP sucks. 

As for Arc-Knights that's about it. 

Delita's Sis Teta

Hrm... well she's always dead in combat and she's one of the glitched 
sprites despite the fact that she appears in combat where-as some of 
the other characters do not.  Despite that, she actually does have a 
Delita's Sis Job Command.  Yeah, she has her own job command, neat huh? 
Well... not really.  It's called "magic" and it contains two abilties 
cure and wish.  This is posisbly one of the crummiest skill sets there 
is, but it's interesting none-the-less ;).  

About Olan

Olan is one of the other characters that has no glitches at all.  In 
the party list on the field he looks right, when adding him to battle 
he looks right, and his commands work perfectly.  Like Simon and 
Balmalfula, I suspect that he was originally designed as a playable 
character, although it may perhaps be best that we cant get him through 
the course of a normal game, like his adopted father Cid, he OWNS.  
Galaxy Stop is absolutely one of the best skills in the game, he can 
use it for no MP cost, it hits every enemy anywhere on the field and 
effects them with any combination of don't act, don't move, and stop.  
It can affect them with one, two, or even all three of the effects.  
And in the unlikely event that it does miss with one, it will usually 
hit the others.  If it misses with all three, next AT just try again 
and it will probably work.  This is by far one of the coolest abilities 
in the game, you would now have the power to immobalize all the 

Olan is cool, it's true.  He's probably the best character that you can 
shark into a game. 

A note about Guests

Using my Gameshark I have noted several interesting aspects about 
Guests.  For one, if you add a guest with a gameshark.  For instance, 
Algus, or Ch. 1 Delita.  Then when on battlefield, the guest will share 
the same attributes as your character, if they both appear.  Characters 
that leave during a battle(I.e Gafgarion) will leave correctly, that 
is, the game will remove the guest version from your party.  Characters 
that leave for story purposes(I.e. Algus, and most others) will take 
YOUR VERSION of the character and leave the guest behind permanently.  
For instance, in my sharked file at the end of the game I have guest 
versions of Algus, Alma, and Ovelia.  There is no way to access these 
characters but it is kind of funny.  Guests tend to be fully unglitched 
just like Olan and Simon and Balmalfula. 

Zodiac Beasts and Altima

The Zodiac Beasts and Altima all seem to have help files associated 
with them even though you can never actually check them.  I have not 
added Serpentarius as I have not added him.  I have only seen the 
"standard" lucavi demons that you fight throughout the course of the 
game.  Strangely enough, Holy Angel Altima has no command ability while 
Arch Angel Altima and all the Zodiac Beasts seem to have not learned 
any of their powers.  I dunno how to explain this except to say that 
quite frankly... these characters suck unless I didn't input the codes 
right.  Anyway, the helpfiles for each follow.

All of the Zodiac Beasts use the Fear ability which is described as the 
"Lucavi Job Command"  Both Altimas have innate teleport 2 =) 

After having double-checked it to make sure, it seems as if Holy Angel 
Altima is a glitched sprite. And Arch Angel Altima seems to like to 
dance.  I dunno... we weren't supposed to have these after all.

Holy Angel Altima will not display correctly in battle unless you bring 
her by herself.  But if you do, then she looks as awesome as when you 
fight her. :) 

I have other lists of codes in which these characters work perfectly, 
it seems that it takes more then just setting the sprite to make them 
work.  Other FAQs may offer more help on this, as always this FAQ is 
simply based on the unavailable NPC classes.

Arch-Angel Altima's ability Complete Magic reads as "Great Angel Job 
Command. Transcends existance and causing absolute waves." 

Fear help  reads as: "Lucavi Job Command.  Alters enemy stats by 
ripping apart their souls."

Holy Angel Altima: 
Set free by truth, which controls the universe. His deads rise above 
good and evil.

Arch Angel Altima: 
Ultimate being, status achieved by a holy angel.  Brings chaos or order 
and beginnings or ends to worlds.

Warlock Velius: 
Strange monster created by the holy stone.  Sends enemies to hell by 
wounding their bodies and spirit.

Angel of Death Zarela: 
Immortal messenger who rises above the earth.  Deludes the enemys' with 
'Fear' leading to eternal sleep.

Regulator Hashmalum:  
Controls the laws of this world.  Controls who can and cannot live on 
the earth with his powers.

Impure King Queklain: 
One who wants all hideous impurities.  When controlled by his 
wickedness, becomes difficult for a human to even maintain sanity.

Ghost of Fury Adramelk: 
Emperor of another world who rules with fury.  Proud of his magic power 
that controls absolute spells

That's all for now folks, enjoy the codes, enjoy the tips, enjoy the 

(all available at http://www.gamefaqs.com) 

Morrowind Beginner's Guide
SaGa Frontier Debug Room FAQ 

Copyright 2002-2004, Curtis Mitchell 
Algus Sadalfus of the Limberry Aegis Knight. 

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